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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of SIR FREDERIC CHARLES BARTLETT, CBE, FRS (1886-1969) deposited in the University Library, Cambridge Archives Centre (csac 36/13/75) y Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS All rights reserved Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1HP 1975 THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific & Technological Records CSAC 36/13/75 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of Sir Frederic Charles Bartlett C.B.E., F.R.S. 1886 - 1969 1975 Deposited in the University Library, Cambridge Listed by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 Description of the collection The papers were received from Lady Bartlett; some material remains in family hands. The collection refers entirely to Bartlett's scientific and professional work. It comprises notebooks, a small amount of correspondence, and drafts or notes for lectures, addresses and papers; many are written on the backs of undergraduates' essays or examination scripts, and very few are dated. Where the material corresponds or is related to an entry in The Writings of Sir Frederic Bartlett, CBE., FRS: an annotated handlist by A.D. Harris and O.L. Zangwill (Br. J. Psychol., (1973), 64, 493-510), a note has been made to that effect, in the form'H. and Z. no.'. Items without such a note are either additional to the handlist, or unpublished. The notebooks of Bartlett's early experiments on memory and association tests 1914-17 (A.4; A.6-A.9; A.11) are of interest. There is no biographical material as such, but B.86 contains an autobio- graphical account of Bartlett's early life, and Cambridge period up to 1914. Titles and descriptions in inverted commas are those which appear on the notebooks or manuscripts. All items are manuscript unless otherwise indicated. Copies of Harris and Zangwill's Handlist, and Dr. D.E. Broadbent's The help of Dr. A.D. Harris in dating and atiributing manuscripts is Memoir (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 1970, 16, 1-13) are included with A.1. gratefully acknowledged. Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 Summary of the career of Sir Frederic Bartlett b.1886; educ. privately 1909 1911 1911-14 B.A., London, Philosophy, Ist Class M.A., London, special distinction in Sociology & Ethics St. John's College, Cambridge; Moral Sciences Tripos, Ist Class Assistant Director, Psychological Laboratory, Cambridge married Emily Mary Smith 1922 1922-52 1924-48 1931-52 1932 1941 1943 1948 1952 Reader in Experimental Psychology, Cambridge Director, Psychological Laboratory, Cambridge Editor, British Journal of Psychology First Professor of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge Elected to the Royal Society Gi B.E. Baly Medal, Huxley Medal Knighted Royal Medal Contents of the handlist Notebooks Publications Lectures, Addresses, Reports University of Cambridge Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 A. Notebooks A.1 - A.42 A.1 and A.2 (H. & Z. no.1) 2 noteboks, 'Logic Definitions’ and 'Logic Note Book’. Notebks also include later notes on dreams related by hospital patients 1917, and early notes by Bartlett on Langland & Milton, and lists of Greek vocabulary. Notes for lectures on philosophy, esp. on sense data; draft of letter to 'Mr. Russell’ on problems of sense data. includes Notebk. with some loose sheets. "Practical Work in Psychology': each other by Bartlett, E. Seaver, C.S. Myers and others, on sensory perception of sound, temperature, colour etc. Loose sheets contain charts and drawings. accounts of expts. performed on Notebk. of lectures given in Lent and May terms 1914 on various topics on thought processes. Later in book: introductory pian of course on Recognition. Lectures headed "Ist. Lent Term 1928', with Notebk. of expt. observations and casenotes on association tests on pictures and objects. 1913 & other dates 1914 1913-14 1914, 1928 1914-15 1916 Thesis (H. & Z. no.3) Light blue notebk. with some loose sheets. Expt. observations and charts of patients' reactions and memory, incl. raw data for A.8. Draft "Study of Convention in Perceiving & Imagining’ (plan and notes for H. & Z. no.5). Notebk. inscribed inside front cover ‘Original. Why the Sun & the Moon live in the Sky'. Contains also the story 'The War of the Ghosts’ and other stories used as expt. material for tests of memory, with versions given by hospital patients, and comments and casenotes by Bartlett. This is the raw data for A.8, Bartlett's Fellowship thesis on ‘Transformations arising from repeated representation ...' and transformations. Red notebk. Misc. notes and drafts on Emotion, feeling and representation, and on books and articles read. Draft "Il perceiving & imagining' H. & Z. no.5). Feeling and Criticism’ (continuation of 'Expt. study ... Drafts of ‘An Expt. Study of the nature and course of changes in the Content of Representation’ and (at rear of book) 'A Study of Change in Reproduction’. Black notebk. Notes and expt. observations on memory, and subjects’ reactions Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 Black notebk. Notes on books and articles on perception of sound and hearing 1918 (in middle of book) Observations headed 'Expts. on Differential Threshold’ 1930. 