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William Cochrane THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS rs ANY! 407% MAY 279 Report on the papers of WILLIAM COCHRAN BS (1910-1972) Physicist deposited in the Archives of the University of Glasgow Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1HP Archives Centre (CSAC 26/3/75) b F Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS No. 75/30 1975 All rights reserved csac 26/3/75 THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of (1910 ~ 1972) WILLIAM COCHRANE © 1975 Deposited in the Archives of the University of Glasgow Listed by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel WC. 0,304.0. 2 26/3/75 Description of the collection. The collection was received from Mrs. Cherry Cochrane, with the exception of Items D.11 —- D.16, which were received from the Department of Physics, Imperial College, London. The papers cover almost the whole span of Cochrane's working life, from his school notebooks in 1921 to his work at St. Thomas's Hospital in 1977. The very full lecture—notes which he kept as an undergraduate and graduate at Glasgow University (Section C, and note on p.5) are a useful record of the period. The lecture-notes and working papers in Section E are similarly of interest for the work on radio during the Second World War. Unless otherwise stated, all items are manuscript. Titles and descriptions in inverted commas are those on the manuscripts. Summary of the career of William Cochrane. b.1970 Glasgow. 1921 — 26 Hyndland School, Glasgow. 1929 1930 Demonstrator in Natural Philosophy, Glasgow. William Houldsworth Research Scholarship, Glasgow. Malvern,& other research establishments. 1932 ~ 36 Carnegie Trust Research Scholarship. 1926 — 34 Glasgow University; M.A. 1930; B.Sc. 19313; Ph.D. 1935. 1934 ~ 39 Demonstrator, later Assistant Lecturer, Imperial College, London. 1939 — 40 work at Operational Research Headquarters, Fighter Command, R.A.F. 1940 ~ 42 work in Aerials Section, Telecommunications Research Establishment, 1942 - 43 Assistant to Sir George Thomson, Radio Board. 1943 ~ 45 work at Telecommunications Research Establishment, Malvern. 1945 — 52 work at Imperial College, London. Tutor to Preclinical students, St. Thomas's. Senior Lecturer & Head of Department of Physics, St. Thomas's Tutor to First~ Year students, St. Thomas's. married Nelly (Cherry) Procter. Hospital Medical School, London.’ 1946 1952 1960 1965 WoC. CeSeA.C. 26/3/75 CONTENTS OF THE HANDLIST. Biographical & Personal School notebooks Glasgow Ubivarsity 1926 — 34 Imperial College 1934 ~ 39 A.1 — Aw15 Boi — B.6 C.1 — C.92 D.1 — D.66 1946 — 52 D.67 — D.80 E. F. G. War Service TRE etc.1939 = 45 Ee1 eR E. 36 St. Thomas's Hospital 1952 — 72 wey —_ Wola Publications & Broadcasts G.i EY G.6 H. Correspondence H.1 ail H.4 Index of correspondents | t W.C. C.S.A.C. 26/3/75 Biographical and Personal A.1 — A.15 Misc. biographical information: St. Thomas's Gazette (obituary of Cochrane p.31); letter from Sir George Thomson to.Sir Edward Appleton,May 1943,listing Cochrane's work at Glasgow & Imperial College during 1930s; Cochrane's applic— ation for post at St. Thomas's with curriculum vitae to 1952; letter from father giving early history; photographs of Cochrane & assistant (c) 1932. Career at Glasgow University 1926 — 34. Particulars of scholarships & bursaries, certificates of merit, attendance cards etc., also Cochrane's reports to Carnegie Trust on his researches. 