COULSON, Charles Alfred

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CH ATR? JaLSRLLA devos3 p . = ny At COxsPes peg Le lat Vv House, CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHDP Supported by the Royal Society, cry, y y i the British Library, brifisn Library, me é the Council of ~OUNCIE OF Engineering Institutions REPORT ON THE PAPERS OF CHARLES ALFRED COULSON, F.R.S. (1910 - 1974) Vol. Bibliography Index of correspondents Conspectus of publications Deposited in me Bodleian Library, Harriot Weiskittel Jeannine Alton Compiled by: Rif : aa ata se aD C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 CONSPECTUS, Pp. 268~- 270 XO contain a conspectus of CAC's publications as listed in the Royal Society Memoir and the principal items in the collection to which they refer. tion or reception of work and ensuing correspondence) are given, minor allusions in letters, requests for reprints, etc. being omitted. Only the more extended references (to research, publica- There are 444 listed publications in the Memoir; B.42.6 and 7 refer to posthumous sly published articles which take the number to 447. Pp. 291 - 309 contain a photocepy of the Bibliography of CAC's publications as listed in the Biographical Memoir by S.L. Altmann and E. J. Bowen F.R.S. to which reference has been made throughout in the form e AS reproduced here by permission in order to enable users of Reo the Conspectus to identify the full titles of published works elsewhere referred to only by their numbers. Although it * is hoped that the conspectus will be useful in charting Religious, Humanitarian In this con- and Pacifist Writings and its Introduction on p.175. Several series of major invitation lectures given by CAC on scientific and religious matters remained unpublished because of continuing pressure of work; among these are the Firth Lecture at Nottingham (D.4.3, D.4.4), the Sir D. Owen Evans asbirés at Aberystwyth the fortunes of the listed works, it must be stressed that these represent only a part even of CAC's written work, and virtually ignore his vast and influential output through the spoken word in radio and television programmes, sermons, panels, conferences, discussion groups, colloquia and meetings. text, attention is drawn particularly to Section D. bibliography. correspondence on scientific and religious s subjects not recorded in the officia The box of book reviews (D.9) assembles 200 items of writings and George B. Pegram Lectures at Brookhaven (Box Bio). (A.20.2, D.4.5- D.4.9) the C.A. Coulson CSAC &C /'4/78 Number in Royal Society Memoi r Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist Keds. Ridad 28.13, 5.29,2,..C.9.6 Q ov 4 nx Or A ev ae pO Mes lhe ke ete . 30.14, 8.051 Eon 32.4 = B.32.6 Gviics B.32.'1; B.33.3, B.33.4 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist Rese! ete PB eeele Re Sule 235,11 R.$.23 ~33. 12 R.S.24 Radseo R.S.26 Ratan 34.5, B.34.6 Rte ae Reove? R.S.30 R.S.31 R.S.36 Re R.S$.33 R.S.34 Red.dd fide ie C.A. Coulson 7S Cc 60/4/7 3 Number in Royal Society Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist G714;' GAZ.2 356, 1 G.16.6 But/ <5 Cte Beto. 15 B.35.20, B.35.22, 10.9 ad aor Babel ly. Bo oe14 hs Seep hes bee FO B:27.6, 8.35.24 Tore; i 16.8 ©.42.16 Cyfaty. O. 1267 Cc . A . Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 ° Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist O08. GC. G55, > Go18. 7, °6.16:6 0. 15.4, Ge16.7 Deny. Beaoe/ B.96.9, te. 1Ac7 Bigeres 0. 3),5, (Bi dei7, Bepeieeekes tO B.2e08, Geel ap. BL32.7,.0 d2c8y B B6rey DedO. lay tes 1000, © Cie ae elas G.7.4 bp ae 19° C212. 16 B. 360th O15,5;° SISA . Coulson C 60/4/78 A ne Number in Royal Society Memoir RS. Roos B.19.2 G.6ut B.36.14 C.3.4 Culert6 i327 OF FY Byam. toy Cy 1G le G.14.7 Gil 2er, B.37.1 B.1.1 B.36.16 C.1Q. Fee ert AcS39,; Bit), Be, Sie? 01252 C7116) 15,6 6.135 B.37.4 C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist goo 107 »o0 102 .0 105 Bi o.6 CAO eC tio, C00. © Gil48, es Corie ie yh ektoll) GO. 5: ee Se, ous ad | 20.1 Diao B.37.7 soo. eee Berio it Oy he Fee; OL6y1 Mee td 10,°C 218.67) ised G, SeG, Gi. 2 o Nw .A. Coulson SIO G os AC 60/4/ 4 8 Meh LN SA pen reenact Number in Royal Society Me: Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist ' lel eet. 4, Gil8.5, «G15. CTW 38.1 G.3.4- G.3.6 G.3.4- G.3.6 ely: v2 Drie, Sided; C86 Oe lO.404'B, 10.4;* BVGY.18; C.2LS) 66.7, : ta tena C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist R.S.139 ee R.S. 140 Wins B.l.] R.S.14] Bisley acco C.1.4, Bice R.S. 142 D566 Dict Oizo, Cy¥.6,. 