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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of David Joseph Bohm FRS (1917-1992) NCUACS catalogue no. 156/6/07 by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Description level: Fonds Deposited in: Reference code: GB 1832 BOHM Title: Compiled by: Date of material: 1933-2002 Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper Extent of material: 9 boxes ca 200 items Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of David Joseph Bohm FRS (1917-1992), physicist NCUACS catalogue no. 156/6/07 © 2007 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. The Library, Birkbeck College London D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: Birkbeck College London Institute of Physics Royal Society D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN BIRKBECK COLLEGE LONDON D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.131-A.181 SECTION B DRAFTS, PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES B.83-B.192 SECTION C CORRESPONDENCE C.93-C.129 SECTION D NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL D.1-D.20 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 GENERAL INTRODUCTION For an outline of the career of David Bohm see the introduction to the ‘Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of David Joseph Bohm’ compiled in 1997 (NCUACS catalogue no. 66/4/97), hereafter referred to as the original catalogue. A longer account is to be found in B.J. Hiley, 'David Joseph Bohm 20 December 1917-27 October 1992’, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society 43 (1997), 105-131, a copy of which is at A.133. PROVENANCE This material was received from Professor B.J. Hiley, via Birkbeck College London, in November 2006. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION This material, which spans 1933-2005, forms a valuable additional resource for the study of Bohm’s life and thought. There are some documents that directly relate to material presented in the 1997 catalogue, and this is indicated in the catalogue entries by reference to the original catalogue, but the bulk is new. death to 1998. The catalogue entries in this volume have been numbered to follow on from the earlier catalogue. Section A, Biographical, includes a copy of the Royal Society biographical memoir of Bohm, additional interviews and dialogues material, including a series of contributions to the magazine ReVision, and some additional material relating to the Ojai Dialogues of 1989. There are further articles about Bohm showing the continuing interest his life and ideas inspired. Life and career material includes reinforced the picture of him as a loner shunned by the mainstream scientific establishment. The documentation of his election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society including letters of congratulation. The original catalogue contained a solitary letter of congratulation, from Brian Josephson, which Of particular note is the further material presented on the themes of wholeness and and material relating to his wife Saral Bohm that shows her promoting her husband’s ideas after his addition to this of congratulations from figures such as Lord Flowers, Sir Roger Penrose and Abdus Salam indicates the high regard in which he was widely held. The section also has a little personal correspondence, which includes documentation of visits to North America in the 1970s and 1980s, Section B, Drafts, publications and lectures, is the largest in this catalogue. It covers the period 1951 D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 fragmentation and the implicate order. The section also presents significant documentation of Bohm’s ideas in quantum theory. Drafts by Bohm include series of lectures ‘On plasma physics’, delivered at the University of Rome in May 1958 and on ‘General theory of collective coordinates’, University of Bristol, about the same date. Bohm’s wider vision is documented in papers delivered at various meetings, such as 'An inquiry into the function of language and thought’ (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, March, 1971), ‘Insight, imagination, reason and the nature of knowledge’ and ‘Consciousness’ (Syracuse University, September 1982), and ‘Fragmentation and wholeness’ (Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, Zurich, Switzerland, 1986). The coverage of Bohm’s published output in the original catalogue was rather thin; this catalogue presents significantly more material documenting his publications. It includes articles on quantum theory from the 1950s onwards, drafts of Causality and Chance in Modern Physics (1957) and the final chapter of Wholeness and the Implicate Order (1980), and a posthumously published work 'Cosmos, Matter, Life and Consciousness’, in The Spirit of Science. From Experiment to Experience, 1998 from a lecture originally given in 1983. Section C, Correspondence, presents