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MANTICORTPNG MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of SIR CYRIL NORMAN HINSHELWOOD, O.M., FR.S. (1897-1967) deposited in the Library of the Royal Society, London. Reproduced for The Contemporary ! T (C.N.H. CSAC 17/11/74) Scientific Archives Centre Noo 74/61 Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS All rights reserved London WC2A 1HP by L974. CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR CYRIL NORMAN HINSHELWOOD OM, FRS (1897-1967) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Harriot Weiskittel All rights reserved Deposited in the Library of the Royal Society London CSAC 17/11/74 Description of the collection a ae he Ve ee re ne eae amnion The collection was received from the Phys Oxford. It consists almost entirely of laboratory notebooks mental observations and results covering the early period of work on molecular reactions and gas Most of this conducted in the former laboratory shared by Balliol and Trinity Colleges, consisting, as Sir Harold Thompson describes in his Memoir (Item 1), cellars, out~houses and a converted bathroom. reactions of Section III contains notes and reports of work on respirator design undertaken by Hinshelwood and his research teamfor the Chemical Defence Board, Ministry of Supply, during the Second World War. documents relating to this work were returned to the P.R.O. Official Some of Hinshelwood's papers were accepted and listed by the Library of the Royal Society after his death. records of honours and awards, reprints of scientific and non-scientific writings, photographs and press—cuttings, and a box of uncatalogued manu= script material. They consist of certificates and Dr. C.J. Danby, of the Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford, has given valuable help in the dating and attribution of certain items in the collection. Summary of career be. London ¢ Davy Medal Royal Medal 1897 1916 1919 1920 1921 1929 1937 1943 1946 1946 Bakerian Lecture > Fellow of Balliol College Elected to the Royal Society President, Chemical Society Entered Balliol College, Oxford Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford Dr. Lee's Professor of Chemistry, Oxford Department of Explosives, Queensferry Royal Ordinance Factory epage 2 ° President, Classical Association Nobel Prize for Chemistry President, Royal Society Knight Bachelor 1955 1956 1949 1948 1959 Cont inued o e C.N.H. C.S.A.C. 17/11/74 Presidential Address, Royal Society Tercentenary Leverhulme Medal Order of Merit President, Fe Copley Medal President, British Association for the Advancement of Science lie Biographical Items 4 Ti. Laboratory notebeoks and working papers 3 = 28 III. War work 29 = 45 31. OF rraphi.c: qe urold Thompson, Biogr: Vol. ::19 .8pp* Hinshelwood's ‘Complete List of Publications in Chronological Order 1919 - 1964 Containing: Notebook labelled on first page ‘Oxidation of Phenol Derivatives. Decomposition of Malonic AG@id in the liquid-supercooled state and in the solid state. ae Draft of ‘Oxidation of Nitrophenols by Potassium Permanganate' with charts and graphs, dated 12~7-19 Entry labelled 'Thermometer Standardisation' Series of experiments on malonic acid! with charts and graphs, imtry labelled ‘Summary of 'The rate of decomposition of solid state expts.' dated 17-11-19 b. c. d. Notebook containing: ae ie be. c. ‘Transformation Rhombic e— monoclinic sulphur - influence of physical state! Set of experiments on tiodine vaporisation’ dated October, ‘Notes on the theory of supercooling' 'Supercooling. of results, and notes on others! work Experiments with Salol, Phenol't: compilation ; l Set and Note— Miscellaneous notes (some written on verso Notebook containing set of experiments labelled ‘Acetone! an dated 8-5-22. of experiments beginning at other end of notebook labelled ‘Investigation of some monomolecular reactions! (with synopsis) followed by 2 sets of experiments on, 'the: decomposition of chlorine monoxide' with notes and graphs inter— leaved. Notebook labelled 'chlorine monoxide! and dated 12—2—24 containing 1924 compilation. of results by CNH and unidentified co-worker. book also contains 2 sets of experiments at back of a labelled ‘Thermal decomposition of ammonia—phosphine apparatus! ‘Nitrous oxide'. of stationery samples) and various unlabelled graphs. - ‘Calibration of platinum wire (2)! and dated 17-9 —24, with set of graphs c oe influence of temperature on rate of Gecomposition of N,O on ‘Experiments on the influence of pressure! ‘Decomposition of N,O on the surface of a gold wire! calculation in anotfier hand) Notebook containing: Unidentified set ae ‘Thermal decomposition of ammonia on platinum! dated 28-6—24 b. ce. ‘Nitrous oxide: hot wire expts.' Notebook containing: ae a platinum wire of experiments 1924 — 25 b. iodide compositi or tInteraction of NO and i, g rrvanns poe, ' & with miscellaneous unlabelled lated Notebook containing: ‘Acetone decomposition! Aldehyde decomposition ents at back of book labelled sition on ret ion’ Set of experiments with ‘Diethyl ether'“and dated January, 1927 ‘Formaldehyde tests! Notebook labelled on cover 'Me,OQ ae be. Ceo ines of hydrogen on acetaldehyde decomposition' d. e. ‘Propionic aldehyde and hydrogen' ‘fAcetaldehyde and nitrogen! PrCHO + H,* containing Notebook lebelled ‘hydrogen and oxygen'. at other end of notebook labelled: ae b. ‘Analysis of decomposition products of methylpropylether' 'Catalysed decomposition of diethyl ether' Sets of experi ments Notebook containing: ae argon, nitrogen, 7 ’ 9 be ce. 