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ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL Report on the correspondence and papers of EDWARD HINDLE FRS (1886-1973) Professor of Biology and Zoology © 1905-1964 deposited in Glasgow University Archives oe ad Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, 1 8/56 All rights reserved 1978 Archives Centre (csac 61/5/78) by London WC2A 1HP NOo CSAC 61/5/78 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Supported by the Royal Society, the British Library and the Council of Engineering Institutions REPORT ON THE PAPERS OF Dr. Edward Hindle, F.R.S. (1886-1973) Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel 1978 Deposited in the Archives of the University of Glasgow E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material was received from Miss Phyllis Barclay-Smith, C.B.E. Many of the items are in poor and fragile condition. ' The collection covers most aspects of Hindle's scientific career, and includes some information not elsewhere recorded, such as the proposed expedition to Uganda and Nyasaland , in September 1914 (see B.5-B.9) and Hindle's reported death in Africa (see A.2); the box of publications (C.55), though not complete, contains several items not recorded either in the Bibliography of the Royal Society — Memoir (A.1) or the 'List of Publications' (A.2), and, in conjunction with Section C, gives a fuller picture of Hindle's scientific and general writings than would otherwise obtain. J. Loeb, J.£. Marchoux and other colleagues are also clear (see under Index of correspondents), and his attempt to improve international understanding by means Hindle's friendly relations with G.H.F. Nuttall, of the proposed publication 'One World’ can be seen in B.102-B. 106. Section B (scientific research and activities) is the largest in the col- lection, and includes scientific material (laboratory notebooks, professional F.R.S., as his 'electicism and opportunism in science, in that the nature of his research was governed by the conditions in which he happened to be living at the time'; an example of this might be his observations at Dax on the fauna of hot and the incident of laboratory infection which affected him, his assistants, and correspondence) und some biographical and administrative correspondence relating to appointments, tenure and the like. fully covered, notably his work on kala-azar, yellow fever and other viruses, The major fields of Hindle's work are hospital stoff attending them. described by the author of the Royal Society Memoir, Professor P.C.C. Garnham, In addition, there is evidence of what has been some indication of the wide range of Hindle's interests. springs (see B.81, B.90) and his interest in hamsters (see B.37, B.93~-B. 100). Much Section D of Hindle's surviving scientific correspondence is included in Section B; fessional and non-professional. Society Memoir, and the ‘Honours and Awards' listed in A.24-A. 30 also provide (Correspondence) is in consequence relatively brief. Very few records survive relating to Hindle's many honorary posts in Associations and Societies, and the interest he took in such activities, both pro- A list of some of these is given in the Royal E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 SUMMARY OF THE CAREER OF EDWARD HINDLE b. 1886 educ. 1903-07 1907-08 1908-10 1910-14 Sheffield. mainly at home, by his mother, who was a certificated teacher. Royal College of Science, and King's College, London. Research Assistant, School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool. work at Marine Biological Station, La Jolla, California. Ph.D., and Instructor in Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. Kingsley Bye Fellow, Magdalene College, Cambridge, and Beit Memorial Research Fellow, Quick Laboratory, Cambridge. 1911 (summer) Institut Pasteur, Paris. 1914-19 1919 1919 1919-24 1924-25 War Service with Royal Engineers Signals Service; Divisional Signal Officer, in France and Palestine, except for six months when sent back to England to organise and command the Signal Service Cadet Unit. served as a (February-October) work at Quick Laboratory, Cambridge. married Irene Margaret Twist (d. 1933). Professor of Biology and Parasitology, School of Medicine, Cairo. Milner Research Fellow, London School! of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 1925-28 1928-33 1934 1935-44 1936 1936 1942 1953 with Royal Society's Kala~azar Commission in China. Elected Fellow of the Royal Society. Scientific Director, Zoological Society of London. Founder President, Zoological Society of Glasgow. ~ Beit Research Fellow in Tropical Medicine, Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research, London. work at National Institute of Medical Research, London. Regius Professor of Zoology, University of Glasgow. married Ellen Mary Theodora Boyen (nee Schroeder) (marriage dissolved 1951). Sciences. Hon. Secretary, Royal Geographical Association (Hon. Vice- President, 1962). President, Zoology Section, International Union of Biological Founder and First President, Institute of Biology. General Secretary, British Association. President, Section D, British Association. 