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CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of PATRICK MAYNARD STUART BLACKETT, OM FRS BARON BLACKETT OF CHELSEA (1897-1974) Compiled by Jeannine Alton, Harriot Weiskittel and Julia Latham-Jacskon VOLUMEI List of Contents General Introduction Sections A - C Deposited in the Library Royal Society, London CSAC 63/1/79 All rights reserved P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION A. BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A.106 Introduction to Section A A.] - A.10 Obituaries and tributes Biographical and bibliographical notes , A.1] - A.39 Career and appointments A.40 - A.84 Honours and awards Correspondence and letters of congratulation A.85 - A.104 Scrolls, Certificates and Diplomas A.105 -A.106 Photographs and press-cuttings B. PARTICLE DISINTEGRATION, COSMIC RAYS, ASTROPHYSICS B.1 - B.147 Introduction to Section B B.1 - B.21 B.22 - B.61 Laboratory notebooks on particle disintegration, 1920-32, with an introductory note Working notes and papers on particle disintegration and cosmic rays, 1923-56, with an introductory note B.62 - B.67 Photographsof particle disintegration and cosmic rays B.68 - B.74 Working notes on theories of the origin of cosmic rays, 1949-55 B.75 - B.83 Working notes on astrophysics, 1953-59 B.84 ~ Boll Lectures, broadcasts, publications, 1932-60, with an introductory note B.132 - B.147 Correspondence, 1923-74, with an introductory note 12 12 13 14 23 29 3] 32 32 44 60 61 63 66 73 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 C. MAGNETISM C.1 - C.289 Introduction to Section C Magnetic Spin and Rotating Bodies C.1 - C.71 Introduction C.1 - C.29 Working papers, lectures and publications, 1946-54 C.30 - C.40 Notebooks, 1947-54, with an introductory note C.41 - C.71 Correspondence, 1946-73 Rock Magnetism, Continental Drift, Magnetic Field Reversal C.72 - C.268 Introduction C.72 - €.124 Working notes, data, correspondence, 1953-61 C.125- C€.188 Working notes, data, correspondence on field reversal, 1963-73, with an introductory note C.189 - €.220 Lectures and papers on rock magnetism, 1953-72 C.221 - €.268 Correspondence, 1952-74, with an introductory note High Temperature Plasmas, Controlled Fusion Reaction and Pinched Discharges C.269 - C.285 Notes and working papers, 1958-59, with an introductory note Miscellaneous Research Notes C.286 - C.289 Page 81 81 82 82 83 89 91 96 96 98 110 128 136 148 152 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 DO, SECOND WORLD WAR AND GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES D.1 - D.218 Introduction to Section D Each of the sub-sections below is preceded by an explanatory note on the content and presentation of the material. D.1 -D.10 Correspondence and papers, 1936-40 Projects in preparation for war D.11 -D.37 Photo-electric and promixity fuzes Working papers, reports, committee papers, correspondence, 1937-42 D.38 - D.58 The Mark XIV Bombsight Papers and reports, 1940-45, 1973 D.59 - D.78 D.79 -D.81 Bombing policy Working papers, reports, corres- pondence, 1941-46, 1962 Convoys and anti U-boat campaign Reports, correspondence, 1942-43, 1959 D.82 Miscellaneous wartime papers D.83 - D.125 Operational Research Working papers, reports, lectures, correspondence, 1940-74 D.126 - D.147 Correspondence, 1942 (only) D.148 - D.160 Chiefs of Staff Subcommittee on Future Weapons, June 1945 D.161 - D.183 Joint Technical Warfare Committee (Successor to the above), Oct.1945- Apr. 1947, 1959, 1964, 1972 D.184 - D.205 Advisory Committee on Atomic Energy (ACAE), Aug. 1945- Apr. 1949 D.206 - D.208 Harwell Power Committee, May-Oct. 1946 D.209 - D.216 R.A.F. Aircraft Research Committee, 1946-52 D.217 - D.218 Guided Weapons Advisory Committee, 1947-52 Page 153 153 155 157 163 167 170 171 172 185 190 193 199 204 205 208 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 i POLITICAL ACTIVITIES E.1- £.76 Introduction to Section E E;l = £,23 Association of Scientific Workers, 1939-48, 1963-67, with an introductory note E.24 - E.34 'The Gaitskell Group', 1956-63, with an introductory note E.35 - E.47 Miscellaneous Socialist and Labour Party activities, 1956-64 E.48 - E.65 The Ministry of Technology (Mintech), 1963-72, with an introductory note E.66 - E.74 Miscellaneous Labour Party and official committees, 1954-69 E.75 - E.76 Printed material Page 209 209 211 216 22) 226 231 234 Fis SCIENCE-RELATED INTERESTS Fal ~ FsBS 235 Lectures, broadcasts, working papers, correspondence, on: F.l - F.8 FP - F.5I F.w2 = F.25 History of science and technology, 1936-59, with an introductory note Science, education and government, 1944-70, with an introductory note Nuclear weapons and disarmament, 1948-64, with an introductory note 236 238 250 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 G. OVERSEAS ACTIVITIES G.1- G.126 Introduction to Section G India, 1947-73 G.1- G.55 G.1 - G.31 Reports, lectures, papers, 1947-72 G.32 - G.44 Correspondence, mainly on science and defence, 1949-73 G.45 - G.51 Correspondence, mainly on development, 1970-73 G.52 G.55 Visits Developing Countries, Visits and Conferences G.56 = G.126 G.56 - G.76 Lectures and addresses, 1953-70 G.77 - G.8]1 Organisations and committees, 1959-73 G.82 - G.84 Correspondence, 1951, 1964-71 G.85 - G.126 Visits and conferences, 1944-71, with an introductory note H. LECTURES, ADDRESSES, PUBLICATIONS, BROADCASTS, 1934-73 Hl = A, 1S? Introduction to Section H J. CORRESPONDENCE J.] ~ J. 158 Introduction to Section J CONSPECTUS OF PUBLICATIONS LIST OF PUBLICATIONS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 5 Page 258 258 260 260 266 268 269 270 270 274 276 277 289 289 328 328 348 356 361 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 6 GENERAL INTRODUCTION TO THE COLLECTION PROVENANCE The material was assembled from various sources: from Blackett's flat in London and his house in Wales, via Lady Blackett; from his room at Imperial College, London, via the Royal Society and Professor H. Elliot. Lady Blackett currently retains Blackett's diaries of his service in the Navy 1914-16 (see A.11), four bound volumes of press-cuttings, photographs and other family documents. CONTENT The collection is extensive, relating to almost every aspect of Blackett's long and varied career in science and in public life. Blackett himself frequently used the material for lectures and writings on matters of particular personal or historical interest such as his period of research at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, under Rutherford, operational research and other controversies in the second world war, aspects of India's development, and the like. Furthermore, it is apparent that, towards the end ofhis life, he was assembling material for one or perhaps two books: a collection of writings and an autobiography.” The clearest statement of his intentions is in a letter to M.M. Gowing dated 22 May 1972, in which he says: '... | am considering the possibility of publishing a volume of my collective papers, essays, lectures, etc.' (see D. 183); in November 1973 he writes in similar vein to the Director, National Maritime Museum: 'I am writing up a good deal about my activities during the war ...' (see D.58); the note in H.123 would also seem to be part of a draft introduction to such a work. With this in view, Blackett obtained published or typed copies of the writings chosen for inclusion, revised and emended them, and sometimes added new linking material. Documents of this kind can be found in D.58, D.110, D.183 (quoted in part above) G.23-G.31, G.72, G.84 H.1, H.64, H.77, H.96, H.109, H.110, H.119, H.124. It will be seen that none of these refers to any of Blackett's 'scientific' work in the narrow sense. * See ADDENDUM on p.11. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 7 As a result of these activities, and of the multiple provenance, the collection when received was in doubtful order. Although most of the folders bore Blackett's own note of the contents, this was not always a reliable guide, as he often 'cannibalised' previous work when preparing a lecture or paper, removing earlier work to a new folder or adding later material to the originals. While every attempt has been madeto retain Blackett's preferred order in so far as it can be discerned, his headings and descriptions being preserved and indicated by inverted commas in the catalogue entries, some re-organisation was undertaken to bring the material under the broad headings of the List of Contents. The introductory notes to the Sections and sub-sections of the catalogue indicate the main areas of interest in the collection. References to the ‘Tizard Committee’ and the 'Tizard-Cherwell controversy’ are listed under Tizard in the Index of Correspondents; similarly, material on Rutherford (see esp. H.80), E.J. Williams, Nehru and others, can be located from the Index. Various episodes in Blackett's career can be clarified, or more accurately dated, from the manuscripts, and are briefly noted here in chronological order. Fuller accounts appear in the catalogue entries. J.35, correspondence with A.V. Hill on the date of Blackett's appointment as Scientific Adviser to General Sir Frederick Pile, A.A. Command; D.84, Blackett's paper, ‘Scientists at the operational level’, leading to his appointment as Chief Adviser Operational Research, later Director, Naval Operational Research; D.174, J.3, correspondence with C.R. Attlee and others on Blackett's paper on the international control of atomic energy; B.48, correspondence with C.D. Anderson on the discovery and naming of V-particles; E.24, E.33, papers and correspondence on the 'Gaitskell Group! of Labour Party advisers. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 8 There are also the text of, or material relating to a substantial numberof publications by Blackett omitted from the Bibliography accompanying the Memoir by A.C.B. Lovell (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 21, 1975, 1-115, also available as a separate publication). They are listed here in catalogue sequence. B.115, B.116, B.120 C.197-C.199 D.104, D.108 F.19-F.21, F.30, F.58, F.63, F.72-F.74 G.4 (lackett's report on the organisation of the armed forces of India), G.66, G.71, G.110 H.8, H.45, H.74, H.77, H.105, H.122, H.132, H.136, H.137, H.139 J.6, J.116 There are in addition many unpublished writings throughout the collection. For all the wealth of material in certain areas, there are lacunae elsewhere. No documents survive, for example, relative to Blackett's long service with the National Research and Development Corporation 1949-64, or the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research 1955-60; and, of his correspondence in the war years, only that for 1942 survives (D.126 - D.147). Blackett always had a fondness for acronyms and abbreviations, and this grew stronger with age; some ofhis later notes and drafts bristle with clusters of initials which, in conjunction with his increasingly cramped hand andhis habit of paginating by beginning with Roman | (on a page often later removed) and con- tinuing in Arabic numbers 2...n, make them difficult to follow or attribute with confidence. Conversely, one can only admire his determination to maintain a presence in the world of scientific research despite great pressures of public life, and, later, of failing powers; the documents and correspondenceonhis last research (C.182 - C.185) conveythis especially clearly. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 PRESENTATION 9 The material in Sections A - H is presented chronologically within the sub-sections designated in the list of contents. Section J. Correspondence, is in alphabetical order. Many of the Sections and sub-sections include a brief introductory note summarising their contents and drawing attention to material of particular interest. Scientific research notes and data Blackett's scientific fame rests in part on the versatility of mind which enabled him to make significant contributions to knowledge in several areas of research (particle disintegration, magnetic spin, rock magnetism) as well as to develop the technique of operational research. Nevertheless, these contributions emerged from a gradual evolution in Blackett's thinking, and there is no sharp switch from one to another even when there is a discontinuity in time (such as the long period of war service) or place (such as the various moves from Cambridge to Birkbeck, Manchester and Imperial College). The distinction between Sections B and is therefore to some extent an artificial one, and cases of overlapping material are noted in the entries. Almost all the material was received in Blackett's own folders, usually with his note of the contents in some abbreviated form, e.g., 'C.R.' (= Cosmic Rays), 'R.M.' (© Rock Magnetism). The contents of the folders may be any or all of the following: laboratory experiments, datasheets, graphs and calculations; notes, drafts and comments for talks or publications; Blackett's or others’ off- prints, sometimes annotated; correspondence. Bulky folders have beensplit into more manageable units, but kept together with a note of their original grouping. Blackett's titles and descriptions of the folders are given in inverted commas. Blackett kept various sequencesof his notes clipped or pinned together. These sequences have beenretained in his order, although the pagination, size of paper, etc. are often heterogeneous. Manyof Blackett's own notes were made on the backs of previous notes, drafts, proofs, etc. No attempt has been made to give an account of such material. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Lectures and publications 10 Manuscript notes, typed drafts or offprints of Blackett's extensive output of lectures and writings are to be found throughout the collection. Those on specific research topics were kept by him with the data in Sections B and C and have beenleft there; similarly with material on operational research in Section D and on India in Section G. Section F groups together talks on three topics arising from Blackett's involvement in public life, and Section H contains the sequence of all other surviving documents of this type, including his Anniversary Addresses as President of the Royal Society and his speeches in the House of Lords. Correspondence Correspondence dealing with a specific research topic, lecture or publication was usually kept by Blackett in the same folder as his notes and drafts on the subject. Such material has been left in place wheneverpossible, or, if it has been re-allocated, a note has been madeto that effect. The corres- pondence on magnetic spin (C.41 - C.71) and on rock magnetism (C.221 - C.268) is in chronological order and enables Blackett's thinking, his methods, and the graph of his activity to be clearly seen. The surviving correspondence on cosmic rays (B. 132 - B.147) is, though interesting, regrettably much less complete. There is very little material remaining from the war years. Correspondence on overseas activities (G.32 - G.51, G.82 - G.84) and general correspondence in Section J are in alphabetical order, with dates and an indication of any material of personal or scientific interest; a note is also made of cases when only Blackett's carbon copy survives. py y The index on pp.361-401 includes correspondents from whom letters survive, with cross-references to any other material relating to the individual concerned. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Conspectus 1 Pp.348-355 contain a Conspectus of Blackett's publications as listed in the Bibliography of Lovell, Memoir, and the principal items in the collection to which they refer. There is anote onp. 8 above of several publications omitted from this Bibliography, and there are many unpublished items. A photo- copy of the Bibliography is included by permission on pp. 356-360. References Material in every Section is linked as far as possible to A.C.B. Lovell, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 21, 1975, 1-115, of which a copy is included in A.1. References to the text are in the form Lovell, Memoir, p ... References to the Bibliography are in the form RS ... ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Weare very pleased to acknowledge the invaluable work of Professor H. Elliot and Dr. J.P. Astbury in identifying for the Conspectus of Publications the manuscripts and correspondence in Section B. We are grateful for the advice given by Dr. W.S.C. Williams on cosmic rays, and by Professor E.A. Vincent on rock magnetism. Our thanks are also due to Mrs. M.M. Edwards for careful and accurate typing, and her patience with successive drafts and revisions of the catalogue. ADDENDUM Whenthis catalogue was in proof, Lady Blackett contributed some additional material, including plans and extracts from her husband's autobiography. These documents appear on p.13 as A.10A. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 12 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A. 106 The material in this Section covers every aspect of Blackett's long and varied career: his scientific achievements, his academic posts in Manchester and London, his wartime and political activities, and the many honours and awards he received. Some of the material is in the form of photocopies of original documentsstill in family hands. A substantial proportion of the Section (A.45 - A.83) consists of letters, cables and messages of congratulation received by Blackett on the award of the Nobel Prize (1948), the Copley Medal (1956), the Companionship of Honour (1965), his election as President of the Royal Society (1965), the award of the Order of Merit (1967) and his elevation to the peerage (1969). Many of these letters contain material of considerable biographical interest; they are not individually itemised in the list below, but are presented in alphabetical order, and indexed. The material is presented as follows: A.]1 A.11 A.40 - - - A.10 Obituaries and tributes Biographical and bibliographical notes A.39 Career and appointments A.84 Honours and awards Correspondence and letters of congratulation With an introductory note A.85 - A.104 Scrolls, Certificates and Diplomas A.105 - A.106 Photographs and press-cuttings P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 13 Section A - Biographical and personal Obituary notices and tributes. Includes memorial notices by: H.S.W. Massey, Physics Today, September 1974. E.C. Bullard, Nature, August 1974. C.H. Waddington, C. Goodeve, R. Tomlinson, Operational Research Quarterly. Sir Bernard Lovell, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of The Royal Society, 21, 1978, pp.1-115. Annual report of Council, King's College, Cambridge, November 1974. Biographical note of Blackett, pp.19-24. 3 pp. Typescript note by |.A. Richards for Magdalene College Magazine. Letter to Blackett from Richards, 17 October 1957, congratulating him on his address to the British Association. Year Book, Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1975, note by E.P. Hudson. Memorial Meeting for Lord Blackett, Royal Society, 31 October 1974. Reprint from Notes and Records, 29, 2, March 1975. The Blackett Memorial Lecture delivered by Rt. Hon. H. Wilson at Imperial College of Science and Technology, 3 December 1975, on the occasion of the naming of the Blackett Laboratory. 'P.M.S. Blackett. Nobel Prize for Physics', 22 pp. photocopy of paper by S. and V. De Benedetti, annotated by Blackett. (An account of Blackett's life, mostly about early work leading to award of Nobel Prize.) Curricula vitae, prepared by Blackett and Lady Blackett at various dates. Bibliographies, of various dates. Biographical material for Who's Who, Debrett, Who's Who in America, Modern Men of Science, etc., of various dates. Material received from Lady Blackett, re Blackett's planned autobiography. Includes his notes on his career (3 pp.), 'Various notes for autobiography’ (2 pp.), ‘Biographical notes to 1919' (5 pp.), ‘Extracts from diary kept from 1914 to 1916' (10 pp.), ‘Interlude on Politics' (2 pp.), ‘German scientists brought to England after the War', 1945 (1 p.), ‘Cosmic Ray Conference Mexico 1961' on confiscation of passport (1 p.), etc. included here is Lady Blackett's list of material still retained in family hands. Also A.2 A.3 A.4 A.5 A.6 A.7 A.8 A.9 A.10 A.10A P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 14 Section A - Biographical and personal A.1] First World War ‘Naval Period': with transcript of diary entries for 30 May - 1 June 1916. script is incomplete, the last page reading 'Three weekslater| resigned from the Navy and became an. .' 10 pp. typescript of autobiographical reminiscences, The type- Lady Blackett retains the daily diaries kept by Blackett of his war service 1914-16. See A.10Aonp.13. 2 pp. letter from Captain Lord Alastair Graham, 23 November 1967, congratulating Blackett on the award of the O.M. and quoting from the record which he kept of his cadets at Dartmouth. For Blackett he had entered: 'Games: does not shine. Clever, quiet and nice. and should turn out well.' Remarks on character: And in 4th term: Works and doeswell, 2 pp. letter from H.E. Piggott, 25 February 1957, with reminiscences of Blackett's naval training, and his resignation from the Navy to take up studies at Cambridge. Moseley Research Fellowship Photocopies of papers re Moseley Research Fellowship of the Royal Society, awarded to Blackett for two years from 1 October 1923. Application for Fellowship to study 'the passage of X-rays through gases, particularly by the Wilson Condensation Method', 25 May 1923, with 2 pp. covering letter by Blackett to accompany the applica- tion in which he explains that he would like 'to devote myself almost exclusively to research for the next few years, but this will not be possible on my Fellowship Cat King's] alone’. Letter from Blackett, 11 March 1924, requesting permission to spend academic year 1924-25 in Gottingen working with Franck ‘at a problem concerning spectroscopy and electron impact, which has arisen out of my work on the photography of alpha ray tracks’. Note: 1924 about work in Géttingen, but no copy of this remains in the folder. Lovell (Memoir, p.11) quotes an earlier letter of 27 February The originals of these documents are at the Royal Society, London. Letter from Rutherford to Jeans, 4 March 1924, giving permission for Blackett to work in Géttingen. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 15 Section A - Biographical and personal Gottingen ‘James Franck Memorial Volume’, typescript, 6 pp., of contribution by Blackett who recalled his year in Géttingen (1924-25) and work with Franck. This note was prepared by Blackett for an edition by Robert Platzman of the 'Selected Papers of James Franck’. The collection of Franck's personal papers (which includes corres- pondence and papers collected by Platzman) is located in the Joseph Regenstein Library of the University of Chicago. See also B.10 - B.12 for notebooks of research at Géttingen. Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge Photocopyof letter, 18 March 1924, from Cambridge colleagues to Blackett who was on his honeymoon. 1924 'From the Club greetings - we feel that we have lost an electron from our innermost ring . ‘Adiabatic Invariants': D.R. Hartree, K.G. Emeléus, J.E. Jones, E.C. Stoner, H.W.B. Skinner, P. Kapitza, and unidentified. Written and signed by the . .' Letter of appointment as Demonstrator in Physics, Cambridge, 30 November 1927. Letter from A.W. Smith, Physics Department, Ohio State University, offering one-year sabbatical appointment to Blackett. come for a shorter period. Ms. draft of Blackett's reply asking if he could 1927 1930 Birkbeck College, London Press-cuttings describing 11-ton magnet built by Metropolitan Vickers Electric Company, Manchester, for Blackett who had it transported to London and installed in a wooden hut (‘Magnet House’) for use by his Birkbeck team. 1934 Drawing of ‘Approx. Arrgt. of magnet and fan’ in another hand with some notes on dimensions added by Blackett. 1934 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Section A - Biographical and personal Second World War (see also Section D) Letter from Air Ministry, 5 May 1939, thanking Blackett for his letter of 28 April accepting their invitation to serve on the Committee for the Scientific Survey of Air Offence. Correspondence re Blackett's exemption from regular fire- watching duties. 16 1939 1942 Correspondencere Blackett's salary and appointment as Chief Adviser onOperational Research, The Admiralty. Blackett transferred from Coastal Command to the Admiralty with effect from 10 December 1941 following his meeting with the Admiralty's Scientific Research Advisory Committee, at which he explained his methods of Operational Research (see Lovell, Memoir, pp.60-61 and D.84). 1942 Allied Expeditionary Force Permit, N.W. Europe, 4-9 July 1944, 1944 Nobel Prize Blackett was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1948 for his development of the Wilson cloud chamber method and for his discoveries in the field of nuclear physics and of cosmic radiation. Photocopy of cable notifying award of Prize. Photocopy of Blackett's correspondence with Vice-Chancellor of Manchester University requesting permission for leave of absence to journey to Stockholm to accept award. Cable of congratulation on Nobel Prize sent from Princeton from Uhlenbeck, Einstein, Yukawa, Pais, von Laue, Placzek, Oppenheimer, Beblen. Letter of congratulation from C.T.R. Wilson, 7 November 1948. Blackett replied: 'l was so delighted to get your letter of con- gratulation. chamber; developstill further this powerful method’. All my work has depended on your invention of the cloud | feel very happy to have been able to carry on and See A.45-A.54 for messages of contratulation sent to Blackett on the occasion of the Nobel Prize from friends and colleagues all over the world. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 17 Section A - Biographical and personal A.18-A.23 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London In 1953 Blackett left Manchester to succeed G.P. Thomson as Professor of Physics at Imperial College, London. Correspondence about the Department, its staff, research Note: projects, academic and administrative matters, inherited by Blackett from G.P. Thomson, is in the manuscript collection of G.P. Thomson at Trinity College, Cambridge. Autograph letter from Blackett Correspondence re Blackett's appointment as Professor of Physics at Imperial College. to D. Brunt (11 September 1952) suggests that he (Blackett) might not have beenthe first choice for this post. Letter of appointment and Blackett's letter of acceptance are missing. (Blackett was writing from Istituto di Fisica, Rome.) Folder includes correspondence with D. Brunt, Sir Roderic Hill (Rector) and the University of London Registrar. 1952 Important letter from Blackett to Rector, 29 December 1952, summarising fields of research then covered at Imperial College and Blackett's own wish 'to effect some considerable concentration of effort so as to produce fewer and stronger groups', including ‘in the first instance’ Cosmic Rays and Paleomagnetism. Very substantial increase in finance is asked for. Typescript 3 pp. 1952 A.20 A.2] See also C.72, Blackett's application to D.S.1.R. for research grants. Patent Agreement between Blackett and J.D. McGee, Imperial College, and N.R.D.C. re Electronic Image Tubes, October 1955. 1955 Misc. short notes and correspondence re Blackett's service at Imperial College: 1965-68 conferment of title of ‘Professor Emeritus of Physics’; appointment to Senior Research Fellowship, October 1965 - September 1968; resignation from boards and committees on retirement from the College; election to Fellowship of the College; renewal of appointment as Senior Research Fellow, October 1968-September 1971. 1965 1965 1965 1967 1968 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 18 Section A - Biographical and personal A.22 Misc. short notes and correspondence re Blackett's service at Imperial College: 1970-74 renewal of appointment as Senior Research Fellow, October 1971-September 1974; notices of seminars, colloquia, etc.; renewal of appointment as Senior Research Fellow until September 1977. 197] 1974 A.23 Blackett's returns for the 'Rector's Bulletin' detailing his activities, honours, outside lectures, etc. 1965-67 Blackett's Physics Departmental Expense account sheets. 1970-73 See also C.186. A.24 Correspondence re academic posts in Cambridge, 1953-66. Correspondence with Sir James Chadwick, June-July 1953 re Cavendish Chair. has the original) of Blackett's copy of his autograph reply. Includes photocopy (Lady Blackett Correspondence with Richard Kahn (now Lord Kahn), September 1953, re Provostship of King's. copy of Blackett's copy of his autograph reply. Includes photo- Letter from Sir James Gray, January 1966, re Provostship of King's. File also includes correspondence with Master of Magdalene (Walter Hamilton) re College Appeal. (See also correspondence with R.A. Lyttleton, B.142, re Mastership of St. John's.) 1953 1953 1966 1971 A.25 Correspondence re Blackett's membership of official government committees: - Correspondence with Sir William Black and Rt. Hon. 1964 Douglas Jay re Blackett's resignation from National Research DevelopmentCorporation following his appointment to the Ministry of Technology. See also E.48 - E.65. - Correspondence with Sir Solly (now Lord) Zuckerman, 1969 December 1969, re extension of Blackett's service on Central Advisory Councilfor Science and Technology. A.25 continued P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 19 Section A - Biographical and personal - Correspondence with F.S. (now Sir Frederick) Dainton 1970 re Blackett's membership of Council for Scientific Policy. - Correspondence with Marquess of Lothian re Advisory 1970 Panel on Arms Control and Disarmament. Blackett declined invitation to become a member. A.26 Photocopies of letters of biographical interest. The originals are held by Lady Blackett. distributed to the appropriate folders (see A.11, A.14, A.17, A.24, A.34). Some other photocopies have been Letter from H. Wright, 17 November 1932, congratulating and thanking Blackett for his essay on 'The craft of experi- mental physics' which was published in University Studies (ed. H. Wright). RS.25 Note of congratulation from J.J. Thomson, 3 March 1933. With a later ms. note by Blackett ‘Positive electron or election F.R.S.' Letter from Alex Wood, 5 February 1935, with request that Blackett should accept nomination as the Labour candidate for Cambridge University. Letter from Mrs. Sidney Webb, 2 May 1935, with request that Blackett should read chapter on science in ‘our forth- coming book' on Soviet Communism, before publication. Postcard sent from Copenhagen, 21 June 1936, with message from Niels Bohr 'We have all missed you very much but hope to see you among us next time'; with numerous signatures of those attending. (Signatures not itemised.) Correspondence with General Sir Frederick Pile, March 1945. Magician'. Pile addresses his letter to Blackett ‘My dear 2 letters from Henry Kissinger. Signed farewell letter on Blackett's retirement as first Chairman, Research Grants Committee, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. (Signatures not itemised. ) Letters from B. Katz and D.C. Phillips, November- December 1970 following Blackett's Presidency of the Royal Society. 1932 1933 1935 1935 1936 1945 1959 1960 1970 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 20 Section A - Biographical and personal A.27 Correspondencere Blackett's ancestors and family. 1953, 1963-72 Small pocket notebook, labelled on front ‘Martha 1931': log of June-July sailing off S. coast of England. Correspondence re cataloguing and permanent deposit of Blackett's personal papers. Correspondence with J. Epstein re his bronze sculpture of Blackett's head. Later correspondence with Lady Epstein re Blackett's O.M. and re insurance value for bronze head. Correspondencere portraits of Blackett commissioned by Manchester University and Imperial College. were painted by Claude Rogers. The portraits Misc. correspondence re portraits and photographs of Blackett. 1931 1972 1950-52 1967 1963-67 A.28 A.29 A.30 A.3] A.32 Interviews A.33 A.34 2 pp. typescript of interview with Blackett re Ministry of Technology, 11 February 1974. Blackett. Heavily annotated by 1974 14 pp. typescript of interview by Brian Connell from Anglia T.V. tape of this interview. The National Film Archive, London, has a copy of the 1971 See also J.117. Press-cuttings re Blackett. 1962, 1967-71 Copy of resolution adopted by Senate and Council, Manchester University, 1953, of appreciation of Blackett's services to the University as Longworthy Professor of Physics 1937-53, Dean of the Faculty of Science 1948-50, member of Council 1949-52 and Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1950-52. Typescript copy of ms. letter from Blackett to Vice- Chancellor of Manchester, 12 April 1952, giving his reasons for not attending Cathedral Centenary Service. Attached is an extract from The Owens College: its Foundation and Growth. (Includes photocopy of Blackett's autograph letter.) 1953 1952 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 21 Section A - Biographical and personal A.35 Requests for historical/biographical information. With the exception of the last item, all of Blackett's replies are very brief. 1970-72 1. 2. 3. 4. 5; 6. 7. 8. 