9.6.1 5>-Gebre 8.30.0, (yd.4 -'G.3,6," Greld.3 292143 8130197 C. 208 Gn 5.8 Sate C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist Rp oi bor anil ts AS gee - 5.160 oh oD aoa, Oste, ty tees B400.15,-Gildgea, Gris.e ~ A we , C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist Kine d/7 R.S.180 peel ENG (Rae VO. OP Ou l7 56 3.6 eset 3.13 tied rie as ek Op OR ONe, Otay Bode sO, id 6S 310.18 pata eel tes ‘tae Shee C.A. Coulson G SAC 60 / ‘4/7 8 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist Re Ov lee R.S.200 Gels = G,t.4, GCG. 16.3 25.20] ay I ey 1048 B.39.3 Dito Daikod G.14.2 B,07 69 004 = C.3.6,.°O.4.2, C.16.4 D.1.4 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist Rise2t? Biel ed, Ussed R.S.220 RiGee, Wel se Res. ate Bor ut won add ads om C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist R.S$.239 D.7.4 ne Belay Bess? Bol. l7 Bs l0.S B.10.10, B.12.6 Bearele, Agel’ of D206 B.39.11 B.39.14 Af iS, B16, ce eo Bae vl2 Bit st7. Bits tp veel) eae B.4.12, C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Number in Royal Society Memoir Ry Suze Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist Rid. 6.12.6, “B.udee to Gs.9 D.2.6 Bs S717 B.39.18 et oe Cs7.0 odae cy Gay ial, a 1S Cs G.16.6 ted C.10.16 eth? B.4.13 Fon leor Louvison CA. CSAC 60/4/78 Number in Royal Society Memoir Rates? Fo bee R.S.280 C777 G)6.7, Ca. Ri dad C.18.4 Reds ieee Maal of 5.4021; B.4.13 O.tal3, C.l4,30, Cile.4 Boi4,2 Dich. 7), - 517,72 i750, A.7.1, rh B.40.2 »-A. Coulson SSAC 60/ 4/7 8 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist Rs Ss Kase a Celtel O77 1.2 as oh Baud, ee tle B.40.9; O93 Bil.7) Co.2, G67 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist R.S.319 10.13 nde dee 10.4 65.941 wat sn Oe. 1756 San WF 6 10d inf c iy Sac’ fas Bem, 3s LZ, B stone eo aoe Cy ly yay 7G, 16, - e/ 40.8 B 40.0, Calsie Ma COVA C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist 6 it, Cifere 17.8, Cribs! B.40.9, C.11.10 C.14.10 G.4.4 Cesta Sena lew Gecko l G. 18.3 G.4.4 2O.eal B.40.10, G.18.3 C.1.10 CoH A.10.9, Cs9.3 B.40.9, C.9.3 A.10.9, B.8.10 CLI AG bo8 C34 B.8.10 DO sae9 Os11.0 C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Nurnber in Royal Society Memoir R.S.359 Se | R.S.360 sZOnF Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist R.S.361 070 RyS.962 6807 Kh aF 4.6, Getty 2 ©. 18.4 #1s40 MF No Bias Resid RS. 53 shee R 4.6 ere AQ12Z, es Ore, Conve 40.12," GL, 2 O.859 s0010;-8.40.13, 4, 11.41 40.14 3 44,1, «Veh n 22.9 CiAs Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 — ate —= ber In Num Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist sad B.1.8 ‘Ds 6.17.8, C26 210.2 C.9 8 B.20.7 B.41.3, G.6.3 CAT .2 B.10.3 B.4.8 (558.2 B.25.6, B.21.3 B.21.3, B.24.3 B.2.9, G.8.1 C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist R.$.399 D.1.14 R.S.400 oLel G.6.4 RaSh B.41.10 Bits R.S.4 Bril.7 R.S.404 B.41.13 R.S.40! O.6i3, G.6.4 R.S.4 Bxt6st- 8.16.3 R.S.411 R.S.417 BZ.8,. G.7.5 R.S.412 R.S.413 R.S.414 KR.S.418 Ste gee R.S.415 R.S.416 C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Number in Royal Society Memoir i. 3. All 8.10.4, E41, £242 R.S.42 B.42.4 G.4.3 Relves Aytt. 4, 0.1.8, 6.10.16 B.26.10 A.11.3 B.21.4 B2ice, C.5.4 G.16.1 G.78.3 eae C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 Number in Royal Society Memoir 05.439 Cs es Reference to folders or boxes in this handlist R.S.440 R.S.441 Bree ey wo oe bt R.S.442 B.21.6, G.4.3 R.$.443 B.16.4, B.16.5 R.S.444 15d BIBLIOGRAPHY JURKAT ' of the 2 Royal $ Society, 20, 1974 Fi Rey B. Haines) The 1 pete ‘47, fi] 1931 [2] 1935 [3] 1936 [4] 1937 structure. Proc. Camb. Phil. note on the Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 33, 111. The electronic structure of methane. Trans. Faraday Soc. 33, 388. The evaluation integrals occurring in studies of molecular of certain Geostrophic winds. Quart. J. R. Met. Soc. 57, 161. The electronic structure of H;+. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 31, 244. (With D. E. Lea & R. eta of the bactericidal action of radioactive radiations. I, Theoretical; I], Experimental, alpha and beta particles. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 126, (With D. E. Lea & R. B. 