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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of SIR HUGH BEAVER KBE (1890-1967) deposited in the British Library of Political and Economic Science Archives Centre (CSAC niche elle y London WC2A 1HP Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS No. 76/35 1976 All rights reserved THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION GN HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Tecienological Records CSAC 40/4/76 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CEN'IRE Papers of SIR HUGH BEAVER, K.B.2. (1890 - 1967) 1976 Deposited in the British Library of Political and Ecomomic Science (London School of Economic and Political Science) Listed by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel H.E.C.B.e C.SeA.C. 40/4/76 Description of the Collection The papers were received from Mrs. C.Lawsom—Tanored, Sir Hugh's elder daughter. Throughout his career, Sir Hugh maintained correspondence or personal relations with former friends, colleagues and acquaintances; in addition, he collected photographs, press-cuttinmgs, published _ or records bearing on people or subjects of interest to him (see note to Item A.43). The collected papers thus contained information about the British Army in India, Wellington College, as well as matters immediately connected with Sir Hugh's own life and work. Sir Hugh had intended to write, during his retirement, an account of his family and its branches, including his own Rife and times. He had accumulated a great deal of material, drawn up outlines of the work, and completed drafts of some sections, but died before the task was finished. The collection contains his account of his schooldays at Glengorse (A.5) and his service in India (A.44 — A.61), and some of his intended recollections of distinguished colleagues (D.200 — D.208, and note on p 22). Many of the shorter, less formal speeches and addresses in Section D include autobiographical reflections, and there are also notes of neetings, Documents and correspondence dealing with Wellington Coléege, where Sir Hugh was educated and of which he was Chairman of the Governors, are in the Archives of the College. The extensive family documents and papers relating to early generations of the Beaver, Eyre, Campbell and Harrison families remain possession of Mrs. Lawson-Tancred (Wrington Rectory, Bristol). in the conversations and discussions passim. The documents are not yet necessarily available to scholars. H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 Summary of the career of Sir Hugh Beaver b. 1890 1904 — 10 1910 — 22 1922 — 42 1925 1931 1934 1940 1940 — 45 1943 1945 - 60 1946 — 47 1948 — 50 1951 — 60 1951 = 54 1953 =— 54 1954 - 56 1956 Johannesburg Wellington College Service in the Indian Police Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners (Partner 1932 — 42) Married Jean Atwood Beaver Survey of the national ports of Canada Election to Institution of Chemivcal Engineers Election to Institution of Civil Engineers Director General and Controller General, Ministry of Works Knighted Managing Director, Arthur Guinness, Son & Co. Ltd. Member, Committee on New Towns (Chairman: Lord Reith) Member, Building Industry Workimg Party Director, Colonial Development Gorporation Chairman, British Institute of Hanagement Chairman, Committee on Air Poliution Chairman, Advisory Council on Scientific and Industrial Research K.B.E. 1958 — 63 Professional including: 1957 -— 66 Chairman, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations 7951 = )59 1957 — 58 1958 — 63 Contents of the Handlist Biographical and personal Presidency, Federation of British Industries Presidency, Institution of Chemical Ingineers Chairman of Governing Body, Ashridge College; of Council, Wellington College Chairman, Industrial Fund for the Advancement of Scientific Education in Schools Index to the correspondents Arthur Guinness, Son & Co. Ltd. Federation of British Industry Lectures, speeches and addresses Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners 4.63 B.67 B.16 Ministry of Works Correspondence Doi = D.208 » Beli — 5.34 B.35 — B44 B.54 — B.60 C.1.— C.f Items B.1 B.1 By H.E.C.B. C.S.A.Ce 40/4/76 Ae Biographical A.1 ‘The First Sir Hugh Beaver Memorial Lecture® delivered by Sir Norman Kipping, 6 December 1972. (A series of three memorial lectures was sponsored by The Brewers’ Society, The National Society for Clean Air and The Imstitution of Chemical Imgineers; the first lecture was about Sir Hugh's own life and career.) A.2 Memoir in 'Guinness Time,' Vol.20, no.2 A.3 A.4 A.5 A.6 Address by the Bishop of Chichester at Memorial Service for Sir Hugh, 22 February 1967 Miscellaneous ms. notes and outline prepared by Sir Hugh for his autobiography "Glengorse': typescript of Sir Hugh's reminiscences of his days at Glengorse and reflections on tvarding schools Glengorse: photocopies of early correspondence (with head— master), of 'The Glengorse Daily News,' of school report, of holiday excursions, cast for play etc. JeV. Appleton, 1930, re register of ‘old boys" - Ome letter from : "My readings. "Beaver poems': collection of poems by Sir lIimgh, his mother and others (some poems are dated 1914, but most are undated ) Books I have loved': short ms. list. ned. ned 1900 = 03 1930 1914 n.d. 1896 — 1920 1943 1945 1948 = 66 1965 — 66 A.8 ‘Mother's Scrap Book': envelope containing misc. poems collected by Sir Hugh's mother 2 letters written to Sir Hugh on the ceath of his brother John 3 misc. personal letters 1918 1922 — 24 Letters to Sir Hugh from his daughters, newspaper cutting of daughter's wedding ‘Mother. Sundry letters': letters exchanged between Sir Hugh's mother and her sons and with other members of her family 2 letters from Field Marshall Sir Claude Auchinleck (Sir Hugh's cousin); one letter includes his views on the Suez operation. Note by Sir Hugh re one of their conversations; newspaper cutting re the dinner Hon. D.Econ.Sci. conferred on Sir Hugh by the National University 1959 of Ireland: newspaper cuttings, text of introductory address by Michael Tierney (Pro Vice-Chancellor), seating plan for dinner hosted by Sir Hugh that evening Letter to Sir Hugh on the occasion of his K.B.E. signed by the staff of Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners. the staff of Ministry of Works and Buildings on occasion of Sir Hugh's retirement in 1945. Card signed by i Letters of congratulation on his honorary degree, correspondence 1959 A.1i3 A.14 H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 A.16 Sir Hugh's 'Postscripts' to his earlier writings on Colin G. Beaver, India (see also item A.45), Winston Churchill (see also item D.208),John Reith (see also items D.201 — D.206) and Harold Macmillan Guy MSS dated 1 December 1966 in which Sir Hugh considers how his various ‘outside’ interests and activities affected his work at Guinness Misc. notes, drawings,menus, postcards etc. 