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CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of CECIL REGINALD BURCH, CBE FRS (1901-1983) including material relating to GEORGE JAMES BURCHFRS(1852-1914) and FRANCIS PARRY BURCH(1899-1933) Compiled by Jeannine Alton, Peter Harper and Margaret Erskine Deposited in the Library, University of Bristol CSAC 110/1/86 All rights reserved C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Wolfson Foundation iNE HEP el) oncaeid case C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN WILLS MEMORIALLIBRARY UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SUMMARY OF CAREER OF C.R. BURCH SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION B RESEARCH List of contents Items Page A.1-A.74 B.1-B.200 SECTION C LECTURES AND TALKS C.1-C.18 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS D.1-D.45 SECTION E CORRESPONDENCE E.1-E.48 BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 49 51 66 ~ reo pmentmmm romeEN emeET SEH ON ONRMHome C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE 4 The material was received at various dates via the Physics Department, University of Bristol, from T.E. Allibone FRS who had assembled it while preparing his Memoir for the Royal Society. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order shownin the list of contents. Although it includes documentation of all aspects of Burch's career and scientific activity, the coverage is uneven and sometimes regrettably scanty. This is in part attributable to Burch's temperament and preferred way of working. His early life (academic upbringing, public school and Cambridge) might suggest a conventional establishment figure, yet he was in fact a 'loner', working idio- syncratic hours and holding research posts or personal appointments largely independent of departmental structures and bureaucracies. _In addition, his career was subject to abrupt changes of direction, often for personal reasons of which the best documented was his decision to leave the Metropolitan-Vickers Company after the distressing death of his brother Francis in 1933. The changes were rarely permanent however, and Burch often returned to a research topic (e.g. optics) after a break. He was himself aware of psychological complications in his life, sometimes attempting to describe them more or less obscurely (see, e.g. A.25, B.122 - B.125) but generally preferring to look forward with new ideas for continuing research, as he did to the very end of his life (see, e.g. A.3A). The drawbacks of such a personality and career pattern are the lack of administra- tive discipline in dating or paginating notes and drafts, and Burch's failure to maintain correspondencefiles in favour of using the backs of letters - even those in current use - for notes. There are thus serious gaps in all sections of the documentation, and problems in assigning more than tentative dates or descriptions to much of the technical material. Section A (Biographical) reflects Burch's modest and unassuming personality in that the record of his own career is outweighed by records of his family. In particular, there is biographical and scientific material relating to his father George James Burch san mae EEEmcetemeee ce - eni eenimnnippnnen rena C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 5 and his work on optics, as well as various documents relating to his brother Francis. His older brother Raymond, who wasresponsible for the name 'Bill' which quickly replaced Burch's forenames and who waskilled in the Royal Flying Corps in France in 1918, is represented by brief correspondence (A.63). His mother Constance Emily was also a remarkable character, not least for her friendship with C.L. Dodgson (A.54). As well as this family pietas, Burch's awareness of his own contributions to science, and his prolific '"Capital" of Research Ideas' can be found at A.3, A.3A. Section B (Research) is the most substantial and covers many of Burch's areas of research in varying degrees of detail, the fullest being those on mineral dressing and on medical matters. The material on optics as originally received was disappoint- ing for this important area of Burch's work, but was much strengthened bythe arrival of additional papers when the catalogue was already in draft: the 'new' material now appears as an Addendum (B.186-B.200). The surviving material for the period at the Metropolitan-Vickers Company is almost wholly concerned with the work of his brother Francis which Burch was especially anxious to have adequately remembered. Explanatory notes are provided to accompanythe separate topics in this Section. . Section C (Lectures), though extending widely in time (1932-81), is never- theless somewhat scanty. Burch's university appointments did not entail regular teaching and lecturing. Thus the surviving lectures were conference talks or invitation lectures such as the Parsons Memorial Lecture in 1959, the Royal Society Review Lecture University physics - the challenge of technology’ in 1965, and the 'Optics 78' Conference at Bath. Although some of the lectures (such as those mentioned above) were subsequently published, it would seem that Burch adopted an informal, even colloquial, lecturing style; this, combined with his haphazard filing methods, may mean that by no meansall his talks are documented. Section D (Publications) is similarly uneven. Verylittle survives from the MetroVick period and only one article,’ "Squeeze" Significance tests', with |.T. Parsons, is fully documented with correspondence, drafts, calculations and diagrams. There are howeverseveral undated writings (D.32 - D.44) possibly intended for publication. Section E (Correspondence) has probably suffered most from Burch's working methods. There is one relatively substantial sequence of letters on aspects of mineral dressing and mining (E.19 - E.24), but much of the remaining material consists of Burch's C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 6 manuscript drafts, carbons or photocopies of his outgoing letters. Replies, if they were received, may have been used for research notes and calculations and thus lost to view. A full account of Burch's career and research can be found in the memoir by T.E. Allibone written for the Royal Society and published in 1984 (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 30, 3-42), a copy of which is enclosed at A.1. Refer- ences to this work are given in the catalogue in the form (Memoir, p. ...). works listed in the accompanying Bibliography are given in the form (Bibliog. .. -). ease of reference, a photocopy of the Bibliography is included, with permission, on pp.62-65. Published For LOCATIONS OF FURTHER MATERIAL The prototype Ultra-Violet Reflecting Microscope, made by Burch ¢.1946 for use with short wavelength ultra-violet radiation and used by R. Barer in the Department of Human Anatomy, Oxford, is in the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford. The grinding and polishing machinery used in the manufacture of the aspherical mirror for the microscope is in the Science Museum, London. The tape-recording of Burch's lecture 'MetroVick Memories' is held at the Royal Society, London. | Additional biographical material relating to George James Burch, including letters of condolence to Mrs. Burch, is in the Museum ofthe History of Science, Oxford. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Our main debt is to T.E. Allibone FRS for retrieving the material, for help and information, particularly on the history of the screen-grid valve, and for permission to include a copy of the Bibliography of Burch's writings. Weare also grateful to Dr. G.L'E. Turner and Mr. A.V. Simcock of the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, for information. JBA PH MJE Oxford 1986. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 SUMMARY OF THE CAREER OF C.R, BURCH b.1901 Oxford educ. 1907-14 Dragon School, Oxford 1914-19 Oundle School 1919-22 1922-33 Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge Research Department, Metropolitan-Vickers Company 1933 Death of Francis Parry Burch 1933-35 Leverhulme Fellow in Optics, Imperial College, London 1936 1937 1943 1944 Research Associate (Fellow from 1944), H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory, Bristol University Marriage to Enid Grace Morice (d.1981) Award of Duddell Medal of the Physical Society Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society 1948-66 Royal Society Warren Research Fellow in Physics, Bristol University 1954 1958 Award of Rumford Medal, Royal Society Conferral of C.B.E. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 | 8 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.74 A.1 OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES A.2 -A.5A AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.6-A.22 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.23-A.29 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS A.30-A.71 PERSONAL AND FAMILY Personal correspondence A.30 George James Burch Constance Emily Burch Francis Parry Burch Irene Constance Burch Enid Grace Burch Cecil Hicks A.31-A. 52 A.53-A.55 A.56-A. 64 A.65, A.66 A.67-A.70 A.7] A.72-A.74 PHOTOGRAPHS A.1 OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES Obituary from The Times, 5 August 1983. Memoir by T.E. Allibone (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 30, 1984). C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Biographical AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL 9 Autobiographical article for McGraw-Hill, 1965. Letter from editor, ms. and typescript drafts, proofs and copy of published article; also later letter from Burch to McGraw-Hill (1978) declining to write on his own work but enclosing a list of published papers 'in order of recall’. Proof of Burch's entry for 1967 edition of Debrett with covering letter. Carbon of Burch's letter to Senior Executive Secretary, Bristol University, 1975, suggesting he should be described as 'Hon. Physicist-in -ordinary'. Relates to his 'Who's Who in America' entry. Invitation (declined by Burch) to write the history of his years at Metropolitan- Vickers, 1976. A.3 Correspondence with G.E.H. Foxon re early work on 'phase-contrast' micrography, 1976. Correspondence with A.Q. Morton, Royal Scottish Museum, re development of Apiezon oils and greases at Metropolitan-Vickers, 1978. Letter to Vice-Chancellor, Southampton University, 1978, concerning his honorary post at Bristol after his retirement. Letter toF.G. Smith, 1981, re testing and refiguring telescope mirrors at Imperial College, London. Summary of Burch's influence over his colleagues and successors, shown in diagramatic form, Ip. n.d. Single page of autobiographical account by Burch, n.d. A.3A A sequence of documentsillustrating Burch's interest in developing new research ideas after his official retirement in 1966. 'The "Capital" of Research Ideas of C.R. Burch, 1966'. App. typescript, probably a summary of Burch's intended areas of research after his retirement, listing and describing 17 topics of active interest. Continued C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Biographical 10 A.3A (Cont'd.) "Note on Non-Contact Testing of Lens Surfaces', 1973. Opp. typescript with Ip. ms. diagram on project to develop a test 'for radius of curvature as well as for sphericity’. ‘Interferometry of Large Autostigmatic Systems', 1973. 6pp. typescript (with photocopy), outlining a student project. ‘Preheat Torches', 1974. 8pp. typescript outlining a possible Ph.D. project to design a gas torch using various types of gas. Includes Ip. typescript of ‘Separation of Methane from Marsh gas', also described as a possible student project. Letter to Vice-Chancellor, Bristol, 1975, on the threat to Ph.D. work by the SRC Working Party report on postgraduate training, with specific examples of successful research projects at Bristol. Another copy is at E.29. 'A Preferred Variant of Bates' Inverting Interferometer', n.d. Ip. typescript, outlining a student project. ‘Dust Core Filter Bridges’, n.d. 2p. typescript, outlining a student project. A.4 ‘Autobiographical Notes' written by Burch for the Royal Society, 1981. Ms. and typescript drafts, with related correspondence, June 1980-July 1982, and envelope annotated by T.E. Allibone. These notes are chiefly concerned with the development of the aspheric reflecting microscope and include details of involvement of A.M. Tyndall in the joint production and research project, funded by the Nuffield Foundation. Burch dwells upon his reaction to Tyndall's forgery of his signature on the application and the stress, physical and mental, he suffered as a result (Memoir, p.28). The notes conclude with his family and education, with particular reference to his brother Francis's work and early death. For correspondence with the Nuffield Foundation, 1949-51, see B.192-B.197. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 11 A.5, eae A.5 Biographical 'Metrovick Memories' Burch was due to give a lecture on this topic at Warwick University, October 1983, but died in July. and a tape-recording was made in May 1983 (Memoir, p.38). There are however a number of incomplete drafts Correspondence with organiser (F.A. Vick) and former colleague (G.Mc Kerrow), 1982. Typescript draft paginated 1-13 (lacks p.12) and 10pp. transcript of 'tape of Warwick Lecture recorded May 1983'. Background material including lists of Burch's published papers. A.5A Various incomplete ms. drafts, variously paginated or unpaginated. Miscellaneous ms. sheets of calculations found with drafts. A.6- A.22 A.6 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS Birth certificate (date of registration 8 October 1901) and four educational certificates, 1916-19. A.7 Correspondence re Dragon School and early days in Oxford, 1974-81. Letter of 7 October 1981 recalls Burch's debt to the headmaster of the Dragon School ('The Skipper') (Memoir, pp.5-6). Letters and telegram from Oundle School re scholarship and exhibitions, 1918, 1919, Ip. photocopy re science teaching and facilities at Oundle School, 1978. 108.9 See Pomme0DeesBFYea em C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Biographical 12 A.8 Letter and telegram from Caius College re scholarship, 1917, 1918. Letter from Ewelme Exhibition Endowment, Oxford, re award of exhibition, 1919. Testimonials, Cambridge, 1922 (includes two from R.A. Peters). A.9 B.A. certificate, University of Cambridge, 1922. A.10 Certificate of exemption from matriculation examination, University of London, 1934, with covering letter. A.11 Fellowship of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1935 (letter of election). A.12 Fellowship, Institute of Physics (certificate), 1935. A.13 A.14, A.15 A.14 Certificate of Premium awarded to Burch and C. Sykes by The Institution of Electrical Engineers, 1935, for joint paper ‘Continuously Evacuated Valves and their Associated Equipment! (Bibliog. 42). Ph.D. University of London, 1936. Completed application form, with recommendation by G.P. Thomson, and abstract of thesis, 1936 (photocopies). 1932 Letter notifying Burch of the award, 1936. A.15 Certificate, 1936. A.16 Award of Duddell Medal, Physical Society (certificate), 1943. See also C.2. A.17 Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1944. Notification of election. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 13 A.18, A.19 A.18 A.19 A.20 Biographical The Royal Society's Rumford Medal, 1954. Letter notifying Burch of the award and 10 letters of congratulation. Certificate in presentation folder. Document conferring C.B.E., January 1958. Includes one letter of congratulation. In original envelope. A.2]1 Certificate of membership, Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, 1961. A.22 Honorary D.Sc., Bristol University, 1966. Letter of congratulation; presentation address. Letter inviting Burch to accept membership of Convocation, Bristol University, 1966. Certificate of Charter Membership, International Association for Mathematical Geology, 1968. Letter from British Vacuum Council, 1981, requesting Burch to allow his name to be given to their annual prize, including conditions of entry. See C.16 for Burch's speech on presenting the prize in 1981. A.23- A.29 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS A.23 Miscellaneous material re personal finances. A.24 Miscellaneous poems, pieces of prose and humour collected by Burch. Includes Kipling and some Germantexts. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Biographical 14 A.25 A.26 A.27 'Radical Psychectomy' - a Fantasy. Various drafts for a script of 'an imaginary colour-film talkie’, with a note 'This Fantasy is affectionately dedicated to all my Stoke friends. Bill’. n.d. Card for 80th birthday, 1981, signed by staff of 'the Fort', Bristol University, with a photocopy of the signatures. 'Taxonomy of Supervisors - Emblazonings' Ms. descriptions and hand-drawnillustrations of coats of arms with humorous intent. A.28 Two unidentified sketches. Bristol University Christmas card, with photograph of scientific equipment. A.29 Visit to Egypt, 1981. Typescript pages 7-17 of diary, 1-11 February. probably not by Burch. No indication of author and C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Biographical 15 A.30- A.7]1 PERSONAL AND FAMILY A.30 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE Onefolder only, in chronological order, 1931-82. Not indexed. Note: Two of these letters may have been addressed to F.P. Burch. A.31- A.7]) A.31- A.52 FAMILY George James Burch (father) (1852-1914) Biographical material A.31 Scrapbook, c.1886-c.1911. Miscellaneous contents include: The Oxford University Scientific Club: term cards, 1886-1910, notices of conversazioni 1887, 1905. Reading Literary and Scientific Society: notice of AGM 1897, pages from a printed report of lectures delivered before the Society including 'The Language of Birds' (1893) and 'The Colour Sense’ (1897) by G. J. Burch. Newspaper cutting, 1899, re paper on ‘Spectroscopic Examination of Contrast Phenomena’ given by G. J. Burch to the British Association at Dover. Lecture timetables for Oxford University Extension Summer Meetings, 1895. 