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I,, The conjugation of OH groups to alternant hydrocarbons and related topics. Trans. Faraday Some reflections on the significance of the new cosmology. Lecture de- livered on behalf of the Institute of Christian Education at the Confer- ence of Educational Associations, London, 29 December 1950. Some recent theoveas of chemical reactivity. Research, Lond. 4, 307. With R. DaupeL and J. M. Ronertson) Bond lengths in naphthalene (With F. H. Burxirr & H. C. Loncurt-Hiseins) Free valence in un- Bond lengths in conjugated molecules: the present position. Proc. R.. Critical survey of the method of ionic homopolar resonance. Proc. R. [109] [110] {111} [112] [113] [114] Lond, A 207, 63. Lond. A 207, 91. anthracenc. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A 207, 306. ae hydrocarbons. Trans. Faraday Soc. 47, 553. GA. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 [115] 1951 [116] [117] [118] 1952 [119] The place of science in the Christian faith. Church Pastoral-aid Society Fellowship Paper, 13, December 1951. (With P. W. Hiccs & N. H. 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Manuscripts, deposited at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. letters, working papers and a collection of minor works have been Ari Coe, Cou! re CAC 40/4/72 GSAG 60/4/78 lcAn ia INDEX OF CORRESPOND This index is not exhaustive. To have included the name of every | correspondent would have produced an index of unmanageable proportions and doubtful utility. Correspondents on matters in the following categories have not been minor editorial and publishing arrangements; routine departmental and university administration; formal requests for reprints, permission to use published material; personal letters from the general public (though see note on A.15-A. 17); cases where only CAC's carbon survives. . Coulso Nn C 60/4 +/ F PRINCIPAL C { NN DA v4 “DpCcge if ABRAHAM, Douglas Bruce ABRAHAMS, Sidney C. ACOBYAN, Raymond H. ADAM, Kenneth ADAMS, A. ADAMS, James A. ADAMS, Walter H. ADAMS, William H. ADDISON C. °..C. AHRENS, Ly H. AITKEN, Alexander Craig AKAIDA, Seiji AKAMATU, H. 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BORCHARDT, W. BOOTH, F. Ce a Cot Ise CSAC 60/4, /78 BOURNE-AYRTON, A. BOVEY, René BOWEN, Edmund John BOWMAKER, Graham BOWMAN, Roger BOWRA, Sir (Cecil) Maurice BOYD, Donald B. BOYD, Russell Jaye YLAND, Eric eM Hugh SOYLE, Laurence L. f~ C42 e 4.9.3 (see also A. 14.2) C.24.2 C.13, Ci. 24z2 Ci24.2 A2.2 C248 Bz21,65 45.4.3 C2452 C242 G.4.4 BOYS, Samuel Francis (Frank) C.24.2, E.8.1, G.16.5 (see also B.26. 10) BRACKMAN, Wim BRADBURN, Mary BRADFIELD, G. BRADLEY, Christopher John Ao Lett Bi. 22:7,. Giada: (see diso'B, 35-5) G.24.3 CAnla BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence C2097 G;34.2 BRESCIA, Frank BRANDAS, Erkki ee C2453 ‘ee SS, BRAUDE, E. A. C.24.3 ees C.24.3 C.24.3 BREMNER, J. G. BRAUER, Jerald C. BREWER, Richard G. BRENNER, Robert O. BREWER, Frederick M. rits0 BRISTOL, George, Bishop of BRIGHT, Fr. Laurence BROADBENT, T. A. Bhat (OW, FoR. C.24:< bal dco 3RODETSKY, Selig H.7s3, C5 24.3 Ca leet ene. C.24;3 ts Hugh H. DP F BR Ol NI WVVONI, Jacob CSKRICYWA/CIZ} mm f C.A. 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CLAR, Eric Kathleen M, CLARK, Dave T. iee6; Cs Loee Ee 4udy beck CLARKE, Norman C F.2ae CiZare Rast owe GizZore GIEtAND, Jvu 27. CLARKE, Donald D. CLARK, Robert E. D. CLARK, C. H. Douglas CLARK, ‘Frederick Le Gros @ill) BW hatte tha toe ly bout O. ey 20a CG. 20e0 COHEN, ‘Maurice EKCROFT. Sir dohn (ounlas) COHAN, Norah Violetta oe William H. COCHRAN, William CLEWS, SOADE, T.. J. °F Dear ea coded ae Enrico Birkett C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 COLBOURN, Elizabeth Ann G.19.7 (see also B. 24.8) COLEGRAVE, R. K. COLEMAN, A. — John Clue, Ges th COLLIER, Charles H. Ceo Giaeed Ce. te G.19.8 COLLINS, Canon Lewis John Peto Pa ls® WEE YER, “Ce COLPA, Jan P. COMBRIDGE, J. T. COMPTON, Arthur H. COMRIE, Leslie John CONNICK, Revd. W. CONWAY, BB. E. COOK, Sir James (Wilfred) COOLIDGE, Albert Sp rague COON, Jesse B. COOPER, Jaco Rev A. COPPENS, Philip F.3.4 > io Ry ek eae © eral sabe .32.1 (see under Miller, J.C.P.), BO. peas o 0 . 