1926 — 34 Career at Glasgow University 1926 — 34. Printed material: examination papers, curricula, lists of award— winners, conferment of Cochrane's Ph.D 1935. 1926 — 35 ‘Application for post of Assistant Lecturer in Physics in the Victoria University of Manchester; Ms & typed copies of applic- ation & testimonials. Autograph testimonials to Cochrane from ReA.eHouston, E.Taylor Jones, Thomas M.MacRobert. Imperial College 1934 = 39 Misc. receipts for fees at Imperial College. Letter from Sir George Thomson on Cochrane's appointment 1934. Misc. official letters on promotion, salaries etc. Application for post of Assistant Lecturer in Physics, University College ,Swansea. Application for post of Assistant in Natural Philosophy, Univ~ ersity of St. Andrews. Application for post of Assistant Lecturer in Physics, University College of Nottingham, (undated note). 1942 — 43 Corresp. with Sir George Thomson & Sir Lawrence Bragg on Cochrane's= appointment as personal technicalassistant to Thomson on Radio Board & his subsequent return to Telecommmmications Research Establishment. Letter from Sir John Cockcroft on Air Ministry training scheme for physicists July 1939, & Cochrane's subsequent service at various research establishments, conditions of service & pay. 1934 — 36 1935 — 36 Corresp. with Carnegie Trust. War Service 1939 — 44 War Service 1942 — 43 1931 1934 1934 : 1939 = 44 W.C. CSAC. 26/3/75 A.11 Imperial College 1945 — 51 Letter from Sir George Thomson on Cochrane's release from war service; misc. official communications on promotions, salaries etc. A.12 Application for Fulbright Scholarship. A.13 Appointment at St. Thomas's Hospital Medical’ School. Misc. correspondence. 4.14 Appointment at St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School. Correspondence. A.15 Correspondence re Physical Society. School Notebooks B.1 — B.6 School exercise book. School exercise book, ‘Latin notes,begun 20th Oct.'24' 1950 1952 1959 1957 ~ 58 1921 1924 1925 1925 1924, 1925 " "CHEMISTRY * " ‘Physics ,Dynamics,Statics? 'Physics Notebook! Notebook ‘August 1925"; notes on mathematics,electricity & magnetisn. 1925 WoC. CSAC. 26/3/75 C.Glaszow University 1926 —- 34 C.1—C.92 Throughout his university career, Cochrane kept an unusually full record of the lectures he attended and the class and laboratory exercises he performed, with dates and, usually, the names of the professors or lecturers concerned. It is therefore possible to obtain a detailed picture of the courses offered at the period. The books are arranged chronologically, and are followed by the loose working papers. Many of the books have notes at both front and rear, not always on the same subject. C.1 ‘Chemical Laboratory Notebook. Bench 33A* ; C.2 ‘*Chemistry! C.3 ‘Natural Philosophy (ordinary)* C.4 ‘Coordinate Geometry Ordinary Class I' C.5 ‘Ordinary Class II* (Coordinate Geometry) 1926 — 27 1926 — 27 1926 1926 1926 C.7 1926 1927 1927 1927 1927 (Mr. N.MacArthur) 4-books (Professor MacRobert) 2 books C.9 ‘Ordinary Maths (continued)* C.6 ‘Physical Laterktory Matebock! C.8 ‘Natural Philosophy Ordinary (continued)! ‘Chemistry (continued) Ordinary’ C.12 — C.15 ‘Mathematics Inter Hons (Coordinate Geometry) C.10 — C.11 ‘Mathematics Inter Hons', "Calculus C.16 ~ C.18 ‘Natural Philosophy Class Ct 2,3,4. (book 1 missing) 1928 = 29 Mechanics (Mr. Cochrane,Mr. McFarlane), Hydrodynamics (Mr. Shearer ) C.29 — C.32 'Mathematics Advanced Honours', and *Calculus' : numbered and dated. ( Professor MacRobert,Mr. MacArthur) C.19 =~ C.25 Logic. 