CHAPMAN, Sydney v2

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CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SYDNEY CHAPMAN,FRS (1888-1970) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Harriot Weiskittel Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford CSAC 11/5/74 All rights reserved Se Chapman csac 11/5/74 | Description of the collection. ty The papers consist mainly of biographical information assembled by Professor T.G.Cowling for his Royal Society Memoir of Chapman. Professor Cowling's explanatory letter about the material is enclosed in Item 2. D There is a small number of letters exchanged between Chapman and Cowling. Chapman's printed and manuscript work is collected in various libraries and institutes in the United States. A detailed memorandum on the location of the collection appears on pages 2 and 3. summary of the career of Sydney Chapman. Note: a full list of Chapman's Honours appears in the Royal Society Memoir in Item 1,pp 73 — 74 b. 1888 1902 1904 1908 1910 —~ 14 1913 Royal Technical Institute,Salford (now University of Salford) Manchester University, B.Sc. Ingineering (1907) , Mathematics (1908) Trinity College,Cambridge senior Assistant, Royal Observatory,Greenwich Smith's Prizeman, Cambridge Research Fellow (non-resident) Trinity College, Cambridge 1914 Lecturer , Trinity College, Cambridge 1916 — 18 Greenwich Observatory (Honorary) 1919 Fellow of the Royal Society 1919 — 24 1922 1924 ~— 46 1928 1931 Professor of Mathematics,Manchester University Marries K.N.Steinthal (d. 1967) Professor of Mathematics,Imperial College, Lonéon Adams Prize Essay,Cambridge University Bakerian Lecturer,Royal Society 1934 Royal Nedal,Royal Society 1946 — 53 Sedleian Professor of Natural Philosophy, Oxford Fellow of Queen's College ,Oxford 1953 - 1955 = 1953. = 59 1964 Advisory Scientific Director,Geophysical Institute,Alaska High Altitude Observatory, Boulder, Colorado President ,Organising Committee, International Geophysical Year (1957 -— 58) Copley Medal,Royal Society. see also 1968 Sydney Chapman,S0,from his friends;a volume of tributes,with auto— biographical essays. S.- Chapman csac 11/5/74 28 May 1971 MEMO TO: FROM: Walter Roberts Keith Watson Ay/ SUBJECT: Disposition of Sydney Chapman's Scientific Materials The: disposition of Sydney Chapman's scientific papers, books, Prior to any action being taken this plan was circulated to journals, correspondence, etc. has been made according to the following plan. Mr. Cecil Chapman - Sydney's son, Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu and Dr. Keith B. Mather of the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska, and Dr. Gordon Newkirk of the High Altitude Observatory. all have expressed their agreement with the proposed dispositicn of the items. These people 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) The complete collection of scientific papers authored by Sydney and his collaborators has been sent to the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, for archiving. will microfilm the papers, and one copy of the film will be HAO and the Institute will share equally the kept at HAO. cost of the microfilming. The Institute Scientific papers (reprints) by other authors but belonging to Sydney have been sent to the Geophysical Institute. Books authored by Sydney, j.e., Geomagnetism and Mathematical Theory of Non-Uniform Gases, which were his personal copies used at HAO have been sent to Cecil Chapman in England. Hard bound old books that belonged to Mrs. Katherine Chapman have been sent to Cecil Chapman. The remaining scientific books have been distributed as needed first to the HAO library, then to the NCAR library, and then to the Geophysical Institute. 6) Duplicate copies of Sydhey's authored papers have been kept by HAO as part of the organizations reprint files for distribution tq those requesting them. 7) The complete correspondence files have been sent to the Geophysical Institute where they will be permanently The Institute will microfilm the files, and archived. HAO and the one copy of the film will be kept at NCAR. Institute will share equally the expense of the micro- filming. S. Chapman CSAC 11/5/74 w W e Certain personal files have been removed and destroyed by Doris Fisher at the request of Cecil Chapman. Certain other files relating to the Geomagnetic Source Book that was being jointly authored by Sydney and David G. Knapp have been sent to Mr. Knapp at the National Ocean Survey, Rockville, Maryland. Chapman's concurrence, to allow Mr. Knapp to complete the nearly finished manuscript for the book. This step was taken, with Cecil % Access to the archived correspondence files may be granted to qualified historians or biographers, but Cecil Chapman requests that the Family be notified of such access. In particular he requests that he have the opportunity to contact potential biographers before authorization is granted for access to tne correspondence by anyone wishing to write a detailed biography of Sydney or desiring extensively to quote from the correspondence. 8) The negatives and such descriptive material as is available of slides that Sydney used in scientific talks have been sent to the Geophysical Institute for inclusion in the archive material. Sydney taken by the HAO photographer have also been sent - the original negatives will remain at HAO. Duplicate negatives of two photos of 9) At the request of Cecil Chapman the various academic hoods (University of Colorado, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Sorbonne) and medals (Eccles, University of Paris, Hodgkins, American Meteorological Society) that belonged to Sydney will be given temporarily to Walter Roberts, who will determine their disposition. 10) Sydney's extensive collection of scientific journals has been distributed as needed to the HAO and NCAR libraries. The remaining journals (most of the original collection, in fact) have been sent to Books, For Asian Students for use by Mr. Phil Seon Rim, Ministry of Communications, Seoul, Korea. This collection was offered to Dr. A. A. Ashour of the University of Cairo, Giza, Egypt, and then to the Geophysical Institute in Alaska prior to being offered to Mr. -Rim. t END OF MEMO Crprio S( Dborrfuu/ K. Weattie, Cond Chopmem + Grd. en rsa een pee S. Chapman esac 11/5/74 4. Memoir, byT.G. Cowling. (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of The Royal Society, Vol.17,1971; biographical note by Syun-I Akasofu on Chapman's personal and scientific life,1970 Correspondence on location of Chapman's papers with S-I Akasofu,and with T.G.Cowling on documents passed on by him. Correspondence of Chapman and Cowling (mainly on corrections for The mathematical theory of non-uniform gases by Chapman and Cowling, 3rd.ed.,revised with the co-operation of D, Burnett, 1970; also some autobiographical information. ) 1962 — 70 3 letters from Cecil Chapman (son) to T.G.Cowling,and notes on Cowling's 1970 draft for Royal Society Memoir. Misc. correspondence with T.G.Cowling on Chapman 1970 - Te Gordon Newkirk David Crawford P.C.Kendall H. Levy Esther Simpson Cecily Tanner Donald Sadler