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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of ALBERT CHARLES CHIBNALL FRS (1894 - 1988) Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Deposited in Cambridge University Library NCUACS33/1/92 All rights reserved University of Bath 1992 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: Abraham Cephalosporin Fund The Biochemical Society The British Library The Geological Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society The Royal Society of Chemistry The Society of Chemical Industry The Wellcome Trust The Wolfson Foundation A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 2 LIST OF CONTENTS Items Page GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.41 3 7 SECTION B RESEARCH B.1-B.21 12 SECTION C LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS C.1-C.28 14 SECTION D SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS D.1-D.31 17 SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES E,1-E.21 23 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE F.1-F.158 26 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 47 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 3 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Professor Chibnall's widow, Dr Marjorie Chibnall FBA, in September 1991. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF A C CHIBNALL Albert Charles Chibnall, an outstanding figure in British biochemistry, was born in London on 28 January 1894. Educated at St Paul's School, 1907-12, and Clare College Cambridge, 1912-14, he served throughout the First World War, first in the Army Service Corps, transferring to the Royal Flying Corps in 1917. In 1919 he returned to academic life as a research student at Imperial College London, working with S B Schryver, Professor of Plant Biochemistry in the Botany Department, on the nitrogenous constituents of green leaves. The direction of his postwar career was confirmed by the two years, 1922-24, he spent at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven. Here he worked in the laboratory of the American plant biochemist T B Osborne whose influence was such that Chibnall continued to turn to him for advice until his death in 1929. Osborne's research assistant, and Chibnall's contemporary, H B Vickery, became a lifelong friend. In 1938 Chibnall returned to New Haven to deliver Yale University's Silliman Lectures which were published the following year as Protein metabolism in the plant. On his return to England in 1924 Chibnall worked on plant protein metabolism in J C Drummond's biochemical laboratory at University College London, initially supported by the Department A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 4 of Scientific and Industrial Research. After a period of uncertainty when DSIR support ended suddenly in 1926, Imperial Chemical Industries stepped in to support his research at UCL and this support continued when Chibnall returned to Imperial College in 1929 as Professor of Biochemistry in succession to Schryver. With ICI support he was able to embark on a substantial programme of research in plant biochemistry as the acknowledged leader in the field, specialising in fatty and nitrogenous substances of leaves and the chemical structure of proteins. It was during this period that Chibnall collaborated with the Bristol physicist S H Piper on the chemistry of plant and insect waxes. Another significant collaboration was between Chibnall's laboratory and that of W T Astbury at Leeds University. Their mutual interest in plant protein fibres led to an investigation of possible commercial production by ICI. In 1943 Chibnall moved to Cambridge as the Sir William Dunn Professor of Biochemistry in succession to F G Hopkins. However he became convinced that a plant biochemist was not the right person to direct medical teaching in the department of Biochemistry at Cambridge, and that unless a second chair could be founded it was his duty to resign and make way for a medically qualified biochemist. He resigned in September 1949. One of his last official duties was to preside over the First International Congress of Biochemistry held in Cambridge in 1949. After his resignation Chibnall retained a small laboratory where he continued his protein research, especially in support of F Sanger's insulin work, until 1958. During these years Chibnall made a considerable contribution to the work of the Agricultural Research Council preparing reports, visiting research centres and serving on committees; he was a member of Council, 1947-57. Chibnall's later years were largely devoted to historical studies and his publications include Richard de Badew and the University of Cambridge, 1315-1340 and Sherington - Fiefs and Fields of a Buckinghamshire Village. He died on 10 January 1988 aged 93. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 5 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. The collection includes significant biographical material and records of Chibnall's research, lectures and publications, societies and organisations, and visits and conferences. Chibnall's general scientific correspondence is particularly extensive and important. Section A, Biographical and autobiographical, is especially noteworthy for the five volumes of unfinished family and personal history. First World War service including photographs, and correspondence relating to the Sir William Dunn Professorship in 1943. There is also documentation of Chibnall's Section B, Research, comprises seven binders of notes covering the period 1925-37, and correspondence and papers relating to plant-protein fibres research, 1935-41, and insulin research 1951-58. Section C, Lectures and publications, includes material relating to Chibnall's Silliman Lectures at Yale University in 1938 and the book based on them. 1942 Royal Society Bakerian Lecture and the 1945 Procter Memorial There is also a little documentation of the Lecture. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 g Section D, Societies and organisations, includes records of Chibnall's work for the Agricultural Research Council. Particularly well documented are the wartime reports he prepared on the direct use of leaf protein in human nutrition and protein supplies for forage. There is a little correspondence with Lord Rothschild and W K Slater, Chairman and Secretary of the ARC, respectively, and reports of a number of visits to ARC research centres. The International Union of Biochemistry is represented by correspondence and papers relating to its formation including documents circulated by C R Harington, Chairman of the International Committee established at the First International Congress of Biochemistry in 1949. There is also documentation of a further wartime report prepared by Chibnall, on human protein requirements and supplies, for the Scientific Committee on Food Policy of the War Cabinet. Section E, Visits and conferences, is important for the records of the First International Congress of Biochemistry. There are correspondence about arrangements, committee papers, draft proceedings of opening and closing sessions and letters of thanks from