important new material on Bohm’s life and ideas. It includes a bound volume of correspondence with the philosopher J.G. Bennett (1962-1964) largely arising from ideas put forward in Bennett's book The Dramatic Universe, much influenced by G.I. Gurdjieff. There is correspondence with A. Kahler and her daughter H.M. Loewy 1950-1951, in which Bohm discusses his difficulties with the Un-American Activities Committee, his move to Brazil and future plans. There memorial meeting to Bohm held at Birkbeck College London in May 1993. There is also an index of correspondents. T.E. Powell his ideas in quantum theory. mathematician Miriam Yevick. The letters cover the early 1950s after Bohm’s move to Brazil and Israeli conflict. There is an extensive set of photocopies of manuscript letters from Bohm to the transcripts of correspondence with Yitzhak (‘Isidore’) Woolfson, Bohm's brother-in-law. This Schindler's review of Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order. Correspondence with F. Wilhelm correspondence also discusses individuality, the nature of understanding, memory and the Arab- includes discussion of the thought and personality of J. Krishnamurti, who was a profound influence are exchanges with D.L. Schindler, editor of Communio, a Roman Catholic journal, arising from on the thought of both men, and further discussion of Krishnamurti is to be found in the typescript cover his experiences there, his future plans, and the state of the world, as well as the development of Bath 2007 Section D, Non-textual material, is a section not present in the original catalogue. Of particular note are the audio cassette tapes of broadcasts on Radio France in 1982 and the proceedings of the D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.131-A.181 1933-2005 A.131-A.134 OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES A.135-A.148 INTERVIEWS, DISCUSSIONS AND DIALOGUES A.149-A.163 ARTICLES AND PAPERS ABOUT BOHM A.164-A.174 LIFE AND CAREER A.175-A.179 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.180, A.181 SARAL BOHM A.131-A.134 OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES 1992-1998 ‘Remarks by S Schweber at memorial meeting for Dave Bohm’, 3 December 1992 Printed out email, 3pp Letters of condolence These are additional to those at A.6-A.12 of the original catalogue and were not in the list in A.5. 1992-1993 Tribute to Bohm from newsletter of the Instituto de Estudos Avancados da Universidade de Sao Paulo, vol 10 no 2 (1998) ‘David Joseph Bohm 20 December 1917-27 October 1992’ by B.J. Hiley, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society 43 (1997), 105-131 Offprint. The newsletter is announcing a forthcoming symposium on David Bohm’s work. D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Biographical, A.131-A.181 A.135-A.148 INTERVIEWS, DISCUSSIONS AND DIALOGUES 1978-1989 ‘The enfolding-unfolding David Bohm’ by Renée Weber, ReVision 1 (1978), 24-51 a conversation with universe: Photocopy of published conversation nature ‘Mind, Schaeffer, 11 February 1981 and the quantum’, interview with G.W. 1980-1981 21pp arrangements. typescript —_ transcript; correspondence re Schaeffer was Professor of Ecological Physics, Cranfield Institute of Technology. The interview was to have been published (in part) in the Christian Science Monitor. Interview Physics, American Institute of Physics, 8 May 1981 Center for Hoddeson, Lillian by History of 16pp typescript transcript. Photocopy of published conversations. Photocopy of published conversation. ‘Conversations between Rupert Sheldrake, Renée Weber, David Bohm’, ReVision 5 (Fall 1982), 23-48 ‘The physicist and the mystic - is a dialogue between them possible?’, by Renée Weber, ReVision 4 (Spring 1981), 21- 74 ‘Joe Schaeffer interview with David Bohm’ 23 July 1986 ‘Of matter and meaning: the: super-implicate order. A conversation between David Bohm and Renée Weber’, ReVision 6 (1983), 34-44 Photocopy of published conversation. A.141, A.142 D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Biographical, A.131-A.181 Print-out of transcript 42pp. Revised transcript 31pp. Interview by Dipankar Home, Science Today November 1986, 25-27, 48-49 Photocopy of published interview. ‘Interview between David Bohm and Lee Nichol’ 14pp typescript transcript so headed. This an earlier version of the 1989 conversation presented at A.40 of the original catalogue A.145-A.148 Ojai Dialogues See also A.67-A.70 of the original catalogue. ‘David Bohm meeting with Oak Grove students, California, November 14, 1989’ Ojai, This was the basis of the booklet at A.66 in the original catalogue. 32pp typescript. ‘Dialogue Four - (First half)’, 3 December 1989 A.146, A.147 ‘David Bohm Seminar December 2, 1989’ 43pp typescript transcript. 64p typescript. 