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NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENTISTS Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Ernest Gordon Cox FRS (1906-1996) NCUACS catalogue no. 123/9/03 by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Compiled by: Description level: Fonds Date of material: 1886-1999 Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Extent of material: 37 boxes, ca 730 items Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Ernest Gordon Cox FRS (1906-1996), chemical crystallographer and science administrator NCUACS catalogue no. 123/9/03 © 2003 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. Special Collections, Brotherton Library, University of Leeds Reference code: GB 0206 MS1715 Deposited in: E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists is supported by the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Computer Society The British Crystallographic Association The Geological Society Girton College Cambridge The Institute of Physics The Royal Society The Royal Astronomical Society The Wellcome Trust The Royal Society of Chemistry St John’s College Cambridge Trinity College Cambridge E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: HEAD OF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS BROTHERTON LIBRARY UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION B RESEARCH SECTION C SECOND WORLD WAR SECTION D UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS A.1-A.176 B.1-B.96 C.1-C.78 D.1-D.75 SECTION E AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL E.1-E.163 SECTION F LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS F.1-F.92 G.1-G.149 SECTION G SECTION H H.1-H.34 J.1-J.214 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE VISITS AND CONFERENCES SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS E:Gi-Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Professor Mary Truter, Lady Cox, widow, in November 2000. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF ERNEST GORDON COX Ernest Gordon Cox was born on 24 April 1906 in Twerton, in Somerset, where his father was a market gardener. He was educated at the City of Bath Secondary School and the University of Bristol where he graduated with first class honours in physics in 1927. Physics Department, recommended Cox to W.H. Bragg and he joined Bragg’s team in the Davy- A.M. Tyndall, head of the Bristol Faraday Laboratory at the Royal Institution in London in 1927. Here Cox’s career as a practising crystallographer began. He was assigned the task of finding how the carbon atoms in benzene, known from chemical evidence to be in a ring, were disposed. After some difficulties in keeping the benzene (liquid at room temperatures) crystalline, Cox established that the carbon atoms were at the corners of a regular hexagon, a conclusion of considerable importance for theoretical chemists. structures from three-dimensional data, for example pentaerythritol (1937) and Glucosamine In 1936 Cox was awarded his D.Sc. by the University of Bristol and in 1941 In 1929 Cox, although a physicist, was recruited by W.N. Haworth to the staff of the Chemistry Department at Birmingham University. Here he did pioneer work on the structures of sugars and coordination compounds of determination of the crystal structure of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, where his X-ray work was done in Cox became increasingly interested in the determination of accurate nickel, palladium, platinum and other metals. concert with the chemists. A highlight was the Cox was in Belgium by Cox joined the Territorial Army in 1936 and was an officer in the Birmingham University OTC. Although mobilised in September 1939 he was returned to his university post by November. Here he led an advisory group on explosives for the Ministry of Supply, Cox taking a particular interest in the In February 1942 Cox was recruited by D.M. Newitt, Director of hazards of static electrification. Scientific Research for the Inter-Services Research Bureau (ISRB), to be Senior Officer in charge of Col.) in the 21st Army Group HQ. on the investigation of V-2 rocket sites and on counter-sabotage activities. the laboratories of the ISBR research at The Frythe, Welwyn, Hertfordshire. ISRB was a cover for the Special Operations Executive (SOE), the secret service whose job it was to support and stimulate In July 1944 Cox went to France as a Technical Staff Officer (Lt- He was employed in succession on liaison with the underground, hydrobromide (1939). was promoted to Reader in Chemical Crystallography at Birmingham. resistance in occupied countries. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 September, and interrogations about their highly successful sabotage work during the enemy occupation. had very close contacts with Belgian Resistance Group G through detailed He was of the crystallography. In 1945 Cox was appointed as one of the Professors of Chemistry at the University of Leeds. There he built a happy Department of Inorganic and Structural Chemistry and a strong all-round group in of chemical developments in apparatus and computing. In his first years at Leeds he took a particular interest in a Weissenburg camera and in the use of Hollerith punched-card the design and production of equipment. He was quick to see the potential of electronic computers, sending one of his team to the first programming school at Cambridge in 1950 and from 1952 exploiting the Ferranti Mark | computer a cold room in which Successful new experimental work on benzene took place in importance for crystallography keenly aware at Manchester. crystal, apparatus and crystallographer could be contained. 1960. Cox’s team at Leeds produced a succession of high quality structure determinations, often setting the Many analyses concerned relatively simple molecules, such as standards for others to follow. The heterocyclic sulphur compounds, with the aim of establishing reliable values of standard bonds. work on stereochemistry of coordination compounds was extended, for example to include the new organic compounds of platinum. Cox led the university bid for a Ferranti Pegasus computer. Installed He contributed to the wider running of the in 1957 his crystallographers were its largest users. university, and served on outside committees, for example International Union of Crystallography Commissions on Crystallographic Apparatus, 1948-1957 and Crystallographic Data, 1954-1960. Cox was chairman of the X-ray Analysis Group, 1956-1959. In 1957 Cox was appointed a member of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) and after negotiations in the summer of 1959 appointed Secretary (Chief Executive) of the Council from 1 July At that time the ARC was responsible to the Lord President as Minister for Science and its own research expressed his strong opposition to the Rothschild proposals. Technology, Lord Hailsham. programmes, commissioning work and funding special projects while dealing with the Treasury over However, Cox became less content when, as a result of the Science and Technology Act budgets. (1965), the research councils, previously funded by the Treasury, were transferred to the Department of Education and Science. He became concerned by threats to his independence from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries which were given substance, for example, by the agreement of the Prime Minister in December 1969 to the setting up of a secret Whitehall committee chaired by Mr S.P. Osmond of the Treasury to consider the future of the ARC and whether it should be taken over by the MAFF. There was no quick decision by government in part due to the June 1970 General Election After Cox’s retirement and throughout 1970 and 1971 Cox continued to promote the ARC’s cause. Victor Rothschild, as chairman of the Government's Central Policy Review Staff proposed to apply his customer/contractor principle. Cox saw this as a major threat to the survival of the ARC and publicly It enjoyed scientific independence, drawing up E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Amongst the achievements of Cox’s Secretaryship were the establishment of new Units, including the Unit of Nitrogen Fixation in 1963 under the direction of Joseph Chatt and the Unit of Structural Chemistry in 1966 under the direction of R.S. Nyholm. The ARC had assumed responsibility for food research in 1959 and two new research institutes were established in Cox’s time, the Meat Research Institute near the University of Bristol in 1963 and the Food Research Institute in association with the University of East Anglia in 1965. In retirement Cox gave valuable voluntary service to the British Association as a honorary general secretary, 1971-1976 and to the Royal Institution as honorary treasurer, 1971-1976. In 1929 Cox married Lucie Baker with whom he had a daughter, Patricia Ann and a son, Keith. Both Patricia became Under Secretary, Scottish Home and Health Department and achieved distinction. Keith (FRS 1988), Reader in Geology at Oxford University. Lucie Cox died suddenly in 1962 and Cox subsequently married Mary Rosaleen Truter, his former Leeds colleague and then Deputy Director of the ARC Unit of Structural Chemistry, in 1968. Cox was elected FRS in 1954 and knighted in 1964. He died on 23 June 1996. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION 1886-1999. The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. The papers cover the period account draws on the memoir and other obituary writing by Cruickshank and F.S. Dainton. Section A, Biographical, includes a number of shorter autobiographical and biographical accounts, significant material relating to career and honours including the ARC appointment and such occasions There is also a significant photographic record, 1927-1993, as the 80th birthday celebrations. For further information about Cox’s career see D.W.J. Cruickshank, ‘Sir Ernest Gordon Cox, K.B.E’, The preceding biographical Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol 46 (2000). There is a good record of the wartime research of Cox and Birmingham colleagues on explosives. Section B, Research, documents Cox’s scientific research in the form of notebooks, 1927-1946, and an alphabetical sequence of topic folders from ‘Ardealite and other minerals relating to gypsum’ to ‘Weissenberg apparatus’ including correspondence, notes, data, reports and X-ray photographs. the Leeds Chemistry Department, at ARC occasions and at including photographs taken in crystallographic conferences. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Section C, Second World War, presents a record of Cox’s activities in connexion with the SOE and Belgian Resistance Group G including wartime diaries and photographs. D, University of Leeds, includes significant documentation of Section Department. Papers re the research activities of the department throw light on the work of research students, use of computers and the information Cox prepared for his successor. Teaching materials include lecture notes both for Leeds University degree courses and postgraduate summer schools on crystallographic methods held at Leeds. Leeds Chemistry the Section E, Agricultural Research Council, presents extensive documentation of Cox’s Secretaryship of the ARC including the controversies associated with the Osmond Committee and the Rothschild Report, of the later years of the Secretaryship. This documentation comprises a personal record of notes on index cards and in notebooks, 1961-1971, a major sequence of general correspondence and papers which continues to 1994 reflecting Cox’s ongoing interest in the ARC and agricultural research after he stepped down from the Secretaryship in 1971, an alphabetical sequence of topic folders from ‘Achievements in Agric. Research’ to ‘Units’ and an assemblage of press-cuttings for the period 1969- 1972. Section F, Lectures and publications, documents Cox's public and invitation lectures in the form of The lectures drafts, 1930s-1975, and his scientific papers in the form of off-prints, 1928-1986. material is presented in two sequences, one devoted to scientific topics to his departure from Leeds, and a second, more miscellaneous one, which includes lectures and speeches as Secretary of the In addition to the off- Agricultural Research Council and, for convenience, a little broadcasts material. prints of scientific papers there is a record of Cox’s letters to the press and book reviews. Section G, Societies and organisations, presents significant documentation of a small number of such bodies, especially the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Royal Institution and the Although Cox first attended a British Association meeting as a student the surviving Royal Society. papers relate to his post-retirement service as one of the honorary General Secretaries, 1971-1976 and Honorary Auditor, 1976-1983. There is a little correspondence with Magnus Pike relating to the BA Chairmanship. Cox, likewise, had a long association with the Royal Institution dating from 1927. The bulk of the documentation relates to matters of finance and administration associated with his post-retirement service as Honorary Treasurer, 1971-1976 and the Bragg Lecture which Cox helped Cox gave the 1993 Bragg to establish in recognition of the achievements of W.H. and W.L. Bragg. Lecture jointly with M.F. Perutz. The bulk of the Royal Society material documents his membership of the Royal Society Club, 1963-1996. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Section H, Visits and conferences, is not extensive but includes some documentation of early national and international crystallography meetings and a visit to Israel in May 1964 to make a specialist examination of the administration of agricultural research in the country Section J, Correspondence, is the largest component in the collection and covers an extended period, 1916-1996. The presentation follows Cox’s own arrangement of it into a number of alphabetical and chronological sequences including ‘Pre-War Scientific Correspondence’ and ‘private correspondence ARC 1960-1971’. An untitled alphabetical sequence includes many of his colleagues and pupils in the Leeds chemistry department and leading figures in agricultural research. There is also an index of correspondents. The papers and correspondence of Cox’s son, Keith Gordon Cox, were catalogued by the NCUACS in 2001 for deposit in the Library, Oxford University Museum of Natural History (NCUACS catalogue no. 96/1/01). ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS P. Harper T.E. Powell donation in support of the work. We are very grateful to Lady Cox for making the papers available for cataloguing and for a generous Bath, 2003 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.1-A.176 1886-1999 OBITUARIES AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL ACCOUNTS A.14-A.77 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.78-A.82 DAY BOOKS A.83-A.91 FAMILY, PERSONAL AND SOCIAL A.92-A.119A MISCELLANEOUS A.120-A.176 PHOTOGRAPHS OBITUARIES The Times, 9 July 1996. AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL 1952-1999 Independent, 1 July 1996. By F.S. Dainton. Unidentified publication. By Durward Cruickshank. appointments, membership of professional bodies and war ‘Ernest Gordon Cox : Biographical Details’, 1p duplicated typescript including 1p typescript by Cox on his scientific work, October 1952. Autobiographical accounts 1952-1995, n.d. 1952-c 1958, n.d. of biographical information E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 service, c 1958. ‘Pupils of E.G. Cox’. List of Cox’s pupils in Chemistry Department, University of Birmingham, Chemistry Inorganic Department, University of Leeds, 1945-1960. 1929-1941 and_ 1961, 1969 ‘Some notes on the Schools of Structural Crystallography in of Birmingham and Leeds’, 6pp typescript by Cox, ‘1-6-61’. the Chemistry Department of Universities the Letter from Cox to 29 May 1969. K. Grayston with biographical details, ‘The origins of my interest in X-ray crystallography and some related matters’ 1982-1983 D. ‘Sir Gordon Cox’ his early years and 12pp typescript account by Cox of background. 2pp typescript by Cox written for Hall, University of Auckland, February 1983, with request for the information from Hall, 26 October 1982. Correspondence with The Scientist re publishing short article of reminiscences by Cox, with manuscript notes by Cox 1986-1987 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: ‘Family [tree] of Rosina Ring’, Cox’s mother, etc. ‘E.G.C.’s Genealogical Researches’ manuscript notes, correspondence, E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 Biographical accounts 1960-1999, n.d. Short biographical profiles published by New Scientist, Chemistry in Britain etc. 1960, 1971, n.d. Correspondence re Cox’s entry in Contemporary British Chemists, copy of Cox’s entry etc 1968-1970 A.11-A.13 Royal Society Biographical Memoir of Cox 1999, n.d. The memoir was published in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol 46 (2000), pp 65-84. Photocopy Cruickshank of notes made by memorialist D.W.J. Folder widow. also includes autobiographical note by Cox’s Photocopy of pages from first proof copy of memoir A.14-A.77 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1923-1999 Includes title page, photograph of Cox and bibliography. Manuscript notes, family tree made available by Cox’s widow to memorialist in 1999 4 folders. Cox entered the school in 1918. When the girls moved to a separate school in 1922 it became City of Bath Boys’ School (and much later Beechen Cliff School). A.14-A.17 City of Bath Secondary School Miscellaneous notes, schooling, etc. drafts, correspondence re Cox’s 1961-1999 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 University of London Registration as an external student. A.19-A.21 University of Bristol 1925-1995 Cox entered the University in October 1924 and graduated with first class honours in physics in 1927. University of Bristol 1925 of this Book published to mark the opening of the New Buildings: ‘The aim by photographs of the enlarged domain which the University will occupy, and to suggest in brief compass some aspects and purposes of its work’. give some idea little book is to a of Bristol papers Henry Herbert Wills Physics 1927-1995 papers re Cox’s University Laboratory University of Birmingham Miscellaneous correspondence and associations with Bristol Book published to mark the opening of the laboratory by Rutherford, 21 October 1927. 1930-1982 Agreement as to superannuation between the University and Cox, etc on his appointment as lecturer in chemistry in 1930. Miscellaneous Birmingham Chemistry Department, Chemical Society etc found in folder inscribed ‘Birmingham’, 1937-1982. Cox’s admission as a Fellow of the Institute. Institute of Physics re University of E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 A.24-A.28 Military service 1936-1984 Cox was appointed Second Lieutenant in the Territorial Army in 1936 and was an officer in the University of Birmingham OTC. In February 1942 he was recruited by D.M. Newitt, Director of Scientific Research for the Inter- Services Research Bureau (ISRB), to be Senior Officer in charge of the ISRB research and development station at The Frythe. the laboratories of Correspondence and papers. 5 folders. Application by Cox for the Gardiner Chair in Chemistry at the University of Glasgow University of Leeds [1945]-1960 Appointment to the second chair in the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, 1945. Letters of congratulation. Government service 1950-1959 a number of advisory boards and Resignation effective 30 June 1960. served Cox committees in the 1950s. on Election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society Royal Institute of Chemistry. Includes election as general member of the council of the Invitations to serve, letters of thanks on retirement etc. Service to professional societies 1955, 1958, n.d. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 A.34-A.41 Agricultural Research Council 1957-1999 Cox was appointed a member of the Agricultural Research July 1960 he succeeded Sir Council in 1957. William Slater as Secretary, retiring 30 September 1971. On 1 on 2 letters re Cox’s appointment as a member of the Council A.35, A.36 Correspondence and papers re appointment as Secretary of the Council 1959-1960 2 folders. A.37-A.39 Correspondence and papers re retirement from Council Includes letters of appreciation and good wishes. 3 folders. 