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7 CSAC 42/6/76 THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Report on the papers of Professor Daniel J. Cunningham FRS, FRSE (1850 - 1909) Listed by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel Deposited in the Library of the University of Edinburgh 1976 D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 Description of the collection 1 The papers cover the years 1876-1910 and were received from Miss Mary and Dr. Daniel Cunningham, grandchildren of Professor Daniel John Cunningham. Many items in the collection bear notes and annotations by their father, Colonel John Cunningham (CSAC 43/7/76), eldest son of Professor Cunningham. Professor Cunningham's other two sons were Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope and General Sir Alan Cunningham. The collection contains a great many autograph letters from eminent anatomists or medical The correspondents have been fully indexed except in instances where the signature is men. undecipherable. ltem A.9, an album of photographs taken in South Africa when DJC was a memberof a Royal Commission to report on the Care of the Sick and the Wounded during’ the Boer War, is of interest. Notes and drafts for lectures may be found in Section B as well as Section C. Professor Cunningham often wrote the drafts for his lectures in those notebooks containing the laboratory/ bibliographical notes on the subject (see note on p. 3 ). Titles in inverted commas are those which appear on the manuscripts. The help of Dr. Daniel Cunningham and Dr. Michael Dunnill is gratefully acknowledged. D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 Summary of the career of Professor Cunningham b.1850 educated 1870-74 1876 1876 1876-82 1878-82 1882 Morrison's Academy, Crieff, Perth University of Edinburgh (M.B.C.M.) M.D. thesis on the anatomy of the Cetacea Began work on report on anatomy of marsupial animals collected during voyage of H.M. Challenger Senior Demonstrator in Anatomy, University of Edinburgh Lecturer in Physiology, Royal Veterinary College, Edinburgh Professor of Anatomy, Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin 1883-1903 Professor of Anatomy, Trinity College, Dublin 189] 1900 1903 - o9 1905 ; d.1909 Fellow of the Royal Society Royal Commission on the Care of the Sick and the Wounded during South African war Professor of Anatomy, University of Edinburgh Dean of the Faculty of Medicine A full account of the numerous honours and awards received by DJC during his lifetime may be found in the obituaries and appreciations in Item A.1. Contents of the handlist A. n v r i m O Biographical Notebooks and working papers Items A.1-A.9 B.1-B. 32 Lectures, speeches and addresses C.1-C.12 Advisory Boards and Committees D.1-D.7 Correspondence Publications | Index of correspondents E.1-E.15 F G . Pages 3 3 6 8 9 10 10 D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 A. Biographical A.1 - A.9 A.1 Obituary notices, tributes, appreciations, funeral notice and reports as published in numerous newspapers and learned journals A.2 Testimonials at the death of DJC from: . Royal Society of Edinburgh Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh . Royal Dublin Society . University of Edinburgh (Senate, Council, Faculty of Medicine, Students’ Representative Council, Postgraduate vacation course in medicine) Royal Zoological Society of Ireland Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Morrison's Academy, Crieff . A.3 A.4 Letters of sympathy to Mrs. Cunningham Folder of papers (press announcements, lists of subscribers, photo- graphs, memorial address) re Memorial Bronzes to DJC at Trinity College Dublin and Edinburgh University; Memorial Medallion at Morrison's Academy, Crieff A.5-A.6 Certificates and honours: 3 1909-10 1909 1909 1910-12 Hon. M.D. Trinity College Dublin Hon. D.Sc. Trinity College Dublin Hon. LL.D. St. Andrews Royal Society of London Zoological Society of London Hon. LL.D. Glasgow Commission by Curators of Edinburgh University appointing DJC to Chair of Anatomy (with press cuttings and DJC's