1918, 1930 Notes on various topics on remembering and communication, frans- mission of material etc. work continues to end of book. Indexed by Bartlett as far as p.41, but Notes on books and articles on topics in anthropology and psychology. Red notebk. measurement, experimental method, variables, approximations, etc. Perhaps a draft for book, on scientific method, Ditto (continuation of A.15), on 'The Philosophic Mind', general isa- tion and analogy, classifications, etc. A.14 A.15 A.16 Nos. A.17-A.39 are probably notes made by Bartlett on lectures attended at the University of London 1906-09. A.17 Ex. Bk. ‘Introduction to Political Science’. A.18 - "Introduction to SOCIOLOGY ' (Bartlett's index inside front cover). "Ethics Mackenzie! i ( ( ( A.19 A.20 — A.21 A.22-A.25 A.35-A. 37 A.38, A.39 A.26-A. 28 ) "Manuel of Ethics Book III' Ill, IV, V' (Vol 1 missing), "Groundwork of Psychology’ A.29-A. 34 6.65 "Bes 5. “LOTZE' (Bartlett's index inside front cover). Development of Modern Philosophy 3 Ex. Bks. 'KANT. Vv, Viz Vil 3 Ex. Bks. 'The Origin & Development of the Moral Ideas' 4 Ex. Bks. "Analytic Psychology II, with Bartlett's index inside front cover. Cambridge. loose gathering from ex. bk. Essays on logic, with tutorial annotations, reading lists, etc. Date-stamped 'Returned corrected 23 Sept. 1909'; probably work done by Bartlett during studies in London before going up to Notebk. entitled 'F's Journal of S. African visit 1929'. (Bartlett's journal 29 July-10 September 1929); some loose papers. 2 Ex. Bks. ‘Morals in Evolution'( " (Bartlett's index inside front cover). A.40 A.4] - e ' J. Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 A.42 loose gatherings from ex. bks. early notes on psychology, indexed, and pages numbered. Lectures, speeches and addresses B.1 - B.88 Lectures on Social Psychology, given at Cambridge 1930. B.1 includes notes for plan of course. All lectures are manuscript; of all except B.5 and B.6. there is also a typescr. version Lectures on Social Psychology, given at Cambridge, some dated 1937. Manuscript, some also with typescr. versions. Individual Initiative and Social Control (see also B.20) Popular Education. Social Stability. ucation and Social Responsibility. Psychological Principles which operate in determining the effects of a Contrast of Cultures. 8 9 10 1 wiz sto Class Distinctions and Divisions. Leadership. 14 “21 ae .23 .24 020 26 a 16 a7 18 ae .20 The ‘Representative’ Man. Election and Representation. Group Resistance to Disentegration. The Notion of Collective Unconscious. Individual Initiative and Social Control (not the same lecture as B.8). The Specialisation of Function in Society, Social Stratification and Leadership. GC. incomplete lecture on popular education. A discussion of factors involved in Learning. Social Values (typescr. ). Problems and Methods. Learning Processes. Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 B.27 B.28 B.29 B.30 B.31 B.32 B.33 B.34 B.35 B.36 B.37 Learning (1934). The Relation between Laboratory and Field Work in Industrial Psychology. untitled lecture on ‘historical study in regard to psychological problems’. Innate Differences between Social Classes. How the Body and Mind deal with the Sorting of Key processes and items (1945). Games and Amusements. Education and Social Life. Psychology in relation to Social Phenomena. Man in Society. untitled address, on group psychology. Friendliness and Unfriendliness between different social groups (address given to British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1938). untitled lecture on the Swazi people. Group Organisation and Social Behaviour (typescr. ). Psychological Factors in Peace and War (typescr. ). incomplete lecture on similar subject (page 1 missing; typescr.). Koffka (a reply by Bartlett to criticisms of his work by K). Psychological Problems iri the Government of Native Races. incomplete lecture, or lectures, on learning processes (perhaps for Cambridge course). Mental Skill. A Preliminary Note on Promising Lines for the Assessment of Temperament. The Development of Skill. Summary. Definition. 