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National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists under the guidance of the Royal Society's National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of EDWARD HUBERT LINFOOT Sc.D. GEO = 1982) Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E Powell Deposited in Cambridge University Library 1989 All rights reserved University of Bath E H Linfoot NcuaACS 9/2/89 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library The City of “Bath The Geological Society The Institute of Physics Pergamon Books The Royal Society The The Royal Society of Chemistry Society of Chemical Industry E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION RESEARCH SECTION CONSULTANCIES SECTION PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES, CONFERENCES INDEX OF INDIVIDUALS, ORGANISATIONS AND FIRMS Huan’ Lankoot NcuaACcS 9/2/89 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received in November 1988 and February 1989 from Mrs Joyce Linfoot. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF E H LINFOOT Edward Hubert Linfoot was born in Sheffield in 1905. He was educated at King Edward VII School Sheffield and Balliol College daughter and son born in 1945 and 1947, respectively. In the years before the Second World War Linfoot's interests shifted from pure mathematics to optics, particularly the Schmidt Oxford, taking his BA in mathematics with first class honours in 1926. He obtained his D.Phil with a thesis on almost periodic functions in Balliol until his appointment in 1932 as Assistant Lecturer and then Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Bristol. In 1935 he married Joyce Dancer, herself an able mathematician, and they had a 1928 and spent 1928-29 at Géttingen and 1929-31 at Princeton as the Jane Eliza Proctor Fellow. On his return to England he taught at telescope and related optical systems such as the Schmidt-Cassegrain. During the war Linfoot did substantial work on and in 1939 the Physical Society exhibited a pair of aspheric microscopes he mastered the practical skills involved in figuring optical surfaces of C R Burch at Bristol, and his conviction that political developments Among the factors stimulating his interest in optics were the presence role to the’ conflict. In addition to theoretical contributions in Germany would lead to war and that optics would have an important constructed by him. E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 photographic aerial reconnaissance for the Ministry of Aircraft Production. He was also associated with N F Mott's research group which worked on a number of urgent technical problems for the Ministry of Supply. In 1948 his professional standing in mathematical optics was recognised by his appointment as Assistant Director and John Couch Adams Astronomer at the Cambridge Observatory; he retired in 1970. His arrival in Cambridge coincided with the development of the EDSAC ,1 computer and he was a pioneer in the use of computers in the solution of optical problems. He continued work on Schmidt and related optical systems and acted as consultant on a number of telescope projects including the Isaac Newton and St Andrews telescopes. In addition to his many scientific papers Linfoot published two books, Recent Advances in Optics in 1955 and Fourier Methods in Optical Image Evaluation in 1964. Linfoot died in 1982 aged 77. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION Contents. systems for commercial and other organisations. notices in Bull. London Math. Soc. 16 (1984), 52-58 and Q.Jl R. astr.Soc. Zee CLOSA)), 21 92222, The material is presented in the order given in the List of For further details of Linfoot's career see the obituary The collection is of particular interest for the material relating to wartime research and to consultancies on the design of optical Section B, Research, is predominantly material relating to biographical accounts and a number of letters from mathematical colleagues. Section A, Biographical, is very slight but includes published E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 wartime research which is introduced by Linfoot's own lists detailing his Second World War projects. The Ministries of Aircraft Production and Supply are both represented in the documentation, and there is correspondence with scientific colleagues such as N F Mott of Bristol and L C Martin of Imperial College London and technical papers of the Telecommunications Research Establishment mathematics group. There is some postwar material relating to work on Schmidt and related optical systems. Section C, Consultancies, is presented alphabetically by organisation, and records Linfoot's work for firms and others on both sides of the Atlantic including EMI, Farrand Optical Company and the Perkin-Elmer Corporation. The most extensive documentation relates to the Isaac Newton telescope (presented under Grubb Parsons) and the University of St Andrews telescope. Section D, Publications, Lectures, Conferences, presents Linfoot and H Heilbronn at Bristol in 1935 and to postwar optics conferences. largest body of material relates to Linfoot's unpublished book on almost periodic functions (completed at Princeton 1929-31), and Press Oxford and colleagues in Britain, Germany and the USA. section D a chronological sequence of drafts and related correspondence. The comprises a typescript draft and correspondence with the Clarendon also-includes material relating to a mathematics colloquium organised by deposit in Cambridge University Library. LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL Notebooks