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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Patricia Hannah Clarke FRS (b. 1919) NCUACS catalogue no. 120/6/03 by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Title: Compiled by: Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper Description level: Fonds Date of material: 1963-2003 Extent of material: 9 boxes, ca 260 items Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Patricia Hannah Clarke FRS (b. 1919), biochemist NCUACS catalogue no. 120/6/03 © 2003 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. Special Collections, University College, London Reference code: GB0103P.H. Clarke papers Deposited in: P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The British Computer Society The British Crystallographic Association The Geological Society Girton College Cambridge The Institute of Physics The Royal Society The Royal Society of Chemistry The Royal Astronomical Society The Wellcome Trust St John’s College Cambridge Trinity College Cambridge P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS THE LIBRARY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION B WOMEN IN SCIENCE SECTION C PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES SECTION D SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Professor Clarke in 2002. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF PATRICIA HANNAH CLARKE Patricia Hannah Green was born in Pontypridd, South Wales on 29 July 1919. She attended Coedpenmaen Elementary School and in 1930 was awarded a scholarship to the County Grammar School. She did not take this up since in the same year she had been awarded a Foundation Scholarship to Howell's School Llandaff. She went up to Cambridge in 1937 to read Natural Sciences, having obtained a place at Girton College. Later she was awarded a scholarship in Chemistry. She studied Biochemistry for Part II of the Natural Sciences Tripos but in the summer of 1940 she relinquished a research scholarship in order to take up war work. Her first post was in a branch of the Armament Research Department of the Ministry of Supply that had been evacuated to the University of Wales in Swansea. Later she was transferred to Woolwich Arsenal to continue her work on new explosives. In 1944 she was able to leave Woolwich and to take a post as Research wounds. England and after being demobilised he became a documentary film director. They had two sons; Francis born in 1947 and David born in 1949. Clarke continued to be involved in microbial S.T. Cowan to work part-time at the Medical Research Council National Collection of Type Cultures based at the Central Public Health Laboratory in Colindale, London. This was a productive period biochemistry but decided to take a few years away from full-time employment. In 1951 she joined In 1940 she married Michael Clarke. He joined the Army in 1940 and became a Tank Commander, serving in the Western Desert, India and the Middle East. When the war ended he returned to Assistant to B.C.J.G. Knight at the Wellcome Research Laboratories in Beckenham, Kent. His work at that time was concerned with pathogenic anaerobic bacteria that cause severe infections of war University of London. In 1996 she was elected an Honorary Fellow of University College. She was In 1953 Clarke was appointed to an Assistant Lectureship in the Department of Biochemistry at University College London with a special responsibility for Microbial Biochemistry. She remained at during which she devised micromethods for identification of bacteria using enzyme reactions. When the MRC suggested she should work full-time she thought that in that case she might move on. University College London for the rest of her career, being promoted to Lecturer in 1956, Reader in 1966 and Professor in 1974. On retirement in 1984 she was appointed Professor Emeritus of the P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 also Honorary Lecturer in the Genetics Department of Monash University Australia in 1971, Honorary Professorial Fellow of the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology 1994-1987 and Royal Society Kan Tong-Po Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong 1986. Clarke had many other professional commitments. She served on the Council of Society for General Microbiology 1960-1970, the Executive Committee of the Biochemical Society 1978-1981 and the Council of the Freshwater Biological Association 1980-1984. Clarke also was a member of the Science Board of the Science Research Council (1979-1984), the Governing Body of Wye College (1980-1986), the Council of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (1982-1984) and the Council of the University of Bath (1987-1993). Other commitments included the British National Bibliographic Research Fund 1990-200 and, locally, the Council of Cheltenham Ladies College (1984-1990) and Board of Governors of Deer Park School, Cirencester 1988-1999. In correspondence with C.M.C. Haines regarding her entry in Haines’s book International Women in Science (Oxford, 2001), Clarke summarised her scientific work as follows: ‘Clarke’s main research, with her students and colleagues, was on the properties and the evolution of bacterial enzymes. By selecting mutants with the ability to grow on novel substrates they obtained strains producing altered enzymes, altered transport systems and altered regulatory systems. They were the first to show that a single site mutation could result in altered substrate specificity. They also showed that a range of novel enzymes could evolve from successive single site mutations. She also collaborated with industrial use and became involved in developments in biotechnology’. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION period 1963 to 2002, although the bulk of the material dates from the 1980s and 1990s. The material in this collection is presented in the order given in the list of contents. It covers the Society in 1976 (Leeuwenhoek Lecture 1979), serving on Council and as Vice-President 1981-1982. For her contributions to microbial biochemistry, Clarke was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal biochemical engineers in research on methods for producing and purifying bacterial enzymes for her her video-tape interview for the Biochemical Society. There is also documentation of a number of the Section A, Biographical, includes autobiographical material compiled and assembled in connection with her Personal Record as a Fellow of the Royal Society, a full curriculum vitae and an transcript of teaching in particular, is documented, with papers relating to Deer Park School Cirencester of which later honours she was accorded. Clarke’s interest in school education in general and science Clarke was a Governor 1988-1999. Her concern for education is also reflected in P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 correspondence with local and national politicians, although other topics are covered including tobacco advertising and the treatment of asylum