bibliography) Medical Society of Edinburgh 1886 1891 1891 1891] 1900 1901 1903 — 1904 ~ © A.7 A.8 A.9 Folder of press cuttings re DJC's work and career 1872-1903 Folder of bibliographic material compiled by Col. John Cunningham (eldest son) Album of 96 photographs taken during DJC's service in South Africa with the Army Medical Commission: subjects include army camps and infirmaries, railroads, the native population. (See also D.1) 1901 B. Notebooks and working papers B.1-B.32 In these notebooks DJC kept very careful and detailed notes ana drafts for his own lecture courses, for public addresses to wider audiences; his notes on the literature and on anatomical dissections and experiments, often illustrated with many small drawings. in the handlist is as full as possible but should not be interpreted as a complete index A single notebook may cover a wide range of subjects; the entry D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 The underscored numberin the entry is that given to the of each notebook's contents. The incompleteness of this sequence notebook by DJC in his original sequence. Many of the notebooks are in very poor indicates that several volumes are missing. condition with some pages excised and other pages inserted, and with covers missing or torn. B.1 “B.2 B.3 B.4 B.5 B.6 B.7 B.8 B.9 B.10 B.11 Black notebook containing notes for course of ‘Lectures on Topo- 1 graphical Anatomy' (lectures 1-15) and 'Lectures on Vascular System (lectures 1-2). From other end of book: notes on bone, illustrated with small drawings. Black notebook entitled on cover ‘Lectures on Osteology 1883-4' 2 with note on inside cover 'Osteology continued' Excised pages (pp .97-128) from an anatomical textbook are iagluied with DJC's own notes. notes on embryology. Later in the book: ; Black notebook ‘Lectures on Systematic Anatomy 1883-4' with note 3 inside cover ‘Systematic Lectures on Anatomy T.C.D. 1883-4. Senior class’. Further on in the book are notes entitled ‘Senior Systematic Lectures - Session 1885-6. Genito-Urinary Organs’. Blue notebook ‘Lectures on systematic anatomy’ with special 4 attention to the digestive, nervous and genito-urinary systems. other end of book: laboratory notes on anatomical dissection of cod (1886). From 5 Red notebook ‘Lectures on the Vascular Systems'; from other end of book: misc. notes on the pelvis; ms. draft of address to medical graduates, relating the history of the graduation ceremony (delivered in 1904 in Edinburgh when DJC was acting as Promotor at the ceremony). Black notebook 'Lectures on Embryology, Myology', notesillustrated Beginning in the middle of the book: lectures on 6 with small drawings. the 'Muscular System’. Packet labelled ‘Lecture notes. Z Embryonic Membranes and Placenta’ containing loose pages of notes on this subject and on 'Clavicular Joints’. Lecture III. Applied Anatomy. Black notebook ‘Lectures. Anthropology 1903' with additional notes 8 on the relevant literature. Very full notes on the skull. Black notebook ‘Lectures. Applied Anatomy 1904' with note on Demonstrations to Class of Applied Anatomy’. 9 first page 'Summer 1904. Beginning in the middle of the book 'Jan. 1906. Spinal Cord’. General Anatomy of Black notebook 'Studies on upright position and curvature of the 11 spine’: notes on the literature. Notes on the spleen and kidneys, draft for lecture on dissection and structure of abdomen. Black notebook 'Notes on anthropology': notes on theliterature, 12 offprint of article by G. Schwalbe annotated by DJC. D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 B.12 B.13 B.14 B.15 B.16 B.17 B.18 B.19 B.20 B.21 B,22 B.23 B.24 B.25 Black notebook 'Nofes on anthropology’: notes on the literature 13 and on lectures delivered by Macalister (1892). Draft of history lecture by Munro. Notes on right-and left-handedness. of anatomical school of Edinburgh (perhaps for inaugural address in 1903). Very brief notes on Black notebook 'Notes on Brain': from the relevant literature. 14 From other end: notes on anatomical dissections. 