recording Linfoot's optics research form an earlier E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Notebooks recording mathematics lectures attended by Linfoot 1924-32 were deposited in the Library of Trinity College Cambridge in 1984. The Library has provided the following list of the material: Notes from lectures on the theory of functions given by G H Hardy at Oxford, 4 vols, 1925-27 and nd Add.Ms.b.179-182 Notes from lectures 2 vols, 1924-25. on the theory of numbers given by G H Hardy at Oxford, Add.Ms.b.183-4 Notes from lectures on transfinite numbers etc., given by G H Hardy at Oxford; 7 i925 Add.Ms.b.185 Notes from lectures Oxford, 1926 on the distribution of primes given by G H Hardy at Add.Ms.b.186 Notes from lectures on Fourier series and the summation of series given by G H Hardy at Oxford nd Add.Ms.b.187 Notes from lectures on Dirichlet series given by G H Hardy at Oxford, 1926 Add.Ms.b.188 Notes from S Aleksandrov Notes from lectures Add.Ms.b.189 Add.Ms.b.190 1932 Add.Ms.b.191 Notes from 1925-26 Gottingen, 2: VOLS; 1928-29 Add.Ms.b.192-3 Notes from lectures 1929 Notes from lectures Gottingen, on continuous groups given by B L van de Waerden at on Waring's problem given by L D Landau at Gottingen, miscellaneous lectures given by G H Hardy at Oxford, 1925-28. tutorials on real functions given by A S Besicovitch at Oxford, on almost periodic functions given by H A Bohr at 1929, and class field theory given by E Artin at Gottingen, Add.Ms.b.199 on dynamics, wave mechanics and quantum theory given on Schlicht functions given by L D Landau at Gottingen on dimension and Menger's theorem given by P by H P Robertson and J von Neumann at Princeton, Notes from lectures atePrinceton, 2931 Notes from lectures 1929 Add.Ms.b.194 Add.Ms.b.195 Notes from lectures Add.Ms.b.196-198 3 vols, 1929-30 H Linfoot E NCUACS 9/2/89 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are very grateful to Mrs Linfoot for making the material available, and for her help and encouragement. Peter Harper Timothy E Powell Bath 1989 BH: Gintoot NCUACS 9/2/89 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AoA. LO Obituary notices in the Times 15 October 1982, Q.J1.R. astr.Soc 1984, and Bull. London Math.Soc.1984. Extract from Discovery January 1952 references to Linfoot and his work in optics. (pp2-6) with Extract from Sunday Times magazine 22 January 1967 with photograph of Linfoot and brief note on his work (p18) at Cambridge. Linfoot's own lists detailing his wartime research projects. Miscellaneous biographical notes by Mrs Linfoot. Notes from A E L Dixon, Magdalen College, Oxford, and C Titchmarsh xe Linfoot's, held 20 July 1928. Letter and card from Norbert Wiener, November 1930 re visit by Linfoot to Cambridge, Mass., and letter from Linfoot to Professor Bohr at Princeton, 18 December Letter from Ronald P Bell in Copenhagen referring to Linfoot 'probably coming here some time this year', 24 August 1928. Letter from Karl Pearson enquiring whether Linfoot would be interested in the post of mathematical assistant in his laboratory, 17 August 1928. Lecturer in Mathematics). Principally of mathematical interest but includes congratulations on Linfoot's post at Bristol (Assistant 1930. Letter from Mary L Cartwright, Girton College, Cambridge, 1 June 1932. H Linfoot E NCUACS 9/2/89 Biographical Linfoot's ms notes of mathematical discussion with H Heilbronn, 23 April 1934. Linfoot added the following note in 1953: had just come to Bristol from Gottingen (via Copenhagen) and these were the ideas he was thinking about at that time'. ‘Heilbronn Folder also includes undated letter from Heilbronn of mathematical interest. Letter from D M Wrinch re unspecified position at Oxford, 24 January 1936. Letter from W agreeing to write a testimonial for Linfoot, 5 February 1936, and testimonial dated 14 May 1936. L Ferrar, Hertford College, Oxford, March-May, August 1959. H Plaskett and PMS O Redman, agreed to act as Linfoot's Includes correspondence with H Blackett who, with R referees, and list of publications. Correspondence and papers re Linfoot's application for the Napier Chair of Astronomy, University of St Andrews, Letter from Secretary General of the Faculties, University of Cambridge, 30 May 1963, informing Linfoot of his reappointment as John Couch Adams Astronomer from 1 October 1963 for five years. W and unidentified Statement of the conditions of Linfoot's employment as Assistant Director of the [Cambridge] Observatory, l*Oct; 1964. Miscellaneous letters from mathematicians. alphabetical order. cn S - E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Biographical , 3pp ms note 'suggested by Jung's "Essays" and Viola Bonham-Carter's talk "the Souls" ', dated 25 November 1947. 3pp ms note of hypnotism display at the old theatre, Regent Street, Cambridge, 1951. E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 SECTION B RESEARCH Bol’ =9B.43 Wartime research B.44 — B.57 Postwar research WARTIME RESEARCH Linfoot's lists detailing his Second World War research projects are presented at A.1, and reproduced here as an introduction to the wartime research: List of reports done for Professor Mott's group, 1940-44 Effect of sine-form ground corrugations of small amplitude on 1. incoming plane waves. (1940) Estimation by Huyghen's Principle of the effect of ground 2. irregularities on GL Mark II and GL/EF elevation readings. (1941) 2a. Corrections to same. 6. Lens: (B, P.3/3950,,. US 20199859)... (11943) H Projector 5. A theory of fragmentation (with N F Mott). Record of research undertaken during World War II On the Paraboloid Receiver with displaced dipole. 