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CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of JOHN RANDAL BAKER, FRS (1900-1984) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper All rights reserved Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford CSAC 114/5/86 JR. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Wolfson Foundation Baker (Supplement) J.R CSAC 114/5/86 LIST OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SECTION D RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS SECTION E ANTHROPOLOGY AND RACE E IE 193 Introduction to Section E SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE SECTION G BIOGRAPHICAL INDEX OF INDIVIDUALS, ORGANISATIONS AND FIRMS OXFORD AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE KEEPER OF WESTERN MANUSCRIPTS, BODLEIAN LIBRARY, J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The material was received from Dr. Baker's family in 1985 for cataloguing by the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre and deposit in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, as stipulated in his will. Correspondence about the Society for Freedom in Science, which Baker cofounded with M. Polanyi, does not form part of the present deposit. PRESENTATION The material has been sectionalised to follow the sequence of the catalogue compiled in 1979 (CSAC 69/7/79) with Section D (Research and publications) in the present catalogue replacing Section D (Publication) in the earlier catalogue. DESCRIPTION Section D includes a sequence of notebooks covering Baker's undergraduate and taken towards the end of Baker's life on the humane killing of crustacea. Section E, the most substantial in the supplementary catalogue, also reflects —In scientific biography. There is also a major accumulation of more varied material (correspondence, notes and drafts, and background material) respecting research under - research careers and reflecting his interests in microscopy, chemical contraception and interests on which Baker concentrated in his last years - anthropology and race. particular it contains very considerable documentation (drafts, correspondence with publishers and colleagues) for Baker's book Race, published by the Oxford University material in family hands. Section F contains what survives of Baker's general scientific correspondence. in the form of photocopies, the originals being retained by Baker's family. Press in 1974. N.B. £E.50-E.52, the autograph ms. of chapter 23, was formerly D.1 in the earlier catalogue (CSAC 69/7/79). Section G is a very small biographical section, also principally photocopies of Much is J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 LOCATIONS OF FURTHER MATERIAL Diaries and other material relating to scientific expeditions to the New Hebrides in the 1920s and 1930s are retained by Baker's family. Index cards used by Baker in respect of his work on anthropology and race are preserved at the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, Oxford. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 SECTION D RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS _D.1 - D.92 D.1-D.36 NOTEBOOKS D.1 -D.4 Undergraduate notebooks D.5 -D.17 Research notebooks D.18-D.36 Abraham Trembley of Geneva D.37-D.92 NOTES, DRAFTS AND CORRESPONDENCE D.37 D.38 Microscopy Breeding seasons D.39-D.92 Humane killing of crabs and lobsters With an introductory note Contains Baker's drawings of Hard -backed notebook, inscribed on outside cover ‘Morphology II', n.d. NOTEBOOKS Undergraduate notebooks Black soft-cover notebook, n.d., containing Baker's drawings of dissections, transverse sections, skeletons, etc. Notebook identical in format to D.1 but lacks front cover, n.d. but possibly 1920 when Baker joined the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (see F.22). transverse sections, etc. and (on first page) an address in Plymouth, perhaps where Baker stayed while using the MBA laboratory there. to be set in the Final Examination in Zoology, June 1922'. Hard -backed notebook inscribed on flyleaf 'Essays on subjects likely J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Research and publications Research Notebooks Blue hard-backed notebook inscribed on flyleaf with title ‘Microscopical Preparations’ and Baker's New College, Oxford, address. relate to various experiments on testes, sperms, larvae, embryos, etc. The first are dated in May 1923. Contents Hard-backed notebook inscribed on outside cover ‘Experiments and Observations on Sperms', with contents list on inside front cover. Notebook used November 1930-September 1934. Hard-backed notebook inscribed on outside cover ‘Meteorology Final Classified Record’. expedition. Relates to Baker's 1933-34 New Hebrides ‘Microscopical Preparations'. books covering the period 1934-70. A sequence of eight hard-backed note - D.8 D.9 June 1934-April 1944 May 1944-January 1950 July 1954-May 1957 May 1957-August 1960 Includes Baker's notes D.15 August 1964-April 1970 10 oH 12 1S 14 August 1960-August 1964 September 1952-July 1954 January 1950-September 1952 Latest date 1964. Hard-backed notebook entitled 'Abstracts of books and long papers, and of all papers on the cell-theory. Vol.18'. of lectures and research talks. |The notebook was probably in use 1957-60, though it contains abstracts of books and papers published before 1957. Hard -backed notebook entitled 'Abstracts of books and long papers. Vol.19'. Includes Baker's notes of lectures and research talks (for example C.D. Darlington's lecture to the Genetics Society on 'The evolution of man: the biological interpretation of history', May 1962). J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Research and publications Abraham Trembley of Geneva Baker's biography of the eighteenth-century Swiss scientist Abraham Trembley was published in 1952. D.18-D.31 D,.3270 30 Preliminary Materials for a Biography'. ‘Abraham Trembley. of 14 notebooks containing Baker's notes on publications and original manuscripts relating to Trembley. front cover a letter from H. Schuman inviting Baker to contribute a book to a history of science publications project, 1945. The first notebook has pasted inside A sequence ‘Trembley Revised Materials'. Volume 11 contains provisional plan of chapters, index to notebooks and a 'state of the book on 10th Feb. 1950’. 