9. with R.L. Weber re Jocular Physics. with R.S. Shankland re his introduction to the collected papers of A.H. Compton. with W. Archibald re Allen House. with editors of Sunday Times re profile of Lord Snow and re World War II bombing offensive. with N. Cameron re the involvement of British scientists in World War II. from J.G. Crowther re his book on the Cavendish Laboratory. with M.M. Gowing re her book Independence and Deterrence. with M.J. Williams re operational research. with B.H. Muller re his proposed biography of Leo Szilard. 10. with W. Sullivan re the theory of continental drift. Blackett sent 2 pp. of typescript notes on the development of his scientific interests. See also J.97. A.36-A.39 Miscellaneous shorter personal correspondence presented in date order. A.36 1955, 1960-61 Letter from Trans-Canadian Air Lines re circumstances of Blackett's arrest in Tampa, Florida, when his flight from Mexico was obliged to stop for refuelling. 1955 Correspondence with American Embassy, London, re obtaining Blackett's 1960 visit visas for visits to the US 1960 and 1961. was under the auspices of the Ford Foundation; the 1961 visit was to attend M.|.T.'s Centenary Celebrations (see also G.100, G.101). P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 22 Section A - Biographical and personal A.37 1964-68 Includes correspondence re annual gathering of Nobel Prize Winners in Lindau, notification of Blackett's election as ex officio Member of the General Committee of the Athenaeum under Rule XX (with congratulatory poem from C.W. Wardlaw), letter and card from |.A. Richards, and letter of thanks from Lord Fleck following Blackett's 70th birthday celebrations. A. 38 1971-72 Includes congratulatory messages on Blackett's 75th birthday, Hon. Membership of Fabian Society. A.39 1973-74 Includes Blackett's correspondence with his secretary at Imperial College re departmental celebrations of election of H. Elliot to the Royal Society. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 23 Section A - Biographical and personal A.40-A.44 Correspondence and papers re honours received by Blackett. Presented in date order. See A.45-A.83 for letters of congratulation and A.85-A. 104 for diplomas, certificates and scrolls. A.40 1942-60 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Letter from 10 Downing Street requesting permission to confer C.B.E. Blackett declined the honour. Includes photocopy of Blackett's ms. reply and of typescript copy of letter from Prime Minister's office. Honorary Membership, Chinese Physical Society. Correspondence with Chinese Embassy, 1945. 1942 1943 Hon. Sc.D. Cambridge. Orator. Copy of speeches by the 1954 Honorary Membership of South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. notifying election. Letter from Secretary Hon. LL.D. Dalhousie University, Halifax. Programme (Blackett delivered the address to the Convocation). 1957 1960 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 24 Section A - Biographical and personal A.4l 1961-65 Ts Foreign Honorary Membership, American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Correspondence with secretary. 196] Hon. D.Sc. Manchester. Orator. Speech by the Public 1962 A.42 1966 Hon. D.Sc. Durham. Orator. Speeches by the Public Hon. D.Sc. Oxford. Letter from Registrar. Bimala Churn Law Gold Medal, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. Director. Correspondence with Foreign Membership, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome. Hon. D.Sc. Bristol. Speech by the Public Orator, A.R. Collar. Hon. D.Sc. London. Correspondence with Vice- Chancellor. Hon. D.Sc. Hull. Chancellor. Correspondence with Vice- Foreign Member, Soviet Academy of Sciences. Later correspondenceand invitations to Blackett to visit USSR as guest of Academy (1969-70). Foreign Associate, National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C. Honorary Fellow, Royal Society of Edinburgh. Correspondence with secretary (N. Feather). 1962 1963 1963 1965 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 Honorary Member, Institute of Metals. secretary notifying election. Letter from 1966 Hon. D.Sc. York. Chancellor (1965). Correspondence with the Vice- 1966 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Section A - Biographical and personal A. 43 1967-68 Le 2. 3. 4, a. 6. Honorary Member, Institution of Civil Engineers. Clipping from Bulletin. Honorary Member, International Academy of Astro- nautics, Paris. Honorary Fellow, Washington Academyof Sciences. Order of Merit. Letter from Buckingham Palace. Honorary Fellow, National Institute of Sciences of India. Hon. D.Sc. University of Chicago. Correspondence with the President. A.44 1969-71 1. 2. 3. 4, Rabindranath Tagore Birth Centenary Plaque, Asiatic Society. Order of the Eagle of Aztec, Mexico. Fellow of Birkbeck College, London. Hon. D.Sc. Cranfield Institute of Technology. 25 1967 1967 1967 1967 1968 1968 1969 1970 1970 197] P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 26 A.45-A.83 Section A - Biographical and personal Letters, cables and telegrams of congratulation received by Blackett on the award of the Nobel Prize (1948), Copley Medal (1956), Companionship of Honour (1965), Order of Merit (1967), his election as President of the Royal Society (1965) and his elevation to the peerage (1969). Many of the letters are of interest for their biographical or historical reminiscences, discussions of scientific work, references to political activities or to social causes. The letters on the Nobel Prize were kept by Blackett in an alphabetically indexed box file. to folders but retain Blackett's original ordering. These have been removed The letters on the Companionship of Honour, the Presidency of the Royal Society and the Order of Merit were kept in three large bulky files. Each file has been split into nine smaller, alphabetically-arranged folders for ease of refer- ence. bodies are generally filed under the name of the organisation. Letters of congratulation on behalf of corporate If Blackett sent a typescript acknowledgement, the carbon is dttached to the letter. generated by the award of the Nobel Prize was answered in this manner, but letters re the later awards were answered by hand. Most of the correspondence - P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 27 Section A - Biographical and personal A.45-A.54 Nobel Prize 1948 Many of these letters refer to and comment on Blackett's newly-published book ‘Military and political consequences of atomic energy’. See also H.29 - H.41. A.45 A.46 A.47 A.48 A.49 A.50 A.51 A.52 A.53 A.54 A C E | - - - H - M - O - R T - - W - OD L N Q § V Z Mae Copley Medal of The Royal Society (one folder only). A.56-A.64 Companion of Honour 1956 1965 Congratulatory messages arranged alphabetically. A.56 A.57 A.58 A.59 A.60 A.61 A.62 A.63 A.64 A Oo - = G-. J = M - P S - - C F | | O R V w= Z£ Unidentified correspondents and first name signatures P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Section A - Biographical and personal A.65-A.73 President of the Royal Society Congratulatory messages arranged alphabetically. 28 1965 A.65 A.66 A.67 A.68 A.69 A.70 A.71 A.72 A.73 A D - = G - id - M - P > WwW = = - C -F | & O R ¥ Z Unidentified correspondents and first name signatures. A.74-A.82 Order of Merit 1967 Congratulatory messages arranged alphabetically. A.74 A.75 A.76 A.77 A.78 A.79 A.80 A.81 A.82 A D - = C F G- | J = M - P 5 - = W - L O R WV Z Unidentified correspondents and first name signatures P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 29 Section A - Biographical and personal A.83-A.84 Life Peerage A.83 A.84 Blackett's Life Peerage was announced in the New Year's Honours List, 1969. November 1968 (J.110) in which Blackett accepts the recom- mendation for a Life Peerage. See the correspondence with Harold Wilson, Letters of congratulation. 1969 Correspondence and papers re arrangements for Blackett's introduction to the House of Lords, 19 February 1969. Blackett was sponsored by Lord Chalfont and Lord Snow. See H.146-H.149 for papers relating to Blackett's Maiden Speech in the Lords, 4 March 1970. A.85-A. 104 Scrolls, certificates and diplomas Lady Blackett retains some of Blackett's personal medals and certificates. commemorative medals to the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, in June 1975. She gave his collection of scientific Not in folders. Certificate of Honorary Membership, Chinese Physical Society. Hon. D.Sc. University of Delhi. Hon. D.Sc. Queen's University of Belfast. Honorary Fellowship, Weizmann Institute of Science. Honorary Associate, Royal College of Science, Imperial College. Hon. LL.D. University of Dalhousie. Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2 certificates). Hon. D.Sc. University of Manchester. Hon. D.Sc. University of Leeds. Hon. D.Sc. University of Durham. Hon. D.Sc. University of Oxford. A.85 A.86 A.87 A.88 A.89 A.90 A.91 A.92 A.93 A.94 A.95 A.%6 1943 1947 1953 1954 1958 1960 196] 1962 1962 1962 1963 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Section A - Biographical and personal A.97 A.98 A.99 A. 100 A.101 A.102 A.103 A.104 List of Members of the Order of the Companion of Honour. Hon. D.Sc. University of York. Foreign Associate, National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C. Honorary Fellowship, Washington Academy of Sciences. Order of Merit: Statutes, Grant of the Dignity of a Member of the Order of Merit, List of Members. Honorary Membership of Academia Brasileira de Ciécias. Writ of Summons to House of Lords. Hon. D.Sc. University of Chicago. Speech at presentation for the degree. Diploma, Photograph, 30 1965 1966 1966 1966 1968 1968 1969 1969 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Section A - Biographical and personal A.105-A.106 Photographs and press-cuttings. A.105 One box of personal photographs. Some of the loose photo- graphs are dated and identified on verso. Includes: Osborne (1911) and Dartmouth Magdalene College, Cambridge (1919) Cambridge University Natural Sciences Club (1921) Cavendish Laboratory (1922) Rome conference (1931) with Occhialini (1933) Manchester University (several photographs 1946-53) UNESCO Cosmic Ray conference, Crackow (1947) Photograph of portrait sketch by Homi Bhahba (1953) Conference at Bagnéres-de-Bigorre (1953) Lindau meeting of Nobel Prize winners (1956) British Association meeting, Dublin (1957) Ghana (1959) Leeds (1962) Commemoration meeting for Niels Bohr, Copenhagen (1963) Imperial College, Physics Department (1964) Royal Society (1965) Exeter (1966) Royal Society visit to US Academy of Sciences (1966) Royal Society Delegation to Indian Science Academy (1971). also album below. 3] See Misc. studio portrait photographs of various dates Album of photographsofvisit to India, December 1954-January 1955 Album of photographs of Royal Society Delegation to Indian Science Academy, Lucknow (1971) Album of photographs of Blackett's visit to BP Research Centre, Sudbury-on-Thames (1966) A. 106 One box of press-cuttings relating to Blackett and his activities, or to topics which were of interest to him. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 32 SECTION B_ PARTICLE DISINTEGRATION, COSMIC RAYS, ASTROPHYSICS B.1 - B.145 The material in this Section documents the first steps in Blackett's scientific career - his work at the Cavendish Laboratory under Rutherford, his year in Géttingen with Franck, his move to Birkbeck College, London, in 1933 to head his own department, and then to Manchester to occupy the Langworthy Chair of Physics. He photographed the disintegration of the hydrogen nucleus (1924), collaborated with Occhialini to provide evidence for the existence of the positive electron (1933) and supported the research of Rochester and Butler which led to the discovery of the V-particles (1947). Not all of the evidence has survived - whether in the form of laboratory notebooks, working papers or correspondence - but those documents which remain testify to Blackett's energy, persistence and deft experimental technique. Section A should be consulted for several items of interest pertaining to Blackett's work on particle disintegration and cosmic rays - see especially his application to the Royal Society for a Moseley Fellowship (A.12), press-cuttings relating to the electro-magnet built by Metropolitan-Vickers for Blackett and installed in the Magnet Hut at Birkbeck (A.15), letters of congratulation on the award of the Nobel Prize, many of which recall Blackett's work which led to the award, and of course the obituary notices and tributes published after his death. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 33 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics The material is presented as follows: B.1 - B.21 Laboratory notebooks on particle disintegration, 1920-32 With an introductory note B.22 - B.61 Working notes and papers on particle disintegration and cosmic rays, 1923-56 With an introductory note B.62 - B.67 Photographs of particle disintegration and cosmic rays B.68 - B.74 Working notes on theories of the origin of cosmic rays, 1949-55 B.75 - 8.83 Working notes on astrophysics, 1953-59 B.84 - B.13]1 Lectures, broadcasts, publications, 1932-60 With an introductory note B.132- B.147 Correspondence, 1923-74 With an introductory note Because Blackett's research evolved from one topic to another, interest in each being aroused and developed by previous work, the above categories are not rigidly defined and are intended to provide only a rough guide to contents. Even if it were possible to distinguish areas of interest morestrictly, Blackett's record-keeping would make inevitable some degree of overlap, since he often intermingled various types of document to suit his purposes, e.g. pages were torn from laboratory notebooks and kept with the working papers, photographs and notes for lectures were inserted in notebooks, etc. Wherever possible, the presence of ‘anomalous! material of this kind is indicated in the entries below. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 34 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.1-B.21 LABORATORY NOTEBOOKS1920-32 The notebooks are presented in chronological order as far as possible. They are all in Blackett's hand, unless otherwise indicated; other hands are identified where known. The notebooks provide a record of Blackett's first research at the Cavendish Laboratory under Rutherford (B.2 - B.4), his year at Géttingen with Franck (B.10 - B.12) and his collaborative work with research students E.P. Hudson (B.13), F.C. Champion (B.17 - B.18) and D.S. Lees (B.15, B.19 - B.20) in Cambridge. Several incomplete sequences (B.5 - B.6, B.17 - B.18) indicate that some notebooks have not survived. Sometimes pages have been torn from the notebooks and kept with the working notes. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.1 Small notebook labelled on cover ‘Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. Blackett’. Blackett' and inside front cover ‘Hawke Term. The first pages in the notebook (which presumably were work done at Dartmouth) have been cut from the book so that the first entry now reads: 'Aston. apparatus", May 1920', 17 pp. of notes and drawings on methods and materials. "The Technique of vacuum Second entry is 2 pp. of notes titled ‘Experimental Hints’. In the middle of the book are 3 pp. of notes titled ‘Possible Experiments'. (Blackett has listed 11.) 35 1920 1920 nd, n.d. At the end of the book, 2 pp. of miscellaneous calculations. fist. B.2 Blue notebook labelled on cover 'A' and on inside front cover ‘Book A. If found please return to above address’. P.M.S. Blackett. Magdalene College. 1921-22 2 pp. of drawings titled ‘Dimensions of Expansion Chamber’. Then follow a few entries for July 1921 and a long sequence (pp. 1-115) of notes from 11 October 1921 to 2 June 1922. (and the following notebook, B.3) is a record of Blackett's first research at the Cavendish Laboratory (see Lovell, Memoir, pp.6-7). contains journal-like entries describing laboratory techniques, modifications to apparatus (see Lovell, Memoir, p.6), quality of photographs, numerical data and measurements, calculations, hypotheses, sketches of apparatus. B.3 isa catalogue of photographs while B.2 This Several pages of undated notes: ‘Coil for Kapitza' (p.116), ‘Enlarging on to Imperial Process Plates’ (p.117), 'Magneto- meter’ (p.120). , Next sequence of dated entries begins on 3 October 1922 to (approximately) 2 November: record of photographs, measure- ments of angles, calculations, modifications of apparatus, notes on the literature, bibliography. The notebook also contains 2 pp. of notes on bird migration. The first lecture which Blackett ever gave was to the University Physics Undergraduate Society on the subject of bird migration. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 36 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.3 Green notebook labelled on cover 'B' and onfirst page ‘Book B. 1921-22 Catalogue of X-ray photographs November 1921. P.M.S. Blackett, Magdalene College. address. If found Please return to above The first few pages of the notebook (pages are not numbered) contain record of 28 photographs. This is followed by a ‘Catalogue of interesting tracks, etc.' (6 pp.) and ‘notes on general appearance offilms' (4 pp.). This is a catalogue of Blackett's See The notebook then contains a 139 pp. series of detailed analyses of photographs. first research work at the Cavendish under Rutherford. Lovell, Memoir, pp.6-7, which describes Blackett's modifications to the apparatus and two series of experiments. The record of experiments with a mixture of 75% argon + 15% nitrogen ends on p.75. On pp.9-10 there are calculations in another hand, probably Rutherford's. RSs 1. B.4 Blue notebook labelled on first page 'P.M.S. Blackett. Magdalene College. Book A’. 1921-22 Event by event analysis of tracks recorded in B.2 and B.3, analysis of results and of graphs. Notes of tracks with recoil atoms, of air tracks, reduction of helium tracks in ‘Book B' (B.3), test angles, range and velocity of hydrogen atoms, argon tracks, curled helium tracks. One entry is dated 16 January 1923 'measurement of argon tracks’. On p.74 there is a note in another hand (probably Rutherford's) commenting on Blackett's calculations of comparative curvature of hydrogen, helium and air. crossed out and replaced by ‘quite all right’. ‘All wrong’ has been P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics Small pocket notebook labelled on cover 'B' and onfirst page 'P.M.S. Blackett. found'. 1923.) Please return if (Blackett was elected to a Fellowship at King's in King's College. B.5 B.6 B.7 37 1923-24 Entries begin with 29 October (1923) and continue to 11 July (1924). lations. apparatus which were crossed out as they were corrected. Record of photographs, with relevant data and calcu- There are several lists of 'defects' or 'faults' in the From other end of book entries begin with 2 November 1923 and continue to 21 May 1924. of technique, measurements, list of ‘conclusions’ and ‘suggestions’. All are concerned with work using cloud chamber to photograph disintegration of the nucleus. Notes on procedure, modifications 1924 1924, 1927, 1929, 1930-32 Small pocket notebook labelled on cover 'C' and onfirst page 'P.M.S. Blackett. found’. King's College. Please return if Contains annotated bibliography, arranged by subject: impact, disintegration, isotopes, instruments, gases, alpha rays, spectroscope detection of nitrogen, neon, boiling points, electrochemical equivalents, emanating power, radio thorium, amongothers. electron Followed by notes on experimental data, May-October (1924) in conjunction with notes in B.5. 2 pp. of notes for possible papers. N.B. B.4 is not the 'Book A' of this sequence. Small black pocket notebook labelled on first page 'P.M.S. Blackett. Please return if found’. King's College. Entries begin on 1 August 1924 and continue to 29 October. Record of film, description of adjustments to apparatus and of results, list of 'defects'. One page of notes dated June 1927, January 1929 and February 1929. Next set of entries begins on 9 January 1930 and continues to 24 January 1932. B.18). Some notes in F. Champion's hand (see also At end of book there is a page of ‘Notes on apparatus collected from notebooks’. P.S.M. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 38 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.8 Notebook labelled on first page 'P.M.S. Blackett. College. If found please return’. King's 1924, 1926 Numerous photographs of particle disintegration tracks are pasted in the notebook, with a record of measurements. a few of the entries (9 July, 23 August, 2 November 1924) are dated. Only At the end of the book there is an entry for 9 June 1926. Inserted at the back of the book were several sets of loose notes which have been removed and listed separately as B.9. B.7 Loose notes found in back of B.8: le 2 3. ‘Calculation of angles in space from measurements of track photographs. 9 pp. written on verso of petrol claim forms in another hand. Lees' method’. Theory. ‘Measurement of &-track photographs and Calculations of the angles of a fork. 4 pp. in another hand. Blackett's method’. ‘Geometrical Theory' m.s. draft, 10 pp. in Blackett's hand. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 39 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.10-B.12 Work at Gottingen, 1924-25 Blackett spent the academic year 1924-25 working in Géttingen with James Franck. spectra of hydrogen by electron impact (R.S.5.). notebooks document that period. This work led to a joint paper on the excitation of the The following three B10 Small black notebook. cover. Gé8ttingen stationer's stamp on inside back Notebook contains long bibliography of articles and extensive notes on the literature, cross-referenced to the bibliography. The notebook is indexed on the inside front and back covers. 1924-25 From the other end of the book there are notes on photographs, calculations, and other laboratory work, plus an account of expenses, December 1924-January 1925. B.1] Small black notebook. and calculations, variously titled 'Macleod', 'glass fibres’, 'Platinum', ‘Gravitational control and elastic control', 'Theory', etc. The first 15 pp. contain misc. notes 1925 These are followed by a series of records beginning on 22 January (1925) and continuing to 27 June. The last entry is a note on 'G.21'. This series is contained in B.12. From the other end of the book there are several pages of notes on measurements of photographs of 'He, Hg, Hyd.'. Small black notebook. cover. Gdttingen stationer's stamp on inside Onthe first page there is a list of 'screens'. The entries begin on 1 July and continue to 3 August. The entry for 1 July contains notes on 'G.22. 'G.23. which indicate that this notebook is a continuation of the record of work begun in B.11 on the hydrogen molecule. Test of focus', 'G.24. Test of intensity’, etc., Test of screens’, P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 40 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics Red notebook labelled on cover 'Phos.' photographs of X-particles, probably for work in collaboration with E.P. Hudson on ‘The elasticity of the collision of %- particles with hydrogen nucleii' (R.S.7.). Contains numerous 1926-27 A 2 pp. ms. letter from Blackett to Hudson, 13 April 1926, is loosely inserted at the back of the book. The notebook also contains 2 loose pp. of notes on 'New linear radiation formula', and 3 sets of photographs of cosmic On the verso of one set is a Leningraa address, radiation. indicating that perhaps Blackett was given these photographs by a colleague. Black notebook inscribed on first page 'P.M.S. Blackett. Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. 1925'. (The date is added in pencil.) Please return if found. 1925-26, 1927 Entries begin on 22 October (1925) and continue to 27 August (1926), with one additional entry for 17 January (?1927). Record of experiments with automatic cloud chamber and list of photographs with measure- mechanical oscillograph: ments and descriptions of results, sketches of apparatus and modifications. Various notes titled ‘Illumination data', 'Vibration of Piston', ‘Degree of approximation', ‘Period of Vibration of Piston', ‘Possible remedies’ (all recorded in October). Some notes on the literature. Many calculations. Not all of the entries are in Blackett's hand. Small brown notebook labelled on cover 'P.M.S. Blackett. Book C'. 1926-27 Entries begin in December 1926 and continue to August 1927, with one note for 'November 1927. D.S.L.' (D.S. Lees). Contains sketches of apparatus, calculations, notes on modifications to apparatus, notes on lens, methods. Many are concerned with the design and use of double camera. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Al Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.16 Small blue pocket notebook labelled on first page ‘Electron scattering by wire. July 1927'. 1927 Contains sketches of apparatus, numerous calculations and measurements, notes of points to investigate. From other end of book, 'P.M.S. Blackett. April 1918'. Pages have been cut from book. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 42 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.17-B.18 Work with F.C. Champion Notebooks related to Blackett's work with F.C. Champion on the collision of slow A-particles with helium which resulted in the publication of a joint paper (R.S.15.). Book B of this sequenceis missing. N.B. B.17 Large ledger labelled on cover 'P.M.S. Blackett. The Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, A', with list of rolls of film. 1929 Entries begin in January 1929. of collision of &-particle tracks with helium. Careful, event by event analysis Numerous closely-written pages of measurements, calculations, summaries of results. Pp. 55-59, ‘Collision of H particles with gas atoms’. B.18 Ledger labelled on cover 'F. Clive Champion. Cavendish -Helium Collisions, 1930', and 'Book C' Laboratory. (in Blackett's hand). Inside the front cover are Blackett's notes on angles and arrangement of film. 1930 Careful, detailed analyses, event by event, of X-Helium collisions (photograph record, measurements, calculations). Most of the notes are in 2 unidentified hands (although presumably one is Champion's) with misc. shorter notes by Blackett throughout. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 43 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.19-B.20 Work with D.S. Lees Notebooks related to Blackett's work with D.S. Lees on range- velocity relationships for hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and argon atoms. (R.$.16.) B.19 Large ledger labelled on the cover 'Collected Tables of Results. Argon. Hydrogen’. Oxygen. 1929, 1931 Contains log of results (event by event) of scatterings of &-particles in cloud chamber gases. re-examined or of special interest', ‘of photos cut out by Lees’. List of ‘photos to be Entries and calculations in both Blackett's and Lees's hand. All of the entries that are dated are for April 1929, with the exception of the last which is a brief note ‘July 15, 1931. All Argon Films looked thro: for A coil’. B.20 Large ledger labelled on the cover 'Nitrogen', containing comments on photographs taken in cloud chamber and a log of scanning and measuring. hands, and another unidentified script. Entries in Blackett's and Lees's 1930-31 None of the entries are dated but there is a note by Blackett on the first page dated June 1931. B.21 Small red pocket notebook labelled on first page 'P.M.S. Blackett. Please return if found’. The Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. 130 pp. A. 1932 Entries begin on 9 February 1932 and continue to 22 June (1932); dated 11 and 12 July. the entries for 11 and 12 June are erroneously Record of laboratory techniques for work on lighting, photo- graphy, expansion condition, Wilson Cloud Chamber, drop sizes. Lists of alterations to apparatus. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 44 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.22B.61 WORKING NOTES ON PARTICLE DISINTEGRATION AND COSMIC RAYS 1923-56 Blackett's folders of working notes and papers are of a very miscellaneous composition. An attempt has been madein the list below to present them in chrono- logical order, but since many of the folders contain a wide range of material of differing dates, this ordering is of necessity somewhat artificial and incomplete. Some originally very bulky folders have been split into several smaller folders for ease of reference, e.g. B.22 - B.25, B.35 - B.37; in some cases, manu- scripts and drafts for lectures have been removed and listed sepaarately (see the introductory note to B.84 - B.131). Some of the papers refer to measurements and observations recorded in laboratory notebooks. It has not been practicable to cross-reference such cases to the notebooks listed above (B.1 - B.21), since many of Blackett's notes refer to books which are missing from the sequence. Some of the notes are written on the verso of examination scripts, others are on specially devised forms for the recording of data. and in Blackett's hand unless otherwise indicated; other hands are identified where All| notes are manuscript, known. All correspondence found with these working notes has been left in the folders, itemised and indexed (see the introductory note to B.132 - B.147). P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics One folder labelled on cover ‘Curved Tracks. The contents have been extracted and listed separately below. The original folder is kept with B.22. Results’. 45 1923-30 B.22-B.25 B22 B.23 B.24 ‘The Curvature of the Tracks'. page is annotated by Blackett ‘Fellowship Thesis. This is presumably Section 8 of that thesis. Ord were elected to Fellowships at King's in 1923. 10 pp. typescript. First 1923 King's, 1923'. Blackett and Boris 25 pp. ms. draft of paper (untitled) on curvature of forked tracks produced by collision of alpha particles with free protons. Probably draft of R.S.3. ‘Curved Proton Tracks. Copenhagen, September 1930'. 4 pp. ms. notes for talk in Copenhagen. letter to Bohr, 18 September 1930,re this visit (B. 133). See Blackett's B.25 Misc. pages of notes, diagrams, graphs. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 4b Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.26-B.30 Work with D.S. Lees Working notes relating to Blackett's work with D.S. Lees on range and velocity of recoil atoms (R.S.16) and on particle disintegration. Bs 26. «, Folder labelled on cover 'Fast Hydrogen and Test Tracks’. 1930-31 Numerous tabular summaries of data, with accompanying graphs and calculations, titled 'Hydrogen, Unequal Errors’, 'Hydrogen Equal Errors', ‘Fast Hydrogen Collision’, ‘Error Distribution of measured masses, alpha-particle-hydrogen', 'O & N collisions’. Some of the results are entered on specially prepared forms, others are written on the verso of examination scripts. Not all are in Blackett's hand. 'Check' or 'remeasure’. Many bear the notation B.27 Folder labelled on front 'Trigonometrical Calculations on Forked Tracks’. 1930-31 Numerous sheets of calculations and recordings of data (many are on the specially prepared forms as in B.26). Some notes onthe literature. Air', ‘Argon recoil atoms', etc. Graphs. Notes titled ‘Range of argon atoms', ‘Range and Velocity Nitrogen| Oxygen Much of the data is taken from the measurements and recordings entered in the laboratory notebooks. are dated are for 1930 and 1931 but many of the papers may date from a much earlier period of research. The only entries that B.28 Folder labelled ‘Disintegration Tracks. Measurements’. 1930-31 Numerous sets of calculations and recordings of data. The only ones which are dated are those which are on the specially prepared forms; B.26 and B.27. these are for 1930 and 1931 as are those in 47 1931 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.29 Folder labelled 'Paper |. Notes on Mass Defects'. and address (King's College, Cambridge. Cavendish) and, in Blackett's hand but at a later date, ‘Important. Disintegration’. Photography of Disintegration. Cover is also labelled with name Numerous graphs and charts. Notes titled ‘Formation of O17', ‘Energy change at collision’, ‘Energy change in terms of measured quantities, 'Note on mass defects', 'Transmutation Tracks’. written on the verso of H. Elliot's examination scripts. Some of the notes are Includes 3 pp. typescript (pp.14-16 of a longer paper) 'The possibility that oxygen disintegrates’ with letter from George Gamow (10 June 1931, Copenhagen) commenting on the draft and disagreeing with Blackett's conclusions. bears Gamow's; annotations. The draft B.30 Folder labelled 'Curvature of Tracks. Calculations’. 1930-32 Folder of very miscellaneous composition, including graphs, tabular summaries of data, list of films, tables of ‘collected results', notes on the literature, sketches of apparatus. Notes titled 'Rough Analysis of H curvature', 'Curled Tracks', ‘Register of tracks for which angles over 70° occur", ‘Curvature experiment’. Many of the pages have been cut from laboratory notebooks; other loose sheets refer to findings recorded in the notebooks. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 48 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.31 Folder labelled ‘Scattering of Light by Drops. Webb’. 2 graphs by Blackett and identical 2 graphs in unidentified hand (?Webb). One graph shows ‘Photographic intensity of drops in a cloud chamber at different angles with the direction of the illuminating beam'. B.32 Folder labelled ‘Condensation theory’. 