3. Schmidt plate (paraffin wax) delivered to T R E in 1941. Depth of Focus under certain special conditions of T Alternative to the Paraboloid Reflector as an aerial system 4. for ultra-short wavelengths. plastics. (while continuing work as a Lecturer in Mathematics in the University of Bristol) Optical work on aspheric surfaces was undertaken by Dr Burch and myself at the request of Combined Optical Industries, Ltd., Slough, who were interested in optical Sept 1939 (1941) (1942) (1942) H Linfoot E NCUACS 9/2/89 Research July 1940 I became a member of Prof. Mott's Extramural Research Group (M/S) and worked on problems in the development and operational use of radio-location apparatus. 1942-44 I had also continued with optical work on a reduced scale, and in March 1942 was asked by M an investigation into certain applications of aspheric optical systems to aerial-reconnaissance photography. to undertake A P A P optical work was continued, and a more The M general research into optical systems of ultra-high performance using aspheric surfaces was undertaken. I also continued as a member of Prof. Mott's team, and assisted in mathematical work on shell-fragmentation. 1942. November. 4pp typescript. ] Ursell, sent to Linfoot by Mott 1941. Expenses; work on searchlights etc. Includes 'A theory of wave clutter' by Mott, General correspondence and papers re Ministry of Supply projects, 1941-45. 4pp ms. 1943-45. sheet' by [?F J 20 January 1943, form ground-corrugations of small amplitude on incoming plane waves' by Linfoot, returned to him 1 January 1945, Includes 'Random fracture of a thin metal 6pp typescript, and 'Effect of sine- E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Research "War work, 1941. RADAR'. Contents of a folder so inscribed by Mrs Joyce Linfoot, divided into six for ease of reference. Mrs Linfoot recalls that this radar section is the work referred to under nos l, 2 and 3 in her husband's list of the work done for Professor Mott, and that she did some of the calculations: "clearance" for this work. a Brunsviga hand machine in a coal-cellar in Bristol during 'I remember going to see Prof. Mott to get The calculations were done on In practice, we were working out how much the blitzes. wire netting had to be installed round a radar installation to make the surface effectively level, hence a puzzling shortage of wire netting' 1988). (private communication, November "The effect of sine-form ground corrugations of small amplitude on incoming plane waves' by Linfoot, 1940 . 3pp duplicated typescript. F dipoles and feeders of G L mark II F M[ott] and J Mc S[cott] , l5pp duplicated typescript + lp figs. lOpp duplicated typescript of 'Estimation' L mark II and GL/EF nd but attached to "Theory of the aerial system of the G conversion equipment' by preceding. F Mott , 3pp ms. N "Theory of the E and GL/EF conversion equipment' by N November 1940. 26pp ms draft of 'Estimation' + appendices; "Correction'; and 'Corrections'. "Estimation by Huyghen's Principle of the effect of ground L mark II and GL/EF elevation readings' irregularities on G by, Lintoot,, 1941... and. |Gorrections' to the same. 3pp duplicated typescript. Notes on 'Effect of ground-corrugations of small amplitude on RDF elevation-readings' by to letter from Mott dated 14 August 1941. "Screening of RDF Radio Direction Finding fixed echoes' by Mott, 28 July 1941. typescript. Correspondence and papers, April, July, August 1941. Folder includes: "G F RN Nabarro, 19 August 1941. L errors of elevation due to the "cliff edge" effect' by Linfoot , nd but attached 5pp ms. 2pp ms headed sets from 4pp duplicated Ben, Lintoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Research Correspondence and papers, September, October 1941. Folder includes: "Notes on the Bedford electrical predictor' by Mott, nd but enclosed in letter from Mott of 2 September [71941]. 3pp typescript. Undated notes and reports. Folder includes: 'The calculation of currents in aerials' by Mott. 8pp duplicated typescript. "Synopsis of lecture on EF systems' by Mott. duplicated typescript. 2pp 'The application of wave theory to problems of GL siting' by Nabarro. 5pp duplicated typescript. Ms calculations by Mrs Linfoot. ‘Mott's group’. Mrs Linfoot, divided into two for ease of reference. Contents of an envelope so inscribed by Notes from articles by Y Rocard on 'Visibility of objects lit up by a searchlight', Revue d'Optique 11 (1932). l4pp ms. 6pp typescript. ‘Fragmentation of shell casings and the theory of rupture in metals' by Mott, received August 19th 1941 by the Fragmentation Panel of the Static Detonation Committee of the Ministry of Supply's Advisory Council on Scientific Research and Technical Development. typescript. "Synopsis of Mott's report 25/2/42 on "Visibility of aircraft in searchlight beams".' 3pp ms. l2pp duplicated Folder also includes 'Fragmentation of shells and bombs (preliminary note)', nd. E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Research Contents of a "Paraboloids: folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of Shire's problems'. reference. Correspondence 1941. is E Somerford. S Shire, The principal correspondent Air Defence Experimental Establishment, Ms calculations. ‘On the paraboloid receiver with displaced dipole' by Linfoot. 2pp duplicated typescript + graph. ‘Theoretical work on the paraboloid mirror' by F RN Nabarro. 27pp duplicated typescript. ation' 4pp ms. by Linfoot, 1942. 