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Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Donald Ferlys Wilson Baden-Powell B.Sc. (1897-1973) By Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper NCUACScatalogue no. 145/2/06 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS145/2/06 Title: Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Donald Ferlys Wilson Baden-Powell B.Sc., geologist (1897-1973) Compiled by: Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper Date of material: 1921-1973, 2006 Extent of material: ca 675 items Deposited in: Oxford University Museum of Natural History Reference code: GB 0462 OUMNH Baden-Powell papers © 2006 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath NCUACScatalogue no. 145/2/06 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS145/2/06 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: Biochemical Society British Computer Society Institute of Physics Institution of Chemical Engineers Royal Society Royal Society of Chemistry Trinity College Cambridge Wellcome Trust D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE DIRECTOR OXFORD UNIVERSITY MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY OXFORD D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items Page SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.25 SECTION B FIELD NOTEBOOKS AND NOTES B.1-B.65 SECTION C RESEARCH: REGIONS AND TOPICS C.1-C.54 SECTION D RESEARCH: RAISED BEDS D.1-D.40 SECTION E RESEARCH: PREHISTORY AND EARLY MAN E.1-E.90 SECTION F STRATIGRAPHIC PROJECTS F.1-F.42 SECTION G LECTURES AND PAPERS G.1-G.16 SECTION H PUBLICATIONS AND PROJECTS H.1-H.95 SECTION J SOCIETIES, ORGANISATIONS AND MEETINGS J.1-J.28 SECTION K CORRESPONDENCE K.1-K.168 SECTION L NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL L.1-L.38 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 14 28 37 42 55 64 67 83 90 115 121 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE 5 The material, the great bulk of which covers the period 1921-1973, was received at Oxford University Museum of Natural History on permanenttransfer from the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, on 21 October 2004. It should be noted that it comprises essentially Baden-Powell’s research material. There are virtually no personalor family correspondence and papersin the collection. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF DONALD BADEN-POWELL Donald Ferlys Wilson Baden-Powell was born at Theberton Hall, Suffolk on 5 October 1897, son of Sir George Smyth Baden-Powell MP, and grandson of Rev. Baden Powell who had held the Savilian Chair of Geometry at Oxford. His uncle, Robert, Lord Baden-Powell, was the founder of the Scouting Movement. Baden-Powell was educated at Eton, served in France in the First World War where he wasseriously wounded, and entered Oriel College Oxford in 1919. From that time, the location and focusofhis life hardly changed. Following first degree in Natural Science (Geology) in 1922 and a B.Sc in 1926 (H.64), he devoted his life to Quaternary studies, working as an honorary research worker in the Department of Geology. Though he shared in lecturing and teaching duties, he held no official appointment in the University or the Department until 1958 when the post of Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology was created for him; his private means enabled him to concentrate on research and writing, and to undertake expeditions and travel. He was also in frequent demand as a leader offield expeditions, most especially in East Anglia where he had many links. His enquiring mind led him to explore the wider ramifications of his subject, keeping meteorological records of local weather at his home, and practising prehistoric techniquesoffire, weapon and tool making. His comments onhisvisit to the Soviet Union under Stalin in 1937 are also of interest. Baden-Powell received the Foulerton Award of the Geologists’ Association in 1956. He died, still working, in 1973. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 6 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented as shownin the List of Contents. The following paragraphs are intended only to draw attention to items which may be of particular interest. Additional explanatory notes, information and cross-references are appended where appropriate to the separate sections and entries in the body of the catalogue. Section A. Biographical and Personal, contains very little documentation of Baden-Powell’s career and virtually no private or family material. There is a little correspondence on his service in the Observer Corps in the 1939-1945 War, and on his career at Oxford. His impressions of Russia in 1937 are also included here. Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick (Baden-Powell’s niece) kindly contributed recollections of her uncle, and family photographs, which appearat A.25. Section B, Field Notebooks andnotes, includes a long sequenceof field notebooks compiled 1921- 1973, documenting expeditions and travel in UK and abroad, carefully indexed and constantly referred to by Baden-Powell in all sections of the collection including his correspondence. In the absence of personaldiaries they also furnish some insights into his personality. The regions mostvisited are East Anglia, the Oxford area, Yorkshire and Scotland; Baden-Powell’s notes on the changing formations of terrain and exposures are useful in recording now vanished or inaccessible features. The section also includes notes on undergraduate lectures attended by Baden-Powell, given by W.J. Sollas, J.A. Douglas, H.L. Bowman and others, and on some of Baden-Powell’s ‘extra- mural’ interests such as astronomy, meteorology and languages. Sections C-F are all concerned with the research to which Baden-Powell devoted his life largely unencumbered by the demands of administration or the ambition to play a major part in public life. Thetitle of his 1926 B.Sc. thesis, ‘The marine fauna of the glacial deposits of the British Isles’, while seeming at first sight a narrow specialism, in fact was the clue to the whole of his later work, expanding under investigation to acquire international and historical ramifications, some of which he pursued to the detriment of his published record. The ‘glacial deposits’ led to research into the topic of glaciation, the dates of the ice ages, the advance and retreat of ice-sheets, coastal and river formation, and climatology. The ‘marine fauna’ involved careful study andidentification of specimens (at which Baden-Powell became an acknowledged and widely-consulted expert), of stratigraphy, of beaches, dunes and ‘raised beds’, and of comparable areas elsewhere. The ‘British Isles’ remained the main area of his research andfield investigations, primarily in his native East Anglia, Yorkshire and Scotland, but he travelled extensively and incorporated European and other material into his work. Additionally, the long perspective of terrestrial and climate changes over time encouraged from the first an interest in archaeology and prehistory, which became dominant features in his research and his academic career at Oxford. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 7 An attempt has been made in this collection to divide into major areas the very substantial amountof Baden-Powell’s research material, which frequently overlaps in theme and location. Section C, Regions and Topics, deals with relatively clearly defined areas, often related to publications. Sections D, Raised Beds and E: Prehistory and Early Man, while distinct in their final form, may share some initial features which preclude any hard and fast dividing lines. Section F, Stratigraphic projects, comprises some of Baden-Powell’s most fundamental and respected work, on erratics and on molluscan biostratigraphy (see especially F.24). Eachof these sections has its own introduction and list of contents. Section G, Lectures and papers, is fairly scanty and related mainly to work at Oxford. Section H, Publications and projects, reveals the strengths and the weaknesses of Baden-Powell’s relatively low-key career. It is clear that his published output was considerable and certainly more extensive than the attributed record. Since personal advancement played no part in his publishing schedule his work is often incorporated in official reports rather than appearing as a discrete item. Examples of this have been identified where possible. The inclusion of the term Projects, however, is a reminder of Baden-Powell’s tendency to envisage and draw up outline plans for major synoptic works, for which he would accumulate extensive notes and references which expanded exponentially in historical and geographical scope, but which - perhaps lacking the discipline of a deadline - did not come to completion It should be noted, however, that almost every section of the catalogue contains references to the assistance or contribution which he regularly provided to the workof colleagues. Section J, Societies, organisations and meetings is somewhatslight since Baden-Powell did not seek committee service and attended few conferences. It may be that documentation about such activities wasretained at his home and did not form part of the manuscript collection. Section K, Correspondence, is extensive and of interest. Some of Baden-Powell’s correspondents were highly-respected scientists such as the geologist W.J. Arkell and the anthropologist K.P. Oakley (perhaps his oldest friend). Others were ‘amateurs’ and local historians with long experience and knowledgeoftheir district. Baden-Powell writes to them all in frank and friendly terms, often referring to his own discoveries, field notebooks and unpublished material. The social conventions of the time can be seenin the formalities of address. Few even of the long- term correspondents used first names and ‘Baden-Powell’ was the usual mode of address; younger friends had no suchinhibitions and write ‘Donald’ from the beginning. Among the older generation, typewritten letters were the exception and regarded as less than friendly - Baden-Powell often excuseshis owntyped letters on the grounds of a poor memory. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 8 Section L, Non-textual material, contains a range of photographs from the 1930s onwards, usually with dates and locations, some sent to Baden-Powell from colleagues and correspondents. Of special interest is the folder of portraits of Tasmanian Aboriginals from paintings by the English expatriate ThomasBock;this is at L.38, with an explanatory note. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Wearegrateful to Dame Margaret Turner-Warwickfor contributing recollections of her mother and uncle, and family photographs. Many membersofthe staff of Oxford University Museum of Natural History have kindly given help and advice, in particular Professor W.J. Kennedy, Mr H.P. Powell, Miss E. Howlett and Miss M.T.Price. Mr P.A. Jeffery gave advice on many matters and also kindly read through and commented on the draft catalogue. Dr C. Whistler of the Ashmolean Museum advised on the Aboriginal portraits. J.B. Alton Oxford 2005 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL,A.1-A.25 1927-1976 The material surviving here is unfortunately scanty. Though most of Baden-Powell’s life was spent as a research worker at Oxford, he held no official position in the University until his appointment in 1958 as Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology, originally without stipend and within a few years of the retirement age. Thanksto private means, he was able to devote his time to assiduous research in his chosen fields and to undertake necessary travel. He was also, as might be expected, an enthusiastic and conscientious lecturer, writing in a letter of February 1955 (K.149) that he is rewriting some work since ‘the lectures to the students interest me very much, and | think it is most important to give them facts which are as much up-to-date as possible’. There is virtually no private correspondence here, but Baden-Powell’s wide culture and enquiring eye can be appreciated from his account of his journey to the Soviet Union in 1937 (A.23) which is of considerable general interest. A.1-A.4 BIOGRAPHICAL A.5 WAR SERVICE A.6-A.13 OXFORD UNIVERSITY A.14-A.19 CORRESPONDENCE A.20-A.25 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS OF BIOGRAPHICAL INTEREST A.1-A.4 BIOGRAPHICAL 1928-1976 A.1 Obituary and biographical accounts 1973, 1976 Obituary of Baden-Powell, by J.A. Douglas, published in Yearbook of the Geological Society 1973. Recollections of Baden-Powell by K.P. Oakley, October 1973. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 10 Biographical and personal, A.1-A.25 ‘Quaternary Studies at Oxford: a brief review’ by D.A. Roe, Quaternary Newsletter 1976 (photocopy). refers to Baden-Powell’s contribution The article to Quaternary studies, and to the Donald Baden-Powell Research the generous benefaction of £10,000 to the university by Francis Baden-Powell (son). 1975 through Centre established in A.1A Gift from Swedenborg Society 1928 Letter only. A.2 A.3 A.4 A.5 Correspondence and papers Institution re election to Royal 1951-1952 Baden-Powell and his son Francis were elected at the same time as Life Members. Includes a letter from ‘old Auntie’ (Mrs Warrington Baden-Powell) who was one of their sponsors. Award of Association the Foulerton Award of the Geologists’ 1956 Certificate and address (copy) by L.R. Cox Geological Society 200th Dinner, 1958 WAR SERVICE 1939-1947 Correspondence and papers. Included here are miscellaneous notes made by Baden- Powell during the war. Baden-Powell was a member of the Ordnance Corps but was released ill-health due to thrombosis of the leg. He also undertook work for the Admiralty as ‘part-time Geographer’ in Naval Intelligence Division. in 1944 because of No material survives of Baden-Powell’s service in the war D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 11 Biographical and personal, A.1-A.25 of 1914-1918. A.6-A.13 OXFORD UNIVERSITY 1947-1972 association Papers and correspondence relating to Baden-Powell’s long the University Museum (now Museum of Natural History) and the Pitt Rivers Museum. mainly at with the University, A.6 Correspondence 1947-1954 Letters exchanged with C.F.C. Hawkes, Professor of European Archaeology, lectures and teaching by Baden-Powell. re A.7 Correspondence 1960-1965 Letters and papers re Baden-Powell’s appointment as Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology. Includes Hawkes’s recommendation with an account of Baden-Powell’s research and teaching. A.8 A.9 A.10 Brief correspondenceon lecture arrangements 1952-1965 Appointment as member of Committee for Archaeology 1963-1967 Correspondence on F.S.S.U. retirement arrangements 1965-1967 Miscellaneous applications 1948, 1955 A.12 Baden-Powell’s drafts for annual reports 1952-1972 Department of Geology 1952-1966. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 12 Biographical and personal, A.1-A.25 Committee for Archaeology 1960-1966. Pitt Rivers Museum 1962-1972. A.13 Supervision and examining for higher degrees 1948-1965 A.14-A.19 CORRESPONDENCE A.14-A.17 Family correspondence A.14 Gift to Scott Polar Institute, Cambridge of a bronze statue of Nansen 1954 Includes letter 1927 from Nansen recalling dear friend’ (Baden-Powell’s father). ‘my old and 1927-1973 1927-1972 1927, 1954 A.15 Correspondencere C. Piazzi Smyth (great-uncle) 1963 Includes letters from ‘Aunt Olave’ (widow of Lord Baden- Powell) and W.J. Arkell. A.16 A.17 A.18 A.19 1971 Genealogical enquiries on the Wilson family and other ancestors of Baden-Powell 1970-1972 Frances Wilson was Baden-Powell’s mother, wife of Sir George Baden-Powell. Miscellaneous personal correspondence 1945-1973 and n.d. Correspondence with students and former students 1951-1973 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 13 Biographical and personal, A.1-A.25 A.20-A.25 MISCELLANEOUSITEMS OF BIOGRAPHICAL INTEREST A.20 A.21 Astronomical drawing N.d. Chinese Ideographs(started 11 December 1938) A.22, A.23 Visit to the U.S.S.R. for the 17th International Geological Congress, Moscow, July 1973 1973 A.22 A.23 Official congress programme book, with Baden-Powell’s notesofvisits, sites, fauna, etc. Black soft-backed folder with Baden-Powell’s account of the visit, impressions of U.S.S.R. and the Communist experiment in all aspects of daily life as he saw them during the visit 214pp manuscript, and loose page of ‘Omissions’. See also B.17. A.24 ‘Practical Inorganic Chemistry Preliminary Examination’ N.d. With manuscript inscription at top of first page ‘Maud Baden-Powell’ studied who chemistry and Hebrew at St Andrews. See A.25). (Baden-Powell’s sister A.25 of Recollections Baden-Powell, contributed by Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick, February 2006. Donald and Maud 2006 With photocopied photographs of Baden-Powell, father and grandfather. Also incuded here are photocopied group photographs at the University Museum 1922, 1961, 1963 (originals at the University Musuem of Natural History). D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 14 SECTION B FIELD NOTEBOOKSAND NOTES, B.1-B.65 1921-1973 B.1-B.54 FIELD NOTEBOOKS B.55-B.57 OXFORD UNIVERSITY LECTURES B.58-B.62 MISCELLANEOUS SCIENCE B.63, B.64 MISCELLANEOUS B.65 NOTES B.1-B.54 FIELD NOTEBOOKS 1921-1973 the These form a sequence of small-format, hard-backed, lined paged notebooks, and were of greatest importance to Baden-Powell. He refers to the books constantly in all sections of the collection, including his correspondence,in the form ‘FNB no...’