1932-34 2 pp. outline of series of 11 lectures on the technique of the cloud chamber. Draft of first lecture 'Theory of drop formation' (6 pp.) with supplementary notes. Some of the other notes in this folder may also be drafts for lectures in the same series but this is not certain. Includes working papers, notes and calculations: of rate of evaporation from flat surface’, ‘Size of drops in alpha ray tracks', 'Variation of pressure with height' (10 pp.) ‘Estimate B.33 Folder labelled ‘Breadth of Tracks’. 1933-34 Notes titled 'Distribution of track breadth', ‘Observed breadth of tracks and time of expansion', ‘Distribution of track breadths in time', 'Diffusion of ions’. Notes on the literature. Graphsand charts. Calculations. Includes letter from P.1. Dee (15 April 1934) commenting on draft of a paper by Blackett, and letter from S. Goldstein (10 December 1933) re calculations on diffusion problems. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 49 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.34 Folder labelled 'Zenith Angle Distribution and Air Absorption Curve’. 1934-35 Numerous graphs and notes, many documenting results ob- tained from experiment using geiger counter equipment erected by D.H. Follett and J.D. Crawshaw in vacant part of Holborn tube station tunnel, London. Notes on the literature and on results of experiments conducted by other research teams, including table of 'Vertical distribu- tion of Cosmic Radiation at Jungfraujoch’. Includes letter from Follett (17 February 1935) describing results to date and one page undated note from Follett re readings. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 50 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.35-B.39 B.35-B .37 Work on ‘Time Variations’ 48 Correspondence, notes and drafts kept by Blackett in folder labelled 'Time Variations. have been split into 3 smaller folders: Duperier'. 1940, 1946- Contents B.35 Ms. notes and drafts: ‘Temperature effect of mesons and decay electrons’ (4 pp.), ‘Meson decay' (1 p.), ‘Cosmic ray intensity and the July 1946 magnetic storm' (2 pp. typescript for talk), 'Florence 12.4.48.' (1 p.). B.36 Letter from E.V. Appleton (20 February 1940) on ‘alter- native explanation of the correlation of cosmic ray diminution and magnetic storm’. 1940, 1946- 47 Letter from M.V. Wilkes (18 November 1946), re work of Mailvaganam and of Pekeris. Correspondence with P. Nicholson and V. Sarabhai, April- August 1947, re the draft of their joint paper 'Semi- diurnal variation of C.R. intensity’, with Blackett's notes on the draft. B.37 Includes summary of results obtained by Correspondence exchanged with A. Duperier, February 1946 to October 1949. Duperier, of observations made at Birkbeck, 4 pp. typescript of 'The Height of Meson Formation' and 4 pp. typescript of 'The Latitude Effect and the Pressure-Level of Meson Forma- tion' and several offprints of papers by Duperier. 1946-49 B.38 Folder labelled 'Time Variations' containing copies of papers by research workers: 1952-54 ly ‘Calculation of Counting Rates and ShowerEnergies’, 4 pp. typescript, J.K. Crawshaw, with ms. annotations by Blackett. ‘Cosmic rays and the magnetic field of the sun', 5 pp. typescript by D.W.N. Dolbear and H. Elliot. 'Time Variations of Extensive Air Showers’, 7 pp. type- script, probably by H. Elliot, with ms. annotations by Blackett. 'A World-wide variation in the phase of the solar daily variation in cosmic ray intensity', 4 pp. typescript, annotated by Blackett and bearing his name and that of Elliot. continued P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 51 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.38 (continued) 5. 6. ‘Experimental Arrangement', 1 p. ms. note, 2 graphs in H. Elliot's hand. ‘Time Variations', 3 pp. typescript with 5 pp. graphs, probably by H. Elliot c. 1954. N.B. listed separately. See B.39. Correspondence in this folder has been extracted and Blackett's lecture 'Time Variations of Cosmic Rays' delivered in Milan, January 1953, has been extracted and listed separately. See B.113. B.39 Correspondence from H. Elliot, November 1952-February 1953, commenting on work by Ehmert, Clay, Dolbear and re his own work. 1952-53 Correspondence with V. Sarabhai, April-May 1953, requesting Blackett's and Elliot's comments on his manuscript. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 52 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B. 40 Folder labelled ‘Penetrating Showers’. 1947-49 2 pp. ms. note labelled ‘Cosmic Rays. problems. Oxford, March 1947’. Important contemporary 'On the relative numbers of positive and negative ““ mesons at sea-level’, 4 pp. typescript, possibly by J.G. Wilson | c.1947. Working notes, calculations and notes on the literature. Blackett's lecture on ‘Cloud Chamber Studies of N.B. Penetrating Showers' delivered in Como, September 1949, has been extracted and listed separately. See B.104. R.S.63. B. 41 Folder labelled 'APPs' (Associated Penetrating Particles). 1950-53 ‘Notes on Differential Range Measurements of Hard Component of Cosmic Rays in Water', typescript and graphs by A.J. Dyer. 'A Cloud Chamber Study of Associated Penetrating Particles at Sea-Level', typescript of paper by V. Appapillai, A.W. Mailvaganam and A.W. Wolfendale. Misc. notes by Blackett and related offprints. Correspondence from H. J.J. Braddick (26 November 1952) enclosing note by A.W. Wolfendale on ‘Effect of Knock-on Electrons on APP Results' and later letter (14 March 1953) commenting on ‘Colombo draft'. See also B.49, B.109. Correspondence from A.W. Wolfendale (June-December 1953) enclosing copies of his letters to V. Appapillai. N.B. Draft of Blackett's lecture ‘Fundamental Particles of Nature! delivered in Colombo has been extracted and listed separately. See B.1U9. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 53 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.42-B.55 Work on V-particles In 1946-47 G.D. Rochester and C.C. Butler, working with Blackett in Manchester, obtained the first photographs of V-particles. Their results were published in Nature, 160, 855. In 1949 the cloud chamber and magnet which Rochester and Butler had used to obtain their photographs was moved from Manchester to the Observatory on the Pic du Midi in the hope of photographing new tracks (see letters to Carl Anderson, 5 December 1949 and 26 April 1950, in B. 48). B.42-B.46 contain the initial correspondence: between Butler and Rusch re between Blackett and J. R&dsch of the Observatory (with the intermediary help of G. Occhialini) re the possibility, practicalities and funding of such a transfer; details of installation; collaboration between French and British scientists; pondencere results obtained, with special reference to the possibilitythat one of the disintegration products of V-particles is a proton (see letter from R.E. Peierls, 26 April 1951 in B.45), photographs, plan, funding estimates; and M.F. Perutz re Pic du Midi conference planned for August 1950. between Blackett and P. Augerre corres- with J. Clay ae See Lovell, Memoir, pp.35-36. For lectures by Blackett on the subject, see B.112, B.114. May-July 1949. August-December 1949 (includes 2 pp. note by Butler on 'The arrangement of the Manchester University electro-magnet on the Pic du Midi')- January-October 1950. Januar y-October 1951. Photographs and blueprint plan of the Observatory, funding estimates. B.42 B.43 B.44 B.45 B.46 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 54 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.47-B.50 Folder labelled 'T-mesons. Old calculations. stable heavy particles'. split into 4 smaller folders: The contents of this folder have been Reprints of B.47 Ms. notes by Blackett: 'Decay Process' (15 December 1950), 'Range of T-mesons', notes on the literature, notes and graphs in another hand. W.G.V. Rosser, L. Leprince-Ringuet. Related offprints by S.W. Mitra and 1950 B. 48 Correspondence and papers, mainly re work of C.D. Anderson's team at California Institute of Technology. 1949-50 Includes: Correspondence with C.D. Anderson, November 1949-August 1950, re proposal that E. Cowan should spend some time in Blackett's laboratory at Manchester (he was unable to do so), and re verification by Anderson's team of Rochester's and Butler's hypothesis that forked tracks were ‘caused by new unstable particles'; new particles. re Pic du Midi project and re naming of the 7 7 In his letter of 12 July 1950, Blackett suggests the names 'V-tracks' and 'V-particles' and adds: ‘Il would like to get our ideas set on this question before the end of August as | will be talking at the British Association on these particles on the 31st, and would like by then to have come to some decision as to what they should be called. to ask for his approval when | have heard from you'. Blackett's letter of 19 July 1950 to A.H. Chapmanin B.44)3 | propose to write to Niels Bohr (see also An extract from a letter from Anderson to Rochester, 18 January 1950, is attached to correspondence of 23 November 1949, ‘Paris 28.4.50. "Two new processes’. T-Meson'. 6 pp. ms. notes for talk on 3 pp. ms. notes by Blackett on paper ‘Cloud chamber observations of new unstable particle’ by Anderson's team; ams. note at head reads 'no published comment till paper appears’. A press-cutting from Life magazine, 1950, on the new particle is also included. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.49 'V-particles', ms. draft of talk at 'Harwell Conference, Oxford', September 1950, with note 'Revised Colombo November 1950' (see also B.41, B.109). 35 1950 'V-particles', ms. draft of talk by Blackett in Bombay, December 1950. of V-particles' sent by India government to Blackett for his amendments before publication. annotated by Blackett (see also B.110). Typescript of ‘Cloud Chamber Photographs Typescript is heavily Correspondence with C.C. Butler in Manchester (September- December 1950) re V-particle decays. report new photographs of neutral V-decays sent to Blackett for his talk in Oxford. V-particle decay events sent to Blackett in India for his talk there. The December letter reports new The Septemberletters B.50 Letter from J. Blaton (19 October 1947) enclosing a note by him on 'Momentum and Energy Conservation’. 1947 B.51-B.54 Folder labelled 'V-particles. Old notes'. of this folder have been split into smaller folders, as follows: The contents B.5] B.52 B.53 Numerous sets of ms. notes by Blackett, few of them dated or ‘Decay in flight titled. of neutral particle’, ‘Spontaneous decay of mass M into two bodies of equal mass m', ‘Symmetrical decay’. Includes notes on the literature. Correspondence from C.C. Butler, October 1951 and October 1952, writing from America with reports of cloud chamber Includes report on experiments by research teams there. ‘Cloud chamber experiments in progress and projected at Caltech' (21 October 1951) and 'The Present Position on ve particles’ (November 1952). from Butler with news of personnel, equipment, theories, etc. Very detailed full letters Includes copy of letter from R.B. Leighton, Caltech, 25 June 1951, to Blackett. Correspondence from K.H. Barker, A. Newth and C.C. Butler (all writing from Manchester to Blackett in Rome), December 1952 to January 1953, re future work of Pic du Midi group. (See also B.95.) -_ 1951-52 1952-53 B.53 continued P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 56 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.53 (continued) Butler's letter (13 January 1953) accompanies an abstract of a report by R.D. Sard at the Rochester Conference, December 1952, a copy of Blackett's letter to Butler (29 December 1952) commenting on Butler's report of his American visit and offering proposals for future work, and his note on ‘Consideration of possibility of using random expansion with the flash controlled by a counter system’. of the Pic du Midi group, which ey also accompanied this letter, have not survived. Notes by Barker and Butler on the future B.54 'The decay of V-mesons', typescript of paper by C.C. Butler and K.H. Barker with accompanying graphs. ‘Identification of T-mesons in Photographic Emulsion’ (in unidentified hand). Misc. drawings, photographs, etc. B90 Folder labelled 'Counter Controlled Cloud Chamber Techniques' containing sets of ms. notes. 'Yield of V° and Chamber Size’. 3 pp. Notes on solenoids. 'Yield of penetrating shower as function of height for cloud chamberof given size’. 2 pp. '"Niew law of nature". All good cloud chambers give ~2 Vs per day, independent of their size (or to some extent their height)'. 1p. ‘Flux of proton and neutron’. Lectures delivered in Varenna, August-September 1953 N.B. have been extracted and listed separately. See B.114. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 5/7 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.56 Folder labelled 'Extensive Showers', of a very miscellaneous composition. 1952-56 Includes: Blackett's ms. notes on papers presented by others, perhaps at Cosmic Rays conference, Lincoln College, Oxford, April 1956. Numerous graphs and charts (not all in Blackett's hand). Notes on the literature. Notes and calculations. B.57 Copies of papers by other workers in the field. kept by Blackett in B.56.) (Originally 1951-54 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 58 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.58-B.60 Work on Cerenkov Radiation Folder labelled 'Cerenkov Radiation’, containing work for Blackett's paper 'A possible contribution to the light of the night sky from the Cerenkov radiation emitted by cosmic rays’, published in 1948. held in July 1947 under the auspices of the Gassiot Committee. See Lovell, Memoir, p.37, fora full description of the paper. The contents of the folder have been split into smaller folders. This paper was read at a conference R.5.58, B.58 Ms. notes (8 July 1947) for talk, typescript for published version, offprint as published. 2 pp. typescript note, perhaps not by Blackett. Letter from J.T. Randall. 18 December 1945, and note from J.G. Wilson, 22 July (?1947). B.59 Numeroussets of ms. notes: '‘Photo-cell Detection of Shower' ‘Visibility of Shower, etc.' 'Naked eye observation of scintillations’ ‘Visible light from single particle in fluorescent material’ ‘Photometry’ ‘Least reflectible brightness of steady and extended source’ B.60 Notes on the literature. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 59 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.61 Folder labelled 'Harwell Experiment. Cerenkov Radiation’. Correspondence with J.V. Jelley and W. Galbraith re their work at Harwell which was eventually published as ‘Light Pulses from the Night Sky associated with Cosmic Rays' (Nature, 171, 349, 1953). was stimulated by Blackett's paper on the Cerenkov radiation (see B. 58-B.60). Jelley's and Galbraith's work Includes several preliminary drafts for the paper and offprint, notes and graphs sent to Blackett for comment, and typescript of later paper for publication in Nature ‘Light Pulses from the Night Sky’. Correspondence with officials at Harwell re the experiment, comments by B.D. Hyamson early draft of paper. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 60 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.62-B.67 PHOTOGRAPHS OF PARTICLE DISINTEGRATION AND COSMIC RAYS The numerous requests to reproduce Blackett's photographs of particle disintegration and cosmic rays (B.145 - B.147) amply testify to the truth of the statement by E.C. Bullard (quoted by Lovell, Memoir, p.9) that these photographs ‘have adorned almost every text book of nuclear physics for the past fifty years’. B.62 B.63 B.64 B.65 B.66 B.67 Copies of Blackett's photographs of particle disintegration. These were originally published in his early papers on the subject and were later used to illustrate numerous textbooks on nuclear physics. the captions are of later dates. All are labelled on verso; most of c. 1924-32 Photograph album with many pages removed from the binding and loosely inserted. particle disintegration with notes by Blackett of their origin or of their use as illustrations in early papers. Many of the photographs have become detached from the pages of the album. Contains numerous photographs of One envelope of photographs of 'Slow alpha ray collisions, 1922'. Album of photographs, with many loose photographs, mainly of cosmic ray tracks in cloud chamber. Many are described on verso by Blackett or others. Envelope of photographs labelled ‘Cosmic ray photographs Also includes taken in a cloud chamber 1933 and 1946'. photograph of equipment used by Blackett and Occhialini, 1933. 1933-46 Envelope of photographs labelled 'Pic du Midi. of cascade decay (Butler et al)’. Discovery 1951-59 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 61 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.68-B.74 WORKING NOTES ON THEORIES OF THE ORIGIN OF COSMIC RAYS 1949-1955 For lectures by Blackett on the subject, see B.105-B. 108, B.110, B.112, B.115, B.118, B.121, B.124, B.127-B.129. B.68 Folder labelled 'Origin Theories of Cosmic Rays. Includes: Misc. notes on the literature. 