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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of PROFESSOR IVAN DE BURGH DALY FRS (1893-1974) deposited in the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, London Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, No. 76/34 All rights reserved Archives Centre (csac 39/5/76) y London WC2A 1HP 1976 THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CSAC 39/3/76 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of (1893 — 1974) PROFESSOR IVAN DE BURGH DALY, F.R.S. 1976 Deposited in the Wellcome institute for the History of Medicine Listed by Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel London I.deB.D. C.S.A.C. 39/3/76 Description of the collection The papers cover the years 1858 — 1974 and were received from Professor Michael de Burgh Daly, elder son of Ivan de Burgh Daly, who retains some biographical material. The collection consists primarily of Professor Daly's meticulous Professor Michael de Burgh records of experiments (see note on page 4). Daly also retains the original draft and related manuscripts, notes and correspondence of an unpublished monograph entitled ‘Intrinsic Lung Mechanisms’. The collection also includes one box of correspondence with (and biographical information regarding) several eminent physiologists. All items are manuscript unless otherwise indicated; titles in inverted commas are those which appear on the manuscripts. Summary of career b. 1893 1914 6 Educated Rossall School 1st Class Natural Science Tripos Part I, Gonville and Caius Cotlege, Cambridge 1918 M.B M.B., St. Bartholomew's Hospital 1934 1943 1948 — 58 A. B. C. 1922 1919 — 23 1923 -— 27 1927 — 33 1933 — 47 found in the obituary notices in Item A.14. Fellow of the Royal Society, Edinburgh Professor of Physiology, University of Edinburgh 1958 — 62 A full list of the honours and awards received by Professor Daly may be Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, Oxford Fellow of the Royal Society Director, Institute of Animal Physiology, Babraham, Cambridge M.D. Assistant in Department of Physiology, University College London Lecturer in Experimental Physiology, University of Wales, Cardiff Professor of Physiology, University of Birmingham Index to the correspondents Scientific notebooks and working papers Biographical and correspondence Contents of the handlist A.1 — Aw14 Be1 — B29 Items I,deB.D. C.S.A.C. 39/3/76 Ae Biographical and correspondence A.1 |'A.2 A.3 5 autograph letters from Professor William Sharpey to Sir Charles Lyell 4 autograph letters from Sir Edward Sharpey-Schafer to Daly Daly's correspondence with G.M. Sharpey-Schafer (Sir Edward's daughter ) of Histology and re the Schafer method of artificial respiration re controversy over Carleton's edition of Essentials 1858 — 71 1934 — 35 1936, 1943 Press cuttings re life and career of Sir Edward Sharpey-Schafer: subscription by pupils and colleagues for presentation of portrait plaque (1922), report of 11th International Congress of Physiology chaired by Sir Edward (1923), conferment of title of Emeritus Professor by University of Edinburgh (1933), obituary notices (1935) 1922 — 35 Typescript copy of appreciation of Sharpey-Schafer with ms. note by Daly 'For General Council Report’. scription for commission of bust of Sharpey—Schafer. Announcement of sub— 1935 — 36 Summary of career of Sharpey-Schafer (2 typescript copies, 4 an— notated by Daly), 2 bibliographies (1 list includes all joint publications with collaborators) n.d. Ms. notes (by Daly?) on addresses delivered by Sharpey-Schafer and subsequently published: opening of winter session of Medical Faculty of University College, London, 1885; Address in Physiology, British Association 1895; Address to graduates, University of Edinburgh, 1902; PresidentialAddress to Edinburgh University Physiology Society, 1919. 