7 notebooks numbered 1 — 7 and dated. C.33 — C.35 *Mathematics Advanced Honours' 3 books mumbered and C.26 — C.28 "Nat. Phil. Class At 3 books numbered and datéd. dated. Coordinate Geometry. (Mr. MacArthur) (Dr. Houston) 3 books 4 books 1928 (Mir. Haydock and others) 1927 — 28 1927 — 28 1927 = 28 1928 — 29 WC; - C.8.A. 6s. 26/3/75 C.36 —- C.40 ‘Moral Philosophy’ 5 books numbered and dated. (Professor Bowman, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Campbell) C.41 ‘Analytical Geometry'. Problems. C.42 Misc. notes on Geometry & Electricity. C.43 -.45 ‘Nat. Phil. Class At 3 books numbered and dated. Thermodynamics. (Professor E.Taylor Jones) C.46, C.47 ‘Maths. Adv. Hons.*, ‘Complex Variable & Caleulus* (Professor MacRobert) C.48, C.49 Differential Eeadtipne : 2 books numbered and dated. (Mr. MacArthur) C.50, €.51 *Nat. Phil Class A', ‘Hydrodynamics by Mr. Shearer' 2 books. C.52 "Properties of matter by Mr. McFarlane & team”! by Prof. . Jones* C.53. ‘Electricity given ky drs McFarlane! C.54 *Attractions by Mr. Cochrane & Light by Dr. Houston’ C.55 ‘Mechanics given by Mr. Cochrane in Natural Philosophy Class A* C.59 Misc. notes on Vectors C.70 Misc. mathematics C.73 — C.76 Botany 4 books 14/2/31 C.65,C.66 ‘Electricity by Prof. Jones* 2 books C.60 ~- C.63 ‘Examples in Maths.' 4 books C.67 ~ C.69 ‘Coordinate Geometry by Mr. McArthur! 3 books C.71, C.72 German, notes & vocabulary book C.64 "Spherical Harmonies! (Professor MacRobert) C.56 — C.58 "Analysis by Dr. Hislop', ‘Maths, Adv. Hons.'3 books C.82 Notes on books & articles on electricity. C.77 Notes on books & articles on light C.78 *Notes on Wave Mechanics etc.11/3/31" C.80 "Natural Philosophy Dept. = Lab. notes? C.81 "Quantum Mechanics etc. 30 July 1931! €.79 ‘Notes re Cathode Rays etc. 13/3/31! WeCo C.S.A.C. 26/3/75 C.83 'Electricity Eotes' C.84 Vacant C.85 large notebook, '17th March 1943° (with some later loose pages). Notes on galvanometers, neon discharge tube photometer,oscillators, aluminium cell, etc. ae C.86 — C.92 Loose working papers. C.86 "Notes taken in Chemistry Laboratory given by Dr.Machillan, Mr. Culloch! C.87 3 Examination answer books, 'Statistics Mr. Arthur' 1926 1932 c.88 3. " " “20 Notes on books & articles read.(c) 1933 C.89 2 Misc. notes & calculations. Node C.90 Thesis: Diffraction of Cathode Rays by Thin Films. Ms. drafts & notes. - (c) 1934 C.91 Paper on Wave Mechanics: drafts, diagrams, notes (incomplete), correspondence. 1934 C.92 Large black folder: notes on astronomy & spherical trigonometry, lecture notes, class exercises, teaching material. 1930 = 31 | | of pages, a format of paper, or a clear indication of the content Dr. Cochrane left a large number of notes and working papers on various aspects of thermodynamics, entropy, the theory of gases etc. relating to his work as Demonstrator and Lecturer at the College. The D. _Imperiel Colleze. 