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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the correspondence and papers of CYRIL DEAN DARLINGTON (1903 - 1981) geneticist deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (CSAC 106/3/85) Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre All rights reserved THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London WC2A iHP by 1985 CSAC 106/3/85 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of papers and correspondence of CYRIL DEAN DARLINGTON (1903 - 1981) Compiled by VOLUME | List of Contents General Introductions Sections A- E Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper 1985 Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford All rights reserved C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Wolfson Foundation C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: BODLEIAN LIBRARY, THE KEEPER OF WESTERN MANUSCRIPTS, OXFORD. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION ’ SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A.207 A.l. -A.16 Autobiographical and bibliographical A.17 -A.98 Diaries and jotters A.99 -A.118 School and university A.119-A.138 Personal correspondence and material A .139-A.199 Family correspondence and material A.200-A. 207 Photographs and press~cuttings SECTION 8B JOHN INNES HORTICULTURAL INSTITUTION (from 1960: JOHN INNES INSTITUTE) ; B.1 - B.98 Introduction to Section B SECTION C OXFORD C.i+C.425 B.1 -B.18 B.19-B.50 B.ot-B.79 B.80-B .92 Minutes and reports Lectures and summer courses Later correspondence and papers, 1954-80 Darlington's career at John Innes, 1923-40 General administration and organisation, 1930-53 Nuneham Courtenay Arboretum Botanic and Genetic Gardens Darlington's career ct Oxford C.12-C.82 Botany Department General administration Introduction to Section C B.93-B.98 Gib -Ciil Lectures and teaching = 1. ieee by cP C.D. Darlington CSAC 146/3/85 C.83 -C.109 Oxford reform C.110-C.115 Magdalen College C.116-C.121 Oxford colleges and societies C.122-C.125 Historical miscellany SECTION D RESEARCH D.1-D.206 Introduction to Section D List of topics SECTION E PUBLICATIONS Introduction to Section E E.1 :+E.653 Publications and drafts E.654-E.675 Miscellaneous and unpublished material F .676-E.710 Editorial correspondence and material Introduction to Section J SECTION G List of contents SECTION F Introduction to Section F F.1 -F.66 Lectures Introduction to Section G F.67-F.120 Broadcasts LECTURES AND BROADCASTS F.1-F.120 SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS G.1-G.110 INDEX OF INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANISATIONS VISITS AND CONFERENCES Introduction to Section H SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE Jii1- 127 SECTION H H.1-H.187 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The material, which is very extensive, was assembled at various dates between August 1981 and March 1985, from Darlington's room at the Department of Botany, Oxford, ~ and his home at South Hinksey, Oxford, through the courtesy of his widow, Mrs. Gwendolen Darlington, and of Professor P.D.A. Harvey, his stepson and literary executor. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF C.D. DARLINGTON Darlington was born in 1903, in Chorley, Lancashire, the second son of a serious~ minded and hard-working family. His father was a schoolmaster until ill health obliged him to adopt a new career as private secretary to the distinguished German chemist K.E. Markell and to move with his family to Ealing. | Darlington was educated at Mercer's School, Holborn, 1912-17, St. Paul's School, 1917-20 and Wye College, Ashford, 1920- 23. In 1923 he began an association of more than thirty years with the John Innes Horticultural Institution which he entered as a 'volunteer unpaid worker', later becoming head of the Cytology Department (1937) and Director (1939). Here much of his most important work on cytology and chromosome theory was done, augmented by expeditions and work abroad and by contacts with many distinguished British, American and Russian workers in the field. In 1953 Darlington resigned from the Institution, which had removed in 1949 from Arboretum, and espoused the cause of extending the teaching of genetics in particular and teaching, research and publication, he took a keen interest in the Botanic Garden, created Sherardian Professorship of Botany at Oxford. Here, in addition to the 'routine’ work of the Genetic Garden, played an active part in the acquisition of Nuneham Courtenay its original home at Merton to a new site at Bayfordbury near Hertford, and accepted the made in some of the catalogue entries. Sciences, which he had encouraged. On retirement in 1971 Darlington remained in Oxford Memoirs of Fellows-of the Royal Society, 29, 1983, pp.113-157, to which reference is An account of Darlington's life and work by D. Lewis can be found in Biographical science in general in the University. A lasting result was the new School of Human where he continued to study and publish extensively until his death in 1981. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material, which fully documents all aspects of Darlington's career, is presented in the order shown in the List of Contents; additional explanatory notes accompany many of the Sections, sub-sections and individual entries in the catalogue. The following paragraphs aim only to draw attention to matters of particular substance or interest. The division into Sections, though real enough, is no more than convenient, and introduces a sense of linear development particularly artificial in the case of Darlington who interwove past and present, friendships and controversy, research and personality into a deliberate dialectic throughout his career. Cross-references have been provided where possible to link topics or correspondents between Sections, but these are no more than pointers and it remains essential to view the collection as an entity. Darlington never wrote, or at least never completed, an autobiography (see E.471 for a statement of his intention to do so). In another sense, his whole life could be seen as an autobiography, seen through his diaries and jotters, the many historical accounts - published and unpublished - of episodes in his career and of friends or enemies made and cherished, or in the more extended narratives compiled for the Royal Society and other stance which constituted his person and his role. Section A contains the greatest number of overtly autobiographical and personal material in the form of narratives, diaries and jotters. Darlington's own career is more received from others. Viewed in this manner, few can have revealed themselves more aware of himself as an actor in his own life, aware of the value of his work, and eware organisations. To these must be added the innumerable comments and reflections added of the many interlocking factors and influences of nature and nurture, heredity and circum- fully, or more deliberately, for Darlington was among the most self-conscious of men, not excepting earlier stages of his own work and certainly not sparing letters and papers in manuscript and at various dafes to virtually every document that passed through nis hands - austerity, of the Darlington family ambience and the seemingly affectionate and easy exchanged with his parents 1920-49 (A.169~A.195) are revealing of the seriousness, even as well as illuminating several aspects of Darlington's early career. The letters and cards lishment figure. On the other hand, the family correspondence is of some general interest fully documented in Sections B (John Innes) and C (Oxford) and there are relatively few honours, awards or records of public life, for Darlington was far removed from an estab~ C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 7 relations between parents and son. Mrs. Darlington especially, who writes to both her sons as 'My dear old’ Alfred or Cyril, has a spontaneous charm of expression as well as, when required, a forthrightness worthy of Cyril. Also in Section A are records of Darlington's extreme. care for his own publications, their progress and incorporation in an ongoing bibliography, and his lasting resentment of any tampering with them (or, as he put it, 'censorship' or 'suppression'). Section B includes material relating to Darlington's own career at the John Innes Horticultural Institution, its uneasy constitution, the move to Bayfordbury, and the problems of the organisation of a research establishment high-lighted by Darlington's departure for Oxford. There are Annual Reports and Minutes - liberally annotated - going back to the earliest days of the Institution in 1910. Section C records Darlington's career at Oxford, both in its embattled aspects of 'Oxford Reform’ (C.83-C.109) and its gentler features such as the building-up of the Botanic and Genetic Gardens, and the interest in Oxford history and topography. Section D (Research) corresponds to Darlington's own description of the material and includes his own early notebooks and observations. A substantial portion (D.31-D.122) a useful assemblage of contemporary ideas and publications on various topics. The most substantial Section in the collection is E (Publications), which enforces scientific papers of all periods and technical range, as also the drafts and publishing this Section not only chronicles the development of Darlington's thinking but also provides own ordering of his papers which has been respected. The 'background information’ in Russian genetics and the Lysenko controversy. This is an obvious area of overlap with as for his prolific output as researcher, polemicist and reviewer. The material includes is devoted to history of science and scientists, notably William Bateson, and to N.1. Vavilov, other Sections such as E (Publications) and J (Correspondence) made inevitable by Darlington's respect as much for Darlington's painstaking search for fluency and elegance of expression these were fittingly were lavish of time and effort (his own and other people's), involving multiple drafts, mostly history of two of the major books on evolution produced in his later years - The evolution keeping of deadlines, and the attention to detail which can be seen to extend to the exact layout and colour-scheme for the dustjackets of his books. Darlington's writing methods of man and society, 1969, and The fittle universe of man, 1978. It is interesting to note Darlington's friendly relations with his long-term publishers, his conscientious setting and dated but written on confusing and diverse media such as old proofs or company reports, annotated in black, blue, red or green ink, pencil and ballpoint; C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 8 described as a 'palimpsest' by his publisher (E.466), but they document significant changes in substance or emphasis as well as Darlington's sense of style. There is a remarkable number of papers and writings additional to the official bibliography, and some unpublished material; these are listed in the Introduction to Section E. Section F (Lectures and broadcasts) covers a wide span of Darlington's career, including his major lectures (the Conway, Herbert Spencer, Woodhull and Gregynog Lectures) and many shorter talks. The broadcasts, often on such controversial topics as evolution, heredity, Russian genetics and the relations between politics and science, regularly elicited press comment and correspondence. Section G (Societies and organisations) is not extensive, partly because of Darlington's abrasive individualism and impatience with officialdom. There is, however, a full account of the journal Heredity founded and owned by Darlington and R.A. Fisher, and its connection with and eventual! transfer to rhe Genetical Society (G.19-G.65) and the immense effort Darlington invested in his responsibilities as editor and reviewer. Section H (Visits and conferences) extends widely in time (1927-81) and space, including especially the formative early visits to Persia, America and Japan, the Klampenborg H.J. Muller). Most, however, are relatively brief, but embellished with notes and comments often of scientific, historical or personal interest. These may be co-terminous were involved, or forbidden tobe involved. There are also records of the International at Oxford. The first three of these were held in Oxford in 1964, 1967 and 1970, as was meeting in 1938 and various International Genetics Conferences in which Russian colleagues over a period of time (e.g. J.B.S. Haldane, J.S. Huxley, E.K. Janaki-Ammal, P.C.Koller, Chromosome Conferences which Darlington considered as one of his most important tasks many of his papers with autobiographical or archival purposes in mind. with receipt of the letter or document, or added !ater when Darlington went through the last which Darlington attended in 1980. Section J (Correspondence) contains some extended exchanges with colleagues C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 LOCATIONS OF FURTHER MATERIAL Some records of Darlington's career, and taped interviews conducted by B.J. Harrison, are held at the John Innes Institute. At the time of his death, Darlington was working on a book, A diagram of evolution, for publication by Oxford University Press; correspondence, notes and a partial draft are currently held by his literary executor, P.D.A. Harvey. A little correspondence is retained in family hands. The war memoirs of Alfred Darlington (brother) are deposited in the Imperial War Museum, London. The papers of John Harvey (cousin) which include further correspondence of the Darlington family, particularly in the period 1895-1912, are deposited at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London. Darlington for making available his family letters. Sincere thanks are due to Mrs. J.R. Knowles (Radcliffe College Archivist) who did much of the preliminary sorting during sabbatical leave in Oxford. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS correspondence, and for their comments on the draft catalogue. We thank Dr. O.F. We are grateful to Mrs. G. Darlington and to Professor P.D.A. Harvey for making the material available and for providing some information, in particular about the family As always, we thank Mrs. M.M. Edwards for typing various drafts of the catalogue. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A.207 A.l -A.16 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A ND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL A.17 -A.98 DIARIES AND JOTTERS A.9 -A.118 SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY A.119-A.138 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE AND MATERIAL — A.139-A.199 FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE AND MATERIAL A.200-A.207 PHOTOGRAPHS AND PRESS-CUTTINGS A.1-A.16 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL A. Shorter autobiographical fragments, by or annotated by Darlington, 1904, 1907, n.d. but probably 1922 (announces intention to emigrate te Australia), 1922 (mainly diary entries 1919-22), n.d. 1940s (on MacBride and Gates), 1957 (on 'Espinasse). ag Also included is headed 'The Battlefield’. a diagram of the lay-out of the Institution in 1923, ‘My Approaches to Genetics & Evolution’; a 12pp. ms. account of research and colleagues at John Innes Institution, dated May 1974. Autobiographical notes and jottings, October 1976 (headings of 'My Seven Ages'), December 1976, October 1977 (early impressions of London, John Innes Institution), November 1977, May 1980 (recollections of Hartley, Hall, and the 'Tots & Quots' dining club founded by Zuckerman in 1940), November T980, and other shorter notes. Scienziati e tecnologi. 1965. Includes diagrams to illustrate his theory of meiosis. Multiple drafts for McGraw Hill, Modern Men of Science. Biographical notes, articles and c.vs compiled by Darlington. 1942-60 (1969-71 1972-78. Various drafts and updatings for Monadori Editore, C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Biographical and personal A,8, A.9 "Personal record' for Royal Society. A.8 A.9 18pp., November 1941 ‘Personal Record II (1958)'. identical). Ms. and typescript versions (not Biographical notes, prepared at request of the Oxford correspondent of The Times, 1961. Miscellaneous entries for various biographical compilations in Britain and overseas, 1963-78. Interview with C.J. Meyers, June 1964, on 'creativity' in science, Darlington's methods of work, family and educational influence, etc. Folder includes correspondence arranging interview, specimen questions (annotated), several drafts of transcript, and later amended version, September 1966, following further correspondence with Meyers. A.13-A.16 Bibliographies A.13 "Papers Published', Ip. ms. list, 1926-29 ‘Work on Hand', Ip. ms. list, ¢.1927 "Published reviews', ¢.1935 Bibliography, 1926-58 (printed booklet) Bibliography, 1957-65 Typescript and ms. drafts, updatings, etc. "Current Papers', 1956 Oct. 1961' Ip. typescript list of publications, 1943-64 "Time Engaged on Papers', 2pp. ms. covering publications, 1925-37 with. Miscellaneous ms. lists of publications in progress, under various ‘headings: 'In the Press', "On the Plate', 'Current Work', 'Agenda', etc., 1968-81. ‘Supplement to Bibliography’, 3pp. typescript including entries 1927-81 Included here is which Darlington considered his work had been suppressed or tampered a ms. note ‘Censorship’, listing the occasions on 'In Statu Nascendi', 'Calendar of Commitments’, Bibliography, 1926-71 (printed booker) With ms. drafts, information, etc. g a é C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Biographical and personal A.17-A.98 DIARIES AND JOTTERS DIARIES A.17-A.63 These are for the most part straightforward annual diaries in bound form, recording appoint- ments and events, with varying degrees of detail and comment. For some periods no bound volume survives and there may be a 'home-made' equivalent (A. 22) or loose pages (A.23, A.25-A.27); occasionally these may include some more general notes and reflections which are noted in the relevant entries, but on the whole a distinction can fairly be drawn between this type of diary and the more discursive material entrusted to the 'jotters' at A. 64 et seq. 1919 1921 1922 1924 Includes end of Darlington's period at Wye and his start at there is a lp. résumé of critical dates ai rear 1923. John Innes Institution; of book. "Diary 1925'; this is a home-made assembly of loose pages, and extends to 17 October 1926 which is described as 'Beginning of a New Era' (the arrival of Sir Daniel Hall as Director of John Innes Institution on the death of Bateson). ; Similar format of diary entries, Includes visits to U.S.A. and Japan (see also A.66, A.67, A.184-A.190. H.45-H.50). Loose pages of diary entries, not all of same format, numbered I-XVII! and covering period 2? October 1926-20 February 1929 (departure for Persian expedition). Notebook used as diary. expedition (to July 1929), continues to August 1930, with additional pages of notes and reflections. Begins 22 February 1929 and includes Persian For Persian visit see A.176-A.182, H.3-H.40. Loose pages of diary entries, 28 August 1930-17 May 1932. 19 May 1932-12 September 1933. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 A.27 Biographical and personal Loose pages used as diary, with front page headed, 'Diary Commonplace Quotations'. — Entries run 13 September 1933-5 August 1937 (start of Darlington's honeymoon with his second wife Margaret Upcott). 