3pp duplicated Figures 3, 4 and 5 for the paper on 'A theory of fragment- by Mott and Linfoot, sent to Linfoot 3 February 1943. Miscellaneous reports and papers re Ministry of Supply research projects. "Probability considerations bearing on the arrangement of ammunition dumps' by Linfoot, nd. ‘Alternatives to the paraboloid reflector for short- wave aerial systems’ typescript. Unidentified ms notes and calculations. "Extract from Mott's report on resonator magnetrons' by Linfoot, nd. 2pp ms. Evi incoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Bote Belg Research ‘Sutton (Optical). Monocentric Projector’. Schmidt Projector. Bispherical- Contents of a folder so inscribed, divided into two for ease of reference. Correspondence and papers, 1941-43. The principal correspondent is L College London, approached by Linfoot for help in designing a projection lens, November 1941. C Martin, Imperial Notes, drafts, diagrams, calculations. Folder includes: "Remarks on projector systems' 3pp typescript. by Linfoot, nd. by Linfoot, nd. Correspondence and papers, 1941. Contents of a folder so inscribed, Be 20.7829 Ministry of Aircraft Production programme. The material relates to the project to develop the Schmidt "Note on a Schmidt projector system' 2pp typescript. 'MA P Correspondence etc.' divided into ten for ease of reference. camera for aerial photography which Linfoot undertook at R Optical Committee, the request of the D Ministry of Aircraft Production. He worked on the project with the Kodak Research Laboratory, Harrow, Middlesex and the Mount Wilson Observatory, California. and photographs of membrane grinding and polishing machine. Photographic Research Committee), 7 March, note on 'Schmidt Camera for night photography' by E R Davies of the Kodak Research Laboratory, 4 December, Kodak Ltd Harrow, American contact was Theodore Dunham, Jr., and L C Martin, Includes minutes of working committee meeting (DS R Imperial College London, was extensively consulted. S His principal E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Research Correspondence and papers, January - June 1942. Includes 'Report of work in progress on applications of the Schmidt optical system' by Linfoot (lp typescript, with ms note 'sent to Sir Charles March 3/1942'). Darwin by A M T[yndall], Correspondence and papers, July - December 1942. Correspondence and papers, January - June 1943. Correspondence and papers, July - December 1943. Includes minutes of llth meeting of the Lens Sub-Committee held at the MA P on was chaired by L first time at this meeting. Linfoot attended for the December 1943. The Committee C Martin. 22 4 January. 5pp typescript. Sixth and final Progress Correspondence and papers, January - June 1944. of Washington and Mount Wilson Observatory, California The report was sent to Linfoot by the MA P, August 1943. under contract to the United States National Defense Research Council. Includes 'The field-flattened Schmidt and the Cassegrain- type plate mirror systems' 'The Schmidt Camera Project’. Report of work carried out by the Carnegie Institution of final version (6pp). and suggestions for future policy' E with ms additions and corrections), H Selwyn and G the present position of the work, Correspondence and papers, S Speak, November 1944 (4pp typescript by Linfoot , sent to MA P Includes 'first draft' of 'The use of Schmidt systems by Linfoot, Martin, and duplicated copy July - December 1944, in Air Photography - W E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Research "Schmidt Camera for Aerial Use' Developments Department Kodak Ltd, by A E Lee and FH G Pitt, 28 September 1944. Correspondence and papers, 1945. Includes minutes of 16th meeting of the Lens Sub-Committee held at MAP, 12 January. BisOieB'. SL General correspondence re optical research, 1939, 1941-42. 1939. Includes correspondence with Science Museum London re Schmidt microscope constructed by Linfoot in 1938, and lent to the Museum for display. Admiralty Includes correspondence with Admiralty Miscellaneous notes, drafts, reports re optical research. "Report on Schmidt-type optical systems' by Linfoot. 6pp and 2pp typescript drafts. draft is dated February 1941. 1941-42. Department of Scientific Research & Experiment, Research Laboratory, Teddington, and the Royal Astronomical Society. duplicated typescript + graph. "The Schmidt Camera' by C 5pp duplicated typescript. "Depth of focus under certain special conditions of T by Linfoot, 26 March 1943. H projector lens' lp The shorter incomplete G Darwin, 11 October 1941. E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89. Research ‘Leading types of plate-mirror systems' by Linfoot, February 1944. Ms and typescript drafts. ‘On some optical systems employing aspherical surfaces' by Linfoot, nd. lOpp duplicated typescript. Miscellaneous shorter typescript drafts. Correspondence re supplies and equipment for wartime research, 1942. 2 folders. Field-strength of R D by James Young, 13 August Miscellaneous wartime reports. "Preliminary report on the production of narrow 10 cm ‘beams with particular reference to AIS', TRE, 1940. 4pp duplicated typescript + figs. 'A MRE [Air Ministry Research Establishment ] draft manual. F Issue l, 14/7/40'. In original folder. "Report on paraboloidal mirror as a means of obtaining a narrow beam of short wave radiation’ 2pp typescript + graph. 9 July 1940. duplicated typescript + figs. "Report on paraboloids', TRE, 3 October 1940. 6pp H Linfoot E Ncuacs 9/2/89 Research 'The paraboloid as an aerial system', 1941. 7pp duplicated typescript + figs. TRE, 3 February ‘Assumptions and limitations underlying the use of the larmor-tedone diffraction theory', TRE Swanage, 19 August 1941. Mathematical Pool 5pp duplicated typescript. 