3. 6. Sequences in Skill. Co-ordination. A note on early signs of Skill Fatigue. Objective Control. 4. Continued Exercise. 8. 7. 1. 2. The Development of Skill. 5. The Task. Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 B.48 B.49 Fatigue in the case of Skill. Experimental Psychology in Modern Society. 1. 4. The Study of Human Skill. Human Relations. Selection. 5. 2. Incentives. 3. Learning. Functional Anthropometry. untitled account of experiments conducted with Dr. Henry Barcroft on mental reactions during decreased Oo pressure. Self-delusion, and its Value. Cambridge (typescr. with Ms. corrections). Paper delivered to the 'Heretics', Some applications of Experimental Psychology (perh. abstract for address or paper) (typescr. ). Prodigious Memories. The Evaluation of Sensory Experiences (incomplete). Psychology in England (a historical survey from 1914 to post 1945). Experimental Psychology, Past and Present. Psychology Past and Present. The Group Mind (incomplete). also misc. shorter "Karl Spencer Lashley’ (perh. reference or commendation). Foreword to Series ‘Psychological Monographs on Cognitive Processes’. Ms. 'Comments of the Lecture entitled Some Aspects of Fatigue’ (by Dr. W.S. Frederick). Four lectures on ‘Social Planning’ (incomplete); notes for lectures and papers by FCB, and Mss. found with FCB's papers but not by him. 'The Bomb and the Human Mind' (Ms. and typescr. ). "Social Psychology in Colonial Administration’ (Ms. and typescr. versions). 'Remembering', perh. related to H. & Z. no.54. "Psychology as a Social Science’ (typeser. ). "Animism', address to 'The Heretics', Cambridge Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 B.69 B.70 B.7] ‘Experimental Psychology (for History of Science Lectures)’. 'Thinking' (The Herbert Spencer Lecture, Oxford) 2pp. only. = Prediction in the Field of Group Contact. The Psychology of the Very Large Social Group. Forms and Results of the Contact of Groups. "The Contact of Social Groups in the Modern World!': | il Ill with an introductory Ms. note 'The three chapters of this book were delivered as YANUSEN Lectures in the University of Princeton in February and March 1947. They have been expanded in places and some additional detail and references added. other respects they remain in their original form'. Ms. and typescr. a few In all "Psychological Aspects of Industrial Productivity’. Speech of welcome by FCB at Psychological Laboratory, Cambridge, to Professor Michotte and colleagues from Louvain. (In French. ) "The Indusirial Training of the Older Worker' (cyclostyled report). "Thinking: Royal Institution, March 1955, with drafts and notes. An Experimental Approach’, discourse given at the _ typescr. 'Memory', article for Enc. Brit. ,typescr. Typescr. of above with "Association, Mental', article for Enc. Brit. typescr. NC. DFit. Typ "A little more about Remembering’ (12 pp. Ms.) Obituary notice of Madison Bentley (published in Nature, 2 July 1955) with editorial correspondence. "Anticipation in Flying', with Ms. note 'talk to Congress of Aviation Medicine’. Ms. Draft chapter for Thinking (H. & Z. no.133), and two other typescr. sections ‘probably not by FCB' (Dr. A.D. Harris). The Topic of the Book. Theory of Remembering. ‘Turning round on one's own Schemata'. Immediate Versus Remote Remembering. Remembering Discrete Items, and Return to Remembering (11 pp.). new title and an added section | 'A 'Romantic' Approach’, the other sections being renumbered 2-6. 'Recent Developments in the Psychology of Thinking’; to Recent Trends in Theory and Practice of Psychology, Silver Jubilee Commemorative volume of the Faculty of Education and Psychology, Baroda, India., with related correspondence. contribution 1959-60 Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 B.83 B.84 untitled address to International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine, Dublin, 14 Sept. 1964. 'Foreword', prob. for The framework of human behaviour by Julian M. Blackburn, 1947. 'The Bearing of Medicine and Psychology upon Engineering’ (+ one unidentified page). ‘What's the Use of Psychology?'. book', describing early life, Cambridge studies and lecturers before and during 1914-18 War. Preface and Ch.