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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of EDMUND BRISCO FORD FRS (190F = 1988) Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E Powell Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford 1989 All rights reserved University of Bath B Ford E Ncuacs 14/7/89 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the. support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library The Geological Society The Institute of Physics National Power Pergamon Books The Royal Society The Royal Society of Chemistry The Society of Chemical Industry B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE LO = THE KEEPER OF WESTERN MANUSCRIPTS BODLEIAN LIBRARY OXFORD B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION SECTION RESEARCH SECTION LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS SECTION CORRESPONDENCE SECTION VISITS AND CONFERENCES INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received via Mr P J Placito in October 1988. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF E B FORD Edmund Brisco ('Henry') Ford was born in Papcastle, Cumbria ino. His career was based entirely at Oxford University. He was educated at Wadham College graduating Bachelor of Arts in the Final Honours School of Zoology in 1924. He then undertook joint research in the Departments of Zoology and Entomology and graduated Bachelor of Science in 1927. He was appointed University Demonstrator in Zoology in the same year and in 1933, in addition to the University position, Lecturer in University College. Reader in Genetics in 1939 and was Director of the Genetics Ford was one of the first scientists to be elected a Fellow of of office as Senior Dean. He was President of the Genetical Society, Laboratory 1952-69 and Professor of Ecological Genetics 1963-69. All Souls College since the seventeenth century and served two terms Increasingly specialising in genetics he was appointed University correct, and he was thus the founder of ecological genetics. Ford made many outstanding contributions to genetics which summed up by Sir Cyril Clarke in his Independent obituary: moths was the first to show that the predictions made by [R A] Fisher in his theoretical work on evolution were 1946-49. Henry's work on wild populations of butterflies and mH BoFord NCUACS 14/7/89 Particularly interesting was the work done at an early age with his father on the effect of fluctuation in numbers on evolution in the Marsh Fritillary butterfly, and later his investigations into spot number in the Meadow Brown butterfly. He was the first to describe and define genetic polymorphism, that delicate balance between conformity and diversity, and he suggested that the human blood group polymorphisms might have importance in susceptibility to disease. He also showed that the success of the industrial melanic peppered moth was the result of physiological advances as well as of colour change. He refined the technique of mark-release recapture and this helped greatly to estimate the force of selections in wild populations. His investigation of the pigment of Lepidoptera was one of the most successful Mendelism and into the Countryside. Butterflies, Moths, Ecological Genetics, Genetic Polymorphism, attempts at relating classification to chemistry. Closely related to Ford's scientific researches was a great interest in conservation. In 1945 he became a member of the Special Evolution, The Study of Heredity, Genetics for Medical Students, Genetics and Adaptation, Understanding Genetics and Taking Genetics Committee appointed by the Ministry of Town and Country Planning to Ford was the author of many articles in the scientific journals and a number of important and influential books: Other interests included report resulted in the formation of the Nature Conservancy on whose study the conservation of wild life in Britain. The Committee's governing body Ford served, 1949-59. B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 heraldry and archaeology and in 1974 he published with J S Haywood Church Treasures in the Oxford District. Ford's scientific achievements have been recognised with numerous honours and awards. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1946 and awarded its Darwin Medal in 1954. the Weldon Memorial Prize of Oxford University in 1959, an Honorary D.Sc from the University of Liverpool in 1964, the Silver Medal of the University of Helsinki in 1967 and an Honorary Fellowship of the He received Royal College of Physicians in 1974. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. There are interesting records of Ford's research, lectures, publications and scientific correspondence. Section B, Oxford, is very slight. There are, however, and photographs. Of particular interest are Ford's replies to reports on Ford's teaching and research 1946-58 (B.1) and material Section A, Biographical, brings together obituaries and tributes, material relating to Ford's career, honours and awards, him in 1974 to science (and archaeology) prompted by a 1982 Oxford Zoology (A.9) a 'Questionnaire concerning the evolutionary synthesis' sent to and Ford's own statement of his contributions (B.8). relating to Ford's opposition to the admission of women as Fellows finals question (A.10). of All Souls College E B Ford NcUACS 14/7/89 Section C, Research, is the largest in the collection. There is material relating to Ford's early research in collaboration with J S Huxley on Gammarus chevreuxi (C.1, C.2) and work on Primula including correspondence and papers from W F Bodmer (C.65 - C.70). However, the most extensively documented research is that undertaken by Ford over many years on Maniola jurtina (C.4 - C.64) and Panaxia dominula (C2/2°— C111) . Section D, Lectures and publications, documents Ford's university lectures and a number of Ford's books on genetics and archaeology. There are records of Ford's