15» Black notebook 'Notes on Brain': notes on laboratory measurement and examination of the brain. on brain growth and cranial relations': bibliographical notes. From other end: 'Literature with bearing Blackportfolio labelled 'Brain' and containing case notes and 16 measurements of the brain, especially relative to the Fissure of Rolands and the Sylvian Fissure. A small notebook has adhered to the inside front cover which contains case notes made by DJC in 1889. Red notebook 'Addresses. 20 ‘Right Handedness and Left Brainedness' (perhaps draft for Huxley Lecture 1902?). Rt. Handedness’. Inside front cover 2 White notebook 'Addresses. and development of the brain. From other end: chronological table labelled ‘Anthropology’. Brain': draft of lecture on the structure ~=White notebook 'Addresses. Brain': notes and draft for lecture. 22 In middle of book begins a draft labelled 'Right and Left Handedness’. Blue notebook 'Addresses. 23 draft of inaugural lecture (1903). re ecclesiastical and academic colours and a draft of a paper on the question of the admission of women to the medical school in Edinburgh (DJC was opposed). Introductory Lectures. Later in book: notes on the literature Edinburgh Chair': Black notebook (possibly in the original sequence but the numberlabel From other end is missing) containing notes on the literature on hair. of book: notes on the gorilla. Red notebook 'Literature bearing upon the Anatomy of the Marsupialia. Jan. 16 1878': notes on the literature with partial index inside front cover. 1878 Green notebook: 'Notes on the Stomach!: notes on the literature, draft of lecture on the stomach with notes of accompanying slides. ‘Notes from reading on the stomach’ with index on front cover. Folder of notes and press clippings relative to giantism. Copy of E. Dubois's Pithecanthropus Erectus annotated by DJC (see also Item C.4). c.1906 c.1906 c. 1891 c.1894 D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 B.26-B. 31 Work on the Neanderthal Man 6 c.1901-06 Notebook containing a summary of the work on Homo Krapina, Papers I, Ill and IV, and notes on the literature. Il, B.26 B.2/ Notebook with notes on Schwalbe's work and draft of paper on the Glabello celebral index. c.1908 B.28 Exercise book labelled ‘Australian Indices’. B.29 B.30 B.31 Exercise book containing draft of paper beginning ‘This is to be regarded as the first of a series of communications ... on the cranial characters of the Neanderthal Race’. Misc. drawings, photographs, newspaper cuttings, correspondence. 2 ms. papers by V. Ginffrick-Ruggeri. 1901-04 B.32 B.33 'The Value of Nerve Supply in the Determination of Muscular Homologies and Anomalies', Anatomy and Physiology 1891: ms. draft, notes and drawings for paper by DJC. Typescript of 'The Movements of the Stomach Studied by Means of the Réntgen Rays' by W.B. Carnon, published in American Journal of Physiology, Vol.1, 1898, p.359, annotated by DJC. Ge Lectures, Speeches and Addresses C.1-C.12 (see also those notebooks in Section B which contain drafts of lectures) C,1 Ms. lecture beginning 'It is with some diffidence that | come here to deliver my first lecture upon Physiology’ (perhaps lecture fo Royal Veterinary College of Edinburgh c.1876 G.2 Course lectures in Trinity College, Dublin on: 'Evolution' ‘Practical Histology' 'Anatomy' (3 versions of an introductory lecture to a course in anatomy) Folder also includes a 3 pp. ms. note on class attendance, 1901-02. c.3 Addresses to Royal Zoological Society, Dublin: - on occasion of Queen Victoria's visit to Dublin - on opening of the Roberts Lion House - on DJC's resignation of the office of Secretary - on DJC's resignation of the Presidency File also includes ms. copy of address by Dr. Samuel Haughton, FRS, in 1878, and an incomplete copy of Society's report for 1902. 