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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPIS Report on the papers of -WILLIAM THOMAS ASTBURY, FRS ee (1898-1961) deposited in the Brotherton Library, Universit Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1HP Archives Centre (CSAC 55/10/75) 7 Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS No...79/61 1975 All rights reserved THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CSAC 33/10/75 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of William Thomas Astbury (1898 - 1961) Listed by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel 1975 Deposited in The Brotherton Library, University of Leeds WTA, — GsStA.C.-33/10/25 Description of the collection The papers were received from Mr. W.F. Astbury (son), Fru M.M. Persson (daughter), and the Astbury Department of Biophysics, University of Leeds. Lonsdale has also contributed his recollections of Astbury's early work, and a photograph Dr. Thomas (Item A.6). Some scientific correspondence exchanged with Astbury 1933-40 remains in the personal papers of Professor C.D. Darlington FRS. The collection illustrates all aspects of Astbury's activities, with the exception of his work at the Royal Institution and earliest work at Leeds. represent the extensive scientific correspondence which he conducted - often single~handed The bulk of the documents in the absence of secretarial help, as the letters themselves make clear - with individual colleagues and learned societies, especially 1940-57. No records can be traced for the following periods: 1947 (all); 1949 (January-July), but the surviving letters, research plans and progress reports help to document the rapid progress of research in protein structure and nucleic acids during and after the 1939-45 War. Astbury kept his correspondence in large 'A.B.C.' files each covering roughly one year. Section F. p.16. The scientific from consistent and proved impossible to retain. All the documents have been re-sorted and assigned either to categories (e.g. Section B. Leeds University, Section D. Publications, Conferences), industrial firms, or individual correspondents. correspondence in Section E is presented in alphabetical order, with dates: see note on There is also a General Index to the correspondence on pp. 35-53. The letters were usually arranged in alphabetical order by name of correspondent, but there were no personal or subject files, or cross-references, and the system itself was far All items are manuscript unless otherwise indicated. W.4.A..- C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 Summary of the career of W.T. ‘Astbury b.1898 educ. Longton, Stoke-on-Trent Longton High School 1917, 1919-21 Jesus College, Cambridge 1921-23 1922 1923-28 1928-37 1937-45 1940 * 1945-61 Demonstrator in Physics, University College, London, and Assistant to Sir William Bragg married Frances Gould Assistant to Sir William Bragg, Davy-Faraday Laboratory, Royal Institution, London Lecturer in Textile Physics, University of Leeds Reader in Textile Physics, University of Leeds Elected to Royal Society Professor of Biomolecular Structure and Hon. Reader in Textile Physics, University of Leeds _ A full list of Astbury's honours and awards may be found in the Memoir by J.D. Bernal, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, Vol.9, 1963, p.26. - Biographical & Personal Conferences Committees & Societies Notebooks & Siides Lectures & Publications Contents of the Handlist Scientific Correspondence University of Leeds & Department ‘Index to the correspondence W.T.A. C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 A. Biographical and personal °«..1953-57 B.28 ‘ Requests from schools, societies, industrial laboratories, government 1944-54 departments, Leeds University academics to view demonstrations B.28-B.31 Electron Microscope: WiTA. . C.S:AL, 33/16/75 Correspondence with RCA re purchase, servicing and replace- ment parts of electron microscope (not indexed). Correspondence re.hiring of technician to operate electron microscope, advertisement in Nature etc. appointed to the post. (not indexed) Ronald Reed was Misc. correspondence re electron microscope (advice to other universities re purchase and maintenance of E.M., use of the E.M. by other departments at Leeds, manufacture of new parts, articles for the press, etc.). Equipment: Correspondence with British Supply Office. Correspondence with Ilford Ltd. B.29 B.30 B.32 B33 B. 34 B.35 B.36 6 1941-57 1943 1946 1940-52 1947-56 1940-50 1940-56 Correspondence with Metropolitan Vickers. : 1941-46 Correspondence with Metropolitan Vickers. Correspondence with Philips Electrical Ltd. B.37-B.42 Misc. correspondence re equipment and supplies for department (6 folders): B.37 B.38 B.39 B.40 B.4l B.42 1940-43 1944 1945-48 1949-50 1951-53 1954-56 1928-39 1942 C.1-C.6 Notebooks and slides Laboratory notebook containing record of