Zoology, Genetics, Medical Genetics and Statistics courses from 1939 to the early 1970s (D.1-D.6, D.8) and of Ford's books Moths (D.10 - D.13) and Ecological Genetics (D.22 - D.26), his Royal Society memoir of Th. Dobzhansky (D.27 - D.29) and 'The fogou near Boleigh, West Cornwall'with E Clark (D.35 - D.43). There is also correspondence and papers relating to the Festschrift edited by R Creed Ecological Genetics and Evolution. Essays in honour was dedicated to Ford (E.8). the Evolutionary Synthesis 1974 (E.6, E.7) and a Royal Entomological records of Ford's scientific correspondence. Ford did not keep Section F, Correspondence, contains significant but patchy Visits and conferences, is very slight but includes material about an American Academy of Arts and Sciences Workshop on Society of London Symposium on the Biology of Butterflies 1981 which Additionally a former greatly strengthened by generous contributions from Sir Cyril Clarke, correspondence systematically with the result that there were few extended exchanges with colleagues. However, the section has been Professor D A Jones and Mr P J Placito. Of be Brora (D.16):: Section E, E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 secretary handed over carbons of outgoing letters 1963-74 to Ford's executors after his death and these provide an interesting record of his activities during this period. An exceptional feature of this section is an exchange of correspondence 1922 between W Bateson and Sir John (later Lord) Simon relating to the Russell v Russell case (F.4). E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 LOCATION OF OTHER MATERIAL The Hope Collections, University Museum, Oxford, holds the following printed material and specimens: a) Ford's personal copies of his own books, annotated by him with revisions; A large collection of reprints by authors other than Ford but bearing closely on his work, on various aspects of evolution and genetics, divided by subject catagories determined by Ford; A large number of reprints on genetics comprising the papers by Ford himself and jointly with others, and some by his close collaborators; from collaborative work between Ford and Mr P J Placito. With squared the specimens are the relevant 'scoresheets' and A large number of specimens of Maniola jurtina which originated calculations. B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The compilers of the catalogue are very grateful to the following: Mr P J Placito, for assembling the Ford papers in Oxford before their transfer to Bath and for adding his Wadham College Gazette obituary of Ford and related correspondence _ (A.3), photographs of Ford taken in 1987 (A.19) and his correspondence with Ford 1980-88 (F.57-F.68) ; Sir Cyril Clarke, for making available his correspondence With Ford 1955-97) (bs 13-F. 371); Professor W H Dowdeswell, for advice on the scientific content of the manuscripts and for making available Ford's Weeter to him.of 12 April 1987. (C263); Panaxia dominula records made as a continuation of Ford's Ford and P G 'Espinasse 1935, 1942 (F.44A) and his own correspondence with Ford 1957, 1962, 1971 (F.48). work (C.81, C.82 and C.102), the correspondence between Professor D A Jones, for advice on the scientific content Ford's work with Panaxia dominula (A.4A), his 1988 and 1989 of the manuscripts and for making available his account of Bath 1989 Peter Harper Timothy E Powell B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL Obituaries and tributes The Times; Independent (Sir Cyril A Clarke); Daily Telegraph. Nature (Sir Cyril A Clarke); (D A Jones) Trends in Ecology & Evolution. Wadham College Gazette (P J Placito). 4pp typescript and correspondence arising from Placito's obituaries for the Wadham College Gazette and the Oxford Journal, with reminiscences of Ford. Dedication by Miriam R I Vane Trends in BE 5 R Ackery (1984). See E.8. October 1989 (DA Jones). Autobiographical and bibliographical '50 years of studying the Scarlet Tiger Moth' Ecology & Evolution, ‘Henry Ford and Butterflies’. Rothschild for The Biology of Butterflies ed. Wright and P Curriculum vitae and research programme prepared to support Ford's candidature for the André Dreyfus Prize. in cv is Ford's election to Fellowship of All Souls Oxford 1958: Biographical accounts prepared for The Times c.1965-67. Biographical account for supplement of scientists' biographies to McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Science and Technology; brief correspondence from McGraw-Hill. 1965. Last entry College E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Biographical Brief correspondence, ms notes re personal record for Royal Society 1969. ‘Questionnaire concerning the evolutionary synthesis’. a study of the ‘evolutionary synthesis’ of the As part of 1930s and 1940s W at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Boston in May 1974 and sent the participants including Ford a preliminary questionnaire to elicit personal data and their views on the B Provine and E Mayr organised a workshop Some time after the workshop Provine and Mayr sent topic. Ford supplementary questions; dated 1 February 1975. Provine refers to the loss of Ford's workshop presentation because of a tape-recorder malfunction. In a letter of 16 January 1977 his replies to Provine are Preliminary questionnaire and Ford's replies, supplementary questions and Ford's replies, brief correspondence from Provine 1976, 1977. Bibliographies. B Ford'. Brief statement by B Ford See also E.6, E.7. Career, honours and awards 'The Experimental Work of E Ford listing his contributions to science (and archaeology) given in response to requests for his own answer to a 1982 Zoology Finals question 'Assess the contribution of E to Genetics'. HOS 7. The application, consisting of statement in support of application, 'Summary of Career' and list of publications, was originally made in 1947-48. The 'Summary of Career' and publications list have ms additions updating them to ‘Application for the Hope Professorship of Zoology (Entomology) in the University of Oxford'. B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Biographical Letter from J unanimously recommended for election to Genetics .by the Biology Board, 7 May 1963. W S Pringle notifying Ford he has been a Chair in Ecological Honorary Fellowship of Royal College of Physicians, 1974. Notification of election, rough ms draft of Ford's letter of thanks, letters of congratulation, papers for Special Folder Meeting for the Admission of Fellows, also includes correspondence re an engraved silver tumbler given to the College by Ford, 1975-76. 