0 ™ 7 0 9 F O 8 F O > .10 ae 66 62546 CORNER, J. CORRADINI, Paolo COTLAR, Mischa COTTRELL, Thomas COOPER, Malcolm J. COSTA NETO, Claudio COPELAND, Kenneth W. COPSON, Edward Thomas 90.8. A, 1206; Ba Tap Belt. es 1) pate, Gas shOeD COWLING, Thomas George COULSON, John Metcalfe COXETER, ty CRAIG, COUTTS, Frederick 6, C.3,2 aide Detnial Richard Julian Spencer ; Goul Rone 60/4 778 CROSS 6 .26-2C. CROBS 4c. CROSSLEY, CROUCHV ES GH: Arthur J. en Martyn CRUICKSHANK, Durward W. CUNDY, H. CURL, CURTIS, CURTISS, C Robert Floyd Lionel O. y Seetaie nder Banyard, KE} / DAHL, Jens Peder DAILEY, Benjamin Peter ee Sir Frederick Sydn DALE, J. C.26.1 B94, 4.10.6, C4) DANIELSSON, Ulf ee H DARLINGTON, DAUBEN, Hyp J. DAUDEL, Raymond als 2, €.31.4 (see under DARDARIAN, Gabriel DANIELLI, James Frederic DALGARNO, Alexander DANCKWERTS, Peter Victor O.2671€ iGeite: P.P.) (see also H.7.6) C.26.1 C246.4, C2641 H.6.: E.13.4 Crt? C2631 igh, C. 26, C36 A.6s 0; B.20 i Oiaoit Bao. 25, Bore? 8.38.4 6.6.2 ( fee also E “ay.0, 45 C.4.3 DA W Ss @)) DAV NSOQN l, DAVIES, Handel DAVIES, Mansel DAVIES, Brynmor L. 62 2, Peet Fee 3.18.4 DAY L// ig i C.A. Coulson Ce SA C 6 0 /4 ee 8 DEAN, P._ DEAN, W. G. R. DEB, Bidyendu Mohan DE BOER, J.H. DECIUS, John (Jack) Courtenay DE HEER, Joop DEJAK, Camillo DEKOCK, Roger DEL RE, Giuseppe DELVES Cy. Mi, DEMPSTER, Michael Alan Howarth DEN BOER, Diet Hendrik Willem DENMAN, Harry DE RIVERA, El Duque de Primo DESL AT poe Ri ae, DE VAULT, Donald 1.2.9, G.6.3, G.6.4 (see also B.41.3) 5 6. 3p 47 068 CO Zbs2 G.6.4 C.26c2 C2622 C.4.5 OC, 667 C.26.2 A.5.4 €.26.2 Evel. o DEVONSHIRE, A. r; DICKENS, Peter B.26.10 Bo10.14, G.17.4 Gites derive. DIENES, Geiodas DINGLE, Herbert DIAMOND, Richard M, Kes ieels o B.11.3 K20.0 C.26.3 DICKEY, Os" = Ss ; DE WET, Jacobus Stephanus DEWAR, Michael James Steuart sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) A.8.2, C.35.1 (see under Sapunov, G.I.) (see also D.3.8) DINGLE, Thomas Walter DITCHBURN, Robert William DB eusk yp eS C478 G. 10.3 DIXON, William Thomas DODSON, Charles Leon 1G, William von E. Graham DODD). Ras Be itoe DOMNITZ, Myer DONNAY, Gabrielle oe OR, tt. DOUGILAS, H. W. DOUGLAS, Alexander S. DOUTZARIS, Panos DOW, Alistair DUBS, Homer H. DUCHESNE, Jules DUFF, Patrick DUHEM, J. DUKE Aiea. DUKE, Brian J. DULVERTON, Frederick Anthony Hamilton Wills, Baron Dulverton DUNCAN, Albert B. F. , e e h R 2 a : 8 e t o . e D > Q Aigdso, eel 0e Kt G.6.1 Ce ZOatl S, 19.9 © asis een) £ 10.6 C2010 ©.26,5 ¢ ) ke a ee Cm FAIRBAIRN, J. Kingsley FAJANS, Kasimir FARMER, Christine Mary EARIWELL; Gay C. FARNSWORTH, H. E. FAULKNER, James Ewan FEATHER, Norman FEDOROV, E. ie FELDMAN, T. ) O ( R ‘ Q @ ) O O O 2.4 Ox. | “ el FELDMAN, William R. c. FELL, Dame Honor Bridget ‘ odin teh. Wee FELUGEFT, Frank: Ey FELSENFELD, Gary FERGUSON, John FERNANDEZ-ALONSO, José Ignacio C cart G hae G wert G Oat C.3 G . O G l e o P FERNANDO, B. E. S. FINE, N. FISCHER, €; FIGGIS, Patrick FILMER, W. E. FERRE, Nels F. FERREIRA, Ricardo FIELD, Stanley J. J. O O ? O F O - O g a FIMPLE, William R. FINNEY, David John Pe Pg 52,9, A. oh 16.4, C62 ‘97 29 6,3, H.6,5 a fe FISCHER-HJALMARS, Inga FISHER, Hellen E; FISHER, Michael Ellis FLEMIN G, Charles Alexander FLEGG, H. Graham FLOOD, H. RISK: te: 484 ; FLURRY, Robert L. FOOT NASH, David FORD, Lester R. FORD Wi esc J, FORSLIND, Erik FOSTER, David B. FOSTER, Michael Beresfor FOSTER- JAKOB, R. FOWLER, Sir Ralph I COWLES, : Gas. We FOX, Harold Munro FOX, Kenneth FOX, Leslie FRANK, Harry S. FREEMAN, Richard M. see also FREUNDLICH, Erwin Finlay FRIEDEL, J. Bet, B'5:8 CG ay €. 3 3 FUKUI, Kenichi FRIPIAT, J. J. FRIEDEL, Robert A. FROST, Arthur A, FROESE, Charlotte FRIEDLANDER, Gerhart FUMI, Fausto G. H. JRTH, R. C.27 33 B.40.9, C.27.3 A.5.1, G.3.4 C.6.8 C2738 C738 C89 B W YV¥e GAADE, GABRIEL, J. FYFE, William Sefton ~A £0" SAGE, George ~ A rey f / ‘ A C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4 /78 p POM Lf) fA CX GARNER, William Edward GARSIDE, Frank Arnold GASPAR, R. GAYDON, A. GEE, Geoffrey G. GENT, Wace ky + GEORGE, Revd. (Alfred) Raymond GERGELY, John GER. GUOY, Edward GERO, Alexander GERRATT, Joseph GERRISH, F. GIANTURCO, Francesco A. GIARETTA, David Leslie GIBB, Thomas R. P. GIBBINS, Patrick «10,40 B.35.10 CU 7aey EL. t6 C.27,4 Pegias ts oe Cas Ci 27.4 Cerin GG! C.27.4 B.40.12, G.8.2- G.8.4 Guise) Goer Biko. t GILBERT, Thomas L. C.2/ 4 C i274 C2764 B.36.6, B.36.7 Brose; bie Cee saee re; bw GILLESPY, Ewen ies om Cee iD GILES, Charles H. GITTINGS, John RRDRILL J. A: GILLESPIE, Ronald J, GIRIFALCO, L.A. GILLES, Dennis Cyril GILLAM, Constance M. GLAESER, Robert Martin C22 ed GOLEBIEWSKI, Alojzy SOLLANCZ, GOLD, Victc GOLDEN, Sidney GLOCKLER, George GLUECKAUF, Eugen GODDARD, Laurence Fi3.5 C.7.4 Bato) B. 22 iio o Wad 1 We. Sole money re Beary 14, C720 t \ Vicror C.A. Coulson CSAC © 50/4 /78 GOMBERG, Martin Godfrey Luis GOMES, José Alberto Nunes Ferreira 3.19.13 (see also B.42.11) GOODEVE, Sir Charles Frederick GOODHAR , Arthur Lehman ei Colin hie? 4; GOODWIN, Eric Thomson GOODWIN, Thomas H. GOPINATHAN, M. _ S. GORDADSE, G. + GORDON, M. GORDY, Walte GOROFF, Iza GOUARK 1, Rent GOULD, Robert F. GOUTERMAN, Martin GRANACHER, Iris C1276, Ea Esz.S C77. 