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CSAC 115/6/86 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of EGON BRETSCHER CBE (1901 - 1973) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper 1986 Deposited in Churchill College Archives Centre, Cambridge All rights reserved E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Wolfson Foundation E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 LIST OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL & PERSONAL SECTION B SWITZERLAND SECTION C CAMBRIDGE SECTION D "TUBE ALLOYS" Bele. 305 SECHIONE LOS ALAMOS SECTION F SECTION G VISITS P.1-F.. 10 SECTION H CORRESPONDENCE ESTABLISHMENT, HARWELL ATOMIC ENERGY RESEARCH INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The material derives from fwo sources. Mrs. Bretscher at various dates 1984-86. Committees, The major part was received from Some of the Papers relating to research, g Bretscher's period at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, and not required by the Public Record Office, were received from Harwell in 1984 and are included in Section F of the present catalogue. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF EGON BRETSCHER icati Bretscher was born in Zbrich and educated at Eidgen dssische Technische Hochschule (ETH) for which he retained a lasting affection. in chemical engineering at E.T.H. and spent 1925-27 in Edinburgh working for his doctorate in the department of chemistry (Sir James Walker). After a further period at E.T.H, he was awarded q Rockefeller Fellowsh ip, held at the Cavendish Laboratory 1934-35; Rutherford invited him to return to Cambridge in 1936 and he remained there as Clerk Maxwell Scholar (1936-39) He obtained his diploma Division. His work on nuclear physics rch project Tube Alloys" and District Scientific Laboratory at Los Alamos from early 1944 where he worked in Fermi's Advanced Development After the war, he retumed to Britain and joined the newly~establ ished A.E.R.E. at Harwell, first as head of the Chemistry Division, then from 1948 as head of the Nuclear Physics Division. He was awarded the C.B.E, in 1966, the year of his retirement from Harwell. of activities during the war and with the Ache, E;'. compiled in 1964 and A.6, a The col lection, though not exhaustive, includes some useful material on Bretscher's career and some of the momentous events in wh ich he participated. interest in Section A (Biographical and Personal) are A.5 Bretscher's own ‘Survey DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 4 lecture given at Harwell in 1967 on 'Wartime nuclear physics and chemical research at the Cavendish Laboratory 1940-44 associated with atomic weapons’. Section C (Cambridge) contains a little material on the early stages of Bretscher's atomic research (C.2-C.4) and his collaboration with D.E. Lea(C.5); the notes of a ‘Private Colloquium with Fermi’ (C.6) are of interest but probably belong to a later period. Section D documents in considerable detail the work undertaken at the Cavendish Laboratory for the "Tube Alloys" project and includes contemporary research notes and reports by members of the team, reports prepared for the Maud Committee and the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, and later work relating to post- war publication of the wartime research. Bretscher's regular exchanges of corres- pondence with Chadwick are also included here. Section E (Los Alamos) includes some research reports and Bretscher's account of his activities (E.10) as well as various contemporary bulletins and newsletters. Section F (A.E.R.E. Harwell) is the fullest in the collection and is of interest in documenting Bretscher's involvement in national and international nuclear data institutions. _ related background reports; There is a short Section G (Visits) which includes several visits to Russia and committees, and his interest in maintaining collaboration with universities and research the surviving correspondence is to be found in Section H. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.62 A.1 -A.6 Biographical and autobiographical A.7 -A.27 Diaries A.28-A.61 Career A.62 Photographs BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.1 Obituary notice, Nature, 244, 3 August 1973 (by M.M. Gowing). Photocopy. Miscellaneous cvs and autobiographical summaries for various reference books. Bibliographies prepared 1954, 1964 for Poggendorff-Redaktion, listing publications by name of journal. Bibliographies 1960, 1964. Miscellaneous typescript and ms. drafts with "Survey of activities during the war and with the A.E.R.E.' 8pp. typescript account prepared by Bretscher (for A.E.R.E.), October 1964. variations from final version. Miscellaneous brief notes by Bretscher: on his retirement from Harwell and return to Cambridge; crucial dates in development of atomic bomb 1939-41; note on A.E.R.E.; personal data. for element 94. ‘Wartime Nuclear Physics and Chemical Research at the Cavendish Laboratory Cambridge (1940-44) associated with atomic weapons.' 10pp. typescript and ms. January 1967: his departure for America, including the origin of the name ‘Plutonium’ draft for slide lecture given at Harwell Bretscher's account of events and personnel up to E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 DIARIES A.7 Biographical and autobiographical Small black hardback notebook, paginated 1-141, used as diary. Entries run 10 November 1918-4 April 1919. Black hardback notebook used as diary. 29 December 1944, 16 November -27 December 1946. used, Entries run 10 July - In German. Few Pages Small spiralback notebook; miscellaneous notes on travel, expenses, addresses, career plans, some scientific notes, 1948 HMSO diary. Division’. Begins ‘Today | am taking over Nuclear Physics Ip. dated 1946, Not all Pages used, Black looseleaf notebook of 'Lefgy! Pages, various dates 1954-63 and many undated. Very mixed Content, some personal Entries but mq inly scientific; includes notes on experiments and data on nuclear power, notes for meetings, lectures, Committees; trave| expenses for self and colleagues, salary scales, etc. 1959 pocket diary. A.15 A.16 A.21 A. 22 1954 1955 Few Pages used, 1966 HMSO diary. Tagged sequences of 'Lefax'! diary pages A.14 See also F.6, The content js similar t¢ meetings, lectures give Bretscher and colleagues at Harwell. A.27 Miscellaneous loose Pages, and Ilpp. sequence perhaps of notes at conference, Rat; 1959-60 1964 1965 1967 1972 1957 1958 A.23 A.24 A.17 A.18 A.19 A.20 A.25 A.26 1963 1966 1953 1959 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Biographical and autobiographical School and university. Entlassungs und Maturitdts-Zeugnis, Realgymnasium, ZUrich, October 1921, and list of former pupils issued for 100th anniversary of school in 1933. Two reports, October 1923 and April 1925, from Eidgenussiche Technische Hochschule, Zurich. Letter from H. Staudinger offering Bretscher a place to work under his direction in analytical chemistry laboratory of E.T.H., May 1925. Correspondence 1927-34 from friends at Edinburgh. Bretscher spent 1925-January 1927 in the department of Sir James Walker working for a doctorate on 'Influence of substitution by the methoxy group on the optical rotatory powers of the menthyl naphthoates'. Material includes congratulatory note signed by colleagues and later (1966) correspondence re expansion of Edinburgh University . Correspondence and papers 1934 re Bretscher's support from Rockefeller Foundation to work with Rutherford at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, for a year from October 1934. Includes application, references, correspondence exchanged with P. Scherrer (Director, ZUrich EidgenUssische Technische Hochschule), Rutherford, Debye, Rockefeller Foundation, Bretscher's report on his work. whilst | was at the Cavendish Laboratory’. Invitation from Rutherford, 1936, to 'spend the next few years mainly at research in the Cavendish Laboratory’ as Clerk Maxwell Scholar. Included here is Ip. note of 'A few recollections of Lord Rutherford Correspondence 1934 re Bretscher's ‘Habilitation’. Correspondence 1936 with M.L. Oliphant on research, career plans, proposed return to Cambridge. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Biographical and autobiographical Shorter correspondence re retum to Cambridge, registration as research student, membership of Fitzwilliam House, 1936. Leverhulme Fellow and Lecturer in Physics, Liverpool. and correspondence 1938. Application Brief correspondence 1938 re sale of journals. Letter from E.T.H. Zurich thanking Bretscher for his work as Privatdozent, 1939. Letter re house in Cambridge, 1939. Contract with J. Springer, for book on nuclear physics by Bretscher and N. Kemmer, 1939. Letter granting Bretscher leave from research ' for the duration of the period of the present emergency’, 1940. A.41-A.47 He was He also gave serious consideration This period of considerable uncertainty Invitation from H. Halban to apply for chair of physical chemistry E.T.H. ZUrich (declined by Bretscher because of pressure of work and its sensitive nature), 1942. Naturalisation certificate (photocopy) 1944 and related correspondence, 1945-46. February 1946, and he declined to accept them. Postwar career plans. Bretscher left Britain in January 1944 to join the Manhattan Project. With the end of hostilities and the conclusion of the project, he explored various career openings in Britain, America and elsewhere. attracted by the idea of a return to Cambridge and the Cavendish Laboratory but the terms and conditions of the appointment as eventually put to him were unsatisfactory. to posts at Syracuse (N.Y.) and at Liverpool (with Chadwick) eventually accepting Cockcroft's offer of the direction of the chemistry division at the new A.E.R.E., Harwell. is often alluded to in correspondence elsewhere in the collection as well as Correspondence July 1945-March 1946 with W.L. Bragg A.41 re Lectureship at Cambr idge - Bragg asked Bretscher if he might 'put your name forward! and the appoint ment was posted in the Cambridge Reporter but not formally notified to Bretscher. Details of his proposed position were sent by Bragg in in the folders below. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Biographical and autobiographical Correspondence with Chadwick February-December 1946. A.42 Mainly on posts at Cambridge, Liverpool, Harwell. letter 20 February and Chadwick's reply 26 February give their recollections of early work on plutonium, Maud Committee, etc. Bretscher's A.43 at Harwell. Later correspondence with Chadwick, 1948, re conditions Correspondence with Cockcroft, 1944-45. A.44 Cambridge post, and includes 6pp. draft of postwar development plans for the Cavendish. Mainly re A.45 Correspondence with Cockcroft, 1946. Mainly plans Includes letter from R. Spence. A.46 Correspondence with Cockcroft, 1947. Includes letter and memorandum by Bretscher on organisation of Harwell and his taking over responsibility for Nuclear Physics Division. A.47 at Cavendish Laboratory, 1945-46. Correspondence with W.E. Burcham re pasts and research A.49-A.53 Two letters (carbons only) re possible post at ZUrich, 1945. Harwell. (See also E.6-E.9, and Section F, especially F.1-F.61.) Application for Chair of Physics, Reading University, 1946. Certificate of election as Fellow, American Physical Society, 1946. A.49 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence, 1947-48, re arrangements for removal from America, settling in at Harwell. Miscellaneous shorter personal correspondence. Miscellaneous letters of appointment, 1946, 1948, 1949, Miscellaneous financial, F.S.S.U., etc. A.50 1954, A.51 A.52 A.53 Houses at Harwell. Biographical and Qutobiograph ical Correspondence 1948, 1960, 1964 cS Proposed election to Royal Society , , Berne, 195] Te. YY project and Possibility See also F.] 16-F,119, Retirement from Harwell. Miscellaneous Corres Pondence 1964-67, Press~cuttings, Bretscher's letter of thanks for farewe|| Party, etc, Award of CBSE 1966, PHOTOGRAPHS A.62 Churchil] College, Cambridge , Dining rights, battels, guest nights, ete., 1967-79. Miscellaneous social invitations, signed menus, etc. Portrait Photograph of Bretscher (photocopy Js Provided by Mrs. Bretscher 1996. # identifications E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 SECTION B SWITZERLAND B.1-B.8 Very little remains of Bretscher's early work in Switzerland, despite his long association with the E.T.H. Zurich as undergraduate and later Assistant and Privatdozent for Physics under P. Scherrer. Bu] Softback exercise book inscribed '1928 Physik Praktikum'. Mainly notes on work of Millikan, Zeeman effect. Few pages used. l4pp. typescript and ms. copy of Gauss's Discourse on infinite series 1812 (in Latin), and ms. notes by Bretscher on verso of documents of ZUrich Kantomalbank. Softbacked exercise book (cover lost). Miscellaneous notes, results, calculations. All in German except few pages at beginning by Bretscher and another, headed ‘Substitution of the phenyl! groups by the naphthyl radical! and perhaps related to doctorate work at Edinburgh, 1925-27. Both ends of book used. The meeting, Softback notebook of miscellaneous notes, in English. used. Few pages Typescript and ms. notes on beta -naphthol (on verso of ZUrich Kantonalbank writing -paper). Meeting of Faraday Society, Oxford, April 1934. on ‘Determination and Interpretation of Dipole Moments', was intro- duced by Debye; Bretscher gave a paper on 'The temperature variation of the dielectric constant of ionic crystals’. Notices of meeting, brief correspondence re arrangements. H. Saini. Correspondence and papers re work on dielectric constant of crystals, 1934-35. Bae B.8 Bretscher's notes and working papers. Correspondence with M. Blackman, P.W. Bridgman, E., Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 “SECTION C CAMBRIDGE C.1-C.18 C.1-C.7 Research C.8-C.18 Lectures and teaching. The surviving research material is unfortunately scanty. For Bretscher's contri- bution to the UK nuclear physics "Tube Alloys" project during his Cambridge period, see Section D. RESEARCH a ’ 'The transmutation of heavy elements’. Reprint of lecture by Rutherford at Royal Institution, March 1937; Bretscher's contribution is acknowledged on p.5. Small softback notebook, inscribed inside front cover 'Bretscher Cavendish Laboratory Cambridge’. Notes on various elements, mainly thorium; almost all Few dates; Office 1943. See also D.57-D.62. Ip. dated 1938, Ip. ref. 1942 and Ip. ref. to Patent in German. » Softback notebook, inscribed inside front cover 'N. Feather. Chemical Room’. 33pp. draft for lecture or paper on ‘hot expansion chamber' (based on C.T.R. Wilson's cloud chamber). First entry, in Feather's hand, is on 'lonium (material from Manchester )' and dated October 1937. July 1938. Rest of entries are by Bretscher, January- Typescript with ms. corrections and additions in more than one hand but mainly Bretscher's; works of Lea. Includes letter from Lea proposing publication of 'neutrons-on-bacteria experiments’ as a joint paper, September 1940 (published J.Hygiene, 41, 1941), and letter, July 1942, re angular distribution of neutron emission by ionisation method (see D.21). Also included is later correspondence, 1964, re proposed collected n.d.; latest reference 1939. Brief material only, re collaborative work with D.E. Lea. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Cambridge Loose -leaf ringback binder, American format. front cover: 'Private Colloquium with Fermi dynamics', n.d. Inscribed inside Quantum electro- Includes several sequences of ms. pencil notes, one paginated 1-14, others on 'Relativistic theory’, 'Theory of scattering of radiation', ‘Quantum electrodynamics', 'Solid State - neutron interaction’. See also F.167 which suggests a date of 1946 for this notebook. Black springback binder, paginated 1-73, with additional unnumbered pages and a few pages used at rear. Miscellaneous notes in German and English, probably made over several years. LECTURES AND TEACHING Miscellaneous ms. notes for lectures, no titles or dates. Notes for course of 13 lectures, October-December 1940. 5pp. typescript outline for various courses over an academic year. "Atoms & Nuclei', Ip. note by Bretscher. C.8 Miscellaneous outlines for lecture courses, none dated, probably late 1930s. "Atomic & Nuclear Physics', 2pp. ms. outline for course of 15 lectures, in the hand of N. Feather. Notes for course of 13 lectures, April-May 1941. Notes for extended course of 21 lectures, November 1940-February 1941. Notes for lectures February-March 1940. Notes for lectures April, May 1940 (not a complete set). E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Cambridge Notes for extended course of 22 lectures, January-March 1942. Notes for course of 7 lectures, May 1942. Ip. (only) of '22nd lecture 15 Feb. 1943'. Small notebook 'Supervision 1942', with alphabetical thumb index. Entries run 1940-43. Miscellaneous examination questions and papers, 1940-43, including suggestions from N. Feather, H. Lipson, D. Shoenberg. ke Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 SECTION D " TUBE ALLOYs" Bretscher's notes and drafts Research reports by Co-workers Maud Comm ittee reports OSCR: reports Patents Postwar Publication D.36-D.42 D.43-D 56 D.57-D.62 D.63-D.95 CORRESPONDENCE MISCELLANEOUS REPORTS D.36-D.10] D.102-D.105 es Bretscher CSAC 115/6/6 D.1-D.85 "Tube Allo Sy ———=_Alloys" RESEARCH AT THE CAVENDISH LABORATORY Bretscher's notes qnd drafts, D.] Red exercise-book, inscribed ' (Cavendish Laboratory) inside , Extensive notes, drafts, With nuclear research, f over several years. Calculations! is paginat next page js intercalated w Most entries are j Notebook, Covers missing, s€veral pages affected by damp and some Both ends used, loose , Ip, ’ i i 'Tst work! (on uran ium) various “28 January 1939, A few Pages bear Cluded are severg| ) perhaps December 1943. -' (see D. 38), draw ings ', 'Points to be settled’, Runcorn - Liverpool trip' 1 March (1941)-24 Oct ober 1943, ‘jobs to be done before leaving’ (for On a variety of topics j to be written, of apparatus, ' "Problems needing attention’, '\ «+ Fast neutron f notes on the literature of nuclear Physics, on All ms., a few with annotations or Underscorings in Ms. notes by Bretscher, Ip. 'Tube Alloy report numbers’ , red perhaps added later , E. Bretscher ec 115/6/86 "Tube Alloys" Spp. ms. notes made by Bretscher from the diaries of H. Halban (in UKAEA archives), for 1943 and 1944, For other notes by Bretscher see Maud Committee reports, especially D.36, D.37 phabetical order by name and may include ms. and typescript notes, graphs and diagrams, brief letters on results of Progress, or more complete typed-up reports for communication to Directorate of Tube Al loys research at Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. See D.43-D.56 for a set of the reports as sub- mitted, See also D.63-D.85 D.6-D.9 D.6 Brief ms. notes by Cook on research in hand, on wax, Miscellaneous notes, charts, calculations by Cook, ++ by adsorbents’. D.8 Bretscher and another . Brief ms. ‘Monthly Reports', February, March, April, G.B. Cook Contents of original folder inscribed ‘Cook's reports, May, September, October, December 1942, December 1943, ee and 'Extraction of UX 'The Concentration of element 93', 14pp. ‘The preparation of the metallic carbonyls and related compounds’ . ‘Electrolytic Preparation of UOs films’. Reports by Cook, none dated. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 D.10-D.14 N. Feather "Tube Alloys" Contents of original folder inscribed 'Feather's reports’ . D.10 239 92 U ‘Absorption measurements on the radiations from and ao8hy 93% 4 Report describing work December 1940-June 1941, n.d. and Figures 1-13, both in Feather's original labelled envelopes. I5pp. typescript Det general report, January 1942. Reports on delayed neutrons, July, August (2) 1941, D.12 Reports on fast neutron scattering, March (2), June 1942. 