BUTTERFIELD, William John Hughes Vol3 v2

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Catalogue of the Papers and correspondence of William John Hughes Butterfield, Baron Butterfield of Stechford a (1920-2000) Section H: Correspondence Index of correspondents VOLUME 3 NCUACS Catalogue 157/7/07 by Peter Harper and Simon Coleman W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 SECTION H CORRESPONDENCE, H.1-H.1110 1945-2000 H.1-H.666 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE H.667-H.719 CARBONS OF OUTGOING CORRESPONDENCE H.720-H.742 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE H.743-H.802 CORRESPONDENCE ARRANGED BY TOPIC H.803-H.1010 PATIENTS H.1011-H.1110 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS H.1.-H.666 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE 1945-2000 H.1-H.43 Guy’s / Nottingham H.607-H.666 Miscellaneous Guy's / Nottingham 1963-1981 H.44-H.215 H.216-H.244 H.245-H.606 Cambridge, third sequence little organised correspondence Cambridge, first sequence Cambridge, second sequence Very Butterfield's personal archive for Hospital and the University of Nottingham. 1981 Correspondence relates to Butterfield's period at Guy's Hospital. in his periods at Guy's survives Contents of folder so inscribed. ‘Misc A' Ab, Ah 1963-1971, 1981 1963-1971, W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence ‘Misc A, E, W' Contents of box so labelled. of part small A miscellaneous correspondence covering Butterfield's last years at Guy's and his period as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham. sequence of a ‘A (Misc)' Ac - Al. 1963-1970 1964-1976 1969-1976 1969-1975 1970-1975 1971-1972 1973-1976 1969, 1976 1973-1976 1972-1976 LZ 1975 1972-1976 1974-1976 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.12-H.39 ‘W (Misc)’ H.12 Wade - Ward Wardle, E.N. Re renal disease. 1964-1975 1967-1975 William R. Warner & Co. Ltd 1968-1969 Re Opilon ‘a specifically acting alpha adrenergic blocking drug’ and possible investigations at Guy's. 1967-1970 H.16-H.17 Warwick, R. 1967-1970 2 folders. Warwickshire Wass - Way Re equipment, course development, etc. Warwick was Professor of Anatomy at Guy’s Hospital Medical School. Physiology, Zoological Society of London. Weir was based at the Wellcome Institute of Comparative 1973-1975 1968-1969 Weir, B.J. Re research proposal. Weale - Weinbaum 1969-1975 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Welsh National School of Medicine 1969, 1973 1968-1969 Welt - West Westerman - Westphal Includes Hospital Medicine. review by Butterfield for British Journal of Wharton - Wheeler Whitford - Wieland 1968-1975 1969-1975 1968-1975 1964-1975 Wigley, G.S. Wiley - Wilks Wingfield - Witts H.30-H.31 Includes list of members of WHO Expert Committee on Diabetes Mellitus (including Butterfield), July 1964. Wigley writes from the Medical Department of the Greater London Council. 1967-1975 Williams 2 folders. 1967-1975 1968-1975 Willis - Wilson 1967-1975 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Wolf - Wootton Worby - Wray Worden, A.N. Re Huntingdon Research Centre. Wrong - Wynn 1967-1975 1968-1975 1973-1975 1969-1974 1968-1971 First name and unidentified 1967, 1970 H.40 not used H.41-H.43 ‘Misc R' 1965-1975 Raheja - Raza 1967-1968 This correspondence appears to belong to the same sequence as 'Misc A, E. W' at H.3-H.39. However, it was found separately with many of the letters in very poor physical condition. Photocopies have been substituted for a number of orginals. 1965-1975 Includes outline for a proposed film on the M.C.C. tour to the West Indies 1967/68 from Rayant Television Ltd. Butterfield was invited to a presentation by Rayant. Reckitt & Colman - Revans 1967-1973 Roache - Royal W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.44-H.215 Cambridge, first sequence 1975-1984 This correspondence was found in parcels labelled with letters of the alphabet and the dates 1979 to May or June 1983. However, correspondence was not found for all letters of the alphabet and the sequence seems to have begun around 1976 not 1979. H.44-H.51 'A - misc’ H.44 Abbott - AIDCOM Abercrombie, J. Adeseshiah, M. 1976-1983 1979-1983 1977-1980 1978-1981 Alfugi - Amadife Aminu, J.M. Anderson - Atwater Adrian, E.D. and R.H. 1976-1980 1981, 1983 1978-1979 1982-1983 Augusti - AVI [Association of Veterinarians in Industry] 1980, 1983 1977-1983 Includes correspondence with Miranda Weston-Smith Baddeley - Bannister H.52-H.66 'B - misc’ 1976-1983 1978-1981 fl o2 Barlow W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence (Mrs Horace Barlow) re The Encyclopaedia of Ignorance. Barnard - Barrowman Beaglehole - Bonfield H.56-H.59 Bradley, C. Re proposed book by Bradley and Butterfield on management of diabetes mellitus. the 4 folders. 1978-1983 1979-1983 1981-1983 Brett - Brittain 1977-1982 Broadway - Brocades 1980, 1983 H.67 Burton, G.J. Brook, P. Brook, S.S. 1976-1979 1979-1983 1979-1983 Brown - Burry 1978, 1983 Calkins - Campbell, A.C.P. Butler - Butterfield H.67-H.72 'C - misc.' 1979; 1982 1978-1983 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.68-H.69 Campbell, M. 2 folders. Cann - Cheng H.71-H.72 [International Centre for] Child Studies 2 folders. H.73-H.82 'G - misc.’ TAS: Gattis, S.J. Ghodse - Ghosh 1979-1983 1982-1983 1982-1983 1975-1984 1976-1979 1978, 1981 1982-1983 1976-1983 H.77-H.80 Goulding, O. Giamatti - Glynn Re publication on diabetes. 1982, 1984, nd 1975-1978 Goulding publisher Marcel Dekker Inc. Director with the was European Editorial Grant - Gurdon 1977-1983 Goldman - Good 4 folders. Greenfield, A.D.M. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.83-H.94 'H - misc.' H.83 Hall - Hayes H.84-H.85 Hazleman, B.L. 2 folders. Hedgcock, W. Henderson - Hill Hobday, G.I. 1976-1983 1980-1983 1977-1982 1976-1981 1978-1983 1977, 1979 Boots July H.90-H.93 4 folders. ‘| - misc.' copy Includes Company Ltd Centenary Celebration Lunch, 1977. Hobday was Chairman of the Company. Butterfield's speech at of the 14 1979-1983 Howard, A.N. Howqua - Hunter Re 'Cambridge Diet’. Hockaday - Horton 2 folders. H.95-H.100 1978-1983 H.95-H.96 Inch, R.S. 1978-1983 1978-1983 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.98-H.99 Inman, W.H. Iversen, L. 2 folders. H.101-H.104 Plo Mmiscy H.101 Jacobs - Jones H.102-H.103 Jondorf, W.R. 2 folders. 1978-1982 1976-1983 1976-1980 1977-1983 H.105 Kennedy, J. Jordanova - Jubb 1977-1981 1976-1983 1978-1983 H.105-H.114 'K - misc.' Kark - Krakowczyk 1976-1983 Re 'Harvard Returns to Cambridge’ meeting. H.109-H.110 Kluwer Publishing Ltd White, Kerr L. Misfiled under 'K’. 1977-1979 1979-1981 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 2 folders. H.111-H.113 Krall, L.P. 1977-1982 Re joint Diabetes publications project with Butterfield. 3 folders. H.115-H.133 'L - misc’ Falta Lasker Foundation Laszlo - Lawrie 1976-1983 1980-1981 1980-1983 1976-1980 1977-1983 1981-1983 2 folders. Lee - Lennox H.119-H.120 Leathem, P.E. H.117-H.118 Leary, W.P.P. 1978-1983 Found with period but annotated differently. Leeds Castle Foundation 'L - misc.' papers and covering the same H.122-H.128 2 folders. 7 folders. Le Fanu, M. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Levin - Ley Lillywhite - Logan Long - Ly Luft, R. 1978-1983 1976-1983 1979-1983 1979-1981 Re constitution of International Diabetes Federation. 'M - misc.’ 1979-1980 Brief correspondence only Merck Sharp & Dohme. re Board of Governors of 'N - misc.’ 3 folders. H.136 ‘Oakham - Oliver’ H.136-H.140 'O - misc.' H.137-H.139 Olsen, N.D.L. Napier and Ettrick, Lord 1978-1982 Oxford Instruments Ltd H.141-H.147 'P - misc.’ H.141 Page - Pfizenmaier 1980-1982 1978-1982 1978-1979 1979-1981 1978- 1984 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Phillips - Potts H.143-H.144 Poullier, J.-P. 2 folders. The Practitioner Includes Butterfield's introductory overview for an issue on advances in treatment. Press - Prywes Pryor, J.S. 1980-1983 1982-1983 1978-1984 1979, 1981 'Q - misc.’ Read - Recordon 5 folders. H.149 Razavi, L.M. H.149-H.161 Ne tnlsCe Brief correspondence only re Quodlibet Society, Guy's Hospital. 1979-1983 Includes note by Revans on ‘Hospital Performance and Length of Patient Stay’ (H.151, H.152). H.151-H.155 Revans, R.W. Reynolds - Robert 1976-1984 1983 1976-1983 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Robertson - Rolles 1982-1983 Rook, A.J. 1982-1983 Includes drafts of citation for public honour. Royal Society of Medicine Rubery, E.D. Ryman, B.E. H.162-H.182 'S - misc.' 1978-1982 1983-1984 1976-1983 1979-1982 Scotney - Scowen 1979-1983 Scheumeier - Schurr 1979-1982 H.162 Sandoz - Saunders H.165-H.166 Seale, J. Includes drafts re herpes by Seale. Includes curriculum vitae and publications list. Re honorary degree for Sherlock. 1979-1983 1980-1982 2 folders. Seldon - Sharpe Sherlock, S. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Siklos - Smellie 1980-1982 Includes photograph taken at International Institute Human Nutrition. of Smith, R.C. Soulioti, A.M.A Sproston, E.M. Stacey - Stansbury H.174-H.180 Stepheni, F.W. 1977-1982 1977-1979 1979-1981 1978-1980 1976-1982 7 folders. Stephens, M.D. 3 folders. 1976-1979 1978-1983 1980-1983 H.183-H.185 "T - misc.' Stevenson - Symon 1982-1983 Re UK Prospective Diabetes Study. Taylor - Treherne 1980-1983 1981-1982 Torrens, P.R Turner, R.C. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 'U - misc.' Uttig, J.E.G. 'V - misc.’ Velasco - Victory. H.188-H.211 'W - misc.' H.188 Wade - Ward Waldmann, H. H.190-H.192 Walshe, J.M. 1980-1981 1976-1983 1977-1983 1981-1983 1976-1982 Waterlow, J.C. West - Whitby White - Wilkie 3 folders. Wardle, E.N. 1977-1981 1977-1983 1981-1983 Includes working paper on planning diabetic services in the Cambridge Health District. Williams, J.H. - Woods 1976-1982 1981-1982 Williams, D.R.R. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.199-H.207 Woollam, D.H.M. 1977-1982 9 folders. H.208-H.210 Worden, A.N. 1976-1982 3 folders. Wright - Wylie Yasuda - Young H.212-H.213 H.212 1981-1983 1979-1983 1980-1982 1979-1983 H.216-H.244 1982-1985 1977-1980 1977-1980 H.214 Zeitlyn, B.B. H.214-H.215 'Z - misc. Includes obituary 1979 and copy of lecture given in memory by Butterfield. his Adams - Asmal. This sequence follows the preceding one chronologically half of Butterfield's and covers approximately the Vice-Chancellorship, 1983-1984. There are a very few letters dated in 1982 and 1985. Cambridge, second sequence Zuckerman, S. ‘A - misc.' first W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 'B - misc.’ Baksi - Browne. H.218-H.220 C - misc.’ H.218 Cain - Cambridge Health Authority Camp - Clinical School 1983-1984 1983-1985 1983-1985 1983-1984 CLS [Cambridge Life Sciences PLC] - Cross 1983-1984 'D - misc.' D'Aeth - Drake Seager 1983-1984 1983-1984 'G - misc.' 1982-1984 i= misc. Fenech - Fowler Gattiker - Griffiths. 1983-1984 Makin - Miles Laboratories Ltd. A AMISC. Hall - Heller 'M - misc.' W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 'N - misc.’ 1983-1985 Nabarro - Norwich District Health Authority 'O - misc.' O'Beirne Ranelagh - Owen H.229-H.230 'P - misc.' H.229 Page - Payne Pemberton - Price H.231-H.232 'R - misc' 1983-1984 1983-1984 1983-1984 1983-1984 1983-1984 1983-1984 1983-1984 1983-1984 1983-1984 F233 Sandoz - Seale i, 2on) Rawnsley - Riley H.233-H.235 'S - misc’ Roberts - Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 1983-1984 Takamiya - Turner, P. H.236-H.238 "T - misc.’ Snell - Summers 1983-1984 1983-1984 1983-1984 Selby - Smith H.236 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.237-H.238 Turner, R. 1983-1984 Re UK Prospective Diabetes Study. 2 folders. 'U - misc.’ 1982-1984 University and Polytechnic Grants Committee Hong Kong - Upjohn Ltd 'V - misc.’ 1982-1984 Vallance-Owen - Vlieland-Boddy H.241-H.244 'W - misc' H.241 Wakeford - Western 1983-1984 1983-1984 Whitehead - Wilkinson Williamson - Wischik Woods - Wright 1983-1984 1983-1984 H.245-H.606 Cambridge, third sequence 1989-2000 This sequence approximately covers the period from the end of Butterfield's Regius Professorship to the end of his life, 1987-2000. A small number of letters found in the sequence predate the end of the Regius Professorship. The contents of two bulky folders inscribed 'A - misc 1' and 'A - misc.2'. H.245-H.259 ‘A - misc.' 1976-2000 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.245-H.246 Abbott, J. 1991-2000 2 folders. Abbott was the Director of the Science and Technology Centre for the Eastern Region initiative. Abrahms - Ad Eundem Club 1989-2000 Adrian - Airie Alberti - AMRAD 1990-1995 1990-1997 Anderson - Annan 1991-1999 H.252-H.257 6 folders. Antill - Arcades 1991-1999 Correspondence and papers. small organisation was_ interested in Butterfield had a role as Consultant. ARCH Art Research Creativity & Health This occupational health of artists and musicians. and 'B - misc.2'. The contents of two bulky folders inscribed 'B - misc 1' Archbishop of Canterbury - Astrup Atherton - Unidentified first name only H.260-H.274 'B - misc.’ 1991-2000 1991-1999 1987-2000 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Badenoch - Baldwin Ball - Basu Bates - Bayliss Bearn - Beckwith-Smith Beer - Berry H.265-H.268 Bevan, A. One folder and three bound documents. Re Medical Sciences Technology Corporation. 1991-1996 1993-2000 1995-2000 1988-2000 1994-2000 1997-1999 1993-1999 1991-1998 Birch - Bloc Blythe, G.M Re medical biography etc. 1987-1998 Brendoncare Foundation - Britta Dolan Memorial Cancer Fund 1991-1999 1991-1999 Broadhurst - Bunton 1993-2000 Boizot - Braybrooke Burke - Butterfield W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.275-H.288 'C - misc.’ 1982-2000 The contents of two bulky folders inscribed 'C and 'C - misc.2'. - misc 1' CAAB [Chemistry Appeal Advisory Board] - Cambridge Family and Divorce Centre 1988-2000 Cambridge Medical Graduates Club - Cambridgeshire County Council 1988-2000 Campaign for Quality Television - Cartwright 1995-2000 Casteen - Chalker 1993-2000 Chalmers - Chinese Academy of Sciences 1982-1999 Lord Coates, K. Cobb - Coghill 1988-1999 1998-1999 Re elections to the European Parliament. Includes 'The Clinician and the Health Service’, Mayor's Lecture, 1 July 1996, by ?R.Y. Calne. 1996-1999 H.284-H.285 Colquhoun, P. 1992-1997 1989-1996 2 folders. Re Medical Support for Romania. Christison - CMR International Cole - Colon Cancer Concern W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Continence Foundation - Cortazzi 1993-1998 Crichton - Crowden 1991-1999 Cullen - CVCP [Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals] 1992-1998 H.289-H.305 'D - misc.’ 1985-2000 The contents of three bulky folders inscribed 'D - misc 1’, '‘D - misc.2' and 'D - misc. 3’. D'Aeth - Dakawski Dalziel - Datson 1992-1995 1988-1995 Davis - Day Dill - Dixey 1987-1998 1988-1998 1988-1997 Diabetes - Dickinson Isle of Ely Prospective Diabetes Dearing - Devon Care Trust Includes papers re Survey. 1988-2000 Includes papers re International Action Learning Seminar, 1996. Dickson - Dilks 1993-1999 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.296-H.299 Britta Dolan Memorial Cancer Fund 1989-1995 4 folders. Doll - Dorrell 1988-1997 Dowling, B.F. 1988-1998 Drake Seager - Drug Safety Research Unit 1985-1994 Duchess - Dunhill Medical Trust 1990-1996 Dunn Nutrition Centre 'E - misc.’ Ean Or, 1992-1998 1989-1999 1986-2000 H.306-H.327 Dunn - Dystonia Society The contents of three bulky folders inscribed 'E - misc 1’, 'E - misc.2' and 'E - misc. 3’. Includes papers re British Council course on the scientific basis of clinical nutrition, Cambridge, July 1991. Includes list of members 1991. EASD European Association for the Study of Diabetes EASO European Association for the Study of Obesity Provisional Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-13 September 1990. programme Annual 26th for Meeting, 1989-1996 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Eastwood - The Economist 1989-1995 Education 2000 Trust - Cambridge Institute of Education 1991-1996 Edwards Eedle - Eidenmiuller World Society for Ekistics H.314-H.315 Elithorn, A. 2 folders. 1987-1995 1987-1993 1996-2000 1993-1999 Ellis, P.D.M. - Elwell Ely Emerson - English Elliott - Ellis, H. 1989-1993 1987-1999 1988-2000 Ely Includes correspondence with medical matters in Ely (hospital, diabetes survey) Bishop of Includes papers re fund raising for Medical Education Centre at East Birmingham Hospital. 1986-1997 Environmental Change Unit - Environmental Industries Commission Ltd Fund for Epilepsy - European Ethical Review Committee 1989-2000 1993-1999 and re W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.322-H.323 Evans 2 folders. H.324-H.325 Evimed Ltd 1988-1998 1990-1991 Re use of an American battery operated physiotherapy device marketed as Evimed. 2 folders. Exeter College Oxford - Exeter University 1990-1998 Expeditions - Extra-Mural Studies, Cambridge 1986-1998 H.328-H.335 'F. - misc.' 1985-2000 Contents of bulky folder inscribed 'F. - misc." 1991-2000 Fentham - Fleet Fletcher - Ford Family Heart Association - Felitti 1992-1999 Falk - Family and Divorce Centre ese Foundation for Science and Technology - Furler H.334-H.335 Furniss, P. 1993-2000 1985-1998 Foreign & Colonial - Foulkes 1992-1999 1992-1999 1990-1999 2 folders. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Includes paper re Tommy's Baby Fund Campaign, April 1991 at H.334. H.336-H.348 'G. - misc.' Contents of two bulky folders inscribed 'G. - misc.'. Gaddis - Gaubert Geddes - Gellner Gelthorpe - Gerlis Gibson - Glover 1979-2000 1988-1998 1988-1995 1990-1996 1988-1999 2 folders. Goodall - Goose Gorringe - Gray 1979-1991 Godber - Goldman H.340-H.341 Glaxo At H.340 is paper on UK clinical trials sent to Butterfield, 15 March 1979, by Glaxo Research and Development Director and Butterfield's draft response 'not sent’. 