'H. Beaver. Personal. Index No. list of people whcm Sir Hugh met in his work or travels 1': journal with alphabetical "Where Is It': address book (in several hands) *Reminders': notebook indexed "books, house, persons, garden’ etc. with notes ‘Data's notes on metric conversicn, measurements, temperature, astronomy, water analysis etc. Notes and collections. 'Vol.II. the 8.5. Nankin Completed 26th August in the S.S. Tara off the Eddystome Lighthouse, on our way into Plymouth': between Crete and Italy. Started 7 April 1918 in daily journal Started ’ (7 vols.) Diary Diary Pocket diaries A.33 Desk diaries Pocket diaries (7 vols.) Pocket diaries just after leaving Plymouth. Ended H.E.C. Beaver, Indian Police, 'Private journal. Vol. III. Punjab, India and Highlands, Amersham, Bucks. 27th August 1918, 22nd October 1922, at Gruinard's: lengthy daily journal with postcards, newspaper cuttings, correspondence etc. added first clearance' of ‘the accumlation of 60 acquisitive years.' .I kept everythimg that interested me 'The Magpie's Collection. . and my interests were catholic': note by Sir Hugh describing ‘the 5 files of miscellaneous press—cuttings collected by (4 vols. incl. 2 for 1960) (4 vols., 1963 missing) A.42 Sir Hugh Pocket diaries 1929 1930 1940 — 46 1945 - 51 1952 — 58 1959 ~ 61 1962 — 66 H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 A.44 Short notes and outline made by Sir Hugh for the writing up of his experiences and recollections of India (see also item A.16) 'India': 230 pp. typescript account by Sir Hugh of his life and work in India. Much of the material is taken verbatim from his journals of that period. 11 November 1963. The MSS is dated 1963 List of names of fellow police officers with mote that ‘most of these were at the Punjab Police Dinner, 24 February 1911, other names I have recollected. seniority.' entitled ‘Colleagues in the Indian Police': memories of fellow officers in the Indian Police. which Sir Hugh could not recollect. nanes* ‘'Queries': points of detail List of “India — other Chronology of service in India 1910-21. They are largely in order of Notes Misc. papers re India: press—cuttings, cards, photographs etc. Misc. letters from Indians (not indexed) Misc. personal correspondence from colleagues in India. Hugh continued this correspondence for many years after his return from India (not indexed) Sir 1933 — 35 1919 — 20 1923 — 40 1919 1964 1923 ~ 60 1910 — 18 A.52 A.53 A.50 A.51 ‘Report on the Punjab Disturbances. April 1919's: published report by the ?Hunter Committee Massacre at Amritsar by Rupert Furneaux: reviews and corres pondence in the press, letter from Librarian of Sussex Univ. offering photocopies of reviews 'These are not really India‘: misc. correspondence from family (1923), later correspondence with Sir Richard Maconachie (1958), telegrams A.52 — A.61 refer to loose papers originally inserted between the pages of a large scrapbook; each section carried a title or description by Sir Hugh which is given below as a heading to the accompanying papers. 1936 ‘Cuttings and papers relevant to my time in Indiat: misc. press cuttings, Sir Hugh's notes (including drafts of letters to newspapers on ‘India as a career,' obituary of Sir Behram Khan), results of 1910 examination for Indian Police Service (in which Sir Hugh placed First), correspondence re Sir Hugh's request for commission in Indian Army (n.d.) and in British Army (1918) ‘The Richards' (Philip Ernest and Norah Richards): correspondence, 1920 — 23 photographs, memoir of P.E.R., press—cuttings "Letters from Indians — friends and colleagues, subordinates': personal correspondence (not indexed) 1920 — 23, H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 A.56 ‘Indianisms' A.57 "A few misc. India': press—cuttings A.58 'D.O. concerning transfer, leave, etc': letter to Sir Hugh re his wish to transfer to North-West Frortier Province (1920), letter from L. Tomkins re possible applicatien by Sir Hugh for return to India (1923) (the index is selective) 'The Punjab Arms': Sir Hughs descriptions of conversations and local politics as observed in ‘the popular hostelry' ‘Letters from brother officers and things abewt the Punjab in my time': press-cuttings (esp. re Amritsar), copy of H.A.Q. 16 November 1918 on the defeat of Germany A.61 ‘Letters from brother officers and things about the Punjab in my time': personal correspondence (the imdex is selective) 1920 — 23 1945, 1956 Sir Hugh donated his large collection of books on Imdia to the Library of the University of Sussex. The collection included a MSS in Punjabi ("Life of a Guru') and a ms. diary of a Briton in Imdia during 1839. (see the relevant correspondence re this donation im Item B.63) A.62 and A. 63: two essays written at Wellington College A.62 On Edward Fitzgerald, for the anniversary of his birth A.63 On Charles Lamb; the essay is in two hands, one Beaver's and the other unknown H.E.C.Be C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 B. Professional Bei — B16 Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners Sir Hugh joined the firm in 1920 and was a partner from 1932 —- 42. The files of personal and professional correspondence imclude extensive ex~ changes of letters between Sir Hugh, Sir Alexander Gibb and other partners in the course of overseas travel on the firm's busimess and almost daily reports from Sir Hugh to Sir Alexander during the months of August. In 1931 the firms was commissioned by the Canadian Government to conduct a survey of its national ports. Sir Hugh spent 7 months in Canada during which he was asked to supervise the rebuilding of the Port of Saint John, New Brunswick, destroyed by fire. Bet File of correspondence which also contains a Sir Hugh on arrangements for contract of work: on Port of Saint John and ‘Mr. Beaver's note on his meeting with the Prime Minister (of Canada). . .November 12th" on