6316.2, Ee Co G.19.14 C.27.4 (see also B.29.2) C.27 6, Eias4 C270 Curae C2430 Belaed Cy ie. t6; Ge] 7 GREAVES, B. W. GREENE, Frederick D. GREENWOOD, Norman Neill G.419.15 : B.41.2 Coss e Fazee GRAVELEY, F. GRAVES, John L. GREEN, Louis C. GREEN, Michael Cre 7 B.19.2 SPY TE GREEN, Albert Edward GRAY, Louis Harold (Hal) GRANT, lan Philip GRANT, Robert A.15.8, C.7.8, C.20.8 (see also D.2.7) GREGORY &\.2.9, B.38.4, C.8.1, C.13.3 (see also B.8.9) GREGOR SMITH, R. GREGORY, C AIN'T; GREENWOOD, H. H.. (Tim) Cer ar. Cy7et0 Racked x oA ° Cou | son CSAC 60/4/78 GRIFFITH, John G. GRIFFITH, John Stanley GRIMISON, Alec GROENEWOLD, H. GROVES, George E. GRUBB, A.C. GRUBB, Anthea GRUNFELD, Ana Veronica GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand GUNN, Je. GUSEINOV, Iszafil 1. CUNY Hie Guy, J. Aj GUY, Robert K. GWILLIAM, F. H. e O e O ) O O O O n O C O e O HAINES, D. R. HAINES, Wallace E. HADDOW, Sir Alexander HADZI, D. HAFELINGER, Gunter B.38.4, C.8.6, C.28.1 C298.) C.28.1 ©,26.1, Cee 8.42.12, G.825, 20.2 © on) F.7.2 A.5.9 E.6.6 A. HALEVI, E.. HALL, Brian John HAL E. HALL, George Garfield J, HALDANE, John Burdon Sanderson HAISSINSKY, M. HALBERSTAM, H. LIA mA LLA, h HALLWARL HAFNER, Klaus HAIGH, Claude William 3 C.A. Coulson Af Lf\ SA S72 CSAC OU/4//8 HALPERN, Alvin HALPERN, Vivian Morris HALSBURY, John Anthony Hardinge Gifford, Earl of HAMEKA, H.F. HAMILTON, Jim HAMILTON, S. HAMILTON, Walter C. HAMMERSLEY, John Michael HAMMICK, D. L. HAMPSHIRE, Stuart Newton HANDLEY, Barbara HANDY, N.C. HANSON, John W. HAO, Vo~the HARDY, Godfrey Harold HARRIS, Frank E. HART “RW. HARTMANN, H. C.28.3 HAVINGA, E. HAWGOOD, John HASKINS, Peter J. HAVERCROFT, RR. H. HASTINGS, A. W. HARTLEY, Sir Harold HARTREE, Douglas Rayner IKIINE, Votker HEATON COOPER, Ophelia HECHT, Charles E. EDGES, Sid G. HEILBRONNER, E. HAYWARD, Robin J. Bele i 28.2 Psfs0 HAWKEY, David HAYNES, Sidney R. B439.65 G.8,/ f Pini Pom a AiO, Cg hoe HENNIG, Gerhart R. HERBSTEIN, Frank HERRAEZ, Miguel Angel HERRING, Joyce HERZBERG, Gerhard HEWSON, Leslie A. HEY, Donald Holyroyde HIBBERT, Alan HIGASI, Ken-iti HIGGS, Peter W. HIGHAM, Thomas F. PiLt Foe PL ou ee HILL, (John Edward) Christopher O A A L N 0 9 O ° O < O N O O O o N N o O O o HINDMARSH, Russell HIRSCH, R. Daniel HILLIER, Douglas V. HILLIER, lan H. HILLMAN, John HINDLE, Alan ALi de B HILL, Rodney HINSHELWOOD, Sir Cyril Norman e W P N B B.10.14 B.19.5 C.28.5 B.42.3, C.28.5 C.28.5 A.2.9, C.28.5 F.4.6 B.35.16, C.12.5, C.28.5, H.7.3 B.16.2 B.39.10, aS 6.9.6; ©.1604;°G. 156 B.2.13, B.19.3, C.28.5 10.1 HODGKIN, Dorothy Crowfoot HODGSON, Herbert Henry HIRSCHFELDER, Joseph O. HODGSON, Peter Edward HISATUNE, |. Clarence iIRSHFELD, Frederick L. C.17.4, C.28.5 HOCHMAN, Petr C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 f-70) oa / HOLDER, Douglas William AND, W. Philip Bee. Fe F “ONK A JULG A “ , André KAPP, Reginald O. KA RAG OUNIS, Georg KARDOS, Gilbert KARPLUS, Martin KASHA, Michael KASTELYN, Po Ww. , Daniel KAUFMAN, Joyce J. KAY, J. Alan KEARSLEY, Mary Jennifer KEDRO, Martin KELLY, Anthony 4.10 Bite ct ke BZ. 2 Binz Oy e277 KENDALL, James KERN, Ges Wi Wo a Og KEAVENY, |. -T. KETELAAR, J. A. KHUBCHANDANI, KEIR, David Lindsay KENDALL, David George V5 Aleksei Alekseevic KIRKLEY, (Howard) Leslie KIRKPATRICK, Harry A. KILPATRICK, John E. IRKPATRICK. PVIIKIOCK, VIN Paul raul KIRKPATRICK, Dow KILBURN, Thomas KICINSKI, F. < Saeed Creee? CC areh \ Rp te ae ASE Ps Sa P. C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 KITCHENER, J. A. Sn N. KLEINMAN, Leonard KLEPEMANN, Wilhelm Georg KLEVEI KLOPMAN, G. ae KLUG, Aaron KNIGHTON, Donalc KNOTT, Ce KNOX, Ellen WwW. eae Takeshi KOHL, KGESERT, St hs KOLOS, Wthadzimierz CZ 7 Co ttad C3 G.i9-2) Cr 30.) B.39.20 Cia. rs im Ciao, A.5.5 Ciaoet B.40.14 Cazes 0 B. 16.4, Ce/ sop Gee KONOWALOW, Daniel D. KOOSE, Werner O. iB. B.40.5S C.50,1 B21, B40, 0 7oune Ci. 2 A.8.3, B.20.4, KRAUSS, Morris KOOYMAN, Edward C. KOPPEL, Horst Hans Georg KOTANI, Masao KRUGLYAK, Y. KRYNAUW, G. A. N. Ss Seto, ween Seas 4 Cae C.a0se 1 20:2 C; 4073 Ci Uss KOUTECKY, Jaroslav KREBS, Sir Hans (Adolf) S. KRISHNAN, R. KRIVOHLAVY, Jaro see under Tarrant, G.T.P.) KUKASAWA, Kenji KUMLER, W. D. KUHN, Hans KUHN, Thomas S. CeR.3 A.13.16 A.5.6 CL 308 KURTI, Nicholas Sow OF LABARRE, Jean-Frangois LACK, David Lambert LADIK, J. LAFORGUE, Alexandre L. Ve LAIDLAW, William George S LAMB, Willis Eugene LAMBERT, R. N. LANCZOS, Cornelius LANDSBERG, Peter T. LANG, Andrew Richard LANG, Leon LAPWOOD, E. Ralph LASKY, Melvin Jonah LAVERY, R. LAWRENCE, John W. C.30.4 Es13.8 C857 (45, 90,4 B20.5,-C.90.4 ee Bee se E.13.6 HAlt.