'A wave-guide whose cross-section is partially filled with solid dielectric', 17 October 1941. 6pp duplicated typescript + figs. Mathematical Pool TRE Swanage, 'The elements of wave-propagation using the impedance concept', 1941. ° Mathematical Group TRE Swanage, 1 December 46pp duplicated typescript + figs. 'The reactance of a single wire in a rectangular wave- guide', lp duplicated typescript + fig. Mathematical Group TRE Swanage, 24 November 1941. 26 January 1942. - 30 issued by List of 'Reports issued prior to 16 June 1942 by Mathematical Group TRE Malvern'. "Reactance of a wire in a rectangular wave-guide', Mathematical Group TRE Swanage, 10 February 1942. lp duplicated typescript + figs. "Corrections and comments on reports 1 Mathematical Group TRE Swanage', 2pp duplicated typescript. "Babinet's principle and the theory of resonant slots', Mathematical Group TRE Swanage, 29 December 1941. 8pp duplicated typescript + figs. typescript. 2pp duplicated H Linfoot E NCUACS 9/2/89 Research "Parallel reactance of inductive iris in rectangular wave-guide', 30 October 1942. 6pp duplicated typescript + figs. Mathematics Group TRE Malvern, "Surface impedance of an infinite parallel wire grid at oblique angles of incidence', TRE Malvern, 26 November 1942. typescript + figs. Mathematics Group 5pp duplicated 'The application of quasi-stationary methods to lumped shunt admittances in wave-guides'. typescript + figs. and February 1943. The figures are dated in January 20pp duplicated 'The mismatch at a geometrical discontinuity in a parallel strip transmission line and an H wave-guide'. The figures are dated in January and February 1943. 5pp duplicated typescript +) DLS rectangular Mathematics ‘nd. nd. 2pp duplicated 4pp duplicated typescript + figs. ‘Bffect of wind on sound detection of aircraft', 3pp typescript. "Theory of an ideal gapless RDF aerial', Group TRE Malvern. The figures are dated in April 1943. "A theoretical estimate of the scattering power of aircraft for electric-magnetic radiation of wave lengths short compared with its dimensions', typescript + lp ms notes. continued... "Note on the accuracy of course and speed determination by graphic plots, with special reference to fire control methods', with ms additions and corrections. headed with the ms inscription 'Huxley'. A Command Research Group, nd. The first page is A lOpp typescript H Linfoot E NcuUACS 9/2/89 B.43° cont "d Research TRE memorandum 'Time and frequency uncertainty in waveform analysis’ 1951 but found with wartime papers. Eypescript + rigs. M Woodward, dated April by P 6pp duplicated POSTWAR RESEARCH B.44 - B.46 A, sequence of ms optics notes not in Linfoot's hand. Some of the notes are dated March, May and June 1951. 3 folders. B.49 - B.54 B.D) Bee Mrs Berrer did etc, Feb 1960' 2 folders. 5 folders. and some work by Mrs Joyce Linfoot. ‘Meniscus Schmidt'. Ms drafts, narratives, calculations including ‘Outline of MS investigation Sept 1959 - Ms notes, drafts, calculations etc., xre'Meniscus Schmidt', "Meniscus Schmidt Cassegrain' etc., nd. Letters from Mrs Berrer about her work for Linfoot, 1949-54. "Mrs Berrer (Spot diagrams).' divided into two for ease of reference. computing work for Linfoot. Contents of a folder so inscribed H Linfoot E NCUACS 9/2/89 SECTION C CONSULTANCIES Cole 6.60 COX, HARGREAVES & THOMSON LIMITED ELECTRIC & MUSICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED (EMI) FARRAND OPTICAL CO.,INC GRUBB PARSONS (SIR HOWARD GRUBB, PARSONS & COMPANY) MINISTRY OF SUPPLY MUIRHEAD & CO., LIMITED C. 30.6. 3.4 CLS C236 Ce263—= 6.29 PERKIN-ELMER CORPORATION TECHNE (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED TAYLOR, TAYLOR & HOBSON LIMITED UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS H Linfoot E NCUACS 9/2/89 Consultancies COX, HARGREAVES & THOMSON LIMITED 1 949752 LD Cox, Hargreaves & Thomson were manufacturers of astronomical and scientific instruments of London EC4 and Kingswood, Surrey. Correspondence, re ‘Vatican Schmidt' and 'Uccle telescope'. ms notes, calculations and diagrams ELECTRIC & MUSICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED (EMI) Linfoot acted as 'consultant in Optics' to EMI's research laboratories 1 June 1945 - 30 May 1948. FARRAND OPTICAL CO., INC. 1951-54, 1961 Ms notes, calculations, diagrams; blueprints. Farrand Optical Co., Inc. of New York were designers and Correspondence re Schmidt projectors etc with EMI research personnel including the Director of Research, I. Shoenberg. consultancy agreement, 1951-52. manufacturers of precision optics, electronic and scientific instruments. In December 1951 Farrand asked Linfoot to consider the post of optical He preferred to remain in Cambridge and enter into a consultancy agreement with them. The agreement expired in March 1955. designer with the company. Correspondence and papers including copy of E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Consultancies Correspondence, ms notes, calculations and diagrams, 1953. Correspondence, ms notes etc., 1954, 1961 and nd. GRUBB PARSONS (SIR HOWARD GRUBB, PARSONS AND COMPANY) LOAG = 1959 In 1946 Linfoot entered an agreement with Grubb Parsons to act as a consultant in astronomical designs. He was to assist 'by technical advice on computation and the arrangement of optical systems for astro- nomical instruments' and 'by practical advice and quality assessment in the testing and manufacture of astronomical systems'. In 1950 he reached a separate consultancy agreement with Grubb Parsons in respect of their undertaking the manufacture of the optical parts for the Isaac Newton reflecting telescope. to attend the 12 December 1947 meeting of the Board of Management of the Isaac Newton Observatory which considered the optical design of the telescope, and he attended further Board meetings in 1948 and 1949. For convenience all Linfoot's Isaac Newton telescope material has from 1947. The Astronomer Royal, Sir Harold Spencer Jones, invited him Linfoot had been associated with the Isaac Newton telescope project He was also a member of the optical design and spectroscopic subcommittees. been presented under Grubb Parsons. H Linfoot E NCUACS 9/2/89 Consultancies Correspondence and papers re Linfoot's consultancy work for Grubb Parsons including Isaac Newton telescope. His principal correspondents were G M Sisson and G E Manville. 