. They record his expeditions, usually undertaken privately and not otherwise documented. Most are numbered on the cover. The pages are also numbered and there is an index inside of places and sites visited, including museums and other collections. From about 1934 Baden-Powell also compiled a full A-Z index of topics and sites on the last pages of the book. many visits including abroad, The names of colleagues accompanying Baden-Powell may be included with the entries, as may also be bibliographical references of relevance to the case. As well as formal information, diagrams and tables on finds and localities, the notebooks often have a diary-like quality recording something of Baden-Powell’s personality. increasingly As time went on, with frequent repeated visits to the same localities especially in East Anglia and the Oxford area, Baden-Powell cross- references between notebooks to compare changes in terrain and exposures. The last few pages of the books become occupied with Baden-Powell’s conclusions or reflections on the findings. His additions and reworkings are shownby changesof writing materials. complex makes Books 1 format, bought from an Oxford stationer. - 28 (to 1949) are all in the same buff linen-finish D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 15 Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 B.1 Soft-backed notebook 1921-1923 This is the first and earliest record, before Baden-Powell Pagination 2-112, and had fixed a format for the books. an index at rear have been added later. First dated entry runs 11 May 1921, to 22 September 1923. Manylocalities in UK and Europe. In poor condition. B.2 Numbered ‘2’ on cover 1924 Pages numbered 1-141, index atfront. Entries 14 March - 13 October 1924, all UK localities. B.3 Numbered‘3’ on cover 1925-1927 and n.d. Pages numbered 1-140 with unnumbered pages of diagrams at rear, index at front. Entries 28 June 1925 - 30 March 1927 (some undated), all UK localities. B.4 Numbered ‘4’ on cover 1928 Pages numbered 1-156, index at front, continued at rear. Entries localities, also France. April 11 - 25 October 1928, mainly Oxford B.5 Numbered ‘5’ on cover 1928-1931 Pages numbered 1-157, index at front. Entries 10 November 1928 - 29 November 1931, localities in UK and Europe. B.6 Numbered ‘6’ on cover 1930-1932 Pages continuedatrear. numbered 1-159, index inside front cover, Entries 12 June 1930 - 7 September 1932, localities in UK and Europe. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 16 Field notebooksand notes, B.1-B.65 B.7 Numbered ‘7’ on cover 1932-1933 Pages numbered 1-154, index inside front cover. Entries 20 September 1932 - 24 July 1933, localities in UK and France. B.8 Numbered‘8’ on cover 1933 Pages numbered 1-158, index at rear. Entries 31 July - 22 August 1933 and cover the expedition with C.S. Elton to the Hebrides. See also C.33-C.36. B.9 Numbered ‘9’ on cover 1933-1934 Pages continuedat rear. numbered 1-160, index inside front cover, Entries 5 September 1933 - 15 July 1934, all UK localities. B.10 Numbered‘10’ on cover 1934 Pages numbered 1-158, index at rear Entries 23 July - 5 September 1934 and some undated. Detailed notes and drawings, including expedition to the Fens with J.P.T. Burchell and R.M. Moir. B.114 Numbered ‘11’ on cover 1934-1936 Pages continued in detail at rear. numbered 1-161, index inside front cover, Entries 21 September 1934 - 5 May 1936, all East Anglia localities, including expeditions with Burchell and Moir. B.12 Numbered ‘12’ on cover 1936-1937 Pages continued in detail at rear. numbered 1-154, index inside front cover, D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 Entries 5-25 August 1936 covering expedition with C.S. Elton to Hebrides, work continuing at various dates and localities 28 October 1936 - 3 November 1937. B.13 Numbered‘13’ on cover Pages continued in detail at rear. numbered 1-161, index inside front cover, Entries 6 May - 12 October 1936, all East Anglia localities. B.14 ‘Numbered ‘14’ on cover Pages numbered continued in detail at rear. 1-161, index inside front cover, 7 1936 1936 Entries 17 August - 18 December 1936, mainly East Anglia with colleagues. expeditions localities, including several B.15 Numbered ‘15 on cover 1937-1939 Pages cover, continuedin detail, including ‘National Servicepits’ at rear. numbered 1-160, index inside front Entries 10 January 1937 - 4 September 1939, mainly Oxford localities. B.16 Numbered ‘16’ on cover 1937-1938 Pages numbered 1-164, continued in detail at rear. Entries 2 April 1937 - 2 May 1938, East Anglia localities, including expeditions with colleagues. B.17 Numbered ‘17’ on cover 1937 Pages numbered 1-142, detailed alphabetical index at rear. Entries 28 June - 2 August 1937, detailed accounts and sketchesof travel in USSR. See also A.22, A.23 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 18 Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 B.18 Numbered‘18’ on cover 1937-1938 Pages numbered 1-162, index inside front cover. Entries 11 August 1937 - 26 August 1938, localities in UK and France, including Baden-Powell’s experiments in flaking. B.19 Numbered ‘19’ on cover 1938-1939 Pages numbered 1-160, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 25 September 1938 - 4 March 1939, all East Anglia localities. B.20 Numbered ‘20’ on cover 1939 Pages numbered 1-156, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 7 March - 15 July 1939, all East Anglia localities, includes expeditions with R.M. Moir and F.E. Zeugner. B.21 Numbered ‘21’ on cover 1939-1941 Pages numbered 1-155, index inside front cover. Entries 26 March 1939 - 8 August 1941, Scottish and Yorkshire localities, expeditions and experiments. B.22 ‘Numbered‘22’ on cover 1939-1946 Pages numbered 1-161, index inside front cover. Entries 15 July 1939 - 31 August 1946, all UK localities. B.23 Numbered ‘23’ on cover 1939 Pages numbered 1-160, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 5 September - 16 December 1939, Oxford area and ‘Palaeolithic Practice’, also garden notes. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 19 Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 B.24 ‘Numbered‘24’ on cover 1939-1946 Pages numbered 1-160, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 27 December 1939 - 11 November 1946, Oxford area localities, palaeolithic experiments, garden notes, excursions with J.R. Moir, W.J. Arkell, C.S. Elton. B.25 Numbered ‘25’ on front cover 1946-1947 Pages numbered 1-161, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 13 November 1946 - 21 July 1947, East Midlands and East Anglia localities, changes in formation noted. B.26 Numbered ‘26’ on cover 1947-1950 Pages numbered 1-164, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 6 August 1947 - 22 May 1950, visit to Holland August 1947, otherwise all UK localities. B.27 Numbered 27 on front cover 1947-1949 Pages numbered 1-161, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 30 October 1947 - 12 June 1949, East Anglia localities, with colleagues, and International Geological Congress Ipswich September 1948. Baden-Powell led several excursions with delegates. B.28 ‘Numbered ‘28’ on cover 1949-1950 Pages numbered 1-162, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 14 June 1949 - 21 March 1950, East Anglia localities, expeditions, discussions with colleagues. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 20 Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 B.29 Red notebook numbered ‘29’ and ‘E. Anglia’ on cover 1950-1952 Pages numbered 1-179, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 3 May 1950 - 11 March 1952, expeditions and discussions with colleagues. B.30 Black notebook, not numbered on cover, ‘FNB 30’ inside front cover 1950-1951 Pages numbered 1-178, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 4 July 1950 - 12 May 1951, France and localities in UK, British Association Birmingham September B.31 Blue soft-backed notebook ‘31 France 1951’ on cover c.1950, 1951 Pages numbered 1-45. Account of journey through France 9-28 July on pp6-45; local expeditions March 1951 on pp. 1-4. At rear of book pencil notes c.1950 refer to the disposition of various family possessions. B.32 Blue notebook, ‘32 Oxford Holland and Germany’ on cover 1951-1953 Pages numbered 1-198, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 6 March 1951 - 17 July 1953, including Geologists’ Association meeting and excursions April, visit to Holland April 1952, to Germany, May-June 1953. B.33 Red notebook numbered ‘33’ on cover 1952-1957 Pages numbered 1-172, index at front, detailed index at rear. Entries 22 July 1952 - 2 August 1957, all East Anglia localities, including expedition July 1952 with W.J. Arkell, W.B.R. King and H.E.P. Spencer. ‘FNB’ referencesto previous visits to the area. lists P.1 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 21 Field notebooksand notes, B.1-B.65 B.34 Black notebook, ‘34 Sicily and Italy’ on cover 1953 Pages numbered 1-191, detailed index at rear. Entries 16 August - 16 September 1953 including account of INQUA conference, papers read, excursions etc. B.35 Brown notebook, numbered ‘35’ on cover 1953-1956 Pages numbered 1-181, index at front, detailed index at rear, notes of photographs taken included on loose page. Entries 13 October 1953 - 24 May 1956including notes on the Westlake Collection, expeditions in UK, France and Italy. B.36 Brown notebook, numbered ‘36’ on cover 1956 Pages numbered 1-158, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 15 April - 13 September 1956, all East Anglia localities. B.37 Soft-backed notebook,nofront cover, ‘37’ on front page 1957 Pages numbered 1-78, index at rear. Entries 25 June - expeditions, visits to colleagues and museums. 1957, July 1 all East Anglian B.38 Soft-backed notebook, no front cover, ‘38’ on first page 1957-1958 Pages numbered 1-79, index on first page, detailed index at rear. Entries 24 July 1957 - 20 March 1958 (continuation of B.37), East Anglian localities. B.39 Soft-backed notebook, no front cover, ‘39’ onfirst page 1957-1960 Index on first page. Entries 6 September 1957 - 2 October 1960, UK localities and visits to Italy. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 22 Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 B.40 Black notebook, no number on cover,‘40’ on first page 1958-1960 Pages numbered 2-80, index onfirst page, detailed index at rear. Entries 8 April 1958 - 20 July 1960, all East Anglian localities and museums. B.41 Soft-backed notebook, no cover, ‘41’ on front page 1958 Pages numbered 2-76, detailed index at rear. Entries 7 July - 24 August 1958, all work and visits for the Geologists’ by Baden-Powell and R.G. West. Association Centenary Excursion led See also J.13-J.15. B.42 Black notebook, no number on cover, ‘42 Isotasy’ on first page 1958 Pages numbered 1-78, detailed index at rear. Entries 15-24 September 1958, excursions to Scotland re work on Scottish lsostasy. B.43 Green notebook, numbered ‘43’ on cover 1959-1960 Pages numbered 1-155, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 25 April 1959 - 13 June 1960, UK localities, continuing work onIsotasy. B.44 Soft-backed notebook, no cover, ‘44’ on first page 1959-1962 Pages numbered 2-80, index on first page, detailed index at rear. Entries 31 October 1959 - 22 April 1962, all UK localities. B.45 Green notebook, ‘45’ on cover 1960-1962 Pages numbered 1-155, index inside front cover, detailed D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 23 Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 index at rear. Entries 13 June 1960 (continuing B.43) - 23 June 1962, all Yorkshirelocalities. B.46 Soft-backed notebook, no cover, ‘46’ on first page 1961-1965 Pages numbered 2-71, index at rear. Entries 8 September 1961 - 23 September 1965, visits to Italy. B.47 Small black notebook, not numbered on cover, ‘47’ on first 1962-1967 page Pages numbered 1-158, index at front, detailed index at rear. Entries 26 April 1962 - 8 April 1967, all UK localities, including Birmingham Quaternary ConferenceApril 1964 B.48 Green notebook, ‘48’ on cover 1962-1963 Pages numbered 1-144, detailed index at rear. Entries 23 June 1962 (continuation of B.45) - 10 August 1963, all Yorkshire localities. B.49 Small black notebook, no number on cover, ‘49’ on first 1966-1970 page Pages numbered 2-158, detailed index at rear. Entries 1 June 1966 - 24 December 1970, all UK localities. B.50 Brown notebook, ‘50’ on cover 1964-1968 Pages numbered 1-153, index on first page, several pagesof detailed indexesat rear. Entries 13 July 1964 - 25 July 1968, localities in Yorkshire and Scotland. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 24 Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 B.51 Small black notebook, no number on cover, ‘51’ inside front cover 1967-1969 Pages numbered 2-151, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 16 June 1967 - 22 May 1969, localities in Norfolk and Scotland. B.52 Red notebook, ‘52’ on cover 1969-1972 Pages numbered 1-178, index at front, detailed indexesat rear. Entries 14 July 1969 - 25 May 1972, Northumberland and Scotland. localities in B.53 Small black notebook, no number on cover, ‘53’ inside front cover 1971-1972 Pages numbered 2-153, index inside front cover, detailed index at rear. Entries 17 June 1971 - 22 July 1972, all UK localities, on prehistory and implements, including ‘Mac’s Experiments’ (W.S. McKerrow). B.54 Small black notebook, no number on cover, ‘54’ inside front cover 1972-1973 Pages numbered 2-62, index inside front cover and at rear. Not all book used (Baden-Powell died in September 1973). Entries 30 July 1972 - 3 July 1973, mainly prehistory and experiments. B.55-B.57 OXFORD UNIVERSITY LECTURES ca 1920s The books are not dated, but probably represent lecture notes from Baden-Powell’s undergraduate period, 1919- 1923, sometimes re-worked and re-copiedlater. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 25 Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 B.55 Small hard-backed dark red notebook, stamped ‘French’ on cover n.d. c. 1922 Pages numbered 1-218, notall legible. Both ends of book used. Includes notes on lectures by W.J. Sollas, J.A. Douglas, T.V. Barker, H.L. Bowman, on mineralogy, geology, ores, crystallography, raised beaches. At rear of book, similar notes from Barker and Douglas, including a manuscript note ‘Notes copied 28 Oct. 38’. B.56 Blue soft-backed notebook n.d. c.1922 front At crystallography, lectures by J.A. Douglas on ores. 1-4 by T.V. lectures book, of Barker on At rear of book, lectures by W.J. Sollas on prehistory, waves and tides, etc B.57 Blue soft-backed notebook n.d. c.1922 Pages numbered 1-131, both ends used. principally Notes on crystallography, and by Douglas on economic geology, mining, water flow. lectures Barker’ from by B.58-B.62 MISCELLANEOUS SCIENCE n.d., 1927-1970 B.58 Small blue soft-backed notebook, pages numbered 1-52 n.d. Notes on Pembroke, North Wales, Wirral and Liverpool, mainly on rasied beds and shells. Not included in ihe Field Notebook series. At rear (in another hand) notes on Spanish. B.59 Dark brown loose-leaf notebook, stamped ‘D.B.P.’ on cover. 1927-1947 and n.d. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 26 Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 Notes on various topics, with some paginated sequences on waves (pp.1-28) and glaciation (pp1-52), some with dates 1927-1934. At rear of book, notes on music, includes piano pieces performed or learnt 1937-1947 and musical notations of melody composedor ‘dreamt’ by Baden-Powell. B.60 Black loose-leaf notebook n.d. Several series of numbered pages of notes on raised beds, fauna etc on various sites in UK, Spitsbergen, Scandinavia, etc. B.61, B.62 Two notebooks marked ‘ANB’ (astronomy notebooks), of observations of sunspots, eclipses, constellations etc., made by Baden-Powell at his home 1938-1970 B.61 B.62 ANB 1, 3 March 1938 - 17 April 1960 1938-1960 ANB 2, 26 April 1960 - 19 November 1970 1960-1970 Later observations are more sporadic. B.63, B.64 MISCELLANEOUS N.d. B.63 B.64 Small red soft-backed notebook of Danish vocabulary and phrases Brown soft-backed notebook of Scots Gaelic vocabulary and narrative D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 B.65 NOTES Field notebooks and notes, B.1-B.65 27 N.d. on small-format paper, loose-leaf topics, on many Notes Baden-Powell’s miscellaneous observations at Oxford, on climate, rain and snowfall, erosion, etc. some from 1 bundle, A-Z. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 28 SECTION C RESEARCH: REGIONS AND TOPICS,C.1-C.54 1927-1973 The material is presented for conveniencein alphabetical order of region andtopic. are relatively Some topics brief and may include correspondenceon visits or publications; others represent an ongoing interest with very considerable documentation, references and comment. C.1-C.4 CLIMATE C.5-C.32 GLACIATION C.33-C.36 THE HEBRIDES C.37-C.39 MARINE LEVELS C.40-C.45 SCOTTISH ISOSTASY C.46-C.48 SUFFOLK CRAG C.49-C.54 YORKSHIRE C.1-C.4 CLIMATE Baden-Powell’s lists of major world-wide meteorological events, compiled from journals, press reports and other sources, some with comments. C.1 C.2 C.3 Earthquakes 1185-1973 See also C.40. Floods 1927-1973 Meteorites 1623-1969 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 29 Research: regions andtopics, C.1-C.54 C.4 Volcanoes 1538-1973 Included here is an undated note by Baden-Powell ‘Possible Optical Phenomena resulting from the Eruption of Hekla [Iceland], and a table of ‘Climatic Evidence’ of volcanic effects 1965. C.5-C.32 GLACIATION of The very extensive material presented hereis identified in headnotes by Baden-Powell as pertaining to his work on ice advance and retreat over the massive topic millennia, with consequent formation and alteration in coastline and other natural features. It overlaps of necessity with other of his research interests in raised beds, shells and gravels, and similar material may be found in Sections D and F. Similarly the notes here on Scottish glaciation (C.13-C.26) have links with those on Scottish isotasy (C.40-C.45). Verylittle of the work, which is all manuscript, is dated. It comprises analyses of and comments on texts and theories from geologists of the 19th century onwards, often in extensive paginated sequences. Few are dated; such dates as occur are noted in the entries. Baden- Powell’s frequent reworkings are sometimes dated, or are indicated by changesin writing materials. C.5, C.6 are general notes. counties or regions of Britain. C.7-C.32 are notes on the C.5 ‘Late Glacial’ Extensive notes and sequences numbered 1-5, possibly for a paper or publication (latest reference 1967) C.6 ‘Late Gl.’ Sequence of notes (pp.1-82); shorter sequences on ice- fronts, retreats etc. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS145/2/06 Research: regions and topics, C.1-C.54 C.7-C.12 England C.7 C.8 C.9 C.10 C.11 Cheshire lrish Sea (latest reference 1971) Isle of Man Lake District and Cumberland Lancashire Several sequences, some extensive. 1958. Latest reference N.E. England, Northumberland and Durham Extensive sequences, one headed ‘Started 11 Oct. 39’, latest date 7 July 1964. C.13-C.26 Scotland C.13 C.14 C.15 S.E. Scotland S. Scotland S.W. Scotland Extensive sequences, latest reference 1969 C.16 N.E. Scotland Paginated 1-90. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 31 Research: regions andtopics, C.1-C.54 C.17 C.18 C.19 C.20 C.21 C.22 C.23 C.24 C.25 C.26 C.27 N.W.Scotland N. Highlands Caithness Clava (Nairn) Clyde Extensive sequences, including notes started 1969. East Ross and Sutherland Kintyre Loch Lomond Mull and Colonsay St Kilda Shropshire Included here by Baden-Powell as relating to S. Scotland rocks. C.28 Staffordshire Included here by Baden-Powell as relating to S. Scotland rocks. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 32 Research: regions and topics, C.1-C.54 C.29-C.31 Wales C.29 C.30 C.31 Wales(including Oswestry, Rhyl) North Wales South Wales Extensive sequences C.32 Wem (Shropshire) This is included here because of ‘Welsh ice-sheets’. C.33-C.36 HEBRIDES 1932-1950 The material relates to two expeditions paid to Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, in 1933 and 1935, with C.S. Elton. They published a joint paper ‘On the relation between a raised beach and an Iron Age midden onthe Island of Lewis’ Baden-Powell published ‘On the glacial and interglacial marine beds on Northern Lewis’ (Geo/. Mag. 75). Antigu. (Proc. Scot, 71) and Their first visit, in August 1933, elicited a formal complaint from the Ancient Monuments Board for Scotland about ‘unauthorised interference with prehistoric monuments’, and possible court action for ‘breaking open the ground without ... the permission of the proprietor’. Elton and Baden-Powell submitted a report, an apology, and the offer of the material to the Museum of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland at Edinburgh. Baden-Powell’s field notebooks on the expedition are at B.8, B.12. C.33 Official correspondence Baden-Powell’s report etc about complaint, Elton and 1933 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 33 Research: regions and topics, C.1-C.54 C.34 Correspondence with colleagues on identification of plant and peat specimenscollected in 1933 1933-1950 C.35 Correspondence and papers 1932-1937 Arrangements for visit 1935, Baden-Powell’s maps and diagramsoflocalities, notes on ‘Age of Islands’. C.36 Notes and information on Lewis and the Hebrides C.37-C.39 MARINE LEVELS 1934-1972 Correspondence and papers on coastal formation, tides, erosion, mainly on the East Coast. C.37 Correspondence and papers 1934-1972 Mainly on changesin coastal levels since Romantimes, initiated at Fenland Research Committee meeting April 1934 and continuing with intervals to 1967. Includes reports by Baden-Powell on shells at Roman sites in Essex (1948) and at Reculver, Kent (1959 and 1965-1967). C.38 C.39 Manuscript Yarmouth notes, mainly on Thames, Essex and Manuscript notes and paginated sequences, on Pacific Islands, USSR, Tropical America etc C.40-C.45 SCOTTISH ISOSTASY 1963-1972 Notes and material related to Baden-Powell’s 1963 paper ‘Isostatic recovery in Scotland’ (Nature, vol 199). D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 34 Research: regions and topics, C.1-C.54 C.40 C.41 C.42 C.43 C.44 C.45 Correspondence with colleagues arising from paper, manuscript notes on Scottish Isostasy and 28pp notes on earthquakesin Scotland 1963-1967 See also C.1. Manuscript notes on beaches, glaciation, deposits, shells etc. in S.W. Scotland and S. Uplands (continued 1967) N.E. and N.W. Scotland S.E. Scotland (continued 1968) Aberdeen, Caithness, Dumfries (continued 1963) ‘Raised beaches’ (continued 1972) C.46-C.48 SUFFOLK CRAG 1956-1973 Baden-Powell published a paper on the Suffolk Crag in 1955 (Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc). The material here post- excavations, dates and correspondence for publications. continuing notes with further deals and this and drafts C.46 Correspondence and papers 1956-1961 Mainly with H.E.P. Spencer, on excavations and molluscs collected at Sizewell, and Baden Powell’s ‘Report on marine Mollusca from the Red Crag at Beggar's Hollow, Ipswich’ 1961; notes andlist of ‘Crag Zoning’ 1959-1961. C.47 dating Correspondence identification of Suffolk Crag specimensand artifacts colleagues with on and 1960-1973 i D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 35 Research: regions and topics, C.1-C.54 In a letter April 1972 Baden-Powell writes: ‘I am at the momentwriting up the stratigraphy of the British Crag ...’. C.48 Drafts, ideas and notes on Crag 1960-1972 Includes drafts ‘For Crag Paper’ on The Geological age of the British Abbevillian Industry’ and notes on radioactive dating of Crag material 1972. C.49-C.54 YORKSHIRE 1959-1969 Like East Anglia and Scotland, this was a region where Baden-Powell made many expeditions, collecting and identifying includes correspondence, notes and background material. specimens. The material C.49 Correspondence with colleagues Yorkshire, identifying specimens etc arranging visits to 1959-1964 Baden-Powell’s letters April 1959 to W.S. Bisat and L.F. Penny outline his research plans for the areas of Kelsey, Holderness and elsewhere, especially Bridlington Crag. C.50 Correspondence and papers 1965-1969 Including material on the Quaternary Field Study Group 1965 meeting at Durham at which Baden-Powell arranged an exhibit ‘Marine shells from the Yorkshire Drift’, later visits, identifications. C.51 C.52 C.53 Outline plans for publication or chapter headings and index on Yorkshire July 1963 Substantial sequences of notes on glaciation and retreat in Yorkshire, with special reference to Bridlington Crag. 124pp sequence of notes on Yorkshire and on Bridlington Crag D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 36 Research: regions and topics, C.1-C.54 C.54 Holderness, Holocene (28pp), Miscellaneous notes on Yorkshire locations and dates, including Kelsey Hill, Kilham (includes Baden-Powell’s expeditions 1959-1963 with references to field notebooks), Kirmington, rivers (May 1960), Speeton; 21pp references D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 37 SECTION D RESEARCH: RAISED BEDS,D.1-D.40 1924-1972 The material is presented for convenience by region. It comprises the extensive material compiled by Baden- Powell from reading, study of specimens and personal excavations over many years (1924-1972), on beach formation, coastal changes, glaciation, marine fauna and gravels. his publications and some was accumulated for the major publications which he did not achieve. material was used in Some of the The notes record earlier work and theories by others, but also Baden-Powell’s comments on his own work made in the light of recent discoveries. These are dated where possible in the entries. D.1-D.27 UK AREAS D.28-D.31 AFRICA D.32 D.33 AMERICA ASIA D.34-D.40 EUROPE D.1-D.27 UK AREAS D.1 D.2 D.3 Avon 41pp. sequence. Birmingham Cambridge Several paginated sequences, continuing to 1958 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 38 Research: Raised Beds, D.1-D.40 D.4 Corton Sands 1945-1946 Includes comments on corrections to own early work based on newlists. D.5 D.6 D.7 D.8 D.9 Coventry Cromer Croyde and Barnstaple Quotes own B.Sc. Thesis and discusses later work, last date 1962. Croxley 1p. only. East Anglia 1924-1972 Substantial assemblage of sequences, many paginated, mainly on coastal changes, history of coasts and floods. References continue to 1972. Includes notes of own field- to work notebooks, and notes headed ‘Debate at Norwich’, perhapsfor talk and later publication. 1924-1957, references area, with in the D.10 including March gravels and some Fenland Gravels, comments by Baden-Powell on his own early thesis and papers D.11 Hertford - Essex Substantial assemblages of sequences, many paginated, index, latest reference 1957 conclusions,’ references, ‘general 1p. D.12 lrish Sea and Ireland D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS145/2/06 39 Research: Raised Beds, D.1-D.40 Substantial assemblage of sequences, many paginated, on glaciation, erratics, flakes, implements etc. Isle of Man Lancashire Lincoln, Lincolnshire coast, Wash Macclesfield Moel Trefaen St Cross Severn Sewerby Shropshire South England (Torbay, Portland etc, includes correction to own B.Sc.thesis for Brighton) Staffordshire Sussex and Hampshire Thames D.13 D.14 D.15 D.16 D.17 D.18 D.19 D.20 D.21 D.22 D.23 D.24 D.25 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Research: Raised Beds, D.1-D.40 D.26 D.27 Trent (latest reference 1963) Wales D.28-D.31 AFRICA Includes diagrams, lists of molluscs North Africa, Algeria and Morocco WestAfrica East Africa and Ghana, dated August 1966 South Africa D.28 D.29 D.30 D.31 D.32 AMERICA Glacial retreat. Brief notes only. D.33 ASIA Asia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, East Indies, Phillipines D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 41 Research: Raised Beds, D.1-D.40 D.34-D.40 EUROPE D.34 Belgium and Holland Notes, marine fauna. D.35 ChannelIslands. Belle Hogue Cave Baden-Powell published a paper in 1946 ‘Report on the molluscs from Belle Hogue Cave, Jersey’ (Bull. Soc. Jersiaise). D.36 France especially Auvergne Substantial sequences, latest date Feb 1971, includes discussion with Sandford 1937. D.37 Southern France 61pp sequence. D.38 D.39 D.40 Mediterranean Islands, Corsica, Malta, Sardinia Spain Spitsbergen and Norway Baden-Powell published a collaborative paper with C.S. Elton on raised beach fossils from Spitsbergen in 1931 (Geol. Mag 68) and a second paper in 1939 (Geol. Mag. 76). D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 42 SECTION E RESEARCH: PREHISTORY AND EARLYMAN, E.1-E.90 1936-1973 Section E, like the previous Section D, contains abundant research material on this far-ranging topic, drawn from Baden-Powell’s own research and from his extensive reading. Although the time-scale is less vast than in geology, the geographical range is wider, dealing with the location, dating and development of humanlife at many points on the planet. Since these factors in themselves depend on the geological and climatological conditions which enable man to survive, there is an unavoidable degree of overlap. Baden-Powell himself recognised this and often re-assigned material to suit some immediate project ‘temporarily’ as he would write in a headnote. His interest in the habitat, implements, culture and social existence of early man is seen in the notes on tool cultures (E.46-E.52) and also in what he designated ‘Pagan Survivals’ (E.53-E.72) such as cult objects, sites and rituals. The items on experimental prehistory at E.73- E.90 describe Baden-Powell’s own ventures into practical archaeology in making tools, weapons, fire and shelter and the like. His lifelong interest in prehistory became predominantin his later years as can be seen from the reworking and dating of the notes continuing to within a few weeksbefore his death in September 1973. E.1-E.6 PREHISTORIC PERIODS E.7-E.45 PREHISTORY REGIONS E.46-E.52 TOOL CULTURES E.53-E.72 EARLY MAN AND PAGAN SURVIVALS E.73-E.90 EXPERIMENTAL PREHISTORY E.1-E.6 PREHISTORIC PERIODS E.1 Pre-palaeolithic Substantial sequences. sequence pp.1-120, and other shorter D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.2 E.3 Palaeolithic and Lower Palaeolithic Upper Palaeolithic and Mendips Notes and drawings E.4 Mesolithic Substantial notes and references, many on Scotland. Various dates, several in 1969, and 4pp. on Portland dated April 1973. E.5 Neolithic Substantial notes and sequences, mainly on East Anglia including Baden-Powell’s own field notes 1936-1939, and 92pp. sequence on Grime’s Graves. E.6 Bronze Age Notes on climate, plants, implements, many on East Includes 44pp on Holocene Plants, and Anglian sites. sequences F.H.A. Engleheart (qqv). S.H. Warren and on work by E.7-E.45 PREHISTORY: REGIONS References, drawings, notes and comments, some full and reworked, few dated. E.7-E.29 UK and Ireland E.7 East Anglia ‘Arch’ General references D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 44 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.8 E.9 Bolton’s Pit Breckland E.10 Clacton Paginated collaborative paper with S.H. Warren published 1955 Reference 7-20. to Baden-Powell’s E.11 Corton Beds Work dated 1967, references to field notebook excursions 1934-1939, 12pp. E.12 Crag Implements Sequence pp.1-24 and other notes and references. E.13 Durham Continues to June 1971. E.14 E.15 Farnham 1966 Fenland Includes drawings and diagrams for Baden-Powell’s paper ‘Palaeoliths from the Fen District’ (Proc. Prehist. Soc. 1951). See H.25. E.16 Hertford - Essex Several sequences, including notes on Swanscombe See also E.28. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.17 High Lodge Sequence 16pp. E.18 E.19 Hitchin Hoxne Sequences 52pp and 28pp. E.20 Ireland E.21 E.22 E.23 E.24 E.25 E.26 E.27 E.28 Knowle Farm Midlands Mousehold, Norfolk Rochester Scotland Several sequences including 26pp ‘Edinburgh’ started January 1973 and 14pp‘Hebrides’ started June 1973 and referring to work for 1926 B.Sc.thesis. South Acre Stoke Newington Swanscombe Sequencepp.7-32. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 46 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.29 E.30 Yorkshire Not used E.31-E.36 Africa E.31 Australopithecus Several sequences on implements, hominidsetc. E.32 E.33 See also E.53. North Africa. Algeria WestAfrica Brief notes only. E.34, E.35 East Africa Several extensive sequences, including Uganda, Olduvai Gorge. Twofolders. E.36 South Africa Several extensive sequences. E.37 America American Indians. Brief notes only. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 47 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.38 Asia Notes on South-East Asia, China, Java. E.39-E.41 Australasia E.39 Australia Latest reference 1971. E.40 E.41 New Zealand Tasmania Several extensive sequences of notes and references, including ‘Survivals’. E.42 East Mediterranean East Mediterranean and Palestine E.43, E.44 Europe E.43 France Several extensive sequences of notes and references, mainly on Auvergne and Eoliths. E.44 Portugal Several sequences. Work continues to 1970. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.45 India notes 1970 - Late prehistoric evidence in Bombay area. July 1973 on implements and E.46-E.52 TOOL CULTURES This is a collection of notes and material brought together by Baden-Powell under accepted headings of early cultures, some well-known and substantial, others less familiar and quite brief. The headings are Baden-Powell’s and the material is presented alphabetically. There is obvious overlap with some of the regions previously dealt with. Head-notes often indicate that the material represents collections examined by Baden-Powell in the Pitt-Rivers Museum Oxford. E.46 Abbevillian Several sequences, mainly on Auvergne, including notes on work by H. Breuil E.47 Acheulian Several sequences, mainly work by Breuil in the Somme, also UK sites. E.48 E.49 E.50 Aterian; Bambata; Capsian; Creswellian Fauresmith; Kebaran; Levallois (several sequences and references) Magosian; Netufian; Proto-Clacton D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 49 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.51 E.52 Sangoan; Stellenbosch; Wilton Stillbay; Tayacian; Tumbian; Miscellaneous notes and narratives, variously paginated, on cultural periods and early skills and survival, n.d., perhaps early work E.53-E.72 EARLY MAN AND PAGAN SURVIVALS This material represents a dominant theme in Baden- Powell’s reading, thinking and excursions in later years, as evidenced by the re-working and late dates on his notes. his He assembled, as he often did, an elaborate, much- revised programme of work under the heading ‘Pagan Survivals’, separated into ‘Possible excavation of sites’ and ‘Possible evidence’, sub-divided into topics which might have formed chapters of a publication. This is at E.54. The material at E.55-E.68, often headed ‘Pagan Survivals’ seems to be linked to this document. is presented here, for convenience, in alphabetical order. It More general material, including Baden-Powell’s notes on various UK prehistoric sites and customs is at E.69-E.72. E.53 Early man Miscellaneous notes on Australopithecus, Meganthropus, Pithecanthropus, Piltdown Jaw. E.54 ‘Pagan survivals’ Baden-Powell’s 4pp outline of sites and topics to be examined. E.55 ‘7 Barrows’ Substantial sequence 90pp and 2pp index, of location, description, comments on barrows in various locations mainly southern UK regions. Some with dates 1965-1971. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS145/2/06 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.56 ‘Cavesites’ 12pp. E.57 ‘Burials and churches’. E.58 E.59 E.60 E.61 E.62 E.63 E.64 ‘Dartmoor orientation’ ‘Dieties’ (sic) and nomenclature ‘Houses’ 12pp. ‘Ritual’ 10pp. ‘River worship’ ‘Sea worship’ ‘Shell cult’ Several sequencies on cowries, trumpets, pearls. Late work 1972-1973. E.65 ‘Stonehenge’ 46pp, 22pp and shorter sequences andreferences on the orientation and purpose of Stonehenge. Also 1p. on stone worship. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS145/2/06 51 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.66 E.67 E.68 ‘Sun worship’ and moon worship. ‘Tree worship’ Notes on witchcraft, sacrifices etc E.69-E.72 Other miscellaneous notes E.69 ‘Christian Iron Age’ 6pp. E.70 ‘Picts’ Several sequences on archaeology, language, symbols, etc. E.71 Rollright stones and Stanton Harcourt, Oxon. Several sequences, including references to 1927visit, last reference 1971 E.72 Scotland ‘Cup and Ring’ E.73-E.90 EXPERIMENTAL PREHISTORY 1937-1972 Baden-Powell tried his hand at the practical aspects of prehistory over a long period 1937-1971, at home andin various locations round Oxford. E.73, E.74 give details of his experiments, often with references back to his field notebooks. The experiments are set out in an alphabetical order at E.78 - E.90, some drawing on written sources, others on personal tests. The headings are Baden-Powell’s though there is considerable overlap e.g. between ‘Archery’ and ‘Bows and Arrows’. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 52 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.73 ‘Implements’ Baden-Powell’s ‘Approx. list of specimens made’, with place andfield notebook references. 13 December 1937 to 13 June 1971. E.74 ‘Experiment as a whole. Summary’ October 1937 - December 1958. E.75 ‘Environment of Prehistoric Man’ 12pp narrative and notes, begun 6 March 1938 E.76 ‘Needfor implements’ and ‘Use of Implements’ n.d. App. E.77 Miscellaneous notes on experimental techniques, April 1950, October 1972. 1950, 1972 E.78 Archery Several sequences, also on bows, bowstrings, arrows. Begun 16 April 1938. E.79 Boomerangs 1938-1939 Personal experiments, July 1938 - January 1939 E.80 Bowsand arrows 1938-1957 sequence of on_ substantial Very personal experiments, materials used, score successes 15 April 1938 - 8 March 1948 160pp; notes continue to p. 165 covering 29 January 1950 - 31 December 1957 on spear- throwing experiments. notes Index on ‘Bows and Arrows (personal experiments)’ D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 53 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.81 Canoes Notesonly, 9pp. E.82 Fire 1939-c.1960 Substantial sequence of notes on personal experiments 5 February 1939 - 5 October 1950, 64pp and index. Several sequences of reference 1960). notes and references (latest E.83 Flaking 1947-1968 Several sequences on experiments 25 November 1947 - 6 November 1968 and 6pp. index. E.84 Flints 1938-1970 Sequence of notes on personal experiments 27 March 1938 - 25 April 1948, 1 June 1969- 2 June 1970. Several sequencesof notes. E.85 E.86 E.87 E.88 Hunting, traps and snares, fishing Huts, Igloos, Tents, Bedding, Shelter Several sequences Measurements, distance, time Ropesandstring Includes personal experiments June 1942 - April 1944 E.89 Weapons General notes. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 54 Research: prehistory and early Man, E.1-E.90 E.90 Miscellaneous shorter notes: Basket-work; Division of Labour; Vessels and containers; Magic D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 55 SECTION F STRATIGRAPHIC PROJECTS, F.1-F.42 1925-1973 This material covers the entire span of Baden-Powell’s research activity from 1925 to 1973, and represents many years of careful analysis of geological and archaeological specimens. Some of these were collected by him on expeditions in the UK and abroad as is attested by frequent references to his field notebooks (Section B). Some were sent by colleagues or interested parties elsewhere, unsolicited or at Baden-Powell’s request with reference to a publication or specific location. In many cases he is working through a namedcollection, often in the Oxford University Museum, supplying identifications and descriptions. As with several of the projects in Section H, however, much of the material here remains diffuse, dispersed in paginated sequences of manuscript notes, some very extensive, others of one or two pages only, additionally complicated by being broken and re-assigned following a fresh thought no longer discernible or a return to the subject-matter at a later date; these re-workings, whether dated or not, can be seen in changesof writing materials or script. The format of the notes varies from small pocket-diary pages to quarto, foolscap and the now obsolete broad foolscap seen at F.30, and may include references to similar publications references occur throughout the correspondence. F.30 includes an interesting outline of a plan of work andits implementation over many years. achieved; many projected or Of special interest is F.24 which contains Baden-Powell’s own account of the aims and methods of his work on Pleistocene marine shells, written in 1962 in reply to a request from T.K. Penniman the then Curator of the Pitt Rivers Museum. F.1-F.17 GLACIAL ERRATICS F.18-F.23 GRAIN ANALYSIS AND HEAVY MINERALS F.24-F.33 MOLLUSCAN BIOSTRATIGRAPHY F.34-F.38 REPORTS F.39-F.42 NOTEBOOKS D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 56 Stratigraphic projects, F.1-F.42 F.1-F.17 GLACIAL ERRATICS 1935-1958 slicing, microscopic This comprises an extensive sequence (incomplete) numbered 1-1019, and folders of unnumbered work. They mineralogical detail examination, analyses and identification of specimens. Date of work and place of origin of the material are given, whether Baden-Powell’s own field notebooks or other named collections. Sometimes there is a note of discussions or confirmation of a result with colleagues. Almostall the specimensare from East Angliansites. F.1 F.2 F.3 F.4 F.5 F.6 F.7 1 - 57 some dated 1941, 1947 68 - 78, very full notes, some dated 1935-1939 93 - 125 some dated 1951; 138 - 167 some dated 1947, 1952 1979 - 215 some dated 1947; 227 -286 some dated 1947, 1949 314 - 492 with gaps Few dates, mainly Field Notebook references. 511 - 657 with many gaps Field Notebook references. 701 - 774 Field Notebook references and a few dates 1950-1952. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 57 Stratigraphic projects, F.1-F.42 F.8 807 - 880 Mainly collection of S.H. Warren, a few from R.G. West, H.E.P. Notebook references. and some Field Spencer (qqv), F.9 889 - 1019 Includes collection J.E. Sainty (q.v.) and Baden- Powell’s collections with Field Notebook references, a few dates 1935, 1948, 1955-1958. of F.10-F.15 Notes on erratics outside the numbered sequence but related to similar work and sites F.10 is of interest as it seemsto indicate the first ideas on the project. F.10 ‘Type erratics’ 1938 28pp sequence‘Started 25 Jan. 1938’, continuing to 18 May, mainly on ‘Brandonerratics for [R.H.] Rastall’. Some Field Notebook references F.11 ‘Swanscombe’ 1949-1951 F.12 F.13 F.14 22pp. ‘Westley’ 2pp only. ‘Ixworth’ App. ‘Hoxne’ 8pp. 1950 1951 1951, 1954 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Stratigraphic projects, F.1-F.42 F.15 Marchgravels’ 10pp. 58 n.d. F.16 Tables of named UK rock-types and their characteristic placesof origin F.17 Bibliographical references F.18-F.23 GRAIN ANALYSIS AND HEAVY MINERALS 1931-1934 and n.d. F.18 F.19 F.20 F.21 F.22 F.23 Small diary-size bundle of notes on heavy minerals in various sediments ‘Index to preliminary mineral work 1931-32’ Notes, diagrams of size grading, table. Manuscript notes paginated 313-362, of heavy minerals analyses, October - December 1934 Similar material, not paginated or dated Graphs of incidence of heavy minerals in numbered specimensfrom East Anglian and Yorkshire sites Manuscript notes and calculations on grain size of sands, mainly of Portland Raised Beach; manuscript note on size of sieves D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 59 Stratigraphic projects, F.1-F.42 F.24-F.33 MOLLUSCAN BIOSTRATIGRAPHY 1925-1973 This is by far the most extensive of Baden-Powell’s projects, which he returned to repeatedly, adding to or reworking material. His method and purposeare set out in the note at F.24, written in 1962 in reply to an admiring request from T.K. Penniman, Curator of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, who considered Baden-Powell’s work to be ‘on the frontiers of knowledge’. The note explains the aim of the research as being to see whether shells ‘can be used to date fossil men and their implements geologically’ and to help other ‘geological problems...connected with the study of relative changes of land- and sea-levels’. It also explains that the work, dealing originally with the UK, had developed to include Mediterranean coastal areas and was extending to Asia and Africa. Some items cover a wide time-span, others are not dated. F.24 ‘Work on Pleistocene marine shells’ 1962 F.25 F.26 F.27 Baden-Powell’s account of his method and purpose in reply to a request from T.K. Penniman Small diary-size bundle of notes on sites of UK fauna, mainly in East Anglia, a few from Scotland Note on ‘Order of Range’, to show drift between north and south temperature limits and allow estimation of the latitude of deposition of mollusca Includes 8pp list of specimens numbered 29-60 in ‘Order of Range’, and 1p on ‘Arctic Non-British Mollusca’. Substantial distribution and possible archaeological significance of notes on Quaternary Bivalves, folder Various paginated sequences, with addedor interpolated notes, including information on France, Italy, Greenland and EastAfrica. n.d. n.d. 1932-1970 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 60 Stratigraphic projects, F.1-F.42 F.28 Substantial folder of sequences, includes pp 1-252 and a shorter sequence on Spitsbergen, also notes on East Anglia, Norway and Greenland, and namedcollections 1927-1938 F.29 ‘Marine correlation’ 1952-1954 Extensive lists Mediterranean, sequences, related to workin large notebook F.30. of specimens, Baltic and Netherlands mainly UK but in also paginated F.30 Large format black tagged notebook of extensivelists of speciments, locations, sources and references on marine fauna 1936-1964 The sequence pp.1-60 at front of book, headed ‘Marine Correlation’, runs 27 November 1936 to 22 July 1964. P.1 gives Baden-Powell’s plan of work, comparing marine fauna in three ways ‘(a) Climate Equivalent (b) Extinct Species present (c) Date of arrival of existing fauna.’ The remaining pages, 2-60, are a detailed diary of his progress with the reading and research to implementthis plan. At rear of book are ‘Extinction list’ started 1945. ‘Arrival list’ started 1936 and F.31-F.33 Work on Red Sea Mollusca 1937-1973 The principal work began in 1949 as a result of a request then on the Wellcome / Marston from O. Tufnell, Archaeological Expedition to the Near East, Baden- Powell’s reports on the specimens being published in Lachish IV (see K.139). Baden-Powell returned to work at intervals, often on the receipt of new material, usually indicated by ‘Recent’ on his notes. The latest date here is 1973 and the earliest is 1937. F.31 Very substantial assemblage of notes and narratives, in sequencesof varying length and date, as strung together by Baden-Powell 1937-1973. 1937-1973 Includes of arrangement with O. Tufnell for work on shells from February account 1949 his from 20 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 61 Stratigraphic projects, F.1-F.42 Lachish [located between Gaza and Hebron], his detailed examinations andhis return of the draft report to Tufnell, July 1956. Work continues on specimens from UK and abroad, some dated 1953, 1965, mainly 1970s from Red Sea and Mombasa. Includes 1p. 1937 on a Portland specimen used for comparison. 54pp extensive notes on the literature and previous work on Red Sea fauna. Various paginated sequences on Red Sea fauna F.32 F.33 F.34-F.38 REPORTS 1928-1963 and n.d. F.34 F.35 F.36 F.37 Shells from the Canaries (Sollas collection) March 1928 Rocks of Pemba and Zanzibar December 1931 Freshwater shells from Khotan 3pp. Shells from Pabbay, South Harris, perhaps intended for publication See also F.41. 3pp. n.d. n.d F.38 Raised beach shells from Greenland, prepared for B.S. John (see K.75), with notes 1963 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 62 Stratigraphic projects, F.1-F.42 F.39-F.42 NOTEBOOKS 1925-1942 Four hard-backed tagged notebooks, with many loose pages and anindication of contents on the outer cover. Part laboratory notebook, part journal, they contain an account of Baden-Powell’s examination and analyses of molluscan fauna collected by him or received from others. The time-span is considerable, the earliest date being 1925, though mostof the work belongs to the 1930s, and to UK sites. There are several substantial paginated sequences, some with an index, often beginning in the middle of an apparently lengthy series. The order of material inside the notebooks has been preserved though it does not always follow that on the cover. Terminal dates are offered as a guide; the analyses do notfollow chronological order. F.39 Notebook1 1925-1939 On cover ‘Portland; March; Belle Hougue; Torbay and Newquay; Manea; Gower’. Includes: March gravels 1925-1933, paginated 203-242 with index; Newquay 1926; Gower 1935; Manea [Fenland] 1932, paginated 243-252 with index; Belle Hougue Jersey 1939 10pp.; Portland and Chesil 1926-1938, paginated 1- 140, with index. F.40 Notebook 2 1926-1937 On cover ‘Holocene Scotland; Ireland; Lewis interglacial’. C.S. Elton 1931 (some Includes: Oban material), paginated 167-182 with index; Island Magee 1934-1936, several paginated sequences and index; Stornaway and Galson 1935 1936; Lewis 1935-1937, paginated 1-62 with index; Udalain (Scotland) 1935-1936, paginated 1-32 and unnumbered pages; Kinnes Burn (Scotland) 1926-1935. F.41 Notebook 3 On cover ‘Recent Shells’. 1929-1936 and n.d. Includes: Pabbay and S. Harris (C.S. Elton collection) 1935 (see also F.37, H.38); Studland 1929-1936; St D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 63 Stratigraphic projects, F.1-F.42 Andrews 1935; Solent n.d.; North Devon n.d.; 1936. Estoril F.42 Notebook 4 1936-1942 On cover ‘Weybourne Crag; Corton Sands and Cromer’. Includes: Overstrand 1936; Cromer Till 1942; Runton and Corton 1936-1940 paginated 1-32; Kelsey Hill 1938. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 64 SECTION G LECTURES AND PAPERS G.1-G.16 1927-1965 G.1-G.7 LECTURES AND TEACHING AT OXFORD G.8 EXHIBITIONS G.9-G.16 UNPUBLISHED LECTURES AND PAPERS G.1-G.7 LECTURES AND TEACHING AT OXFORD 1951-1964, n.d. G.1-G.4 Notes for a course of 22 lectures on prehistory, early Man, fossil evidence, glaciation, river systems, dating methods, etc n.d [1960s] G.1 G.2 G.3 G.4 G.5 G.6 G.7 Lectures | - VI Lectures VII - Xl Lectures XIl - XVI Lectures XVII - XXII Notes for practicals Class handouts 1959-1964 1961-1964 Miscellaneous plansfor lecture courses 1951-1960, n.d. Questions for examinations 1962 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 65 Lectures and papers, G.1-G.16 G.8 EXHIBITIONS 1954-1964 Notes, labels and plans for exhibitions: British Association 1954; Geologists’ Association 1956, 1959; Ashmolean Museum 1961; Durham Conference‘not used’ 1964. G.9-G.16 UNPUBLISHED LECTURES AND PAPERS 1927-1938 and n.d. G.9 ‘Changes of Temperature in the N.E. Atlantic during the Quaternary Period’, paper delivered to the Challenger Society, 26 October 1927 Manuscript and typescript drafts. ‘Geology of Bagley Wood’ 5pp typescript, with a note ‘Read to a meeting of Soil Surveyors, Oriel, Sept. 1928’ ‘History of River Development (Vezere)’ 7pp. typescript, and manuscript notes on the region, with a headnote ‘Extract from report to Le Play Society, May 1933’ G.12 ‘Submerged Valleys’ 10pp manuscript, with a note ‘Started 7 Nov. 1937’ 1927 1928 1933 1937 G.13 ‘Chronologyof Prehistory’ n.d. c.1938 20pp manuscript, perhapsfor lecture G.14 ‘Time distribution of certain marine mollusca’ n.d. 24pp pencil manuscript, unfinished. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS145/2/06 Lectures and papers, G.1-G.16 G.15 ‘Relativity’ 21pp manuscript. 66 n.d. G.16 Notes and diagramsfor lecture or paper on river systems n.d. Included here are invitations to lecture 1950, 1965. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 67 SECTION H PUBLICATIONS AND PROJECTS,H.1-H.95 1926-1973 Baden-Powell does not appear to have maintained a systematic list of his publications, and the attributed record is relatively thin. The material here indicates a much more substantial output, from 1927-1968, attested by draft, published copy, or indirectly through editorial or scientific correspondence. Furthermore, his work on both geological and archaeological topics was sometimes incorporated in official reports by a principal investigator rather than appearing as a discrete publication under his own name. Several of the organisations in Section J include contributions of this kind made by Baden-Powell to their meetings and journals. headings, sometimes The title of the section however - Publications and Projects - refers to Baden-Powell’s tendency to envisage major works, which he would outline in plans, chapter or section for chapters, but which did not reach full completion. The notes and references which he accumulated, some of which appear in all the research sections C-F, were no doubt intendedto find a place in these massive synoptic works. Perhaps their bulk, to which he was constantly adding, defeated him. indeed in drafts Items H.64 - H.95 deal with these unfinished projects. H.1-H.56 PUBLICATIONS, PAPERS, REVIEWS H.57-H.61 EDITORIAL H.62, H.63 BROADCASTAND FILM H.64-H.95 UNPUBLISHED AND PROJECTED WORK H.1-H.56 PUBLICATIONS, PAPERS, REVIEWS 1924-1973 H.14 ‘On the present climatic equivalence of British raised beach Mollusca’. Geol. Mag., 64, 1927 1927 Manuscript copy of Abstract, critical comment by W.B. Wright, and Baden-Powell’s reply, published in Geol. Mag., and other correspondence. Corrected manuscript draft. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 H.2 H.3 H.4 H.5 H.6 H.7 H.8 ‘On the climatic equivalent of raised beach Mollusca’. Baden-Powell’s the Commission on Pliocene and Pleistocene Terraces, published 1928 contribution the to Report of 1928 Heavily-corrected manuscript drafts. Letter to The Times, on ‘Elephant Cemeteries’ 1929 1929 Typescript draft. ‘Notes on raised beach Mollusca from the Isle of Portland’ Proc. Malac. Soc., 19, 1930 1930 Heavily-corrected Marie Stopes requesting a copy for ‘our new little Museum’ on the island. manuscript draft, letter from ‘On the geological evolution of the Chesil Bank’, Geol. Mag., 67 , 1930 1930 Manuscript and 27pptypescript drafts, correspondence. ‘Raised beaches in Gower’, letter to Editor (? of Proc. Geol. Assoc.), January 1933 1933 Date of publication unknown. ‘On the age of the younger peats and clays of Fenland’ 1934 10pp typescript and manuscript draft. With a head-note ‘Corrections July 1934’. No publication known. Contribution to British Association meeting, 5 September 1935, on Quaternary deposits near Cromer 1935 Printed copy. H.8A ‘On the Holocene marine fauna from ... Island Magee, County Antrim’, 1937, J. anim. Ecol. 6 1936 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 69 H.9 H.10 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 Printed copy with circulation list at rear. Correspondence on specimens 1936. See also K.18. ‘Prehistoric Cave art’, submitted to Life and Letters Today, 1936 1936 Two typescript and manuscript versions, returning manuscript as ‘not quite suitable’. and_ letter ‘On the relation between a raised beach and an Iron Age midden on the Island of Lewis’, (with C.S. Elton), Proc. Antigu. Scotland, 71, 1936-1937 1933-1938 Correspondence, reports and papers relating to Baden- Powell’s and C.S. Elton’s paper. Correspondence begins 1933 and relates to finds made on expedition, reports and lists, transfers of material to National Museum of Scotland, delivery and publication of paper, press release. Continues to 1938. See also C.33, C.34 ‘A Palaeolithic industry from the Cromer District’, letter to Editor, by Baden-Powell and J.R. Moir, Nature, 142, 1938 1938 Published copy,with list for reprint circulation. H.12-H.14 ‘On the marine Mollusca of Studland Bay, Dorset, and the supply of lime to the sand dunes’, J. anim. Ecol., 11, 1942 1936, 1942, n.d. 20pp typescript and manuscript draft for article H.13 Manuscript drafts and notes, n.d. ‘On the evolution of the Sand Dunes at Studland, Dorset’, manuscript and typescript drafts, perhaps an earlier version of the 1942 paper Reference is made to a paper of 1933 by C. Diver, and a 1936 letter from him is enclosed. See also K.35. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 70 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 H.15, H.16 Two letters to Nature, vols 152 and 153, on ‘High-angle Edge-flaking offlint’ 1943, 1944 H.15 H.16 H.17 H.18 1943, vol 152 with list for reprint circulation 1944, vol 153 and other correspondence, with a list for reprint circulation ‘The recent eruption of Vesuvius’, 6pp manuscript draft, dated March 1944 1944 Publication not known. ‘Report on the Mollusca from Belle Hougue Cave, Jersey’, Bull. Soc. Jersiaise, 1946 1939-1946 Correspondence 1939-1946. Baden-Powell’s report on ‘Raised beach fossils from Belle Hougue Cave’ was completed in January 1939. It was to be included in the report by F.E. Zeuner, scheduled for 1940 but not published until 1946. H.19 ‘Nomenclature of the East Anglian Boulder Clays’ 1947 Letter to the Editor, Geol. Mag., 3pp manuscript, dated November 1947 H.20 H.21 Correspondence with colleagues arising from Baden- Powell’s propositions in H.19, with suggestions, leading to his paper ‘On the Chalky Boulder Clays of Norfolk and Suffolk’, Geol. Mag., 85, 1948 1948 ‘Experimental Clactonian Technique’, Proc. Prehist. Soc., 1949 1949 Correspondence. See also H.27 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 71 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 H.22 H.23 H.24 H.25 Review of Rhodesia, for Oxford Magazine, 1949 Jones, The Prehistory N. of Southern 1949 Correspondence and papers 1949. 1949 With R.G. Carruthers, relating to East Anglian Drifts, including a letter to the Editor, Geol. Mag., May 1949 (perhaps not published) and Baden-Powell’s contribution to a discussion meeting at the Geological Society, June 1949, published in the Proceedings Pliocene-Pleistocene ‘The the Deposits’, 1950 (Report Int. Geol. Congress 1948) boundary in British 1950 Printed copy,circulation list at rear. ‘Palaeoliths from the Fen District’, Proc. Prehist. Soc., 1951 1951 Correspondenceonly. See also E.15 H.26 ‘The geology of the country around Flatford Mill’ 1951 3pp typescript note contributed to a leaflet for the Field Studies Centre at Flatford Mill. H.27 ‘Experimental Clactonian Technique’ 1951 16pp typescript draft, and drawings, with a manuscript note ‘This version not yet publ. in toto. July 1951’. See also H.21. H.28 ‘The interglacial beds at Hoxne, Norfolk’, Nature, 168, 1951 1951 Typescript and manuscriptdraft. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 72 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 H.29 ‘The age of the Cromer Forest Bed’ 1952 3pp typescript and manuscript draft, dated August 1952, addressedto the Editor, Archaeological Newsletter. H.30-H.34 ‘Report on the re-investigation of the Westley (Bury St Edmunds)skull site’, Proc. Prehist. Soc., 1952 1949-1952 Correspondence and papers re excavations andfindings, principally with K.P. Oakley, leading up to this collaborative paper. Several other research projects are also referred to in the correspondence, as well as the Westley skull. skull, Correspondence, April-December 1949, on plans for re- examination of visits to Bury St Edmunds and Ashmolean Musems, meetings, authorisation by British Association of a grant of £15 for re-investigation ofsite, first period of field-work, November, preliminary report (by Oakley) December 1949 Baden-Powell’s notes, including palaeoliths at Ashmolean, references to ownvisits to Bury St Edmunds, 1936-1937, from field notebooks, plansoftrial holes Correspondence 1950, on second dig March 1950, interim report (by Oakley), August, further grant of £15 1950-1951 Correspondence 1951, on third dig April 1951 (labour cost £1.3.4), report on investigation (by Oakley and Burkitt) July 1951, plan for full report 1951 Correspondence, publication of report, of which a draft is enclosed. January-October 1952, mainly on 1952 Review of Paul Woldstedt, Das Eiszeitalter (Geology of the Ice Age) 1955, for Nature, 348 1955 3pp typescript and manuscriptdraft. H.30 H.31 H.32 H.33 H.34 H.35 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 73 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 H.36 ‘Geological report on sections near Wighton, Norfolk’ 1957-1958 Report on Romansite, undertaken for Norfolk Research Committee, with correspondence. H.37, H.38 ‘The Holocenehistory of the Outer Hebrides’ 1957 H.37 H.38 H.39 H.40 H.41 H.42 28pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections, n.d. but with a note acknowledging receipt from C.S. Elton, 1957 Extensive notes, references and information on Holocene plants in the Hebrides Several paginated sequences, and a note on ‘Plant remains from submerged forest at Pabbay, Harris’. See also F.37, F.41. Letter to the Editor, The Times, on the proposed Behring Strait and correspondence printed), Dam (not. October 1959, Review of Nature, 1960 F.E. Zeuner, The Pleistocene Period, for 1959 1960 ‘A Specimen Warwickshire’ of a lava millstone from Snowford, 1960 2pp typescript and manuscript note, n.d., reference 1960. No publication known. Review of C.J. Heusser, Late-Pleistocene Environments of North Pacific North America, for J. Glaciology, 1961 1961 H.43-H.45 Lexicon of British Stratigraphy 1955-1963 In 1955 Baden-Powell was asked by K.P. Oakley (recorder of the Pleistocene section of the proposed Lexicon) to undertake entries for East Anglia, to which were added as time went on East Anglian Pliocene, and entries for Yorkshire and Scotland. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 74 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 Baden-Powell sent off regular batches of entries and in November 1956 expressed joy at having completed the assignment, but correspondence and additions continue to 1963. Correspondence 1955-1957 Continuing publication notes and correspondence, proofs and 1959-1963 Batches of manuscript draft entries sent off to Oakley at intervals throughout 1955, 1956, 1957, 1959 1955-1959 Obituary notice for F.H.A. Engleheart, for publication in Proc. Geol. Soc., 1963 1963 Manuscriptdraft. Included here is paper with Engleheart. brief correspondence re collaborative Review of The Quaternary, ed. published in Geo. Acta K. Rankama, Vol |. 1965 Typescript and manuscriptdraft. Obituary notice of J.E. Sainty, for publication in Proc. Geol. Soc, 1967 1967 Draft. H.43 H.44 H.45 H.46 H.47 H.48 H.49-H.54 Correspondence and papers on the Nar Valley, Norfolk 1924-1971 visited, collected Baden-Powell the Pleistocene deposits of the Nar Valley, near King’s Lynn in Norfolk, for many years. He published papers on the subject and his correspondence refers to other writings in hand. and studied H.49 Correspondenceon visits, pollen analyses, meetings etc, includes letters and reports on Nar shells by L.W. 1952-1958 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 75 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 Grensted H.50 H.51 Notes and sketch-map, some small format with dates 1924, notes, some recording work in 1957, most undated undated; foolscap 1933, most on fresh Correspondence, of Nar Valley material and on Baden-Powell’s publications on Scottish isostasy 1963 (referring to Nar Valley) and on Nar Valley Mollusca of Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists Society 1967 Transactions published discovery in 1924-1957 and n.d. 1958-1971 H.52-H.54 Drafts of Baden-Powell’s papers on Nar Valley H.52 H.53 ‘On the marine fauna of the Nar Valley clay of Norfolk and its relation to crustal movement’ 5pp typescript, n.d. Publication not known. ‘On the marine Mollusca of the Nar Valley clay and their relation to the Palaeolithic sequence’ 18pp typescript and manuscript version ‘sent to Norwich’. H.54 ‘The marine Mollusca of the Nar Valley beds of Norfolk’. 1967 12pp typescript, with a manuscript note ‘Copy as sent to Barbara [Green] 21 April 1967’. This is a shortened version which Baden-Powell hoped to have substituted for his original, but was too late and the longer version at H.53 was published in the Transactions, 21, 32-42. H.55 H.56 Review of J.L. Giddings, Ancient Men of the Arctic, 1968, for New Scientist, 37 1968 ‘Professor Correlations’ 1968 Breuil’s Contributions to Pleistocene 1968 Baden-Powell’s Association Symposium on ‘Methods of Dating the Pleistocene’ at contribution British to a D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 76 Publications andprojects, H.1-H.95 Dundee meeting 1968. attend and the paper wasread for him. Baden-Powell was unable to Correspondence, draft abstract and paper. H.57-H.61 EDITORIAL 1950-1969 Comments on books and papers submitted for publication, or publications in hand. H.57-H.59 Geologists’ Association 1956-1969 H.57 H.58 H.59 H.60 H.61 1956, 1957, 1959 1963-1966 1969 Methuen & Co. Oxford University Press 1950 1961 H.62, H.63 BROADCASTAND FILM 1957, 1973 H.62 5pp manuscript headed ‘BBC 1957’ 1957 Changing climate Notes for a series of broadcasts: | Il Sea level Ill Fossil plants. Climate change IV Glaciation. Ice Age V Fossil Man D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 77 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 H.63 ‘Originals and copies’ 1973 Suggestedoutline for film script. Manuscript notes dated 28 April 1973. Typescript copy. H.64-H.95 UNPUBLISHED AND PROJECTED WORK 1926-1973 H.64-H.87 H.88-H.94 H.95 Books Papers Miscellaneous notes and writings H.64-H.87 Books 1926-c.1972 This material is not easy to designate. Not all is dated, and it is subject to Baden-Powell’s tendency to re-assign sections, or to hive them off to a separate publication as seems to have happened with some of the drafts for ‘PleistoceneBritain’. Attributions are therefore tentative. What is consistent, in Baden-Powell’s textual and bibliographical notes, and in many references that he envisaged publication in book form. There are, however, no final drafts, proofs or correspondence with publishers or editors. his correspondence, in is H.64-H.69 ‘The importance of Raised Beds’ A tentative date of 1957 has been assigned (see H.65) but Baden-Powell’s 1926 thesis heads the material as the primary sourceofhis lifelong interest. H.64 ‘On the marine fauna of the glacial deposits of the British Isles’ 1926 Baden-Powell’s B.Sc. thesis 26 April 1926. Typescript 174pp and maps, with a few manuscript corrections and amendments, perhaps addedlater. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 H.65-H.67 Manuscript drafts, on small-format writing-paper H.65 ‘Introduction. The importance of Raised Beaches’ 54pp (unfinished). Included here is a note dated 16 September 1957 with calculations of word-count per page for various chapters. There is a heading ‘Methuen’ and comparison with a book reviewed by Baden-Powell for Methuen in 1950 (see H.60) but no evidence that Baden-Powell was in contact with the firm about his own work. H.66 ‘Chapter 2. Western Mediterranean’ 46pp and 1p index. H.67 ‘3 British Isles’ 54pp (unfinished). H.68 ‘Part Il The West Mediterranean’ Typescript and manuscript draft with many corrections and additions, lists, 2pp manuscript index. tables and faunal unpaginated H.69 Another copyof H.68, with fuller manuscript corrections by Baden-Powell, comments in another hand, and many additional bibliographical references Chapter divisions are marked as Chapter Ill Corsica, Chapter IV Sicily and Southern Italy, V Naples and the Straits of Messina, 8 Italy and Sicily Archaeology. H.70 ‘Pleistocene Britain’ n.d. [c.1950s] Title page, Contents list, 5pp introduction, bibliography (latest reference 1956) Contents list comprises four parts: Field Evidence (by Correlation; region); of climate and sealevel. Palaeogeography; Changes D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 79 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 hived off East It seems possible that as the work expanded, Baden- Powell and with Palaeogeography (H.71-H.79) chapter-headings of their own. The complete ‘Pleistocene Britain’ was notfinished. (H.80-H.87) units Anglia as discrete H.71-H.79 Notes and drafts for book on palaeogeography Various paginated sequences, in miscellaneous formats, some with late manuscript additions. ‘Palaeogeography. and Introduction Preface (‘The object of this book ...’) Maps ‘On the Quaternary Palaeogeography of Southern and Eastern England’ ‘Vulcanicity’ ‘Marine Transgression’ ‘Ice’ ‘Palaeoclimatology’ 137pp manuscript and index. Typescript version paginated 124-136 headed ‘Chapter 7’ ‘Earth movement’, headed ‘Chapter 9’ Bibliography H.71 H.72 H.73 H.74 H.75 H.76 H.77 H.78 H.79 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 80 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 H.80-H.87 Notes and drafts for work on East Anglia H.80 ‘Chapter 2 East Anglia: Crag Deposits’ typescript, 23pp Evidence’ from H.70. 