4 notebooks, volumes 1, 4, 7 and 11. Ms. drafts and correspondence, 1969-75, re article on Trembley for Dictionary of Sctentific Biography. NOTES, DRAFTS AND CORRESPONDENCE Microsc opy Breeding Seasons D.39-D.92 Humane killing of crabs and lobsters Baker's interest in animal welfare was of long duration. In 1939 he had assisted letter of thanks from D. Lack. 3pp. ms. draft of address to conference on breeding seasons, 2 January 1968; Ms. drafts, brief correspondence, etc. re microscope designed by Baker for use of biological students, 1966-71. of Zoology, Oxford, under the auspices of the Crusade against all Cruelty to Animals/ work on the humane killing of crabs and lobsters carried out in the 1970s at the Department almost all the extant material respecting Baker's animal welfare interests relates to his the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the prosecution of an at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Plymouth, on the humane killing of crabs. However, angler who had used a live fish as bait and in the mid 1950s he had undertaken research J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Humane Education Centre. Research and publications Baker sought in this later research to demonstrate that crabs and lobsters might be killed painlessly by boiling if they had first been stunned by passing an electric current through their bodies. In 1975 the results of Baker's research were announced at a press conference and he gave an address at the Humane Education Centre which also published three scientific papers detailing the research. D.39-D.50 Correspondence with Crusade against all Cruelty to Animals /Humane Education Centre, 1969-80. D.39 1969-71 D.45 1975, July-September D.40 D.A4l 1972 1973 D.46 1975, October D.47 1975, November, December D.42 1974, January-June D.48 1976 D.43 1974, July-December DAF. 1977 D.51 1971-73 D.52 1975, 1977, 1980 and n.d. D.54 D.44 1975, January-June D.50 1978-80 Correspondence with members of the general public, 1969-78. Correspondence with press and television, 1960, 1968, 1971, 1975. Correspondence with colleagues including members of Oxford Zoology department and editors of scientific journals. Continued D.56-D.58 FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments), 1969-73. Folders include copies of information booklets, progress reports, etc. D.55-D.60 Shorter correspondence with animal welfare organisations . Association of British Anti-Vivisection Societies, 1971 D.55 Animal Welfare Institute, 1972-73 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Research and publications D.59 International Society for the Protection of Animals, 1977. International Union for Conservation of Nature, 1980. D.60 Animals, 1975. Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 1939, 1939 letter relates to Baker's assistance to the Society 1975, 1977. in a prosecution at Woodstock 'with regard to the use of live fish in gorge bait fishing'. Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, 1970-71, 1980. Hard-backed notebook with record of experiments on the killing of lobsters and crabs by electrocution. In use 1972-74. Soft-cover notebook inscribed 'Experiments on the humane killing of lobsters and crabs. Notebook 2 (started 8 Dec. 1975)'. Contents of a binder labelled 'Experiments on the humane killing of lobsters and crabs. Notebook 3 (started 11 Aug. 1976)'. F'. D.65 D.66 current. E.' "Lobsters. C.' D.64 ‘Lobsters. D.67 ‘Lobsters. "Lobsters. Degrees of vitality after electrical stunning. D.' Activity during passage of electric current. Accessory experiments, not involving electric Notes and drafts found in envelopes with the following inscriptions : R.' D.70 relation between salinity and electrical conductivity. Tables and other important papers NOT used directly Activity during boiling after electrical discharge. "Dimensions of tank and of electrodes. Experiments on D.68 in final paper. 'Crabs. O.' "Crabs. Unclassified papers. Q.' D.69 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 1147/75/86 D.71 Experimental data found clipped together. 1972 (not chronological order). Various dates in June Research and publications. D272, O73 Miscellaneous notes and data. 2 folders. D.74 ‘Preliminary Report to the Humane Education Centre on a study of lobsters by slow heating', n.d. Ms. and typescript drafts. ‘Humane killing of Crabs and Lobsters. Progress Report’. n.d. Ip. duplicated sheet issued by Humane Education Centre. Folder also includes copy of form letter sent out to those enquiring about the Centre's 'pioneer work on behalf of crabs and lobsters’ and 3pp. carbon on 'Crabs and Lobsters', probably draft for another HEC Progress Report. D.76-D.78 ‘Experiments on the electric stunning of lobsters before boiling. technical report’. n.d. Non- Ms. and typescript drafts. 3 folders. Heavily-corrected ms. draft. 'The humane killing of lobsters and crabs’. "Experiments on the humane killing of lobsters (Homarus vulgaris) and crabs (Cancer pagurus). heating’. Scientific Papers of the Humane Education Centre, I, 1975. The killing of lobsters by gradual Part 1. 'The humane killing of crabs and lobsters', address delivered at the Humane Education Centre, 25 October 1975. Ms. and typescript drafts of article published by the HEC; also published version. 2 folders. ‘Experiments on the humane killing of lobsters (Homarus vulgaris) and crabs (Cancer pagurus). The exposure of lobsters to electric shock before boiling (with M.B. Dolan). Scientific Papers of the Humane Education Centre, 2, 1975. Ms. draft, reprint of published paper and list of those to whom Baker sent copies. D.82,.D.83 Part 2. Ms. draft, reprint of published paper. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Research and publications ‘Experiments on the humane killing of lobsters (Homarus vulgaris) and crabs (Cancer pagurus). before boiling (with M.B. Dolan and Julia Coxhill). of the Humane Education Centre, 3, 1975. The exposure of crabs to electric shock Part 3. Scientific Papers Ms. draft, reprint of published paper. List compiled by Baker of those to whom the three scientific papers might be sent. D.86 Press-cuttings re Baker's research on humane killing of lobsters. D.87, D.88 Scientific papers by others bearing on research on humane killing of lobsters. 2 folders. D.89-D.92 Miscellaneous background material on the use of animals in scientific research. 4 folders. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 SECTION E ANTHROPOLOGY AND RACE E.1 -£.193 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION E Baker's anthropological interests were first manifested in an article on Cromagnon man published in Endeavour in 1968 but his major contribution to the subject was his mono- graph Race published by the Oxford University Press in 1974. This large book of 625 pages appeared after long gestation and many difficulties with prospective publishers. The authors of the Royal Society Memoir of Baker (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 31, 1985) identify the origins of Race in questions raised by its author's contacts with the peoples of the New Hebrides on his visits there in the 1920s and 1930s (Memoir, jp.54). Baker in his own notes on ‘how | came to write the book' (E.174) states that in the 1950s he was collecting information 'on physical differences between races; and on the question whether inborn mental differences might exist' and refers to visits to Uganda in 1957 and 1964, South Africa in 1961 and Rhodesia in 1962. In the present collection of Baker's papers there is no material bearing on the eventual book before 1960. In a letter to the publishers, Allen & Unwin, of December 1961 (E.55), Baker gave notice that he was to apply for sabbatical leave to devote seven months to subject in October 1962. It was not however until November 1966 that he announced the completion of the manuscript of a first introductory volume of his book on race - script ready for Allen & Unwin by early 1963 and began writing consecutively on his before the projected work on race