1987-1998 Greaves - Greenwood Includes order of service for thanksgiving for the life Ronald Thomson Grant. of 1991-1999 1989-1998 1988-1995 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Griffiths - Grundon Guinness - Gunn Gupta - GYMCAN 1990-1997 1987-2000 1989-1994 Includes draft of Butterfield’s obituary of Ronald Thomas Grant for Guy's [Hospital] Gazette. H.349-H.395 'H. - misc.’ 1982-2000 The contents of four bulky folders inscribed 'H - misc 1’, and 'H - misc.2', H - misc. 3' and 'H - misc. 4’. Hadfield - Hales 1991-2000 Halstead - Ham Hamlin - HARC Harcourt - Hauser 1990-1998 1990-1998 1990-1997 1984-1996 1987-1996 HCA UK Ltd - Health Education Council Health Visitors' Association Hawkins - Hayley 1989-1999 1993-2000 1985-1990 Hazleman, B.L. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Heart Failure Task Force Heath - Helwell Trust Henderson - Henig Henley - Hewson Hey, C.G. Re publication of Hey's 'The Warwickshire Coterie: An 18th Century Interlude’. Hey was a former English teacher at Butterfield's old school, Solihull School. Butterfield supported the launch of a subscription list for the book's publication. 1990-1998 1991-1998 1989-1997 1989-1991 H.363-H.374 Hey, Js. 12 folders. 1990-1999 subsequently supported publication by Hey Butterfield knew Hey from his National Service in the RAMC when he served in the Army Operation Research Group. Hey was Director of the AORG. Butterfield wrote the foreword for Hey's autobiography. He on pressure (bed) sores and promoted Hey's views on the subject. Hey developed techniques to treat his wife's pressure sores.. 1989-1999 For a copy of the autobiography see H.364. For drafts by Hey on pressure sores see H.366, H.367, H.368 and H.369 and offprints at H.369 and H.373. A draft on catheter performance and construction is at H.373. Hex Technology Ltd - Hickson Higgins, P.M. 1995-1999 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Highland - Hill Hillier - History of Addenbrooke's Hoare - Hobsons H.380-H.381 Hoet, J.J. 2 folders. Includes papers re International Diabetes Federation. 1998-2000 1990-1999 1989-1999 1982-1993 Holbrook - Holland 1989-1996 Holling H.E. 3 folders. 1986-1997 1990-1999 1989-1997 1989-1994 Hollingsworth - Holt H.386-H.388 Hong Kong Home Office - Homerton College Includes papers re research sponsored by Hong Kong Jockey Club. 1989-1998 ‘Hon. Degrees' - Hopkins 1991-1997 1992-1998 Horn - Hornsey Horrocks - Hughes W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Hughes Hall University of Hull Includes paper on proposed Postgraduate School of Medicine sent to for comment, 27 August 1992. Butterfield Humphreys - Hunter Hunterian - Hyman H.396-H.403 ‘| - misc.’ Contents of folder so inscribed. 1993-2000 1992-1994 1988-1999 1989-1992 1976-1999 ICAL International Centre of Action Learning Ishikawa - Izbicki H.397-H.399 1976-1996 3 folders. ICL - Ingram Inoue - Institute of Psychiatry ICI Imperial Chemical Industries PLC 1988-2000 International Dictionary of Medicine and Biology - Irving H.404-H.408 esi MISC. Contents of folder so inscribed. 1981-1997 1984-1997 1988-1996 1989-1999 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Jack - Jammes Jamil, T. Jardine - Jessel Johns - Johnson & Johnson 1992-1999 1994-2000 1991-1998 1991-2000 Jones - Judge Institute of Management Studies 1988-1999 H.409-H.428 'K. - misc.’ 1988-1999 Contents of bulky folder so inscribed. Kamara - Kaye Kelly - Kilner Keynes, W.M. 1992-1995 1996-1999 Keble College - Keio University 1993-1994 H.410-H.415 Karpas, A. folders 5 therapy for Aids' and bound volume ‘Passive Hyperimmune 1992-1998 Includes offprint of article by Keynes and Butterfield ‘Sir Clifford Allbutt: physician and Regius Professor 1892- 1925', Journal of Medical Biography |, 1993. Correspondence and papers re 6th (1993) and 7th (1998) H.419-H.421 Kilmer Conferences 1989-1999 1992-1993 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence International Kilmer Memorial Conferences. 3 folders. H.422-H.424 Kinder, C.R. 1993-1997 3 folders. At H.423 is ‘Implementation of the Community Care Act - An ACTION LEARNING Proposal’, ICOM, August 1993. King - Knapman 1992-1999 1996-1997 Kohner - Krall 1988-1996 H.429-H.445 'L - misc.’ 1988-1999 Krishna -Kwok 1992-1998 Lachmann - Landau 1992-1999 Contents of bulky folder so inscribed. Langhorne - Lasers for Life Research Institute 1992-1999 LCOS London Conference on Overseas Students Laurenti - Lawrie 1993-1997 1997-1998 1992-1996 Leatham - Lee-Potter W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Leeds - Leigh Lemmer - Leverhulme Trust Lewis Includes copy of Martyn Lewis's Royal Society of Arts lecture 'Good / Bad / Real News’, 15 November 1993. Lisle, J. Includes Health at Work in the NHS action pack. 1993-1998 1988-1999 1992-1995 1995-1999 1992-1993 2 folders. 1994-1995 London and Thames Valley H.439-H.440 Lloyd's Pharmaceutical Group London of - Living Image Appeal London Millenium Hospitals Ltd Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine - Little Foundation 1992-1999 The Loughborough University Lucas - Lyon Conditions Alliance - Long-Term Medical 1995-1999 1991-1997 1992-1993 1992-1996 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.446-H.462 'M. misc.’ 1987-2000 The contents of two bulky folders inscribed 'M - misc 1' and 'M - misc.2'. McAlister - McGoldrick 1992-1998 McCrum, M.W. McKay - McLean Maddrey - Major Mallinson - Mansfield 1992-2000 1987-2000 1992-1998 Mas - Maxwell Mearns - 'Medart' 1992-1999 1993-1999 1992-1997 1992-1997 Mansford - Markus Marmot - Marylebone Cricket Club 1991-1992 to At Neuroscience Research Centre, Terlings Park, Harlow, Hertfordshire, 30 May 1992. Medical Sciences Technology Corporation Meeks - Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council Merck Sharp & Dohme Ltd Butterfield's visit H.458 are papers for Lord In original folder. H.457-H.458 1992-2000 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 2 folders. Midhurst - Millar 1993-1997 Millennium Commission - Mitchell 1993-2000 Mollinson - MORI Morse - Myers H.463-H.470 'N - misc.' Contents of bulky folder so inscribed. 1992-1999 1992-1998 1987-2000 Neumann - Newsom Nabarro - Napp Pharmaceutical Group 1989-1992 Neild - Netherhall Educational Association National Association for Staff Support within the Health Care Services - Naylor 1992-1997 Noel - Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club 1989-1998 1942 Club - Noble Nundy, S. 1988-1992 1989-1997 1989-1997 1987-1995 1988-1994 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Nunneley - Nutrition H.471-H.480 'O - misc.' Contents of bulky folder so inscribed. O - Oakes Obesity - O'Brien 1993-2000 1986-1999 1988-1989 1992-1995 Obstetrics - Old Silhillians Association Ltd 1988-1996 Oliver - British Council of Optometrists 1989-1999 1986-1997 1988-1996 1988-1998 4 folders. of World - London H.475-H.478 Conference on At H.478 is Report of the Butterfield Committee on Dental Research. copy of 1986 including material printed Butterfield was a Trustee. Oral and Dental Research Trust Orchestra the Overseas Students 1986-2000 Includes order of memorial service for James Owen, Vicar of St Mary the Less and Honorary Canon of Ely Cathedral and appreciation, 1993. Contents of two bulky folders inscribed 'P - misc.1' and 'P - misc.2'. Owen - Oxford H.481-H.497 'P - misc.’ W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Pan - Panter H.482-H.483 Papworth Trust 2 folders. 1995-2000 1994-1999 Parden - Patel 1992-2000 Peart - Perse School 1992-2000 Peston - Physiological Society 1992-1999 Pickering - Praag 1991-1997 2 folders. 3 folders. Pritchard, A. 1993-1994 1992-1998 1986-1999 1993-1997 Priestley - Prior H.492-H.494 Prior Information H.488-H.489 Prader-Willi Syndrome College of Preceptors - Price 1993, 1996 At H.492 is 'A Report of Recent Scientific Literature on Formula Based Meal Replacement Plans' by Butterfield, A.R. Leeds and J. Marks, October 1993. Prism International W.J.H.. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Process Press Ltd - Pyke 'Q - misc.’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Qatar - Quinn. H.499-H.511 'R. - misc.’ Contents of two bulky folders so inscribed. Rabbitt - Rathery Reece, J.G. 1989-1998 1987-1995 1988-1999 1989-1995 1991-1999 Rees - Reynolds Robinson Roche - Rosser Roth, M Revans - Richards 1988-1997 1988-1995 1989-1998 1992-1998 Richardson - Robb-Smith 1989-1999 Includes curriculum vitae and list of publications (1992) and 'Summary of a long term investigation into the clinical aspects of Alzheimer's Disease’ (1997). H.507-H.508 Rothschild, E.L. de 1988-1998 1992-1998 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 2 folders. At H.508 are papers re ‘environmental concern and opportunities in Eastern Europe’. Roussel - Rutherford H.510-H.511 Rugina, A.N. 2 folders. H.512-H.545 'S - misc.’ Contents of three bulky folders so inscribed. Sackler 1988-1999 1995-1998 1982-2000 1988-1997 Sala - SCETT Schilling, R. 1996-1997 1982-1995 1995-1999 Schering Health Care Ltd Includes draft obituary by Butterfield. 1988-1999 H.517-H.521 Schools Outreach 1996-2000 1989-1999 Schless - Schofield 5 folders. Schreiber - Scrivener W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Seager - Sell 1990-1996 Includes address at funeral of E.R.D. Seager, 2 August 1996. of service notes order and for Butterfield's Senior - Seymour Shafiq - Sharp Sharpe - Shaw 1989-1998 1991-2000 1991-1993 Includes consultation document on the proposed transfer of St Marks' Hospital to Northwick Park Hospital Trust sent to Butterfield by the North East Thames Regional Health Authority. Sheffield - Shneerson 1991-1997 1988-1993 1989-1993 1999-2000 Shock - Sikora Silow - Sinclair 1989-1999 SmithKlineBeecham Sirina - Sloman Sindi, H. 1990-1999 1989-1995 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Soames - Society for Process Thought 1990-1995 H.536-H.537 Solihull School 2 folders. Somerville - Squires Stacey - Steinberg Stephenson - Stirratt Stokes, J.F. 1995-1999 1988-1996 1989-1995 1989-1996 1988-1993 Streulli - Styles Sullivan - Sutherland Taylor - Tennant Swaffield - Symonds 1991-1999 1991-1999 H.546-H.554 "T - misc.' Stokes Society - Stott 1992-1999 Contents of bulky folder so inscribed. 1989-1999 1989-2000 1991-2000 Takahashi - Tatum 1993-1998 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Thamesmead - Thornton Tickell - Tippetts Todd - Tomlinson Torii - Trafford Trani, E.P. 1992-1997 1992-1996 1991-1996 1992-2000 Trani was the University, Richmond, Virginia. President of Virginia Commonwealth Correspondence and Medical College of Virginia in the 1950s. papers re radiation studies at Includes copy of Butterfield's [1951] 'Memorandum on observations on Volunteers from Penitentiary’. 1994, 1998 H.555-H.560 'U - misc’ 1992-1999 Tuberous Sclerosis Association Contents of a folder so inscribed. Twenty First Century Learning Initiative 1992-1994 Includes papers re libel case. H.556-H.560 Upjohn Unilever PLC 5 folders. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.561-H.566 'V - misc.’ Contents of folder so inscribed. H.561-H.563 VAMP Ltd 3 folders. 1988-1999 1988-1993 VAMP Computer Systems’. Ltd provided ‘Integrated General Practice Van Alen - Vasilica 1989-1997 Vice-Chancellor - Vincent's Club 1988-1992 Virginia Commonwealth University - Vye 1989-1999 1987-2000 1988-1994 1989-1999 Walker 2 folders. H.567-H.593 'W - misc’ H.568-H.569 Wade - Waldmann Contents of two bulky folders inscribed 'W.misc.1' and 'W.misc.2'. 1990-1993 Walters - Ward 1989-1997 1989-1997 1988-1997 Wall - Wallace Wallis - Walne Wardle, E.N. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Warwickshire County Cricket Club - Watts 1989-1999 Weatherill - Wei H.576-H.578 Weigelt - Wallace Award 3 folders. Weir - West Westminster - Weston Wheatley - Whitaker 1989-2000 1995-1996 1989-1999 1988-1996 1989-1997 Whittlesey, P. Whitehead - Whitehorn 1988-1995 1989-1997 H.586-H.587 Williams Whitby - White Wildenthal - William Harvey Research Institute 1987-1999 2 folders. Wilson 1995-1999 1988-1999 1988-2000 1987-1998 Windsor - Wise W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Wischik - Wishart 1988-1993 Wolfe - Women's National Commission 1990-1999 Woodcock - Worthington Wright - Wyeth H.594-H.605 'Y - misc.' Contents of two folders so inscribed. Yandell - Young 1989-2000 1988-1996 1986-1998 1989-1997 H.595-H.603 Young, E.L. 1986-1993 1994, 1998 1990-1996 9 folders. Young, N. papers re her theories on the Yousen - Youth, first name only Correspondence and effects of television on health and weather. 1988-1997 Contents of folder so inscribed. Zawawi - Zoology. 'Z.- misc.' W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.607-H.666 Miscellaneous H.607-H.628 Miscellaneous correspondence Contents of folders of miscellaneous correspondence that do an organised sequence. not appear to have formed part of H.607-H.616 Contents of untitled folder All the letters found in this folder were inscribed with the letter 'S' and seem to have been selected for preservation by Butterfield. 1945-2000, nd 1945-1995 1945-1995, nd There is correspond completely with the contents of the folder. a typescript list at H.616. The list does not 1945, 1964, 1968 1973-1974 1981, 1987-1988 At H.614 is copy of paper by Butterfield 'Medicine into the Twenty-First Century’ for University of the Third Age, Cambridge. H.613-H.614 1990-1991 1989 2 folders. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 1995, nd H.617-H.620 ‘Misc. A, B.' Contents of folder so inscribed. Andrew — Atherton Baird — Bishop Bird — Bowring Bradfield — Burke 1973-1987 1979, 1986 1973-1985 1986-1987 1985-1987 H.621-H.622 ‘F Miscellaneous’ 1963-1984 1968-1984 1963-1984 1969-1974 Fowler — Fry H.623 Garratt, C.J. Fellitti — Fletcher H.623-H.625 ‘G Miscellaneous’ Contents of folder so inscribed. 1971-1981 Georgescu, S.A. 1965-1981 1965-1972 Griffiths W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.626-H.628 ‘Miscellaneous H.’ 1960-1987 Contents of folder so inscribed. Hagard — Hawks Club 1960-1987 1968-1986 Hughes — Hutchings 1967 — 1986 H.629-H.666 Miscellaneous correspondence 1958-2000 Correspondence found loose and without context. Much of this correspondence is annotated for filing but either was not so filed or subsequently removed from the relevant files. 1958 1971-1972 1974-1976 1963-1969 H.635-H.636 1978 2 folders. Correspondence W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 H.637-H.638 1979 2 folders H.640-H.641 1981 2 folders. H.642-H.645 1982 4 folders. 1985 2 folders. 3 folders. H.651-H.653 1987 H.648-H.649 6 folders. At H.652 is text of interview with Butterfield for Oxford Medical School Gazette. H.654-H.659 1988 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 1992-1993 1994-1995 1996-1998 1999-2000, nd Unindexed. 1981 February 1981 March 1981 April 1980-1987 H.667-H.719 1980 (one letter only), 1981 January CARBONS OF OUTGOING CORRESPONDENCE 1981 May W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.672-H.673 1981 June 2 folders. 1981 July 1981 August H.676-H.677 1981 September 2 folders. H.678-H.679 1981 October 2 folders. 2 folders. 2 folders. 1986 June 30 3 folders. H.680-H.681 H.682-H.683 1981 December 1981 November Two letters only. 3 folders. H.688-H.690 1986 August H.685-H.687 1986 July W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.691-H.693 1986 September 3 folders. H.694-H.696 1986 October 3 folders. H.697-H.699 1986 November 3 folders. H.700-H.702 1986 December 3 folders. H.703-H.705 1987 January H.706-H.708 H.712-H.714 3 folders. 3 folders. 3 folders. 3 folders. H.709-H.711 1987 March 1987 February 5 folders. 1987 April Fd 1O-Fe19 1987 May W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.720-H.742 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE 1976-1986 Contents of H.742 loose. six files inscribed ‘Personal’ and at H.740- found ‘personal’ correspondence papers and Unindexed. H.720-H.721 ‘Personal 1976' Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference H.722-H.725 ‘Personal 1977' Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. H.730-H.732 ‘Personal 1979' ‘Personal 1981' H.733-H.734 ‘Personal 1980' H.726-H.729 ‘Personal 1978' Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference. H.735-H.739 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.740-H.742 Correspondence and ‘personal file’ found loose papers inscribed ‘personal’ or 1982-1986 1982, 1984 H.743-H.802 CORRESPONDENCE ARRANGED BY TOPIC 1976-2000 H.743-H.747 AIDS [Acquired Immune Deficiency System] H.748-H.765 Education H.798-H.802 Sugar Contents of folder so inscribed. H.743-H.747 1987-1995 H.766 Embryology H.767-H.797A National Health Service AIDS [Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome] the AIDS Epidemic’. Includes copy of paper submitted to Nature, January 1990, by John Seale ‘Origins of Human Lentiviruses and Includes copy of government information leaflet 'AIDS Don't Die of Ignorance’. 1987 1989-1990 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Background papers H.748-H.765 Education 1986-2000 Contents of box inscribed ‘Education’. Includes correspondence and papers re House of Lords business and a professional institution for teachers. interest and Butterfield's support for 1986 1992 3 folders. 1993 5 folders. H.749-H.751 H.752-H.756 2 folders. H.759-H.760 1996 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 H.762-H.763 1998 Correspondence 2 folders. 1999-2000, nd Printed papers Embryology 1989-1991 Contents of folder inscribed 'Embryology'. Correspondence and papers re Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. H.767-H.797A National Health Service 1980-1999 1985 1987 7 folders. Includes Election and post-election thinking on NHS. papers re NHS as issue in H.768-H.774 1987 General Contents of box and folder inscribed 'NHS'. 