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CSAC 109/6/85 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of ALEXANDER GRAHAM BRYCE FRCS (1890 - 1968) relating to the SOCIETY OF THORACIC SURGEONS OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, 1931 - 1959 Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper Deposited in the Library of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 1985 All rights reserved A.G., Bryce CSAC 109/6/85 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Wolfson Foundation A.G. Bryce CSAC 109/6/85 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF A.G, BRYCE CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 10 A.G. Bryce CSAC 109/6/85 GENERAL INTRODUCTION 3 The material was received from the Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland. It consists of the papers of A.G. Bryce relating to the Society. Bryce, a founder member of the Society, wasits first Secretary and Treasurer until November 1946, when he was elected Vice-President, a position he held for three years; he served as President of the Society 1949-51. The period covered is from 1931 when preliminary discussions were held about forming a Thoracic Surgeons' Club to 1959, but the material after 1951 (when Bryce ceased to be an officer) is very slight. The material is principally correspondence but also includes minutes, agendas and circulars and a sequence of printed member- ship booklets, 1934-58. Of particular interest in the collection are the papers relating to the foundation of the Society in 1933, including the replies to the original invitations to join the Society (sent out by Bryce), to relations between the Society and the American Association of Thoracic Surgeons, especially in respect of the latter's journal, and to the overseas visits of the Society to Switzerland in 1934 and to Berlin and Bruges in 1937. Later material reflects the adjustments necessitated by both the Second World War and the establishment of the National Health Service. Oneparticular feature of the wartime material arises from Bryce's practice of typing his carbon copies of the Society's correspondence on the back of miscellaneous documents of earlier date. Often the documents used in this way are routine University of Manchester administrative papers but they may include Society papers. These papers have been kept in the chronological sequence where found and not re- assigned to the earlier date. A.G. Bryce CSAC 109/6/85 4 OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF A.G. BRYCE Bryce was born in Southport in 1890 and was educated at Bickerton House School and Manchester University Medical School from which he graduated in 1912. Apart from wartime service in the Royal Army Medical Corps, 1915-19, he spent most of his professional career in the Manchester area, holding appointments at the Manchester Memorial Jewish Hospital and the Manchester Royal Infirmary where he was appointed to the honorary staff in 1934. In addition to the various offices he held for the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, Bryce wasalso President of the Thoracic Society and of the Manchester Surgical Society. He retired in 1955. A.G. Bryce CSAC 109/6/85 CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS Carbons of letters from Bryce to colleagues re idea of forming a little Surgical Club or Society for people interested in Thoracic Surgery'. September, November 1931. Correspondence re inauguration of Thoracic Surgeons' Club during the meeting at Manchester of the Association of Surgeons. April- June 1933. 3, 4 Replies to invitations to join Thoracic Surgeons' Club. August 1933. May- 3. A-M 4. N= ¥ Correspondence and papersre first meeting of Thoracic Surgeons’ Club at the Brompton Hospital, London, 3 November 1933. Includes two typescript drafts of proposed constitution, with different ms. amendments. effect that the club should be called the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Thefirst article of the constitution was to the Correspondence and papersre relations between the Society and the American Association for Thoracic Surgery in general and its publica- tion, The Journal of Thoracic Surgery, in particular. March 1934- February 1935. Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. May- November 1934. Includes material on Society's visit to Davos in November. Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. April- December 1935. Includes material on annual meeting held at Newcastle-upon-Tyne in November. Correspondence with the C.V. Mosby Company (Medical Publishers) re subscription for the Journal of Thoracic Surgery from members of the Society. December 1935- January 1936, Includes list of members of the Society. A.G. Bryce CSAC 109/6/85 10-13 Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. April-December 1936. Material principally relates to arrangements for annual meeting in November. 10. 11. April, May 12. September, October June -August 13. November, December 14-17 Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1937. Material principally relates to visit of Society to Berlin (F. Sauverbruch) and Bruges (Sebrechts) in November. 14, 15, January-July 16. October August, September 17. November, December 18, 19 Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1938. Material principally relates to arrangements for annual meeting of the Society at the Brompton Hospital in November and proposal to hold 1939 annual meeting at Windermere. 18. April -October 19. November, December 20. Correspondence re general affairs of the Society. 