| of a 'short Sketches for short stores (by Bartlett). Misc. reports: Navigators and Radio operators. On the efficient length of the working week. The Positioning of Instrument Controls. Fatigue: The Role of the Operator in Tracking Targets. Assessment and Structure of Mechanical Ability. The Relations of Psychiatrists and Psychologists in regard to the Post-War Development and Application of Psychiatry and Psychology. A Note on Personnel Problems in the Royal Navy. Speed of Performance. (c.1943) 1944 1944 1944 1942 ls Qee CG: Publications C.1 - C.32 Zangwill's handlist is given in each case. "Inheritance and Social Status' (H. & Z. no.31). "Anthropology in Reconstruction’ (H. & Z. no.70). Mss. of published papers. The related no. in Harris & ‘Cambetdge; Endland:'1887-1637" (Hs BZ" no 67): (Ms. and typescr. versions). "Psychology after the War' (H. & Z. no.73) (Ms. and corrected typescr. versions). "Current problems in visual function and visual perception' (A? & Za no.72). "Some Growing Points in Experimental Psychology’ (H. & Z. no.75) "Fatigue following highly skilled work' (H. & Z. no.71). Obituary of K.J.W. Craik (H. & Z. no.74). S54 C.2 C.3 4 C.5 C.6 C7 C.8 Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 C9 C.10. ..11 C.t2 "Psychological Methods for the Study of 'Hard!' and 'Soft' Features of Culture’ (H. & Z. no.78). 'Visitor to America’ (H. & Z. no.79) (typescr.). "Some Problems of 'Display' and 'Control'' (H. & Z. no.82) (Ms. and typescr. versions) 'The Measurement of Human Skill' (H. & Z. nos. 84, 85) (Ms. and typescr. versions) "Men, Machines and Productivity’ (H. & Z. no.87). "Psychological Research in Industry’ (H. & Z. no.93). ‘Incentives’ (H. & Z. no.96) (with several drafts). "Human Tolerance Limits' (H. & Z. no.97). Foreword to ‘The Mind at Work and Play’ (H. 'Psychology' (H. & Z. no.117). "Recent Advances in Knowledge about Hearing’ (H. & Z. no.131) (Ms.,typescr., editorial corresp.). 10 1946 1947 1947 1947 1948 1949 1950 1950 1951 1952 1958 "Some Remarks about Skill’ (H. & Z. no.150). "Laboratory work on Fatigue’ (H. & Z. no.132) (typescr.). 'The Future for Ergonomics' (H. & Z. no.140) (corrected typescr. ). 'On Getting and Using Information’ (H. & Z. no.145). Another version. 'The Task of the Operator in Machine Work' (H. & Z. no.178) (Ms. and typescr. versions). Obituaries of Herbert Sidney Langfeld (H. & Z. no.134, and another). 1942-60 'The Relation of 'Thresholds' of Sensory Acuity to Perceptual Efficiency’ (H. & Z. no.182). 'The Future of Industrial Psychology’ (H. & Z. no.179) typescr. versions). 'Hail and Farewell' (H. & Z. no.187) (duplicated). "Synthesis in Education’ (H. & Z. no.180). Misc. book reviews (Ms. ). 1958 1958 1962 1962 1966 1943 1944 1945 1952 (Ms. and 1943 Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 C.3] Misc. offprints of published papers: 'W.H.R. Rivers', The Eagle, Camb. , 43, 12-14 (H: & Z.-no.19), "James Ward 1943-1925', Am. J. Psychol., 36, 449-453 (H. &Z. no.24). 'The Bearing of Medicine and Psychology upon Engineering’. James Clayton Lecture delivered at an Ordinary Meeting of the Inst. Mech. Eng., 22 March 1961. Review of 'A Survey report on Human Factors in Undersea Warfare', Nat. Acad. Sci., Nature no.622 1956. Misc. corresp. re publications and lectures. 1945-55 Cambridge University D.1 - D.5 Notes and reports on research projected or in progress, organisation of subject at University, etc. (3 files): 1. 1. 2. 6. Fe Ms. draft of report by 'Group' on organisation of Field Survey Units for psychological research and its application to Colonial Adminisiration. "Proposed Investigation of Patterns of Ageing’. 'Effects of Cold on Behaviour’ (Ms. by FCB and another) 23 Jan. 1948. Application to Rockefeller Foundation for support for Laboratory of Exper. Psychol. , Cambridge. Suggestions for research. Proposals for research. Misc. papers and notes, mainly related to Psychol. Lab. Univ. Cambridge: theses, etc. "Notes for Part I] Class', May 1945. 'The Psychological Lab. Univ. of Cambridge Unit in Applied Psychology’ (Account of work and publns. during War, with sep. note on those of K.J.W. Craik and FCB.) "Report on Research Work from the Cambridge Psychological Laboratory, for the six months ending 1946.' "Probable Post-War Requirements in the Department of Experimental Psychology’. "Post War Research in Aviation Medicine. Research with particular reference to Psychological Problems' (incomplete). Note on Mackworth's experiments (perh. related to H:. &Z. neeT01). Long Vacation Courses. Reports on work of Cambridge Psychological Lab. 1943 (2), on Personnel Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 D.4 Misc. teaching material. for reproduction, etc. ‘Dilemma Tests', stories and articles Cambridge Nuffield Research Unit on Ageing. Corresp. and papers on research proposed, grants from Nuffield Foundation, reports by FCB on progress and new projects for research, etc. (Incl. Ms. draft of 'The First Eighteen Months of the Cambridge Nuffield Research Unit on Ageing’, J. Geront. 3, 294-295. H. & Z. no.88). . Corresp. with L. Farrer-Brown, Sir Alan Parkes, James E. Birien. 1945-61