'Reports of University Institutions’, 1902, 1903, with reference to G.J. Burch's lectures and teaching. Page from Oxford University Gazette, 1903, with notice of award of D.Sc. to G.J. Burch. Continued C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Biographical 16 A.3]1 (Cont'd.) Various newspaper cuttings, 1903-1904, including article on inaugural lecture by G.J. Burch for course of 'evening classes for the people’ at University College, Reading, and a report on the prize day of the Oxford Preparatory School, at which Raymond Burch received a prize. Oxford University Extension Summer Meeting, 1905, newspaper cuttings of photographs and biographies of 'some notable figures’, including G.J. Burch, and lecture timetables. Newspaper cuttings re the Oxford Art Society's annual exhibition, with a reference to 1.C. Burch, n.d. Cutting from Oxford Chronicle, 1908, re 'Foreign Women Students' Vacation Course’, with reference to Mrs. Burch's teaching. Loose enclosures include: Ms. copy ofletter to First Lord of the Treasury from various fellow scientists including J.J. Thomson and J.S. Haldane, requesting a Civil List pension for G.J. Burch and giving details of his financial and familial circumstances, c.1911. Newspaper cutting, 1924, re lecture given by D.V. Burch (daughter) on 'The World Below the Water’ for the Sunderland Naturalists’ Association. A.32 A.33 Letters from G.J. Burch to his wife, Constance Emily Burch, only one dated (30 March 1892). Includes ms. of a poem 'The Mower and the Maid' dated 11 May 1883 in another hand. Newspaper cuttings of biographical interest, including notice of Civil List pension, and lists of G.J. Burch's publications, probably from Proceedings of the Royal Society. Photocopy of obituary of G. J. Burch in Nature, 1914. Copy of The Oxford Magazine, 1914, containing obituary of G. J. Burch. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 17 Biographical Notes and drafts These manuscript notes, nearly all of which are secured into bundles by tape, are mostly undated and all are unpaginated. The subject-matter is usually optics, with one bundle of notes on the reaction of metals with concentrated acids. It is probable that these notes were for lectures, some perhaps for the Oxford University Extension Classes, as the topics covered are not specialist. A.34 "Invention of the Telescope’ . A.35 Untitled notes on the theory of the telescope. A.36 ‘Galileo's Telescope’ . A.37 "Notabilia for "Light"'. A.38 'Sources of Light' A.39 'To show the Re-composition of White Light from the spectrum’. A.40 'Testing' (of lenses, etc.). A.4l Untitled notes on an experiment with a microscope (Ip. only). A.42 'The Colour Sense’. Lecture delivered before the Reading Literary and Scientific Society, 27 April 1897. A.43 'On the Behaviour of Certain Metals with regard to Concentrated Acids’. Abstract of lecture given by G.J. Burch and J.W. Dodgson. Includes miscellaneous notes, some dated 1908. A.44 Notes described as 'on the Glass workers’ cataract research', with forwarding letter from J.G. Malpas, University College, Reading, 12 January 1911. See also A.48-A.50. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Biographical 18 A.45 Notes detailing questions to be asked re glass workers’ cataract. See also A.48-A.50. A.46 'On a Perspective Microscope', 1887. Reprint only from Proc .Roy.Soc., 42. A.47 'The Departmental Committee on Sight Tests', 1912. Newspaper cuttings, received via several cutting agencies, on the subject of G.J. Burch's memorandum, published by this Committee, on colour- blindness. A.48- Aint The Royal Society Glass-workers' Cataract Committee, 1908-1914. These papers chiefly consist of copies of reports, with some minutes and corres~ pondence, made for the Committee. of these reports, and he gave a paperentitled 'A Confusion Test for Colour Blindness’ in March 1912. G.J. Burch's name appears on several 3 folders. A.50 includes notification of grant to Burch for research project on optics. See also A.44, A.45. A.51 Galley-proofs of article on optics by Sir William Crookes, n.d. A.52 Reprints of four articles on human eye-sight, 1912, 1913. A.53- A.55 A.53 Constance Emily Burch (mother) (1855-1937) Letters from the Burch children to their mother (includes one letter from Irene to her father), n.d. Letter from Burch to his mother, 1925, re attempts to publish a joint paper with N.R. Davis with the help of C.G. Darwin (see Memoir, p.10 and Bibliog. 14). Includes some personal news. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Biographical 19 A.54 Photocopies of letters from C.L. Dodgson to Mrs. Burch, 20 May, 2 July, 13 December 1893, 3 May 1896, and correspondence 1971 re sale of these letters from N.R. Davies, C.R. Burch and D.V. Burch (Dorothy Violet, b.1889, testifying to Dodgson's freedom from impedimentin his speech when in the company of children). The letters of 20 May and 2 July 1893, and of 3 May 1896 are reproduced in The Letters of Lewis Carroll, ed. M.N. Cohen and R.L. Green, 2 Vols. London 1979, but that of 13 December 1893 does not appear. Vol.II, pp.955-6, where the editors describe Dodgson's relations with Mrs. Burch and her daughters Irene and Violet and express the view that they are ‘one instance wherehis friendship with the mother surpassed that with the daughters’. See especially A.55 'Rules' of Norham Hall, n.d. This establishment was a finishing school for foreign young ladies run by Mrs. Burch until August 1914 (see Memoir, p.5 ). A.56- A. 64 Francis Parry Burch (brother) (1899-1933) A.56 Birth certificate, 1899. School Certificate, 1914. Testimonials from Winchester College and the Oxford Preparatory School, 1915. A.57 List of staff and boys of Winchester College, 1917 (Roll). A.58 Testimonial from Winchester College, n.d. ?1917 or later. Permit book for Military Area, Harwich (Memoir, p.7). Certificate of exemption from military service, 1918. List of successful candidates for the Goldsmiths’ Company's exhibitions to Cambridge, 1920. Letter informing F.P. Burch of his Goldsmiths’ Company's exhibition at Cambridge, 1920. Certificate, Cambridge O.T.C., 1920. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Biographical 20 A.59 B.A. certificate, University of Cambridge, 1922. A.60 Testimonials from Caius and Clare Colleges, Cambridge, 1922. Letter of appointment from Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company Limited, and Employment Agreement, 1922. Testimonial from the Admiralty Research Laboratory, Teddington, 1922. Certificate confirming F.P. Burch's degree, 1932. A.61 A.62 A.63 'F.P. Burch, Caius’ Undergraduate notebook: dynamical theory of gases, thermionics, etc. Page, probably from undergraduate notebook, 26 November 1920. 2 letters from Raymond Burch, one enclosing a 'rather unique’ aerial photograph of Winchester and one from France dated '2 May' shortly before he was killed in action. 2 letters from G. McKerrow (a colleague at Metropolitan-Vickers), 1929, 1930. A. 64 'On Potential Dividers for Cathode Ray Oscillographs'. Photocopy of published paper communicated by J.J. Thomson, n.d. A.65, A. 66 A.65 Irene Constance Burch (sister) '5 copies of the Christmas Card for 1910, designed by Irene C. Burch. To be kept. G.J. Burch’ (in original envelope so inscribed). Irene was an active member of the Oxford Art Society. A.66 Two letters to Raymond Burch, n.d. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Biographical A.67- A.70 Enid Grace Burch (née Morice) (wife) A.67 Teacher's Diploma, University of London, 1924. 21 A.68 B.A. and M.A. certificates, (Girton College) University of Cambridge, 1929. A.69 Miscellaneous financial items. A.70 Health Includes letter from C.R. Burch to his wife's doctor, detailing experimental treatment with oral B12 and asking for comment (probably never sent), 1975. A.71 Document granting Cecil Hicks 'the exclusive right of Burial and Interment' in the South Metropolitan Cemetery, 1852. (A distant relative on maternal side.) A.72- A.74 A.72 PHOTOGRAPHS Miscellaneous photographs of Burch, including 3 taken at Metropolitan - Vickers. A.73 Miscellaneous photographs, probably Burch family and friends. A.74 Framed photograph of unidentified member of Burch family. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 22 SECTION B RESEARCH B.1 -B.200 LIST OF CONTENTS B.1 -B.I17A METROPOLITAN-VICKERS COMPANY B.18 -B.58 and B.186-B.200 OPTICS B.59 -B.86 MINERAL DRESSING AND RELATED SUBJECTS B.87 PYTHAGORASPATTERNS B.88 -B.92 WEIRS B.93 -B.95 HOT-BLAST TORCH DEVELOPMENT B.96 -B.110 STATISTICS B.111-B.165 MEDICAL AND PSYCHOMEDICAL B.166-B.185 MISCELLANEOUS C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 23 B.1- 17A METROPOLITAN-VICKERS COMPANY Burch was associated with Metropolitan-Vickers for 11 years, joining the research department in 1922 with his elder brother, Francis. It was the death ofthis brother, in extremely distressing circumstances in 1933, that precipitated Burch's departure from MetroVick and his return to academic research (at Imperial College under G.P. Thomson). Burch continued to be associated with the company for many years as a consultant. Given the circumstances of Burch's departure from MetroVick it is unlikely to be an accident that almost all the surviving research material from this period relates to the work of his brother, Francis. In the autobiographical notes written for the Royal Society in 1982, Burch asked his future biographer to make reference to his brother's work at MetroVick (Memoir, pp.16-17). B.1 4 B.3- B.12 B.3 Research notebook of Francis Parry Burch labelled on flyleaf 'Drying No.2’. In use c. June-July 1928. Some loose pages. Internal MetroVickcorrespondence for the attention of various persons including F.P. and C.R. Burch, October 1930-March 1932. These documents are F.P. Burch's copies and were presumably keptby his brother for that reason. Work on valves by F.P. Burch, ¢.1931-33, kept together as a unit by C.R. Burch. 