1945 1946 1950 195] 1952 1953 1953-54 A.30 A.3] 1949 1947 1948 1954-55 1955-56 1956-57 1957-58 1958-59 1964-65 1965-66 1962-63 1966-67 1980~81 1967-68 1972 1973 1974 A.58 A.59 A.60 A.6] A.62 1969-70 1970-71 1968-69 1959-60 1960-61 1961-62 1963-64 A.6 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 JOTTERS A.64-A.98 Biographical and personal This term describes material in a wide variety of formats, including loose pages similar to those used for some of the diary entries. The content includes research ideas, reflections, apophthegms, notes on books read, quotaticns, observations on foreign travel, thoughts for speeches, articles or books, reminiscences, humorous limericks and all the varied material presented by daily life to an observant eye and witty pen. Not all the material is dated; it is presented in chronclogical order as far as this is ascertainable. Hard-backed notebook inscribed 'Record 1923'. entries from diaries, 12 October 1923-12 February 1926, covering Darlington's first years at John Innes Institution up to the death of Bateson; several of the entries have annotations added at a later date. Includes transcript At rear of book are quotations and recollections of J.B.S. Haldane, various dates, 1926-38, and (on loose page) caricature of A.D. (Sir Daniel) Hal!, 1927. Small notebook, inscribed with name and address and date 'xii 27'. Both ends of book used. Folder of notes, includes some references to impressions of America and Japan, c.1932~33. Miscellaneous research notes occur on several pages of the book, which is similar to those used for early research at J.1.1. (see D.13, D.14, D.19). tf Loose pages of notes, with a ms. heading by Darlington 'Aug. 1934- March 1935'. Loose pages of notes clipped together, some references to Japan, ect 9ae. Loose pages of notes, with a ms. heading '1937'. Loose pages of notes clipped together, n.d., 1930s. Small notebook, latest date 1942. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 A.72 Biographical and personal Black notebook inscribed on cover 'Family History 1946'; front cover are notes of salient episodes and of 'Dramatis Personae’. Pages numbered 1-86. inside The main content is an account of Darlington's family history (from 1837) and his own career up to the purchase of Bayfordbury as a new site for the John Innes Institution in 1947; there is a larer note on other members of the Darlington family pasted in, dated 1977, and is possible that the narrative was written at more than one date. it The book was originally the address book of W.H.R. Darlington (father), 1885-1916, and there are entries of names and addresses at of the book, several annotated by Darlington. the rear Small notebook, inscribed with name and address (Bayferdbury), Was, 6.1992. Small notebook, inscribed with name and address (Magdalen College) and dated 14 July 1953. ends of book used. Some pages dated 1954 and 1955. Bot Small notebook, inscribed with name and address (Magdalen College), n.d., 1950s. Small spiral-bound notebook, inscribed with name and address (Magdalen College) and dated March 1957. Small spiral-bound notebook, inscribed with name and dared February 1959. Mainly on education. Small spiral-bound notebook, inscribed with name and dated 27 March 1958. Latest date 1964. Spiral-bound notebook, inscribed with name and address (Botany School) and dated 1962. Many pages torn out. .Spiral-bound notebook, inscribed with name and address (Botany School) and dared 11 January 1964. Spiral-bound notebook, dated 1962-63. Spiral-bound notebook, some pages dated 1963, 1964. Some pages dated 1965. Notebook, almost ail pages torn out. Loose pages torn from notebooks similar to A.76, A.77, n.d. Spiral-bound notebook, inscribed 'Genetics of Society’, with name, address (Magdalen College) and dated 1 November 1960. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 A.86 A.87 A.88 Biographical and personal Spiral-bound notebook, inscribed with name and address (Magdalen College) and dated 7 August 1965. One item dated 1966. Spiral-bound norebook, inscribed with name‘ and address (Botany School) and dated August 1966. Spiral-bound notebook, inscribed with name and home address and dated August 1967. Several recollections of Haldane and others, and some items dated 1968, 1969. ; A.89-A.97 Nine small spiral-bound notebooks of identical format. dates are given though the entries do not follow in chronological sequence. Terminal 21 March 1969-16 April 1970 '1970-71', 20 April 1970-25 April 1971. front and back covers. List of topics on inside 10 May-25 December 1971 '1972 for EMS sequel’. List of topics on back cover. : Entries run December 1971-21 August 1972. '16 May 1976', 16 May 1976-9 August 1978 '25 Aug. 78', 25 August 1978-1 April 1980 Entries AST ee inside back cover. Te September 1972-15 October 1973. List of topics on '1974-6', 18 January 1974-26 November 1976 'On an Unforeseen Adventure 1980', 15 April 1980-13 March 1981 Both ends of book used. Spiral-bound notebook of larger format, inscribed '1978'. run 11 December 1977-22 February 1981. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Biographical and personal A.99-A.118 SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY A.99, A.100 Boteler Grammar School, Warrington School lists for 1910.(Alfred Darlington, Cyril's elder brother), 1911 (Alfred and Cyril). .101-A.104 Mercer's School, Holborn Darlington was a pupil 1912-17. History notes. Geography notes. Certificate of admission, January 1912; miscellaneous fee receipts, examination results, 1912-16. Material relating to closure of the school in 1958, including letters to the press by Darlington and others. Darlington was a day-pupil 1917-20. Physics notebook. Carpentry exercises. .105-A.110 St. Paul's School . Includes letter from Dariington's father to Entrance examination papers and correspondence re Darlington’s admission to the School, November-December 1916; miscellaneous class lists 1917-19. Headmaster of Mercer's School. Letter of recommendation from High Master, May. Miscellaneous items 1920: 'Concise Encyclopaedia’ (on cards); "Thoughts on leaving St. Paul's School’; speech day programme. General essays, 1917-18. "Introduction to Machines’. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Biographical and personal A.111-A.118 Wye College, 1920-23, and some later material 1953-80. A.111 Notebook, 'Organic Chemistry’ and dated 1921 (material mainly on livestock and farm management). Notebook, 'Vet. Science’ and dated 1921, notes on 'Common ailments of farm animals’. Notebook, ‘Practical Botany 1920-2'. Notebook, 'Agrictl. Botany’. Notebook, ‘Agriculture - Chemistry. dated December 1922. Soils and Manures', one entry Miscellaneous material and memorabilia, 1921-23. pondence re grant of the Paton-Figgis Scholarship which was twice awarded to Darlington during his period at Wye. Includes corres- Miscellaneous later material. 1 box. "Herbarium Wye 1922-23' A.119-A.138 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE AND MATERIAL Includes ms. nofes for talk on 'Coming of Genefics' ot Wye, 1952 correspondence, notes for speech, etc. on conferral of Fellowship of Wye College, June 1953; amended Charter of College, 1961; requests by Darlington for information on old colleagues, history of Wye College, miscellaneous invitations and printed iterns. Various dates to 1980. Miscellaneous insurance, superannuation, etc. Letters from friends about Darlington's coronary, with some scientific and personal information, 1964. Miscellaneous documenrs and records, various dates, 1944-48, 1974. Miscellaneous receipts, mainly furniture, various dates, 1930s. Miscellaneous income and investments, various dates, 1929-39. A.121 A.122 A.123 Health Awlig A.120 Financial C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Biographical and personal Houses A.124 A.125 A.126 A.127 'Woodside', the house at Tubney, Abingdon, rented from Magdalen College, 1953-73. Pin Farm Cottage, South Hinksey, Oxford. correspondence with previous owner re history, garden plants, etc. Plans of house and garden, Miscellaneous correspondence and papers re Darlington's gift of trees and advice on tree-planting to replace damage caused by Dutch Elm Disease in the parish of South Hinksey. Miscellaneous correspondence re proposed Rail Transfer Station (rubbish crusher) at South Hinksey, 1977-78. Career and personal A.128 e127 1923-27. on visit to Germany. Includes letters and postcards, 1924-25, from friends met 1933-44. Nations. Includes Darlington's reply to questionnaire on League of includes letter from W. Beveridge. 1948-61. was Co-signatory. 1973. for dinner at Magdalen. SSS, AL 136 Personal and social invitations. Two folders. 1969-78. Includes note re family house at Billinge, Wigan. Includes statement on ‘Freedom in Berlin’ of which Darlington 7Oth Birthday celebretions; greetings from friends, arrangements 1962. Conferment of Honorary Doctorate, University of Ghent. 1944. Correspondence and papers re invitation to Darlington to stand 'as an independent progressive’ for London University seat in Parliament. and including letiers of thanks, mainly 1970-71. Miscellaneous material, correspondence, memoranda ond notes relating to Darlington's plans for gifts or sale of his journals, reprints and books, Miscellaneous items of biographical interest. Darlington. stor .138 Passports, 1922-73. Includes drawings by C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Biographical and personal A.139-A.199 FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE AND MATERIAL A.139 Family Tree compiled by Darlington, probably in 1942, with subsequent additions. : Folder includes a little miscellaneous correspondence on genealogical matters, especially the Frankland family (Darlington's mother). Miscellaneous birth, marriage and death certificates of members of the Darlington family. Henry Darlington and Alice Darlington (née Dean) (Darlington's grandparents) A.141 Letters and postcards from Henry to W.H.R. Darlington (second son, C.D. Darlingion's father), including a few replies from him, 1880-93. Copy of letter from Alice Darlington to W.H.R. Darlington and made by him 1901. Alfred Darlington (Henry Darlington's eldest son) and Ellen Darlington (née Hilton) A.142 Letters and telegrams (few only), 1888-1941. A.143 Letters and cards (few only), 1890-1940. Their two sons were Alfred After several Edith, Maud and Bertha Darlington (daughters of Henry Darlington) William Henry Robertson Darlington, 1866-1943, and Ellen Darlington (née Frankland) 1874-1949. Darlington's parents were married in 1896. Frankland Dean, b.1897, and Cyril Dean, b.1903. years as a schoolmaster at Leigh Grammar School, Williom Darlington and his family moved to Ealing, London, on his appointment as secretary to Dr. Karl Emil Markel (chief chemist of Crosfield Soap Limited). After Markel's death in 1932, he remained as secretary and adviser to Mrs. (later Lady) Vera Murray Morrison (daughter) who continued on friendly terms with the Darlington family up to and after the dearhs of William and Ellen. for posts, posts at Leigh and Manchester, etc. Miscellaneous letters and papers, mainly re WHRD's includes set of London University Matriculation Examination 1890-97. Miscellaneous letters and papers re degrees, applications “'Samuel Johnson L.L.D.'. Dissertation by WHRD 'ca 1887". 1879-86. education; papers, 1884. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 A. 147 21 Biographical and personal Letters from C.H. Grace, 1891-92, 1897, and one letter from WHRD 1890. An artist friend, whose letters have pen and ink illustrations; he spent the last few weeks of his life in = Darlingtons' home, dying of tuberculosis in 1900. 1902-3, 1916 (Special Constable), 1931 (election to Royal Institution). 1912-14. & Company, and K.E. Markel, re WHRD's appointment. Mainly Agreement between Brunner, Mond, Joseph Crosfield Article on British and German Dyeing and Chemical Industries, 1915. by Markel, published in ‘Morning Post', March, and correspondence with H.E. Armstrong. Miscellaneous later material re Markel and the Markelstifftung. Includes Power of Attorney conferred on WHRD by Markel, 1926-27, and ms. draft of Markel's will, n.d Letters, 1915-17, from Darlington to Markel's wife thanking her for gifts. Miscellaneous later letters from Vera, Markel's daughter, to WHRD and to Darlington, 1933, 1942, 1948. Some of the letters have under- . 154 .155-A.157 .158-A.163 Miscellaneous memorabilia. published by WHRD in unidentified magazine. Includes translations from the French Two pocket diaries, 1933, 1937, and pocket notebook of miscellaneous dates and contents, 1894-1929. Letters exchanged by WHRD and Ellen Frankland (later Darlington). The earlier letters are all from him, the later years include more from Ellen (Nellie) during his absences abroad, holidays, periods of ill- health and convalescence, etc. scorings and brief comments by C.D. Darlington. 1922,-1925, 1933-35 1895. but they have not survived. are incomplete. Letter of 24 May mentions sixty letters received from Ellen Several of WHRD's letters in this folder November 1893-June 1894 July-September 1894 1902, 1912-14, 1919 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 A .163 Biographical and personal 1937, 1939, 1941. house at Ealing, 1945, and two letters to Ellen from her father, J.W. Frankland, 1894, 1916. Also includes solicitors’ note of sale of family Alfred Frankland Dean Darlington and Gwendoline (née Thompson) Darlington Darlington's elder brother served in the First World War and won the Military Cross. Cheltenham. He later became a doctor, living and working in Letters from Ellen Darlington, various dates, 1918 (when Alfred was wounded on active service)~44, and one letter from AFFD 1940. Letters from William Darlington, various dates, 1921-41. Deed of Covenant of AFDD to his father, 1932, two letters from V.M. Morrison, and one letter from AFDD 1941. Includes Letters from Cyril Darlington to his brother, various dates, 1918-75. Includes reflections on 'The Great Retreat’ based on Alfred's conversation when home on sick leave in March 1918, suggestion thar AFFD should study human genetics, 1927, criticisms of public hospital wards during stay at Westminster Hospital, 1934. Cyril Dean Darlington one or two letters from other relations or friends occasionally Letters from AFDD and Gwendoline to Darlington, various dates, 1918-78 and undated. Hard-backed norebook, inscribed by Darlington 'AFD Darlington 1976-79', of Alfred Darlington's reminiscences of family and childhood (to 1912 only). A sequence of letters and postcards exchanged by Darlington with his parents, 1920-48, covering many of the important incidents of his early years; occur. Of special interest are the years at Wye College, 1920-23 (A.169-A.171), the expedition to Persia, 1929 (A.176-A.182), the visits to America and Japan, 1932-33 and Darlington's brief first marriage (A.184-A.190). 1923 A.169 A.170 A.171 Wye College Three folders: 1920-21 1922 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 A.172 Biographical and personal Letters from WHRD, 1922-27, mainly sent during Darlington's holidays abroad. Lancashire, 1921, and his account of British Association meeting at Oxford, 1926. Also includes letter from Darlington on family visit to Letters from EFD, 1923-28. Letters and postcards sent by Darlington on holidays abroad, 1922, 1924, 1925. Similar material, 1926-28. entitled 'Harz Adventure’. Includes budgets and a 4pp. narrative The Persian Expedition, 1929 Letters, cards and papers from WHRD and EFD sent to Darlington, with various annotations, chronologies and comments by WHRD. Three folders. A.176 A.177 February-March April-May A.178 June April-May A.180 A.181 A.182 February-March. Includes WHRD's list of 'Letters from Cyril’. J Three folders. Letters and cards sent home by Darlington, 1929. Letters from other relations and friends, February-May. Cards sent home by Darlington on holidays abroad, 1930. June-July C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Visit to America, 1932-33 Biographical and personal Almost all letters sent to Darlington on this trip were from his mother; from other friends and relatives but none from his father. there are a very few A.184 A.185 A.186 Letters from EFD, June-December 1932. reaction to the news of Darlington's marriage. Includes less than favourable Letters from EFD, January-April 1933. Darlington's letters and cards to his mother, June-December 1932, with news of travel, research, colleagues, etc.; contains news of marriage on 27 July to Kate Pinsdorf, a teacher of history at Vassar. Includes letter to his aunt Mary. letter of 11 August Similar material, January-April 1933. acting début in Hamlet and (15 April) his forthcoming trip to Japan. Includes news of Darlington's Miscellaneous letters from others, mainly re Darlington's marriage, 1932. Visit to Japan, 1933 A.189 A.190 Letters from EFD, May-July 1933. 1935-37 1934. of unsatisfactory conditions for patients at Westminster Hospital . Includes material re Darlington's attack of jaundice and complaint Letters, cards, press-cuttings sent home by Darlington, May~July 1933, most to his mother but one to his father and one to his aunt Mary. Includes a little material relating Letters and cards from EFD, 1940-44. to the death and estate of WHRD and the covenant made by Vera Murray Morrison (Markel's daughter) in 1939. 1948-49 (EFD died May 1949). Letters to and from Darlington, his mother, brother and sister-in-law, Letters from EFD, 1945-47. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 A.196 A.197 Biographical and personal Brief correspondence and papers te Margaret (née Upcott), Darlington's second wife, 1935, 1948-49. Miscellaneous biographical data, weight and height charts, etc. of Darlington's children. —A.198, A.199 Letters from Darlington's children and grandchildren. Two folders. A.198 A.199 1971-80. O.F. Darlington 1960-81 A.200-A.207 PHOTOGRAPHS AND PRESS-CUTTINGS PHOTOGRAPHS A. 200 Envelope of photographs of Darlington family and friends, 1890s, most identified on verso. A.201 A.202 Envelope of snapshots and photographs of Darlington family and houses. Mainly 1930s, 1940s. Most identified on verso. Portrait studies of members of the Frankland family. Portrait studies and photographs of the Markel family. Portrait photographs of members of the Darlington family. Photographs of W.C.F. Newton and of botanists ot British Association Meeting, 1887. 1950-79 PRESS-CUTTINGS A .206 A.207 1927-49 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 SECTION B JOHN INNES HORTICULTURAL INSTITUTION _ B.1 - B.98 (From 1960: JOHN INNES INSTITUTE) INTRODUCTION TO SECTION B B.1 -B.18 DARLINGTON'S CAREER AT JOHN INNES, 1923-40 B.19-B.50 GENERAL ADMINISTRATION AND ORGANISATION, 1930-53 B.51-B.79 LATER CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS, 1954-80 B.80-B.92 MINUTES AND REPORTS B.93-B.98 | LECTURES AND SUMMER COURSES Darlington spent over thirty years at the Institution, entering as a 'volunteer unpaid worker’ in 1923 under Bateson's Directorship, becoming in 1937 Head of the Cytology Department and, on the retirement of A.D. (Sir Daniel) Hall in 1939, Director. He resigned in 1953 on his appointment as Sherardian Professor of Botany at Oxford. It was at the J.B.S. Haldane, A.D. Hall and others on the staff of the Institution, and a series of distinguished British and foreign, including Russian, visitors (see Memoir, pp.118-119). When Darlington became Director, the Institution still occupied its original site at Second World War. Some of the efforts to find a new site are documented at, e.g., B.26-B.29, B.34, B.37; eventually the Institution moved to Bayfordbury, near Hertford, in 1949. Its next move, in 1967, was part of a major re-organisation which incorporated Merton (London) and suffered bomb damage as well as loss of charitable income during the Institution that much of his crucial work on cytology and chromosome theory was carried out and that many of his deepest professional contacts were made; these included W.C.F. Newton, B.21) and wrote several memoranda at and after his resignation (8.48, B.52-B.54) as Charity, and representatives of government, the universities and horticultura! and farming The administration of the Institution in Darlington's time was uneasy and the Director's as impatient of authority as Darlington's, this was particularly irksome; with ether position in many ways anomalous. The Council included the Trustees of the John Innes interests. The Director attended Council meetings by invitation to present his reports but was not a member of it and saw its Minutes by courtesy, not of right. For a temperament colleagues he made representations to Counci! for a change in conditions in 1936 (B.19- some of its Departments into the University of East Anglia at Norwich. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 John Innes Horticultural Institution well as incorporating his views into various historical accounts (B.49, B.50) to which he continued to add to the end of his life (see especially B.78). The move to Norwich and the link with East Anglia also aroused his displeasure and his campaigning zeal (B.55- B.73). |The Annual Reports and Minutes at B.80-B.92 are of interest for the underscorings and background comments, contemporary and retrospective, which Darlington freely bestowed on them. Material relating to this long and important stage in Darlington's career is also to be found elsewhere in the collection: his own research and the history of science and scientists in Section D, expeditions, visits and conferences in Section H, correspondence with colleagues in Section J. There are abundant references to the Institution and its personnel in the autobiographical writings, diaries and jotters in Section A. A note on nomenclature The title ‘John Innes Horticultural Institution’ has been adopted as the heading for this Section, as being the original name and that operating throughout the period of Darlington's active connection with the place. The official name was changed to ‘John Innes Institute’ from 1960; in practice, written and spoken usage was '(the) John Innes’ and this shortened form is used in the catalogue entries. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 John Innes Horticultural Institution DARLINGTON'S CAREER AT JOHN INNES 1923 Letter to Darlington informing him of unsuccessful application for Empire Cotton Growing Corporation studentship, July (photocopy). Ms. drafts of Darlington's letters of application to Bateson, photo- copies of replies, November. (Memoir, pp.115-116.) 1927, Application for Ph.D., University of London. 1929-30, Application for D.Sc., University of London. 1927 Miscellaneous correspondence. re possible post at Wye (photocopy), and letter by Darlington on affairs of John Innes, to R.J. Chittenden, an early colleague. Included here is a letter, 1942, from Chittenden's mother, when her son was missing after the fall of Singapore. Includes letter from E.S. Salmon 1928 1934 Letter re salary. 1937-39 Tenancy agreement Letter of appointment, 1938 Leave of absence (for India), 1937 Applications for posts in America and Britain, notification of promotion at John Innes. Application for position as Director in succession to A.D. Hall, notification of appointment (February 1939, to take effect October 1939). signatures Letters of congratulation received on appointment, several with scientific or personal news, a few with drafts of Darlington's reply. B.10 B.1] B.12 K-M-N Of? S$-T-W First name and unidentified A-B & C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 29 John Innes Horticultural Institution Correspondence, list of contributors to retirement presentation to A.D. Hall, September 1939. Miscellaneous poems, skits, cartoons, parodies by various members of John Innes staff on events and personalities. 1931-39 and undated: Various dates, Miscellaneous greetings and post-cards sent to John Innes, some from Russian colleagues. Mainly 1930s. Correspondence re Merton Cottage (Director's Residence), November }997. Drafts, correspondence and memoranda re Director's Residence and its garden, errors in Council Minutes, Director's access to Minutes, and other Council matters, May 1940. Subsequent material covering Darlington's period as Director of John Innes is included in the administrative correspondence below. B. 19=B.21 B.19-B.50 GENERAL ADMINISTRATION AND ORGANISATION, 1930-53 Drafts, memoranda, correspondence relating to proposed re-organisation of the Institution, 1936-37. Ms. and typescript crafts for various memoranda and resolutions, mainly by Darlington with the support of some of his colleagues, intended as discussion papers for submission to the Council. concern almost all aspects of the John Innes: constitution, staff salaries, communication between Director and staff, policy-making and implementation, etc. Financial estimate for John Innes, February 1938. Account of interview with Council, July 1936, at which D.M. Cayley and Darlington explained the Staff committee's proposals. are ms. notes and narratives, probably contemporary with the events, and a typed-up version dated August 1961. These They 1936, July-December 1937, January-July . See also B.90. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 John Innes Horticultural Institution Miscellaneous items on research at John Innes: (1937); research application on chromosome numbers (1938); wartime research (1939). All by Darlington. Pisum investigation Shorter correspondence re requests to work at John Innes, 1930, 1936-38. Brief correspondence with J.A. Innes, 1935, 1939. Correspondence, memoranda and proposals re possible move of John Innes to Waterperry House (to be leased from Magdalen College, Oxford). Bursar of Magdalen, and T.G.B. Osborn, Professor of Botany, Oxford. The correspondence is with members of the Council, the 1940, October-December 1941, January-June 1941, September-October. Innes. Includes Budget and salary list for John Summary account of negotiations, September 1940-July 1941, App. typescript, perhaps compiled at a later date. Shorter correspondence on research, 1940-42. Shorter administrative correspondence, 1944. and diagram of flying bomb damage. Includes correspondence Shorter administrative correspondence on staff and affairs of John Innes, 1940-42. Shorter administrative correspondence on staff and affairs of John Innes, 1943. of Director's Report. Includes report on activities (July), and Ip. ms. draft with E.A. Courthope, 1945-46. Correspondence and papers on the desirability of removal’ of John Innes, July-October 1943. — Includes Darlington's memorandum on the subject (September) and comments by others, and a long letter by Prain (October). General administrative correspondence, including staff, removal, ‘endowment appeal and bequests, Council meetings, etc., principally Shorter correspondence on research and visitors, 1944-46. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 John Innes Horticultural Institution Correspondence, memoranda and reports, principally relating to various possible sites for John Innes, endowment appeal, and application for grant to ARC, 1945-46. Miscellaneous correspondence with colleges of London University, mainly re lectures. . Includes Darlington's letter of resignation from Board of Studies in Botany (1950). Various dates, 1946-50. Administrative correspondence, 1947. to Nuffield Foundation on behalf of Cytology Department. Includes grant application Administrative correspondence, 1948. on possibility of HLM. The Queen opening new premises at Bayfordbury . Includes exchange of letters Administrative correspondence, 1949. on Darlington's Annual Report. Includes comments and material Correspondence, mainly re A.J. Bateman and Soviet genetics, 1949-52. Shorter correspondence on research and visitors, 1948-49. Miscellaneous material re move to Bayfordbury: plans and diagrams, postcards and stationery, ms. notes for Darlington's speech, draft of his note on the occasion for Nature. Material relating to Secretary of John Innes, 1950-52 (photocopies). Administrative correspondence, 1951. Committee of ARC, miscellaneous Darlington's ‘Memorandum on a five-year Garden Programme’ for Bayfordbury. material re Pomology Department, Includes report of Quinquennial Administrative correspondence, 1952-53, mainly related to fruit- breeding policy, and including some photocopied material about irregular sale of John Innes varieties. of comment from S.C. Harland. Correspondence and papers, February-August 1953, relating to Darlington's resignation from John Innes and the appointment of a successor; of the John Innes Horticultural Institution’ sent to Rothschild, 31 July 1953 (photecopies), and ms. notes for his speech at farewell presenta- tion, June. 'J.I.H.1. 1939-53', Darlington's ms. account of John Innes under -his Directorship, 11 May 1953. 33pp. typescript with ms. corrections, 28 July 1953. Includes a letter includes a copy of his 9pp. memorandum on 'The Directorship "John Innes Horticultural Institution. A Brief History' C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 John Innes Horticultural Institution B.51-B.79 LATER CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS, 1954-80 B.51 Letter from K.S. Dodds (Darlington's successor as Director), 1954. B .52-B . 54 Correspondence, memoranda, drafts and report on the organisation of John Innes, submitted by Darlington to N.M.V. Rothschild and to the Agricultural Research Council, 1955-56. The material is in part a development of Darlington's memorandum of 1953 (B.48) and in part an expansion of views he expressed in an article ‘Government Sponsored Research in Britain’ (Science and Freedom, April 1955). Rothschild took particular exception te Darlington's reference to 'the business interests of those controlling research in the Agricuitural Research Council’. B.52 Correspondence with Rothschild, August-December 1955. letter from Rothschild, annotated by Darlington, 15 December (photocopies). Includes long B.53 B.54 Commissioners was challenged. B.55-B.73 Correspondence and papers on the move to Norwich, 1965-67. Pp Correspondence with ARC re Darlington's memorandum and the Council's consideration of it, January-September 1956 (photocopies). June 1965 and achieved in 1967, aroused dismay and protest from past and present staff The move from Bayfordbury to Norwich, first proposed in 1962, agreed by the Council in Ms. and typescript drafts for correspondence with Rothschild and memorandun to ARC (January 1956). Continued national and specialist press, mobilising support from colleagues, learned societies such as members, scientists in the genetical and biological fields and others. The protest movement came to a head in 1965-66. Darlington played a prominent part, writing letters to the Maidstone, Mr. J. Wells. Questions were asked in the House, and the role of the Charity the Genetical Society and the Royal Society, and from the Member of Parliament for C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 33 John Innes Horticultural Institution The move envisaged the transfer of the Departments of Cell Biology and Genetics, with professorial status for their Heads, to the School of Biological Sciences of the University of East Anglia. Other existing Departments were to be closed, and practical horticultural and agricultural work would be carried on at a separate field station. Thus, the university - connection which had once existed with London would be re-established at East Anglia, but at the cost of the truncation of the Institute's Departments, the separation of fundamental and practical research, and the end of the John Innes as an independent integrated establish- ment. Terms such as 'dismemberment', ‘dissolution’ and 'dispersal' are often used (and not only by Darlington) in the papers on the subject. Darlington himself saw the proposed action of the Trustees as a further manifestation of the divided responsibilities, multiple authorities and unworkable constitution of the Institute with which he had wrestled from 1936 onwards (B.19-B.21). His own contributions to the debate reflect this extra dimension as well as seconding the criticisrns of others, and often refer to the memoranda he submitted in 1953 (B.48) and 1955-56 (B.41-B.54). In alphabetical order. B50 B.56-B.62 Blackman, G.E. (carbon only) Catcheside, D.G. (carbon only) 'Archie' (A.P. Balfour) Beale, G.H. Drafts of two circular letters, and list of those circulated (November 1965). Correspondence with colleagues on future of John Innes, some in reply to circulars and some reearlier protest letters. Some are Darlington's carbons only. Hutchinson, J.B. Fogg; >... Frankel, O.H. - Harland, S.C. Hussey, G. Department of Education and Science Fincham, J.R.S. Godward, M.B.E. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 John Innes Horticultural Institution Kemp, R.F.O. Krebs, H.A. (carbon only) Lawrence, W.J.C. | Asequence of letters, drafts for letters to the press, comments, etc., July-December 1965. Lewis, D. Newell, J. Paxman, J.G. Race, R.R. Riley, R. Salisbury, Lord Skilbeck, D. (enclosing correspondence with J. Innes) Stern, F.G. (copy only) Taylor, G. Thoday, J.M. Thomas, P.T. B.65-B.72 A few of the documents are extra Wells, J.J. White, M.J.D. Duplicated copies of memoranda, drafts, with timetable of events, April-December 1965, compiled by Darlington. Not all the original documents occur in the collection. letters to press, resolutions, Correspondence with newspaper editors re letters submitted by Darlington: in the first instance to The Times (declined), then to Nature (declined), New Statesman (no reply), Gardeners' Chronicle (agreed to publish) Notes and drafts by Dariington. A chronological sequence of ms. and typescript notes and drafts, correspondence, etc. bearing on the John Innes controversy and Darlington's involvement. copies of letters from colleagues, but most are additional material. Duplicated sheet of 'Historical Background’. protest by senior staff of John Innes, heavily annotated by Darlington. Copy of statement of 1965 1965, June-July C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 John Innes Horticultural Institution 1965, August-September Notes and drafts by Darlington 1965, September-December Documents and correspondence relating to meetings of John Innes Council, and including statement by Chairman (James Innes) of decisions reached at December meeting. 1966, January, May Includes correspondence with J. Wells MP, and a filed by Wells on the John Innes for reply in the House of Commons, 18 May. list of questions 1967, Janvary-May Includes Corresp ondence on revised scheme for John Innes Foundation. copy of Tes Commissioners Scheme of January 1909, and of revision of April 1967 1967, September Details of new appointments at East Anglia. Press-cuitings re move to Norwich, 1965. Later correspondence re Charity Law Reform Committee, 19 kept by Darlington with John Innes material. Continued Miscellaneous correspondence from John Innes colleagues, J. Newell (1966), W.J.C. Lawrence (1972). Correspondence with colleagues and historians, mainly recollections of Bateson and early days at John Innes. Recollections of work with Bateson. 1912-14 and 1919. Biometrics and Me; photocopy of eles en and R.A. Fisher. Includes paper by Fisher). Bateson and chromosome theory. Coleman, W. Lesley, J.W. Mackenzie, D. 1967 1973 1973 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 John Innes Horticultural Institution B.75 (Cont'd.) Williams, C.B. 1973 Work with Bateson, 1911-16. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1979-80 (includes letter from J. Newell on John Innes apples), Darlington's letter on death of R. Markham, and 3pp. notes for a lecture given at John Innes, 1981. Correspondence principally with B.J. Harrison (Archivist of the Genetical Society) and E. Atchison (Librarian, John Innes) on archive material for the archives of genetics and of the John Innes. contributed information, and a substantial file of documents. Photo- copies of these were returned to him and appear at B.47, B.48, B.52, B.53. 1979 and 24 February 1981 for references to Darlington's own papers. Harrison also made available to Darlington photocopies of early Council Minutes, now at B.80, and some of the material relating to Bateson in Section D. The correspondence runs 1978-81; see letters of 4, 16 October Darlington Brief ms. notes by Darlington on various episodes of history of John Innes, some intended for an autobiography. as follows: Various dates, 1979-80, "JIHI', March 1979 "Subrosa History of JIHI', July 1979 "Autobiog.', November 1979 'Why I lefi JIHI', December 1980 Untitled (on John Innes fruit varieties), June 1980 "JIH! 1910-53" (for autobiography), November 1979 'The John Innes Chicanery 1953 to 1962', October 1980 'The Crucial Questions at the John Innes 1923-1953', December 1979 Vavilov (1924, reproduced). Photographs, of John Innes at Norwich site (1979), of Bateson and C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 John Innes Horticultural Institution B.80-B.92 MINUTES AND REPORTS MINUTES B.80 Council Minutes, 1923-24 Photocopies made available by B.J. Harrison, some annotated by Darlington; on content of the documents. includes draft letter to Harrison, March 1981, commenting Council Minutes, Agendas, Memoranda, 1936-37, 1939-46; printed, several annotated by Darlington. Council Minutes, Agendas, Memoranda, 1946-47, 1949-50; typescript and duplicated, several annotated by Darlington. Council Minutes, etc., 1950-51. Council Minutes, etc., 1953-March 1954. Darlington's resignation and the appointment of a successor. Includes period of Minutes of meetings of Trustees, December 1952, March, June 1953 only. REPORTS B.86-B.88 B.86 The volume also The front inside papers have comments and references by Three bound volumes of Annual Reports, all bearing 'J.1.H.1. Reports’ and 'C.D.D.' on spine. 1910-35. Darlington to events of special interest tohim. includes a history and record of work of the John Innes Horticultural Institution prepared to commemorate its first quarter century in 1935. Some annotations by Darlington. Until, and including, 1936, the reports were for Council only and inscribed 'Not for publication’. ‘Publication suppressed’ and there is a note to this effect. of the reports are also arinotated by Darlington. Darlington interpreted this as Several 1936-53 1954-66. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 B.89-B.92 B.89 38 John Innes Horticultural Institution Additional material relating to Annual Reports and to the work of the Institution. Interim report by A.D. Hall on soil suitability of the Merton site (unfavourable), 1910. Annual Report, 1910 (original printed version; photocopy). the copy in B.86 is a Annual Report, 1911 (full version inscribed 'For Council Only. Publication’. The version in B.86 is Abstract only. Not for List of overseas workers in Cytology Department, 1928-39. Work in progress, 1930. Report of Inspectors, February 1931. ‘Report of Special Committee appointed by Council on 26th November 1936' (on organisation, conditions of work, salaries, etc.) and a little related printed matter. See also B.19-B.21. Darlington's drafts for reports, 1937 (?), 1939, 1941 (2). B.93-B.98 v t t c g - B.93 1928 biennially. / Drafts or proof copies of Annual Reports, 1942-48, all annotated or with marginal comments by Darlington. LECTURES AND SUMMER COURSES The two-week summer courses in genetics and cytology started in 1928 and were he!d Darlington participated in these from the first, at which he shared a course on cytology with C.L. Huskins. For conference held in 1929 to celebrate centenary of birth of John Innes, see H.2. Programme of course. 1930 Typescript synopses, and ms. draft for course of 10 lectures on cytology, with a later ms. note 'My first lecture course’. Timetable, ms. notes for Darlington's contribution to course of 10 lectures on cytology. Also includes programme for visit of Genetical Society. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 John Innes Horticultural Institution 1934 Programme, timetable, syllabus of Darlington's 8-lecture course on cytology. 1936 Programme, timetable, synopsis of Darlington's 8-lecture course on ‘The Mechanism of Heredity’. 1947-48. and Mather (programme only) University of London Intercollegiate Lectures, by Darlington 1951 'Guide for Seminars'; by Darlington (1p. only) 1951 Summer Course and Bateson Lecture (notice) 1953 Summer Course and Bateson Lecture (notice) Draft note on establishment of Bateson Lecture and correspondence with R.A. Fisher, J.S. Huxley, who gave the lecture in 1951 and 1953 respectively. Includes Darlington's ms. notes of introduction to both lectures. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 SECTION C OXFORD . C.t~ C.125 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION C Ct oC. 11 DARLINGTON'S CAREER AT OXFORD C.12 -C.82 BOTANY DEPARTMENT Lectures and teaching General administration Botanic and Genetic Gardens Nuneham Courtenay Arboretum C.83 -C.109 OXFORD REFORM C.110-C.115 =MAGDALEN COLLEGE C.116-C.121 OXFORD COLLEGES AND SOCIETIES C.122-C.125 HISTORICAL MISCELLANY Darlington's own accounts of his time at Oxford (C.11), though often characteristically He goes on to enumerate the methods he intended to adopt towards achieving this as ‘First, to building, inaugurated in 1951 though based on plans proposed in 1938, but its research under his predecessors Osborn and Tansley had been mainly ecological. Darlington defines his ‘purpose at Oxford’ as 'to make genetics in my own broad sense into the central framework of biology and biology itself integrated in this way into the central framework of education’. he encountered. When he was appointed, the Botany Department was housed in a new with other departments; fourthly, to establish through international conferences, which could sweeping and denunciatory, make clear his aims for research at Oxford and the difficulties teach undergraduates; secondly to appoint new staff in the department; thirdly to coordinate not always reluctantly, into controversy with university faculty boards and administration studies in biology which might otherwise be disregarded. Fifthly to publish books explaining conferences (see Section H). His other ambitions however crew Darlington increasingly, and carefully prepared and updated lectures (C.12-C.39) and the organisation of the chromosome be held with the greatest convenience in Oxford, the basic importance of chr.Comosome J my general educational goal and the means of getting there’. Of these aims, the simplest were the teaching of undergraduates, illustrated in the C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Oxford (over new departmental appointments), with the colleges (over admissions policy and the tutorial system) and more generally with the existing departmental system which militated against the reformed curriculum and coordinated cross-disciplinary studies which he sought. Like many heads of science departments, he was involved in proposals for the reform of the ‘Oxford system', gave evidence to the Franks Commission of Inquiry and wrote publicly on the subject (C.83-C.109). He appears to have been satisfied with the increase in the number of college Fellows appointed after the Franks Commission, while remarking that ‘one of the results of course was an enormous waste of time in attending college meetings’. Darlington's attempts to extend the scope of genetics into, for example, the new School of Human Sciences reflected a change of direction or more correctly a concentration of his own research away from plant genetics towards human and social genetics. This is shown in the major publications of his later years such as the revised Genetics and man (1964), Evolution of man and society (1969), Little universe of man (1978) as well as many articles and lectures, e.g., on Cousin marriage, and reviews. See Sections Dand E. — His aitention to these topics, though by no means new in his work and specified as his fifth step in advancing the cause of genetics, contributed toa withdrawal from university and departmental affairs, and a certain measure of isolation. Darlington was a diligent Keeper of the Botanic Garden; in addition, he established a Genetic Garden and played a leading part in the acquisition of Nuneham Courtenay Arboretum (see C.67-C.82). C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Oxford DARLINGTON'S CAREER AT OXFORD Application for Sherardian Professorship of Botany, Oxford, and notification of appointment, 1953. Also included is Darlington's carbon to W.K. Slater (ARC) renew appointments at John Innes. Correspondence with colleagues and referees re application for Oxford Chair, and related matters. Champion, H.G. Fisher, R.A. Ford, E.B. Mather, K. Osborn, T.G.B. (Darlington's predecessor at Oxford) Sinclair, H.M. Stern, F.C. G.7 2 C.9 O-R S-T U - W and first-name signatures B-C F-H K-M List of papers and books submitted in application for D.Sc., Oxford, 1958. Letters and telegrams of congratulation, some including other scientific matters and a few with Darlington's reply. For Darlington's Inaugural Lecture at Oxford, see F.23-F.28. "Oxford Botany School 1953 to 1971', spiral-bound notebook so inscribed, pp. ms. n.d. but followed by additional note, mainly on discussion with J.R. Baker and A. Jensen on race, dated 14 August 1974 (see D.137). The Sherardian Chair carried a Professorial Fellowship at Magdalen College (see C.110- CG. 115); ‘What | did at Oxford', 2pp. ms. dated 20 October 1971. Darlington's own accounts of his period at Oxford. 0 Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 C.12- ©. 82 BOTANY DEPARTMENT Oxford C.12-C.39 Lectures and teaching C.40-C.66 General administration C.67-C.76 Botanic and Genetic Gardens C .77-C:82 Nuneham Courtenay Arboretum C.12- © 3S? Lectures and teaching All the material is autograph manuscript unless otherwise indicated. grap p C12 eis Syllabuses, lecture lists, synopses, course outlines, 1954-70. Duplicated typescript with ms. annotations. Reading lists and bibliographies. Duplicated typescript. "Apomixis' "Oenothera Sex Chrs' Ring-back notebook so inscribed, with Darlington's name and dated '1955'. Notes for lectures. Ring~back notebook for course of four lectures, n.d. early 1950s, but includes updating notes and Ip. dated 1965. Tagged folder and some loose pages of notes for lectures on apomixis, originally tucked into C.14. and hybrids, breeding systems. Two ring-back notebooks for lecture courses so titled. bear various dates, 1962-66. Lectures 5-8: Meiosis Il; polyploidy; chromosome breakage; species Lectures 1-4: Introduction; Mendel; nuclei; meiosis. Genetics 1A and 1B "Genetics 1A' Material probably Some pages C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 C.19-C.23 "Lecture notes Genetics | 1960-70' Oxford Five folders of loose pages of notes and diagrams under this general heading, several using similar sub-topics to C.17, C.18, and some intended for ‘Introduction to Biology’. Two ring-back notebooks 'Genetics IVA’ and 'Genetics IVB', containing notes for course of 8 lectures on cell physiology and genetic particles. has a the order (see 1963 syllabus included in C.24). list of topics on the cover, though Darlington sometimes changed Various dates, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1963. See also C.26. Each book , Nucleic Acids X Ray Breaks Chemical Breakage Biol. Effects of Radiation Visible Genes Plastids and Plasmagenes Nucleus and Cytoplasm Mutation Slides '4 Lectures on Development' "Chromosome models' Variously ‘Introduction to Biology. Oxford Biology Prelim' Two versions, October 1965. Two sets of notes and drafts, n.d. Ms. notes tucked as loose pages into 'Genetics IVA'. paginated and dated, 1957-67. 4 and 5 (2 versions of lecture 5, one dated May 1969). Darlington lectured regularly under this general heading, offen cannibal~ ising or re-assigning previous material. the notes with any certainty. Outline for course on ‘Origins of Cultivated Plants’, 4pp. 1969. "Implications of the Chromosome Theory Lectures on 'Evolution of Genetic Systems' 'Heterostyle Diagram 1968' It is therefore not easy to date Michaelmas 1967’ Lectures 3, C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Oxford Lectures 6 and 7. Syllabus of course of 4 lectures, May 1971, and extensive notes for Lecture 1. "EGS 2, Meiosis’ May 1971. ‘EGS 3. Outbreeding' May 1971 and Ip. 'Lecture IV Summing Up' Various notes and narratives for lectures on Evolution of Genetic Systems March-May 1971. ’ Notes and nerratives for a course of three lectures on evolution of genetic systems, April-May 1976. Miscellaneous notes for lectures on chromosomes and genetics. C.40-C. 66 General Administration C.58-C.66 are shorter miscellaneous items. Darlington's involvement in more general matters of 'Oxford Reform' is at C.83 et. seq. C.40-C.57 are a chronologica! sequence of correspondence and papers on matters affecting teaching, appointments, organisation and the running of the Department, and its relations with other Departments, Faculty Boards, central University administration and the development of science in general. °1956, letter from E.B. Ford (1956). Includes letter from T.G.B. Osborn with account of existing organisa- tion of Department, correspondence with members of staff re teaching, Darlington's note (March 1954) on 'Botany Tuition’. Includes Darlington's proposal for establishment of Hooke Lecture (1955), his draft memorandum on the need for 'New Biology Depts.' 1953-54 1955-56 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 C.42 1957 Oxford Mainly drafts and memoranda on need for change and expansion in Oxford science, preparation of memorandum on 'Growing points of Biology and Medicine’, etc. 1958-59 New appointments. for Demonstrators, with colleagues, University Registry, etc. Ip. the structure of botany teaching in Oxford ...' Mainly correspondence re Darlington's proposals Includes later note by Darlington beginning 'Three times | tried to change 1960-61 Open Day; expansion of biology; committee for History and Philosophy of Science; ms. note on organisation of biology. 1961, February-April Correspondence and drafts re meeting of Professors of Botany in London, 4 March, to discuss recruitment of students of required quality into Schools of Botany (and a related letter, 1962). 1961, March-~May 25 Oct. 1961'; 1961, October, December Correspondence re proposed research into East ‘Africa dry country ecology. Correspondence with Vice-Chancellor re wording of Darlington's Annual Report and his memorandum on 'Admissions of Botany Undergraduates to the University’. October papers are Darlington's 'A day at Oxford: December correspondence is with Lord Nuffield re possible support for biology centre. Darlington suffered in August. Correspondence and papers arising from Darlington's paper 'The Social Sciences’ (January 1964) on proposed collaborative course in Oxford, mainly with Curator, Pitt Rivers Museum, and Professor of European Archaeology. Mainly papers and correspondence by Darlington and J.W.S. Pringle on new collaborative biology course at Oxford. Correspondence on financial matters, and on appointments. Several of the letters refer to the heart attack which ee « : 1 pes 1962 1963 1964 . 1964 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 C.52 1965-66 Oxford Appointments; methods of teaching, and memorandum on ‘Botanical Policy at Oxford’. 1966-67 Draft syllabus, reading lists, memorandum for genetics and the proposed course in Human Sciences at Oxford. 1967-69 Chair of Forestry. 1967-69 Chair of Genetics; recommendation for George Eastman Professorship, etc. 1968-69 Correspondence on departmental affairs, sent to Darlington during his visii to Australia, 1968. See also H.125. Minutes of staff meeting, February 1969. 1969-71 Sherardian Chair of Botany. History of Science. Shorter miscellaneous items Doctors of Philosophy of Botany School, 1954-61. Examiners in Final Honour School of Botany, 1946-60. Lists of graduates of Botany School and their further careers, 1951-64, 1967. Miscellaneous items relating to the Botany Department. Examination questions, various dates, 1962-69. ‘Graduands' Complaints', June 1966. includes some letters of thanks. C.60 C.6] C.62 we oe C.65 1958-62 ; 1965 1966 1967-70, 1973 1963 1964 Ce C.60-C.65 C.66 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 : Oxford C.67-C.76 Botanic and Genetic Gardens The Sherardian Professor was ex-officio Keeper of the Botanic Garden (originally Physic Garden, founded in 1621), the oldest in the country, situated near the 'old' Botany School near Magdalen Bridge. Darlington also established in 1954 a Genetic Garden, nearer to _ to the new Botany Department in the Science Area, for hybrids, variegated plants and plants used for chromosome studies. The correspondence below relates to specimens for both gardens, though the variegated plants were intended for the Genetic Garden. See also J.238 for shorter correspondence on specimens. C.67 C.68 1954 1955, October-December Includes 5pp. note by Darlington ‘Classifying Variegated Planis', 13 October. 1955-56 Correspondence with colleagues at John Innes Horticultural Institution. 1955-58 1957 1959 1963-65 1964 Correspondence with Hilliers & Sons, Nurserymen. Includes 4pp. Classification by Darlington of 'Veitch's Grafting Experiments 1912' (the year of the first R.H.S. Chelsea Show). Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes by Darlington on variegated plants from various sources (including his own garden) for the Genetic Garden, 1957. Sources’. Includes material re Superintendancy of Botanic Garden, correspondence re specimens and re founding of Garden. Ms. and typescript notes and lists of 'Genetic Garden Notes 1964’, ’'Variegated Plants at Oxford 5 Feb. 64', ‘Genetic Garden Plant C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 C.76 1970-71 Oxford Correspondence Garden, Edinburgh, and includes ms. of Congratulation’ on the event. 1970 is re Tercentenary Celebrations of Royal Botanic draft for Darlington's 'Address Correspondence and papers 1971 are re 350th anniversary of Oxford Botanic Garden and include reception, exhibition handout, speech, article for Nature. Darlington's drafts for celebratory C.77-C.82 Nuneham Courtenay Arboretum In his article for Nature (C.76 above), Darlington writes discreetly that 'in 1969 an anonymous benefactor put a third garden at the disposal of the university, the established and now rehabilitated arboretum at Nuneham Courtenay’. His own summary ‘History of the Loss and Recovery of Nuneham Courtenay Arboretum’ (C.78) is an outline of events 1962-70, usefully supplementing gaps in the surviving correspondence and making clear Darlington's leading before (1957-58), originally on a site adjoining the Cherwell (C.77). role in negotiations with the University authorities and with the benefactor. The earliest documents, however, show that he was interested in establishing an arboretum several years Includes Darlington's ms. and typescript drafts for 'Proposed Oxford Arboretum'. "History of the Loss and Recovery of Nuneham Courtenay Arboretum 1962-70', 6pp. duplicated typescript. 1966-70 Correspondence with benefactor (Mrs. Mary Snow) who made possible the re~purchase of the land, through the Barbinder Trust. Papers and correspondence re University's sale of land at Nuneham Courtenay, and re the Pinetum. C77, 1957-58 1962 1964-65 1966-69 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 C.83-C.109 OXFORD REFORM, 1958-70 Oxford A chronological sequence of memoranda, notes, correspondence and publications, relating to matters widely debated in the 1950s and 1960s, including the-recruitment of undergraduates, research students and staff, the relations between colleges and departments, the tutorial - system, and the like. Like many of his colleagues, Darlington gave evidence to the Robbins Committee, the National Incomes Commission and the Franks Commission and aired his views locally in the Oxford Magazine and more widely in the national press. C.83 C.84 'Alma Mater Polytechnica'; drafts for letter to Oxford Magazine December 1958, January 1959. ‘Graduates in Oxford'; drafts for letter to Oxford Magazine, November 1959, arising from letter on subject by Principal of St. Anne's. Includes correspondence, data, etc. ‘College dues for graduates’; drafts for letter to Oxford Magazine Includes data and correspondence. (published 11 February 1960). 'The Two Cultures'. Article prepared for special 'Snow Symposium’ number of eects Journal, University of Texas, IV, Spring 1961, Includes draft, 7pp. typescript Two letters published in The Guardian, Includes drafts, correspondence, press ‘Movement in the Universities’. 26 May and 14 June 1961. cultings. ‘Colleges, Departments and the Teaching of Science’; draft, with ms. date ‘July 1960'. data, correspondence, version of 'The dead hand on discovery’, see E.158-E.161). copy of ntialt as soblithad (together with updated Correspondence with W. Hume-Rothery, on college fees for graduates and on admissions, 1961. be Memorandum submitted to the National Incomes Commission (on ‘Consequences of the Double Standard of Payment under the College System in Oxfeord') June 1963. and appendices, submitted 12 September 1964. ms. corrections. A Notes, drafts, replies to questionnaire circulated to heads of departments. - Proposals for reforrn in the University of Oxford’. Darlington's memorandurr Typescript with extensive Drafts, correspondence. C.91-C.95 Franks Commission of Inquiry Ci Ci92 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 93 C.94 ©.95 Oxford Correspondence arising from memorandum, September-December 1964. 'C.D.D. vs. Oxford United’. proposals for reform at Oxford, 1964-65. Press-cuttings about Darlington's Spp. typescript report sent to Darlington, beginning 'You asked me to find out to what extent the Franks Commission had taken note of your evidence’, signed 'J.B.', 14 June 1966. C.96-C.102 'Oxford reformed! Darlington lists this in his Bibliography under 1965 as ‘Submitted to Encounter, 4 May (unpublished)'. In.a footnote to his drafts he accurately sums up the history of the article as ‘invited by Encounter November 1964 ~ submitted to Encounter May 1965 - rejected by Encounter 1 June 1966' (see C.96, C.100). This delay, and cavalier treatment, prompted Darlington to correspond with the Society of Authors and others (C.101), especially after the widespread press comment on CIA involvement in the finances of Encounter. The periodica 1967) and a correction in the March issue (C.99). In 1968 Darlington was invited to re-cast and re-submit the material for publication in Question, the periodical of the Rationalist Press Association (C.103-C.106). C.96 C.9 €.98 C.96-C.98 Drafts for 'Oxford Reformed’. commissioned and published a shorier article 'Oxford Unreformed' (Encounter, 28, January December 1964, with Darlington's note on the sequence of his dealings with Encounter. Extensive ms. and typescript re-draftings, various dates in April 1965, enclosed in a folder inscribed 'My proposals for reform’. invitation to write second article. Correspondence with editor of Encounter (M.J. Lasky) and staff, December 1964-October 1966. declining to publish (June 1966), subsequent correspondence and note of ‘Oxford Unreformed'. misprints,’ reprints of article as published, and letter of correction. Drafts for article, correspondence with editor on Notes and ideas on various aspects of history, funding and organisation of Oxford. Includes invifation to write article, postcard C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Oxford C.101 Correspondence with others on Encounter article: Society of Authors The Guardian J.F. Kermode 1966 1967 1967 Typescript copies of Encounter correspondence made by Darlington. Press-cuttings about Encounter and CIA. C.103-C.106 Article for Question In 1968 Darlington was asked to consider publishing some of the first Encounter article in Question. He decided to write 'a fresh article’, submitted in January 1969 and published in the January 1970 issue under the title 'The Evolution of Oxbridge'. indicates the very extensive re-working which Darlington undertook in order to include an The change of title historical survey, the treatment of Dissenters and religious abuses as well as the secular privileges previously attacked. C.103 Correspondence with editor re article, 1968-69, copy of article as printed. C.104 'Can Oxford be reformed! Notes and ideas on Oxford. historical emphasis. management of universities’ (no indication of place or date). n the present position in the light of renewed student interest in the Heavily-revised version of 'Oxford Reformed', dated 16 July 1968, and with a ms. introduction 'We asked Prof. D ... to give us his views Extensively-corrected drafts for article to adapt it for publication as ‘The Evolution of Oxbridge’, various dates, November 1968, Janvary~ March 1969. eneadl ondinod. Press-cuttings and articles on Oxford, assembled by heavily annotated by him. 3 folders: C.107-C.109 Darlington and many Similar material to C.98 but with more C.107 C.108 C.109 1960-64 1964-65 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 C.110-C.115 MAGDALEN COLLEGE Oxford The Sherardian Chair carried with it was made an Emeritus Fellow, and subsequently (1972) elected to an Honorary Fellowship. a Fellowship at Magdalen. On retirement, Darlington C.110 1953-69 Correspondence 1953 commemorates his election. 1971 Building and appeal. Gift by Darlington of stone plaque for the Magdalen Plane. Ms. notes (n.d.) on Magdalen Rose Garden. 