1944-51 1945 1946-51 1947 1931-52 1951-61 Freeman of the City of London. Hindle BE CSAC 61/5/78 CONTENTS OF THE COLLECTION Section A Biographical and Personal Items A.1-A.31 Section B Scientific research and activities B.1-B. 108 including: Work on Pediculus Humanus B.10-B.16 Work at Cairo B.18-B.27 Royal Society Kala-azar Commission B.31-B. 54 Work on Yellow Fever B.19, B.30, B.55-B.71 Hamsters B.93-B. 100 Section C Lectures, talks, broadcasts, publications Section D Scientific correspondence Index of correspondents ES Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1. Obituaries and tributes. Includes Addresses at Cremation and Memorial Service; Memoir by P.C.C. Garnham, F.R.S. (Biog. Mem. Fellows of the Roy. Soc., 20, 1974); and others. Bibliographies, c.v's and biographical notes pre- pared at various times by Hindle, or by others for the award of honours or degrees; includes Hindle's birth certificate, and a press-cutiing of a note by G.H.F. Nuttall correcting 'the erroneous statement that Dr. E. Hindle met his death in Africa', 1915. Signed photographs of G.H.F. Nuttall and colleagues, one inscribed 'Taken at Alperton, Essex, June 1909', the other n.d. but taken at Cambridge (Hindle is standing L.). Includes Commissions in R.E. 1914 Also includes copy of Hindle's letter to The Times 11/1/43 on National Service in Universities, and a private reply received describing Cambridge in wartime. Miscellaneous material relating to Hindle's military activities. and in Territorial Army 1936, miscellaneous photo- graphs of O.T.C., University of Glasgow of which Hindle was Commanding Officer in Second World Wor. J. Mesnil (Institut Pasteur) Jacques Loeb (Rockefeller Inst. Med. Res.) Miscellaneous testimonials to Hindle 1912. from William E. Ritter (La Jolla, California) J.E. Marchoux (Institut Pasteur) E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 A.6.-A.8. Correspondence re Chair of Biology, School of Medicine, Cairo, 1919-24 and 195] Hindle resigned this post, with indemnity and repatriation, because political and administrative changes were impeding his current work and his personal and scientific prospects. See B.18-B.27 for notebooks relating to research during his period at Cairo and C.2-C.4 for lectures given there. Folder of correspondence with British and Egyptian authorities re Hindle's wish to relinquish his chair, conditions of compensation, etc. October 1923-June 1924. Passport, photographs, miscellaneous scientific and social souvenirs of period in Cairo. Brief correspondence, letters of congratulation on appointment, and testimonial to work done in Cairo, from Jacques Loeb Owen Richards Included here is a letter regretting Hindle's decision not to apply for the Chair of Zoology at Cairo in 1950, on his retirement from the Zoological Society of London. Includes: testimonials to Hindle for Chair of Zoology, Newcastle, from P. Chalmers Mitchell [Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell, see C.33.] and G.H.F. Nuiétall (very fragile and in poor condition) 1932; Miscellaneous correspondence on appointments 1932-34, re various applications for appointments made by Hindle as his tenure of the Beit Fellowship 1928-33 drew to a close (see B.55). and for lectures and talks at Glasgow see C.10-C.23. Hindle's memorandum to H.T. Tizard on Dept. Zoology, Imperial College, London 1934. Hindle's application for Chair in Parasitology, Peiping 1933; Correspondence re appointment as Regius Professor of Zoology, University of Glasgow 1935. Hindle's letter of application, testimonials from G.H.F. Nuttall (copy) and H.H. Dale (original). For other documents relating to Hindle's appointment and activities at Glasgow see A.21, A.28, A.29; for research conducted at Glasgow see B.87-B.89, E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 A.11. Letters of congratulation on election to Royal Society (not itemised or indexed). 1942 A.12.-A.16. Correspondence re appointment as Scientific Director, Zoological Society of London A.12. Correspondence re appointment, with Sheffield A. Neave (Secretary of the Society), including Hindle's c.v. and list of publications, and re his resignation of the Regius Professorship at Glasgow, August 1943-January 1944. Brief correspondence with Julian Huxley (Secretary of Society 1935-42) re appointment, and enclosing off- prints, 1943. Correspondence re membership and other matters, 1943. with P.A. Buxton, L. Hogben. Letters of congratulation on appointment, with some personal or scientific interest in the letter or in Hindle's reply, 1943. Letters of congratulation on appointment, many testifying to the range of Hindle's activities in Glasgow and expressing regret at his departure (not indexed), 1943. Visit to Pakistan, April 1950 Brief correspondence re journey, letters of intro- duction from Sir Harold Hartley (then President of the British Association), ms. of talk broadcast on Radio Pakistan by Hindle, press~cuttings. Hindle represented the British Association at the Second Pakistan Science Conference, Karachi, and visited other laboratories and scientific establishments during visit. report. Visit to Switzerland 11-24 June 1961 This was the first official delegation of the Royal Society to visit Switzerland, arranged by invitation of Pro Helvetic Foundation. Annotated schedule of visit, brief correspondence re travel, etc., copy of Hindle's Report to President of the Royal Society on visit, ms. draft of another Ee Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 A.19.-A.23. Miscellaneous items of personal and biographical interest. Envelope of press-cuttings relating to Hindle's work, career, interests, etc. Envelope of press~cuttings from 'Moscow News' relating specially to work of Lysenko, Michurin and other reported achievements in Russian biological sciences. Miscellaneous social souvenirs (not itemised). Includes signed menus, Madgalene College, Cambridge dinners, University of Glasgow Final Year Dinners in the Faculty of Medicine 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, The Athenaeum, The Wrong Box Dinner (menu and papers read) 1963. Birthday and other greetings exchanged with Sir Ralph Richardson at various dates, and miscellaneous quotations and notes collected by Hindle, probably for anniversary gatherings. Miscellaneous shorter personal correspondence, letters of congratulation on research, farewell letters on retirement, etc. (not indexed). Membership Sigma 3€i, California A.24.-A.30. 