1969-1994 Includes sheet of notes re BSE, dated January 1999. Correspondence and papers re Cox’s later associations with the Council and agricultural research Manuscript notes on Cox and the ARC by his widow, M.R. Truter Candidature for the Principalship of University College Swansea February 1968. Invitation (Agriculture), November 1963. accept Brief correspondence re invitation to take an unspecified appointment January- Association, British British Association for the Advancement of Science Cox withdrew his candidature in July 1959. 1963, 1968 to a Vice-Presidency of Section M with the E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 Knighthood Letters of congratulation. Honorary degree, University of Newcastle honorary degree was conferred An the occasion of the installation of the Duke of Northumberland as Chancellor of the University, 30 April 1964. Cox on on Order of proceedings and issue of university gazette with speeches of presentation Photographic record of the installation of the Chancellor Honorary degree, University of Birmingham Seating plans and biographical profile of Cox. Marriage of Cox and Dr Mary R. Truter Honorary degree, University of Bristol Includes order of proceedings for the degree congregation and addresses by the public orators. Announcement in The Times and signed greetings card from Agricultural Research Council headquarters staff. 1996 letter is from Lady Cox. Honorary Associateship, Surgeons The Associateship was conferred on Cox on 6 June 1972. undertook a number of Cox honorary positions in respect of government and private institutions. advisory Public service 1972-1976 and Royal College of Veterinary 1972, 1996 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 Honorary degree, University of Bath 1973-1976 Correspondence and papers re arrangements, oration, order of proceedings and certificate for conferment of honorary degree on Cox, 5 July 1973. Correspondence degrees. re nominations for 1976 honorary Honorary degree, University of East Anglia 1972-1973 Correspondence honorary degree on Cox, 13 July 1973. re arrangements for conferment of A.53-A.64 80th birthday A.53-A.63 Correspondence and papers, principally relating to 80th birthday lunch party at the Royal Institution, 24 April 1986. 11 folders. Unindexed. the of signatures of colleagues from ‘80th birthday book’ Sixty Years Membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry Book Royal Institution, University of Birmingham, Second World War, University of Leeds, Agricultural Research Council and British Association. Congratulations from Society. Cox died on 23 June 1996. Letters of condolence the officers and council of the A.66-A.77 Unindexed. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 A.66-A.71 Alphabetical sequence of letters 6 folders. First names only and unidentified are at A.71. A.72-A.75 Cards 4 folders. Letters from organisations Letters re donations in Cox’s memory A.78-A.82 DAY BOOKS 1981-1994, n.d. Contents of envelope so inscribed Notebook inscribed ‘Barlow etc’ on front cover This was the crystallographer William Barlow, died 1934. A.78-A.81 ‘EGC’s Day Books’ on front cover ‘(1) Examinations, (6) Sir James Crichton- Notebook inscribed Oxford Locals etc etc History of Browne’ and ‘Recent (since 1967) of R.1. at back’ Loose notes enclosed at the back. Notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Daily Notes 20 July 1994’ Latest date with reference to notes on the Royal Institution 1979. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 Untitled notebook dated ‘27-10-94’ on the first page of notes which begin ‘I was born on the 24th April 1906, at Pretoria Cottage, Southdown, Twerton, ... which recently been assimilated by the borough of Bath.’ had ‘Duplicate Book’ used for notes on reading. Loose note enclosed at front 1p only of book dated ‘2-5-81’. reference on first page of loose notes, 1983. Latest bibliographical The ‘duplicate book’ is presented here with the ‘day books’ for convenience. A.83-A.91 FAMILY, PERSONAL AND SOCIAL Letters to Cox from his father, 1956-1973 and from his father’s third wife, Marion, 1984 Cox’s father who was born in 1884 died in 1987 aged 103. ‘Lecture 10 to 24’ 1907-1908, Notebook so titled dated on first page ‘Decr.27.07’ and initialed ‘E.H.C’. 1907-1988 1956-1984 Enclosed at front of the notebook is part of letter from Cox, 17 July 1989, in which he explains that he was ‘trying to form a picture of my father’s activities before the first world war, when he was giving up accountancy because of bad sight and turning to horticulture in which he was largely self-taught’. 1989 Relates to Cox’s interest in finding out what his father did in respect of the War Agriculture Committee during the First World War. Notebook used by Cox for notes on the Somerset War Agriculture Committee in 1917 Notebook used for notes on manures, principles of fruit- growing, fruit other than hardy, etc., 1907-1908. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 1p manuscript note of daily expenses in 1927 found with The Times obituary of Dan Leno 1904 reprinted in the ‘On this day’ column of The Times, 1 November 1988 1927, 1988 The Times press-cutting is annotated ‘E.G.C. lived in Dan Leno’s house in 1927’. Visitors Book (no covers) with explanatory note Signatures of ‘overnight visitors to Gordon & Lucie Cox 51 Westwood Lane Leeds 6 1947-1960’ and ‘117 Hampstead Way London NW11 1960-1962’. Visitors include distinguished scientists such as Dorothy Hodgkin, W.N. Lipscomb and Kathleen Lonsdale. Two Christmas cards from Valerie and T.S. Elliot, 1960 and n.d.; press-cuttings, 1970, 1988 1960-1988, n.d. Valerie Elliott (née Fletcher) lived next door to E.G. and Lucie Cox in Westwood Lane Leeds. A.90-A.91 2 folders. 1954-1984 1954-1982 notes and _ brief correspondence re 1947, 1956 Social functions Personal correspondence Invitations, menus, seating plans etc. Manuscript ornithological interests about Contents obituaries MISCELLANEOUS other biographical Cox’s ‘expanding wallet’ so_ inscribed: ‘Obituaries etc’ A.92-A.119A information 1886-1994 1945-1994 A.92-A.109 of and E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 scientists and other colleagues etc. in alphabetical order includes of replies letters to Cox’s The sequence which is correspondence condolence. including A.-B. Mac. / Mc. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 A.110-A.118 ‘Quotations & Extracts etc.’ 1886-1994 ‘Humour’ 1971-1987 ‘Barlow’ reference: press-cuttings, manuscript notes, Contents of papers, varied in topic but including letters to The Times. inscribed: correspondence and folder so These include Cox’s scientific interests but also history of Somerset, literary interests etc. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into nine for ease of printed papers, etc relating to a wide range of Cox’s interests. 1984-1989 inscribed: Contents manuscript notes, background material in the crystallographer William Barlow (1845-1934). correspondence, re Cox’s interest See also A.78. of envelope so E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 A.120-A.176 PHOTOGRAPHS 1927-1993, n.d. For Cox’s Second World War photographs see Section C. A.120-A.131A Biographical 1927-1993 Photograph showing Cox with P.A. Sheppard, F.E.L. Parsons and L.F. Broadway, all former pupils of the City of Bath Boys’ School, in 1927, the year of their graduation. lab Birmingham circa ‘X-ray Goodwin’ 1932 shows EGC T H 3 photographic negatives found in envelope so inscribed. ‘Pre-war photographs’ ‘Institute of Petroleum dinner 27.2.52’ Partial identification on verso of those sitting with Cox. ‘The Senate of the University of Leeds’ With manuscript key. Three photographic negatives with three prints found envelope so inscribed. in Cox. Although undated the photograph is accompanied by printed list of Leeds science staff with manuscript date ‘1955-6’. Two photographs of Cox on the occasion of his investiture with son Keith Gordon Cox and daughter Patricia Ann Knighthood E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 Honorary degree University of Bath July 1973 Two photographs of the conferral of honorary degree on Cox. Dr M.A.T. Rogers, Honorary Secretary, October 1973 Presentation to Royal Institution Key on verso. Cox with birthday his father Ernest Henry Cox on his 100th Cox’s 80th birthday party at the Royal Institution Six photographs Includes photograph of Cox and Hodgkin President Crystallographic Association, J.A.K. Howard. letter from and of Bragg Lecture Two photographs. Royal Society Club Perutz with Dorothy British Seven photographs of Bragg lecture given by Cox and M.F. Perutz at the Royal Institution and University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. Passport format photographs of Cox E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 A.132-A.141 ‘Leeds Chemistry Department’ 1946-1966, n.d. Contents of folder so inscribed. A.132-A.134 ‘Photographs of Chem. Dept, Leeds taken by J Allan Cash including Jeff and Stan Nyburg etc’ 21 photographs. 3 folders. Laboratory photograph ‘NMR Research Group ... Leeds, March 1960’ With key on verso. A.137-A.140 Visitors and colleagues 1946, 1957, n.d. 4 folders. A.142-A.156 A.142 found with 1962-1971, n.d. Leeds chemistry ‘Opening Moredun by Duke of Edinburgh 2 July 1962’ microbiology laboratory, new of Agricultural Research Council Personal photographs department photographs 1963’ ‘Sir Theodore Fox (Editor of the Lancet) & E.G. Cox at Jubilee dinner of the Medical Research Council 25 Nov ‘Rowett Jubilee Dinner 2 Nov 1963’ ‘Directors dinner 1963’ A.D.R.A., 1962 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 ‘E.G. Cox being presented to the Queen by the Duke of Northumberland at the opening of the Meat Research Institute’ N.d. ? 1964 Two undated photographs. Found in envelope postmarked in 1964. ‘Mr Soldatov, Russian Ambassador, and Mr F. Peart, Minister of Agriculture, after the signing of the Anglo- Soviet agreement on co-operation in agricultural research, 6th Jan 1965’ ‘Wye College 16 March, 1966’ With key on verso. Visitors including Cox to Midland Shires Farmers Ltd, July 1968 With key. With key on verso. Directors’ Conference 17-19 October 1969, ‘Letcombe 30 Nov 1970’ ‘A.R.C. Sunningdale’ ‘42 Jan 1971’ ‘Centenary Dinner, Central Veterinary Society 12 Dec 1970’ ‘Photograph taken at Press Conference to launch the A.A.C. report on Modern Farming & the Soil’ date stamped Two photographs. With keys. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 Signed card with photograph sent to Cox ‘in happy memory of his visit to the Cambridge Unit on 30th July 1971’ The card marks the visit of Cox to the ARC Unit of Reproductive Physiology and Biochemistry, Cambridge (Director T.R.R. Mann). Photograph meeting of Sir Harry Himsworth at international At his right is E.E. Cheeseman, scientific adviser in ARC. ‘Agricultural Research Council in Syon’ Three photographs of members of the ARC at the home of its chairman, the Duke of Northumberland. With key. A.157-A.173 Visits and conferences 1945-1991, n.d. Contents of folder inscribed ‘Crystallographic conferences, visits and related’. This undated photograph is inscribed on verso ‘? Dublin during war’. Photograph of Erwin Schrédinger, Max Born, Kathleen Lonsdale, P.P. Ewald and Eamon de Valera. With key. First of Crystallography, Harvard University, July 28 - August 3, 1949 ‘Conference at Leeds 1946’ Congress of the International Union ‘Prague 2.12.45’ With key. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 ‘Visit to Penn. State : date ? 1950 ? was IBM same time or before Montreal congress in 1957?’ Contents of envelope so inscribed: four photographs, two including IBM staff member. A.162, A.163 ‘Stockholm 1951’ Contents of envelope so postcards to International Congress of Crystallography. accompanied by D.W.J. Cruickshank. inscribed: photographs and Second Cox was Scandinavia from visit for 2 folders. At A.163 are postcards from visit to Norway. ‘Amsterdam 1952’ Contents photographs from visit to Amsterdam. envelope so _ of inscribed: four informal With key. Third July 1954 University of Leeds Summer School 1952’ International Congress of Crystallography, Paris, Four photographs including congress photograph and photograph of Cox addressing General Assembly. participants at meeting, Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Italy. Contents of envelope so inscribed: two photographs taken in connexion with visit to Canada for Fourth International Congress of Crystallography. inscribed: three photographs of ‘Bellagio photos (Aug 1962)’ Contents of folder so ‘Montreal 1957’ E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Biographical, A.1-A.176 British Crystallographical Association meeting, Sheffield, March 1991 Three photographs of participants. With keys on verso. 150th Anniversary of the Chemical Society, April 1991 Two photographs taken at the Guildhall dinner and strip of photographic negatives. Unidentified group photograph Cox is stood next to M.F. Perutz. ‘Faraday Society Dipole Moments Oxford’ Contents of envelope so inscribed: composite photograph and negatives. With key. A.174-A.176 Miscellaneous photographic negatives found Two inscribed. ‘Astburys & S.R. Carter. Filey’ Group photograph at Leeds at unidentified occasion Council meeting May 1939 Photograph of portrait of ‘Harold Himsworth by John Ward R.A.’ Correspondence, 1989, re photograph taken at AUT in envelope so E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 SECTION B RESEARCH, B.1-B.96 1927-1990 B.1-B.16 NOTEBOOKS B.17-B.93 RESEARCH FOLDERS B.94-B.96 MISCELLANEOUS NOTEBOOKS 1927-1946, n.d. ‘Experimental Notes’ Softbacked exercise book so inscribed on front cover which is also inscribed with Cox’s name. First page is headed with the date ‘1927’. notes Dated entries run from 30 September to 17 November. Also ‘Laue Photographs of Benzene’, ‘Groth on Benzene’, ‘Rotation Photographs of Benzene’ etc. ‘Crystallisation Benzene’, on of ‘Cryst Il’ ‘Cryst Notebook |, or Cl’ Also inscribed inside front cover in This pencil Hardback notebook so inscribed on page 1. inscription may not be contemporary with the use of the notebook. ink with date ‘7/11/29’ and ‘E.G. Cox Chemistry Department The University Birmingham’. Paginated 1-382 with index at the back of the notebook. Hardback notebook so inscribed on the head and ‘CII’ on spine. Also inscribed inside front cover with date ‘Nov. 1932’ and Cox’s name and address at Birmingham. Paginated 1-231 with index at the back of the book. Hardback notebook so inscribed on Also inscribed inside front cover with date ‘Nov. 1932’ and Cox’s name and address at Birmingham. Paginated 1-163 with index at the back of the book. first page. X Ray III’ E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Research, B.1-B.96 ‘*X Ray Crystallography I’ N.d. c 1930-c 1934 Hardback notebook so Also inscribed ‘X Ray Work’ on head with Cox’s name and address at Birmingham inside front cover. Paginated 1- 413 with index at the back of the notebook. labelled on front cover. Includes records of photographs taken with different types of camera, analysis of data, notes on calibration, possible structures, etc. The notebook is undated. (p.8) bibliographical reference 1934 (p.53). as taken identified is However photograph no.55 Latest in August 1930. ‘X-Ray Note Book E.G. Cox’ 1931-1934 on Also Hardback notebook so labelled inscribed on spine ‘C XR II Nov 31 on head ‘X 2’ and inside front cover ‘X-Ray Note-Book II’ with date ‘13 November 1931’ and Cox’s name and address at Birmingham. Paginated 1-349 with index at the back of the book. - Dec 1934 and front cover. J.D. 1932, under labelled on front cover Bernal, 1933-1936 28 January ‘[RJecord of X-Ray Photographs’ Includes records of photographs taken with different types of cameras, analysis of data, etc. Hardback notebook so with contents list on first page. Paginated 1-[137]. Page 1 has note ‘Continued from X-Ray Notebook II, p327 [B.6]’. a reference to a private communication On p.89 there is from heading ‘Vitamin D & related substances’; notes on ascorbic acid (p.357) are dated ‘13/12/34’. 1935-1937 Hardback notebook so Also inscribed on spine ‘Record Book 2’ with contents list on first page. Paginated 1-183. There are dated photographs between ‘21/11/35’ (p.38) and ‘2.6.37’ (p.111). There are dated photographs between ‘1/2/33’ (p.56) and ‘17/2/36 (p.137). Most photographs are undated. ‘Record of X-Ray Photographs. Book 2’ labelled on front cover. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Research, B.1-B.96 Record of X-Ray Photos Book 3’ 1937-1940 Hardback notebook so contents list on first page. Paginated 1-130. labelled on front cover with There are dated photographs between ‘1.2.37’ (p.1) and ‘7/10/40’ (p.109) Loose at front of notebook are three envelopes containing photographs. ‘Rough Book’ 1933-1936 Hardback notebook so labelled on spine. ‘H Saenger X ray Results’. on first page on specimens, Paginated 1-383. calculations, crystal Also inscribed Includes notes drawings, etc. Most work undated but October - ‘confirmed ‘6/2/36’ (p.224). 1 November 1933 (pp 107-117) and includes sequence dated 26 note notes on research and at other activies for Used Birmingham. First page headed 10 May 1937. Small hardback notebook with Cox’s name and address at Birmingham inside the front cover Small hardback notebook with Cox’s name and address at Birmingham inside the front cover Notes on research and the literature and at the back of the book record of photographs. Paginated 1-195. 1941-1942 Small softback notebook with Cox’s name on the front cover and name and address at Birmingham inside front cover Used for work on explosives including literature and visits 1941-March 1942. Paginated 1-99. the to Royal Ordnance factories, April Includes work dated 1939-1941. 1939-1941 notes on E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Research, B.1-B.96 ‘X-Ray miscellaneous _ crystalline compounds for Unit Cell and Space group determinations’ examination of 1943, 1946 Hardback notebook so inscribed on first page. The book was kept G.A. Jeffrey. The work is undated but two enclosed letters addressed to Jeffrey are dated in 1943 and 1946 respectively. ‘K.C. Webster X-Ray Notes 1934-1935’ 1934-1935 Pages torn from notebook with first page so inscribed. ‘W. Costain Pages of Notebook’ 1938-1939 Contents of envelope so inscribed. between October 1938 and November 1939. Includes work dated Includes pages and B.18-B.20 Benzene Alphabetical sequence arranged by topic. 1957-1959 B.17-B.93 RESEARCH FOLDERS 1929-1990 ‘Crystallography of decalin 2-7 diones ? Costain’ Ardealite and other minerals related to gypsum Contents of envelope so inscribed. back cover from notebook. 1966-1990 Contents of folder labelled ‘Benzene : Faraday (1825) - for ease of Jeffrey, C6D6 (1987)’ reference: manuscript duplicated papers, 1966-1990. Contents of folder: correspondence, manuscript notes and x-ray films re ardealite, brushite and pharmacolite. At B.19 is copy of letter from Cox to the New Scientist, 23 divided notes, into three printed and E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Research, B.1-B.96 February 1990. See also G.26 Calcium Carbonate Hexahydrate Contents of folder so labelled: manuscript notes and letter from Albright & Wilson Ltd to G.A. Jeffrey, Chemistry Department, University of Leeds, 28 October 1949. B.22-B.72 Explosives B.22-B.42 ‘Explosives & Static (Birmingham)’ 1936-1978 1940-1948 Contents of wartime Birmingham. folder so reports prepared inscribed: principally copies of by Cox and colleagues at Two reports on the electrification of TNT by Cox, 26 April and 14 June 1940 by Cox on ‘Static Laboratory Electrification: Papers, October 1941 Report Experiments on Tetryl’, 23 September 1941 Reports by Cox on ‘Static Electrification: Tetryl’, 5 July and ‘Static Electrification:- Footwear’, 16 August 1941 Include report by Cox on ‘Static Electrification: Attempts to Ignite Explosives by Sparks of Known Energy’, 17 October 1941. Papers, November-December 1941 and n.d. At B.27 are typescript and duplicated copies of report by Cox ‘Static 3 December 1941. Electrification: Principles’, General on B.26-B.27 2 folders. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Research, B.1-B.96 Two reports by Cox on ‘Static Electrification’, January- February 1942 Papers re static electrification by Cox, March 1942 Papers, April-May 1942 Includes report by A.R. Boyle and G.F. Claringbull on ‘Static of explosives by electric sparks’. Electrification: Ignition Papers, July-December 1942 Includes reports by Boyle and Claringbull. Reports by Boyle and Claringbull on static electrification and conducting bakelite, February-April 1943 static Reports on static electrification by Boyle, Claringbull and F.J. Llewellyn, June-August 1943 Reports by Boyle and Llewellyn and notes of meeting to consider co-ordination of work on electrification, October-December 1943 Reports by Boyle and Llewellyn on ignitibility of materials tested Factories, request of January-February 1944 December 1944 Reports by Boyle materials, April-June 1944 Inspectorate ignitibility Llewellyn Reports electrification, electrostatic hazards and electrostatic ignitibility, August- Llewellyn Boyle and on_ by H.M. and on the of at of E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Research, B.1-B.96 Reports by Boyle and Llewellyn on static electrification, electrostatic ignitibility, February-May 1945 electrostatic hazards and_ Reports by Boyle and Llewellyn on electrostatic ignitibility, October Electrification Reports, December 1941-October 1945 of Birmingham 1945 and list ‘Electrostatic Hazards in the Chemical Industry’ 3pp synopsis of lecture by Cox given to Leeds section of Royal Institute of Chemistry, 12 January 1948. Papers found together in wrappers divided into two for ease of reference 1942-1944 Include reports on visits to Royal Ordnance Factories and various notes, remarks, comments and tables. at B.41 and F. on August B.43-B.53 include G.F. are a list of Claringbull 1940-1970 laboratory methods, colleagues folder so inscribed: reports and papers Birmingham Cox’s J.Llewellyn. Reports February 1942 wrappers The Electrification Reports. ‘E.G. Cox Birmingham Reports Ministry of Supply’ Contents of prepared by Cox and colleagues at Birmingham. 1940, 1942 Report on work Crystallographic work on explosives. done by E.G. Cox under extra-mural research contract 287/Chem/12 for the year ending 4 March 1941 Programme of crystallographic work on explosives to be done by Cox, 2 September 1941 Crystallographic work on explosives. the period 4 March-4 September 1941. Report by Cox for 1940 and E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Research, B.1-B.96 ‘Nitrocellulose’ Contents of paper ‘cover for documents’ so inscribed. Includes on molecular structure and arrangement of nitrocellulose in cordite, 5 November 1941. by Cox and report Hirst E.L. Paper on structure of dimethylnitramine Undated but refers to recent revisions of bond lengths ina 1941 publication. Papers, January-September 1942 Includes papers on R.D.X. and general progress reports for 4 September 1942. years ending 26 February 1942 and half the Paper on R.D.X, 6 March 1944 Undated wartime paper on crystallisation of tetryl. Papers on pentaerythritol tetranitrate and ‘T.N.T./Tetryl’, February and November 1943. Title page and summary of ‘Ministry of Supply Extra-mural contract 7/Chem. Report period May 1950 - September 1951)’, (Covering the January 1954 With his student Peace Cox provided for the Ministry of Contents of folder so inscribed: notes and extracts from the literature, wartime and postwar papers. ‘Explosives : Cox & Peace’ Printed papers 1936-1950 N.d., 1970 24. (Crystal Growth) Final B.54-B.60 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Research, B.1-B.96 Supply Birmingham wartime reports on static electrification. summarising report 1948 final in a of the B.54-B.56 Notes and extracts from the literature 3 folders. The sources draw on British, German and US literature and cover an extensive period. Latest bibliographical reference, 1944. Wartime papers by Cox and Birmingham colleagues, Boyle and Claringbull N.d., 1943 Postwar papers 2 folders. 1946-1950 is report 1952-1956 B.61-B.71 1936, 1948 Printed papers ‘Explosives Book’ by A.G. Peace on the electrostatic At B.59 ignitibility and electrification of hexamine fine powder, August 1948 and title page of ‘Ministry of Supply Static Electrification - Birmingham wartime reports’, October 1948. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eleven for ease of reference: data, references, correspondence and drafts of ‘The crystal structure of explosives’ by Cox, J.R.C. Duke and R.W.H. Small. Rotter. 1956. Cox (with Duke and Small) contributed a chapter to Science of explosives: a collection of monographs mainly on physics and physical chemistry of explosives, being records of researches carried out during the war of 1939- 1945 in Government Establishments and Universities, under the aegis of the Advisory Council on Scientific Research and Technical Development, Ministry of Supply, with contributions by Messrs. Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd, by Cecil Edwin Henry Bawn and Godfrey edited E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Research, B.1-B.96 Reports and printed paper found loose 1949-1978 There are two reports by Cox on crystal growth, 1949 and 1951, for the Explosives Research and Development Establishment, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Murexide Contents of folder so labelled: manuscript and typescript notes, x-ray photographs etc. Naphthathinathren 1934-1956 Contents of folder divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence, data, drafts, etc. B.76-B.78 Oxalates 1952-1982 N.d., 1929-1965 index ‘Tin Lead Thallium’ 1938-1939 B.79-B.85 Sugars Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: correspondence, manuscript and typescript notes, data, etc. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into seven for ease of manuscript _ notes, correspondence, printed and duplicated papers. reference: cards, Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes, typescript draft etc. 1948-1957 Integrating Contents of reference: Mechanism’ divided correspondence and papers re work undertaken on two Weissenberg goniometers with funding from the Paul Instrument Fund. The Paul Fund financed the development of instruments for research in pure and applied physical research. Weissenberg apparatus folder inscribed six into ‘Paul Fund : for of ease B.88-B.93 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Research, B.1-B.96 B.94-B.96 MISCELLANEOUS 1930s-1970s Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript notes, etc. 3 folders. E.G, Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 SECTION C SECOND WORLD WAR, C.1-C.78 1939-1996 C.1-C.4 C.5-C.11 PERSONAL DOCUMENTS DIARIES C.12-C.49 ‘Gp G MITU ete’ C.50, C.51 ‘WAR : SOE’ C.52-C.58 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS C.59-C.78 PHOTOGRAPHS See also A.24-A.28, H.8. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Second World War, C.1-C.78 PERSONAL DOCUMENTS 1942-1967 Identity cards, ration books, postwar credits, etc 1942-1967 3 folders. Tenancy agreement for the Bungalow, Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire Cox lived here while working at The Frythe. The tenancy agreement was from 28 August 1942 to expire one month after final cessation of hostilities. DIARIES University of Birmingham Guild of Undergraduates pocket diary 1939-1945 1939-1940 Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company Ltd pocket diary With Cox’s name and private Birmingham address at front. Pocket diary Pocket diary With Cox’s name and university departmental address at front. 1944 is 7 July. With Cox’s name and addresses (The Frythe and The Bungalow Ayot St Lawrence) at front. The last entry for With Cox’s name and address (64 Baker St., London, W.1) at front. 1.C.1 (Dyestuffs) Ltd pocket diary E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Second World War, C.1-C.78 Small format notebook used from the front for diary style entries from 18 July 1944-4 January 1945 1944-1945 First entry begins [Normandy] 14.30.’ ‘Landed Le Hamel near Asnelles The notebook is used from the back for ‘Record of photographs’. ‘Agenda’ diary The first entry 4 January 1945 repeats the last entry of the preceding: Brussels Capt. Wickstead and X-ray apparatus’. ‘Travelled Paris with to C.12-C.49 ‘Gp G MITU etc’ 1941-1948 its aim 1941, Untitled ‘pamphlet’ re explosives The papers are presented in the order found. Contents of hardback folder so inscribed: papers found loose, in envelopes and folders. Group G, formed during the coordinated, effective and intelligent sabotage of all the technical and industrial installations used by the enemy for the direct or indirect conduct of the war. See C.48. Includes ‘Extract from London “Daily Express” of Tuesday 10 Apr 45 Secret Explosive for V2’. Miscellaneous papers found loose in hardback folder Contents reference: photographs of equipment of envelope divided List documents listed of identity cards, etc., 3 May 1945, with the ten for ease into two had as of E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Second World War, C.1-C.78 into Contents reference: photographs and film strips envelope divided of two for ease of Counter-sabotage manual, February 1943 Technical Review Number Five, February 1945 ‘German Three-man Dropping Container’ Paper by Cox, 16 February 1945. ‘M.I.T.U. Introduction’, ‘M.I.T.U. Talk on Sabotage Bombs’ and to accompany M.I.T.U. demonstration’ ‘Counter Sabotage Talk papers Three sabotage talk is dated 11 January 1945. clipped found together. The counter C.25-C.28 ‘Counter-Intelligence’ ‘U.T.C.’ lecture, 6 December 1948. Lecture by Cox, 4 November 1946. ‘The Belgian Resistance Movement’ The papers are presented in the order found. Contents of envelope addressed to ‘Lt/Col Cox S.P.U. 47 Brussels’ and inscribed ‘Charlier’ divided into four for ease of reference Papers re sabotage activities of Belgian Resistance Group G Region 8. Charlier was the leader of Region 8. Contents manuscript notes, diagrams etc. ‘Group G Pending’ folder so C.29-C.38 of inscribed: typescript papers, 1944-1945 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Second World War, C.1-C.78 Papers re development and constitution of Group G re clandestine Papers explosives, preparation of cheddite, manufacture of grenades and filling of 3 and 5 kg. prepared charges manufacture of Includes paper re activities of Henri Sergeys alias Clement Samples of paper used for wrapping cartridges, ‘part of explanation notes, diagrams, addresses, etc manuscript secrete” “mine of ’, ‘Information from Mireille’, tribute to resistance hero Paul Brancart and papers re Group G Regions VII and VIII Paper re Group G Region III (Hainaut Nord) Paper re Group G Region VII (Hainaut Sud) Paper re Group G Region 8 ‘General and Parachutage’ Paper re Group G Sector 36 ‘Sabotage by Managements’ reference. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of ‘EGC/GB/1139 42. Sabotage Group G Annexes’ Paper re Group G Materiel” ‘ ‘Interrogation of Head of “Service Industrial E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Second World War, C.1-C.78 Figures illustrating acts of sabotage Paper re Group G Region VII ‘Detailed List of Sabotage Operations’ Paper re Group G Region 3 (Hainaut Nord) ‘Activities in Sector 6 (La Louviere)’ of in photographs List Area, ‘certificates of commendation’ and correspondence, June- July 1945 Louviere taken the Paper re Group G Region 3 (Hainaut Nord) ‘General and Parachutages’ ‘L’Homme Libre’ Paper re ‘Sabotage of Canals : Hainault (West)’ Paper re Group G ‘Parachutage during the Occupation’ Technical Report of the Action of Group G ‘Technical Objectives of the Group’ and record of the actions of Region 8 from June 1944 with manuscript date ‘10-5-41’. ‘Organe du Front Souterrain’ no. 3, duplicated typescript E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Second World War, C.1-C.78 C.50, C.51 “WAR : SOE’ 1944-1993 Contents of folder so inscribed. Correspondence and papers 1944-1991 Includes colleagues and arising from 1950 visit to Belgium correspondence about with or wartime Newspaper obituaries of wartime colleagues, etc 1971-1993 C.52-C.58 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS 1975-1996 Correspondence etc with wartime colleagues 1975-1982 2 folders. 3 folders. 1981, n.d. 1981-1982 and 1 sheet from C.56-C.58 C.53, C.54 photographs Printed and duplicated papers re The Frythe Includes recollections of R.K. Callow at The Frythe Includes wartime diary sent to Cox in 1981. 1988-1996 Papers Westminster Abbey etc 1983, 1986 re Special Forces Club, SOE Memorial E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Second World War, C.1-C.78 C.59-C.78 PHOTOGRAPHS C.59-C.73 ‘War Photos (including Ayot)’ N.d., ?1943- 1989 N.d., 1945 Contents of envelope so inscribed. Group photograph of Frythe personnel Partial identification on verso and ? on envelope in which photograph found. Unidentifed group photograph of military personnel Unidentified photograph of soldier with Airedale terrier and binoculars partial together, one with duplicate of photographs found together including 11 photograph with Victor Rothschild 3 group photographs found together, one with identification on verso including Victor Rothschild 4 photographs found manuscript identification on verso ‘23 Avenue de Marigny [Paris] Feb. or March 1945’ 11. with manuscript inscriptions ‘Neer (S.W. of Venlo) 12.5.45’ and three with inscriptions identifying the location as ‘between Tilburg and Best 12 May 1945’ 12 photographs found inscription on verso ‘Neer (S.W. of Venlo) 12.5.45’ together, one with manuscript together including photographs found two E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Second World War, C.1-C.78 photographs found one 7 inscription on verso ‘Maj. R.C. Bryant C.D. Worth. Burma House, Tilburg 12 May 1945’ with [?] together, manuscript [?] L. Bryant 41 photographs found together of major river, destroyed bridge etc, one photograph with manuscript inscription ‘Bridge over Maas at Grave’ and three photographs dated on verso ‘13.5.45’ one with photographs, by note’ 2 ‘D.W.J.C.[ruickshank] 23 May 1999’ to effect that these photographs may relate to ceremony in May 1945 at the town of Roeulx in Belgium for a memorial to Paul Brancart, hero of the resistance, Group G. manuscript the Cruickshank wrote the biographical memoir of Cox for the Royal Society. 9 photographs taken in liberated Europe Includes photographs of railway lines, locomotive etc. 12 photographs found together taken in liberated Europe, one with manuscript inscription on verso ‘ “Happy” Major Keen’ 29 photographs found together taken in liberated Europe, one photograph dated ‘Sept 20’. All unidentified. 15 unidentified photographs found together 14 passport style photographs of personnel Contents of envelope so inscribed. ‘The Frythe & Ayot’ C.74-C.76 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Second World War, C.1-C.78 6 photographs of buildings in park land, village scene, and interior 2 photographs used as Christmas greetings cards From the Wayne family of the Manor House, Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire ‘Frythe Photographs’ Contents of envelope so inscribed: buildings, personnel etc. 10 photographs of The photographs were found enclosed in a sheet of paper ‘SOE Bibliography’ which has been retained. ‘SOE’ ? 1943, 1989 of envelope so golden inscribed: Contents wedding photograph of Lloyd Wilson and family 1989, photographic negative with manuscript note ‘Jean Wilson Lucie Cox (holding the Wilson first-born ? Kenneth) Gordon Cox at the Bungalow Ayot St Lawrence ? 1943 or early 1944’; group photograph of personnel inscribed on verso ‘Dr Cox Station 9’ with key on accompanying sheet of paper. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 SECTION D UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS, D.1-D.75 1933-1997 D.1-D.70 CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT D.71-D.75 GENERAL UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT 1933-1997, n.d. In 1945 Cox was invited to one of the two Chairs of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry at the University of Leeds. In 1953 his title was changed to Inorganic and Structural Chemistry. General correspondence and papers 1945-1986, n.d. 1945 1951-1952 1953-1954 sequence This miscellaneous _ including correspondence with departmental colleagues and visitors to the department. highly is_ Brief correspondence re equipment. Contacts with the department and its former members continued after Cox left Leeds. Includes papers re molecular models. Includes obituary of M.G. Evans (Professor of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry at Leeds 1939-1948) died 1952, and two student budgets 1952. 1955-1958, 1976 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 University of Leeds, D.1-D.75 1958-1961 Includes draft paper by Cox and D.S. Beard ‘about the Cold Room’ and correspondence and papers re molecular models. 1961-1963 1972-1986 N.d. Includes undated letter from M.G. Evans who died in 1952. Research 1933-1960 1949-1952 D.16-D.18 1952-1959, n.d. 3 folders. Includes papers re work of research students, use of computers and information prepared for Cox’s successor. Summaries of research work and proposed research topics for research students etc Contents of Cox’s folder divided into seven for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re work of A. White and D. Lee on Roussin’s salts 1953-1958 The work was directed The papers include his manuscript and typescript reports to Cox, grant application from Cox to the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and annual reports to the DSIR. ‘Computing DSIR Annual Reports’ Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re crystallographic computations digital computer’. ‘Manchester electronic the on by D.W.J. Cruickshank. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 University of Leeds, D.1-D.75 Grant application to DSIR from Cox and D.S. Bradley for the development of high pressure research 1959-1960 grant was awarded for three The 1959-1962. Included with papers re the application is a letter from Cox to the Vice-Chancellor, Leeds University, 11 August 1960, re the continuation of the research after his departure from the University in 1960. years ~ -D.22-D.27 ‘Research Programmes’ 1933-1960 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of research reference: the students, of department, Cox's immediate successor at Leeds. correspondence research re reorganisation Some were assembled for papers topics, and etc. are D.23 notes At the development of chemistry laboratories at University College Sussex, with covering letter from Cox, 3 June 1960. advising on At D.27 are printed and duplicated papers re the history and development of the university, 1933-1957. Teaching D.28-D.36 D.28-D.65 1947-1960 Contents of folder The papers are presented in the order found. Includes papers re postgraduate summer schools. N.d., 1947-1958 Typescript drafts including ‘The Relation between Optical Properties and Structure’ for Summer School in Optical Crystallographic Methods 1951 and ‘Crystal Symmetry Two or three introductory lectures (for summer schools etc.)’, n.d. Duplicated typescript sheet headed ‘Powder Photograph. I.’ dated ‘November 1947’ clipped together with the photograph and manuscript notes ‘Leeds/Cryst./30’ and and E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 University of Leeds, D.1-D.75 Typescript drafts of Supplementary Examination for PhD Papers | and Il, December 1956 and duplicated typescript examination questions, September -October 1957 1956-1957 Typescript and printed Institute of Physics, University of Leeds and University of London examination papers, 1951-1957 1951-1957 typescripts: Duplicated the Elementary Principles of Structure Determination by X- Rays’, June 1958 and ‘Sodium Nitrite An Example of X-ray Structure Analysis’, July 1958 ‘An Example to illustrate Miscellaneous papers: examination questions, duplicated typescript ‘Fourier Synthesis of Electron Density: Sodium Nitrite’, figures including programme D.37-D.40 Contents of folder Duplicated typescript for ‘Leeds Summer School, Tuesday 9th September, 1952’ and photographs Duplicated typescripts for Leeds Summer School including ‘Exercises on Optical Methods and Fourier Transforms’ and ‘Answers’ Duplicated typescripts for Leeds ‘Post-Graduate Summer Schools and 1951-52’ recommended books Typescript drafts so titled + figures. Typescript draft so titled with manuscript additions. ‘The Stereographic Projection’ D.37 Triphenylbenzene’ N.d., 1948-1955 N.d. N.d., 1951, 1955 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 University of Leeds, D.1-D.75 Includes duplicated sheet dated August 1955. paper headed ‘Summer School 1951’ and ‘Elements of the Stereographic and Gnomonic Projection’ Duplicated typescript inscription ‘Manchester Summer School 1948?’ paper so titled with manuscript ‘Sucrose Stereographic Projection Waiting to be re-written’ Manuscript notes, diagrams in wrapper so inscribed D.41-D.43 Contents of folder D.41, D.42 Typescript Summer School at Leeds duplicated and typescript papers re 1949 2 folders. D.44-D.46 ‘Lecture Notes’ 1951-1952 1952 Papers found in envelope at the back of the folder Includes oscillation photographs from a printed source. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: typescript drafts including ‘Combined P2 and S3: Autumn Term Molecular Structure: Wave- mechanics and applications’ (D.44) and ‘Summer School in Optical Crystallographic Methods 1951 Symmetry of Crystals (2 lectures)’ (D.46). 1958 Diffraction methods of studying chemical structure’ Includes typescript draft headed ‘Chemistry I1 Diffraction methods and manuscript notes headed ‘P2 October 1955, 1956: 11, ‘Diffraction Methods of Studying Molecular Structure’ Contents of folder so inscribed. N.d., 1954-1958 N.d., 1955-1958 of studying molecular structure’, n.d. D.47-D.50 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 University of Leeds, D.1-D.75 ‘An typescripts: Example to Duplicated the Elementary Principles of Structure Determination by X- Rays’, June 1958 and ‘Sodium Nitrite An Example of X-ray Structure Analysis’, July 1958 with manuscript notes and typescript and duplicated typescript material re problems including note dated 3 December 1958. Cf. D.32 illustrate Manuscript and drafts ‘Exercise on molecular weights (Paper IV, 1954)’ typescript notes and including N.d., 1954 Printed background material D.51-D.57 ‘Lecture Notes’ N.d., 1954, 1958 Contents of folder so inscribed: three folders of typescript drafts etc. with D.51-D.53 manuscript Contents of folder so inscribed. ‘The Structure of and _ corrections, ‘Atomic Structure Elem. Wave Mechanics N.B. These are S1 notes and have not been revised since 1954’ Typescript and manuscript notes on Atoms’ additions paginated 1-26 Manuscript notes on ‘Wave Mechanics’ with manuscript additions, paginated 1-11; duplicated manuscript notes headed ‘Solution of the Schroedinger equation for the hydrogen atom’, paginated [1]-7 1954, 1958 Manuscript notes on ‘The Hydrogen Atom’ with manuscript additions manuscript notes on ‘Atomic Hydrogen’ with manuscript additions, paginated 7-8; manuscript notes on ‘Selection Rules’ Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: typescript notes headed ‘Valency, Chemical Course, Binding Molecular Structure ‘Diatomic Molecules’ and corrections, paginated 1-6; and I1 Lecture E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 University of Leeds, D.1-D.75 February 1958’ with manuscript additions, paginated 1-38; ‘1 Chemistry Second Year (P2) Vacation Exercises, Christmas 1954’. Problems ‘Special Studies 1958’; and ‘Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Molecules’ N.d., 1954, 1958 Contents of folder so inscribed. Includes typescript notes on ‘The Electrical Properties of Molecules with manuscript additions, paginated 1-9 Includes ‘Nuclear Magnetic Resonance’ with manuscript additions ‘Magnetochemistry’ typescript notes on and D.58-D.63 Contents of folder 4 folders. 2 folders. 2 folders. printed D.58-D.61 Manuscript, typescript and duplicated typescript notes and drafts of theory ‘The (D.59) and binding’ chemical of substances’ chemical Photocopied pages from source (Progress in Stereochemistry 2. ed W. Klyne and P.B.D. de la Mare. 1958) Include ‘Conclusions derived from investigations of the wave- structure mechanical and ‘Diatomic molecules with equal atoms’ (D.60). A Trust James Colvin was a member of the Leeds Chemistry Department who died at the age of 47 in 1949. Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript notes and drafts Colvin Reading Room and Undrgraduate Library 1958-1960 1950-1987 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 University of Leeds, D.1-D.75 fund was set up with the intention of establishing in his memory a reading room and library for chemistry students. After a number of temporary expedients the opening of the Colvin Room in simple ceremony. Cox was present at this event and a tenth anniversary occasion in 1987. marked 1977 with was a_ Correspondence including obituary notice of Colvin and papers re 1987 anniversary celebration. 1950-1987, papers, and D.67-D.70 Pentaerythritol Carpet 1937-1997 Cox and co-workers at Birmingham performed a 3-D X-ray crystal structure analysis of pentaerthritol. Subsequently in 1951 at the time of the Festival of Britain crystal structure patterns were sought after as new designs for textiles and other materials. The manufacturer, James Templeton, Ltd, of Glasgow produced a unique carpet depicting the crystal structure of Pentaerythitol for in London. the exhibition for design, Structure of T.H. Goodwin) ‘The Crystalline ‘Pentaerythritol Carpet’ 1937, 1950- 1951 The carpet was later acquired by Cox for his room in the Leeds Chemistry Department (1952-1960). Correspondence and papers so labelled re the use of the pentaerythritol and copyright, purchase of carpet by Cox, August 1950-April 1951. structure Found with off-print of Cox’s paper (with F.J. Llewellyn and the Sugars. Part IV. Pentaerythritol and the Hydroxyl Bond’, Journal of the Chemical Society, 1937. 1958-1959 Correspondence and papers re history of the carpet after Cox’s departure from Leeds and other matters, September 1990-February 1997 Includes 1p typescript note ‘Crystallography on the Carpet’ and photograph Reports of work on Pentaerythritol at Leeds 1990-1997 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 University of Leeds, D.1-D.75 Related printed and duplicated material Includes Design, the Monthly Journal for Manufacturers and Designers, May-June 1951 with article on Festival Pattern Group. GENERAL UNIVERSITY 1945-1993 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1945-1979 ‘Manton’ 1947-1988 Contents of envelope so Irene Manton, 1947, 1961, letter to Manton on the occasion of her 80th birthday, 1984 and obituaries, 1988. letters from inscribed: Irene Manton was Professor of Botany at Leeds, 1946- 1969. Correspondence and papers re Lyddon Hall 1949-1991 Correspondence re appointments Cox was a Regent of Lyddon Hall of Residence. Printed papers including obituaries of Leeds staff 1955-1993 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 SECTION E AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL, E.1-E.163 1942-1995 For Cox’s appointment to and retirement from the the ARC see Section A. For Cox’s lectures, speeches and addresses as Secretary, ARC see Section F. For Cox’s ‘private correspondence ARC 1960-1971’ see Section J. E.1-E.10 NOTES AND NOTEBOOKS E.11-E.63 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE E.64-E.158 TOPIC FOLDERS E.159-E.163 PRESS CUTTINGS E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 NOTES AND NOTEBOOKS 1961-1973, n.d 1961-1967 Index card box containing Cox’s notes arranged by topic: ‘Australia’, ‘Pringle: Wad: Mann: Wigglesworth’, ‘SHRI’, ‘Rowett: Macaulay: PRC: ABRO: Hannah’, ‘Computing’, etc The notes appear to have been originally written in small format pocket notebooks, the pages of the notebooks being subsequently torn out and presented as found in the index card box. They provide informal documentation of aspects of the early years of his ARC Secretaryship. This system of recordkeeping seems to have preceded the use of the notebooks at E.2-E.7 Notebook used by Cox for record of ARC activities, 18 September 1967 - 31 December 1967 Notebook September - 19 December 1968 record used to Notebook used by Cox for record of ARC activities, 7 May 1968 - 28 September 1968 Notebook used to record Cox’s ARC activities, 1 January - 6 May 1968 1971-1973 Notebook used for record of Cox’s ARC activities, 23 February - 25 August 1971 with final entry, 27 September 1973 Notebook used for record of Cox’s ARC activities, 20 December 1968 - 13 May 1969 Most pages not used. Cox’s ARC activities, 30 Loose papers enclosed at front. 1968-1969 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 Pages torn from small format notebooks See also E.129. 3 folders. E.11-E.63 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS 1942-1994 The continuation of the sequence to 1994 reflects his continuing interest in the ARC and agricultural research after he stepped down from the Secretaryship in 1971. 1942, 1954 Papers preceding Cox’s assumption of the Secretaryship 1962 (1) ‘Wiltshire 1960-1961 v. Heavy Hog Includes papers re visit to Africa, 1961 and ‘Note on the organisation and responsibilities of the headquarters office of the Agricultural Research Council’, 11 December 1961. Page from Farmer and Stockbreeder, 6 February 1962 illustrating The Agricultural Research Council’s test - the only large scale official test - compares the £ s. d. of the Bacon Pig versus Heavy Hog’ with explanatory note and original artwork. 1962. Includes paper re ‘U.G.C. earmarked grants’, 6 November Notes for President and Cox, 19 April, 18 May and 23 July 1962. of meetings between the record the Lord 1962 (2) 1962 (3) E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 1963 Includes press-cuttings re visit to Africa by Cox. 1964 Includes manuscript note on meetings with ministers to January 1964 and note of a meeting, 5 October 1964, ‘to consider whether it seemed desirable to improve the quality of plant physiology in the research service/or in the universities and if so how best this could be achieved’. 1965 (1) Includes memorandum by E.E. Cheesman on ‘Research, Experiment and the Advisory Service’, 25 October 1965. 1965 (2) Large format version of the adapted New Yorker cartoon Correspondence and papers re New Yorker cartoon which Cox wished to adapt as a Christmas card. Cox proposed to amend the original caption ‘How do we know he’s thinking rubber?’ by replacing ‘rubber’ with farm animals’. He saw the cartoon as succinctly summarising ‘the essential problem of the scientific administrator’. February 1967. 27 Includes note of meeting in the Secretary’s office, January 1966, ‘to discuss the programmes of the official plant ‘Forward Programme of Science Expenditure’, March - April 1966. Includes ‘Notes for Lord Halsbury’ on ‘Computing for the Agricultural Research Council's Institutes and Units’, 20 breeding stations’ and papers re 1965 (3) 1966 1967 (1) E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 1967 (2) Papers re ‘Sutherland Report Cmnd 3222 March 1967’. The reference is to the Report of the Working Party on Liaison between Universities and Government Research Establishments. etc. chaired by Sutherland. Parliamentary Papers. Cmnd. 3222. Sir Gordon 1967 (3) Includes ‘notes on individual scientists in the agricultural research service recently elected to the Royal Society’, June 1967 and duplicated typescript of ‘Science and Industry’ broadcast (in which Cox contributed), August 1967. 1967 (4) to re appoint proposal Correspondence Second Secretary, August-October 1967; ‘Extracts from Report on Public Sector Purchasing by Robert Maxwell, M.C., M.P.’; and typescript papers on the ‘Crop Protection Institute’ and on ‘Experimental Animal Accommodation’, October 1967. a 1967, 1969 Correspondence with and about F.R. Tubbs, Director, East Malling Research Station including post-retirement arrangements. Scientific Activity’, January 1969. Includes draft paper on ‘The Research Council System’, 11 December 1968. ‘Re-orientation 1969 (1) Includes papers on 1968 ‘Botany’ and of E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 1969 (2) Includes Agriculture’, May 1969. paper by K.L. Blaxter on ‘Affluence and 1969-1970 (1) Includes papers re future status of Agricultural Research Council with explanatory note. 1969-1970 (2) Includes Cox’s comments, 2 January 1970, on letter sent to Mr Heath, Leader of the Opposition, from an unknown correspondent suggesting give some thought to a review of the Food and Agricultural Policy of the UK, with explanatory note. Opposition the of Enquiry Food under the title ‘British 1970 (2) agriculture: 1970 (1) Includes note on the Visiting Group System for Senior Civil Service Staff Meeting and minutes of meeting of Department into and Agricultural Research, January 1970. Committee Includes Cox’s Letter to the Editor of The Times (which was published in the Business News section, 2 January 1970, enviable record’) and correspondence arising, January-February 1970. population, May 1970. Includes comments on whether food production could be expanded to meet any foreseeable rise the world 1970 (3) an in E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 1970 (4) the Includes correspondence and Agricultural of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food’s Chief Economist, 16 June 1970. talk to Ministry Research re the Council papers by 1970 (5) Includes correspondence with Tristram Beresford arising from Cox’s thinking about planning for the future, February - May 1970. 1970 (6) Includes notes on ‘Food Research’ and ‘Appointments of Directors’, June - July 1970. 1970 (7) note on the papers testing, criteria ‘Some of 1970 (8) Secretary's ultrasonic on_ research programmes, green Includes outside commitments’, August 1970, letter from Cox published in Farmer and Stockbreeder, 8 September 1970, under the title ‘ARC not overstaffed or unaccountable or a burden’. for Includes judgements about crop dehydration and the public image of the ARC, October 1970, minutes of extraordinary meeting of the Agricultural Research Council, 27 November 1970 and letter from Cox published in the New Scientist, 3 December 1970, under the title ‘Cox’s apple’. development, assembled November-December 1970. Includes papers re the classification of ARC activities in and respect 1970 (9) research, of basic applied research E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 1971 (1) ‘Constitutional Includes the Council Office Note’ and ‘Draft of proposed letter to the Secretary of State, 8 February and ‘A note on alleged criticism of the ARC’, 16 February 1971. Position of 1971 (2) papers Includes Research Stations and note on Council Development and Invention’, March 1971. Ashton ‘Agricultural Research Malling Long East and re 1971 (3) Includes note of ‘Meeting between the Minister and the Chairman of the ARC’, sent to Cox, April 1971. 1971 (4) re transfer 1971 (5) proposed 1971 (6) correspondence Includes ‘ARC Forward Look 1972-73 to 1976-77’ sent to the Department of Education and Science, May 1971. Includes of responsibility for ARC to MAFF, future of the research councils and the pay of scientific classes, June-July 1971. Correspondence, October, December 1971. Includes conclusions of meeting of working group on post- harvest physiology and storage of fruit, 9 August 1971. Papers for ARC Directors’ Conference, October 1971. 1971 (7) 1971 (8) E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 1972 Includes papers sent to Cox by S.R. Elsden, Director, Food Research Institute, Norwich, February 1972. 1973 of for Visit Papers Committee’s Agricultural Sub-Committee, Queen’s University, Belfast, 8 March 1973, including programme and Cox’s manuscript and typescript notes. University Grants 1974-1978 Includes letter from ARC, 8 September 1978, in reply to letter from Cox enquiring about the papers about a grant made to Rosalind Franklin for the study of DNA by X-ray analysis, and Cox’s manuscript notes on Franklin. 1980-1982 1982-1983 Correspondence and re House of Commons Agriculture Committee enquiry into the organisation and financing of agricultural research and development. Includes letter from a former staff member reflecting on the move of the John Innes Institute to Norwich, 16 May 1980, with explanatory note. August 1983. ‘Papers relevant to SPP article’. Contents of envelope: newspaper cuttings, of paper by Biggs relating to funding and organisation of veterinary research with covering letter from Biggs, 1979-1983. Cox presented witness before the Committee. Cox published an article in Science and Public Policy in a memorandum and appeared as a papers 1983 (1) extract P.M. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 1983 (2) Letters received after the publication of Cox’s article in Science and Public Policy. 1984 Includes typescript of letter from Cox to the Editor of The Times titled ‘Africa’s Empty Larder’, 27 February 1984 with correspondence arising from its publication. 1985-1986 Includes correspondence and exhibit handout re nitrogen fixation. With the 1985 papers is a manuscript letter from F.W.R. supporting an ambitious programme of research in nitrogen fixation. 20 November 1962 Brambell, N.d. 4 folders. E.60-E.63 1987-1994 Includes newspaper obituaries. Miscellaneous printed background material Includes manuscript and typescript notes from the period of Cox’s ARC Secretaryship. 1951-1984 Includes material re ARC research stations. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 E.64-E.158 TOPIC FOLDERS 1953-1995 contents The alphabetically by folder title. Cox's of titled folders arranged E.64-E.70 ‘Achievements of Agric. Research’ 1953-1977 E.64-E.68 Papers found loose in the folder divided into five for ease of reference 1953-1977 Manuscript and typescript notes, duplicated and printed material presented in the order found. E.69-E.70 Papers found in envelope inscribed ‘Comment & Criticism’ divided into two for ease of reference 1965-1971 M.R. 5 folders. / 1-5 ‘ARC Unit of Structural Chemistry’ 1962-1965 Typescript notes, correspondence, duplicated and printed material. At E.69 is letter from Cox to the Farmer and Stockbreeder, 26 August 1969. Correspondence and papers re the establishment of a unit of structural chemistry under the honorary directorship of R.S. Nyholm. Truter was appointed Nyholm’s second-in-command. 1963-1970 The papers at E.87 were found in an envelope inscribed ‘Trend Haldane’ and include ‘Extracts from the Trend Report (Cmnd. 2171, 1963) References to the Haldane Committee Report’. Correspondence and papers re relations with Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the position arising from the Secretary's impending retirement etc. E.76-E.87 ‘Constitutional and organisational matters’ 12 folders. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 E.91-E.100 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 ‘Economics (MAFF)’ Correspondence and papers re agricultural economics. ‘Farm Effluent’ 1968-1969 Correspondence and papers effluent. The folder was also inscribed ‘Galley’s Enquiry’. the problem of farm re ‘Finance’ Papers re 1969-1970 Estimates. ‘Food Manufacturing Industries Research Association] BFMIRA Spencer Marks [British & Food 1964-1973 Correspondence and papers re food research including ‘Criticism from Marks & Spencer and correspondence used by EGC to refute it’. 1960-1971 10 folders. 9 folders. re Council and 1965-1972 E.101-E.109 ‘HAC AAC SAIC’ Correspondence and papers Council, Agricultural Improvement Council. Agricultural Advisory Horticultural Advisory Scottish Cox served as President of the BFMIRA, 1972-1973. See E.100 for ‘Introductory Remarks by the President’ at the ‘Opening of New Wing BFMIRA’, 8 May 1973. 6 folders. At E.108-E.109 are papers found in envelope inscribed AAC] Communications Panel 1972’. Cox was a member of the Panel. Correspondence and papers re transfer of the John Innes Institute from Bayfordbury, Hertfordshire to Norwich in association with the University of East Anglia. ‘John Innes Institute’ E.110-E.115 E:G; Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 E116; Baty ‘Move of John Innes Institute to UEA’ 1960-1990 Correspondence and papers re obituary of Roy Markham, former director of John Innes Institute, and history of the move to UEA 2 folders. ‘N[orthern] I[reland] Research Coordinating Committee’ 1970-1973 Correspondence and papers. EA19-E.123 ‘Osmond Correspondence’ 1969-1970 Correspondence with S.P. Osmond and others re the work a small intra-governmental working party, chaired by of the Osmond, organisation of food and agricultural research. See also E.124-E.127. established which look was to at 5 folders. 4 folders. 2 folders. E.124-E.127 1970-1971 ‘Osmond Miscellaneous Papers’ Miscellaneous papers re the Osmond Committee including draft report (E.124). See also E.119-E.123. Cox was concerned that the intention was to change the status of the ARC placing it under the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Osmond was Deputy Secretary, Civil Service Department, 1968-1970. 1969-1971 Correspondence and papers re setting up a planning unit at ARC headquarters. At E.129 are pages torn from small format notebook. ‘Planning Unit’ E.128, E.129 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 E.130-E.134 ‘Plant Breeding’ 1969-1970 Correspondence and paper. 5 folders. E.135-E.141 ‘Relations with MAFF’ 1961-1974 Correspondence and papers. Papers at E.141 were found together in a separate folder also inscribed ‘Relations with MAFF’. 7 folders. ‘Re-orientation (Secretary’s duplicate papers and rough notes)’ 1969-1970 Papers re CSP (Council for Scientific group on reorientation. Policy) working 2 folders. E.145-E.151 ‘Rothschild’ E.143, £.144 ‘Research Organisation (Dainton)’ At E.144 is Cox’s note for the Working Group on the work of the Agricultural Research Council. Papers re Working Group of the Council for Scientific Policy on the Organisation of Research. The Group was chaired by F.S. Dainton. 