1900 1903 C.4 8 Addresses to the Royal Dublin Society on a variety of topics including: ’ c.1895- 1902 Telegraphy Fishery Survey Society business E. Dubois's memoir 'Pithecanthropus Erectus' (see also Item B.25) 1894 D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 C,5-6,6 Dublin: "Special Addresses’ (2 files): C.5 - on'Home Rule(with newspaper cuttings) to the Royal Veterinary 1893 College (DJC served on its board of governors) - on Report to Irish Academy - University Reform - Speech at St. Andrews' dinner - on ‘Brain measurements at different ages' : 1886 C.6 = on 'Anthropoid apes’ ~ in support of a motion re Society (?) aid to soldiers and sailors ~ Opening of exhibition at Trinity College Natural History Museum - to the Biological Association, Trinity College Dublin, on the _c.1901 muscular system. C.7 Dublin: 'Farewell Addresses': - to Anatomy Class, Trinity College - to colleagues - at 'Dinner given by Honour Students of Trinity College when cup was presented! C.8-C.9 Edinburgh: 'Special' lectures and addresses (2 files, ms. ): C.8 Anatomical Association (DJC served as President) Royal Medical Society dinner Association of Physicians and Surgeons Students’ Union Annual meeting of University Union to Members of Naval Medical Service 'to a student gathering’ C.9 ‘3rd Year Dinner’(on 2 occasions) 1906 Australian Students’ Dinner Dinner to Professor Berry Indian Medical Service Dinner In memory of Professor His Aesculapians Club (when elected a member and when elected chairman) Dinner for Noel Paton 3 unidentified occasions Speeches to Edinburgh University Graduates’ Clubsin: Manchester and Liverpool Midlands London (2 occasions) Birmingham (speech had also been delivered to Royal Medical 1906 Society in 1905) C.11 Lectures and addresses on unidentified occasions. The lectures are on scientific subjects, mostly re the brain. D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 Gil2 ‘Anthropology in the Eighteenth Century': Presidential Address to Royal Anthropological Institute, 28 Jan. 1908: - printed copy with DJC's notes of corrections, - correspondencere those portraits included in the printed address (including correspondence with Sir William Lawrence's family who sent DJC 2 additional photographs of Lawrence) - correspondence following publication (notall signatures have been deciphered) 8 1908 as Advisory Boards and Committees D.1-D.7 | D.1 D.2 Royal Commission to consider and report upon the care and treatment ‘of the sick and the wounded during the South African Campaign: copy of Commission from Queen, book by W. Burdett-Couits presenting his view of how Commission came to be appointed (see also A.9). 1900 Report of the Committee 'to enquire into the regulations under which candidates for Commissions in the Army as well as recruits are physically examined ...': typescript. c.1902 D.3-D.5 3 folders of papers relative to DJC's anthropometric work: as Chairman of Anthropometric Committee of the British Association, as witness at hearings by Parliamentary Inter-Departmental Committee on Physical Degeneration, as first spokesman of Deputation on Proposed National Anithropomeiric Survey to the Prime Minister: D.3 BA Anthropometric Committee (chaired by DJC from 1904): BA reports and recommendations for 1903-08, report of papers and discussions at the Cambridge meeting of the BA in 1904, press cuttings re that meeting. D.4 Physical Degeneration Committee: printed copy of DJC's _ evidence presented in January 1904, copy of the Committee's report (annotated by DJC), typescript of memorandum on the ‘Alleged Physical Degeneration of the People of Great Britain and Ireland' (Dec. 1903), and DJC's memorandum to the Committee chairman re the views expressed by Professor Karl Pearson on inheritance of moral and physical characters (Jan. 1904). D.5 Deputation on proposed National Anthropometric Survey to the Prime Minister: ms. draft of DJC's address (4 pp.), invitation from Anthropological Institute to join Deputation, memorandum re proposed Survey, official reports from the _ Royal Colleges of Surgeons and of Physicians agreeing to join Deputation. D.6 correspondence with Alfred Keogh re Territorial Medical Service: feasibility of the scehme (1907) with letter from Keogh requesting DJC to convene Scottish Committee (1908), printed memorandum prepared by Keogh; 2 ms. drafts of addresses by DJC on the subject, misc. committee papers, correspondence with George Thomas Beatson. 