administration of ports in Canada ims. note from 1929 = 31 Journal of meetings in Canada, private and: official conver— sations (including discussions on Saint John and other ports) Personal record of stay in Canada written on board ship during return voyage to England copies of verse etc. (includes list of books read, : Newspaper cuttings 1931 — 32, 1960 1931 : 1931 Photographs of people and places (almost all bearing dates and notations), postcards mailed to family ete. Letters exchanged between Sir Hugh and Sir Alexander Letters exchanged between Sir Hugh and Sir Alexander Sir Hugh's own compositions on Canadian subjects: recounting of Canadian legends, recollections of people the met (intended as *Canadian sketches', perhaps for publication; referred to in journal, Item B.3) Harrison's biography of Sir Alexander. Letters exchanged between Sir Hugh and Sir ATexander, corres— pondence with F.C. Cornell, menu of staff dinmer, 1936, cables Miscellaneous correspondence and papers on comtracts, personnél and firm's affairs at outbreak of war and its: early stages. Misc. correspordence on firmts personnel and #ffairs during early stages of war; Sir Hugh's resignation from firm; later letters exchanged with Sir Alexander; letter from Jocelyn Gibb re Sir Hugh's contribution to suggested we—issue of Godfrey 1933 = 35 1936 — 39 1939 — 40 1940 =— 65 H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 B.12 B.13 B.14 8 Misc. correspondence re trust established by Sir Alexander for his family (Sir Hugh was one of the Trustees) Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners Newsletter, Number 1 Alexander Gibb, The Story of an Engineer by Godfrey Harrison: Volume inscribed on flyleaf 'To Hugh Beaver from Alexander Gibb The book is heavily annotated by Sir Hugh. 21-2—5—.! "Various war—time scraps': memorandum dated 25 August 1939 sent by Sir Hugh to General Sir Eimund Ironside (Field Marshall Lord Ironside) on conditions in Turkey, esp. re reasons for decline in British influence. General Ironside 2 autograph letters from : : Various war~time scraps': reports by W.C. Devereux on his his visits to several factories in Germany in 1937 and 1939. The report was sent to Sir Hugh in September 1940. : B.34 £The Ministry of Works One—page ms. outline for chapter in autobiography on years in the Ministry of Works Sir Hugh's correspondence and material collected for projected work on Lord Reith) (see also Items D.201 — D.206, 1940 1940 — 43 These are misc. pp. on AG & P was prosecuted for alleged mis-—use of petrol 1939 — 41 ‘Private correspondence with Mr. Ash re deputising for Mr. Beaver on Ministry of Supply work's letters exchanged between Sir Hugh and Wilfred C. Ash following appointment to Ministry "Private correspondence with Ash. various subjects including ROF expenses and the petrol case. I shall need them when dealing with that part of war work.': correspondence and memoranda re work performed by AG & P for Ministry of Supply "Petrol Case' while on contract with Ministry of Supply for construction of filling factories. Sir Hugh received a technical fine of £12. correspondence and papers re contract, correspondence with solicitors, statement of evidence, newspaper cuttings, extracts from transcripts of court proceedings Hugh on the outcome of the case 'M.O.W. Select Committee on T.P. Bermett and myself! Certain appointments in the Ministry of Works were examined by a Select Committee following questions in Parliament on the dual capacity of individuals who retained associations with their firms while serving in government departments. appointments were upheld. Correspondence, report of Select Committee, press-cuttings, letters of congratulation to Sir Sundry pp and attaches': correspondence re Sir Hugh's 'MOW. appointment to Ministry as ‘priority officer and controller of building materials,' correspondence with Lord Reith, memoranda 1940 = 42 1942 The H.E.C.B. CSAC. 40/4/76 B.23 B.24 B.25 Misc. duplicated papers — see list on file Correspondence with Major General K.C. Appleyard re B.E.0O, and Emergency Works Department; memoranda amd correspondence within the Ministry 'The capacity of the building industry': typescript with note by Sir Hugh ‘done in 1942 when we had im mind the com pletion of a war-time building programme on an ever decreasing building labour force and the necessary arraingements to be able to take up the challenge of immediate post-war requirements! 1942 "Building Industry. broadcast by Sir Hugh, Sir Richard Coppock, and Sir George Burt: copies of scripts, correspondence witih BBC and with other. participants Making plans for rebuilding Britain' Misc. duplicated papers re wat-time and postwar building programmes. Sir Hugh's hand Several of the papers cerry shert notes in ‘War Cabinet. of industry.': misc. duplicated papers Committee on Reconstruction Problems. Allocation "Control of building industry's: duplicated papers, minutes, memoranda, amended drafts of memos with note by Sir Hugh 'There are several periods and proposals intermingled in these vapers — various drafts and revisions 1942 1941 1941 1940 Parliamentary Questions.'! clippings from 1943 Some of the letters »riefly mention Many of 1943 1940 Misc. printed matter re Ministry: poems, cartoons, press—cuttings One file of memoranda and reports circulated within the Ministry 1940 ‘Export of Civil Ingineering' with note by Stir Hugh 'This is a subject I gave a good deal of thought to immediately before and at times during the war.': duplicated papers, memoranda, correspondence. civil engineering construction projects in fioreign countries. ) (Sir Hugh urged the establishment of British "Building Costs. Hansard, typed extracts from Parliamentary debates, memoranda The correspondence has been fully imdexed in Section E. One file of correspondence (72 letters) releting to Sir Hugh's years in the Ministry. professional matters, but most of them are of a personal nature. e.g. letters written to Sir Hugh on his joiming the Ministry in 1941 and on his retirement in 1945; replies to letters of con— gratulation or of condolence; Christmas wishes etc. the autograph letters are from eminent indiwiduals whose careers in public service touched upon that of Sir Hugh's during the war years. H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 B.o35 — B44 Guinness Sir Hugh joined the firm of Guinness in 1945 and was its Managing Director from 1946 to 