seekers. Section B, Women in Science, documents both Clarke’s interest in the historical contribution of women scientists, and her concern to ensure that more women became scientists and that their career prospects were the same as those of their male colleagues. The material, which includes correspondence, notes, printed reports and photocopied background material, was assembled by Clarke in connection with a number of specific activities: her 1991 lecture ‘Women in Science at University College 1878-1978’; a Royal Society meeting on ‘Women in Science and Technology: opportunities for change?’, 28 May 1993; her service on the Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Technology established in 1993 by William Waldegrave MP, Minister for Public Service and Science, whose report ‘The Rising Tide’ was published in 1994; and a meeting on Women in Science at the Royal Society, 27 March 2001. Section C, Publications and lectures, documents a few of Clarke’s publications from the 1980s on. The largest components relate to her Royal Society Biographical Memoirs of colleagues Roger Yate Stanier and Malcolm Douglas Lilly and her entry on Muriel Robertson for the New Dictionary of National Biography. There is also an incomplete set of offprints of her work. Lectures material includes documentation of her 1979 Royal Society Leeuwenhoek Lecture 'Experiments in microbial evolution: new enzymes, new metabolic activities' and the 19th J.D. Bernal Lecture on 'New directions in biology: basic science and biotechnology’, delivered at Birkbeck College London, 1988. spans 1975-2001. the period 1971-1998, although the earlier entries are later (c 1998) typescript accounts compiled by Royal Society, chiefly its Archives Working Group and Library Committee, and (overseas) the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia and the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong. The material Section D, Societies and organisations, is not extensive. There is material relating to eight UK and Clarke from her diary entries. Of particular significance is the documentation of her visits to the Far overseas organisations, including (UK) the British National Bibliographical Research Fund and the Section E, Visits and conferences, covers some of Clarke’s travel and attendance at meetings over researchers at University College London, with colleagues in the UK and with fellow scientists in the Palm Oil Research Institute) 1990-1992, China and Hong Kong. There is also material relating to her Section F, Correspondence, is the largest in the collection. The bulk of this material was arranged by East through the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, including Singapore, Malaysia (in connection with the Clarke by group of correspondents and then further subdivided by individual correspondent, and it has been retained in this original order. There are groups of correspondence with her fellow involvement in two 1992 meetings marking the centenary of the birth of J.B.S. Haldane. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 USA and Europe. Few correspondents are represented by extended exchanges of letters, the exceptions being R.E. Drew and B.W. Holloway. Other correspondents include S. Brenner, H.L. Kornberg, R.D. Sager and R.Y. Stanier. There is also an index of correspondents. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are very grateful to Professor Clarke for making the papers available and for information and “advice received. Timothy E. Powell Peter Harper Bath, June 2003 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.1-A.33 1976-2001 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.18, A.19 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.20-A.31 EDUCATION ISSUES A.32,A.33 POLITICS BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL 1977-2001 ‘CV Personal Record for Royal Society etc’ Contents of Clarke’s envelope so inscribed. ‘Personal Record’ 37pp typescript autobiographical account. recording for the Biochemical 1993-1995 Curriculum vitae; list notes on their careers of Clarke’s Ph.D. students with Autobiographical account compiled by Clarke for author of her Biographical Memoir. 2 folders. As part of the Biochemical Society’s programme of video- taped interviews with leading biochemists, Clarke was interviewed by J. Gareth Morris at University College London on 10 May 1994. ‘Video recording for the Biochemical Society 1994 (1)’ Autobiographical video Society Draft typescript text with later manuscript additions. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Biographical ‘Correspondence re Biochemical Society video recording 1994 (2)’ 1993-1995 Correspondence arising therefrom. re arrangements for interview and Typescript outline of contents of video recording Lists of ‘Published papers 1947-1992’ and ‘Some key papers and reviews’ Two autobiographical notes These typescript notes, written in July and August 2001 refer respectively to Clarke’s biochemistry students from 1960 (prompted by receiving a postcard from one of the former students), and to the circumstances behind her appointment to a Chair at University College London. 1980, 1981 prepared for in’ Science: Typescript accounts of research C.M.C. Haines, a _ Biographical Biographical International Dictionary to 1950 (ABC-Clio: Oxford, 2001) entry Women 1980 account prepared for ‘Academic innovation’ series on research at University College London during the 1970s; 1981 reports prepared for visit to UCL of Science Research Council Visiting Group. 2000-2001 Correspondence; biographial information sent to Haines; draft of entry. re post of Letter University of London Photocopy of by Standard, 1 March 2001. profile Principal, Queen Elizabeth College, Di Alexander, Wilts & Glos. ‘“Secret” life of scientist Pat’ P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Biographical Award of Leverhulme Trust Emeritus Fellowship 1984, 1987 Correspondence; reports on grant. Clarke was awarded a structure and function in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. for research on gene grant Correspondence re nomination of Clarke for appointment as Dame Commander of the British Empire 1984, 1985 Clarke declined the honour. A later (1985) note records her reasons for so doing and the note is annotated in 1998 with an indication that Clarke had not altered her views. Award Honorary Canterbury, July 1984 of Degree, University of Kent at Brief correspondence re arrangements. of Honorary Degree, Council 1989-1990 February for National Correspondence re arrangements. Biographical 1997. outline from ‘SGM Quarterly’, Award Academic Awards, May 1990 Election to Honorary Membership, Society for General Microbiology, 1996 1976-2000 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE Letters chronological order. of ‘Personal misc correspondence’ congratulation, personal news, etc. 1976-2000 In P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Biographical Correspondence with Sir Frederick Warner and R.F. Bud, Science Museum, re preservation of historic acetone fermentation plant at former Royal Naval Cordite Factory, Holton Heath, Dorset A.20-A.31 EDUCATION ISSUES 1978-1997 Clarke had a longstanding concern for the quality of school education. She supported the comprehensive system of education and had a in science teaching in schools. She served as a Governor (Vice-Chairman) of Deer Park School, Cirencester 1988- 1999 and was chairman of its curriculum committee. particular interest A.20-A.25 National school education policies A.20 Correspondence 1978-1997 1991-1997 4 folders. A.21-A.24 A.26-A.29 1978-1996 Education and the Newspaper cuttings and other background information on education policy Chiefly correspondence with Secretaries of State of the Department of Education and Science (successively the Department for Department for Education and Employment) re issues in comprehensive school education. 