6 folders as follows: 1905 1909 1910 1908 Intermediate Certificate, University of London 1905-06 Associate Certificate, Royal College of Science, London Matriculation Certificate, University of London Certificates, Honours and Awards, in chronological order. (academic, personal and honorific) -Roll of miscellaneous Masonic certificates 1912-14, Doctorate Philosophy, University of California Dissertation distinction certificate, University of Cambridge Automobile Association, vehicle and driving certificate, _Racing-Club de France, Touring Club Italiane membership cards M.A., University of Cambridge (certificate dated 1919) Alma Mater Lodge (resignation on taking up post at Cairo) Membership certificate, Société entomologique d'Egypte Membre correspondant, Société de pathologie exotique. D.Sc., University of Cambridge Croix Civique, Premiére Classe, Belgium Société belge de Médicine Tropicale, Membre correspondant Fellow, Royal Microscopical Society Member, Company of Veteran Motorists Member, The Athenaeum The Carnarvon Lodge (resignation on moving to Glasgow) of Glasgow Member, Royal Philosophical Society, Glasgow (includes correspondence, programmes, etc.) Commission as Regius Professor of Zoology, University Fellow, The Eugenics Society Fellow, Royal Entomological Society, London (includes correspondence) Member, British Film Institute Member, Société zoologique de France E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 A.29. Hon. President, City of Glasgow Ornithological Association (includes correspondence) Member, Scottish Wild Birds Sanctuaries Trust Member, Adam Smith Club (Dec.). Letter from Viscount Mountmorres re founding of Glasgow Zoological Society, of which Hindle was Founder President Council, Zoological Society of Scotland Matriculation as Member, the Merchants House of Glasgow Fellow, Royal Society, London Freedom and Livery, Worshipful Company of Farriers of London Freedom of the City of London (copy) Hon. Fellow, Imperial College, London Darwin Medallion of USSR 1937 1939 1942 1944 1945 1757 1960 4 photographs of Hindle, his colleagues, laboratory and lecture-room at Cairo Hindle's Royal Society Personal Record book Miscellaneous items of biographical interest. Includes: Photograph of Hindle's 85th birthday cake, specially made with models of his various interests and achievements Signed menu of luncheon given by Scientific Advisory Committee to Hindle and Sir Robert Robinson on the occasion of their 80th birthdays (with photographs) surveys of South Georgia 1951-57 Note from Royal Geographical Society describing the location of the 'Hindle Glacier' in the Antarctic, named after Hindle by Duncan Carse during his 1966 1971 E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 SECTION B SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND ACTIVITIES The material is presented chronologically as far as possible, and includes laboratory notebooks and records, and related correspondence including some biographical information on appointments, etc. possible to the various stages and places of work of Hindle's career. is linked where If | 2 sketchbooks of drawings of various marine species, molluscs and parasites, one inscribed '1905. [ Royal College of Science J. R.C.S.' \ The drawings are in pencil, ink and colour, carefully labelled. Black notebook, inscribed 'Quick Laboratory Cambridge. Spirochaetes'. Notes of transmission experiments of Spirochaeta duftoni (now known as Borrellia duttoni) 1910-11; at rear of book, notes of experiments on transmission of Sarcosporidia 1910, followed by notes on Argas persicusraising experiments 1912 (see also B.17.). 'Notes on the emergence of the sexes from the galls of Teras terminalis’. A notebook in which Hindle copied the original observa~ tions of Thomas B. Goodall, covering 58 collections made by Goodall in June 1900, and brief notes for 1904 and 1908. 2 letters from Goodall, 1914. bi Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 Bd. "Bs 2a Proposed expedition to Uganda and Nyasaland 1914 Correspondence and papers. The expedition was scheduled for September 1914 and was cancelled on the outbreak of the First World War. Its purpose was to undertake research into the effects of dipping solutions and methods on cattle exposed to infection by cattle Trypanosomiases (see B.7. for a de- tailed exposé of the project). It was to be a joint venture of the Quick Laboratory, Cambridge, and the Cooper Laboratory for Economic Research, Watford, financial sup- port being provided by a grant from the Colonial Office to Professor G.H.F. Nuttall (Director of the Quick Laboratory), by a personal grant from P.A. Molteno, and by the Cooper Laboratory. Hindle was to be Nuttall's Assistant in the field. Correspondence March-August 1914. Correspondence exchanged by G.H.F. Nuttall with H.J. Read (Colonial Office) re grant from Tropical Diseases Research Fund and outline of project, with P.A. Molteno re his financial support of the project (3 letters), with W.F. Cooper (of Cooper Laboratory). Also includes correspondence re facilities for expedition, letters of introduction. Correspondence August-September 1914. 'Draft scheme of Trypanosomiasis work in Uganda’. 9 pp. typescript account, no date or signature, pre- pared after meeting between Nuttall, Cooper and Robinson, May 1914; projected work, with itemised budget. gives a detailed account of the Hindle's correspondence with directors and staff of the Cooper Laboratory re the project, and his letters arranging to postpone expedition ‘until the conclusion of Peace’. available equipment and costs. Correspondence and printed matter from tropical and overseas outfitters and suppliers for the expedition, including several leaflets and brochures from Lawn and Adler which provide interesting information on currently Hindle's itemised budget for the expedition, including fares, stores, porterage and servants, camp and safori equipment, etc. tail coat' were thought to be necessary. 'A dinner jacket and sometimes a W.F.C. = W.F. Cooper LER L.E. Robinson (of the Cooper Laboratory) E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 B..10.