1960. B35 B.36 Exchange of letters, professional and personal, with the Earl of Iveagh, Chairman of Guinness, and with the Countess of Iveagh. Continuation of the correspondence between Sir Hugh and Lord Iveagh; the file also contains copies of correspondence with other individuals re business affairs, correspondence re rowing, misc. press-—cuttings 1946 - 50 1950 — 66 B.37 — B.39 ‘Correspondence with Lord Moynet: beth professional and personal B.40 ‘Correspondence with Lord Boyd! B.41 Misc. correspondence re business affairs of Guinness B.42 2 press—cuttings re was commissioned by Guinness on Sir Hugh's recommendation The Guinness Book of Fiecords which B.43 Misc. press-cuttings and photographs re Guiimness B.44 Wisc. corresnondence B46 1953 1953 = 55 1952 — 62 B.45 Work on Air Pollution. Be47 on Air Pollution (1953) whose report was tlie basis of the Clean Air Bill 1956 Sir Hugh chaiired the Committee Misc. file of press—cuttings and published comments on the Beaver Committee on Air Pollutiom and on the Clean Air Bill. in Section D.) (see also numerous speeches on the subject Survey on Transport Services (for Institute of Civil Ingineers Postwar Development Committee) especially @n road and rail transport: misc. correspondence with Oxford Institute of Statistics, Nuffield College Social Reconstimuction Survey, Offices of the War Cabinet, Institute of Ciiwil Ingineers etc. Sir Hugh's accompanying note on file says “Eventually the report when produced got sat on completely.' the Presidency of the F.B.I. in 1957) Correspondence with Minister, M.P.s amd officials on Clean Air Bill, memos and drafts etc., including renewal of service on Clean Air Couneil (1964) and resignation (1966) British Institute of Management (Sir Hugh served as Chairman fron 1951-54): misc. notes for discussion, correspondence (see also the speeches in Section D.on maregement ) Scottish Union National Insurance Co.: mise. correspondence (Sir Hugh resigned from the London Board om his acceptance of 1956 — 57 ee 1954 — 56 1956 — 58 1956 — 66 1957 — 62 H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 B.50 Advisory Council, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Sir Hugh was Chairman): correspondence, including letter of appointment from Lord Salisbury, press—cutting Industrial Fund for the Advancement of Scientific Education in Schools (Sir Hugh was Chairman): press—cuttings, misc. correspondence, drafts for speeches at schools opening new labs, science buildings etc. (see also Section D) Richard Thomas and Baldwins Ltd. the Board in 1956): misc. correspondence on company (Sir Hugh was appointed to Ashridge Management College (Sir Hugh was Chairman of Governors 1959-63): misc. correspondence, drafts of speeches, memos of meetings etc., re establishment, staff, courses, policy and success of Ashridge B.60 Federation of British Industry 1957 — 59): Material relating to misc. trade missions, and visits; negotiations and meetings, especially on early formation of Common Market and E.F.T.A.3 drafts and reports of speeches; correspondence etc. (Sir Hugh was President Sino-British Trade Council (Sir Hugh was President): misc. correspondence, notes of meetings with Chinese and other officials, press releases etc; mainly re visit to U.K. of Chinese trading group December 1957 Misc. correspondence, including letters of appreciation of Sir Hugh's Presidency Misc. notes, memoranda and meetings re proposals for long-term economic planning Printed report to delegates at Conference, November 1960, annotated by Sir Hugh European Foreign Trade Association: pondence on meetings in Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm etc.; drafts and reports of speeches misc. reports and corres— Trade with East Germany: memos, statistics, official documents, correspondence with M.P.'s, congratulations on agreement of F.B.I. and East Germany Trade Mission to Moscow leading to 5—year trade agreement: invitation to accompany mission, notes for speech on results of mission, misc. travel documents and background information, press—cuttings, correspondence Hugh was an Honorary Fellow), Wellington College Correspondence re The Civic Trust, the Duke of Edinburgh Award for Industry, N.P.A.C.I. Correspondence re various educational concerns: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Public Schools Appointment Bureau, St. Catherine's College, Oxford (Sir H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 B.63 University of Sussex: correspondence, meetings of Council, papers and memoranda re building plans, appeal funds, Sir Hugh's donation of books on India Treasurer ) (Six Hugh served as 12. 1964 ~ 66 Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine (Siw Hugh was Treasurer) 1964 misc. committee papers, notes, Treasurer's reports, correspon— dence Correspondence (mainly appeals for donatiorzs and letters of thanks from various charities): Peace Foundation, Netional Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends, Institute of Child Health, Listening Library, Royal College of Nursing, Community of Nursing Sisters of St. John the Divine 1964 — 66 St. Luke's Home, Oxford (Sir Hugh was President of the Board): correspondence re negotiations on building plans, on purchase of property The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (Sir Hugh was Chairman of Council): misc. correspondence on Institute Cc. Correspondence C.1 —C.7 Personal correspondence arranged chrondlogically: Christmas greetings, family news, social engagememts, gifts, letters of sympathy, letters of congratulations, requests for advice, etc. The index is selective 1961 64 C.1 1929 — 35 1962 — 66 €.2 1940 — 49 1964 — 66 1950 — 59 nia’. H.E.C.Be C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 D. D.1 D.2 D.3 D.4 D.5 D.6 D.7 Lectures, speeches and addresses ‘Industrial Zoning' of Canada. advance proof paper to The Engineering Institute 'The problems of industrial planning’ of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland. offprint paper to The Institution 1937 1938 British Institute of Management, European Conference, Torquay. typescript with amendments 7? 1952 'The principles of management’ offprint Society of Chartered Accountants. 