'An Account of the Erecting, Conditioning and Testing of Two Oscillator Valves to be supplied to the G.P.O. for Oscillation in Push-Pull on 15 metres Wavelength'. 18pp. typescript signed by L.H.J. Phillips but with F.P. Burch's name abovethetitle. '500 kW Demountable Valve Tests - Rugby. from 19 August to 16 September 1931'. Summarised Log of Tests 6pp. typescript dated 5 May 1932. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 24 B.4 Research Department Report on Continuously Evacuated Screen-Grid Valves’, May 1932. By F.P. Burch. Photocopy of ‘Library File Copy’. Folder also includes envelope annotated by T.E. Allibone, February 1984. B.5 Charts, graphs and blueprints. Some dated in 1931 and 1932. B.6- aut Ms. notes and narratives, n.d. 4 folders. B.10 Ms. drafts for papers, n.d. One on transmitting valves. B.11 "Hartmann test by Redman' Ms. notes by C.R. Burch (Ip. by F.P. Burch). B.12 Notes and narratives in German, mainly on historical topics and including account of Gallipoli by Compton Mackenzie. No scientific content but found with preceding. May represent F.P. Burch's attempts to learn German atthis time. B.13 B.14 Metropol itan-Vickers Research Department Report on Filaments for Small Demountable Valves, April 1932. Later historical account of screen-grid valve, its development and use (to 1943). n.d. or author but part of larger history written for the record after the war. Included in the folder is a comment on the account andits possible date and authorship, taken from a letter sent to the compilers of the catalogue by T.E. Allibone, 19 October 1985. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 25 B.15 Four Metropolitan-Vickers blueprints, 1933. 'Degasser & Condenser for Pretreatment, Type P.3 Still', 'Arrgt of Oil Pump Unit for Type P.3 Still', 'Preheater for Type P.3 Still’, and one unidentified. B.16 Metropol itan-Vickers blueprints (rotors), with covering letter, 9 July 1942. B.17 Photographs ofdistillation apparatus, valves, pumps, etc., 1927-33. Some with ms. identifications on verso by T.E. Allibone. B.17A Photographsof furnaces, etc., some with ms. identifications on verso. Photostat of paper on 'a new high temperature furnace on the surface com- bustion principle’ (translated from the German). Ip. from The Metropolitan-Vickers Gazette, April 1938. Letter from Metropolitan-Vickers re furnaces, 31 March 1943. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 B.18- B.58 OPTICS Research 26 After Burch's return to university life (first at Imperial College and then, from 1936, at Bristol) optics became his main field of research 'especially in the figuring of aspheric surfaces to extremely high degrees of accuracy, leading to the production of reflecting microscopes of wide aperture’ (Memoir, p.4). Most of the following sequence of research material dates from the 1970s, that is, after Burch's official retirement in 1966. For early work on optics at Metropolitan-Vickers and Imperial College see B.186, B.187, and for work at Bristol see B.188 et seq. B.18 ‘Optical Notebook No.8' Hard-cover notebook, inscribed inside front cover with name, address (Bristol) and title 'Reflecting Microscope'; presumably one of a sequence, of which no.2 is the only other one surviving (B.187). The notebook is in poor condition, with covers and many pages loose; pages numbered 1-73; notes continue on rear cover and on 2 loose pages at rear. The work consists of observations, calculations and narratives, in pencil and in red and black ink, none dated. Burch's earliest days at Bristol (Memoir, p.22) but Burch seems to have returned to the book in the 1970s, filling in the originally blank contents page with references to specific work on Schwarzschild equations and spheres, adding notes and queries in red ballpoint and interleaving a Ip. typescript note "OSC of approximations to Schwarzschild curves. Present position - July 1974'. The main work probably dates from The main content is a series of drafts and calculations on the design of micro- scopes with spherical and aspherical mirrors, ellipses, astigmatics, convex and concave mirrors, polishing techniques, 'see-saw' diagram, etc. B.19 ‘Tortuous Templates for Pseudo-Planes. n.d. but c.1942 or later (see reference to 'See-saw diagram' (Bibliog. 59). An Essay in Aspherising Technique’. l4pp. ms. draft of 'preliminary note', perhaps intended for submission to Mon. Not.R.astr. Soc. Folder also includes 'A Study of Schmidt Camera Plates (Project No.440-2), Walter S. Adams for Theodore Dunham, Jr., Official Investigator, Progress Report, November 1, 1941’. 2pp. carbon copy with photograph, stamped ‘Scientific Research and Experiment Department Admiralty’. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 27 B.20 B.21 B.22, B Large format notebook (lacks covers) with draft of 1945 paper 'Flat-fielded singlet aplanats' (Bibliog. 66), calculations. 2 diagrams for 1963 paper (with M.R. Tubbs) ' Interference testing of reflecting objectives' (Bibliog. 91). Research on Reflecting Microscopes. In 1972 Professor C. Andrew, then Professor of Applied MechanicsatBristol, asked Burch to join him in applying to the Paul Instrument Fund for a grant to make 'the bestpossible reflecting microscope, N.A. = 0.95 (1.42 with oil), to prove its accuracy interferometrically and to demonstrate its per- formance’. The grant was not made. However, shortly afterwards Burch was approached by the Czechoslovak Embassy for a formal agreement of collaboration with M. Maly of the Czech Academy of Sciences to develop 'the best possible doubly aspheric Schwarzschild aplanat'. from Czechoslovakia to learn about aspherising (Memoir, pp.36-37.) A student came B.22 'Evolution of the Angle-Control Aspherising Machine', 1970. Unpublished 21pp. typescript note listed by Royal Society memorialist as Bibliog. 97. Burch's purpose in writing the note was to describe how he came to evolve his ‘various angle-control aspherising machines, and to point out some further steps in the development which cry aloud to be done’. ‘Personal Note on Reflecting Microscope Grant Application’. Photocopy of the 5pp. typescript note attached by Burch to his and Professor Andrew's grant application, April 1972. In a section on health (p.2) Burch refers to a recovery in his mathematical ability sufficient to spot an error in a 1947 paper (Bibliog. 68). This copy of the personal note was found attached to the copy of Bibliog. 97 above. See also B.24. B.23 Correspondence re Burch's formal collaboration with Czechoslovak scientists on their reflecting microscope development programme, 1972-75. Includes copy of letter from Burch to B.H. Flowers, 28 June 1973, outlining proposed collaboration and enquiring about SRC policy in such a case. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 28 B.24 'Zonal coma of semi-aplanat reflecting microscope’ (with P.N. Murgatroyd), J.Phys., 1972 (Bibliog. 99). This 'Letter to the Editor' arose when, 'in the process of planning a research in the manufacture of doubly-aspheric Schwarzschild -aplanat reflecting microscopes, C.R. Burch noted that his calculation (Burch 1947) of the offence against the sine condition of the simpler singly-aspheric semi-aplanat design, was invalidated by an algebraic mistake'. algebra and gives computer-tabulated plots of the offence against the sine condition (OSC) for some semi-aplanats of infinite tube length’. Draft of paper, figures and covering letter; reprint with ms. corrections. The letter ‘corrects the B.25 'Semi-Aplanat Reflecting Microscope with Elliptic Convex’. 2pp. ms. and typescript note, 2 January 1973, probably intended for J.Phys. as a follow-up to Bibliog. 99. (Not in Bibliog.) Ms. notes and calculations possibly related to preceding. 1974. Some dated in Reprint of Bibliog. 99, with ms. additions. B.26- B.31 B.32 Ms. notes and drafts (‘Schwarzschild's Curves’, graphs and calculations. in collaboration with |.T. Parsons. Some papers are dated in 1974 and relate to work ‘Schwarzschild Aplanats', etc .), Five folders. 'Wave Front Shearing Interferometer’ . Ms. and typescript drafts for unpublished paper, graphs, etc., ¢.1976. B.33 'Knife-Edge Testing Aspheric Astigmatic Systems' . Notes, graphs, etc., 1976 or later. Perhaps related to Bibliog. 106. B.34 "Burch Flat Field 4 Mirror Anastigmatic Telescope, July 1978’. App. typescript. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 29 B.35, B.36 Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, calculations, etc. on 'Double Purpose Telescope','4 mirror Telescope’, 'Bird watching’, etc., ¢.1978. Possibly for lecture. 2 folders. B.37 'Inverting Interferometer’. Ip. typescript, diagrams, etc., c.1978. B.38 "Concentric Mirror Pair', ¢.1978. App. ms. draft. B.39, B.40 B.39 B.40 B.41- B.43 B.44- B.49 B.44 Papers relating to work on the Charterhouse-on-Mendip Observatory mirror, 1978. 'First Report on 18" Telescope Mirror’ in form of 3pp. draft letter to P. Armitage (Avon Education Authority); photocopy of report as sent 13 November 1978; letters of thanks, December 1978. 