1946-47 1948-49 1950-51 04 Ko, 1952-53 Crd 1954-55 Cyl 1956-58 Correspondence between Linfoot and the Astronomer Royal and others re Isaac Newton Telescope; Isaac Newton Observatory Board of Management papers and other committee papers. MINISTRY OF SUPPLY 1952, 1954-56 information theory to lens design'. The agreement expired on 31 January 1956. In 1954 Linfoot was offered a consultancy agreement by the Ministry to advise on the 'study of mirror lens systems and the application of For Linfoot's wartime work for the Ministry of Supply, see Section B. W Fish, December 1954. Includes agenda of meeting of Aeronautical Research Council's Air Reconnaissance Committee, 21 July 1954, and Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, Technical Memorandum on effect of film resolution upon the size of cameras in air photography', Correspondence and papers, 1952, 1954 by R 'The H Linfoot E NcuaAcS 9/2/89 Consultancies Correspondence and papers, 1955-56. Letter from Linfoot (first page missing), 'notes on R.A.E problems (M.o.S)', bibliographic references on aerial photography, etc, nd. MUIRHEAD & COMPANY LIMITED 1945-46 Muirhead were telegraph and electrical engineers of Beckenham, Kent. Linfoot undertook to 'test and report on the optical system of a telephoto apparatus' for the company. Correspondence and papers, 1945, 1946. PERKIN-ELMER CORPORATION 1955, 1958-62, 1964 optical systems. It was extended on a number of occasions until In 1959 Linfoot entered into an agreement with Perkin-Elmer of Norwalk, Connecticut to act as a consultant on optical design and Includes Linfoot's report, technical drawing of telephoto system, photographs. to Perkin-Elmer. 16 November 1958 outlines the Linfoot's letter of fields of optics in which he might be of most use 31 January 1965. Correspondence, 1955, 1958. E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Consultancies Correspondence and papers, 1959. Includes Perkin-Elmer's letter confirming terms of consultancy agreement and papers re 'Diffraction- limited Optics Study' with which Linfoot assisted. Correspondence and papers, 1960. Includes correspondence re extension and amendment of consultancy agreement. Correspondence and papers, 1961-62, 1964. Includes correspondence re extension of consultancy agreement. TAYLOR, TAYLOR & HOBSON LIMITED 1943-1945 of Leicester. Linfoot was engaged 'as a consultant on the technique Much of the material relates to a patent application. Taylor, Taylor & Hobson were manufacturing opticians and engineers of making and testing non-spherical objective systems' in October 1943. Ms and typescript notes and drafts 1943 October - December 1944 January - June 1944 July - December E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Consultancies TECHNE (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED 1941-42, 1950-51 Techne were a scientific instruments firm of Duxford, Cambridge which engaged Linfoot as consultant on optics from 1 July 1950. Ms notes and drafts, 1941-42, found with later Techne material. Correspondence and papers xre terms of agreement, bispherical monocentric projector etc, 1950-51. E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Consultancies UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS 1944-1959 At the end of the Second World War St Andrews decided to equip its new Observatory (built 1939-40) with a 30-36-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and Linfoot accepted an invitation to take charge of the theoretical-optical side of the project as temporary external collaborator. The material is principally Linfoot's correspondence with the Observatory's first Director, E Finlay-Freundlich, and the Instrument-maker to the Observatory, R L Waland. There are also Linfoot's ms notes and drafts, press-cuttings and photographs. Includes correspondence re 1946 July - December. 1947 July - December. 1948 January - June. 1944 item is 'Preliminary specification 15 December 1945. 1946 January - June. 1947 January - June. article for Scotsman. 1944, 1945. of special Baker type camera for Professor Freundlich’. Linfoot agreed to cooperate as optical expert during the construction of the new telescope in his letter of Project’. 1948 July - December. BBC radio talk on the Includes draft of Linfoot's 'St Andrews Schmidt-Cassegrain H Linfoot E NCUACS 9/2/89 Consultancies Includes 'Memorandum of points relating to 1949. the St Andrews Schmidt-Cassegrain project discussed and agreed October 27-30 1949' signed by Linfoot, Finlay-Freundlich and Waland. 1950. Linfoot on Includes drafts of a BBC radio talk by 'The St Andrews Telescope Project'. LOSI. 1952 January-July. VESTE (OULY 2 bO52)) 3 Includes 4pp ms 'St Andrews 1952 August-November. found with 1952 and 1953 material. L542 55;. Miscellaneous ms notes, drawings, photographs etc, Miscellaneous notes, drafts, calculations etc. Contents of a folder inscribed 'St Andrews Schmidt- Cassegrain system - results'. E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Consultancies Press-cuttings. Photographs: "St Andrews workshops and pilot model'. contents of an envelope inscribed Ceoek, CG. 59 St Andrews pilot model photographs of star images. 