é Pal t LAYZER, David C.30.4 BitoctS A.14.1 C.30.4 E.4.1 ) ‘ f LEA, Douglas E. LEFEBVRE, Roland LEGGETT, D. M. A. (Peter) LEDERBERG, Joshua LEDERMANN, Walter LEA, Eileen (Mrs. Douglas Lea) LECOMTE de NOUY, Mary Wisi Pals Mites sc Dcadite Cadel |, C.21.1 (see under Basal; wal Dainiton, F.S.) (see also A.3.3, B.20.12 B.30.6, £.3.2, E.6.4) ID—L; B,3/<6 C.11.6, C.38.5 (see under Woolley, R.G.) LENNARD-JONES, Sir John (Edward) Nigeey Aas Beaa.0; 1 LEHRER-ILAMED, Yehiel LEMBERG, (Max) Rudolf 3 (see also / A.19. 8. lg, so Cie E18 C eee LEMAN + oA eS, A oo Jy Bas 79 9 r t2 4 VoLOy NOY 4 4 ae dn WD © o i C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4, /’ 78 LEVINE, Michael LEVINE, Raphael David LEWIS, David Thomas LEWIS, Greville P. C LEWIS, LEWIS, LEWIS, LEWIS, Lie We LIANG, W._ Y. LIDE, David R. LIDIARD, Alan Brian LINDBERG, Bernt LINDERBERG, Jan LINDHOLM, Einar A Ee G.11 CeO & Q n sev 30) ws C2025 owe D.5.4 ohol,s ee Ao Lom (see also B.13.4) C.30.6 C.30.6 Cin .O Aiz.?, De 26.10., CS LIPPERT, Ernst LISS, Alan R. LINDSAY, Donald GC. a0.6 LirolGr, fe gavid by ldat C.30.6 C.390.6 C.30.6 A. 5.1; A.10.2 LITTLEWOOD. Gal B.39.19 Gata ee i L¥INGSS, &° °C. LUTT KE, Wolfgang GS. 007 CiSd.7 LYNCH-BLOSSE, David LYNDEN-BELL, Donald (and Ruth) L. Tacs McCONNELL, Taylo: McCUBBIN, W. McCLURE, Donald S, MA, James MA 5. A; MACCOLL, Allan ACANINIRES f see under Del Re, Gs, Coast , C.31.1, F.4.6 (see also D. 3.8) McDOWEL tL Charles A. McGEE, George I. MAC GILLAVRAY, Caroline MACGILLIVRAY, Archibald Dean McGOWAN, John C. MACIAS, Antonio McINTOSH, Harold V. MACKAY, Donald MacCrimmon McKERRELL, Archie MACKEY, George W. McKINLAY, Robert A. MACKRODT, William Carlysle McLACHLAN, Andrew D. MACLAGA N, Robert G. A. Ks McLAREN, Bruce R. McLEAN, K. McLEOD, John Bryce McVITTIE, Cs = G, McWEENY, Roy McWILLIAMS, D. C4, C.3ti2 B41 ih, 6.12.9 © .31.2 B.4.8 n28 C312 Eidt.2 C.12.10 Cai 9 F.A.1 C3 A.2.2 McNAMEE, J. M. McNEILL, Donald . MACMILLAN, Noel G. McOMIE, John F. W. McMURRY, Henry Lewis DB. Ol oS; Budeste; dao (SCC Fie. 9, under Murty, io. G.14.6, G.14.7 (see also B.36.9) WeVDle dd MADDOX, John Royden MAGAT, Michel IKAGEE, John C. Goelid E77, E.13,5, 6.13.3 ANZ 18;.Citey MAGOR, Glanville T. Cites C.31li3 Cagis ee © MAHANTY, J. MAJID, Shamshad aA h\/\ ‘ C.A. Coulson CSAC 60/4/78 SIO LIELIN “CA SA MALLION, Roger Blakeney MALLONE, Ronald S. MANARESI, Rafaellc MANDELBROTE, Benoit B. MANEY, A. S. MANGINI, Angelo MANN, C. Donald MANN, David E. MANN, W. R. MANNEBACK, C. MANNING, P,P. MANWELL, A. Raymond MARCH, Norman Henry A.2.9, B.41.11, B.41. 14, B.42.6, B.42.10 - B.42.12, 3519 22:43:20.2; e205 8 A.14 1.2, B922,° 0,682.2, 3) 17, G.13.5: GilSoZ Gee clio 2 MARC ae Henry sd Fe MARKEY, P. MARQUARDT, Lutz Hy alot oe 1.4 8.9 C.ati4 Catz C.31.4 MARKHAM, Felt» MARSDEN, Arthur MARGERISON, T. A. MARTENS SON, Olle MARQUARD, C.D. MARTIN, D. MARTIN, Ro MARXHEIMER, René B. MASON, | MASIH, Jacob MASLEN: award: Noman MASON, Edward A. MASON, MASLEN, Victor William A.10.5, G.14.1, G.14.2 (see also MASOI C. A e CSAC 6 Y/: Coulson (/78 MASON, Stepher MASace, ds ke MASSE~BARLOCHI MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson pm4%7 . oH4t./, CEST 6 MATHER, Salya Haran MATHEW, N. T. MATHIESON, William Allan Cunningham MATSEN, Frederick Alfred MATSUBARA, Takeo MATSUMCTO, Takeo MAVROYANNIS, Constant MAXWELL, (lan) Robert MAXWELL, W. D. MAXWELL, Winifred Pv. Ve MAYER, Joseph E, ¥ 6.3 9 i A Sel, Ac6rb C12. ath eg Ciat7 G.14.5 B.19.5, B.23.7, Ba CoS A.7.1 Rowoled G.31i8 C526.2 (see under Dejak, C.) MAYER, Rayner M. Battal iste Celeste Cisne sige 4 Sect ce MERTZ, Joseph H. MERER, Anthony J. MENDELSOHN, Lawrence B. METZGER, Jacques MAYERS, David 1 Francis B.20.6,'B.40.9, C MEHLER, Jacobo Rosenbach MILLER, Harold MILLER, hs oC Sie Cae eae Aged RATE MILNE, Wil VWyittiam RGEC ts p iP. Gy3128 C.31.8 C.31.8 MEYER, Herbert MIDTDAL, John MILLIKAN, Robe MILLS, lan M, Botha Rel bad LS eaacn MILLEDGE, Judith C MEARS, Adrian MEIR, Ja A. MENDOZA, E. AATEt cp MIIPLINER MITCHELL MITCHELL, Fred MOELWYN-HUG MOFFE MOISEIWITSCI MONROE, Elize Lal ICE “7 MONTEFIORE, hed William MOODY, Gordon E. MCORDAUNT, George Robert MORICONI, Emil J. MORRIS Cw” ne Denis MOSER, Carl M,. Coe Cia. 18 As? sty Fagiy Sek Bi O% a>: 6. 