1885 — 191 1934 — 49 1937, 1939 Daly's correspondence with Dr. William Snow Miller Daly's correspondence with Charles Singer re interpretation of the writings of Galen and Erasistratus Daly's correspondence with Sir Henry Dale (2 typescript letters from Dale dated 8 June 1937 and 17 June 1939; carbon copies of Daly's letters of 14 and 22 June 1939.) Daly's correspondence with Sir Charles Sherrington (12 autograph letters from Sir Charles; 1 ms. copy of letter by Daly) 1974 Daly's correspondence with Dr. K.D. Keele re description by Leonardo da Vinci of bronchial arteries and copies of correspon— dence with O.L. Richmond re Galen (for eventual use in Daly's monograph ‘Intrinsic Mechanisms of the Lung' — unpublished) Letter of thanks from Lord Horder 1932 — 36 1942 = 43 1953 = 54, 1964 1933 1951 Obituary notices for Professor Daly I.deB.D. C.S.A.C. 39/3/76 B. Scientific notebooks and working papers Professor Daly used the following abbreviations in his work: NPV IPL BP Negative Pressure Ventilation Isolated Perfused Lung Blood Pressure Pulmonary Arterial Pressure Heart-—Lung Perfused Living Animal Left Lung Perfusion -Innervated Isolated Perfused Lungs (also designated by IILP — Innervated Isolated Lung Perfusion) Carotid Sinus Pulmonary Resistance Vasosensory Controlled Perfused Living Animal ENB i@p Experimental Note—book Intrathoracic Pressure PWA Perfused Whole Animal B.1 = B.13 Large box file labelled on spine *EARLY WORK. Thermionic valves. NPV & ALLISON. BP zero'* containing: B.1 1919 Folder labelled *Pulmonary arteries. guide. cannula. survival dogs* containing photographs of dogs, graphs, equipment, cross=—sections, X-rays. 'With Shellshear. Originals. 1919's 2 pp. ms. draft, 12 pp. typescript with mse annotations, drawings and photographs for accompanying figures String Galvanometer & Thermionic Valves. Work for closed circuit heart-lung papers notes of experimental 1924 — 25 results, tabular summaries of data, graphs and charts, draft notes entitled 'Factors governing the redistribution of blood in the closed circuit heart—lung preparation.! See file for details of contents. *Work of Heart and Constant Diastolic Volume’: 2 pp. type= script with 2 pages of ms. tabular summaries of data. *The effect of lowering the mean respiratory pressure on the output of the heart lung preparation®: 3pp. typescript Set of notes labelled "Unfinished! followed by list of contents. 'B » EE expts. 1930 — 1937': notes of experiments performed on animals, graphs and diagrams *The effect of drugs upon the lungs intreduced through the bronchial arterial circulation': typescript with ms. annotations. — I.deB.D. C.S.AC. 39/3/76 4. 1937 — 38 1939 — 40 1944 — 45 ‘IPL. Pigs': notes and details of experiments "Muscle Shadow Records': notes of experiments *Cat and Dog expts.': notes and details of experiments, procedure and results B.8 Be9 B.10 B.11 Folder labelled "NPV. chamber — electrical connections. notes of experiments Oxford, 1960. Reverse of +”° to -"@ 1960 Perspex chamber drawings': Folder labelled ‘Allison-Heath. containing notebooks with results of experiments, offprints, correspondence with and notes of P.R. Allison, correspondence with Donald Heath, Daly's notes Correspondence, records* (see also B.18) 1956 — 61 Folder labelled "Effect of BP zero on PAp, Pulm. in— and out— flow, and on respiration’ containing graphs, traces, tables, notes, plans for future experiments _Professor Daly kept detailed, step-by-step notes of his laboratory He included with this ‘raw experiments in large, loose-leaf notebooks. data* any diagrams, graphs, tracings, tabular summaries, photographs, typescript