1971-1992 Include Cox’s notes on Victor Rothschild, December 1992 (E.145), copies of his Nature article on the Rothschild and Dainton reports and the public lecture on which the article was based, February 1972 (E.149) and his leading article on ‘Rothschild and Research’, Royal Society of Health Journal, January-February 1972 (E.150). Correspondence and papers re reactions to Rothschild proposals on government research and development. The Rothschild report and the report of Dainton’s CSP working group (see E.143-E.144) were published together as and Government Framework Research for A E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Agricultural Research Council, E.1-E.163 Development Cmnd 4814, 1971 (E.146). 7 folders. E.152-E.154 ‘Scientific Advisers’ 1965-1971 Memos to and from ARC scientific advisers. 3 folders. E.155-E.158 ‘Units’ 1961-1995 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers re ARC units. 4 folders. E.159-E.163 PRESS-CUTTINGS 1969-1972 Principally re Rothschild report. 5 folders E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 SECTION F LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS, F.1-F.92 1928-1992 F.1-F.61A LECTURES F.62-F.92 PUBLICATIONS F.1-F.61A LECTURES 1930s-1975 Public and invitation lectures on scientific topics 1930s-1960 This sequence of lectures was kept together by Cox. Typescript list of lectures given by E.G. Cox 10pp typescript draft 8pp typescript draft. 2 copies of body of lectures given by Cox, 1946-1960. copies has extra lectures added in the head of the list given in the 1930s. list giving date, place, title and sponsoring One of the pencil, including two at Not all the lectures listed are represented by surviving drafts. ‘Crystallographic contributions to the Stereochemistry of Platinum, Palladium and Nickel’, Birmingham, 1930s ‘Optical Properties of Crystals and Molecular Structure’, Birmingham, 1930s 19pp typescript draft. ‘Consulting the X-Ray Expert’, Summer School in Physical Chemistry, Manchester, 71946 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 ‘The Belgian Resistance Movement’, Midday Lectures Committee, Leeds University, 8 November 1946 5pp typescript draft + 1p examples. ‘Explosives’, 16 December 1946 5pp typescript. ‘The training of X-ray Crystallographers’, paper given in discussion on of X-ray Crystallographers for Science & Industry’, X.R.A.G. [X-ray Analysis Group of the Institute of Physics], London, April 1947 ‘Training 6pp typescript draft with manuscript notes of discussion continuing on back of p.6. ‘Some Optical Properties of Molecules’, lecture given at Manchester, September 1947 and Hull, February 1948 1947-1948 Coll. Chem. Soc. for ‘Crystallographic chemistry’, Tilden Lecture, Chemical Society, London, 23 October 1947 and Liverpool University, 4 March 1948 significance technique and its’ 6pp typescript draft ‘unfinished’. 1p references; 7pp typescript 11pp manuscript draft + draft of lecture with same title. ‘Recent work in Crystal Chemistry’, Leicester University, ‘? Univ. of Chemistry], Queen Mary College Chemical Society and A.E.R.E. Harwell, March-April 1949 1947-1948 ‘Molecular Polarisation’, Christ's Hospital, Horsham, 24 October 1949 6pp typescript draft. or R.I.C. [Royal Institute 6pp manuscript draft. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 ‘Crystal Growth’, Leeds University Geological Society, 27 January 1950 2pp typescript draft. ‘Some Factors affecting the accuracy of X-ray analysis’, Physics Department Colloquium, 7 November 1950 University, Leeds 5pp manuscript draft. ‘Bond Lengths: their measurement and significance’, St Andrews University, 10 November 1950 App typescript draft; off-print. of Use the ‘The Determination of Molecular Structure’, Durham University, 4 February 1952 Magnetic Methods in Optical and of Methods 9pp typescript draft. 7pp typescript draft + figures and references. and Delft, The Netherlands, May 1952 and determining pre-historic ‘Physical geological age’, Bristol, October 1952 ‘Magnetic Methods for the Study of Molecular Structure’, The Netherlands, May 1952 and Manchester University, 2 December 1952 ‘Summary’. ‘The changed outlook in organic stereochemistry’, British Association, Oxford, 2 September 1954 10pp typescript draft + references; 2pp typescript draft 6pp typescript draft with manuscript annotation. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 ‘The molecular structure of benzene: some unresolved problems’, Society of Chemical Industry meeting, Durham, 24 November 1954 and Queen’s College, Dundee, 20 January 1955 9pp typescript draft titled ‘Benzene’ + figures and off-print. 1954-1955 Cox also lectured on benzene to the Science Masters’ Edinburgh Association, Leeds, 25 October 1958 and at University, College, Newcastle, 23 January 1959. 25 November 1958 King’s and ‘Nuclear Research Association, 7 January 1955 Resonance Magnetic Absorption’, Rayon 8pp typescript draft. ‘Some applications of science to prehistoric archaeology’, Leeds Grammar School, 4 February 1955 13pp typescript draft about and typescript notes on the literature Science titled ‘Some Rambling Thoughts and Archaeology; manuscript Leeds Geology’, University 7pp manuscript draft. ‘Structural Chemistry and Geological Society, 28 October 1955 ‘New Methods and new ideas in structural chemistry’, Glaxo Laboratories, Ulverston, Lancashire, 25 November 1955 Presidential Address, Leeds University Chemical Society, 16 October 1956 2pp typescript draft + 2pp illustrations. 5pp typescript draft. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 ‘Nuclear Manchester, 9 November 1956 Magnetic Resonance’, Institute of Physics, 8pp typescript draft with extensive manuscript additions and corrections. ‘Methods & Procedures in Crystal-Structure determination by X-ray diffraction: some typical results’, Manchester College of Technology, 11 February 1957 7pp typescript draft titled ‘Some crystallographic results of chemical interest’ with manuscript additions. ‘Molecules and Light’, two lectures for school children, Leeds University, 9-10 December 1957 typescript 10pp of demonstrations and lantern slides, etc. draft lists + experiments and of and with draft additions; 4pp typescript draft with manuscript additions. typescript 12pp programme of 8 lectures of which Cox’s was the last. manuscript ‘Application Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Problems in Inorganic Chemistry’, College of Technology, Birmingham, 22 March 1958 X-ray Analysis ‘Magnetism and Chemistry’, S.M.A. [Science Masters’ Association] Annual Meeting, Leeds University, 2 January 1958 Two 8pp typescript drafts. ‘Some Aspects of the Structural Chemistry of Platinum’, Chemistry (Leeds Area Section), 15 Royal Institute of February and Technology, 16 February 1960 ‘Some Stereochemical By-ways’, Priestley Club, Leeds, 9 February 1960 10pp typescript draft + references and illustration. Manchester and College of Science E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 ‘Professorial Reflections’, Evening Discourse to the X-Ray Analysis Group, Reading, 8 April 1960 typescript 11pp corrections. draft with manuscript additions and F.33-F.61A Miscellaneous lectures, speeches and addresses 1954-1975 The sequence includes Cox’s lectures and speeches as Secretary of the Agricultural Research Council. It includes a little material re broadcasts. At F.61A is an ‘as broadcast’ script of a radio talk by a former colleague of Cox’s, A.D. Booth. Lectures 1954 Roundhay School Prize-Giving, Leeds, 14 January 1954. Universities’, Conference on the 6pp typescript with manuscript amendment for address on similar occasion at Middlesborough Girls High School. See F.35. 6pp typescript. Lectures 1956 ‘The Place of Science in the Education of Girls', address to Leeds Girls' High School Parents, 17 February 1954 ‘The Education and Training of Chemists, University of London, 26 October 1956. Middlesborough Girls’ High School Prize-Giving, 27 March 1957. ‘Chemical Society Dinner, 8 November 1956’ Printed papers only. Speaking notes. Lectures 1957 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 9pp typescript draft with additions and crossings-out. ‘Contribution to Discussion on the Training of Chemists’, Leeds, 11 November 1957 2pp typescript draft. Veterinary Research Club, 10 February 1961 5pp typescript speaking notes of Cox ‘as your guest’. Lectures January, March 1962 ‘The World’s Need for Applied Biologists’. App typescript dated ‘ Jan 1962’. ‘S.C.I. Pesticides Group, 19 March 1962’. App typescript. ‘Research and the Land Today and Tomorrow’ Published text only of lecture given under the auspices of the Devon County Agricultural Association. 5pp typescript; 2pp typescript ‘Some suggested points for inclusion in Opening Address’; suggested timetable etc. Opening of Walls Laboratories, Atlas Road, N.W.10, 18 May 1962 4pp typescript. ‘Science & Agriculture’ ? 1962-1963 9pp typescript with manuscript addition ‘1962 or 1963?’ ‘Mushroom Growers’ Association 26th March 1963’ E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 ‘Organisation for Research from a National Standpoint’, Royal Institute of Chemistry Annual Conference, April 1963 7pp typescript. Lectures July - December 1963 ‘Agricultural Developments, talk given to F.O. Summer School, Cambridge, 17 July 1963’ 6pp typescript and manuscript draft. ‘Founder’s Dinner, Rowett R.1. 2 November 1963’. Speaking notes. ‘Opening of Soil Productivity Laboratories, Marandellas, S. Rhodesia, 6th December 1963’. Lectures 1964 two 1984 press-cuttings re at Annual Lunch of BFMIRA [British 12pp typescript ‘Notes for speech by Dr E.G. Cox’. 5pp typescript found with Welsh plant research. ‘Opening of the Sir George Stapledon Laboratories Welsh Plant Breeding Station 1 April 1964’. ‘Speech Food Manufacturing Industries Research Association] 27th May 1964’. Birmingham, 10 July, 1964’. ‘Draft of an Address given at Ashville College, Harrogate, on 30th May, 1964’. 9pp typescript. University of 9pp typescript. ‘Response to Toast of the Guests E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 ‘Extract from [BBC Radio Home Service] Ten o'clock [News]’ 2pp transcription of interview with Cox on agreement between the UK and the USSR on agricultural research. 6 January 1965. Lectures 1966 ‘Professors of Agriculture Reading 4 April 1966’. 12pp typescript. ‘Reply to toast of guests Fawley dinner 23-11-66’. Manuscript notes on ten index cards. ‘Assistant Principals, Scottish Office 21-12-66’. 7pp manuscript notes. Lectures February, March 1967 ‘Toast of the School. Boys Dinner 25 Feb 1967’ At Doncaster Grammar School Old Manuscript notes on seven index cards. Manuscript notes on six index cards. ‘Birmingham Guild of Graduates Toast of the University 3- 3-1967’. 1967. Script as broadcast of programme featuring Cox talking about ‘feeding the multitutes’. The programme was recorded and broadcast in August BBC Radio ‘Science and Industry’ programme E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 Lectures April, September 1969 3pp typescript by Cox on food and nutrition research, ‘23.4.69’. ‘Royal Veterinary College 30 September 1969’. 8pp speaking notes. ‘Agricultural Research: Progress and Prospects’, Annual Founders’ Day Dinner, 10 October 1969 Manuscript and typescript drafts, newspaper cutting with covering letter, etc. F.51-F.55 ‘The Future of Agricultural Research’, The Amos Lecture, 14 March 1970 Speaking correspondence. notes, background’ material including 5 folders. ‘Scottish Directors 29-9-71’ 6pp manuscript and typescript notes. 2 folders. ‘Directors Conference’ 12pp typescript of Cox’s talk, 6pp typescript of subsequent discussion, background papers re research policy etc. ‘The ARC and its work’ talk by Cox to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, 27 October 1970 October 1970 Manuscript notes for talk by Cox at conference of directors of ARC institutes. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 ‘Council 18-10-71’ 13pp manuscript draft beginning ‘Haldane has to come into this talk somewhere so | might as well begin with him’. 3pp typescript for programme in BBC Radio ‘On your Farm’ series’ (recorded 10-2-72)’ Talks 1972, 1975 1972, 1975 ‘Lyddon Hall [Leeds], 11 Dec 1972’ Manuscript notes for Cox’s reply on behalf of the guests. ‘Toast to A.S.E. at Annual Dinner Durham 2 Jan 1975’ Manuscript notes. Bibliographies 1928-1992 1928-1986 1928-1986 F.62-F.92 PUBLICATIONS Includes ‘bibliography as supplied to R.S. biographical memoir’. ‘As broadcast’ script of BBC Radio Third Programme talk on ‘The Emigre Scientist’ by A.D. Booth, transmitted 7 September 1963 7 folders. F.63-F.69 1928-1939 F.63-F.82 Off-prints F.63-F.77 Off-prints of Cox’s scientific papers Not a complete sequence E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Lectures and publications, F.1-F.92 1970; 1972 1982-1988 Book Reviews 2 folders. F.89-F.92 Correspondence re publications F.89, F.90 ‘Single Crystal Data’ c 1948-1961 1954-1989 1954-1960 Contents of folder also inscribed ‘Output - Book called “Crystal O. Kennard’: correspondence and papers Donnay, J.D.H. Data” Cox, E.G. Ed by 1959-1960 1954-1958 Contents of untitled folder. Correspondence and papers re crystal data paper 1989 General correspondence and papers 1956-1958, E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, G.1-G.149 1927-1997 BORAX CONSOLIDATED LIMITED BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE BRITISH FOOD MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES RESEARCH ASSOCIATION G.16-G.18 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF CRYSTALLOGRAPHY, COMMISSION ON CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC DATA G.19-G.21 ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND G.22-G.120 ROYAL INSTITUTION G.121-G.148 ROYAL SOCIETY G.149 SCOTTISH AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Societies and organisations, G.1-G.149 BORAX CONSOLIDATED LIMITED 1956-1958 Cox became a consultant in 1956, resigning in 1958. Correspondence and papers. 3 folders. BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE 1972-1993 British Association over Cox was associated with many years, serving in a number of ways. He was one of three honorary general secretaries Vice- President), 1971-1976 and Honorary Auditor, 1976-1983. called (later the ‘B.A. EGC Personal membership etc’ letters 1972-1973 ‘BA Branches’ folder so inscribed: 2 ‘President : Chairman : Secretary’ Contents of folder so inscribed: includes correspondence between Cox and Magnus Pyke re BA Chairmanship. Contents of re Annual Meeting in Leicester, September 1972, and manuscript note by MRT re Honorary General Secretaryship to the effect that ‘his great achievement was to get Magnus Pyke as Chairman’ which ‘greatly improved publicity’. 3 folders. inscribed: correspondence and chaired Cox Committee. Contents of papers. Correspondence and papers. ‘British Association’ folder so the Branches and Area Committees’ 1972-1974 1973-1974 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Societies and organisations, G.1-G.149 G.10-G.13 ‘British Association EGC as Auditor’ 1975-1983 Correspondence and papers. 4 folders. Miscellaneous correspondence 1991, 1993 BRITISH FOOD MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES RESEARCH ASSOCIATION 1971-1972 Cox was President of the Association, 1971-1975. Correspondence and papers. G.16-G.18 1954-1964 G.19-G.21 Duplicated papers. 3 folders. Cox was a member of the Commission. INTERNATIONAL UNION COMMISSION ON CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC DATA OF CRYSTALLOGRAPHY ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND 1972-1973 Correspondence and papers re the Society's Research Medal Correspondence consultants Cox advised on the award of the medal. and papers re honorary scientific 1970-1973, [1996] 1970-1972 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Societies and organisations, G.1-G.149 1 letter only re membership Cox was a Life Governor. [1996] G.22-G.120 ROYAL INSTITUTION 1927-1997 Cox had a long association with the Royal Institution. He was an assistant in the Davy Faraday Laboratory, October 1927 - September 1929, and subsequently a member of the Royal Institution, 1965-1996, manager, 1968-1971 and honorary treasurer, 1971-1976. Additionally he served as a member of the library and education committee, 1982- 1985, Association committee, 1982-1985, the audit committee, 1984-1985 and as a trustee of the Royal Institution pension - life assurance scheme, 1985-1989. _Institution/British Royal joint the Early associations with the Royal Institution G.22-G.26 G.27-G.57 G.58-G.96 G.22-G.26 1929-1968, n.d. Bragg Lecture G.97-G.120 History of the Royal Institution Administration and finance See also notebook at B.1 and G.104-G.110. Early associations with the Royal Institution Bound volume. ‘A Reproduction of Some Portions of Faraday’s Diary presented by the Managers of of Great Britain to Mr E. Gordon Cox as a token of their appreciation of his presence at the Faraday Celebrations September 1931’ Letters from W.H. Bragg, ?October 1929 and 19 May 1932, and W.L. Bragg, 22 April 1937 the Royal Institution ? 1929-1937 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Societies and organisations, G.1-G.149 of an Exhibition ‘Catalogue Diagrams showing the application of methods of X Ray & Crystal Analysis to the Study of Various Problems in Pure and Applied Science ... May 9th & 10th 1932 at the Royal Institution ... Models of & ‘ Cox is exhibits. listed as one of those who assisted with the Correspondence re original drawing of W.H. Bragg 1949, 1968 The drawing which was ‘used to illustrate a recent I.C.1. Prestige announcement’ was then given to Cox (1949) who subsequently presented it to the Royal Institution (1968). Manuscript notes re research on benzene etc found with Royal Institution papers 1968-1989 1968-1971 G.27 G.28-G.30 G.27-G.57 Administration and Finance 1969-1972 inscribed: duplicated papers re ‘Treasurer's Memoranda (Pre-EGC)’ Contents of folder so Royal Institution finances. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: financial papers. ‘Income & Expenditure Account: Allocation; Budgetary Control’ 1969-1972 The event organised for descendants of founders and early proprietors of the Royal Institution related to the Institution’s recruitment drive. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence and papers. ‘Descendants’ Party 1971’ E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Societies and organisations, G.1-G.149 ‘Finances and Policy / 1971 Discussion’ 1970-1971 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: financial papers. ‘Royal Society : Government Grant’ 1972-1973 folder Contents of inscribed: correspondence and papers re support for the Royal Institution from public funds. so ‘Standing Commission on Museums & Galleries’ 1972-1973 Contents of papers Faraday Museum. folder possible re so support inscribed: correspondence and Institution Royal the for ‘Life Composition Fees’ 1972-1974 1973-1976 G.52-G.55 G.46-G.51 ‘Property’ 1969-1976 G.38-G.45 Contents of folder so inscribed: financial papers. Includes accounts. ‘EGC Correspondence as Treasurer’ Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of reference. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re Royal Institution property. 1976-1989 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re committees on which Cox served etc. ‘R.I. Administration’ E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Societies and organisations, G.1-G.149 ‘Misc.’ 1972-1977 Contents of papers re finances and membership. folder so inscribed: correspondence and Record of Reports and Statement of Accounts the Royal Institution 1974 including Annual Inscribed on front cover ‘E.G. Cox annotated copy’. G.58-G.96 Bragg Lecture 1929-1993 Cox suggested November 1957. a Fund for a Bragg lectureship in appeal An chairmanship of Kathleen Lonsdale: launched was in July 1960 under the ... at world, we be used to promote interest ‘We propose the establishment of a Bragg Lecture Fund, in crystallography by to means of lectures and in other ways. In order that the standard be maintained at the high level appropriate to our subject, and that a Bragg lecture shall be an event in the scientific three-yearly intervals a distinguished crystallographer should be invited to deliver a lecture, to be given in one or other of the centres in which the Braggs’ work has been done, viz., Cambridge, Leeds, London and Manchester ...’ propose that The Royal Institution agreed to administer the Fund and Cox was a member of the Bragg Lecture Fund Committee which organised the lectures. P.P. Ewald gave the first lecture at the University of Leeds and the Royal Institution in 1962. Adelaide where W.H. Bragg was Professor of Mathematics and Physics for 22 years was added to the centres where the lecture might be held and the second Bragg 1965 by Kathleen Lonsdale. 1957-1974 The activity of the Committee faltered in the 1970s but was revived around 1980. Cox gave the 1993 Bragg Lecture. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into ten for ease of Bragg Lecture Fund ‘Bragg Lecture Fund’ lecture was given 1957-1992 G.58-G.67 G.58-G.73 there in E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Societies and organisations, G.1-G.149 reference: correspondence and papers. Includes accounts. G.68-G.72A ‘Bragg Lecture Fund’ 1979-1986, n.d. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: correspondence and papers. Includes minutes of meetings. ‘Bragg Lecture Fund Committee’ 1985-1992 Contents of papers. folder so inscribed: correspondence and G.74-G.96 Cox’s 1993 Bragg Lecture 1929-1993 G.74-G.84 G.85-G.96 1992-1993 of reference: correspondence and papers See also G.120. ‘EGC’s Bragg Lecture 1993’ Cox and M.F. Perutz gave a joint 1993 Bragg Lecture ‘Father and Son’ at the Royal Institution on 17 March and in Manchester on 31 March. Cox’s lecture was entitled ‘Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eleven for ease re arrangements, correspondence arising, manuscript notes, photographs and other illustrative material, etc. Bragg Lecture. This material was assembled in the preparation of Cox’s ‘RI Workers to 1932 RI/ Bragg EGC’s enquiries’ Contents of folder so inscribed divided into twelve for ease notes, of photographs, printed and duplicated background material. correspondence, manuscript reference: 1929-1993, n.d. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Societies and organisations, G.1-G.149 G.97-G.120 History of the Royal Institution G.97-G.101 ‘R.I. Historical & Scientific’ 1927-1997 1959-1994 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference: correspondence, manuscript notes, background material re history of the Royal Institution and the history of science more generally. . G.102, G.103 ‘Julian’ 1980-1986 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re M.M. Julian’s biographical and historical writing on Kathleen Lonsdale and W.H. Royal Institution. crystallography Bragg and the at G.104-G.110 ‘R.I. Conversazione 1 June 1982’ 1927-1982 the Royal Institution displayed and a list Contents of folder so inscribed divided into seven for ease of notes, photographs etc. correspondence, manuscript reference: G.111-G.120 At G.104 is Conversazione. of the exhibits offered by Cox for the ‘R.|. Mostly, corres Caroe, Alban and Gwendy’ Contents of box folder so inscribed divided into ten for ease of reference: correspondence, manuscript notes, background material, photographic slides. At this meeting of the Library Discussion Group members of described manuscripts, books etc belonging to them. 1975-1997 Gwendolen (Gwendy) M. Caroe corresponded with Cox about her biography of her father, W.H. Bragg (published in 1978 as William Henry Bragg, 1862-1942: man and scientist). After her death in 1982 Cox corresponded with her widower, Alban Caroe about her unfinished history of the Royal Institution (published in 1985 as The Royal Institution: an informal history). The photographic slides were those with Cox’s 1993 Bragg Lecture. See manuscript note at G.119 dated ‘16/3/1997’. ‘associated’ E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Societies and organisations, G.1-G.149 G.121-G.148 ROYAL SOCIETY 1960-1997 Cox was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1954. General correspondence and papers 1960-1985 Elections 1960-1972 G.123-G.127 Philosophical Transactions of Soirée to mark the 300th anniversary of the publication of the the Royal Society, Hooke’s ‘Micrographia’ and Evelyn’s ‘Sylva’, 16 November 1965 Cox arranged an exhibit on ‘Husbandry in the 1660s’. Correspondence and papers. 5 folders. Correspondence and papers. 21 folders. G.128-G.148 Royal Society Club 1963-1997 dining club with which Cox had a Includes lists of members, menu cards, seating plans, etc. This was a long association attending for the last time 22 February 1996. He served as Senior Treasurer, 1967-1968, running the club for that period. See ‘notes by M.R. Cox 16-2-97’ at G.128. 1956-1959 SCOTTISH AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED Correspondence and papers re consultancy. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES, H.1-H.34 1944-1992 ‘*X.R.A.G. Reports’ Conferences, Programmes, Abstracts and 1944-1959, 1992 Contents of proceedings, etc for conferences, 1944-1958. folder labelled: published summarised so At H.7 are typescript lists of X.R.A.G Committee 1957- 1958 and conferences with place and date, 1942-1958 and evening lectures, 1942-1958, with Cox’s manuscript note on ‘XRAG List of Conferences and Lectures’, 18 June 1992. of the Committee as Chairman from He was Vice-Chairman, 1953-1956 and a member Cox heads the list 1956. of the Committee, 1946-1949. ‘Belgium’ 1945-1950 Contents of folder so inscribed. See also C.33, C.69. de Bruxelles and the 1949-1950 to Belgium; Cox lectured Faculté Polytechnique de Mons. Université the at 1945-1946, n.d. Correspondence arising from wartime visit publication in honour of war hero, Paul Brancart Correspondence and papers, including programme and lecture poster, re visit to Belgium in March 1950 under the auspices of the British Council 1945-1946 Includes conference programme and Cox’s notes on the visit prepared for the Chemical Society. a conference on the use of X-rays in Czechoslovak represented the Physicists. Cox lectured at industry Mathematicians and Chemical Society. arranged Prague, Czechoslovakia, 27 November - 1945 4 December by the Society of He E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Visits and conferences, H.1-H.34 H.11-H.13 ‘International X-ray Conference Leeds 1946’ Contents of envelope so inscribed. 1946-1948, 1989-1990 Cox was one of the organisers of 2 day meeting at Leeds on the use of X-rays in research, 18-19 July 1946. This London the previous week and about 40 of the 60 overseas scientists who were at the London conference visited Leeds. a conference followed meeting in a Includes duplicated papers and press cuttings 1946-1948 Two photographs of those attending Leeds conference, with keys Correspondence with D.W.J. Cruickshank and others re construction of a key of the photograph of the 1946 Leeds meeting 1989-1990 attended the first Congress Cox’s notes re visits to International Ohio; Ohio State North America, 28 July - 28 August 1948 Itinerary, laboratories and brief correspondence re arrangements. universities of Cox Crystallography at Harvard, 28 July - 3 August 1948. Subsequently he visited universities and research centres in the USA and Canada including the National Research Council Laboratories, Ottawa; University of Minnesota; Monsanto, St Louis, Missouri and Dayton, Ohio; Antioch College, Yellow Springs, University, Columbus and Geophysical Laboratory and Bureau of Standards, Washington D.C. June 1950, to advise colleague proposing to visit the USA. by Ray Pepinsky to attend a small Cox was invited conference at Pennsylvania State new computing methods in X-ray analysis sponsored by the College and the Office of Naval Research. He also visited the University of Pittsburg and Ohio State University, Columbus. Correspondence re arrangements, Cox’s notes on visit to Pittsburg and Ohio State and notes prepared by Cox, 20 USA, April 1950 College on 1949-1950 and E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Visits and conferences, H.1-H.34 Second Stockholm, Sweden, 27 June - 5 July 1951 International Congress of Crystallography, Correspondence re arrangements. financial department who were giving papers. support for Cox and Principally relates to his other members of H.17-H.19 ‘Holland’ 1952-1958 folder Contents of inscribed: correspondence and papers re 1952 visit to the Netherlands and subsequent relations with Dutch colleagues. so Correspondence re arrangements, itinerary and ‘diary’ of 1952 visit. Cox was invited to visit the Technical University of Delft in connexion with a cultural agreement between Britain and the Netherlands. He also visited Groningen, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amsterdam during the visit, 2-13 May 1952. of honorary degree on Correspondence etc re contributions to Netherlands Flood Relief Fund Correspondence etc with W.G. Burgers and O. Bottema re conferral Leeds University in 1958. Members of the Leeds Chemistry Department were invited by Cox to contribute to a fund to pay what the Chemistry Department, University of Amsterdam owed the Leeds Department for computing work. In return the University of Amsterdam would give the money owed to the Leeds Department to the Relief Fund. 1956-1957 Cox went to the USA and Canada to attend a number of conferences and visit research centres. Bottema University of Delft. Delft. Magnificus Technical Cox met Bottema on his 1952 visit to The meetings were the annual symposium on molecular North America, 18 May - 5 August 1957 Bottema by H.20-H.29 was Rector of the E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Visits and conferences, H.1-H.34 structure and spectroscopy at Ohio State University, 12- 14 June, the conference on current problems of crystal 1-6 July and the Fourth International physics at M.I.T, Congress of Crystallography, Montreal, 10-19 July. He also visited Johns Hopkins University, California Institute of Technology and Council, Ottawa. Research National the Correspondence re arrangements and arising, ‘people to visit’, diary etc. itinerary, 10 folders. Bellagio conference on research Re expenses only. H.31-H.33 ‘Israel May 1964’ 1963-1964 Cox visited Israel to make a specialist examination of the administration of agricultural research in the country. The visit was facilitated by Lord Rothschild. Cox’s report on arising Correspondence organisation of Israeli agricultural research including Correspondence re arrangements Programme of visit, notes of meeting with representatives of Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture Committee of National Council for Research and Development (NCRD), summary of agricultural activities of NCRD, etc Contents of folder so inscribed: itinerary and programme of visits, November-December 1964. ‘New Zealand and Australia 1964’ E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 CORRESPONDENCE, J.1-J.214 [1916]-1996 The presentation of Cox’s correspondence follows his own arrangement of a number of alphabetical and chronological sequences. into it J.1-J.13 ‘PRE-WAR SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE’ J.14-J.170 UNTITLED ALPHABETICAL SEQUENCE J.171-J.181 ‘EGC’s PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE ARC 1960-1971’ J.182-J.195 UNTITLED CHRONOLOGICAL SEQUENCE J.196-J.214 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 ‘PRE-WAR SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE’ 1932-1940 Contents of folder so inscribed. sequence. There are few extended Alphabetical exchanges. A. Angus, W.R., 1938-1939. Angus writes from the Chemistry Department, University College of North Wales, Bangor. He sought assistance in respect of the different types of crystals obtained in the course of recrystallisation of mandelic acid. Austin, W.C., 1934 1934-1939 B. from the Department of Mineralogy, Austin was Professor of Physiological Chemistry, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois. He writes, 10 October 1934, that ‘we have been very much interested in your studies of structure have expressed a desire to examine our preparations’. are pleased that X-ray, and you by Bannister, F.A., 1938 Barger, G., 1937-1938 Bannister writes British Museum (Natural History). 1937-1938 Bell writes from the Physical Chemistry Laboratory Balliol College & Trinity College Oxford. Cox was interested in Bell’s work on the depolymerisation of dihydroxyacetone, and requested crystals of the solid dimer form for X-ray examination. Barger was Regius Professor of Chemistry at Glasgow University. Re crystallographic work on artabotrin. Bell, R.P., 1938 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 D.J.B. 1938 ‘DJB’ writes from the Cambridge University School of Biochemistry. Postcard only. Ellis, J.W. Ellis was based at Angeles, Physics Department. the University 1938-1939 of California, Los Re infra-red studies of pentaerythritol. G. Gibson, C.S., 1932 1932-1937 Gibson was based at the Chemistry Department, Guy’s Hospital Medical School, London. Gilman, H., 1936 One letter only. at W.L.Bragg. Goodwin with Sequence includes letter from Cox to Bragg. Manchester worked Goodwin, T.H., 1937 Gilman writes from the Chemistry Department, lowa State College, Ames, lowa. One letter only. Carbon only of letter from Cox to Harker. Harrison, W., 1934 H. Harker, [?], 1938 1932-1938 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Hendricks, S. B., 1934 Hendricks writes from the US Department of Agriculture Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, Washington. One letter only. Hettich, A.K., 1932 Hettich was based at Mineralogisch-Geologisches Institut der Technischen Hochschule, Munich, Germany. One letter only. Hibbert, H., 1932 Hibbert Institute, McGill University, Montreal. Chairman, Pulp was and Paper Research One letter only. Hughes, E.W J.-Mc. One letter only. Bristol University Physics One letter only. writes from the Jackson, L.C., 1935 Re pentaerythritol. Jackson Laboratory. Hughes was based at the Baker Chemical Laboratory, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. 1933-1939, n.d. Johnson writes Department. University Chemistry from the Bristol Johnson, C.H., n.d. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Link, K.P., 1939 was Link Chemistry, University of Wisconsin. based the at Department of Agricultural Carbon copy only of letter from Cox re proposed work on glucose. McCrea, G.W., 1933 McCrea writes Carolina where he was an exchange lecturer. Duke University, Durham, North from One letter only. Mann, F.G. 1932-1939 Mann was based at the University Chemical Laboratory, Cambridge. Re crystallographic investigations. M 1932-1936 Minsaas, J., 1932, 1934 Mills, W.H., 1935-1936 Re co-ordination compounds of copper. Minsaas writes from Norges Tekniske Hgiskole, Institut for Organik Kemi, Trondheim. Mills was based at the University Chemical Laboratories, Cambridge. Re crystallographic investigations. Re sugars, career advice. Morgan was Chemical Research Laboratory, Teddington, Middlesex. Research, Chemical Director Morgan, G.T., 1933-1934 of DSIR E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 O.-R. Owen, L.N., 1939 1934-1939 Owen was based at the Chemistry Department, University College of North Wales, Bangor. Re barbaloin derivatives. Phelps, F.P., 1934 Phelps writes from the Department of Commerce Bureau of Standards, Washington. Request for loan of crystals and exchange of reprints. Roberts, K.C., 1935-1936 Roberts writes from the Rubber Research Institute Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. of Re investigation of crystalline substances that turn up in rubber. Ss. Shanker, J., 1939 1936-1940 from the Royal Institute of Science, Sidgwick, N.V., 1940 Shanker writes Bombay, India. Re the structure of hydrazobenzene. Sidgwick writes from Lincoln College, Oxford. Re identification of specimens by X-ray methods. Simonsen was Professor of Chemistry, University College of North Wales, Bangor. Simonsen, J.L., 1936 Re stannochlorides. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Sugden, S., 1936 One letter only. Synge, R.L.M., 1938-1939 Synge writes from the Cambridge University Biochemistry School. Re samples for crystallographic investigation. T.-W. Todd, C.W., 1939 1933-1939 Todd was based at the chemical manufacturers, Albright & Wilson Ltd. Re training in microscopic crystallography. Topley, B., 1938 Re phosphate samples. Votocek, E., 1933 Votecek writes from Prague. One letter only. In French. Wood, R.G., 1938 Wightman, W.A., 1939 Topley was based at the chemical manufacturers, Albright & Wilson Ltd. Re thianthren, selenanthren, etc. Wightman was based at the Leeds University Chemistry Department. Wood was based at the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire, Cardiff. Re crystallographic investigation of diketones. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Wrinch, D.M. 1938-1939 Correspondence and papers re structure of the insulin molecule. Includes letter from Bernal to Cox, 22 November 1938 with his remarks on ‘X-ray evidence for the Structure of letter from Bernal to Cox, 16 the Protein Molecule’ and _ December 1938 enclosing copy of for Nature ‘Vector Maps and the Cyclol Hypothesis’. letter J.14-J.170 UNTITLED ALPHABETICAL SEQUENCE [1916]-1996 J.14-J.15 Alexander, W.G. 1971-1972 Alexander served 1947-1971, from 1952 as Deputy Secretary. Agricultural the Research Council, Obituaries 1971-1972 1950 Astbury, W.T. 1961, 1975 J.17-J.28 Balashov, V.S. Includes photographs of the trophy. Obituaries, 1961 and one letter re portrait, 1975. Re Alexander Trophy awarded to the winner of the ARC Golf Championship 1950-1985 Balashov was born in 1918 in the Soviet Union. He was granted political asylum by the British authorities in Berlin In 1950 he came to Britain where he carried out in 1949. X-ray analysis work with Cox at Leeds. After a period in Northern Rhodesia, where he was Chief Physicist in the Mines Department, he moved to the University of Bradford where he lectured in Soviet Economics and Russian. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 1951 January - June 1951 July - December 1954 January - June 1954 July - December Includes papers re Balashov’s work in Northern Rhodesia. 1956-1959 1961-1962 Recommendation. Barclay spent three years at Leeds, working in Cox’s department, 1953-1956 Includes article from Bradford Telegraph & Argus headed ‘Soviet hero who fled from ruthless Stalin’, 13 June 1985. 1964-1965 1985, n.d. Barclay, G.A. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Barnard, A.K. Recommendation. Baskett, R.G. Includes obituary and related material. Baxendale, J.H. Recommendation. Beard, D.S. 1963, 1975 Beard worked for his Ph.D. under Cox’s direction at Leeds National Research and Development Corporation. subsequently worked for the Includes recommendation. Berry, W.E. N.d. [1971] Blaxter, K.L. 1974, 1991 Beevers, C.A. Recommendation. ‘Career statement’ only. Includes recommendations. Includes statement by Cox for public University, Belfast, June 1974. orator, Queen’s Boaz, T.G. 1966, 1973 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Booth, A.D. Booth was Birmingham. a postgraduate student of Cox’s at Recommendation. Bottema, O. 1952-1958 Bottema was Rector of the Technological University of Delft, The Netherlands. an honorary degree at Leeds, 16 May 1958. Cox presented him for Includes presentation addresses at degree congregation. Boyle, A.R. Boyle researched in Cox’s department at Birmingham, 1940-1945. Includes curriculum vitae. 1982-1984 Bunn, C.W. Dewar the Re proposed research on chlorophyll. Fellowship Brett-Crowther, M. Brett-Crowther was Assistant Editor of Science and Public Policy, the Journal of the Science Policy Foundation. Correspondence re article by Cox on agricultural research policy and copy of article, published August 1983. War. Re Royal Society memoir of Callow (died 1983) who worked with Cox for a period during the Second World Callow, R.K. of Royal Institution and E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 J.44-J.46 Challenger, F. 1953-1987 Challenger was Professor of Organic Chemistry at Leeds, 1930-1953. 1953-1954 Includes appreciations of Challenger on his retirement in 1953. 1972-1985 Challenger’s last letter to Cox is dated 3 February 1983 (died 12 February). Includes Christmas letters from Challenger’s daughter, 1978-1985. 1978-1987 Chatt, J. Includes Fixation by his successor, J.R. Postgate. origins note the the on of Unit J.48-J.53 1969-1995 of Nitrogen Cheesman, E.E. Includes tributes and obituary for The Times written by Cox. Chatt was Director of the ARC Unit of Nitrogen Fixation at Sussex University, 1964-1980. [1916]-1983 On Cheesman’s death in 1983 Cox wrote his obituary for The Times. Cox seems to have received correspondence and other papers of Cheesman’s from his sister after his death and those preserved by him with his own papers are presented at J.49-J.53. Cheesman was a botanist at Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture, Trinidad from 1923 (Professor from 1926). He served as a scientific adviser to the Secretary of the ARC, 1949-1965. the E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Principally correspondence Cheesman’s death including Cox’s Times obituary. papers and arising from 1980, 1983 J.49-J.53 Cheesman’s correspondence and papers 1916-1981 J.49 [1916] - 1946 Includes list of published work submitted by Cheesman for D.Sc. degree, 1946. 