5 June. Miscellaneous honours and awards: Honorary D.Sc., University of Liverpool, 1964. Invitation to deliver first E of Manchester, 1967. B Ford Lecture, University Silver Medal of University of Helsinki, 1967. Honorary Membership of Colombian Society of Naturalists, 1968. Invitation to serve as Vice-President of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society, 1974. Honorary Membership of the Society Hispano-Luso-Americana of Lepidopterology, 1973. Order of Service for Wadham College Chapel, Oxford, 24-30 January 1988 'including special prayers for E who died 21 January. Chapel, Oxford, 27 January 1988. Order of Service for Ford's funeral, All Souls College B Ford' B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Photographs Biographical ALd/ Photographs of Ford 1965, 1967 with Panaxia') and nd. (with Th. Dobzhansky 'working Photograph of Ford, Sir Alister Hardy and J in front of their triple portrait by H Schwarz unveiled in Zoology by J S Huxley 1972. R Baker posed Folder also includes brochure re portrait. Mounted photographs of Ford at All Souls College and Wadham College, June 1987. Includes photograph of Ford with T C Keeley. B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 SECTION B OXFORD Department of Zoology. 1946 - 58 "Report presented to the General Board by E (Covering the period October 1946 to September 1951)'. B Ford, FRS. Lists Ford's lectures and demonstrations in Zoology ‘(to 1948) and Genetics, and his publications. ‘Report by Dr E as Reader in Genetics. B Ford on his present period of office 30 September 1951 to 30 September 1958'. Accounts of Ford's lecture courses, the work of researchers in the genetic laboratories (H A G McWhirter) and of Ford's own B Acton, D Michie and K D Kettlewell, P M Sheppard, B research and other activities. All Souls College. 1975 = 87 LOTS 1G LOTT. February - May. Presentation of the New Warden to the Visitor. The Visitor of All Souls College is the Archbishop of On the occasion of the Presentation of the Canterbury. newly elected Warden on 6 November Ford, as Senior Dean, was orator. The material is chiefly correspondence with Lambeth Palace and Ford's drafts of the Order of Service. an application for a senior research fellowship. September - November. as new Warden or simply acknowledging it. to whether the Visitor was confirming the election of the Includes notes on College patronage, papers re Includes an exchange re a disagreement Ford's ms notes, draft letters etc. 19/ 7-18. E B Ford NcUACS 14/7/89 Oxford Correspondence and papers re 1978, January - March. proposal to admit women guests to lunch in the College buttery. Ford opposed this, believing 'it would tend to break down the unique style and ethos of All Souls' fearing it was a first step towards admitting women as Fellows, aS indeed it proved (see B.8). and 1978, June, November. proposed amendment to the college's statutes so allow the admission of women as Fellows. Correspondence and papers re to as £979; Codrington Club June 1987. 1987 andi 21982,. ind. Includes membership list of 1987 a University Wadham College. De Vere Society Brief correspondence re registration as Brief correspondence re dining in College. The De Vere Society is dedicated to proving that Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, was the real author of the Shakespearian corpus. Society. B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 SECTION C RESEARCH Coli Cal20 Most of the material in this section was found in boxes intermixed with reprints by Ford and others. The reprints have not been retained with the manuscript collection, and the boxes have been discarded, but where appropriate Ford's own designations on the boxes have been used in compiling the catalogue entries. Cal 6.2 Gammarus chevreuxi C3 Insect marking C.4-C.64 Maniola jurtina C765-C2/0 Primula Ce Ty ‘Adaptation (genetics) ' Melanism C. P96 120 C7200. 11 Panaxia dominula ‘Human genetics' Blood groups Ca ELA aC sasL5 Cer2 Cres "Evolutionary mechanisms' "Chromosomes and relation to Evolution Suomalainen (lepidoptera) ' 'Protein analysis (electrophoresis) includes speciation' Miscellaneous E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Research Gammarus chevreuxi Ford published papers in 1925, 1927 and 1929 (in collaboration with J S Huxley) on work with Gammarus chevreuxi. Index cards recording experimental results 1924-26. Index cards recording experimental results 1926-28. Includes postcard from Huxley postmarked 22 February 1926. Insect marking ('Scilly Islands 1938 and 1946') Maniola jurtina years and with many collaborators including in Britain P Insect marking L.icarus August - September 1938 and Maniola jurtina August - September 1946. The 1946 Maniola jurtina material predates, and was found separately from, the main sequence of material at Cs4'= CJ64. Ford studied the Meadow Brown butterfly Maniola jurtina over many M Brakefield, Expenses. E R Creed, W H Dowdeswell and K in Italy V Scali, and 1958. Breeding experiments. 1961. Expenses. 1962. G McWhirter, in Portugal’ PJ .Placito. Notebooks B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Research Data sheets 1952 ; 21.956. Sutherland, Southern England. 1959. Ipswich only. 1961. Scilly Islands, Cornwall, Devon, Ipswich, Sicily. 