summaries or other material which would provide a complete record of the experimental work in progress. B.17 and B.23, all of the following notebooks are of this description and are listed as labelled by Professor Daly. B.17 and B.23 are com pilations of material gathered over.a span of many years from a variety of sources; the handlist. the indexes to these bound volumes are given in full in With the exception of notebook A is missing. B14 S series expts. Labelled on cover: 1926 = 30 oxygenator preparation. Carotid sinus expts. Closed circuit H-L preparation. Pulmonary circulation experiments. V—D, also B.14 = B.16 are notebooks B,C, and D of a series on pulmonary circulation; 'C. JL. Berry, A.S. Dale. 1933.-* General pulm. circulation haemodynamics. Optical recording of Isolated heart 'B. July 1926 to Jan. 1930" "Negative pressure IPL. Expts. with E.B. Verney. PAp, i€p, etc. & Drinker Injection of bronchial circulation.' assessments of experiments. Labelled on cover: '1) First PLA expts. with E.B. Verney (see monograph by Catherine 2) Upper-half of animal preparation. 3) 4) Systematic — pulmonary circulation reflexes. Head - Thorax (HT) preparations. V —D = Verney—Daly. August 1928 to Hebb and self (1966) p.292.) August 1928 to 1933, 1928 ~ 33 I.deB.D. C.S.AC. 39/3/76 5. B. 16 *"D. Pulmonary circulation experiments. with v. Euler and Thorpe. Isolated heart + oxygenator' 30.1.30 to Jan. 33. 1930 = 33 Bronchial + pulm. circ. perfusion. Labelled on cover: tBronchial circulation and Pulmonary Circulation Perfusions. Injection expts. for X-ray Haemodynamics up to »p.32. pp.50 — 65 Nerve stimlations pp.66 Jan. 6, Summary of nerve stimulations p. 91. Closed circuit H-L preparations pp.36. Isolated heart + oxygenator (with Thorpe) Sinus carodicus expts. pp.5,7.- Palmer Coil details — p.1.’ ; 1931, first expt. with Ulf v. Ewler — p.84. 1936 — 47 1936 -— 47" Brass cylinder I. deBurgh Daly : brown "Perfused Living Animal. bound volume of notes taken during experiments, graphs, charts, photographs, tracings, descriptions of apparatus,with index as follows: ‘Pump scale outputs Dog 52 cm. snout to rump 6.75 kg. TA recorders. Air content of external respiratory circuit NPV, whole animal O75 cons. intact dog TeA. of dog W.L.'s expts. 31,32,34-38,39,48,50,51 Delobelis Femoral cannulae data Raising and lowering third reservoir Oxygenator + isolated perfused lung P.IeA. 50 Thrombin Techni que Trypan blue Summary Histology Einthovens intratracheal pressure method fitted to Ideal Starling Temp. recording Expt. 77 ¢ M. de B.D. ¢ Dr. Jalon, Madrid Liquemin Roche used for first time in expt. 86 Effect of respiration on pulmonary blood flow' Filmed 77A, 78, 79, 80 Ritchie stimulator now used "floating" see E.N.B. Perfusion of Left lung, 1 PLA experiments 90 — 104 (1951 — 54) *Allisont : record of IIPL experiments 23, 26,28,29,39,41, 52,53 carried out with P. Allison. copy of letter from Daly to P. Allison re (see also B,12). 'PLA LLP : record of LLP experiments 1 — 25 (1947 - 54) and Notebook includes a IIPL expt. 53. "W T w " 2 " 81 I.deB.D. CSAC. 39/3/76 B.20 'M.deB.D./wWaitest : LLP experiments 27 — 32 (1954) and IILP experiments 44 — 49 VCPLA experiments 1 in SCPR series carried out with Micheel deBurgh Daly — 12 (January ~ July 1958) by I. and M. record of deBurgh Daly (with list of assistants) TIPL experiments 27, G.M.H. Waites. IIPL experiment 43 sent to Sir Alan Drury, October 1956 30 — 32, 34 — 38, 42 — 43 (1956) with Includes typescript copy of report on Expts. 