experimental results, diagrams, measurement of photographs, notes on articles read. Notations on muscle photographs (1932), on extensibility of fibres (1932), on cancer photographs (1932). "Lectures at the Dept. of Leather Industries (Mr. Thompson)' (1932-33). Notebook also contains draft of ‘Report on the structure of Polyisobutylene for I.C.1. Ltd. at Billingham’, December 1942, with photographs and Figures. At the end of the notebook there is an 'Index of Wool X-ray Photographs’ with 482 entries dated and described. entries are recorded in the experimental results. dated 1934 and continues for 209 pages (in Astbury's hand) Notebook titled on first page 'X-ray and Related Research on the Molecular Structure of Biological Tissues Proteins, etc. (Rockefeller Grant)'. The notebook begins with an entry ipelude summaries of those photograph measurements which Notes on These WT Aes .¢,$:A,C. 33/10/75 The experiments, tabular summaries of data, graphs, to the last entry dated March 1961 and labelled 'Feather Keratin'. illustrations, notes on others work, are clearly set out and dated. Many loose notes and data were inserted between the pages of the notebook and these have been left in their original position. There is one package of illustrations and photographs. Notebook containing drafts and notes of lectures: 1931-52 ‘Lectures on the Fundamental Structure of Textile, delivered to 2nd and 3rd year Textile Physics Class, Oct. 1931-1932.' ‘Lecture on X-ray Investigation of Collagen and Gelatin delivered to Leather Dept. (Leeds University), June 21, 1933.' "Lectures on the Molecular Structure and Properties of Textile Fibres. of Leeds. Dept. of Textile Industries, The University Session 1934-35.' ‘Lectures on The Molecuiar Structure of Fibres. Physics. 1936-37.' Textile "Lecture by White (I.C.1.) on dyeing of new synthetic fibres.’ 1940. "Colloquium on Nylon by A.K. Saville." 1942. "Advanced course on The Science of Fibres given in the Textile Dept., 1952.' 2 envelopes containing photograph of X-ray of Ardil (1945) and X-ray photographs from Bamford (1953). Wooden slide case containing 105 slides (possibly for visit to USA in 1953) and a full descriptive index. The slides cover the whole range of Astbury's career and the muititude of his interests. Notebook containing 119 pp. draft entitled ‘Studies of Protein Structure', May 1947, with loose bibliographical notes. Possibly the draft for a monograph Astbury was to write for Oxford University Press series. (see also Item D.32). ‘The Molecular Structure of the Fibres of the Collagen Group.' First Proctor Memorial Lecture, International Society of Leather Trades' Chemists, London Conference 28 Aug. 1940: correspondence re scheduling and publishing of lecture,published in J. Internat. Soc. Leather Trades' Chemists, Vol. 24, p.69 (No.41 in R.S. Memoir). 1939-40 Lectures, addresses and publications D.1 - D.29 Lectures, addresses D.30 - D.58 Publications ' C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 Correspondence re: 8 1940-41 'The Structure of Proteins’, The Chemical Society of Glasgow, 15 Nov. 1940. "Protein Multilayers', University of Manchester Chemical Society, 5 Nov. 1940. "Adventures among the Proteins', Ardeer Chemical Club, 10 Dec. 1940. 'The Molecular Structure and Properties of the Collagen Fibres', Manchester College of Technology Chemical Society, 10 Feb. 1941. ‘Protein Structure’, Institute of Chemistry East Midlands Section, 20 Feb. 1941. Jubilee Memorial Lecture, Society of Chemical 'Proteins.' Industry, published in Chem. and Ind. 60, 41, 491 (No.52 in R.S. Memoir). Invitation to deliver lecture from Prof. J.C. correspondence re details of lecture, venue, printing of lecture, reprints. Philip FRS, ao Ee Correspondence with British Council and the British Broadcasting Corporation re Astbury's broadcasts (2 folders): for new programmes, scheduling of rehearsals and recording sessions, publication and illustration of broadcasts, distribution of recordings, translation, letters received following broadcasts. Titles include: scripts, ideas 1942-50, 1957 Correspondence re: ae 1941-43 "Applied X-rays', Society of Chemical Industry, Newcastle Upon Tyne Section, 30 June 1941. "Textile fibres from peanuts.' "Fibres in nature and indusiry.' "Motion, muscles and molecules.' "Molecules to measure' series. "Clear thinking.' 'X-rays and the stoichiometry of the proteins, with special reference to the structure of the Keratin-myosin group', The Chemical Society, London, 20 Nov. 1941. Soc., 1942, p.337 (No.55 in R.S. Memoir). Society, 28 July 1943. "X-rays and protein structure: some recent advances', Oxford University Junior Scientific Club, 30 Oct. 1942. 