2 folders. Miscellaneous photographs. E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES, CONFERENCES De Lie DAO ‘Almost Periodic Functions'. Linfoot completed the manuscript of his book on almost periodic functions during his stay at Princeton, 1929-31. However his efforts to secure publication were frustrated by the publication of A S Besicovitch's Adams Prize essay on the same topic. Contents list, typescript draft of book, bibliographical references. : 8 folders. Correspondence with colleagues and publisher, arranged alphabetically. June - September September - November November - 1933 June Blaschke, W Bohy, Hh Courant, R Luneburg, R Besicovitch, AS June - October Clarendon Press Oxford July l4pp ms draft. "How to sum an infinite series', lecture to Bristol Mathematical Association, January - 1933 June Veblen, O September, October 1932. E H Lintoot NcuacS 9/2/89 Publications, lectures, conferences "Squaring the circle', lecture to students' Mathematical Society, Bristol, 1933. 7pp ms draft. - 15 June. Mathematical colloquium on number theory, Bristol, 12 (with H Heilbronn) and presented a paper on 'Schneider's proof of Gelfond's theorem'. Linfoot organised the colloquium Programme, correspondence re arrangements. Lecture on mathematical probability, [ ?Bristol ] Mathematical Association, 1937. 8pp ms draft. Brief correspondence, ms and typescript drafts, proofs ‘An application of the Schmidt principle to Microscopy'. for article published in Journal of Scientific Instruments, L3G continued. <.- Brief correspondence re proposed article on 'Recent advances in telescope design' Occasional Notes, 1940, 1941. Letter re arrangements for lecture on the 'Schmidt Microscope’; Bristol, V7 March 1939. for Royal Astronomical Society's ho i bintoor NCUACS 9/2/89 Publications, lectures, conferences Daz2vecontiaice. ‘Coma and the abbe sine-condition'. Brief correspondence, 5pp typescript ‘corrected copy' article published in British Astronomical Association Journal, 1941. of "Some properties of integers', Mathematical Society November 1942, Oxford Invariant Society May 1945, Bristol Students' Mathematical Society March 1948 and Cambridge Adams Society October 1949. lecture to King's College l2pp typescript draft. lOpp typescript draft. "Science and the Case for Idealism'. "Some aspects of relativity', lecture to [?Bristol] Students' Mathematical Society, January 1945. Published version only of article for Listener, 23 March 1950. typescript draft of Linfoot's paper. London Conference on Optical Instruments, 19 19503 telescope’. Programme, brief correspondence with Nature ©e article on conference, letter of thanks from organiser, llpp Linfoot presented a paper on 'The modern reflecting - 26 July E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Publications, lectures, conferences "On the testing of fast Schmidt cameras'. Notes, drafts, calculations, brief correspondence ce paper by Linfoot. £950" and 1951. Some of the material is dated in ‘Science and aesthetic values', Cambridge, February 1951. lecture to Socratics, llpp ms draft. Physical Society Optical Group meeting, Cambridge, 26 Linfoot presented a paper on 'The theory of R.M.S. aberration balancing’. 27 June 1953. = - Programme, summary of Linfoot's paper etc. Florence meeting on ‘Problems in Contemporary Optics', 10 Linfoot presented a paper on "Informational criteria of image quality and optical design’. 16 September 1954. Programme, list of participants, correspondence re arrangements. Programme, notice of published proceedings. Symposium on Astronomical Optics and Related Subjects, Manchester, 19: on 'Noise, aberrations and the information content of optical images' ment of optical image quality'. 'Transmission factors and the assess- and =" 22 Aprils 1955. Linfoot presented papers H Linfoot E NcuaAcS 9/2/89 Publications, lectures, conferences Symposium on 'Problems in the formation and evaluation of optical images', Linfoot presented a paper on 'Transmission factors and optical design’. Rochester, NY, 15 18 June 1955. - Programme, photograph, brief correspondence re other invitations in connection with Rochester Symposium. 58th meeting of the German Society for Applied Optics, Mainz, 11 "Uber den Informationsinhalt photographischer Bilder’. Linfoot presented a paper 14 June 1957. - Programme only. Meeting of the Research Section of the German Photographic Programme, list of participants, letter from organiser, English version of Linfoot's paper (llpp typescript). Society and the German Society for Applied Optics on 'Qualitat der photographischen Bildwiedergabe', Cologne, Linfoot presented a paper on 207— 21) March’ 1958 ; "Allgemeine Qualitatsbeschrankung photographischer Bilder. Programme only. Fifth Conference of the International Commission for Optics on 'Modern systems for detecting and evaluating optical radiation’, Stockholm, 24 presented a paper on ‘Informational considerations in the design of astronomical spectrographs'. 30 August 1959. - Linfoot H Linfoot E NCUACS 9/2/89 Publications, lectures, conferences ‘Contrast transmission and the image evaluation problem'. 23pp typescript draft paper + references, figure captions, French and German summaries, ‘received 3 November 1959'. ‘Information theory and its application to the quality- evaluation of optical systems'. 37pp typescript report for Royal Society Optical Sub- committee + references and figures, 1959. 