'Note on the radiations and isotropic assignment of the D.13 50-year radioelement 94', n.d., mid 1942, with ms. notes and diagrams. D.14 November 1942. Report on 'Neutron-produced radioactivity ...', O..15-D 19 A.P. French Contents of original folder inscribed 'A.P. French’. "Neutron flux measurements', report by Bretscher and D.16 sent to Bretscher in America, June 1944. Letter, 12pp., and 6 figures reporting results of 'H-D method’, ‘Measurement of a neutron flux in the presence of gamma Delé January, April-December 1943 and Ip. note on work with E.B.M. Martin. Brief ms. monthly reports, September-December 1942, P17 French, January 1944 (A.E.R.E. Harwell copy marked 'Declassified'). D.18 rays', report by Bretscher and French, September 1944 (A.E.R.E. Harwell copy marked 'Declassified'). June 1950. D.19 duplicated typescript of lectures given by French at Cavendish, "Electromagnetic radiation and angular correlations', Ee Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 "Tube Allo Si ee OVS O.R. Frisch ‘Test for short -delay néutron', 2pp., n.d. L.H. Gray ‘The lonisation method of m€asuring neutron energy’, 48pp .+ 4pp. references, typescript with ms. Corrections and additions, for paper Published jn Proc Cam. Phil. Soc... 40, 1944, mth ., 40 (This is Copy n in the hand of L. Kowarski with who din, Prepared for Maud Committee , L. Kowarskj Letter from Kowarski (in Cambridge) to Halban (at Montreal) on research Progress, 27 September 1943, with q ms. headnote (addressee unknown, perhaps Bretscher) begi Was forwarded to Halban , sure whether this letter Opinion that | ought to hay D.24 by natural uran ium’, October 1943, No year, Brief ms, monthly reports, May -December 1943, Spp. note on ‘adsorption of UX', various dates in October, E.B.M. Martin (formerly Murrell) Martin Contents of original folder inscribed 'Mrs. Martin’, Report 'A Critical survey ... absorption of thermal neutrons D.25 D.26 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 "Tube Al loys" G.R. Martin Contents of original envelope inscribed 'G. Martin's reports (Tube Alloys)’ ae Brief ms. monthly reports, March-December 1943. D.28 Undated ms. notes of work in hand or projected. D.H. Peacock Contents of original folder inscribed 'Peacock's reports’. D.29 Brief ms. reports and letters, March-June 1942. D.30 by Bretscher and another. Ms. research notes and calculations by Peacock, annotated D.3] 'Report on Uranium X' by Peacock, 2pp. ‘Uranium X', 7pp. no author. 2 copies. 'The extraction of element 93', 5pp., no author. 2 copies. M.J. Poole C.J. Wilkins Contents of original folder inscribed 'Wilkins reports’. Brief ms. monthly reports, August, September 1943. Two ms. research notes, September, October 1943. Contents of original folder inscribed 'Poole reports’. Brief ms. monthly reports, March-December 1943. fast neutrons' by Wilkinson and E. Broda, January 1945. D.34 for October presented in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet). Contents of original folder inscribed 'Wilkinsons reports’. Loo Report 'The radiative capture cross section of U238 for Brief monthly reports, September-December 1943 (report D.H. Wilkinson E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Maud Committee reports and notes _ "Tube Alloys" Committee was set up with. G.P. Thonsen Ministry of Aircraft Production (M 1A P<) and later transferred to the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DE SSTR.,) as the Directorate of Tybe Alloys. D.36 Contents of Bretscher's folder inscribed 'Pu-story', containing ms, notes, drafts, calculations and diagrams of various dates, severg| Probably 1940, Includes Ip. outline points for 'D.S.1.R. UX, etc.; beginning 'T pp. 'Re xperiments to investigate some of the properties of elements 93 and 94'; 8pp. miscellaneous other drafts, notes, calculations. ‘Report on work carried out in Cambridge Sept.-Dec. 1940. Presented to Maud Committee December 1940, There are three reports, all dated 19 December, as follows: ‘Report | IIpp., by Halban and Kowarski. ‘Report II and Feather, Experiments involving element 94', 3pp., by Bretscher Interaction of slow neutrons with heavy water ... : -, by Bretscher, ine the fission cross-section of uranium ... - Also included in folder is Ip. undated ms. note by Bretscher 'Criticg] energies for fission for various nuclei’, ‘Summary of the report given at the meeting of the MAUD Comm ittee on 9th April' £1941 J, 4pp., by Bretscher. on Bretscher's work on '94! (Plutonium). ‘Extracts from q report to the MAUD Committee in May 1941', 2pp., by Bretscher, on ‘Spontaneous Fission! (sequel to report presented on 9 April, see D, 38), Included here is letter from Cockcroft, April 1941, requesting report e Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 D.40 Tube Alloys" ‘Outline report . -. Sept.1940-30 Nov. 1941', OFS;UR Re orts Seports tk D.43 ‘Preliminary short report Neptunium) carried out 8pp. by Bretscher. during 1941'. g thee xperiments with element 93 eS. cee! named individuals on specific ‘for the Directorate of Tube A| Research), Some of the reports are by onthly reports usually titled (Department of Se ientific and Industrial All are typescript carbon Copies in fragi le condition and damp-stained. This is Bretscher's designation on the original folder. problems, but the majority are m loys of the Monthly reports, February, March, April 1942, 'The concentration of element 93 l4pp. by G.B. Cook. es 'The extraction of element 93 . a! Spp., not signed, Ey. Bretscher CSAC 1 15/6/86 D.47 D.48 D.49 "Tube Allo gt ——Alloys” Monthly reports, May, June, July 1942, Monthly reports, August, September, October 1942. Té6pp. marked hand, November 1943, 2pp. by Kowarski, For other reports and material on the "Tube Alloys" Project, see D.63-D.35, Monthly reports, November, December 1942. Monthly reports, January, February, March 1943, Monthly reports, April, June 1943 (no surviving report for May). Monthly reports, July, August 1943. 'A method of me€asuring .,, inelastic scattering of fast néutrons ,, and the energy spectrum of the secondary meuirons. ¢..* August 1943. 24pp. +2 Appendixes, by B.B. Kinsey, Monthly reports, September ~December 1943, Kowarski Documents on 'Case "L" 1 (Improved Process for the Purification of Uranium salts) and ‘Case "MM"! (Process for the Production of neptunium and Plutonium), April 1942, Includes Draft Specification, Corres pondence re suggested r€-wording . Also included here are miscellaneous typescript drafts and documents, two dated April 1941 and si , Feather, Halban and E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 "Tube Al loys" ‘Agreement’ re patenting applications of various inventions, signed by Bretscher, Feather, Appleton and Sir John Anderson, September 1942. See D.62 for later correspondence on this agreement. Correspondence and papers re U.S. Patents, 1943-44. Copies of patents filed by Bretscher and others, 1941, 1942 and sent to him 1953. List of patents filed by Halban and Bretscher, sent to him in 1959. various dates, 1940-42, Correspondence with R. Makins (Lord Sherfield) re 1942 'agreement' (D.58) and its possible continuing usefulness, 1964. been superseded (see especially D.74-D.81). similar or complementary to the research reports at D.6-D.35. D.63 Postwar Publication Wartime security regulations did not permit the publication of research reports other than for restricted circulation to official bodies. After the war, some of the papers were revised and published, though in other cases the research was considered to have (i.e. the official report) number and is presented in that order. It may include drafts and The material below was kept in stiffoacked binders bearing the title and the 'BR' correspondence from the period of the original research or of later date, and is therefore pondence, 1948. 'The total neutron collision areas of some heavy metals', by Bretscher and E.B.M. Murrell (later Martin q.v.), B.R. 136. Ip. typescript (several versions), figures and diagrams. Brief corres- E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 "Tube Alloys" "Determination of the collision cross-section of hydrogen, deuterium carbon and oxygen for fast neutrons', by Bretscher and E.B.M. Martin. Balk. 137. », ' Miscellaneous typescript drafts (some under Mrs. Martin's maiden name of Murrell), diagrams, brief correspondence 1944, reprint of paper as published in Helv.Phys. Acta, 23, 1950. ‘Determination of the number of neutrons emitted by a radium- beryllium source’, by Bretscher, A.P. French, G.R. Martin and M.J: Poole. © BAR. 382. Typescript report, miscellaneous notes, calculations, drafts, some by Bretscher, several by A.P. French, one only dated (May 1943). D.66-D.73 ‘Preparation and properties of a reproducible neutron standard’, by Bretscher, G.B. Cook, G.R. Martin and D.H. Wilkinson. later published in Proc.Roy.Soc., 196, 1949. B.R. 383, D.66 but includes 'Monthly Report July 1943' by C.J. Wilkins. Miscellaneous ms. notes, graphs, etc., mainly by Bretscher, Correspondence with Chadwick, 1948, re submission of ; Correspondence and papers from G.B. Cook. Includes D.67 "A neutron standard'. Cook and Martin, January 1944. note by Bretscher 'Where are the sources now', 1966. 