participants. Section F, Correspondence, is by far the largest in the collection. There are sequences of correspondence, sometimes extending over several decades, with plant biochemists and protein chemists in Britain and overseas, especially the USA and Scandinavia. There are particularly noteworthy sequences of correspondence with W T Astbury, K Bailey, R K Cannan, H J Channon, C S Hanes, K U Linderstrom-Lang, K P G Link, T B Osborne, S H Piper, R R Porter, F Sanger, R LM Synge, H B Vickery and A I Virtanen. Peter Harper Timothy E Powell BATH 1992 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 7 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.1l - A.41 Obituaries and tributes A.l Memoir by R L M Synge and E F Williams, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 35, 1990). A.2 The Times, 20 January 1988. The Biochemist, August 1988. A.3 Memorial Service, Clare College Chapel, Cambridge, 5 March 1988, Order of service. Address by Lord Ashby as published in The Cambridge Review, June 1988, Autobiographical writings A.4-A.8 5 volumes of typescript family history and memoirs, A.9 'The road to Cambridge', Annual Review of Biochemistry, 35 (1966). '50 years ago glutamine from proteins', Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 7 (1982). The isolation of asparagine and See also F.33. 'Rarly days in biochemistry', issued in photocopy by the Biochemical Society, 1987. A.10 Interviews, 1983-84. Correspondence with N Morgan, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, re arrangements for interviews, transcript of 'interview with Prof A C Chibnall October 8th 1983 on the development of biochemistry'. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 8 Biographical and autobiographical Career, honours and awards A.11-A.14 First World War service. Asi A.12 A.13 A.14 'Flying instruction' booklet inscribed 'A C Chibnall Capt’. 'Training brigade transfer card' with date of posting to Royal Flying Corps (30.10.17), and history of training. 'pilots flying log book'. August 1918. Records flights December 1917- "Squadron orders' by Major J O Archer commanding Artillery Observation School RAF, Almaza, 3 May 1918. Chibnall qualified to wear wings from 1 May. Records University College, London. Letter of appointment (on the recommendation of J C Drummond) as honorary research assistant in the Department of Biochemistry, 21 July 1925. Letter from ICI offering 'the position at University College in connection with the Research Council', 14 June 1929, Letters of thanks for contribution to University College's centenary appeal, March 1931. A.16-A.18 Imperial College London. A.16 A.17 Letter of appointment as Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, 29 January 1930, conditions of appointment, terms of agreement, etc. Not Application for appointment as Reader, March 1931, proceeded with on the grounds Chibnall was already doing the same job as his predecessor who had been a full professor. Application for appointment as a full professor, 1936-37. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/ 92 9 Biographical and autobiographical A.18 Correspondence and papers re College business, 1939, 1942-43, Correspondence re resignation from Professorship on election to Cambridge Biochemistry Chair, 1943-44, Invitation to serve as a College representative on the University Board of Advisors in respect of a new Chair in Biochemistry, 11 February 1955. A.19-A.22 University of Cambridge. A.19 Exhibition, Clare College 1912. Conferment of ScD 1931. A.20-A, 22 Sir William Dunn Professorship of Biochemistry 1943. A.20 Correspondence re candidature; invitation, acceptance. A.21, A.22 Letters of congratulation. 2 folders. In alphabetical order. A.23 Consultancies. Wellcome Research Institution 1946. Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) Limited 1949, 1953. A.24 Honorary fellowship, Royal Society of Edinburgh 1953. Fellowship of Imperial College, London 1961. Honorary D.Sc St Andrews University 1971. Fellowship of Society of Antiquaries of London 1978, A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 LO Biographical and autobiographical A.24 ee. Congratulations on 60 years of membership of Royal Society of Chemistry. Nd. A.25 80th birthday, 1974. Menu, seating plan, list of participants at birthday dinner; See also A.41,. letters from those unable to attend, etc. A.26 90th birthday, 1984, Menu and seating plan for birthday dinner; from those unable to attend. letters Miscellaneous personal correspondence, letters of thanks in reply to Chibnall's letters of congratulation, sympathy etc. Photographs A.28-A,37 First World War service. A.~29-A ,33 Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport Section (ASC MT) 1914-17. Photographs of Chibnall, fellow officers and soldiers, camps at Holcombe near Radstock, Mudros Bay in Lemnos, on board ship, etc. 6 folders. Many identified and dated on verso. A.34,A.35 Royal Flying Corps (RFC) 1917-18. A.34 Chibnall, fellow officers, aircraft on ground, two crash landings 'lst solo flight on DH6 29.12.17' and ‘last solo flight Orfordness 12 Nov 1918'. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 1d. Biographical and autobiographical A.35 A.36 A.37 Aerial photographs including Chibnall in RE8 over pyramids, inscribed 'A fake - 2 photos superimposed’. Album purchased in Cairo and used for ASC MT and RFC Towards rear of album are a few photographs. photographs of Clare College rowing 1912-13 and Henley 1914. Small format 'Snapshots' album for aerial photographs ?Photographs taken through of aeroplanes in flight. gunsights during training. A.38 Yale University 1922-24. Scientific colleagues including H B Vickery, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Chibnall's lodgings in New Haven. A.39 E Winterstein, Zurich, July 1935. WWC Topley, nd (died 1944). DN Pryanishnikov, nd (died 1948). J L Baker, nd (died 1958). A.40 Trinity College Dinner, lst International Congress of Biochemistry, Cambridge, 1949. Dinner for Sir Paul Fildes, Lincoln College Oxford, 10 February 1962. A.41 Chibnall's eightieth birthday. 1974, In conversation with R Hill; RR Porter in foreground. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 12 SECTION B RESEARCH B.l - B.21 Bel Binder of research notes inscribed 'Protein III' spine. 1925. on Binder of research notes inscribed 'Leaf Fats I' on spine. correspondence intercalated and at rear. Index at front. 1926-27. Related Binder of research notes. correspondence intercalated. 1927-29. Related Binder of research notes, intercalated and at rear. 1928, Related correspondence Binder of research notes inscribed on front cover ‘apples'. Index at front. c.1930. B.6 Binder of research notes inscribed on front cover "Runner Bean. Book I'. 1931-32. Binder of research notes inscribed on spine 'Phrenosin'. 1934-37. References (with index) at rear, B.8-B.19 Correspondence and papers re possible commercial production by ICI of plant-protein fibres. 1978. 1935-41, See also correspondence with W T Astbury in Section F. B.8-B.12 "Fibre Research I'. divided into five for ease of reference. Contents of folder so inscribed 1935-40. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 13 Research B.13-B.19 "Fibre Research II Patents'. inscribed divided into six for ease of reference, 1935-41, 1978. Contents of folder so B.20, B.21 Correspondence re insulin research supported by Eli Lilly and Company 1951-58. 2 folders. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 14 SECTION C LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS 6.1 = €.28 Gedy CGa2 The Silliman Memorial Lectures on 'Protein Metabolism in the Plant', Yale University, October 1938. See also correspondence with H B Vickery in Section F. C1 Invitation; correspondence re arrangements, ete. C.2 Notice of lectures; opening remarks. press release; Chibnall's C.3 - C.10 Protein metabolism in plants, Yale University Press 1939, reprinted 1964. Polish edition 1952, The book was based on Chibnall's Silliman Lectures. C.3 - C.5 Correspondence with Yale University Press, 1938-68. C.3 c.4 c.5 C.6 C.7 c.8 Gs 1938. Includes agreement between author and publisher. 1939. 1941-42, 1944-47, 1963-68. printing by H B Vickery. Includes preface to second Letters of thanks for complimentary copies, 1939. Printer's proofs of illustrations. Reviews. Royalty statements. c.10 Correspondence re Polish edition 1950-53. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 L5 Lectures and publications Cilly (C,12 ‘Amino Acid Analysis and the Structure of Proteins', Royal Society Bakerian Lecture, 1942. Cok 3lpp typescript; 2pp summary. C.12 Extracts from the literature. C.13,- C.16 2nd Procter Memorial Lecture on 'The Contribution of the Analytical Chemist to the Problem of Protein Structure', International Society of Leather Trades' Chemists, 21 September 1945. € 513 Correspondence re arrangements. c.14 c.15 c.16 c.17 July 1945 number of Society's Journal with lecture January 1946 number of Journal with announcement; lecture text. Procter Memorial issue (March 1928) of Society's Journal. Resumé of lecture (2pp typescript); ms notes. Invitation to lecture from Society of Dyers and Colourists (declined), 1945. 'The composition and structure of proteins’. 2pp typescript 'resumé' only, with ms inscription "Lecture given at Utrecht in 1946 or 1947. Procter Lecture with slight additions’. c.18, C.19 Lectures on proteins given in Denmark and Sweden, May 1948. 2 folders. C.20 Reviews. Various dates 1937-66. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 16 Lectures and publications Cy2h Obituaries. Not all by Chibnall. H W Dudley. R S Hutton. W K Slater. See also D.1, F.12, F.45. C,22 = €.26 Chibnall's collected scientific papers. 5 volumes. C.27,C.28 Photocopies of items missing from collected series. 2 folders. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 17 SECTION D SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS D1 = D391 D. 1 - D.12 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (ARC) D.13, D.14 BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY D.15 - D.21 BRITISH EGG MARKETING BOARD D.22 - D.27 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BIOCHEMISTRY (IUB) D.28 MACAULAY INSTITUTE FOR SOIL RESEARCH D.29, D.30 ROYAL SOCIETY D.31 SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON FOOD POLICY OF THE WAR CABINET. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 18 Societies and organisations AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (ARC) various dates 1940-76 Chibnall was associated with the ARC over many years ina variety of capacities including preparing reports, visiting research centres and service on committees. He was a member of Council, 1947-57. D.1 General and personal correspondence, various dates 1947-70 Includes invitation to serve on Council, letters of thanks for service. 1957 gives the background to his decision to withdraw from ARC activities. of W K Slater, Secretary ARC 1949-60, for Chemistry in Britain. Chibnall's letter of 25 September 1970 item is Chibnall's obituary D.2 - D.Y 'A.R.C. Pirie's Grass Work'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of reference. 1955, 1976. 1940-42, Chibnall prepared a report for the ARC and Department of Scientific and Industrial Research on a proposal by N W Pirie (March 1941) for the direct use of leaf proteins in human nutrition. D2 - B.5 Correspondence and papers re grass-protein, Pirie's proposal, Chibnall's report, etc., 1940-42, 4 folders. D.6 Copies of Chibnall's report, etc. D.7, D.8 Ms notes, background material re leaf protein. 2 folders. D.9 Later material rePirie, 1955, 1976. D.10 Report on protein supplies for liv2stock, 1941. The report was commissioned by W WC Topley, Secretary ARC. Correspondence, copies of report, comments on report. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 19 Societies and organisations Deki Correspondence with Lord Rothschild, 1948-53, Rothschild was Chairman of the ARC, 1948-58. Folder includes notes headed 'Rothschild', probably prepared for meeting between Chibnall and Rothschild on ARC business c.1949, memorandum on 'the production and consumption of biochemists' by N W Pirie, 29 May 1950, and report 'of a discussion on marginal land in Shropshire’, D.12 Visits to ARC research centres, 1952, 1953, 1955. Reports on visits to Hannah Dairy Research Institute, 1952; Scotland, 1953; universities and research institutes in and Long Ashton and Scotland, 1955, Folder also includes itinerary and report on visits by C S Hanes, 1955, See also D.28. BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY various dates 1940-84 D. 13 D.14 Chibnall's resignation as Honorary Secretary, 1940. Correspondence re silver salver presented by the Society to Sir Arthur Harden in 1937, April - October 1968; photograph of salver. Correspondence re honorary membership and 500th meeting, 1969, Correspondence with Honorary Archivist, 1978-79, and Executive Secretary, 1980 and 1984. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 20 Societies and organisations BRITISH EGG MARKETING BOARD 1960-70 Chibnall surveyed poultry research requirements for the Board and recommended the setting up of a Scientific Advisory Committee. D.15,D.16 Correspondence and papers re visits to research centres, 1960. 2 folders. D.17 Ms notes and drafts. D.18 D.19 D.20 D.21 Copy of Chibnall's report, 2 November 1960. Printed and duplicated background material. Correspondence and papers, 1964, 1966. 1966 material relates to symposium on ‘Environmental control in poultry production', Harper Adams Agricultural College, Newport, Shropshire. The Scientific Advisory Committee of the British Printed booklet. Egg Marketing Board 1961-70. INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BIOCHEMISTRY (IUB) D.22 - D.25 Correspondence and papers re formation of the IUB, 1949-52, 4 folders. Includes documents circulated by C R Harington, Chairman of the International Committee established at the First International Congress of Biochemistry in 1949. See E.8. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 21 Societies and organisations D.26 D.27 Programmes, correspondence re arrangements etc., for 2nd International Congress of Biochemistry, Paris, 21-27 July 1952, Invitation to make contribution to section on chemical aspects of polypeptide and protein structure, of the 3rd International Congress of Biochemistry, Brussels, 1955. MACAULAY INSTITUTE FOR SOIL RESEARCH 1954-55, 1958 Chibnall visited the Institute in the course of his work for the ARC, See D.1 - D.12. D.28 Correspondence with scientific staff re research, etc. ROYAL SOCIETY 1945, 1950 D.29 Agricultural Science Committee. Chibnall agreed to serve on the Agricultural Science Committee in June 1945, Correspondence, memorandum re position of agricultural Science in the Royal Society, January-February, June 1945, D.30 Elections, 1950. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 22 Societies and organisations SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON FOOD POLICY OF THE WAR CABINET 1941 Chibnall prepared a report on human protein requirements and supplies. D.31 Copy of report, brief correspondence, etc. 1941, A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 23 SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES E.1l - E.21 Eyl Joint meeting Biochemical Society and Société de Chimie Biologique, London, 10 November 1945, Letters of thanks; R Fabre. English version of speech by E.2 - E.17 lst International Congress of Biochemistry, Cambridge 19-25 August 1949, Congress. Chibnall was President of the For 2nd International Congress, Paris, 1952 and 3rd International Congress, Brussels, 1955, see D.26, D.27. E.2, E.3 General correspondence and papers rearrangements, 1949-50, E.2 E.3 1949 February - October. participation of Soviet biochemists. Includes correspondence re 1950 September, nd. German biochemists approved by Dr Blount’. Undated items include 'List of E.4 - E.8 Committee papers. E.4; ES Executive Committee, 1948-50. 2 folders. E.6 E.7 E.8 E.9 Congress Committee, 1948-49, Scientific Meetings Sub-Committee, 1948-49, International Committee, 1949-50. Correspondence and papers re future international organisation of biochemistry. See D.22 - D.27. Correspondence and papers re honorary degrees conferred on members of the Congress by Cambridge University, 1948-49. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 24 Visits and conferences E.10 Programme and list of members. Printed booklet. E.11 Chibnall's opening address as President. E.12 Congress Dinner, Trinity College. Menu, plan of tables, Chibnall's speech. photographs see A.40. For E13 Draft proceedings for closing session of Congress. E.14 B15 Chemistry & Industry, 15 October 1949. With report of Congress proceedings. Report of Opening & Concluding Sessions and Three Printed for the Biochemical Society 1950. Lectures. Bel6, Heol7 Letters of thanks from Congress members, 2 folders. E.1e)— E.20 9th Council of the Institut International de Chimie Solvay on proteins, Brussels, 6-14 April 1953. Chibnall was invited to present a report to the Council on the chemical constitution of proteins. Beis, B.19 Correspondence and papers re arrangements. 2 folders, E.20 Chibnall's ms notes on proceedings. headed 'My paper', 'Theorell', Pederssen', 'Anson's paper', 'Synge's Paper', ‘Lang's Introduction' and ‘Lang's paper'. Includes notes A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 25 Visits and conferences E.21 Gordon Research Conference on 'Lipid metabolism', Meriden, New Hampshire, 16-20 August 1971. Brief correspondence re arrangements, list of participants etc. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 26 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE F.1l - F.158 F.1 Ashby, E 1973, 1975 Brief social correspondence. Chibnall on Ashby's career. Includes lp ms note by Fi2 = Feb Astbury, WT 1933-45,1961,1976-77 Astbury was an x-ray crystallographer in the Textile Physics Laboratory at Leeds University who collaborated with Chibnall (and Chibnall's research student Kenneth Bailey qv) on protein structure research. commercial possibilities of plant-protein fibres were investigated in conjunction with ICI (see also B.8-B.19). The Correspondence on research and publications. F.2 F:3 F.4 F.5 F.6 F.7 F.8 1933-34. 1935 January-June. 1935 July, August. 1935 October-December. 1936-39. 1940-43, 1945. 1961, 1976-77. 1961. Service, Emmanuel Church, Leeds, 15 June. Bailey's tribute to Astbury at the Memorial 1976-77. chemistry, protein fibres. Correspondence re history of protein A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 24, Correspondence eee teeelele Bacon, J S D 1938-56.1974 Recommendations and appointments. 1938-40. Recommendations from F G Hopkins. F.10 Includes progress report on ARC project 1945-47. (investigations of carbohydrate fractions of grass), by Bacon and D J Bell, September 1946. 1955-56, 1974. By ele Lee lay, Bailey, K 1932-67,1978 Bailey became a research student in Chibnall's laboratory in 1933. a Rockefeller Foundation grant to work in Chibnall's In September 1935 he accepted laboratory as a member of W T Astbury's team. Chibnall wrote the Royal Society memoir of Bailey (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 10, 1964) Personal and scientific correspondence. 1932, 1934, 1935,1939 (six letters on research from Harvard Medical School). Includes Bailey's report on his 'Researches 1944-49, carried out during the tenure of an ICI Fellowship, 1945-47", 1955,1959,1961,1962. N F Astbury with reminiscences of his brother WTA. 1961 item is letter from Be? Hels A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 28 Correspondence Correspondence and papers re Chibnall's Royal Society memoir of Bailey. Invitation to write memoir and material assembled list of publications, Bailey's Royal Society for it: personal record, printed obituaries, memorial service, list of references to Bailey in the Council Minutes, Trinity College Cambridge, note by Bailey 'The Trinity Picture Scheme', 1953 (on system of hiring pictures for undergraduate rooms), Bailey's tribute to Astbury at memorial service, 1961 (see also F.8). Correspondence from colleagues and friends of Bailey, and their recollections of him. alphabetical order: 1963-64. In F.15 F.16 M L Anson J T Edsall R H Hopkins C M Kay J Lugg H Neurath S V Perry A Pollard J C Ruégg R G Westall Also comments on Chibnall's draft of Royal Society memoir by S V Perry and F G Young. Pel? Letters of thanks to Chibnall for Royal Society memoir, some with further recollections of Bailey. In alphabetical order: 1964-65,1967. J D Ferry C M Kay H Neurath S V Perry A Pollard K Schmid F G Young Also letter from Perry, 1978. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 29 Correspondence F.18 reBaker, J L 1958 Letters in reply to Chibnall's request for assistance in preparing obituary of Baker; See also A.39, and G C Jones, obituaries by Chibnall F.19 Buston, H W 1957-58,1964-65 Buston was a colleague of Chibnall's at Imperial College. Imperial College news, reminiscences. F.20-F.25 Cannan, R K 1930-54,1971-77 Cannan was a colleague of Chibnall's in J C Drummond's laboratory at University College London. became Professor of Biochemistry in the New York University College of Medicine. In 1930 he Personal and scientific correspondence, 1930=38, ?1937, 1939. 1940-41. 1942, 1943-45, 1946-49, 1953-54, Includes obituary and memoir of 1971,1973,1977. 