2 folders. D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Biographical, A.131-A.181 A.149-A.163 ARTICLES AND PAPERS ABOUT BOHM 1983-2005 Newspaper references to Bohm’ 1983,1997 Why Einstein was wrong about light’ Sunday universe Chronicle, 17 August 1997. Times as 20 seen February North 1983 from Beach’, by Danah Zohar, (photocopy); ‘The San Francisco ‘Some remarks on the significance of David Bohm’s views for biology’ by K. Kortmulder, Acta Biotheoretica 36 (1987), 275-280 Corrected offprint. A.151-A.155 ‘Material collected by David Peat for his 1992 biography + not in folders A.20-A.22’. Contents of folder so labelled 1992-1996 A.151-A.153 Print-outs of unedited transcripts of reminiscences of Bohm and 2 folders. 3 folders. the dialogue technique, 1993-1996 A.154, A.155 letters, information, Miscellaneous letters and copies of poems etc. The reminiscences focus in particular on Bohm’s family background, his relationship with Krishnamurti, his move towards his depression. Those interviewed include Saral Bohm, Lee Nichol, Dave Moody and Mort Weiss. (see B.16 of the original catalogue). First issue of Psychoscience, which also includes ‘Soma- significance: a new notion of the relationship between the physical and the mental’ by Bohm, published posthumously ‘Remembering Psychoscience vol 1 no 1 (1994), 3-5 Germine, David Bohm’ by M._ D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Biographical, A.131-A.181 ‘The quantum Germine, Pyschoscience vol 1 no 2 (1994), 139-149 metaphysics of Bohm’ David by T.J. Issue of Pyschoscience. Photocopied pages referring to Bohm from The Quark and the Jaguar: Adventures in the Simple and Complex by M. Gell-Mann (1995) ‘3 untitled pages (130 to 132) concerning DAVID BOHM Headed Das Jahr 1951. Dated 13 March 1995’ App photocopy manuscript notes on Bohm’s life, apparently taken from German language draft, one page of which is appended: 1 page of typescript corrections. ‘Talk for Amherst’, 12 June 1995, recollections of Bohm by Saral Bohm 8pp typescript. Offprint. Preprint. ‘David Bohm and collective movement by A. Kojevnikov, HSPS vol 33 part 1 (2002), 161-192 ‘Science and exile: David Bohm, the Cold War, and a new interpretation of quantum mechanics’, HSPS vol 36 part 1 (2005) Preprint. a new ‘Dialectical materialism and the construction of quantum theory: David Joseph Bohm, 1917-1992’ by C. Forstner, 2005 D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Biographical, A.131-A.181 A.164-A.174 LIFE AND CAREER 1933-1990 Curricula vitae Bibliographies A.166- A.170 Manuscript notes, diagrams and essays 1933-1934, n.d. 5 folders. These are the notes of which the photocopies at. A.108- A.112 of the original catalogue are copies. A.108=A.166, The photocopies have been retained due to the poor etc. condition of the originals. ‘Statement made by David Joseph Bohm, March 23rd 1960’ and ‘Additional statement made by David Joseph Bohm on April 12th, 1960’; correspondence re visa 1983 [1960], 1983- 1984 A.173, A.174 Letters of congratulation 1988-1989 A.173 Arrangements for admission provided by Bohm to US Nomination of Bohm for Nobel Prize in Physics The statements cover his political views and his wish to return to the USA. political leanings, his current Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society Photocopies of statements Consulate in London in seeking return of his US passport. See also A.129 of the original catalogue. D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Biographical, A.131-A.181 A.175-A.179 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE , 1977-1985 Correspondence re University retirement annuity from Princeton 1977, 1983 Requests for leave of absence from Birkbeck College to lecture and attend conferences 1979-1983 Bohm requests leave to make visits in the US and Canada. Exchange re genealogy of Bohm family Notes etc of itineraries of overseas visits Israel) 1983-1985 (to USA and 1983-1985 She shared 1994-1998 1994-1997 and n.d. Miscellaneous correspondence 1982-1984 Writings by Saral Bohm A.180, A.181 SARAL BOHM Saral Bohm was the widow of David Bohm. many of his interests. Correspondence to Saral Bohm These short reflective pieces arose from sessions of the London Dialogue. D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 SECTION B DRAFTS, PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES, B.83-B.192 1951-1998 The material in this section forms a very significant addition In particular it to that presented in the original catalogue. offers published output. documentation important Bohm’s_ of B.83-B.115 DRAFTS BY BOHM B.116-B.188 PUBLISHED WORK B.189-B.191 REVIEWS B.192 MEETINGS B.83-B.115 DRAFTS BY BOHM 1958-1987, n.d. 2 folders. 