was accepted by the Delegates of the Oxford Uni- rejected the manuscript, as did a succession of publishers on both sides of the Atlantic a study of racial equality, and to writing on the subject. | He hoped to have a manu- In the words of The Royal Society Memoir, Race 'received very mixed treatment and script on race and the important part played in this by a favourable report from P.B. Medawar versity Press in April 1969. Ina letter to Methuen of 5 July 1971, Baker gives his own version of the events leading to the OUP's commissioning him to complete his manu- The publication of Baker's book on race (now called simply Race) was delayed until 1974 - in part by Baker's considerable expansion of the original manuscript . at that point entitled 'The equality or inequality of human races'. Allen & Unwin (E.58). J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race was a source of great disappointment to its author'. with the reception of the book in the USA and its slow sale there, which he attributed Baker was particularly unhappy in part to a conspiracy of silence on the part of the media and in part toa lack of support from the OUP in New York. publisher in bringing out a shortened version of Race but disappointed by the refusal of Towards the OUP to countenance a shortened version or paperback edition in English. He was very pleased to cooperate with a German the end of his life Baker secured the rights of Race from the OUP to facilitate its re- publication in America by a smaller publisher, Foundation for Human Understanding, Athens, Georgia. Ip. ms. note on Piltdown Man, described by Baker as 'copy of a draft found by myself on 28th Dec. 1968, with a letter from the B.B.C. dated 12th October 1950. R. Baker’. ?Possibly a letter to The Listener? John 'Cro-Magnon Man', Endeavour, 27, 1968. Publications and correspondence on Cro-Magnon Man Miscellaneous correspondence re skulls, 1966-67. Contents of an envelope inscribed '3rd draft. References’. Contents of an envelope inscribed 'Ist and 2nd drafts. 1971. Baker's draft entry for new supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary; letter from R.W. Burchfield ES archaeological site; correspondence arising from publication. Correspondence re information, authorisation to visit Drafts and proofs of note for unidentified publication. 'The date of the Cro-Magnon discovery', 1968. E.3 Unclassified Papers’. E.4 Rao Figures. "Cro-Magnon' J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race Correspondence with Merrow Publishing Company re possible Merrow Monograph on Cro-Magnon Man or the Tasmanians, 1970-73. ‘Observations on the Cranium of Broken Hill Man Homo rhodesiensis Woodward', Z.Morph.Anthrop., 1968. Brief correspondence; reprint. E.11-Est52 RACE, Oxford University Press, 1974 ET sain Notes and drafts SE 0o Drafts for 'Race' by chapter E.54 -E.86 Correspondence with publishers E.87. -E:142 Correspondence with colleagues E.143-E.152 Reviews Notes and drafts ‘Questions put to Arthur Cain', 1961 (6pp. ms.). "Notes on race, made at the British Museum, 1960' (loose pages found clipped together). Hard -backed notebook entitled 'Abstracts of books bearing on the problem of racial equality or inequality. used in the first half of 1962. Baker's classification of subjects discussed by the explorers. Baker's practice to copy the abstracts in his notebooks onto cards and there is inside the front cover a 'list of references to all books abstracted in these notebooks, up to Vol.5, p.105'. Paginated 1-147 (not all pages used) with contents list. Hard -backed notebook entitled 'Abstracts of books bearing on the problem of racial equality or inequality. 9 July 1962. The notebook was begun N.d. but probably Paginated 1-151 with contents list and Vol.1'. It was Vol.2'. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race Hard-backed notebook entitled 'Abstracts of books bearing on the problem of racial equality or inequality. begun 28 August 1962. Paginated 1-133 with contents list. Vol.3'. The notebook was Hard-backed notebook entitled 'Abstracts of books bearing on the problem of racial equality or inequality. begun 10 December 1962. Paginated 1-135 with contents list. Vol.4'. The notebook was Hard-backed notebook entitled 'Abstracts of books bearing on the problem of racial equality or inequality. Paginated 1-109. begun 22 June 1966. Vol.5'. The notebook was Plans for book entitled 'The problem of racial equality', November and December 1964. ‘First drafts of chapters' for book entitled 'The problem of racial equality’, n.d. E18 negro culture. 1.' 39pp. ms. draft of chapter entitled 'Foreign influence on EAg negro culture. 2.' 1. Introduction.' E.20 of the negroes. A3pp. ms. draft of chapter entitled 'Foreign influence on 27pp. ms. draft of chapter entitled 'The indigenous culture Ms. and typescript drafts of synopsis of book entitled 'The equality or inequality of human races' and dated March 1968. Ms. synopsis of book entitled 'The equality or inequality of human races' prepared as information for potential publishers and dated 11 April 1967. of 'Race', n.d. 10pp. typescript 'Prospectus' of book entitled 'Race', dated December 1968. l5pp. typescript 'Prospectus of Volume 2' J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race Drafts for 'Race'’ by chapter E2@5-E 27 Preface and introduction E525 "Discarded Preface and Introduction’, Spp. +6pp. typescript. Ms. draft of preface and introduction, February 1969. E.26 notes that the introduction had been rewritten to meet the criticisms of the Adviser to the Oxford University Press. Baker Ei 27 Miscellaneous shorter drafts, 1971, 1972. Chapter 1 century’. 'From Neanderthal man to the philosophers of the eighteenth Shorter ms. and typescript revisions and 'substitute' drafts, November, December 1971. Chapter 3 ‘From Gobineau to Houston Chamberlain’ Shorter 'discarded' and 'substitute' drafts. E.31+E 536 E35. E.36 Chapter 6 Chapter 4 "From Kossina to Hitler’ Chapter 5 'The meaning of "species" ' E.31-E.34 Ms. ‘first draft'. 4 folders. Shorter ms. revisions, November 1971. Shorter ‘substitute’ drafts, January-April 1972. 5pp. ms. 'summary' of the chapter. Shorter ms. and typescript 'substitute' and 'final' drafts, November, December 1971. Shorter ms. and typescript 'final' and 'substitute' drafts, E.40 December 1971; E538). E39 Ms. 'Ist draft’. 2 folders. 'Hybridity and the species problem’ Chapter 7 ‘The meaning of "race "' E.38-E .40 Shorter drafts, December 1971. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race E.41-E.45 Chapter 8 'Taxonomic and evolutionary theories’ E.41-E.44 Ms. 'Ist draft'. 4 folders. E.45 Shorter ms. and typescript drafts, December 1971. E.46-E.48 Chapter 10 'Odour' E.46 Typescript draft of Discarded chapter’. E.47 drafts, 1971, 1972. 'Summary' of the chapter marked 'discarded'; shorter E.48 Proofs of 'part of chapter 10' marked ‘discarded’ . Chapter 16 'The Australids (Australian aborigines)! App. ms. draft only. E50-£ .52 Chapter 23 'The assessment of cognitive ability’ 82pp. ms. draft. 