1992-c1999 ‘Science in schools’, 2pp typescript account by Clarke of her association with Deer Park School; miscellaneous material re her last meeting as a governor Correspondence Gloucestershire Deer Park School, Cirencester re education spending in 1992-1995 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Biographical Opening of new Science Block, 1991 Clarke’s suggestion At Dawkins, Reader in Zoology, University of Oxford, was asked to perform the opening ceremony. He accepted and the building was opened on 21 April. Richard Correspondence welcome; photocopies of newspaper coverage. Dawkins; Clarke’s with words of School science projects 1992-1997 2 folders. Deer Park School, partly prompted by Clarke, initiated a number of science projects. One, in conjunction with the University of ant behaviour (1994). Bath, was a study of scale large Stratford-upon-Avon Grammar School for Girls re opening school POLITICS 1993-1996 Miscellaneous correspondence on education issues Correspondence and papers of science laboratory by Clarke, 30 September 1993. Correspondence with various government ministries and Clarke’s local MP re various issues. In chronological order. 1986-1999 Includes Clarke’s criticisms of use of British bases for US attack on Libya, 1986, and of proposal to close remaining UK coal mines, 1992. Clarke was a long-standing member of the Labour Party. 1986-1992 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Biographical 1993-1999 Clarke’s Includes tobacco advertising 1993-1995, and criticisms of treatment of asylum seekers 1995. ban on_ support for a P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 SECTION B WOMEN IN SCIENCE, B.1-B.48 1979-2002 both Clarke’s This is the one of the larger sections in the collection and documents historical contribution of women scientists and her concern to ensure that more women became scientists and that their career prospects were the same as those of their male colleagues. interest the in by was Clarke material chiefly assembled The in connection with a number of specific activities: her 1991 lecture ‘Women in Science at University College 1878- 1978’; a Royal Society meeting on ‘Women in Science and Technology: opportunities for change?’, 28 May 1993; the Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Technology established by William Waldegrave in 1993, whose report ‘The Rising Tide’ was published in 1994; and a meeting on Women in Science held at the Royal Society, 27 March 2001. her service on The bulk of the material was found in Clarke’s envelopes. These formed a sequence running from A1 to This arrangement has been retained and the inscriptions on the envelopes are reproduced in the catalogue entries. At the end of this sequence is material found separately. F. 3 folders. [...] General Reports’ ‘Women in Science A\1 ‘Women in Science A2. Scientists’ Printed and photocopied typescript reports, papers etc. At B.1 is Clarke’s typescript list of reports in A1. The list does not include all the material found. c 1990s Printed and photocopied typescript reports, papers etc on individual women scientists. Material on M. Anning, A. Arber, J.B. Burnell, C. Haslett, D.M.C. Hodgkin. Individual women scientists, A.-H. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Women in science Individual women scientists, |.-S. Material on E.M. Inglis, Somerville, M. Stephenson. K. Lonsdale, M. Rothschild, M. General contributions Material particular scientific disciplines. contributions on by women scientists to Academic performance of women at university Letter from N.G. McCrum, enclosing copy of article, with Clarke’s reply. ‘Women in Science B1. UCL Historical’ 1979-1991 Material on position of women academics, particularly scientists, at University College London. Correspondence re Clarke’s lecture ‘Women in Science at University College’ Draft report and related material on equal opportunities at University College London At B.8 is Clarke’s typescript list of papers in B1 and B2. The list does not include all the material found. Typescript drafts and printed copy of Clarke’s lecture ‘Women in Science at University College 1878-1978’ c 1990s Printed and photocopied material on women scientists at UCL B.12-B.15 ‘Women in Science B2. UCL scientists’ P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Women in science Lists of women UCL science graduates 1878-1905 and women Fellows of the Royal Society; manuscript notes and photocopied material on women scientists Printed and photocopied material relating to Kathleen Lonsdale 2 folders. Photocopied material relating to Agnes Arber B.16-B.19 ‘Women in Science C. Meeting at Royal Society 1993’ Papers re Royal Society meeting on ‘Women in Science and Technology: opportunities for change?’, 28 May 1993. Clarke chaired the panel discussion at the meeting and helped compile the final report. One of the features was a questionnaire handed out to those present; the results were analysed in the report. Spiral bound final report of the meeting Programme; handout presented by J.B. Burnell Typescript reports on the meeting by J. Mason, P. Nuttall and C. Turley strategy for Science, Engineering and Technology’ Cmnd This material and that in D2 (B.25-B.28) relate to Clarke’s service Science, Engineering and Technology, set up by W. Waldegrave MP, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for Science, in 1992. It was established following on from the government White Paper ‘Realising our potential: a B.20-B.24 ‘Women in Science D1. The Rising Tide. Publications’ 1992-1994 Questionnaires on women in science on the Committee on Women in P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Women in science 2250 (1993). was published in 1994. The Committee’s report ‘The Rising Tide’ Copy of ‘Realising our potential: a strategy for Science, Engineering and Technology’ Cmnd 2250 (1993) Correspondence and papers arising from White Paper 1992-1993 Includes letter from N.J. Lane to Clarke seeking her views reply, September 1992. on women in science, Clarke’s with Copy of ‘The Rising Tide. A report on Women in Science, Engineering and Technology’ Spiral bound notebook labelled ‘PH Clarke OST Women