1962. Devon, Cornwall. 2 folders. Devon, Cornwall, Scilly Islands, Ipswich, France. Devon, Cornwall, Scilly Islands, Ipswich, Rhodes. Devon, Cornwall. Cornwall, Scilly Islands 1969. Finland. 1970. Devon, Cornwall etc. See also C.5l. Devon, Cornwall, Scilly Islands, Ipswich, Oxford, Devon, Cornwall, Scilly Islands, Italy, Malta etc. C2205 CoZk. Devon, Cornwall, Scilly Islands, Ipswich, Surrey. E9715 Cornwall. Maniola tithonus data found with Devon, Cornwall, Scilly Islands, Ipswich. C220, Cozi LOT 1 2 folders. B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Research LO 72 « Ipswich, France. Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Pembrokeshire, L973: Ipswich. Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, South Wales, 1974. Cornwall, Ipswich, Scilly Islands. Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Pembrokeshire, LOTD:. Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire, Ipswich. 1976 Skokholm, Ipswich. Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Pembrokeshire, Devon, Ipswich. LOTT. Devon, Cornwall, Ipswich. Ipswich. Ipswich. Devon, Cornwall, Spain, Portugal. Devon, Cornwall, Devon, Cornwall, Cornwall, Ipswich. Ipswich, Portugal. Ipswich, Portugal. Cornwall, Devon, Cornwall, B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Research Devon, Cornwall, Ipswich. Devon, Cornwall, Ipswich. Cornwall, Ipswich. Devon, Cornwall, Ipswich. Computer print-outs sent to Ford by P October 1983. M Brakefield, Drafts the "Boundary Phenomenon" in Southern B Ford and K 3pp typescript. C and A R Creed, W H Dowdeswell, 36pp typescript with 'Spot-placing analysis in Maniola jurtina', nd but relates to 1958-59 research. l7pp typescript. "Further studies of the ecological bacteriology of J Chabora, 18 August Maniola jurtina' by P 1968. ‘Evolutionary studies on Maniola jurtina (Lepidoptera Satyridae): England, 1961 to 1968' by E E G McWhirter. ms corrections and additions + references and ms graphs. The paper was published in Essays in Evolution and Genetics in Honor of Theodosius Dobzhansky (eds. M 7pp draft of part of paper by V Scali. Untitled typescript paginated 2-8 + refs, tables, photograph etc., attached to letter from V Scali, 30 March 1976. ‘Copy of Discussion and Summary of Valerio's Tuscan Island paper', nd. K Hecht and W C Steere), 1970. E B Ford NCuUACS 14/7/89 Research 'Field studies on the Meadow Brown Butterfly' by 12pp- draft + refs P and figs. M Brakefield, 8 June 1977. Draft of part of Chapter 6 The Life of the Meadow Brown. of WH Dowdeswell's 1l4pp., 1981. 'Spot distribution in the Meadow Brown butterfly, Maniola jurtina L. Welsh populations’ by M de L Brooke, D J 1l7pp typescript. M Lawmans, latest bibliographical reference LOSS. (Lepidoptera:Satyridae): R Lees and South Shorter notes and drafts. sent to Dobzhansky' jurtina', notes of ideas for papers, bibliographical references. on 'Bacterial genetics in Maniola Includes 'copy of statement an index of Correspondence Includes data for 1968. Includes notes on 'spot-size as 1971-72. variation in the butterfly Maniola jurtina'. M Brakefield and expenses for 1973 expedition. L972. for spot-size from the northern transect area covering the years 1966-71, also a spot-size profile for one year' and expenses for ‘expedition 1972'. Includes 'an analysis of all the data we have Includes data for Scottish locations from 1962, 1966-67. 1968-69. LOTS. P E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Research 1975(1).Includes results of Scottish fieldwork from Brakefield. 1975 (2). Re paper by J in spotting among the close relatives of the butterfly, D Frazer and H A Willcox 'Variation N F Maniola jurtina', Heredity, 34, 305=322. 1976 (1). Includes fieldwork expenses. (2). Includes diagrams and tables from Brakefield 1976 illustrating analysis of data from his intensive population marking experiment. 1980-81. nd. Data 1977-79. Includes fieldwork expenses for 1977 and 1978. Includes last letter from Ford to Dowdeswell £987. U2 Apr 1: Arrangements for fieldwork, expenses. Ford encloses 1986 data from the Algarve. Includes copy of letter from Brakefield published 1982-83. in Times Higher Educational Supplement and results of field- work on Islay from D Ellis. Locations in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Suffolk, 1952-58. Primula BB. Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 GC 67-C 369 Research Sparkford area, 1977-82. Notes and drafts Copies of papers by J (1959 and 1960); ms notes by Ford. L Crosby (1949) and W F Bodmer 3 folders. Correspondence W F Bodmer 1959-61, 1964 J L Crosby 1958 R A Fisher 1957 J S Huxley 1957 A RG Owen 1959 "Adaptation (genetics) ' Correspondence and papers, various dates 1954-70. Includes draft headed 'Paleogenes and neogenes' and 'read to Genetical Society Nov. 1965', and material Ee warfarin resistance. Evolution October 1989, a copy of which is presented at A.4A. For a discussion of Ford's work with Panaxia dominula see D 'SO years of studying the Scarlet Tiger Moth' in Trends in Ecology and Panaxia dominula A Jones B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Research Field notebooks MOD. Pages torn from notebook with graph attached. 1959. 1965 1966. 1968 (part). LOPT. 1978. In 1976 desk diary. A Jones as a continuation 1968 (continuation) 1970 1972. These records were made by D 1988. of Ford's work. 1958. These records were made by Jones as 1989. of Ford's work. a continuation Data sheets E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Research Includes pages torn from notebook. Includes pages torn from notebook. O73. 