1988 January Includes papers re government National Health Service Review. H.775-H.791 1988 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.776-H.778 1988 February 3 folders. At H.776 is typescript copy of C.C. Booth's Green College the Universities Lecture 'The National Health Service, and the of academic medicine’, Oxford, 8 February 1988. the Research Councils: future H.779-H.783 1988 March 5 folders. H.784-H.788 1988 April 5 folders. Papers at H.785-H.787 were found in inscribed 'NHS Review’. large envelope At H.788 is Yinong Shao. draft paper on ‘Health Care in China’ by 1988 June 1988 May 1988 July - October 1997-1999 1989-1990 1993-1995 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence Manuscript notes by Butterfield H.797-H.797A Printed papers 2 folders. At H.797A ‘Inequalities Butterfield. is in Report Health’, of Research Working DHSS 1980, annotated Group by 1987-1988, nd 1980-1995 H.798-H.802 Sugar 1976-1984 Contents of folder so inscribed. Correspondence papers interest in diabetes and obesity. and reflecting Butterfield's H.798-H.799 1976 2 folders. 2 folders. 1978-1984 H.854-H.870 H.800-H.801 S07. PATIENTS H.803-H.1010 ‘Patient Notes' This subsection covers an extended period because Butterfield continued to see a number of longstanding private patients after his formal retirement. The correspondence and papers relating to patients is presented as follows: H.803-H.853 ‘Discharge Notes and Autopsy Notes’ 1959-2000 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.871-H.1001 Correspondence files H.1002 ‘Patients’ H.1003-H.1010 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence re patients Unindexed. H.803-H.853 ‘Discharge Notes and Autopsy Notes' 1962-1988 Contents of alphabetical sequence of envelopes. letters of the alphabet are represented in the sequence. Not all H.803-H.805 UAT 3 folders. 1969-1988 H.806-H.809 1968-1982 4 folders. 'D’ 'E! 4 folders. 1962-1975 H.810-H.813 1966-1972 H.816-H.817 Hy! 2 folders. 1968-1974 1969-1970 1968-1970 Correspondence W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 H.819-H.820 y! 2 folders. H.821-H.825 ie 5 folders. H.826-H.828 LM 3 folders. 1968-1972 1966-1983 1962-1982 1968-1979 1968-1973 6 folders. 5 folders 3 folders. 'T 3 folders 1962-1983 H.837-H.841 'p! R' H.842-H.844 is H.831-H.836 1966-1969 H.845-H.847 1967-1983 1964-1987 1968-1970 1968-1971 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 H.850-H.852 'W' 3 folders. Correspondence H.854-H.870 ‘Patient Notes' Contents of four envelopes so inscribed, also inscribed with letters of the alphabet: 'G', 'H', 'M' and'S'. H.854-H.856 ‘G' 3 folders. H.857-H.859 4 1965-1974 1966-1976 1962-1984 1962-1982 1962-1979 3 folders. 6 folders. 3 folders. H.860-H.864 1962-1984 1964-1980 'M' 5 folders. H.865-H.870 'S! H.871-H.1001 Correspondence files 1987-1993 H.873-H.875 Az. H.871 Ab. 1959-2000 1988-1989 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.879-H.885 Co: 7 folders. H.886-H.901 Ch 16 folders. 1964-1986 1975-1993 1984-2000 4 folders. 1989-1998 1989-1992 1987-1991 Go. 2 folders. H.903-H.906 En. H.908-H.909 1989-1990 1987-1989 1988-1991 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.913-H.921 McC. 1988-1994 9 folders. 1988-1995 1985, 1987 1987-1988 1959-1972 H.925-H.929 Na. 5 folders. H.930-H.1001 Om. 1972-1997 72 folders. ‘Patients’ [1987]-1988 folder so inscribed: H.1003-H.1010 of Contents arrangements on 1987. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence re patients correspondence re Butterfield's retirement as Regius in 1960s-1999 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 1990-1994 H.1011-H.1110 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1957-2000 1957-1998 1974, 1983 1974-1988 Unindexed H.1011-H.1088 ‘References etc’ Includes appointments, promotions, honours, prizes, etc. Contents of Butterfield's boxes so labelled. 1984-1985 Ab. Bra. - Bre. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 1984, 1986 1983-1987 1989-1994 1994-1996 Fe, 2 folders. 1979, 1981 H.1026-H.1027 1982-1988 1983-1988 1986-1988 1982-1988 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.1033-H.1035 He. 3 folders. 1982-1987 1981, 1984 1988-1992 H.1036-H.1039 Ho. (1) 1958-1976 4 folders. H.1040-H.1049 Ho. (2) 10 folders. 1983-1990 1976-1984 1983-1987 1984-1986 1982-1984 H.1054-H.1055 for Correspondence Lutoslawski, W. and papers re arrangements Ke. 2 folders. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence honorary degree and visit to Cambridge. Mitchell, J.S. 1982-1987 Mitchell, 1987. Butterfield's predecessor as Regius, died in H.1060-H.1061 N. (1) 2 folders. 1985-1987 1988-1993 1988-1989 H.1063-H.1064 ‘Nobel Prizes' 1980-1988 Papers at H.1063 relate to C. Milstein. H.1067-H.1069 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. 1985-1987 1985-1986 Ra. (2) 3 folders. 1987-1988 1988-1992 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence H.1072-H.1075 A: 1972-1987 4 folders. H.1076-H.1077 Wa. 2 folders. H.1078-H.1082 Wh. 5 folders. 1965-1982 1957-1976 H.1084-H.1088 'CV' file 1985-1997 Contents of Butterfield's CV file divided into five for ease of reference. Presented in alphabetical sequence. H.1089-H.1110 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence re references Presented in a chronological sequence. Includes curricula vitae sent to Butterfield in connexion with reference writing and related correspondence. 1958-2000 1958-1965 1970-1974 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 1978-1979 1980-1981 1982-1983 1984-1985 1987-1998 2 folders. H.1105-H.1106 1991-1992 1995 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Correspondence 1999-2000 F.1-F.5, H.468 F.163-F.167 See also F.1347 F.314, F.2104, F.2106, F.2109, Real tuk Aloe Fe2lo keto: H.310, H.554;°H.750, H.758 See also F.317 H.245, H.466 H.245, H.246 H.45 H.44 H.247 H.745 C73) C:1742C478"6.510, E14: Fri 256..5. 2109, 2160.6 2n62. F.2286, F.2436, G.16, H.292, H.743 F.6-F.61, F.2083-F.2091 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 1942 CLUB ABBE, Norman J. Van ABBOTT, A. John ABBOTT, John ABBOTT, John ABERCROMBIE, Jane ACADEMIC PRESS INC (LONDON) LTD ACADEMIC PRESS LTD ACET (AIDS CARE EDUCATION AND TRAINING) ACHESON, Sir (Ernest) Donald ACHESON, Roy Malcolm ACTION LEARNING TRUST ADEANE, Sir Michael ADESESHIAH, Mohankumar AD EUNDEM CLUB H.44 H.631 H.45 ACTION LEARNING MOVEMENT C.175-C.186, C.189-C.194, C.196, C.198-G)201" ©:232° 6,242 16 354 C.436, C.529, C.896, H.108, H.225, H.247 See also C.197, C.1098 Fa h2 C3). 6.533 *Hi4i7 A274 See also H.248 ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, 1st Baron F.962 F.64-F.101 62.63 Fay C.606, C.607, H.47 AGATE, John F. AGE ACTiON YEAR 1976 AGE CONCERN ADRIAN, Richard Hume, 2nd Baron W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents AGE RESEARCH AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL AHLBERG, Jan Erik AITKEN, Sir Robert ALBERTI, K. George M.M. See BRITISH FOUNDATION FOR AGE RESEARCH C 206 :FAZ6CE 276) E1275; F.1437 H.476, H.477 F.1645, F.1646, F.1659, F.1662- F.1665, F.1667, F.1668, F.1674 See also F.1649, F.1669 6:1.19..F.2376:F:2377 4249 See also F.2375 ALDINGTON, Toby Austin Richard William Low, 1st Baron See LOW ALEXROD, Julius ALLANBY, D.Kenneth ALLARD, Robin ALLEN & HANBURY LTD Cas C382/(6:365.°C.524 See also C.519 D.403 tf 223)-Ee22o ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF DIABETES ALLFREY, John ALLIED BREWERIES LTD ALLSOP ;G:B: ALZHEIMER'S RESEARCH TRUST C.309 F.87 F.240 H.502 C216 ALLIED BREWERIES PENSION LTD ALLIED MEDICAL GROUP H.572, H.665 H.745, H.746 ALL-PARTY PARLIAMENTARY GROUP ON AIDS FalO2-e OO dear 4. Fal tir B14 9-6 122 e282 eHa762 C51, Cote Co2tC622 161524: Cee t2y H.49 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE AMERICAN CLINICAL AND CLIMATOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS F.129, H.249, H.449 AMES COMPANY AMINU, Jibril Muhammad A596. 977, F.128 RalsOek 104, F.1365, F.1367% W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents AMRAD OPERATIONS PTY LTD ANDERSEN, J. SIGGARD- ANDERSON, A. Greig ANDERSON, Declan J. ANDERSON, J.A.D ANDERSON, J.D. (‘Jock’) ANDERSON, John D. ANDERSON, William Eric Kinloch ANDO, Shinsuke ANDREW, Edward Raymond ANGGARD, Erik H.249 FtciGo F.1074 G.3, H.50, H.348, H.475 FE ATy GA65 Fi24 126 B.241:14 C.1065; 6:1066;'C:1069.:6.1072: H.447 See also H.250 See H.250 H.250, H.617 F.2014, F.2016, F.2018, F.2019, F.2022, F.2024, F.2025, F.2038, H.585, H.654 See also H.250 APPROVED PRESCRIPTION SERVICES LTD ANNAN, Noel Gilroy, Baron ANOKHIN, P.K. ANYAOKU, Eleazar Chukwuemeka G.49, G.62, H.250, H.617 See also F.103, F.658 See H.609 F.1480 H.471 ARBLASTER, Peter G. ARCADES F.132-F.142, F.155, F.2092- 2103) ANIMALS IN MEDICINES RESEARCH INFORMATION CENTRE (AMRIC) C.199 ARCHER OF WESTON-SUPER-MARE, Jeffrey Howard, Baron G1055 See also F.306, C.1053, C.1054 ARCH ART RESEARCH CREATIVITY & HEALTH H.252-H.257, H.451 C921; Gib22" C525 See H.251 ARCHER, Mary Doreen, Lady C.1054, H.503 See also C.1053 ARMSTRONG, David W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents ARMSTRONG OF ILMINSTER, Robert Temple, Baron G.86, G.94 ARNOTT, Sir (William) Melville F.1076, F.1078, F.1079, F.1082- F.1084, F.1086, F.1087, F.1090, F.1091, F.1094, F.1097, F.1101- &.1103F.1108; Fd14414) E1448; RAN20 ured 20) mel, Feo E08 1193 b 195 ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM COUNCIL ASH ACTION ON SMOKING AND HEATH ASHDOWN, Jeremy John Durham (‘Paddy’), Baron ASHLEY, Frank P. ASHMORE, Sir Edward (Beckwith) ASMAL, A. Cader ASPER, Samuel P., Jr HS 137 F.306 See also F.307 F.2408 F.1480 F.1029 paler ASSMANN, Gerd F.2019, F.2021 F.143, F.144 ASSOCIATION FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH INSURERS ASSOCIATION OF CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN PHYSICIANS F.147, H.258 F.277, F.280, F.298 A.61, F.145, F.146 ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF OBESITY ASSOCIATION OF CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONS ASSOCIATION OF CLINICAL PROFESSORS OF MEDICINE ASSOCIATION EUROPEENE DE MEDICINE INTERNE D'ENSEMBLE Eon ASSOCIATION OF THE BRITISH PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION OF VETERINARIANS IN INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS AND LECTURERS H.745 F.856 C.108 H.665 F.861 F.856 F279, F283 F.132, F.148-F.159 H.638-H.641 ASSOCIATION OF CONTINENCE ADVICE ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY COUNCILS W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents ASTHMA RESEARCH COUNCIL ASTOR OF HEVER, John Jacob Astor, 3rd Baron H.651 G.97 ASTRUP, Poul ATHENAEUM ATHEROSCLEROSIS ATHERTON, Michael Andrew ATTENBOROUGH, Richard Samuel, Baron ATWATER, Illani AUDIT COMMISSION AUGUSTI, K.T. AUSTRALIAN CRICKET BOARD F.491, F.1121, F.1165 A.63, C.974, F.160-F.162 H.631 See H.259, H.617 F.olGarso22 H.50 H.259 H.51 C.994 AUSTRALIAN MONARCHIST LEAGUE H.259, H.264 F.993 AXFORD, D.W.E. AYLING, R.J. BAA PLC BADDELEY, Alan BADENOCH, Sir John BACKETT, E. Maurice Fi2226 See also F.2227 F222732 P1565; F630 F.412-F.414, F.779 E1096) 1097 Ed0ter a 102s Feld WiZ0neeimhed el oss eto Are. lulls. (ies rldi7o Fated eekion 1194 F.1195, F.1198, F.1202 See also H.260 Fe2105°F.2109 2110: F.2112- feet 1.1.0) Fide O Fe? 1242120. H.517-H.521, H.657 D.116 F.811, F.812 BAILEY, Stephen BAINES, Leslie H. BAGGS, John E. BAILEY, Sir Brian BAILEY, Gordon C'535; F.2108. 52 E2455 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents BAJAJ, J.S. BAKER, Carl G. BAKER, Dame Janet Abbott BAKER OF DORKING, Kenneth Wilfred Baker, Baron BAKSHI, B.K. BALCHIN, Sir Robert BALDWIN OF BEWDLEY, Edward Alfred Alexander Baldwin, Baron BALDWIN, Sir Peter BALINT, P. BALL, Keith C.126 F.1033, F.1035 H.260 H.260 See also H.657 F.17 See also F.18 F.289, F.292 H.260 F.2422 elon F.797 BALL, Peter A.J. BARING BROTHERS LTD BARING FOUNDATION BARKER, Albert E. BANHA\M, Belinda J. BANKS, Leslie BANNISTER, Sir Roger Gilbert BARD PHARMACEUTICALS H.52 See H.618 F.120-H1655 See also H.656 BALSDON, John Percy Vyvian Dacre H.292 BeO nS) te, 1Ocr- 20022, biZo! eee 27a 28rr or hase. 2086 See also F.21 F.1915 See also F.1575 BARLOW, Erasmus D. BARNARD, Eric Albert H.53 F.2288 BARNARD, G.A. BARNES, David W.H. Gel iS/, badge H.607, H.632 F.1263 Fi2116 F.266 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 BARRY, Hilary SAMPSON- BATE, Don CANNADINE- BATES, Eric B. BATES, R. Index of correspondents F.2418 C.1042, C.1044, C.1046, C.1053, H.588 Fol Eeote See F.306 BATLEY, Norma Brodie F.404, F.417, F.419, H.196 BATTEN, Henry BATTERSBY, Sir Alan (Rushton) BATTERSBY, Brian E. BAX, Martin BAUM, J. David BAUM, Harold BAUMOL, William J. C.1021, C.1023 See F.1974 F.18 F.848 Fris23Fe739) Riva3 See F.2406 H.262 BAYER PLC BAYLEY, Peter H.262 H.262, H.328 BEARN, Alexander G. (‘Alick’) F.1554 See also F.1560 H.263 H.618 BECKER, E. Lovell BECKER, James T. H.263, H.348, H.418 1)°362; D369; E-95 BEAMENT, Sir James William Longman C.490, F.1433-F.1435 See also F.1442 See F.1477 C281, 'Ci497-F.163-Fei 72: F.1327) FMs23, Pil G46. 1640. 590) H.644, H.650 See also F.1347 F.858, F.859, H.581, H.762 See also H.665 BEESON, Paul BEIT, Sir Alfred BECKET, Welton BEDFORD SCHOOL BEECHAM GROUP PLC BEER, lan F.147 Index of correspondents H.606 See also H.666 F.569 F.825,F.831, F.833; F.834, F.836, F.838-F.840, F.842, F.844, F.845, F.848, F.850, F.857-F.859, F.866, F.880, F.885, F:891) F892; F.903 C.225, C.226 F.973-F.981 H.259, H.264 F.559 See F.123 E1401F.1103 C.300 F.809, F.1669 See also F.798 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 BELLAMY, Denis BEMROSE, Alan BENDALL, Fay BENTLEY, George BENTLEY, Herbert R. BENWELL, Philip BERGEN, Paul BERLIN, Sir Isaiah BERNARD, Jean BERRIDGE, F.R. BERRILL, Sir Kenneth BETT, Michael BEVAN, Michael BINNS, Terry B. BIORCK, Gunnar BIRD, Edward D. F102, Felnog BEVAN, Anthony H.44 H.265 C.965 C.658 F295 BICHARD, Michael BINET, Jacques-Louis BEVERIDGE, W.I.B. H.269 F.798 See also F.844, F.846, F.851, F.877, F.878 BIRK, Alma, Baroness F.242 F.1090 H.619 BIRKE, Gunnar BISCOE, Tim F.1081 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents BLACK, Sir Douglas (Andrew Kilgour) BLACK, Thomas C. €.314;'C.319)-F.259) F-54056. 543: F.2302 See also F.103 F.130, F.1364-F.1366, F.1368- F.1370 BLACKER, Carmen H.269 BLACKSTONE, Tessa Ann Vosper, Baroness F37616:95.H764 BLAIR, Anthony Charles Lynton (‘Tony’) DOA. 100skis0/, G96 See also F.206, H.491, H.510 BLAIR, Eric E.46 BLAKEMORE, Colin Brian D:372-D.374,'E:45 4:53 BLATCH, Emily May, Baroness F.283, F.737, G.24, G.45, G:60, G.61, G.88, G.93, G.96, H.294 See also F.308, F.328, F.1530, H.757 BLAXTER, Sir Kenneth Lyon H.646 BLINKHORN, Steve BLEEHEN, Norman Montague BLAXTER, Mildred, Lady See H.651, H.666 G.47 F.2346 F.1563 BLUNKETT, David BLYTHE, G. Max BLOOM, Arnold BLOOR, Peter F.2111 See also F.2114 BLENNERHASSETT, Francis Alfred C.142, C.143, C.145, C.146, F.1036, F.1041, F.1043, F.1045, F.1985, F.2292, H.642 See also F.1034, F.1037 See H.271 C.1083, F.901, F.902, F.905, H.270 See also F.915 BOIS, Alain BOIZOT, Peter BOC GROUP LTD BODMER, Sir Walter Fred SCG 2627260) F622 e762 H.620 G.14 P1030} E1585, F586 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 BOLAND, Sir (E.) Rowan BOMFORD, R.R. BOMPAS, Donald George BONDAREFF, William BONDI, Sir Herman Index of correspondents F.1076, F.1083, F.1084, F.1090, F.1093 a 1106,F.14120) Bid2a Frig2oy F-13826 1952630, H.1089 F.1074-F.1076, F.1077, F.1078- F.1080, F.1081, F.1082-F.1087, F.1090, F.1093-F.1097, F.1101- F.1104, F.1106-F.1108, F.1109- Fet112°-F.1116-F 19419. F4120- Edd 22, b-1124,F.4139 1449) al 150 Ral O2he 41159: Fe 60: Fal O lar idOs: F. dloos belie F.1189-F.1193 B.36 G.136A See C.1089, H.659 BONO, Edward Francis Charles Publius de H.643 BOOTH, Sir Christopher (Charles) F.645, F.646, F.1454, F.1455, F.1928, F.2013, H.619 See also H.776 See H.271 BORN, Gustav Victor Rudolf BORREBAEK, Borgar BORROW DENTAL MILK FOUNDATION BOOTH, Hartley BOOTS COMPANY LTD BOSWELL, Tim BOTHAM, David F.563 fae H.756 C.148, C.149, C.153, F.2007, F.2034, F.2292, H.117 BOSTON OF FAVERSHAM, Terence George Boston, Baron ioc Prl7S-F. 176, F222" 60223) F225, H.88 H.383, H.529 C.787, F.2166, F.2167, F.2408, F.2416, H.460 See also F.1996, F.2318, H.271, H.766 C.148, F.232 BOTTOMLEY, Virginia (Hilda Brunette Maxwell) BOTROS, Sophie BOTTCHER, Carl Johan Friedrich (‘Frits’) F.30 See also F.24, F.26 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents BOUCHIER, lan A. D. C332) 6.333" C356; E170; Bei tek leurs, Ra Os E120 BOWDEN, Phyllis, Lady (Mrs Phyllis Hetzel) C.984B BOWERS, John Z. BOWRING, Richard BOYD, Sir John BOYD Jip: D.369-D.373 C.1082, H.619 R760 e274 See also F.2235 C.683 BRADFIELD, Sir John Richard Grenfell C.413, H.271, H.620, H.665 BRADLEY, Clare BRADLEY, Robert F. BRADMAN, Sir Donald George H.56-H.59, H.271, H.620, H.658 fe O29 H.632 BRAGG, Stephen Lawrence C.984, F.1057, H.218 PedO Gee OS2s Pl 200 136: F.1149, F.1196 BRAMWELL, Crighton BRATHERTON, David G. BRAY, Jeremy William BREMBRIDGE, John H. BRENNER, Sydney F274 e/a BRENDONCARE FOUNDATION Fi2go2-F.2100 e224, iate 620 BRAYBROOKE, Robin Henry Charles Neville, 10th Baron C..304, C.1021, F.1039, F.1041, F.1057, H.160 FAGA7F.16004"F.1607% 1 66i- F1663; R4665-F.4667-E 1068" FAO Roger -1675-k.1070 See also F.1652 F.737, F.745, F.844, G.88, G.93 C.507°C.52" F039. 5F 2286 Hl 162 See also C.215, C.243 BRIDGES, Thomas Edward Bridges, 2nd Baron i 263.