3 folders. ‘On plasma physics’ 1958 B.85-B.87 University of Bristol, Photocopy typescript. Wills Physics Laboratory, Duplicated typescript, paginated 402-516. ‘Six lectures delivered at the University of Rome by Prof. D. BOHM’, May 1958 ‘General theory of collective coordinates’, lectures at the H.H. ca 1958 With covering note to B.J. Hiley. ‘On theoretical physics’ 27pp duplicated typescript. the role of language forms in experimental and ca 1967 D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 ‘Science as perception-communication’, ‘talk recorded on tape for the Illinois Symposium on Philosophy of Science, March 1969’ 22pp duplicated typescript. ‘Notes on Holomode’ 2pp duplicated typescript. Holomode was Bohm’s idea for a new conjugation of the verb to convey the sense of ‘wholeness of action’. ‘An inquiry into the function of language and thought’. Two papers arising of Contemporary Arts, London, on March 28, 1971’ ‘Colloquy Institute from held the at ‘A. Fragmentation and Wholeness’ 43pp duplicated typescript. ‘B. thought’ The Rheomode - 3/pp duplicated typescript. 26pp duplicated typescript. an experiment with language & ‘Human nature as the product of our mental models’, talk at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 15 March 1972 2/7pp duplicated typescript. ‘Fragmentation and wholeness’, Jerusalem Foundation, April 1972 ‘Reality and Knowledge considered as process’, May 1974 26pp duplicated typescript. talk at the Van Leer D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 ‘The implicate or enfolded order - a new order for physics’, October 1974 12pp typescript. ‘A plot for a science fiction novel’, ‘(Inspired by Joseph Weizenbaum’s talk)’, 7 July 1980 14pp typescript; published copy of ‘Computer science and the need for a human-centred science’ by J. Weizenbaum. ‘A series of talks given at Syracuse University, September 1982’. Duplicated typescripts of papers II and Ill. ‘Il. Insight, knowledge’ imagination, reason, and the nature of Paginated 38-65. , ca 1982 See also B.171, C.101-C.104. 5pp typescript. Paginated 66-99. 14pp typescript and 4pp typescript. ‘Ill. Consciousness, the limits of knowledge - and what may lie beyond’ ‘Preliminary reply to Schindler's three questions arising from Wholeness and the Implicate Order’ and ‘Further remarks on Schindler’s review of my book’ Conference 1985’ ‘Reply to Weingard’s paper’ by Bohm and B.J. Hiley The paper discusses space-time. ‘A realist view of quantum theory’, annotated ‘Urbino D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 26pp duplicated typescript + references and figures. This paper was a shorter version of ‘An ontological basis for the quantum theory’ by Bohm and B.J. Hiley, published in Phys. Reports 144 (1987), 323-375. ‘Comments on “The Future of Humanity” ’ ca 1986 The book The Future of Humanity (1986) contained two dialogues a conference of transpersonal psychologists at Brockwood Park, Bramdean, Hampshire in 1983. Krishnamurti between Bohm from and 3pp typescript. B.104-B.106 ‘Fragmentation and wholeness’, talk at the Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, Zurich, Switzerland. See also B.10-B.15 of the original catalogue. B.105, B.106 2 volumes. either Bohm’s or 22pp duplicated typescript. Untitled piece written ‘for the memorial of his friend Dr M. Sagenkahn’ ‘Fragmentierung und Ganzheit’, German language version: 13pp typescript; corrected ?proof marked December 1986. Although apparently intended for publication, this does not appear in the Royal Society Memoir bibliographies. 1p typescript beginning ‘In considering the relationship between the finite and the infinite...’ This was written in response to Tennyson’s disagreement with Bohm over the meaning of ‘imagination’. ‘My response to Georg B. Tennyson’ App typescript. D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 ‘Some Conference on Theoretical Biology’ remarks further on Order for the Bellagio 24pp duplicated typescript. ‘On self-deception society as whole’ in the individual, in groups, and in 13pp typescript with manuscript corrections on first page. ‘The problem and the paradox’ 7pp duplicated typescript. ‘Consciousness and self consciousness’ 8pp typescript. 1p duplicated typescript. 7pp photocopy typescript. Duplicated typescript paginated [1]-26. Incomplete draft (lacks page 1) on the idea of order ‘Insight into measure, in the East and in the West’ ‘The negative approach to the meaning of language’ Photocopy. With interactions. |. (1951), 625-634 ‘A collective description PUBLISHED WORK Magnetic interactions’, Phys. B.116-B.188 1951-1998 D. Pines, of electron 82 Rev., D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 D. Pines, With electron interactions. II. Collective vs individual particle aspects of the interactions’, Phys. Rev., 85 (1952), 338-353 description collective of ‘A Photocopy. ‘A suggested interpretation of the quantum theory in terms of hidden variables’, 11, Phys. Rev., 85 (1952), 180-193 Offprint. D. With interactions. electron gas’, Phys. Rev., 92 (1953), 609-625 ‘A Coulomb interactions in Pines, Ill: description collective of electron a degenerate Photocopy. With J.P. quantum fluctuations’, Phys. Rev. 96 (1954), 208-216. Vigier, ‘Model of the causal interpretation of theory irregular terms fluid with of in a an Offprint. ca 1955 B.122-B.138 Photocopy proof. abstraction from ‘Modern Physics: a course’ ‘Space-time geometry as ordering’. reference 1955 “Spinor” Not listed in bibliographies, latest bibliographical 5pp typescript. This textbook intended for physics undergraduate students which Bohm began in Brazil. is referred to in some letters and there was a mimeographed copy at the University of Sao Paulo. Information from Dr O. Freire, Jan 2008. Causality Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1957, new edition 1984 Photocopy of typescript draft with manuscript corrections Preface for 1984 edition [unpublished] 17 folders. probably Physics. London, Chance Modern 21950s and in is a draft of a It D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 variables ‘A proposed explanation of quantum theory in terms of hidden a sub-quantum-mechanical level’, Proceedings of Colston Ninth Symposium of Research Society held in the University of Bristol, April 1st- April 4th, 1957 at the the Offprint. Y. Aharonov, With electromagnetic potentials in the quantum theory’, Phys. Rev., 115 (1959), 485-491 ‘Significance of Offprint. the relationship between methodology in scientific ‘On research and the content of scientific knowledge’, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 12 (1961), 103-116 Photocopy. Offprint. Offprint. G. and ed. D.R. of Radiation Bates, Academic ‘Classical the quantum theory’, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 12 (1962), 265-280 non-classical concepts in ‘Hidden variables in quantum theory’, part Ill and High Energy Physics, Press, 1962 Offprints. With of motions of many-body systems into dynamically independent parts by projection onto equilibrium varieties in phase space | and Il, Phys. Rev., 133 (1964), A319-A350 ‘Basic dyads in contemporary physics’, (1963), 188-202 Copy of issue of Systematics. Carmi, ‘Separation Systematics 1 D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 ‘On the problem of truth and understanding in science’, in ed. Critical Approach to Science and Philosophy, (1964), 212-223. Not listed in bibliographies. M. Bunge The Photocopy. ‘Problems in the basic concepts of physics’, published in commemoration volume to Satyendranath Bose, Calcutta (1964) Article found torn from original volume. This is 1963 (see A.124 in the original catalogue). a different version of Bohm’s inaugural lecture of ‘Space, time and the quantum theory understood in terms of discrete structural process’, Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Elementary Particles, Kyoto, Japan, 1965, 252-286 Offprint. of the 12pp typescript draft; offprint. ‘A proposed topological formulation of the quantum theory’, in The Scientist Speculates, New York, 1965, 302-314 I.J. Good, This is the published version of the draft at B.1 original catalogue. With J. Bub, ‘A proposed solution of the measurement problem in quantum mechanics by variable theory, Rev. Mod. Phys., 38 (1966), 435-469, and with J. Bub, ‘On refutation of the proof by Jauch and Piron that hidden variables can be excluded in quantum mechanics’, Rev. Mod. Phys., 38 (1966), 470-475. Offprint. With B. Mod. Phys., bibliographies. Offprints. hidden Salt, ‘Collective treatment of liquid helium’, Rev. in 894-910. (1967), listed Not 39 ed. a D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 This is the published version of the draft at B.5-B.9 of the original catalogue. ‘On Creativity’, Leonardo 1 (1968), 137-149 Offprint. ‘ “Hidden Variable” theories as a step towards a new language structure for physics’, Contemporary Physics \l (1969), International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna 13pp duplicated typescript; offprint. ‘Fragmentation Science on Society 20 (1970), 159-169 science and in in society’, Impact of 13pp duplicated typescript; offprint. the role of hidden in Photocopy. Duplicated typescript paginated 32-79 + references. ‘On the fundamental structure of physics, in ed. T. Bastin, Quantum Theory and Beyond, Cambridge, 1971, 95-116 variables ‘Some remarks on the notion of order and further remarks on order’, in ed. C.H. Waddington, Towards a Theoretical Biology, vol. 2, Chicago (1970), 18-59 194A, 1973 ‘Quantum theory as an indication of a new order in physics. Part A. The development of new orders as shown through the history of physics’, Foundations of Physics 1 (1971), 359-371, and ‘Part Implicate and explicate order in physical law’, Foundations of Physics 3 (1973), 139-168 ‘Indication of a new order in physics’, in ed. T. Shanin, The Rules of the Game, London, 1972, 249-275 Offprints. B. D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 Copy of article. ‘On the subjectivity and objectivity of knowledge’, in ed. J. Lewis, Beyond Chance and Necessity, 1974, 121-130 Photocopy. With B.J. Hiley, ‘On intuitive understanding of nonlocality as implied by quantum theory’, Foundations of Physics 5 (1975), 93-109 Photocopy. ‘On creation of a deeper insight into what may underlie Flato et a/, Quantum quantum physical law’, Mechanics, Particles, Dordrecht, 1976, 1-10 Determinism, Casuality in eds. and _ M. Offprint. 