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Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Eric Mitchell Crook (1914-1993) By Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell NCUACScatalogue no.147/4/06 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 Title: Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Eric Mitchell Crook (1914- 1993), biochemist and biochemical engineer Compiled by: Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Date of material: 1937-2006 Extent of material: ca 90 items Depositedin: Special Collections, Library, University College London Reference code: GB 0103 E.M. Crook © 2006 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath NCUACScatalogue no. 147/4/06 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAYYET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS THE LIBRARY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON E.M. Crook NCUACS147/4/06 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: Biochemical Society Institute of Physics Royal Society Royal Society of Chemistry Trinity College Cambridge University College London WellcomeTrust E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items Page SECTION A UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON A.1-A.52 SECTION B LECTURES SECTION C PUBLICATIONS B.1-B.3 C.1-C.18 SECTION D SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS D.1-D.5 SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES SECTION F NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL SECTION G BIOGRAPHICAL INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS E.1-E.9 F.1, F.2 G.1 16 17 19 20 22 23 24 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE 5 The material was received from Mrs Julia Crook, widow, via Professor Peter Dunnill, Department of Biochemical Engineering, University College London. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF ERIC MITCHELL CROOK Eric Mitchell Crook was born on 3 November 1914 in Sydney, Australia, the family moving to Melbourne when Crook wasthree. Here he received his education, graduating from the University of Melbourne with first class honours in Physics and Chemistry in 1937. After graduation he won a Commonwealth of Australia Travelling Scholarship to come to England to study at Cambridgefor his Ph.D. under F.G. Hopkins. He was Hopkins’s last Ph.D. student and worked on the isolation and characterisation of redox enzymes and coenzymes. When he had obtained his Ph.D., he was awarded an MRC Postdoctoral Fellowship at Cambridge, moving to University College Hospital Medical School to work on gas gangrene. He moved again during the war to Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, where he was supported by an Agricultural Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship and researched on leaf protein, biochemistry of stored potatoes and the electron microscopyof plant viruses (with F.C. Bawden), using one ofthefirst electron microscopesin Britain. He was appointed to the Rothamstedstaff in 1945. In 1947 he moved to University College London where he joined the Biochemistry Department as Lecturer; he was appointed Readerin Biochemistry in 1952. Among his wide interests was the study of the mechanism of action of enzymes such as ribonuclease and creatine phosphokinase. He also developed an interest in the newly developing discipline of biochemical engineering, working on projects in collaboration with the UCL Department of Chemical Engineering (Professor M.B. Donald), for example the first production of coenzyme A in Britain. This led to the establishment of a lectureship supported by Arthur Guinness Son & Co. (Dublin) and a postgraduate diploma in biochemical engineering. However, he was greatly disappointed by the decision not to establish a chair in biochemical engineering. In 1963 Crook moved to the St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College as Head of the Departmentof Biochemistry and Chemistry. His interest in biochemical engineering continued in association with the UCL Department of Chemical Engineering with research initiated while he wasstill at UCL on enzymes on solid supports. He built up and expanded his department so that it became highly successful, finding space, for example, for