-B. 16. Work on Pediculus Humanus Research begun at the Quick Laboratory, Cambridge, 1913, the results of the work, which was interrupted by war, being published in papers in 1917 and 1919. Hindle's notes on the louse, on the series of experiments to be done, calculations on the results, etc., various dates 1913-14. \ Records of experiments, almost daily June-October 1913 (kept by laboratory assistant and by Hindle). Continuing records 'Series I', all by Hindle, January 1914. Notebook and ms. notes, at front ‘Series 2', March 1914, at rear ‘Series 3', April 1914. Notebook and ms. notes 'Series 4', June 1914. Ms. draft for paper 'Sex distinction in Pediculus humanus var. corporis', published in J. Genetics, 8, 18 pp. (see B.3.) Ms. draft (fragmentary) of Hindle's report to the M.R.C. on his work on Rickettsia in lice, March~September 1919. (Hindle had studied with Marchoux at the Institut Pasteur on fowl pest in 1911.) Black notebook inscribed 'E. Hindle 1919' with note on first page 'March Ist received from Prof. E. Marchoux Inst. Pasteur about 60 Argas persicus infected with the Brazil strain of S$. Gallinorum'. Experimental records April-August 1919. E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 B.18.-B.27. Notebooks of research during period as Professor of Biology, School of Medicine, Cairo BB. 16; 8417. 2 notebooks one inscribed 'Ova findings in faeces', recording observations on various medical cases in the hospital, notes on tropical diseases, graphs of incidence of parasites, etc. B.18. B19. includes beginning of draft paper mainly 1919. mainly 1921-22; on 'Investigations on the aetiology and pathenogenesis of yellow fever', and a draft letter from Hindle re testing of his vaccine in French West African Colonies, n.d. but (c) 1930; tions are in Hindle's hand. not all the observa- B.20-B.23. B.24-B.25. B.26. B.27. 'Molluscs'. various dates 1920-21 (not all 4 notebooks of observations and experiments, in Hindle's hand). ‘Examination of Snails'. experiments, various dates 1922-24 (not all in Hindle's hand). Green notebook inscribed ‘Miscellaneous experiments’. 2 notebooks of observations and Includes records on rejuvenation, X-rays, cancer, anti-sperm sera and others, various dates 1921-23. Green notebook inscribed 'Antisperm sera’ experiments on rats 1922. B.28.-B. 30. Work as Milner Research Fellow, London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1924-25. B.28. Green notebook inscribed 'Spirochaetes'. The book continues with records of work on Leptospira_ from specimens obtained from Thames water, April-May 1925. Records of experiments with Argas Persicus, with specimens obtained from widely different sources, various dates October 1924—March 1925. Miscellaneous correspondence re grants for research, and offer of 3-year post at School 'for the purpose of under- taking some organised research into the Spirochaetes and Spirochaetal diseases', April- November 1924. Kala-Azar research in China (see below). Correspondence from Clifford Dobell re possible research on disseminated sclerosis 1925; Hindle to Dobell March 1926 giving an account of his includes letter from E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 B.31.-B. 54. Royal Society's Kala-Azar Commission fn China 1925427 Hindle was a member, and later the leader, of the Commission, the purpose of which was to investigate the problem of visceral Leishmaniasis (kala-azar) in N. China. The Chinese hamster was used as the main laboratory animal in the transmission experiments, and at the end of the expedition Hindle attempted to introduce them as laboratory material in Britain, but the species failed to breed successfully. The Golden hamster, brought from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, to Hindle's laboratory by Sau! Adler in 1931, was bred with conspicuous success as a laboratory animal and as a pet. See B.37. for correspondence relating to the unsuccessful attempt with the Chinese hamster, and B.93.~B. 100. for material on the Golden hamster. The material on Kala~Azar is presented as follows: B.31.-B.37. Correspondence: B.31, B.32 personal, B.33-B.37 Scientific B.38.-B.54. Notebooks and working papers. The correspondence often reflects the disturbed In one of his letters to H.H. Dale his experiences in China political and military conditions of the time as well as the research in progress. (then Secretary of the Royal Society) Hindle mentions that he sent his correspondence in duplicate 'one copy via Siberia and the other via Suez'; made a lasting impression on Hindle, who often referred to them in talks and lectures, particularly in his later years. For other material on Kala-Azar, see B.30, C.6. the hand of Hindle's first wife, who died in 1933. Letters of introduction, brief correspondence re transport of boxes at end of expedition. Photographs and notes taken by Hindle on 'manure factory’ in China. A reprint of the published Reports on the Commission's work is included here. 2 notebooks of a journal kept sporadically on the outward to Japan, both in journey to China and of a holiday visit E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 B.33. Correspondence with Royal Society, May 1925~June 1928, chiefly with H.H. Dale (Secretary) and Includes some of F.A. Towle (Assistant Secretary). Hindle's accounts of expenditure, correspondence re staff and research, continuation of investigation on improvement of political situation, draft letter on congenital Kala-Azar written by Hindle for publication in British Medical Journal but not submitted on advice from Dale, of work under difficult conditions. Correspondence re supply of drugs for Kala~Azar patients 1926-27 with C.M. Wenyon. Miscellaneous documents: notice inserted in Tsingtao Times explaining research and requesting help from members of public; research to Royal Society (incomplete) 1927-28. Hindle's final report on letter from C.H. Lei; Correspondence re identification of insects from China, 1928, with Guy A.K. Marshall. Correspondence re hamsters. 1927-28. From The animals failed The letters chronicle the arrival of the hamsters and their first breeding at the London Zoo. to breed successfully, and the Golden hamster was intro~ duced from Aleppo in 1930 and reached Hindle's laboratory in 1931 (see B.93.