1974. B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Research Luo pay 1976 and nd. Tables and graph recording captures of three forms of Panaxia dominula at Cothill, Berkshire, population size of the colony and frequency in gene covering the period 1939-78 and 1988. with the 1988 data was made available by D July 1989- it of the medionigra The table A Jones, Drafts 'The larval food plants of Panaxia dominula (ie) M Cook', latest bibliographical reference 1958. L 14pp typescript + bibliography, tables and figs. Dy: M Sheppard, 8pp typescript 'The medionigra polymorphism of Panaxia dominula (L) by Ford and Sheppard, with covering letter from Sheppard to Ford 29 November 1968. references, etc. 17pp typescript + summary, 'The establishment of artificial colonies' by P with covering letter to Ford 27 June 1961. + tables and graph. 1960. Cothiii : Report & Proceedings of the Ashmolean Society of Oxford- S Elton, February 1949, and copy shire, abstracted by C of letter to Elton from A Information from The Nature Conservancy re notes on all references to Cothill in the R Clapham, 16 March 1949. Correspondence 1958, 1959. E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Research E9617 71.962. quadripunctaria. Includes correspondence re Panaxia 1962-64, 1966-69, 1972, 1973. Permits for work at Cothill. 1967-70, 1972. quadripunctaria. Includes correspondence re Panaxia Photographs Mounted photographs found with Panaxia material. ‘Human genetics' Cole chromosomes. Blood groups capa ba is, Correspondence and papers, various dates 1965-71. Correspondence and papers, various dates 1962-69. Includes material re intelligence testing, polymorphism, 'Protein analysis (electrophoresis) includes speciation'. 1968-70 and nd. C.a4, Cc. 115 Correspondence and papers, 1966-70 and nd. c.114 1966-67 Certs E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Research ‘Evolutionary mechanisms' C2 LLG Correspondence, 1969, 1970 and nd. Melanism ee 17 Correspondence and papers, various dates 1973-81. Includes material on melanism in ladybirds (E and moths R Lees). (D R Creed) ‘Chromosomes and relation to Evolution Suomalainen (Lepidoptera) ' C118 Miscellaneous CLL D Darlington 3 December 1971. Includes ms notes headed 'Pontecorvo'. Includes note A Jones before and letter from Correspondence and papers, 1974 and nd. Hardbacked notebook used for notes on the literature. Ms and typescript notes and drafts etc. on cyanogenetic glucosides prepared by D 1960 (private communication July 1989) C Latest bibliographical reference 1982. B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 SECTION D LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS De b= D9 Lectures D.10 - D.43 Publications Lectures Index cards used for genetic and medical genetics lecture course notes, various dates 1939-72, and lecture notes for visit to USA February - May 1966 Contents of card index box. (see also E.2). Index cards used for general zoology lecture course notes c.1945-48, and genetics, medical genetics and statistics course notes, chiefly 1960s. Contents of card index box. statement by Ford on "Medical genetics lectures’. Contents of wallet folder. Index cards used for course notes, chiefly 1960s. Index cards used for course notes. "Ecological genetics lectures 1963, 1970, 1974'. Contents of wallet folder. "Ecological genetics important references', course outlines for 'Genetics for third year students 1969' and 'Ecological genetics 1970', ecological genetics prepared for Zoology sub-faculty meeting 1973. Course outlines, 1967, 1968. B Ford E NcUACS 14/7/89 Lectures and publications ‘Paper read to the Genetical Society 13 November 1965'. 6pp typescript + figs. Relates to work on Maniola jurtina. Statistics course outline 1969; booklist. 'The Lepidoptera in Scientific Research', Lepidopterists' Society Presidential Address, read by J Carson City Nevada, 21 June 1970. W Tilden at 21st annual meeting of the Society, 23pp typescript. Ford's Folder also includes ms notes and correspondence re publication of Address, general affairs of the Society, 1970-71. 1971-72. 3rd edition Moths. Publications DidlOe="Ds13 Folder also includes review Principally re preparation of 3rd edition Correspondence with Collins Publishers re Ford's volumes Butterflies and Moths in their New Naturalist series, 1961, 968-77. L961, 1968-70. of Moths (published 1972). of lst edition Moths, Times Literary Supplement, 6 May 1955. Royalties and sales. New editions, royalties and sales. 1974-76. 1977. and nd. B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Lectures and publications Reviews only of Genetic polymorphism (published 1965). "Polymorphism (Genetic) '. for unidentified encyclopaedia, nd. graphical reference 1968. 3pp typescript draft entry Latest biblio- Correspondence and papers re Ecological genetics and evolution. (published 1971), 1970-72. Essays in honour of E B Ford. R Creed ed. Includes arrangements for presentation party organised by the Hon. M Rothschild, list of contributors, review in Nature by R C Lewontin with draft reply by Ford. Correspondence and papers re Evolution studies by observation and experiment Oxford Biology Reader No.55 (published 1973), 1971-79. 1979. OF Ele In 1976 control of the Oxford Biology Readers series was passed from the Oxford University Press to the Carolina Ford was invited by the CBSC Biological Supply Company. to prepare a revised edition of his reader which was then cancelled without (in Ford's opinion) adequate financial compensation. Ms and typescript notes and drafts. E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Lectures and publications Agreement with Audio Learning Ltd. statements 1975-76, re tape recording on "Mechanism 1972, and royalty of Evolution, Evolution in Progress’. D.22-D.26 Correspondence, with Chapman Hall Ltd. and colleagues, and papers re 4th edition of Ecological Genetics (published 1975), 1972-79. 1972-74. 