-F.264 F.1651 H.60, H.637 BRIGGS, Asa, Baron BRIGGS, J.H. BREWER, Derek Stanley THE BREWERS’ SOCIETY See F.1419 C.309 BRIGSTOCKE, Heather Renwick, Baroness W.J.H. NCUACS 157/7/07 Butterfield BRIMBLECOMBE, F.S.W. BRIMBLECOMBE, Roger W. BRINSDEN, Peter BRISCOE, Timothy THE BRITISH ACADEMY BRITISH AEROSPACE PLC BRITISH AIRWAYS PLC Index of correspondents C.966 H.534, H.620 See also H.581 H.766 D.440-D.444 H.272 F.2231 F.2226 BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION F.468-F.470, F.782, F.850 BRITISH COUNCIL C.1074, F.9, F.176-F.181, F.1127, F.1130, F.1131, F.1168, F.1176, F.2136, F.2137, H.272, H.304, H.631 BRITISH COUNCIL OF OPTOMETRISTS H.474 BRITISH DIETETIC ASSOCIATION BRITISH DIGESTIVE FOUNDATION BRITISH DRUG HOUSES LTD BRITISH GAS PLC C.964, F.102-F.126, H.501 BRITISH DIABETIC ASSOCIATION BRITISH GERIATRICS SOCIETY BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION F.215-F.217 H.638 See also H.637 220 C.131, F.182-F.214, F.2346, F.2366, F.2388, F.2399, F.2418, H.609, H.610, H.631, H.632, H.647 BRITISH FOUNDATION FOR AGE RESEARCH F.2138-F.2140, F.2162 BRITISH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL EDUCATION BRITISH MEDICAL ACUPUNCTURE SOCIETY BRITISH JOURNAL OF HOSPITAL MEDICINE 25 H.31 C.1094 F.1529 F.86-F.88 F.218-F.221 222-225, BRITISH INSULIN MANUFACTURERS BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION F.226-F.230, F.1554, F.1565, W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL F.226-F.230 See also F.812 BRITISH NUTRITION FOUNDATION C.490, C.589-C.591, H.187 BRITISH OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION BRITISH PERFORMING ARTS MEDICINE TRUST BRITISH PETROLEUM COMPANY PLC BRITISH PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY BRITISH SATELLITE BROADCASTING LTD BRITISH SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHY C.1026 H.454 F.i2229 H.288 F.401 C.1018 A344 BRITISH SUGAR BUREAU C.493, H.799, H.802 BRITISH SUGAR CORPORATION LTD BRITISH TELECOMMUNICATIONS PLC H.802 E2231 BRITISH TRUST FOR CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS H.272, 4.331 F.1465, F.1466-F.1472 ho 2s) BROADWAY, E.S. Ei2O77 F214 1-F<2 104: See also H.620 C.136A BROCADES (GREAT BRITAIN) LTD F.232-F.234, H.61, H.640 BRITTA DOLAN MEMORIAL CANCER FUND H.272, H.296-H.299, H.662 BRITTAN OF SPENNITHORNE, Leon Brittan, Baron BRITTA DOLAN MEMORIAL CANCER STUDY BRITISH VETERANS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BRITISH UNIVERSITIES SPORTS FEDERATION / BRITISH UNIVERSITIES SPORTS ASSOCIATION C.260, C.274, C.280, H.62, H.217 F*163-F.165.:F 1/0; Beal 74s F.1346, F.1348 See also F.1351 C.962 F.300 H.620 F.66 2235 4H 2 /Oe Ooo See also H.760 BROCK, Michael BROCKLEHURST, John C. BROERS, Sir Alec Nigel BROOK, Maurice BROOK, Peter W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 BROOK, Simon S. BROOKE BOND GROUP PLC BROOKES, Leonard G. BROOM, Donald M. BROWN, Leslie BROWN, Morris J. BROWN, P.E. BROWN, William BRUNDIN, Clark BUCHANAN, Alastair J. BUCHANAN MEMORIAL FUND BUCHEM, F.S.P. VAN Index of correspondents H.63 C.495 1959. belo60e rH ooo. brooy. C.1098 H.656 C.160-C.164, C.1101, F.2014, H.273 Et G9 sk lc76 F292)-F.293 See H.400 GA13;-6. 23594286, E2155; Fi620 230; F236, F:2155 F.1077 BUCKINGHAM, (Amyand) David E1618 hu273 Ee eoOre 284 BUDD, Bill BUFTON, Mark W. BUCKLE, John BUCKOKE, Yvette E. BULL, John P. BULLER, Arthur Ars F412. 413 C.994, C.995, C.997-C.999 See also F.451 See F.261, F.262 E.24, F.809, F.814, F.822, F.829, F.834, F.837, F.838, F.841-F.844, F.846-F.848, F.850-F.856, F.858, F.860-F.862, F.864, F.867, F.868, F.872-F.874, F.876-F.882, F.884, F.886, F.887, F.889, F.891, F.901, F.903, F.918, F.919 See also F.783, F.840 F.2464 See also F.2461 F.1352, F.1361, F.1368 C.578, C.1089, H.126 BULLIS, Anthony BUNCE, John A. BURGEN, Sir Arnold Stanley Vincent BURGESS, Tyrrell W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents BURKE, Gerald A. H.274 BURMA CAMPAIGN FELLOWSHIP GROUP F.741, F.756-F.758, H.274, H.470 BURNET, Pauline R. BURNS, John J. BUTLER, Sir (Frederick Edward) Robin BUTLER, Marilyn BUTLER, Mollie, Lady BUTLER, Neville R. BUTT, Hugh R. BUTTERFIELD, Deidre C.798, C.864, C.892-C.894, C.898 F.2002 G.44 See H.326 H.488 H.71 F4033;.F. 1034; F.10386; F.1037, F.1040, F.1043, F.1047, H.274 F.261, F.262, F.264-F.268, F.311, POZO hro2o, heoZ0 eh S29 yk 750: H.752, H.758, H.764 See also F.322 BUTTERFIELD, Sir Herbert BUTTERWORTH, Doris, Lady CABLE & WIRELESS PLC BUXTON, Angela BYERS, Stephen C.610-C.612 H.535 See F.308 See C.958 CADBURY, Sir (George) Adrian (Hayhurst) BUTTERFIELD, Jeremy Nicholas BUTTERWORTH, John Blackstock Butterworth, Baron F.813, F.819, F.820, F.854-F.858 See also F.851, F.914 H.275 CAIRNCROSS, Sir Alexander (Sir Alec Cairncross) CALDICOTE, Robert Andrew Inskip, Viscount C132, C188 See INSKIP C.495 D.94 C.119 CADBURY SCHWEPPES PLC CAIRD, Francis |. F269 F.2229 C.495 See also C.496 CAIRNS, J.E. CALKINS, Virginia W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents CALLENDER, Sheila T. C.253 CALMAN, Sir Kenneth Charles CALNE, Sir Roy Yorke F.919, F.920, F.2164, F.2165 See also F.2166 C.3, C.226, C.286, C.307-C.313, C.329, C.510, C.805A, C.838, C.921, C.922, C:996, C.1024, C2292) i275, i653 See also C.68, C.225, C.1025, H.280 CAMBRIDGE CAPITAL LTD CAMBRIDGE DIVORCE AND FAMILY CENTRE CAMBRIDGE EDUCATION CONSULTANTS LTD CAMBRIDGE EVENING NEWS CAMBRIDGE HEALTH AUTHORITY CAMBRIDGE LIFE SCIENCES PLC eee TET H.275, H.293 H.321 C.3;C; 1058 H.218, H.646 H.220 CAMBRIDGE MEDICAL ANSWERING SERVICES LTD H.529 H.276 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS See UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE CAMBRIDGE NUTRITION LTD CAMBRIDGE QUANTUM FUND LTD CAMBRIDGE ROWING TRUST CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY 23/4 F201 Wat. 276, 1.000 C.1019-C.1019B, H.276 iz (O2"b 21.93 H.448, H.498 CAMBRIDGESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL CAMBRIDGE MEDICAL GRADUATES CLUB CAMBRIDGESHIRE AREA HEALTH AUTHORITY CAMBRIDGE RESEARCH AND INNOVATION LTD eZ, F.2405A See also F.2407, F.2408 H.276 H.276 C.858-C.932 CAMERON, J. Stewart Bis; B:15;6el220"4. 10 CAMPAIGN FOR QUALITY TELEVISION CAMPBELL, Alexander Colin Patton CAMPBELL, Anne See H.277 H.67 CAMERON, lan R W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents CAMPBELL, Sir Colin CAMPBELL, Moran CANN, Sir Edward Dillon Lott du CANTLON, John E. CAREY OF CLIFTON, George Leonard Carey, Baron CARLISLE OF BUCKLOW, Mark Carlisle, Baron CARO, Colin G. CARPENTER, Harry CARPENTER, Peter F.2448-F 2450, F.2452 See also F.2465 H.68, H.69 F729, F749. 277 See also F.730, F.736 P2330. Fi23383F 277 See also F.2334 G.94, H.258 See also H.277 H.734 H.70 C.1048, C.1051 C.1108, C.1110, H.276, H.349, H.428 See also H.277 CARTER, Dorothy L. CARTWRIGHT, Ann CASS, Sir Geoffrey CARRERAS ROTHMANS LTD CARRICK, David CARRELL, Robin W. CAt2, G13 ..6123 F.1353-F.1358 G.61 See also H.387 CARR OF HADLEY, (Leonard) Robert Carr, Baron F.1419, F.2309, H.648 E182 F.1480 H.447 CARTER, Mark Raymond Bonham Carter, Baron BONHAM- CARRINGTON, Peter Alexander Rupert Carington, 6th Baron CARY, Lucius Edward William Plantagenet, 15th Viscount Falkland G'92,.G.95 CASTLE OF BLACKBURN, Barbara Anne Castle, Baroness CECIL, Robert Michael James, Viscount Cranborne CATLIN, Robin J.O. CAWLEY, Robert H. F.401 G.46, G.47 See C.1051 F.404 C.167 F.828, H.99 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents CENTRE FOR MEDICINES RESEARCH F.2156 CENTRE FOR POLICY STUDIES CHADWICK, Sir (William) Owen H.779, H.791 See also H.783 C.1020, C.1021, C.1026, C.1089, H.278, H.447 CHALFONT, Alun Arthur Gwynne Jones, Baron H.70 CHALKER OF WALLASEY, Lynda Chalker, Baroness CHALMERS, D.G. CHALMERS, Theo. M. CHAMPION, Robert H. CHAN Po-chew CHANTLER, Sir Cyril F.15, F.728, G.49, G.50, H.278, His3ir. See also H.479 GAl057C20276.21'5 Cia CuO 736.367, See also C.69, C.173, F.2291 C.930-C.932, H.158 See also C.34 Beda F.2407, F.2408, F.2410, F.2417- F.2419, F.2421-F.2426, F.2428- F22431°F:2435: F256) F279 See also F.10, F.12, F.2411, F.2438 298° F:289 CHEST & HEART ASSOCIATION CHIBA, Kazuo CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CHARITY CHARLTON, Anne F.1596 H.447 FS F.762 F.2157 reno CHARING CROSS MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTRE CHARITY COMMISSIONERS FOR ENGLAND AND WALES F.893, F.902, F.918, F.920 CHARTERIS OF AMISFIELD, Martin Michael Charles Charteris, Baron F.410-F.412, H.211 F.442, F.446, F.448-F.451, F.453, F.456, H.280 CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES CHINESE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION CHRISTOPHERSON, Sir Derman Guy mW 4e Fal 6 Rl (7, F.1682, F.1690 CHOA, Gerald H. CHRISTISON, Graham B. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents CHURCHILL LIVINGSTONE, INC. H.395, H.402 CIBA FOUNDATION CIBA LABORATORIES CICLITIRA, P.J. CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY CLARK, David STAFFORD- CLARK, Sir Grahame CLARK, June CLARK, Sir Robert CLARKE, Charles CLARKE, Sir Cyril Astley F.245-F.251, F.1484, F.1485, H.280 F.240-F.244 F612 :E 61euhioo” F.565 F1382, F.1383 C.210, C.237 F.401 F.238 F.299-F.301, F.308 See also F.305 C.408, C.412, C.546, F.824, F.842, F1124°F 1425 -Flde9 F149, F.1170, F.1192-F.1194, F.1454 See also F.822, F.1455, H.280 CLENNELL, W.J. CLARKE, Edwin CLARKE, Kenneth CLEOBURY, Stephen F.915, H.280 See F.2118 F.86-F.88 CLEESE, John Marwood CMR INTERNATIONAL CLAYTON, Dame Barbara Ci971,- F860" F13514F.2162..6-14- G.16, G.19, G.47, H.280, H.792 See also F.2163, H.749 F.2109-F.2111, F.2119 F22-2924" E26 FD (ok ook So- F.36, H.282 See also F.37-F.42 COLBOURNE, Michael J. Oa 7 H.280 H.281 F21236 H.282 COATES, Ken COATES, Rex C. COBB, Hope Fay COGHILL, Nelson F. COLDSTREAM, Patrick C.546 F.1676 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 COLE, Eileen COLE, Leslie COLIN, Michael COLLEGE CLUB COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS COLLEGE OF TEACHERS COLLINS, Ken COLLINS, Norman Richard Index of correspondents F.914, F.915, F.918 C.408 Falb cre F.257-F.260, H.283 F.261-F.267, F.269-F.274, F.276, F.277, F.279, F.280, F.283-F.286, F.288, H.490 See also H.581 F.261-F.338, H.530 See also F.763 H.283 F.72, F.74-F.77, F.79, F.84, F.93, F. 102° F:104. F.105 See also F.103, F.110 COLON CANCER CONCERN H.283 C.976, H.284, H.285, H.462, H.505 @€736B; 6.410) C 444,.6 415 F.1267 F.1989, H.271 COLQUHUON, Patrick COMFORT, Alex THE COMMONWEALTH FUND COMPANY OF BIOLOGISTS LTD COMMITTEE OF UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE OF VICE-CHANCELLORS AND PRINCIPALS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM (CVCP) A.151, C.949, C.951, C.952. C.958, C.975, C.976, C.983, C.985, C.986, C.988A, F.277, F.311, F.339- F.371,,H.288, H.683) 740. 4.744: H.764, H.777 See also C.959 H.83 F.1353, F.1357, F.1359, F.1365, F.1368 See also F.1358, F.1360 Eliov Pxs/2 Fuli256 F.549 COMPSTON, Alastair COMPTON, Betty, Lady COMPTON, Robin E.J. CONI, Nicholas K. C.136A, C.136B, C.1111, F.1954, COMPTON, Walter Ames W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents CONOLLY, Matthew E. CONSERVATIVE CENTRAL OFFICE THE CONTINENCE FOUNDATION COOMBS, R.R.A. COOPE, Robert COOPER, Basil CORBY, Sir (Frederick) Brian CORSAN, David Cuis2°C-153 See also C.157 Fe Loe icon H.286 C.204 F.1074, F.1076, F.1078 H.286 Be1422-Fsi425.-F1430) 1434. EF 23108F 2314: F:23472.G 80) H.508 See also F.2311, F.2313, F.2315, F.2318 F732 1b (SoU raor ek. Coo See also F.728, F.739 CORTAZZI, Sir Hugh H.286 ord C.974, C.975 COSINFEG: COTTON, Patrick COTTRELL, Sir Alan Howard COULSON, Robert F.318, F.323-F.326 F.373-F.420, H.219 H.488, H.489 COURTAULD, Julien COVENEY, Francis COUNCIL FOR INDUSTRY AND HIGHER EDUCATION hZ108-F.2lek.2 149 C.305, C.409, C.411, C.1088, C.1089 See also C.3, C.1090, F.1470 COUNCIL FOR THE EDUCATION AND TRAINING OF HEALTH VISITORS Pei COWDREY OF TONBRIDGE, Michael Colin Cowdrey, Baron B.19, F.901, F.914 See also F.979 H.505 H.447 G.65 H.220, H.654 See also H.658 COX, Daniel J. COXON, Ann COX, Brian D. COX, Caroline Anne Cox, Baroness Index of correspondents W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 CRAFT, Michael CRAIG, Janet B. CRAIGEN, A.A. CRAWFORD, Michael A. CRAWLEY, Christine Mary Crawley, Baroness CRESSWELL, Ronald M. CRICK, Francis Harry Compton CRIPPS, Sir (Cyril) Humphrey CRIPPS, Edward CRISP, Arthur H. F.781A See also C.915 F16-F19ee 23s 27 Fr 2260, Fe2270 5 te 54cHa156, 002 See also F.22 C.1021-C.1023 F.493 H.591 F.1989, F.1991 C.253 F.1948, F.1949, H.325 C.442 See also F.325, H.287 C.288, C.329, C.354, C.356, C.363, C.385, H.287 CRITCHLEY, Macdonald CROMIE, Brian W. CROSS, Kenneth W. CROUGHER’R. CRITICAL SCIENCES LTD F.421-F.461 F.563, F.597 C233 See also H.220 CROSLAND, (Charles) Anthony (Raven) RiS2 1) Ea ooOs Mole. Hose See F.1346 F.1074, F.1078-F.1080, F.1082- F.1084, F.1090, F.1093, F.1095, BOO 7 sme OtraO2;)Pt20, fe ORR tote F. 119s! Bago H.288 F.471 H.287 H.738 CUBBON, Sir Brian CULLEN, Chris CROWDEN, James CUATRECASAS, Pedro CROUCHER FOUNDATION F.302, F.308, F.309, F.462-F.476 F.1994 See also H.484 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 index of correspondents CUMBERLEGE, Julia Frances Cumberlege, Baroness CUMMINGS, John H. CURRIE, Edwina CURTIS, R.F. CURWEN, Michael P. CUTHBERT, Alan William D’AETH, Richard DAGNELIS, J. DAILY TELEGRAPH F.26F-.687, F.690, F.919;°F. 2167, F.2168, G.49, G.55, G.94, H.367, H.794 See also F.21, F.25, F.2088, F.2406 C.577 C.784 C.490 Puloh2. EO 3, halo fO-balo C91; Ci1.52,°C:166;.C. 163 F663 See also C.154, C.155, C.161, Ga62 C.556-C.567, F.2108, F.2111, H.221, H.289 Rl 7. F.86 DAKAWSKI, Bruce DALEY, Sir Allen H.289 F.1564 DALTON, Kevin J. DANDY. David J. C.493, C.494 F.843, H.473 €.154, C.226 DALGETY SPILLERS LTD DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron C.62, F.2449, G.26, G.85, H.289, H.444, H.632, H.759 See also F.2454 H.758 F.62 H.474 H.290 DAVID, Nora Ratcliffe, Baroness D.339 See F.297 DAVALOS, R.A. CAMERINI- DANIEL, Sir John D'ARCY, P.F. DARKE, Sylvia J. DAVIES, A.M.C. DAVIES, Sir David DANIEL, Glyn C.579, C.588 F.450 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 DAVIES, D. Hywel DAVIES, T.W. DAVIS, D. RUSSELL DAVIS, John Allen DAVIS, Miles HUNT- DAVISON, Roger W. DAVISON, William DAWES, Geoffrey DAWSON, Sandra DAY, Nicholas Index of correspondents H.781 C.196 C.602, C.649 C.2626 238; C-265-C.247 46353. C.355, C.356, C.367, C.529, C.534, C.580, C.822, C.915, H.71, H.291 See also C.1098 3.19) F321 -F 3257-5328 H.291 C1336: 194-6-356,,6:304, 6.684. F.952, F.954, F.1059, H.83 See also F.963, F.965 C.229 B2ee7, holo See also F.2225, F.2226, F.2230 See H.291 DEAKIN, Tony DEARING, Ronald Ernest, Baron DEIVANAYAGAM, C.N. F.1093, F.1095 H.292 H.77, H.79, H.80 DEKKER, Mauritz DENHAM, Michael J. DENT C5; DEUCHAR, D.C. C.1104-C.1106, H.247, H.378 DIABETIC TWIN RESEARCH TRUST G.43, H.292, H.495, H.760 See also F.292, F.2318, F.2449, F.2452, F.2453, H.759 See also F.18, F.21, F.27 DIGESTIVE DISORDERS FOUNDATION DICKENSON, Aubrey Fiennes TROTMAN - DICK, George Williamson Auchinvole eet F216 H.497 G.48 G.42 H.294 H.294, H.376, H.393, H.666 F11,.F:12, F.2087.-11:295 DILKS, David Neville DILWORTH, Robert Lexow W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents DISABLED LIVING FOUNDATION C382. C133 DITCHLEY FOUNDATION DIX, Gerald DIXON, Kendal H.295 H.295 C653 DOBSON, Frank Gordon See H.372, H.762 DOLL, Sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) FE 1256.1 A26:-H.300 DOLLERY, Sir Colin Terence DONOVAN, Marie-Claire DORRELL, Stephen James DOUGLAS, Charles P. Cai54: P1206 1424-11396) F.1149, F.1187, F.1193, F.1195, F.1196, F.1698, F.2289 See also H.300 H.300 See F.2426, H.300 C.50, C.156; ©.199, C.219-C.224. C3833" 2201 See also C.68 DOVE HES. DOWLING, Brian F. F.87, F.88 D'SILVA, Gordon DUFAULT, Joan Pyle Fi1504) Falooo H.302 F.1614-F.1626 D.341, F.165, F.167-F.170 DOYLE, F. Peter DRAPER, Peter DUNBAR, Janet DUNCAN, A.S. DRUG & ALCOHOL FOUNDATION F.429, F.432, F.443, F.446, F.447, F450) F454H304 See also F.557 See also C.814, C.834, C.932 Colrso7.6157 6.1575) Gr268. Carer: G: 797, €:800:-G.801°G.803, C.805A-C.805C, C.929, C.935, C.944, F.2292 F.80 see WEBB F.1386 DUNCAN, George D. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 DUNLOP, Sir Derrick Melville Index of correspondents DUNN, Dame Lydia Selina DUTHIE, Robert Buchan DUVE, Christian de DYER, Sir (Henry) Peter (Francis) SWINNERTON- DYSTONIA SOCIETY EARL, C.J. EARTHWATCH EAST ANGLIAN REGIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY (EARHA) F.1074-F.1076, F.1080, F.1082, F.1083, F.1085, F.1086, F.1090, ma OO er 10GSeF. 1.1101. seal O2. Fat O06 2h 4138). E1139" F.1 170- GAV2 E74 O2eb4 94: H.609 G.60, H.305 E.45 C.118 C.1089, H.736 See also C.959 H.305 H.306, H.500 C.983, F.547-F.562, F.726 AG; Crlse) CmaseCHGo" 6.4157, C161,«C.1'75; C232, C243:.6:273, C.283, C.308, C.530, C.729-C.857, F009" 903, Hopkin O; Hi. 678, H.781, H.782, H.791 C.983 THE ECONOMIST EASTMAN, Richard C. EASTWOOD, Martin EBERT, Robert H. F.563-F.635 Re2orO H.309 D.119 C.408 ECCLES, David McAdam Eccles, 1st Viscount EAST MIDLANDS ECONOMIC PLANNING COUNCIL See also H.311 C11, 6.178; €.186, 6.201, €.985, C.1090, H.8, H.311, H.647 EDWARDS, Sir Frederick Samuel (Sir Sam Edwards) F.1566, F.1567 See also H.309 C.1089 H.8 H.310 F.244 EDEN, Richard J. EDHOLM, Otto EDUCATION 2000 TRUST EDWARDS, A. Wynn EDWARDS, Anthony W.F. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents EDWARDS, James Griffith EDWARDS, R.E. (‘Cass’) EGAN, Sir John ELIA, Marinos ELI LILLY AND COMPANY LTD ELITHORN, Alick ELLIOTT, Brian A. ©258)-C:258, G:289-G:297 74: H.108 See also C.254 Asef rasloye | eNsloloyz etefoyy a4 eatotope) F.866, F.876, F.881, F.898, F.902, One 916ak.24163%H.605 F.2282 Fit43%0F.1438 H.795 C2510 ).244 F.314ehioap F305, Jb 309: BelSOdhieatoo2: F.1364-F.1366, F.1368 ELLIOTT BROTHERS (LONDON) LTD ELLIOTT MEDICAL AUTOMATION LTD ELLIS, Frank F.636 F.636-F.641 rig C.954, D.218, H.316 ELSIE INGLIS MEMORIAL FUND ELWYN-JONES, Frederick Elwyn, Baron ELLIS, Harold ELLIS, Sir John (Rogers) F222, F.1325 F.642-F 646 F.548 ELLIS, Matthew ELMES, Peter C. ELY CATHEDRAL RESTORATION TRUST C.673, C.675, C.677-C.682, F.1083, F.1084, F.1138, F.1139, F.1149, at OO BR lvalcel doy Redes F.1193 C32 C.805A, C.916, C.917, C.921-C.926, €.928, C.9295F:221;-F.2439, 1.319, H.461 ENGINEERING EMPLOYERS FEDERATION (EEF) F.647-F.652 C.200, C.294 ENGLISH, Sir Terence (Alexander Hawthorne) EMERSON, A. Roy EMERTON, John A. C.984A H.312 ENNALS, David Hedley, Baron W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents THE ENVIRONMENT FOUNDATION F.1474 ENVIRONMENTAL INDUSTRIES COMMISSION LTD F221 71-2474; 43320 EPSTEIN, Sir (Michael) Anthony ERNST & YOUNG ETON FIVES CHARITABLE TRUST H.321 F.2435 H.321 EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF DIABETES _F.653-F.657, H.307 (EASD) EUROPEAN ASSOCATION FOR THE STUDY OF OBESITY (EASO) EUROPEAN ETHICAL REVIEW COMMITTEE __H.308 HS2c EUROPEAN SOCIETY FOR PAEDIATRIC NEPHROLOGY H.10 EVANS, D.B. EVANS, David L. EVANS, David Wainwright EVANS, G.R Aaa C.920, C.925-C.927, C.929, H.49, H.322 See also C.838 See H.323 EVANS, Sir Richard EVANS, Robert EVANS, Sir Harold EVANS, Jonathan EVANS, S. EVIMED LTD P2231 F.1529 H.322 lela] F.749 EVANS, Philip Rainsford G.22, H.328 F.1138, F.1139, F.1149, F.1167, Eads FAIRLEY, Gordon HAMILTON FABRICANT, Michael H.323 H.324 F.1148 ti 198 FALCONER, C.Dale FALK, Leslie F.240-F.242, F.246 EYCKMANS, Luc W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 FALKNER, Frank FALLSIDE, Frank Index of correspondents FAMILIES FOR DEFENCE FAMILY AND DIVORCE CENTRE, CAMBRIDGE FAMILY HEART ASSOCIATION FANG, Harry S.F. FAULKNER, Hugh FAWCETT, F. John FELITTI, Vincent J. FELKAI, Denes RENEGH Eee. C.234-C.236 C.540-C.543 See also C.545, C.546 E2103) 24105 H.328 H.329 F.1650 See also F.1651 C.134, F.401, F.402 C.835-C.839, C.842 H.621 See also H.329 E1131 H.621 FERGUSON, John C.971 C.165 FENN, Gillian F.1892 FINANCIAL TIMES FINDLAY, Alan L.R. FISHER, R.B. FITZGERALD, Dermot FERRER, Harold Peter FERGUSON, Fergus R. F.1076, F.1079, F.1080, F.1082, F.1090, F.1095, F.1096, F.1097, F.1101-F.1103, F.1106, F.1108, Pe 24s ldSo: bloom. oS. rele, See also H.613, H.615, H.659 FLATHER, Shreela Flather, Baroness FITZGERALD, Muiris X. F.1294, F.1348, F.1349 F.1480 C.529 Palen: H.621 F.1206 &.916 FITZPATRICK, R.J. FLEET, Stephen H.649, H.660, H.737 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents FLEMING, Hugh Alexander ©1917 C.918".C'925.:C.99 7 .