3 folders. This item was formerly D.1 in the original catalogue of Ms. analyses of proposed chapter 23 on on art ‘written after Richard Brain's visit on 11th Jan. 1971'. sport and proposed chapter 24 N.B. Baker's papers (CSAC 69/7/79). For drafts of these chapters which were omitted from the published work but retained by Baker for a possible sequel, see E.159-E.170. Ms. draft on 'Art by babies and chimpanzees’ . J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race Correspondence with publishers Correspondence with publishers who 'refused my book on 'Race' (formerly 'The equality or inequality of human races’)! E.54 whom are represented by surviving correspondence). Baker's list of the publishers who refused Race (not all of E.55 George Allen & Unwin Limited 1961-67 Baker's letter of 5 December 1961 explains that he has applied for sabbatical leave intending to spend seven months writing a book on the Letter from publishers of 1 February 1967 problem of racial equality. is their considered judgment on the proposed first volume of the book. E; 56 Edward Arnold Limited 1967 Cy or Macmillan & Company Limited 1967-68 Includes report by Baker on manuscript submitted to him by publisher. In his letter of 6 August 1967 Baker reflects on 'the fact that the first impression made by my book on both Arnold & Macmillan was very favour- able, but subsequently there was a change of attitude’. Methuen & Company Limited 1962, 1968, 1969, 1961, 197] 5. J.P. Lippincott Company E.58 Morgan-Grampian Books Limited 1967, 1968 Van Nostrand Baker's ms. note only. Baker's letter of 5 July 1971 refers to the key role of P.B. Medawar in persuading the Oxford University Press to publish Race. Baker's book on race, 1967-68. Correspondence with Institute for Humane Studies re publication of Baker's book on race, 1963, 1968. Oxford University Press (New York) One letter only. Correspondence with Society for Individual Freedom re publisher for A.D. Peters & Co. (Literary Agents) 1967 1968 n.d. 1969 1967 Britons Publishing Company J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race E,. 60°. 67 A.P. Watt & Son A.P. Watt & Son were Baker's literary agents. correspondent is Hilary Rubinstein. 1968-80 The principal 1968-73 E.63 is his response to the OUP adviser's report on Race; 8 August 1971 (ms. draft) relates to plans for American edition. Baker's letter of 14 January 1969 (ms. draft only) Baker's letter of 1974, February-July E. 64 edition of Race (Deutsche Verlagsanstalt). Baker at work on another book on race. Principally re shortened German Letter of 7 May refers to E.65 1974, August-December, re German edition. E.66 edition. 1975, May-November; 1976, July, August, re German E.67 1978-80, re possible republication of Race in America. E.68-E.78 Oxford University Press 1969-80 Baker's principal correspondent is his editor, Richard Brain. E.69 1975 U.S.A," E.73 1974, January-March. Re launch of book. 1972, 1973 Includes notes of discussions with Brain. 1974, April-November. Includes correspondence re reviews. 1969-71. Includes copy of agreement between author and Includes exchange re ‘rather small sales of Race in the E.68 publisher, 6 May 1969, and notes of discussions with Brain. list of recipients of three circulated notes on Race. Author's publicity form, with biographical sketch, description Lists of recipients of complimentary and presentation copies 1979-80, re possible republication of Race in America. E.74 of book, etc., n.d. Miscellaneous printed publicity material. Dust covers of British and American editions. E:75 E.76 E.77 E78 of Race; Draft blurbs, descriptions of book. J.R. Baker CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race E:/9>E 82 Oxford University Press (New York) 1972-76 Much of the 1975-76 correspondence relates to Baker's belief that OUP New York failed to support the sale of the American edition of Race. 1972-73 E79 the publisher, 19 July 1972,and list of recipients of complimentary copies [1973]. Includes copy of agreement between Baker and E.80 .81 82 1974 1975 1976 German edition of Race (Deutsche Verlagsanstalt, 1976). E.83 of subjects omitted in German edition, etc. Ms. note of agreement with German publisher, ms. note E.84 Baker's notes for translator, draft preface (in English), etc. The Noontide Press 1976, 1979-80 1979-80 correspondence relates to the possible republication of Race in America. Corrected pages for new American edition of Race, published by the Foundation for Human Understanding, Athens, Georgia, 1981, with covering letter. publications in the field, including Baker's proposed book on race. Armstrong was a retired American psychologist strongly committed to the segregationist cause of the American South. Correspondence on race differences, E.87 Donegan re communist infiltration of the Church. Copy of letter from Armstrong to Bishop H.W.B. 1961] E.88 1961, 1963, 1969 Correspondence with colleagues Armstrong, C.P. 1961-63, 1969 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race Blacker, C.P. 1966, 1974 Baker dedicated Race to Blacker whose letter of 15 February 1974 expresses his appreciation on receiving a copy of the book. EO-2 92 Brett-Crowther, M.R. 1978-80 Brett -Crowther was a great admirer of Baker's work on race. E.90 to ?The Times praising Race. 1978 Includes carbon copy of letter from Brett-Crowther E91 1979 E.92 by Brett-Crowther. 1980 Includes 46pp. typescript 'The Problematic of Islam' There are references to Baker on pp.16, 17. Brink, V.H. British Sociological Association 1975 1974 Invitation to public meeting to discuss Race (declined). Bruyn, W. J. Clifford, F. Coon, ©.5. Coupe, R.L. 1974, 1978 Carto, W.A. Chance, SirR. 1974 1975 1975 Brunet, P.C.J. Re dysgenic consequences of intermarriage of different race-groups. Baker's letter of 30 June 1978 discusses the 'problem of miscegenation'. 1977, 1978 Request for copies of Baker's 'findings' that 'Blacks are genetically inferior to whites’. CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) 1974 1974 1967, -1975-76 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race Darlington, C.D. 1974, 1977 Darlington's Sunday Times review of Race; Baker's failure to mention Darlington's book on a similar subject in Race; the work of C. Burt. E.98, E.99 Eysenck, H.J. 1974-78 Baker initiated the correspondence after reading Eysenck's review of Race in New Society. 1974, 1975 E.98 to reveal what ordinary, well-educated men and women understand by the words "intelligent" and “intelligence"' sent to Eysenck, May 1974. Includes copy of Baker's questionnaire ‘intended 1977, 1978 Bev? Letter of 28 May 1977 comments on Eysenck's paper on 'National differences in personality as related to ABO blood group polymorphism’; letter of 9 July 1977 discusses Koestler's theory of the significance of the Khazars in the history of the Jews. Falkenhagen, E.R. 6pp. typescript letter from Falkenhagen on Race, with Baker's ms. note ‘not answered or acknowledged because offensive’. 