1977 correspondence is from Cannan who died in 1971. J T Edsall who was writing the biographical memoir for the National Academy of Sciences. F.20 F.21 F.22 F.23 F.24 F.25 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 30 Correspondence F.26,°F.27 Channon, H J 1930-42 ,1977 F.26 F.27 F,28 Channon was a colleague of Chibnall's in J C Drummond's laboratory at University College London. Leeds University in 1927 and became Professor of Biochemistry at Liverpool in 1932. He moved to Includes correspondence re proposed 1930-35, joint discussion between Biochemical and Chemical Societies, 1938, 1940, 1942, 1977. of Channon (died 1979). Also includes obituaries Clarke, HT 1933-54 Chibnall initiated the correspondence after reading Clarke's paper on labile sulphur in protein in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Includes Clarke's 'preliminary notes' on the preparation of carboxymethoxylamine, July 1936. F229 Cori; © F 1946, 1948-49 Brief correspondence re visits to England 1946 and for International Congress of Biochemistry 1949. See also E.16. F.30 Drummond, J C c.1954 Draft of Royal Society obituary notice only. obituary notice was prepared by F G Young. The F,.3L-F 33 Edsall, J T 1949-65,1977-84 F.31 Chiefly re visits and conferences: 1949-52, International Congress of Biochemistry, 1949; 75th anniversary meeting of American Chemical Society, 1951; 1952. Edsall's Fulbright Professorship at Cambridge, A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 Sul Correspondence 1954, 1956, 1958, 1960. to USA and Edsall's to Cambridge. Chiefly re Chibnall's visits 1962, 1964-65. Chiefly re Kenneth Bailey. 1977-78, 1981-82, 1984, Chibnall's article 'The isolation of asparagine and glutamine from proteins', Sciences, 7, Trends in Biochemical Includes typscript draft of (1982). See also A.9. F,.32 F',33 F.34,F.35 Eglinton, G 1959-61,1963,1967, 1976, nd. Eglinton was a member of the Glasgow University Chemistry Department (later Professor of Chemistry at Bristol). Correspondence is re research on chemistry of waxes and Chibnall's specimencollection. 1959-61. Regius Professor of Chemistry at Glasgow. 1959 correspondence is with R A Raphael, 1963, 1967, 1973, nd. background material. Includes data and printed F.34 F.35 F.36 Finch, GI 1953,1956,1958 Finch was a colleague at Imperial College (Professor of Applied Physical Chemistry 1936-52) who became Director of the National Chemical Laboratory of India, Poona. Correspondence 1956 is re visit to India by Chibnall. F.37 Fowden, L various dates 1964-81 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 32 Correspondence F.38 Fruton, JS various dates 1951-80 F.39,F.40 Grodsky, GM 1953-57,1960-61,1983 F.39 F.40 Grodsky came from Berkeley in 1954 for postdoctoral research with Chibnall. 1953-54, 1955-57, 1960-61, 1983. "Report of work at Cambridge University (Oct.1954-Oct.1955)'. Correspondence 1960 is re visit to USA by Chibnall. Includes copy of Grodsky's F.41-F.44 Hanes, CS 1951-80 Born in Canada, Hanes did PhD research at Cambridge, and made his career there, (Reader in Plant Biochemistry and Director of ARC Unit) before returning to Canada in 1951 as Professor of Biochemistry, University of Toronto. Personal and scientific correspondence, F.41 F.42 F.43 F.44 1951-54, 1955-56, 1958-59, 1960-61, 1963-65, 1967. 1970-74, 1976-80. publications to 1976. Includes Hanes's cv and list of F.45 re Harington, C R 1972-73 re obituary notices of Harington (died 1972). F.46 Hird, F JR 1949-57,1968,1984 Hird came from Australia to work in Chibnall's laboratory, 1949-51. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 35 Correspondence F.47,F.48 Hopkins, F G 1920,1930,1932,c.1943 Hopkins was the first Professor of Biochemistry at Cambridge, and Chibnall's predecessor as the Sir William Dunn Professor. little material from Hopkins. Chibnall appears to have inherited a See also F.9, F.12. F.47 Application of part of the estate of Sir William 1920, Dunn towards the foundation and endowment of a School of Biochemistry at Cambridge. Letters from Chairman of the Dunn Committee and Secretary of the Medical Research Council to the Vice Chancellor re Dunn benefaction, text of the 'proposed scheme', newspaper-cutting etc. F.48 1930, 1932, ¢.1943:. of Biochemistry Sir William Dunn Institute' c.1943. Includes lp note 'University Department F.49 Jordan, RC various dates 1932-67 Jordan was a research student of Chibnall's at Imperial College. F.50 Foo Kay, H D 1941-45,1958 Kolattukudy, P E 1964-79 Kolattukudy worked at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station on plant waxes. Includes Chibnall's foreword to book on chemistry and biochemistry of natural waxes edited by Kolattukudy. F452 Krebs, HA 1937-53,1963 Includes Krebs's survey of his research work in respect of Royal Society candidature, 1945. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 34 Correspondence F.53-F.56 Leggett Bailey, J 1952-73 Leggett Bailey worked with Chibnall in Cambridge in the early 1950s, Research, recommendations and appointments. F.53 F.54 F.55 F.56 1952-54, 1955, 1958-59. 1961-64, 1966-67, 1971, 1973. F.57-F.60 Linderstrgm-Lang, K U 1945-59 Linderstrém-Lang was Director of the Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen. Research, visits and conferences. F.57 F.58 F.59 F.60 1945-47, 1948. 1949-52, Includes reprint of J T Edsall's obituary 1958-59, of Linderstrgm-Lang (died 1959) for Advances in Protein Chemistry. F.61-F.67 Link, K PG various dates 1924-84 Link was a biochemist at the University of Wisconsin, famous for his work on anticoagulants including the rat poison warfarin. Personal and scientific correspondence. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 35 Correspondence 1924, 1930, 1932, 1935,1938-39. 1948, 1952-53,1955. 1960-68. 1970-76, 1978, 1984. Press-cuttings, reprints. Booklet comprising memorial service, biographical memoir, etc. F.61 F.62 F.64 F.65 F.66 F.67 F.68 Martin, C J 1930-34,1943,1955 On his retirement from the Directorship of the Lister Institute in 1930, Martin accepted an invitation to take temporary control of the Institute of Animal Nutrition, University of Adelaide. He initiated the correspondence shortly before his departure for Australia. Includes obituary notice and order of memorial service. For Chibnall's reminiscences of Martin, see F.73. Martin, J Meinwald, J Chemistry of waxes. 1970-74 1974-76 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 33/1/ CS 36 Correspondence Pad Mendel, L B 1931-34, 1953 Chibnall was formally attached to Mendel's Department of Physiological Chemistry at Yale during his two years as visiting worker in New Haven, Connecticut, 1922-24, though his principal association was with T B Osborne (qv). Includes correspondence 1933 re running of British Biochemical Journal and American Journal of Biological Chemistry. Chibnall had shown the 1933 correspondence. 