'The possibility of a betatron acceleration mechanism in the equatorial plane of a variable magnetic star’. 11 pp. ms. draft by C.B. Wheeler with notes by Blackett. Lectures by Blackett on the origin of cosmic rays N.B. given in Manchester and London, 1949, have been extracted and listed separately. See B.105 and B.106. B.69 Folder labelled ‘Summaries of papers on theories of origin of cosmic rays’. Contains numerous sets of ms. notes and calculations by Blackett, few of them dated or titled. Many pages of notes on the current literature. in Blackett's original order. Contents have been left Notes for 2 lectures by Blackett on the origin of N.B. cosmic rays have been extracted and listed separately. See B.110 and B.112. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 62 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.70 Folder labelled 'Origin of Cosmic Rays'. Includes: Numerous sets of ms. notes by Blackett; several are headed 'Varenna', probably notes taken by Blackett at cosmic ray conference there. Notes on the literature. 7 pp. typescript by C.B. Wheeler (probably report on research) with sub-headings 'The origin of primary cosmic radiation', 'The rate of thermonuclear reactions’, ‘Impulsive fuse-blowing', 'Water stabilised high-power arcs’. Outline of lecture by Blackett delivered in Manchester, N.B. revised and delivered to Royal Meteorological Society, 1950, has been extracted and listed separately. See B.107. B.7] Folder labelled ‘Origin Theories of Cosmic Rays’. Includes: Numerous sets of working notes, including 'Acceleration Mechanisms', ‘Acceleration of C.R. by varying magnetic field', 'Theory of decay of magnetic field of lines of force', and ‘Conductivity of interstellar space’. Notes on the literature, especially on work by E. Fermi. B.72 Folder labelled ‘Origin Theories. Russian Translation’. 1951-54 Typescripts of translation of 4 papers published in Russian scientific journals, 1951-54. One letter from B.F. Kraus (Translator?). B.73 Folder labelled ‘Swann. Origin Theories’. 1955 Bibliography and various publications by W.F.G. Swann, Bartol Research Foundation, The Franklin Institute. Correspondence from Swann re cosmic ray conference to be held in Guanajuato, Mexico, September 1955. B.74 Folder containing offprints collected by Blackett re origin theories of cosmic rays. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 63 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.75-B.83 WORKING NOTES ON ASTROPHYSICS 1953-1959 B./5-B.77 Folder labelled ‘Freundlich and Red Shift', containing drafts, correspondence and offprints. split into 3 smaller folders as follows: The contents have been 1953-54 B.75 ‘A new interpretation of the observed displacement of lines in the spectra of the Sun and Stars', 26 pp. typescript of paper by E. Finlay-Freundlich. ‘Theoretical remarks about Freundlich's Red Shift formula’, typescript comments by M. Born on Freundlich's paper (2 versions: 6 pp. and 12 pp.) Both papers were submitted to the Proc. Phys. Soc. and Proc. Roy. Soc. for publication in the summer of 1953. They were eventually published in the Gétt.Nachrichten. B.76 Blackett's correspondence with Born and Freundlich re content and publication of their papers, with other colleagues in the field re the red shift. Includes copy of lengthy letter from Lovell to Born sent to Blackett for information and copy of 'A note on Freundlich red-shift and the effect of radiation on Lamb-shift', by D.S. Kothari and F.C. Auluck. Baz? ‘Gravitational Red Shift and Light Deflection’, 5 pp. ms. by Blackett, with misc. notes. Association copies of offprints sent by Freundlich to Blackett. Copy of obituary notice of E. Finlay-Freundlich, 1965, by H. von Kluber, and of Blackett's letter of sympathy to Mrs. Finlay-Freundlich. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 64 Section B - Particle disintegration, Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics B.78-B.80 Folder labelled 'Crab Nebula. Cosmic Rays’. Synchrotron Radiation. 1956-57 Contents have been split into smaller folders as follows: B.78 Ms. notes by Blackett: ‘Compton effect for k & T A A A I ™ m ™ Q O T A r -I-J . 134 ~135 e w . 136 e G . 137 e w . 138 e e .139 e e . 140 B & B 141 e B .142 e u .143 o o . 144 . A I £ = c I C P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 347 Section J - Correspondence J.145-J.149 Misc. shorter correspondence 1964-74 Requests for meetings, brief exchanges of information, social or personal greetings, Blackett's letters of congratulation or condolence to others, etc. Not itemised or indexed. 5 folders in date order: J.145 J.146 J.147 J.148 J.149 1964-65 1966-67 197] 1972 1973-74 J.150 Invitations to lecture 1957, 1970-72 de lal J. 152 Not itemised or indexed. Shorter correspondence on publications, requests for reprints, permission to quote, etc. 1966-73 Brief correspondence with publishers, editors and authors to accompany complimentary copies of publications, reports and documents sent to Blackett. di. 153 Misc. social invitations, with Blackett's replies. 1970-73 J.154,J.155 Requests for support, from scientific, academic, humanitarian organisations, or from individuals. 2 folders. J.156 Js.157 Requests for autographs and photographs. Brief correspondence with scientists or members of the general public about their work or theories. 1971-74 J.158 Letters and material from eccentrics. P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 CONSPECTUS 348 Pp.348-355 contain a conspectus of Blackett's publications as listed in the Bibliography of Lovell, Memoir, and the principal items in the catalogue to which they refer. Only the more extended references (to research, publication or reception of work and ensuing correspondence) are given, minor allusions in letters, requests for reprints, etc. being omitted. Pp.356-360 contain a photocopy of the Bibliography of Lovell, Memoir; it is reproduced here by permission in order to enable users of the Conspectus to identify the full titles of works elsewhere referred to in the form RS... P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 349 Numberin Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or items in this catalogue R.5.1 -2, B.3, B.28, B.64 R.5.2 -22, B.24, B.64, B.133 R.5.3 4, B.9, B.23, B.26, B.27, B.62. B.64 R.S.4 R.5.5 -10-B.12 R.S.6 .8, B.17, B.29, B.62, B.63, B.145-B. 147 R.S:.7 13 R.S.8 RS? 13, B.14, B.15 RS. 10 Rade 1] R.S.12 R.S.13 R.S.14 R.S.17 R.S.18 R.S.19 R520 -19, B.20, B.111, B.146, B.147 R.5.15 R.S,16 17, B.18 .19, B.20, B.26-B.30, B.145-B. 147 u1?, B20 -65, B.66 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 350 Number in Royal Society Memoir Reference to folders or items in this catalogue R.$.21 R.S.22 B.134, B.138 R.5.23 R.S.24 B.65, B.66, B.138 R.S.25 A.26 R. 5.26 R.S.27 R.5.28 B.134, B.138 R.S.29 B.33, B.111 B.34, B.85 H.1 R.S.30 R.S.31 R.S.32 R.S.33 R.S.34 Ri5.35 R.S.36 R.S..38 R.S.39 R.S.40 R.S.37 B.90, B.91 B.84, B.104 B.136-B.138 B.84, B.144 P.M.S. 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Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 355 Numberin Royal Society Reference to folders or items in this catalogue R.S.121 G.72 R.S.122 H.146-H. 149 _R.S.123 R.S.124 G.74 R.S.125 H.150 R.S.126 H.151 R.S.127 H.152 R.S.128 B.143, H.154 R56 129 H.154 R.S.130 G.17-G.22 R.S.13] H.156 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 356 LIST OF PUBLICATIONS Reproduced by permission from Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 21, 1975, 108-113 (1) . (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) 1922 1923 Onthe analysis of «-ray photographs. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A 102, 294. A note on the natural curvature of «-ray tracks. Proc. Camb. phil. Soc. 21, 517. Thestudy of forked «-ray tracks. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A 103, 62. Angular momentum andelectron impact. Proc. Camb. phil. Soc. 22, 56. (With J. Franck) Anregung von Spektren des Wasserstoffs durch 1924 1925 Elektronenstoss. Z. 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ATKINS, Sir Hedley (John Barnard) C.230 B.140 A.45 H.32 A.74 ATMA, Ram G.13, G.45, G.70. See also G.30 ATTLEE, Clement Richard, Earl Attlee D.184, J.3 AUGER, Pierre Victor AULUCK, F.C. BABCOCK, Horace W. BAGRIT, Sir Leon BAIRSTOW, Sir Leonard BAKER, F. W. G. BALAKRISHNA,S. BALL, John Geoffrey BALL, Tom BALOGH, Thomas, Baron Balogh of Hampstead BALTAN, F. BANERJEE, K. BANERJEE, S._ K. BANKS, F. Rod BARCROFT, Henry BARFORD, Norman BARFORD, N.C. BARKER, Keith H. A.45, B.42, B.43, B.45, J.4 B.76 C.46 A.56 D.214 G.80 C.240 A.56, A.65, A.74 C.25 A.45, E.51, H.57, J.4 A.45 A.4] C.25] A.56 A.55 A.74 Ja B.53 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 363 Index of Correspondents BARLOW, Frank BARLOW, Harold Everard Monteagle BARNARD, George A. BARNES, George BARNETT, James A. BARNOTHY, J. M. BARON, George BARRETT, A. C. BARTLETT, Maurice Stevenson BATES, Leslie Fleetwood E.67 A.56 C.98 D.127 A.45 C.47 D.127 A.74 F.17 A.45, A.56, A.74, A.83, C.47, C.98, J.121. See also F.27 BAUER, Edmond H.32 BAUGHAN, E. Christopher A.45, D.113, D.127 BAY, Christian BAYLISS, Leonard E. BEADLE, George W. BEAGLEHOLE, John Cawte BEAVER, Sir Hugh Eyre Campbell BECK, Guido BEER, (Anthony) Stafford BEHARI, Bepin F.69, F.74 D.105 A.43 A.38 A.56, A.65 B.133, J.95 Jad G.45 BEHRENS, Sir Leonard (Frederick) A.45, A.56, A.74 BELL, Rose BELSHE, John C. J.6 C.82, J.123 BENN, Anthony Wedgwood G.70, J.6. See also H.89 BENNETT, J. G. BERGEL, Franz BERGERON, General BERLIN, Sir Isaiah BERNADOTTE, Count Lennart BERNAL, John Desmond C.47 A.65, A.74 G.35 A.74 A.37 A.65, A.83, C.98, C.114. See also D.149, £.26, E.44, F.27, H.12, H.13, J.7, 5.44 BERNARDINI, Gilberto G.123 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents BESSBOROUGH, Frederick Edward Neuflize Ponsonby, Earl Bessborough H.15] BESWICK, rank, Baron Beswick A.84 364 BHABHA, Homi Jehangir C.4, G.33, G.93, J.68, J.79. See also G.34, G.28, H.111 BHABHA, Jamshad J. G.34 BHATNAGAR,Sir Shanti Swarupa A.45, G.6, G.35 BHIMASANKARAM, V. L. S. C. 240, C.257 » Gui 26Z BIRTWISTLE, D. BJERKENS, V. BLACK, Sir William BLACKMAN, Moses BLATON, J. BLEANEY, Brebis BLOCH, M. BLOOR, W. BLOUNT, Bertie Kennedy BLUMER, Albert BLUNDELL, D. J. BLUNDEN, Roger M. BODDINGTON, L. BOHR, Niels BONDI, Sir Hermann BOREHAM, John BORN, Max BOSANAC, Tomo BOSE, Karl BOSE, Satyendranath BOTTRALL,(Francis James) Ronald BOWDEN, Bertram Vivian, Baron Bowden of Chesterfield BOWDEN, Frank Philip BOWEN, Edward George BOYD ORR, John, Baron Boyd Orr BOYDEN, H. James Fo] C.49 A.25, A.56, A.65, A.74 A.56, A.74, C.100, J.121, J.132 B.50 A.56 A.45 A.65 F.23 H.33 C.107. See alsoC.101 C.243 C.11 A.45, H.21. See alsoB.24 J.8 E.61 A.55, B.76, B.132, J.9. See alsoB.75 J iG? A.45 G.46, J.79 A.45 E.41, J.10 A.45, A.55 G.118 H.92 A.56 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 365 Index of Correspondents BOZORTH, R. M. C.100 BRABAZONof Tara, John Theodore Cuthbert Moore-Brabazon BRADLEY, Daniel Joseph BRADLEY, David BRADDICK, H. J. J. BRAGG, Stephen Lawrence BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence BRANDMUELLER, Josef BRAY, Jeremy William BRETSCHER, Egon BRIDGES, Edward, Baron Bridges BRIGGS, Asa, Baron Briggs of Lewes BRIMBLE, L. J. F. BRITTAN, Samuel BROADHURST, F. M. BROCK, A. BRODE, Robert B. BRONK, Detlev W. BROOK, G. L. BROWN, John BROWN, Robert Hanbury BROWN, Robert T. BROWN, S. Harrison BROWN, Wilfred Banks Duncan, Baron Brown BRUCE, Charles E. R. BRUCE, Duncan A. A.55, C.47, D.128 J.123 A.38, A.74 A.74, B.4l F.51 A.45, A.55, A.74, F.42, G.120, H.21, J.11, J.59. See also F.27 A.45 G.70 B.61 A.74 gel 2) H.85 dehZ C227 C.266 did A.83 A.45 A.74 G.118 J.14 A.42, G.81, J.67 E.69 B.139, J.14 A.27 BRUMWELL, J. R. Marcus A.56, A.65, A.74, E.25, E.29-£.34, H.35 BRUNDRETT, Sir Frederick BRUNT, Sir David BUCHAN, Alastair francis BUCHANAN, R.A. J.15, J.13] A.18, A.55 A.56, A.74 H.133 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 366 Index of Correspondents BUDDINGTON, A. F. BUILDER, Geoffrey BULLARD, Sir Edward (Crisp) BULLERWELL, William BULLIVANT, Stanley BUNDY, McGeorge BUNTING, Arthur Hugh BURCH, Cecil Reginald BUREK, Peter C.99, C.231 C.6] A.55, A.56, C.48, C.115, C.221, C.223, C.231, C.234, C.242, C.251, C.260, C.263, D.191, D.196, J.63, J. 140. See also C.75, D.84, H.12 C.253 J.124 J.16 G.79, J.143 A.55 C.241 BURHOP, Eric Henry Stoneley A.65, J.17, J.87 BURKHARDT, George Norman BURN, Michael BURTON, John Nelson BUTLER, Clifford Charles BUTLER, Sir James Ramsay Montague BUZZARD, Rear Admiral Sir Anthony Wass A.83, F.18 A.65 H.92 A.21, A.56, A.74, B.49, B.52, B.53, E.61, F.25, J.58, J.83, J.84, J.129, J.130 J.44 A.56, A.65, A.74, H.56 CACCIAPUOTI, N._ B. CACHON, André CADBURY, George W. CAINE, Sir Sydney CALDER, Nigel David Ritchie G.81 B.43 H.38 G.93 E31 CALDER, Ritchie see under RITCHIE-CALDER CALLAGHAN, Rt. Hon. James A.56 CALPINE, H. C. A.56, A.74, D.77, D.81 CAMPBELL OF ESKAN, John (Jock) Middleton Campbell, Baron Campbell of Camis Eskan CANNON, H. Graham CANT, Ben R. A.56, A.74 D.144 E.51, J.17 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 367 Index of Correspondents CAPON, A. F. CAREY, S. Warren CARMICHAEL, Charles M. CARTER, Charles Frederick CASEY, Richard Gardiner, Baron Casey CASSON, Lady Sybil Thorndike CAVE, H. M. D129 C.81, C.105 A.65, C.99, C.234. See also C.134 A.56 A.83 A.74 A.46 CAWLEY, Sir Charles (Mills) A.56, A.65, A.74, F.23 CHADWICK, Sir James CHADWICK, John CHAGULA, W._ K. A.24, A.46, A.56, A.65, D.129, D.190, JVB A.74 G.81 CHAIN, Sir Ernst (Boris) A.55, A.56 CHALFONT, (Alun) Arthur Gwynne Jones, Baron Chalfont CHANDRASEKHAR, Subrahmanyan CHANDRASEKHAREN, K. CHAPMAN, A. H. CHAPMAN, Sydney CHARNOCK, Joan CHASSON, R. be CHAUDHARI, M. CHERWELL, Frederick Alexander Lindemann, W. Viscount Cherwell of Oxford CHOU, Chang Ning CHOUBERT, Boris CHOWDHURY, K._ A. CLAPHAM, Arthur Roy CLARK, Colin Grant CLARK, E. Fowler CLARK, J. F. A.65, A.84 A.55, C.4l A.74 B.44 A.55, C.41, C.49, C.60 A.46 H.156 C.240 D.197. See also D.66 A.46, J.39 C.257 C.260 G.106 H.57 C.49 E.36 CLARK, William Donaldson CLARKE, Major-General Sir Edward Montagu Campbell A.56, G.14, G.78, J.106 A.56 CLARKE, Sir Richard A.56, A.74, E.61, E.65 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 CLARKE, Robin CLAY, J. CLEGG, Hugh CLEGG, J. A. CLIFFORD, Graham Douglas COCCONI, Giuseppe COCKCROFT, Sir John (Douglas) COHEN, Sir Andrew (Benjamin) COHEN, John COLES, B. R. COLLIER, Harry O. J. COLLINGWOOD, Sir Edward (Foyle) COLLINS, Henry E. COLLINS, Norman Richard COLLISON, D. W. COMPTON, Arthur M. COMPTON, Karl T. CONNELL,Brian CONNELL, John Henry Robertson CONNOLLY, Cyril (Vernon) CONSTANTINE, Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh (Alex) COOK, Sir James (Wilfred) COOK, Sir William (Richard Joseph) COOMBS, H. C. COOPER, E. R. A. COPISAROW, Alcon Charles CORDINGLEY, R.A. COSYNS, Max COTTRELL, Sir Alan (Howard) COULOMB, J. Index of Correspondents 368 J.116 A.46, B.44 A.65 B77, C.221 G.21 J.95 A.46, A.55, A.56, D.7, D.129, G.35, See also F.27 H.21, H.35, J.19, J.63. J.48 J.67 J.132 A. 46 G.85 A.65 H.92 C.248 H.56 J.20 Jat l7 D.117 D.130 F.80 A.56, G.70 A.56, E.69 A.74 A.46 A.74, E.48, J.20 A.46 J.20 A.56, J.21 G.81 COULSON, Charles Alfred A.56. See also F.27 COURANT, R. COURTNEY, Anthony Tosswill J.22 1.22 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 369 Index of Correspondents COWLING, Thomas George COX, Allan V. COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon COX, lan COx, J. F CRANE, Diana ¢.50, J.7? C232, ©.298 H.144 A.46 A.46 J.23 CRAWSHAY-WILLIAMS, Rupert A.74, H.35 CREASY, Admiral Sir George Elvey A.74, D.130, J.24 CREER, Kenneth Midworth C.84, C.165, €.252, J.25, 3126. See also C.267 CRIPPS, Dame Isobel H.67 CROSSMAN, Richard Howard Stafford E.36, E.41, E.46. See also F.35 CROW, A. OD. CROWTHER, Geoffrey, Baron Crowther of Headingley CROWTHER, J. G. CUNNINGHAM, George CUNNINGHAN,Sir Graham CURRAN, S.C. CURZON, F. L. CUTCLIFFE, Winifred DABROWSKI, A. DAGLEY, Peter DAINTON, Sir Frederick (Sydney) DALE, Ernest DALE, Sir Henry Hallett DALITZ, Richard Henry DALY, Charles U. DARROW, Karl K. D.23 H.67 A.35, A.46, C.115, D.130, D.146, D.147. See also H.12 H.147 A.56 A.56 J.127 A.65 C.115 C.142, C.144 A.25, G.45 E.52 A.46, A.55 5.84 die25 B.134 DARWIN, Sir Charles Galton A.46, D.194, G.86 DARWIN, Sir Robin (Robert Vere Darwin) A.75 DASENT, W._ E. DAUDIN, J. G15 B.45. See alsoC.51 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 DAVIES, E. J. DAVIES, John Index of Correspondents H.2] E.65 DAVIES, Michael John A.21, A.58, A.75, F.40 370 DAVIES, M._ T. DAVIES, Richard DAVISSON, Clinton J. DAWBARN, Graham DAY, M. F. DEAN, Sir Maurice (Joseph) DEANE, Phyllis Mary DE BEER, Sir