1977 1975-80 Fish, F. 1975 Fineman, K.R. 1976-77 Principally re photographs of 'hybrid Negroes regarded in the USA simply as "Negroes"'. Pays tribute to the 'skill, restraint and grace’ with which Baker handled the material for his book on Race. For further examples see E.171-E.173. Garrison was an amateur anthropologist with teaching experience in Southern and West Africa. penis-size in Africa and America. Includes photographs of exceptionally large penes E.104 1979-80 (black and white). Much of his correspondence relates to 1 letter only on Race. E.103, E.104 Garrison, M.A. Ford, E.B. E.103 1975-78 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race Gates, L. Ruggles Gates, R. Ruggles re Gayre of Gayre 1974 1962 1975 E.106, E.107 Gesellschaft fUr biologische Anthropologie Eugenik und Verhaltens- forschung 1974-78 1974-78 published a translation of E.106 'Hybridity and domestication in man' (Race, pp.95-98) and an article on 'The reality of race' by Baker. The society's journal e E.184, E.185. See E. Miscellaneous typescript, duplicated and printed material re Includes carbon copy of German review of 1974 edition _ E.107 the society. of Julian Huxley's Evolution: The Modern Synthesis, edited by Baker. See also F.17, F.18. Halil, K. Hardy, A.C. Hom, ol. 1974-76 Hoare, C.A. 1976-77 1 letter only on Race. Hoare's letter of 7 June 1976 praises the 'masterly way' in which Baker’ had dealt with the subject of human races. Horn was the recipient of a complimentary copy of Race and reviewed it for the Annual Reviews of Psychology evidence rather strong’. In seven months would suffice to investigate in greater detail the more complex problems associated with the question of racial equality and set out his evidence on the subject in a clear formulation. He thought he could ‘persuade a certain number of people, whose prejudices are not too deep, that the evidence in favour of racial equality is weak, and the contrary a 'discarded' 1962 letter to Huxley, Baker indicates that he thought Hughes-Hallett, R. 1979-80 1975-76 a-glands. Huxley, J.S. Hosford, G.M.A. 1962, 1974 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 E.112, £.113 Irsigler, F. J. 1974-79 Anthropology and race General correspondence on racial problems. ES iz 1974-75 E.113 1976-79 Isherwood, H.B. James, Sir A. 1975 1964, 1967-69, 1973-75 Includes draft of the sort of preface James would have liked to see introduce a shortened edition of Race. He considered Baker's book 'the most important sociological and hence political book ... published since Dr. Hayek's "Road to Serfdom "in 1944'. E.115, E.116 Jensen, A.R. 1973-78 Jensen received a prepublication copy of Race which he found 'a most impressive display of profound scholarship and vast erudition in every main aspect of this important topic’. E.1T5 1973-75 Johnson, A. Krmpotich, J. 1977-79 Lavin, G.E. Lenski, R. 1976 1974 1980 E.116 on the 'Burt affair’. 1975, 1977-78 Jensen's letter of 16 February 1977 comments re intellectual abilities of different races. Lenski's letter of 23 September 1977 Baker sent Lenski a ‘carefully selected' list of some of those who had written to him since the publication of Race. is re new journal called Body and Mind. Live, A. Lynn, R. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race McConney, F.S. Meier, H. 1975 1977-79 In his letter to Meier of 7 June 1977 Meier, reviewed Race in Criticon. Baker acknowledged that while his work on race obviously had political implications which he believed to be important, he had deliberately left the political aspect of the subject almost entirely to others. controversy over Burt's use of evidence is referred to in the correspondence. The Miller, P.A. Naudé, C. Norman, G.H.G. Oakley, K.P. Oakley received a complimentary copy of Race. Orem, R.C. 1977-78 1974 1974-75 1968-69, 1974 1974 Pearson, R. 1975 1976 1974 1981 1974-80 Patterns of Prej udice In an article on racism in science. Includes Baker's comments on Pearson's Introduction to Anthropology . Y Pp a letter to the editor Baker took exception to a reference to Race in Oxford Journals (Oxford University Press) Baker gave his views on ‘academic need and on prospects for a high scholarly standard’ of a proposed new journal called Ethnic Studies. Continued Putnam initiated the correspondence after reading Race which he con- sidered 'the definitive and magisterial work on the biology of race’. Putnam was himself the author of a book on race, Reality and Race, published in 1967. E.124 intended to deal with the 'Negrid' brain in a sequel to Race. In his letter of 4 June, Baker indicates that he 1974 E.124-E.129 Putnam, C. Purcell, H.D. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race 1975 Eee In his letter of 15 January, Putnam explains that he has distributed a paragraph from Race to officials of Princeton University and prominent Americans, including four members of the Supreme Court. In the same letter he attributes the success of the Negro movement to American Jews who ‘have achieved it by spreading the no-race-differences fallacy through the media, which they largely control’. 1975 letter, Baker notes that one of his correspondents on racial questions had given up corresponding with him when he discovered that he was a great friend of Michael Polanyi. a February In E.126 Memoir of J.S. Huxley and his plans for a sequel to Race. Baker's letter of 21 March discusses his Royal Society 1976 Elias on race and other topics. 1977 Baker's letters discuss his plans for future publications 1978-79 E.128 Includes correspondence on possible American edition of Race et Intelligence and shortened version or paperback edition of Race. Putnam's letter of 11 April 1978 is a useful statement of his views on the consequences of the 'race equality fraud' and on the struggle against it. 1974 E.131, E,132 Race Relations Board 1980 andn.d. E.129 Includes copy of Putnam's 'Memo on Race' (incorporating extract from Race) which he was sending to Vice-President-elect Bush and other prominent Americans. Principally re republication of Race in America. Includes Baker's answers to questions posed by the Race Relations Board, and put to him by a representative of The Sunday Mirror on 1 March 1974. 1974, 1980 Ra tee P.B. Medawar's views on Race and sets out, relations with M. Polanyi. Baker's letter of 17 June 1977 discusses in detail, his (Baker's) 1977-78 and n.d. 1974-78 and n.d. Robertson, W B13] 1974-76 Ross, K.F.A. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race Seaholm, C.H re Celts. Shuey, A.M One letter only re Race. Sides, D. Slater, B.V. Smith, A. Stephens, |. Stewart, Swan, DA. Includes discussion of the term 'Anglo-Saxon'. 1974-76 1974 1976-77 1974 1974 1978 1974-80 Tinbergen, N. E.138-E.142 1974 n.d. E.138 A,B Weinberger, G. racial differences in achivement; the Europid ancestry of 'Negro' leaders in America. requests for information) arranged in an alphabetical sequence. Unindexed. Results of intelligence tests; selection of Nobel Laureates. = Miscellaneous shorter correspondence relating to Race (including Baker's =I E.139 Chambers's Encyclopaedia E.142 R -Uand unidentified E141 N E.140 Gr J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Reviews Anthropology and race E.143-E.149 Reviews (English and American editions). Originals and photocopies. Many have Baker's ms. comments ‘favourable’, 'moderate', 'very hostile’, etc. 7 folders. 