'The Structure of Fibres', Chemical Society, Dundee, 19 Jan. 1942. "Fibrous Proteins', University of Manchester Chemical Published in J. Chem. C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 | Lancastrian Frankland Society: correspondence with W.G. Sedgwick re lecture on 'Proteins', 9 Jan. 1942 and lecture on 'From Wool to Bacterial Flagella: Basis of Biological Motility’, 7 Dec. 1956. contains some scientific correspondence. The file also Studies in the Molecular 9 1941-56 'X-ray examinations of plastics', Society of Chemical Industry, Published in Chem. and Ind., Plastics Group, 15 March 1944. No.15, p.114 (No.64 in R.S. Memoir): correspondence re scheduling of lecture and publication of Mss. Correspondence re: 'The X-ray study of plastics', Chemical, Textile Chemical, and Textile Societies of Manchester College of Technology, 22 May 1944. 'The Molecular Structure of Fibres', Lancaster Section of the Textile Institute, 7 Oct. 1944. ‘Adventures among the Proteins and other Molecuiar Giants’, Association of Women Science Teachers, 23 Sept. 1944. 'X-ray analysis of fibres', Yorkshire Section of the Textile Institute, 9 Oct. 1944. misc. invitations (declined). 'Fibres and Fabrics, old and new', Royal Institution Friday Discourse, 12 May 1944. Published in Proc. Roy. Inst., Vol.33, p.140, 1946 (No.65 in R.S. Memoir). 1944-48 and equipment, with librarian re 'X-ray interpretation of wool’, Cantor Lecture, Royal Society of Arts, 26 Feb. 1945. p-613, 1945 (No.64a in R.S. Memoir). Published in J. Roy. Soc. Arts, Vol.43, Correspondence re scheduling of lecture, list of people to whom invitations were sent, publication and illustration of lecture, publicity. Invitation from Sir Henry Dale, correspondence with W.J. Green re arrangements for lecture publication. misc. invitations to lecture (declined). 'The Molecular Structure of Fibres. Position', Scottish Section of the Textile Institute, 2 March 1945. A Review of the Present 'Macro-molecules', British Section of International Society of Leather Trades Chemists, 21 Sept. 1945. Correspondence re: ‘Science and Textile Indusiries', Rotary Club of Bradford, 19 Jan. 1945. 'X-ray study of plastics', Association of Scientific Workers, 8 Feb. 1945. W.T.A, C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 D.13 'Recent advances in X-ray and related studies of the fibrous proteins’, lecture at Utrecht, 9 Nov. 1946 (with correspondence re other invitations to lecture in Holland). is included in the file. Summary of lecture Correspondence re: Lecture to Old Scholars, Scientific Society, Yorkshire, 5 Jan. 1946. 'The Structure and Elastic Properties of Synthetic Fibres’, Birmingham and Midlands Section of Royal Institute of Chemistry, 15 Feb. 1946 (with 2-page typescript of abstract). Lecture on penicillin, The Inner Wheel, Leeds, 22 Feb. 1946. Speech day, Longton High School, 6 June 1946. misc. invitations (declined)... 1947-48 Br. J. Radiol., Vol.22, p.355 (No.84 in R.S. Memoir). Lecture to Society of Chemical Industry, Newcastle Upon Tyne Section, 16 April 1947. Lecture to Royal Institute of Chemistry, South Yorkshire Section, May 1947. ‘Collagen and Keratin', Royal College of Surgeons, Dental Postgraduate Course, 28 Jan. 1948. 'The structure of biological tissues as revealed by X-ray diffraction analysis and electron microscopy’ (Sylvanus Published Thompson Memorial Lecture), 16 April 1948. in Demonstration of eleciron microscope, Royal Microscopical Society Soirée, 6 Oct. 1948. 'The electron microscope and some recent discoveries with it in the field of macromolecules', Chemical Society, Sheffield, 4 Nov. 1948. 'The Muscle Machine’, Biochemical Society, University of Birmingham, 11 Nov. 1948. "Macromolecular adventures with the electron microscope’, Chemical Society, Aberdeen, 10 Dec. 1948. Correspondence re arrangements for lecture, publication, reprints. misc. invitations (declined). 'The Science of Fibres', Bradford Textile Society, 13 Jan. 1947. Published in J. Bradford Textile Society, p.3, 1946-47 (No.69 in R.S. Memoir). : 1 1947-49 WT Ac: C2S5.A.C. 9870/75 D.17 "Macromolecular Adventures with the Electron Microscope’, Presidential Address to the Yorkshire Branch of the Science Masters' Association, 12 Oct. 1948. During Astbury's year as president, the Association held a Conference on the Correlation of School and University Science Teaching on 8 May at Leeds University; Astbury's correspondence with the secretary re arrangements for the conference (speakers, publicity, hospitality). the file includes Correspondence re: Lecture to Blackburn Philosophical and Scientific Society, 7 Oct. 1949. - "Recent Macromolecular Adventures with the Electron Microscope', Glasgow Section of Royal Institute of Chemistry, 21 Oct. 1949. Lecture to Society of Glass Technology, Wembley, 26 Oct. 1949. Lecture to Royal Institute of Chemistry, Tees-side Section, 28 Oct. 1949. Lecture to Chemical Society, Southampton, 25 Nov. 1949. misc. regrets. Correspondence re: | 'X-ray analysis and electron microscopy of fibre structure’, University of Manchester, 9 Feb. 1950. ‘The Chemistry and Physics of Textile Fibres', University College, Leicester, 21 Feb. 1950. "Molecular Studies with the electron microscope’, Huddersfield Section, Royal Institute of Chemistry, 7 March 1950. 