7pp manuscript, originally ‘Field H.81 ‘Chapter 3 East Anglia: the Glacial Series’ 13pp typscript, 4pp manuscript, originally ‘Field Evidence’ from H.70. H.82 ‘Chapter 4 East Anglia: Interglacial Deposits’ 26pp typescript. H.83 ‘Chapter 5 The Holocene Beds’ 6pp typescript begins ‘Although the title of this book promised an account of the developmentof Britain during the Pleistocene...’, originally from H.70. H.84 ‘Notes started 8 Sept. 1938’ Plan, ideas, diagrams and notes for work on all aspects of East Anglia, glaciation, drifts, extinctions, fauna, etc. 194pp manuscript. last century publication and theories. 1840-1938’, Mainly ‘summary of history over the of analysis and discussion H.85 ‘East Anglia Arch.’ 114pp publications and theories mainly 1902-1940. manuscript. Analysis and discussion of H.86 Continuing references to publications on East Anglia, updated to include Baden-Powell’s collaborative papers with J. Reid Moir and his own publications 1948. Latest reference 1965. 16pp manuscript. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 81 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 H.87 20pp manuscript notes started 1942 listing ‘main things done’ and own publications on East Anglia. Notes continue to 1957 Later notes continue to June 1972 H.88-H.94 Papers c.1929-1973 No place of publication has been found for these items, which are presented in approximately chronological order H.88 ‘The age of the Straits of Dover’ Variously paginated manuscript and typescript notes and drafts. Latest reference 1929. H.89 ‘The tectonic displacement of sea-level’ 3pp typescript draft and miscellaneous manuscript drafts, headed ‘To Editor of Nature’, latest reference 1957. Not published in Nature 1957 or 1958. H.90 Notes and drafts on ‘The environmentof palaeolithic man in Britain’, with a note dated 2 Sept 1970 ‘These notes ..should make a Post- Palaeolithic Man’ ‘Environment basis for of H.91, H.92 Notes and drafts techniques’, Knowles’s work’ for intended ‘The ‘as a evolution sequel of Stone Age Francis to Sir (The reference is to Knowles, Stone-worker’s Progress, OUP, 1953) H.91 Note ‘Started June 1972’ including chapter-headings and manuscript manuscript sequence ‘started July 1972’ on Knowles’s work and miscellaneous other sequences and notes introduction, extensive 72pp H.92 Baden-Powell’s heavily-annotated copy of Stone-Worker’s D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 82 Publications and projects, H.1-H.95 Progress H.93, H.94 Notes and drafts on the Upper ThamesValley 1962-1973 H.93 Manuscript notes and diagrams on implements etc. on various sites in Oxford area, some dated 1951, 1964 H.94 Further drafts relating to the Oxford area ‘The Oxford Collections’, 13pp manuscript and typescript draft, with a head-note ‘discovered among Baden-Powell’s notes. Probably working on it 1964/65’ Correspondence 1971 re proposed new version of the paper ‘Relation between the Wolvercote Channel and the Summertown Terrace at Oxford, 8pp typescript with a head-note ‘D.B-P finished this in 1973’. See also correspondence with M.L. Shackley at K.119. H.95 Miscellaneous notes and writings 1969, 1971 and n.d. Includes: 2pp Introduction and 30pp drafts on history of geology. Eustatic changes, pp.31-40, perhaps for work on raised beds. ‘The North East’, 22 July 1969 Two small-format pages listing chapter headings for books. Miscellaneous on restoration. Plan for paper on terrace sequences at Warsach Hants (1971). See also K.119 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 83 SECTION J SOCIETIES, ORGANISATIONS AND MEETINGS, J.1- J.28 1934-1971 Baden-Powell was not an organisation or committee man. He was involved with few societies and attended few conferences, his frequent travels in the UK and abroad being generally undertaken privately. The material here is therefore relatively thin, though it does supply indications of his involvement in geological activities in the public world, as speaker or leader of expeditions at meetings, and as an occasional committee member. The most extensive information relates to the Geologists’ Association (J.5-J.16) of which he was a long- term member and which awarded him its Foulerton Medal in 1956. The invitation to organise excursions to East Anglia for the Centenary meeting in 1958 meant muchto him. attendance at Baden-Powell’s International Geological Congress in 1937, and his impressions of the Soviet Union at that time, are of considerable general interest and are retained at A.22, A.23. the 17th J.1 J.2 J.3 J.4 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENTOF SCIENCE COUNCIL FOR BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGY GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON GEOLOGICAL SURVEY AND MUSEUM J.5-J.16 GEOLOGISTS’ ASSOCIATION J.17 J.18 J.19 J.20 J.21 INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR QUATERNARY RESEARCH (INQUA) INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGICAL CONGRESS LE PLAY SOCIETY MALACOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 84 Societies, organisations and meetings,J.1-J.28 J.22 J.23 J.24 J.25 J.26 J.27 J.28 NORFOLK RESEARCH COMMITTEE PALAEONTOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY PREHISTORIC SOCIETY PREHISTORIC SOCIETY OF EAST ANGLIA QUATERNARYFIELD STUDY GROUP ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON J.1 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE 1950-1961 (annotated) Notes meetings 1950, (declined) to speak and lead excursions at 1961 meeting. at 1954, correspondence and invitation and schedule for excursions J.2 COUNCIL FOR BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGY 1944-1964 Correspondence 1944 is re the formation of the Council and membership of Natural Sciences Committee (Convenor K.P. Oakley) set up to further co-operation between archaeologists and natural scientists. Baden- Powell also served on its Palaeolithic and Neolithic Panel. its Correspondence 1953 is re the formation and Baden- Powell’s membership of a Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Research Committee, and his suggestions of interested parties. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 85 Societies, organisations and meetings,J.1-J.28 J.3 GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON 1968-1971 Correspondence and papers on the Quaternary Era Sub- committee’s Regional Committees for East Anglia and Southern England, including Baden-Powell’s comments on the proposals. J.4 GEOLOGICAL SURVEY AND MUSEUM 1959-1960 Correspondence and arrangements for Baden-Powell to conduct visiting American geologists round East Anglia with special interest in Crag section. Includes detailed plans for itinerary, sites and museums to be visited, Baden-Powell’s list of ‘East Anglian stories’. J.5-J.16 GEOLOGISTS’ ASSOCIATION 1939-1963 Most of the material deals with the many excursions in East Anglia which Baden-Powell organised and led, notably in the centenary year 1958. There are also his contributions to discussion meetings and publications. J.5 J.6 J.7 Correspondence International Geological Congress scheduled for 1940 but subsequently cancelled. preparation in for Includes Baden-Powell’s preliminary guide to the Cromer area prepared in advance. Correspondence on discussion meeting and Baden- Powell’s contribution ‘The age of raised beaches of Southern Britain’ Correspondence on excursions led by Baden-Powell for Inernational Geological Congress 1948 Arrangements, letters of thanks. 1939 1942 1947 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 J.8 J.9 J.10 J.11 J.12 Societies, organisations and meetings, J.1-J.28 Correspondence on excursion to Lowestoft led by Baden- Powell during Field Meeting; his report was publishedin Proc. Geol. Soc., 61 Lists of exhibits for ‘G.A. Exhibition’, one page dated February 1950 86 1949 1950 Correspondence, itinerary, arrangements for excursion to East Anglia 13-14 September 1952, eventually cancelled for lack of support 1952, 1954 Included here is a card sent to Baden-Powell from members of 1954 excursion, regretting his his absence through illness. Correspondence on meeting February 1956 at which Baden-Powell read his paper ‘The co-relation of Pliocene and the Mediterranean’ andits publication in Proc. Geol. Soc. 66 Pleistocene marine Britain and beds of 1955-1956 An abstract of the paper, and his replies to questions in discussion, are included. Mainly correspondence and papers on Field Meetings Committee meetings in preparation for excursions in Centenary Year (1958) 1957 Includes some scientific correspondence with colleagues. J.13-J.15 The Centenary Year 1958-1960 Baden-Powell and R.G. West organised a Long Field Meeting to study the Pleistocene and Pliocene of East Anglia 14-24 August 1958. J.13 Correspondence January-August 1958 1958 Arrangements, permissions. itineraries and dates, participants, J.14 Drafts for Report, published in Proc. Geol. Soc. 71, 1960 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 87 Societies, organisations and meetings, J.1-J.28 J.15 Correspondence August 1958-May 1960 1958-1960 Matters arising from excursion, correspondence identifications. with colleagues on publication of finds report, and J.16 J.17 Stopes Medal candidates. INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR QUATERNARY RESEARCH(INQUA) Correspondence on Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary. 1963 1960 J.18 INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGICAL CONGRESS 1960 Nomination of Baden-Powell as UK representative on international stratigraphical commission. J.19 LE PLAY SOCIETY 1935 Excursion to Lewis. J.20 MALACOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON 1966 Resignation. J.21 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY 1946 Election to Society. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 88 Societies, organisations and meetings, J.1-J.28 J.22 NORFOLK RESEARCH COMMITTEE 1948-1960 Election 1948, meetings, discussions, publications and comments 1949-1960. J.23 PALAEONTOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY 1937-1955 Election to membership 1937, to Council 1955, signed Centenary Dinner menu 1947. J.24 PREHISTORIC SOCIETY 1951 Election to Council. J.25 PREHISTORIC SOCIETY OF EAST ANGLIA 1934 Election. J.26 QUATERNARY FIELD STUDY GROUP 1966 Brief correspondenceonly. J.27 ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY 1954 on Correspondence Geographical Names, previously managed by the Society through subscriptions, transferred to Governmentfinance. Permanent on Committee D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 89 Societies, organisations and meetings, J.1-J.28 J.28 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON 1952-1963 Correspondence and arrangements for excursion to Norfolk-Suffolk area by students of the college, led by Baden-Powell. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 90 SECTION K CORRESPONDENCE,K.1-K.168 1924-1973 There or correspondence, andthis is retained in Section A. surviving personal very little is family all on such general matters The material here is exchanged with fellow geologists and archaeologists, as excavations, finds and identifications, visits, publications and theories. Some items are quite brief, centring on reports from Baden-Powell on material received, but the majority contain full, detailed accounts of his research plans and ideas, expressed in frank and friendly terms at several removes from the discreet reticence of stricter specialists. His own fieldwork and unpublished material are constantly referredto. There are often lengthy gaps in the correspondence, especially during the wartime decade, and relatively few long-term exchanges. Among Baden-Powell’s oldest acquaintances are W.J. Arkell, F.H.A. Engleheart, K.P. Oakley, J.R. Moir, S.H. Warren and R.G. West. Much of the interest of the correspondencelies in the contributions made by serious and authoritative amateur geologists such as W.S. Bisat, a civil engineer, Engleheart, a farmer, C. Overy and R.D. Thompson, parsons, H.M. Gibson, J.E. Sainty and F.M. Walker, schoolmasters, P. Cambridge, an RAF Sergeant, W.P.D. Stebbing, a JP, and others. or later damage The correspondencehashistorical interest in documenting changes in exposures andsites, due to factors such as wartime housing developmentor road systems, as well as natural changes of erosion, land and coastal movement or wind-blown sand. earlier investigators by older geologists among Baden-Powell’s correspondents like Boswell, Gilbert, Kendal, Kennard and Sainty. reconstruction, recollections There are also the of Baden-Powell’s own generation had its formalities. Only very old friends and contemporaries such as Oakley were on first-name terms. Otherwise surnames werethe rule, even with long-term correspondents such as Moir, though ‘B-P’ was a standard form of address. A great deal of the correspondence, perhaps because of the ‘amateur’ status of the writers or the lack of affluence in their own formative years, is in longhand even in the more prosperous 1950s and 1960s, on small-format writing-paper, and afterthoughts down the side margins. Hand-written letters were regarded as the norm of polite behaviour; Baden- Powell himself often apologised for sending a typewritten letter on the grounds that he needed to keep a copy as an aide-memoire. In default of a copy he would jot a note of his reply on the incoming letter. additions cramped with and D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 91 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 The correspondence at K.159-K.168 is ‘shorter’ by virtue only of its relative brevity. It is never routine or formal. Even when acknowledging a book or reprint, or when forwarding a list of specimens identified, Baden-Powell writes in warm friendly terms expanding on his ideas and conclusions. K.1-K.158 GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE K.159-K.168 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE K.1-K.158 GENERALSCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1924-1973 K.1 Anderson, F.W. 1936, 1947 1936 Ostracods. 1947 Long letter on Baden-Powell’s ideas on raised beds. K.2 K.3 Anderson, W. Raised beaches, glaciation Arber, M.A. Saunton erratics 1939, 1948 1950-1954 K.4, K.5 Arkell, W.u. 1942-1956 Frequent publications, etc exchanges on_ research, specimens, K.4 K.5 Includes drafts and Arkell’s comments on Baden-Powell’s papers on East Anglian Boulder Clays 1942-1948 Includes Arkell’s report on a visit to East Anglian sites with Baden-Powell and others, July 1952 1949-1956 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 K.6 K.7 K.8 K.9 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 Arnold, R. Loch Ness monster. 92 1960-1962 Ashwell, IY. 1961-1965 Shells from Iceland. Includes notes and report by Baden- Powell. Askelsson, J. 1958-1959 Shells from Iceland. Includes Baden-Powell’s report. Banham, W.A. Digs and implements at Hoxne. 1948 K.10 Beckinsale, R.P. 1962-1963 Dating of Severn Valley peat. K.11 Bentham, R. 1936 Shells from Ellesmere Land. report. Includes Baden-Powell’s K.12 Bisat, W.S. and others 1948-1956 Detailed exchanges of ideas on Boulder Clays anddrift in Yorkshire Association meetings and excursions, Baden-Powell’s reports on shells and meetings. Geologists’ and East Anglia, Correspondence 1956 refers Stratigraphy (H.43-H.45). to work on Lexicon of K.13 Blanc, A.C. 1936-1956 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 93 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.14 Boswell, P.G.H. 1939-1960 1939 Oneletter only. General on exchanges 1947-1960 publications, excursions, especially East Anglia, Swanscombe, Hoxne, nomenclature, etc. Includes a copy of Baden-Powell’s draft letter to Nature May 1958 on the Cromer Forest Bed and a full account of the 1958 Geologists’ Association excursion, which Boswell wastoofrail to attend. exchanges with Sedgwick Museum, K.15 K.16 K.17 Brighton, A.G. Loans Cambridge. and Bryan, K. Bullows, W.L. Experiments on formation of pebbles, abrasion, erosion, etc. K.18, K.19 Burchell, J.P.T. Mainly on analysis of shells and foraminifora from Island Magee, Co. Antrim and Baden-Powell’s reports later published as a paper in J. anim. Ecol. 6, 1937. See also H.8A. Also visits and finds in Lincolnshire. 1936-1949 1948 1936-1939 1933-1969 1933-1937 K.18 K.19 K.20 Continuing exchangeson publications. 