150, E.151 Reviews (German edition) 2 folders. Correspondence re reviews of Race, 1975-76. E.153-E.173 = ‘Race: a sequel! As soon as Baker had seen Race through to publication in 1974, he began work on a of his editor at OUP. Eyioo them altogether, with new material as well, into the book that | envisage ('Race: a sequel)’. sequel. By March 1976 however he had decided to concentrate on producing scientific See E.126. The material presented here is largely that discarded from Race at the request papers on various aspects of the racial problem hoping, if his health permitted, 'to fuse Typescript lists of topics probably related to arrangement of index cards. Two copies, not identical. virtually identical note by Baker); references on cards. 2pp. draft (with Baker's note 'Discarded from my book at Richard Brain's repeated request, but IMPORTANT: KEEP"); Ip. draft of the same (with E.155-E.173 = ‘Papers on race not used in the first edition of my book, but well worth E155 of Selected Human Groups J. Pages omitted from Chapter II [Introduction to Part 3. Studies E.154 "Abstracts of books for Race: a sequel’. keeping for the second edition or for another book’. Contents of a folder so inscribed. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race E.156 ability’. Brain, but worth keeping’. Pages omitted from chapter 23 'The assessment of cognitive 5pp. typescript with ms. note by Baker ‘rejected by Richard E.157, E.158 in achievement 1971. also includes 2pp. omitted from chapter 27. Well worth keeping’. ‘Pages omitted from Chapter 26 [Racial differences 1. Introduction J at Richard Brain's request, 17th Dec. Contents of an envelope so inscribed which 2 folders. E.159-E.162 of Richard Brain'. See also E.53. 'Sport. Pages discarded on 13th Jan. 1971 on the advice E.159 lépp. typescript draft of proposed chapter 23 'Sport'. E.160, E.161 34pp. ms. draft, heavily corrected. 2 folders. E.162 Miscellaneous ms. notes and drafts for chapter 23. E.163, E.164 with Baker's note 'Art. of Richard Brain'. 40pp. typescript draft for proposed chapter 24 of Race Pages discarded on 13 Jan. 1971 on the advice 2 folders. E.170 Miscellaneous notes and drafts for chapter on art. E.166-E.169 Ms. draft of chapter on art. 4 folders. 20pp. typescript draft on the art of the Bushmen of Southern Photograph of a 'Nilotid' with 'an exceptionally large penis' E365 Africa, intended for the chapter on art. E.4/1 sent to Baker by M.A. Garrison in 1975. differ from Europids in male sexual anatomy’. E.172 by Mr. M.A. Garrison ... to show that penes that are very large in the relaxed (non-erect) state do occur in Negrids, though not in all’. Baker notes that Garrison started writing to him on this subject after he had read what Baker had written on it E.W3 evidence for the view that members of certain African (Negrid) tribes ‘Photographs sent to me by my correspondent in Ghana as 'The penis in Negrids. Photographs that have been sent to me in Race. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Anthropology and race E.174-E.178 ‘Racial differences’. An address to the South African Society, 29 May 1974. But74- £.125 the book [Race ]'. Ms. drafts including note on ‘how | came to write 2 folders. E476 l4pp. typescript draft. BLY from address. Correspondence re arrangements; correspondence arising E.178 for Baker's lecture. Copy of constitution of the South African Society; ticket Eit79~-E. 183 'Race' Article published in Sunday Times Magazine, 10 November 1974. E.179-E.181 discarded pages. 3 folders. Miscellaneous ms. and typescript drafts, including E.182 Proofs and copy of published article. E.184, E.185 E.185 'The Reality of Race’. E.183 Correspondence with Sunday Times. E.184 Ms. and typescript draft (in English). 'Die Rassenwirklichkeit', Neuve Anthropologie, 1975. See also E.106. Typescript draft (in German); reprint of published article. English version of paper published (in German) in Neve Anthropologie, accepted for publication by The Mankind Quarterly. notes, draft and published review, 1975. Review of: S. Cole, Leakey's Luck (for New Humanist). 13pp. typescript draft; correspondence, 1975-76. Correspondence, J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 E.188, E.189 Craniometry . Anthropology and race Ina letter of 21 March 1976 to C. Putnam Baker gave demonstrations of a portable craniometer at the Royal Society in May and June 1976. (E.126) Baker explains that he had invented a new craniometer for com- paring the skulls of different races and had been asked to demonstrate it at one of the two Soirées that the Royal Society held each year. 'This is going to happen on 6th May. and will be helpful. a [sic]] sit the whole evening beside my demonstration. about race! People will of course be able to chat with me as We can talk These Soirées are well attended by people who matter’. It bears, of course, on our problem, Brief correspondence and ‘data obtained by those who used my E.188 craniometer at the Royal Society on 6th and 7th May 1976, to find the location of the sphenion'. Baker's subjects included pressmen, fellows of the society and 'selected' schoolchildren. E.189 Diagram. Background material re skulls. 3 folders. Ey Lert awe Miscellaneous. Includes note of matters to be discussed with Michael L?PolanyiJ, n.d. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE F.1 -F.53 rst Andrade, E.N. da C. Barrington, E.J.W. 1953 1973 Baker's ms. draft with biographical details of Gavin de Beer. Barrington was de Beer's Royal Society memorialist. Blacker, C.P. 1948, 1953, 1964, 1965, 1968-75 Blacker, a close friend of Baker's over many years, always addressed him as 'Bill'. cover a variety of topics, including Baker's book on race which was dedicated to Blacker. The letters, all of which are from Blacker (or his wife), Foe 1948, 1953, 1964,:1965 ~ F.3 » 1968-71 hho: Weer Chayen, J. Chou, J.t.¥% Clarke, J. Cohen, |.B. 195(?), 1978 1960, 1974 1955, 1963 Clayton, B.-P. 1958, 1970, 1975, n.d. Company of Biologists Limited re the honour of Baker being a member since the Company's foundation. 1975 re Solomon Islands expedition. 1955 1980 1954 1964 David, G.B. Deutsch, K. Cooper, K.W. Corner, E.J.H. 1969, 1975 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Correspondence Prtan,: 4/3: 1 letter only. Eugenics Society 1939, 1974 1939 item (photocopy) is statement on Baker's work for the Birth Control Investigation Committee. Baker resigned from the Society in 1974. Family Planning Association 1967 Letter of thanks only, re lecture on early history of contraception. Ford, E.B. (Henry) various dates 1961-77 and n.d. Galbraith, W. 1972, 1976, 1980 Gesellschaft fUr Vor- und Frihgeschichte Gill, G.W. Hardy, A.C. 1975 1972 1960 Haurowitz, F. 1959 1975-76 1958, 1965-72 Hillman, H. Hirsch, G.C. Heck, H. etal re recreation, by selective breeding, of the tarpan, Equus przewalskii. Horobin, R. ré Sinharajah Rain-Forest, Ceylon. 1973 1980 Hoffman, T.W. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Correspondence F.16-F.18 Huxley, J.S. 1922, 1974-80 1922 item is Huxley's letter of congratulation on the award Fx16 of the Christopher Welch Scholarship to Baker; later correspondence with Lady Huxley and Anthony Huxley (son) is re Huxley's last illness and death, memorial meeting and Royal Society Memoir (written by Baker). Bi, P48 Correspondence and papers, 1975-80, arising from Baker's editing of the third edition of Huxley's Evolution, the modern synthesis ; Journal of Cell Science Lane, N.J. Lennox, B. Macfadyen, A. Macfarlane, 1970 1963, 1965 1954 1962 1976 1969 1979 Malhotra, S.K. McManus, J.F.A. McGee-Russell, S.M. Marshall, F.H.A. Mayr, E. 1963, 1975, 1977, 1979-80 Marine Biological Association Copy of letter from Baker on his contraception research. 