€.929, F.1042, H.49, H.235, H.643 See also C.926 FLETCHER, Charles Montague E22 O70. oon. Mood FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE FUND H.331 FLOUR MILLING AND BAKING RESEARCH ASSOCIATION F.993, F.996 FLOWER, Roderick John F.2030 FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron F.268 See also C.976, F.265, F.269, F.272, F.658-F.660, H.331, H.426 ‘FLOWERS WORKING PARTY’ ON MEDICAL AND DENTAL TEACHING RESOURCES F.658-F.715 THE FLUORIDATION SOCIETY LTD FLYNN, Robert FORD, Boris H.138 H.615 H.382 H.331 H.745 F.1560 G.54 F.254 H.289 F.82 H.622 FOWLER, Sir (Peter) Norman FOULKES, Ernest M. FOULKES FOUNDATION FORD, Brian J. FORD, Sir John FORGACS, Paul FOUNDATION FOR AGE RESEARCH FOUNDATION FOR ETHNOBIOLOGY FOSTER, Audrey Pellew Hylton-Foster, Baroness HYLTON- See BRITISH FOUNDATION FOR AGE RESEARCH R244 § 20d-hi200 2170, P2176, Fs32 £.918F:920°1.223 NOS) E LA0 o8scn.022,H.610) H.662 FOUNDATION FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION FOR SPORT AND THE ARTS FOUTS, Julius P. FOWLER, Gillian G21052 See also H.333 Index of correspondents W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 FOX, Sir Theodore FOXON, George Eric Howard FRANK LEE SOCIAL CLUB FRAYN, F.Edward FRASER, C.M. FRASER OF CARMYLLIE, Peter Fraser, Baron FREEMAN, Margaret FREEMAN, Roger FRENCH, Roger K. FREUD, Sir Clement (Raphael) FRIENDS OF INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS FRIENDS OF THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM &.1999-F.1664 B.14 F.717-F.719 See also H.333 F.403, F.405-F.408, F.410-F.414, F.415 F.403 F.867 H.223 F.2162 C.546, C.550 C.872 H.390 C.955 H.49 F324 C234 Gi602 FURNISS, Penny GADDIS, William FROGATT, Peter FRY, lan Kelsey PRYER; JEH: FULTON, John, Baron FUND FOR EPILEPSY C.984 H.622 F.244 FiO; Onl wel 4: Frod 5b. Sa3: F.O2O OZ ot hr O24 E. 327 Heed: Fess See also F.328 C.150 GALBRAITH, Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy, 2nd Baron Strathclyde GAIRDNER FOUNDATION GAIRDNER, Douglas H.336 H.336 G.95 GALE, Ernest Frederick W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 GAMBLE, Diana GANCZ, E. GARCIN, Raymond GARDINER, Peter A. GARDNER, D.L. GARDNER, R. GARRATT, C.John GARRY, R.C. GARSON, John Z. GASTAUT, Henri GEDDES, Alasdair M. GELBER, Harry Index of correspondents F.2448 See also F.2449 F.797 F.1079 Floos F993 C.260 H.623, H.640 F-71930 ReloOrk. 1971 F.1078-F.1080 F.1202-F.1206, H.337, H.487 F007,,H7653 See also H.657 F.401, F.402 GEOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION GEORGESCU, Stefan Adrian GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL GENERAL TEACHING COUNCIL GENT, W.L.G. F557 GELLNER, Ernest H.337 ©. 514) C:51.5;.C 523" F720) 1388 GEOFFREY-LLOYD, Geoffrey William, Baron See LLOYD e227 (bso Oued, Poa F.663y F749 Hi 752,454. A 57 GENERAL NURSING COUNCIL FOR ENGLAND AND WALES C.234 F269, F274 5F 2745325 See also F.323 See F.76 H.624 H.338 GEORGE-BROWN, George Alfred, Baron GERLIS, Laurence GHANEM, Mostafa H. GIAMATTI, A. Bartlett GIANELLI, Francesco H.609-H.611, H.633 H.75, H.224 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents GIBBINGS, J.C. F.308 See also F.307, F.313 GIBRALTAR PRIVATE HOSPITAL PROJECT CATA Ame PATA: GIBSON, Sir Ronald GINSBURG, Jean GIRGIS, Badie GIRLING, Ken J. Eo10.F.2135) raza, Hessoen.614 H.339 A.129 See H.616 GLAXO HOLDINGS LTD F.1321, F.2104, H.340, H.341 GLEAVE, John GLIGORE, Viorel GLOVER, Timothy D. GLYNN, lan Michael GODBER, Sir George (Edward) GOODALL, Peter A.82 D.304 H.75 C.574, C.988 See also F.718, H.75, H.224 D.316, F.479-F.481, F.486, F.491, OOO whemo, oon loot F.1569, G.16, H.342 See also F.1565, F.1575, H.224 GODDARD, John GODFREY, Roger H.608 H.343, H.642 GOODALL, Henry B. H.342 F.2448 F.1349 GOODHEW, Sir Victor GOLDBERG, A. (‘Abe’) GOOD, Irving John (‘Jack’) GOODMAN, Arnold Abraham, Baron E102 F.69 See also F.68 H.343 F.895 C.190 H.343 F.2461 C.1030 GOODY, Jack GOOSE, David GOULDING, F. GOODWIN, Brian GOODWIN, J.F. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents GOULDING, Ossian GOULDING, Roy GOVAERTS, André GOWANS, Sir James Learmonth GRAEFF, J. de GRANT, Ronald Thomson GRANT, Sandra GRASSMUCK, George GRAUBERG, Walter GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND E.42, H.77-H.80 Fi130;.F.1324 F.1147 C.310, C.494, C.575, F.1035, F.1036, F.1222-F.1225, F.2286- F.2288, H.99 medal alibi: See H.344, H.348, H.384 F.85 See also F.84 H.608 H.611 DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION H.519 DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY F.269, F.299-F.301, F.308, F.323, H.758, H.759, H.763, H.764 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE F.419, F.860, F.2286, H.517 F.24, F.835, F.867, F.868, F.871, F.882, F.885, F.887, F.891, F.918- F.920, F.1621, F.2163-F.2169, H.292, 4367, 4.370, H.377, 4.524, H.529, H.766, H.792-H.794 See also F.205, H.247, H.383 Eto C.581, C.934, C.935, C.971, F.65, F.66, F.68, F.102, F.405-F.409, F.410, F.411, F.413, F.414, F.477- F.546, F.798, F.812, F.813, F.840, F.1314;-F.4315) 61820, F.1324, F.1323, F.1340, F.1346, F.1349- F.1351, F.1359, F.1402, F.2135, F.2158-F.2169, F.2292, H.82, H.99, H.218, H.635, H.636, H.726, H.743, H.776, H.777, H.792 See also F.164 DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY Rost DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL HERITAGE W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT F563, 000) F.907i4:008; more, F.076)moo7, b.607 DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY F425 Fa(40e buon sieves ‘DOWNING STREET’ F.2170 FOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH OFFICE G954..C.965,.6.970; F470). F378 See also C.977, H.386 HOME OFFICE C.983, H.385, H.459, H.738 MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND FOOD F.2068 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE MINISTRY OF HEALTH OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION PRIVY COUNCIL OFFICE ©.982°C.979) ri12287 11229; F1232,:F71234-F-1236).F.2103 F243; 477, Faav9) 62039) E607), G10 G¢k. 1008;b.oOU kt omo ES See also H.479 COT SCOTTISH OFFICE GREAT BRITAIN - CHINA CENTRE GREENBOROUGH, Sir John Hedley GREENFIELD, Archibald David Mann GREAVES, Malcolm W. GREEN} EEK. GREENFIELD, Peter R. GREENHALGH, A.Mary H.406 i 10; Eamon GREAT BRITAIN - SASAKAWA FOUNDATION A.60, F.721-F.776, H.497 See also H.263 See also C.984A B2O20 Sts. prodOee. oie Rieeo: F320n O27, See also F.314 F261, F.296-F.298.-F.302. F.307: SO09-B612-F olosieo1 7. bolo) F320) 5.321 °F:327.H:345. Hi: 759 Bis6: C776 F.340, H.82 F.2159 GREGSON, John Gregson, Baron F.2465, G.74 GREENHALGH, Colin A. GREENHALGH, Peter H.345 F.218 €):11032-H%3454:378 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 GRESHAM, G. Arthur GRIFFIN, W.T.J. GRIFFITHS, Brian GRIFFITHS, Kathleen M.E. GRIFFITHS, Richard C. GRIFFITHS, Sir Roy GRIMOND, Joseph GROB, Paul R. GROEN, J.J. GUINNESS PLC Index of correspondents C.509 F420: F423 H.346 See also F.2102, F.2103, H.650, H.748 H.625 E-1662;'F1666, F.166/F1670; F.1690, H.625 2132. tO H.734 H.346, H.665 F.1090; E1091 R144 FR aidi7, fal C.1013, H.347 GUISE, George See H.347 F.415 H.348 HACK, K.A. HADFIELD, James I.H. HAGAN, Ward S. HAGARD, Spencer GUTHRIE, Robert GUTTERIDGE GC. GUY’S GAZETTE H.81, H.328, H.348 Ri2o ae 202 F204 F.401, F.402 12297 GURDON, Sir John Bertrand H.2179-F.2183 C487, C226, C.283, €.285.C 762, C.764, C.805A, C.805B, C.827, C.935, C.944, H.211, H.218, H.646 F306 See also F.307 HAIN, Peter ‘HALE SURVEY’ C.984, F.1977-F.1979 HAGUE, Sir Douglas HAGUE, William H.349 See F.306 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 HALES, Charles Nicholas HALL, David A. HALL, David Nicholas ALLA SE. HALL, Laurie D. HALL, Michael HALL, Michael R.P. HALL, Timothy C. HALL, Tom HALLWARD, Bertrand HALSTEAD, Michael Index of correspondents F.20025C.100,,C 109n6. C:128-C.131, ©.932, H.293. H:318 See also C.34, C.120, H.349 121-C 126; Fi795F.835F-97 See also F.76 G.41, H.662 EAS F.1980, 1.225, H.350 See F.212 f64F.65, F738, Fined Pe2n C.1028 A.109 F.266; i364 HAMAD, Bashir F821. .F2319-F.2321- F. 2324 See also F.2323 ipotey dal HANLEY, T. F.240, H.626 HAMLIN, Michael HAMPTON, Sir Geoffrey HANKA, Rudolph HANSON, James, Baron HARBORNE, E.S. HARDING, Nigel HANSON TRUST PLC Cul36 See also F.876 C.43, C191, C.199, C605 See also C.34, H.352 F.819, F.820 HARGREAVES, Andrew R. HARE, M.J. HARE, P.J. F239 Feiss C.931 C.136, C.136B See C.1019-C.1019B HARDING, Wilfrid G. HARDWICK, Christopher F.412, F.413 C.223, C.224 Index of correspondents W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 HARGREAVES, David H. HARMAN, Jayden David HARRIS, Sir Charles STUART- HARRIS, David HARRIS, Edmund L. HARRIS, Jonathan HARRIS, Martin HARRIS OF PECKHAM, Philip Charles Harris, Baron HARRIS OF HIGH CROSS, Ralph Harris, Baron F295, 2987 F299) 11810)4.353; H.749 F.421, F.429-F.431 E1671, balOvor baler F.432, F.439 H.635 Fi:2228.-F.2234 See also F.2229 R27 F.2408 F.2452 HARRISON, Sir Richard John HARSANT, Peter C.299, C.537-C.539, C.686-C.688 H.488 HAVARD, John HAWKINS, T. Desmond HAWKS CLUB F.871, F.920 H.83 H.353 HART, Sir Graham HARVEY, John Collins HASELHURST, Sir Alan HAWKINS, Clifford Frank A.61, F.777 See F.797 HATFIELD HOUSE TENNIS CLUB B.12, F.1082-F.1084, F.1086, F.1087, F.1090, F.1094, F.1097, GeO Pld O2°Ee| 1125-44" F.1120, F.1124,F.1129, F.1'138, F.1139, F.1149, F.1150, F.1169, Bea AOR ea lal vere Fakesla) F.1187, F.1191-F.1193, F.1195, F.1204 F.872 C.92, C.93, C.226, C.299, C.354, C.366, H.207, H.258, H.354 See also C.750, C.941 HAY, David HAY, R.J, H.663 See also H.626 H.354 aha bogie W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents HAYES, Michael H.B. HAYHOE, Bernard John (‘Barney’), Baron HAYHOE, Frank G.J. H.354 F.2408 Ci208761209"C 210" G12" C1024) D257, -Fa1089 F204 1) e157, See also C.34, C.215 HAZLEMAN, Brian L. 84 3185; Hi355 HCA INTERNATIONAL COMPANY HCA UK LTD HEALTH EDUCATION AUTHORITY HEALTH EDUCATION COUNCIL H.466 Hrs56 H.761 C.533, F.778-F.781A, H.356 See also F.994 HEALTH FOODS (INTERNATIONAL) LTD F.2192 HEALTH PROMOTION RESEARCH TRUST A.60, A.63, A.146, A.153, F.782- F946, Fo21060F 2108; F.24 11, F.2112, F.2118, F.2119, H.789 See also F.206 F.947-F.951, H.561, H.666 H.613 C.1089 HEALY, Tim TRAVERSE- HEDLEY, R: HEFFER, Eric Samuel E.16"F 1 Hi86 F.412,-F.4138, F416 HEBERTSON, Basil HEDGCOCK, Walter HEINZ, Henry J, Il HELP THE AGED F.571 F.79, F.84 HEALTH VISITORS’ ASSOCIATION H.631 G13326:135' C186) 136A. C.136B, C.533, C.984A, F.103, F.952-F.967 See also C.136A HENLEY, Oliver Michael Robert Eden, 8th Baron HENDERSON, Sir William (MacGregor) F.1434, F.1435, F.1439-F.1441 HENDERSON, Ralph H. F.1478, F.1507 HENDRY, John HENNIKER, Sir John H.396 H.361 Index of correspondents H.632 OOF 21 12h 24.9 H.361 F.2019 See also F.2021 C.548 A.101 F.65-F.68, F.71, F.72, F.74-F.76 reefs A.158, H.362 See also H.612, H.627 H.363-H.374 F.147 H.375 F.1955 F.301 F.649-F.652 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 HENSCHEN, Gary HENSHALL, Christopher HERBERT, Victor HERMANN, Arne G. HESSE, Mary HEWES, Thomas F. HEWITT, Sir John Francis HEX TECHNOLOGY LTD HEY, Colin G. HEY, James Stanley HIATT, Howard H. HIBON, Georges HIGHAM, Anita HILL, Denis HIGENBOTTAM, Tim HIGGINS, Michael J. HIGGINS, Peter M. HIGHTON, Margaret HICKS, A.R.H. HICKS, Brendan C.156, C.535, C.929, H.87 D.81, F.1577, F.1578, F.1588, H.376, H.627 See also H.614 D.24, D.25, F.643-F.645 HILLS ROAD SIXTH FORM COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold (Perceval) H.377 C.251 H.87 H.378 G1103. 2378 See also H.345 F.274, F.276, F.312 HILL, Sir Francis HILLIER, Sheila W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 HIMSWORTH, Richard L. HINDE, Robert Aubrey HINDUJA FOUNDATION HINSLEY, Sir Harry HIPKISS, Alan R. Pilate tale H.J. HEINZ COMPANY LTD HOBDAY, Sir Gordon Ivan HOBMAN, David HOBSONS PUBLISHING PLC HOCKADAY, T. Derek R. index of correspondents F.888, F.2035, H.378, H.585 See also F.2026, F.2027 H.378 F.2184-F.2191 C.1088, C.1089 See also H.378 C.136A C.915 C.496-C.498 Fil73-F.175; F225; P2452, 0.88, H.379 See also F.2449, F.2454 ere H.379 H.89 HOCKEY, Lisbeth F.968-F.972, F.1321, F.1350 See H.382, H.792 HOFFENBERG, Sir Robert HODGKIN, Sir Alan (Lloyd) HODGSON, Oliver E.F. F.401 F.2007, H.1063 HOECHST UK LTD HOET, Joseph J. C2515 274 See also C.260 F.1009-F.1012, F.1148, H.380, His8t, A642 See also H.89, H.627 H.384 Peto F187, F206; Fet454 | Oem dle Qeeeen 4: F.1474 F.2109 HOLBROOK, David HOLDAWAY, Helen HOLLAND, Geoffrey HOLLAND, Walter W. HOLLING, Herbert Edward HOLLINGSWORTH, J. Rogers HOLFORD, Sir William See F.1558, F.1559 F.812, F.2180, H.382, H.472 H.383 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents HOLLIS OF HEIGHAM, Patricia Lesley Hollis, Baroness HOLLMAN, Arthur HOLMBERG, Eric R.R. HOLMES, R. Brian HOLTEN, C. HOME OF THE HIRSEL, Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, Baron HOMERTON COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE HONG KONG GOVERNMENT OFFICE HONG KONG LEGISLATIVE OFFICE HOOPER, Gloria, Baroness G.84 H.384 FA229° bel 232F.1284 See also F.1230, F.1231 FZG24--7232/; F250. be2oo, H.384 F.1090 F.1514 H.385 H.386 H.387 D.435, G.19, G.85, H.792 See also H.426 F.1024 C.393, C.498, H.390 HOPKINS, John HORN, Sir Gabriel HORNBLUM, Allen M. HOUGHTON, Sir John Theodore HOUSTON, James Caldwell (‘George’) HOWARD, Judith Ann Kathleen H.391 H.390 See H.391 E05 B. 19; B336,,6:23-C.26, © 250, BE lov2 HOUGHTON OF SOWERBY, Arthur Leslie Noel Douglas Houghton, Baron See also F.754 E.19, F.145, F.2193, F.2195-F.2201, H.90-H.93, H.130, H.308, H.472 See also H.391, H.488 HOWE OF ABERAVON, Richard Edward Geoffrey Howe, Baron HOWELL OF GUILDFORD, David Arthur Russell Howell, Baron E735 F.2192-F.2202, H.653 C.970, G.68, H.302 F.1685-F.1690, F.1892 See also F.1914 HOWARD, Alan N. HOWARD FOUNDATION HOWE, Geoffrey L. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents HOWELL Bie. HOWAQUA, Jane L. HOWAQUA, June HSBC HOLDINGS PLC HUANG, R.L. HUBBLE, Sir Douglas (Vernon) HUDSON, Christopher P. HUDSON, Liam HUGHES, B. Noel HUGHES, John E4195 hi 9i/ D.29 H.94 F.2229 F.465, F.1647 See also F.1648 F.1078, F.1080, F.1082-F.1084, F.1086, F.1093, F.1095, F.11014- 6.1103, F1106,;F.424 °F: 1139, F.1149, F.1193, F.1194, F.1198 H.743 See F.2108 D.305-D.307 F.1974, F.1976, F.1978, F.1979, F.1984, F.1986, F.1987, F.1989, F.1991-F.1993, F.1995-F.1997 See also F.1975, F.1982 F.2420, F.2439 HULL, Derek HUMPHREYS, R.W.G. HUNT, Maura W. HUNT, Thomas HUNTER, Donald HUGHES, Simon Henry Ward C.974 F.412 F.401 HUNT OF TANWORTH, John Joseph Benedict Hunt, Baron F.2309, F.2314 F.1194, H.394 F.1090, F.1095, F.1102, F.1103, F21106,-F.1147..F, 146. 11419: RAZ Ee laZzonk. Tso: e141 43: F.1149, F.1150, F.1193, F.1195, F.1196, H.628 F612 F.8433F.975- 1074. F.1076, F.1082, F.1084-F.1086, F.1090, F.1094, F.1097, F.1101, B02 Fao. 1150pk.41971, Cr922, C1623; 52540 5770 394 HUNTER, JO. HUNTER, John HUNTER, Robert Brockie, Baron F.257-F.259, H.637, H.638 F.2290 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents HUNTERIAN SOCIETY HURD OF WESTWELL, Douglas Richard Hurd, Baron HURLEY, Rosalinde HURST, Sir Arthur H.395 See H.386 H.628 See H.637 HUSSEY OF NORTH BRADLEY, Marmaduke James Hussey, Baron F.470 See also F.2143 HUTCHINGS, Leslie HUTCHINSON, M.H.R. HUTCHISON, Douglas HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding IHRE, Bengt ILLING, Margaret H.628 H.395 C.397-C.400, C.410 See C.1089 F.1081 F.403, F.412, F.413, F.417 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (ICI) PLC INSOLE, Douglas John INSTITUTE OF SPORTS MEDICINE C.995 H.302 F.914, H.769 H.762 H.397-H.399, F.2107 F.973-F.981, H.400 H.95, H.96, H.400 THE INDEPENDENT INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS COUNCIL INMAN, William Howard Wallace (‘Bill’) C.495, C.497, F.982-F.1008, F.2203-F.2221, H.641 IMPERIAL TOBACCO LIMITED INCH, R.S. (‘Binks’) INSKIP, Sir Robert (Robin) Andrew, 2nd Viscount Caldecote INCORPORATED NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH AND IRISH MILLERS LTD C.1037, C.1040 F.261, F.262, F.264, F.268, F.269, F.272-F.274, F.276, F.281, F.283, F.285, F.289, F.292, F.301, F.302. F.311-F.314, G.86, H.759 See also F.284, F.304 C.1020, C.1024, C.1025, C.1027, C.1029, C.1030, C.1034, C.1036, C.150, E.21, F.1963, G.49, H.97, H.301, H.635, H.636 INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF DRUG DEPENDENCE W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR CHILD STUDIES Be? Venlo fe INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR HEALTH AND SOCIETY Pa2e222 INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR ORGANISATIONAL MANAGEMENT (ICOM) LTD F.15, F.2223-F.2240, H.400, H.422-H.424 INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF ACTION LEARNING (ICAL) H.396 INTERNATIONAL DIABETES FEDERATION F.1009-F.1012, F.2241 See also H.133, H.380, H.381 INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY OF BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE E.43-E.51 INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP AND RECONCILIATION TRUST F.765 INTERNATIONAL SUGAR RESEARCH FOUNDATION, INC H.799-H.801 INTER-UNIVERSITY COUNCIL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION F.1662;F.1665, F.A667, Fi1670 IQ (BIO) LTD H.645 IRISH RUGBY FOOTBALL UNION ITALLIE, Theodore B. VAN (‘Ted’) H.402 G.56 Ral 2d eiie2 ISHIKAWA, Tadao H.403, H.416, H.612 IVERSEN, Kurt IVERSEN, Leslie Lars IVES, David R. IZBICKI, John D.364, D.365, H.798, H.800 See also H.799 F.1680, H.98, H.99, H.403, H.457, H.647 ISAACS, Simon Charles Henry Rufus, 4th Marquess of Reading F.1031 al S2 vb 2004. &. 