1975 January - May. 1975 June - December, 1977, 1979. Ms and typescript notes and drafts. Photographs. Reviews. D.27-D.29 Notes and drafts; background material. Correspondence and papers re Ford's Royal Society memoir of Th. Dobzhansky (published 1977), 1976-77. Correspondence with Royal Society and colleagues. Correspondence and contract with Weidenfeld & Nicholson Ltd., re Taking genetics into the countryside, 1978, 1980, 1982. Lectures and publications Correspondence, draft, illustrations for National Geographic Magazine article 'The industrial revolution generates a century of adaptation’, 1979. Brief correspondence with Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd., re reprinting, foreign rights etc., of Genetics and adaptation, 1979, 1984, 1985. Draft plan, preface, sections on and stability Mendelian inheritance’, 'Cytoplasmic inheritance' etc., for book on 'Survival and extinction', nd. 'The control of diversity Preface by Ford to an unidentified book on Victorian England by Mrs J 2pp typescript. B Clarke, nd. Drafts and papers re 'The fogou near Boleigh, West Cornwall' by E Clark and Ford and related archaeological publications, nd. B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 D.35-D.43 D.37-D. 39 'The discovery of a sculpture 3 folders. D.41, D.42 Photographs. 2 folders. 43pp draft of 2 folders. Brief correspondence, 1985 and nd. 'The fogou near Boleigh, West Cornwall’. Shorter drafts including 'The fogou of Boleigh or Bolleit' for Prehistoric Review and of the La Téne period in Cornwall'. 1957-59, 1964. Notebook used for records of archaeological research B Ford E Ncuacs 14/7/89 SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES Royal Society discussion meeting, ?December 1955. Letter from Royal Society re meeting which, although arranged by Ford, he had been unable to attend. Discussion on relations between the biological and social sciences, Nuffield College Oxford, 2-3 May 1964. was to give the opening contribution. Ford Provisional programme and list of invitees. Visit to the United States, 26 February - 22 May 1966. Itinerary only. For Ford's lecture notes see D.1. M Sheppard enclosing Correspondence arising, 1972-73. Ford spoke on 'The origin and effects Preliminary programme; summary of his lectures on environmental changes in the Amazon Basin' and 'The evolution of super-genes'. 'The genetic effects of letter from P Ms notes for Ford's contributions and typescript drafts posted October 1972. Course on Ecological -Genetics, Erice, Sicily, 21-30 September 1972. of genetic polymorphism' and ‘Powerful selection demonstrated by ecological genetics’. (CSAC 106/3/85). In association with this Workshop the organisers, W and E Mayr, sent out a questionnaire to participants. Ford's replies to this and to supplementary questions can be L Carson and (as edited by Mayr) found at A.8, and those of H of C Stern are at E.7. D Darlington, B Rensch, G are in the collection of Darlington's papers deposited in the Bodleian Library Oxford in 1985 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Workshop on the Evolutionary Synthesis, Boston, 23-25 May 1974. B Provine G Simpson, E Boesiger, G L Stebbins and Th. Dobzhansky Replies of C B Ford E Ncuacs 14/7/89 Visits and conferences Agendas; Conference 1974' and 'Mayr's Conference '74.' ms notes headed ‘History of Genetics', 'Harvard Replies of Carson and Stern to questionnaire on the evolutionary synthesis. Royal Entomological Society of London Symposium on The Biology of Butterflies, 23-26 September 1981. Symposium was dedicated to E by Miriam Rothschild which appeared in the published proceedings see A.4. B Ford. For the Dedication The Programme; correspondence re arrangements. E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE Big bas Rese Lay: SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Principally correspondence from individuals in alphabetical order, dated and indexed, with an indication of any information of particular biographical, scientific or historical interest. Heol = —F 115 DAILY CARBONS Correspondence with individuals, organisations and firms kept by Ford's secretary 1963-74. Indexed, in chronological order. Bello, Fs 11/ SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Indexed, in chronological order. B Ford E NcuACS 14/7/89 Correspondence Scientific Correspondence vgs ak <2 Allan, 2M 1972 re Allan's paper 'ABO Blood Groups and Sex Ratio aceBpLreh.. 2 folders. Barrington, RDG Maniola jurtina. Bateson, W 1909-11, 1922 He championed the rediscovered Folder also includes photocopies of eight items of correspondence received by Bateson, 1909-11. list headed 'Catalogue of papers xeroxed 11 December 1973' signed by C D Darlington and Ford. There is a Simon asked Bateson whether a blue eyed (later Lord) Simon re the Two Simon letters and William Bateson was Director of the John Innes Horticultural Institution 1910-26 and Fullerian Professor of Physiology at the Royal Institution 1912-14. work of Mendel on heredity and gave the name ‘genetics’ to his science. Correspondence with Sir John Russell v. Russell case, 1922. a Bateson draft. man and a blue eyed woman could have a brown eyed baby: 'Is there anything of Mendelian or other lore which applies to such a point?' 2 folders 1974. Maniola jurtina data from Scotland. Bennett, JH ze Rea Fisher Brakefield, PM 1974-84 B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Correspondence ‘An ecological genetics study of the butterfly, Maniola jurtina in Central-Eastern Scotland, 1973-74' by Brakefield. 1974-75. Expeditions to Ecuador and Galapagos islands. 1976, 1978. 1981. Maniola jurtina data from Holland. Maniola jurtina; Adalia bipunctata. Clarke, CA 1955=1987 Includes letter to Clarke, 15 January 1964-67. Nuffield Unit of Medical Genetics. from Ford commenting on Clarke's article 'The relative 1955, 1960, 1964. 1960, fitness of Human Mutant Genotypes’. The unit was established in the Liverpool University Department of Medicine by a 1963 Nuffield Foundation grant, with Clarke as its A new wing, added to the Department of Medicine first Director. to house the Unit, was opened by Ford 26 May 1967. ceremony. Correspondence re arrangements for opening ceremony (1). 1967 and correspondence arising. Rough ms draft of Ford's address for opening 1967 (2). 1964. First Annual Report. 