BURN, Joshua Harold v2

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CSAC 107/4/85 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of papers and correspondence of JOSHUA HAROLD BURN FRS (1892 - 1981) Compiled by: Deposited in the Library for the History of Neuroscience in the Oxford All rights reserved Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper Sherrington Room of the University Laboratory of Physiology, 1985 JH. Burn CSAC 107/4/85 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Wolfson Foundation J.H. Burn CSAC 107/4/85 LIST OF CONTENTS DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION OUTLINE OF LIFE AND CAREER OF J.H. BURN SECTION A OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES SECTION B SECTION C 8.1 - B.8 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL & BIOGRAPHICAL CORRESPONDENCE J.H. Burn CSAC 107/4/85 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material was received from Professor Edith BUlbring FRS, author with J.M. Walker of the Royal Society Memoir of Burn (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 30, 1984). It consists of material assembled by her for the Memoir and includes biographical recollections by Burn, colleagues and friends, some originals, some photocopies from various sources. Many of the documents bear her annotations or editorial indications for use in the Memoir. The correspondence, though unfortunately very scanty, is of interest for its scientific content. J.H. Burn CSAC 107/4/85 OUTLINE OF THE LIFE AND CAREER OF J.H. BURN Save Di 1903-09 1909-14 1912 1912-14 1914 1914-17 1917-20 1920-25 Barnard Castle, Co. Durham Barnard Castle School Emmanuel College, Cambridge (Scholar) Natural Sciences Tripos First research with Barcroft and Hopkins Janvary-October. Laboratories at invitation of H.H. Dale Research at Wellcome Physiological Research War service in Signals Corps Medical studies at Guy's and Cambridge Research at Department of Pharmacology, National Institute for Medical Health (MRC) at invitation of H.H. Dale. Work on biological assay, insulin, autonomic nervous system 1926-37 1959-68 Dean of College of Pharmacy Professor of Pharmacology, Oxford. adrenaline, noradrenaline, sympathomimetic amines, autonomic nervous system Work on sympathetic vasodilators, Founder member, British Pharmacological Society Director of Pharmacological Laboratories at the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, later (1937) incorporated as the School of Pharmacy of the University of London. Work on biological assay, sympathetic nervous system Visiting Professor in Pharmacology, Washington University, St. Louis J.H. Burn CSAC 107/4/85 SECTION A OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES A.1-A.8 Typescript drafts and/or published versions, by colleagues and friends. In alphabetical order. A.1 A.2 H.K.L. Blaschko. 3pp. typescript, for an Oxford public. Memoir, in collaboration with J.M. Walker, E. BUlbring. Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 30, 1984, 45-89. Author's proof with a few ms. corrections. A.F. Huxley. ms. note by Huxley. Letter from Royal Society, 1981, with an additional W.D.M. Paton. Balliol Annual Record, which also includes tribute by P. Phizackerley. 3pp. typescript, for B.M.J. Printed tribute in Pharmaceutical Society and Pharmacentical Journal. H. Raskova. 2pp. typescript draft. J.R. Vane. Service. material. M. Vogt. material. J.M. Walker. 1973. 5pp. typescript draft. Published tribute in 9pp. typescript draft. Printed tribute using some of same 'J.H. Burn's Eightieth Birthday’, Br.J.Pharmac., U. Trendelenburg. TIPS, using some of same material in shortened form. 13pp. typescript copy of address given at Memorial Published tribute in Br.J.Pharmac., using some of same Miscellaneous unsigned obituaries. J.H. Burn CSAC 107/4/85 SECTION B AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL B.1- 8.8 B.1 Autobiographical account of his life and research prepared by Burn. 26pp. typescript, n.d. Shorter autobiographical notes, 7pp. typescript, n.d., probably contemporary with B.1. Material compiled by W.F. Bynum (Wellcome Institute for History Photocopies of originals held at Institute. of Medicine), 1980. Includes: App. ms. and typescript autobiographical notes. App. list of ‘Workers in Oxford Pharmacology 1937-59". 3pp. ‘List of workers in Pharmacology (Oxford) 1938-69', and including 'J.H. Burn Fellows', 1961-74. Transcripts of recorded interview of Burn by E. BUlbring, pp.1~-11, pp.12-24. BuUlbring. With several corrections and many underscorings by Material relating to Pharmaceutical Society. Material relating to British Pharmacological Society. Burn was an ‘Original Member', having been present at the first meeting of the Society at Oxford in 1931, reading a paper on 'Is cocaine a sympathetic stimulant ?' Copy of 'A History of the British Pharmacological Society 1931-1981! by W.F. Bynum, sent with a covering letter to E. Bulbring, and with annotations by her. Continued Includes Burn's preface to his book Recent Advances in Materia Medica, 1932 outlook for pharmaceutical students’ (Pharm. J., 131, 1933); letter to Academic Board of the Society, January 1933, regretting Miscellaneous photccopies, mainly relating to Burn's lecturing and teaching work during his period as Director of the Society's Pharmacologica! Laboratories. (based on lectures given at the Society); Burn's article 'The Burn's J.H. Burn CSAC 107/4/85 B.6 (Cont'd.) Autobiographical and biographical he has few opportunities to teach, and their reply; prefaces to various editions of The biological standardisation of the vitamins, by Katharine Coward, a long-term collaborator of Burn, in which she acknowledges his work on the subject. ‘Memoirs of a 20th century druggist’, by C.W. Robinson, 1983. Miscellaneous typescript and printed extracts and reviews of book. Robinson came to work at the Pharmaceutical Society in 1933 when Burn had just been appointed dean. Annual Reports, Department of Pharmacology, Oxford, 1940-59. JH. Burn CSAC 107/4/85 SECTION C CORRESPONDENCE C.1-C.4 ed BUlbring, E. --werlous dates 1964-75 Letters, press-cuttings and miscellaneous information on miscellaneous topics of research, especially on ‘cholinergic link’ and release of noradrenaline and acetylcholine. Correspondence 1964 encloses copy of a letter to Dale; correspondence 1967 encloses copy of a letter to Kushinsky. Cannon, W.B. One letter only. Dale, H.H. 1933 _ 1933, 1935 Letter 1933 suggests research on sympathetic cholinergic effect. Letter 1935 discusses article by Burn on 'Ergometrine'. Linstead, H.N. 1975 Appended is Burn's own ms. and typescript Account of the circumstances leading to the setting-up of the Pharmacological Laboratories in 1926, to which Burn was appointed as first Director. account using the material in Linstead's letter.