-B.100.). Chinese hamsters were used as the main laboratory animal in the transmission experiments of the expedition. At the end of the investigation, most remained in the charge of Feng Lan Chow of the Shantung Christian University, but some were brought to England for Hindle “on the understanding that they are exclusively for laboratory use’. Various dates 1926-27. Folders of casenotes of patients with Kala-Azar, in Shantung Hospital 1920-25, and 2 notebooks of 'new cases' April-July 1926. Feng Lan Chow H.F. Johnson G.M. Vevers Notebooks and working papers on Kala~-Azar YP Large ledger-type notebook, of infection by species of Phlebotomus chinensis, P. major, P. sergenti, P. mongolensis; includes ms. drafts for paper, and letter from L.C. Feng. recording varying results y g , Vv E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 B.40. Black notebook inscribed 'Kala-Azar transmission experiments 1927'. Black notebook inscribed 'Phlebotomus'. tions on various species, 1925-27. Observa- Black notebook of observations on hamsters: nos. 1-402 1925-26 Ditto nos. 403-565 1926 Ditto nos. 566-924 1926-27 Black notebook of 'transmission experiments’ on hamsters: nos. $.1-5. 125 1927 Ditto nos. $.126-S.201 1927 Ditto nos. $.202-S.260 1927 Black notebook of observations on harnsters infected with Leishmania infantum, Tunis strain, 1926. Ditto, on Indian Kala-Azar from Gologhat, 1927. Ditto, on Leishmania tropica from Baghdad, 1927. Black notebook inscribed 'Cultures etc.' of notes of preparations and methods of treatment on human patients and hamsters, various dates 1925-27. Black notebook inscribed 'Collections from Tsinan’. Miscellaneous observations on other specimens found or brought to Hindle's laboratory - fish, scorpions, toads, etc. 1925-27. Oldfield Thomas, 1926, 1928 (mammals, bats). Fragment of notebook of observations on Leishmania donovani, Indian strain, 1928. Correspondence with colleagues in UK re identification of various species of creatures sent from China by Hindle: H.W. Parker, 1926-28 (reptiles and batrachians) Hugh Scott, 1926 E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 B.55,~B.85. Beit Research Fellow in Tropical Medicine at the Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research 1928-1933. Hindle applied for this post while still as leader of the Kala-Azar Commission. ship was awarded for research on 'Spirochaetosis in relation to the etiology of Yellow Fever', though this was not the only topic on which he worked during his tenure of the Fellowship. in China The Fellow- The material is presented as follows: B.55.-B.63. Correspondence and reports on yellow fever B.64.-B.70. Notebooks on yellow fever B.72.-B.85. For lectures on yellow fever, see C.9. Other research notebooks and correspondence With Dr. Correspondence re application, and appointment to (later Sir) Andrew Balfour Fellowship. (Director, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where Hindle was Milner Research Fellow, see B.28.-B.30.), and Sir James Fowler (Secretary, Beit Fellowships Committee). pondence and information on Kala-Azar expedition is included. 1926-28. Correspondence continues 1929-34 re extension of Fellowship, which was not renewed after original term of five years. Some scientific corres~ Correspondence with officials and colleagues re supply and housing of research animals, expenses and refunds, etc. 1928-30 (not indexed). Copies of letters from Hindle to various colleagues in UK and abroad requesting laboratory space ofter accidental infection from the virus had caused Hindle and two attendants to contract the disease, and the death of a hospital technician. ferred from London to the Wellcome Field Station in Kent. 1929 W.A. Calmette Clement C. Chesterman Firestone Co, Correspondence on yellow fever re and exchange of specimens, results, in alphabetical order, with dates and a note of material of particular interest. exchanges only. supplies etc. presented Most of the letters are brief 1928 1929 (Hindle's carbon only) The work was trans~ B. Blacklock Anton Breinl 1928 1928-29 B.58.-B.62. E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 18 8.57. L.W. Hackeit 1950, 1951 (laboratory infections) Max H. Kuczynski 9 1929 (also later correspondence 1932) Sir John W.D. Megaw 1932 (Hindle's 5 pp. possible spread of yellow fever to India) letter on J. Marchoux R.A. O'Brien J.L. Pawan A. Pettit 1929 (laboratory infection) 1929 (with Report to C.W. Wenyon on results of research in vaccines) 1931, 1933 (‘red howler! monkeys) 1928, 1929 Frederick F. Russell 1928 Wilbur A. Sawyer 1929-31 (research resulis, laboratory infection, etc.) W. Schiffner A.W. Sellards C. Strickland G.K. Strode 1929 1928 1929 1929 (Hindle's carbon only) V.B. Wigglesworth 1928 unidentified 8:45: nos: H.7-H.95 April-September 1928 B.66. nos. H.96-H. 150 B.64. nos. H.1-H.3 March 1928 Also included here is a copy of Sequence of 6 notebooks of experimental records of work on yellow fever in monkeys, numbered and dated. Hindle's Reports on his research as Beit Fellow, June and November 1928, June 1929, May 1930, May 1931, May 1932, May 1933. Hindle's report to Sir Henry Dale on the Kala-Azar expedition, January 1928. sequence. Notebook 'Mosquitoes', record of experiments January 1929-March 1930, some linked with monkeys in above September 1928- January 192? November 1929-July 1930 B.68. nos. H.217-H.2681 B.67. nos. H. 151-H.216 January-June 1929 B.69. nos. H.282-H. 37] B.64.-B.69. June-November 1929 E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 B.71. Bundle of newspaper cuttings re Hindle’s work on yellow fever. Dale" O. 0a. Other research carried out as Beit Research Fellow. Bartonella Muris, 1931. 2 notebooks of observations on mice infected with Bartonella and subsequently splenectomised. 8.74. B.73. April-June 1931 July-October 1931 (and some experiments on hamsters November 1931) Feline Distemper see also B.81, B.91 2 notebooks of observations on numbered specimens. B.74. B.75. December 1930-October 1931 September 1931-January 1932 Included here are 2 publications by Hindle on Feline Distemper and letter re possible human contraction of the disease. . 