'The Science of Fibres', course for tutors, University of London, 25 April 1950. Lecture at jubilee meeting of the British Ceramic Society, 25 April 1950. 'X-ray and electron microscope studies of the structure of biological tissues', Fison Memorial Lecture, Guy's Hospital Medical School, 9 June 1950. misc. regrets. 'The Muscle Machine, and from there down to bacterial flagella', Association of Women Science Teachers, 25 Nov. 1950. C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 oe "Adventures in Molecular Biology', The Harvey Lecture, New York, 28 Sept. 1950. Vol.46 (No.93 in.R.S. Memoir). Correspondence re dinner before lecture, publication, illustrations, request for reprint. Published in Harvey Soc. Series, 'Festival of Britain', correspondence re planning of Science Exhibition in South Kensington. 'Fibres and Chain Molecules, Old and New', the Plastics Institute, 1 Nov. 1951. Correspondence re scheduling of lecture, synopsis, publicity and news accounts, 2-page typescript summary of lecture. 12 1950-53 1950-52 +951 Correspondence re: ‘ 1951-52 'The great adventure of fibre structure’, The Mather Lecture, The p.81 (No. 105 in R.S. Memoir). Textile Institute, 1952. Published in J. Text. Inst., Vol.44, 1952-53 "Studies by X-ray analysis, electron microscopy and supporting techniques of the structure of biological macromolecules and the tissues formed from them', British Postgraduate Medical Federation, London, 23 Oct. 1951. 'The Muscle Machine and Bacterial Flagella', Biological Society, University of Sheffield, 26 Nov. 1951. 'Some recent adventures in molecular biology’, Maxwell Society, King's College, London, 21 Jan. 1952. 'The Problem of the Structure of Collagen Fibres: How We Stand Now!, Atkin Memorial Lecture, Leather Students’ Society, Leeds, 22 Febe 1952. ‘Fibres and Fibre Molecules in Industry, Biology and Medicine', W.E.A., 21 April 1952. Correspondence re: Correspondence re publication of lecture. misc. invitations to speak. Prize-giving at County School for Boys, Bromley, Kent, 11 July 1952. "Hairs, Muscles and Bacterial Flagella', Biochemical Society, University of Birmingham, 16 Oct. 1952. "Hairs, Muscles and Bacterial Flagella', Chemical Society, St. Andrews University, 14 Nov. 1952. C.S.A,€..:39/10/75 Correspondence re: ‘Modes of Vision', Derby Scientific Club, Derby, 16 Jan. 1953. Lecture to Cardiff Section of Textile Institute, 22 Jan. 1953. 'The Structure of the Wool Fibre’, Huddersfield Textile Society, 30 March 1953 (with typescript verbatim report of lecture). "Some recent ideas about the proteins and other biological macromolecules', British Postgraduate Medical Federation, 17 Nov. 1953 (with schedule of lecturers for course). misc. invitations (declined). Correspondence re: Christmas lectures for children, sponsored by Bradford Civic Society, 8 and 9 Jan. 1954. ‘Recent ideas on the structure of the proteins and nucleic acids', Manchester University Chemical Society, 1] Feb. 1954. misc. invitations (declined). "Some observations and thoughts on the structure and motility of flagella’, Litchfield Lecture, Oxford University Medical School, 19 May 1954 (originally scheduled for 6 May 1953, but cancelled due to illness). 1952-54 Proposed visit to Russia for lectures in 1955 (cancelled due to illness). ‘Studies of the molecular basis of biological motility', Ramsey Memorial Lecture, 1 Dec. 1955 (lecture not given). Correspondence re: 1955-57 Speech to Rotary Club of Bradford scheduled for 16 Dec. 1955 (not delivered). "The Structure of Fibres', 19 Nov. 1956 (with synopsis of speech). National Physical Laboratory, Correspondence with A.H.T. Robb-Smith re arrangements for lecture and for dinner, and re details of electron microscopes. 4 May 1957. "Protein structure', Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Technical College, S0 Jan. 1957. 'The present position in protein fibre studies', University of Birmingham Biochemical Society, 7 Feb. 1957. ‘Fundamentals of Collagen', British Society of Periodontology, Wot-A. C.S.A.C.33/10/75 | D.30-D.31 Textile Fibres under the X-ray, Imperial Chemical Industries, 1940: Invitation to write book, correspondence re points to be included, arrangements for visit to discuss the work in progress, queries of accuracy, difficulties in obtaining good reproductions of photo- graphs, foreign translations, distribution of presentation copies and the letters of thanks. re Endeavour and Items E.82-E.89, 1.C.1.) (See also Item D.46, correspondence Correspondence with Oxford University Press re proposed 2nd edition of Fundamentals of Fibre Structure and re a monograph X-ray Studies of Protein Structure which Astbury was to write on for R.H. Fowler's International Series (with letter from N.F. Mott urging him to complete the work). published. entitled 'Studies of Protein Structure’, is