10cm Gy ScT = Ae e10.3, G.18.5; G.16.6 A.13.18, 8.18.2, G.14.1, G.15.4, 0.0 B. 3% 14). C3222 Klous MULLER, Norbert MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis MR KL Se Calaiy C732.2 G.20.4 udave Sia eee MUCCI, Joseph F. MULLIGAN, Joseph F. MULLIKEN, Robert Sanderson MUCK LOW, -Bec-28, MULLER, A.M. 9.7 °C2.2 Oy eee e also A.10.9, MURPI PHY, Frederick H MUNSON, R. John MURRELL, John N. MURT Oe ek MUSHER ? MUTCH, Eric N. NABARRO, Frank Reginald |! NAGAHARA, Sigeru IA SSAWVLIDA NAGAKURA, Saburo ie NAGAMIYA, T. NAIR, P. Madhavan NAKAJIMA, Takeshi NARASIMHAN, re NASH, John eee NASH, T. NEBBIA, Giorgio NEEDHAM, Joseph NEEDHAM, Kenneth NEILSON, Alasdair Hewitt NELSON, K. LeRoi NESBET, Robert K. C.32.4 . to. C.32.4 Nie 13.2 rota Si 3260 oC is Fa NEUBERGER, Alber NOWACKI, W NIRA, Kazuo NIKITINE, S. A -6.6 nae 32.6 NOLLER, Carl R. NEWMAN, F._ T. NIELSEN, Harald H. NISHIKAWA, Tetsuji NEWTON, Marshall D. NISHIWAKI, Jane and Yasushi NORMAN, Richard Oswald Chandler CG. 32.6 NORRINGTON, Sir Arthur (Lionel Pugh) NORTH, Christopher R. NWACHUKU, Charles O. NYBURG, Stanley C. aero ws 32.6 G. 32.6 Ss 32.6 God ua C32 26 Cy aaub A.7.4 A.2.9 C.A. Coulson Cc SAT 60 /4 /7 8 OBI, Chike O'BRIEN, Mary Clare Milward OGAWA, Iwao OGSTON, Alexander George Lite rit; A iM E > Ve .33 We E «13. C,33.7 Keith some eer C.33.8 A.2.3 A.13.14 RABEL, Gabriele RABIN, Michael O. RACE, Philip BAL. R. cnet A.7.4 C346) RAMSEY, lan Thomas RAMAGE, GG. RAGG, JohnR. G. RANDOLPH, Michael RADCLIFFE, J. Max A.2.4, 6.34.1 @ee-also D:7.9, D.12.7) Ceoael C34. 12 H,11. 10 RANDALL, Sir John (Turton) RANDIC, Milan A esc; ALZ.8, ee, C.3422 A.10.10, B.20.9, C.15.1 | RANKIN J, Robert Alexander RAQ; 0. V1 3. Lo Nerasimha RANSIL, Bernard J. Grids Moths tl RANKIN, J. RA © f K © meA eS ls P70 C SAC 60/4/ 1/8 YAVAAE TINGS RA AWLINS, RAYMENT, Trevor RAYNOR, J. READ, John REAM, William G. B. REDEI, Lajos B. REDGRAVE, Vanessa REDLIH, Selma REED, Paul REES, Ronald D. ei. REIMAN, A. L. ei REISS, Howard ei bi A. RHOADES, C.34.3 Ci 3408 Ais C7 Ss Caoee a C.34.3 C.34.3 C.34.4 C.34.4 Putas RHODERICK,. Ey A: B.14.3, B.14.4 RICKMAN, John RILEY, Harry Lister ee, RIDLEY, Richard O B. 37.13, C.34.4 RICHARDS, Sir Rex (Edward) Mid sd, Fis Fae GG, Martin RILEY De, see D.7.9 lao Betctd, D.4.4 C.34.4 RICHARDSON, Alan RIDEAL, Sir Eric Keightley RICHARDSON, Lewis Fry RICHARDS, Williom Graham Cais RISSER, William Leigh C.34.5 C.34.5 C14 ROBB, Michael A. 2 CB AN ROBERTS RITER, John R. RIVAIL, Jean-Louis . abe acu C.A. Coulson Cc CA C rA6) /4 SIR tO WS OV, ROBERTSON YOLEN Oo SON, John H. SON, John Monteath ROBINSON, David Z. ROBINSON, Harold Roper ROBINSON, Peter David ROBINSON, Preston ROBINSON, Sir Robert ROCHE, Anne Lise RODDA, S. RODGER, A. B. ROE, Edna M. F. R@EGGEN, Inge Arvid ROGERS, Claude Ambrose ROGERS, Maurice Arthur Thorold ROGERS, M see also B.3.7) ROSBAUD, Paul ROSE Po As ROGOWSKI, Fritz ROCLETT, Aw Fi ROSENQUIST, T. ROSENHEAD, Louis ROLLETT, John Sydney ROSENBAUM, Robert A. ROOTHAAN, Clements C.J. vB. 24-5) 6,167; E, 13.8, oe / ae H.9.3 C.34.6 B.19.5 C.34.6 Ci16-87C.34.6 A.6.3, E.5.5, H.2.2, H.2.3 A.5.2 C.16.9 C.34.7 A.10.5 C.16.10 ROSSINI, Frederick D. ROUVRAY, Dennis H. ROWLAND, P. ree a KOW LINSON WES R JO pai ROTHEN, Alexandre Rod, or Ws Basso pel, Ae ROSS, lan D. wae an FZ Pp 7 ack Ernest Gordon RUSHBROOKE, George Stanle SSELL, Colin A, SELL, Sir (Edward) John RUSTON, W. R. RUTHERFORD, Daniel E. C G34 A.3.6, A.14.2, B.22.7, B.33.8, B.3: 3 eVOev, D006 0 p.J0O0,. 12, C3.2 we De Uy ; Fk Ria he eJeD, EOS 20; Bato. 7. Bett > : 8 s1OEs (see aiso b.o ls sf m B.37.2, C.16.12, Henderson, C.28.4 (see under st (Baron Rutherford see A.19.8, C.8.6 YAN, Francis J. SACK, Henri SALAM, Abdus SANE, Ky ¥. SADDINGTON, SALEM, Lionel SADLER, O...44. SAHNI, Roop Chand SAMET, Paul A. SANDORFY, Camille Day SAPUN ae Georgi Ivanovitch SATURNO, Antony F woe Me SANTOS, Emilio SARGAN SARMA Be SATO, Toshio CALICOAAAN] ee aa ’ Cr ouison Ley JA PIO CSAC 6 v/ 1/10 SAWYER, Warwick SCARF, Frank SCHAAD, Lawrence Joseph , Kenneth F Ch Ort i es W. ees. SCHLAPP, Robert (Robin) SCHMID, E: 4D. SCHMIDT, Gerhard M. J. SCHNEIDER, B. SCHNEPP, Otto SCHNURMANN, Robert SCHOENBERG, David