1971-72 Election to Emeritus (1971) and Honorary (1972) Fellowships at Magdalen. C.116-C.121 OXFORD COLLEGES AND SOCIETIES Miscellaneous, mainly social invitations. Arrangements for retirement parties, 1971, at Magdalen and New College, including notes for soeeches. B- Ho Invitations to meetings (mainly declined), lists of members, history of Club, etc. A senior dining club, limited to twenty members; elected in 1954. An alphabetical sequence of shorter items: invitations to lecture, dine. Ce ih ee Ashmolean Club 1955-80 Darlington wes C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 CAlg Humanist Group 1963-70 J-M Natural Science Club 1957-78 A senior society, founded in 1907 with a limited membership of twenty~seven, mainly heads of science departments. Letter of election (1957), invitations to meetings, lists of members. O-5 ©. 1224C..125 HISTORICAL MISCELLANY Darlington's Folder includes correspondence, drafts for wording Correspondence on Oxford science and scientists, 1962. Correspondence re commemorative plaques for Hooke and Hooker, 1966. Ge heZ Correspondence and papers re plaque installed on wall of University College, Oxford, to commemorate the work of Boyle and Hooke, 1960-65. Correspondence begins in 1960, initiated by E.J. Bowen. letter to the Master of the College, 6 October 1964, offers to meet the cost, but the College agreed to do this, and the plaque was put up in May 1965. of plaque, press-cuttings and ms. draft of an article by Darlington for the Oxford Mail about the plaque and about old Oxford street names. See J.97 for similar correspondence on London place and street names. Correspondence on old Oxford street names which Darlington hoped to revive, 1964-69. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 SECTION D RESEARCH D.1 - D206 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION D LIST OF TOPICS | D.1-D.4 ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT D.5 ETHOLOGY D.6-D.11 EUGENICS ~12-D.30 GENETICS -31-D.122 HISTORY Biographical Correspondence Soviet genetics Background material o31~D.65 .66-D.71 -72-D.116 .117-D.122 tea INCEST Assortative mating Crime, etc. Culture, etc. . 153-D.181 SOCIAL GENETICS .124-D.128 INDIA .129-D.143 INTELLIGENCE . 144-D.152 IQ AND RACE 72 .153-D.155 o .156-D.162 o e 163, D.164 s .165, D.166 e .167-D.171 o e c O NOTES ON READING Pedigrees Population Reflexes and instincts Mental deficiency Modern societies O o . a o Primitive mind Miscellaneous C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research The alphabetical arrangement by topics is for convenience only and does not reflect the chronology of Darlington's research interests. His earliest work, on plant chromosomes, is documented in the laboratory notebooks, microscope observations and notes under "Genetics' (D.12 et seq.), and his interest in eugenics is also shown to be of early date (D.6). The large component subsumed under ‘Social Genetics' (D.153-D.181) indicates his later concentration on such problems as evolution, population genetics, intelligence and the like. The material under 'History' (D.31-D.122) includes documents (some originals, some photocopies from the archives of the John Innes Institute) on William Bateson and his family, and a substantial section on the history of Soviet genetics and Western attitudes to it. Darlington was one of the leading British opponents of Lysenkoism, and a personal friend and strong supporter of Vavilov who had collaborated with Bateson in the early years of the John Innes. Darlington wrote several tributes and obituaries when news of his friend's death was received and lived long enough to witness his rehabilitation. The Lysenko controversy illustrated divisions of opinion among British intellectuals, several t f PA Z articles and press~cuttings on the subject. with a descriptive title now shown in inverted commas in the entries. Almost all the general thinking at the time, whether or not this was in line with his own. They help documents bear comments, summaries or assessments by Darlington*. They are of interest Most of the 'topics' contain some notes, ideas and drafts by Darlington, and a little articles, scientific papers, press-cuttings - usually kept in an envelope or stiff cover correspondence, but a considerable proportion is his files of background information - for the light they throw on the development of Darlington's views on a topic and also on of whom such as J.B.S. Haldane, J.D. Bernal and G.B. Shaw supported Lysenko's views. The background material at D.117-D.122 is a useful assemblage of contemporary pamphlets, alone has been retained. For reasons of space, and at the request of the receiving institution, material withoui s nnrrterbnciea oul annotation has been discarded end, when only the title page bore a comment, that to illustrate the formulation of his ideas and hypotheses, and the composition of some folders also indicate the wide range of Darlington's reading, which is further attested by the Similar material can be found used specifically for a book at E.570-E.633 very numerous notes found in books in his study at home {(D.182-D.206). n) and at E.661-E.665 assembled for a possible sequel to it. The al Be she ei oe ee a. | 7 Nas eel Be Mie eee ae of his later work. fc . { : C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT Ms. notes on climate, history and changes of climate, deserts, history of agriculture, man and his habitat, etc. A few with various dates, 1950s, 1960s. Ms. notes on conservation, some dated 1972, 1974. ‘Land and Habitat' Darlington's folder of annotated background material. ‘Ecology / Envmt. Conservation - Pollution’ Darlington's folder of annotated background material. ETHOLOGY EUGENICS ae eugenics’ ' Miscellaneous notes and references. 20a, Ct 1d Ip. types cript headed 'Conce rning eugenics' on cd cebut os ms. drafts (5pp. and 2pp.), one headed "Huxley Notes and correspondence, 1962, on family histories of the Jukes, Kallikak and Bungler families. Includes related printed matter. t i reference is made to © recent address' by Huxley (the Norman Lockyer a lac Lecture, 1926). Background material. Correspondence with Eugenics Society and others on research int adoption, 1960-63. notes by Darlington. Annotated backgre cane material, mainly 1962. Tribune report on Darlington's support for population contr ol. Includes Chicago Daily eho ~ Includes a little related printed matter, and ms. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 D.12-D.30 GENETICS Research D.12 Small black notebook, inscribed 'Notes 1923-25'. chromosome numbers and genetic theories. Both ends of book used. Mainly on Includes as loose items an early passport photograph of Darlington and a press announcement of his Royal Institution lectures on 'The Cytological Theory of Heredity', 1931. See E.21, F.1. 'Lactuca (Bolting) 1924' Hard-back notebook so inscribed; Both ends of book used. $ some pages torn out and some loose. Noies on lettuce cultivation, 1924, 1925, and Ip. ms. ‘Note on Lettuce~bolting June 1925’. "Cytology Notes 1924-26' Inside front Hard-back notebook so inscribed; some loose pages. cover is a note 'On the Chromosome Behaviour and Origin of our Cherries’ and further notes for a collaborative paper on the subject with 'M.B.C.' [Crane]. of Occupation' of work and collaborators at Merton, 1923-28. Intercalated on front page is a ms. 'Diary "Cherries 1926. Both ends of book used. "Mr. Newton's Report’ on Tulipa. n.d. ¢.1927. Notes & Photos. Leningrad Herbarium’ 2pp. ms. by Darlington, Folder of material so described. Miscellaneous ms. notes on various species, 1927-29. Book includes records of experiments on Prunus, Ribes, hyacinth, begonia, etc. f Herd-back notebook so inscribed on front ‘Scilla. Hyacint front of the book, bear dates 1926, 1929-30 Pages from loose-leaf notebook; notes on various topics in chrornosome and genetic research. Various dates, 1929-33. cover Rear cover i the bulk of the work is and on various specimens of Fritillaria. tillaria Some pages ¢ h. : t ry > ont : Eucomis etc', but 'Fritillaria' 1027 1931. " f C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research "Tomatoes' Hard-back notebook so inscribed, with note inside front cover ‘all X-rayed 14.6.30.' by another. Pages headed by Darlington, observations made Few pages used. "Notes 1930’ Miscellaneous pages torn from a notebook, on chromosome theory. "Notebooks, 1933-40! Ring-back binder so inscribed on spine; "Recent Advances in Cytology’ (book first published 1932, 2nd ed. 1937, 3rd ed. 1967). inside front cover inscribed See E.38-E.45. Notes and diagrams on various species, many with later additions in red and blue pencil. D.23, D.24 Two hard-back notebooks (not by Darlington) of chromosome counts, etc. Both ends of books used. D.23 has a note for 'Muller' on p.1. D.24 (microscope and slide readings) has some pages dated 1934. t 1955, ’ 1958-59, v7 5 1961, r t 1940' "Sorghum J. Genet., 39. Ms. notes and diagrams. ‘Chromosomes of monkeys and men’ Sequences of ms. notes and diagrams by Darlington, on 'The Origin of Iso-Chromosomes', 1940; perhaps drafts or preliminary work for article published in Correspondence with colleagues, paper by Darlington and Haque so titled (Nature, 175, 1955) of which a copy is enclosed. Misce!laneous research notes, 1978, 1979 and undated. Draft pages on centromeres, perhaps for book; paginated 106-111, latest reference 1963. Miscellaneous notes and drafts on chromosome coiling, some dated 1962. related to C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 D.31-D.122 HISTORY Research D.31 -D.65 Biographical D.66 -D.71 Correspondence D.72 -D.116 Soviet Genetics D.117-D.122 Background material D.31-D.65 Biographical Correspondence, drafis, notes, documents (including photocopied and printed material) on British geneticists and especially William Bateson and members of the Bateson family. & . tic Cl D.31-D.45 Bateson, W. The material is presented in chronological order. documents, photocopied material cbtained by Darlington from the Bateson archives at the John Innes Inst itute, and drafts of later bio- graphical or historical work by others. whatever source, bear Darlington's comments. Many of the documents, from It includes several original 'Rubus received 1902' and contains lépp. of Back cover is labelled brief notes by Bateson. Small black notebook, originally Bateson's, inscribed on cover 'Violas' and inside 'Violas received from President Brainerd Middlebury College Vermont’. specimens. Contains 7pp. ms. notes and observations on viola The book was extensively used by Darlington for his own biographica and autobiographical writings. The back cover is inscribed ‘Br ief Lives' and the front page,dated '21.X.47', is heacled 'Occasional y Sketches'; the latest entry Includes recollections of R.A. Fisher, E. Barker, R. Haldane, G.R.S. Snow, conversations with etc., as well as an account of Darlington's parents and early upbringing. and another note on Gates and Bateson. Letters to Bateson from Wilson, Morgan, Johannsen, Keynes. dates, 1909-11. Letter to Bateson from R.R. Gates, with (‘Priority - Facilities at JIH] - Argument Dariington's note of the contents Recombination vs. Mutation’) Photocopies, with Darlington's list of contents in folder. is dated 8 February 197 J.B.S. Birley, y : f th child, W.J.L. Lawrence, ; (in front of book) Various C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research Letters from Bateson. Mainly to his wife during visit to New York, December 1921~January 1922, but also includes correspondence re award of Darwin Medal, July 1922. Photocopies, paginated 1-20 by Darlington and with a few annotations by him. Copy of Bateson's Leidy Memorial Lecture on 'Segregation', 1922, extensively annotated by Darlington and with a ms. note on Bateson's career, 1977. Photographs of Bateson, at Ithaca, in Russia, with Johanssen, etc., 1922-25; photograph of cartoon of E.W. MacBride, 1926. identified on verso by Darlington. All Laisser~passer for Bateson, on his visit to Leningrad. R. MacDonald, with a covering letter on conditions in Russian, 1924. Issued by Letters to Bateson from Catherine Vavilov, 15 and 29 January 1926. Photocopies, annotated by Darlington. See also D.62. Miscellaneous Bateson memorabilia: press-cuttings, invitations, etc., Includes Darlington's letter of condelence to Mrs. Bateson. 1925-26. Darlington's recollections of Bateson, written at various dates. 2pp. 'Auto' note, 1 December 1977. 2pp. 'Biog.', 22 May 1978. Copy of W. Coleman: Bateson and chromosomes, 1967, annotated by Darlington and with Ip. ms. notes by him. ‘Memories of William Bateson, written calamo currente 22.Xil.26.' (with some later additions; Darlington's cartoon of MacBride, referred to on p.6, is appended). 1977. Draft chapter from proposed biography: chapter 4, ‘University politics: degrees for women and compulsory Greek’. Photocopy. Correspondence with W.E. Castle and others re ‘Bateson at Harvard’, and reorganisation of the Bussey Institution, 1961. Miscellaneous publications by Cock on Bateson, Anna Bateson and other members of the Bateson family. Also included is a note by B. Mehler and G.E. Allen on 'The William Bateson papers', Correspondence with A.G. Cock re his proposed biography of Bateson, 1973, 3977. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research Bateson, G. Gregory, born in 1904, was the youngest of Bateson's four sons. He became an ethnologist, and married Margaret Mead. Draft papers by Bateson, sent to Darlington for comment, with covering letter, 1962, 1968. - Enclosed here is later correspondence, 1979, from G. Bateson's publisher asking Darlington to review his book Mind and Matter. Correspondence with D. Lipset about his proposed biography 'Gregory Bateson: The Legacy of a Scientist', 1975-79, with Ip. corrections to the draft. list of Darlington's D.48-D.56 Drafts of book, under working title 'Gregory Bateson: Natural History of a Naturalist’, with a few marginal corrections as listed. D.48 Preface, two copies D.49 List of contents; Chapter | 50 Chapier II Chapter III Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VIII Chapter IV Chapter VII 1965 Miscellaneous ms. notes on Haldane and family, some dated 1978, 1979. Includes copies of Darlington's reviews of 'J.B.S.' and ‘Haldane and Modern Biology’ (Nature, 222, ’) ‘Gregory Bateson: Early Biography'. Lipset to About Bateson ed. by Darlington. Photocopy of contribution by Short ms. note, 1979. J. Brockman, 1977. Frankel, O.H. eee perenne Heavily annotated Haldane, J.B.S. RoC leh (Nature, ra. 220, D968 ‘Ms. notes, n.d. ¢ : on i 1070 “7 Oy eee . | ee Gobineau. . ~ . * Bek Los C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research Huxley, T.H. Brief notes only. Morgan, T.H. Photocopied article, annotated by Darlington. Muller, H.J. Photocopies of letters from Muller to J.S. Huxley, March 1937, sent to Darlington 1980 with a covering letter from B.J. Harrison. Annotated by Darlington; on Soviet genetics. Ms. notes, 1978 and n.d. Folder of book reviews and press~cuttings on history and philosophy of science, biographies of scientists and liberals of 1930s, etc. D.66-D.71 Correspondence An alphabetical sequence of exchanges with colleagues and historians requesting or forwarding information. Kept tagether by Darlington. D.66 Hrs, HLH. Badash, L. Baker, J.R. Hillejan, (Mendel) 1976 1974 1967 Kevles, D.J. 1960 1974 1978 Kupzow, A.J. Brownlee, A. (Robert Burton) 1977 Macintyre, A. Mackie, E.W. Mayr, E. Olby, R.C. 1975 1977 1978 1974-76 Osborn, T.G.B. — (Bobart) Polani, P.E. and others ‘Pickering, G.W. (Megaliths) 19 0-51 1 z O° : (Galton) (Poulton) ' 1974 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research Royal Scottish Museum (W.S. Sutton) Shine, I. = (T. H. Morgan) 1977 1975 Sinclair, H.M. (J. Adams) "1978 Stuessy, R gts | Wells, G.P. — (L. Hogben) Wilczynski, J. 1975-76 1976 1951 D.72-D.116 Soviet Genetics A chronological sequence of correspondence, drafts, notes and publications, concentrated particularly on the 1940s and 1950s when Darlington was one of the central figures in Britain attacking the theories and influence of Lysenko, and more generally the interference of ideology and politics in Russian science. Darlington wrote extensively and forcefully on the subject, as well as giving broadcast talks or contributions to discussions and reviewing publications by others. J.B.S. Haldane, took the other view as a geneticist. The publishing history of some of his articles was far from smooth (D.77-D.78) and some of his suggestions were rejected (D.76). Darlington lived long enough to see the rehabilitation of his friend Vavilov and to write an obituary of Lysenko (D.114-D.116). sciences were strongly left-wing. Darlington, for all his tilting at officialdom and despite in the 1930s and 1940s when many leading practitioners of the physical and biological his personal friendship for several participants in the debate, such as J.S. Huxley and The 'background material’ at D.117-D.122 is of interest both for the presence of ephemera, British and foreign, not easily assembled, and for the social and political aspects of science Letters, 1945, 1946, with news of fate of colleagues in Russia. Includes letter from A.D. Hall -invitation to chair discussion on Soviet genetics - declined - 1940. For shorter publications on Russian genetics, see E.71-E.73. yn Shorter correspondence, 1934-43. 1934, note on twinning research, 1940, D.73 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research 65 Obituary notice of N.I. Vavilov, published in Nature, 156, 1945, by Darlington and S.C. Harland. script drafts. and later correspondence, 1953, requesting Darlington to write Royal Society Memoir of Vavilov (declined). Includes copy of a letter, 1938, from Vavilov to Harland, Extensively revised ms. and type~ Shorter correspondence, 1946-47 Includes letters on Russian cotton, 7 publications on Russian science. ‘Concerning genetics in USSR' Translation of article so titled, made by T. Dobzhansky and sent to Darlington. Includes letter from Nature declining to publish, 1947. ‘The retreat from science in Soviet Russia’ Darlington had considerable difficulty in finding a publisher for this article, which most thought too sweeping. It appeared eventually in The Nineteenth Century. Magazine, The Fortnightly, Nature. / The magazine closed down before Also includes request to reprint article in American Included here is to B. Crick about his biography of Orwell and Darlington's recollections of Orwell. a draft letter, December 1980, marked "Not sent' Extensively corrected ms. and typescript drafts for article, as published. in Soviet Genetics, 1948. Continuing correspondence, with G. Orwell and editor of Polemic, which accepted the article. publication but the editors arranged for publication in The Ninetee Century, 1947. publication New Leader. J. Hered., 38, May 1947, with Ip. ms. notes. Also includes 'Postscript' referring to later developments 'A revolution in Soviet Science’ copy of article and reprinted j See D.87. YI Y f ‘ Copies of article as published in Discovery, February 1947, in ibliched art ar {s c } s } : ; C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research ‘Genetics and science in the USSR' Copy of letter as published in Br.med.J., November 1947. ‘Soviet biology ...' (review of address by Lysenko). of thanks, copy of review in Br.med.J., November 1947. Draft, letter ‘Russian Science’ Draft letter to editor (perhaps Br. med.J. ?), November 1947. No indication of whether published. D.83-D.86 orrespondence in response to Darlington's articles in Discovery, Nineteenth Century and Br. med. J., 1947-48, some with additional information on Soviet genetics. A-D F-H D.85 D.86 K=-M "Science in Russia’ ‘The war against science in the Soviet Union' Article written for Picture Post, 25 September 1948, arising from the session of the Lenin Academy of Agricultural Sciences in July 1948. " Article published in Thinker's Digest, 1948, based on some of the material in Nineteenth Century article. suggesting subsequent publication. With letter from S$. Unwin Correspondence with Discovery, 1948, on Lysenko, and an account of Vavilov's last days by J.S. Alexandrowicz (see also D.100, D.116). Copy of article as published, and of Italian translation in Vita e pensiero, April 1949. Ne tboto Darlington's ms. draft, titled 'From Lenin to Lysenko', 18pp., not identical with published text. Includes correspondence from editor commissioning article urgently. orrespondence with V.S. Frank, 1948, . Correspondence A- E, 1948. »s, radio summaries, etc. OUS background i enclosing translations of Russian rt 2 > . . < Hy cist: C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 e974, D8 'The Lysenko Controversy' Research Third Programme broadcast, with contributions by Harland, Darlington, Fisher, Haldane, published in The Listener, December 1948. See also F.91. Copy of broadcast as published, background material, correspondence arising frora broadcast . Correspondence, 1948-49, requesting permission to repramuce material. Includes Darlington's ms. and typescript draft sent to editor of Research. Correspondence, 1948-50, re proposed collection of papers on ‘The death of a science in Russia’; material to be included. includes Darlington's ‘Bibliography’ of Letter from German colleague on Lysenko controversy, 1948. 