presumably Astbury's draft for this work. Item C.4, a 119-page Ms draft dated May 1947 and The monograph was never 'An attempt at an X-ray analysis of embryonic processes’ (with R.G. Harrison and K.M. Rudall), J. Exp. Zool. 85, 339 correspondence with co-authors. (No.45 in R.S. Memoir): 'Science in relation to the community’, School Science Review, No.109, p.268 (No.78 in R.S. Memoir). | Correspondence with Jerome Alexander re Astbury's article of 'Colloid Chemisiry, Theoretical and 'Proteins' for Vol. V Applied’. bibliography. ) (This article is not given in the R.S. Memoir 14 1940-45 1940-50 1941-42, 1944 D.36 D.37-D.40 1941-50 1949-51 1939-57 D.41-D.43 Correspondence re 'Flagella', Scientific American, 184 No.1, p.21 (No.97 in R.S. Memoir). Correspondence re requests to reprint illustrations, photographs, figures, etc. from Astbury's published work Correspondence re reviews and short contributions, distribution of offprints, setting up of illustrations, refereeing of papers (4 folders). Correspondence re publication of 'X-rays and the stoichiometry of the proteins', Advances in Enzymology, Vol .3, p.63 (No.57 in R.S. Memoir) and re royalties due to Astbury. information. Correspondence with the editors of Nature re submission of articles and letters for publication, refereeing of papers, reviews, permission fo reproduce photographs and illustrations (2 folders). Although the texts of only three contributions were with the correspondence, many of Astbury's letters contain much scientific D.44-D.45 1939-56 1940-57 (3 folders). WAC CAC 30/1005 2° . 15 D.46 Correspondence with editors of Endeavour re contributions by 1941-55 translations, blocks for illustrations, proofs, and Astbury was requested to contribute an article on Astbury, reviews. textile fibres under the X-ray for one of the first issues and much of the correspondence is re this article. The file also contains the typescript of Astbury's review of 'The Nature and Structure of Collagen’ by J.T. Randall (1954). D.47 Correspondence with J.G. Crowther and F.D. Ommanney re articles for Monthly Science News. D.48-D.49 Correspondence re Journal of Polymer Science, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Interscience Publishers Inc. (These correspondence files are so intermingled that the subjects cannot be segregated) (2 folders). 1942-46 1943-57 the correspondence includes requests for Astbury was a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Polymer Science; Astbury to contribute articles, memos re editorial business and publication matiers, Astbury's forwar ding of papers to Journal, arrangemenis fo visit the Biophysics Department at Leeds, copies of correspondence between editors in N.Y. and authors in England. (See also Item E.48, correspondence with Paul Doty.) D.48 D.49 1943-54 1955-57 D.51-D.58 1945-51 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Correspondence re Journal of Colloid Science (Astbury was a member of the Consulting Committee of the Editorial Board): invitation to join Board, submission of papers, invitation to edit handbook on textile fibres. Astbury was a member of the Editorial Board from its inception. The correspondence deals with the composition of the Editorial and Advisory Boards, distribution scheme of manuscripts sub- mitted for publication, drafts of prospectus and of editorial policy, notifications of papers sent and received, monthly lists of papers submitted for publication, problems of long delays in publication and of poor reproduction of illustrations, subscription costs, reviews and articles by Astbury, proposals for various books to be sponsored by BBA, translations. especially that w with authors who submitted manuscripts to Astbury for forwarding to BBA, contains discussion of scientific subjects. (See also correspondence in Section E with G. Eaves, C. Weibull, L. Singleton, and especially with R. Wyckoff, another member of the Editoriai Board.) Jan.1954-Dec.1955 March-Dec. 1946 Dec.1947-July 1948 Aug.-Dec.1948 3 Aug.1949-July 1950 Aug. 1950-Nov.1952 Jan.1953-Dec.1953 D.51 D2 D.53 D.54 D340 Much of the correspondence, WTA 2. S.A.C. 33/10/75 D.56 “ieee Jan.1956-Feb.1957 Monthly lists of Mss submitted for publication 1948-1957 One set of postcards (1948-54): notifications of receipt by BBA of Mss forwarded by Astbury. Professional correspondence i - £.212 These files comprise Astbury's correspondence with scientific colleagues in universities, research laboratories, industrial or manufacturing firms, and also with Trusts and Foundations giving financial support to his work. Private individuals are listed by name; scientists working for firms such as 1.C.1., British Celanese, etc. do not appear by name in the list below, but can be found in the General Index on pp.35-53. * An indication is given below of the period covered by the correspondence. Patrick Adiam, J. B. Allsopp, C. Astbury, Norman Ret Atkins, W. aes Alexander, Peter