1946-1969 Burkitt, M.C. 1932-1951 and n.d. Baden-Powell’s Identification and dating of early implements, techniques, flint-knapping, experiments (especially letter of 9 December 1944. See E.84), glacial correlations etc. Baden-Powell’s letter of 15 September 1949 laments the decline of amateur geologists and collectors. own D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.21 Burland, C.A. Identification of rocks at Cromer Till. K.22 Burton, E. St J. Studland Mollusca K.23 Callendar, G.S. Glacial fluctuations and climate change. 94 1949 1955 1950 K.24 Calver, M.A. 1949, 1951 Includes deposits in Britain. Baden-Powell’s list of marine Pleistocene K.25 Cambridge, P. and others 1949-1960 Cambridge wasat this time an RAF Sergeant, stationed at various bases in East Anglia, who collected specimens during digs while on service, and later became a noted authority on the East Anglian Crags. K.26 Chatwin, C.P. Boulder clays. 1948 K.27 Clay, E. 1969-1970 Bronze Age barrows. K.28 Clayton, K. 1955-1961 East Anglian beaches andcorrelation, nomenclature. K.29 Collum, V.C.C. 1937-1939 Correspondence, notes and photographs on raised D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 beaches and megalithic monuments on Guernsey,arising from Baden-Powell’s and Elton’s work on Lewis. K.30, K.31 Cox, L.R. K.30 K.31 Brief exchangesof information. Correspondence and notes on work and identification by Baden-Powell of shells from Gibraltar brought by J. Waechter (see K.143) K.32 Crickmay, C.H. Jurassic fauna in California. 95 1930-1957 1930-1937 1957 1932 K.33 Davidson, C.F. 1931-1938 The correspondence begins when Davidson was an undergraduate at Dundee. He later worked at the Geological Survey and Museum London. Identifications, reports, exchange of information and ideas on Errol shells and other Scottish raised beach Mollusca. K.34 Davies, A. Morley 1937-1953 1937-1939 Brief correspondence recalling Moscow visit (see A.22, A.23). Letter addressed to L.R. Wager enclosing 1953 photograph taken 1914 describing beds at Chawley brickfield, Oxford. K.35 Diver, C. 1932-1942 Mainly on Studland area, dune formation, etc. including reports, draft publications. K.36, K.37 Douglas, J.A. 1950-1973 Douglas was Professor of Geology at Oxford University D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 96 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 All the correspondence dates from his 1937-1950. of Wight. Baden-Powell retirement to Yarmouth, Isle addresses him throughout as ‘Duggie’ and he signs his letters in the same way. K.36 K.37 Personal and scientific correspondence, mainly on river gravels on Isle of Wight 1950-1960 On Piltdown Man hoax and other controversies, Douglas’s work on South American and other arrow-heads 1972-1973 Baden-Powell’s letter of 21 October 1972 gives some accountof his own career and publication programme. K.38 Durand, S. Pliocene sites in East Anglia. K.39 K.40 Eager, R.M.C. Edgell, L.T. Dorset beaches. K.41 Edmonds, J.M. K.42 K.43 K.44 Spitsbergen shells. Edwards, W.N. Ellis, E.A. East Anglian estuarine shells. Emiliani, C. Isotope tests 1955 1956 1928 1938 1938, 1949 1933, 1955 1954 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 97 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.45, K.46 Engleheart, F.H.A. 1928-1963 Engleheart was one of Baden-Powell’s closet friends. A near contemporary, he graduated from Magdalen College Oxford in 1921, taking a B.Sc. in 1930. Inheriting a farm in Suffolk, he continued excavations and publications on an independent, but greatly respected basis. Baden-Powell and he shared excursions and ideas and exchanged personal news. Their acquaintance was long- dated: from the earliest (1928) they address one another as ‘My dear Donald / Francis’. Baden-Powell wrote an obituary notice for him in 1963 (see H.46). of Baden-Powell’s Detailed exchanges on nomenclature. letter 17 September 1933 contains an account (annotated by Engleheart) of his trip to The Hebrides with C.S. Elton. Engelheart’s letter of 29 June 1938 agrees to act as Baden-Powell’s Trustee Correspondence continues, without explanation for the gap in the sequence. Includes reference to Baden- Powell’s paper on the Suffolk Crag (Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 9) 1955, Engleheart’s find of hand-axe 1961 and Baden-Powell’s report on it January 1962 K.45 K.46 K.47 Engleheart, G. (uncle of F.H.A. Engleheart) Pebbles from Chesil Bank. K.48 Evans, E. Finds at Hoxne, Norfolk. Hoxne. See also L.11. See L.4 for photographs at 1928-1940 1949-1963 1929 1948 K.49 Fagg, B.E.B. and others 1965-1971 Fagg was Curator of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford at this time. Includes correspondence on gifts and loans to the Museum including Baden-Powell’s run of Nature. Also information on Natal raised beaches. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 98 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.50 Fairbridge, R.R. 1949, 1957 Raised beaches. K.51 Falcon, N.F. 1931-1938 Shells from Edge Island. K.52 Farrington, A. 1948-1954 Wexford gravels, East Anglian correlation K.53 Fisher, N.F. (later McMillan) 1933-1964 Correspondenceand reports on Irish Mollusca. K.54 K.55 Flint, R.F. Fowler, G. and others Fenland sites and finds. K.56 Francis, E.A. North of England geological sequence. K.57 Funnell, B.M. Weybourne Crag. K.58 Gage, M Advice on Pleistocene depositsin Britain. 1929-1931 1934-1952 1964 1958 1953 K.59 George, T.N. 1930-1939 Mainly correspondence 1930-1933 on Raised Beaches of Gower. Includes manuscript of Baden-Powell’s letter to D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 99 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 Geol. Mag. May 1933 arising from George’s paper on Gower (Proc. Geol. Soc. 43) and of George’s replies (Geol. Mag. June and Sept. 1933). K.60 Gibson, H.M. 1942 Interglacials in northern Britain. K.61 Gilbert, C.J. 1932-1934 Submergence and tilt Dungeness etc in the Fens, Romney Marsh, K.62 Godwin, H. and others 1932-1970 1932-1933 Pollen in Fenland samples. Continuing research, publications, work on 1948-1970 East Anglia. Includes correspondence with R.G. West, then a research student at Cambridge, later a close friend and collaborator. See also K.152, K.153. K.63 Green, C. 1953-1966 Coast and sealevels in East Anglia. K.64 Gregory, J.W. 1926-1929 Scottish Raised Beaches. Included here is a press-cutting recording Gregory’s death by drowning on an expedition to Peru 1932 K.65 Groom, G.E. 1958 Fauna from Welsh beaches. K.66 Hampton, F.A. 1947-1948 Boulder Clay erratics at Blackpool. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.67 Hardy, J. Includes draft paper on sea-bedoff Chesil Bank. K.68 Hayward, D.F. Shells from raised beaches at Accra, Ghana. K.69 Hayward, J.F. Post-Roman sea-level changes. K.70 Hollin, J.T. Researchin Nar Valley, and at Swanscombe. 100 1958 1966 1955 1966 K.71 Holroyd, S.V. 1961-1962 Correspondence and draft for paper by Holroyd, including a report by Baden-Powell, on lava specimen from Roman villa, published in Man 1962. K.72 Hopkins, D.M. 1959-1960 Excursion to East Anglia, led by Baden-Powell, with F.S. MacNeil. K.73 Hopwood, N.T. Red Crag fauna K.74 Howell, F.C. Teaching of palaeoanthropology. 1940 1956 K.75 John, B.S. 1962-1966 Includes Oxford University expedition to Greenland, material collected, information and reports on John’s D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 work in Pembrokeshire and Antarctica. See also F.38. K.76 K.77 Kendall, P.S. Kennard, A.S. March gravels. 101 1931-1932 1934 K.78 Kerney, M.P. and others 1959-1962 Concerning the drawings of Norfolk coast made by G. Slater 1919-1931, and their publication, with comments by Baden-Powell on draft. K.79 King, W.B.R. 1947-1955 General correspondence on excavations, finds, mainly on East Anglian sites. Powell’s report on English Channel Mollusca. publication, Includes Baden- K.80 Lacaille, A.D. 1937-1952 Exchangesof ideas and publications on early implements mainly in Scotland, and on Baden-Powell’s own tool- making Lacaille’s publication on ‘The Mesolithic Colonisation of Scotland.’ experiments. Includes plan for K.81 K.82 Lafitte, R. Lewis, W.V. Sea levels and waveaction. 1947-1954 1937-1938 K.83-K.85 Macfadyen, W.A. 1931-1965 Intensive but sporadic exchanges of ideas, information and specimens, including reports by both correspondents. K.83 Correspondence addressed to Macfadyen at the Sidgwick 1931-1938 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 102 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 Museum Cambridge 1931-1935, and in Baghdad 1935- 1937 Exchanges, lists and reports mainly on East Anglia and Fenland clays, and forams from Island Magee for which Macfadyen contributed co- authorship of the published paper. See H.8A. Includes, with 1932 correspondence, Baden-Powell’s draft paper ‘On the age of the younger peats and clays of Fenland’. Macfadyen’s reports on Irish and Scottish forams are included. information but declined K.84 K.85 K.86 Correspondence addressed to Macfadyen at the Nature Conservancy 1950-1959 Includes advice on preservation of geological sites and designation as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). See K.98. British Pleistocene Succession and other correlations 1960-1965 MacRae, R. J. 1967, 1968 Note on Suffolk and Norfolk Gravel Pits. K.87 Manley,G. 1951-1959 Climatic variations and snowlines K.88 Mann, L. McL. 1928-1931 Includes Mollusca, chiefly from kitchen middens near Oban’. ‘Report on a collection Baden-Powell’s of K.89 Marr, J.E. 1924, 1927 Pleistocene marine beds, Nar valley. K.90 Marston, A.T. and others 1949-1954 Swanscombe eerratics, Piltdown skull, publication. flints and flaked implements, D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 103 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.91 Melmore, S. 1933-1936 Yorkshire. K.92 Melville, R.V. 1955-1957, 1966-1967 reports and_ Various specimens, Baden-Powell’s contribution Survey Memoir on Macclesfield marine Mollusca. identifications, exchanges of to Geological K.93-K.95 Moir, J.R. and others 1926-1944 Letters, cards, diagrams. Moir was an East Anglian prehistorian who made many important, tardily recognised discoveries about the dating of early man andhis activities. His father, a prosperous Ipswich tailor and outfitter, took his son to work in his shop at the age of 16. He had no capacity for business, eventually abandoning it to devote himself to archaeology, though his means were very limited and became even more straitened in later years. He had honorific posts, notably as President of Ipswich Museum, and waselected to the Royal Society in 1937, but no professional or academic career. Seealso L.5. The correspondence is almost all incoming letters sent from Moirs home address. Few of Baden-Powell’s letters survive, though it is clear that Moir was replying, often by return, to one from him. K.93 K.94 K.95 Detailed exchanges on implements stratigraphy, prehistory and 1926-1935 Baden-Powell’s letter of 28 January 1936 outlines his current ‘jobs’ and a ‘formidable list’ of East Anglian projects. Moir’s letter of 12 June 1939 refers to the Sutton Hoofind 1936-1939 Included here is a letter from a colleague on Moir’s last illness and death in February 1944 1940-1944 Moir was bombed outof his Ipswich home in June 1940 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 104 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 and after a brief stay at Newbury he spent the war years at Flatford, Suffolk, where he continued geological and archaeological work in the Stour Valley area. The serious difficulties, and sometimes Spartan conditions oflife, are sometimesalluded to, as is Baden-Powell’s offer of help K.96 Mourant, A.E. 1936-1966 Excavations and finds from Channel Island sites. (Several letters incomplete). K.97 Movius, H.L. 1954-1957 Marine correlations. K.98 Nature Conservancy 1953-1963 Correspondence mainly with W.A. Macfadyen (q.v.) and others on designation and protection of Sites of Special Scientific Interest. K.99-K.101 Oakley, K.P. and others 1937-1972 Oakley was a distinguished prehistorian working at the British Museum of Natural History where he became Deputy Keeper of Anthropology. He and Baden-Powell first met in 1935 and both took part in the visit to Moscow (A.22, A.23) and became close friends. They worked together on the Swanscome and Bury St Edmundsskulls and published a collaborative report in 1952. See A.1, H.30-H.34. Research, ideas and publications, Council for Archaeology(see also J.2) British 1937-1938, 1944-1949 Arrangements for excavations, finds and publication on Bury St Edmunds and Westley skull 1949-1952 arrangements Quaternary Includes stratigraphy in Holland 1952, publications on Westley skull, Nar Valley, etc. on for meeting 1952-1972 K.99 K.100 K.101 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.102 Overy, C. Stones from Weyland’s Smithy. K.103 Ovey, C.D. K.104 Palmer, L.S. Marine gravels. 105 1957, 1962- 1968 1947-1959 1936-1951 K.105 Pannekoek,A.J. 1948-1952 Pannekoekwasa geologist at Haarlem. Eem deposits in Holland. K.106 Paterson, T.T. 1934-1948 Paterson was Curator, Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Ethology. Ideas and publications on East Anglian stratigraphy. K.107 Pei, W-C. 1938 Prehistory in China. K.108 Penny,L.F. 1960-1965 Meteorites, Holderness stratigraphy K.109 Perrin, R.M.S. 1952 Research on chalk soils. K.110 Raistrick, A. 1932-1936 Theories on glaciation advance and retreat. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 106 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.111 Ralph, E.K. 1962-1964 Correspondence and Baden-Powell’s reports on shells at Sybaris. Includes account and maps of excavation survey of Sybaris by University of Phildelphia. K.112 Rastall, R.H. and others 1931-1944 March gravels. Includes reports by Baden-Powell on erratics at Brundon, Suffolk, and by Rastall on rock specimens sent by Baden-Powell. Publications. K.113 Read, H.H. 1945 Granitisation. K.114 Rust, K. 1957-1958 Prehistoric specimensat Aurillac. K.115, K.116 Sainty, J.E. and others 1939-1960 Sainty was a noted archaeologist, by profession a science master at City of Norwich School, living at West Runton, Cromer. on_ specimens and Correspondence identifications, publications and reports. Includes Baden- Powell's draft and comments by Sainty on ‘Cutler's Stone’ and beach erosion at West Runton 1958. excursions, Baden-Powell’s draft obituary of Sainty after his death in 1967, for publication in Proc. Geol. Soc., is at H.48. See also L.9. K.115 1939-1951 K.116 1952-1960 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Correspondence,K.1-K.168 K.117 Sandford, K.S. 107 1929 Sandford was Reader in Geology at Oxford, 1948-1967. Proposal for joint paper on raised beds by Sandford (writing from Cairo), Elton and Baden-Powell. K.118 Seymour, F. and Shannon, W.G. 1930-1932 Raised beachesat Portland and Torbaydistrict. K.119 Shackley, M.L. 1970-1972 was an_ archaeologist Shackley Southampton University, working on sites on the Solent and Isle of Wight. The letters, addressed to ‘My dear Donald’, areall incoming, though it is clear that Baden-Powell replied fairly promptly and at length. at There is some personal news, and references to Baden- Powell’s work on the Wolvercote and Summertown terraces (see H.94) as well as detailed news of Shackley’s own expeditions and ideas. reports and photographsof Isle of Wight excavations. Includes K.120 Shaw, C. 1966-1967 Implements andflaking techniques. K.121 Shotton, F.W. 1946-1965 Shotton was Professor of Geology at Sheffield and later at Birmingham. K.122 Sieveking, G. de G. 1962-1969 Excavations on various East Anglian sites. K.123 Simpson, G.C. 1957 Glacial phases in East Anglia. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 108 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.124 Smith, D.B. 1965-1966 Notes and identification Durham, and other Durham specimens. shells of at Saltholme, Co. K.125 Sollas, W.J. and others 1931-1973 Sollas was the long-serving (1897-1936) Professor of Geology, and, in his later years, a famed eccentric. Folder includes letters and cards from Sollas, 1931-1936, some recollections of his teaching from a formerpupil, and an appreciation by J.D. Bell. K.126 Solomon, J.D. 1930-1957 Mainly incoming letters. correlations in East Anglia. Controversy on glaciation and K.127-K.132 Spencer, H.E.P. and others 1947-1973 Spencer worked at the Ipswich Museum, though mostof the correspondenceis from his private address. Letters are mainly incoming (with complaints about Baden- Powell’s dilatoriness as a correspondent) and manuscript, with detailed information and reports on visits to East Anglian sites, coastal changes, fauna, implements etc., and on geologicalfield trips. glacial levels, strata, K.127 K.128 K.129 K.130 See also L.6. Includes Spencer's report of his visit to Bawdsey Cliff 1947, digs at Hoxne etc. 1947-1949 Corton beds, work at Westley, Baden-Powell’s list of Red Crag specimens 1950-1952 Continuing especially of Crag material collecting and excavations by Spencer, 1953-1956 Includes arrangements for 1958 Geologists’ Association Field Excursion (see J.12-J.15) 1958-1960 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 109 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.131 1961-1964 K.132 Continuing East Anglian excavations andfinds, publication of series of papers on Suffolk geological history, written by Spencer in retirement 1965-1973 K.133 Stearns, C.E. 1956 Finds in Morocco. K.134 Stebbing, W.P.D. 1940, 1947 Stonar shingle. K.135 Sweeting, M. K.136 Thompson, R.D. Brick earth deposit in Beccles area. 1956, 1961 1949, 1955 K.137 Tomlinson, M.E. 1946-1948 Midland boulder clay K.138 Treacher, M.S. 1950-1952 Palaeoliths collection at the Oxford University Museum. from Thames terraces in the Treacher K.139 Tufnell, O and others 1949-1956 Identifications and reports on shells and material collected during the Wellcome-Marston Archaeological Research Expedition to the Near East and forwarded to Baden- Powell were incorporated in Parts 3 and 4 of Lachish, the account of the expedition to be published by the Oxford University Press. See also F.31. Baden-Powell’s reports by Tufnell. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 110 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.140 Tyrrell, G.W. and others 1938-1939 Raised beachshells from Spitsbergen. K.141 Van der Vlerk, |.M. 1952-1954 East Anglian correlations K.142 van Voorthuysen, J.H. and others 1947-1958 Irish estuarine clay, Clacton gravels. K.143 Waechter, J. d’A. 1957-1970 Shells from Gibraltar. K.144, K.145 Walker, F.M. and others 1924-1950 Walker, a keen collector and local archaeologist, was a schoolmaster at March, subsequently living there after retirement. cards Letters, implements, etc. and diagrams, on March gravels, K.144 1927-1934 K.145 1949-1950 K.146-K.150 Warren, S.H. and others 1948-1956 Warren, an archaeologist and prehistorian with a special interest in East Anglia, was based at Loughton, Essex, though manyofhis letters (all manuscript) were sent from Clacton, his base for expeditions in the field. Born in 1876, Warren wasalready elderly and retired at the start of the correspondence, though still active in excavations and publications. Only in 1955, after several years of exchanges, do the correspondents address each other by their first names. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 1114 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 correspondence, detailed, The flaking concerns visits, specimens and identifications, experiments and techniques, palaeoliths and implements from the Clacton deposits. frequent often and Baden-Powell and Warren published collaborative ‘Report on the marine fauna of the Clacton Channels’ in 1955 (Quart. J. Geol. Soc. Lon. 111). Several other notes and reports are included in the folders. a_ Erratics in gravels, flaking techniques 1948-1951 Includes Baden-Powell’s draft ‘Report on the marine fauna of the Clacton channels’, May 1952, 5pp, and draft ‘Report on glacial erratics from the Clacton and neighbouring gravel’, November 1952, 11pp, with careful comments by Warren and Oakley 1952-1953 K.146 K.147 K.148 K.149 K.150 Flaking controversy, including an early (1935) leaflet by Warren, drafts and arrangements for collaborative paper ‘On erratics from the Clacton channels and from otherDrift Deposits in various dispatches of material from Clacton beaches to Baden- Powell for identification. Hertfordshire and Essex’, 15pp, discussions, Detailed for collaborative paper ‘On the erratic rocks of certain early Thames and Glacial Drifts from the Hertfordshire / Essex border to Clacton-on-Sea’, 26pp., March 1955 amendments draft and_ manuscript and Includes Baden- correspondencearising with editor, Geol. Mag. Powell later withdrew from the publication pending further research on newresults of Thames paper Drifts 1954 1955 1956 1968 K.151 Watanabe, H. Limestone distribution in S.E. Europe. K.152, K.153 West, R.G. and others 1952-1954 West spent his career in the Department of Botany, Cambridge, as Demonstrator, Lecturer and Professor. He D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 112 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 published a collaborative paper with Baden-Powell ‘Glacial erratics from the upper glacial bed at Hoxne’, 1956 (Phil. Trans. 239). Correspondence on expeditions, especially East Anglian sites, nomenclature, research and publications. Includes Baden-Powell’s report on glacial erratics from Hoxnecollected by West, May 1954 1952-1955 arrangements Includes Association excursion to East Anglia 1958, and notes by Baden- Powell on the Corton Beds, Nar and March gravels, preparedfor British Association Meeting in Norwich 1961 for Geologists’ 1956-1965 K.152 K.153 K.154 Whitworth, T. 1960-1969 Mollusca and human remains from Kenya. K.155 Wirtz, D. K.156 Woldstedt, P. Exchangesof information and ideas on correlation of East Anglia and North German marine beds. Baden-Powell’s letter of 31 May 1949 contains a detailed account of his own research and findings on UK Pleistocene marine Mollusca. K.157 Wright, W.B. Early correspondenceis on raised beach research. 1965 correspondence is re publisher's proposal to reprint Wright’s book at the Quaternary Ice Age 1950-1952 1948-1951 1927-1938, 1965 K.158 Zeuner, F.E. 1937-1967 Zeuner workedin the Department of Geochronology of the Institute of Archaeology, London. Pleistocene succession in East Anglia and Germany. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 113 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.159-K.168 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1926-1973 K.159-K161 Miscellaneous correspondence, exchanges of ideas and information 1926-1973 K.159 K.160 K.161 B.-J. K.-R. S.-W., first-name and unidentified K.162-K.165 Shorter exchanges: requests and thanks for books or reprints sent or received; booklists and references sent or received; requests and thanksfor information 1930-1971 K.162 1930-1939 K.163 1945-1949 K.164 1950-1957 K.165 1962-1971 K.166, K.167 Identifications and specimens 1925-1971 and n.d. sent or received to from identify or inspect Requests specimens, accept offers for deposit etc. Material may be pottery, fossils, bone and_ skull rock samples, shells, local museum samples, curators collectors, schools. Includes manyreports or lists by Baden-Powell. received or colleagues, historians, amateur K.166 1925-1959 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS145/2/06 114 Correspondence, K.1-K.168 K.167 1960-1971 and n.d. K.168 Requests to visit Oxford, see Museum collections, thanks for visit etc. 1936-1967 and n.d. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 115 SECTION L NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL,L.1-L.38 1923-1953, n.d. L.1-L.31 PHOTOGRAPHS L.32, L.33 GLASS PLATES L.34-L.38 PREHISTORY L.1-L.31 PHOTOGRAPHS 1923-1953 This consists of photographs or cards of geological formations, usually of beaches and cliffs, at various sites. The photographs, all black and white, vary in size from Most are small snapshots to mounted enlargements. identified on verso but not always dated. Some bear dates in the 1930s and may show earlier stage in the formation of the sites. Several of the photographs were sent to Baden-Powell by correspondents; these are notedin the entries. The material is presented in alphabetical order; East Anglia, which comesfirst, is by far the largest component. There is some overlap, for example in photographs of East and West Runton, but Baden-Powell’s notes have been followed. Photocopied photographs of members of the Baden- Powell family, and of Baden-Powell at the Department of Geology and Mineralogy,are at A.25. L.1-L.17 East Anglia 1934-1953, n.d. L.1 Brundon N.d. 1 small format and 1 mounted enlargement. L.2,L.3 Cromer L.2 Envelope of 12 small-format photographs, identified and dated 1938, and some general photographs 1938 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 L.3 L.4 Non-textual material, L.1-L.38 Folder ‘Cromer’of 14 enlargements, identified Hoxne Two photographs, fully described on verso by E. Evans whosent them to Baden-Powell. 116 N.d. 1949 L.5 Ipswich, Botton’s Pit 1937, 1940 L.6 L.7 Photograph taken and described by Baden-Powell 1937, and photographoffind in pit, sent by J. Reid Moir 1940. Lowestoft, Oulton 6 photographs, identified, dated 1953 and sent to Baden- Powell by H.E.P. Spencer. March Gravels Composite photograph by Baden-Powell. 1953 N.d. L.8, L.9 Runton 1934-1948, n.d. L.8 L.9 Envelope of small-format photographs, most identified by Baden-Powell N.d. Photographs and cards of beaches, cliffs and deposits at East and West Runton, sent by J.E. Sainty 1943-1948, n.d. L.10-L.17 Excursions L.10-L.12 Geologists’ Association to East Anglia 1949, 1961 and n.d. 1949 June-July L.10 Envelope of photographs, mounted and identified, sent to Baden-Powell by R.F.L. White D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 117 L.11 L.12 L.13 Non-textual material, L.1-L.38 Photograph at Bungay, described and identified by E. Evans 1949 of small-format Envelope Bungay, identified by Baden-Powell, June 1949, and two larger- format photographs of Envelope of photographs taken 1960 on Baden-Powell’s excursion with D.M. Hopkins and F.S. MacNeil 1960-1961 With correspondence 1961 and full identifications. K.72. See L.14-L.16 Three mounted photographsof East Anglian beaches L.17 Group photograph, perhaps taken on 1949 excursion (Cromer photographer) No identification. N.d. N.d. L.18-L.28 Other UK sites N.d., 1950 L.18 Gower Small-format photograph L.19 Holderness, Yorkshire Six photographs sent by ‘Mr Mason’. L.20 L.21 Freshwater, Isle of Wight Newquay N.d. 1950 N.d. N.d. D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 Non-textual material, L.1-L.38 L.22-L.24 Oxford area L.22 L.23 L.24 Wolvercote CumnorHill Kirtlington Quarry L.25, L.26 Portland L.25 L.26 Envelope of small-format photographs by Baden-Powell Four enlargements, identified on verso by Baden-Powell 118 N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. L.27, L.28 Scotland 1931, 1949, n.d. L.27 L.28 Photograph of raised beach at Sandwood, Cape Wrath 1931, with correspondence, 1949 1931, 1949 Fourteen photographsof Scotland, all identified by Baden- Powell N.d. L.29-L.31 Miscellaneous 1923-1949, n.d. L.29 L.30 L.31 Envelope of small-format photographs of Rhéne Glacier, all described by Baden-Powell N.d. Photographs sent to Baden-Powell by his son Francis, Brittany n.d., Arbor Low, 1949 N.d., 1949 Photograph of polar bear tracks (taken 1923) sent to Baden-Powell by C.S. Elton, 1946 1923, 1946 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 119 Non-textual material, L.1-L.38 L.32, L.33 GLASS PLATES 1923, 1953 L.32 ‘Volcanoes’ Vesuvius, Etna, Lipari, Solfatara (1953) L.33 ‘Weyland’s Smithy’ Box dated 1923 in another hand. 1953 1923 L.34-L.38 PREHISTORY 1938-1953, n.d. L.34 L.35 L.36 L.37 L.38 The material here is of heterogeneous kind and has not been assembled systematically. Envelope of miniature boomerangs, with correspondence, sent to Baden-Powell, 1938 Press-cuttings of early pottery and bronze from Galson, Lewis (Hebrides) Cards of monuments at Carnac, Brittany and elsewhere Includes cards sent to Baden-Powell by his son Francis 1949, 1953. Envelope of ‘Fen Palaeoliths’, drawings prepared for paper, perhaps Proc. Prehist. Soc. 1950 See H.25. Folder of Aboriginals, by Thomas Bock copies of nine portraits of Tasmanian Bock was born in Sutton Coldfield in 1790. He went to D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 120 Non-textual material, L.1-L.38 artist Tasmania about 1820 and died in Hobart in 1855. A in watercolour, he painted portraits and prolific landscapes; his of Aboriginals, are in the Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery (formerly Hobart Museum). including studies work, these The drawings were sent to the Baden-Powells in 1953, by Mrs Tom Seward who explains in a letter to Jane Baden- Powell (enclosed in the folder): ‘l went to Tasmania with a friend ... one old junk shop produced some aborigine portraits. whether But | did find the photographs or engravings or what. originals of them in the Hobart Museum ... | wrote on the back of each exactly what was on theoriginal portrait...’. don’t know what they are, | D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ANDERSON, Frederick William ANDERSON, W. APLING, Harry ARBER, Muriel Agnes ARKELL,William Joscelyn ARNOLD, Richard ASHWELL,lan Y ASKELSSON, Johannes ATKINSON, R.uJ.C. BADEN-POWELL, Olave, Lady BAILEY, Sir Edward Battersby BANHAM, W.A. BATE, Dorothea M.A. BEAUMONT, Peter BECKINSALE, Robert P. BELL, J. David BENTHAM, Robert BISAT, W.S. BLACKBURN, Kathleen B. BLANC, A.C. BLYTH, F.G. BOSWELL,Percy George Hamnall BRIGHTON, Albert George BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE BROMEHEAD, C.E.N. BRYAN, Kirk 121 K.1 K.2 K.116 K.3 A.15, J.10, K.4, K.5, K.90 K.6 K.7 K.8 K.102 A.15 A.5 K.9 J.8 C.50 K.10 K.125 K.114 C.49, K.12 C.34 K.13 K.168 K.14 K.15 J.1 K.159 K.16 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 122 Index of correspondents BULL,A.J. BULLOWS, Wilfred L. BULMAN, Oliver Meredith Boone BURCHELL, JamesP.T. BURKITT,Miles C. BURLAND, C.A. BURTON, E. St John CALLANDER, J. Graham CALLENDAR, G.S. CALLOMON, John Hannes CALVER, Michael A. CAMBRIDGE, Philip CARRUTHERS, Robert George CARTER, Patrick CASTELL,C.P. CHARLESWORTH, John Kaye CHATWIN, Charles Panzetta CHORLEY,R.J. CLARK,J. GrahameD. CLARKE, R. Rainbird CLAY, Emily CLAYTON, Keith COLLINGS, H.D. COLLUM, V.C.C. COOPER, C. Foster CORNWALL,lan COUNCIL FOR BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGY J.6, J.8 K.17 K.150, K.156, K.159 K.18, K.19 H.33, K.20, K.100 K.21 K.22 C.33, H.10 K.23 K.159 K.24 J.15, K.25 H.23 K.49 K.146 K.159 K.26 C.40 H.21 H.36, J.15, J.22 K.27 K.28 C.47 K.29 K.55 K.158 Je D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS145/2/06 123 Index of correspondents COX,Leslie Reginald CRICKMAY,C.H. CURRALL, Arnold Edward DAVIDSON, Charles F. DAVIES, A. Morley DIVER, Cyril DONAU, T.J. DONOVAN, Desmond Thomas DOUGLAS, James Archibald DURAND, S. EAGAR, Richard Michael Cardwell EARP, John R. EDGELL,L. Thurold EDWARDS, Wilfred Norman ELLIS, Edward A. K.30, K.31, K.139 See also A.3 K.32 J.1 K.33 K.34 H.14, K.35 K.78 K.166 K.36, K.37 K.38 K.39 C.40 K.40 K.42 K.43 ELTON. Charles Sutherland C.34, H.37, K.51, K.166 EMILIANI, Cesare ENGLEHEART, Francis Henry Arnold ENGLEHEART,George EVANS, E. FAGG, Bernard Evelyn Buller FAIRBRIDGE, Rhodes W. FALCON, NormanLeslie FISHER, Nora F. K.44 K.45, K.46 See also H.46 K.47 K.48 See also L.4, L.11 K.49 K.50 K.51 K.53 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 FLINT, Richard Foster FOWLER, Gordon FRANCIS, Edward A. FUNNELL, Brian M. GAGE, Maxwell GARDNER, K. GARWOOD, Edmund Johnstone GAUNT, G.D. GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON GEOLOGICAL SURVEY AND MUSEUM 124 Index of correspondents K.54 C.37, K.55, K.145 C.50, K.56 K.57 K.58 C.46 K.140 K.165 J.3 J.4 GEOLOGISTS’ ASSOCIATION A.3, H.57-H.59, J.5-J.16 GEORGE, Thomas Neville GIBSON, H.M. GILBERT, C.J. GILL, EdmundD. GODWIN, Sir Harry GOOD, Ronald d’O. GREEN, Barbara GREEN, Charles GREGORY,John Walter K.59 K.60 K.61 K.164 C.34, K.36, K.62, K.146 K.35 C.47, H.51, J.13, K.159 K.63 K.64, K.157 GRENSTED, Laurence William, Canon H.49, K.111, K.166 GROOM, Gillian E. HAMPTON, F.A. K.65 K.66 HANCOCK,John Michal(‘Jake’) C.49, J.13, J.15, K.153 HARDY, John HARRISON, John William HESLOP HAWKES, (Charles Francis) Christopher K.67 C.34 A.6, A.7 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 125 Index of correspondents HAWKINS, Herbert Leader HAYWARD, DerekF. HAYWARD, John F. HESTER, S.W. HEY, Richard W. HIMUS, Godfrey W. HODSON, Frank HOLLIN, John T. HOLMES, S.C.A. HOLROVD, S.V. HOPKINS, David M. HOPWOOD, N. Tindell HOWELL,F. Clark INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR QUATERNARY RESEARCH (INQUA) INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGICAL CONGRESS JENNINGS, J.N. JENNINGS, Sarah JOMN, Brian S. KELLAWAY,Geoffrey A. KENDALL,Percy S. KENNARD, A.S. KENNY, André KERNEY,M.P. A.5, K.112 K.68 K.69 K.165 K.168 J.7, J.10 H.56 K.70 J.4 K.71 K.72 K.55, K.73 K.74 J.17 J.18 K.159 K.159 F.38, K.75 J.4 K.76 K.77 C.37 K.78 KING, William Bernard Robinson A.11, H.20, K.79, K.145, K.156 KIRK, S. Raeburn K.160 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 126 Index of correspondents LACAILLE, A.D. LAFITTE, R. LARWOOD, Gilbert P. LEMOINE, M. LE PLAY SOCIETY LEWIS, W. Vaughan McBURNEY,Charles B.M. MACFADYEN, William Archibald MACLEOD, John N. McMILLAN MACNEIL, F. Stearns MACRAE, R.J. MALACOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON MANLEY,Gordon MANN. Ludovic McL. MARR, John Edward MARSTON, A.T. MAWBY,John Bertram MAYNARD, Guy MELMORE, Sidney MELVILLE, Richard Valentine MITCHELL, Frank MOIR, James Reid MOORE, F.H. MOREAU, Reginald Ernest MOURANT, Arthur Ernest K.80, K.139 K.81 H.49, J.10, J.15, K.116 K.140 J.19 K.82 J.2 K.83-K.85, K.98 K.160 see under FISHER C.47, J.4, K.72 K.86 J.20 K.87 K.88 K.89 K.90 K.166 K.95, K.100 K.91 J.23, K.92 K.160 K.93-K.95 See also L.5 J.14 K.165 K.96 D.F.W. Baden-Powell NCUACS 145/2/06 127 Index of correspondents MOVIUS,Hallam L. NANSEN, Fridtjof NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY NATURE CONSERVANCY NICHOLAS, Tressilian Charles NORFOLK RESEARCH COMMITTEE NORTON, P.E.P. OAKLEY, Kenneth Page OVERY, Charles OVEY, Cameron D. PALAEONTOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY PALMER, L.S. PANNEKOEK,A.J. 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