1980 correspondence relates to Medawar's Advice toa Young Scientist. re J.S. Huxley, history of biology. . 1975 1937 1977 Medawar, P.B. 1972, 1980 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Correspondence P24, Fs25 Methuen & Company Limited 1966-70 F.24 of Cytological Technique; proof cover. 1966, January-July. Letters from publisher re new edition F...25 Biological Microtechnique; draft preface for 1968 reprint. Letters from publisher re reprints of Principles of 1967-70 Montagna, W. Mordue, J.G. 1952 1974 re listing of letters of nineteenth-century naturalist Richard Owen. Morgan, W.S. 1975 Museum of the History of Science (Oxford) 1970-71, 1973 Baker was a member of the Committee of the Museum. number of gifts to the Museum and advocated admission charges. He made a FP 29, te 1975-80 F.28 Nayar, K.K. 1953-54, 1958 New Hebrides Cultural Centre Correspondence re Baker's expeditions to the New Hebrides F.29 in 1922-23, 1927 and 1933-34. lists the contents of the metal box in which he stored his New Hebrides papers. Baker's letter of 17 March 1980 List of Baker's publications on the New Hebrides; ms. notes F.30 letter from 'Zita' (Baker's first wife) in the New on Baker's expeditions; letter from US army lieutenant, Mark Nero, Hebrides, 5 June 1927; about climbing Mt. Tauka previously climbed by Baker and his wife, 18 February 1944. 1970-80 1960 correspondence relates to Pantin's resignation from editorship of journal (probably Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science). Pechimutha, Sm. 1958-60, 1965, n.d. Palay, S.L. Pantin, C.F.A. 1958 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Correspondence Peters, R.A. Picken, L. Polanyi, M. 1967, 1977 1953 1972, 1979 1979 correspondence is request for information from doctoral candidate working on Polanyi's political thought, with Baker's reply. Also included here are copies of published articles by Baker on Polanyi, 1978 and 1979. Polunin, N. 1968 Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science 1964-65 re Baker's resignation from the editorship. Richards, O.W. 1973 Richards comments on a paper by Baker on the eye and microscopy. F.38-F 42 1964-79 F.36, F397 Ross, K.F.A. 1969-76 F.38 1964. F.40 F373 1971) 173 F.39 1966, 1968-70 F.36 1969, 1974-76 Royal Microscopical Society 1964-65 Baker was nominated President of the Society in Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. 1970-73 Correspondence and papers re the Society's Nomenclature Committee. Baker was convenor. 1976, 1978-79 and n.d. F.41 1968-69 F.42 J.R. Esker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Correspondence F .43-F .46 Royal Society various dates 1960-80 Correspondence and papers re general affairs of the Society. F.43 Baker from the Scientific Investigations Grant-in-aid. 1960, 1962, 1968. 1960 material relates toa grant to 1972-78, 1980. F.44 of cooperation in fundamental scientific research in Western Europe. In 1978 Baker suggested as a suitable topic for a discussion meeting the reality or unreality of racial differences in cognitive ability. 1973 material relates to the organisation Correspondence and papers re 1971 Royal Society expedition to the New Hebrides. F.45 A.G. Marshall and Lord Medway. Correspondence, 1970-72, with expedition members, F.46 Royal Society to discuss results of expedition . Correspondence and papers, 1974, re meetings held at the Science Museum (London) 1965 Sent Ee. Tinbergen, N. Sind, B.N. Singer, C. Smith, R.N. 1961-62 1952-54 195] Shimojima, T. 1973 1971 Lieut. Col. Smith of the Corps of Engineers in the American Army congratulated Baker on the accuracy of his map of the lake of Gaua in the New Hebrides. re Oxford Zoology department. Society for Experimental Biology re founding of the New Phytologist. Thomson, G.P. re 50th anniversary meeting. Baker was a founder member. 1957 1962 Tansley, A.G. Thomas, O.L. 1960, 1975 1973-74 1952 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Correspondence University College at Buckingham 1970-79 Baker was a strong supporter of the idea of an independent university and became a 'Friend' of the University College when it was set up. Voluntary Euthanasia Society Weif.A.P., & Son re Science and the planned state (1945) Weinsieder, A. Wells, H.G. 1975 1973-74 1972 1942 Brief corres pondence arising from The scientific life (1942) which Baker had asked Wells to have a look at. Zuckerman, S. 1952, 1962 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 SECTION G BIOGRAPHICAL G.1 -G.14 G.1 Baker's own accounts of his scientific research. "Note on my research on chemical contraception, 1928-1939', 1968 (2pp. typescript). 'Sidelight' for Gale Research Company, 6 June 1974. Ip. typescript note on Baker's anthropological interests. Appointments Letter appointing Baker Reader in Cytology at Oxford, 1955. Correspondence with J.W.S. Pringle, 1967-70, re part-time appointment in the Department of Zoology after Baker's retirement from his Readership. Folder also includes a little later correspondence with Pringle, 1971, 1979. Letters to Baker, 1949-58, re his involvement in civil defence matters. Civil Defence ea Honours Baker's main reason was his wish to continue working on his book on race. Draft of Baker's letter declining offer of a Visiting Professorship at Vancouver, 16 April 1968. Letters of congratulation on Baker's election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1958. Proposal for volume of essays to be presented to Baker on his retirement. The volume, Cell Structure and its Interpretation, was published in 1968. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Biographical Letters recommending Baker for a Knighthood, 1973-74. Libraries Miscellaneous items re Baker's contacts with Oxford and other university, national and public libraries. 2 folders. New College, Oxford Two letters only, 1964, the year of Baker's appointment to a Professorial Fellowship. Religion Two letters, 1966, re Unitarian Church. Scientific English Letters congratulating Baker on his article in Nature on scientific English, 1955. Shorter personal correspondence and items. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 INDEX OF INDIVIDUALS, ORGANISATIONS AND FIRMS ALLAN, Michael ALLEN & UNWIN LIMITED ANDRADE, Sir Edward Nevill da Costa ANIMAL WELFARE INSTITUTE ARMSTRONG, Clairette P. ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH ANTI-VIVESCTION SOCIETIES D.53 E.55, F.17, F.18 FI D.55 E.87, £.88 D.55 BAKER, Inezita BARER, Robert BARRINGTON, Ernest James William BEG ede BENOIST, Alain de BLACKER, Carlos Paton F.30 F.39 FJ E.5 E.152 D.51, E.89, E.2 F.A] E.90-E .92 F.2-F.4 BOYD. de BRADBURY, Savile BRAIN, Richard E.93 E.93 E.60 BRUNET, Peter C. J. BURCHFIELD, Robert William BRETT-CROWTHER, Michael Richard E.68-E:73, E.81, F.4, F258] See also E.53, E.155-E.164 BRINK) Voce-H, BRITISH SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION BRITONS PUBLISHING COMPANY Fs5 CALLAN, Harold Garnet (Mike) CHOU, John Tung-Yang seeE 97, E116, E.120 PE E.94 E.94 E.93 E.93 E.8 CHANCE, Sir Roger CHAYEN, Joseph CARTO, W. A. BRUYN, W. J. BURT, Sir Cyril F.a, F.39,.6.6 J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Index of individuals, organisations and firms CHUANG, Shou -Hwa CLARKE, John CLAYTON, Blanche-Petite CLIFFORD, Frank COHEN, |. Bernard COLMAN, John S. COMITE INTERNATIONAL DE LA CROIX-ROUGE COMPANY OF BIOLOGISTS LIMITED COON, Carleton Stevens COOPER, Kenneth W. COOPER, Margaret CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) CORNER, Edred John Henry COSSLETT, Vernon Ellis GOUPE Ry: bs CRUSADE AGAINST ALL CRUELTY TO ANIMALS/ G.8 Eo F.6 E.94 F.6 D.51 G.14 Nok Ev) Fe/ D.39-D.50 E.96 Ree F.38 E.96 HUMANE EDUCATION CENTRE D.39-D.50 DARLINGTON, Cyril Dean DAVID, George B. F.8 Foo, G8 de BEER, Sir Gavin (Rylands) EDWARD ARNOLD LIMITED ELTON, Charles Sutherland DEUTSCH, Karl DOLAN, M._ B. See F.1 F.8 D.51 E97. See also D.17, E.106 E.102, F.18 E.56 F.9 F.9 E.98, E.99 FAMILY PLANNING ASSOCIATION F.9 E.101 E.102 G.6 FLOREY, Howard Walter, Baron EUGENICS SOCIETY EYSENCK, Hans Jurgen FINEMAN, KennethR. FISH, Francis FORD, Edmund Brisco (Henry) J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Index of individuals, organisations and firms FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments) FRYER, Michael FURTH, Charles A. GALBRAITH, William GARRISON, Maurice A. GATES, Laura Ruggles GATES, Reginald Ruggles GAYRE OF GAYRE, Robert D.56-D.58 D.46-D. 50 See also D.43, D.44 Riad Pata E103, 6°104,.E.171-E.173 E. 105 E105 See E.105, E.186 GESELLSCHAFT FUR BIOLOGISCHE ANTHROPOLOGIE EUGENIK UND VERHALTENSFORSCHUNG E.106, E.107 GESELLSCHAFT FUR VOR -UND FRUHGESCHICHTE GILL, Gary W. GLAUERT, Audrey M. Fotis rate F.42 GOLDSTEIN, D..- «J. G.8 HARPER, F. A. HECK, Heinz HILLMAN, Harold HALIL, Kiaran HARBEN, Philip Ertte.. F122, Pag E.108 E.13 D.54 HEGARTY, Dorothy E.61 E.2 F413 HALTENORTH, Theodor HARDY, Sir Alister (Clavering) HARRISON, Geoffrey Ainsworth E70 HOROBIN, Richard HOSFORD, G. HOWARD, Philip HODGKIN, Sir Alan (Lloyd) HIRSCH, Gottwalt Christian HOFFMAN, Thilo W. HEGARTY, Sheona M. HOARE, Cecil Arthur D.56 F.14 F.14 B15 E.110 rote E.110 E.109 See F.44 HORN, John L. D.56-D.58 M. A. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Index of individuals, organisations and firms HUFFMAN, Kirk HUGHES-HALLETT, Richard HUMANE EDUCATION CENTRE see CRUSADE AGAINST ALL CRUELTY TO ANIMALS HUXLEY, Anthony Julian HUXLEY, Sir Julian (Sorell) HUXLEY, Marie Juliette, Lady INSTITUTE FOR HUMANE AFFAIRS INSTITUTE OF JEWISH AFFAIRS INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF ANIMALS INTER NATIONAL UNION FOR THE CONSERVATION OF NATURE RSIGLER, Fi: di: ISHRRWOOD, FH. -.B: F.16 B11 16 F.16 E.6l See E.123 D.59 D359 E,ti2; Estis See also E.99 E.114 E.114 E115, Es16 JENSEN, Arthur R. E117 F.19 E.97 E.117 LACK, David Lambert JAMES, Sir Archibald JOHNSON, Andrew JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE KAMIN, Leon J. KRMPOTICH, John F.44 LONGUET-HIGGINS, Hugh Christopher LINDSAY, Alexander Dunlop, Baron LIPPINCOTT COMPANY Dae Ft9 D.56 E118 FiT9 E.118 G.14 E .59 LANE, Nancy J. LASNITZKI, 1. LAVIN, G, <€. LENNOX, Bernard LENSKI, Robert J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Index of individuals, organisations and firms LOVE, Askell LYNN, Richard McCONNEY, Florence S. MACFADYEN, A. MACFARLANE, McGEE-RUSSELL, S. McMANUS, J. F. M. A. MACMILLAN & COMPANY LIMITED MADDISON, Francis R. MALHOTRA, Sudarshan Kumar MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION MARSHALL, Adrian G. MARSHALL, Francis Hugh Adam A d e l e e L e e S S S A S h T “ .20 107 ‘ae yee A5 see MASSACHUSETTS SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS D.60 Pi2e P23 Feo MAYR, Ernst Earl of Cranbrook MEDAWAR, Jean, Lady MEDAWAR, Sir Peter (Brian) MEDWAY, Lord Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, later 5th MEEK, Geoffrey A. MEIER, Heinrich METHUEN & COMPANY LIMITED MILLER, Paul A. MINIER LE CLECH, A. MONTAGNA, William MOON, Philip Burton MORDUE, J. MORGAN, Winfield S. MORGAN-GRAMPIAN BOOKS LIMITED MUSEUM OF THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE (OXFORD) F.45, F.46 See also D.60 F.39, G.8 .120 58 .120 5 26 44 26 E T E C , e e T S e e P C e e e : e N k e e e E e S 98 ee G. J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Index of individuals, organisations and firms NAUDE, Cavin NAYAR, K. K. NAYLOR, E. NERO, Mark NEW HUMANIST NICHOLS, David NOONTIDE PRESS NORMAN, G.f.3H.° GG: OAKLEY, Kenneth Page OREM; Rot C8 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS (NEW YORK) Eke! 28 See D.52 F.30 E.. 187 G.8 Eo), €.82,-E-85 121 122 AZ .68-E.78, E.122 .59, E.79-E.82 PALAY;.5,: “1. .3l PANTIN, Carl Frederick Abel PICKEN,: L. POLANYI, Michael PEARCE, Reginald PEARSON. P..... kL: PEARSON, Roger PECHIMUTHU, Sm. PHILLIPS, Sir David Chilton PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) PETERS, A.D. & COMPANY Ld gL PRINGLE, John William Sutton F.34 See also E.194 G.3 See also D.5]1 D;52 See also F.46 PURCELL, Hugh Dominic PRZELECKA, Aleksandra POLUNIN, Nicholas PUTMAN, Carleton .3l .93 18 32 60 F.33 F.33 F.34 G.8 Bites J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Index of individuals, organisations and firms QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF MICROSCOPICAL SCIENCE Peao RACE RELATIONS BOARD REYNOLDS, V. RICHARDS, Oscar W. RICHES, Sir Eric RICHMOND, Mark Henry RIEGER, JUrgen ROBERTSON, Wilmot ROSS, Keith F. A. E.130 F.18 P30 F.39 F.18 See also F.44 E.106 E.86, E.131, E.132 E.133, F.36, F.37, G.7, G.8 ROYAL MICROSCOPICAL SOCIETY ROYAL SOCIETY ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS F.38-F.42 F.43-F .46 D.60 RUBINSTEIN, Hilary Harold SCHAEUBLE, J. Stor a B Rioo70. 67, Ff 31 D.52 SHERLOCK, Frank SHUEY, Audrey M. E10 F.47 F.47 SHIMO JIMA, Tadashi SEAHOLM, Charles H. SCIENCE MUSEUM (LONDON) RYDER, Richard Hood Jack Dudley D.46 SOMERS, John Patrick Somers Cocks, Baron SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY SMITH, Sir (James) Eric D5) F .47 F.48 SLATER, Bernard V. SMITH, Robert N. E.134 G.14 F .47 E.134 Eto F.47 F.47 E,135 Fl3s SMITH, Anthony SIDES, Denis SIND, Bo .N. SINGER, Charles J.R. Baker (Supplement) CSAC 114/5/86 Index of individuals, organisations and firms N. SOUTHERN, H. STEPHENS, lan STEWART, SUNDAY MIRROR SUNDAY TIMES SUNDERLAND, N. SWAN, Donald A. TANSLEY, Sir Arthur George THOMAS, Owen L. THOMSON, Sir George (Paget) THURBER, James TINBERGEN, Nikolaas TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron F.17, F.18 E.136 E.136 See E.130 E.179-E.183 F.48 E.136 F.49, G.13 F.49, G.6, G.7 F.49, G.6 G.13 E.137;F 49 See F.44 VALLOIS, H.-V. WATT, A. P. & SON WEINSIEDER, Allan WELLS, Herbert George WELLS. 3B D.60 F.50 B.55 nS F.5i WATSON, David Meredith Seares VOLUNTARY EUTHANASIA SOCIETY UNIVERSITIES FEDERATION FOR ANIMAL WELFARE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE AT BUCKINGHAM UNWIN, Sir Stanley G.6 G.13 E.63-E.67, F.51 F.51 F.52 E.5 E.5 ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron YOUNG, John Zachary WILLIAMS, Trevor IIltyd ZIMAN, John Michael