2083, Be0s5, F.2036, F.2104, G.12, H.340, H.404, H.650, H.656 See also F.2030, H.585, H.561 H.403 H.100 G.25, H.403 JACKSON, Robert Victor JACOBSON, W. IVERSEN, Susan D. JACK, Sir David H.657 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents JACOMB, R.G. F.1596-F.1958 JAMES, Christopher George Walter, 5th Baron Northbourne G.64, G.84 JAMES, D. Geraint JAMES, J.I.P. JAMES, Sir Robert Rhodes JAMES, Vivian H.T. JAMES, W. Philip T. JAMIL, Tariq JARDINE FOUNDATION JARDINE MATHESON & COMPANY LTD C.894 F.1174 F.1495, F.1523, H.532, H.540 See also C.1066, F.1494, F.1496 C5 (C18 C.249, C.568, C.570-C.576, C.578, C.580, C.581, C.590, F.1434, F.1436, F.1438, F.1440 See also C.594, C.596 F315 th 400 See also F.314, F.318 F.2242-F 2259 C.954, C.955, C.980, F.1013- 1026) sh (i/aata | 617.5 JEFFERYS, Margot F.2419 G.97, H.370 JEANS, William Dampier JARMAN, Brian JARRETT, R. John C.300 F.1382 F.1568 B.38, C.199, C.200, D.404 JEFFERSON, Sir Geoffrey JAY OF PADDINGTON, Margaret Ann Jay, Baroness JENKIN OF RODING, Charles Patrick Fleeming Jenkin, Baron H.615 F../28,,F. 729) F743; F.761,F.895, H9/5 FiQ76. Ee s2d See also C.829, C.985, H.333 C.1043-C.1045, C.1057, C.1059, C.1062, H.406 See also H.264 JENNETT, Bryan JENNINGS, Robin G. H.101 H.406 Cri JENKINS, David J.A. JENKINS. Graham Curtis JENNER, J.R. (‘Jumbo’) W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 JESSEL, Toby JOHN WILEY & SONS INC. JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD JOHNS, David J. JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY JOHNSON, Ampah JOHNSON & JOHNSON JONDORF, Werner Robert JONES, A. Morgan Index of correspondents See H.406 E.42, H.646 E44 298i s7 he242 685 £2232 See also F.2231 F.1027, F.1028, F.2260-F.2268, H.407 H.650 H.407, H.462 Be1O2 e108 F.1074, F.1076, F.1082-F.1085, F.1090):F 1095. F 1102). F.41.106; B1108, Ratt EA Seek ate oe F.1149 JONES, Sir Francis Avery E40) F220) JONES, James Larkin (‘Jack’) F.90 H12 OOS See H.613 JONES, Sophie RHYS- JONES, Thomas Peter JOSEPH, Keith Sinjon, Baron JONES, Sir Owen Wansborough JOURNAL OF CHRONIC DISEASES JOSLIN CLINIC / JOSLIN DIABETES FOUNDATION €:983A, F.407,-F:412°F: 2104. F2109;/F.2159) "Fors See also C.988A, C.988C, H.408 See H.105 JRHA JOINT RESEARCH AND HEALTH ADVISERS F.1029 C.960 F.2169 F.1131, G.49 H.409 KARADZIC, Radovan KARK, Robert M. H.408, H.437 F.297 F.1436 JUDD, Frank, Baron JUNG, Roland Tadeusz JOWELL, Tessa KALDOR, Anton W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 KARPAS, Abraham KAUFMAN, M.H. KAYE, Sir Emmanuel KEDDIE, Ken KEEN, Harry KELLAWAY, Donald KENNEDY, Arthur Colville Index of correspondents C.215, H.410-H.412 See also C.211, H.746 C.536;'F.1031 H.409 F.30 See also F.24 B.17-B.19, D.403, D.405 F:206;:F,.207.F:222.,6.2346' F.2365; F'23673.F'2376" F:2388. F.2405A, F.2418, H.106, H.416, H.535 See also F.209, F.2375 G:507. F444 :7.5- Fee F484 KENNET, Wayland Hilton Young, 2nd Baron 55% KERRY, Trevor KEWLEY, Griffith KIIKUNI, Kenzo Festi FS 19eko24 See also F.314 C.411 KEYNES, Richard Darwin KHAN, Imran KEYNES, Sir Geoffrey KEYNES, William Milo KHAW, Kay-Tee KHRISHNA, A.G. F105 See H.417 C.1095, C.1097, C.1099 C4 6.522) Eats See also C.519, C.1094 fk: 79, &.81-6.6/,-h.89) b.92 F296, PeOves 120 thea H.400, H.422-H.424 KILMARNOCK, Alastair lvor Gilbert Boyd, 7th Baron fy Oj 222 O-bu2260) be 2400,4F1, 396, H.417 H.417 F.738 H.746 F.658 KIDD, Sheila KIDDLE, Ken KINDER, C. Hugh KINDER, Clive R. H.428, H.613, H.656 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents KING, Sir David Anthony See also F.19, F.23 C.1092 KING EDWARD'S HOSPITAL FUND FOR LONDON F.1565, F.2269-F.2271 KINGMAN, Sir John Frank Charles KINLEN, Leo KIRKMAN, Bill KITZINGER, Sheila KLUWER PUBLISHING LTD KNIGHT, A.H. KNIGHT, Robert K. KNILL, Sir John KNOX, E.George F:2303, H:425 CA7 5S, Cai76 F.308 F.826 H.109, H.110 EMO5/, B.24, F.2420, F.2422 See F.2421, F.2425 H.426 el Gr KOHN, R. KRALL, Leo P. KRARUP, N.B. KROHN, Peter Leslie KOHNER, Eva M. KOLLER, Fritz E62. See also F.81 See H.427 F.1086 KORNBERG, Sir Hans Leo G:1286:984.-4.724 See also H.427, H.720 B.20, D.338, F.432, F.1029, H.80, A d4SHi113; AA27; H.528 See also H.612 H.428 F.2062, F.2065, F.2068, F.2070 See also F.2064, F.2066, F.2071 F.1090 See also F.1191 F.1228 H.114 F.828 eld KUNZER, W KURODA, Y. KUAN, P. KUMAR, R. KWOCK, Robert C. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 LACHMANN, Sir Peter Julius LACHMANN, Sylvia Mary LAFON, R. LAISTER, Peter LAMBERT, Harold P. LANCE, S.P. THE LANCET LANGFORD, Herbert Gaines LANZA, Robert P. LASKER, Mary (Mrs Albert D. Lasker) Index of correspondents C.411, C.420, C.425, C.528, F.1039, F.2288, H.429, H.654 See also H.612, H.766 C.1021, C.1024, C.1026, C.1028, C.1030, C.1031, C.1041-C.1044, C.1047, F.2159, H.429, H.588 See also C.61, C.1023, C.1040, GiO5i; C1054 F.1079, F.1080 Pein 5 F.811 H.341 F.1558, F.1559, H.368, H.429 Bvi2 See also H.615, H.662 E.23, H.430 LAUTERPACHT, Eli LEARNER, Eva LEATHAM, Aubrey C.401, C.403 aloo F.546, F.1349 C1972, C278 51434 LASKI, Marghanita LATNER, Albert L. LAURENCE, Desmond R. LAWRIE, Jean LAX, Charles H.431 H.615 eee C118 G19 See also C.105 LEARY, William Peregrine Pepperell H.432A LEDINGHAM, John Gerard Garvin F.2108, F.2110 fi20so; Fi2236 LEDINGHAM, lain McA. el igettide H.432A H.119, 4.120 LEATHEM, Patricia E. LEDBITTER, Mike W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 LEE, Anne M. LEE, Sir Desmond LEE, Kenneth LEE KUAN YEW LEB Sa: LEEDS, Anthony R. LEEDS CASTLE FOUNDATION EEESE rad: LE FANU, Mark LEGG, Keith index of correspondents F*263;'F.269"F 274) Ri27276.274- F.281, F.283-F.285, F.287, F.288, F.292-F.299, F.301-F.303, F.328 See also F.262, F.305, F.306, F.307 C.260, C.289, C.291, C.293, C.294, C.445, C.554-C.556 F.820 F.2226 See also F.2231 H.432A F.9993°2068, F 2068 has H.122-H.128, H.659 See also H.612 H.615, H.766 H.129 F.464 LEHMANN, Hermann LEHNER, T. LE QUESNE, Leslie P. LESSOF, Maurice Hart LENNOX, E.S. (‘Ed’) LEOPOLD, Michael H.609 See also H.608 C.223 See F.2425 D224. F124 Cn0S* CuerC: 11336, 12036 122. C124 C426, -C.4128;-Gx13456 232. C:557°E. 45. E-50 See also C.121, H.168 G81, C139;,6 140 C.202; €.204' C205, C212; 0.213 B.13-B.20, H.782 See also H.434 H.434 eeaa H.535 LEWIN, Patrick T.C. LEWIN, Walpole S. LEUKAEMIA RESEARCH FUND LEVER, Andrew M.L. LEVERHULME TRUST LEVY, Philip F.289, F.292, H.434 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents LEWIS, Anthony Robert (‘Tony’) LEWIS, Gilbert LEWIS OF NEWNHAM, Jack Lewis, Baron LEWIS, John Elliott LEWIS, Martyn LEWIS; ielkal: LI, Arthur K.C. LI, David K.P. LIDDELL, Helen LIEBER Ese. LILLEY, Peter Bruce LINACRE, J.G.S. H.435, H.452 C.191 See H.435 H.447 F.850, H.435 C.408 H.436 H.436 See F.306 F.1569 P1584 See also F.1530, F.1622 A134 LINES, John G. LINNETT, John Wilfrid (‘Jack’) G:106;-6-141,, G.124" C322 LISLE. Jennifer H.408, H.437 THE LITTLE FOUNDATION LIVING IMAGE APPEAL LINNETT, Michael LINTON, Robert A.F. F.1030, F.2272-F.2274, H.438 CA ao 22 F.2428 F.90 LISBURNE, James David Malet Vaughan, 8th Earl of LISTER INSTITUTE FOR PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE See also F.1201 D.369, D.370, D.374-D.379, F.62, H.122-H.127 LLOYD, Geoffrey William Geoffrey-Lloyd, Baron GEOFFREY- F.403 F.62; F668 H.290 H.438 H.439, H.440 LLEWELLYN, Edna M. LLOYD, Geoffrey E. LLOYD, Sir Geoffrey E.R. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents LLOYD OF KILGERRAN, Rhys Gerran Lloyd, Baron C.1020-C.1023, C.1025-C. 1030, C.1032, C.1034, C.1036, C.1037, C.1041, F.451 LOCAL MEDICAL COMMITTEE FOR THE COUNTY OF LONDON £.1054°F.45507h1658 LOCK, Stephen P. LOCKETT, H.I. LOCKWOOD, Betty, Baroness LOCKWOOD, David LOEWE, Michael LOGAN, Sir Douglas LONDON AND THAMES VALLEY PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP F.818 FeAd2ak- 43 G.44 F.298 Co(2eh31 H.131 H.441 LONDON CONFERENCE ON OVERSEAS STUDENTS (LCOS) F.2275-F.2276, H.432, H.479 LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL loos ab. 1Ob/ealioor LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY LOVE, A.H. Gary LONG, David A. F.1551, F.2000-F.2002 LOONEY, William B. LORENZI, M. Elisabeth H.442 H.443 H.132 C.967 H.443 LONDON MILLENIUM HOSPITALS LTD LOUISE BUCHANAN MEMORIAL FUND LONDON FEDERATION OF BOYS’ CLUBS LONG-TERM MEDICAL CONDITIONS ALLIANCE f.00 1, bid02\1h O90, feoor,,.F 1000, F.866, F.876 GOA she 075 F.851, F.918, F.920 See also F.859, F.878, F.879, meshehey Wa dACh ea Ale F.1197 see BUCHANAN MEMORIAL FUND LOVEL, Keith LOVELAND, M.K. LOVIBOND, J.L. LOVEGROVE, Simon E.H. 27 E28 a iS F.976 F.401 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents LOW, Toby Austin Richard William, 1st Baron Aldington LOWE, C.R. LOWE, K.C. LUCAS, Arthur Maurice LUCE, Sir Richard G.12, H.659 See H.612 H.444 F.2448, H.444 F.2419, F.2440, H.445 H.445 LUDWIG INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH F.1031-F.1069, H.648, H.649 LUFT, Rolf LUNDBAEK, K. LUPUS UK LUTOSLAWSKI, Witold McARDLE, Brian Gels sles H.445 H.1057 Bete McCALLUM, lan S. MacCAUSLAN, Alan F.902, F.914, F.917 See also F.920 MACDONALD, Ian MacFARLANE, Alastair G.J. McGINNIS, J. Michael B19, B.21, B94 F.450, F.451 F.1635-F.1639 See H.760 McCRUM, Michael William C.1010, H.656 See also H.447 McCOLL OF DULWICH, lan McColl, Baron Fis dsr MacGREGOR, John Roddick Russell F867, G22 See also F.895 MACGREGOR, Alastair Ralf H.446 F039 Ode C.113 D.1-D.3 MacINTYRE, I. McIVER, Cecil McGIRR, Edward M. McGOLDRICK, Linda MACKAY, Angus V.P. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 McKEE, Constance McKEOWN, Thomas MACKIE, A.C.L. McLAREN, R.T.J. MACLEAN, Kenneth McNAIR, Gordon MCNAUGHTON, M. Callum McPHERSON, Klim MacQUEEN, lan A.G. MA Lin MADDEN, Francis MADDOx, Sir John Royden Index of correspondents F.1547, F.1548, H.448, H.498 i206 F.779 F.471 B.18 F.2218-F.2119 E.9 F.2346 F.403, F.412, F.413 E1603, Fs. 1606 237; b2610 F.1387,.F. 1388; F.2293-F:2295: H.29, H.45 MAHLER, Halfdan MAHLER, Robert MAITLAND, Lady Olga MAJOR, John MAIN, Peter T. MAITLAND, Sir Donald me Ueh0ley, fr, hells See also F.1477, F.1514 F.853 See also F.842, F.847, F.850, H.356 O26) :07, 2389 se 90s i246, F.1149, F.1170, F.1193-F.1195, F.1533 H.451, H.644 F.724, F.2147, F.2170, H.1051 See also H.449, H.615, H.660, H.783 See H.449 H.449 Gi E04 MAJOR, Norma MAJOR, Victor MANSFIELD, Peter MANSFORD, Keith MALKIN, Harold Jordan MALLINSON, Christopher F.2102-F.2105, F.2108 F.174 H.450 H.450 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents MANNERS, Charles John Robert, 10th Duke of Rutland &.563;F.564 MANPOWER SERVICES COMMISSION E2109 F 2411121418 MAR, Margaret of Mar, Countess of H.451 MARCEL DEKKER INC. MARCUS, Abraham H.77-H.80, H.111-H.113 ESip oh MARGARET ROSE, HRH The Princess, Countess of Snowdon Garo MARIE, Francoise RUSSO- MARKS. John MARKS, Maurice MARKS, Simon MARKS, Vincent MARKS & SPENCER LTD F.2019, F.2020 F.280, F.2019B, H.451 Cro 1G 642. F.425-F.427, F.447, F.451 D.94 od 1 MARMOT, Michael G. MARSHALL, Sir Arthur MARSHALL, Frank Shaw, Baron MARSLAND, David H.485 H.613 See also H.662 MARPLES, Philip MARRIAN, D.H. H.451 See also H.454 F.817, H.452 MARTIN, Brian MARTIN, F.M. 2209) F 2006 2/4, 2s Fecee MARKUS, A. Caroline, Baroness SWEERTS DE LANDAS WYBORGH- C.1022, C.1026-C.1030, C.1032 See also C.61, C.1023 F.2277-F.2285, H.452 F.412, F.413 C.606, C.607 echo) A ales, CAS F.559,F.560 MARTIN, Laurence C. MARTIN, Nicholas H. MARTIN, T.J. MARTYN, Simon A. F.267,P:1622;F.1626 F.1322).F21347,-F:1349 MARYLEBONE CENTRE TRUST W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents MARYLEBONE CRICKET CLUB (MCC) MASCHLER, Tom MATHIAS, Peter MATTHEWS, W. Bryan MAWHINNEY, Brian Stanley, Baron MAXWELL, Donald R. MAXWELL, Elisabeth MAXWELL, lan FaelLOfO tr 1074-4 Taka 62 See also H.443 C.961 C064, C1073" C.1078.C/1080- C1083) F734) F. 752) F.762\ F763 F766; F.2250Hs/56 See also C.1086, F.738 neeO eR 1 7.Oy Ball HO. eI 9S: F.1194 F.002/F 883 F.2165,H.524 See also F.887, H.453 F.1962-F.1965, F.1967-F.1970, F.1971-F.1976, F.1977-F.1980, F.1981-F.1989, F.1991, H.524 F.726; F.761, F.765, H.453 Ea o0 MAXWELL, (lan) Robert F.2032, F.2036, F.2366, F.2376 F.1072-F.1214, H.487 MEDICAL DEFENCE UNION MEDICAL PILGRIMS MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MEADE, Thomas Wilson MEDAWAR, Jean, Lady MAY, H.B. MAYS, Martin J. C67s'.C16 74 F.1014 F.857, F.860 H.570, H.650 C.984,.C.1018, F.721, H.743 See also F.722, F.724, F.725, Fe2142-F 2143 H.284, H.285, H.505 G 52kC 123 C244 16 248: 6240) C.260;.6;3076:308,.C.31076 426. C,494:6610; 6/531. C5326) 578, CroronG.5o77, Crore, Gorge 58s. C.586-C.588, €.591; C1021, F030; 1036.12 10-F.41275, F.2286-F.2290, F.2360, F.2376, F.2379, F.2380, F.2392, F.2395, H.98, H.99, H.394, H.745 MEDICAL SCIENCES TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Fiago MEDICAL SUPPLIES FOR ROMANIA W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 MEDICINES COMMISSION MEGGITT, Bernard F. MEHTALIA, Suresh D. MELDRUM, Brian MELLENEY, John R. MELLOR, David John MENDEL, Tom MENDOZA, V. PEREIRA- MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION MERCK SHARP & DOHME LTD MERRICKS, Mary MERSH, T.G. ALLEN - Index of correspondents F.1276-F.1351 C.540, C1026 H.630 H.456 C.895, C.906-C.909, C.924, C.946 H.792 See also F.155 H.456 F.409, F.412, F.413 rato A.102, H.134, H.226, H.457, H.647, H.648, H.730 C.872-C.874 H.272, H.296, H.298, H.299, H.652, EiosS See also H.655 G:299267302 MIGRAINE TRUST MILES LABORATORIES LTD MILLENNIUM COMMISSION MERTON, Patrick Anthony MIDDLEMISS, J. Howard MILLER, Andrew MILLER, Henry C447, H.459 MILES LABORATORIES INC. C.400, F.1353-F.1357, F.1359, F.1364-F.1370, H.226 C.1098 C.53, C.216, C.355, C.363, C.366, C.800, C.931, F.1676, H.114, H.190 See also C.34, C.52, C.68, C.510A, G.55, H.258 F287 24 H.460 F227 B97 MILLS, Elizabeth MILLS, Ivor H. MILLER, Jonathan MILLER, Michael ASHLEY- F.1324, F.1352-F.1372 F.764, H.460 Index of correspondents W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 MILNER, R. David G. MILSTEIN, Cesar MIRROR GROUP PLC MITCHELL, Joseph Stanley MITCHINSON, M.J. MOGG, William Rees-Mogg, Baron REES- MOORE, David S. H.468 H.460 See also H.1063 C.1049, C.1050 ©1037 €:204.'C'408.-C.602..C.603- C.6054C:605-G:610;-G:672-G.615- 6:6138::C:619°C 623°C.627..C 634- C.633, C.649-C.654, C.656, C.657, C:6566:6597€ 668° C6715 Cr673- C.680, C.683-C.687, C.701-C. 704, C7.05-6 708. "6710-64717 Coan. C.723; F-11009, F.1110° 1058 See also F.2291 F.2292 H.739 F.280 See also F.271 MOORE, Francis D. H.275 MOORE, J. R. MOORE, Philip See H.781, H.783 MORGAN, Sir Morien MORLEY, John MORLEY, John G. F.1529-F.1531, H.461 MORRIS OF CASTLE MORRIS, Brian Morris, Baron F.1656, F.1685, F.1689 See also F.1690 MOORE OF LOWER MARSH, John Edward Michael Moore, Baron F.412, F.413 MORRIS OF YARDLEY, Estelle Morris, Baroness C.123 C.156 £1952 F.298 H.763 F.20, F.2087, F.2088 See H.462 Pali2 FE 2220h223 MORRISON, Sara MORSE, Sir Jeremy MORSE. Philip H. MORTON, Eric V.B. MORTON, Patricia W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 MOSER, Sir Claus MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis MOYNIHAN, Sir Noel H. MUIR, John R. MUMFORD, Lewis MUNGAVIN, J. Michael MUNRO, Alan MUNRO, Sir Hector MURCHISON, Murdoch MURLEY, Alan H.G. Index of correspondents FOF E349 See H.462 F475, Ee1478.F 1479 F.4d 513, H.462 See also F.1498, F.1505 G513°C 514° €.520*6:524 +H.643 See also C.516 foo4 B.1561 See also F.1560, F.1562 e152 F.294 F.809 F.403 C.225, C.226, C.306, C.309, C.947, C.1011 MURLEY, Sir Reginald MYERS, Norman NABARRO, Sir John David Nunes NACHEV, Choudimir F.798, H.504 H.462 D.369 MURRAY, Dame Rosemary MURPHY, Declan MURPHY, John J. F.1472 See also H.462 C.2, C.178, C.409, C.1023, C.1089, F.1646 See also F.1651 F278 NAPP PHARMACEUTICAL HOLDINGS LTD / NAPP PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR PRIMARY EDUCATION F.205; F.206, G.14,°H.227, H.463 H.463 F.413 H.463 NAIRN, Margaret NAKAJIMA, Chizu NALL, Sir Michael F.1446-F.1448 C.1106, H.227, H.463 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR STAFF SUPPORT WITHIN THE HEALTH CARE SERVICES F.11, H.464 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN IN HOSPITAL H.73 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAUX F.17 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HEAD TEACHERS NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HEALTH AUTHORITIES NATIONAL COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY INTO HIGHER EDUCATION NATIONAL FEDERATION OF FISHERMEN’S ORGANISATIONS H.749 H.464 H.760 H.464 NATIONAL FUND FOR RESEARCH INTO CRIPPLING DISEASES C2296 230,,C 2326 238 NATIONAL POWER PLC NATIONAL UNION OF STUDENTS meen H.464, H.762 NATIONAL UNION OF TEACHERS F.279 See also F.283 Fa2 105 NAYLOR, Fred NAYLOR, G.R.E. NAYLOR, M.N. NEALE, Graham C.551 H.477 NATTRASS, Frederick John F.1074-F.1076, F.1078, F.1082, F.1084, F.1085, F.1087, F.1090, F098 ite Oo, iM O2Fi 106, OSW eat dZOp halt 2a. El30; Felo9bde9 F193) F.1194 H.465 A.61, C.366, C.367, C.489, C.492, C.495, C.497, C.498, C.579, C.581- C.584, C.1093, F.1042, F.1438- F.1440, F.1442 See also C.595, F.2289, H.641 F.469 H.227 H.227 NEEDHAM, Joseph NEEDHAM, Rodney NE’EMAN, Yuval NEILD, R.R. See also C.967 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents NELMS, John D. F21235; 6:1236-F 1245 NELSON OF STAFFORD, George, Baron NELSON, Russell A. F.2164 F1027 NETHERHALL EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION H.465, H.487 NEUBERGER, Albert NEUMANN, Charles W. NEWBIGGING, David K. NEWBOULD, Brian B. NEW COURT CHARITABLE TRUST NEW ENTERPRISE TRUST NEWMAN, Arthur C.C. C490°F.811:° EF: 1080eF 1267. E2272 See also F.812 H.466 C9707 F.1013-F 1016, F. 1020: E024 3 1672 F.2107 F310 E1373 PR oir4 E220 NEWMARCH, M.G. Pula27, E2604 F.1375-F.1381 H.467 E.doz NICHOLSON, Edward Max H.466 H.466 F.918 NEWSOM, S.W.B. NEWTON, Tony F047 000 cre 51 See also F.552 (A467, NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES NEWMARKET REAL TENNIS CLUB LTD NICHOLSON OF WINTERBOURNE, Emma Harriet Nicholson, Baroness F.1078 ©. 