1952 'Te effect of management on the changing ecomomic and financial conditions of our time’ I.I.A. Summer course, Oxford. typescript 1952 'Skills end Techniques' typescript Conference. Office Management Association National 1953 "Changing jobs Imperial College. typescript 1953 Administrative Staff College, end of session Lecture. typescript 1953 1953 1953 Gleneagles, opening address. typescript 'Presentation of biographies' typescript Administrative Staff College. Meeting of the "Research and industrial productivity’. typescript Personnel Management Conference. Sheffield Technical College. typescript with ms. annotations Thanet Technical College prize~giving. typescript Huddersfield Technical Training College. ‘Management Education in Britain and the USA* Education Institution. typescript 'The age of specialisation' typescript *A comparison of the facilities for managementt education in England and the USA' typescript with ms. annotations Harrogate Conference, British Institute of Mamagement. script with ms. annotations. Hosiery and Allied Trades Research Association. typescript 'The manager's job' Nottingham Technical College. 'Management — a new chapter' Management Conf’erence, Bristol. Structures and organisation’ British Productivity ‘Management. Council. typescript typescript type— HeteGebe CoS -AcGe 40/4/76 D.22 D.23 D.24 D.25 D.26 D.27 D.28 D.29 D.30 D.31 "Responsibility of management! typescript I.I.A. Conference, Oxford. Smoke Abatement Society Conference. annotations typescript with ms. Address on air pollution to the Romney Street Group. typescript 'Industry and air pollution' typescript with ms. annotations Combustion Ingineering Association, * Northampton College of Technology. tions typescript with ms. annota— Opening address, course for teachers, Nottingham University. typescript "Productivity and you' typescript British Productivity Council. 'tingineering and Management' typescript Speech to Old Centralians. Harrogate Conference on Work Study. typescript 'hfficiency of British Industry! typescript Oxford Business Summer School. D.38 Clean Airt typescript D.35 D.36 D.37 D.32 D.33 D.34 Speech to Rotary Club. typescript Institute of Industrial Supervision. Students of Estate Management, London Course for apprentices, Ashridge College. typescript Speech to Institute of Fuel on the Clean Air Bill. typescript 'Hconomics of clean air' University. typescript Speech on air pollution to Institute of Chemical Ingineers Symposium. typescript with ms. annotations 'How far can you go?' typescript with ms. annotations press—cutting Letter to the editor of the N.A.P.T. Bulletin re atmospheric pollution. tSelection in perspective! Institute of Management. report on Sir Hugh's address to Irish 1955 BritishInstitute of Management Conf. 1955 Convention of Coal Utilisation Council. Chadwick Trust, Royal Institution. ‘Industry and ocitizenship' D.39 D.40 D.41 D.42 typescript typescript 1955 1955 H.E.C.Be CSAC. 40/4/76 D.43 Royal Society of Health. typescript with ms. annotations D.44 D.A5 'The battle for clean air*t 10, No. 7 cutting from Pubdic Health Reports, 'The control of air pollution and the burder on sanitary inspectors' Sanitary Inspectors Association. typescript D.46 ‘Clean air' Women's Gas Federation Conferersce. typescript D.A7 D.48 'The clean air bill' under the chairmanship of Dr. A. Parker. Sir Hugh's contribution Discussion of. the bili held in London ‘typescript of tAir pollution. Sanitary Institute. typescript of introductery remarks and of address The problem of administration! Royal 'Air pollution. of Mechanical Imgineers. advance copy of speech The growth of public opiniam' American Society *Control of air pollution in Great Britain* Institute of Canada. duplicated copy of paper Imngineering 'Clean air: the next chapter' advance proof of speech, offprint National Smoke Abatement Society. 'The pace of change' Cotton Board Conference. offprint 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 offprint of 1956 Irish Management Institute. Speech Day. Berkhamstead School. typescript with ms. annotations 1956 Speech Day. Wellington College. typescript Message for ‘Commentary! on fuel industries. Toast to Institution of Mining and Mettalurgy. speeches delivered at annual dinner. Course for Business Managers, University of Edinburgh. typescript with ms. annotations Delegation of authority' typescript with extensive ms. annotations, related correspondence, offprint typescript "Initiation and administration of smoke contixol areas'. printed article in unidentified journal Speech at opening of clean air exhibition at Stevenage. article for ‘Evening Post'. tjrpescript 'Clean air' article for 'Commentary'. typescript 'Clean air! article for 'The Townswoman'. 1 page typescript 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 'Clean air' ‘typescript 1956 HeEeCeBe CeSeAeCe 40/4/76 ‘Industry and citizenship' ference. typescript North-western Management Con— Opening session lecture, Henley Management Conference. typescript ‘Clean air. Friday Evening Discourse, Royal Institution. What we know and what we do not know? offprint Clean Air Exhibition, Coventry. typescript Opening of laboratory, Fettes School. cuttings typescript, press— Opening of laboratory, Gordonstoun. typescript Opening of new science block, Forest School. typescript Contractors’ Plant Association, speech in reply for guests. typescript Speech to Old Aldenhamians. typescript with ms. annotations Reply for guests, Old Brentwoods' Dinner. typescript the Institute of Refrigeration Anniwersary Dinner. typescript D.64 D.65 D.66 D.67 D.68 D.69 D.70 D.71 D.72 D.73 D.74 D.75 D.76 D.77 D.78 Purchasing Officers! Assmciation. "Role of industry' typescript F.B.I. Bristol. typescript with ms. annotations F.B.eI. London and SE Regional Dinner. typescript outline ‘An attempt to assess the avoidable waste of materials and resources due to air pollution! offprint Institutiom of Civil Mmgineers. British Chemical Plant Manufacturers Associattion. with ms. annotations speech to National Council of Building Materials Producers. typescript Review of 'The Irish Economy viewed from without't by C.F. Carter. cutting from Studies, summer issue typescript ‘Some current problems and anxietiest typescript D.84 Lower School of John Lyon, Speech Day. F.B.eI. London and SE Region. typescript Electrical Industries. D.79 D.80 D.81 D.82 D.83 typescript H, Beebe C.S.