1953 letter is from A Neuberger to whom Be /2 Moore, S 1950-56, 1972-81 Principally re Moore's visits to Cambridge. F.73 Neuberger, A 1941-42 ,1946-47,1974 1976 Research, recommendation, reminiscences. F.74 Nicholson, DC various dates 1946-82 Nicholson began as a laboratory assistant in Chibnall's He later took a laboratory at Imperial College in 1935. PhD at Leeds University on Chibnall's recommendation and made his career at King's College (London) Medical School. Recommendations. F,/5-F.79 Osborne, T B 1923-37, 1965 Chibnall worked under Osborne at the Connecticut Agricultural Osborne was the Experiment Station in New Haven, 1922-24, world's leading authority on plant proteins who from about 1920 had initiated work on leaf proteins, Chibnall's Chibnall - particular research interest at that time. considered his association with Osborne of fundamental importance to the development of his career in scientific research, and continued to turn to Osborne for advice until Osborne's death in 1929. of Chibnall's letters to Osborne. The material includes photocopies A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 37 Correspondence F.75 Letter from Osborne to Chibnall's father, 1923. Osborne's letter includes 1 June, with draft reply. a glowing appraisal of Chibnall as a young scientist. 1923325. Principally re Chibnall's prospects after the 1926. withdrawal of support for his work by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). Osborne offered to assist by approaching a US organisation, the International Education Board, on his behalf, and Chibnall drew up a programme of research for submission to the Board. Principally re proposal by the Director, 1927-28. Sir John Russell, to establish a plant biochemistry laboratory for Chibnall at the Rothamsted Experimental Station. the proposal with Osborne but it came to nothing. Chibnall visited America in May 1927 to discuss Includes letter from H B Vickery, 1929-37, 1965. 29 January 1929, announcing Osborne's death, correspondence from his widow, and telegram, 1937, announcing her death. 1965 letter is from DSIR with information about Chibnall's DSIR awards in the 1920s. F.78 F.79 F.80-F.91 Piper, S H 1929-39, 1953 Piper was a Bristol physicist most of whose work was in the field of x-rays. Chibnall in experiments on the synthesis and crystal spacing of the wax constituents of apples, forage grasses, and other natural products. He was closely associated with Scientific correspondence and data. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 38 Correspondence F.80 F.81 F.82 F.83 F.84 F.85 F.86 The first letter in the file is from Piper to 1929, "Dr Channon’, hydrocarbons as observed by Prof. Francis'. Data includes 'Melting points of 1930. 1931. Includes 'Data for the acids Co and higher'. 1932, 1933. Includes recommendation. 1934, 1935, F.87 1936-37, 1939. Includes recommendation. F.88 1953. Also includes obituary c.1962. F.89-F.91 Data. 3 folders. F.92-F.95 Porter, RR various dates 1945-83 Porter graduated in biochemistry at Liverpool University in 1939 and after a year's research there joined the army. He served until December 1945, rising to the rank of major. about the possibility of being accepted as a research student in biochemistry when he was demobilised. started work in Cambridge in January 1946 with F Sanger (qv) as his supervisor. He approached Chibnall in August 1945 He continued... A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 39 Correspondence F.92-F.95 cont'd... Porter subsequently became Professor of Biochemistry at Oxford, and was awarded the 1972 Nobel Prize for Medicine for work on the structure of antibody molecules. Research and career. 1945. Includes recommendation from H J Channon. Includes research programme, 19 September 1946-49, 1946, and proposed plan of work on structure of antibodies and structure of diphtheria toxin, c.1948-49, 1953, 1955-56, 1959. Includes note by Porter on his work since 1946, c.1956. Recommendations and appointments. Chiefly Porter's letters of thanks 1964-73, 1981, 1983. in reply to Chibnall's congratulations on various honours and awards. F.92 F.93 F.94 F.95 F.96, F.97 Pryanishnikov, DN 1939,1945-49 F.96 1939, 1945, Pryanishnikov's eightieth birthday festschrift, Includes invitation to contribute to 22 June 1945, F.97 1946-49, Includes draft of Chibnall's contribution. F.98, F.99 Rees, MW various dates 1951-79 Rees was Chibnall's research assistant over many years at Imperial College and Cambridge. F.98 F.99 1951-52, 1954-55, 1962-63, 1975, 1979. by RLM Synge. Includes obituary of Rees (died 1978) A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 40 Correspondence F.100 Robinson, R various dates 1933-75 Principally research but includes correspondence re series of taped interviews with prominent scientists (including Chibnall) sponsored by Shell Research Ltd. F.,101 Roche, J 1946-49 F.102, F.103 Sanger, F various dates 1952-85 F.102 F103 Recommendations; 1952-58. for Chemistry to Sanger. appreciation in Chemistry and Industry, 13 December 1958. award of 1958 Nobel Prize Includes Kenneth Bailey's Sanger's letters of thanks in reply to Chibnall's 1970-85. congratulations on various honours and awards (including the 1980 Nobel Prize for Chemistry); for Sanger's Cambridge honorary degree, 1983, and 2pp historical note by Sanger about his classic paper 'The free amino groups of insulin' (Biochemical Journal, 39, 1945), 23 January 1985, my PhD degree in 1943 I started working with A C Chibnall, who had come to Cambridge ... as the new head of the Department of Biochemistry’. order of proceedings The note begins: ‘After completing F,104-F.106 Schmid, K various dates 1947-85 Schmid came from Switzerland in 1947 to work for a year in Chibnall's laboratory. F.104 1947, F.105 1949-59, F.106 1960, 1967, 1970-72, 1984-85.. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 41 Correspondence F.107, F.108 Spahr, P-F 1953-58 Spahr came from Switzerland in 1954 to work for a year in Chibnall's laboratory. was renewed for a second year. His fellowship F.107 1953-56. F.108 1957-58. F.109 Stenhagen, E 1946-52 Research on long-chain compounds. F.110-F.113 Synge, RLM 1939-56, 1974 Research, publications, recommendations. F.110 Includes typescript of paper (with A J P Martin) 1939-40. 'Some applications of periodic acid to the study of the hydrooxyamino-acids of protein hydrolysates’. F121 1941-42. F.112 In a letter of 29 January 1943 'I have watched his [Synge's)) research 1943-44, 1946, 1949-50. Chibnall writes: since the days when he was a student in Hopkin's laboratory at Cambridge and I don't think I have been privileged to be concerned with any protein research which has given me greater pleasure than that which Synge has carried out in collaboration with Martin in Leeds'. F113 1951-54, 1956, 1974. F.114, F.115 Tiselius, A 1946-50,1957,1961 Research, visits, international organisation of biochemistry. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 42 Correspondence F.114 1946-47, F.115 1948-50, 1957, 1961. F.116 Tracey, MV 1955-57, 1961 F.117 Tréfouél, J 1948-49 re International Congress of Biochemistry. F.118-F.123 Tristram, GR 1950-65 After a first degree in biochemistry and research at Liverpool University, Tristram joined Chibnall's protein team at Imperial College in 1937. St Andrew's University (Biochemistry Chair 1966). In 1950 he moved to Research and career. F.118 1950-51, F.119 1952. F.120 1953. F.121 Includes Tristram's notes on d-glutamic acid in 1954, f-lactoglobulin dated 28 November 1945 and sent to Chibnall 18 May 1954, F.122 1955-572. F123 1959-60,1962,1964-65. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 43 Correspondence F.124-F.147 Vickery, H B 1925-81 He spent the rest of his professional 1928. Vickery became an assistant in T B Osborne's laboratory at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in 1921. life there, becoming Chief Biochemist on Osborne's retirement in Osborne's laboratory, 1922-24, they formed a lifelong friendship which influenced the course of their scientific work. Chibnall's 1938 Silliman Lectures at Yale and assisted in the lectures' preparation. During Chibnall's stay in Vickery was instrumental in arranging Research, publications, visits. F.124 1925, 1927-29. F125 1930. F.126 1931. F.127 1932. F.128 1933. F.129 1934. F.130 1935 January-March. invitation to deliver Silliman Lectures. Includes correspondence re F131 1935 April-June. F.132 1935 July-December. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 44 Correspondence F.133 1936. F.134 1937. Re preparation of Silliman Lectures. F.135 1938 January-March, Re preparation of Silliman Lectures. F.136 1938 April-June. Re preparation of Silliman Lectures. F.137 1938 July, September, December. Silliman Lectures, publication of lectures, etc. Re preparation of Includes data. F.138 1939. Re publication of Silliman Lectures, etc. F.139 1940. F.140 1941. F.141 1942. F.142 1943, 1945-47. F.143 1949-50. re origin of the word 'protein'. Includes correspondence with H B Hartley F.144 1951, 1953. F.145 1954-55, 1957-58. F.146 1964-65, 1968, 1971-73. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 45 Correspondence F.147 Reprint of 'A chemist among plants' by Vickery (Annual Review of Plant Physiology, 23, 1972); typescript draft and reprint of biographical memoir Zelitch sent of Vickery (died 1978) by I Zelitch. the draft to Chibnall in 1981. F.148-F.150 Virtanen, A I various dates 1933-54 F.148 F.149 F.150 Virtanen was Director of the Biochemical Institute, Helsinki. 1933, 1937-39. to visit Finland in September 1939. Principally re invitation to Chibnall 1945-46, 1949, 1954. to contribute to a festschrift on the occasion of Virtanen's sixtieth birthday. Includes invitation, 3 May 1954, Documents re scientific controversy between Virtanen and P W Wilson on the elucidation of biological nitrogen fixation. See also F.155. F.LSL Wain, RL 1973-74, 1977 Includes reprints of Wain's Royal Society reports on visits to Mexico and China. F.152 Westall, RG 1953, 1963, 1971, 1974 Westall worked in Chibnall's laboratory at Imperial College from about 1930-31. 27 September 1963 provides recollections of Kenneth Bailey (qv) at Imperial College. Westall's letter of A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 46 Correspondence F.153, F.154 Williams, E F various dates 1939-81 Williams became Chibnall's assistant in 1924 when Chibnall joined J C Drummond's laboratory at University College, London. Chibnall and subsequently became J Sainsbury Ltd's Director of Research. He moved to Imperial College and Cambridge with 1939, 1943-45, 1947. 1950, 1963, 1971-72, 1974-75, 1981. letter of 12 November 1963 provides recollections of Kenneth Bailey (qv) at Imperial College. Williams's F.153 F.154 F.155 Wilson, P W. 1939,1946,1953,1955 Principally re disagreement with A I Virtanen (qv). F.156, F.157 Wiltshire, GH 1950-58 y S After undergraduate studies at Cambridge Wiltshire ,undertook research with Chbinall before moving to the Chester Beatty Research Institute in 1950. period at the Rothamsted Experimental Station he moved to Rhodesia in 1957. After a F.156 F.157 F.158 1950-53. 1954-58. Yemm, E W 1948-49, 1958-60 Includes Chibnall's 'Report on the work of Dr E W Yemm'. A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 47 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ACLAND, LH D ADCOCK, Sir Frank (Ezra) ADDISON, Christopher, lst Viscount B.8-B.11 E.16 E.16 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (ARC) D.1-D.12,F.9 ALEXANDER, William Gemmell AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY D.1 F.51 AMORY, Derek Heathcoat Amory, lst Viscount D.1 ANDERSON, R J ANSELL, G B ANSON, Mortimer Louis (Tim) APPLETON, Sir Edward Victor ASHBY, A W ASHBY, Eric, Baron ASTBURY, N F c.4 D.14 F.16 D.3-D.5 D.3,D.4 F.l F.14 ASTBURY, William Thomas B.10,B.18,F.2-F.8,F.13 ATKIN, WR c.13 BACON, John Stanley Durrant F.9=F.11 BAILEY, Kenneth BAILLIE, Sir James BAIRD, DK F.12-F.17 See also F.8,F.32,F.152, F.154 F.5 B.11 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 48 Index of correspondents BAKER, Julian Levett BAKER, L C BARCROFT, Sir Joseph BEHRENS, Otto K BELL, D J BENIANS, E A BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BISCEGLIE, Vincenzo BISHOP, Laurence R BLACKMAN, Vernon Herbert BLIX, Gunnar BOERI, Enzo BRAGG, Sir William Henry BRAND, E BRISCOE, HVA See F.18 E.16 D.3,D.4 B.21 See F.10 F.3L D.13,D.14, E.1 E.16 F.18 A.17 E.16 E.16 D.31 E.2 A.21 BRITISH EGG MARKETING BOARD D.15-D.21 BRITISH LEATHER MANUFACTURERS' RESEARCH ASSOCIATION BROOKS, Frederick Tom BUSTON, H W F.120 A.21 F139 CANADIAN JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYS IOLOGY F.43 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 49 Index of correspondents CANNAN, Robert Keith CHALLENGER, Frederick CHANNON, Harold John CHAPMAN, Sydney CHEMICAL SOCIETY CHERBULIEZ, E CHIBNALL, George William CHICK, Dame Harriette CLARKE, Hans T CLEMO, GR COLMAN, Sir Jeremiah COOK, Sir James Wilfred CORI, Carl Ferdinand COURTOIS, J E cox, Sir (Ernest) Gordon CROMWELL, B T CRUZ-COKE, E F.20-F.25 F.74 A.25,B.2,B.3,F.26,F.27, F.92 See also F.80 A.18 F.102 F.107 F.75 F.68 F.28 See also C.1 c.10 F.47 A.21 E.16,F.29 D.26 c.21,D.1 A.21 E.16 CUTHBERTSON, Sir David (Paton) A.25,A.27,F.54 CUTHBERTSON, W F J D.14 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 50 Index of correspondents DALE, Sir Henry (Hallett) DAMODARAN, Manayth DE KOCK, PC DENT, Charles Enrique DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH DESNUELLE, P DICKENS, Frank DIXEY, RN DIXON, Malcolm DODGSON, K S DONALDSON, Norman V DRUMMOND, Sir Jack Cecil DRURY, AN DUNN, Max S F.111 C.6 D.28 F.152 See also F.156 D.2,F.9,F.79,F.111 E.16 D.25,E.2,E.3,E.8 D.3,D.4 A.21,A.26 D.14 c.3-C.5,C.10 D.3,D.9 See also F.30 F.112 E.16 EDSALL, John Tileston F.16,F.25,F.31-F.33,F.108 EGGLETON, Philip EGLINTON, Geoffrey ERDTMAN, Holger F.26 F.34,F.35,F.70 E.16 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 5] Index of correspondents EVANS, Sir Charles (Arthur) Lovatt EVANS, William Charles A.21 A.27 FABRE, René FARRELL, C J FEIN-CHEMIE GMBH TUBINGEN FERRY, John D FILDES, Sir Paul (Gordon) FINCH, George Ingle FLETCHER, Sir Walter Morley FOREMAN, F W FOSTER, B W FOWDEN, Leslie FRANCIS, F FREDERICQ, E FROMAGEOT, C FRUTON, Joseph Stewart FRYER, Sir John Claud Fortescue E.1,E.2,E.8 See also D.26 F.8 B.3 F.17 F.36 F.47 C.6 B.8,B.9,B.13 A.26,F.37 B.3,F.87 See also F.80 E.18 D.26 F.38 D.1 A C Chibnalil NCUACS 33/1/92 52 Index of correspondents GARTON, George Alan GELL, Philip George Houthem GIBSON, Charles Stanley GRAHAM BROWN, Thomas GRAVE, W W GRAY, Sir James GREENWALD, Isidor GREGORY, Frederick Gugenheim GREGORY, Roderic Alfred A.27 F.120 A.21 