'Lysenko and the scientists’ Ms. and typescript drafts for letter to editor Nation, published as 'The Lysenko controversy’, January 1949. 2w Statesman and ‘La Science résiste a la Dictature' See E: ] 68 . L-M D.99-D.102 Correspondence and information, 1949. 10pp. heavily-revised translation, apparently made by Darlington himself, of article 'Science resists dictation’, New. Leader, New York, 1949 ae A-H Includes draft for news item for publication on Darlington's and Mather's 'The elements of genetics', and correspondence with J.S. Huxley on his article on Lysenko for Nature. O-S Includes copies of articles in Saturday | Review v of Literature by G.B. Includes correspondence with D. Michie on Vavilov's fate. - (defending by rane and Muller (against), draft D.99 D.102 Correspondence with H.J. Muller and artict by Dobzhanzk C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research Ms. and typescript draft of review of J.S. Huxley: Soviet genetics and world science, for The Literary Guide, December 1949. Material relating to VII International Botanical Congress, Stockholm, July 1950 and especially to questions put to !.Y. Glushchenko, head of Russian delegation, by Darlington and others. See also H.78-H.83. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers, 1951-53. Includes copy of 'Why communism must fail’ (1951) with articles by Russell, Shapiro, Darlington, F. Watson, W.N. Ewer, V. Feather; arrangements for conference on ‘Aspects ar Coetiguateent Darlington gave a talk, etc. at which Copies of Soviet press reports relating to Lysenko's reported 'disgrace', sent to Darlington by Foreign Office, 1953. Correspondence and papers, 1954. Includes brief review by Darlington for Heredity of book on Soviet science by A. Buchholz. Correspondence and papers, 1956. Includes reports by G. Bonnier, A. Gustafsson of visits to Russia, and letter from A.J. Kupzow marked 'imp' by Darlington. ‘Science and State in the Soviet Union' editorial correspondence, draft and shortened version. ‘The rise and fall of Trofim Lysenko' Article for New Scientist, 25 5, 1965. Correspondence and papers, papers, Pp 1959-61. Includes A.J. Kupzow, H.J. Muller, Th. Dobzhansky. Article commissioned by Central Office of Information for Oversecis Press; T.D. Lysenko, New Scientist, 43, 1969. Includes editorial corresponderce, ms. and typescript drafts, press- cuttings, brief correspondence arising. Notes and draft for review of Z.A. Medvedev: The rise and fall of Obituary of A.R. Zhebrak, July 1965. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research Correspondence, 1974-77. Includes specimens of Vavilov memorial stamps issued as part of his rehabilitation; on these the date of his death is given as 1943, not 1942 as had previously been supposed. Also includes Darlington's reply to. J.M. Ziman re Soviet scientists. Obituary of Lysenko, Nature, 266, 1977. editorial correspondence, copy of obituary as published. Ms. drafts and notes, ‘The last days of Nikolai Vavilov' Article by Darlington, New Scientist, December 1978, arising from in his article Darlington reproduces the letter from J.S. Alexandrowicz at D.88. Scientist, November 1978); Folder includes ms. drafts and notes, copies of articles as published, brief correspondence arising. -117-D.122 Background material aTie Reprints. duplicated material on Lysenkoism, 1933-49 and n.d. Includes paper by N.1I. Vavilov, 1927, printed and ; ; Press-cuttings, 1948-67 Press-cuttings, mainly on death of Lysenko, 1976. Reprints, reviews, duplicated papers on Lysenkoism and Soviet genetics, 1950-71. ‘Press comment on Lysenko and Haldane, Bernal et al. 1946-49 (Darlington's own description of folder of press~cuttings. Publications, brochures, pamphlets, on Soviet’science, Anglo~Soviel relations, Marxism in science, etc. 1 box. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research 123 INCEST Notes, correspondence, 1963, 1967. D.124-D.128 INDIA D.124 Extensive ms. notes and re-workings, including notes on the literature, probably for chapter or paper on 'Caste in India' for which Ip. list of contents is provided. Various paginations and sequences as kept by Darlington. : D125, °@.126 Ms. notes and ideas on aspects of India. 2 folders. D.125 contains some notes with various dates in 1970s. Correspondence on India. 1941, on Eurasians (letter originally sent to E.W. Macfarlane). 1961, with F. Barth, on marriage patterns in Swot. Darlington's folder of annotated press~cuttings on India. D.129-D.143 INTELLIGENCE The distinction between ‘Intelligence’ ° . . e 1 1 and to the material itself. Notes, correspondence, background material. e The items grouped under ‘Intelligence’ deal with and measure the concept of intelligence, genetic variables and environmental factors; promotion of intelligence testing whose data were subsequently discredited. substantial proportion (D.129-D.134) is on the work of Cyril Burt, a leading figure in the 'IQ and Race’ is far from clear though it can usually be substantiated by designations given -Darlington's notes on later doubts about Burt's data, some Papers and articles by Burt, 1952-71, with annotations and comment Darlington; also includes his diagrams on 'Race, Class and Culture Burt's 1952 paper ‘Intelligence and Fertility’. Material relating to Cyril Burt attempts to define a D.129 .°] il C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research D.131-D.133 Correspondence re Burt. D.131 Banks, C. (a colleague of Burt), 1976-80 Includes drafts for letters to the press, and a few related press~cuttings. Davidson, D. Kamin, L.J. Leaky, MJ. 1978, 1979 1974 1976 Requesting an article on Burt for Encounter. Martin, N. Roberts, J.A.F. 1974 1974, 1976 Press-cuttings and articles on Burt. The Times as a contribution to press discussion of Burt, November 1976 and letters requesting copies. Includes Darlington's letter to D.135 D.136 Mainly 1960s. 1970s and n.d. D.137 A-F Darlington's ms. notes and drafts Correspondence (most annotated) Some intended for papers and books or revisions of books, some shorter notes on reading, for discussion, etc. =-~V Includes letters te D.C. Gajdusek and others on brain size variation. Includes correspondence from J.R. Baker arranging ¢ meeting with Jensen and Darlington, 1974. See C.11! for Darlington’s notes on the meeting G-H Jensen, A..R. 1972 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Background material D.141 D.142 D.143 Research Reprints and printed matter on intelligence, all annotated by Darlington. Papers on intelligence by J.A. Fraser Roberts, 1938-45. Annotated press-cuttings. D.144-D.152 IQ AND RACE This material, though closely linked to the 'nature-nurture' factors in ‘Intelligence’, usually has specific designation, e.g. 'Race and IQ' by Darlington himself. Some of the documents are related to'two major conferences which Darlington attended, at the Maudsley Hospital (1970), and at the University of Miami (1971). See also H.136, H.137, H.140-H.143. Much of the correspondence and background material is from American colleagues or on American racial problems. D.144 D.145 Osborne, R.T. 1978-80 Page, E.B. and others MOFI-73 Correspondence (most annotated) Darlington's notes and drafts Includes copy of a letter to Osborne, 1971, from R.B. Cottell. g Miscellaneous material, mainly dated 1972-74. See also J.117. Mainly arising from the 'Resolution on scientific freedom regarding human behaviour and heredity’ (signed by 50 distinguished scientists, among them Darlington) which Page circulated after its publication in American Psychologist, 47, 1972). Includes corres- pondence and papers both acu and defending the The 'Society for the Ps sychol logical Study of Social Issue set up a 'Commission' to investigate the matter and cal ile d a information (some included in the folder). survey of the ‘Affirmative Action Program’ at the University of Pittsburg. ee Also included is C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research Provine, W.B. Bateson's views on race. Seagrim, G.N. Slater, E. Swan, D.A. 197] = 4968 1961, 1968 1973-80 Mainly re publications of International Association for the Advancement of Ethology and Eugenics, Inc. (Darlington was a member of the Executive Committee.) Background material D.149 D.150 D.151 D.152 Darlington's folder of 'Cuttings IQ & Race’. Reprints on race and heredity by R.T. Osborne, annotated by Darlington. Printed matter and data on racial integration in America. Reprints (some annotated) on race and I.Q. Assortative mating D.153 D.154 D.153-D.181 SOCIAL GENETICS The topics are presented in Dariington's notes, ideas, references, n.d. alphabetical order, for convenience only. folders, bundles of notes or at the head of correspondence. This very large category represents several topics separately designated on Darlington's nating Annotated Annotated reprints on assortative mating. reprint rtat Correspondence : Elston, R.N. Roberts, D.F. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Crime, etc. Research The full title of Darlington's box containing the material was 'Crime / Drugs / Opium / Cannabis / Cocaine’. D.156 ‘Crime Own Notes' Darlington's folder of notes, comments and narratives, a few with dates in 1970s, some probably earlier. ‘Chromosomes and Crime’ Notes, diagrams, ideas, correspondence from colleagues forwarding information, 1967, 1971. ‘Crime’ Press~cuttings, 1962-74, annotated. "American Crime Black Power Drugs’ Press-cuttings, 1963-73, annotated. "Mafia Thugs' Press-cuttings, 1962-72, annotated. Culture, etc. Mental deficiency Darlington's notes, ideas and narratives. D.161 D.163 D.164 D.165 D.166 D.162 Reprints on Crime, 1945-67. The full title of Darlington's folders was 'Culture and migration and invention’. Chromosomes and crime, press-cuttings and reprints, 1966-73, and n.d., annotated Data, diagrams, notes. Correspondence and data on the deaths of mental defectives, and especially of mongols, 1963. Correspondence requesting or forwarding data. Reprints and press-cuttings, most annotated. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Modern societies Research Contents of a box of material so inscribed. D.167 "UK modern' Notes, ideas, annotated press-cuttings. "History and Sociology UK' Annotated press~cuttings. 'Russia' Notes, ideas, annoteted press-cuttings. "Geog. of notables' Notes. DOT 1 ' Pedigrees Notes, annotated press-cuttings, mainly on structure of society, professional groups, classes, history. D372 Notes, ideas, diagrams of family trees, mainly 1970s. Populat ion Primitive mind D.174 Dial75 Dead 2 Notes, annotated reprints. Notes, ideas, annotated press-cuttings, mainly 1960s. f Miscellaneous notes, ideas, annotated press-cuttings, many on Adam Smith, Notes, narratives, ideas, mostly 1970s, and mainly on work of Sherrington, Tinbergen and Lorenz. Extensive folder of miscellaneous ms. notes on a variety of topics. D.176 ‘General and unclassified details' Marx, Malthus, 1977-78. i Reflexes and instincts Miscellaneous C.D. Darlington CSAC 196/3/85 Research Miscellaneous notes, ideas, annotated press-cuttings on crime, population and other topics, 1977-78. Shorter ms. notes. Miscellaneous annotated press-cuttings, 1979-81. Annotated reprints. D.182-D.206 NOTES ON READING ‘They were extracted by P.D.A. Harvey, Darlington’s Professor Harvey points out in his explanatory note (included in D.182) even so, most appear'to be related The papers, This box of material consists of papers (notes, quotations, references, ideas) found inside books in Darlington's study at home. stepson and executor, who has added to each the name of the author, title and, usually, date of printing. that some of the papers were used as bookmarks only; to the book in question either directly or by reminiscence of similar ideas. which are very numerous, are some measure of the extent of Darlington's reading, bearing in mind that they relate only to his personal library and do not include the wide range of books reviewed for Heredity or the annotated scientific papers found widely elsewhere in the collection. of original publication, nor date of reading. The material is arranged chronologically by date of printing, not necessarily C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Research D.182 19th Century and earlier. Included here is note, explaining the provenance of the material. 29 March 1982, from P.D.A. Harvey 1900-19 1920-29 1930-39 1940-49 1950-51 1953-59 1960 196] D.194 D195 196 197 .198 199 . 200 201 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1925 1962-63 1964-65 1966-67 1977 “3976 D.202 D.203 D204 1978-80 Notes on books with titles only, no date of publication. Shorter correspondence re books, removed from books in Darlingten's study and identified by P.D.A. Harvey. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 SECTION E PUBLICATIONS _E.1 - E.710 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION E Ral-'- “ ) . La . 2 be) Pp C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 'A frightening experience’ Ms. and typescript drafts for letter to Editor, Oxford Magazine, March 1962. ‘A dictionary of scientific biography' Ms. and typescript drafts recommending such a compilation, August 1962. See also G.97. Obituary notice of R.A. Fisher, Eugen.Rev., 54, 1962. Ms. drafts. "The common market' Ms. drafts for comment commissioned for Encounter (published 1963), October 1962-January 1963. Reviews, 1962 (5). Reviews, 1962 (3) and some printed copies. Teaching genetics was edited ‘Psychology, genetics and the process of history’, Br.J.Psychol., 54 1963 Drafts for article based on address to British Psychological Society, December 1962. ‘Teaching biology', Nature, 199, 1963 Drafts, correspondence and comments. Reviews; 1963 (4). This collection of essays by twenty leading geneticists by Darlington and A.D. Bradshaw and first published by Oliver and Boyd in 1963 (reprinted 1965). There was also an American edition. Darlington's own contribution to the volume was 'The genetic garden’. Folder includes correspondence, 1962-73, mainly with publishers but a little from colleagues, C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications Drafts and notes for 'Fifty years of Drosophila’, Nature, 197, 1963 (review of A.H. Sturtevant: Genetics and Evolution), and for 'Contending with evolution', Sci. i, Progx, 52, 1964 (combined essay~ review of books by Huxley and Mayr). E.365-E.379 ‘The genetics of society' This was Darlington's contribution to 'A Symposium on Race: an interdisciplinary approach’, ed. A.J. Gregor, Hawaii U.P., Honolulu, 1963. The copies here were privately printed and circulated by Darlington and are dated March 1963, and there were subsequent publica- tions in Race and Modern Science, N.Y., 1967 and in Past and Present, 43, 1969. In ams. headnote to the ms. draft of 1962 (E.365) Darlington describes it as 'The first page of what became EMS [Evolution of man and society J in 1969'. E.365 E.366 Heavily-revised ms. draft, dated '22 Feb. 62'. (empty) note-book headed 'Genetics for Society', 1960. Also included is Two copies of privately printed version, March 1963, with revisions and notes for version in Past and Present, 1969. 1962. of IAAEE, arrangements for reprint of 'Control of Evolution in Man', etc. Includes invitation to Darlington to join Executive Committee Correspondence, principally with A.J. Gregor (Secretary) and D.A. Swan E.367-E.371 (Treasurer) re International Association for the Advancement of Ethnology and Eugenics (IAAEE), which sponsored publications such as the “Sympesium on Race', disseminated professional reprints (including several of Darlington's) and acted ‘as a gad-fly to reopen discussion and stimulate critical thought in areas where critical thought is essential’. For views on Darlington's 'Control of Evolution in Man', assembled by IAAEE, see F.39. 1967-78, mainly with Swan re publications and reprints. Includes invitation to Darlington to become ‘titular head' 1962-63. Mankind Quarterly. Correspondence with other members of IAAEE, mainly re 1963-64. of IAAEE. 1961 E.367 gE, 365, E.369 E.370 Ea C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications E.372-E .378 Correspondence re 'Genetics of society’, mainly from colleagues receiving copies, a few with Darlington's replies and/or further discussion, 1963-64. Exg/2 A-C E.375 - Huxley, J.S. (includes comments and discussion) £373 E.374 D-G H : E.376 E.377 K-L N-T Later correspondence, 1965, 1967 E.380-E.383 Genetics and man This is the re-titled second and revised edition of The facts of life (1953, see E.206-E.216), in Evolution of man and society (E.402 et seq.). E.380 Esoot E.382 E.383 published by Allen and Unwin 1964, as a Pelican paperback in 1966 and in an Americon edition in 1969. Darlington often refers to this as the ‘introduction’ to the ideas developed Correspondence re paperback edition, 1965-66. reviews, Correspondence from readers. Unbound copy of The facts of life (1953), with extensive ms. revisions for new edition. Correspondence with Allen and Unwin, 1963-64, mainly re Genetics and man, some re reprinting of Chromosome botany. Correspondence with American publisher, 1968. and man (includes draft preface for American edition) but some re reprint of The elements of genetics. Includes blurb, two Mainly re Genetics. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications "Man and mankind’, The Listener, February 1964. Letter arising from broadcast of same title. Drafts, related printed matter. Ip. note on 'Human Trisonics', March 1964. 3pp. note on work of Dobzhansky, perhaps for review, dated 1964. Draft obituary of O. Winge, prepared for The Times, April 1964. Reviews, 1964 (2) and some printed copies. Cytology Third edition of Recent Advances in Cytology, first published 1932 (see E.38-E.45), 1965. Ms. drafts for preface, dated May 1964. Foreword to Origins of Mendelism, by R.C. Olby. (published Reviews, 1965 (2). Drafts, correspondence, 1966. Draft, May 1965 (published 1966). Foreword to The plastids, by J. Kirk and R. Tilney~Bassett 1967). Foreword to Biology and the social crisis, by J.K. Brierley (published 1967). o Chromosomes today, 2, 1969. Untitled 4pp. ms. note on analytic and synthetic approach in genetics and biochemistry. Ip. ms., August 1967, perhaps early note for Darlington's contribution "What we do not know about chromosomes’ Drafts, notes, correspondence, 1966. t L 1 be Ot Chetimacamac a 4 GA Reviews, 1966 (6). C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications Letter to The Times, on foot and mouth disease, December 1967. Not published. : 'The silent millenia’ Draft, December 1967, for paper at research seminar, May 1968, published in The domestication and exploitation of plants and animals, 1969. Includes correspondence. Reviews, 1967 (3). 