SCHOENTAL, R. SCHOFIELD, R. Kenworthy SCHOONMAKER, Richard C. SCHORPP, Karl Theodor SCRIBNER, John SEAMAN, CC. R. OR. N. Vv SCOTT, D. Bernard SCHWARTZ, Maurice Edward SCHWARZENBERGER, R. L. E. SEARLE, George Frederick Charles SCHRAUZER, G. SCHULTZ. G. SEDDON, «Ke SEKI, Sy6z6 22 under Eliezer SEWELL, Geoffrey L SEWELL, M. SENENT, Salvador SETTON, Ralph SEKIYA, Paul M. co Tan on Couison yf C 60/4/78 SHARMAN, f SHAW, SHAW, Ronald SHAYER, M. SHELTON: Hi. a Peter Burum SHKLARSKY, E. SHOPPEE, Charles William SHORIGIN, P. SHUKLA, Awaneesh Chandra SHULL, Harrison SHUN, Dick-Huck SIDMAN, Jerome W. SILVERMAN, Jeremiah N. SILVERSTONE, Harris J. G.3.4 1 (see also e241 50 35. Ge Z C.35.8 A.10.6 SIM. Aw .C. SIMON, KaGoud C.35.8 8 8 SINGER, Konrad SINGH, Lokhbir SIMPSON, J. E, SIMPSON, Oliver SIMONETTA, Massimo SIMON, Sir Francis (Eugene) SIMPSON, William T. SINANOGLU, Oktay SISLER, Harry H. SKANCKE, Per Njal SKINNER, H. A. SKELL, Philip S. Ee Az Frederick A. Grant Gill John Feo We Kenneth Robin A. Valerie SMITH, SMOKER, SMYTHE, Tony YEDDON, lan Naismith SNODGRASS, Neil S. 95.9 £.18:2 E.10.3 C.35.9 Bate SNOOK, lan SOLYMAR, L. J. C. B.16.2 B17 SPARNAAY, M. SOPER, Thomas P. SOMMER, 55. We By SOKOLOFF, Jack SOUTHAM, B.C. SORENSEN, Michael saRotee a Sie ae © Be SONDHEIMER, Franz C.23.4 (see under Bacon, 37.7 (sec GS..Es3; CK SPEISER, Rudolph SPEAKMAN, J. E.13.8 C.36.1 C3651 ©.36,4 . * yOOe | SPENCER, M. SPIERS, 3c Ai ; Boe eee C.A. Coulson PORPCILATASTO "“TARADS Pe STAMI o, verre STANSFIELD, f STAPLETON, H. STEAD, Peter A. STEARE, C. STEIN, Gabriel STEPHEN, Michael John STEPHEN, Richard O. STEPHENS, Es STEPHENS - STEVENSON, David P. STEWART, Eric Theal STEWARTSON, Keith STOCKER, David ST Math hie Cle aks STONE, Antony P. n O o G . ) t y C o O $ a 0 - 6 . e B A ~ . > - G N N n = f . ) 2 6 O . ; e ) O E C O S 0 6 2 s 0 2 O G S O S G n O ) r C n O e M .4- G.17.6 (see also B. 17.4) = l a n e o C o n m ) r e o O o 38.7 (see under Wray, a ry) A. 4) M @ STONER, Edmund Clifton SIGS dee STRACHAN, Charles STRONG, Laurence E. STOPES-ROE, Harry V. STREITWIESER, Andrew STRATTON, Julius Adams STRAUSS, Herbert Leopold STOPFORD, John Sebastian Bach (Baron Stopford of Fallowfield) C3653 SUCHET, Jacques P. SUTCLIFFE, Brian SUTTON, Leslie E SULLIVAN, C. Ot ae; Oy Black Maclvo r) C.17,6 ITLICDIEART ce LER LAND oI I / fc GOTO avs Gy o Coorador WN €.1326 c q SYKES, Keith W. SYMONS, : s Martyn ¢ fo ~ @ SZABO, I. SZASZ, George SZENT-GYORGYI, Albert "W SZOND‘ Y, Tamas C1365 G. 3626 ee A efe As lli4, Ci3626 236.6 SZWARC, ae eed t Michael M, TABOURY, F. TAFT, Robert W. Jr. TAGG, E. Dono van TANIMOTO, od. ete TAR, he TARRANT, Gerald T. TAVARES, Maria Amélia P. com) AW .65O.973 4.8. Curt CBP. F.1.6 C379 Guat. 7 C370 C.19.8 Cores Se a/ 22 Cri? TAYLOR, ee B.28.2 TAYLOR, C. TAYLOR, A. TAYLOR, Revd. Alfred E. TAYLOR, Arnold TAYLOR, John G. TAYLOR, Atu Mensa Sir Geoffrey (Ingram) TAYLOR, Aagje J. (née Buzeman) (see also Taylor, Robert A., C.19.10) CG. 16a) TAYLOR, Williom J. TEMPERLEY, Hugh Neville TER HAAR, Dirk 4166; C.S/adgiten re 4 TAYLOR, Robert A. Tih TEMPLE, George | Ve rs : (see also Taylor, Aagje, C.19.8) TAXLOR, Wes i, A. 4AK AKI UR, or T H OM A, S, . fol WwW M e THOMAS, Michael Walter THOMAS, N. THOMAS, Rt. Hon. (Thomas) George THOMAS, W. J. THOMPSON, Edward THOMPSON, Sir Harold (Warris) Orville Crossley CH 6.23 €.2:3, E9 G.318 a A.27 Aa Clo7-3 cE. Bat;y Hite A.10.3, B.37 = Gia/. 3) See THOMPSON, John Harold Crossley Ra lite Gecmeee, THOMSON, Colin THOMSON, Sir George (Paget) C.397.3 A.13.18 THOMSON, Sir Joseph John A.3.3 (see also A.19.8) Eos, betes Todd of Trumpington gee is A 1. . - B.26.10 THOMSON, ee THORPE, Edith C.3753 C.37.4 TIBBS, Stanley R. C.37.4 C.37.4 THWAITES, Bryan C.37.4 C.37.4 BILINEY Aco he THURAIRAJAN, P. THROWER, Peter A. THORSON, Walter R. THYAGARAJAN, B. THORPE, William Homan C.37.4, D.1.4 8.24.7 C. 19:12, G.2130 C.37.4 TITCHMARSH, Edward Charles TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron C.37.4 H.3.3, H.8 rOD >, Ww. R. ott. SAC CS A ~ 60/4/7 /7¢ Tr 1¢ IMPK LN 2; DIINIC TORKIN TOUGH, TOWNSEND, TRELOAR, L. TRENDALL, Eso R, TRIGKCR Os Aa Re C TRINAJSTIC, TROTTER, James TSUDA, Keishiri TUBIS, Arnold TUGKER,. Erie S; TUDOR~JONES, Goronwy TULINSKY, Alexander TURNBULL, Herbert Westren TURNER, Almon George Ciao, : Gialolt i593" Coeae Gars0 Fires Geis ib C.37.8 C3746 116 C i3ta6 -U- Gig <0 Soua/vO Pine UMEDA, Kwai TURNER, David Warren TYNAN, Kenneth Peacock TWINN, Kenneth TWINING, R. H. TURNER, -