Andrade, Edward Neville da Costa : io 1952 1944-48 1942 1951-56 1946-52 3. A. e, 1952 1951 1948 1955 1943 1946-48 1941 1950 H. Bacon, G. Baker, Richard F. c Barclay, A. Barker, Aldred F. M. Barrer, R. Bates, Leslie Fleetwood Beadle, L. Bennett-Clark, Thomas Archibald Cs Berridge, N. tte Boor, Jo. Bs Bonhoeffer, K. Bourne, Geoffrey H. Bowes, M. Brasseur, H. Brewer, Douglas B. Buck, John B. Gir, He oo Ky Burton, E. Buxton, P. 1951-52 1944-45 195] 1950 1946-55 1955-56 1940 1955 1940-43 1943 1944-45 1946 1939-4] 1942-43 1944-46 1948-56 Bairati, Angelo Py A. Bailey, Kenneth 4 folders: EE. 1939-56 WTA C.S:A.Cos8/0/75 hI E.12 E.13 E.14 Eos E.16 E.17 Bate-Smith, E. Gi, Bear, Richard S. Bernal, John.Desmond Bisset, Kenneth A. Blackett, Patrick Maynard Stuart (Baron Blackett of : Chelsea) Block, Richard J. Bragg, Sir William & Bragg, Sir (William) Lawrence E.18-E.20 British Celanese (Astbury was a consultant 1942-56) 3 folders: E.18 E.19 E.20 1941-42 1943-45 1946-56 British Cotton Industry Research Association British Leather Manufacturers’ Research Association British Pottery Research Association Brother, George H. Burgers, W. GS. 17 1940 1951-56 1941-54 1950-53 1946 1941-46 1940-54 1941-56 1943-46 _ 1940-48 1940-46 1940-51 1945-51 Carter, D. Cary-Gilson, F. Cornu, Ch. Corran, J. Cragg, J. Crook; Gi B. M. Ww. 3 folders: 1950-54 1953 1944 1940 1948 1948 1942-52 1951-55 1940-51 1939-52 1948 1941-56 oe : E.33-E.35 Caspersson, T. Courtaulds Lid. eae E.28 Ez Chargaff, Erwin Clark, George L. Corey, Robert B. E530 E.31 E.32 Chibnall, Albert Charles Clark, Sir Wilfrid Le Gros 1940-41 includes Wil A. oS corresp re assessment of Cox's work using Paul Instrument Fund grant (1955-56)) Cox, Sir (Ernest) Gordon (George) 1941-46 1948-52 1953-55 1946-55 1941-55 Cae He Lb; E.33 E.34 E.35 W.T.A. C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 E.38 E.39 Czekalowski, Jaroslaw Wiktor M. Dale, W. Davenport, Charles B. Day, 33 Dickinson, Sylvia Dmochowski, Leontyn Ludomir D. de Navarre, M. G. Dougherty, Ellsworth C. Durrans, Thomas H. Dainton, Sir Frederick Sydney Dalgleish, Charles E. Darlington, Cyril Dean (includes correspondence and photographs in Dec. 1939 on nucleic acids quoted only in part in 1974, p.111) R. Olby, The path to the double helix, ; Darmon, S. Eis Davies, Mansell M. Dillon, J. H. Dingle, Herbert Dohrn, Peter & Dohrn, R. (see also F.4) Doty, Paul M. 18 1951-56 1946 1941-42 1948 1948 1946, 1954, 1958 1944-45 1956 194] 1941-55 1948 1939-44 ' 1948 1945-55 1952-55 1940 1953-56 1948-55 1950 1942, 1950 1950, 1955 1946 1948 1942 1940, 1946 1943-45 1956 C. Industries) Ewald, Paul P. Eaves, George Edsall, John T. 1949-54 1951-53 1945 Dowson, W. J, Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd. Elton, Sir Arthur Hallam Rice (see also Imperial Chemical Ellis, Frank Engsir’m, Arne 'Espinasse, Paul G. Evans, G. Evans, R. 1945-56 Fearon, William Fenton; W.-C. Fonbrune, P. de ‘Forman, Jan Foster, John Frazer, Alastair Campbell 1948 1940 1950 1945 1992 1950 1941, 1946, correspondence with Martin A, Rushton) Fish, Sir (Eric) Wilfred (also includes W.T.A.'s Fankuchen, Isidor Wea CS:A.C. sa/l0/75 eae E.60 E.61 ' i - A. Fowler, R. H. Franklin, Rosalind Gard, Sven ~ George, William H. Geren, Betty Ben N. Ghosh, B. a Giles, C. Goldie, A. Gotte, Lorenzo Graham, M. Green, H. Gross, Jerome Gullard, J. Gutfreund, Herbert N. i Masson 19 1940-43 1953 1948 1957 1954 1949 1953-54 1945 1953 1953 1948 1952-53 1946 1943-44 1948-54 1951 1950-56 1948 1944 195] 1948 1948 1952 1948 1940 1946 1946 1947 1942 1956 Gorter, Evert Gray, J. Gustavson, K. : Helmer r. $; Hallsworth, E. Hamacher, Howard F. Harvey, P. Py Hellier, F. Helveg-Larsen, H. Heppleston, A. Hermans, J. Hermans, P. Hetherington, A. Hinshelwood, Cyril Norman Holness, Ry Hopwood, F. Horton, W. - G. be n. G. G. L. =e s ; 1944-55 1946-51 r e r t a r e 1940-50 Harrison, W. Happey, Frank Halle, Friedrich Haddow, Sir Alexander Hanes, Charles Samuel Harington, Sir Charles (Robert) 1941-52 Hirst, Sir Edmund (Langley) Heidelberger, Michael Hill, Archibald Vivian Harry, Ralph G. Haworth, W. Heringa, G. Harvey, A. 1950-53 r e t i a e e e r P m 1941-45 1934-41 1942-55 1941-51 1946-54 1940-45 N. c. 1944-45 1940-57 20 1953-54 1942-52 1950-52 1940-56 Wt.A. -C.S.A.C, 3/10/75 E79 E.80 E.81 E.82-E.91 Hodge, Alan J. Hodgkin, Dorothy Crowfoot (includes one letter from Thomas Hodgkin 1944) Hoyle, Lester Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. Astbury undertook research work for 1.C.1. (Research Project 491 on Synthetic Resins) in 1940 and was made a consultant to the Dyestuffs Group in 1943, the consultancy being His book ‘Textile fibres under the terminated in 1956. X-rays’ (1940) was prepared for and published by I.C.1. The Company made financial contributions to the work of Astbury's Department of Biomolecular Structure, 1946-56. The 1.C.1. subsidiaries, divisions or offices involved are: Explosives Group (Nobel