1939. Includes note of conference on thoracic surgery attended by J.E.H. Roberts of the Society and representatives of Ministry of Health. The outbreak of war led to the cancellation of the Society's annual meeting due to be held in November. 21. Correspondence re general affairs of the Society. 1940. Material principally relates to the decision of the Society that its current officers should remain in place for the duration of the war. Folder also includes letter of explanation and apology from the editor of the Journal of Thoracic Surgery (Evarts A. Graham) re the appear- ance in the journal of 'the objectionable advertisement of World Peaceways, Inc.'. A.G. Bryce CSAC 109/6/85 22. Correspondence re general affairs of the Society. 1941. Includes material re Society's subscription to the Journal of Thoracic Surgery, proposal to join with Joint Tuberculosis Council in preparing a memorandum onthoracic surgery. 23. Correspondence re general affairs of the Society. 1942. Includes material re committee meeting to discuss the provision of a national service for the surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. 24, 25. Correspondence re general affairs of the Society. 1943. Material principally relates to meeting of the Society to discuss war surgery of the chest. to attend. Officers of allied medical services were invited 24. February, March 20% April 26-29 Correspondence re general affairs of the Society. 1944. Includes material re memorandum on thoracic surgery, representation of the Society on the Standing Advisory Committee on Tuberculosis, proposed association for the study of chest diseases. 26. 27 January-March April-June 28. 22. July -Oct ober November, December Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1945. Principally relates to invitation to C. Crafoord of Stockholm to lecture to the Society on coarctations of the aorta, January 1946. Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1946. Includes letter from C. Crafoord re founding of a Scandinavian Society of thoracic surgeons. Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1947. Includes minutes of 1946 business meeting of the Society (Bryce retired as Secretary and was elected Vice-President) and papers re 1947 annual meeting. 30. He 32. A.G. Bryce CSAC 109/6/85 33. Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1948. Includes notes on meetings between the Emergency (Finance) Committee of the Society and representatives of the Ministry of Health in respect of National Health Service contracts, and minutes of the 1948 business meeting. 34. Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1949. Includes the Emergency Committee's memorandum on terms and con- ditions of service and minutes of Executive Committee meeting (July); also material re annual meeting of the Society in November. 35-37. Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1950. Includes material re annual meeting of the Society in November. 38-41. 38. 35. April-September 36. October 37. November -December Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1951. January, February Includes note of meeting of Sub-Committee appointed (November 1950) to consider the relationship of members of the Society to the National Health Service 'with particular reference to the organisation of training and the criteria for recognition as a consultant in thoracic surgery’; also agenda and minutes for extraordinary meeting of the Society, 24 February. 39. March -May Includes material re arrangements for conference to be held in Oxford in July; copy of memorandum of Royal College of Surgeons on criteria for the training of consultants; material re Society's tumour registry. AO. June-August Includes material re arrangements for Oxford Conference; minutes of first meeting of the Non-Scientific Committee of the Society at Oxford; minutes of meeting of the Executive Committee at Oxford; report of the Joint Tuberculosis Council, Faculty of Radiologists and the Society on 'A. B. Standardisation of Radiological Terminology in Pulmonary Disease. Standardisation of Technique in Chest Radiography’. A.G. Bryce CSAC 109/6/85 Al. September ~-November Includes material re criteria for consultants including notes of meeting between representatives of the Society and the Ministry of Health; also material re November annual meeting of the Society. Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1952. Includes minutes of 1951 annual meeting. Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1954. Minutes of Executive Council meeting and papers re summer meeting of the Society. Miscellaneous papers, 1958-59 and n.d. Includes minutes of 1958 annual meeting. Membership booklets, 1934-58. Memoranda on the provision of a National Thoracic Surgical Service, 1944 and 1948. (Printed booklets.) 42. 43. 44. AS. 46. A.G. Bryce CSAC 109/6/85 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ALEXANDER, John ALLEN, Charles H. ALLISON, P. R. ANDERSON, Wm. ARCHIBALD, Edward ARMITAGE, George BRITISH COUNCIL BROCK, R. BURN, J. C. L. CAMPBELL, J. MM. H. CASSELS, Kennedy COLLIS, J. Leigh CRAFOORD, Clarence CUTLER, Elliott C. C.V. MOSBY COMPANY DAVIES, H. Morriston DICK, Bruce M. DONOVAN, Hugh EDWARDS, Arthur Tudor ELOESSER, Leo 10 19 3 18 3, 13, 20, 21, 23, 24 20 3 30 4 27 30 35 21 30, 31 25 9, 12, 14, 22 2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 19 See also 1, 21 3, 12, 21 3 2, 7, 18-26, 29, 30 1] GRAHAM, Evarts A. 6, 19, 21, 32 A.G. 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