400-543 (includes hamsters and rabbits) B.80. nos. 544-632 (includes dogs and rabbits) includes work Leptospira nos. 176-197, . 200-394 B.77. Bi7e. Batts and includes correspondence from Charles Elton) B.76. nos. 1-169 (book begins with experiments on rabbits, 5 notebooks of observations on wild rats, sources and specimens numbered, with dissections especially of rat kidney, 1931-33. Notes on Spirochaetes, 1933. Notebook inscribed 'various', 1929-30; on climatic bubs, rat kidney virus, Dax spirochaetes (see also B.90.), feline distemper (see also B.74-B.75, B.91.). Black notebook of tests of serum and virus on mosquitos, March- June 1930. E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 Correspondence on rats, mainly re exchange and analysis of specimens. E.V. Cowdry Jethro Gough David Keilin John O. = Oliver Dorothy Russell W. Schuffner Correspondence on spirochaetes, mainly re exchange of specimens. 1928-34 L.A.P. Anderson William Fletcher T. Hewer H. Kréo R.A. O'Brien H.J. Parish W. Schuffner J. Smith M. Theiler Edmond Sergent P.H. Van Thiel J.V. Vaés6rhelyi E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 B.86. Work at the London Zoo as Guest of the Zoological Society, June-October 1935. Ledger of observations on various animals, and duplicated copy of Hindle's report on his research for the period. B.87.-B.89. Work at Glasgow University, 1938-39. B.87. Work on Voles at Glasgow, 1938. Notebook 'Observations on Field Voles, Argyle’. Observations run 24 May 1938-24 March 1939 and cover 19 batches of voles. Folder of notes and data 'Microtus and Toxoplasma' kept by S. Greenhill of Hindle's department, May- October 1938 and correspondence re supply of the animals. B.89. Notes and correspondence re laboratory methods and techniques for use at Glasgow University. B.90.-B. 101. Miscellaneous notes and correspondence arising from scientific research Presented alphabetically by topic. Algae and fauna of hot springs see also B.81. Correspondence and notes, 1930, 1932. Cats - especially re 'Feline Distemper' see also B.7.4, B.75, B.81. Correspondence and notes 1935 from Dr. Jean Orr Ewing re her expedition to the hot springs of Iceland, and its results. Committee Secretary, 1933. Includes 10 pp. ms. of talk on 'Show Fever" or Feline Distemper given by Hindle at a meeting on 1 June 1933, at which an organising committee was set up to obtain support to investigate the disease. The Committee was wound up in October on research being undertaken at the Wellcome Laboratories by Dr. O'Brien. Includes correspondence with B.92. Dogs Miscellaneous material on breeding and showing of various types of dog owned by Hindle and Mrs. Hindle. Includes report, rules and list of members and corres~ pondence re 'Miniature Dachshund Club', of which Hindle was Secretary before taking up his appointment at Glasgow, various dates 1930-36. B.93.-B. 100. Hamsters see also B. 37. B.93. B.94,B.95. Includes: research Research notes and writings by Hindle. reprint of his paper (with H.M. Bruce) 1934; notes and a ms. draft of a short paper on the history ms. draft and typed of the Golden hamster, version dated 1945 of Hindle's contribution (Chapter The golden hamster) to The UFAW handbook on 15. the care and management of laboratory animals, 1947; draft of exhibition and discussion of hamster mutants, probably for British Hamster Club (c) 1950. c.1942; Correspondence re British Hamster Club 1947-53 chiefly with Mrs. Jean E. Cook (Secretary), and other members of club and of general public, on hamster breeding and affairs of the club. tions on the behaviour, colouring and health of hamsters occur passim in the correspondence. Observa~ 1947-50 1947-49 1950-53 B.94. B.75. (Includes some duplicated news- Correspondence etc. with Midlands and Northern Hamster Club, especially with Secretary, H.W. Reynolds, re breeding of hamsters and the affairs of the club. letters of the club.) handbooks on hamsters as pets. Duplicated bulletins and newsletters of the British Hamster Club (produced by the Secretary, Mrs. Jean Cook - see also B.94.-B.95.). reprints of scholarly articles, popular Printed matter: E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 B.99. Correspondence re hamsters, including some material re genetic abnormalities, breeding and other information. Boots Pure Drug Co. A.J. Cork C.D. Darlington T. Deegan Geoffrey Eden G. Edward Eversole 1950 1947 1948 195] 1948 1948 A.L. Hagedoorn 1945, 1953 Correspondence re hamsters (continued) Joseph A. Johnson 1945-46 (includes correspondence re founding of the British Hamster Club of which Hindle was Patron) M.P. Nightingale A.F. Prosser 1949 1949 Mink Miscellaneous short notes on mutations and colorations of mink (perhaps for talk or exhibition at London Zoo). Porcupine Miscellaneous short notes and correspondence (perhaps for talk or exhibition at London Zoo). B.102.-B. 106. One World Letters’. This publication was intended to be an 'International Hindle served on Review of the Arts, Sciences, the Advisory Board, took the Chair at Board meetings, and wrote to many scientific colleagues to enlist support and The project was financed wholly by Mr. contributions. Sydney Walton, who was unable to continue his backing No other support was found and beyond the agreed sum. the publication was abandoned. B.102- B.104, 3 folders of correspondence with the Editor, Mr. Mark Joffé, and with colleagues re affairs of the project, including Minutes of meetings, publicity statements, etc. B.102. April-December 1946: M. Joffé F. Gross Sir E. John Russell Sir John Boyd Orr Adriano Buzzati- Traverso General Sir James Marshall-Cornwall 1947: E.A. Spaul M,. Joffé F. Gross 1948: M.