in Science 1993’ B.25-B.28 OST 1993-1994 on government measures the official ‘Women in_ and and arising Papers on the response to the report Science, Engineering government response, D2. ‘Women in Committee correspondence’ Science Includes Technology’, press-releases therefrom. Manuscript notes from launch of the report in February 1994. Comments on and section of draft report Chiefly papers of the Committee and its work; press cuttings on the reception of the report. ‘Issues to be addressed’; minutes of meetings of the Committee The Rising Tide. 1993-1994 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Women in science Newspaper and magazine coverage of the launch of the report Also includes newspaper cuttings re the broader issue of women in science. Letter re activities of Cornwall Women in Engineering Science & Technology With enclosures and Clarke’s reply. B.29-B.32 ‘Women in Science E. Royal Society’ 1992-1995 chiefly material Society’s The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of admission of the first women to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1945. concerns Royal the Correspondence re ‘The admission of the first women to the Royal Society of London’ by J. Mason, Notes & ‘Records of the Royal Society, vol 46 (1992) Includes offprint. Letter to Clarke re the programme; list exhbition brochure. Programme for exhibition on ‘Women in Botany: from Drawing Room to Laboratory’ Royal Society meeting on The Rising Tide - the next wave’, Royal Society, London, 19 April 1995 1992-1998 ‘Women in Science F. Women in Science Newsletter. AWISE and Engineering]’ ‘The women Fellows’ jubilee’ by J. Mason 16pp typescript. of participants; B.33-B.35 [Association for Women in Science P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Women in science Women and Science newsletters 1992-1994 Issues 1-11. Association for Women in Science and Engineering and related material c 1993-1998 2 folders. B.36-B.38 ‘Women’ 1996-1998, n.d. Contents of Clarke’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference. Reports from the Office of Science and Technology's Development Unit on Women in Science, Engineering and Technology B.39 Miscellaneous correspondence 1987-1997 information; Clarke’s Printed material on women in science and academia B.39-B.48 Material on women in science found separately 1987-2002 Miscellaneous typescript and manuscript material 1995, 1999 Clarke served on the Royal Society's Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship selection panel B from 1995 to 1999 when she resigned. Science Policy Support Group Policy Analysis Forum on Women in Science, London, 13 March 1992 Programme; list participants; manuscript notes on proceedings of Correspondence re Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Women in science Correspondence with J. Mason and H. Rose Correspondence re inaccuracies in Rose’s Foreword to Women, Science and Medicine 1500-1700. B.43-B.45 Royal Society meeting on Women in Science, Royal Society, London, 27 March 2001 Invitation; programme; information; Clarke’s manuscript notes on proceedings Printed background information on schemes to promote women in science 2 folders. Information about opportunities for women scientists in the European Molecular Biology Organisation Newspaper and magazine cuttings The cuttings relate to women in science and opportunities for women in other careers. Miscellaneous material P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 SECTION C PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES, C.1-C.54 1972-2001 PUBLICATIONS ‘Introduction: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an opportunist pathogen’, in Pseudomonas Infection and Alginates: biochemistry, genetics and pathology, eds. P. Gacesa and N.J. Russell (London: Chapman & Hall, 1990). 1972-2001 1987-1989 book planned on This Extracellular Pseudomonas aeruginosa, held at Gregynog Hall, University of Wales, 15-17 September 1986. See also E.18. a _ workshop virulence factors arose from of Draft of chapter 16pp typescript. Correspondence with editors and publishers 1987-1989 found in an was inscribed envelope 3 folders. 144pp typescript. ‘Microbes for the control of pollution’ This ‘[...] Commissioned 1985 by the ILB. Deposited not published. Invited by B.R. Rabin’. ‘Regulation of Expression of Microbial Genes’, in Further milestones in biochemistry, L.A. Stocken, Greenwich, Conn. JAI Press, 1997, pp 234-273 1996-1997 References, tables, figures for preceding draft 45pp typescript draft, May 46pp copy edited typescript eds M.G. Ord and P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Publications and lectures References, tables, figures for copy edited draft Proof copy Correspondence etc. 1996-1997 CAg 14 ‘Muriel Robertson 1883-1973’, New Dictionary of National Biography 1974-1999 Typescript draft Correspondence with editors and others 1994-1999 Background information on Robertson 1974-1997 C.15-C.19 See also F.73. Off-print of the Memoir Letters reminiscences of Stanier. Clarke to giving Correspondence with friends and colleagues of Stanier ‘Roger Yate Stanier 1916-1982’, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society vol 32 (1986) 1983-1986 Includes 4pp typescript on Stanier by W.C. Evans Letters commenting on Clarke’s draft Background information on Stanier information about and P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Publications and lectures Letters of appreciation to Clarke C.20-C.31 ‘Malcolm Douglas Lilly 9 August 1939-18 May 1998’, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society vol 46 (2000) 1998-2001 Lilly undertook postgraduate reseach under Clarke at University College London 1959-1962. He remained at UCL for the rest of his career, being appointed Professor of Biochemical Engineering in 1979. 26pp typescript draft Draft bibliography 30pp typescript. Off-print of Memoir 1998-2001 Background information 1998-2000 Lilly's curriculum vitae; _—_—sttranscript Correspondence and papers from the Royal Society Includes invitation to write the memoir and copies of information on Lilly held by the Royal Society, and later correspondence re publication. Includes copy of the Guardian obituary of Lilly (18 June 1998), _—of autobiographical tape-recording; etc. Clarke’s lists of friends and colleagues of Lilly Clarke’s typescript and manuscript notes on Lilly's the structure of the memoir; sources to be consulted. life, 1998-1999 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Publications and lectures C.27-C.29 Correspondence from friends and colleagues of Lilly 1999-2000 to Clarke and Letters reminiscences of correspondence are numbered by Clarke in a sequence from 3-44 (not complete). information exchanges Individual giving about Lilly. of 3-29 41-44 and others Includes correspondence with working as a co-author of the memoir. Peter Dunnill, originally in R.E. Correspondence of appreciation from friends and colleagues on completion of the memoir widow letters Lillys with and 1998-2001 studies enzyme evolution: 1998-2001 