1947-1965 1967 -1981 Printed material re Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture (ICTA) 1951, 1974 Claringbull, G.F. 1945, 1990- 1991 Notebook used for ‘Synopsis of Annual Reports of the Department of Botany I.C.T.A. 1926-1946’ Claringbull came to study crystallography with Cox at Birmingham in 1939, working there for a period during the war on problems arising in the manufacture of explosives. He was subsequently Director of British Museum (Natural History), 1968-1976. 1948-1979 Corbridge was a research student of Cox’s at Leeds. was subsequently appointed to in Department of Ceramics there. recommendation, Includes supplementary notice Independent, 9 January 1991. obituaries. by published Corbridge, D.E.C. 1945 and by Cox was A the He the the a lectureship 1948 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Includes progress report by Corbridge on his research, 1947-1948. 1966-1979 Includes recommendations. J.57-J.59 Cruickshank, D.W.J. 1956-1995 Cruickshank was closely associated with Cox for many years at Leeds. Cox considered him the best of his many was able pupils at subsequently Chemistry Glasgow and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. and Professor younger of colleagues. Theoretical He 1956-1961 Includes recommendations. ‘John Rollett 1966-1972 1979-1995 Dainton, B.H. Includes prepared by Cruickshank for memorial occasion at Cross College, Oxford, 4 March 1995. and Chemical Crystallography’ St Includes recommendations. polymerisation in Cambridge in September 1935. Includes articles and letters from Davies published in Chemistry in Britain and correspondence between Cox and on Discussion re Faraday 1983-1986 J.61-J.63 Davies, M. 1983-1990 J.61 J. Chatt meeting E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 1990 Correspondence and papers re paper by Davies on Astbury, Franklin and DNA, Annals of Science, vol 47 (1990). 2 folders. _ J.64-J.66 Davis, W.W. 1983-1988 Principally re posthumous tributes to Davis who died in 1987. Cox wrote an appreciation for the Royal Institution Record. Davis was Treasurer of the Royal Institution in the 1960s. At J.65 are recollections by H.E. Hopthrow. 3 folders. J.67-J.71 Freeth, F.A. 1947-1976 1947-1956 1960-1970 3 folders. J.69-J.71 1975-1976 part Freeth’s career to help with Includes obituary from The Times (died 15 July 1970). Cox was associated with Freeth in the SOE during the He offered to provide information Second World War. about this of the preparation of the Royal Society memoir of Freeth written by Sir Peter Allen. 1963-1968. Green was Chairman of the Agricultural Advisory Council, Correspondence and papers re Royal Society memoir. Green, J.D.F 1968, 1970 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Griffiths, C.M. Recommendations. Gordon, R.L. Includes application. 1960, 1962 Gunn, D.L. 1972-1983 one was Gunn the headquarters of the Agricultural Research Council in the 1960s. scientific advisers Cox’s of in 1972-1983 Includes The Times obituary of Gunn who died 20 July 1983. during Haas, P. 1960, 1983 knew Haas note ‘A based on Biographical material re Gunn Includes obituary, E.G.C.’, 1960. Includes ‘Some Recollections of Donald Gunn’ by Cox, 17 October 1983. Cox the Second World War in connexion with the work of the Inter-Services Research Bureau (SOE). 1960-1990 Challenger, for Haas’ and Includes Christmas cards from Hailsham, 1960, The Science’. incorporates 1960 card 1962. Minister of Hailsham, Lord recollections written for F. ‘Song for a of D.M. Newitt E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Hartshorne, J.N. 1959-1984 Hartshorne was a colleague of Cox’s at Leeds where he became Reader in Chemical Microscopy. 1959-1984 Includes obituaries of Hartshorne who died 15 September 1982. Biographical material re Hartshorne J.81-J.83 Hayward, R.J.R 1956-1959 Hayward was appointed Brotherton Lecturer in Inorganic and Structural Chemistry at Leeds from 1 September 1956 for a period of three years. Re research and career. 3 folders 1957-1959 J.85-J.88 Hughes, E.W. Hendricks, S.B. was Chief Chemist, Pioneering Re invitation for Hendricks to come to England. Research Hendricks Laboratory for Mineral Nutrition of Plants, US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville, Maryland. December 1987) is at J.88. The first letter in the sequence was written by Hughes after returning from a stay in Cox’s laboratory at Leeds, 6 October 1952. The sequence includes greetings cards and letters written An obituary of Hughes (died 25 by Hughes’ wife Ruth. Hughes based Technology, Pasadena. was 1952-1995, n.d. at the California Institute of E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 1952 (one letter only), 1973-1975 1976-1979 Letter of 15 March 1977 includes Hughes’s recollections of W.L. Bragg. 1980-1985 1987-1995, n.d. Letter of 25 March 1987 includes Hughes’s recollections of W.L. Bragg. Ingram, M. 1971-1978 Ingram Institute, Langford, near Bristol. Director was of the ARC’s Meat Research was inorganic 1949-1978 lecturer in Irving, R.J. James, A.T. 15 November Irving chemistry at Leeds from October 1948 temporary assistant Includes obituaries of Ingram who died 1977. 1953-1981 Cox knew Jeffrey, first as a pupil at Birmingham before the Second World War, and later as a colleague at Leeds. He subsequently made of Pittsburg. James based Laboratory, Bedford. Jeffrey, G.A. University career at the Re career. J.92-J.94 was at Unilever Research Colworth his E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Includes recommendations. 1953-1955 1962-1964 1969-1981 Jennings, C. Re survey of barytes deposit by Cox’s son Keith. A geologist, Keith Cox was carrying out postgraduate work at the Research Institute of African Studies at Leeds where he was the first Oppenheimer Scholar. Johnson, A.W. 1967-1984 Jones, D. Rudd- and Johnson was Honorary Director of the ARC Unit of Invertebrate Chemistry and Physiology, University of Sussex. Chemistry and Professor of Includes obituaries of Johnson (died 5 December 1982) and papers Society biographical memoir of Johnson by E.T.H. Jones, including ‘Copies of entries in my diaries about Alan W. Johnson’. 1960-1988 Rudd-Jones was Scientific Adviser to the Secretary ARC, 1959-1971 Director, Glasshouse Crops Research Institute, Littlehampton, West Sussex, 1971-1984. Jones was a research student at Leeds, 1948-1952. 1973-1995 re Royal Jones, D.W. Includes recommendations. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Kakabadse, G. Kakabadse was based at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. 1952, 1988- 1996 Kennard, O. Progress report by Kennard on her research during the past four years submitted to the MRC Biological Research Board. Kennedy, W.Q. 1962-1969 Kennedy was Professor of Geology at Leeds, 1945-1967. Includes recommendation. Kerle, R.E. Curriculum vitae only. King, K.W. 1977-1978 Ling, A.W. Lipson, H. King was with the ISRB (SOE) for a period from 1942. 1962, 1975 Recommendation (1954) and obituaries (died 1991). Lynton was a graduate student of Cox at Leeds. 1954, 1991 April 26 Lynton, H. Includes recommendation. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Manley, C.H. 1977-1986 Manley spent 29 years as the Leeds city analyst. Re Royal Institute of Chemistry President’s badge of office etc. Markham, R. One letter from S. Elsden re his Markham obituary with obituaries (Markham died 16 November 1979). J.109, J.110 Northumberland, Duke of 1966-1989 Northumberland was Chairman of the ARC, 1958-1968. 1966-1975 (who died 1988-1989 Nursten, H.E. Includes recommendations. obituary of Northumberland Cox knew Nursten from his time as an undergraduate at Leeds. In 1976 he was appointed Professor of Food Science at Reading. 11 Includes October 1988), order of service for thanksgiving service, Westminster Abbey, 18 November 1988 and ‘The Duke of Northumberland and the A.R.C Some notes by E.G. Cox’, 10 November 1988. Includes recommendations. Nyburg was a postgraduate student of Cox. Nyburg, S.C. 1961-1962 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Parry, G.S. 1945-1946 by reports Parry for 3 Research Department, Halstead, 1945 (1 report) and April 1945 (2 reports). Ministry Fort of Supply Armament February Kent, The February 1945 report was prepared with A.G. Ward. J.114-J.119 Peace, A.G. 1949-1963 Peace undertook postgraduate research with Leeds (PhD 1952). technical colleges. A curriculum vitae at J.119 15th 1986’. Cox at He subsequently made his career in the states that he ‘died about April manuscript addition to J.114-J.118 Manuscript and typescript notes and reports re research work, 1949-1951, n.d. 5 folders. 1951-1963 Porter, H.K. 1979-1988 J.120, J.121 Correspondence Correspondence and information about Porter who died 7 December 1987. Principally biographical Includes programme for postgraduate course on nuclear science at North Staffordshire Technical College, given by Peace, 1958, recommendation and curriculum vitae. Porter was Director of Agricultural Research Council Unit of Plant Physiology, Imperial College London, 1959-1964; Second Secretary, Agricultural Research Council, 1969- 1971, and Scientific Adviser to the ARC, 1971-1972. 1968, 1977 Pringle was Lecturer in Inorganic and Structural Chemistry in Cox’s department at Leeds. Includes recommendation. Pringle, G. E. 2 folders. papers. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Read, J. 1951-1964 Read was Professor of Chemistry at St Andrews and an expert on Somerset dialect. Correspondence and chemical interests. papers relating to Read’s non- Reith, W.S. 1950, 1965 the scientific Reith spent a period during the Second World War as a member of Inter-Services Research Bureau. He was subsequently |.C.1 Research Fellow in the Organic Chemistry Department at Leeds, 1946-1951 and Research Chemist and Honorary Lecturer in the Botany Department at Leeds, 1951-1953. staff the of Includes curriculum vitae and list of publications. Robertson, A. Includes recommendation. Robertson came to Leeds in 1954 where he became a lecturer in Cox’s department. Obituaries and biographical information about Robertson including his membership of the Agricultural Research Council and its committees. Roberston died 9 February 1970. 1993-1996 Re Cox’s article on Robertson for the New Dictionary of National Biography. Includes recommendation. Robertson, J.M. Robertson, J.H. Includes drafts. Rollett, J.S. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 J.129-J.135 Rothschild, N.M.V., 3rd Baron 1960-1993, n.d. SOE. Rothschild subsequently served the Agricultural Research Council, Cox first met Rothschild during the Second World War Cox had roughly comparable positions in when he and MI5 as Chairman of 1948- 1958, and Cox’s first experience of working for the ARC in the middle fifties (serving on a visiting group to a research was institute) appointed thus overlapping for a year with Rothschild’s chairmanship. Rothschild’s the invitation. Council in a member of Cox 1957 was and at After 1960 when Cox became Secretary of the ARC he received much good advice from Rothschild and was able to reciprocate, especially after Rothschild went to Shell in 1961. After the 1970 General Election Rothschild moved to the Cabinet Office where he headed the Central Policy Review Staff from where he enquired into government research and development. Cox disagreed profoundly with Rothschild’s proposals and after his retirement from the ARC in criticise them publicly. Nevertheless, when Cox believed Rothschild to have been criticised unfairly in 1973 he wrote to The Times to say so (letter published 28 September). 1971 able felt to 1960 1968-1970 1961-1963 Cox provided information to assist with the preparation of the Royal Society biographical memoir of Rothschild (died 20 March 1990). Includes typescript draft of Cox’s lecture on the Research Councils and manuscript drafts by Cox ‘Some Comments on Rothschild’ and ‘The Principal Argument against the Rothschild Report’, February 1972. 1972 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 letter published in The Times, 28 1973 Includes September. Cox’s 1991-1993, n.d. manuscript Includes Rothschild: Some notes December 1992. and by typescript E.G. Cox’, drafts August ‘Victor and Russell, R.S. 1 letter and curriculum vitae only. Shorter, A.J. 1938, 1968 Includes recommendation. 1970 at 1970-1984 was Cox’s predecessor as Secretary of Slater, W.K. Cox wrote J.138-J.141 Includes note prepared in ARC office the time of Slater’s death, ‘Notes received on Monday, 20th April 1970, from Prof H.D. Kay’ and Cox’s Times obituary. the Slater The Times Agricultural Research Council. obituary of Slater (died 19 April 1970) and the article on him for the Dictionary of National Biography. 1978-1984 article sent by Cox to Dictionary of Includes draft National Biography, August 1978. of 1977-1978 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Background material and drafts. Smith, J.A.B was Director Smith Dairy Research Institute, 1950-1970. Cox spoke on behalf of the ARC ata dinner in honour of Smith, 7 January 1971. the Hannah of Includes ‘Proposed policy with regard to the future of the Hannah Dairy Research Institute’, n.d. Smith, J.A.S. 1958, 1964 Smith came to Cox’s department at Leeds as a research student in 1951 and was appointed to the permanent staff in 1953. Includes recommendation and curriculum vitae. Stamp, J.T. 1963, 1970 2 folders. J.145, J.146 Steward, E.G. 1960-1979 Stewart-Duncan, A. Includes recommendations. Stamp was based at the Moredun Institute, Edinburgh. 1961, 1965 Swallow came to Leeds in 1957 to do postgraduate work in Cox’s department. Includes recommendation. Swallow, A.G. 1980, 1982 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Taylor, C.A. 1958-1964 Includes recommendations and curriculum vitae. J.150-J.152 Taylour, H.H. 1957-1958 Career advice and recommendations. 3 folders. J.153-J.157 Truter, E.V. 1958-1977, n.d. Truter came to Leeds in 1947 as a Research Fellow in the Textile Chemistry Laboratory (subsequently Lecturer and Reader). He died in 1986. 1958-1963 1964 1974 1976-1977 N.d. Includes recommendation. Includes recommendation. Research Council, 1966-1975. Ubbelohde was Professor of Thermodynamics and head engineering of chemical Imperial College London. He was a member of the Agricultural Curricula vitae, lists of publications etc. J.158, J.159 Ubbelohde, A.R.J.P. the department at 1968, 1988 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Principally re provision of information for the Royal Society biographical memoir by F.J. Weinberg. 1968. 1988 Correspondence. One letter only from Ubbelohde (1968) in connexion with ARC. Obituaries, manuscript notes etc Ulbricht, T.L.V. Application. Van Hoorn, M.E.J. Re International Foundation for Proctology. 1961-1967 Includes recommendations. Walton, A.W. 1961-1983 1970-1983 Includes recommendations. J.162-J.164 Vidwans, D.H. Cox’s department at Leeds from Vidwans studied October 1956 to May 1957. in Leeds. Walton chemistry student, research assistant, assistant superintendant of laboratories and deputy superintendant of laboratories at Printed material re Vidwan’s religious interests was successively undergraduate 1973-1979 n.d., 1974 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 Curriculum testimonial fund. vitae and printed notice re _ retirement J.166, J.167 Wardlaw, W. 1958-1961 Cox wrote an obituary notice of Wardlaw for the Chemical Society (died 1958). Includes Cox’s obituary and biographical information. 2 folders Wheatley, P.J. 1952-1965 Wheatley joined Cox’s staff in Leeds in 1950 and left to join Monsanto Laboratories in Zurich in 1957. Includes recommendations. Wilson, A.J.C. Includes assessment. Woodford, E.K. 1954, 1982 Curriculum vitae and publications list only. J.171-J.181 ‘EGC’s PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE ARC 1960-1971’ 1959-1975, n.d. Includes note by Cox on the ‘Department of Physiology, Babraham’, 29 March 1960. Includes recommendations and assessment of candidates for posts, requests for career advice etc Contents of folder so inscribed. Chronological sequence. 1959-1960 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 J.182-J.195 1971, 1975, n.d. 1937, 1946 correspondence with Kathleen Lonsdale and C.A. Coulson Includes 1939 grant application re x-ray structure analysis of correspondence, UNTITLED CHRONOLOGICAL SEQUENCE 1937-1996, n.d. 1939, 1950-1953 carbohydrates with later 1953 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 re maleic and fumaric acid, 1950, and Wessex dialect play by John Read (see J.123). 1954-1958 1959-1960 1961-1967 1971-1982 Includes photograph. 1978-1982 1984-1987 1995-1996 Includes photograph. 1990-1993 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 J.196-J.214 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1941-1986 Chronological sequence. Includes advice on appointments for institutions. references for individuals and more general 1941-1953 1956-1957 1959-1960 1960-1961 1961 (2) 1961 (3) 1961 (1) 1967-1969 1965-1966 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Correspondence, J.1-J.214 1974-1975 1981, 1986 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, 1st Baron Adrian of Cambridge ADRIAN, Lucy, Lady A.92 Gi75 AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD RESEARCH COUNCIL A.99, J.158 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL ALBRIGHT & WILSON LTD ALEXANDER, Stella ALEXANDER, William Gordon ALLEN, Sir Geoffrey ALLEN, Sir Peter A.34-A.41, Section E, F.56, G.19, G.20, J.48, J.50, J.150, J.171-J.181 See also J.153 B.21, J.12 J.15 A.34, E.21, E.30, E.1'55 See also E.138, J.14, J.15, J.153, J.174 E755 J.69, J.70 ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward G.128,'G.131, G:133 ANDREW, Sir Herbert ANGUS, W. Rogie ALSTON, J.D. ANDERSON, John Stuart ARMSTRONG, Sir William ARNDT, Ulrich Wolfgang Ise, Jali, Di, J.58 G.133 APPLETON, Sir Edward Victor ANDRADE, Edward Neville da Costa APPLIED SCIENCE PUBLISHERS LTD E/9V E120) EMn25, E126 See also E.77 See also J.16 ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH SCIENCE WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF APPLIED BIOLOGISTS 7/9, E:80; E126 G.74 See also G.85 ASTBURY, William Thomas B.89, B.90, B.92 J.1 D.73 G.41 J.132 Gi, E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 ASTOR, John Jacob ASTOR FOUNDATION AUSTIN, W.C. BACHARACH, A.L. BACK, Arie BACON, Cecil Index of correspondents E.119 See also A.37, E.32, E.41, E.45, E.76, E.79, E.80, E.84, E.91, E.97, E104; E.1386 H.23, H.29 J.1 J.185 H.31, H.32 J.158 BALASHOV, Vladimir S. J.17-J.28, J.190 BALDWIN INSTRUMENT COMPANY LTD BANNISTER, F.A. BARCLAY, Gordon Alfred BARGER, George B.91 J.2 See J.29 J.2 BAWN, Cecil Edwin Henry BEEVERS, Cecil Arnold A.36, A.38 B.65 J.32 BARNARD, Alan Keith BARTINDALE, G.W.R. BAXENDALE, J.H. BEARD, Dennis S. See J.30 J.193 See J.31 J.187 BASKETT, Sir Ronald Gilbert BAWDEN, Sir Frederick Charles BATH AND CAMERTON ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY E.39 BEVERTON, Raymond John Heaphy BENNETT, George Macdonald BELL, George Douglas Hutton B.91, D.5, J.33 J.34, J.194 BERNAL, John Desmond BERRY, William Edward E.44, E.48, E.56, G.132 B.74 J.13 A.37 See also J.35 Index of correspondents E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 BIGGAR, W. Andrew BIGGS, Peter M. BIJVOET, J.M. BINNS, Howard R. BISSET, Anne BLACK, Douglas BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BLACKMAN, Audrey BLACKMAN, Geoffrey Emett BLACKMAN, Vernon Herbert BLAXTER, Sir Kenneth Lyon BLOUNT, Bertie K. BLOW, David Mervyn BOARDMAN, John A. E.41 E.54, E.55 D.2 J.178, J.179 G.85 J.194 G.121 A.92 E158 J.49 A.38, G.8, E.29, F.50 DAd G.74 A.37 J.37 BOUGHEY, Sir Richard, Bt BOUGHTON, Lilian Kay BOAZ, Thomas Geoffrey BOOTH, Andrew Donald BORN, Max BOTTEMA, Oene J.177 A.44, E.56 A.92, J.183 J.39, H.19 BOWDEN, Bertram Vivian, Baron J.196 See also F.61A, J.38 G22, G83, G.105 BOYLE, Edward Charles Gurney, Baron Boyle of Handsworth G.75, G.116 See also G.73 F205 J.40 J.181 BOWLES, Gwen BOYD, D.A. BOYLE, Archibald Raymond J.57, J.58, J.105, J.183 See BUXTON BRAGG, Stephen Lawrence BRAGG, Sir William Henry E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence J.4, G.22, G.64, G.76, G.97, H.16 BRAMBELL, Francis William Rogers A.92, E.57 BREUER, Stephen W. BRIAN, Percy Wragg BRIDGES, Kenneth