1934 — 39 D.1 — D.66: 1946 — 52, D.67 — D.80 papers were very disordered and few bore dates; where a numbered sequence Lectures by Mr. Harding. Blackman FRS, Prefessorof Physics, Imperial College; each envelope contains his descriptive note on its contents, and only a brief indication permitted, they have been grouped together, but some remain unidentified. graphs etc. left by Cochrane in the Department of Physics, Imperial College. This material was sorted and identified by Professor Moses D.11 —- D.16 refer to 6 envelopes of notes, translations, photo is given in the list below. D.1 2 Examination answer books,'Wave Mechanics*. W.C. C.S.A.C. 26/3/75 D.2 Exercise book, notes & calculations. D.3 " w w. " " n D.4 ", notes on books & articles read D.5 ee ", 'The Interference of RUntgen & electron waves. M.ev.Laue.Berlin 1935* D.6, D.7 2 black exercise books, *Thermodynamics I,II', with some loose pages & photographs. D.8 Exercise book, inscribed inside ‘Record of Students* Work’, but contains notes on books read (many tranilated from German by Cochrane), notes & calculations. D.9 Notes for examination questions on thermodynamics. D.10 Notes on books & articles read. 1938 nNede nede D.11 Envelope I Notes,photographs,translations of German. Professor M.Blackman notes that the booklets labelled A.1 and A.2 ‘are more interesting; they contain notes relevant to Cochrane's work on elctrolytic deposition of nickel on copper, and also comments on work by Frisch and his co-workers which impinged on this work’. D.12 Envelope II Notes & photographs on electron diffraction. D.14 Envelope IV Notes on books & articles read. D.13 Envelope III 12 Examination answer books of notes on electron D.15 Envelope V Notes & translation of books & articles, some perhaps done while at Glasgow. D.16 Envelope VI Notes on vibrational properties of coupled oscillators; diffraction, diffraction by crystal lattices — perhaps for lectures. includes work on Laue Zones by research student M.A. Cayless. Professor M.Blackman notes 'both Cochrane and I discussed this work with Cayless.° D.24 'Kelvin's Scale of Absolute Temperature? D.19 *Radiation & Quantum Theory’® D.20 *The Pressure of Radiation!’ D.21 ‘Wire under Tension* D.22 tPlanck's Radiation Formla!' D.23 ‘Eqns. of State for Cases? D.17 *Thermodynamics'* D.18 'Stefants Law', and 'Wien's Displawement Law’ : 1947 WoC. CSAC. 26/3/75 D.25 *Jean&s's Theory of Gases! D.26 Notes on heat & energy (3 pp) D.27 Coefficients of expansion D.28 ‘Number of independent Vibrations of a Continuous Medium'* D.29 Unidentified D.30 2 Examination answer books, *Thermo* D.31 Examination answer book, 'Theory of Solutions' D.32 Misc. notes & calculations, probably for lectures. D.33 'Persulphuric Acid’ (2 pp) D.34 *Aluminium' D.35 ‘Mechanics? D.36 *Electrical Units' D.37 'The Zeeman Effect? D.38 ‘Relative Motion of a Particle! on Quantum Theory. some unnumbered pages. — 18 and D.42 Misc. notes, pages numbered 1 — 7, 11 D.43 Misc. notes. D.40 Misc. notes, pages 1 — 4, on particles. D.39 Misc. notes, pages numbered 12 — 18, D.44 ‘Homogeneous Mixture. Say salt dissolved in water', pages 1 D.45 ‘Homogeneous mixture of Two Compts. e.g. salt dissolved in water’, D.41 "Degrees of Freedom in Box, which is a Perfect Reflector! (pps 2 and 3) (3 pp) D.49 Notes on mixtures,pages 48 — 56,last page inscribed ‘end of 7th lec. 26/2/37? D.50 "Gases which react chemically',some pages numbered, p.10 inscribed tend of lecture 16/3/37! D.51 D.48 "Seismmetry and Seismophysics': paper on earthquakes,delivered to D.49 = D.55 Work on gases,some deliveedas lectures and dated 1937 D.47 ‘General Dynamical Theory of Seismographs',pages 1 pages 56A — 69 D.46 *The Alchemists* f 'For a perfect gast Physical Society. — 11 WoC. CO. SuheG. . 