'An Astigmatic Telescope Mirror, and its Correction’, n.d. 5pp. draft paper (with P. Armitage and J. Chard); second draft with amended title and additional author (N. Robson). Notes, drafts, figures, photographs re Charterhouse Observatory mirror, work on astigmatism. Notes, drafts, figures, computer programs relating to 'Scatter-fringes of Doughnut', 'Scatter-Fringe Shape of a Paraboloid', etc.; also 'Note on Bates’ tests on the 74" Pretoria Mirror’, ¢.1979. 3 folders. Ms. and typescript drafts, notes and narratives on various aspects of optics, with special reference to telescopes and reflectors. for publication, but none listed in Bibliography. None dated, but probably late 1970s. Many apparently intended 'Obstruction-Free Cassegrain-Type Telescopes’. Typescript drafts with ms. additions and corrections; clean copy. B.45 'On the Use of Astigmatism in Strip-Testing Telescope Mirrors’. Photocopy of ms. drafts; typescript drafts. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 30 B.46 'On the Use of Astigmatism in Testing Telescope Mirrors’ (with D.F. Gibbs). Ms. and typescript drafts, notes and figures. 'Strip-Test - S-curves'. 1 diagram. B.47 "Plate Diagram of a Tilted Mirror System’. App. ms. ‘Plate Diagram Theory’. Ms. drafts. 'The Schmidt plates of Schmidt plates’. 3pp. draft. 'Skewed Schmidt Plate: Meridional Section’. 2pp. draft. B.48 "Note on Two-Beam Interferometer Design’. 3pp. draft. B.49 ‘Microscopy of Unstained Specimens’. Spp. draft. B.50- B.52 B.50, B.51 Miscellaneous ms. notes, calculations, diagrams and graphs, none dated, probably late 1970s, on various aspects of optics. Sequencesof notes, etc. kept together by Burch. 2 folders. B.52 Loose pages. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 31 B.53- B.56 B.53 B.54- cia B.57, B.58 Miscellaneous data, photographs, notes by others, n.d. 'A new Interference Microscope’ . Photographs by D. Gabor and W.P. Goss. Photographs, notes and graphs from J.M. Burch. 3 folders. Four patents by others on aspects of optics, 1942-48. 2 folders. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 32 B.59- B.86 MINERAL DRESSING AND RELATED SUBJECTS In the 1950s there was a marked shift in Burch's research interests which he discussed in a lecture he gave to the Diamond Conference in 1955: 'Two years ago | decided to start some research on Mineral Dressing, a subject of which | had absolutely no previous knowledge. It all began in Cornwall. 1 was shown the methods they use in the South Crofty Mine to separate tin oxide from quartz and mica and all the other gangue materials with which it has pleased God to mix it in earth. Considered as a gravity separation problem it seemed comparable with that of separating speculum metal (5 = 8.5) from carborundum (§ = 3.2) with which I| was very familiar.' * The surviving material is far more representative than that for Burch's earlier research interests. It covers the period 1953-80 and includes notebooks, research notes and drafts, and correspondence. For further material related to Burch's interest in Mineral Dressing, see Section E, especially E.3-E.5 and E.19-E.24. * As quoted in Memoir, pp.31-32. See C.3. B.59 B.60 Hard-cover notebook entitled 'Mineral Dressing’ and dated November 1953. Paginated 1-145, with contents list. Miscellaneous loose papers including notes, graph and letters dated in 1965. Hard-cover notebook entitled 'Mineral Dressing’ and dated October 1954. Paginated 1-96, with contents list. Miscellaneous loose papers including certificate of analysis and correspondence, 1962-68. B.6] ‘Some Experiments in Gravity Concentration’. 12pp. duplicated typescript of lecture to the Cornish Institute of Engineers, 1956, ‘recaptured from memory’. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 33 B.62 "Draft No.2. Full Scale Underground Gasification, using Blind Boreholes' . 5pp.+ 3pp. appendix by C.A. Masterman, 1956. "The Tedman Separator’. Letter from manufacturers, 18 January 1956; sketch and photographs of the equipment; Burch's ms. notes, etc. B.63- B.69 B.63 B.64 Work at or for the South Crofty Mine, Cornwall. Correspondence, 1960-69. 'Report on Visit of Mr Hamilton and Mr Cruickshank to Crofty'. 7pp. ms., n.d. B.65 ‘South Crofty Hydrosizer’. App. of results, 1962. "Screen Analysis’ . 3pp. of results, 1963. B.66- ene Tables of figures and graphs, ¢.1966-73. 4 folders. B.70 B.71 B.72 B.73 'Electrolysis of Slurries' . 2pp. typescript draft by Burch, November 1964. 'Theory of Og Places’. 3pp. ms. draft by Burch, 10 May 1965. 'Mozley Concentrators at the Geevor Slime Plant’. 5pp. typescript, c.1967. Ms. notes and graphs: 'Helicoidal Mineral Concentrating & Sizing Units August 1968-August 1969", 'Kildonan Burn, Panned Gold’, 'Suisgill Panned Gold', etc. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 34 B.74 'Re-examination of Gold Occurrences, Strath Kildonan, Sutherland, Scotland’. Field examination for the Geological Survey of Great Britain, n.d. Brief correspondence from Geological Survey of Great Britain, 1965. Graphs, tables, notes, etc., probably related to paper on the normality of some frequency distributions of elements in the Dartmoor Granite, c.1969. (Bibliog. 96.) 2 folders. B.77 Graphs re Dartmoor Granite. (Probably related to Bibliog. 96). B.78 Burch's comments on C. Lepeltier's 1969 paper 'A Simplified Statistical Treatment of Geochemical Data by Graphical Representation'; Ip. ‘further comments' by P.N. MEurgatroyd]; photocopy of Lepeltier's paper. Material may relate to Burch and Murgatroyd's joint paper on broken-line and complex frequency distributions. (Bibliog. 98.) B.79 "Lognormal and Poisson distributions compared’. Calculations, tables, graphs, c.1970-71. "Notes on Post-Sampling Statistics’ . App. ms. B.80 Reprint of paper by A. Volborth; 7pp. typescript draft and graphs re 'Volborth-Andesite' and 'Volborth-Basalt' . Material relates to unpublished joint paper with P C. Rickwood. dated December1971. 1 graph See also D.7-D.10. w o — © o c O N Notes, drafts, graphs, etc., c.1971. Includes 3pp. ‘Note on justifying the discard of observed values’ and course notes 'Computer methods for geologists’ (not given by Burch but some annotated by him). 2 folders. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 35 B.83 "Professor Young's data', January 1974. Graphs, tables of results, etc. B.84 ‘Mineral Concentration - a hydraulic problem’, c.1980. Ms. draft, notes and graphs. B.85, B.86 Miscellaneous notes, graphs, tables of results, etc., re mineral dressing, frequency distribution of minerals. 2 folders. B.87 PYTHAGORASPATTERNS Letter from Nuffield Foundation Mathematics Teaching Project organiser, 13 September 1967, examples of pythagoras patterns, Burch's ms. notes and calculations. B.88- B.92 WEIRS Burch assisted two colleagues in the Bristol University Civil Engineering Department (W.H.H. Banks and T.L. Shaw) with the mathematics of fluid flow over a weir. This resulted in the publication of their 1967 paper 'The design of proportional and logarithmic thin-plate weirs' (Bibliog. 95). See Memoir, p.35. B.88 B.89- B.92 Ms. and typescript drafts of a paper (with W.H.H. Banks) 'On the Design of Weirs'. Perhaps early drafts of Bibliog. 95. Ms. notes, calculations, graphs, background material; also letter from Banks ‘enclosing the entire weir flow papers’. 4 folders. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 36 B.93- B.95 HOT-BLAST TORCH DEVELOPMENT In Burch's Royal Society Review Lecture of 1965 (Bibliog. 92), he explained how in 1952 'wanting a good brazing torch without added oxygen’ he made a hot-blast torch. In the mid-1970s he sought to further development of the torch, approaching both the South Western Gas Company at Bristol and the Midlands Research Station of British Gas at Solihull. He also proposed the development of a large hot-blast torch as a project for third year Bristol Physics students. B.93 Ms. and typescript drafts of statement on the development of the torch; photocopy of extract from Review Lecture; draft and carbons of Burch's letters to Sir Charles Ellis, South Western Gas and Research Division, British Gas Corporation, 1976. Folder also includes one earlier (1960) letter re torch. B.94 Notes and calculations. B.95 Photographs. B.96- a Alle STATISTICS See also D.15-D.27. B.96 "Howarth Ranked Data', c.1979. Contents of an envelope so inscribed. See also B.109. B.97, ‘Non-parametric statistics’, ¢.1980-82. Notes, calculations, graphs. 2 folders. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 37 B99, ee Research ‘Random numbers’. Tables, graphs, computer print-out. Ip. dated 17 May 1982. 2 folders. B.101 ‘Random 4 Fig Numbers (0000 - 9999)’. Contents of envelope so inscribed. B.102 ‘Notes on Frequency Distributions and Random Sample Sets', n.d. l4pp. typescript draft. B.103 ‘Further Notes on Post-Sampling Deviation Statistics’, n.d. Ms. draft. B.104 ‘Statistical References’. 2pp. ms. 'Vistelius' Significance test - said to be for Normality’. Spp. ms. B.105 - ‘Note on Confidence Limits for Normal Deviates', n.d. 7pp. typescript. B.106 'Dr. Henley's Cold Series', etc. Graphs, notes, etc. B.107 "Statistics of Linear Assays', n.d. App. ms. ‘Stirling's Theorem', n.d. 2pp. ms. B.108 'KKW2 (Computer Program), ¢.1977. Ms. notes, graphs, print-outs. May relate to work with |.T. Parsons. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 38 B.109 "lan Howarth-Rank ordering of data', n.d. Contents of envelope so inscribed. B.110 'Kolmogorov-Smirnov Statistic’, n.d. Ms. notes, graphs, etc. B.111- B.165 MEDICAL AND PSYCHOMEDICAL Burch's interest in medical questions was technological (stethoscopes and pumps used in heart surgery), biochemical (Vitamin B-group therapy andinositol) and psy particular Burch's response to a mugging incident). p chological (stress, and in pa Almost all the surviving material, which is extensive, comes from Burch's last years 1975-82 and relates to biochemical interests. There is however correspondence, 1962-63, with J.M. Sanderson re the heart surgery pump and drafts of Burch's paper 'A Stress Situation - the story of a hold-up’ which he sought (unsuccessfully) to have published by various medical journals and finally deposited with the Royal Society. improved stethoscope is represented in the collection by drafts for a published article at D.5. Burch's work on an Burch's biochemical interests are represented by his drafts on the treatment of sinusitis and gingivitis with B-group vitamins and on inosital deficiency, and by correspondence with doctors and scientific colleagues including R.A. Peters who had been Burch's director One paper on the treatment of sinusitis and gingivitis was pub- of studies at Cambridge. lished in The Medical Journal of Australia in 1977 (Bibliog. 102). B.111- B.128 B.111 B.112 Drafts 'Treatment of Nasal Sinusitis by Lavage with B-group Vitamins’, C1976]. Typescript drafts; brief correspondence including ms. draft of letter to editor of The Lancet. 'Treatment of Gingivitis by Massage with Riboflavin’, 1976. Typescript drafts including 'skeleton draft of letter to Lancet and/or British Dental Journal’. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research og B.113, B.114 'Treatment of Sinusitis and Gingivitis', The Medical Journal of Australia, 28 May 1977 (Bibliog. 102). Ms. and typescript drafts; copies of printed article (in form of letter to editor). Correspondence with editor; correspondence arising from publication. 2 folders. B.115 ‘Pharmaceutical Notes on Nasal Lavage with B-Group Vitamins', 9 July 1977. B.116- B.119 B.116, B.117 B.118, B.119 B.120 Ms. and typescript notes. 'Inosital Deficiency’, 1978. Ms. and typescript drafts. 2 folders. Correspondence with doctors and colleagues, note of telephone conversation with R.A. Peters, January 1978. B.118 B-D B.119 M -P "Inositol Deficiency and Epilepsy', 1978. memorialistas Bibliog. 109 ' Note sent to the Royal Society’). 2 typescript drafts; brief correspondence. (Unpublished butlisted by B.121 "Inositol Supplementation and Epilepsy’, 1978. 2 typescript drafts; brief correspondence. B.122, B.123 B.122 B.123 'A Stress Situation - the story of a hold-up’, May 1978. (Unpublished but listed by memorialistas Bibliog. 104 'Paper sent to the Royal Society’). Typescript drafts. Correspondence with editors of journals and others, 1978-82. B.124 'A Stress Situation. Sequel’, n.d. Ms. and typescript drafts. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 40 B.125 B.126 'On Optimal Release from Past Experience', n.d. (Unpublished but listed by memorialist as Bibliog. 107 'Paper sent to the Royal Society’ .) Ms. and typescript drafts; correspondencewith Bristol colleague and editors of journals, 1979-80. 'The Consultation’ and 'A Story with a Moral’. Ms. and typescript drafts; covering letter to editor of World Medicine, 19 May 1980. 'Onomatherapy'. Letter to the editor of The Lancet, 5 October 1981. B.127 'On the Psychology and Psychotherapy of a Panic Reaction’, n.d. 3pp. ms. ‘first rough draft’. 'On the Psychology of the Alarm Syndrome and Psychotherapyofits Principal Sequels’. Ms. draft of essay dedicated to the nursing staff of the Bristol Royal Infirmary. 'Some Topical Applications of Laevoascorbic Acid’, n.d. 3pp. typescript 'not written for publication’. General correspondence on medical and psychological topics presented in an alphabetical sequence. ‘ B.128 B.129- B.147 B.129 Aldren, J.T. Bevington, G. Burch's draft only. B.130 Bicknell, P.G. Sinusitis treatment. 1975-76 1976 1976-77 C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 4] B.131 Campbell, M. J, n.d. Burch's draft only. Cates, J.E. 1975-76 Proposed conference on Vitamin B-group Deficiency and the Ageing Process; treatment of sinusitis and gingivitis. Chappel, J.B. B.132 Davis, D.R. B.133 Davis, R. and others B.134 Eastham, R.D. Platelet studies. 1977 1978, n.d. 1978, n.d. 1963 Edwards, R.G. and P.C. Steptoe 1980-81 Examination of embryos; microscopy. B.135 Everett, D.H. Comfrey . Finn, R. and H.N. Cohen 1977 1978 Food allergy; treatment of epileptic patients with inositol. B.136 Forbes, D.R. Inositol. Fry, 1978 1939 Streptococci (carbon only of letter from J.P.P. Stock). C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 42 B.137 Grant, R.H.E. Treatment of epileptic patients with inositol (Burch's drafts and photo- copies only). 1978 Himsworth, H.P. Hislop, Burch's drafts only. 1962 1980 B.138 Hodgkin, D.C.M. Includes ms. and typescript drafts of note by Burch 'On the Genesis of Arthritis’ . 1976, 1982 Huskisson, E.C. and J. Scott Treatment of epilepsy; double blind tests (Burch's draft only). 1978 Inglis, B. Double blind tests. B.139 McElwain, T. J. McVey, A.V. Maendl, A. Vitamin B therapy (Burch's drafts only). Medawar, P.B. B.140 Mitchell, J.F. 1977 1982 1962 1975 1962 1976 Mitchell, J.P. and others Mollin, D.L. and others 1978-79 1977 B12 assays of the blood-serum of amnesiac geriatric patients (Burch's drafts only). C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 B.141- B.143 Peters, R.A. ccna B-Vitamin therapy. B.141 April-September 1975 B.142 October, November 1975 Research 43 1975-76, 1978 B.143 September-December 1976, January 1978. B.144 Read, A.R. 1975 Proposed conference on Vitamin B-group Deficiency and the Ageing Process (Burch's drafts only). Richards, M.B. 1975 Imbalance of Vitamin B factors (Burch's draft only). B.145 Sanderson, J.M. 1962-63 Pump used in heart surgery. B.146 Smith, E.L. 1977-78 Inositol; Vitamin B12 deficiency. B.147 Swann, M. and D.E.M. Taylor Heart disease and surgery. Yakovlef, A.A. and others 1962 1981 Use of antioxidants in retinal infections (Burch's draft only). Yoffey, J.M. Vitamin B12 deficiency. 1977 B.148 Correspondence with drug companies, principally relating to therapeutic uses for B-group vitamins, 1976-77, 1982. 1982 letter is incomplete. B.149 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence, 1962, 1975-77, 1982 and n.d. Unindexed. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 44 B.150- B.155 B.150 Analyses of Burch's own medical condition and treatment. "Diet Sheet of C.R. Burch', 23 July 1975. "Present Medication', 3 August 1977. B.15] "Supplementary Report of C.R. Burch', n.d. Contents relate to neurological episodes, 1974-77, relevant history and present medication. B.152 "Second Report of Dr. Burch to Dr. Campbell', 20 December 1977. Relates to further neurological episodes, present medication, diagnosis, etc. B.153 Untitled analyses of Burch's medical condition and treatment, 1977. B.154 B.155 'An Essay: "On Four Cerebral Episodes"'’. Dedicated to Dr. J.E. Cates. By The Poor Bloody Patient’, n.d. Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes including ‘Supplementary Report on Severe Hypoglycaemic Incident, on Sept 25'. B.156 Appointment cards, correspondencere visits to hospital, etc. B.157- B.165 B.157 B.158, By ley Miscellaneous. Notebook. Principally notes from the literature, bibliographical references. Latest date, 1981. Ms. notes and graphs re ages at death of Fellows of the Royal Society. 2 folders. B.160 Burch's typescript note on A. Davis's Let's eat right to keepfit, ¢.1976. Notes relate to vitamin and mineral deficiency, arthritis, etc. B.161 Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes and drafts. B.162 Background material on epilepsy. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 B.163 Background material on inositol. Research B.164 Background material on nutrition. 45 B.165 2 papers (1 typescript) on shortwave therapy by J.P.P. Stock. B.166- B.185 B.166- B.168 B.166 B.167 B.168 B.169 B.170, B.171 B.172- B.174 MISCELLANEOUS Three black hard-cover notebooks, none dated, possibly from Burch's under- graduate period at Cambridge; on various topics in mathematics and physics. Notebook with brief list of contents, headed 'Mathematical' inside front cover. Contains miscellaneous notes on acoustics, vectors, circuits, etc., and miscellaneous mathematical calculations. Both ends of book used. Notebook of similar material. No contents page. Includes notes on 'Prof. Milne's Problem' (probably E.A. Milne FRS) and miscellaneous mathematical notes and calculations. A few pages used at rear of book. Notebook of similar material, mainly on linear vector operators, waves, functions. draft 'On Linear Selecting Systems’. At rear of book, miscellaneous notes and calculations and 3pp. Hard-cover notebook from Bristol period, n.d. but probably 1960s, 1970s. Contents page. Miscellaneous notes, calculations, tables, bibliographical references re later work on minerals and statistics. Pag inated 1-80 and some unnumbered pages. 2 loose sheets. Photographs of telescope mirrors, lenses, etc. 2 folders. Photographs of equipment. 3 folders. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 46 B.175- Baz Miscellaneous photographs. 