-A.C. 40/4/76 D.85 'The responsibilities of top line management* Conference at Henley. typescript with ms. amnotations, printed paper ‘Statistics to accompany talk by Sir Hugh Beaver' Management Lady Eleanor Holles School, Hampton, opening of Advanced Physics and Chemistry Laboratories. Hugh's speech, published in school magazine an account of Sir Foreword to publication of lectures on air pollution given at University of Sheffield, 1956. typescript Prize-giving, Malvern Girls' College. annotations, letter of thanks typescript with ms. Ewell County Technical College. typescript with ms annotations 'An industrialist's view of the teaching of science! Presidential Address, Conference of Educational Association. typescript with ms. annotations 'Clean Air' with ms. annotations Institution of Chemical Ingineers. typescript "Clean Airt with ms. annotations speech to ‘citizens of Wakefield*. typescript ‘Management — the old and the new! Commerce. typescript with ms. annotations Newcastle College of typescript London Productivity Comference. typescript printed copy of "Reading Speech! ?F.B.I. Regional Council. typescript Giggleswick, Speech Day. typescript ‘How we stand today* advance press release F.B.I. Annual General Meeting, London. Sir Hugh's speech F.B.I. Overseas Scholarships reunion dinner. with ms. annotations Woolich and Dartford Productivity Association. with ms. annotations typescript Message to ‘Business Visitors to Britain'. correspondence ? F.B.I. Regional Council. typescript with . Nottingham mse annotations Institute of Journalists. ms. notes ‘typescript, 'Glass technology'. H.E.C.Be CoSeAeCe 40/4/76 D. 104 D.105 ‘Annual review of British industry Industrial Development. typescript, correspondence published in Italian~British Industrial Management Conference, Rome. 2ms. drafts, list of delegates D.106 Institute of Trade Marks Agents. annotations typescript with ms. D. 107 'Britaints future — social, economic, industrial’ Welfare Society. typescript The Industrial D.108 *Responsibility of private enterprise to the country! of Directors. typescript with ms. annotations Institute D.109 Westcliffe High School for Boys. typescript D.110 Photographs and account published in The Blackburnian of the opening of the Holden Laboratories, Queem Elizabeth's Grammar School (Sir Hugh delivered a speech on the occasion. ) Article for the Echo de la Bourse Trade Supplement. typescript "Science and the state’ Institution of Chemical Engineers. correspondence Sir Hughts Presidemtial Address to the offprint, press—cuttings, "Occupational health' Eastbourne. typescript Congress of Royal Sowiety of Health, es typescript typescript rewiew of L.T.C. Rolt: April. press-cutting *Pendulum' typescript speech at Northampton College of 'Is management ‘a science or an art’ notes far speech to the Address at A.G.M., F.B.I.. press-cutting F.B.1. Review Foreword to N.U.T. Careers Guide. December. 'Gas and clean air' for ‘The Times'. typescript "Science and the nation! Technology. May. ‘Telford, Founder of civil engineering! Thomas Telford. New Scientist. press-—cutting 'Technical education is a primary responsiblity on industry' N.E. Essex Technical College. annotations 'The evolution of management in Financial “imes 17 March. Speech to Marshall Society. annotations November. typescript with ms. Institute of Builders. Warch. typescript with ms. annotations November. tgrpescript with ms. H.E.C.B. C.S.A.Ce 40/4/76 D.124 D.125 "How the busy man works' January. typescript with ms. annotations article for The Chemical Engineer, 'The effect of inflation on management and productivity! Manchester and district Productivity Association. typescript with ms. annotations January. "Relations between brewer and retailer typescript Notes for speech at The Guinea Club, House of Commons, 24 March. typescript, correspondence 'The state and industrialisation! article im The Irish Banking Review, September. offprint Presidential address, National Society for Clean Air. typescript "Britain's needs in chemical engineers! Trade Journal and Chemical Engineer, May. article in Chemical offprint 'The chemical engineer'* article in The Professional Ingineer. January. offprint o 'The British steel industry' press-cutting Speech at Speech Day, Canford School. press—cutting "Chemical Engineering: a progress report! Address, April. offprint Presidential vacant Review of History of the Brewing Industry im England by P, Mathias, published in The Economic Journal. offprint ‘Our overseas markets! notes for talk to Nottingham City Business Club, February. typescript withms. annotations ‘Business and the community’ speech to National Liberal Club, January. typescript with ms. annotations ‘Advertising and selling: notes for discussion! at Seminar in Industrial Economics, Birmingham University, January. typescript with ms. annotations manuscript Statistics as a tool of Management! President's Inaugural Address, Royal Statistical Society. *Industry and politics! typescript with ms. annotations Federation of Master Builders. manuscript N.C.B. conference at Harrogate, March. 'fr.B.I. Conference’ offprint H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 D.144 ‘Engineering and Civilisation'; 6th Graham Clark lecture, Institute of Civil Ingineers. Offprint. D.145 ‘The Individual and the Tean', Ashridge College. 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Owen's School, speech at Prize~—giving.Ms. Talk to members of Management Training Course,J.lyons & Co. Speeches at Shrewsbury School, Ms & typescr. and note 'I departed quite considerably’. Headmasters & Careers Masters Conference organised by Institute of Practitioners in Advertising; opening speech, ‘What Advertising means today! & summary of closing remarks, Ms & typescr.; offprint of published paper. Jan. ‘The Status of Imgineers', speech at March Lumcheon of Old Centralians, Ms notes & printed report. Lecture at Ardingly College, Ms.notes & drafts,typescr., correspondence. (on the establishment of N.E.D.C.) Tettenhall College, speech at Prize-giving.Ms.& press—cuttings. Cocoa,Chocolate & Confectionery Alliance, speech. Ms & typescr. Obituary notice of Mr. F.A.Greene, typescr.& press—cutting King's School,Rochester, speech at Prize-giving.Ms. Talk at Athenaeum (on education). Ms. Jane Oct. July Dec. July H.E.C.B.e C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 ois D.169 Perse School,Cambridge, speech at Prize-giving, Ms.& typescr. 