26/3/75 10. D.52 tMmtropy of a gas',pages numbered 1 D.53 Notes on gases, some pages numbered. D.54 'Gaseous mixtures', pages numbered 51 D.55 ‘Mixture of gases which react chemically" ,pages numbemd 70 = 85 — 4 and some unnumbered pages. = 72 D.56 ‘Carnot's Theorem',pps 1 = 3 D.57 Hotes on heat & pressure yPps 1—7 D.58 Notes on heat & gases,pps 2 — 6 D.59 "Thermo 1938',pps 1 = 52 D.60 'Elasticity', pps 1 — 59 and some unnumbered pages. D.61 tIntegrals', pps 1 — 22 D.62 *Thermodynamics 14 Feb.1939*,pps 1 — 50,and some unnumbered pages D.63 'Electricity', series of partly numbered sequences,perhaps for lecture course. D.64 Notes for discussion on crystal growth,correspondence. D.65 Notes, drafts & working papers on X-ray scattering, perhaps for lectures. D.66 Misc. notes on small-angle scattering. D.67 "Counting Circuits',lecture & misc.working papers neutron measurement. D.70 Misc. notes & diagrams ‘Wide Angle Rad” Interference! etc. D.69 Misc. notes for lectures on Equipartition, Radiation, Electromotive Force,Statistics etc. D.68 Notes of books & articles on Boron Chumbers & methods of D.71 Mise. notes, perhaps for lectures: 'Dialectric Constant’, ‘Nernst Calorimeter', 'Thyatron Experiment', ‘Elementary notes on Transmission Lines', ‘Nodal Points', "Notes on Transmission Lines', ‘Artificial Line', ‘Lecher- Wires’. 1945 =— 52 hand. Misc. notes on topics in nuclear physics, radiation, thermodynamics,and note on Electrostatic Risks dated 27 July 1953 D.75 Notebook inscrited 'Electron diffraction...lMay 1936" in another 1936, 1953 D.76 Notebook dated 20 Sept.1945. Notes on books & articles read, plan for lectures on 'Nuclear Reactions? 1952 D.72 Misc. notes, perhaps for lectures: ‘Hlehentary Notes on Circuits! 'Multivibrator' and others. D.73,;D.74 Unidentified working papers. 2 folders. WoC. CSAC. 26/3/75 D.77 Notebook dated 31 Oct. 1945. Notes on books & articles read, experiments & calculations, variously dated. D.78 ~ D.80 Imperial College notebooks of students’ work and experiments. 1945 — 57 1946 — 48 D.78 *H.H.Hobein Oct.1946 Physics Practicalt (Thermodynamics & Spectroscopy) D.79 *WeReLoosemore Feb. 1947 Practical Physics? D.80 'R.H.Eldridge Practical Physics 1947 - 48' (Spectroscopy) E. War Service 1939 —~ 45 E.1 — F.36 The Section covers Cochrane's work at various research establishments on radio signals etc.,mainly at T.R.E.Malvern 1940 — 42,and 1943 = 45. There are notebooks and working papers, and lectures delivered as an Instructor. $.0.Manifold Book. E.1 E.2 E.3 Black notebook, 'Oct.1940',on transmission lines (at Swanage ) 1940 S.O.Manifold Book, with some loose pages of notes & letters 1940 — 43 Stationery Office Notebook, "Notes on Electricity’, with some extra pages interleaved. S.O.Notebook, with loose pages on "Tube lines’, "Rough Notes for Elementary Lectures', expenses vouchers. Loose pages of reports & notes on ‘Influence of Crystal Form on the Interference pattern of the Space Lattice','Theory of Goniometer','*Prelininary Report on Ground & Kite & balloon calibration! 11/11/40. 1941 — 42 loose notes & reports (included in E.11) on ‘Mutual Impedance of Half—Wave Aerials', ‘Application of Radiolocation to Ship Navigation! etc. $.O0.Notebook, notes on 'Signal-Noise Ratio' etc.