1966. wing; Third Annual Report; schedule for building new invitation to Ford to open new wing. E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Correspondence (3). 1967 on the work of the Unit. Memorabilia of opening ceremony including brochure 1967 (4). Fourth Annual Report. 1970=12:: 1974-116 1976-7] Biographical Memoir of P correspondence is re the Royal Society M Sheppard, written by Clarke. 1977-84. Lymantria dispar Material re Clarke and Ford's research on dispar, the results of which were published in the Proc. Roy. Soc. B= (1982) and-218 (1983). (L980), 214 206 Correspondence. 3 folders. Todd = 13 1979-80 ~ 1982-84 Data 1978-82 and nd. Notes and drafts, most dated 1979. & comments) '. 1980, 1983. non-mimetic polymorphism under ultra-violet and infra-red Ha ght « Chiefly re possible study of mimicry and of ‘strange butterfly (photograph Photographs and slides. 1984. Includes photograph E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Correspondence Includes correspondence re Maniola jurtina, 1985. introgressive hybridization between dardanus and phorcas, and draft by Ford on Fixed Retirement Ages'. 1984-87. Biston betularia. The material is chiefly re the effect of moonlight on betularia for possible publication. Correspondence. 2 folders. Draft, 6pp typescript. 1979 item is reprint of Ford's obituary of Creed. ze de Beer, GR 1972-74 Creed, ER 1966; :1976;,.1979. 1987. Chiefly re 'the Julian Huxley Celebrations’. Correspondence, chiefly with Cecily, Lady de Beer, widow of Memoir of Dobzhansky see D.27-D.29. Sir Gavin de Beer, Ze che obituary of de Beer for Nature. the obituary. For material relating to Ford's Royal Society Biographical Dobzhansky, Th. 1961-76 Includes lists of publications, and draft of Ford wrote B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Correspondence 1961-64. and June 1964. Chiefly re visits to the UK, February-March 1965-67. Chiefly re visit to UK, July-August LI G#.. 1968, .1969.. to the Dobzhansky Festschrift. Includes correspondence re Ford's contribution T970-76. Dowdeswell, W H 1969, 1970 19697, 1972 1979-82, nd. ‘Espinasse, PG 1935, 1942 Handford, P T Gilbert, LE Research, recommendations. 1972 material is re Heliconius butterflies. 1942 correspondence is re Ford's book Genetics for Medical Students. Includes draft of Ford's obituary of Huxley. re Huxley, JS E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Correspondence Jones, DA 19575; 1962, 2972 1957 correspondence is re Jones's application to do post- graduate research into ecological genetics under Ford. his letter of 25 March 1957 Ford stated what he required from people coming to the Genetics Laboratory to do research. In Kettlewell, H BD various dates 1957-79 Research, recommendation, obituaries of Kettlewell 1979. Kure, N 1972 Proposal to increase the size of the Fellowship of the Royal Society. McWhirter, KG 1969-71,1974,1978 1969. Includes letter from McWhirter, 10 May, referring to radiation and mutation. 1974, 1978. quantum genetics, selective factors favouring certain blood 1974 item is a 13pp letter from McWhirter on Includes first draft of McWhirter's paper 'Systems ASi7 1 Theory and Evolution in Maniola jurtina' and related correspondence. group alleles in cold climates, and ABO immunology. B Ford E Ncuacs 14/7/89 Correspondence Nuffield Foundation 1970-81 In 1964 Ford received a grant of £5000 to be spent on his personal research. This was exhausted by 1974 but a second appeal to the Foundation was successful and Ford was awarded a further £4000. The material includes correspondence with. the Foundation, draft applications for second grant, reports on research and statements of the account. 2 folders. F.5/7 = F.68 Piaelto;, “Pd 1980-88 Fu5/ 1980. Algarve research project; Celtic migration. Algarve research project; Maniola jurtina. 1984. 2 folders. 1985. Jan-June. July-Dec. Maniola jurtina. Visits; Maniola jurtina. Chiefly re Ford's health. Visits by Ford to Portugal and Placito Ford's health. Includes Maniola jurtina data for the Algarve. 1986 (1) Visits; E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Correspondence (2) 1986 to Ford by Placito 19 May - Reports on Maniola jurtina in the Algarve sent 5 December, with related correspondence. 1987. Maniola jurtina; Ford's health; visits. 1988,: nd. 20 January. Includes Ford's last letter to Placito written He died the next day. Powell, J R L971, 1974 Includes draft of 'Rates of dispersal of Drosophilia pseudobscura and its relatives' by Powell and Th. Dobzhansky. Ridley, NHL 1967, 1972, 1981 1960-85 1960-69. LOTS. LOT Ts 1973=75: Mimicry. Rothschild, ML 1978,,21985,. nd Chiefly re mimicry. in Maniola jurtina. 1971 correspondence is re Insular Spotting Distribution Scali, V L971 <7 37 2977 B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Correspondence Sheppard, P M 1957. 977 LOBI—71. W Benson. Correspondence and papers re 'Heliconius LOG, 1977. paper' by Sheppard, W preparation during Sheppard's illness and following his death publication in Phil. Trans. submitted it to the Royal Society for Ford saw it through the final stages of J RG Turner, K S Brown and 3 folders. Lists of Sheppard's publications; obituaries by A J Cain. 76 1964 - Turner, JI RG Recommendations. B Ford E Ncuacs 14/7/89 Daily Carbons Correspondence F.82 1963, 1964 1965 Jan-July 1965 Sept-Dec : E E 1968 Feb, Mar 1968 Apr, May 1968 June 1966 Jan-Apr 1968 July, 1966 May-Aug 1966 Sept-Dec 1967-Oct June, July Sept, Oct 1967 July May Aug i935 1967 Dec Bo92 1967 Nov 1967 Jan-June 1967 Aug, Sept Nov, Dec F.94 1968 Jan B Ford E Ncuacs 14/7/89 Correspondence 1970 Jan, Apr 1971 Jan-Apr 1970 May - July 1971 May-July 1970 Aug-Oct 1971 Aug-Nov 1970 Nov, Dec 1972-74 F.116 O56" = 27-3 Pe Shorter Scientific Correspondence 1975-33 B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ALLAN, TM Fel 7b > 2, hoo ALLARD, Robert Wayne ALLEN & UNWIN LIMITED ALL SOULS COLLEGE OXFORD AMEY, R W Bsi16 F ski Bs 2=B.9 Ce O9 APPLETON-CENTURY-CROFTS F.42,F.102,F.103 ARNOLD, Richard F395 ASSOCIATED BOOK PUBLISHERS LIMITED F295, Pi LVO-Paa.12 ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH ZOOLOGISTS E9278). 