1962 D.170 "Economic Planning’, speech at Joint Ingineers Meeting, Cardiff. Ms & typescr. Mar. 1962 Del (a *Co-operation in Commerce and Industry', Chamber of Commerce for London Seminar. Ms speech at Junior & typescr. Mar. D. hike: Speech at meeting of Newport and District Metallurgical Soc. Ms & typescr. Ds 173 Speech at Norwich, inaugurating National Preductivity Year, Ms & typescr. Ds 174 "Productivity at Royal Society of Arts; invitation to speak, typescr. & printed texts of speech. in Great Britain', contributiion to Symposium Ellesmere College, speech at Prize-giving, Mis. typescr., correspondence. William Ellis School, speech for Centenary Aspp2al. Ms. Speech at Junior Chamber of Commerce Seminaz on Communic— ations in Industry, Ms & typescr. Speech at Ashridge College of Management, Notes & Ms. Notes for speech at Cardiff. Marling School, speech at Prize-—giving. Ms. Notes for speech at Management Conference. iis. Dec. May Sept April 'For T.V. on Air Pollution', Ms. Speech at Dinner, BORD. Ms. Introduction to Tenth Elbourne Memorial Lecture, Brit. Inst. Man. Ms.,correspondence. Oct. Obituary notice of Sir Henry Spencer, printed notice,corresp. "Responsibilities of Management', speech at Ashridge College of Management, typescr. Ms. drafts of speech, perhaps for Ashridge Coll. ‘Management Techniques',article for Financial Times Review of Industry. Ms. & typescr. Draft of obituary notice of Harvey Hugh Momtgomerie (not printed), Ms.,corresp. 'Te Ministry of Works 1941 — 1947', printed article. Summary of Speech, Institute of Fuel Conference Session V. 'The Fight against Corrosion',draft of speexh,typescr. H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 D.193 Talk on Housing, given at Post War Britain Lecture Course at Chatham House; programme of Course,text of talk,corresp. D.194 Article for Financial Times series on management. Typescr, & press—cutting of leading article on the series. D.195 ‘Training for Management',draft & typescr. perhaps for B.I.M. D.196 Speech for Nursing Sisters of St. John the Divine. Ms. 1945 1952 ned. 1948 D.197 D.198 Misc. official reports on the building industry, some with annotations by H.E.C.B. 1941 — 50 Report of the Power Station Committee (H.E.C.B. served as Chairman), and ‘The Construction of Power Stations! (observations of the British Electricity Council on Report} 1953 Report of Pilot Survey 'Business and Philanthropy! prepared by The Economist Intelligence Agency, correspondence. 1955 = 57 D.200 — 208 Biorraphical Reminiscences Beaver collected material, prepared notes, and partly completed drafts for biographical studies of friends and collemgues. One of his rough notes, headed ‘Ready for dictiation' (D.200) is in each case I hope a fair portrayal of ia friendship from It which I got much and for which I am most grateful. It whole story because one can only tell of things as one has seen them and that is a one-sided view. But frienisihip depends on tolerance and that tolerance should I feel owttlast even the end— ing of the friendship. is not the indicates the intended scope of the work: * This is the story of three friendships in my business life. I record them because all three had an impact amd two of them a profound effect on my life. All three ended im misunderstanding which at least to me was and still is a matter of great sadness. None of these accounts survive; early correspondence with Sir Alexander And I write down these accounts because I wanit to put on record how much I appreciated them, their friendship: and their loyalty to myself; and partly because inevitably I must understand how far the fault was my own. They are Sir Alexandler Gibb, Lord Reith and Major A.E.Allnatt; and it been asked to give for publication my recollections of the first two — Sir Alexander as a foreword to a new isssue of his life and Lord Reith as 2 contribution to the normal special programme that the BBC has ready for the passing of gremt men. Here I have expended these notes, putting in the intimate details which are not for public, so happens that I have recently Li H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C 40/4/76 23, Gibb appears in D.202, and a small amount of correspondence with Major Allnatt is enclosed with the above manuscript note im D.200. D.201 — D.206 comprise a considerable amount of material, including personal and official correspondence, concerning Beaver's long association with Reith 1940 — 66. Beaver also left an account, dated 1964, of his relations with Sir John Anderson (D.207) and reminiscences of Sir Winston Churchill, with related printed matter and correspondence (D.208). D.200 Ms. note transa@ibed above, correspondence with A.E.Allnatt 1952 — 58; Ms. note probably 1967,uwnfinished at Beaverts death. D.201 — D.206 Lord Reith 1940 — 41 1944 ~ ASB 1960 — 66 D.201 D.202 D.203 D.204 D.205 D.206 1950 — 55 1956 — 59 Plan of work, photograph of Reith at wedding of Beaver's daughter Cerise. 'REITH M.0.W.'Corresp. re Reith's appointment Minister of Works & Buildings, Beaver's appointment as Director~ General. 'RHITH Post M.O.W. up to C.D.C.'; corresp. & notes of conversations, mainly re New Towns Comm. of which Reith was Chairman. 'REITH 1950 — 55's; Corresp.,press—cuttings etc.notes of official conversations, mainly re Colorial Development Corporation. Text of speech by Reith 'Tine Executive Emergent! 1952. 'REITH 1956 — 59's personal & official corresp.,notes of meetings,includes Reith's report of his last tour as Chairman,C.%.6.annotated by Beaver. 'REITH 1960 ~ 66°; corresp. & printed matter by or re Reith; includes text submitted by Beaver for BBC programme on Reith ~ the eventual recording was eonsiderably altered. Ms. and corrected typescript of recollections by Beaver of Sir John Anderson as Lord President of theCouncil euring Second World War. and autobiographical material of Beaver. Material relating to Sir Winston Churchill. Misc. press—cuttings 1948, and 1966 relating to Lord Moran's book Winston Churchill: The Struggle for survival. 2 autograph letters from Lady Churchill 1964 re New Hall,Cambridge. 