(at Swanage) 1941 S.0.Manifold Book, notes on circuits. (at Swanage) S.O.Notebook, notes on circuits, plane waves etc. " " " S.O0.Notebook, misc. notes | S.O.Notebook, *TX Lines* 1941 1941 1941 1940 1940 1940 1940 1941 = 42 WoC. CSAC. 26/3/75 E.13 S.0.Notebook. E.14 S.0.Notebook. E.15 5.0.Manifold Book. E.16 Royal Air Force Notg¢book, notes & diagrams E.17, E.18 2 Royal Air Force Notebooks E.19 S.O.Notebook, ‘Bury 10/7/44 E.20 Science Exercise Book, ‘Bury Fourier Series etc. Bk. I! E.21 4 ee ea ey at E.22 E.23 8. " “ E.24 S.0.Notebook Ske ae 'tBury. Fourier Series. Private Notes* E.25 Work on Radio. Research Records 2310, 2311 (by Cochrane} 18 March 1942, and later notes on Frequency Modulation, radar circuits, RDF. E.26 — E.28 ‘Radar. Wireless Lecturest given by Cochrane at TRE, Malvern. 3 folders. E.29 — E.34 Work on aerials at TRE, Malvern E.35, E.36 Work on transmission lines & wave guides, at TRE, Malvern. Notes & lectures given by Cochrane. 2 folders. E.29 "Various Polar Diagram Calculations'* E.30 ‘Aerials Panel' (committee meetings) E.31 ‘Aerials Write-up' E.32 ‘Aerials Write—up! E.33 ‘Sketches for Aerials Write-up* E.34 Misc. notes & diagrams Notes & calculations on Nomogram. 3 sets of notes, perhaps for lectures, on ‘Entropy and Probability'* Black notebook, 'Radioactivity' etc. F.3 2 Exercise books tHeat', "Light! St. Thomas's Hospital 1952 —- 72 F.1—F.11 Extended set of notes for lectures on Thermodynamics 47pp. Misc. notes on gases, entropy & other subjects. W.C. C.S.A.C. 26/3/75 F.8 Misc. bibliographies & reading—lists for St. Thomas's students; loose working papers & calculations F.9 Misc. notes & working papers Green notebook, with some loose papers, mainly notes on Ionising Radiation, dated 11 Oct. 1971 Blue ledger notebook, mainly notes on books & articles on X-ray scattering. Dec. Publications and Brosdcasts. G.1 — G.6 Offprint of article 'The transformation of the nitrogen isotope of mass 15 into carbon and helium by bombardment with protons! (Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond.A, 199, with Ms. note by Cochrans on the contribution of the co-authors. 1949) by W.Cochrane & A.G.Hester, Article ‘Electricity! for Chambers's Encyclopaedia. Corresp. with editors & Ms. draft of article (170pp.) 1961 — 64 1961 — 64 1949 — 61 Diagrams for article 'Electricity' in Chambers's Encyclopaedia. Correspondence with Sir George Thomson, and Macmillan & Co.Ltd. re Thomson & Cochrane,Electron Diffraction ,reprints,export sales etc. Drafts for articles ‘Electron Diffraction', ‘Electron Diffraction & the Electron Microscope! Correspondence re Cochrane's contribution to broadcast in "Science Survey' on electron diffraction, with Frank Twyman & Sir Edward Appleton; includes corrected script prepared for broadcast. 1950 — 61 Corresp. with Sir George Thomson, with his Ms. draft for Preface to Electron Diffraction. Corresp. with Max von Laue & Georg Menzer Dec. 1936 — April 37 1936 — 37 Corresvondence. H.1 — H.4 Misc. scientific corresp. with colleagues. Misc. corresp. with colleagues & students A.10 H.1 H.1 A.9 H.1 H.1 A.4 A.4, C.91 He1 H.1 H.3 A.4 H.3 H.1 H.1 Red ff 806, A, 10, WoC. *G.S.4,¢. 26/3/75 Index to correspondents. BRAGG, Sir Lawrence BRADLEY, Albert James BORY, Richard 5. COCKCROFT, Sir John DOBINSK, Stanislaw EVEREST, Arthur B. HOUSTON ,R. Ae JONES. E. Taylor JENKINS, Re KINSEY, Be LAUE, Max von QO. Be MacROBERT, Thomas M. MENZER, Georg MURISON ,C. Ae PASHLEY, Donald William TUCKER, A. Je A. 115. GeBe Mise THOMSON, Sir George /: He1