4-6 Fae 62, C116407115.. 6 134; C135 9C 129, 6.122°C 218..C.219: C.299, C.401, C.413, C.505, C.944, C.986, C.1089 See also C.510A, C.948, H.467 F.1480, F.1491, F.1494, F.1495, F.1497, F.1506, F.1059, F.2437, F.2439 See also F.1507, F.1508 NICHOLSON, Ernest Wilson NICHOLSON, George H.J. NICOL, A.D. lan NICOLA, Pietro de W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents NMR DISCUSSION GROUP NOBEL PRIZE COMMITTEE FOR PHYSIOLOGY AND MEDICINE NOBLE, Denis NOLAN, Michael Patrick Nolan, Baron NORMAN, Guy NORMAND, |. Colin S. NORTHCOTE, Donald Henry A.151 See H.275 H.468 See F.2459 H.468A ise C.239 NORTH EAST THAMES REGIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY H.526 NORWEGIAN NOBEL COMMITTEE See H.468A NOTTINGHAMSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB H.468A, H.740 NOUR, Sayed Be2384 See also F.2334 NUFFIELD FOUNDATION F.1391-F.1418 H.472 F.797 NUNDY, Samiran OAKES, W. OBOLENSKY, Sir Dimitri O’BRIEN OF LOTHBURY, Leslie Kenneth O’Brien, Baron H.469 H.471 C.984C F.265, F.268, F.1382-F.1390A, Fi.155S¥k. 1558; 62104 4790 1- F.2296, H.45 See also F.296, F.1572 NUFFIELD PROVINCIAL HOSPITALS TRUST / NUFFIELD HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES FUND F.1143, F.1192-F.1194 F.1074, F.1082-F.1084, F.1086, 1.090; Fei 091" E1093> B1094; F.1101, F.1102, F.1106-F.1108, B.1029, E24 F126) &.1138) F.1354-F.1356, F.1359, F.1360, E1967 -Ful368 C.970, C.1065, C.1066 See also C.1063 O'BRIEN, Michael O'DONNELL, Michael O'DONOVAN, C.J. (‘Neil’) O'DONOVAN, Denis K. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents OFFICE OF HEALTH ECONOMICS OGILVY, Sir Angus OHNO, Akina OLD SILHILLIANS ASSOCIATION LTD OLIVER, John OLIVER, Michael Francis OLIVER, W.A. OLSEN, Noel D.L. OMELCO [OFFICE OF MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE & LEGISLATIVE COUNCILS OF HONG KONG] F.2297- F.2308, H.790 E7408 763 See also F.733, F.741 C.1068 See also C.1063 A.150-A.158, H.473, H.738 See also H.536 H.474 C32, C2360; 10 b4ec, beacon. F:493)-F 102071219 ee SG aloo lao we te0; PaVOloR 74. pelt (on leona F.1193, F.1194, H.631 ss H.136 H.137-H.139 H.474 S9) .PaslO6; H.474 C.236 E19 H.480 H.480 OPPENHEIM, Phillip ORAL AND DENTAL RESEARCH TRUST O’SULLIVAN, Denis J. Fel 49, EO, el 7, Fo 96 OWEN, David Anthony Llewellyn Owen, Baron OPEN UNIVERSITY OPPE, Thomas E. H.475-H.478 H.143, H.144 ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT (OECD) H.140 Peel ieee (lOO, bel F.1193, F.1194, H.240 HelZe HeAZo H/o See also F.728, F.2409 E285 206 See also H.480, H.793 OWENS, John OXBURGH, Sir Ronald OWEN, James OWEN, John VALLANCE- OXFORD INSTRUMENTS LTD W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 PAGE, Ray PAN, Shaohua PANTER, Kate PAPWORTH TRUST PARDEN, Robert J. PARISH, Christopher Index of correspondents F.289, F.292, F.294, F.295, F.299, PoO04-Fisi2) b:316-F 6185 F:320) O24, Pad2o; F024, Fo26-F 320: H.652 See also F.298, F.302, F.314 H.481 H.481 H.482, H.483 H.484 CAeG193°C.839 8H49 See also C.851 PARK, Daphne Margaret Sybil Desirée Park, Baroness 38, Karo PARKE-DAVIS PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH PARKER, Sir Peter H.524, H.590 See also H.484 F.764, F.2087, F.2088, H.484 See also F.26, F.765 F.626, F.627 PART, Sir Anthony eevee A! PARKES, Sir Edward (Walter) C.62, C.63, F.1657, H.484 PARKINSON, J.R.P. PARROTT, David PARRY, Eldryd H.O. F.243 C.306 P63 H.484 PASTERNAK, Charles A. PATTEN, John Haggitt Charles Patten, Baron F.1544-F. 1546 C'528-F.2288 See also H.394 F.783, F.918 See also F.297 F.636, F.637 See also F.641 PAYKEL, Eugene S. PATTERSON, W.J. PAWAN, Gaston PEACH, Sir Leonard PEAKE, Sir Harold F.647 F.146 F.9 PATEL, Nandu C. PAYNE, Lawrence C. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 PEARCE, Richard CORY- PEARSON, J. David PEARSON, P.J. PEART, Sir Stanley PECKHAM, Sir Michael (John) PEEL, Sir John H. PEETERS, Hub. PEMBERTON, Sir Francis PEMBERTON, John PEMBERTON, William H. PENTON, J. Christopher PERETZ, S. Michael PERGAMON PRESS LTD PERRY, William J. Index of correspondents eal F.241, F.242 F.1042 H.485 F.236, F.891, F.2164, F.2166, H.793 See also F.895, H.485 i230 F.1146 F.719, 4.485 See also H.333 E.40, F.408, F.410, F.412, F.413 H.485 F.1234 PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand PETCH, Michael C. Paton FOS F.2098 F.20 H.485 H.329 H.588 PERSE SCHOOL, CAMBRIDGE PERRY, Walter Laing Macdonald, Baron PERSISTENT VIRUS DISEASE RESEARCH FOUNDATION Ful2io, 2200 F-22860, 1146, H.640 See also C.68, C.214 C725), 6.287 C.1095, C.1096, C:1102, H.512, H.661 See also C.1094, C.1101, F.1987, F.1989, H.141, H.378 C.216, C.523, C.825, C.918, C.926, C.928 PETER WILSON SPORTS MEDICINE MEMORIAL FUND PETO, Sir Richard PETRIE, Graham PETERS, Sir (David) Keith See H.448, H.486 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 PETTY, John F. PFIZENMAIER, Richard PFIZER LTD index of correspondents PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN PHILIP AND PAULINE HARRIS CHARITABLE TRUST PHILLIPS, Vivian J. PHILLIPSON, Andrew T PHYSIOLOGICAL SOCIETY PICKERING, Sir George PIETRONI, Patrick C. PIGOTT, C.D. H.486 H.141 H.486 H.486 H.642 F.2437 see H.593 C.660 F.739, H.486 See also F.740 C.411 e221 ete 226o H.487 PLUMB, Sir John Ee7o5 H.386 H.649 POLLITZER, Edward POND, Sir Desmond PLOWRIGHT, Walter PINES, Jonathan PITTMAN, A.K. C.181, H.142 Bol409,-F, 1000 F.241, F.242 See F.308 POLANI, Paul Emanuel PLOWDEN, Bridget Horatia, Lady H.143, H.144 re lOOd; B16941,-F. 2425 F.2423, F.2424, H.502 POTTER, David R.W. POSTE, George POSTON, Robin POPPER, Sir Karl PORTMAN GROUP POSTAN, Lucilla POULLIER, Jean-Pierre F.843, H.499 £20 H.659 H.534 H.487 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents POWELL, Dame Muriel THE PRACTITIONER F.407 H.145 PRADER WILLI SYNDROME ASSOCIATION UK H.488, H.489 PRENTICE, Reginald PRESTON, Peter J. PRICE, Richard PRICHARD, Alan M. THE PRINCE’S TRUST PRINS, Gwyn PRIOR, James Michael Leathes, Baron PRIOR, Tessa PRIOR INFORMATION F2563 F.1647 F.754 F.2452, F.2454, F.2456, F.2459, H.496 F.920 H.491 H.491, H.650 H.492-H.494 H.492-H.494 PRISM INTERNATIONAL PYKE, David A. PRY@RicdS: C.938, H.147, H.219 H.495 See PRICHARD C.762, C.932, H.158, H.738 PROUT, Thaddeus E. F.246 PRITCHARD, A. PROBY, Sir Peter PROPRIETARY ASSOCIATION OF GREAT BRITAIN 183751294) 2182210 PSYCHOMETRIC RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT LTD A.61, A.63, F.1419-F.1432, F.1616, F.2106, F.2309-F.2318, H.475, H.745 PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED/ PRUDENTIAL CORPORATION PLC See also F.1450, F.1451, F.1453 F138). 11391149 5b.4470. Pitt Aly 6.1 146,°F.4188 6.1195. F.1198, F.1199-F.1203, F.1385, F.1454, H.260. H.497 a, F.2229 F299. F:342 See also F.327 PURVES, Sir William PUTTNAM, David Terence, Baron W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents QUODLIBET SOCIETY, GUY'S HOSPITAL RADIO TELEVISION HONG KONG RAE, John RAHEJA, B.S. RAMMELL, William Ernest (‘Bill’) RANDLE, Sir Philip John RANK, Joseph H.148 F.2116 F.843, H.499 H.41 H.763 G.46, G.47, F.246 C.495 See also C.494 THE RANK PRIZE FUNDS C.489, C.490, F.1433-F.1443 RANKS HOVIS McDOUGALL PLC RAUSING, Hans RAWLINS, M.D. RAWNSLEY, K. RAZA, Mohamed READ, David J. RECKITT & COLMAN PLC C.399, C.496 See C.1088 C.149 C.979 See also H.231 H.41 H.41 H.149, H.231 RAZAVI, Lawrence Michael READ, Alan Ernest Alfred RECORDON, Piers REDMAN, Sir Harold RAYANT TELEVISION LTD H.150 See ISAACS Fold 2o; dOnt 7 Bit Or READING, Simon Charles Henry Rufus Isaacs, 4th Marquess of See H.501 H.450 See also F.429 H.42, H.150 H.150 F.2289, F.2290, F:2376 See F.2421, H.501 REES, Sir Dai (David Alan) REECE, Sir (James) Gordon REES, Lesley REES, Martin John, Baron P1Oo1k bibs W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 REEVES, Alfred REEVES, Frank REGAN, Dorothy REID, Sir Robert REID, William K. REISS, Bernard RENFERT, Henry, Jr Index of correspondents F.403, F.412, F.413 be22n0 F.2460 F.2405A, F.2408, F.2411 H.759 C.454-C.458 H.42 RENFREW OF KAIMSTHORN, Andrew Colin Renfrew, Baron C.1019B, C.1114, H.762 RESEARCH INTO AGEING REVANS, Reginald William See BRITISH FOUNDATION FOR AGE RESEARCH C.984, C.984A, C.984B, D.422, F.6- F252). 2083-Fi2086,xF 2269 G3, H.42, H.151-H.155, H.396 See also H.502 REYNOLDS, Peter E. F.1014.F- 1015-1025 THE RHODES TRUST RICHARDS, Michael J. RICHARDSON, David P. C.1917-C 24061244 € 565 RICHARDS, Peter C28; 392-502 RICE, Sir Tim RICHARDS, M.P.M. F-10437 F026 See H.333 RICHARDS, Sir Rex (Edward) f.433..F,405, F.438-F.444 6.452) F.458, H.502 See also F.446 See also F.2 H.502 See also C.136A, F.829, F.2122, H.434 H.465 See also H.503 C.408 EO Bi2d C.1083 RICHARDSON, Peter RICHMOND, Sir Mark RICHARDSON, Sir John RICHARDSON, Michael E. RICHMOND, John F.3, F.1198, F.1199 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents THE RICHMOND SOCIETY F.1444, F.1445 RIDSDALE, Sir Julian RIKARDS, Barrie RILEY, Sir Ralph RIVETT, Geoffrey C. RIX, Brian Norman Roger, Baron ROBB, I.W. PERCY- THE ROBENS APPEAL ON BEHALF OF THE BRITISH SOCIETY FOR DENTAL RESEARCH ROBENS OF WOLDINGHAM, Alfred Robens, Baron ROBERTON, N.R. Clifford ROBERTS, Colin F139 H.503 Reser. d2(e & 1430 See also H.231 C.934, C.935, F.2159, H.218 F.867 C.118 H.216 H.216 C.229, C.230, C.232-C.234, C.238, C2417 C:3148C.316;.C'32236 51/72 G'51.8;,6°520;,6:.525; C:8412 Ce EAC RET C.409 H.232 ROBERTSON, Kenneth ROBERTS, G.E. ROBERTSON, Donald |. ROBERTS, David ROBERTS, Sir Derek H.630 F.1446-F.1449 ROBINSON, Andrew ROBINSON, James Fi2222 See also H.539 ROBIN HOOD CHARITABLE TRUST C.122-C.124, C.815, C.891-C.901, C.903, C.904, C.910, C.911, C.913, C.921, C.930, H.232 H.633, H.635 H.504 H.504 C.409 H.504, H.651 H.504 See also F.304 ROBINSON, J.W.C. Maitland ROBINSON, James O. ROBINSON, Joanna Maitland ROBINSON, Kenneth W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents ROBINSON, Lee ROBSON OF KIDDINGTON, Inga-Stina Robson, Baroness ROBSON, R. ROCHE PRODUCTS LTD THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION ROGERS, Sir Philip ROLAND, Martin O. ROOK, Arthur James H.504 F.1290 fF 1O10. ke 025 H.43, H.505 C.194, C.194, F.2261, H.108 F.65, F.66, F.68, F.405-F.407, F.410, F.411, F.414 C.1095, €:1097, H.232 C.502, C.930-C.932, H.142 See also H.158, H.505 ROSBOROUGH, Brian Alexander C.983, F.549, F.550, F.554-F.559 ROSE, Geoffrey ROSE, Hilary ROSENFELD, Joseph B. F.817 ROO econ A.150 ROSENHEIM, Max Leonard, Baron F.2260, F.2262, H.505 F.1082, F.1085, F.1086, F.1090 ROSIERE, Roland de ROSS, Richard S. ROSSER, Rachel M. H.505 H.505 ROSSIER, P.H. ROTH, Sir Martin F.1078, F.1080, F.1082-F.1084, F.1086, F.1090, F.1095, F.1101- EMS; healicneeeiioe brt25: F.1193)5F*1195--F:1576, H.43 H.509 P(A; F204 ae. (5, bal(uk- 62 k.o6- F:90; F293, F.122. F300. F:302) F.S09FF 552-1064. 1670; H.507, H.508 See also F.79, F.306 Cip0; 626676 255-C:260-6.27'1: C.329, C.762, C.764, F.958, H.506 See also C.34, C.297A, C.750, P07 ROTHSCHILD TRUST CORPORATION LIMITED F:3A0 ROTH, Russell B. ROTHSCHILD, Edmond de S15 ROUSSEL LABORATORIES LTD W.J.H. NCUACS 157/7/07 Butterfield ROWAN, Sir Leslie ROWE, Jack ROWLATT, Charles Index of correspondents D.304 F.2336; H.509 F.106 ROWNTREE MACKINTOSH PLC C.495-C.497, C.1093 ROWSELL, Anthony R. ROXBURGH, Ronald C. ROYAL COLLEGE OF GENERAL PRACTITIONERS ROYAL COLLEGE OF MIDWIVES TRUST F.2437 C.227 H.784 H.459 ROYAL COLLEGE OF NURSING F.405, F.406 ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS F.1450-F.1455, H.787 ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF ENGLAND F.1456-F.1462, H.775 ROYAL COLLEGE OF VETERINARY SURGEONS +H.232 ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY RUCKER. Jeffrey Hamilton ROYAL SOCIETY F.549, F.2094, H.370 C.984 H.388 H.509 F.2410 RUGINA, Anghel N. RUBE UB: RUGBY FOOTBALL UNION F.1463, F.1466, H.159, H.509 ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE ROYAL HONG KONG JOCKEY CLUB ROYAL SOCIETY FOR MENTALLY HANDICAPPED CHILDREN AND ADULTS H.509 F.417 F.1169 H.632 H.402, H.581 Hot0; hong F.1980; F.1987 C19,.C149 RUSSELL, Paul S. RUSSELE RiGG. RULE, Leonard G. RUMSFELD, Donald RUSSELL, Lord Robin RUTHERFORD, Andrew roe W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents RUTLAND, Duke of RYMAN, Brenda E. ST ANDREWS, Earl of ST GEORGE'S HOUSE, WINDSOR SACKLER, Raymond R. SADOW, Harvey S. SALISBURY, Sir Robert SALMON, Leslie F.W. THE SALTERS’ COMPANY SAMBOR, David SANAZARO, Paul J. See MANNERS H.161, H.168 See WINDSOR F.1464-F.1474 Fron See also C.426, C.427 H.630 Pott E.49 H.26 F.1560 See also F.1561 D.314 SANDBERG, Sir Michael SASAKAWA, Ryoichi SASAKAWA, Yohei SANDOZ PRODUCTS LTD SANGER, Frederick SANTER, Neville SANDLER, Merton SANDOZ LTD H.183 H462,.41:233 F.2199 CAdoV OS 1563;:hr1030;.F, 13574 F. 1359: H.488 See also H.513 F.2436 F)/28:'F. 730, Fi743. F744 F752. P7154, E755 (59 E74: (Oe, F.766 See also F.731, F.735, F.736, F.740-F.742, F.745, F.750 F.727. F737 See also F.726, F.730, F.731 SATCHWELL, Robert SAUNDERS, Bernard C. SAVE GUY'S CAMPAIGN See C.36, C.128 G.41 H.162 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents SAVE THE CHILDREN FUND SCHAEFFER, Hans SCHAPIRO, Walter M. SCHERING HEALTH CARE LTD SCHETTLER, Gotthard SCHILLING, Richard SCHLESS, Guy Lacy SCHLESS, Nancy Halverson SCHOFIELD, Peter M. SCHOOLS OUTREACH SCHURR, Peter SCHUSTER, Francis SCIENCE OF SCIENCE FOUNDATION F.1475-F.1528 Fat09; F.1110 F.81 H.514 Ed O ads See H.515 F.2024, H.163, H.516 H.516 H.516 H.517-H.521, H.657 H.163 H.609 Fi202 D.434, H.221, H.301, H.523 H.165, H.166, H.233, H.744 SCOPES, Jon SCOTNEY, Norman SCOWEN, Sir Eric SEAGER, E.R. Drake SCOTT, James SCO: d:D: H.164, H.793 Ealoiipanecos F.997, H.164 C262 See H.164 SECONDARY HEADS ASSOCIATION SECCOMBE, Joan Anna Daiziel, Baroness F.654 SECONDARY RESOURCES PLC Reg2 107 H.167 SELLE «Colin SELLS, R.A. G.87, G.98 F.307 SEEAR, Beatrice Nancy, Baroness Fo lo29"F lwo, H.o23 C.961, G.38 SEALE, John SEEBOHM, Frederick, Baron SELDON, Arthur W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents SERVIER, Jacques P. SERVIER LABORATORIES LTD SEYMOUR, Carol A. H.488, H.489 F.1533-F.1541 H.524 SHACKLETON, Edward Arthur Alexander, Baron F.867, F.868 SHAND, William SHAPER, A.G. SHARP, Alan A.151 2373 GOZO SHAW, Anthony BATTY C.938, D.49, H.526 SHAW, Derek SHAW, Sir Giles SHEARD, T.A.B. SHEPHERD, Gillian A.151 F.426 C.183 See H.760 SHEPHERD, Michael SHERLOCK, Dame Sheila C2027 C1253 C.118, F.1926-F.1928 SHERWOOD, Thomas SHIONG, Patrick SOON- SHERSBY, (Julian) Michael SHI-TENNOJI INTERNATIONAL H.527, H.802 See also H.798, H.799 C.50, C.94-C.96, C.299, C.304- €'306;.6:35/,,C 426, €:529: C.1100, C:1101;°F.2288, H:368, H.527 See also C.34, C.288, C.940, C.1094, C.1095 See F.483 F.426 H.538 F.750 Eao2d F.1140 C.922 SHOCK, Sir Maurice SHOOTER, R.A. SHORT, Roger Valentine SHUMWAY, Norman E. SIEFF, Sir Marcus SHI Changxu F416. ho26 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 SIKLOS, Paul SIKORA, Karol SILKIN, John Ernest SILOW, R.A. SILVERSTON, Neville A. SINCLAIR, Hugh SINCLAIR, John M. SINDI, Havat SINGLETON, W.T. SION, Lionel SIRINA, Anna A. Index of correspondents H.169 F037, £1040; Fr1041-F)1044. F047 F:1054,°F 1052 E1054: F.1056, F.1057, F.1059, F.1061, F.1069, H.528 See also F.1035, F.1036 F.568 See H.529 H.529 H.169 H.529 H.530 Fi1234 F-11235 H.531 H.532 SKAER, Richard John SLOMAN, Sir Albert SMELLIE, W.Alastair B. SMITH A.A. (‘Alex’) SMITH, A.B. BROOKE- Gi023%C 1025-6: 1027, SKIDMORE, F. David SKRABALO, Zdenko SLACK, Joan SLEIGHT, Peter G.62 H.532 epee F.486 F582 SLIM-FAST FOODS COMPANY SKIDELSKY, Robert Jacob Alexander, Baron SIR ROBERT MENZIES MEMORIAL TRUST C.206, C.209-C.214 See also C.207, C.208 F.1374 PANOZ be 1Oe ren 20m et 23 F124 FOO eet Omer 14:73 Coy 1 (Oe clade iOne Rel te. tat GOs. 11.95 C.311, C.323, C.448, C.970, H.169 Fi 104g2.Fu1543 See H.532 SMART, Sir George Algernon F.1957-F.1959 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 SMITH, A. Norman EXTON- , Adrian , Alastair H.T. ROBB- , Sir Alex ,D.K , David G. , Sir Dudley , Duncan N. , E. Brian , George TEELING- Index of correspondents C.136A, C.136B, C.805B, C.984, F.86 See also C.136A F.2038 F.1406, H.503 H.396 F.403 083 E134 F.477 C.1080, H.663 See also C.1081, C.1083 D.61, D.338, D.414, F.2297 se 2299) F.2301-F.2305, H.790 , Herchel C.233 oS , John Sandwith BOYS , Malcolm FERGUSON- ,_ J.A. WALKER- , Jacqui , Michael John Knight , Miranda WESTON- See H.533 F.2235 See H.533 F.237, H.53, H.580, H.640 C.4015 6.41226 41726:421-6 425 See also C.415, H.533 H.648 DOOvh 150i bd OoO0sr aloes 1000) BaloG6n.F: 10741, elon, F.1574-F.1576, F.1579, F.1585 See also F.1586 SMITHKLINE & FRENCH RESEARCH LTD SMITHKLINE BEECHAM PLC C.406 H.620 F263; 534 , Robert SMITHERS, Sir David SMYTH, John F. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 SMYTHIES, John R. SNOW, Jon Index of correspondents €253 See also C.254 F305)-F.306 See also F.308 SNOWDON, Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl F.1495 SOAMES, Mary, Lady SOCIAL MARKET FOUNDATION SOCIETY FOR HEALTH EDUCATION SOCIETY FOR PROCESS THOUGHT SOCIETY OF FRIENDS (QUAKERS) SOCIETY OF HOMOEOPATHS SOLIHULL SCHOOL SOMERVILLE, Walter F.2405A, H.535 reoso F.1544-F.1546 H.535 H.745 H.385 1.536, A537 H.538 Flat fa C.552, C.667, C.987 C.993 H.480 SPOONER, Edward Tenney Casswell SOULIOTI, Alexia M.A. SOULSBY, E.J.Lawson SOUTH, Sir Arthur SOUTHWOOD, Sir (Thomas) Richard (Edmunda) SPARK, Michael SPIERS, John SOUTH AFRICA UNIVERSITIES CRICKET ASSOCIATION C.805A, C.943 See also C.741, C.801, C.934, H.218 Go STANDING CONFERENCE OF CHIEF EDUCATION OFFICERS SPROSTON, E.M. STACEY, Sarah SPOONER, Sir James SPORTS COUNCIL STALLWORTHY, Sir John W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 STANFORD, S. Clare STAPLETON, Thomas STARK, John E. STEDMAN, Phyllis, Baroness STEINBERG, Hannah STEINER, Robert E STENLAKE, J.B. Index of correspondents H.539 C.229, C.236 C.156 hi331; iS39 F.811, F.822, H.255, H.454, H.539 See also F.823 C.305 F.1345, F.1349 STEPHENI, Frederick William H.174-H.180,-H.643 STEPHENS, John H. STEPHENS, Michael D. STEPHENSON, Elsie STEPTOE, Andrew C.104 H.181 E1967 F.844 F.845 See also F.829 STEWART, George STEWART, H.C. STEWART, lan STEVENS, David L. C.947 C.555 F.2287 DA STIRRATT, Gordon M. F.2000 F.1930 C.210 STEWART, Sir Michael STEWART, A.S.R. (‘Alex’) STEPTOE, Patrick Christopher STERLING-WINTHROP GROUP LTD PHi24 E20 kldoor malt oo C.353, C.354, C.365, D.366, D.371- D:3/6, 0.378, F.777, F.1080, F.1082, F.1084, F.1086, F.1090, E094 E 1097 bet Onk1102: D315, D.332 H.540 Fo STOKES, J. STOKES, John Fisher W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents STOLZ, Henry WINSLEY- STOTT, Sir Arnold STOTT, John R.W. STOW, Derek Acton STRANG, Leonard B. STRAW, Jack STREULLI, Rolf A. STRONG, E. Denis T. STRONG, John A. STROUD, C. Eric 705F.1.1609F 141.840 96.be1201: E1149. Fat RIGO SEW O2=F a 6.12) E182 eh 2S owl 0441., aHi609, H.740 H.542, H.589 F.1074, F.1075 F.1190 meihowAse, C.233 H.281 See also F.308 H.543 F.2103 BAsat F.1478, F.1484 STUART, Sir Kenneth Brod F.798 H.544 SULTAN, Mohammed SUNDAY TELEGRAPH SULLIVAN, David SULLIVAN, Louis W. STUART, Andrew STUART, David H.544, H.616 H.440 F.85 See also F.84 et See also F.2114 H.543 See F.306 See F.1009 F.1354, F.1356* F:1358, F.1359, F.1368-F.1372 See also F.1360 F.289, F.292, H.434 See also F.288, F.291, F.295 SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon Brims Black Mclvor SUTHERLAND, Don J.C. SUNDAY TIMES SUN NUTRITIONAL, INC. SUPPLE, Barry W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 SUTHERLAND, Gunborg, Lady SUTHERLAND, lan SUTTON TRUST SWALES, John SWYNNERTON, Grizel, Lady SYMONDS, E.M. SYNGE, Victor Millington SYNGENIX LTD TAKAHASHI, Yasunari Index of correspondents F.1432 F.2286, F.2287 F297; Ees09 See also F.307 F.2168, F.2169, H.371 See also H.794 C.1044 See also C.1060, F.2159 €.219).6.326),F.2450 F.1074, F.1080, F.1082-F.1084, F.1086, F.1090, F.1094, F.1102, Se1103S er A108 ear 12, 6.441418) Fli24ha1135, F.1149'.1192- F.1196 F.1547-F.1550 H.546 TARMAC PLC TATTERSAL, M.H.N. TATUM, William D. F.856, F.858 See also F.857 TAM, S.W. TANCRED, W.R. TAYLOR, C.E.D. TAYLOR, Keith W. TAKAMIYA, Toshi TALBOT, Margaret H.546 F.465 See also F.2318, H.547 F.1419, F.1423, F.1427, F.2103, HeZotoe 23047 aH 1838 C.1065-C.1084, H.547 See also C.1064, C.1087 TAYLOR, Stephen James Lake, Baron TENNANT, Sir Peter Frank Dalrymple TEACHER TRAINING AGENCY F.854, H.546 C.51 C.406, D.94 D.314 TAZAKI!, Tadayoshi 290, 763 Fi2229 F.1045 F.264 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents TENNIS AND RACKETS ASSOCIATION TEST AND COUNTY CRICKET BOARD THAMESMEAD PROJECT THAMES WATER PLC THATCHER, Margaret Hilda, Baroness THISTLETHWAITE, Frank THISTLETHWAITE, Tony THOMAS, D. Brynmor THOMAS, Huw THOMAS, Sir John Meurig THOMAS, Trevor Cawdor C.1013 H.617 F.1551-F.1594 E2231 F.2170G'18, H.775,':780 See also H.576, H.650, H.781, H.783 H.183 F:122 C.981 C.55 C.967, H.183, H.236 D.211 THOMPSON, Sir Edward C.308, C.309 THOMPSON, Sir Harold (Warris) See F.836, H.446 THORNELOE, Maurice THOMPSON, Sir Michael THOMPSON, R.J. THOMSON, James P.S. THORNE, Christopher J.R. F.1167 H.394 H.548 THOMSON, Sir Arthur (Peregrine) THOMSON OF MONIFIETH, George Thomson, Baron F.1074, F.1083, F.1090, F.1094, Fal OSemeliisoeh 1109) Fe 141.9% A.102 H.592, H.739 See also A.110, H.650 F.558, F.560, H.549 See also F.554 H.548 C.1012 H.548 H.548 TIGHE, K. THE TIMES THORNTON, Jack TICKELL, Sir Crispin Re lio6. TISHLER, Max W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents TIZARD, Sir (John) Peter (Mills) G223,-6 230 TOBACCO ADVISORY COUNCIL F783, F797. F.840:-F:841 :F.874. F.876, F.884 See also F.812 TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION F.886, F.894, F.918, F.920 TODD OF TRUMPINGTON, Alexander Robertus Todd, Baron TODD, David TOELEY, Brian tr: TOMLINSON, David R. TOMLINSON, John TOMLINSON, Stephen TOMMY’S CAMPAIGN C.408, C.1089, F.463-F.465, F.468, F.1645, F.1646 See also F.1662, F.1664, F.1670, F.1689, F.1977 H.550 F.2447, F.2450 H.550 F208 Hii/o2, Tenor, F°12074 F-12068) F550 F.296;-F:1595-Fi1613)-H1.334 TONES, Keith TOWNSHEND, Peter TOWSE, Adrian TRAINING FOR LIFE TRANI, Eugene P. TORII, Yasuhiko TORRENS, Paul R. F.858 G.78 H.551 H.184 See also H.236 TORDOFF, Geoffrey Johnson, Baron TRAFFORD, Joseph Anthony Porteous, Baron B.20 fF 1004 jr O07 O02; fF loos, F.1669, F.1688 See also F.1656, F.1690 F.2306-F.2308 G68. 737 F.1614-F.1634 TROTT, Andrew TROUNCE, John R. TRETHOWAN, Sir William Henry Bala H.552 G.95 TRIMBLE, William David, Baron E278) FelGeb3 17 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents TSCHABITSCHER, H. TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS ASSOCIATION TUCKETT, David TURNBERG, Sir Leslie Arnold TURNER, John D TURNER, Paul TURNER, Robert Charles Bll2g rO03 G:500 R912 F456" F-24360. 2437 See also F.2436 F272 2273 F278 F282: F.289, F.291, F.299, F.300, RcO7 kh o1s See also F.283, F.284, F288, F.293"°F.304+F.3147 F323 G155.b26o C.983, F.2342, F.2344-F.2346, F.2348, F.2364-F.2367, F.2369, F.2373-F.2380, F.2382-F.2392, F.2395-F.2401 See also F.2290 TUSA, John F.470 TWENTY FIRST CENTURY LEARNING INITIATIVE H.554 UDAL, Eric R. UNITED BISCUITS (UK) LTD UNITED HOSPITALS SAILING CLUB UNDERWOOD, Peter UNIGATE PLC UNILEVER PLC F.1645 RCO H.644 C.495 A.56 See also H.555 F.2319-F.2339 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UNIVERSITY UK CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT F.1635-F.1639 UNITED MEDICAL AND DENTAL SCHOOLS OF GUY’S AND ST THOMAS'’S HOSPITALS UNITED KINGDOM PROSPECTIVE DIABETES STUDY UNITED MEDICAL ENTERPRISES LTD C.495, C.497 Galo! balocy UNITED OR BORO’ HOSPITALS CLUB F.2340-F.2404, H.237, H.238, H.666 A.63, F.2405-F.2446 C5 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents UNITED UTILITIES PLC Fe2229 UNIVERSITY AND POLYTECHNIC GRANTS COMMITTEE, HONGKONG F.1177, F.1640-F.1914 H.239, H.639 UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMITTEE UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE AMATEUR BOXING CLUB ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL CLUB BOARD OF EXTRA-MURAL STUDIES BOAT CLUB COMPUTER LABORATORY C.62, C.63 H.394 C.984A C.984, C.984A H.396 C.989 C.313 CRICKET AND ATHLETICS CLUB LTD C.990-C.992 CRICKET CLUB A.59, A.61, C.993-C.999 DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY DEVELOPMENT OFFICE C.1088-C.1090, H.276, H.512 DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY C.1091, C.1092, H.275 DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY C.536-C.539 DOWNING COLLEGE HUGHES HALL C.540-C.545 C.546-C.550 C.551-C.553 DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE C.1002-C.1004, F.746 C.554-C.567A, C.962, C.975, C.984, H.392 JUDGE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES H.408 C.1108-C.1110, H.276, H.349, H.428, H.653 KARATE CLUB KURT HAHN TRUST LIGHTWEIGHT ROWING CLUB PEMBROKE COLLEGE LAWN TENNIS CLUB A.59, A.61, A.63, C.1001 A.59, C.945-C.947 C.1000, H.497 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents STOKES SOCIETY H.542 RUGBY UNION FOOTBALL CLUB SCHOOL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE C.965, C.981, C.1005-C.1008, C.1123, H.720 A.63, C.68-C.535, C.1093-C.1099, C.1100-C.1102, H.219 WOMEN'S BOAT CLUB ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX / GUY'S GENERAL PRACTICE COMPUTER UNIT C.1009,/H565 F.1915-F.1921 UNIVERSITY OF HULL logs UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL LASERS FOR LIFE RESEARCH INSTITUTE H.430 UNIVERSITY OF LONDON F.1922-F.1938 UNIVERSITY OF LONDON WORKING PARTY ON FUTURE OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL TEACHING RESOURCES See FLOWERS WORKING PARTY UPJOHN LTD UPMARK, Erik ASK- F.1081, F.1090 VINCENT’S CLUB UNIVERSITY OF QATAR UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM F.1939-1953, F.2447-F.2460 UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD H.565 F.2338,F.2339 UNIVERSITY OF THE THIRD AGE US VITAMIN & PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION CO lgeCalork 1904) H.614. See also H.339 F.1518, F.1955-F.1961, H.239, H.556-H.560 R.2238 H.630 H.186 O20 UTTIG, John E.G. UTTING, Sir William UVAROV, Olga F.1322, F.1340, F.1343 VAGUE, Jean VAIZEY, John Ernest, Baron VALLANCE, Sir lain F.1009 91 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 VAMP LTD VANARVA, George Index of correspondents H.561-H.563, H.587 F.293, F.294,‘F.299, F.313,.F.323 See also F.296, F.325 VANDERVOORDT, Jacques A.V. Fi230-6:234 VANE, Sir John (Robert) VAUGHAN, Sir Gerard (Folliott) VEALL, Norman VECCHIO, Thomas J. VELASCO, Gustavo R. C.209, F.2004, F.2014, F.2015, F.2017-F.2019° F:2022- 2025. 2028 2029 “Fa2086: F-2085-F2088'«F' 240 See also C.207, F.2021, F.2031, H.564, H.585 G:969;-FH02: Fuls234k 13465 F. 1349 -F.1:354 See also F.1350 A138 F.1956, F.1958 H.187 ‘VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY’ VOLUNTEER READING HELP VICK, Donna Eas WADE, Owen L. WADE, Virginia H:692*hiro66 F.2461-F.2467 H.10 H.566 H.188 VOLUNTARY EUTHANASIA SOCIETY VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY WADE OF CHORLTON, (William) Oulton Wade, Baron B.17 C.41, C200, C:431-C.439° C515, C.519,C.527. F.822. F.832-F.834: F.1387-F1389, F.1402, F.2106, H.241, H.567, H.644 WADSWORTH, Michael E.J. E.40, E.41, F.979, F.980 WADSWORTH, Paul WAKEFORD, Richard Ellis See H.567 Gi1057. He12 WAJCHENBERG, Bernardo Léo WALD, Nicholas W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents WALDEGRAVE OF NORTH HILL, William Arthur Waldegrave, Baron See H.567 WALDMANN, Herman WAKEHAM, John, Baron WALES, John K. WALKER, Brian W. WALKER, Neil P.J. WALKER, Paul F. WALKER, Peter K. WALKER, Stuart R. WALL, Patrick David WALLACE, David J. WALLACE, Moira H.189, H.241 G.97 F.823 Fio50-bi006, F605, 5.726, Hoes H.568 C.1047-C.1061, H.568, H.588 H.480, H.569 F.2156, H.280 D.90, D.91 H.570 F925 ¢ F626 WALLACE, William Angus WALNE, Victor WALSHE, John Michael Aor? Fl i7a1 H.190-H.192 WALTERS, Sir Peter WALTERS, Stuart Max C. 494 H:263 H.188 WALSTON, Henry David Leonard George, Baron WALTON OF DETCHANT, John Nicholas Walton, Baron See also H.241 C.149, E.46, F.321, F.895, F.1120, Bat21hel24 e126 ePSs: FeSO; bei 4Oy be Oe rete. Faldies, Exlisie 1188; Pall 93= F.1196, F.1198, G.74, H.193, H.290, H.418, H.438, H.572, H.655, H.726 See also F.1676, H.750 F.886, F.888, F.891, F.893-F.895, H.605, H.616 WANG, Yuling WARD, Aileen H.12 F.896 WANAMAKER, Sam WANG Yousen D.146, D.363, H.188 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents WARD, John D. WARDLE, E. Nigel WARHOLM, Evy WARNER LAMBERT COMPANY WARNOCK, Helen Mary, Baroness WARREN, C.P.W. WARREN, Michael D. WARWICK, Margaret Elizabeth Harvey TURNER- WARWICK, Roger WARWICKSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB H.572 Hs) A073 See also H.193 32 C.984, F.1962-F.1999, H.566 F.310 See also F.281 Geo i 19224 eles © F.1455, G.69, H.70 See also F.2405A FG) led, H.18 See also H.574 WASTELL, C. Gisdo WATERLOW, John Conrad WEALE, F. WEATHERALL, Miles WATSON, Stephen R. WATTS, John HARVARD WATANABE, Chikako WATANABE, Shoichi H.396 39, hoo H.574, H.663 F.762, H.664 WARWICKSHIRE POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL CENTRE H.18 C.574, C.579, C.580, F.480, F.1274, H.194 €.970;'C.971 WEBBER, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron LLOYD- WEDGWOOD, Pamela Tudor-Craig, Lady WEATHERILL, Bruce Bernard, Baron WEBB, Janet (the writer Janet Dunbar) H.20 F.2003 H.575 reals See H.575 F.1042 H.20 WEBSTER, S.G.P. WEDGWOOD, John W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents WEEDON, Basil Charles Leicester WEINBAUM, B. WEINSTOCK, Arnold, Baron WEIR, Barbara J. WEIR, David T.H. WEISBACH, Jerry A. WELCH, Freda M. WELLCOME FOUNDATION LTD WELLCOME TRUST F.1952 H.20 F.882 See also F.2087, H.241 FZ eel Os E1078) BASir9: te, (960rk. 1962 F.416 F.225, F.1551, F.2000-F.2004, H.629 C168 362134C 25686 278) F.2005-F.2013, H.628 See also C.148 WELLNESS FORUM H.579 WELLS, R.S. WELLS, William WELT, Louis G. WHEATLEY, Tim H.22 H.23 H.24 WEST, Charles G.H. WEST, Christopher J. WEST, Kelly M. WHARTON, J.C. WESSEX REHABILITATION ASSOCIATION ralO6 sr 0G F.2424 See also F.2425 WELSH NATIONAL SCHOOL OF MEDICINE C.137, C.139, C.140, C.206, C.540 See also C.880 F.261-F.267, F.269-F.280, F.283- F.286, F:294 See also H.581 WHEARE, Sir Kenneth H.579 H.26 H.26 D.365, H.636, H.798 F.148, F.2002 C87 WHEELER, Denis E. WHEELER, Terence K. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 Index of correspondents WHICHELOW, Margaret Joyce WHITAKER, Robert WHITBY, James L. WHITBY, Sir Lionel Ernest Howard WHITBY, Lionel Gordon WHITE, Kerr L. WHITEHEAD, lan WHITEHEAD, Sir John (Stainton) WHITEHEAD, Roger G. H.581 See also H.630 See H.581 H.582 C.709 C.115, C.119, C.120, C.414, F.449, H.195, H.582 H.108, H.582 Baie E583 See also H.464, H.575 Fy O4-se7 OO abe ou) boos See also F.730 C489, ©.492 .€ 570;C 5/2; € S72, C1975; C577, C1678, 6.580 C584, C.584, H.304 WHITEHORN, Katherine Elizabeth (Mrs Gavin Lyall) H.583 WHITEHOUSE, F.E. WHITTLESEY, Philip WIDDOWSON, Elsie May F.2260-F.2265, H.584 278. k. 28 WHITNEY, Ray WHITTET, T. Douglas F.412, F.413 H.439 F012, £813, F.2160; E782 WHITELAW, William Stephen lan, Viscount WHITTY, John Lawrence Whitty, Baron (‘Larry’) E239er 2051 Fk 2003et 27 cele19o See also H.242 H.576-H.578, H.585 C5/8 See also C.577 H.27 H.590 C.245 H.28 FeO, WIGGLESWORTH, Jonathan WIELAND, George WIERENGA, Wendell WIGLEY, Guy S. WILCOX, William T.T. WILDENTHAL, Claud Kern W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 WILDY, Norman Peter Leete WILKES, Adrian J. WILKIE, Elizabeth Elaine WILKINS, Sir Graham John WILLETS, David Lindsay Index of correspondents C.213, C.324, C.326, C.529, C.551- C.553, C.666, F.1034 F.2171-F.2174 F.405-F.408, F.410, F.416, F.418, F.419, F.420, H.196 F104. F165 G:984A):F.2120; F.2121, H:585, H.659, H.746, H.791 See also F.297, F.308, F.2104, Bee 24 Orde WILLIAM HARVEY RESEARCH INSTITUTE (WHRI) F.2014-F.2044, H.404, H.585, H.615 WILLIAM R. WARNER & CO. LTD WILLIAMS, Alan Harold WILLIAMS, D.R.R. (‘Rhys’) WILLIAMS, Sir David Glyndwr Tudor H.14 H.30 C.196, C.199-C.201, C.805A, C.805C, H.197, H.586 C.1073, C.1079-C.1081, H.565 See also C.1083, H.396, H.586 F.1405, H.30, H.586 WILLIAMS, Sir David Innes WILLIAMS, David lowerth WILLIAMS, Dorothy R. WILLIAMS, Gordon Page WILLIAMS, Dudley Howard C.1091 H.755 H.586 WILLIAMS, Gareth WILLIAMS, Gordon H.586 C.668, H.30 WILLIAMS, Sir Edgar Trevor (‘Bill’) C.894 See also C.913 F.2005-F.2008, F.2010-F.2013 C.414, C.416-C.419, C.421, C.422 WILLIAMS, John Einwyn FFOWCS F.2430 H.31 H.31 H.587, H.666 H.587 WILLIAMS, John G. WILLIAMS, Peter O. WILLIAMS, Gwyn WILLIAMS, J.H. Harley WILLIAMS, John D. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 WILLIAMS, Rhys WILLIAMS, Roger WILLIAMS, Sally, Lady WILLIAMS, T.J. WILLIAMS, T.K. WILLIAMSON, R. WILLIS, James H. WILLIS, John D. WILLOUGHBY, Derek A. WILSON, Cedric W.M. WILSON, Clifford WILSON, David G. Index of correspondents C.441, F.2183 Gi26) AS Va oO7, F.2453 20241 he2022) t.00/ H.31 H.243 H.32 D.117 2082) F-22036 See also F.2015 H.32 H.32 F.895 WILSON, Sir David M. F.783, F.797, H.588 F.87 WILSON, Sir John WILTON, H.J. HALL- WILSON, J. Max G. WILSON, Sir James H.512 H.32 H.588 G.49 WIMPOLE HALL, Cambridgeshire WILSON OF RIEVAULX, James Harold Wilson, Baron WINDSOR, George Philip Nicholas, Earl of St Andrews 1.091 F.1074, F.1075, F.1078, F.1080, F.1082-F.1084, F.1090, F.1095, EeiOde Ei14 02.6 106,46. 11:18; Fee. ba i24 Pad2oekel So, Pld Oe B49. F. 14i73,7F.1.188; melds Elt9Sak 1194 ho See H.590 H.590 WISCHIK, C.M. WISHART, D.F. F.2045-F.2046 Balok 70S WITTS, Leslie John WOLFE, Gregory W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 WOLFF, Frederick WOLFF, Otto Herbert WOLFSON FOUNDATION Index of correspondents WOLSTENHOLME, Sir Gordon Ethelbert Ward WOMAN'S OWN WOMEN & FAMILIES FOR DEFENCE WOMEN’S NATIONAL COMMISSION WOOD, Clive WOOD, Sir William WOODCOCK, John WOODRUFF, A.W. F.1027, H.34, H.591, H.629 G784.G.235 C.396, C.1094, F.298, F.304, F.963, F.1153, H.539 See also F.1551 F.248, F.253 See also F.243, H.280 H.632 F.2102 H.591 F.874 F.310 H.592 P1230 blie64! H.199-H.207 H.36, H.208-H.210 WOOLLAM, David Henry Morgan WORDEN, Alastair Norman WORLD SOCIETY FOR EKISTICS H.313, H.497 WORLD HEALTH NETWORK FOUNDATION F.2047, H.664 WORKSOP AND RETFORD COMMUNITY HEALTH COUNCIL H.35 F.1478, F.1505-F.1507, F.1514; F.2048-F.2050, H.27 See also F.1477 nbs, F.803F 6276239) 5. 1090s. 2051- F.2057 WORSHIPFUL SOCIETY OF APOTHECARIES OF LONDON WORLD SUGAR RESEARCH ORGANISATION LTD H.802 Fro04 36313, F321 See also F.306, F.312, F.318 WORTHINGTON, Brian WRAGG, Edward Conrad H.592 H.35 F.2452 WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION WORLD INNOVATION FOUNDATION WORLD MEDICINE WRAY, Joe D. W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 WRIGHT, Sir (John) Oliver WRIGHT, Sir Paul WRIGHT, Peter H. WRIGHT, Rowland S. WRONG, Oliver WYETH LABORATORIES YAKULT UK LTD YANDELL, David YANG, C.C. YANG, T.L. YASUDA, Kenjiro index of correspondents 37 F099 F.1476, F.1488 See also F.1487 AST H.37 H.38 H.593 F.2058-F.2082 H.594 F242 F.1667, F.1689, F.1690, F.1696- F.1698 H.213 YELLOWLEES, Sir Henry YOUNG, Elizabeth I. YOUNG, Sir Frank George YOUNG, Janet Mary, Baroness YUDKIN, John See F.423 H.595-H.603 YATES, John YEALLAND, M.F.T. F.2108, F.2109 C.53. F.1042 See also H.623 C.581, F.524, F.546 See also H.158 YOUNG OF GRAFFHAM, David Ivor Young, Baron F.482, F.1936, F.1937, H.213 €:105).G.249" C396: Gi704: b:3247 D.322, F.482, F.486, F.488, F.489, F.491-F.493 See also H.594, H.631 G87 4-521 H.604 See also H.657 F.464 H.604 H.605 YOUNG, Kenneth YOUNG, Nelson YOUNG, Rose T.T. YOUTH CLUBS UK H.114, H.213, H.594 W.J.H. Butterfield NCUACS 157/7/07 ZANGWILL, Oliver Louis ZAWAW I, Sir Omar ZEITLYN, Bernard Benedict ZELLICK, Graham John ZIMMERN, R.L. ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron Index of correspondents Grls7C.184*C 649-6650 See also C.253 H.606 See also H.439 H.214 F.2035, F.2036, H.404 See also H.606 H.606 R953