House, Stevenston, Ayrshire), 1.C.1. (Alkali) Ltd. (Northwich, Cheshire) Imperial Chemical House, Millbank, London 1.C.1. (Dyestuffs Division) (Hexagon House, Blackley, Manchester) Plastics Division (Black Fan Road, Welwyn Garden City) Nobel House, Buckingham Gate, London Billingham Division (Billingham, Co. Durham) Paints Division, Slough Dumfries Factory, Drungans, Dumfries 'Terylene' Council, Welwyn The correspondence deals with: arrangements for meetings reports, and discussions, with memos. and Minutes thereof; purchase, analyses and discussions of research in progress; applications for installation and functioning of equipment; lectures research grants, fees for work undertaken, etc.; demonsirations, film shows, conferences; publication and distribution of 'Textile Fibres under The X-rays', and misc. articles on research by Astbury and colleagues. (See also D.30-D.31.) 1949-56 1940-42 1943 1944 1945 1946 1948 (one letter 1947) (Aug. ) 1949-50 1951-52 1953 1954-56 10 folders: E.82 E.S3 E.84 E.85 E.86 E.87 E.88 E.89 E.90 E el Janssen, L. Johnson, Paley W. Ingram, John Thornton Iterson, G. van 1944, 1953- 1956 1945-49 1940 1 1941-42 1950-51 1942 1941-42 1945-46 1956 1945-46 1954 1956 1945 1944 1950 1944 1948-55 1949-54 1940 1953-55 1940-1954 1953 1953 1945 1950 1948 1944 1953 1945 1946 1950 1940 1945 1940-56 1942 1950-56 1949-53 1950-52 Kendrew, John Cowdery Kodak Ltd. Lachman, F. Laki, Koloman va Lane, E. Lave, Max von Laves, Wolfgang Lee, Sir Kenneth Lendrum, F. Lessing, R. Life Wave Comb Little, Kitty Loofbourow, John R. Lovecy, A. datonges Je. Co. I: Ci : ; W.T.A, C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 E.96 . G. A. 3 A. Kalmus, Hans Kaye, Maurice A. Keilin, David Kenner, James Ketelaar, J. Kirkwood, S. Vv. Knibbs, N. Koch, William J. Koffler, Henry Kolkmeyer, N. Koller, P. Koprowski, Hilary Kornreich, E. Kratky, O. H. Kellgren, Jonas Henrik Kellner, Lotte (see also Dingle, H.) : 3 of Leeds) Lewin, Ralph A. Lennard-Jones, Sir John Lonsdale, Dame Kathleen Li, Chao Hao (see also Nuffield Foundation, University Lipson, Henry Solomon (see also Institute of Physics) 1956 McLaughlin, George D. MacLennan, John D. DY MacLeod, J. Manley, E. Marriott, Robert H. Marsh, J. Lorand, Laszlo (includes correspondence re Lorand's early career (with R.G. McFarlane, R.A. Kekwick)) 1955-56 1942-53 1948-57 194] 1951 1942 1951 1946 - A :y Low, Barbara W.TiA. ©..C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 Marshak, Alfred Maslem, E. Martin, A. Mercer, E. Meyer, Karl - N. a : Fa Middlebrook, W. Miller, Michael D. Mitchell, Robert L. Mommodtis, Geo" Monaghan, Edward J. Mongar, J. Moore, Dan H. Moore, Harry Morales, Manuel Murphy, Frank Les ; ; 2th Ms: : ; Manton, Irene — Marsden, Sir Ernest : Martin, Sir Charles Marwick, Thora Cuthbert (Mrs. K.C. Roberts) Mathieu, M. Medawar, Sir Peter Melland, Amicia M. Melnick, Joseph L. : 1955 1955 1943 1956 1940 1954 eo 1952 1945 1953 1954 1953 1942 1951-52 1943-45 1941-50 1944-46 - 1940-47 1941-51 1948-55 1943-45 1940-50 1951 1944-49 Miles, F. D. Morgan, Walter J. W. os Neurath, Hans Nier, H. a . Nowacki, W. 1941-49 1939-45 1945-46 1941-52 1951-52 1952 1945-48 Mott, Sir Nevill Francis North British Rayon Ltd. Needham, Joseph & Needham, Dorothy Oldershaw, A. Onions, W. Ormondts, Van Orowan, E. 1943 Pacsu, Eugene Padoa, E. Parkin, Thomas Parry, Gwen I. Paterson, Edith Patterson, A. — Lindo Poutard, Frederick G. Peirce, F. 194] 1952 1952 1946 1949 1943 1952 1944 1952 1940-41 1942 Oliver, Donald A. ea ts : 1950-52 : : W.T.A, C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 EIST. $e ee ~ Pennycuick, C. » Percival, E. Peterkin, G. Philpot, D. Philpot, J. Pijper, Adrianus © 8 or V5 G. A. Ss Pe Pirie, Norman Wingate Pitelka, Dorothy R. Palmer, Kenneth J. Passey, R. D. (includes committee papers of the Yorkshire Council of the British Empire Cancer Campaign of which Astbury was Acting Chairman and Passey Hon. Secretary) — Painaik, Brajabihari Pauling, Linus (includes corréspondence re US State Department's refusal to grant passport to Pauling in copy of Pauling's letter to President Truman, 1952: copy of statements by Pauling dated 14 Nov. 1950 and 29 April 1952) Pepper, K. W. Perry, S. Ve Perutz, Max Ferdinand 23 1954 1943, 1948 1956 1954 1941 1943, 1949, 1953 1945 1956 1944-45 1945-55 1945-55 1943-54 1940-43 1948-5] 1942-51 Petitpas, Th. 1946, 1953, 1956 Es A. ; : N. 3 a u 1944-56 1941-53 1949 ; 5. Picken, L. Preston, G. 1943 1944 Pringsheim, E. Polanyi, Michael Dz Pratt, D. 1941-53 Ramachandran, G. Ramsey, Robert W. Reed, R. Ritchie, P. Roberts, N. Robinow, C. Roe, Edna M. Rogers, G. Rogers, H. Rook, A. Rowlands, Stanley Russell, Frederick Stratten 1956 1944-45 1956 1949 1953 1945 1946 1944 1945 1950 1950 1954 Randall, Sir John (Turton) Rawlins, F. Radley, J. l. G. e: ds a 1941 1944-53 D. ry rs _ Wick. ( C.ScAG. 33/10/75 7 2A E.149 E. 150 E515) E.152-E.154 1944-51 1941-53 1941-56 1939-56 Monteath Rideal, Sir Eric Riley, Dennis Robertson, J.