24pp duplicated typescript. ‘Imagination, fancy, insight and reason in the process of thought’, in ed. S. Sugerman, Evolution of Consciousness. Studies in Polarity in honour of Owen Barfield, Middletown, CT, 1976 ‘The implicate or enfolded order: a new order for physics’, in ed. D.R. Griffin and J.B. Cobb, Mind in Nature: Essays on the Interface of Science and Philosophy, Washington D.C., 1977, 37-42 ‘On insight and its significance for science, education, and Copy of Mind in Nature. ‘Heisenberg’s contribution to physics’, in eds W.C. Price and and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, London, 1977 Uncertainty Chissick, Principle Offprint. S.S. The D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 values, Teachers’ College Record 80, February 1979, 403- 418 Offprint. B.166-B.169 Wholeness and the Implicate Order, London, 1980 1980, 1994 B.166-B.168 Typescript draft of chapter 7 (final chapter), ‘The enfolding- unfolding universe and consciousness’ 1980 3 folders. Book review, author not identified 1980, 1994 5pp photocopy typescript. Folder also contains request for copyright permission to publish Chinese version, 1994. This differs from that at B.79 of the original catalogue. arising out of Offprint. Offprint. Offprint. See also B.100, C.101-C.104. ‘Response to Schindler's critique of my Wholeness and the Implicate Order’, Int. Phil. Quarterly 22 (1982), 329-339 With B.J. Hiley, ‘The de Broglie pilot wave theory and the further development of new insights it’, Foundations of Physics 12 (1982), 1001-1016 Zygon 20 (1985) ‘Religion as wholeness and the problem of fragmentation’, Centre Space Occasional Paper no.2 (January 1984) ‘Fragmentation and wholeness in religion and in science’, D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 Proof copy. ‘Hidden (1985), 111-124 variables Proof copy; offprint. and the implicate order, Zygon 20 ‘Response to Implicate physics, Zygon 20 (1985), 219-220 Conference Order: papers on “David philosophy, and theology” Bohm’s ’, 3pp typescript; photocopy. the implicate order and pre-space’, in ‘Time, D.R. Griffen, Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time, New York, 1986, 172-208 ed. Photocopy. in and D.L. Recent Offprint. ed. in Photocopy ?of preprint. a new approach to the nature of Schindler, Beyond Mechanism: the Thought, Catholic Physics ‘The implicate order: reality’, Universe Lantham, MD, 1986, 13-37. ‘A new theory of the relationship of mind and matter’, Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 80 (1986), 113-135 P.N. With B.J. Hiley, ‘An ontological foundation for the quantum theory. |. Non-relativistic particle systems’, Physics Reports 144 This is a corrected version of B.19 in the original catalogue. ‘An ontological foundation for the quantum theory’ 21pp typescript draft. B.180, B.181 Hiley and (1987), 323-348, and with BJ. D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 Kaloyerou, ‘Il. A causal interpretation of quantum fields’, Physics Reports 144 (1987), 349-375 Photocopy. 2 folders. Hiley, ‘Nonlocality and the Einstein-Podolsky- With B.J. Rosen experiment as understood through the quantum- potential approach’, in ed. F. Selleri, Quantum Mechanics versus Local Realism, Chicago, 1988, 235-255 Offprint ‘A realist view of quantum theory’, in ed. A. van der Merwe et Microphysical Reality and Quantum Formalism, Dordrecht, 1988, 3-18 al, : Offprint. Photocopy. This is catalogue. 31pp typescript + references a typescript draft of paper at B.75 of the original ‘A new theory of the relationship of mind and matter’, Phil. Psych. 3 (1990), 271-286 With B.J. Hiley, ‘Non-locality and locality in the stochastic interpretation of quantum mechanics’, Physics Reports 172 (1989), 93-122. Not listed in bibliographies 1983, 1998 This was posthumously published work was a originally conference’. lecture Scientists 22pp typescript. ‘Cosmos, Lorrimer, Experience, Edinburgh 1998. Not listed in bibliographies D. From Experiment to and Consciousness’, Matter, The of Science. Spirit Life ed. B.186, B.187 at the ‘1983 in given Mystics and D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Drafts, publications and lectures, B.83-B.192 Photocopy of published article. of Photocopies Creativity, Undivided Universe Causality book reviews of Chance and Bohm’s 9th work: edition, On The B.189-B.191 REVIEWS ca 1983, 1984, n.d. of ‘Paul Davies: GOD AND THE NEW ca 1983 Book review PHYSICS’ 7pp typescript. ‘Comments on “Is the Einstein Podolsky Rosen Paradox demanded by quantum theory” ’ by O. Piccioni MEETINGS 2pp typescript. 