'Series C' and ‘Series D! Small notebook labelled 'Series &' (presumably following Item 13 in sequence) with summary of results on inside of front cover Notebook with first set of experiments labelled 'Combination of hydrogen and oxygen', followed by another set of 47 experi- ments called ‘Series B', Package of graphs charting the influence of steam, helium, reaction of hydrogen and oxygen combinations at various temperatures ‘Hydrogen Oxygen combinations! dated September 1927 (56 periments ) ‘'New high Temp. pressure series — empy bulb (new)! ‘Experiments in Worcester porcelain bulb' (some 3 sub-headed ‘nitrogen! or targon') Eats miscellaneous notes interleaved Notebook labelled ‘Decomposition of CH,CHO on gold! containing various sets of experiments, miscellanéous calculations and graphs eg ‘acetaldehyde on platinum — rhodium wire' and ‘acetaldehyde lotebook labelled 'I 1,/0,/P%" and on back cover ‘new H,O0,Pt s decomposition calibration of gold wire! o oxygen pressure and silica on* od 7 = o the rate be: hydrogen pressure 1928 1927 G : Notebook inscribed inside front taining various experiments with benzoic alcohol, Note beok of Calcniatre Notebook of various cover -h corrections * acid, isopropyl ge 1 Notebook labelled Phosphine! dat Back cover of notebook is labelle decomposition CH—O—CH ing: (—5—30 tc 26-¢ : rt') with 4 pages of notes ee written or £ 20. (one OE be verso of examination scripts) Notebook (not labelled or dated) eres and fhe: nS. taining experimental Ce as ee ae: of ) pages of miscellaneous -notes ct beginnin ee oxygen at ordinary Focesktee Afiother series of expts to find NO produced at. variou ges of reaction! and dated January 1931 Various untit tled experiments d in vessels of silve bered 1—22) charting the Findings published 'The Combination experiments made by CNH' and dated s hand) er ‘Summary of experimental in a silver vessel' Rolfe) Proc.Roy.Soc., 1933, A139, Package labelled 'Ozone' containing descriptions, results and calcul ations of various runs; miscellaneous notes (many writte on verso of exemination scripts) and graphs various runs (m Notebook (not in results on the reaction between H, and 0, and of silica with effect of (102 a), “and rods of silica, silver, aluminium and nickel’ with - initials'CNH, ACR and GAMH, Hilary Term 1932'. of hydrogen and oxygen and A.C. on another's work Notebook co lled on cover ‘Reaction between EtC], It and KOH in and interben vad Sie (in vnidentified hana ) Package labelled 'N,O notes and graphs (miny labelled 'Disassociation of iodine! t, script (untitled and incomplete) and halogens! containing miscellaneous .of bromine' etc) and 2% page type- alcoholic solutions! containing notes and graphs (with E.A. Moelwyn-—Hughes j . -of chlorine', '. . a Typescript with correct: Part I. The Reaction between Ac Graphs se hala ed 'HAc in MeOH in d and methyl alcohol in methyl pany i ng not teSe scellaneous graphs and notes. Package labelled 'Cl NH,* containing: Be : b. Co Notes on *Cain and Hrcolt, Notes on Miscellaneous notes é compounds * ) 3 page typescript of at Benzoylation of Nitranilines in Benezene Solution’ W.B.S. Newley and LeA-R. Staveley) 'J.S. Reese, Che Oe rans .Far.S0Ce, = 0344 30 ), Pp 597, and 3 sets of Ms. notes which formed basis of article. Notebook labelled ‘Quaternary ammonium salts’ containing various sets of calculations with pieces -auee ous notes (on verso of examination scripts) and 7 and methyl ieédide in various solvents ') interleaved Raph 8 (one labelled 'Pyridine gi iit. | War w ork | 29. with notes Graphs of desorption a ae and results labelled 'CC1l results’, ‘Water desorption’, Water Diffus fatty tabulated results, and’ "Cyanogen chloride — desorption distribution’ (in NerEeoe anit al : results; summaries of results Graphs and notes showing ‘calculated distribution during desorption H0 on B668* in another hand Package of 6 graphs describing desorption by «= dry air stream following the passage of a wet stream ‘Desorption! typescript summaries of a peeenke ‘Calculated distribution on water’ Ms. (in unidentified hands), graphs Miscellaneous notes labelled tRetentivity Bible, 1.2.43', 'Retentivity Action, 27.3.43', ‘Adsorption. The Transport Equation' 'The sorption process in a gas stream with a straight line Isotherm.', 'Distribution', and tabular summary of ‘position of 50% saturation point' graphs, Appendices IV - VII, Appendix XI File labelled ‘Reports from TeGeDe CoTeDe JS oAole Reliebe oa M.T. 1939'. on Charcoal It and ‘Studies in adsorption on Charcoal II', charts, graphs, and miscellaneous notes "First Interim Report ' from the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Department, Oxford to the Ministry of Supply: typescripts of Introduction, Arr Various Ms. drafts including ‘Studies in adsorption A (I) with accompanying 1939 1939 “gree t G25.AeC ° 4/44 7A 17/ 1 i/74 ace nying graphs dated 1 January/29 Tel ourary si i ++, Je / atalysts's typescript with CNH notations on 12 PPe isive cor intro¢ uction, Sections I and I] », and the typescript draft with corrections 'The Desorption of Gases of Sections JII, IV and V 'The Desorption of drafts Sections of Charts and diagrams pr f 'The Desorp: to eget of Inorganic and Physical the Ministry of Supply Gases fr jarfare harcoa! with special reference )* Pe +t t prepared 1 by Depart ib er 1 Uni Chemistry 'The Proces ce of the Prov Ministry of Supply} and dated Septem ss luct’ report prepared by the Department 4 1942 oh aated July of Charcoal Activation in relation 'The Properties of Coppered Coal Charcoals' report prepar the De partment (£ or the Ministry of Supply) and dz tok