'The application and division of polynemic chromosomes' Typescript and ms. draft, 1968, for collaborative paper published in Heredity, 24, 1969. See also E.493. Reviews, 1968 (2, on Haidane). C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications E.402-E.492 The evolution of man and society (EMS), 1969 This massive book of over 700 pages, with 22 maps and diagrams, 44 charts and tables and 18 pedigrees, was the first of Darlington's major publications attempting a synoptic analysis of the genetics of man and society. An ‘introduction’ to his ideas had, - he considered, been furnished by Genetics and man, and he envisaged two additional volumes of which only one, The little universe of man, was completed and published (1978, see E.535-E.646). The evolution of man and society had been in active prepara- tion since 1962, originally under the title 'The evolution of society’, though the origins of its ideas went back to Darlington's Persian expedition of 1929 and his discussions with colleagues of the 1930s. The book was published by Allen and Unwin in 1969, with an American edition in 1970 and translations into most European languages and into Japanese. The correspondence with the publishers shows the care expended on what was clearly recognised as a major and highly-valued undertaking (see especially E.466). Publication was accompanied and followed by shorter articles, broadcasts and talks by Darlington and by substantial continuing correspondence from colleagues and from the general public. E.465-E.475 E.476-E.492 E.445-E.459 Notes and background material E.402-E .444 Drafts E.460-E.464 Shorter articles and writings on EMS Publications correspondence and reviews Critical reception was extensive, and mixed, and Darlington made the classification The material is presented as follows: and discussion of the reviews into a study in itself (see E.472, E.473, E.509, E.510). Correspondence preceding and following EMS C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Drafts Publ ications E.402-E.438 Ms. and typescript drafts 37 folders as follows: Preface, Ch.1. Several versions, one marked 'Rejected’. February 1963. ‘Origin of Man' (originally 'Monkeys and Men’). Earliest dated page is Ch.2. ‘The Expanding Species' Ch.3. 'The Breeding System! (originally Ch.2 'The Sexual Revolution’) Ch.4. "The Coming of Agriculture’ Ch.5. for section published as ‘Babylonia’. 'The First Cities’ and 'The Making of an Empire'. Ms. drafts Ch.6. ‘The Egyptian Achievement' (published as 'Egypt') Ch.7. originally numbered '8' but published as part of Ch.7. ‘The Making of Europe’. Includes ms. of 'The Aryan Expansion’ ‘Rome’ (Ch.12 in published book) ‘Rome 2nd ed. Jan. 1966' Ch.8. ‘The Greeks' Ch.9. 'Semites and Jews' ‘Persia’ (Ch. 10 in published book) 'Macedon' (Ch.11 in published book) ‘Augustus and the Empire’ (originally numbered 14) 'The Manifold Pattern’ (published as Ch.18 ‘The New Nations'). 'The Re-making of Europe’ (published as Ch.19 'The Northern 'Xty' dated February, March 1966 (originally numbered 15) 'Islam' dated June 1966 (originally numbered 16) Ch.17.-'The Successors’ (published as 'The Southern Successors) Ch.18. lIntruders') Ch.19. ~ 16dHinduiam’: 1967 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 E.422 E.423 E.424 E.425 -426 -427 .428 429 -430 hol -432 Publications Ch.20. ‘The Jews Dispersed’ (published as 'The Jewish lnvolvement') Ch.20. 'The Reformation and the Church! (published as Ch. 21) Ch.21. ‘The Reformation and Society’ (published as Ch. 22) Ch.22. the West') ‘The Age of Revolution’ (published as Ch.23 ‘Revolution in Ch.23. the East) 'The Russian Revolution’ (published as Ch. 24 'Revolution in Ch.24. ‘America’ (Ch.25 in published book) Ch.25. 'The Chinese World’ (published as Ch.26 'China') 'The Pacific World' (published as Ch.27 'Oceania') "The African World' (published as Ch. 28 'Africa') Ch. 26. ‘Conclusion’ (published as Ch.29 'Man and Society’) "EMS Prefaces 1960-65' Miscellaneous drafts, be sent copies. A few 'galley additions Aug.'68'. lists, etc. for acknowledgements, and of those to Ms. drafts and notes for tables, diagrams and charts. Miscellaneous ms. drafts under various titles, 'The Evolution of Society', "Social Genetics of the Biological Interpretation of History’, etc., and miscellaneous ideas for dedications 'to Man', 'to my parents’, etc. Ms. notes and drafts for diagrams. Ms. drafts, sketches and notes for maps. Proofs of maps, annotated by Darlington. Additional 'Maps not used in EMS' C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications 119 E.439-E.444 Ms. and typescript drafts, from box inscribed '1967 EMS corrections removed from typescript’. at various dates in 1967. Several sections have a headnote 'Scrapped' 6 folders as follows: Chs.1-2 and preface Chs .3-4 Chs.5-8 Chs.9-16 Chs. 17-19 Chs. 20-28 Notes and background material These are Darlington's folders or assemblages of ms. notes and ideas, notes on books and articles read, annotated reprints, brochures, press-cuttings and some correspondence with colleagues or informants. The folders, extensive as they are, deal only with the work on ‘Pedigrees’ and 'Africa', of which the former sometimes draws on data assembled for ‘cousin marriage’ (see E.285-E.312) and the latter on Darlington's visit to South and East Africa ‘Royal malady’ "Ped. Charlemagne’. Charts and tables. "Tables. Pedigrees' in 1963 (see H.95-H.102). Pedigrees. 9 folders as follows: Includes correspondence. "Pedigrees. dup. and drafts' ‘Czech pedigree. | Nova Scotia’. in Great Britain (Famous Men)'. ‘Pedigrees. correspondence, a little printed matter, and also 12pp. ‘Birthploces ‘Royal’ pedigrees Includes correspondence and also work on Normans. Untitled folder of extensive notes and drafts for charts and tables Various notes, family trees and diagrams on pedigrees; index is enclosed. Includes cerrespondence and a little printed matter. Darlington's Reprod. Performance’. Includes ‘Egyptian Asoka Saxon Carolingian Hapsburg'. Fertility Sterility C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications ‘Theatre Includes correspondence. Families and pedigrees Dramatists' (and other pedigrees). Africa. 6 folders as follows: ‘Negro - Colour Prejudice’ Untitled folder of ms. notes on various African areas and topics. ‘Pygmies Bushmen and Hotts. Paleo’. Includes correspondence. Folders of notes on 'Crops / Stock Diseases’ and 'Equality Nilotes and Castes’. Hamites "Nubia and Ethiopia’ ‘Castes ... and Empires Iron’ Shorter articles and writings on 'EMS' E.460 Correspondence with The Sunday Times commissioning article and forwarding letters from readers. published. Includes press-cutting of article as Ms. drafts, April, July 1969, for article published in The Sunday Times Magazine, 31 August. ‘The Origin of EMS' 8pp. ms. draft dated '9 May 69°. Included here is contract for an interview on EMS to be given by Darlington on BBC 'Woman's Hour', August 1969. See F.118 for proposed programme on the book for BBC TV 'Horizon', which was not made. E.463 . E.464 7pp. ms. notes on ‘Practical Aims of EMS' and 13pp. transcript of interview for American magazine Fortune, July 1972. Invitations to speak on, or arising from 'EMS', 1969-71. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications correspondence and reviews Publications Correspondence, chiefly with Allen and Unwin, 1962-76. Includes a little correspondence with others re maps, diagrams and charts, index, publishers of American edition (Simon and Schuster), translations. Although the material relates almost entirely to the gestation of EMS, there is occasiona! reference to other publications by Darlington handled by Allen and Unwin. E.465 1962-67 Correspondence, February 1962, refers to the proposed new book ‘Evolution of Society’. January-April 1968 Includes memorandum by Director to Chairman (Sir Stanley Unwin) about the book, in which he compares it to Darwin's Origin of Species thing of its sort which has come our way since Bertrand Russell's History of Western Philosophy’, and also draws attention to Darlington's methods of composition and multiple re-drafting as 'a palimpsest of successive revisions on white, pink, yellow and finally green paper’. Folder also includes draft ‘blurb', and preparations for American edition. 1969 1970-74, 1976 May-July, 1968 January-March 1969 August=December 1968 Includes letter from J.S. Huxley, and a note of recommendation from him for printing on dust-jacket, March. Includes arrangements for launching and reviews, Sunday Times article, BBC talk, etc. and 'Trivial Comments’. Mainly re translations and foreign rights. 25 September 1970, in answer to a request from Director for another book, says that he has in mind 'a sequel to The Evolution of Man and Society, an account of Society as survive) would be autobiographically reflective’. The little universe of man (1978, see E.535 et seq.). Reviews of EMS divided by Darlington into oe ey Darlington's letter of : e,e 'Positive', ‘Negative ° i The 'sequel' was it is. Another to follow (if | . ° C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications 122 Miscellaneous ms. notes for a 'review of reviews' of EMS, some headed ‘Encounter' and perhaps intended for article 'Man and society. replies', Encounter, 37, 1971 (see E.509, E.510). A scientist Folder of reviews of EMS, mainly UK, 1969. Folder of reviews of American edition and foreign translations of EMS, 1970 and later. Correspondence preceding and following publication E.476-E.479 Darlington's folder of 'Correspondence for acknowledgements', 1959-67. In chronological order. 4 folders as follows: E.476 E.477 1959 1960 “E478 1961-63 E.479 1966-67 and n.d. E.485-E .492 8 folders as follows: E.480-E.484 5 folders as follows: B-C D-E G-O E.480 E.481 E.482 with his annotations. In chronological order. "Important letters on EMS' (Darlington's description). In alphabetical order. friends and from members of the general public; a few with Darlington's replies, and several Letters arising from, or commenting on, 'EMS';, from colleagues and 1974-80 1972. accounts of conditions in Chile 1970, September-December and n.d. 1969, September-December £.489 Correspondence and 1970, January~ August E.490 1972 1973 1971 ¢ C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications E.493 ‘The replication and division of polynemic chromosomes' Correspondence with A. Haque, 1967-69, re collaborative paper published in Heredity, 24, 1969. See also E.400. "Origins of cultd. plants’ 5pp. ms. notes dated February 1969. ‘Nucleus, cytoplasm and cell', Soc.Exp.Biol.Symp., 24, 1970. Drafts, May-September 1969, all with variants, ms. notes, outline of introductory speech. E.496, E.497 ‘History and biology' Chapter contributed to New Movements in the study and teaching of history, ed. Ballard, 1970. E.496 E.497 Ms. and typescript drafts, September, December 1969. Correspondence with editor and publisher, 1969-70. E.498 E.499 Reviews, 1969 (5). 'The origins of agriculture’ Correspondence, ms. draft and copy of article as published in Nat.Hist.N.Y., 79, 1970. Brief correspondence, 1970, and ms. drafts for tables (only) for Darlington's contribution 'The evolution of polymorphic systems’ to Ecological genetics and evolution, E.B. Ford's 7Cth birthday. Reviews, 1970 (3). 'Twin biology’ Ms. ond typescript drafts for ‘Comment’ on M.G. Bulmer: The biology of twinning in man, published in Heredity, 25, 1970. published 1971 in honour of Reviews, 1970 (3). C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publ ications "The crigins of agriculture’ Article commissioned for a Dictionary of Prehistory by Charles Scribner's Sons. The project'was cancelled for economic reasons. Folder includes correspondence, 1970-71, and drafts for article, January, February 1971. N.B. This article is listed in the Bibliography as a publication. "How people differ’ Article commissioned for The New York Times, December 1970, and published on 10 August 1971 under the title ‘The limited pool of human talent', and in a form Darlington described as ‘abridged and emasculated’. Folder includes correspondence, typescript and ms. drafts. "Axiom and process in genetics', Nature, 234, 1971. Extensively-annotated and corrected draft, with a ms. headnote ‘unabridged! '. Contribution to controversy on evolution in New Scientist, 49, 1971. Draft, correspondence. Es Se) bidlO ‘Man and Society: the Problem and the Critics’ ‘The causes and consequences of human progress’ 2pp. draft 'Conclusion', perhaps for longer paper, November 1971. Drafts and correspondence for article published as ‘Man and society. A scientist replies' in Encounter, 37, 1971. This was a ‘review of reviewers' of The evolution of man and society, commissioned by the periodical in October 1969, despatched by Darlington in March 1970 but not published until December 1971, by which time Darlington had complained to the Society of Authors as he had in similar circumstances in 1965 (see C.101). Encounter arising from publication. Correspondence with Encounter, 1969-71, and with Society of Authors, IAT, Heavily-annotated draft for article, copies of letters published in For Darlington's 1969 notes for the article, see E.472, E.473. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publ ications Reviews, 1971 (2), and some printed copies. ‘Farming in Russia’. Letter to The Times, published 12 December 1972. Ms. draft , press-cuttings, letter arising. ‘Cracks in the gene'. Review of The genetics of human populations, New Soc., 1972. Draft, correspondence, press-cutting. Altered by Editor when printed’. Draft has a headnote 'Uncorrected. "Man and his environment’ This was Darlington's contribution to Vol.10 of ‘Peoples of the Earth' series published by Tom Stacey Limited under the general editorship of Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard. 1973 and the volume was published and was ‘a noteworthy financial failure’. 1972-73, and with William Heinemann Limited, 1974. attached note bears the legend ‘Evans Pritchard died Aug. 1973. Tom Stacey bankrupt Sept. 1973. Folder includes correspondence (only) with original publisher, Darlington's essay was sent in January Heinemann unearthed Sept. 1974'. Darlington's For ms. draft of Darlington's article, see E.583. "Sociology in the Eyes of a Biologist' ESGtG; E1517 "Shockley and Leeds' 13pp. heavily-revised ms. draft, dated May 1973. inventor of the transistor, because of his views on genetics and race. The editor of prepared to accept alterations in his text and the work was not published. Minerva. (E. Shils) wished to use an edited version as an editorial but Darlington was not Article written for Minerva (Darlington was a member of the Board of Advisory Editors) on the withdrawal of a proposed Honorary Degree by the University of Leeds to William Shockley, little correspondence. Two reviews, 1973, of R.E. Cleland: Oenothera, cytogenics and evolution, for Heredity and Science Progress. Correspondence with editor, Minerva, 1972-73. Reviews, 1973 (3), with notes, drafts and a little correspondence. E. co Ms. and copy-edited drafts, May 1973. Includes drafts and a C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 E.520 E521 Publications Reviews, 1973 (3). Reviews, 1973 (5), with notes, correspondence and some printed copies. Es See, Euate Reviews of J.R. Baker: Race, 1974. E.522 For The Sunday Times (published 17 February). corrected typescript drafts, correspondence with newspaper, letter of thanks from Baker. Includes notes, ms. and For Journal of Biosocial Science. Ms. drafts, brief editorial correspondence Reviews, 1974 (3). Includes correspondence. Reviews, 1975 (3). Ms. drafts, notes, a little correspondence. 'The evolution and variation of human intelligence’ Darlington's contribution, originally intended as 'Foreword' but eventually published as 'Epilogue' toa collection of essays Human variation: the Biopsychology of Age, Race, and Sex, New York, 1977. Letter in The Times, Press-cutting, brief correspondence arising. The handling of chromosomes. 1976. 6th edition, revised by L.F. La Cour, Brief correspondence only. For material re Russian edition, see E.647. Includes Darlington's typescript and ms. prospectus, contract, correspondence with editors, 1973-77. draft dated April 1976, ‘Genetics of intelligence: bearing on education’. 23 November 1976. Ms. notes dated June 1976, on ‘The Crisis in the Chrlomosomg] Theory 1910-30' and ‘Genetics 1920-30". of life, and of C. Blakemore: Mechanics of the mind, both 1977. Notes and drafts for reviews of R. Ardrey: The hunting hypothesis, and of R. Dawkins: The selfish gene, both for Times Lit. Suppl., 1976. Ms. notes and drafts for reviews of E. Mayr: Evolution and the diversity ‘Meiosis in perspective’, Phil. Trans.R.Soc.Lond., 277, 1977. Heavily-corrected typescript draft. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 aig < "A diagram of evolution’, Nature, 281, 1979. Publ ications Draft, versions of diagrams, correspondence with editors and colleagues. See also E.648. Ms. drafts for comments on chapter on 'The nature and origin of for Reader's Digest Library of Modern Knowledge, 1978. life’ E.535-E.646 The Little Universe of Man (LUM), 1978 This was another major publication (307pp.) with figures, tables and time-charts. Though on a somewhat smaller scale than Evolution of man and society, it was intended as a companion piece to the latter or, alternatively, es the last part of 'a trilogy on Man’ which began with Genetics and man. See E.565 fer multiple drafts and notes for prefaces, intro- ductory material, blurbs and leaflets, E.638 for publicity material put out by publisher in August 1978, which explain the development and purpose of the book. Darlington was in active touch with his publisher, Allen and Unwin, from 1974 to 'the great stream of scientific knowledge sweeping us forward into a dangerous future’. nothing of their inherently controversial nature under Darlington's pen, and indeed he though widely reviewed (E.639, E.640) made less of an impact than 'EMS'. Darlington, agree the contract and schedule for the book; see E.635 et seq. The book covers a little of the modified several portions of the draft after suggestions from readers and advisers. The book, same historical ground as 'EMS' and occasionally uses similar material, e.g. on pedigrees, Some of the topics discussed, such as race, education, equality, population, crime, lost _ but concentrates on 'the evolutionary processes set in motion over the last 300 years’ and Correspondence preceding and following publication revision of 'LUM' or for another book on the general themes of human and social genetics characteristically, had long before publication begun to accumulate material either for a The material is presented as follows: E.535-E.569 Drafts E.570-E. 633 Notes and background material E.634-E. 640 Publication correspondence ond reviews E.641-E.646 (See E.631~E.633; see also E.661-E.665). C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Drafts Publications The first draft (E.535-E.544) bears various dates, 1973-75, and is entirely autograph manu- script. The later draft (E.545-E.554) of 1976 is a typescript with ms. corrections and additions. There are additional partial drafts and 'discarded' material at E.555-E.564. ~ Work on preface and introduction, maps and diagrams, tables, notes and other miscellaneous material is at E.565-E. 569. .535-E.544 First manuscript draft. Ten folders as follows: Chapter 1, pp.1-30, dated '21 Oct. 73'. Chapter 2. The Agricultural Revolution, pp.1-63. Chapter 3. Heredity and genetics, pp. 1-30. Chapter 4. eugenics’ numbered '6.40-6.44' but used in Chapter 4. Brain and Intelligence, pp.1-57. Includes 'A word on - 935 - 536 s20/ . 938 939 . 540 54] 542 Chapter 5. '3 Dec 74'. Culture: the created environment, pp.1-59, dated Chapter 8. of Africa'). Chapter 7. Colonization of Asia'). Education, pp.1-39, dated '13 Dec 73'. Includes Migration and Colonisation, pp. 1-96 (published as 'The Chapter 9. Economics in evolution, pp.1-64, dated 'Dec 757 5 >! Chapter 10. Problem and the Choice’). Africa and the Negro, pp.1-65 (published as 'The Opening Chapter 6. pp. 60-66 of Chapter 5 with a ms. note 'or Ch.6?' Chapter 3 Draft of 1976. re~workings of the text, some very extensive, in black, blue and red ink and in pencil. The Connected Universe, pp.1-10 (published as 'The . S45-E.554 This is a typescript version incorporating several Ten folders as follows: Preface (dated November 1976), Ch.1 Chapter 2 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications Chapter 4. some additions in another hand. Brain and Intelligence. Very heavily revised and with Chapter 5 Chapter 6. Education. Very heavily revised. Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 SDOOFE.. 