9pp. typescript report by Bretscher, The Ip. attached index has a ms. D.68 corrections and revisions by collaborators. Miscellaneous drafts for published paper, includes ms. D.69 paper for publication in Proc.Roy.Soc. D.70 ‘Monthly reports' January, March-November 1943 and miscellaneous other notes, drafts. Bretscher's carbons sending copies of published paper, 1949. D.72 on neutron standard), 1946-48 (on publication). Correspondence with D.H. Wilkinson, 1944 (early research D7] paper, 1947, 1948. Correspondence with G.R. Martin re his section of the D.73 E. Bretscher CSAC] 15/6/86 D.74-D.8] "Tube Allo Su At loys © B.R. 384, ‘Isolation and spontaneous fission of U(234)', by Bretscher, oR: Martin, M. J. Poole. D.74 +diagram. Original B.R. 384 report, February 1944, l4pp. typescript Miscellaneous notes, calculations, diagrams, etc, relating to work, not all by Bretscher, few dated but Part of early stages of research, D.75 8. Cook, . D.76 O.77 D.78 Publication . not to publish, Drafts for abstract and paper for later publication, incorporating name of B.G, Harvey as well as original authors, 1952, Correspondence, etc. from GB. Cook, 1943 (programme of work on U234 and other Projects), 19592 (possible publication), Correspondence with B.G, Harvey, 1952, re possible Bretscher's letter 1] August gives reasons for dec iding Correspondence, etc. with GR, Martin, 1943 (report Correspondence and reports from D. H, Peacock, 1942. Correspondence and reports from M.J, Poole, January and July 1943, June 1944, and brief undated note objecting to later Publication as research had been superseded , on U234 work), 1952 (possible publication), D.80 D.79 j y “Ps 73 per p Angular Distribution, Ms. Bretscher byt Most Excitation Function, Sfc., some with dates in 1943, fo paper published in Ph s.Rev., 73, 1948, of apparatus. D.83 pens 4pp. typescript +4 figures, January 1944, 385, by Bretscher, A.P. French and E.B.M. Martin. ‘Determination of the U(235) and U(238) fission Cross 3pp. typescript report, Perhaps related E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Tube Alloys" Correspondence 1948 with A.P. French re publication of. joint paper on D-T reaction and Angular Distribution, published in Phys.Rev. 75, - 1949. See also E.17. D.86-D.101 CORRESPONDENCE The correspondence with Chadwick (D.86-D.92) relates to the history and development of the "Tube Alloys" project as it concerned Bretscher and his co-workers from September 1940. D.96-D.100 are letters exchanged between Bretscher and various members of his group after his departure for America in 1944, with scientific, academic and personal news. D.86-D.92 Chadwick, J. 1940-45 D.90 2 a D.86 D.87 D.88 D.89 1941 December 1943 January April 1942 July-December 1942 January - June 1940 September -December Letter of October is from Montreal. Monthly reports on research at Chadwick's laboratory in Liverpool are at D.102. (copy of cable mly), 1945 (includes corres- D.92 pondence on postwar career plans and research). 1944 1943 May -September See also A.41-A.47. March, October 1944 Cook, G.B. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 "Tube Alloys" French, A.P. 1944-46 French joined the Los Alamos group in 1945. Martin, E.B.M. and Martin, G.R. 1944-46 Letters after August 1944 are from Montreal. D.95 1944 D.96 1945-46 Poole, M. J. Wilkins, C.J. Wilkinson, D.H. 1944-46 1944 1944-45 Bretscher's 'round robin’ letter to members of the laboratory, n.d. c.April~May 1944. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence relating to wartime research, 1941-44, .102-D.105 MISCELLANEOUS REPORTS Monthly reports from George Holt Physics Laboratory, Liverpool (Chadwick's laboratory), August 1942, July, September-December 1943, and Ip. ms. notes by Bretscher. App. typescript by A.G. Ward. 3pp. typescript list of 'Reports on work carried out in England’, and 'Reports on work carried out in America', n.d., latest reference August 1941. Miscellaneous lists of British reports and manuscripts on "Tube Alloys". D.102 'Report on current German Literature’, August 1942. 3pp. typescript signed 'K.F.' and 'R.P.' (K. Fuchs and R.E. Peierls). ‘Note on positive ion sources', August 1945. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 SECTION: & LOS ALAMOS. E.1-E.29 bo eee PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE AND MATERIAL, 1943-47 Store. 19 RESEARCH AND REPORTS C.207kige CIRCULARS AND NEWSLETTERS cae PRESS-CUTTINGS Bretscher and his family left Britain in January 1944 to join the British Mission to the Manhattan District Scientific Laboratory at Los Alamos where he worked in Fermi's Advanced Development Division on deuterium-tritium reactions. He left to take up his post at Harwell at the end of 1946. E.1-E.9 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE AND MATERIAL, 1943-47 A chronological sequence mainly relating to financial matters, travel claims for consultations with colleagues in Britain and America, etc., and to Bretscher's regular Includes notes and correspondence re biographical 1946, July-August. Arrangements to leave America. Arrangements to leave Britain, travel 1944, March=June 1944, July-December _ 1945 ae December 1943-March 1944. documents. Bretscher was also able to have small sums of money sent to her. cables of greetings or family news sent via the British Mission to his mother in Switzerland. Halban and Oliphant, 1946. 1946, January-June. article on Bretscher and H. Staub for a Swiss publication. Miscellaneous travel expenses for consultations with Chadwick, 1946, October-December. Travel to Britain, housing at Harwell. 1946, September. housing at Harwell. Visit to Chalk River; cables re appointment and E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 E.10-E.19 RESEARCH AND REPORTS Los Alamos The exceptionally tight security at Los Alamos meant that Virtually no personal E.11-E.17 are final reports contributed to the sequence of research material remains. 'L.A.' reports. Bretscher in stiff-backed binders with the L.A. number and are preserved in that order. reports at D.63-D.85, most were kept by Rather like the ‘Daly 5 E10 Miscellaneous documents on research. Includes 3pp. typescript on 'Activity since my arrival at Site Y' C Los Alamos 7; p.3 gives an account of previous work at Cambridge and lists‘papers by Bretscher and collaborators. Ip. note pasted on card, on ‘Extraction of 94', Ip. calculations on ‘Dragon theory', by O.R. Frisch. ‘Fission cross section of 28 and 49 for 14 Mev neutrons’. Opp. typescript 'Draft of fission cross section report', no author but probably by Bretscher. No report no. G. 12) Ey13 Bata Miscellaneous charts, drafts, notes, calculations. 'Slow-neutron disintegration of boron-10; search for the formation of Be(10), and estimate of the mean life of Be(10)'. LADC 338. Es12 Three typescript copies of Paper, one dated 13 September 1947, all with different deletions, ms. revisions and additions, inter- calated calculations. 2|pp. typescript draft with appendix and figures, no author or date, ‘Energy loss of deuterons in D5O at very low energy', LAMS 392. l4pp. typescript draft with some ms. corrections. l4pp. typescript corrected version. ‘Low-energy yield of D(D, p)H? and the angular distribution of the emitted protons', by Bretscher, A.P. French and F.G.P. Seidl. LADC 439, Two copies of report dated September 1947; later published in Phys. Rev., 73, 1948. ‘ Low energy cross section of the D-D reaction and angular distribution of the protons emitted’, LA-581. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Los Alamos Low-energy cross section of the T-D reaction and angular distribution of the alpha particles emitted’. LA~-595. l4pp. typescript draft, work related to report 581 at E.16. brief forwarding letter to E. Konopinski, June 1946. with A.P. French in Phys.Rev., 75, 1949. See also D.85. Includes Later published 'The effects of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki’. Report of United States Strategic Bombing Survey, June 1946. Official reports to U.S. Atomic Energy Commission on Nuclear Power Reactor Technology. '1-4 Historical of Manhattan Project’. Five items, with a ms. note by Bretscher E.20-E.28 CIRCULARS AND NEWSLETTERS E.20 Rvas Circulars and information bulletins for British personnel, 1944. Similar, 1945. Similar, 1946. © 26; F226 Bias E.23 E.24 Circulars and information bulletins from U.S. sources to Los Alamos personnel, November 1943, 1945. Miscellaneous copies of The Bulletin (published thrice weekly for workers on Los Alamos site). Material relating to Association of Los Alamos Scientists, formed 30 August 1945 'to promote the attainment and use of scientific and technological advances in the best interests of humanity’. Nos. 1-10, 12-22, 25-31. Includes press release 'Motion for formation’ of association, copies of articles by N. Bohr, J.R. Oppenheimer, Sen. McMahon and others, account of Senate debate, and other documents re control of atomic energy. Los Alamos Newsletter (published by Association of Los Alamos Scientists, at first weekly, later fortnightly). and membership of committees. No.1 includes statement of aims 2 folders. pi E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 E.28 atomic bomb, telegr Navy Production Alamos Laboratory: PRESS-CUTTINGS Newspapers and Cuttings (Los Alamos Times, Santa Fe New Mexican, Denver Post) main ly 1945, 1946; includes photocopy of q retrospective article 1972. 1 box. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 83 SECTION F ATOMIC ENERGY RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT, HARWELL, F.1 - F.180 Poer. ol BRETSCHER'S CAREER & RESEARCH F.62-F.123 COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH & PROJECTS U.K. Universities F,.62-F 78 U.K. Institutions, laboratories & firms F.79-F.88 U.S.A. Universities and institutions F.89-F.108 Europe US yaen' FOOL ly F.120-F 123 F.124-F.139 COMMITTEES F.140-F.180 LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS The material in this Section comes from two different sources. Bretscher's own material includes the notebooks at F.1-F.6 and some of the research and committee folders. The remaining research and committee folders, the are not necessarily the complete original file. The content of all the folders, whatever Harwell as not required for the Public Record Office. It should be noted that they material on collaborative research and on publications was received from A.E.R.E. their source, is similar and may include notes and calculations, minutes and notes of meetings or discussions, research reports, correspondence and related background material. international co-operation. he attached to the measurement and evaluation of nuclear data and his success in achieving The committee material (F.124-F.139) though incomplete, reflects the importance The ‘collaborative research', especially that with universities in Britain (F.62- F.78), is of interest in documenting Bretscher's strong wish to maintain high research standards at Harwell. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 - Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell BRETSCHER'S CAREER AND RESEARCH ca Stationery Office notebook dated on cover 'June 1947' and inscribed "Seanuts'. Entries run June-November. Few pages used. 'Seanuts' was the codename for the experiment to establish the con- ditions governing dilution and dispersion of effluents discharged into the sea off the Cumberland coast. Stationery Office notebook inscribed 'Italian'. Miscellaneous contents, few dated. Both ends of book used. Stationery Office notebook inscribed on cover 'for History’. contents, few dated. Miscellaneous Stationery Office notebook inscribed 'Timing Unit'. experimental results, not in Bretscher's hand. are in his hand. Notes and Notes at rear of book Minutes and Appendix July 1946. of second meeting of Harwell Power Committee, he Aok Research notes and information. Lefax loose leaf diary, with index. Similar to A.11, A.14-A.27. Linen-bound notebook, probably originally a diary, with many pages torn out. Now contains notes possibly of contributions to a conference. material, some dated 1945, 1953. Brief correspondence 1947 re temporary accommodation for Chemistry Division atR.A.E. Farnborough while buildings were completed. Shorter correspondence re visits and lectures (Bretscher's carbons only), 1947. Bretscher's folder so inscribed. undated but some early; miscellaneous printed tables and related Includes ms. notes mainly on constants, ‘Formulae, graphs, tables’. -E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell 'The pile as a measuring instrument’. Folder of notes, drafts (including paper of that title, by Bretscher) and publications ‘by Harwell staff and others, on measurement of fast and slow neutron sources. Drafts and papers by P.A. Egelstaff, kept with above, 1948 and later. 2 folders. Shorter correspondence on research and visits (Bretscher's carbons only), 1948, 1949. 'Radiothorium' Correspondence and memoranda, January-February 1949, February- March 1954. "Ion sources' Diagrams, ms. notes, correspondence, notes of conference on ion sources, Amsterdam, November 1949. Fiz 'Chemistry' 'Crystals' Miscellaneous correspondence mainly with manufacturers re supplies and specimens. Various dates, 1949-62. Correspondence, notes of meetings, research notes and memoranda, supplies, etc. on scintillation crystals, April 1949-November 1964. Research reports by others, 1950. F.20 Miscellaneous typescript drafts and research reports, by Bretscher and others, 'Age-velocity theory', ‘Multiplying media’, "Pile kinetics', etc. Rouy 37pp. ms. draft by Bretscher. ‘Pile theory' Contents of a folder so inscribed. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell FP 2egtaae ‘Pile Neutron Research Group' Correspondence, notes of meetings and visits, equipment and supplies, recruitment, finance, research notes and reports. reports are by P.A. Egelstaff who led the Group, which transferred from the Nuclear Physics Division to the Solid State Physics Division from 1 April 1965. Several of the Pize July 1951 -December 1956 F.23 January 1957-March 1965 Letter (copy) from R.H. Dalitz on various aspects of neutron scattering, 1952. Report by B.T. Price on collaboration on Al-Mesons at Aiguille du Midi, 1952. Shorter correspondence on Harwell organisation, visits, etc., 1953-55. "Fission Products’ Includes programme for research on spectra. (Perhaps related Also included here is miscellaneous shorter correspondence on Harwell affairs, 1957. Correspondence, memoranda, supplies, discussion meetings (meeting of May 1955 has a ms. note by Bretscher '8 men 3 years'), January 1955- July 1959. Comments by various members of Nuclear Physics Division on work on spectra measurements at Argonne Laboratory and similar work at Harwell. to-F..3) 4). 986. Correspondence, research notes and memoranda, March 1958-January 1960. "Xenon Production' Correspondence, supplies, research report, January 1958-June 1960. 'He3 Neutron Spectrometer' E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell "lonium ( Correspondence, memoranda, analyses, printed matter, etc., May- August 1957, 1960, January 1962-December 1963. Not a complete file. inside front cover. Narrative summary of project May 1958-December 1962 tagged ‘Spectrum Measurements. LIDO Two Block Experiment’ Correspondence, memoranda, proposals, estimates and reports on project (in the charge of M.J. Poole), May 1959-January 1962. "Lead - 208' Correspondence, memoranda, etc., mainly on sources of supply and extraction costs. "Pu - Be Sources’ Correspondence with colleagues and suppliers, memoranda, printed material. Includes 3pp. F.35=Fid7 F.33 July 1959-September 1961. 'Mussbauer experiments and relevant literature’ Ms. notes by Bretscher. Ms. notes by W. Marshall with 13pp. October 1961 -December 1752, October 1964. F.34 ‘Summary of events concerning the availability of Pu/Be sources’ for the period July 1959-November 1961. F.35 typescript draft for lectures on 'The M&ssbauer effect and experiments in relativity’. file 'Pt.1B' only. Correspondence, research proposals and reports, notes of meetings, equipment, etc., September 1961 -February 1966. Not a complete F.36 on Mdssbauer effect, January 1960, and papers on subject. Press release on papers by members of Nuclear Physics Division, ae Reprints and background material. "Tandem Generator' E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 F.39 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell ‘Nuclear data for Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR)! Correspondence, memoranda, research reports, September 1962~ July 1964, Shorter Correspondence on Harwell affairs, 1960-62. Miscellaneous ms. notes by Bretscher on DNA, RNA, Genetic code, o.1962. "Nuclear data for resonance reactors! Ms. notes, Correspondence, research reports, related printed matter and references, few on ly dated 1963, 'Isospin analogue states' Research notes (not by Bretscher), related Printed matter, n.d. 1960s. Correspondence and Papers on Boron 10 (part file only). dates, 1947-64, Various Polarisation and nuclear orientation! Correspondence, ms. notes, notes of meetings, research reports and related printed matter, 1963-66. . 2-folders. 'Ko° Experiment! Correspondence, notes, mainly on work of High Energy Physics Group at CERN, 1965. 4 folders. Correspondence, reports and research ideas from members of Nuclear Physics Division, 1965-66. "Weak interaction, Parity violation! Correspondence, printed matter, 1965. Miscellaneous shorter notes by Bretscher. Few dated. miscellaneous photographs of reactors and experiments, F.50 includes E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell Miscellaneous drafts for Nuclear Physics Division Progress Reports, some heavily-corrected by Bretscher. Mainly 1965, but also 1963. 3 folders. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence (almost entirely Bretscher's carbons) on staff, visits, promotions, research, appointments, 1966. Miscellaneous information re Harwell and outstations, lists of projects, personnel, committee structure, age-groups, etc., c.1966-68. Miscellaneous correspondence 1966-68 mainly re Bretscher's post- retirement consultancy, expense claims, attendance at conferences, arrangements for historical lecture on early Cambridge atomic research (see A. 6). Correspondence 1968, re organisation and re boron pile. Continuing shorter correspondence, mainly re consultancy, 1969-72. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH AND PROJECTS Most, though not all, of this material was received from the A.E.R.E. It reflects the wide-ranging nature of the collaboration which Harwell tried to foster in its capacity as a research establishment. The folders may contain, in varying proportions, any or all of the following: Advice on equipment, apparatus and supplies. Suggestions for research projects, arrangements or contracts for collaborative work, progress reports and results. Recruitment, appointments and funding, submission and examination of higher degrees. Exchanges of information, equipment, published reports. Visits and exchanges of personnel. Lectures, colloquia, conferences. F .67 U.K. universities F.62,/F.63 F.64 F.62 1948-54 : 1948-60 1957-60 F.60-F 67 Cambridge University Bristol University Birmingham University 1959-65 (part file only). F.66 famous joke paper 'On the feasibility of coal-driven power stations’. Mainly the Cavendish Laboratory but includes some correspondence with other departments, and with overseas colleagues. 1953-58. Includes original typescript draft of O.R. Frisch's 1958-63 1947-65 F.65 1947-52 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell Fs66, F.6? Durham University 1942-56 Correspondence mainly with F.A. Paneth and G.R. Martin. F.68 wartime research. 1942, 1947-52. Includes correspondence re publication of F.69 of neutron sources, and progress reports. 1953-56. Mainly on proposed method for absolute calibration Edinburgh University: 1948-56, 1963-64 Research projects, physics teaching. Glasgow University 1256-597 Liverpool University 1955, 1964-65 Hire and loan of equipment; fast neutron detector. London University - Imperial College 1947, 1954, 1956-59 Accelerators; deuterium. 1950-55, 1963 T9$1*55 r./or ie Oxford University 1948-65 Brief exchanges only. Manchester University Shower experiments; neutron counters. London University - Queen Mary College, University College Continued Correspondence on a wide variety of research projects, mainly with colleagues at the Clarendon Laboratory, but also at the Physical Chemistry Laboratory, the Department of Metallurgy and the Department of Nuclear Physics. 1953-56. Not a complete file. P76 1948-52 F.77 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell 1958-65 F.78 collaborative work on ‘Applications of nuclear orientation to solid state physics', 'Scattering of protons by deuterons’. Includes research agreements and reports on U.K. Institutions, laboratories and firms Pee .80 Admiralty Research Laboratory Associated Electrical Industries (A.E.1.) Research Laboratory 1951-52, 1963 Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (OS AR 1955, 1961, 1964, 1965 Various research projects proposed or sponsored. Imperial Chemical Industries (I1.C.1.) 