3 folders. B.178- Miscellaneous unattributed ms. notes, graphs, calculations, etc. Bales 3 folders. B.181, ale B.183- B.185 B.186- B.200 B.186 Photocopies annotated by Burch. 2 folders. Publications with superscripts from authors or acknowledging Burch's help. 3 folders. ADDENDUM: OPTICS Starts 9 July 33. Soft-cover notebook, inscribed on front cover (by Burch) 'Optical Work. Daily Progress Log. has later ms. note by T.E. Allibone 'Metro-Vick Note book to Burch's going to Imperial College Sep 20 and one month in Imp Col.' See Memoir, pp.18-19, where the starting date is given as 8 July 1933. last entry in the log is for 23 October. The C.R. Burch’. The front cover also B.187 Large format hard-cover notebook, inscribed on inside front cover 'C.R. Burch. Imperial College, S. Kensington. Optical Notebook No.(2)' and paginated 1-48. And Testing Of Optical Surfaces’. At the front of book is a contents page headed 'On The Production This is clearly one of a series of optical notebooks kept by Burch at Imperial College and Bristol of which only nos. 2 and 8 (B.18) survive. B.188 ‘Photocopies of published notes re Burch's exhibits of reflecting microscopes at Physical Society Exhibitions, 1939 and 1947. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Research 47 B.189 ‘Optical Scraping’. 3pp. typescript note by Burch, n.d. but incorporates reference dated 1942. Different 5pp. typescript note with sametitle, n.d. B.190 ‘Improvements relating to the optical measurement and/or calibration of tubular surfaces’ . Patent application by Burch, M. J. Willcocks and Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company, 30 July 1948 (Bibliog. 72). l0pp. typescript; 1 sheet of figures. B.191 2pp. typescript carbon paginated 2 and 3, n.d. 1940s. Subheadings are 'Slit Orientation’, 'Integrating Exposure Meter’ and "Gratings and Prisms’. B.192- B.197 Photocopies of Burch's letters to Nuffield Foundation re production of reflecting microscopes, 1949-51. Burch's letters deal with technical problems and his personal response to being in charge of a production job and reflect on more general questions of research and development. The photocopies were made for Burch's Royal Society memorialist T.E. Allibone who provides an account of the development and production of the microscope at Bristol (Memoir, pp.26-30). B.192 1949, March, June, July Folder includes list of letters copied by Allibone. A.M. Tyndall to H.T. Tizard, 10 December 1947, was not found. The first item, Burch and Burch's letter of 18 March 1949 discusses the allocation of the programme's ten reflecting microscopes; letters of July 1949 relate to proposed National Institute of Optics at Bristol. B.193 1949, August, September Folder includes copy of letter to H.H. Plaskett, 5 August, and ms. draft of Burch's report to Warren Committee. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 B.194 1950, June Research 48 In letter of 9 June, discussing the matter of exhibiting the microscope in the Festival of Britain, Burch refers to the production job as 'a complete nightmare’. In letter of 20 June Burch considers questions of research and development under such headings as 'Value of a University to a Development Organisation', 'Value of a Development Organisation toa University’ and 'Psychology of Development & Research’. B.195 1950, September, December Ms. draft of Warren Report, September and 12pp. letter setting out programme for speeding up production on the ten microscopes, December. B.196 1951, January, April, June Letter of 16 January relates to proposal to accelerate production and the technical situation; letters of 24 April and 6 June relate to a suggested symposium on reflecting microscopes. B.197 1951, October, December Includes draft report to Warren Committee which notes that the first microscope had been handed over to the Anatomy Department at Oxford. B.198 Two notes by Burch on the optical work of W.J. Bates. One dated in 1979. B.199 ‘Microscopy of Unstained Specimens’. Ms. draft of paper by Burch; photocopy of paper and covering letter for W.J. Bates; from his thesis. letter from Bates, 6 May 1980, enclosing photocopy of extract B .200 Correspondence re Burch's optics research, 1981 and n.d. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 49 SECTION C LECTURES AND TALKS C.1-C.18 Cyl 'The technique of the high-speed cathode-ray oscillograph’, for Institute of Electrical Engineers, 2 December 1932. 5pp. typescript abstract; related correspondence. The accompanying correspondenceis initialled 'F.P.B.' (Francis Parry Burch). and the lecture may have been given by him. C.2 'A technologist looks at the future’, delivered when Burch received the Duddell Medal of the Physical Society, 9 April 1943 (Bibliog. 63). also A.16. See 7pp. typescript draft; reprint of published version. Includes photocopy of announcement of the award. C.3 ‘Mineral Dressing', delivered at the Diamond Conference 1955 (Bibliog. 81). 2 typescript drafts, each 10pp. ‘recaptured from memory’. C.4 "Aspheric imaging systems', the Parsons Memorial Lecture delivered 22 October 1959. (Bibliog. 85.) Reprint copy; brief correspondence. Folder also includes copy of R.V. Jones's as a wayoflife’, referring to Burch's expanded version of the lecture given in Aberdeen (Memoir, p.33). 1971 article ‘Complementarity C.5 C.6 'Research, creativeness and universities', talk given to the Forum in the Senior Common Room, Bristol University, 17 March 1960 (Bibliog. 86). 2 typescript drafts, 15pp., 12 pp.; brief correspondence. ‘Aspheric reflecting microscopes and their future', address to the Royal Microscopical Society, May 1961 (Bibliog. 88). Ms. draft; typescript draft; reprint. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Lectures and talks 50 C.f* C.12 Cu C.8 C.9 C.10- erie C.13- C.15 "University physics - the challenge of technology’, Royal Society review lecture, delivered 25 March 1965 (Bibliog. 92). Six folders. . 15pp. ms. draft, with a few notes of references. Two typescript drafts, l6pp. and 17pp., with a few ms. sheets and 2 typescript lists of slides. Brief correspondence, chiefly with the Royal Society. Proofs with ms. corrections, reprint of published version. Original photographs and diagrams. 3 folders. ‘Application of the plate diagram to reflecting telescope design’, delivered at 'Optics 78' Conference organised by the Institute of Physics at Bath University, 20-23 September 1978. highlights' Burch's talk was regarded as 'one of the of the conference (Bibliog. 105). C.13 l0pp. typescript draft. C.14 Shorter notes and drafts; diagrams. C.15 C.16 Reprint of verbatim report; conference programmeandlist of participants; letter from organiser. Address given on the occasion of presenting the first British Vacuum Council 'C.R. Burch’ Prize, 1981. See also A.22. Verbatim report, printed in Vacuum, 30, 10-12. C.17 Lecture on statistics, probably for a university audience, n.d. App. ms. draft. C.18 Invitation to lecture on 'The Separation of Ores' by the Queen Mary College (University of London) Physical Society, 1964. Invitation to lecture on ‘Microscopes and Microscopy' by the Bristol University Microbiological Society, 1980 (declined). Fragmentary drafts for lectures. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 5] SECTION D PUBLICATIONS D.1-D.45 D.1 'An introduction to the theory of eddy-current heating', with N.R. Davis, 1928 (Bibliog. 19; Memoir, p.1). Publisher's blurb only. 'Een radioontvanger met brugfilter', with F.L. Smallpiece, 1932 (Bibliog. 36). Photocopy of Dutch text; typescript of re-translation. D.Z D.3 "Improvements in apparatus for short-wave therapy and the like', with C.H. Walker and Metropolitan-Vickers Company Limited, 1940 (Patent, Bibliog. 56, see also Memoir, p.23). Typescript draft. "Improvements relating to upward current classifiers’, with F. Bannister, 1955 (Patent, Bibliog. 80). Copy of complete specification with covering letter. D.4 "Molecular streaming in a circular tube', n.d., c.1960. App. typescript draft; 5pp. notes and calculations. D.4A ‘Improvements relating to apparatus for separating solid materials in liquid suspensions' (Patent, Bibliog. 87.) Duplicated typescript, August 1960, with ms. note by T.E. Allibone 'Probably never granted’. D.5 'A new "diaphragmatic" stethoscope’, with J.P.P. Stock, 1961 (Bibliog. 89). Typescript drafts of portions of text. D.5A ‘Contribution to the discussion on paper by |.R.M. Chaston, Gravity concentration of fine cassiterite', 1962 (Biblicg. 90). Proofs only. D.6 'Tests of the normality of frequencydistributions of Na, K, SiOg and Cl in the Dartmoor granite’, 1969-70 (Bibliog. 96). 25pp. typescript draft, 6pp. photocopied graphs. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Publications 52 D.7= D.10 D.7 D.8 ' Joint paper with P.C. Rickwood' discussing 'the inference of rock com- position from twin assays of replicate samples of the same specimen', 1971-72. Unpublished. See also B.80. 4 folders. Typescript drafts of lettersto P.C. Rickwood, October 1971-March 1972, with accounts of work in hand. llpp. typescript of first draft, November 1971. 