94,2..96,8. 9/7. 99 Pelol er O07 AUDIO LEARNING LIMITED De 2k BARBER, David A BARKER, J F F.85 F.98 BAND, Henrietta T Colle, bok BADENOCH, Sir John A.14,F.62 AUERBACH, Charlotte e932 Peo6 BAINBRIDGE, Richard F.89-F.97,F.105,F.106 BARNES, Winston Herbert Frederick PLS Belo BARRINGTON, Ernest James William BARRINGTON, Rupert D G BATESON, William E.B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Index of correspondents BATTAGLIA, Bruno BEARDMORE, John Alec BEAUFOY, Sam BENAZZI, Mario BENNETT, J Henry BENTLEY, E W BEREGOVOY, V E BERKSHIRE, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE & OXFORDSHIRE NATURALISTS' TRUST BERLIN, Sir Isaiah E.3,8.5 F.85 F.89; F-10378. 104,206 F.84,F.86,F.100 Fb 7 ho F.107 res P13 COs EVOL BERRY, Roger Julian F.90,F.117 F295 BINNING, A E BISHOP, James BISHOP, MW H BLAKE, P R BLOOM, P W Jr F.100 C5109 Betl/ fet Beok BERTRAM, Von Horst BIANCHINE, Josette W BLACKMAN, Geoffrey Emett F.84 F.92-F.95,F.100,F.101,F.103-F.112 BODMER, Sir Walter (Fred) BLOUNT, Bertie Kennedy E539 G./0 F.108 er. rS BOSIGER, Ernest BOWEN, Peter B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Index of correspondents BOWRA, Sir (Cecil) Maurice F.108 BOX, Joan G EB. 96,8. 97, BRADSHAW, Anthony David BRAKEFIELD, Paul Martin BRENT, Leslie BRIGGS, Robin De22,,D.24;,) .90,E..92,F Joh. 98, Fz 103728. 107,82 108; B10 Go5476 256 C259) C560;, C02, B.6—byerZ Bh. 92;F 94 B.6 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE BRITISH COUNCIL B..90,8 95,6. 99=F 101 ;r 2105 F.10,F.90,F.91,F.95,F.96 BROWER, Lincoln Pierson BULMER, Michael George BURKE, P BURNS, John McLauren F.1087r'. 109 See also F.82 BTS 90 7b fo F.101 PeS2yph 9s BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL BUTLER, Sir Clifford (Charles) D.16,F.94-F. 96,F.99,F.100,F.104, BRITISH JOURNAL OF HOSPITAL MEDICINE SHOs pL «lS -rolL4 G.50;¢6.114,C.115,F. 86, Resi, PLO / pee 15 CAIN, Arthur James -L6,h 85. 86,5. 90-25 97.; CADBURY, James .90,F.95-F.100,F.103,F.107 BUTLER, Colin Gasking B Ford E NCUACS i4/7/89 Index of correspondents CAMPBELL, A H Bee/ CAROLINA BIOLOGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY D.17-D.19 CARSON, Hampton Lawrence See E.7 CHABORA, Peter C F.88,F.90,F.101,F.108 See also F.94,F.95 CHAPMAN & HALL LIMITED D.26,D.22-D. 24,F.1il=P A115 CHAPPEL, H M CHATTERLEY, F J CHESTER, Sir (Daniel) Norman F.114 E295 Bie CHIASSON, L P F.96,F.103,F.104 CLARK, Evelyn CLARKE, Bryan Campbell CLARKE, Sir Cyril (Astley) D.40 Cr: CLARENDON PRESS, OXFORD COLERIDGE, WL C.110,F; 104,F.106 COBB, Richard Charles B.6 CLAPHAM, Arthur Roy COZ Dol], F365 ,hs97,F.98 F102, Pel Opies LS AA 5HE 1138 Ca D222 De ee F.13-F.37,F.82,F.86,F.87, F.92,F.93,F.95-F.104,F.109-F.114 ,F 95,8 5115 D.1O-D.13,F.88,F.95,F..96, 2.101 EB. 103, 5. LOo;r cbs COLLETTE, Alfred Thomas F86,F.87,8.95,F.104,2.105 COOK, Laurence M 0,108 ,Cv1a7 COLLINS PUBLISHERS B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 Index of correspondents COOPER, John P COULSON, Charles Alfred COVE, Ded CREED, Edwin Robert Bi 7, F.99 - 108 Co53 C155, C2117 Dsl nbeee > F338, 0) 104752105, ,F2 lie. 114 See also C.108,F.82 CROSBY, J L CROZE, Harvey C./0 F.83 DACRE OF GLANTON, Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper, Baron D'ARCY, Norman DAUBE, David DAWKINS, H Colyear DARLINGTON, Arnold F.88 DEMPSTER, E R DENNELL, Ralph F.104 F.33,F.34 F.39,F.83 C29), Doo See also C.71 DARLINGTON, Cyril Dean de los SANTOS GARCIA, B de BEER, Sir Gavin(Rylands) C51 D.16,D.24,F.40-F.43,F.82-F.84 F.86,F.87,F.90,F.94-F.96,F.98 F.99,F.102-F.104,F.107-F.114 See also D.27-D.29 DOBZHANSKY, Theodosius F.108 PaO 7: F.104 DORRIEN SMITH, T M E B Ford NcuACS 14/7/89 Index of correspondents dosPASSOS,: Cyril F F.104 DOWDESWELL, Wilfrid Hogarth C516. 53',C..55-Cs 57, Gr59; Ce 6O C.63,C.64,D.24,F.44,F.82,F.84 BOO pho Gaenk staal DOWNHAM, David Y D.23,5.108 EATON, Robert EDWARD ARNOLD (PUBLISHERS) LIMITED EDWARDS, K J R ELLIS, David C362 ELSEVIER INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS LIMITED F.106 F.97-F.99,F.110 F.44A D.16 "EPINASSE, Paul Gilbert EVANS, David Alan Price ELTON, Charles Sutherland See C.107 F.83,F.86,'.101,F.106 ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA FINCHAM, John Robert Stanley Cue FRASER ROBERTS, John Alexander C370 See also F.5 FISHER, Sir Ronald (Aylmer) F.98,F.99 Co112 F.90 Cd 7, F.<100 See also F.82 FONTANA BOOKS FORD, Charles Edmund FABER & FABER LIMITED FINNEY, David John FRANK, EPLLEZ B Ford E NCUACS 14/7/89 FRAZER, J R D FULLER, K W Index of correspondents GENETICAL SOCIETY ~alkeys) GILBERT, Lawrence E GREAVES, J H GRIFFITHS, Raymond C GURDEN, John Bertrand -45,F.86,F.90,F.91,F.94,F.95 .98,F.106,F.108 e717 Es LOS7 ELS OS S95 RE, OO 290 HACKMAN, Walter HANDFORD, Paul T HARDWICK, D F .88 F295 LOS ag DiS! HARRISON, David 96 Be stor, 4 HARRE, Rom HADDOW, Sir Alexander ~16,F.46,8..90;F3104 HARLAND, Sydney Cross HARDY, Sir Alister (Clavering) F.93-F.95 HINDE, Robert Aubrey HICKEY, Richard J feeb 3 F.102 LOS F.104 D.17-D.19,F.114 HEAD, J J HEATH, John HECHT, Max K HEED, WB E B Ford Ncuacs 14/7/89 Index of correspondents HOENIGSBERG, H F HOWARD, J C HOWARD, Michael Eliot B.4 HUXLEY, Sir Julian (Sorell) C:7/0.,,D.16,8299 bs LS See also F.47 JINKS, John Leonard fe / 5, LOO, Fees JOHNSON, Frank M JOHNSON, LeRoy Peter Vernon JONES, David Alwyn Co1is EF .09 F288,2 593 t'.48 +f ..86;F.87,8. 9) Pers See also C.119,F.99 KENDALL, David George KENDALL, Roy O KIRK, William KOLATAJ, Adam D9 C.60 P49 F595, . 106 See also F.82 KETTLEWELL, Henry Bernard Davis E116 LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY LECLERCQ, Jean KURTI, Nicholas LACK, David B.90;72.997E /95+o,t02 P.o5 BO2 WOOTON, Anthony WILSON, K H WISE, Peter BLO, Be107 E B Ford NCUACS 14/7/89 Index of correspondents YOUNG, John Zachary ZENITH MAGAZINE