39 — 139. "Rats. record of experiments as labelled, . with notes and diagrams describing Borst technique 2 Borst expts. IIPL 54* : "Histology : technical record, prints, calibrations of photographs taken during experiments in Series C,C, - Cos ye ‘E.N.Be* : volume of photographs of apfaratus,notes on others’ work (with illustrations and diagrams), offprints, graphs, notes on technique, preparations of solutions, tabular summaries of data, records of experiments, calibrations, notes on discussion, bibliography, correspondence, instructions for operation of equipment. ‘Air Ministry, bubble formation (discussion) With index as follows: 1939 — 50 " " " " " chambers » explosive decompression » lungs (decompression) Aluminium tanks Anaesthesia, spinal Animal feeding Animal operation technique " w " CTAB Bellows manometers Animal rectal temperatures Barium sulphate technique Bellows, Brodie Bronchomotor nerves Belt dressing Calcium estimation Calorex glass (Chance) Cannulae pressure drop Cement, heatproof Cardiac nerves (Cunningham) Chance (calorex glass) Catheter (cardiac) details Chylomicrons, Frazer Distemper Drop recorders, Drugs, adr. bronchoconstr. Drugs, adr. (Burn) (non-polarisable) Cambridge thread recorder drop recorder Electrical air pump (Dinton) Electronic, Thorpe, Palmer ", curare “ Diet (18 pellets) , curarine » general Prophylactics Mf eb ae electrodes = Wy " w " » Bayliss tt " I.deB.D. C.S.-A.Ce 39/3/76 B.23 continued (Electrical) galv. constants vt . : " " a " . " * " a te . katharometers liquid resistances Palmer induction coil speedometer stimulator, Ashkenaz " nN : Ly ", exptl data P.L.A. 3 Ritchie ’ » taradic » Schmidt and Schmidt thermocouples thermometers thermoregulators Velodyne circuit welding transformer Weston relay Expansion, coefficients of, Explosive decompression Fan motor Feeding of animals Flow recorder Pitot tubes of metals , " by . vb i » Grop, Bayliss » Gaddum » thermo junction " ee mass, barium sulphate " , starch Vinylite, Paraffin I.P.L., action of drugs absorber Future experiments Galvanometer constants Gas, cadmium fumes Gas, CO Gas, CO, Gas drier Gas mixtures constants Gas, phosgene absorber Haemodynamics Heatproof cement Heparin Histology technique Home Office returns Injection masses " "technique Mayer pump Kymo paper fixirg solution Larvae, lung Lung anatomy Lungs, biological constants Lung chemistry Lungs, decompression Lung larvae Manometer, closed end (Starling). ; blood volume changes Bellows manometers I.deB.D- C.S.A.C. 39/3/76 B.23 continued Nimmo—Smith Oxyhaemoglobin photometer P.L.A., action of drugs oxygenator Cannulae (pressure drop) " ~ " ws " = , cleaning technique Heparin .@ Gee , evaluations and tests, also examples. » general details of apparatus. pumps. temperatures Current consumption Vertical Piston Recorders Piston recorders Pitot tubes, Pulmonary vasomotor nerves Phosgene Photographic. Plastics Ramage technique Ringer solutions Silicone Saja motor Starch granules Thermometers, electrical Thorpe drop recorder Vinylate Trowell fixing fluid * B.24 = B.29 Set of 6 notebooks in IIPL Series of experiments Be24 1958 —- 60. 1951 — 56. "ENB I. 1 = 26, for experiments 27 = 30, 33, 40, 1 50 : record of IIPL experiments 50 with a note on the location of records Transmitter. : record of IIPL 1958 = 61. Monkeys 34 — 39, 41 = 49 IPL 116 — 149 with Waaler 1962 to 1963 with C.B. Ferry. "ENB III, autoperfusions* ‘ENB V. Dogs 185 — 240! ‘ENB IV.* srecord of IPL and IIPL experiments 150 — 184 ‘ENB II. Expts. 55 to 115" experiments 55 — 115 with Dr.B.A. Waaler 'ENB VI. T(ransmitter) 243 to 258° I.deB.D. C.S.A.C. 39/3/76 C. Index to the correspondents ALLISON, Professor P. R. BROWN, Sir George Lindor DALE, Sir Henry HEATH, Donald HORDER, Thomas Jeeves (Baron Horder of Ashford) KEELE, K. D. MILLER, William Snow RICHMOND, O. L. RITCHIE, Anthony F. SHARPEY, Professor William SHARPEY-SCHAFER, Sir Edward SHARPEY-SCHAFER, G. M. SHERRINGTON, Sir Charles SINGER, Charles