2 autograph letters from Lord Bridges 1965, 1966 1 typescr.copy of Beaver's recollections of Sir Winston 5ipp. dated 24 Jan 1965, the day of Churchill's death,with note added in 1966 after reading Moran's book; includes recollections of Churchill's military,civilian and political career and colleagues, B.26 A.15 C.5 B.51 B.34 A 6 Ge B.34 B.24 B.18, B.19, B.22, D.202 A.12 B.10 B.58 B.34 B.34 D.112 B.34 B.20 B.34 B.24, B.34 B.34 B.36 B.34 2:3 B.1 H.E.C, BeeGisS AC. 40/4/76 ALFORD, Vincent ANDREWS, C. ANDREWS, Todd ANSON, Sir (George) Wilfrid APPLETON, Sir Edward (Victor) APPLETON, J. V. APPLEYARD, Sir E. APPLEYARD, Kenelm Charles ASH, Wilfred C. AUCHINLECK, Field-Marshall Sir Claude John Eyre BALDWIN-WEBB, J. BALFOUR, Sir John BARMAN, Christian BARNES, Sir James (Horace) BARTLETT, Sir Frederic BENNETT, Peter F. BENNITT, Mortimer Wilmot BERESFORD, Jack BEVIN, Dame Florence BLAKE, Rustat BENNETT, Sir Thomas (Penberthy) BEARD, James Robert BEDFORD, H. Ey BOYD OF MERTON see LENNOX-BOYD BEVERIDGE, William Henry, Baron Beveridge of Tuttal B.26, B.34 D.207 D.102 B.63 C.5 B.34 B.62 BULLOCK, Sir Alan (Louis Charles) BRIDGES, John Cowley BRIGGS, Asa BROWN, Henry Philip BUCHANAN, George BRIDGES, Edward, Baron Bridges BURT, Sir George Mowlem H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 CAFFRYN, Sydney M. CHURCHILL see SPENCER-CHURCHILL COBBALD, Cameron Fromanteel, Baron Cobbald of Knebworth COLQUHOUN, (Cecil) Brian (Hugh) COPPOCK, Sir Richard CORNELL, F. ae COX, Dennis CRAIG, Maurice CROMWELL, R. a. B.52 B.10, B.20, B.34 B.26, B.34 B.9 A.51, B.63 B.36 B.34 DALTON, Thoinas Wilson Fox DANE, William Surrey DAVIDSON, John Colin Campbell, Viscount Davidson of Little Gaddesden DAVIES, Rt. Hon. Clement DENNYS, L. M, B. 34 B.62 D.206 B.56 A.61 A.15 B.16 B.64 B.36 B.34 B.36 Ce DE VALERA, Eamon DEVEREAUX, W. DODDS, Sir (Edward) Charles DRURY, Sir Alan (Nigel) DUFF, Sir (Charles) Patrick DYER, Capt. 8555, B.56, 8.5/7.0 4 B.61 ECCLES, David McAdam, Viscount Eccles EDINBURGH, H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgjh ELEY, Sir Geoffrey (Cecii Ryves) ELGIN, Edward James Bruce, Earl of Elgin and Kincardine ELMHIRST, Leonard Knight EMMERSON, Sir Harold Corti ENGLAND, Eric C. EVANS, I. B.4] EWBANK, Sir Robert Benson A.61 Bae B.34 B.34 RVEKY, GC; B.1, B.1] B.52 D.112 Gordon G, Ls H.E.C.B. 40/4/76 FAIRWEATHER, Herbert M. FARRINGTON, R. D. FERGUSON, John FINDLAY, S. FISHER,“ N. A. i FREEMAN, Rt. Hon. John FREEMAN, Sir Ralph FRENCH, M. R. FULTON, John Scott, Baron Fulton of Falmer GALBRAITH, J. GIBB, Alastair GIBB, Sir Alexander GIBB, Gen. Sir Evan GIBB, Jocelyn GIBSON, J. W. GLASCOCK, R. GREEN, Sir John B.34 B.34 B.1, B.11 B.63 B.34 B.34 C.5 A.61 B.63 B.34 B.1] B.1, Bi7y 8.88.9) 8.11: D.202 B.11 B.11 B.3I A.58 B.52 B.47 B.22 A.15, B.37, B.38, B.39 B.35 B.35, B.36 C.4 B.34 HAAS, Frederick J. GUY, W. b GREENWOOD, Rt. Hon. Anthony GRIDLEY, Arnold Babb, Baron Gridley GUINNESS, Gwendolyn, Countess of Iveagh GUINNESS, Rupert Edward Cecil Lee, Earl of Iveagh GUINNESS, Bryan Walter, Baron Moyne of Bury St. Edmunds B.61 HUNT, (Henry Cecil) John, Baron Hunt HARMAN, Sir (Clement) James HILL, Sir Austin Bradford HUMPHREYS, Alisa C.6 B.30 C.4 B. 34 B.62 B.10 B.63 A.15 B. 34 HANTON, P. Rs HOLT, James HOWARD, R. HEALING, Oswald GUNN, Sir James HUGHES, Arthur H. H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 HUNT, Sir William (Edgar) HUTSON, Lockhart W. INCE, Sir Godfrey H. IRONSIDE, William Edmund, Baron Ironside of Archangel and of Ironside IVEAGH, Earl of see GUINNESS JOSEPH, Edna JOSEPH, Sir Keith KENDALL, Maurice George KEYNES, John Maynard, Baron Keynes of Pilton KING, Alexander KIPPING, Sir Norman (Victor) LAING, Sir (John) Maurice LATHAM, Gustavus Henry B. 34 B.47 C.3 B.34 D.104 B.30,:8.58;, Boe LEVER, Sir Ernest (Harry) LEITCH, Sir William LEMASS, Sean Francis LEWIS, Harold LEYDON, John LIDDELL, Alvar LEIGH-BREESE, D. by LENNOX-BOYD, Lady (Patricia) LENNOX-BOYD, Alan Tindal, Viscount Boyd of Mertom B.58 B.52 B.35 8.34. -G.8 A.15, C.5 B.40, D.127, D.205 B.36 B.52 B.26, B.34 A.15 GA B.21 B.61 A.15 LLOYD, Rt. Hon. (John) Selwyn (Brooke) LONGFORD, Earl of see PAKENHAM, Edward Arthur denry LLEWELLIN, Col. J. aa LOVATT, H. Leslie B. LYNCH, Patrick B.3] H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 McDONALD, Alexander McELLIGOTT, James McLAREN, Sir Charles McPATRICK, J. MACONACHIE, Sir Richard MARSH, (Henry) John MARSHALL, Howard (Percival ) MAUD, John Primatt see REDCLIFFE-MAUD MOYNE, Lord see GUINNESS, Bryan Walter MAYCOCK, Alan Lawson MERCER, C. WwW. MERCER, Dorothy MERRISON, C. METHUEN, M. MIKARDO, lan MILNE-WATSON, Sir Michael B.62 A.61 A.61 B. 34 B.22 B.56 B.52 MONTGOMERIE, Harvey Hugh B. 267: Bid4 2G. 3 Cia B.2] B. 34 NEWMAN, H. MUIR, A. r. O'BRIEN, George ORMONDE, Sean B.47 C3 B.36 B.34 NICKALLS, Guy Oliver MUIR, Sir Edward (Francis) NOTT-BOWER, Sir William Guy NABARRO, Sir Gerald (David Nunes) C.6 PAKENHAM, Edward Arthur Henry, 6th Earl of Longford PALMER, E. A.15 B.34, C.5 B.20 B.10, B.22, C.5 B.4l PEVSNER, Sir Nikolaus PATTESON, J. PATON, Sir Angus PEMBROKE, John A.15, B41. CS A.15 H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 PILKINGTON, Harry (William Henry), Baron Pilkington of St. Helens PLANT, Sir Arnold POLLOCK, Sir George PORTAL, Charles Frederick Algernon, Viscount Portal of Hungerford POTTER, Gillie PROBYN, Sir Deighton QUIGLEY, Paul REDCLIFFE-MAUD, John Primatt, Baron R-M of City and Co. of Bristol Ca C.7 B.34 C.4 Ake D.55 B. 34 REITH, John Charles Walsham, Baron Reith of Stonehaven B.21, D.202-D.205 RENNIE, Sir John (Ogilvy) RENOLD, Sir Charles Garonne RICHARDS, Norah RICHARDS, Philip Ernest RITCHIE, A. G. Gi day Sout Rais A.54 A.54 G.3 ROGER, Sir Alexander ROSSER, David B.31 D122 B.34 B.65 Sth Marquis of Salisbury Cs N. SAVAGE, Sir (Edward) Graham SAVILE, Sir Leopold ROWE, Sir Michael (Edward) SANDYS, Rt. Hon. Duncan Edwin RUSSELL, Bertrand Arthur William, Earl Russell SALISBURY, Robert Arthur James Gascoyne Cecil, 6.22,-B. 34 B.50 B:41, BlAZy B.61, C.8 B.51 8.18 BN A.53 B.34 D.193 B.26 Cy A.53 D.112 es SPENCER-CHURCHILL, Clementine Ogilvy, Baroness S-C SNOW, Charles Percy, Baron Snow STIRLING, R. W. , Baron Simon of Wythenshawe SETON, M. SHEGLEY, A. SIME, John , Lady Simon of Wythenshawe SIMON, Ernest D. SIMON, Shena D. SMITH, Sir Dunlop of Chartwell D.208 SPEAR, Percival H.E.C.B. C.S.A.C. 40/4/76 TAGGART, A. TALBOT, A. THOMPSON, C. THOMPSON, J. TIERNEY, Michael TIZARD, Sir Henry (Thomas) TOMKINS, L. TOMLINSON, Sir George (John Frederick) VAUGHN, Louis VEALE, Sir Douglas WALKER, Douglas Learoyd WARNER, Sir Christopher WATSON, John Arthur Fergus WEEKS, Sir Hugh (Thomas) WEEKS, Ronald Morce Weeks, Baron Weeks of Ryton WEST, James WILLIAMS, Oliver WILSON, Alan WILSON, Anthony WEIR, Sir Cecil M. WILSON, W. WINDHAM, W. Storey A. WHEARE, Sir Kenneth Clinton WHEELER, Prof. Thomas Sherlock WELLINGTON, 7th Duke of, Lieut. Col. Gerald Wellesley YOUNG, Alexander WORSLEY, E. M. WOODS, C. Roland WOODHOUSE, Douglas WORNUM, Grey