a research group in gastroenterology. An important E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 6 achievement wastheintroduction of an intercalated year in biochemistry for medical students in the University. This started as an Academic Diploma but waslater changed to a B.Sc. Heretired in 1982 with thetitle of Emeritus Professor of the University of London. Crook was a founder editor (with M.B. Donald and E.L. Gaden of Columbia University) of the Journal of Biochemical and Microbiological Technology and Engineering (later Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering), first published in 1959. He was very active into retirement in consultancy with biotechnology companies. Hedied 4 July 1993. Obituaries of Crook appeared in Cell Biochemistry and Function vol. 11, issue 4, p.ii and St Bartholomew’s Hospital Journal, Spring 1994. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION This small archive documents Crook’s interest in the development of biochemical engineering while a member of the University College London Department of Biochemistry and for a period after his departure for St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College. The material covers the period 1937-1982, 2006. Section A, University College London, forms the largest componentin the collection. It comprises papers relating to biochemical engineering at University College. They include Crook’s historical account of the development of biotechnology at UCL, documentation of research at UCL in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering and documentation of the establishment in 1959 of the postgraduate diploma in biochemical engineering. The research projects documented are the production of coenzyme A and enzymeson solid supports. An individual item of great interest is the draft of a letter from Crook to the Provost of UCL on his being informed of the decision not to establish a chair in biochemical engineering. Section B, Lectures, is slight but includes drafts for Crook’s Procter Memorial Lecture ‘in honour of the father of British leather chemistry’. Section C, Publications, comprises material relating to Crook’s own publications, especially a bound volumeof his offprints, 1937-1964, and correspondence and papers relating to the founding of the Journal of Biochemical and Microbiological Technology and Engineering (later Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering), 1957-1962. E.M. Crook NCUACS147/4/06 7 Section D, Societies and organisations, presents brief documentation relating to three organisations, Medical Research Council, Science Research Council and University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, 1971-1978. Section E, Visits and conferences, is likewise brief, documenting seven meetings and visits, 1967- 1982, relating to Crook’s biochemical engineering and biotechnology interests. Included is a ‘Biochemistry and Biochemical Engineering Report’ by A.R. Thomsonof the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell of his visit to the USA in March 1971. Section F, Non textual material, consists of just two photographs, a photograph of Crook taken ca 1952-1953 and an unidentified group photograph. Section G, Biographical, presents biographical notes prepared by the family specially for the collection in 2006. There is also an index of correspondents. Peter Harper Timothy E. Powell Bath 2006 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 SECTION A UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON, A.1-A.52 1944-1981 This section documents Crook’s role in the development of biochemical engineering / biotechnology at UCL in the 1950s and early 1960s, and his continued association with the work after he became Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry at the Medical College of St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. A.1-A.9 HISTORY AND GENERAL A.10-A.41 RESEARCH A.42-A.45 TEACHING A.46-A.52 STAFF A.1-A.9 HISTORY AND GENERAL 1957-1981 and n.d. A.1 ‘How Biotechnology Developed at U.C. London’ N.d. 11pp typescript with 1p manuscript ‘insert’ beginning ‘To talk/write about the development of Biotechnology at University College is to talk/write about my own career thirty years ago’. A.2 ‘Notes on Engineering’ Scope and Potential of Biochemical N.d. 5pp typescript; manuscript notes found with the typescript. A.3, A.3A Correspondence and papersrelating to the development of biochemical engineering at UCL and_ biochemical engineering more generally 1957-1960 and n.d. Contents of untitled folder. A.3 Includes draft of ‘Memorandum on the Developmentof Biochemical Engineering at U.C.L.’ by Crook, 25 June 1957 and draft of ‘Memorandum on the Developmentof E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 University College London, A.1-A.52 Biochemical 14.11.57’. Engineering: University College London; A.3A A.4 A.5 Includes draft of ‘Memorandum onthe urgent necessity of setting up a Biochemical Engineering section at University College’ and duplicated copy of ‘Memorandum on the Development University College London’ Biochemical Engineering of Typescript draft with manuscript additions and corrections of ‘private and confidential’ letter from Crook to UCL Provost The letter from the Provost (not with the papers) to which this is a draft reply appears to have informed Crookthat the ‘long-agreed’ chair in Biochemical Engineering would not be established. Memorandum engineering rooms by F.C. Webb, 7 January 1962 conditioning air on_ to biochemical N.d. N.d. 1962 A.6, A.7 Crook’s correspondence with UCL after his departure for St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College 1963-1981 Crook’s correspondents include academic colleagues and administrators. A.6 A.7 A.8, A.9 1963-1964 1967-1981 draft typescript Includes Dunnill ‘Immobilized Cell and Enzyme Technology’ for Royal Society meeting ‘New Horizons in Microbiology’, 20-21 June 1979. of paper by Peter Miscellaneous biochemical engineering more generally. engineering duplicated Twofolders. and printed at UCL and_ papers’ re biochemical 1957-1981 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 10 University College London, A.1-A.52 A.10-A.41 RESEARCH 1950-1967 A.10-A.23 Coenzyme A 1950-1962 and n.d. The Coenzyme A project was a collaborative venture between the Departments of Biochemistry (Crook) and Chemical Engineering at UCL (M.B. Donald) supported by the Medical Research Council. The project wasoriginally envisaged to prepare CoA, hitherto unavailable in Britain, in satisfy the present British demand. quantities sufficient to A.10-A.16 ‘CoA 1950s’ 1950-1962 and n.d. Contents of folder so inscribed: correspondence with colleagues, suppliers, patent agents, etc. A.10 1950 (oneletter only), 1954-1955 Includes ‘Interim Proposals for Beginning Production of Co-enzyme A’, 2pp typescript, 29 July 1954. A.11 A.12 A.13 A.14 A.15 1956 1957 February - June 1957 July -December Includes ‘Report of DPN kinase enzyme and about an enzymatic synthesis of Triphosphopryridine nucleotide’, 2pp typescript by H.F. Pogany, 26 July 1957. 1958 1962 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 11 University College London, A.1-A.52 A.16 N.d. Manuscript and typescript notes anddrafts. Includes 9pp typescript ‘Analytical Techniques The Co- enzyme A Assay’. A.17-A.20 ‘CO A- MRC & Prof Marrian’ 1954-1958 of folder Contents principally correspondence with the Medical Research Council re its support for ‘work on the large scale production of Co- enzyme A.’ inscribed: so Crook the coenzyme project and future developments in 1957-1958. corresponded Marrian about G.F. with A.17 A.18 A.19 A.20 1954-1955 1956 1957 1958 A.21, A.22 ‘CoA Finance’ 1954-1958 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: correspondenceand financial statements. A.23 Coenzyme financial statements and reports 1954-1957 and n.d. Contents of untitled folder. ‘Report on Co-enzyme A The Project Includes at University College London’, 3pp typescript by Crook, n.d. and ‘Memo for submission to the M.R.C., A.R.C., and D.S.I.R.’, 3pp typescript ‘Draft’, n.d. E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 12 University College London, A.1-A.52 A.24-A.26 ‘Arthur Guinness Dr A.K. Mills’ 1957-1962 Contents of folder so inscribed: correspondencewith Mills about biochemical engineering developments, visits by Mills to UCL,etc. research, interests mutual in Mills was the Chief Chemist of Arthur Guinness Son & Co. (Dublin) Ltd. A.24 1957 initiates the correspondence with a letter of 11 Mills | understand that you are January 1957 beginning ‘ carrying out some work on Co-enzyme A at University College, London’ A.25 1958 Includes ‘Memorandum on Development of Large Scale Biochemical Processes at University College London’, ‘3.9.57’. The memorandum wasprepared by Crook for the Medical Research Council and a copy wassent to Mills, 14 March 1958. A.26 1959-1962 A.27-A.39 Enzymes on Solid Supports 1960-1967 This work was supported by a grant from the Whitehall Foundation. It was envisaged as a collaboration between the Departments of Biochemistry (Crook) and Chemical Engineering (M.B. Donald) at UCL. The basic research was under the direction of Crook who wasresponsible for drawing up the Crook’s departure for the Medical College of St Bartholomew's Hospital he continued the research in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering UCL. The grant expired on 31 July 1966 but an unexpended balance enabled the work to be extended for a period. A re- application to the Foundation in 1967 was unsuccessful. proposals. original After A.27-A.32 Correspondence and papers re Whitehall Foundation support for research on enzymes on solid supports, especially the financial administration of the grant. 1960-1967 and n.d. Includes initial correspondence with the Foundation and Crook’s correspondence with Donald, Department of E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 13 University College London, A.1-A.52 Engineering and Chemical Accounts Departments at UCL and Medical College of St Bartholomew’s Hospital, respectively. UCL, and the Finance A.27 A.28 A.29 A.30 A.31 A.32 1960-1961 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 and n.d. A.33-A.35 ‘Whitehall Foundation Reports’ 1962-1966 and n.d. Contents of folder so inscribed: reports, correspondence re grants, etc. A.33 A.34 A.35 Annual reports 1961-1962 - 1965-1966 (5 reports) and typescript note ‘Enzymeson Solid Supports’ 1962-1966 Correspondencere reports, administration of grant etc. 1965-1966 ‘Environmental catalysis’ perturbation as a factor in enzyme N.d. 9pp manuscript ‘Report from C.W. Wharton’. A.36 ‘Whitehall Re-application May ‘67’ 1967 Correspondence with the Foundation. E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 14 University College London, A.1-A.52 A.37-A.39 Manuscript and typescript drafts etc re work on enzymes on solid supports 1964-1965 Contents of untitled folder divided into three for ease of reference. The material appears to relate to the Report to the Foundation for 1963-1964 (copy at A.37) and paper (with M.D. Lilly, C. Money and W.E. Hornby) ‘Enzymes on Solid Supports’, Biochem. J. 1965 (offprint at A.37). A.40, A.41 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers re research, grants, equipment, supplies etc 1958-1963 Twofolders. At A.41 is a manuscript draft of Report to Whitehall Trust for 1961-1962. A.42-A.45 TEACHING 1944-1962 Correspondence and papers re one year postgraduate diploma course in biochemical engineering and related matters. The diploma course wasestablished in 1959. ‘Scheme for a Degree Course in Chemical Engineering’, Institution of Chemical Engineers, London 1944 Printed booklet. Correspondence and papers Diploma including syllabus re introduction of the 1958-1959 Correspondence and papers re diploma course including timetables 1960-1962 Miscellaneous papers found together ? re teaching 1956, 1958, n.d. Includes duplicated practical details of preparations. A.42 A.43 A.44 A.45 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 15 University College London, A.1-A.52 A.46-A.52 STAFF 1954-1961 Correspondence of technicians and research assistants, deferment of national service, etc. appointment re and papers Includes references and recommendations. 7 folders. E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 SECTION B LECTURES,B.1-B.3 B.1, B.2 ‘Procter Memorial Lecture’ 16 N.d. N.d. Crook’s lecture begins‘It is a great privilege to be invited to assist in honouring the memory of the “father of British leather chemistry”.’ Typescript and manuscript drafts. Twofolders. B.3 Manuscript notes ? for lecture N.d. E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 17 SECTION C PUBLICATIONS,C.1-C.18 1937-1976 C.1-C.3 OWNPUBLICATIONS 1937-1976 C.1 C.2 C.3 Bound volumeof Crook’s scientific papers 1937-1964 Offprints of Crook’s scientific papers 1966-1976 Threeoffprints only. ‘Some changesin the reactivity of enzymes resulting from their chemical attachment to water-insoluble derivatives of cellulose’ 1967 Typescript draft of paper by Crook (with W.E. Hornby and M.D. Lilly) with covering letter to the Biochemical Journal, 21 August 1967. C.4-C.18 PUBLICATIONS CORRESPONDENCE 1957-1962 Correspondence and papers re Journal of Biochemical and Microbiological Technology and Engineering (later Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering). C.4-C.15 ‘Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering’ 1957-1962 Contents of folder so inscribed: correspondence and papers re the founding of the Journal of Biochemical and Microbiological (later Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering. Engineering Technology and Correspondents include Dr Paul Rosbaud, fellow editors, members of publisher and contributors. advisory board, editorial Papers include typescripts etc of some of the scientific papers that appearedin the first volume of the Journal. The initial approach to Crook about a new journal was from Rosbaud. The first volume of the Journal was published in 1959 by Interscience Publishers, Inc, New York. The editors were Crook, Biochemistry Department E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 18 Publications, C.1-C.18 UCL, M.B. Donald, Department of Chemical Engineering, UCL and Chemical Engineering, Columbia University. Department of E.L. Gaden, C.4 1957 C.5, C.6 1958 Twofolders. C.7-C.11 1959 Five folders. At C.9 are typescript and proof copies of paper by Crook, Donald and M.C. Reece ‘The Evaluation of a process for the preparation of Co-enzyme A from Yeast’. This paper appearedin the first volume of the Journal. C.12-C.14 1960 Three folders C.15 1961-1962 C.16-C.18 Contents of untitled folder C.16 Correspondencewith publisher Production slips C.18 List of 1961 subscribers With covering letter from publisher, February 1962. 1958-1962 1958-1961 1959-1961 1962 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 19 SECTION D SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, D.1-D.5 1971-1978 D.1 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL 1978 Re compiling European Biomedical Research Inventory on behalf of the Commission of the European Communities. D.2-D.4 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL 1971-1977 Contents of folder: correspondence and papers re SRC research on enzyme and microbial technology. Includes papers for meetings. Three folders. D.5 UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 1971 Paper re Biochemical Engineering Option Course as part of Department of Chemical Engineering’s M.Sc. coursein Advanced Chemical Engineering. E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 20 SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES,E.1-E.9 1966-1982 E.1 E.2 E.3 E.4,E.5 E.4 E.5 E.6, E.7 Meeting of the South East Branch of the Institution of Chemical Engineers on Biochemical Engineering, March 1967 Correspondencere arrangements. UKAEA Research Group Memorandum ‘Biochemistry and Biochemical Engineering Report on a visit to the U.S.A., in March 1971’ 1966 1971 The visit was made by A.R. Thomson of the Chemical Engineering Division, Research Establishment, Harwell. Energy Atomic Institution of Chemical Engineers Approved Short Course on Biochemical Reactors - Theory and Practice, University College London, 17-21 April 1972 Provisional schedule, registration form etc. Society of Chemical Industry meeting on Enzymic and Non-Enzymic Catalysis, April 1978 1978 Article discussion’, Chemistry and Industry, 1 April 1978 ‘Enzymes industrial and on catalysis - a This article served to introduce the meeting that was to take place‘later this month’. Participants in the discussion with Chemistry and Industr/s editor were one of the symposium’s organisers, Peter Dunnill of UCL and three of the meeting’s session chairmen - Crook, Malcolm Lilly of UCL and Clement Bamford of Liverpool. Transcript of session on the state of enzyme chemistry and technology, chaired by Crook Chemical Society Review Symposium on ‘Enzymes in Industry and Medicine’, Exeter, 11-12 September 1978 1977-1978 Crooklectured