5pp. photocopied draft, away 1972. D.9 8pp. typescript of third draft, February 1972. App. typescript of 'Statistical Treatment’. D.10 Miscellaneous notes, calculations and graphs. D.11 Contributed remarks on a paper ‘Sampling distribution in South Crofty Tin Mine, Cornwall', by B. Kuseric, T.L. Thomas and J. Pemberly (1.M.M. Transactions, 1973). Typescript drafts; one graph; photocopy of published text (not listed in Bibliog.). Folder also includes 3pp. typescript draft ‘South Crofty Sampling Problem’, 1973. D.12 'A Course of Tuition in Mathematics? a "Note" describing tuition given to a candidate hoping to take the Honours B.Sc. course in mining at Cambourne , n.d., 1975 or later. App. typescript draft. "A Course of Mathematical Tuition’, n.d. the above. Expanded, later version, of 10pp. photocopied draft. D.13 'A physicist's introduction to calculus', unfinished draft for a proposed book, n.d., ¢.1976. 10pp. notes and calculations; 8pp. typescript draft. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Publications 53 D.14 ‘Artificial star design', 1976 (Bibliog. 100). 2 typescript drafts, 5pp. and 9pp., 11 graphs, 3pp. calculations. D.15- D.27 D.15, D.17 D.18 D.19, ' "Squeeze" Significance Tests', with 1.T. Parsons, 1976 (Bibliog. 101). Correspondence, principally with I.T. Parsons and the editor of the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 1974-77. 2 folders. Reprint of paper as published. ' "Squeeze" Significance Tests', 8pp. typescript. ' "Squeeze" Significance Tests for Certain Parameter -free Univariate Distributions’. 3 typescript drafts, 8pp., 13pp. and 17pp.; 8pp. graphs not included in third draft; 9pp. ms. draft. 2 folders. D.21 'On a Class of Non-Parametric Test Statistics', 1973. 2 typescript drafts, 10pp. and Spp.; 8pp. photocopied draft; 4pp. typescript. D.22, us D.24 D.25- D.2? Miscellaneous notes and narratives, variously titled. 2 folders. Miscellaneous ms. calculations. Miscellaneous ms. graphs. 3 folders. D.28 'It pays to get theory right', 1978 (Bibliog. 103). Typescript draft. D.29 "An Exposition of the Theory of Relativity’, n.d., c.1978. 7pp. ms. notes, calculations and incomplete draft. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Publications 54 D.29A "Newton's Telescope, 1979. Typescript draft; photocopy of extract from A. Couder's 'Recherchessur les déformations des grands miroirs employés aux observations astronomiques'; brief related correspondence (Burch's carbons only). D.30 Comments on Thomas R. Kratochwill's 'Single Subject Research-Strategies for Evaluating Change', 1980. Typescript, photocopy of ms. draft. D.30A 'The knife-edge test for mirrors', 1980 (Bibliog. 106). Typescript; Burch's carbon of covering letter. D.3] ‘Responsibility for one date’, 1982 (Bibliog. 108). Typescript draft. D.32- D.44 Undated writings Some of these may be notes or statements of research in progress, for personal Others are accompanied by a covering letter toa clarification or limited circulation. journal or a newspapereditor, or secretary of a scientific body, and were intended for publication. Noneare listed in the Bibliography and they were probably not published. D.32 'A Solution of the Triangle’. 2pp. draft with Ip. of calculations. Folder also includes 2pp. photocopied draft of 'A Symmetrical Solution of the Triangle’. D.33 "Spherical Triangles’. App. ms. draft. Publications 55 C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 D.34 'Hydrocyclones'. 2pp. ms. draft. D.35 "Rigid Dynamics’ . 2pp. typescript . Folder also includes 5pp. ms. entitled 'Dynamics of Rotation of Rigid bodies’. D.36 "Doughnut Height Curve'. 2pp. photocopy of tables of figures. D.37 'On an Extension of Student's Theorem’. 3pp. ms. draft. D.38 "An Estimate of the Volume of a Teaspoon’. Ip. ms. draft, 2pp. photocopied draft . D.39 'A Test of Normality’. 2pp. ms. draft; Ip. typescript calculations. D.40 "Notes and formulae for errors and statistics course’. 7pp. typescript draft. D.41 D.42 D.43 'The PseudoScience of Popular Statistics’. Ip. ms. draft of a letter to the Institute of Physics Bulletin. 'The significance of significance coefficients’ . 2pp. ms. draft; ms. draft covering | letter to the Secretary, Institute of Physics. 'A story with a moral’. 3 versions, all with variations of title, one dated May 1980, and Burch's carbon of related letter, December 1981. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Publications 56 D.44 D.45 "Sociology" by "R.C. Bierce"’ (Burch's chosen pseudonym). Typescript of poem, written with humorousintent, by Burch, includi list of proposed recipients. ng Publications of C.R. Burch. Reprints and photocopiesin chronological order, 1925-1980. Nota complete set. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 57 SECTION E CORRESPONDENCE E.1 -£.48 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION E Burch's scientific correspondenceis both patchy and scant. There are very few substantial sequences of letters and in many cases only Burch's drafts, carbons and photocopiesof outgoing letters survive (and some of these are incomplete). patchiness of the surviving material is due in part to Burch's practice of using the backs of incoming letters for research notes, calculations, etc. are to be found throughout the collection and especially in Section B. Examples of this practice The The material is presented as follows: E.1 -E.10 Correspondence on specific topics. dated and indexed. In alphabetical order, E.11-E.41 Correspondence with individuals, organisations andfirms. In alphabetical order, dated and indexed. E.42 Shorter unindexed correspondence. E.43-E.48 References and appointments. In chronological order, unindexed. E.1-E.10 TOPICS E.1, E.2 "CW communications’ . Correspondencearising from article by R. Skelton 'Some thoughts on CW communications’ (Radio Communication, February 1975), 1975. Burch circulated his papers 'On asymmetric telegraphic spectra’ and ‘Een radioontvanger met brugfilter’ (Bibliog. 33 and 36). 2 folders. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 58 E.2* E, P E.3 E.4 Cad E.6 E.7- E.10 E.7 E.8 E.9 E.10 Correspondence 'Helicoids' . Miscellaneous correspondencere use of helicoids in mineral concentration, various dates, 1954-69. 3 folders. 1954-57 196] Includes results of tests on vibrated helicoid, photographs and diagrams of apparatus. 1964, 1966-67, 1969 Measurement of time. Burch's draft letters on this topic; folder also includes Burch's obituary of E.H. Linfoot and brief related correspondence. Mirror-testing . Correspondence re Burch's proposal that the British Astronomical Association set up a mirror-testing advisory group, 1979-81. Burch's concern arose from his work in correcting the defective Charterhouse - on-Mendip Observatory mirror. See B.39, B.40. 4 folders. 1979, February-May 1979, June Includes catalogue of telescope manufacturer 'Fullerscopes'. C1979, September. 1980-81 and n.d. Includes copy of minutes of the BAA Instruments and Observing Methods Section Committee Meeting, 30 August 1980. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 59 Correspondence INDIVIDUALS, ORGANISATIONS AND FIRMS ARBITER, N. (1963); ARBRA VERKSTANDS AKTIEBOLAG (1960); ASHDOWN, R. (1964). BAGNOLD, R. (1954); BERGNE, J.A'C. (1964); BIRCH, K.G. (1978); BOWLER, C.M.L. (1960). BRISTOL UNIVERSITY (1951); BRITISH TELECOM INTERNATIONAL(1982); BURCH, J.M. (1978-79). CAPPER PASS & SON LIMITED (1965); COMBINED OPTICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED (1940); COTTLE, B. (1982); CRESSWELL, G. and P.F. NORTON (n.d.) DRAZIN, (n.d.); EDWARDS, A.W.F. (1970); ELVIS, M. (1976). FABER & FABER LIMITED (1979); FLEMING, M.G. (1960); FLOWERS, T. (1982). HALL, G. (1981); HAMILTON, J. (1962-63); HATFIELD, H. R. (1975). HOWARTH, 1.D. (1978-79); HOWARTH, L. (1977); ISAACS, N. (1955-57); JEFFERIES, N. (1981). JONES, G.H. 1953-63 Principally Jones's letters, on many topics related to minerals and mining, chiefly in Cornwall. 6 folders. 1953 (one letter only); 1954, January-May 1954, June-December E.21 1955 1956, 1957 1960, 1963 E.24 n.d. C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Correspondence 60 E,.25 JONES, R.V. (1974); KING, A.J. (1978); KING, R.W. (1935); KITTO, H.D.F. (1961). E.26 LEONARD, T. (1977); LUDLOW, J.H. (1978). MACKENZIE, J.K. (n.d.); MeKERROW, G. (1975, 1978, 1982). MASON, G. (1973); MATTHEWS, R.G. (1954). MERRISON, A.W. (1975, 1978); MORTON, B.R. (1955); MOZLEY, R. (1967, 1977). ORD, K. (1971, 1973); PILKINGTON BROTHERSLIMITED (1976); PLASKETT, H.H. (n.d.); POWELL, C.F. (1968). RICKWOOD, P.C. 1964-78 Principally Rickwood's letters from University of Otago, New Zealand, and University of New South Wales, Australia, concerning family, career and matters of scientific interest. 7 folders. 1964-65 1966-69 1970-71 1972-76 1977-78 E.33 E .36, E.37 Drafts, reprints RING, J. (1977); ROYAL SOCIETY (1955) SIAMESE TIN SYNDICATE LIMITED (1960); STANIER, M. (1977); SUISGILL ESTATE COMPANY(1969). C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 Correspondence 61 E.40 THOMSON, G.P. (1955); TUBBS, M.R. (1976); VICKERS LIMITED (1973). E.4] WURTZBURGER, B. (1976); YOUNG, J.Z. (1962); YOUNG, P.A. (1974). E.42 Miscellaneous shorter scientific correspondence, 1954-78, and undated. Not indexed. E.43- E.48 REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS In chronological order, not indexed. E.43 1960-65 E.44 1966-68 E.45 1973-74 E.46 E.47 E.48 1976 1979-80 1981-82 C.R. Burch CSAC 110/1/86 62 The bibliography, to which entries in the catalogue are related where possible, is reproduced with permission from T.E. 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