Gavin (Rylands) DE BRUYNE, Norman Adrian DEE, Philip Ivor A.46, A.75 A.57, A.66 A. 46 A.5/ G.118 A.75 H.60 C.116 A.46, A.66, A.75 A.46, B.33, J.26 DEER, William Alexander Ju27 DE FERRANTI, Basil Reginald Vincent Ziani DE HAAS, W. DELBRUCK, Max J. DELL, Sidney S. DEMAREST, Michael DEMPSTER, Derek D. DENNY, Sir J(onathan) Lionel P(ercy) DE SEYNES, Philippe DESSART, Gina DEULOFEU, Venancio DEUTSCH, E. &. DE WINTON, John C. P. DHAR, M. L. DIAMOND, Edwin DIAMOND, J. DICK, William E. DICKE, R._ H. A.57, A.75 C3 A.46 D.115, H.35 C.116 H.86 A.66 G.79, G.81 F.74 G.81 C.101 J.27 G.46 F.69 D.206, D.207 A. 46 C.227 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 37] Index of Correspondents DICKENS, Admiral Sir Gerald Charles DICKINS, Basil Gordon DICKINSON, H. OD. DIENES, Paul DIKE, K. Onwuka DILWORTH, Constance H.35 D.105 A.57 A. 46 A.66, G.82 B.42 DIRAC, Paul Adrien Maurice A. 46, B.137, G.86 DITCHBURN, Robert William DIXON, Bernard DIXON, Edmund J. C. DOBB, Maurice Herbert DOBSON, Denis William A.46 J.114 F.12 A.46 A.84 DODDS, Sir (Edward) Charles A.55, A.57, A.66, A.75 DOELL, Richard R. DONNAN, Frederick George DONOVAN, D._ T. DOWDING, Air Chief Marshal Hugh Caswall Tremenheere, Baron Dowding D'ROZARIO, A. M. DRUCQUER, Sir Leonard C.116, €.153, C.246, C.252, C.258 A.46 C.254 D.131 H.57 A.75 DUCKWORTH, John Clifford A.57, E.48 DUNHAM,Sir Kingsley (Charles) C100, €.227, C.233 DUNWORTH, John Vernon DUPERIER, Arturo DUTT, S. K. DUTTON, John K. EARLE, Edward Mead EBAN, Abba ECCLES, Rear Admiral HenryE. EDGAR, N. Terence EDINBURGH, H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh EDWARD-COLLINS, Admiral Sir (George) Frederick (Basset) A.75 B.37 C.251 Enz H.36 G.94 A.66 J.1ZZ A.57 D.131 372 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 EDWARDS, D._ L. EDWARDS, Joseph EDWARDS, Sir Ronald Index of Correspondents C.42 C.245, C5295 A.75 EGERTON, Sir Alfred (Charles Glyn) A.47, A.55, J.78 EHRENBERG, W. EHRENFEST, Paul EILERS, William E. EINARSSON, Trausti EKLUND, Sigvard ELKINGTON, Reginald Geoffrey ELLIOT, Harry D.144 B.132-B.135. See also C. 41 G.81 C.83, C.105 A.75 A.57, E.51 H.129 ELLIS, Sir Charles (Drummond) A.47, A.55. See also D.156 EMELEUS, Karl George ENNALS, David Hedley EPSTEIN, Sir Jacob EPSTEIN, Lady Kathleen ETZIONI, Amitai EVANS, G._ R. A.47, J.131 E.36 A.29 A.29 F.69 A.47 EVANS, Benjamin Ifor, Baron Evans of Hungershal| EVANS, Ivor EVANS, W. David EVANS, W. M. A.30, A.57, H.85 D.122, D.123. See also D.135 A.57 D131 EVERITT, C. W. Francis C.268. See alsoC.195, C.203 FAGE, Arthur FALCONER, Noel FARNES, W._ FARRELL, W. R. OD. FARREN, Sir William (Scott) FARRER-BROWN,, Leslie FARRINGTON, Benjamin FEATHER, Norman A. 46 D.118, D.120 B.43 C265 A.55 Ja8 A.47 A.42, G.125 FEILDEN, Geoffrey Bertram Robert J.84 373 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents FERRARO, V. FIENNES, D. CC. EE. A. M. FINCH, George Ingle C.51 E.6) A.47 FINLAY-FREUNDLICH, Erwin B.76, C.52. See alsoB.75, B.77 FINNISTON, Sir (Harold) Montague A.57, A.66 FISCHER, Alfred G. FISHER, Norman FITCH, Frank FLECK, Alexander, Baron Fleck of Saltcoats C.116 A.57 C.257 A.37 FLEMING, Charles (Alexander) G.116, J.90 FLEURE, Herbert John FLORENCE, Philip Sargant D.144 A.57 FLOREY, Howard Walter, Baron Florey F.36, H.131 FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron Flowers A.57, A.75, E.72, F.40, J.28, J.119. See also F.27 FOLLETT, Sir David (Henry) A.57, A.66, A.75, B.34 FORBES, Colin L. FOREMAN, Clark FORES, Michael J. FORREST, John FORRESTER, Reg G. FORSTER, Edward Morgan FOURNIER D'ALBE, E. M. FOWLER, Peter Howard FOX, Leslie FRANCIS, J. R. OD. C.109 A.47 E.61, J.28 A.75 A.75, E.45 A.47 B.43 J.90 J.142 A.22 FRANKLAND, (Anthony) Noble D.119, H.85, J.44 FRASER, Admiral Bruce Austin, Baron Fraser of North Cape FRASER, Ronald FREEMAN, John FREMLIN, Reinet FROHLICH, H. FRY, Donald D.131 H. 38 A.75, F.69, H.102 E.1, E.6, Es? Fell, Fsl8 A.4/7 A.57 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents FULTON, John Scott, Baron Fulton of 374 Falmer FUNNELL, Brian M. FURTH, R. H.W FURTMULLER, L. GABOR, Dennis GAITSKELL, Arthur GAITSKELL, Hugh Todd Naylor GALBRAITH, W. GAMOW, George GANDHI, Indira (Nehru) GARDINER, Gerald Austin, Baron Gardiner of Kittisford GARDNER, Sir George GARDONE, Marcello GARNER, H. M. GEORGE, Eric Paul GERLACH, Walther GIBSON, Brian GIBSON, Sir Donald GILES, G. C. MT. GINSBURG, David GLASS, David Victor GLUCKMAN, Mary GLUCKMAN, Max A.57, A.75 C.262 J:95 A.47 A.76, B.115, D.109, H.56, J.29 A.76 H.58 B.61 B.29 G.34 A.84 A.58 A.47 D132, D. 202, D.211, D.212 J.30,- J. 129 A.47 Jie A.58 Fol H.85 A.38, A.58, A.76, F.39-F.41, G.22, H.92 A.76 A.58, A.76 GODDARD, Air Marshal Sir (Robert) Victor GODFREY, Admiral John Henry D.6 D.132 GOLDSMITH, Maurice GOLDSTEIN, Sydney GOLLIN, E.R. GOODDEN, Robert Yorke A.58, A.67, A.76, E.72, J.7 B. 33, Ds 209, D,213 F.lz A.76 GOODEVE, Sir Charles (Frederick) A.47, A.58, G.70, H.67 GOODLET, B. L. A.47 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 375 Index of Correspondents GOOLD-ADAMS, Richard John Moreton D.182 GORDON, Cecil A.47, D.114. See also E.26 GORDON-WALKER, Patrick Chrestien, Baron Gordon-Walker of Leyton GORODETZKY, S. GORTER, E. W. GOUGH, D. lan GOWING, Margaret Mary GRAHAM,Captain Lord Alastair Mungo GRAHAM, Bobby GRAHAM,(Godfrey) Michael GRAHAM, John W. GRAHAM, K. W. GRANT, John GRASTY, Robert L. GRATTAN, Donald GRAUBARD, Stephen R. GRAY, Ernest P. GRAY, Sir James GRAY, John Archibald GREAVES, William Michael Herbert GREENALL, Philip D. GREENHILL, Basil Jack GREGOR, Bryan GREGORY,Alan T. GREIG, James GRESFORD, Guy B. GRIFFITHS, D. #H. GRIFFITHS, James GROGAN, R. M. GRUBB, Sir Kenneth (George) GRUNDY,Eric GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand GUSSOW, William G. GUY, Sir Henry (Lewis) F.23 A.47 C.83, C.95, C.225 C.81, J.130 A.31, A.35, D.183 A.11 J.30 J.30 C.116, C.233, C.255. See also J.30 C.230 H.56 C.239, C.254 B.130 F.72 G.120 A.24 A.55 C.42 A.67 D.58 C.247 G.81 A.58, A.76 G79, G.8) C.Vi7, €.221 E.36 C.99 A.58, J.30 A.58 A.47 C.105 A.47 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 376 Index of Correspondents HADAMARD, Jacques A.48 HADDOW, Sir Alexander A.58, A.76, J.1 HADFALVI, Peter P. A.48 HAGGERTY, Stephen E. C.143, C.144, C.262 HAHN, Kurt (Matthias Robert Martin) F.80, H.54 HAHN, Otto HALBAN, Hans A.48 J.3] HALDANE, T. Graeme N. A.58, H.67 HALDANE, John Burdon Sanderson D.133, G.44 HALES, Anton L. HALES, Michael HALL, Alfred Rupert HALL, Sir Arnold (Alexander) HALSBURY, John Anthony Hardinge, Earl Halsbury HAMILTON, James HAMILTON, Walter HAMMOND, A. B. HANKEY, Maurice Pascal Alers, Baron Hankey of The Chart HAPGOOD, Charles H. HARDAS, M. W. HARINGTON, Sir Charles (Robert) HARLAND, S.C. HARLAND, W._ B. HART, Alex Tudor HART, Judith (Constance Mary) HARTKE, Werner HARTLEY, Sir Harold (Brewer) HARTREE, Douglas Rayner HASLETT, A. W. HAWKES, Leonard HAWORTH, Sir Norman HAWTHORNE, Sir William (Rede) HAYMAN, Walter Kurt C.156, C.241, J.130 D.118 A.61 D.214 A.55, A.58, A.76, D.117, H.151, J.140 A.76 A.24, A.76 A.58 D.133 C.105 C.251 A. 48 A.58 C.117, C.247, G.106 F.69 G.22, H.147 A.67, A.76 A.55, A.58, A.76, H.58, H.86, J.32 A.48, D.144 A.48, B.115 C.117 A.48 A.28, A.83 A.22, A.55 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 HAYNES, G. HEATH, John Baldwin HEAVENS, Oliver S. HEILBRON, Sir lan HEISENBERG, Werner HEITLER, Walter Heinrich HENDERSON, James HENTSCHEL, Christopher Carl HERZBERG, Gerhard HERZIG, Christopher HEVESY, George de HEWITT, Cecil Rolph (C.H. Rolph) HICKS, Donald HIDE, Raymond HILL, Archibald Vivian HILL, Dorothy HILL, Geoffrey HILL, Lady Helen HILL, (John Edward) Christopher HILL, Robert (Robin) HILL, Air Chief Marshal Sir Roderic Maxwell HILLS, Edwin Sherbon HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold (Percival) Index of Correspondents 377 D.133 E.61 J.32 A.48 A.48, B.139, J.33 A.48 A.18 A.58, A.67, A.76 A.55, J.80, J.142 A.76 A.55 J.74 A.67 J.34 A.48, A.55, A.67, D.134, H.86, J.35. See also H.12 C.109, €.116, J. 133 A.48, D.16 A.76 A.76 A. 48 A.18 C.117 5.36 HINDLE, Edward A.55, A.58 HINSHELWOOD, Sir Cyril Norman A.67 HIRST, Sir Edmund (Langley) A.48, A.55, A.58, A.67 HITCH, Charles HODGE, Jane Aiken D.115. See also D.81, D.109 A.76 HODGE, Sir William (Vallance Douglas) A.58, J.78 HODGKIN, Sir Alan (Lloyd) A. 55, A.58, D.209, D.212 HODSON, Michael H.29, H.30 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 378 Index of Correspondents HOFSTADTER, Robert HOLBEIN, Arthur M. HOLLIS, Sir Leslie Chasemore HOLLOWOOD, A. Bernard HOLMES, Arthur HOLTON, Gerald HOPKINS, Harold Horace HOSKIN, Michael A. HOSPERS, J. HOUGHTON, A. M. HOUTERMANS, Fritz HOVENDEN, Ronald C. HOWARTH, Leslie HOWELL, Lynn G. HOYLE, Sir Fred HU, Chien-Shan HUBER, P. HUDSON, Sir Edmund HUDSON, Sir William HUGGETT, Arthur St. George Joseph McCarthy HUGHES, Guy E. HULL, Gordon Ferrie J.37 A.58, A.76 D.161 H.77 C.82, C.100, C.118 F.69 J.38 A.28 C221 A.67 A.48 H.87 A.55 C.118 B.142, C.53 J.39 A.48 A.58 G.118 A.67 A.48. See also D.154 A.48 HULME, Henry Rainsford A.48, D.91, D.114, G.93, H.21 HULTON, Sir Edward (George Warris) HUMPHREY, John Herbert HUNTER, A. N. HUNTER, Thomas H. HURC OMB, Cyril William, Baron Hurcomb of CampdenHill HUTCHINSON, Sir Joseph (Burtt) HUTCHISON, Robert HUTCHISON, Sir (William) Kenneth HUXLEY, Sir Julian (Sorell) HYAMS, Bernard J.114 G.70 C.243 F.69 J.134 A.65, G.70, H.144 C.53 A.58 A.48, A.58, A.76, A.83, H.67, J.40 A.38 379 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents ILIFF, Neil A. INGELS, Bert Dee INGLEFIELD, Sir Gilbert (Samuel) INGOLD, Sir Christopher (Kelk) INNES, Roy A.76 C.118 A.76 A.67 A.49, E.2 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AND THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY J.4] IRVING, E. IRVING, H. B. IVANENKO, O. C. 100, C.222, C.234, C.246 B.43 G.125 JACKSON, Willis, Baron Jackson of Burnley JAMES, Eric John Francis, Baron James of Rusholme JAMES, R. W. JAMES, Walter JANOSSY, Lajos A.59, A.68, A.77, J.42. See also F.24 A.42, J.128 A.49, A.55 A.7#, F.16 A.49, A.68, C.118, D.145, G.90 JAPOLSKY, Nicholas S. A.49, A.59, A.77, J.43 JARMAN, Charles JAY, Douglas Patrick Thomas JEFFCOCK, J.P. JEFFERSON, Sir Geoffrey JELLEY, Jd. V. JELLICOE, George Patrick John Rushworth, Earl Jellicoe JENKS, F. G. JEPHCOTT, Sir Harry JESSEL, Robert JESSOP, Laurence JEWKES, John JOHNSON, Alan Woodworth JOHNSON , Hewlett JOHNSON, Martin A.49 A.25 A.59 A.49 B.61 H.147, H.151 J.43 A.55, A.59 J.43 A.49, A.59, A.77 D.8 A.77 H.38 A.49 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 380 Index of Correspondents JOHNSON, R. L. JOLIOT CURIE, Jean Frédéric JOLLY, H. L. P. JONES, Aubrey C.234 A.49, G.92 C.84 J.43 JONES, Sir (Bennett) Melvill D.210, G.87 JONES, Ernest Turner JONES, Francis Edgar JONES, Graham Alden D215 J.133 G.81 JONES, Sir Harold Spencer A.52, C.42, C.54 JONES, Harry JONES, Leslie J. JONES, OO. T. JONES, Reginald Victor JORDAN, Pascual JOST, H. Peter A.55 D.135 C.105 A.59, A;68, C.55, F.39, J.44. See also J.63 C.20 A.59, A.77 JOUBERT DE LA FERTE, Air Chief Marshal Sir Philip Bennet JOVICEVIC, Niko JUDD, Charles JUKES, John Andrew JUNANKAR, N. S. KAEMPFFERT, Waldemar KAHN, Richard Ferdinand, Baron Kahn of Hampstead KAISER, Thomas R. KALASHNIKOV, A. G. KALDOR, Nicholas, Baron Kaldor of Newnham KALIDAS, V. D.173 H.56 H.67 J.45 A.77 D.113 A.24, H.67 J.132 c.ll? H.59 G.47 KAPITZA, Piotr Leonidovich G.125, J.46. See also G.90, G.91 KAPOOR, Goverdhan Lall KAPPEL, J. W. G.45, G.47 J.47 KAPUR, General B.D. A.59, A.68, J.47 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 KASHA, Henry KATZ, Sir Bernard KAWAI, Naoto KELLER, K. J. KELLEY, Dom C. oF. P. KENDREW, Sir John (Cowdery) KENNEDY, William Quarrier KEYNES, Richard Darwin KIDWAI, A. J. KING, Anthony Highmore KING, Cecil (Harmsworth) KING, W. B. R. KINGS NORTON, Lord 38] Index of Correspondents Je95 A.26, A.59, J.82 C.241, G.102 A.49 A.55 A.59 J.48 Joes G.13 A.27, A.83 Aid, edd A.55 see ROXBEE COX KIRWAN, (Archibald) Laurence Patrick A.68 KISSINGER, Henry Alfred KOENIGSBERGER, Otto KOEPPLER, H. KOPAL, T. KOTHARI, Daulat Singh KRAMERS, D. H. A. KRAUS, B. F. KRISHNA, S. KRISHNAN, R. S. KROPOTKIN, Peter N. KRUMBEIN, W. C. KUHN, Heinrich Gerhard KUION, Louie KUMAGAI, Naoiti KURTI, Nicholas KUZNETS, Simon A.26, F.80 A.59 A.59 C.55 B.76, G.13, G.36, J.79 A.49 B.72 G.37 A.49 C.235A C.119 A.55 C.243 G.102 J:49, 5.95 H.o? P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 LACK, David Lambert LADENBURG, Rudolph LAMBERT, Jack Walter LAMOUREUX, H. D. W. LANE, Sir Allen (Lane Williams) LANG, H.R. LANGBEIN, Jennifer L. (later GRASTY) LANGDON-DAVIES, John LASKI, Harold LAST, Denis LATHAM, Robert LAWRIE, James LEDERMANN, Walter LEE, Asher LEE, Edward LEE, Frederick LEIPINSKY, S. LENOSKI, Gerard LEPRINCE-RINGUET, Louis LESLIE, Samuel Clement LEWIN, Ronald LEWIS, Wilfrid Bennett LIBBY, Willard Frank LIDDELL-HART, Sir Basil Henry LIDDLE, Peter H. LINDSAY, P. A. LINDSLEY, Donald H. LINSTEAD, Sir (Reginald) Patrick LIPPMANN, Walter LIPSON, Henry Solomon LIPWORTH, Edgar LIVENS, G. 4H. LOAM, J. L. LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben Index of Correspondents 382 A.55 A.49 s M T N» r e Y .o9 T A T F r F r A r r P T r T F P S ~135 . 148, C.164, C.260 . 38 49 . 68 -270, J.132 68 49 38 7 or F 135 e p M r m M O I T r P p r P e r o r T r r O n w ) e o .143, J.90 .77, D.109, H.36, H.56, H.87, J.50 n n .110 233 .21, A.30, A.59, A.68, C.235A, G.100 38 49 49 «09 G.82 A.49, A.59, A.77, D.13, D.17, D.22, D.135, D.209, D.217, H.67 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents LOCKWOOD, Sir John (Francis) A.55 383 LOCKWOOD, Sir Joseph (Flawith) LOFTUS, Dora M. LOGAN, Sir Douglas (William) LOTHIAN, Peter Francis Walter Kerr, Marquess of Lothian LOIZE,,. Franz LOVELL, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard LUNDBAK, Asger LyisCh, Ps. P, LYTTLETON, Raymond Arthur McANUFF, J. Ww. McCONNELL, - McCREA, William Hunter A.59?, A.88 E.36 A.21, A.59 A.25 C19 A.30. Ae, 38.76, Hel 27,, J-839 1.90, j.103, See’also D.7, H.12 C.55 G.115 B.142 A.78, E.52 Cul? tccB0, -i.99; BF? ;- C756; -C-62--4:21,, H. 129, J.79, J.85. See also D.157 MACDONALD, lan W. MACDOUGALL, Sir (George) Donald (Alastair) McELHINNY, M. W. MACEWAN, Lawrence McGEE, James Dwyer McKEE, Edwin D. MACKENZIE, Chalmers Jack A.60 J.44 C.201 52 A.69, A.78 C.. 120 G93 McKERROW, George D.16,.D. 19, B21, D.22 MACLEAN, Sir Fitzroy Hew MACLEOD, Roy McMURRY, Earl W. McWILLIAMS, Carey MADDOCK, Sir leuan MADDOX, John (Royden) MADGE, Charles Henry MAGAT, Michel G.99 A.28 C.262 J.114 J52, 3:88 553, Jc114 G.38 H.32 MAHALANOBIS, Prasanta Chandra G.39, H.68, J.79. See also G.45 MAILVAGANAM, A. W. A.50, G.40. See alsoB.41, B.49 384 P.M S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 MAIR, William Austyn MAJOR, F. G. MAKINS, R. M. MANLEY, H. Index of Correspondents C.23 C.62 see SHERFIELD C.222 MANSFIELD COOPER, Sir William A.50, A.60, J.120 MARSDEN, Sir Ernest A.83, C.81, G.117 MARSH, John MARSH, Lyn MARSHAK, Robert E. MARSHALL, Walter Charles A.78: F.69 A.50 G.47 MARTIN, (Basil) Kingsley H.36, H.55, J.54. See also J.74 MARTIN, Sir David Christie MARTIN, Sir John (Miller) MARTIN, PP. R. MASON, Basil John MASON, CC. M. MASSIE, Winfield MATHER, Gilbert MATHUR, K. N. A.50, A.55, A.60, C.235A, F.26, F.36, G.54, G.107, J.54, J.143 A.40 C.11 A.60, A.78 A.50 F.74 J.51 A.50 MATTHEWS, Sir Bryan (Harold Cabot) B.142 MATTHEWS, Paul Taunton A.22, A.60, A.78, J.123, J.137 MAXWELL, (lan) Robert A.60, A.78, J.115 MAYNEORD, William Valentine A.60 MEDHURST, Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Edward Hastings MEDLOCK, R. S. MEHTA, J. S$. MEHTA, Mohan Sinha MEITNER-GRAF, Lotte MELLANBY, May MELVILLE, Sir Harry (Work) MENARD, H.W. MENCHER, Alan G. D.136 A.69 G.106 C.240 A.78, G.22 A.69 A.55 C.120 F.51, J.55 385 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents MENDELSSOHN, Kurt Alfred Georg A.55 MENON, Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar J.90 MENZIES, Alexander Charles A.60, A.78, D.136 MERTON, Sir Thomas (Ralph) A.50, A.60, H.87 MESSEL, Harry MIDDLEMISS, Howard MIDDLETON, Admiral Gervase Boswell MIKSCHE, Ferdinand Otto MILES, Sir (Arnold) Ashley MILES, John A. MILES, John A. R. MILES, Walter MILLER, John A. MILLIS, Charles Howard Goulden G.118 A.39 H.87 H.56 A.60, J.82 F.69 G.116 A.50 C.254 A.60 MILLMAN, Anthony P. C227, C24 MILLS, Air Chief Marshal Sir George A.84 MILLWOOD, John MILNE, (Edward) Arthur MILNER, C. J. MILNER, Marion MISHIMA, Sumie MITCHISON, Gilbert Richard, Baron Mitchison MITRA, Sisir Kumar MIYAJI, Denzaburo MONNINGTON, Sir Thomas MONTEVERDI, Angelo MOON, Philip Burton MORRIS, Charles Richard, Baron Morris of Grasmere MORRIS, Sir Philip MORRISON, Phil E.36, E237 A.50, G.86 Ji 21 A.29 J.68 A.79 dat? G.102 A.78 A.A4l A.50 H.45 A.60 E.52 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents 386 MORRISON, S. J. MORRISON-SCOTT, Sir Terence Charles Stuart MORTON, Sir Desmond