W. BRIGGS, Asa, Baron BRIGGS, Jennifer BRISCOE, H.V.A. BRISCOE, Peter BRISTOW, Philip F.92 E20 G.85 E.45 F.55 elf. J.145 A.92 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE A.43, A.50, G.4-G.14, J.213, J.214 BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF PLANT BREEDERS E.133 BRITISH COUNCIL E.89 D.2 B.42, G.60-G.67, G.71 BROADWAY, Leonard Francis BROWN, C.J. H.9, H.10, H.17 A.50, E.94, E.95, G.15 BUNN, Charles William BUNTING, Arthur Hugh J.188, J.189 B.92, J.198, J.213 BRITISH NUTRITION FOUNDATION LTD BRITISH COTTON INDUSTRY RESEARCH ASSOCIATION J.119, J.151 BRITISH RUBBER PRODUCERS’ ASSOCIATION BRITISH FOOD MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES RESEARCH ASSOCIATION D.12, J.184 BUTLER, Sir Clifford Charles J.48 H.19 J.177 CADMAN, Colin Houghton CAHN, Robert Sidney C.44, C.50 See also H.8 E.41 BURGERS, W.G. BUXTON, Gwen E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents CALDIN, Edward Francis CALLOW, Nancy H. CALLOW, Robert Kenneth CAMBRIDGE INSTRUMENT COMPANY LTD CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CANTOR, Geoffrey CARE, A.D. CAROE, Alban Douglas Rendall CAROE, Gwendolen Mary CARPENTER, E.R. CARTER, Harold Burnell CARTER, Toby C. CASHMORE, William Henry J.158 J.43 See J.43 J.179 G.111 J.194 J.37, J.193 A.93, G.111-G.115 Guida J.210 J.199-J.201 A.119, J.175 Si S2e ere CHAPMAN, Sydney CHATT, Joseph CHALLENGER, Frederick CHARLIER, A. CHATT, Ethel J.151 J.44-J.46 D.7 G.133 H.8 J.47 CHEESMAN. Ernest Entwhisle CASSIE, Arnold Blatchford David CHAMBERLAIN, G. Humphrey N. G.131 D.12, F.92, H.10, J.166, J.184 See also H.23 CHIBNALL, Marjorie McCallum See A.37 J.138, J.190 A.93 CHEESMAN, Maisie CHEMICAL SOCIETY E.156, G.132, J.47, J.61 A.37, J.48-J.54, J.178 CHEMISTRY IN BRITAIN CHIBNALL, Albert Charles CHICHESTER, Sir Francis J.48 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents CLARINGBULL, Enid, Lady CLARINGBULL, Sir Gordon Frank CLARK, Cecil Henry Douglas CLARK, Elisabeth CLARK, Thomas Archibald BENNET- COATES, Geoffrey E. COCHRAN, William COLEMAN, John COLLINGWOOD, Sir Edward Foyle COOK, Sir James Wilfred COOKE, G.W. CORBETT, Thomas Godfrey Polson, 2nd Baron Rowallan J.54 B.17, B.65 See also J.54 D.3 J.190, J.192 A.50, E.25, E.113, E.116, J.172- J.174 J.158 See J.58 J.187 J.109 A.44 oD E.49 COWELL, F. Richard COX, Marion COX, Rosina COULSON, Charles Alfred J.58, J.81-J.83, J.183, J.205 COX, Ernest Henry COX, Keith Gordon COX, Lucie Grace J.55, J.56 G.132 E.36 D.67 A.93 A.82 CORNER, Edred John Henry CORBRIDGE, Derek Edgar Charles COUNCIL OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGN COUNCIL FOR SCIENTIFIC POLICY J.41 CROWTHER, Michael BRETT- A.8 D.2 J.187 A.119A See A.8, H.26 COX, Mary Rosaleen, Lady A.82 See TRUTER CREMER, Herbert William CROWTHER, James Gerald E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents CRUICKSHANK, Durward William John CUMMING, M.E.D. DADD, Christopher DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron DAINTON, Barbara Hazlitt, Lady DALE, Bill DARLINGTON HALL TRUST DAVIES, Mansel Morris DAVIS, Sir William Wellclose DAY, Peter A.119A, D.2, G.63, J.59, J.128, J.205 See also A.13, D.19, D.20, G.85, J.57, J.58, J.187 J.17, J.19 G.20 A.111, G.5, G.35, G.122 See also J.185 J.60 J.51 J.140 J.61-J.63 G.38, G.47, J.64-J.66 See also G.46 G.85 DIXON, Bernard DONALD, H.P. DRURY, Sir Alan Nigel DUKE, J.R.C. J.139, J.140 A.5 G.131 DONNAY, Jose D.H. DOUGILL, Maryon J.199-J.201 See C.44 F.89, F.90 A.31, D.8 A.94 DONKT, Georgette Van der DODDS, Sir (Edward) Charles DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY See E.33 EDWARDS, Vero Copner WYNNE- B.69 See also B.65 J.150 J.194 A.94 DUNCAN, Alan STEWART- EDWARDS, John Hilton See J.147 DUNSHEATH, Percy EDWARDS, Joseph E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents EGERTON, Sir Alfred Charles Glyn ELLIS, Joseph W. ELMHIRST, Leonard K. ELSDEN, Sidney Reuben EMBASSY OF ISRAEL EMBLING, John Francis ENGHOLM, Sir Basil Charles ENGLEDOW, Sir Frank Leonard EVANS, Meredith Gwynne EVANS, Ulick Richardson J.3 A.94 A.38, A.53, E.49, E.82, E.116, J.108, J.177, J.194 Hoi noe E.24 See also E.78, E.79, E.80, E.122, E.128, J.181 E79; £1387; E.138; J:180 See also E.94, E.123 J.49 D.8 See also D.72 G.56 G.63, J.189, J.191 FARMER, Sir John Bretland EVERETT, Douglas Hugh EWALD, Paul P. C.50 J.49 E.69 J.191 FARMER AND STOCKBREEDER FELLOWSHIP OF ENGINEERING FEILDEN, Geoffrey Bertram Robert E37, Gil2e; Gilgs See also G.131 FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN EXPLOSIVES MANUFACTURERS E.80, G.35 FLOUR MILLING AND BAKING RESEARCH ASSOCIATION B.88 A.38 A.44 E.96 J.192 J.203 G.131 FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron FINCH, George Ingle FINNEY, David John FIELDEN, Frank FILDES, Sir Paul Gordon FLECK, Alexander, Baron E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents FOGG, Gordon Elliott FOWLER, Gerald Teasdale FRAMK, Sir (Frederick) Charles FRANKEL, Sir Otto Herzberg FRAZER, Alastair C. | FREETH, Francis Arthur G.132 E.78 See also E.122 A.21 Bal t2 A.101, E.136 A.31, J.67-J.71 FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PRESERVATION RESEARCH ASSOCIATION E.97 FRYER, John D. FULTON, John Scott, Baron FYFE, William Sefton A.38, E.56, J.514 A.44 See also D.23 G.132 GIBSON, C.S. GILMAN, Henry GODBER, Joseph Bradshaw GADDUM, Sir John Henry GAITSKELL, Arthur GOLDENBERG, Nathan GOLDSMITH, J.H.T. J.171 J.4 Be ove E.48, E.140 GALLEY, Robert Albert Ernest GLASCOCK, Raymond Frederick GIFFARD, John Anthony Hardinge, 3rd Earl E55 GOODEVE, Sir Charles Frederick GOWANS, Sir James Learmonth J.4 C.52 E.31 E.94 G.39 GOODWIN, Thomas Henry G.132 B.84, J.4 A.38 GORDON, R.F. GORDON, R.L. F.90, G.60, G.61, J.74 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 GRACE, Michael GRAY, George W. GRAY, Sir John Index of correspondents GRAY, Robert W. WHYTLAW- GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION A.36, A.50 CIVIL SERVICE DEPARTMENT E80) Esl21-e123 COLONIAL OFFICE DEPARTMENT FOR AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES FOR SCOTLAND DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE J.50 Bio yeaee E24 ,6.78, £.79, 6.80; E:83, E.86, E2076 120, E25-2 127, See also E.44, E.139, J.181 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY A.119 A.32, D.19, D.20, D.21 MINISTRY OF SUPPLY A.32, B.69, J.119 MINISTRY OF AVIATION MINISTRY OF DEFENCE J.70 E.109 A.32 AGRICULTURAL ADVISORY COUNCIL FOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH OFFICE E.43-E.45, E.79, E.88, E.122, E.137, E.138, J.50, J.173, J.180 DIRECTORATE OF SCIENTIFIC INTELLIGENCE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND FOOD DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH A.10 E.96 J.49 J.72 G.96 J.158 MINISTRY OF TECHNOLOGY D.11, J.17 WAR OFFICE GREEN, John Dennis Fowler GREEN, M.M. GREENE, Georgina Mary GREENWOOD, Norman Neill E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents GRIFFIN & GEORGE LTD GRIFFITHS, C.M. D.5 See J.73 GROUPEMENT GENERAL DE SABOTAGE DE BELGIQUE C.44, H.8 GRUNSELL, C.S.G. GUILLISSEN, C.J. GUNN, Barbara A.96 C.50 J.75 : GUNN, David Livingston J7D; Je, vale HAAS, Paul HADDOW, Sir Alexander HALL, David HARKER, HARRIS, Margaret Manderson (‘Peggy’) See J.77 G.133 A.4 See J.5 J.191 J.166, J.172 HARVEY, Nigel HASZELDINE, Robert Neville HAWKES, Nigel HAWORTH, Robert Downs HARRIS, P.M. HARTREE, Douglas Rayner HARRISON, W. HARTLEY, Sir Harold AS J.5 J.197 J.79, J.80 HARTSHORNE, Norman Holt HARRISON, John HESLOP- A.38 See also E.33 J.5 HENDERSON, Sir William MacGregor J.189 J.209 (C17 J.125 J.81-J.83 J.173 HAYWARD, Robin J.R. HEBB, Catherine Olding HENDRICKS, Sterling B. HETTICH, Alfred K. A.38, E.45, J.110, J.147 J.5, J.84 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents HEY, Donald Holroyde HEY, Max HIBBERT, Harold HILL, Archibald Vivian HILL, Sir Arthur William HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold Percival HINDLE, Edward HINSHELWOOD, Sir Cyril Norman HINTON, Howard Everest HIRST, Sir Edmund Langley J.5 A.50 J.49 A.97 See G.133 A.31, A.97 J.211 A.50, A.106, B.85, J.172, J.173, J.182 See also J.198 HIRST, John Malcolm H.J. HEINZ COMPANY LTD A.40 E.97 HOOKER, Marjorie A.44, E.55, E.135 J.161 HOORN, M.E.J. van HOPTHROW, H.E. HORVATH, Rosalind A.44 J.185 H.9 HOMES, Georges A. HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HODGE, Sir William (Vallance Douglas) Hi23-d172, J-188; J:186 See also H.26 HOGG, Quintin McGarel, Baron Hailsham of St Marylebone J.50 J.65 A.97 A.37 A.94 HOWARD, Judith Ann Kathleen HOWE, H.W. HOYLE, Sir Fred HUDSON, C.E. HORVATH, Stephen HOUSTON, George A.130, G.14, G.73 A.97 G.132 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents HUDSON, E.P. HUDSON, John P. HUGHES, Edward Wesley G.149 E251); J.51, J.135 J.6, J.85-J.88 IBALL, Dorothy G.85 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD B.92, G.25, G.60, G.61 IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF TROPICAL AGRICULTURE J.50 INGRAM, Maurice INNES, James A.38, J.89 Eas ot See also E.113 INSTITUTE OF DEFENSE ANALYSIS, WASHINGTON D.C. J.205 INSTITUTE OF FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY E.96 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS E.16, F.90, H.23, G.60, G.68, J.152 See also J.185 JAMES, Anthony Trafford JAMES, R.W. JEFFREY, George A. IRVING, R.J. JACOB, K.D. H.16 G.16-G.18 See J.90 H.23 J.91 J.213 A.98 D.67 JAMES TEMPLETON & CO. LTD JAMES, Eric John Francis, Baron James of Rusholme COMMISSION ON CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC DATA INTERNATIONAL UNION OF CRYSTALLOGRAPHY A.14 JELLICOE, George Patrick John Rushworth, 2nd Earl Jellicoe A.38 See also E.127, E.138 J.25, J.58, J.92-J.94 See also B.21, H.15 J.95 J.192 J.96 JENNINGS, Christopher JENNINGS, Derek L. JOHNSON, Alan Woodworth JONES, Bob E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents JONES, Derek RUDD- JONES, Derry Wynn JONES, Sir Ewart Ray Herbert JONES, Sir Harold Spencer JONES, Sir John Edward LENNARD- JONES, Katherine M., Lady LENNARD- JONES, Sir (William) Emrys JONG, W.F. de JULIAN, Maureen M. KAKABADSE, George KEARN, A.W. KELLY, Anthony A.39, E.38, E.65, E.66, G.19, J.97, J.177, J.207 F.91, J.98 J.96 G.58 J.183 J.184 E45, E:122;6.141 mbt? G.102, G.103 J.99 J.20-J.25 J.188 G.73, G.74 KIMBER, Robin KING, David KERSHAW, W.E. J.100 J.75 J.102 A.38 J.101, J.173, J.176 KEYNES, Richard Darwin KERLE, Robert Edward KEMPSTER,, C. John E. KENNEDY, John Stodart KENNEDY, William Quarrier KENNARD, Olga (Lady Burgen) D.2 E.46;E:56; £3136 See also J.178 A.198 J.43 E.89 J.103 G.85 H.23 KING, Hubert J. KING, K.W. KNAGGS, Ellie KOSKI, Walter S. KRATKY, O. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 KREBS, Sir Hans Adolf KRONBERGER, Hans KURTI, Nicholas LEE, Denis LENVAIN, Roger (‘Carlos’) ' LEWIS, Peter M. Index of correspondents J.173 G.132 A.119, G.131 D.12, D.13 C.44, H.8 A.98 LINDEMANN, Frederick Alexander, 1st Viscount Cherwell See H.23 LING, A.W. LINK, Karl P. LINSTEAD, Sir (Reginald) Patrick LIPSCOMB, William N. LIPSON, Henry J.104 J.7 elie J.58 B.87 Fil G.11, G.133 A.39, G.60-G.62, G.68, G.69, G.73, J.58, J.149 See also J.105 LONGENECKER, H.E. LOOPSTRA, Bert O. LYNTON, Harry LYTHGOE, Basil LONSDALE, Kathleen, Dame B.76 J.181 J.106 J.205 A.43, G.58-G.62, J.119, J.183 LLEWELLYN, Sir (Frederick) John LOVELL, Sir (Arthur Charles) Bernard E.52, J.50 MACFARLANE, Robert Gwyn McCREA, Sir William Hunter MACBETH, Alexander Killen MacGILLAVRY, Caroline H. A.99 J.90 J.7 G.132 H.18 McCREA, George W. MacARTHUR, I. McKEE, R.H. Index of correspondents E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 MALLABY, Sir George MANLEY, Cyril Hubert MANN, Frederick George MANSFIELD, T.A. MANTON, Irene MARKHAM, Roy MARRIAN, Guy Frederic MARTIN, G.R. MARTIN, J.T. MASSEY-FERGUSON (UNITED KINGDOM) LTD MATHER, Sir Kenneth MATHIESON, A. McL. MAY, Robert McCredie, Baron May of Oxford J.8 J.90 D.72 See E.26, J.108 A.100 J.202 J.153 J.211 eA oe ie G.67 A.100 MEGAW, Helen Dick MENSFORTH,, Sir Eric MONTEITH, John L. MERTON, Sir Thomas Ralph MESSER, Leonard A.38 D.67 A.52 G.7-G.9 A.21 G.133 J.187 MELVILLE, Sir Harry Work MILES, Sir (Arnold) Ashley MILK MARKETING BOARD MEAT AND LIVESTOCK COMMISSION MERRISON, Sir Alec (Alexander Walter) J.9 A.38 G.66, G.67 MILNE, William P. MINSAAS, Josef MILLEDGE, H. Judith MILLS, William Hobson G.131, G.192 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 MOON, Philip Burton MOORE, A. Moreton MOORE, Donald E. MORGAN, G.T. MORGAN, Ronnie E. MORLEY, David W. Index of correspondents J.190 See also J.195 G.68-G.72A, G.73 J.190 J.9 D.74 A.50, G.10, G.12, G.13 MORRIS, Charles Richard, Baron Morris of Grasmere A.44, J.101, J.204 MORRIS, Sir Philip MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis MOUNT, J.W.S. MURRAY, Keith Anderson Hope, Baron Murray of Newhaven MYERS, Sir James E. J.174 J.169 E.104 See E.26 A.31, D.71 NATURE NEAME, Basil D. NELSON, Douglas H. NEUBERGER, Albert H.31, H.32 A.38, E.79 B.91, D.4 E.39 See E.149 NATURE CONSERVANCY NATIONAL FARMERS’ UNION NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING A.38, J.152 NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, ISRAEL See also E.44 E.48 E.69 A.101 J.43 NEWITT, Dudley Maurice See B.19 E.19 E.134 NEW SCIENTIST NEW YORKER NICKERSON, Joseph A.7, A.25, G.44, J.77 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents NORMAN, Sir Richard Oswald Chandler NORTHUMBERLAND, Duke of NURSTEN, Harry Erwin NYBURG, S.C. J.213, J.214 See PERCY J.111 J.112, J.190 NYHOLM, Sir Ronald Sydney EB /A-E°75, 3-178 THE OBSERVER OGG, Sir William Gammie G7, A.102, J.125 OLIPHANT, Sir Mark (Marcus Lawrence Elwin) J.151 OSMOND, Sir (Stanley) Paul OWEN, L.N. OWENS, J.P. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS E.121-E.123 See also E.78, E.125 J.10 A.102 J.127 PAGE, H.J. PEACE, Anthony Graham PAOLONI, Leonello PARKES, Sir Alan Stirling PARRY, G.S. PAULING, Linus Carl A.89, A.103, J.184 J.114-J.118 J.50 E52 A.119A A.103, J.179 J.113, J.189 PEMBERTON, Francis W.W. PALMER, John Roundell, 4th Earl of Selborne J.10 A.35, A.36, E.44, G.19, J.50, J.109, J.110, J.210 See also E.136 PERCY, Hugh Algernon, 10th Duke of Northumberland J.185 G.85, G.132 E107, H.15 PEPINSKY, Ray PERSON, Willis B. PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand BEEPS HE. Pt Index of correspondents E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 PHILLIPS, Charles Garrett PHILLIPSON, Andrew Tindall PILE, Sir William Dennis PIPPARD, Sir (Alfred) Brian POMERAT, Gerard R. POOLE, John B. POPE, Sir Joseph Albert PORTER, George, Baron Porter of Luddenham PORTER, Helen Kemp PORTER, Laurence S. PORTER, Marion G.132 A.103 See also E.138 E.83, E.126 G.67 H.23 G.97 G.10 A.54, G.30, G.38, G.40 See also G.35 A.44, E.155 See also J.120, J.121 A.40, E.52 E58 PORTER, M.W. F.92 A.50 A.103, E.57, E.156 PRINGLE, Geoffrey E. PYKE, Magnus POWELL, Cecil Frank PRESTON, R.D. 79) E80 J.122 E.38 G.133 J.174 PORTERFIELD, James S. POSTGATE, John Raymond POTATO MARKETING BOARD PRIOR, James Michael Leathes, Baron G.41 G.149 See also B.17 RAW, Frank RAYNER; &-E: G.133 Gil22 B.77 RACE, Robert Russell RAISTRICK, Bernard G.5-G.8, G.10 RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth Index of correspondents E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 READ, John REEVE, Suzanne REITH, W.S. RIEMSDIJK, John T. van RILEY, Sir Ralph RILEY, Rupert St G. RIORDAN, Jim ROBERTS, Gerrylyn K. ROBERTS, K.C. ROBERTSON, Sir Alexander ROBERTSON, John Harry J.10 A.39 See also J.125 D.66, G.68, G.69, G.72, J.126, J.186 See also B.84 ROBERTSON, John Monteath ROSE, Kenneth ROBINSON, Bernard ROBINSON, K.L. ROGERS, M.A.T. ROLLETT, John S. H.23, H.30, J.173 F.92, G.36, G.39 ROMBOUTS, J.E. ROOKE, Sir Denis J.128 J.50 G.14 J.135 ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Mayer Victor, 3rd Baron J.48, J.49 A.35, E.149, H.31, H.32, J.129- J.135 See also E.91, J.171, J.172, J.179 ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS, KEW J.135 J.184 A.119 ROTHSCHILD, Tess, Lady ROTHSTEIN, E. ROUVRAY, Dennis See J.127 G.85 G.19 G.19-G.21 E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents ROYAL COLLEGE OF VETERINARY SURGEONS A.51 ROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY A.33, J.166 ROYAL INSTITUTION ROYAL SOCIETY ROYAL SOCIETY OF HEALTH RUSSELL, R. Scott RYDER, Michael L. SALISBURY, Sir Edward James SCHONLAND, Sir Basil Ferdinand Jamieson THE SCIENTIST SCOTTISH AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIES LTD A.50, G.22-G.120 B.88, B.89, G.39, G.61, G.111, G.121, H.14, H.16, H.20, J.43, J.69, J70 R153) J191) J213 See also B.92, J.183 E.150 J.136 A.39 A.105 A.105 A.5 G.149 See also B.17 J.145 SHANKER,, Jagdish SHELDRICK, B. SHIMSHONI, Daniel SHIONO, Ryonosuke E.33 J.11 B.84 H.29 H.31 SHEPPARD, Percival Albert (‘Peter’) SEATON, Rosemary (née Challenger) SHORT, Edward Watson, Baron Glenamara SHACKLETON, Edward Arthur Alexander, Baron J.11 A.38, E.49, E.53, E.56, G.54, J.48, J.50 SIMEONS, Charles Fitzmaurice Creighton SIDGWICK, Nevil Vincent J.190 J.11 G.98 E.44 SIMONSEN, John Lionel B.75, J.184 See E.30, E.76, E.120 SHORTER, John SIEBER, Peter SIMMONDS, Norman W. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents SIMPSON, Margaret H. J.192 SLATER, Sir William Kershaw A.35, A.36, A.44, J.50, J.150, J.171 See J.138-J.141 SMALL, R.W.H. SMALL, Sam SMITH, E.C. BATE- SMITH, J.A.B. SMITH, John Alec Sydney SNOW, Charles Percy, Baron SOUTHWOOD, Sir (Thomas) Richard (Edmund) SPEAKMAN, J.B. SPICER, A. SPRINGALL, Harold Douglas B.65 G.73 A.37 See J.142 See J.143 J.166 A.39 A.105, J.199 E.33 J.112 STEVENS, Sir Roger STACEY, Maurice STADLER, Hans R. STAM, C.H. STAMP, John T. STARR, Noelle STERNER, John B.84 G.85, G.86 J.185 J.144 G.36 J.193 STEVENSON, Christopher SINCLAIR- STANDING COMMISSION ON MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES J.11 SUGDEN, Sir (Theodore) Morris STEWARD, Edward George SWALLOW, Arnold Graham H.23 J.154 A.15 F.90, J.145, J.146 E.140 STRANG, Gavin Steel SUGDEN, S. SUMMERFIELD, Arthur E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents SYNGE, Richard Laurence Millington TAYLOR, Charles Alfred TAYLOR, Sir Geoffrey Ingram TAYLOR, Robert TAYLOR, William Hodge ' TAYLOUR, Henry Horatio TEDDER, John, 2nd Baron TEMPLEMAN, D. May TEMPLEMAN, Geoffrey THATCHER, Margaret Hilda, Baroness THISTLETHWAITE, Frank J.11 J.149 G.131, G.133 G.116 G.58-G.61, G.65-G.68 J.150-J.152 A.39, J.133 A.106 J.204 E.45 See also E.80, E.126 A.39, E.116, J.173 THOMAS, Sir John Meurig THOMAS, W.J. G.116 E.88 THOROLD, C.A. G.47, G.48, G.118 THOMSON, David Paget THRESH, J.M. THE TIMES TODD, C.W. TOMIIE, Y. G.133 J.51 E56 THORNTON, Sir (Henry) Gerard A.119 See also F.83-F.85 vale TRENCHARD, Thomas, 2nd Viscount Trenchard TREND, Burke St John, Baron TOMKINS, R.G. TOMPSETT, D.H. TOREBY. be TREHERNE, John E. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents TRUTER, Eric Vernon J.153-J.157 TRUTER, Mary Rosaleen, Lady Cox A.51, A.103, D.5, E.40, E.73-E.75, J.202 TUBBS, F.R. TURNBULL, Sir Frank TURNER, James, 1st Baron Netherthorpe UBBELOHDE, Alfred Rene Jean Paul ULBRICHT, Tilo Lajos Vittorio UNIGATE LIMITED UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMITTEE UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL ASSOCIATION OF ALUMNI E.26 J.179 A.37 E45; J158; Jz159 55; 23129) 11600 E.46 H.23 J.211 A.21 U’REN, C.W.E. VIDWANS, Dinkar Hari WARDLAW, Doris J.162-J.164 J.171 J.12 WADE, Kenneth WAIN, Ralph Louis VOGT, Marthe VOTOCEK, Emil J.25 J.155 VICK, Sir (Francis) Arthur WADDINGTON, Conrad Hal A.44, J.166 E:30),6/55, J.1545),214 WARD, Rowland Walley See E.111 G.86 WALLACE, T. WALSH, William J.50 J.192 See J.165 A.39, E.92, J.111 E.46, E.48 WALTON, Alan Waller WARD, Alan G. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 WARDLAW, William WAREING, Philip Frank WATSON, Sir Stephen John WEBSTER, C.C. WEINBERG, Felix Jiri WEIPERS, Sir William Lee WESTERN, J.H. WHEATLEY, Peter J. WHITBY, Harry WHITEMAN, Wilfred A. WHYTE, J.S. WILCOX, Claude Index of correspondents J.90, J.166, J.167, J.182 A.39 J.172 A.37, G.20, J.51 J.158 A.39 E.45 G.68, J.168, J.184, J.186 Baia eee A.108, J.12 G.56 J.179 WILEN, James A. WILLIS, John Eo J.139 A.39 Gri, See E.119 WILSON, J. WILSON, Lloyd WILLIAMS, Watkin WILSON, Sir Alan Herries WILLIAMS, Sir Edgar Trevor J.184 J.169 J.179 WILSON, Sir Charles Haynes WILSON, Arthur James Cochran WILLIAMS, Shirley Vivien Teresa Brittain, Baroness J.12 C.52 See also H.26 WINTERBORN, T. Hugh WOOD, E.J. WOOD, M.E. WOOD, R.G. E.37, E.38, J.184 J.17-J.20 E.49 J.186 G.32, G.42 WISEMAN, L.A. E.G. Cox NCUACS 123/9/03 Index of correspondents WOODFORD, Edwin Kenneth WOOL INDUSTRIES RESEARCH ASSOCIATION WRINCH, Dorothy Maud WYCKOFF, Ralph W.G. YOUNG, Michael, Baron ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron A.39, J.179 See also J.170 J.151 J.13 G.67 J.140 A.44, A.50 See also E.137