1986-1988 experiment with Drew, Spiral bound notebook Correspondence with editors. Labelled on front cover ‘Malcolm Lilly RS Biog Memoir’, used as a diary for work in progress on the memoir. ‘An Pseudomonas aeruginosa amidase’, with Bioscience Reports vol 8 (1988) Clarke. This was originally entitled ‘Beyond Doom: the case for Much of the material is correspondence with science’. publishers and M. Allaby re a reference queried by M. Allaby, Facing the future: the case for Science Bloomsbury, Review of: science Progress C.33-C.35 (London: 1995), in P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Publications and lectures 2pp typescript; ‘Replaced’ 2pp earlier typescript draft annotated Correspondence with Science Progress Correspondence with publishers and author B. Review of: and Edwardian Women Embrace the Living World (Chicago, 1998), in Notes and Records of the Royal Society Victorian Kindred Nature: Gates, 2pp typescript; proof copy. Editorial correspondence 1984-1994 Arranged alphabetically by publishing house or journal. Nature 2 folders. Refereeing. Refereeing. Pergamon Press Chapman and Hall Request for advice. 1984-1994 Clarke served as an editor of this journal, jointly to 1989, then sole editor to 1994. Correspondence and contributors, editorship. Science Progress papers re_ editorial policy, P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Publications and lectures Trends in Biotechnology Refereeing. Offprints of articles by Clarke 1972-2000 Not a complete set. C.44-C.54 LECTURES ‘Experiments in microbial evolution: new enzymes, new metabolic Leeuwenhoek Lecture, 8 November 1979 activities’, Society Royal Correspondence re arrangements; notice; abstract. 1979-1998 1978-1979 Manuscript note manuscript for publication but did not follow up’. front page on ‘Originally asked for of ‘How to evolve a new microbe. A case study in enzyme evolution’, 1982 30pp typescript + figures. 20pp typescript + tables and figures; manuscript list slides. ‘The scientific foundations of modern biotechnology’, 2nd Encontro Nacional de Biotechnologia, Porto, Portugal, 1984 15pp typescript + figures. ‘Tailoring bacterial enzymes’, International Symposium on Microbiology in the Eighties, Singapore, May 1985 Manuscript note on front page ‘Asked for manuscript for publication but did not publish after all’. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Publications and lectures the evolution of bacteria with novel ‘Experiments on enzyme invited lecture at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, 1985 (Experimental evolution)’, activities 22pp typescript. Colleges Education The ‘Further Scope and Implications’, Department of Education and Science Invitation Conference on Biotechnology, Keble College, Oxford, 19-20 March 1986 Polytechnics. and 9pp typescript. See also E.17. ubiquitous pseudomonads’, European Molecular Switzerland, September ‘The Biology Workshop, Geneva, 1986 17pp typescript + captions for figures. directions typescript; basic science Lecture, in 19th 1987-1988 and Birkbeck biology: J.D. Bernal 29pp typescript draft + notes Correspondence re arrangements; background material ‘New biotechnology’, College London, 12 May 1988 1987-1988 ‘Protein engineering in University Engineering, The Netherlands, 14-18 August 1989 Covering abstract; typescript with manuscript corrections; list of slides. ‘The Human Genome Project’, Science and Technology Society, 25 February 1998 vivo’, Anniversary Congress of Protein 13pp transparencies. talk to Cirencester for overhead 4pp typescript letter with copies of figures Prospects of Groningen on in 7pp P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 SECTION D SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, D.1-D.25 1975-2001 BRITISH NATIONAL BIBLIOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH FUND PALM OIL RESEACH INSTITUTE OF MALAYSIA RESEARCH GRANTS COUNCIL OF HONG KONG D.15-D.20 ROYAL SOCIETY 1:21); .Di22 SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF LEARNING AND SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF BATH UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI 1975-2001 British National Bibliography Ltd (1949-1975). WYE COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON BRITISH NATIONAL BIBLIOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH FUND This Fund was established in 1975 with funds from the British Library following the dissolution of the Council of the It supported bibliographic and related research in the UK. The Fund was taken over by Resource, the Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries, in 2000 and abolished in 2001. Clarke to the Committee. Clarke represented the Royal Society on Committee from 1991 and opposed its abolition. the Fund’s Minutes of meetings 1990-2001 Also includes at D.1 letter of 18 October 1990 welcoming P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Societies and organisations 1990-1994 1995-1997 1998-2001 papers re final years of the 1998-2001 try to ensure the survival of the Minutes Minutes Minutes Correspondence and Committee Includes lobbying to Committee. 1998-1999 2001 1992, 1998 Background information PALM OIL RESEACH INSTITUTE OF MALAYSIA Includes report, for the record, on the work of the Fund written by Clarke for the Royal Society and brief note on her involvement with the Fund. 1989-1992 In connection with her membership she made a number of to Malaysia, some of which are documented further in section E. Correspondence Subcommittee. Clarke Institute’s Programme Advisory Committee 1990-1992. Biology Subcommittee of served the on re meetings visits and papers of the the P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Societies and organisations RESEARCH GRANTS COUNCIL OF HONG KONG 1988-2000 Correspondence and papers re assessment of projects. Clarke evaluated research projects for Grants Council of Hong Kong. the Research Grant proposals 1988, 1991 Work on indigo and sulfur black dye Work on Bacillus subtilis Work on Bacillus subtilis cloning 1985-1997 ROYAL SOCIETY The material, which is not extensive, chiefly documents Clarke’s association with Library Committee and its Working Group on Archives Policy. Royal Society's the Work on cultured mushroom mycelia Work on cultured mycelial products of mushroom species Scientists 1987-1997. Clarke was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1976. She was on Council and a Vice-President 1981- 1982 and served on a number of committees including the Library Committee 1980-1990 (Chairman 1983-1990) and its Working Group on Archives Policy (Chairman 1985-1990), the Notes & Records Editorial Advisory Board 1989-1997, the Research Grants Scheme Board 1997-1999, and the Advisory Committee to the National Cataloguing of Contemporary D.15-D.20 Unit for the Archives P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Societies and organisations Archives Working Group Invitation to serve, 1985; report, 1988 Reports 1985-1989 1985, 1988 1988, 1989 D.17-D.19 Library Committee D.17 Minutes of Clarke’s last meeting as chairman ‘The Library of the Royal Society’ 12pp typescript annotated ‘1990 for Library Committee’. Correspondence and papers re history of Society Library the Royal Miscellaneous correspondence 1987-1997 1986-1999 SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF LEARNING AND SCIENCE Clarke wrote the Foreword to The Library and Archives of the Royal Society by M.B. Hall (London: Royal Society, 1992). 