John Falkiner MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) D.119 J.56 sy A.50, A.55, D.175, F.40, G.89, G.109, H.36, J.15, J.71. See also D.123, H.44 MOTZ, Hans Js75 MOUNTBATTEN OF BURMA, Admiral of the Fleet Louis (Francis Albert Victor Nicholas) A.83, F.81, G.17, H.56 MUKERJEE, B. N. MURRELL, S. MURTHY, K. A. S. F. R. MURTY, C. Radha Krishna MYERS, J. E. NABARRO, Frank Reginald Nunes NAGAMIYA, Takeo NAGATA, Takesi NAGRETTI, P. Anthony NANDA, B. R. NASH, T. NASH, W. F. NAYLER, J. L. NAYUDAMMA, Y. NEAL, B. G. NEHRU, Jawaharlal G.47 C.257 G.48 C..259 A.50 J.139 G.102 C.222, 0.232, C.257, G. 102 A.78 G.12 C96 A.60, J.136 D.209-D.216 G.48 A.60 A.50, G.5, H.56. See also G.12-G.16, G.17-G.22 NEILD, Robert Ralph D.182, E.45, E.51, F.81 NELSON, Henry George, Baron Nelson of Stafford NEUBERGER, Albert NEWITT, Dudley Maurice NEWMAN, Charles NEWMAN, James R. A.60 J.82 D.137 A.60 D.109 NEWMAN, Maxwell Herman Alexander A.55. See also D.132 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents 387 NEWTH, Anthony NICHOLLS, G._ D. NICHOLSON, John Henry NICOLESCU, Miron NICOLSON, Phyllis NOEL-BAKER, Philip John NORMAN, Frederick NORRISH, Ronald George Wreyford NOVE, Alexander NUFFIELD FOUNDATION NUTTALL, J. M. A.60, B.53 C.99, C. 120, C.229 A.78 A.78 B.36 D.184 J.57 G.4l G.82 J.58 B27 OCCHIALINI, Giuseppe Paolo Stanislao B.42, B.43. See also J.59 O'CONNELL, James B. OLDHAM, C. H. G. D.117 G.8]1 OLIPHANT, Sir Mark (Marcus Laurence Elwin) OLIPHANT, W._ D. OLIVER, Richard Alexander Cavaye OM PARKASH O'REILLY, W. OROWAN, Egon ORTON, James Herbert OSBORN, Frederick OSBORNE, Denis G. OSGOOD, Thomas H. OXLEY, John PAL, B. P. PALMER, L._ R. PANETH, Fritz A. A.51, A.55, A.60, D.192, D.198, G.70, G.93, G.118, H.37, J.429 C.42 A.51 J.60 C.262 A.51, C.247 C.56 H.34 G.70 A.69 J.118 G.6 A.51 A.5] PANT, Apasaheb Balasaheb G.22, G.48 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 388 Index of Correspondents PANT, Pitambar PANTIN, Carl Frederick Abel PAPAPETROU, A. PARIS, E. T. PARKER, A. K. PARKER, Kenneth PARRY, Admiral Sir (William) Edward PARSONS, R. W. PASCAL, Roy PASSANT, Ernest James PATEL, H. M. See also C.55 G.48 C.246 B.76. D.36 C.230 J.114 G.6 G.118 A.5] D.137 A.51, G.6, G.4l PATERSON, Sir Clifford Copland 41.59 PATON, Sir William (Drummond A.83, J.82 Macdonald) PATTEN-THOMAS, P. C. A.51 PATTERSON, Admiral Sir Wilfrid Rupert J.60 PAULI, Wolfgang PEAR, T. H. PEARSON, Lionel Godfrey PEART, (Thomas) Frederick PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf (Ernst) PEKERIS, Chaim L. PELLY, Air Chief Marshal Sir Claude (Bernard Raymond) PEMBERTON-PIGOTT, Alan Desmond Frederick PENNEY, William George, Baron Penney of East Hendred PEPPE, Lionel PEREIRA, Sir (Herbert) Charles PERKIN, Richard S. PERRIN, Sir Michael Willcox PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand PESONSEN, Everett A. PETERS, Bernard A.51, B.134, C.57 A.5]1 A.51, G.41 E.67 A.51, B.45, B.138, J.60 J.61 D.214 A.61 A.21, A.22, A.28 A.61, A.79 G.83 A.70 A.55, D.203, D.207. A.70, B.44 F.74 A.5] See also D. 189 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 389 Index of Correspondents PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) PETRZILKA, V. PHILIPS, Sir Cyril (Henry) PHILLIPS, David Chilton PHILLIPS, M. PIEL, Gerard PIGGOTT, H._ E. A.55, A.70 A.5] 5.62 A.26 H.38 F.72, G.79, J.63 11, A.51, C.58 PILE, General Sir Frederick Alfred 26, A.61, D.137 PILKINGTON, Lawrence Herbert Austin PINGREE, Jeanne PINKS, E. DD. Ps PIPER, Ss. Ha PIPPARD, Alfred John Sutton PITT, Harry Raymond PITT, Terence John PLASKETT, Harry Hemley PLATT, Sir Harry PLAYFAIR, Sir Edward (Wilder) FLESCH, .J. POLANYI, Magda POLANYI, Michael PORTER, Arthur PORTER, Helen Kemp POWELL, Cecil Frank POWELL, D. W. POWELL, Richard PREECE, Warren E. PRIESTLEY, John Boynton PRINGLE, Margaret PROCA, A. PROCTOR, Sir (Philip) Dennis 61 28 137 51, D.137 55, A.61, A.79 55, C.41, J.64, J.79 .61, A.70, A.79 61, A.79 137 hl, Aad? .147, J.65. See also H.12 .51, A.61 aoe «D0, 383 .245, C.250, C.259 61 .114 .37 .115 5] 61 PUGSLEY, Sir Alfred Grenville 61, Di216 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 390 Index of Correspondents PUGWASH CONFERENCES PYE, Sir David (Randall) J.66-J.72 D.12, D.14, F.11 QUIRK, Roger G.94 RADLEY, Gordon RAIMES, S. RAJA, P. K. S. RA JAGOPALACHARYA, Chakravarti RAMANATHAN, K. R. RAMSEY, Arthur Stanley RAMSEY, William Henderson RANDALL, Sir John (Turton) RANDERIA, Paniker C. RAO, Calyampudi Radhakrishna RAPER, Henry Stanley RASTOGI, R._ G. RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth REDCLIFFE-MAUD, John Primatt, Baron Redcliffe-Maud ofBristol REDFIELD, A. W. REID, A. B. REID, Thomas Bertram Wallace RELF, Ernest F. REYNOLDS, G. REYNOLDS, L. W. G. S. A.61 J.138 C.167 A.52 H. 156 A.52 J.139 A.52, B.58 G.49 G.49 A.52 G.49 A.52, A.55, A.61, J.141 A.61 C58 C.260 A.79 D.138 E.66 A.16 RICHARDS, Ivor Armstrong A.3, A.37, A.61 RICHARDSON, Justin RIDEAL, Sir Eric (Keightley) RIENACKER, G. RIKITAKE, Tsuneji RING, J. A.52 A.52, G.86 A.70 G.102 A.79 RITCHIE-CALDER, Peter Ritchie, Baron Ritchie-Calder of Balmashannar A.79, H.57 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents RITTENBERG, D. ROBERTSON, Sir Malcolm Arnold ROBIE, John W. ROBINSON, Sir (Edward) Austin A.55 D.138 on FeO 391 (Gossage) A.79, H.60, J.73. See also G.77 ROBINSON, Harold Roper ROBINSON, Kenneth Ernest A.52 J.120 ROBINSON, Sir Robert A.52, A.55, A.61, J.135 ROCHE, A. C.150, C.246 ROCHESTER, George Dixon ROGERS, C(laude) Ambrose ROGERS, Claude Maurice ROLPH, Cecil Hewitt ROSBAUD, Paul ROSCH, Jean ROSE, D.C. ROSENHEAD, Louis ROSKILL, Stephen Wentworth ROSS, L. L. ROSSI, Bruno ROTBLAT, Joseph A.61, A.79, J.83, 5.84, J.103, J.121 J.82 Ab], As79 see HEWITT, C.R. A.52, C.193, D.116, H.33, H.55, H.93, 4.75 B.42-B.45 B.133, B.140 A.55 D.76 A.61 A.52, 5.76 A.52, J.67-J.70 ROTHERHAM,Leonard HSS ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Mayer Victor, Baron Rothschild ROWAN, Sir Leslie ROWE, Albert Percival Hu lal, 3.37 A.61, A.70 D.139, H.10, H.87. See also D.150 ROXBEE COX, Harold, Baron Kings Norton of Wotton Underwood A.44, A.61, D.209, J.68 ROY, Bs C. ROYAL SOCIETY, THE ROYON, Betty RUFFINI, E. RUNCORN, Stanley Keith C.240 J.77-J.92 J.70 A.52 A.61,'C. 58, €.121, C.222, €C,228, C.220, C.231, C.237, J.87, J.126, J.139. C.9, C.95 See also P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 392 Index of Correspondents RUSSELL, Bertrand, Earl Russell F.81, H.68 RUTHERFORD, Ernest, Baron Rutherford of Nelson, New Zealand and Cambridge B.136 See alsoB.143, G.123, G.125, H.51, H.78-H.80, H.90, H.115, J.18 RUTHERFORD, Lady Mary RUTTER, Mark G. RYLE, Sir Martin SADRON, Charles SAHA, M. N. A.52 G.255 B77, C.5? A.54 G.4l SAHASRABUDHE, P. W. C.240, €.252, C259, J. 142 SALAM, Abdus A.71, A.80, G.70, H.68, J.132, J.143 SALMERON, Roberto A. J.120, J.222 SARABHAI, Vikram SARACENO, Pasquale SARAGA, W. SARGEAUNT, Henry Anthony SAUNDERS, Lesley B.36, B.39, B.81, J.68. See also H.156 5.93 D.140 G.7 G.83 SAUNDERS, Sir Owen (Alfred) A.21, A.62, D.213, J.89 SCHAEFFER, C. O. SCHATZMAN, Evry SCHOVE, D. SCHRODINGER, Erwin J: SCORER, R._ S. SCOTT, T. SECORD, Campbell SEERS, Dudley SEITZ, Frederick SEKIDO, Yataro SELIGMAN, G. SEN GUPTA, RR. SESHACHAR, B._ L. R. H.68 C.59 C.121 A.52, J.94 G.83 A.52 D.208, F.11. See also D.163 G.84, H.147 J.16 G.102 C.121 A.52 G.49 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 393 Index of Correspondents SHACKLETON, Edward Arthur Alexander, Baron Shackleton of Burley SHANKLAND, R. S. SHAPLEY, Harlow SHARMA, P. Vallabh SHAW, C.K. SHAWCROSS, Hartley William, Baron Shawcross of Friston SHENSTONE, Allen Goodrich SHERFIELD, Roger Mellor Makins, Baron Sherfield SHIRE, Edward S. SHOENBERG, David SHOENBERG, |. SHONFIELD, Andrew SHORE, Peter (David) SHORT, Edward Watson SHOTTON, Frederick William SIDGWICK, Nevil Vincent SILLARS, R. SILVERS, R. W. B. A.84 A.35 A.52 C.243 D.140 A.71 F.51 A.21, A.62, D.202 A.52 A.52, J.93 A.52 A.80 E.37, E.68 A.83 A.52, A.55 A.52 D.16, D.19, D.21, D.22 F.72 SIMON OF WYTHENSAWE, Ernest Darwin, Baron Simon of Didsbury A.52, A.62, A.80, D.145, F.82 SIMON, Sir Francis (Eugene) A.52, B.139, D.186, D.191, D.196, F.23 SIMONSEN, Sir John Lionel SIMPSON, Esther SIMPSON, John A. SINCLAIR, Archibald SINCLAIR, Hugh Macdonald SINGER, Arthur L. SINGER, Aubrey Edward SINGER, Charles SINGER, H. W. SINGH, A. P. SINGH, Karan A.46 A.62, A.80 A.71 see THURSO H.87 G.100 Jall7 H.60 H.60 H.56 G.13 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 394 Index of Correspondents SINGH NARANG,, Kirpal SITTE, Kurt G.50 J.95 SKINNER, Herbert Wakefield Banks A.52, D.206 SKOBELZYN, D. SLESSOR, Air Marshal Sir John Cotesworth SLICHTER, Louis B. SLIM, Field-Marshal William Joseph, Viscount Slim SMART, William Marshall SMITH, Alpheus SMITH, A. M. SMITH, Howard K. SMITH, Peter John SMITH, Robert Allan SMITHIES, F. SNEED, G. C. B.135 H.56 C.121 D.113 A.80 A.14 G.8] F.82 C200) C «255, x260; See also C.170 A.80 A.52 J.96 SNOW, Charles Percy, Baron Snow A.55, A.80, A.84, D.109, G.70, J.44 SOKHEY, S. S. SOLOMONS, E. SOONAWALA, M. F. SORLEY, Air Marshal Sir Ralph Squire SOUTHWELL, Sir Richard Vynne SPENCER, C. A. SPROTT, Walter John Herbert SRAFFA, Piero SRINIVASAN, M. SRINIVASAN, N. STANSFIELD, Ronald G. STEACIE, E. W. R. STEEL, James STEHBENS, William E. STEPHENS, R. W. B. STEPHENSON, Donald STERN, Bernard J. G.70 A.62 C.240 J.96 A.5Z A.52 A.52 A.52, A.71 G.50 G.42 B.143 G.93 A.62 Js 96 F.39 A.62 A.52 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 395 Index of Correspondents STEVENS, H.- L. STEWART, Frederick Henry STOKES, Donald Gresham, Baron Stokes of Leyland STONER, Edmund Clifton STOPFORD, John Sebastian Bach Lord Stopford of Fallowfield STOREY, Clifford G. STORMER, Carl STRADDLING, Sir Reginald Edward STRANGEWAY, David W. D.212 C.121 A.62 A.52 A.17, D.127, F.11, H.42 D.125 A.52 D.140 C.248 STRATTON, Frederick John Marrian A.52, A.55, C.42 STRATTON, J. A. STRAUB, F._ B. STRAUSS, M. D. H. STREAT, Sir (Edward) Raymond STUBBLEFIELD, Sir (Cyril) James STUDD, Peter SUGDEN, S. SULLIVAN, Walter SURDIN, M. SUSSKIND, Charles SUTCLIFFE, R. C. SUTHERLAND, George Arthur G.100 G.8] H.38 D.103 C.122 A.80 A.52 A.35, J.97 D.140 Je98 A.62 A.52 SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon (Brims Black Mclvor) A.55, A.62, A.80 SUTTON, Sir (Oliver) Graham C.255. See also F.27 SWAFFORD, Gerald R. SWANN, Bernard SWANN, Sir Michael (Meredith) SWANN, W. FF. G. SWINTON, Philip Cunliffe-Lester, Ist Earl SYKES, Sir Charles SZILARD, Trude F.74 A.62, A.71 A.62 B.73 H.87, J.99 A.62 J.98 396 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents TANNER, C.-C. TARLING, Don H. TASKER, Antony Greaves TAWNEY, Richard Henry TAYLOR, Alan John Percivale H.68 C.248, C.264 H.147 H.68 J.100 TAYLOR, Sir Geoffrey Ingram G.90, J.100 TAYLOR, Sir James TAYLOR, Raymond L. TAYLOR, Stephen TEDDER, Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Arthur William, Baron Tedder TEICHERT, Curt TEISSEYRE, R. TEMPLE, George TER HAAR, Dirk TERMIER, Henri A.80 G.120 Fall D.l7S C AZ) C wl22 A.53 B.76 C.122 TETT, Hugh Charles A.62, A.80 THACKERAY, A. David THAKUR, RR. THAITE, Re S. Pi THELLIER, E. THIMANN, Kenneth V. THOMAS, Edward G. THOMAS, Hugh THOMAS, Hugh Hamshaw THOMAS, Jesse Burgess THOMAS, Trevor Cawdor THOMPSON, Edgar Hynes THOMPSON, F.C. THOMPSON, W. THOMSON, D. M. C.43 G.42 A.53 C128, C.150, C.225, C.234, Cees A.53 J.101 J.102 D.141 H.38 J.18 J.102 A.53 A.62 J.95 THOMSON, Sir George (Paget) AcSS, A.55, A.62, D. 200, H.37, J. 104. See also C.269, D.152, J.6 THOMSON, Sir Joseph (John) A.26 THURSFIELD, Rear-Admiral Henry George A.53, D.105 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 397 Index of Correspondents THURSO, Archibald Henry Macdonald Sinclair, Viscount Thurso TIZARD, Sir Henry Thomas J.105 A.53, A.55, D.4, D.5, D.12, D.85, D.141, G.85, H.21, H.37, J.105. See also D.66, D.109, D.139, H.83-H.88, H.113, J.3, J.35, J.44, J.98, J.99, J.100, J.116 TIZARD, Lady Kathleen TIZARD, John Peter Mills TIZARD, Richard H. TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron Todd of Trumpington TOLANSKY, Samuel TORREY, Volta OY, Ps Gi TREND, Burke St. John, Baron Trend of Greenwich TREVELYAN, Humphrey, Baron Trevelyan TREVELYAN, Julian Otto TREVOR, Jack C. TRIVEDI, S.A. TRKAL, Viktor t t 88 .88 c 88r > -o0 > P .55, D.146 t x 38 > .45, A.51 A.7] A.62 A.80 C.244 D.147 A.53 TURNBULL, Sir Frank (Fearon) F.25, H.107 TURNER, William A. TUVE, Merle A. TWYMAN, Frank TYAGI, Mahavir TYNDALL, Arthur Mannering F.74 C123 D.141 G.42 C.63 TZU, Hung-Yuan C.4. See alsoC.57, C.59, G.105 UBBELOHDE, Alfred Rene John Paul A.55, A.62, J.89 UCHIYAMA, Masakuma UNSOLD, A. O. J. UNWIN, Sir Stanley URQUHART, Sir Robert William USMANI, Ishrat Husain UYEDA, S. G.102 A.80 A.53, A.80, G.84 H.68 G.84 C.99 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 VACQUIER, Victor VALENCIO, Daniel A. VALLURI, S. R. VAN ZIJL, JanS. V. VENABLES, Sir Peter VERMA, RR. K. VICK, Sir (Francis) Arthur VINCENT, Ewart Albert VOGELSANG, Dieter 398 Index of Correspondents Caedl C.247 G.50 C.156 > .62, A.80 O F 253 .55, A.63, A.71, A.80, D.24 VON ENGEL, Alfred Hans de Janosi VON KRAMER, Henry . 134 .241, C.254 A O A O O r ™ .33T 62 WADDINGTON, Conrad Hal A.54, D.119, D.212. See also D.102, H.12 WADIA, Darashaw Nosherwan C.233, J.79 WAIN, Ralph Louis WALDHEIM, Kurt WALKER, R. A. E. WALL, Charles Terence Clegg WALLER, Ronald D. A.63 G.79 A.8] J.85 A.54 WALLIS, Sir Barnes (Neville) A.63, H.68 WALTON, Sir J. C. A.54 WANSBROUGH-JONES, Sir Owen (Haddon) WARDLAW, C. W. WATAGHIN, Gleb WATERMAN, Alan T. WATERS, David Watkin WATES, Ronald W. WATKINS, Norman D. A.55, A.63, D.209, D.211 A.37, A.54 dn B9 J.106 D.109 A.81 C.148, C.174, C.246, C.252. See also C.142 WATSON-WATT, Lady Margaret A.54 WAVERLEY WEBB, Beatrice WEBER, Robert L. see ANDERSON, John A.26 A.35 399 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 Index of Correspondents WEBSTER, Thomas Bertram Lonsdale WEINER, Theodore WEISS, Charles WELSH, A. J. WESTCOTT-LEWIS, Martin J. WEYSSENHOFF, J. WHEARE, Sir Kenneth Clinton WHEELER, Sir (Robert Eric) Mortimer WHEELER, T._ S. Fal Cc .57 J.106 C.81 J.106 A.54 H.131 A.81 A.55 WHIDDINGTON, Richard A.54, A.63 WHIPPLE, George A. WHITE, D. J. A.63 D.12] WHITE, Sir Frederick William George G.118 WHITE, Stephen WHITEHOUSE, W. J. WHITTAKER, J. M. WICKINS, G. C. WIESNER, Jerome B. WILKES, Maurice Vincent WILKINSON, Sir Denys (Haigh) WILKINSON, Patrick WILLETT, John WILLEY, Frederick Thomas WILLIAMS, Bruce R. WILLIAMS, Eric Charles WILLIAMS, Evan James A.54 B.61 A.54 A.63 A.72, G.100, J.76 B.36 A.63 A.59 J.107 J.48 E.61 G.6 H.18-H.23, J.78, J.108. See also D.10, D.80 WILLIAMS, Sir Frederic (Calland) F.26 WILLIAMS, General Sir Harold A.63, G.7 WILLIAMS, Sir Osmond WILLIAMS, Peter R. C. WILLIAMS, Philip G. J.10? G.78 A.8] P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 400 Index of Correspondents WILLIAMS, Shirley Vivien Theresa Brittain J.109 WILLINK, Sir Henry Urmston A.50, A.63, A.72 WILLIS, J. A. Vz. G.84 WILLISON, RR. G. Ernest H.29, H.30 WILLS, Leonard Johnston WILSON, Sir (Archibald) Duncan WILSON, Charles Thomas Rees WILSON, Geoffrey WILSON, J.C. WILSON, Sir (James) Harold C.123 G.105 A.17 A.81 C.59 “J.110 WILSON, John Graham A.58, B.58, D.142, J.140 WILSON, John Tuzo WILSON, Leslie WILSON, Roderick L. WIMPERIS, Harry Egerton WINKLER, Louis T. WINSTANLEY LUNT, R. WINTERBOTHAM,Frederick William WINTERBOURNE, Harold WIRTZ, Karl WISKEMANN, Elizabeth WOHLFARTH, E._ P. WOLFENDALE, Arnold W. WOLFERS, Arnold WOLFLE, Dael WOOD, Alex WOOD, Richard Frederick WOOD-JONES, F. WOODWARD-NUTT, Arthur Edgar WOOLDRIDGE, H. WOOLLEY, Sir Richard (van der Riet) C.235A See also C.183-C.185 G.81 C.84, C.128, C.142, C.144, C.173, C.178, C.182, C.234, C.236, C.249, C.255, G.108, J.123. H.88 D.147 A.54 D.142 A.81 A.51 H.39 C.99, C.223 B.41, B.144 J. G.120 A.26 G.78 H.38 D.5 A.63 H.129 WOOLTON, Frederick James, Marquis Earl Woolton G.88 P.M.S. Blackett CSAC 63/1/79 40] Index of Correspondents WOOSTER, W. A. WRIGHT, (Arthur Robert) Donald WRIGHT, Harold WRIGHT, J.P. WRIGHT, Sir Norman (Charles) WRIGHT, William David A.54, E.1 F.4] A.26 F.84, J.101 A.63, J.134 F.39, J.112 WYATT, Woodrow Lyle . H.68 WYNN, Arthur Henry Ashford WYNNE, Charles Sonis WYNNE-EDWARDS, Sir Robert (Meredydd) WYNNE-JONES, William Francis Kenrick, Baron Wynne-Jones of Abergele . YATES, Frank YEOMAN, John YORK, Carl M. YOUNG, Brian Walter Mark YOUNG,Edgar P. YOUNG, Hugh YOUNG, John Zachary YOUNG, Michael YOUNG,Sir Richard (Dilworth) YOUNGER,Sir Kenneth (Gilmour) ZAHEER, S. Husain ZIJDERVELD, J. D. ZIMAN, John Michael ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron Zuckerman A. of Burnham Thorpe ZVEGINTZOV, M. A.63, A.72, J.112 G.44 A.81 E.4] A.63 A.81 A.72 J.58 A.81 A.81 A.55, A.72 G.42 A.63, A.81 A.63, A.8] G.1] C.232 J.113 A.25, A.54, A.55, A.63, D.109, D.188, E.61, F.12, G.70, H.37, J.113 A.55, A.63, A.72, A.81, E.37, £.48, £.55