5pp typescript; copies of letters. ‘Comments on Creation out of Everything by David and Marjorie Haight’ New York, USA, 13-14 October 1979. holography’, ‘An Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 1 July 1971; Sufi Order colloquium on Coevolution of Science and Spirit, Notices for meetings at which Bohm was to be a speaker: 1971, 1979 inquiry into the implication of laser D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 SECTION C CORRESPONDENCE, C.93-C.129 Bennett, J.G. ca 1950- 2004 [1962-1964], 2004 Spiral bound volume of correspondence between Bohm and by Anthony Blake, 2004 (with covering letter from Blake). 1962-1964, compiled covering Bennett, J.G. The correspondence chiefly relates to ideas put forward by the philosopher J.G. Bennett in his four volume book The Dramatic Universe, heavily influenced by G.I. Gurdjieff. Bura, P. Letter re visit by Bohm to Canada. Hiley, B.J. Letter from Bohm (in Israel) to Hiley commenting on The Quantum World by J.C. Polkinghorne. Kahler, A. ca 1951, 1953, 1984 Three letters from Bohm to Kahler. Alice (‘Lil’) Kahler (née Loewy) was the mother of H.M. Loewy (see C.97). The family home at Princeton was the focus for a circle of intellectuals, writers and artists with which Bohm was associated. That ca 1951, written from Brazil, is on his impressions of the Physics Department of the University of Sao Paulo and his need in leave Brazil (‘For | have no one to talk to, and nothing to do in my spare time’); 1953 letter refers to his plans for the future, he writes of moving to Britain or Israel; 1984 letter refers to correspondence between Bohm and Einstein. 1993 Correspondence from Bohm to Loewy, ca 1950, refers to his troubles with the Un-American Activities Committee, views on American society and future plans. Letter of 1993 to Loewy from F.D. Peat refers to meeting to talk about Bohm ca 1950. This material is additional to correspondence at C.28 of the original catalogue. Loewy, H.M. ca 1950, D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Correspondence, C.93-C.129 Folder also contains some empty envelopes indicating Bohm continued to write from Brazil. Hanna Loewy, the daughter of Lili Kahler (see C.96), was a member of the circle of intellectuals, writers and artists that met at her family home. This material C.37-C.41 of the original catalogue. is additional to correspondence at C.16, Parrish, H. Copies of letters to Parrish. Pauli, W. 1990, 1992 [1951] This a photocopy of the draft of the letter to Bohm at C.44 of the original catalogue. Phillips, M. Phillips to 4 folders. views on ‘real C.101-C.104 Schindler, D.L. Bohm’s his enjoyment and ‘self-indulgent pleasure’. explains letter 1966 of [1966, 1975, 1987], 1992, 1996 This is additional to correspondence at C.46-C.50 of the original catalogue. Photocopies of three letters from Bohm to Phillips; letters from Saral Bohm (widow) and S. Bohm to Phillips re the Bohm archive. Schindler's review of Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Schindler was editor of Communio, a Roman Catholic theological journal and Gagnon Professor of Fundamental Theology at the John Paul II Institute for the Study of Marriage and the Family in Washington, D.C. Photocopies and typescript transcripts of correspondence between Bohm and Schindler. B.J. Hiley covering the correspondence. With 1998 letter to correspondence arose following [1983], 1998 The between them D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Correspondence, C.93-C.129 Order (see B.100 ‘Preliminary reply to Schindler's three questions arising from Wholeness and the Implicate Order’ and ‘Further remarks on Schindler's review of my book’, and my Phil. Quarterly, Wholeness and the Implicate Order’, Int. vol. 22, no. 4, 1982, 329). Schindler's ‘Response Critique B.171 of to Stapp, H. Letter to Bohm on his interpretations of quantum theory. C.106-C.109 Wilhelm, F. 1977-1983 Correspondence between Bohm and Wilhelm. Fritz Wilhelm, author of Dancing with Maya, met Bohm and He was, for a time, a follower of J. Krishnamurti in 1975. Krishnamurti although later was critical of him and his approach, and the correspondence includes some of these criticisms. 2 folders. [1979-1980] 1977-1979 C.107-C.108 The correspondence ‘BOHM letters to FRITZ 77/83’ ‘FRITZ - Letters to BOHM 79/80’ Contents of envelope so inscribed. (photocopies) is paginated 1-55. Contents of envelope so inscribed. The correspondence (including transcripts and photocopies) is paginated 1-119. Yitzhak (or Isidore) Woolfson was Bohm’s brother-in-law. Chiefly correspondence from Bohm to Wilhelm 1978; also includes J. Krishnamurti, 1979. Other correspondence [1957-21980] C.110-C.114 Woolfson, Y. transcripts of letters from Wilhelm to D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Correspondence, C.93-C.129 Typescript transcripts of 24 (numbered) letters from Bohm to Woolfson. The letters discuss individuality, the nature of understanding, memory, and relations with J. Krishnamurti as well as views on the Arab-Israeli conflict and personal news. 5 folders. Yevick, G. Photocopy of letter to Yevick from Bohm (in Brazil). In the letter Bohm discusses ether, relativity and quantum theory. George Yevick was a the