6lst meeting of the German Society for Applied Optics, Karlsruhe, 7-11 June 1960. Linfoot presented a paper on ‘'Wellentheoretische und strahlentheoretische Bild- gutebeurteilung'. Programme, 6pp typescript draft of Linfoot's paper. Published version of article for an encyclopaedia and 2pp ms notes, nd. 2pp typescript, nd. 'Light'. "Appendix on refraction corrections’. 3pp typescript, nd. ‘An exercise in the redundancy of the English language’. BH Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 INDEX OF INDIVIDUALS, ORGANISATIONS AND FIRMS . AERO RESEARCH LIMITED C.36 ATKINSON, R da'E Ces Cola 319 BAKER, James G BARHAM, P M BELL, Ronald Percy BESICOVITCH, Abram Samoilovitch - BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BLASCHKE, W BOHR, Harald A B.23, B.24 CE 2 See also B.29 Cac > A.2 D.9 A.6 Dr Li) See also A.3 BROCK, GC BURNS, David M BUXTON, A CARIO, BOULTER, WS S56 C.45 B.34 CZs BURCH, Cecil Reginald BRITISH INSULATED CABLES LTD BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION BBO; “Beso Seemalso Col, C.21,De22 A.8 CARTWRIGHT, Dame Mary Lucy CHANCE BROTHERS LIMITED BULLS wo. 22, C.oL See also C.8 D.34 A.3, A.8 C.41 B23; B.30 CHOWLA, S D He Lintooc. Bb NCUACS 9/2/89 Index of individuals, organisations and firms CHURCH, Alonzo CISAR, Jaroslav CLARENDON PRESS OXFORD CONDLIFFE, G E COPSON, & T COUDER, COURANT, Richard COX, Arthur A.8 C.47/ 7776.48, °C.00;,, Ceol Dine A.8 Det3 B.24 aC. 4, C.30-C..33 COX, HARGREAVES & THOMSON LIMITED COX, Harold W Cel B22 COX, Lawrence A DAVIES, E R DIXON, Arthur Lee See also B.32 See also B.21 Bec Bete, Bis SL Boece B.20 C.56 DUNHAM, Theodore, Jr de BRUYNE, Norman Adrian DARWIN, Sir Charles (Galton) A.2 ELECTRIC & MUSICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED ELLIOTT, A ERDOS, Paul ESTERMANN, T BE. Lintoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Index of individuals, organisations and firms FAHY, Thomas P FARRAND, C L FARRAND OPTICAL CO., INC. FERRAR, W L Cl277,.C.28 C.4- = 'Cs6 Gia = C36 A.5 FINLAY-FREUNDLICH, Erwin C237 <—C 54876. 50-Ci52 FISH, RW FRANCON , M GARDNER, Irvine C C227 G.23 See C.36 & COMPANY ) HABELL, K J HALL, W HARGREAVES, F J Ce27C.1-Co2t7e 37 HOPKINS, Harold Horace HEILBRONN, Hans Arnold GRUBB PARSONS (SIR HOWARD GRUBB, PARSONS Deoe HOVDE, Frederick L B.20;'°B.24¢ See also B.21 C2 IDPs PKS, HOLMAN, H E HOUGHTON, J L HYDE, W Lewis Bo2d E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Index of individuals, organisations and firms INGHAM, Albert Edward A.8 ISAAC NEWTON TELESCOPE See GRUBB PARSONS JOHNSON, MATTHEY & CO. LTD. B.34 JONES, Sir Harold Spencer KODAK LIMITED B.24,°Cr13-Calp See also C.9, C.10 B.20-B.24, B.27 See also C.48 LANG, H R D.20 LEE, AE See B.28 Bei22 Bel2 DinZ7 D.14 LINFOOT, Joyce LUBANSKA, Hope LEWIS, Frank D LUNEBURG, Rudolf See A.1, B.9, B.47, B.48 LOVELL, Sir (Arthur Charles) Bernard 5.0 MACFARLANE, Sir George (Gray) MARTIN, Sir David (Christie) By By Bak), McCARTHY, E L MACFARLANE, D MANVILLE, G E Oi 2 Ct i=Cs Eo E He Linftoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Index of individuals, organisations and firms MARTIN, Louis Claude MIDDLEHURST, Barbara MILLER, Carlton W B. 1878.25) 8.24) 5.20, B.27 7B +29, .50;Da20;D229 C.47,C.48 CG. 28;aeu29 MINISTRY OF AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION B.20-B.27, B.29, B.34 MINISTRY OF SUPPLY MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) B.1-B.3, B.6,B.14,B.15 Be 21, Bs 34, Ge22-Cu24 BedeiSy, BeOgtely Bele See also B.4,B.8,B.10 Bie tds, 5.16 MOWAT, D M Stormont Be2e MUIRHEAD & COMPANY LIMITED Cr22, 2. Cr25 D.26 NAISH, J M NATURE NEWMAN, W H NEWTON, George C NABARRO, Frank Reginald Nunes Beye Bs 28. a, See also B.6,B.8 GrZ6eOe29 PERKIN-ELMER CORPORATION PAGEL, Bernard PAGE, Arthur PEARSON, Karl A.2 E H Linfoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Index of individuals, organisations and firms -PERKIN, Richard S PHILLIPS, Eric G PILKINGTON BROTHERS LIMITED PILKINGTON, Laurence H A PUTT, 72 he G PLASKETT, Harry Hemley POLSTER, Harry D PRENTICE, J P M ie 26i Ce 257 D.18 Ce 417, °C.43 See also C.8 C.41 B.21-B.24 See also B.28 De Oi Ceo See also C.17 C.26 Bao PULLINGER, A F RITCHIE, Anthony E RADO, Richard RAY, J C Cesk = C233 Cr Sd, 33 25 REDMAN, Roderick Oliver PULLINGER & MALET PYE, Sir David (Randall) PULLIN OPTICAL COMPANY LIMITED A.6 ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY B30 See Gil G7 sGcw EH Lintoot NCUACS 9/2/89 Index of individuals, organisations and firms SADLER, Donald H SCHULTE, Daniel H SGOTL, John M ¢ SCOTT ;.. Roderic M SELLERS, F J SELWYN, E W H SHAW, H SHIRE, E S SHOENBERG, Sir Isaac SISAM, Kenneth Ds 22 Ce27 Bo LB 3) By 25¢Be28 See also B.4 Cae 7. Di2Z B.20=B..23 B.30 Be2 Cred De lZ SISSON, George M SKENE, MacGregor SORENSON, Robert H SPENCER, DA SUGERMAN, B See also B.24 Deed 29 A.9 STANLEY, Gertrude K Bi23:,;8.20,Bee)., bs 29 Ce Cel See also C.16,C.23 Be aa TAYLOR, TAYLOR & HOBSON LIMITED TECHNE (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED THOMPSON, Major E H B.18,B.24,C.380-C.34 TITCHMARSH, Edward Charles Bi 2478 .26,8527 TEARLE, J L E H Linfoot NcuACS 9/2/89 Index of individuals, organisations and firms TODD, H TORALDO, G TYNDALL, Arthur Mannering UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS URSELL, [? Fritz Joseph ] VEBLEN, Oswald VICK, Sir. Francis. Arthur. B.23,B.34 Dig Bels,B. 2078621 See also B.34 C37 aC. 60 See B.3 WARMISHAM, A WOODWARD, P M WYNNE, Charles G WALAND, Robert L 4 ACS See B.43 Bi 25) sD,oko WRINCH, Dorothy M WLENER, Norbert B.187B.24;,C.30-C. 33 WATSON, George Neville WRIGHT, Edward Maitland Cusy7-C. C. 43 ,C)..46, G2 50-C,.52 ASD YEMM, E W YOUNG, James