1993-1999 Clarke was invited to become a member of the Council of Management of the Society in 1986. She served to 1999. Photocopy of correspondence 1992-1999 invitation to serve, 1986; miscellaneous 1986-1999 Minutes of meetings P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Societies and organisations UNIVERSITY OF BATH 1993-1996 Correspondence re Council service. Clarke served on the Council of the University of Bath as a lay member to 1993. UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI 1991-1993 Acting as external examiner WYE COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON Letters re Clarke’s resignation as a University of London representative on the Governing Body of Wye College. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES, E.1-E.36 1971-1998 The material includes later accounts prepared by Clarke in or around 1998. Visit to Australia 1971 Clarke’s typescript accounts, based in part on her diary records, of her travels in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. Clarke spent her sabbatical in 1971 working with Bruce Holloway in his laboratory in the Department of Genetics, Monash University, Australia. She travelled via the USA, where she also gave some lectures in New Zealand. visited colleagues, and Clarke’s later typescript accounts of visits to Singapore and Malaysia during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s on of and pollution: synthetic the organic Discussion Microbiology, Royal Society, London, 20-21 June 1979 Horizons Meeting New on Industrial in_ ‘Microbiology and_ natural Programme; correspondence arising. spoke Clarke biodegradation compounds’. Clarke was one of two Royal Society representatives (with Sir James Baddiley). Joint Royal Society/Science and Engineering Research Council visit to Japan, 14-24 April 1982 1984, 1988 The report gives, firstly her personal account of the visit and, secondly, her reports on visits to individual science and technology institutions in Japan. Clarke’s typescript report on visit Report to the Royal Society 2 folders. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Visits and conferences Meeting on Pseudomonas Genetics and their Biosurface Phenomenon, Warren Spring Laboratory, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, 14 October 1985 Letter re arrangements, agenda; list of participants. 4th General Assembly of the International Foundation for Science, Rabat, Morocco, 15-18 October 1984 1984-c 1998 Clarke attended as the official UK delegate on behalf of the Royal Society. Papers for the General Assembly 2 folders. booklet 1988 participation at the General Assembly, c 1998. note IFS; the on by Clarke on her 1988, c 1998 She gave a on series EG 1984-1990 of seminars to Correspondence re arrangements to visit Hong Kong Visit to Hong Kong and China, January-February 1986 Clarke was invited to visit the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) on the Kan Tong Po Visiting Professorship Scheme. the Departments of Biology and Biochemistry on work on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and on ‘Evolution of novel catabolic activities in bacteria’. She produced a report for the university on research in biotechnology. Clarke also visited the University of Hong Kong. The Royal Society then suggested Clarke extend her visit into later February and go on to China under the Exchange Scheme with the Academia Sinica. 1984-1985 Notices for seminars by Clarke; biographical outline of Clarke. Clarke’s in Biotechnology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, February; information on the Department of Biology at the CUHK. Research Teaching ‘Report and P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Visits and conferences Visit to Malaysia, 22 March-7 April 1988 the visited University Clarke External Examiner in Microbiology for the Department of Genetics and the Palm Oil Research Institute (see D.8) where she spoke on ‘Recent developments in Biotechnology in Britain’. Cellular Biology. She also of Malaya as visited Reports on Biology the Department of Genetics and Cellular Clarke’s Itinerary; biotechnology; correspondence arising from visit typescript notes 7pp for talk on UK-Japan London, 25-26 April 1988 Biotechnology Workshop, Royal Society, Programme; bound abstracts, annotated by Clarke. E.24-E.26 1987-1988 Visit to Hong Kong, August 1988 Correspondence re arrangements 7pp annotated typescript references. Clarke visited Hong Kong to attend the 8th International Conference on Global Impacts of Applied Microbiology, held with the International Conference on Applied Biology and Biotechnology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1-5 August. She spoke on ‘New enzymes from bacteria’. Clarke made other visits in Hong Kong on behalf of the British Council and the Royal Society. 1987-1988 Programme Advisory Commitee Seminar on Current Developments in Protein Engineering, Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia, 16 March 1990 Manuscript notes on visit; typescript reports to the British Council and Royal Society of Clarke’s contribution; 1p P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Visits and conferences Programme; abstract; 9pp typescript. Workshop on Library Provision for the Culture of Science, Technology and Medicine, Royal Society, London, 23 October 1990 List of participants; typescript proceedings. Royal Society Anniversary Day, 30 November 1990 Letter of invitation; programme; copy of speech proposing a vote of thanks to President of the Royal Society, and 4pp typescript of Clarke’s speech seconding it. Meeting Science Museum London, 10-11 April 1992 Haldane: Science J.B.S. on and Society, Programme; list of particpants; abstracts. Clarke was a member of the organising committee. Palm Oil Schedule and programme See also E.33-E.35 below. Programme Advisory Commitee Research Institute of Malaysia, 13-18 April 1992 meeting, Report on status of palm oil tissue culture research in relation to abnormalities See also E.30 above. J.B.S. Haldane Centenary Meeting, University College London, 6 November 1992 Clarke spoke on ‘Haldane and Biochemistry: enzymes and the origin of life’. This was prepared for the meeting. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Visits and conferences typescript 7pp transparencies of Clarke’s lecture; figures for Also includes covering letter sent with abstract. Abstracts of contributions Background information on Haldane Includes printed material. Clarke’s manuscript notes, photocopies and Invitations declined 1985-1994 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE, F.1-F.78 1963-2001 The bulk of this material was arranged by Clarke in envelopes organised by group of correspondents. It has been retained in this original order. the Many of are correspondent, sometimes with explaining her relationship with the correspondent. by later note by Clarke further a subdivided envelopes At F.74-F.78 is a little correspondence found loose. ‘Bruce Holloway’ 1963-2001 chiefly Correspondence’ on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and related research but also including family, personal and social news of colleagues arrangements reporting work = with on for visits and Bruce Holloway was an Australian colleague of Clarke’s who made his career at Monash University, Victoria. Their association through research on P. aeruginosa spanned some four decades and is described in Clarke’s note of 2001 at F.1. 1970, 2001 1963-1967 1969-1975 Correspondence re Pseudomonas genetics Note by Clarke on B.W. Holloway, 2001; curriculum vitae 1970 Chiefly genetic linkage mapping of Pseuodmonas. Work on P. aeruginosa strains; contribution to Genetics and Biochemistry of Pseudomonas, eds. Clarke and M.H. Richmond (London: Wiley, 1975); visits to UK. 1976-1981 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence 1982-1985 Visits and social news; P. aeruginosa gene mapping 1982, 1985 Career. 1988-1998 Chiefly personal and social news. ‘Pseudomonas Group Rob Drew’ 1989-1998 Chiefly correspondence re work in progress, including drafts of work sent to Clarke for comment. research Chiefly Pseudomonas aeruginosa, though later correspondence includes social and personal news. genetics on_ of 1989-1990 Robert E. Drew was a colleague of Clarke’s based at the University College London Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Includes typescript draft of ‘Cloning, DNA sequence and purification of amicC, a new gene regulating expression of the Pseudomonas aliphtic amidase’ by Drew and S.Wilson, sent to Clarke for comment. P. aeruginosa Includes copy of presentation on transcriptioin antiterminator AmiR, binds to the Leader mRNA in the amidase operan’ by Drew et al. typescript Includes of amidase expresion in Pseudomonas aeruginosa’ by Drew and S. Wilson, sent to Clarke for comment, c 1992. ‘Regulation 1993, 1995 1991-1992 ‘The draft of P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence 1996-c 2000 of Includes copy of presentation is amidase expression controlled by a novel cytoplasmic amide-binding protein’ by Drew et al. ‘Antitermination in Pseudomonas aeruginosa on F.12-F.26 ‘UCL Research Group Students etc’ 1975-1996 Correspondence with former University College research students, laboratory workers and visiting researchers. Some have a note by Clarke giving some biographical information. Arranged in alphabetical order by surname. Betz, J.L. 1985-1994 Betz was a Ph.D. student of Clarke’s. Daly, G. Day, M.J. 1974-1995 Includes correspondence re career. Day was a research student of Clarke’s who spent much of his career at the University of Wales, Cardiff. Greta Daly was a technician who studied for her B.Sc. in biochemistry before moving to Australia. Finer was an ex-technician of Clarke’s. Finer, N. One letter only. Draper, P. With typescript note by Clarke. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence Karunakaran, V. One letter only, re career. Keshavaraz, T. 1985-2001 Chiefly re career. With typescript note by Clarke. Clarke and M.D. Lilly supervised Keshavaraz’s Ph.D. in biochemical engineering at University College London. Laverack, P.D. 1989, 1990 Laverack was a former technician in Clarke’s laboratory. Meadow, P.M. Two letters only. 1987, 1991 developed a research group 1976-1979 and when _ Catherine Rice were Ph.D. students of 1976-1994 Rice, P.M. and C.M. and Peter Clarke’s. Pauline Meadow (married name Enticknap) held a Beit Fellowship for research with Clarke at UCL 1956-1957. They her Fellowship ended she was appointed Lecturer. Meadow later became Reader in Biochemistry and Sub-dean of the Medical Faculty. 1982-1996 Sambanthamurthi was a Malaysian research student of Clarke’s 1979-1983. Sambanthamurthi, R. Chiefly re career. 1980-1994 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence 1982-1986 Correspondence re studies and career. personal news. Also includes 1988-1996 Chiefly personal and career news. Sangodcar, U. 1986, 2002 One letter only, 1986, with later typescript note by Clarke. Trewavas, A. One letter only. F.27-F.32 with College London University ‘UCL Misc’ 1982-1998 Armitage, J.P. Correspondence and papers chiefly re career. Correspondence colleagues. Arranged in alphabetical order by surname. Armitage was a student on the UCL B.Sc. Microbiology After graduation in 1972 she went on to Ph.D. course. research. She remained at UCL to 1985 when she moved to Professor of Oxford. Biochemistry at the University of Oxford in 1996. 1995-1998 She was appointed Banks joined Barbara course Department and then joined the Physiology Department. the UCL Biochemistry M.Sc. the Chemistry 1957. She did Ph.D. in in a Banks, B. Career. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence Bawden, L.-A. One letter only, with reminiscences. Lighthill, M.J. Obituaries of Lighthill, including appreciation by Clarke, Guardian, 25 July 1998; letter of condolence to Lady Lighthill. The mathematician, Sir James Lighthill, was Provost of UCL. He gave strong support to science and technology and to the position of women in the College. 1981-1985 Robson, E.B. One letter only. F.33-F.56 1968-1999 Ambler, R.P. 1972-2000 the UCL Department of ‘Correspondence with scientists etc UK’ Bette Robson was Head of Genetics and Biometry. Correspondence with British scientists and colleagues. Arranged in alphabetical order. Exchange re work on amidase. Correspondence re Clarke and Ambler’s ‘collaboration on the of Pseudomonas aeruginosa’ Also includes exchange re commemoration meeting for M.R. Pollock, 2000. Ambler worked in the Edinburgh University Department of Molecular Biology. amino acid sequence of the amidase Auffret, A.D. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence Auffret worked with R.P. Ambler at Edinburgh on the amidase sequence. Billing, E. Strains of Erwinia. Brenner, S. Strains of Pseuodmonas aeruginosa. Buchanan, B.J. 1997, 1998 Correspondence re Waltham Abbey connection. Buchanan, R.A. 1995-1998 F.39-F.44 the typescript A correspondents and explains her relationship with them. Clarke (F.39) note lists by the 1976-1999 Bacon, J.S.D. Correspondence re history of science and personal news. Cambridge Biochemistry Department Correspondence with colleagues associated with Department of Biochemistry at Cambridge. Includes correspondence re Stickland-type reaction. Chiefly personal news and news of colleagues. Includes 3pp typescript of Corran’s obituary of their mutual friend R.L.M. Synge, 1994. Corran, H.S. Elsden, S.R. 1992-1999 1976-1981 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence 1991-1995 1996-1997 Gale, E.F. Chiefly personal news. Harris, H. Heyningen, R. van Personal correspondence. Davies, M. Dawes, E.A. Exchange re 100th volume of the Journal of General Microbiology. Derewenda, Z. Howe, T.G.B. Kornberg, H.L. Correspondence re Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains. Knowles, C.J. 1976, 1984 Includes copy of typescript paper ‘The effect of cyclic AMP on respiratory activity in Escherichia coli K-12’, sent to Clarke for comment after its rejection for publication, 1976. in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. One letter only from Kornberg re propionate and growth P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence Simon, B. 1992, 1994, 2002 Personal news; history of Cirencester schools. Simon was Professor of Education at the University of Leicester. Slater, J.H. 1981-1991 Includes typescript of ‘Environmentally directed mutations in the dehalogenase system of Pseuodmonas putida’ by Slater et al, sent to Clarke for comment. Slater was Professor of Applied Microbiology at University of Wales. the Smith, W. One letter only. Spratt, B.G. Travel grant. Wright, L.F. Weightman, A.J. Correspondence and papers re work on Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Belgium. Victor Stalon worked in Science Faculty of the microbiology unit the the Université Libre de Bruxelles, of F.57-F.59 ‘Europe’ E578 Stalon, V. 1978-1988 1978-1985 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence 1978-1979 Correspondence re arginine metabolism. 1983-1985 draft typescript Includes by Pseudomonas species’ by Stalon and A. Mercenier sent to Clarke for comment, 1983, and further correspondence on arginine pathways, 1984-1985. ‘L-arginine utilization of Miscellaneous correspondents F.60-F.73 ‘Correspondence with scientists US’ 1968-1997 Correspondence with US scientists and other colleagues. Arranged in alphabetical order. 1969-1981 Gunsalus, I.C. Dykhuizen, D.E. Letter, with enclosures, re mutation in Escherichia coli Correspondence re Pseudomonas aeruginosa, personal news. Includes typescript biographical note on Gunsalus by Clarke. One letter only re work on nitrogen control. Knowles, J.R. 1976, 1985 Kustu, S. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence Lin, E.C.C. One letter only, of good wishes on retirement. Miller, S.L. One letter only, with enclosures. Olsen, R. Correspondence re Michigan. visit by Clarke to University of Clarke lectured to the Division of Biological Sciences course on ‘Experimental evolution of biochemical pathways’ on 4 November 1980. Mechanisms Molecular Evolution on of Ornston, L.N. 1972-1973, 1985 contribution Phibbs, P. Palleroni, N.J. to Chiefly correspondence Genetics and Biochemistry of Pseudomonas, eds. Clarke and M.H. Richmond (London: Wiley, 1975). re Ornston’s Correspondence re Palleroni’s contribution to Genetics and Biochemistry of Pseudomonas, eds. Clarke and M.H. Richmond (London: Wiley, 1975). Pardee to the UK and personal news. Exchange re proposal to establish a Pseudomonas stock culture collection at East Carolina University. Chiefly correspondence re by Sager and Reiner, A.M. visits A.B. Sager, R.D. 1980-1997 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Correspondence She Ruth Sager was a distinguished cancer geneticist. was one of the first women to be elected to the US National Academy of American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Sciences and the Shooter, E. Personal news. 1986-1997 Stanier, R.Y. 1968-1969 Correspondence Pseudomonas. Clarke on Stanier’s influence on her work. of Also includes brief typescript note by properties strains re of Clarke wrote the Royal Society Biographical Memoir of Stanier, see C.15-C.19. F.74-F.78 Miscellaneous correspondence found loose 1983-2000 1994 1983, 1985, 1988 In chronological order. (1911-1988). Exchange Biographical Memoir of biochemist W.C. Society Evans Quayle the Royal re his with J.R. P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ALLABY, Michael AMBLER, Richard P. ARMITAGE, Judith Patricia ASSOCIATION FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING AUFFRET, A.D. BACON, John Stanley Durrant BAKER, L.M. BANKS, Barbara BAWDEN, Liz-Anne BETZ, Joan L BILLING, Eve C.35 fcc ee B.33-B.35 F.34 F.39 B.39 F.28 F.29 F.12 BRENNER, Sydney BUCHANAN, Brenda J. BUCHANAN, Robert Angus BUD, Robert F. CORRAN, Henry Stanley BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BIOSCIENCE REPORTS BLACKSTONE, Tessa Ann Vosper, Baroness BRITISH NATIONAL BIBLIOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH FUND DAVIES, Martin DALY, Greta DATTA, Prakash CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG CHAPMAN AND HALL, PUBLISHERS P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Index of correspondents F.46 A.27 F.14 A.26-A.29 F.47 F.8, F.47 reid DAWES, Eddie A. DAWKINS, (Clinton) Richard DAY, Martin John DEER PARK SCHOOL CIRENCESTER DEREWENDA, Zygmunt -DODSON, George Guy DRAPER, Philip DREW, Robert E. DUNNILL, Peter DYKHUIZEN, Daniel E. ELSDEN, Sidney Reuben FINER, N. GALE, Ernest Frederick GUEST, John Rodney HALL, Marie Boas HARDER, Wim HARRIS, Harry HAINES, Catharine M.C. GUNSALUS, Irwin Clyde KARUNAKARAN, Velautham HOLLOWAY, Bruce William HEYNINGEN, Ruth van HOWE, T. Gilbert B. JAGER, Karl-Erich P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 KESHAVARAZ, Tajilli KNOWLES, Christopher J. KNOWLES, Jeremy Randall KORNBERG, Sir Hans Leo KUSTU, S. LANE, Nancy J. LAVERACK, P.D. LEVERHULME TRUST LIGHTHILL, Sir (Michael) James LILLY, Malcolm Douglas McCRUM, N.G. MAN, Donald Index of correspondents F199 A.13 F.30 C.20-C.31 B.7 F.31 MASON, Joan B.9, B.29, B.39, B.42 MITRA, Asoke N. NATURE MEADOW, Pauline M. MELLANBY, Jane H. A.18 C.38 C.13 F.20 B.39 F.65 MILLER, Stanley Lloyd NEW DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY F.69 D.8 See also E.27, E.31, E.32 PALM OIL RESEACH INSTITUTE OF MALAYSIA PALLERONI, Norberto J. F.66 F607 F.68 OLSEN, Ron ORNSTON, L.N. PERGAMON PRESS PHIBBS, Paul V. C.39 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 POWELL, Michael QUAYLE, John Rodney RAHMANN, M. Ataur REINER, A.M. Index of correspondents F.76 E.20 F.70 “RESEARCH GRANTS COUNCIL OF HONG KONG D.9-D.14 RICE, Catherine M. RICE, Peter Martin ROBERTS, Sir Derek Harry ROBERTSON, Muriel ROBSON, E. Bette ROSE, Hilary ri22 Fea ir ee B.9 See C.12-C.14 F.32 B.42 ROYAL SOCIETY SANGODCAR, U. STANIER, Roger Yate F.23, F.24 C.34, C.35, C.40, C.41 SLATER, J. Howard SMITH, John Maynard . SHOOTER, Eric SIMON, Brian SAGER, Ruth Deborah E 7a PAS SCIENCE PROGRESS SAMBANTHAMURTHI, Ravigadevi B.31, C.23, D.6, D.15-D.20, E.15, E.29 See also C.15-C.19 SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF LEARNING AND SCIENCE isere Boi Rtb7 A.18 F.54 F.73 SYA) Umtels. SPRATT, Brian G. STALON, Victor D.21, D.22 P.H. Clarke NCUACS 120/6/03 Index of correspondents TEMPEST, David W. TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY TREWAVAS, Anthony James UNIVERSITY OF BATH UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA WARNER, Sir Frederick Edward WEIGHTMAN, Andrew John WRIGHT, L. Fred WYE COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON ZAHRINGER, Ulrich