° Joffé Sir John Russell Sir Julian Huxley Sir Wilfrid Le Gros Clark Sir James Marshall-Cornwall Hindle. Copy of Vol.1, no.1, published for private circulation for fund-raising purposes, and the only issue to appear, April 1947. Documents re One World: statements of aims, articles of association. This specimen issue include Sir John Russell and F. Gross, sles by Sir John Boyd Orr, written at request of B.105 B. 106 B.107.-B.108. Drawings ‘Classification of Coelenterata’: pages of drawings and descriptions, all (probably for Glasgow lectures). hand é a miscellaneous in Hindle's Helminths: miscellaneous labelled drawings, probably not by Hindle. Lice: ink drawings by gs by Hindle for paper. poy Spirochaetes: drawings and figures by p g ¢ yr Hindle. {} e E. Hine CSAC 6 bi / ‘5/78 SECTION C LECTURES, TALKS, BROADCASTS, PUBLICATIONS | The material is presenied chronologically as far as possible, though many drafts and mss. are undated and fragmentary. Flies in relation to disease. C.U.P. 1914 Contract with publishers, misc. correspondence re royalt ermission to use figures, statements, press-cuttings of reviews, letters of congratulation, etc. 1913-15. diagrams, etc., f f / Notes for lectures at Cairo 3 folders labelled 'Zoology', 'Animal Physiology’, 'Ciliates', bearing various dates 1921-23 and some with notes in the hand of H. Munro Fox. 19 pp. ms. for a lecture on history and disease, and miscellaneous other notes and drafts on the apparently given during visit to China subject; with Royal Society Commission on Kala~Azar, probably at Tsinan Christian University. (c) 1926. Ms. notes for remarks following an address by Dr. C.M. Wenyon, on sandflies as transmission agents of Leishmania, n.d. but (c) 1928. Invitation to give lectures (1933) and brief ms. notes on filterable viruses. See also C.12. The William Withering Lectures in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Birmingham 1935. Copy of letter to Jhe Times by Sir Wolter Fletcher, on Yellow Fever in West Africa and making refer- ence to Hindle's work, November 1928. C.9. continued 'Yellow fever, by Edward Hindle', 14 pp. ms., probably also given at Glasgow, n.d. but (c) 1942. 4 pp. ms. and 1 Philosophical Society L Glasgow J, n.d. p. report, of talk to University 'Yellow fever', pps. lecture on filterable viruses, n.d. 11 and 12 of a more general Talks on on yellow fever 10 pp. ms. notes for talk, n.d. 1/5/78 |/9//8 or folk, n.d. but PI 7 pp. ms. with note 'B.B.C.', of the above. ' an expanded version i 25 pp. transcript of programme on 'Yellow Fever' by Nesta Pain, broadcast in BBC Home Service, 16 January 1945, This was a dramatised docu- mentary, for which C.M. Wenyon and Hindle acted as scientific advisers. Lectures and talks at Glasgow Universi see also A.21, B.87-B.89. Folder of notes, diagrams, classifications, etc. inscribed ‘Evolution’, including Mendelism, heredity, vestigial organs. Similar folder on ‘Parasitology’. Similar folder on 'Filterable viruses" (included for the with later material is part of Hindle’s ms. William Withering Lectures in Birmingham 1935, see C.8.) C.13,C.14. 2 folders of notes, diagrams, etc. for course on Zoology (for medical students), including protozoa, parasitology, and many drawings. Shorter notes on immunity and virus infections. Typescript notes for extensive course on ‘Animal Ecology’, n.d. but (c) 1940. Folder labelled 'Entomology, 3rd term 1943’. Ms. notes and draft for talk on 'Insecits and Disease’, & n.d. Miscellaneous shorter notes for speeches at Glasgow: Juridical Society Dinner 1939 Abstract of lecture on 'Disease and History', probably for Philosophical Society, Glasgow, n.d. 6 pp. ms. lecture to medical students, on tropical medicine, and including autobiographical reminiscences. 'The fauna of the Scottish National Park', 6 pp. p. abstract, map, amd notes and ms. talk, with 1 statistics on various species. Visit of Educational Institute of Scotfand to Department, n.d. Summary and notes for talk on 'Zoolagy in Glasgow since 1800', for Adam Smith Club, Glasgow, 1941. Scottish Universities Biological Conference, opening Address, 1943 E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 C.24. 'Filterable viruses’. 15 pp. typescript lecture, perhaps related to 1938 papers published on the subject. Ms. notes for talk ‘Hawks etc.’ at London Zoo 1942. ‘Mammalian carriers of human infection’. 2 ms. drafts of paper given to South Eastern Union of Scientific Societies, n.d. but (c) 1948. | Transcript of first number of ‘Science Magazine’ series broadcast on BBC Home Service, August 1945, to which Hindle made a short contribution. Included here is a 2 pp. ms. note by Hindle on suitable subjects for radio talks or series on zoology. "BOOS. Article for Oxford Encyclopaedia for boys and girls; draft for article, and correspondence with editor, C. Day Lewis, 1946. "Robert Newstead’. 'Primates'. ‘Zoology in a changing world’. 5 pp. typescript, incomplete, probably prepared for Penguin Science News 1950. Obituary, probably prepared for the Linnean Society, 3 pp., 1947. ‘Biology as a career’. 35 pp. typescript, n.d. but (c) 1946-47. L.G. Wickham Legg, 1949. Presidential Address to Bournemouth Natural Science Society, November 1948. Ms. draft, summary and report. 'Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell’. Eniry for D.N.B. Draft for entry, and correspondence with editor, P Transcript of ‘Searchlight’, Programme February 1950, with coniribution by Hindle on elephants. broadcast on BBC Light gnt g , ‘ 10 pp. ms. draft for lecture to children on methods of scientific discovery, organised by Council for Educa~ tion in World Citizenship, and correspondence with Secretary, David Ennals, December 1950. 'The Development of entomological science in Britain during the last century’. 5 pp. typescript, n.d. but (c) 1950. ‘Ancient cave-dwellers use spray technique’, pub- lished as 'Primeval pictures were spray-painted' in Paint, December 1953. Speech (in French and English), Congrés du Bureau International de la Sauvagine, and press-cutting 1958. Ca; 'Game versus Tsetse’, published as 'Game and the Tsetse fly', Oryx, April 1957. ‘Problems of Ageing’. 6 pp. report on symposium on the Biology of Ageing held at Institute of Biology. 