564 Partial drafts and discarded material. Ten folders as follows: Photocopy of draft (incomplete), with comments and annotations by unidentified reader (usually underlined in red). Draft of sections of Chapters 5-8 with extensive pencilled comments by unidentified reader. - oa. .556 aor Includes re-workings after second typing, and Similar, Chapters 6 and 7. Similar, Chapters 8 and 9. Similar, Similar, Chapter 5. Includes section of third typing. Similar, Chapter 4. some sections dated November 1977. Shorter ms. and typescript drafts, some preceding 1976 typescript version, some reworkings for a further draft, not all attributable. Chapters 1 and 3. of contents. Extensive sequences of ms. and typescript drafts, with Darlington's list Miscellaneous, some with various dates, 1973-75. ‘Discarded Typescript Jan 76' C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 E.565 E.566 cor E.568 E.569 Publications Notes and drafts for preface, acknowledgements, introductory material, An interesting folder for the development of Darlington's blurb, etc. ideas about the content of the book and its place in the sequence of his writings on human genetics. dates from June 1973 to August 1978. Some of the documents bear various Drafts for chapter headings, estimated lengths, synopses, figures and diagrams required. Maps and diagrams for LUM, almost all in Darlington's hand. Tables and time-charts, almost all in Darlington's hand. "LUM Notes (to follow text in one book)’ Notes and background material This extensive material was originally contained in three boxes inscribed ‘Notes 1971-76', arranged in 'folders' (usually company report covers) by topic with a description or title by Darlington. commas, and the material grouped as far as possible in chapter order, though by no means This arrangement has been preserved, the titles retained in inverted all is attributable. Pp E.644. ’ Minor publications, foreign journals, and less easily Where Darlington was using articles from standard journals, only the front page has been retained as o reference. accessible material, has been kept entire. The content includes Darlington's own ms. notes, ideas, drafts for paragraphs and sections of the book, articles, offprints and press-cuttings with comments and annotations. Correspondence about the book with colleagues is at E.641, Extensive ms. notes, press~cuttings. Notes, diagrams, press~cuttings , offprints. Notes and references. Chapters 1-4 Ten folders as follows: E.570 'Evol® Paleo’ et is 3' 'Class stratification’ C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications ‘Race’ Offprints, press-cuttings. Race Ms. notes, press-cultings. Immigration and illegal immigration Ms. notes, press~cuttings. Migration. Colonisation Ms. notes, ideas and drafts. Migration Immigration Colonialism Ms. notes. 'Reverse colonisation to Europe (migrant workers)’ Offprints, press-cuttings. 'Decolonisation' Ms. notes, offprints, press-cuttings. E.580 Ms. notes. Religion and superstition Press-cuttings. Chapter 5 Eleven folders as follows: Stratified environment Religion Morals’ Extensive ms. notes and drafts. 'Religion and superstition’ Ms. notes and drafis. Ms. notes and drafts, including Darlington's draft of November 1972 on 'Man and his environment' for Peoples of the Earth series, see E.514. "Natural environment resources' Press-cuttings. "Natural Environment' C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications ‘Culture’. 'Creation of culture’ 'Diffusion of Culture’ 'Division of culture' Ms. notes and drafts. ‘Culture Quotes' Ms. notes and drafts, press-cuttings. ‘Genetic principles’ 'Genetic environment' Ms. notes and drafts. "Natural environment and disease Malaria' Ms. notes, offprints, press-cuttings. "Animals and Food' Ms. notes, offprints, press-cuttings. E.590 Miscellaneous ms. notes and drafts related to Chapter 5. Chapter 6 Five folders as follows: Ms. notes and drafts on education cae ‘Principles of Education’ ‘Race, class and speech’ Ms. notes and drafts, press-cuttings. ‘Education and welfare’ Press~cuttings. Ms. notes and drafts, press~cuttings. "Genetic Environment Education’ ‘Universities’ Ms. notes, press~cuttings. Miscellaneous printed material on education and inequality. Two envelopes, mainly press~cuttings. Chapter 7 Four folders as follows: Sire R76 ‘Asia’ 'S E Asia’ C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications 'China' ‘Japan Java' Mainly press=cuttings . "USSR Communism' Ms. notes, press~cuttings. Chapter 8 Extensive material for 'The opening of Africa’, including slavery in historic and modern times. Fourteen folders as foliows: 'S Africa — Indenture’ Notes, press-cuttings. and apartheid, February 1974. Includes 14pp. ms. draft on South Africa "Notes on Africa’ Ms. notes, press~cuttings, offprints. 'Nigeria' 'Ethiopia' Mainly press~cuttings. "French Belgian’ Mainly press~cuttings. ‘Egypt "Africa. Ms. notes, press-cuttings. 'S.W. Africa = Namibia Swazi Lesotho Botswana’ Failure of the High Dam' 'Liberia' Algeria (France)' ‘Black Africa (Abyssinia)! Ms. notes, mainly press-cuttings. Ms. notes, mainly press-cuttings. Repub! ics', January 1974. Ms. notes and press-cuttings. emigration. Indians in Africa’ and Spp. ms. draft on 'Neo-colonialism'. Ms. notes, press~cuttings. Includes 7pp. ms. draft on 'The Negro Immigrants’ ‘Africa and the Negro’ Includes 6pp. ms. draft on ‘Indian Ms. notes, mainly press-cuttings. ‘Portuguese Africa' 'Negroes' "Africa Negroes C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications ‘Africa’ Ms. notes, press~cuttings, offprint. U.3.8.. Ms. notes, press-cuttings. "Negro Slavery’ Ms. notes and drafts, press-cuttings. 'W. Indies' Mainly press~cuttings. Chapter 9 Extensive material for 'Econoraics in Evolution’, including population, sociology, etc. Nine folders as follows: ‘Economics' Ms. notes, press-cuttings. "Debt trap and India’ Mainly press~cut tings. "Foreign aid' ‘Sociology Politics Economics’ Ms. notes, mainly press~cuttings. ‘Politics Sociology’ Ms. notes and drafts, some with various dates, 1972-74. A substantial folder of ms. notes, drafts and press-cuttings. population. Ms. notes and drafts, including sections omitted from Chapter 9 as published. Miscellaneous ms. notes and drafts for various sections of Chapter 9. Miscellaneous background material, reprints and press-cuttings on Ms. notes and drafts, mainly on energy sources and environment. "Malthus Population 3rd World! C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications Chapter 10 Three folders as follows: E.623 'Ch.10 — Politics' Ms. notes and drafts, including several paginated sequences, some with dates, 1974, 1975. 'Ch.10' 'Man as God' Ms. notes and drafts, some with dates, 1975, 1976. Ms. notes, drafts for ‘conclusion’ or ‘summary’ Miscellaneous and unattributed material, perhaps omitted from book. follows: Five folders as E.626 'Europe' Mainly press-cuttings and offprints. "Latin America’ Ms. notes and drafts, press-cuttings. 'Misc.' "Canada' "Ireland' eo Notes, press-cuttings, offprints on gypsies. bs + . . Mainly press-cuttings. Ms. notes, references, press~cuttings. "Revision LUM’. Three folders-as follows: Material, mainly press-cuttings, assembled under this description. Miscellaneous, mainly 1976-77 1975-78 1978-79 E.631 E.632 E.633 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publication. correspondence and reviews Publications A chronological sequence, 1974-80; includes pre-publication comments and readers’ reports, not all favourable. E.634 Correspondence with Leverhulme Trust, 1974-77, re Emeritus Fellow- ship awarded to Darlington for work on’ LUM. application and reports on the work showing drafts for chapter-headings and synopses. Includes letter of Correspondence with Allen and Unwin, December 1974 (one letter only), 1975. Includes Darlington's ‘LUM Timetable’, 1975-78. April-December 1976. (very favourable) and from publisher's readers. Includes comments on manuscript from K. Lorenz Includes detailed critique of manuscript by unidentified American 1977. Professor of Anthropology, legal opinion on possible infringement of Race Relations Act with suggestions for emendations (accepted by Darlington), Darlington's list of comments made by E.B. Ford. Includes publicity leaflet, arrangements for publication, 1978-80. complimentary copies in Europe and America, possible television trans~ mission, reviews, translations. See also F.119. Reviews of LUM, 1978-79. =. 640 Reviews of German translation, 1980. Correspondence preceding and following publication Correspondence from colleagues sending information or comments, 1972-76. Similar, 1979. Correspondence from colleagues arising from publication, some with note of Darlington's reply, 1978-79. Requests to give lectures or interviews arising from LUM, 1978. Correspondence, 1977-78, re possible American edition. Letters. and comments from the general public, 1978. We E.642 E.643 E.644 E.641 E.645 E.646 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications The handling of chromosomes, 6th edition. Correspondence, ms. and typescript drafts for preface to Russian edition (published in Moscow 1979), 1978-79. See also E.529. ‘The chromosomes as feedback systems in evolution', Kybernetes, 8 0, 97% Article commissioned as a follow-up to Darlington's 'A diagram of evolution’, Nature, 281, 1978 (see E.533). Includes ms. notes and drafts, editorial correspondence, copy of final published version. ‘Morgan's inheritance'. Nature, 278, 1979. Review of biography by G.E. Allen, Ms. notes, 10pp. ms. draft, corrected proof, brief editorial corres- pondence. This review, surprisingly omitted from the Bibliography, produced a response from A.G. Cock to which Darlington in turn replied. See E.650 below. See also H.186. ‘Cock on evolution’, Nature, 281, 1979. to letter ‘Psychosocial evolution’ Sy A.G. Cock commenting on Darlington's review of biography of Morgan (E.649 above). Letter written in reply llpp. heavily-corrected ms. draft, 7pp. corrected typescript. 8pp. ms. draft (and Ip. ‘omit'), colies of published versions of Cock's letter and Darlington's reply, brief editorial correspondence ‘Chromosomes and organisms: the evolutionary paradexes'. to Chromosomes today, Vol.7, 1981, based on Darlington's address to the 7th itera iokal Chromosome Coniaidtice, Oxford, August 1980. from readers of The Times The correspondence arose from a leader in The Times, aday', 19 July 1980. apple varieties bred at the John Innes Institution but not made avail to growers and the public. his letter was one from Basil Neame, which led and send a second letter which was not published in view of possible legal complications. ‘Problems of the English apple’ and 'The lost English apples'. letters to The Times, of which only the first was published (12 August 1980). Two 'A Frenct Darlington's first letter ref fared to Engl 1 i Folder includes ms. drafts c r both letters, press~cuttings, letters . Contribution ish Among the letters following sabhion nen of Darlington to draft C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 E.653 Publ ications ‘Genetics and plant breeding, 1910-80', Phil. Trans.Roy.Soc., 292, 1981. Ms. notes and heavily-corrected drafts for paper with this title, and another titled 'Crises in plant breeding' both dated 29 October 1980, proof with ms. corrections and additions. In his Bibliography for the paper, Darlington lists B.D. Neame's letter to The Times (see E.652). E.654-E.675 MISCELLANEOUS AND UNPUBLISHED MATERIAL E.654 Chrs. 1927-41' ‘Controversies Unpub.' Includes 1933 (reply io critics), Includes 'Sketch for my letter to Nature’, Folder of ms. notes and drafts. 1927, ‘Summary of book from genetical point of view’, 1932, "The Cytological analysis of hybrids' [n.d. but on University of California writing-paper, c.1932-333, work on chiasmata 1933 , 'Chr. Mechanics’ with ao ms. note '1934 for Wrinch', notes on ‘Zea 1940', and many miscellaneous and undated notes. Folder of ms. notes and drafts. 'Saxifrage paper 23.vii.36 Historical controversy’, '1938-9' (on the term 'centromere'), and other miscellaneous and undated notes. other notes. Folder of ms. notes and drafts on various topics in genetics, heredity, cell theory. Includes list of 'Questions of heredity’, list of 'Essays on Genetic Subjects', ‘Prospectus Theory and Practice of Plant Breeding’, ‘Introd. to the Heredity Material’ for 'Book' and many "Genetics and evoln. 1937-47' Few dated. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications 'Man' Folder of ms. notes and drafts. Class and Sex in Man', 1941, 'Genetics and ‘Unpub. 1936', 'Race Man', 1945, ‘Language and Speech’, 'Biology and the Community’, ‘Evolution in Nature and in Society’, and other miscellaneous undated notes. Includes note on Eugenics headed "Politics and Sociology' Folder of notes and drafts. the Government', 1943, ‘Science must be used', 1944, 'Freedom', 1952, 'The Editor and the Referee', 'Why fruit trees do not béar'. Includes 'Education', 1941, 'Science and 'Philosophy' Folder of ms. notes and drafts. Society', 1943, 'Note on Sci. method and discovery', 1949, "Determinism and uncertainty’, 1952, 'The Cleavage between Science and Philosophy’, 'Selection and Class in Human Society', 'An Introduction to Scientific Fraud', and other miscellaneous undated notes. Includes ‘Dialectical Materialism and "Physiology of the embryo sac' follows: E.661 LUM, is divided numerically, presumably for chapters. The date 1976 may denote the Future Books after LUM'. The material, which is similar to that assembled for EMS and Extensive material from a box inscribed '1976 Notes and cuttings for The numbering starts at 3, nothing remaining for the first two 'chapters'. point at which Darlington boxed the material, some of which precedes and follows that date. Various ms. and typescript drafts, one headed ‘Uncorrected 1944?' and one headed ‘Unpublished notes’. Press-cuttings, 1976-77. '7'. '6', Hong-Kong, China, Russia. '8', = Press-cuttings and printed matter, mainly on Africa, race problems Notes, press-cuttings, brief correspondence, on twins, race, Notes, press-cuttings, on language, delinquency, India, '9', ‘Economics and ecology’. Press-cuttings. E.664 E.665 E.662 E.663 . in America. e ‘ Five folders as E.661-E.665 '3', '4'. gender. 'Various'. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications Ms. note dated '30 Jan. 81', of ten chapter headings for a proposed book title 'DoE' (Diagram of evolution, Darlington's unpublished book). Undated drafts and notes E.667 ‘290 Sex Determination’ Extensive ms. drafi. "Principles and problems of embryology’ Typescript draft, headed ‘uncorrected’. E.669 Draft letter to The Times, on cleaning Nelson's Column, dated October 21, no year. E670" ‘Extracts from Reviews', Ip. ms. note. E.O/7 t} E.672 Quotations and epigrams, for use in writings or speeches. folders. Two Figures and diagrams E.673 E.674 E.675 Envelope containing 'First Cytological Drawing CDD 1923' Folder of miscellaneous drawings and figures by Darlington of various Large envelope inscribed 'Unpub. Drawings and Diagrams 1928-1940' subjects and dates, kept as sample. C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE AND MATERIAL The material is presented as follows: E.676-E.700 E.701-E:709 An alphabetica! sequence of shorter correspondence with editors and publishers, mainly requests to write books and articles, advise on manuscripts or projects, serve on advisory boards, etc. ea Contracts and royalties E.710 Circulation lists EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE Ex6/6, &.677 Allen and Unwin, various dates, 1953-73. This firm was Darlington's books is incorporated with the drafts, etc. in the main sequence, though a here. principal publisher and most of the material relating to his own little is included pal g Pp ¢ | E.676 Botanical Magazine Annual Review of Genetics American Journal of Botany Benchmark Papers in Cytogenetics Includes a ms. outline for a book of 'Theoretical Essays' 1953, 1963. Correspondence 1963 includes exchanges with R. Riley and with Oliver and Boyd re publication of Symposium on 'Chromosome manipulation in plant breeding and genetics'. 1965-73. by Darlington 'to be published’, 1969, comments on manuscripts, sales of Darlington's books, etc. Darlington served on the Committee of Editors. Comments on various publishing projects. Comments on paper on Tulipa. Cambridge University Press Various dates, 1966-77 1960, 1978 1967 1973 1947 Caryologia 1966-67 C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications E.681 Chromosoma 193851963, 1968. 1973, 1977 Correspondence 1938 is with H. Bauer re the founding of the journal, arising in part from discussions at the Klampenborg conference (see H.54-H.56). Bauer, Caspersson, Darlington, Dobzhansky, Geitler, Mdllendorf, Mohr, Muntzing, Schrader, Seiler. Darlington remained on the Advisory Board until 1973. The editorial board comprised See also correspondence with Bauer and other colleagues in Section J. J. & A. Churchill (later Churchill Livingstone) 1938, 1965-74 Churchill Press Limited Collins Publishers 1970 1960-62 Correspondence re various publishing projects, including Darlington's introduction to reprint of Galton's Hereditary Genius. See E.351. Cytogenetics 1966-70 Brief correspondence Elzevier / North Holland Daedalus Discovery Edinburgh University Press Encyclopaedia of Ignorance Darlington was 'standing collaborator’. 197 One letter only. Darlington served on the Editorial Board. only. Cytologia 1970 IMPACT (UNESCO publication) Projected book by Darlington. 1964 31975 1964 1931 1960 1953 1978 1962 1954 Encyclopaedic Dictionary Gollancz Harrap and Company ISIS (Oxford publication) C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications Journal of Karyology and Cytotaxonomy 1976 Invitation to serve on Review and Advisory Board of new journal. Journal of Medical Genetics Journal of Royal Horticultural Society Mankind Quarterly Medical Opinion and Review Mendel Centenary Celebratio Michael Joseph Limited Monadori Editore 1978 1948 1971 1969 1965 1965 1976 E.690-E.692 Nature Various dates 1936-69 submitted for publication by Darlington, vg t y; Pp comments on papers by others, etc. t Some corres- pondence from scientific colleagues is included. E.690 E.691 E.692 1976 1973-75 E.693 Neve Anthropologie New Humanist New Scientist 1956, 1961, 1970 The Nineteenth Century Darlington was a member of the Honorary Advisory Board. t Brief correspondence only, not reflecting Darlington's long contact with this house as publisher of some of his books and of Heredity. Darlington served on the international board of advisory editors. Oxford English Dictionary. Supplement Folder includes various notes, Darlingion was a consultant. ts slips and definitions supplied by him. es ‘ ne ie Oliver and Boyd Limited 1948 1967 1956 1978 1970-71 The Nucleus OMNI C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications Oxford University Press (and Clarendon Press) 1968-71 Shorter correspondence on various publishing projects. Penguin Books Pergamon Press Plenum Publishing Corporation Se Psychology today QUESTION Routledge and Kegan Pau! Limited Rupert Hart-Davis Limited Sub-cellular Biochemistry The Sunday Times SYNTHESIS Ie 1958 1979 1978 1968 1963 1970 1970 1972 1973 Darlington agreed to serve on the editorial board of this new ‘interdisciplinary journal of sociology' University of London Press 197] Zenith 1973 1966 Weidenfeld and Nicholson CONTRACTS AND ROYALTIES Contracts and agreements, 1931-66 fF man Royalty statements: J. & A. Churchill, Recent advances in cytology, Cytology. 1933-70. Royalty statements: Cambridge University Press, The evolution of genetic systems, 1939-51. Royalty statements: Macmillan, Chromosomes and plant breeding. 1933-46. Allen & Unwin, The handling of chromosomes, etic plants and peor tany, Genetics and man, | E.701 P2028 E703 E.704 --Fuo Royalty statements: sor itlas, Genes, C.D. Darlington CSAC 106/3/85 Publications Royalty statements: Oliver & Boyd, The fruit, Teaching genetics, The evolution of genetic systems, Chromosomes today 1957-69 the seed and the soil, 7 Royalty statements: Basil Blackwell, Darwin's place in history, 1960-70. Miscellaneous royalties, 1965-80. Miscellaneous notes of sale of Darlington's books to students in Botany School, Oxford. CIRCULATION LISTS Miscellaneous record cards, address lists, etc. for reprint circulation. 1 box.