on ‘Enzymes in manufacturing processes’. Correspondencere arrangements, programmeoflectures, E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 E.8 E.9 Visits and conferences, E.1-E.9 list of participants, summary of Crook’s lecture, general information, etc. Twofolders. Sixth-form Day Conference Enzymes: Structure, Function and Uses, College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth, 28 March 1979 Crook lectured on ‘Enzymesin manufacturing processes’. Programme, brief correspondence re arrangements. Biochemical University College London, 20-21 December 1982 Society Symposium on ‘Biotechnology’, Includes Peter Dunnill’s ‘first effort at a piece for the Biochemical Society meeting’ entitled ‘The Future of Biotechnology’. 21 1979 1982 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 SECTION F NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL,F.1, F.2 22 c.1952-1953, n.d. Photographs. F.14 F.2 Photograph of Crook inscribed on verso ‘Christmas 1952 or 3 at Mill Hill ...’ c.1952-1953 Unidentified group photograph N.d. E.M. Crook NCUACS147/4/06 SECTION G BIOGRAPHICAL 23 2006 G.1 3pp typescript biographical notes. Prepared specially for the collection by Crook’s family. E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ARNOLD, Ben H. ARTHUR GUINNESS SON & LTD BACH, Stefan Joseph BACON, John S.D. BADDILEY,Sir James BALDWIN, Ernest Hubert Francis BARD, B.J.A. BARNES, J.M. BAXTER, J.P. BENGER LABORATORIES LTD THE BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BOOTS PURE DRUG CO. LTD BRITISH DRUG HOUSES LTD BRITISH FILTERS LTD CHAIN, Sir Ernst Boris CHIBATA, Ichiro COLLINS, H. John COOK, Arthur Herbert DAGLEY,Stanley DENBIGH, Kenneth George THE DISTILLERS’ COMPANY DONALD, Maxwell Bruce 24 C.9, C.10 A.15, A.24-A.26 A.12 A.11, A.12, A.14 A.50 A.6, A.43 A.3 A.10 C.5 A.13 E.9 See also C.3 C.4 C.13 A.10 See C.7 C.13 A.11 C.8 See also C.7 A.13 C.8 See also C.7 A.10, A.11 A.6, A.10, A.27, A.28, A.41, A.43, A.46, A.50, A.52, C.5, C.6, C.14 See also A.34, A.44, A.49, C.12 DUNNILL, Peter A.7, D.2, E.9 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 25 Index of correspondents ELSDEN, Sidney Reuben EVANS, Sir lfor FARNELL CARBONS LIMITED FOGG, Gordon Elliott GADEN, Elmer L., Jr GRANT, JamesKerr GREENBAUM, Abraham Leslie GRZYBOWSKI, Andrew GUHA,B.C. HEDEN, Carl-Goran HERDMAN, N.A. HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold Percival HORNBY,William E. HUGHES, D.E. INTERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS, INC. JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD JONES, Sir Ewart Ray Herbert KREBS, Sir Hans Adolf LENHARD, G.H.G. LILLY, Malcolm Douglas A.10, A.14 A.6 A.10 C.4, 0.5 C.4, C.5, C.10, C.16 A.10 A.10 See also A.6 See A.6 C.8, C.14 See also C.7 C.8, C.12 See also C.7, C.13 A.10, A.11 A.19, A.20 A.28 C.12 C.5-C.15 C.16, C.18 D.3 A.10, A.14 C.15 A.6, A.7 See also A.31, A.32 MARRIAN, Guy Frederic A.19, A.20 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 26 Index of correspondents MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MILLS, Arthur Kelman MIZSEI, Antal MORAN, Thomas MORGAN, William Thomas James A.11, A.17-A.20, D.1 See also A.25 A.15, A.24-A.26, C.5, C.8 C.14 C.4 A.46 NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION A.3 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION PAINTER, H.A. PANCREOL LTD PETERS, Sir Rudolph Albert PIERPOINT, W.S. PIRIE, Norman Wingate PIRT, S.J. PIVNAK,H. POPUJAK, George Josepf PROSKAUER, E.S. Q.V.F. LTD RALPH, Bernhard J. REECE, MurrayCyril C.14 C.7, C.8 A.10 A.12 A.13, A.14 C.4, C.5 C.5, C.6 C.14 See also C.13 A.10 C.4-C.6, C.16 See also C.15 A.11 C.5, C.8 See also C.7 A.3, A.41 RESEARCH ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH FLOUR-MILLERS C.6, C.8 ROLINSON, G.N. ROSBAUD, Paul ROWE, Peter Noel RYDON, Henry Norman C.5 C.4-C.7, C.10, C.12, C.13, C.16 A.7, A.34 E.6 E.M. Crook NCUACS 147/4/06 27 Index of correspondents THE SHARPLES CORPORATION SHOOTER, Eric Manvers SMITH, KLINE & FRENCH LABORATORIES C.16 A6 A.40 STEVENS, LANGER, PARRY & ROLLINSON(Patent Agents) A.11-A.13 TANNER, J.M. TEPLITSKY,D.R. TRAIN, David UNILEVER LTD VALLET,L. WATERMAN, H.1. WEBB, Frederick Charles WHITEHALL FOUNDATIONINC. WIX, G. A.51 See A.3 C.4 C.4 C.12 C.5 E.1 See also A.44 A.27, A.36 C.7