F.49 E.9,E.16 A.20,A.21 F.24 F.97 D.15 GRODSKY, Gerold Morton F.39,F.40 GROVER, C E GULLAND, John Masson GUTHRIE, W KC HAAS, Paul HADDOW, Sir Alexander HAMILTON, R J HAMMOND, John HAMOIR, G HANES, Charles Samuel A.25 F.26 E.9 A.21,C.6 F.156 F.34 See D.29 E.16 A.21,C.4,D.12,F.41-F.44 F.55 HAPPOLD, Frank Charles A.21 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 53 Index of correspondents HARDEN, Eric J D.14 HARINGTON, Sir Charles Robert HARPER ADAMS AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE D.22-D.25,E.8,F.26,F.93 F.94,F.115 D.15 See also D.20 HARTLEY, Brian Selby HARTLEY, GS HARTLEY, Sir Harold (Brewer). HARTLEY, Sir Percival HARVEY, A HASTINGS, A Baird HEAD, M J HELE, T S HENTON, A I P HERRALD, F J C HILL, Archibald Vivian HINES, HIRD, Frank John Raymond HOLMBERG, Arne A.26 G.34 F.143 E.16 C.13 F.107,F.108 D.16 A.20,A.21 A.25,F.46 F.143 HOPKINS, Sir Frederick Gowland F.9,F.12,F.46 HOPKINS, Jessie Anne, Lady HOPKINS, Reginald Haydn E.16 F.16 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 54 Index of correspondents HULME, A C HUNNEMAN, D H D.2 F.35 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED A.23,B.8-B.12,B.13-B.19 Ds5,.F'..5 INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF LEATHER TRADES ' CHEMISTS c.13 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BIOCHEMISTRY (IUB) D.22-D.27 IRVING, J T JACOBSEN, C F JONES, G Cecil JORDAN, Ronald Charles KAMM, Edward D KAY, Cyril M A.21 F.58 F.18 F.49 B.2 A.25,F.16,F.17,F.99 KAY, Herbert Davenport C.21,F.50 KEILIN, Anna KENNAWAY, Sir Ernest Laurence KENT-JONES, D W KERMACK, William Ogilvy KIDD, Franklin KING, C G A.27 A.21 E.16 F.54 D.2 A.21 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 Index of correspondents KLEINZELLER, Arnost KNIGHT, Alex H KNOWLES, N R KOLATTUKUDY, Pappachan E KON, George Armand Robert KON, S K A.25 D.28 D.20 A.25,F.51 A.21 D.16 KREBS, Sir Hans (Adolf) A.27,F.10,F.52 KROLL, Harry LAMPITT, LH LAW, John H F.38 E.2 E.21 LEGGETT BAILEY, John F.53-F.56 LESSING, R LEWIN, J LEWIS, Dyfed LEWIS, Howard B ELI LILLY AND COMPANY LILLY, J K A.21 E.18 D.15 C.6 B.21 B.21 LINDERSTR@M-LANG, Kaj Ulrik LINK, Karl Paul Gerhardt LINSTEAD, Sir (Reginald) Patrick LOW, Rosemary E.16,F.57-F.60 F.61-F.67 A.24 E.16 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 56 Index of correspondents LOWE, Charles U LUCK, J Murray LUGG, J WH F.99 D.24,D.25 A.21,A.25,F.16 MACAULAY INSTITUTE FOR SOIL RESEARCH McCANDLISH, D McLEAN, Andrew MARRACK, John R MARTIN, Sir Charles (James) MARTIN, John D.28 €.13 B.12 A.22 F.68 F.69 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL F.93,F.112 MEINWALD, Jerrold MENDEL, Lafayette B MENZIES, RC MITCHELL, Joseph Stanley MOORE, Stanford MORGAN, Neil MORGAN, Walter Thomas James MORRIS, C J O F.70 C.1,F.71 B.3 B.21 A.25,E.17,F.53,F.54 A.10 D.14 F.156 MORRIS, Charles Richard, Baron F.13,F.122 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 57 Index of correspondents NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH IN DAIRYING D.16 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY D.15 NEEDHAM, Joseph NEMCHINOV, V S NEUBERGER, Albert NEURATH, Hans NICHOLSON, Dennis C NORTHUMBERLAND, Hugh Algernon Percy, 10th Duke OGG, Sir William Gammie OLBY, Robert C OPARIN, Alexandr Ivanovich OSBORNE, Elizabeth A A.22,E.2 F.96,F.97 D.14,F.45,F.71,F.73 F.16,F.42 F.74 D.1 F.97 F.8 E.2 F.79 OSBORNE, Thomas Burr F.75-F.79 OSVALD, Hugo OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PANTIN, Carl Frederick Abel PAGE, Irvine H PEARSALL, William Harold F.97 c.4 A.22 A.22 D.11 PERRY, Samuel Victor F.16,F.17 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 58 Index of correspondents PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) D.25,E.17,F.102 PHILLIPS, H PHILLIPS, Thomas G PICKERING, Sir George (White) PIPER, Stephen Harvey PIRIE, Norman Wingate PITT-RIVERS, Rosalind Venetia PLATTNER, Pl. A PLIMMER, RHA PODGORSKI, Ignacy POLLARD, Alfred POLONOVSKI, M POMERAT, Gerard R F.120 C.6 F.102 B.3,F.80-F.91 D.3-D.5,D.9,D.11 See also F.156 A.22 F.104 C.6,E.17 c.10 C.6,F.16,F.17 E.17 F.46 PORTER, Rodney Robert A.26,F.14,F.16,F.92-F.95 PRYANISHNIKOV, Dmitri Nikolaievich PUTZEYS, P RAPHAEL, Ralph Alexander RAVEN, Charles Earle F.96,F.97 D.27 F.34 E.9,E.17 REES, Maurice William A.25,F.98,F.99 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 = Index of correspondents REIFER, I ROBINSON, Sir Robert ROBSON, W ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION ROCHE, Jean ROSE, William C c.10 F.51,F.100 E.1 F.3 E.17,F.101 See also D.26 A.22,C.6 ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Mayer Victor, Baron A.22,D.11,F.94 ROUGHTON, Francis John Worsley F.31 ROYAL SOCIETY RUEGG, J C RUHLAND, W RUSSELL, Sir (Edward) John SALISBURY, Sir Edward James SANGER, Frederick SCARFF, R W SCHMID, Karl SCHOELLER, A SIMONSEN, Sir John Lionel SIMPSON, William L D.29,D.30,F.13,F.15 F.16 C.6 F.78 See D.29 F.102 F.156 A.25,F.17,F.104-F.106 B.3,B.4 F.122 F.105 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 Index of correspondents SKENE, M SLADE, R E SLATER, Sir William (Kershaw) SMITH, Elliott Dunlap SMITH, J AB SMITH, J C D.1,F.98,F.121 See also D.5 CoL A.25 F.87,F.88 SOCIETY OF DYERS AND COLOURISTS C17 SPAHR, Pierre-Franc¢ois A.25,F.107,F.108 SPILLERS LIMITED STEIN, William Howard STENHAGEN, Einar STEVEN, Frank STEWARD, FC SVEDBERG, The D.16 F.72 F.109 F.123 F.144 F.114 SYNGE, Richard Laurence Millington F.110-F.113 See also F.114 TEMPERTON, H TERROINE, E THEORELL, Axel Hugo Theodor THIRKILL, Sir Henry D.15 D.22,E.17 A.22 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 61 Index of correspondents THOMPSON, E O P THOMSON, Sir George (Paget) TIMMERMANS, Jean TISDALE, W E TISELIUS, Arne A.25 A.22 E.18 F.2 E.8,E.17,F.114,F.115 See also D.25 TOPLEY, William Whiteman Carlton TRACEY, Michael V D.10 F.116 TRAILL, David B.10-B.12 TREFOUEL, Jacques TREFOUEL, Thérése TRENDS IN BIOCHEMICAL SCIENCES TREVELYAN, George Macauley TRISTRAM, GR TROTTER, Michael D TWENTYMAN, Edward TYLER, Cyril F.117 E.17 F.33 E.17 F.118-F.123 F.i21 A.22 D.16 TYNDALL, Arthur Mannering F.83,F.84 VAN FLEET, DS VAN SLYKE, Donald D F.55 B.20,F.41 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 62 Index of correspondents VENN, John A VICKERY, Hubert Bradford VIRTANEN, Artturi Ilmari A.20 F.79,F.124-F.147 E.17,F.148-F.150 WAIN, Ralph Louis WALLACE, Thomas WARREN, Charles H WATSON, S J WEATHERSTON, Iain WEBB, Edwin Clifford F.151 A.22 €.1,¢c.4 D.5 F.70 Ne 5) WEIR, J A.22,B.10,B.11 WELLCOME RESEARCH INSTITUTION WESSELY, F WESTALL, Roland G WHITELEY, Joan E (née Keilin) WHITTAKER, John MacNaghten A. 23 E.17 C.6,F.16,F.152 AS 25 F.14 WILLIAMS, Ernest Frank (Bill) F.153,F.154 WILSDEN, B H WILSON, Perry William A.22,Beo1ll, holt F.155 See also F.150 A C Chibnall NCUACS 33/1/92 63 Index of correspondents WILTSHIRE, G H F.156,F.157 WOOL INDUSTRIES RESEARCH ASSOCIATION B.11,F.111 WOOLTON, Frederick James Marquis, lst Earl WURMSER, René D.1 E.17 YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS C.3-C.5,C.10 YEMM, Edmund William YOUNG, E Gordon YOUNG, Sir Frank (George) C.6,F.158 A.22 A.22,A.25,A.26,B.9,D.13 F.16,F.17,F.53,F.107 See also D.23,F.31,F.146 ZELITCH, Israel F.51,F.147