1949-52 _ 1949-52 1952-64 F.84 Lie, Por tae F.85 1959-64 National Physical Laboratory (N.P.L.) Mainly on collaborative work on calibration of neutron sources. Medical Research Council Radiotherapeutic Research Unit UKAEA Radiochemical Centre (R.C.C.) United Kingdom Atomic Energy Establishment (UKAEA) Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (A.W.R.E.) 1955-60. Actinide Isotopes in the U.K. 1955-63 F.86,".F87 F.86 F 87 1958-63 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell U.S.A. Universities, institutions and firms F.89 Aeronautical Research Laboratories Beryllium targets. American Institute of Physics 1957, 1962 Proposed 'Compilation Journal’. Brookhaven National Laboratory 1949-66 F9] counters, fast neutron detector. 1949-52, 1965-66. Velocity selector, scintillation P92 1953-58. Mainly neutron crdss section compilation. F.93 California Institute of Technology 1950-56 F974, Fs85 F.94 1946-52 1946-56 Carnegie Institute of Technology 1949-50 Fe95 1953-56- Includes work on detection of free neutrino. Chicago University Institute for Nuclear Studies 1948-57 University of California, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory 1956-57 Pulse height analyser, velocity selector. General Dynamics Corporation Columbia University 1955-57 Cornell University 1949-55 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell High Voltage Engineering Corporation 1956 Brief correspondence only, on tandem generator. lowa State College Boron crystals. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 195072 National Bureau of Standards 1949-58 Office of Naval Research 1951-65 Correspondence conducted with successive Scientific Liaison Officers at the Branch Office at American Embassy, London, on research, visits, lectures, etc. Stanford University 1952-57 Plastic scintillators; klystrons. 1952-61. 1951-63 United States Atomic Energy Commission UsSu Ack oOe) Miscellaneous shorter correspondence with colleagues in USA, requests for information, thanks for reports and publications, etc. Visits, lectures, training, equipment. Mainly on linear accelerator. Junta de Energia Nuclear, Madrid Italy. University of Rome 1956-57 Spain. 1952-57 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell Sweden. Co.), Stockholm Aktiebolaget Atomenergi (Atomic Energy) 1952-64 Equipment, visits, lectures, results. Ed 2E e119 Switzerland F.112 Brown Boveri Company, Baden. 1947-52, 1957 Drawings, patents, visits. F.113-F.115 Zurich, Physikalisches Institut Eidgendssische Technische Hochschule (E.T.H.), 1948-62 F.113 1948-55. Includes drawings. Visits, lectures, research, apparatus. F.114 Bretscher (an old student) attended as representative of A.E.R.E., 1955 Material re Centenary celebration of E.T.H. which F.115 1958-62 F.116-F.119 Swiss nuclear reactor programme 1955-56, 1963-65. F.118 1963-65 Mainly o meson factories. F.117 Correspondence 1955-56 on initial project. Bretscher was asked to advise. See also A.56. Miscellaneous background material re setting-up of Swiss F.116 nuclear energy programme. Copy of conference paper by A.F. Fritzsche on 'Nuclear F.119 Energy Programmes of the Smaller Countries' taking the Swiss nuclear energy programme as an example, 1961. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 U.Si5 8; Fel Z0"F 123 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell Miscellaneous correspondence, visits, exchanges of information, etc.; includes some copies of reports on nuclear research in U.S.S.R. Piola. 91955-56 F.121 by E, Ajzenberg. Report on nuclear physics in U.S.S.R., n.d. ¢.1955-56, F.122 Reports and correspondence, 1957-62 F.123 Similar, 1963-64 COMMITTEES Harwell and U.K. Data Committees F.124 Nuclear Electronics Committee Harwell Nuclear Data Committee Bretscher's folder, inscribed 'Data handling computers', mainly reports and background papers for meetings of committee, 1963 and 1965. Bretscher's folder, inscribed 'Nuclear data requirements', mainly reports and background material for meeting of committee in September 1966. Nuclear Data Committee meetings. Minutes and papers for committee meetings and for ‘Nuclear Data Forums', 1968. Similar (few only), 1969, 1970, 1971. 1971 material is re U.K. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell International Data Committees F.128-F.13]1 Tripartite Nuclear Cross Sections Committee (T.N.C.C.), 1960-64 This was formed in 1955 to foster collaboration between UK, USA and Canada. The material consists of general correspondence and papers on research and meetings of the T.N.C.C. Plutonium Subcommittee. F.128 April 1960-December 1961 F,V2e. 1962 1963, January-June. F.130 dissolution of T. N.C.C. and transfer of functions toE.A.N.D.C. (q.v.) from 1 May 1963. Includes correspondence relating to = July 1963-February 1964. F.131 Includes continuing corres- pondence on dissolution of T.N.C.C. and ownership of materials. F. 32°F, 135 European-American Nuclear Data Committee (EANDC), 1958-66. Bretscher was Chairman. Correspondence and arrangements Includes list of participants, summary of discussions. F.134 May 1961-February 1963. Neutron beam production. 1966. Includes 'Third Biennial Report of the Activities. of March 1959-December 1961. | Heavy water lattice spectra. F.135 the EANDC' by Bretscher and R. Batchelor. F.132 = July 1958-January 1959. for Planning Meeting for formation of committee, held at Harwell December 1958. projects, press releases, printed matter. Correspondence, notes of discussions, suggestions for collaborative F.133 Euratom (European Atomic Energy Committee), 1956-65 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell Pe F 189 International Nuclear Data Scientific Working Group (INDSWG), 1961-66 INDSWG was set up by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 1962 and Bretscher was nominated as UK representative. F.137 (May 1963), discussion notes and reports. 1961-63. Nominations, arrangements for first meeting F.138 1963-64. Second meeting (January 1964). F.139 International Data Committee and future representation. Includes correspondence re change of name to 1966. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS F.140-F.169 Lectures and publications by Bretscher F.170-F.180 — Lectures and publications by others at Harwell Lectures by Bretscher F.140 Correspondence (only) inviting Bretscher to give course of seven 'causeries' on peaceful use of atomic energy for L'Université Radio- phonique Internationale, 1951. "Station Lecture’ (on work in progress at Harwell). 3pp. ms. notes, n.d., ¢.1950. 'Use of atomic piles for nuclear measurements' 7pp. typescript, latest reference 1952. All accompanied by a clearance note from AERE. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, Includes draft for lecture on subject F.143-F.145 Lectures at University of California, Los Angeles, March 1956. F.143. 'Mesonic X-rays: Showers’. Ms. notes, background material. Included in folder are three further lectures on reactor design, piles and neutron energies at Harwell, unsigned but with ms. corrections by Bretscher, and miscellaneous other accounts of research in progress by other members of Nuclear Physics Division, none dated, some probably later, see F.152. programme of conference. Miscellaneous material relating to conference on 'Neutron Physics by Time-of-Flight', Gatlinburg, Tennessee, November 1956. Bretscher chaired a session. 'Extensive Air Showers’. F.144 diagrams, not all by Bretscher. given in Dublin, March 1954, by 'Dr. Galbraith’. Miscellaneous ms. and typescript drafts, diagrams, not all by Bretscher, ‘Nuclear constants basic to reactor design'. 1]pp. typescript F.145 with ms. annotations. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell Lecture on ‘Nuclear Reactors’ to Physical Society, University of Glasgow, February 1957. 9pp. typescript and ms., with clearance note from A.E.R.E. F.148, F.149 Lectures at Yale, September 1957. With clearance note from A.E.R.E. F.148 'Reactor Neutron Spectra', 10pp. F.149 'Survey of Low Energy neutron physics', 7pp. "Lectures (Durham and Cambridge)! Correspondence, June 1957-January 1958, re lecture at Durham (F.151) and arrangements for Bretscher to give course of lectures on "Interactions of Neutrons with Nuclei' at Cavendish Laboratory, Michaelmas Term 1957. Includes summaries of lectures 2-5. ‘Synopsis of lecture to the Physical Society at Durham'. reactors. On nuclear Wi th clearance note from A.E.R.E. F.153-F.160 ‘Australian Lectures', given on visit to Australia in 1961. F.153 'The Mdssbauer Effect: nuclear resonance fluorescence’ ‘Lecture to Physical Society, Cambridge’. On work in hand at Harwell. Spp. typescript and ms. n.d., perhaps 1958, see F.150. 9pp. typescript and ms. on Time of Flight, and cosmic ray research also featured in F.142. n.d. but probably mid 1950s; includes work Continued F.154 = ‘'The British nuclear power programme and some of the factors which determine the economics of the U.K. nuclear energy production’. Ms. and typescript notes, drafts, calculations; a little background material. Opp. typescript and ms. draft, with diagrams attached and some ms. comments by M.J. Poole. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell F.155 'Neutron physics in the intermediate energy region’. Wi th clearance note from A.E.R.E. Several typescript and ms. notes and drafts, some probably from previous lectures; a little printed matter. F.156 'Survey of the ideas on neutron nuclear interaction’. 7pp. typescript and ms. draft. F.157 = 'Basic data for reactor physics calculations. Moderator scattering’. Part A: With clearance note from A.E.R.E. 9pp. typescript and ms. draft, with diagrams attached. F.158 nuclear data’. ‘Basic data for reactor physics calculations. Part B: With clearance note from A.E.R.E. 6pp. typescript and ms. draft, with diagrams attached. FUS9 oo" Shides". Slide lists, diagrams and other background information. Itinerary and schedule of lectures. 