8 pp. speech at celebration of 10th Anniversary of Hindle was a founding of the Institute of Biology. founding member and the first President of the Institute (1951-53) and the speech includes reminiscences of the early days, 1961. Miscellaneous shorter notes for talks at London Zoo. 2 drafts for talk on 'Zoology and Medicine’, n.d., but (c) 1960. Undated lectures and writings Abstracts (not itemised). C.44, CyA5. E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 C.46. C.47. C.48. C.49. G50. ct Com ©. 58. C.54. 'Children's lecture’ at Royal Geographical Society, neQ. ) Notes for talk on ‘Appreciation of beauty Pk in animals’. Y Notes for article on 'Parasitism', Encyclopaedia, 1961. ‘Monkeys and filterable viruses', Y r 1 'Venomous Snakes’, probably P Y for Chambers pore eee 8 pp. OP} Speech at dinner of Kingston debating society; reminiscences, especially of expedition to China, includes Notes for animal scenes in films 'Animal Wonderland' and 'Denizens of the Wild’. Notes for talk on 'Anima! Camouflage’. Notes for talk on 'Flight'. Obituary note on Captain W.H. Livens, cutting from The Times, February 1964. Reprints of published works, press~cuttings of notes in journals by Hindle or about his writings and speeches. 1 Box. E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 SECTION D CORRESPONDENCE N.B. Other correspondence, kept by Hindle with the topics of research to which it relates, can be found in the relevant files in Sections B and C. All correspondents are listed in the general index on pps. 34-37. Letters from Saul Adler, 1931, 1932, 1935, 1939, 1943. The correspondence relates to many aspects of Hindle's life and work, e.g., sandflies, Bartonella muris, G.H.F. Nuttall (‘Have you noticed his remarkable facial resemblance to Thomas Hardy ?'), relapsing fever, spirochaetes, etc. With J.R. Baker, re Society for Freedom in Science, L9a0- STs With Alan A. Boyden, 1948-51. 1961 From: Includes reprint of article on the subject. Mainly re work of the Serological Museum, Rutgers University, New Jersey, and its recognition as a sub- section of the Section of Zoology of the International Union of Biological Sciences, of which Hindle was then also includes 2 pp. ms. note by Hindle of President; reminiscences of G.H.F. Nuttall, for publication in the Bulletin of the Serological Museum no.6, May 1951, the Nuttall Memorial Issue. Correspondence from Gerrit B. Brouwer, Pots’, 1932 (enclosing letter from Anton Pratt re Koala bears) Bute, Marquess of Gordon E. Davis Charles Elton From: Julian S. Huxley J.E. Marchoux (classification of spirochaetes) Claude E. Dolman (history of yellow fever research) re ‘Starling 1944 E i Hindle CSAC 61/ eee I FE D7 D.8. With Carl Pantin (evolutionary theory) From L.E. Robinson (also H. J. Crauford-Benson ~ on lice) 1950 1942 With Miriam Rothschild (nature reserves) 1946 y With Lord Rothschild Mainly scientific correspondence on spermatazoa surface changes, discussion of work in progress, etc. Some reference to 'One World! (see B. 102-B. 106) and some personal and social material are included. f 1946-51 f 1 From E.C. Smith 1933 (and one letter 1937) (on spirochaetes. Research Institute at Lagos, and tested various strains for Hindle) Smith worked for the Medical From Nora G. Sproston 1951-52 (on scientific research, and conditions, in China where she was then working) INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ADLER, Saul ANDERSON, James ANDERSON, L.A. BAKER, John Randal BALFOUR, Sir Andrew BARNES, Stanley BLACKLOCK, B. BOOTS DRUG COMPANY BOYD ORR, John, Baron Boyd Orr BOYDEN, AlanA. BREINL, Anton BROUWER, Gerrit B. BUTE, John Chrichton-Stuart, 5th Marquess of BUXTON, Po A. BUZZATI-TRAVERSO, Adriano COOK, Jean E. COOPER, Sir Richard COOPER, Ws Prk... CORK, Agi. COMVDRY £2.25 Vi CALMETTE, W. A. CHESTERMAN, Clement C. CLARK, Sir Wilfrid Le Gros DOLMAN, Claude E. DARLINGTON, Cyril Dean CRAUFORD-BENSON, H. DALE, Sir Henry Hallett DAVIS, Gordon E. DEEGAN, T. DOBELL, Clifford to Tbe Hindle E. CSAC 61/5/78 EDEN, Geoffrey ELTON, Charles EVERSOLE, G. — Edward EWING, Jean Orr FENG, Lan Chow FIRESTONE COMPANY FLETCHER, William FOWLER, Sir James Kingston CILTESPIG: Too A GOODALL, Thomas B. GOUGH, Jethro GROSS, F. HACKETT, L. HAGEDOORN, A. W. L. HARDY, Sir Alister (Clavering) HARTLEY, Sir Harold w e O , o w ve 90 .58 185 : M m 155 A.15 B.4 B.84 B.102, B.103 B.59 B.99 A.15 A.17 B.85 A.14 B.90 B.3/ A. 03, B.196)-D.6 HEWER, T. ISSEL, Raffaele - KEILIN, David Maud HOGBEN, Lancelot JOHNSON; Fe Fs HUXLEY, Sir Julian (Sorell) KNOBEL, E. KROO, H. B.100 B.102-B. 104 JOHNSON, Joseph A. JOFFE, Mark Alberic Bouchard de Montmorency, 7th Viscount LOEB, Jacques MARCHOUX, J. A.5, A.8 A.5, B.60, D.6 MARSHALL, Sir Guy Anstruther Knox = B.. 36 MOUNTMORRES, Revd. Arthur Hervé MARSHALL-CORNWALL, General KUCZYNSKI, Max H. MOLTENO, P. A. B.84 A.15 B.85 Boy A.17 A.5 a0 A.29 Sir James (Handyside) B.102, B.103 LAPAGE, Geoffrey E. MESNIL, J. c e minaie Hindl CSAC 61/5/78 NEAVE, Sheffield Airey NIGHTINGALE, M. P. NORMAN, J. R. \.12 . 100 A.15 NUTTALL, George Henry Falkiner A.9, A.10, B.5 (see also A.2, A.3, B.7, D.1, D.3) O'BRIENG Re oA. OLIVER, John O. PANTIN, Carl Frederick Abel B.60, B.85 PARISH “He: PARKER, H. PAWAN, J. > J. W. L. PETTIT, A. PROSSER, A. READ, Ae Ji REYNOUDS)-fi.... W. RICHARDS, Owen RICHARDSON, Sir Ralph David RITTER, William E. (see also B.7) Victor, Baron RUSS, 3. RUSSELL, Dorothy ROTHSCHILD, Miriam ROBINSON, L. E. RUSSELL, Frederick F. RUSSELL, Sir (Edward) John ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Meyer A. SAWYER, Wilbur A. SCHUFFNER, W. 61 B.61, B.84, B.85 SERGENT, Edmond SELLARDS, A. W. SMITH, J. SPAUL, E. 6) 54 6] .85 «102, B.103 SCOTT, Hugh SAATTH tee Ce E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 / 7 SPROSTON, Nora G. STRICKLAND, C. THEILER, M. THOMAS, Oldfield THOMPSON, Sir D'Arcy Wentworth VAN THIEL, P. VASARHELYI, J. H. V. VEVERS, Geoffrey Marr WENYON, Charles Morley (see also C.9) WIGGLESWORTH, Sir Vincent (Brian) WORTHINGTON, E. BB.