Stevens Institute of Technology, the husband of Miriam Yevick (see C.116-C.127). physicist based at C.116-C.127 Yevick, M.L. early 1950s. 1951-1954], 1995 Yevick Miriam the University of Maryland (later Rutgers State University, New Jersey), the wife of George Yevick (see C.115). mathematician based was at a 11 folders. C.116-C.126 [1951-1954] Photocopied manuscript correspondence The extensive correspondence covers Bohm’s experiences in Brazil, his future plans, the state of the world, as well as the development of his ideas in quantum theory. Photocopies of manuscript letters from Bohm (in Brazil) to The letters 1951-mid 1953 form a sequence 1-49 Yevick. (though not all letters are actually numbered and some appear to be missing), later letters are unnumbered. Some are incomplete and some undated (C.126). 1951, 1995 Photocopy of manuscript and typescript letter from Yevick to Bohm, including mathematical calculations, 23 October 1951; typescript letter from Yevick to Bohm, 11 December 1951; correspondence from Yevick re her correspondence with Bohm, 1995. Other correspondence D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Correspondence, C.93-C.129 C.128, C.129 Unidentified Three letters from Bohm enclosing drafts on ‘Values’. All photocopies. 2 folders. D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 SECTION D NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL, D.1-D.20 1981-1993 cassette Audio session tape with Gregg 5/28/81 (1 of 6 tapes in series)’ labelled ‘Commentary on tape "JOE" There are two speakers. The principal speaker introduces is a programme in presented as a one session cure for neuroses. a client on whom the programme was trialed. a series of tapes that ‘Joe’ is the form of The further five audio cassette tapes were not found. Four audio cassette tapes of talks for Radio France in series 'Recherche et pensées contemp' Bohm is talking on his ideas. in English, with a French translation Bohm speaks overplayed. 12/6/82’ 1 '12/6/82' 2 '19/6/82' 1 tapes '19/6/82' 2 of ‘Discussion Two audio cassette Krishnamurti and D. Bohm THE FUTURE OF MANKIND' This is A.25 of the original catalogue. a tape-recording of discussions presented at A.24, between J. '11/6/83' '20/6/83' D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Non-textual material, D.1-D.20 CD-RW of uncorrected transcript of interview with M.F. Wilkins 1986-1987 1986-1987 The CD has ‘BohmWilkins Tapes 9-16". two files: 'BohmWilkins Tapes 1-8' and Audio cassette tapes of proceedings of 'The Science of David College London, 5-6 May 1993 Memorial Birkbeck Meeting Bohm' at The first two tapes record the opening talks of the two days of in thereafter alphabetical order by speaker. presented meeting, they are the See also A.17 of the original catalogue. ‘Basil’ Hiley's opening remarks and opening talk B.J. meeting. of the 'Yakir Aharanov' ‘Chris Dewdney' ‘Basil Hiley David Peat Goldstein’ ‘Mary Cadogan. Suzette van Hansen-Drticken' Opening talks of the second day's proceedings. ‘Brian Goodwin' ‘Michael Green' ‘Chris Isham' D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Non-textual material, D.1-D.20 ‘Rupert Sheldrake. Mark Edwards' ‘Jean-Pierre Vigier'’ ‘Maurice Wilkins’ D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ASH, Sir Eric Albert BATES, Sir David Robert BELL, John BENNETT, John Godolphin BERNSTEIN, Mary A.174 A.174 A.174 C.93 A.181 BIRKBECK COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON A.175, A.179 BLAKE, Anthony George Edward BLUNDELL, Sir Tom Leon BOHM, Saral BURA, Paul BURG, Richard BUTCHER, Peter C.93 A.174 A.154, A.155, A.181, C.127 C.94 A.154 A.154 DOMB, Cyril ELKANA, Yehuda GROSS, Eugene A.174 A.174 A.179 A.174 A.174 GOLDSMITH, Maurice GREIF, Aline BOHM ENDERBY, Sir John Edwin FRANK, Sir Frederick Charles FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron Flowers A.174 A.155, B.88, C.95, C.101 HOPKINS, Harold Horace A.174 A.177 A.178 A.174 A.174 HAAR, Dirk ter HART, Michale HILEY, Basil J. D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 Index of correspondents KAHLER, Alice (‘Lili’) KATZ, Leon KIBBLE, Thomas Walter Bannerman KRISHNAMURTI, Jiddu LOEWY, Hanna M. MACKAY, Alan L. PARRISH, Heather PAULI, Wolfgang PEAT, F David PENROSE, Sir Roger C.96 A.155 A.174 C.109 C.97 A.174 A.154, C.98 C.99 A.154, A.155, C.97, C.127 A.174 PERCIVAL, lan PICCIONI, O. A.174 C.100 B.189 A.175 A.174 A.174 A.136 C.101-C.104 READ, Frank Henry PHILLIPS, Melber SCHINDLER, David L. SCHAEFFER, Glen W. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY SALAM, Muhammed Abdus EMBASSY IN LONDON UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STONEHAM, Arthur Marshall SEIGFRIED, Raymond J. A.181 C.105 A.174 STAPP, Henry D.J. Bohm (Supplement) NCUACS 156/6/07 WATSON, Alison WILHELM, Fritz WOOLSON, Yitzhak (‘Isidore’) YEVICK, George YEVICK, Miriam L. ZEEMAN, Sir Erik Christopher Index of correspondents A.155 C.106-C.109 C.110-C.114 C.115 C.116-C.127 A.174