1907-08 D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 D7 Irish Inland Fisheries Commission: teypscript of DJC's evidence given before the Commission, final report of the Commission, misc. printed material, correspondence with editor of the ‘Field’. 1900 E Correspondence E.1-E.15 Ex! ‘Ex2 Esa E.4 E.5 E.6 E.7 E.8 Ea? from Arthur Balfour (2 letters) from Eng. Dubois (11 letters) from W. His (4 letters, one undated) from Joseph Lister (10 letters) from Lord Roberts (17 letters), mostly re Royal Zoological Society, Dublin. House, Dublin Zoo, 1902* letter from Buckingham Palace to Lord Roberts who forwarded it to DJC File includes programme at the opening of the Roberts from P. Topinard (2 letters) from Sir William Turner (4 letters, one is incomplete) from W. Waldeyer (2 letters and 1 postcard signed by Waldeyer and others) from Paul Albrecht John W. Stubbs John Gray McKendrick Wilhelm Braune Silas Weir Mitchell Victor Alexander Haden Horsley Alfred Harry Young -- Steinbach Karl Bardeleben E.10 from George Francis Fitzgerald Sir John Batty Juke Sir William Henry Flower Samuel Haughton(2 letters) George Ferdinand Shaw L. Destuy (?) Sir Francis Galton C.A.J. Renard Sir James Paget 1906-07 1895-96, 1908 1892-97 1888-1907 1889-1907 1890-92 1896-1908 1899, 1909 1885 1885 1886 1888 1889 1889 1889 1889 1890 1890 1890 1890 1891] 1891 1891 1891 1892 1892 D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 call from Bram (Abraham) Stoker Francis John Shepherd Johnson Symington J.G. Garson A. Birmingham Rt. Hon. William Edward Hartpole Lecky Howard Ensor Arthur John Bigge, Baron Stamfordham (2 letters) W. Cecil E.12 from George Henry Cadogan (Earl) Sir John Evans Alfred Cort Haddon William McDougall Gustaf Retrius George Alexander Gibson Rt. Hon. Sir Walter Boyd John Cleland E.13 from W.W. Keen Sir Frederick Treves Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton Arthur Thomson Sir Harold Jalland Stiles E.14 Undated note from T.H. Huxley Undated letter from Sir William Osler 2 letters with undecipherable signatures E.15 1 letter from DJC to James Geikie, describing trip to Egypt (taken in the hope it would restore his health) and enclosing 4 photographs of himself at the Pyramids, etc. 10 1892 1892 1893 1893 1896 1896, 1901 1900 1900 1900. 1901 1902 1902 1902 1902, 1904 1903 1903 1903 1905 1906 1907 1907 1908 1900, 1902 1909 Publications Onebox ofoffprints and articles by DJC. Index of correspondents Albrecht, Paul Balfour, Arthur James (Earl) Bardeleben, Karl Beatson, George Thomas Bernard, Most Rev. John Henry Bigge, Arthur John (Baron Stamfordham) Birmingham, A. Boyd, Rt. Hon. Sir Walter Braune, Wilhelm Brunton, Sir Thomas Lauder Cadogan, George Henry (Earl) Cecil, W. E.9 E.1 E.9 D.6 C.12 E.11 E.t] E,12 E.9 E.13 E12 i m t— n e o D.J. Cunningham CSAC 42/6/76 Bs Cleland, John Cullingworth, Charles James Destuy, L. Dubois, Eng Ensor, Howard Evans, Sir John Fawcett, Edwan Fitzgerald, George Francis Flower, Sir William Henry Galton, Sir Francis G, Garson, J. Geikie, James Gibson, George Alexander Haddon, Alfred Cort Haldane, John Scott Haughton, Samuel His, W. Horsley, Victor Alexander Haden Huxley, Thomas Henry Jamieson, E. Keogh, Sir Alfred WwW. Keen, W. Kirkwood, George Lawrence, Louisa E. Lecky, Rt.Hon. William Edward Hartpole Lister, Joseph (Baron) Little, James McDougall, William McKendrick, John Gray Mahaffy, Sir James Pentland Mitchell, Silas Weir Moore, Sir Norman WwW. Mosley, C. Osler, Sir William - Paget, Sir James Reed, Sir Andrew Retrius, Gustav Roberts, Frederick Sleigh (Earl) Scott, John Halliday Sharp, John Shaw, George Ferdinand Shepherd, Francis John Steinbach _ Stiles, Sir Harold Jalland Stoker, Bram (Abraham) Stubbs, John W. Swanzy, Sir Henry Symington, Johnson Thomas, Arthur Topinard, P. Treves, Sir Frederick Tuke, Sir John Batty Turner, Logan Turner, Sir William Waldeyer, W. Williams, Sir Dawson E.12 ytZ E.10 a E.11 E.12 ake E.10 E.10 E.10 E.11 A.3, C20 A.3, E.12 E.12 A.3 E..10 E.3 E.? E.14 A.3 D.6 Ei A.3 C12 E.11 E.4 A.3 E.12 EY A.3 E.9 C.12 A.3 A.3, C.12, Ex l4 Gal A.3 E12 E.5 A.3 A.3 E.10 E.11 E.9 Pinb, Ele E.1 E.9 A.3 E.1] E.13 E.6 Ey io E.10 A,3 E.7 E.8 A.3