'The relation of neutron physics to the development of atomic energy’. ‘Nuclear physics in its relation to the National Atomic Energy Program’. Lecture at Institute of Physics conference on 'Low Energy Nuclear Physics', Harwell, September 1962. 10pp. typescript and ms. draft with intercalated notes and diagrams; conference programme. F.160 Included here are clearance notes for two additional lectures given on the tour, on 'An experimental test of the statistical theory of nuclear reactions' and 'Quasi-elastic scattering of protons ...'. given at Bonner Memorial Conference, Houston, February 1963. Variously paginated typescript and ms. draft for lecture at Los Alamos, February 1963. Also included are notes for talk on Time of Flight by M.S. Coates, November 1962. l0pp. typescript and ms. draft +3pp. tables, for lecture of same title, E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell F.164 "Introductory talk' at International Conference on the Study of Nuclear Structure with Neutrons', Antwerp, July 1965. Undated: Ip. only, on work of Nuclear Physics Division, A.E.R.E. 3pp. ‘Draft Programme Review’ . Book reviews by Bretscher 1948-61 Drafts; may include a little correspondence with colleagues and editors. F.166 rite 1948-52 Includes miscellaneous recollections of E. Fermi (d.1954), 1954-55. one of which refers to 'small private course’ on radiation theory and quantum electrodynamics given by Fermi to Bretscher and a few others at Los Alamos during Bretscher's last summer there (1946). related to notes in C.6. Memoir of Fermi, on which Bretscher and Cockcroft collaborated. Work probably intended for Royal Society Perhaps F.170 1956, 1958, :: 1259 1960, 1961. Lectures by others at Harwell Course of twenty lectures by O.R. Frisch, given December 1946- June 1947. No author. Lectures and notes by T.M. Fry (1950), E.R. Rae (1958). ‘Atomic piles and their use in nuclear physics' Two papers by J.V. Dunworth. 17pp. +1p. references. Latest reference 1949. Lecture given in Dublin 1954. Duplicated typescript. n.d., latest reference 1947. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell Shorter correspondence, memos. etc. re lectures given by members of Harwell staff, 1950s. Similar material, 1962-64. Publications by others at Harwell Correspondence, drafts, etc. relating to submission or refereeing of papers, reviews, etc. F.176 1948-5] FATT 1952-53 1954-55 1956-57 1958-60. and Working at Includes draft of article by American visitor on 'Living Harwell’ and photograph, July 1960. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 SECTION G VISTS: Gil =Cll4 It is clear from correspondence and references elsewhere that the surviving material does not adequately represent Bretscher's visits to lectures, conferences or laboratories. G.1 Invitation to attend 200th Anniversary of Naturforschende Gesellschaft, Zurich. Correspondence only. 1946 Correspondence re visit to Switzerland and Italy. carbons only. Bretscher's 1948 Visit to U.S.A. and Canada, September -November 1951 This was an official visit, and included attendance at International Conference on Nuclear Physics at Chicago, lectures and visits at several laboratories and institutions and renewal of personal contacts. Bretscher visited Washington, Oak Ridge, Houston, Los Angeles, Los Alamos and Brookhaven in U.S.A. and Chalk River, Montreal and Ottawa in Canada. There is a little scientific correspondence arising. Visit to Italy. Brief correspondence only. Visit to Philips, Eindhoven (declined). 1958 Material includes invitations, travel arrangements and funding, programme and participants at conference, correspondence with colleagues, etc. Tagged inside front cover of folder is Bretscher's 3pp. ms. list of research workers and projects at various centres. Continued This was under the auspices of the UK/USSR agreement; five physicists from A.E.R.E. and three from Rutherford Laboratory visited Moscow, Dubna, Leningrad, Kharkov and Yerevan. G.6 in the U.S.S.R., June 1963. Visit to certain laboratories for low and high energy physics Material is mainly reports on the visit; brief notes only by Bretscher. Anglo-Russian visits. 1963-66 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Visits G.7 December 1965. Visit of Russian physicists to U.K. laboratories and universities, Programme of visits, list of participants, photographs. G.8-G.12. Visit to laboratories for low and high energy physics in the U.S.S.R. June 1966 A similar visit to that of June 1963. members of the A.E.R.E. delegation and visits were made to Moscow, Obninsk, Serpukhov, Novosibirsk, Leningrad, Kharkov and Dubna. Bretscher was one of the five G.8 Travel arrangements and itineraries. G.9 Notebooks and loose pages of notes by Bretscher. G.10 — Photographs and memorabilia, greetings from Russian colleagues. G.11 Russian reports on work at Dubna, Novosibirsk, Obminsk. G.12 U.K. reports on visit. Miscellaneous reports on Russian atomic energy, exchange various dates 1959-66. ' Draft report, ms. and typescript comments by Bretscher, final version. Seminar on Intense Neutron Sources (SINS), Santa Fe, September 1966. G.13 visits scheme, etc, kept with material for 1966 visit. Brief personal correspondence also included. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 56 SECTION H CORRESPONDENCE H.1 - H.80 The surviving correspondence is unfortunately scanty and there are few substantial sequences. It is presented alphabetically, dated and indexed, with a brief indication of content or other information where appropriate. Al Aharoni, J. Two letters, from Freiburg. Alvarez, L. 1948 Colleague at Los Alamos. Bretscher's carbons oly. Arnold, L. M.M. Gowing's history of atomic energy. Balmer, J.J. 1896 Letter to family with (on verso) table of helium spectrum lines; diagram of colours; diagrams of polyhedra. Balmer, a distinguished Swiss scientist, is best known for his work on hydrogen spectrum lines; helium spectra. this letter indicates his interest also in Bloch, F. ’ 1930, various dates 1937-53 He later moved to America and settled at Stanford. The material was passed on via Lydia Knapp-Balmer, wife of Balmer and a friend of Hanni Bretscher's mother. Felix Bloch was a lifelong friend from early days in Switzerland. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1952. The letters are mainly personal, Bloch's letters addressing Bretscher letters of 1930 are from Bloch in hospital, and from Bloch's as 'Gon'; mother, both referring to the mountaineering accident in August when Bloch broke a leg and Bretscher contributed largely to saving his life when they had to spend two nights in the open. (cousin) 1950, 1971 1952, 1958 Blok, A. Breit, G. Visits and research. Bretscher, A.A. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Correspondence Burcham, W.E. Cartwright, M.L. Casimir, H.B.G. Exchange of wartime news. H.12-H.14 Chadwick, J. 1948, 1960, 1961, 196 197] 42 1948 (isotopes), 1960 (publication of A.E.R.E. research). H.13 birthdays. 1961, 1966. Celebrations for Chadwick's 70th and 75th H.14. 1971. One letter only, from Chadwick, on 80th birthday. Cockburn, R. 1958, 1966 Brief corre spondence only. Cook, L.G. 1939-41, 1944, 1947 Cockcroft, J.D. various dates 1964-67 Former Cambridge colleague, later working at various research stations in Canada. Bretscher's carbon only. Colleague at Los Alamos; mainly on publications. Bretscher's carbon only, on T.R.E. and radar. de Hoffmann, F. 1947, 1950 Debye, P. Two letters only. Dee, P.I. 19ST, .49S/ Dunworth, J.V. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Correspondence Eckart, C. 1951 -52 Reports on dispersal experiments in the Irish sea. Eucken, A. Work on dielectric constants of crystals. Feather, N. 1945-46 Postwar appointments; possible monograph by Bretscher. rice, ¥. ; 1955 Uranium waste; use of isotopes. Foster, R.C. (formerly Fleischner) 1943-50, 1963 Foster and his wife were old friends, originally of Hanni Bretscher's family. They had been seed merchants in Czechoslovakia and after various migrations settled in America before to Switzerland (information from Mrs. Bretscher, 1986). correspondence in the folder is from and to America. include news of family in Czechoslovakia. returning later in Earlier letters All the life Fuchs, K. Frisch, O.R. 1946-48 French, A.P. 1949-54, 1958 Correspondence 1946 is re Harwell and Frisch's and Bretscher's appoint - ments there. Neutron measurements. One letter only, on 'Sea Nuts' research report. accompanied by a note on Fuchs contributed by Mrs. Bretscher, 1986. Goldhaber, M. 1949, 1950 1948 The letter is Garside, L. 197] E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Correspondence Gowing, M.M. Bretscher's comments on history of atomic energy. Halban, H.H. v Brief correspondence only. 1950, 1959 Hampelman, L. Colleague at Los Alamos. One letter oly. Hughes, D.J. Kapitza, P. 1948 197] Rutherford centenary colloquium in Moscow. from Bretscher on his contacts with Rutherford. Includes draft reply King, P. 1955, 1965 Kowarski, L. 1944-46, 1951-52, Lane, A.M. King, R. Konopinski, E. 1964 1948, 1950 Research, postwar plans, etc. London, L. Bretscher's carbons oly. = 1960 Logue, J.T. Atomic bomb. Lauritsen, C.C. 1948, 1949 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 H.45 H.46 MacKenzie, K.R. Mark, C. Corresponden ce 1962-63 1965 Brief correspondence only, re photographs of J. von Neumann. Marshall, W. Martin, E.B.M. Mullett, L.B. Neddermayer, S. Career plans after Los Alamos. 1971 1971 1966 1946 H.51-H:53 Oliphant, M.L. 1939-53 H.52 Paul, E. Pélya, G. Poole, M. J. Paneth, F.A. Oliphant was one of Bretscher's oldest friends in Britain; pondence is on careers and research. the corres- wo 1939-43 H.53 1947-53 1945-46. Mainly postwar career plans. One letter only, on death of Bretscher's mother. 1946, 195] Bretscher's carbon only. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Correspondence H.58 Rothschild, N.M.V. Bretscher's carbon only, on leading physicists. Scherrer, P. Seligman, H. Mainly post-retirement plans. Sellschop, J.P.F. Possible visit to South Africa. nud. 1966, 1968, n.d. Sigg; £. 1945-46 Schoolfellow at Zurich Gymnasium. Sinelnikova, E.A. Widow of Russian colleague. Staub, H. 1945-51 includes a little correspondence from Strang, G. Two letters only. Research and, appointments; Erika Staub. 1966, 1967 Publications, visits, etc. verses by Teller 'Exceedingly small’ (on mesons) on the Solvay Conference in June of that year. Taschek, R.F. Teller, E. Titterton, E.W. 1966 n.d. 1945, 1947-51 Correspondence 1948 includes humorous Vick, F.A. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Correspondence Waller, |. Weber, E. ; Exchange of postwar news with old friend from Zurica. Weisskopf, V.F. Bretscher's carbon only. Wilkinson, D.H. Wilson, C.T.R. One letter only. See also F.70. 197] 1946 1946, 1954 1948 info) thse Shorter personal and scientific correspondence. Not indexed. Heo 1944-55 H.76 1960-71 and n.d. 1944 1966 1967. H.77 REFERENCES AND ASSESSMENTS Grant applications (2) 1967. Grant applications (1) E, Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS AHARONI, Joseph ALLEN, Kenneth William ALLEN, W. D. ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward ALLISON, Samuel K. ALVAREZ, Louis AMALDI, Edoardo ANDERSON, Herbert L. ARMOUR, Elizabeth G. ARNOLD, Henry ARNOLD, Lorna ASHGAR, M. H,] F.33, F.38, F.86, F.87 Riga e340, P 84, °F 291, Fo104 See also F.101 F.80 See also A. 28 Five 3.3 See also E.5 See H.2 Bit0y, F. Fez Per A.2 greg H.3 F.49 AWBERY, J. H. D.63 F.85 F.108 F.138 BARK, Go ed AXTON, Edward J. F.93 F.16 H.4 BACHER, Robert F. BETHE, Hans Albrecht BALMER, Johann Jakob BARSCHALL, Henry H. BATCHELOR, R. A.56 BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BONNER, Thomas W. BOVERI, Walter E. BLACKMAN, Moses B.8 F.118 ae Figaro Pisa Fe fo BLASER, J. P. BLOCH, Felix BLOK, Arthur Dio, DO. 59, 456 G.3 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Index of correspondents BOWEN, Edmund John BRADBURY, Norris E. BRADDICK, Henry John James BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence BREIT, Gregory BRETSCHER, Adolf A. BRIDGMAN, Percy W. BRODE, Robert B. BROWNE, Benjamin Chapman BULLARD, Sir Edward (Crisp) BURCHAM, William Ernest BURROWS, W.__L. BUSCH, G. BUTLER, Clifford Charles F.76, F.77 F.94 F.46, F.75 A.41, F.65 F.107, H.7 H.8 B.8 G.3 F.65 F.84 AMT, ©. 38; 6.02; Caer: Hg + Oo, roan raito F.73 CARTER, Ps EY CARTER, Robert S. F.88 reve H.10 H.11 F.98 CHADWICK, Sir James COCKBURN, Sir Robert CAVANAGH, Patrick E. CARTWRIGHT, Mary Lucy CASIMIR, Hendrik Brugt Gerhard COCKCROFT, Sir John (Douglas) A.35, A.42, A.43, D.69, D.86- D.92, H.12-H.14 See also D.102 F.104 H.15 A.44-A.46, A.50, D.39, F.8, F.15, F.28, F.62, F.67, F.76, F.167, H.13, H.16 D,6°0.9) DB. 70,.0.77, 0.93 See also D.44 COLVIN, Douglas W. COLLIE, Carl Howard CROCKER. Ve Sy F.96 See F.76 COHEN, Bernard L. P72 F.66 ete F.62 Cie Aerts Ase he COLLINGE, Brian COOK, Gerald B. COOK, Leslie G. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Index of correspondents DAGLEY, Peter DALITZ, Richard Henry DANCKWERTS, Peter Victor DANIELSON, G. C. DARDEL, Guy v. DAVIES, 3. DAWSON, Peter DEBYE, Peter Joseph Wilhelm DEE, Philip Ivor de HOFFMANN, Frederic DIAMOND, Jack DUNWORTH, John Vernon F.33 F.24, F.62 F.73 F.102 F.111 F.64 F.136 A.30, H.18 Pete she) See also D.101, H.19 F100, 4, 20 Pays A.59, F.81, F.85, F.107, F.132, F.134 See also F.171, H.21 EKLUND, Sigvard FALK, Charles E. FEATHER, Norman EASTWOOD, W._ S. ECKART, Carl EGELSTAFF, Peter A. ELLIOT, Harry EMELEUS, Harry Julius EUCKEN, A. F.115, F.132 H.22 F.27, F.85, F.87, F.134, F.174 F.111 F.75 F.65 H.23 Fuoey Gap Tote O1040.. 18) See also C.18, D.37, D.40 F.30,, F.70; t.24 FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron FENNING, F. W. FERGUSON, A. G. FISCH, |. (Cornu) F. 103 P39 F.49 H.25 FEISTER I. FELD, Bernard T. FERMI, Enrico See C.6, F.167 riot F.70, F.104 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Index of correspondents FONG, Peter FOSTER, Robert C. (formerly FLEISCHNER) FOWLER, Joseph L. FOWLER, Willy A. FREEMAN, Joan M. FRENCH, Anthony Philip FRISCH, Otto Robert Fo, H.26 F.38 Pre Fico. Faae, bso DD, 1B-D.19,;D-65,.0.82, Di 83, D.80,:D.94:, 6.165, '£.66...F, 94: By. See also E.15, E.17 D.20, E.10, F.65-F.67, H.13, H.28 See also F.170 FUCHS, Klaus H.29 GALBRAITH, W. GARSIDE, Leonard GOLD, Thomas GOLDHABER, Maurice GOLDSCHMIDT, B. F.47, F.63 H.30 F.65 H.31 TROVE Wie ee, GOWING, Margaret Mary GRACE, Michael Anthony GREEN, Leslie Leonard GRAY, Louis Harold (Hal) GOLDSTEIN, Herbert GOODWAY, N. F. GOUDSMIT, Sam A. F.132 F.32, F.132 F.84, F.85, F.136 F.91 H.32 F.76, F.77 Doz), 80. F.33 F.88 F.112 F.132 F.62, F.76 A.39, D.22, F.15, H.33 See also A.47, D.37, D.41 H.34 F.130, F.131, F.135, F.137 HALBAN, Hans Heinrich von GUCK, Rudolf GUERON, J. HAMPELMAN, Louis HANNA, Geoffrey C. HARDING, G. N. E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Index of correspondents HARVEY, Boe 3G. HAVENS, William W. HAWORTH, Leland J. AE io ee HOFSTADTER, Robert HOLTE, Gunnar HORNYAK, William F. HUGHES, Donald J. HULME, Henry Rainsford HUME-ROTHERY, William HUTCHINSON, George William IPPOLITO, Felice JACKSON, J. Frank JACOBSEN, J, °C, D.78 F.32, F.98, F.137 G.3 F.134 .106 .133 9 1, F.92, F.132, H.35 .87 78 BRUCK Se MG BAe: F/O Sirs, Ge AS . 88 JSELTEY, a V ‘JEWKES, John KING, Pere KING, Ronald H.36 A.37. H.38 KEMMER, Nicholas KAPITZA, Piotr Leonidovich (Peter) F.78 D278. D..24, 1140 See also D.37, D.56 KNAPP-BALMER, Lydia KONOPINSKI, Emil KOLSTAD, George A. KOFOED-HANSEN, O. Pivuey, fy led; ta200 KRONBERGER, Hans See D.54 See H.4 F.tg2 KRUSE, Herald W. KURTI, Nicholas H.39 Falfe F.28 KINSEY, b,.. 6. KOWARSKI, Lew E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Index of correspondents LANE, Anthony M. LARSSON, Karl-Erik LAURITSEN, Charles C. LAURITSEN, Tom LAWSON, J. R. LEA, Douglas E. LEWIS, Wilfrid Bennett LITHERLAND, A. E. LITTLER, ODerrik, J. LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben LOGUE, John T. LOMER, William Michael LONDON, Lucie . LONGAR, Alec K. LUDLAM, E. B. H.41 F.111 H.42 F.93 A.29 C.5 F.28, F.62, F.132, F.133 F.38 F.111, F.134 F.8 H.43 F.81, F.88 H.44 ~ E.1, F.46, F.107, G.3 A.29 Poe: RAZOR. tor F.86 H.45 San I Rie MANLEY, John H. McDANIEL, B.D. W. McILROY, R. McKAN Fe A MACKENZIE, Kenneth R. McMILLAN, Geoffrey A. MADDOCK, Alfred G. EC; MAKINS, Sir Roger Mellor (later BARON D.95, D.96, D.103, F.68, F.69 H.47 See also F.37 D.25, D.26, D.63, D.64, D.82, D.83, D.84, D.95, D.96, F.68, H.48 D.27, D.28, D.65, D.71, D.79, MARSHALL, Walter Charles, Baron G.3 See also H.46 MARTIN, Graham R. MARTIN, Elsie B. M. D.62 gees) F.104 MANN, W. B. MARK, Carson SHERFIELD) MARMIER, P. Baris E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Index of correspondents MEIER, Rudolf MIDDLETON, Roy MOON, Philip Burton MORRISON, Phil F.118 F.38 E.62 G.3 MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis eree, F267, F150, Hi .13 MUIRHEAD, H. MULLETT, Leslie B. MULLIKEN, Robert Sanderson MUMMERY, Peter W. PAURRELLS € oe-Bs.. MM see MARTIN MYERSCOUGH, Leslie C. NEDDERMAYER, Seth Fav H.49 Bat7 F.139 F.88 H.50 OLIPHANT, Sir Mark (Marcus Laurence Elwin) A.32, A.54, F.62, H.36, H.51- H.53 OTERO, José Marfa Ftt0 1.55 F.80 F.106 PANETH, Friedrich Adolf PATTENDEN, Norman J. F.68, H.54 F.45,. F349, F388 PAULI, Wolfgang PAYNE, Ronald M. Poti t, .F.i33 See A.47 PAUL, Eric PAULI, R. PANOFSKY, Wolfgang K.-H. PEACOCK, D. H. F £31 See H.56 D.32, D.65, D.81, D.97, F.15, Gly F «/ apr soe bs ee, Fi 186, H.57 See also F.154, F.175 PICKAVANCE, Thomas Gerald POLYA, George POSTMA, Hans PRICE, B. Terry PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf (Ernst) F 62 F206, fis POOLE, Michael J. D.29-D.31, D.80 F.45 E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Index of correspondents RAE. Ernest R. RANDALL, Sir John Turton RANDERS, Gunnar REINES, Frederick RILEY «De 2. ROBINSON, Denis M. ROCHESTER, George Dixon ROSE, Basil Petits testa boo Pett): See also F.42 Hl ign F.132 ale | F.74 A.28 See also F.101 Fiva F.60 ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Meyer Victor, Baron See H.58 RUTHERFORD, Ernest, Baron A.30, A.33 SAINI, Hugo SALAM, Abdus SCHAETTI, N. SCHERRER, P. B.8 F.73 F.M3 SEIDE Fred GP. SEIPPEL, Claude SHERFIELD, see MAKINS SELIGMAN, Henry SELESCHOP,- Ps SCHONLAND, Sir Basil Ferdinand Jamieson SCHURER, M. fae, Petioy Ff. lio. eh, Fidag toa A.54, F.77, F.81, F.133 A.55 fe) G5 F.112 F.137, F.138, H.60 H.6] F.66 SINELNIKOVA, E. SJOSTRAND, Nils G. SKINNER, Herbert Wakefield Banks SIMON, Sir Francis (Eugen) P33, F.66 F605; F.46 See also C.18 H.62 H.63 F.134 7a SHIRE, Edward Samuel SHOENBERG, David UF: A. SIGG, Ernst SMITH, Charles L. PUAG, FEE E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Index of correspondents SNELL, Arthur H. SNIZEK, Josef SOWERBY iM... G: SPAEPEN, J. SPENCE, Robert SPIERS , ad. STAUB, Erika STAUB, Hans STAUDINGER, Hermann STORY," Jon. $; STRANG, Graham SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon (Brims Black Mc lvor) TANK, F. G.3 F.132 F.73, F.85 F.134, F.137 BAe Fee g. Pat Orit Ol pe ie Lee; F.136 See also F.25 F.76 H .64 H.64 A.28 F, 13}, F436 H.65 F.84 A. B6, F.1IS 1eOres iol, rs lde, TELLER, Edward H.68 RAT7 TASCHEK, Richard F. TUNDBHCERFE. Po. Rk, Hee, Fotos. H.66 VON MURALT, A. VICK, Sir (Francis) Arthur TITTERTON, Sir Ernest (William) H.67 See also F.94, F.97 A:57..P.31, F2$3,, 6.78; F.81, F.87, F.138, F.139, F.175, H.69 Dov, beetee4 WATTENBERG, Albert A.30 F.63 H.70 G.3 nisl WALKER, John WALLER, Iras A.55 Bilis WALDVOGEL, P. WALKER, Sir James WEBER, Erich WEBSIER, ‘Wit © E: E. Bretscher CSAC 115/6/86 Index of correspondents WEINBERG, Alvin M. WEISSKOPF, Victor Frederick WESTCOTT, Carl H. WILKINS, C. WILKINSON, Sir Denys (Haigh) J. WILSON, Charles Thomson Rees WILSON, John Graham WIRTZ, K. WU, GC. Si YORK, Herbert F. ZINGG, Ernst F.26 F.103 See also H.72 . taere 4130, Ft 162-F 164, Fels72 138 nad) sO, eee 4)6D 35) D.72,7D.99;, F338, .34, F.65, F.66, F.78, F.111, Je .70, H.74 175 182 .98 ty ZINN, Wis