° The Rockefeller Foundation The Foundation was the chief single source of financial support for Astbury's work, its first grant being made in 1934. Reports and discussions of research in progress and programmes for future work, especially on protein structure, collagen, nucleic acids. Research grants for Astbury and colleagues. Installation of first electron microscope af Leeds University (1943). Establishment of Department of Biomolecular Structure at Leeds University. Conferences and meetings, travel arrangements, etc. Many letters give an attractive insight into Astbury's personality, in addition to the scientific information they contain. 3 folders: E.152 E.153 E.154 1939-45 1946-50 (1 (1 1951-56 letter only Dec. 1947) letter only March 1949) Rothschild, Lord Victor 1953 _ R. K. R. H. Mee be — B. 1951-54 Ruskin, Simon 1948 1941, 1943 1940-41 1944 1953 1951 1955 1945 1952 1947-52 Sanger, F. Saville, W. Saxl, Erwin J. Schmidt, Gerhard (to Rudall) Schwarz, Peter Sen, J; Sen, M._ Senti, F. Seville, R. Sheffield, F. Simons, Lewis Smith, James H. c. Smith, J. Spearman, Richard Spence, David Te Steer, Ay Sternberg, J. Stevenson, Margaret F. Stora, C. Straub, F. Straub, Ir. Sadron, Charles 1945 1951 1941 1953 1955 1943-49 1941 1950 1946 1946 1949 1945 B. a. ; a ; WTA °C LS. A.C. 33/10/75 E.160 E.161 E.162 E.163 E.164 Saha, Narendra Nath Savill, Agnes Schmidt, W. J; Schmitt, Francis O. Seifriz, William E.165, £.166 Shell Refining and Marketing Co. Lid. (especially Lubricating Oil Laboratory, Thornton-le- Moors, Chester, later Thornton Research Centre) 2 folders: E.165 E.166 1945-55 Reports Singleton, Leslie Sisson, Wayne A. Slater, Sir William (re W.T.A.'s unsuccessful application to Agricultural Research Council for grant) Speakman, J. Springall, H. Stacey, M. B. D. Stanley, W. M. of 13 Oct. 1939) (photocopy of Astbury's letter Sutherland, Gordon (Brims Black Mclvor) Szent-Gyérgyi, Albert (includes correspondence with ‘ 25 1945-57 1941-56 1946-57 1945-56 1941-53 1945-55 1950-57 1949-56 1953 - 1940-56 1943-44 * 1945-54 1945-53 1941-56 1946-54 Taylor, C. Taylor, F. V. Sherwood _ Taylor, Hugh S. Taylor, W. Ms (much of the file consists of corres- Thompson, Sir Harold Warris Trepka, E. Tristram, G. Trueman, E. Turner, A. R. R. a 1940 1943 1949 1949 1948 1954-55 1948 1943-44 George Rozsa, Clara W. Mayer, Andrew Szent- Gy&rgyi) 1945-51 pondence and committee papers of the Manchester Branch of the Institute of Physics of which W.H. Taylor was Hon. Sec. and W.T.A. a member) Todd, Alexander Robertus (Baron Todd of Trumpington) Thompson, Sir D'Arcy Wentworth to 1940-48 1945 1948-52 Taylor, Charles A. Tiselius, Arne W.T.A. _C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 E.182-E.185 Astbury undertook Tootal Broadhurst Lee Co. Ltd. (Research Dept. , Manchester). investigations one experimental work for this firm from 1940. Correspondence on analyses of natural and synthetic fibres. Equipment (including electron microscope), visits and meetings, publications, lectures and demonstrations. 4 folders: E.182 E.183 E.184 E.185 1940-42 1943-44 1945-46 (1947 missing) 1948-52 Troensegaard, N. Truter, M. R. Tsdo, T. Tyndall, Arthur Mannering ii Vickery, H. Virtanen, Artturi |. B. 5 Vickers, A. ute. J: 26 1940-52 1950-54 1955-56 1949-51 1940-48 H. Waddington, C. Warburg, Otto Wassermann, Albert Watkins, Kathleen E. WatsonzJones, K. Weber, Hans H. Weidinger, A. Weiler, G. Whinfield, J. : i, N. 1941 1939 1945 1943 195] 1946-54 1939-40 1942 1943 PY : EN Remit ce oar H. F. (from Astbury) White, Michael J. Wildschut, A. Wilkins, M. e, Williams, E. See Robley C. Wilson, D. Wolf, ing. Kurt Wolken, Jerome J. HH. Woodger, J. Woodward, F. Worden, Alastair N. Wrinch, Dorothy Wynne-Jones, William Francis Kenrick 1954-56 194] 1946 1953 1942 1954 1945 1939 1953 1946, 1948 1945 1952 1950 1941 Wool Textile Research Council Weissenberg, Karl Weibull, Claes Williams, J. Ww. Weiss, Henri 1948-56 1946 1939 1940-41 ; Worm, -C.S.A,G28/10/75 | E.199 E.200,E.201 E.203-E.206 Wormall, A. Wyckoff, Ralph Walter Greystone (includes much editorial correspondence for BBA: indexed), forwarding of Mss for publication, etc.) letters from contributors (not 2 folders: E.200 E.201 1945-52 1953-55 Yorke, Allan Young, John Zwick, Karl G. Requests for information, references to published work, etc. (not indexed) 27 1939-56 1945-55 1952 1944, 1945 1940 1939-56 4 folders: 1939-43 E.203 1944-48 E.204 1949-51 E.205... E.206, . 1952-26 E.207-E.209 Requests for reprints, copies of published articles, exchange of reprints, acknowledgements (not indexed) 1939-56 — ' E.210,E.211 Eozle 3 folders: E.207 E.208 E.209 1939-43 1944-48 1949-56 Misc. references (not indexed) 2 folders Examinations and Theses (not indexed) 1940-54 ; Conferences Pole= Fold 1945-48 Association of Correspondence re: 'The structural proteins of the cell’, Biochemical Society discussion, London, 10 Nov. 1945 Conference on ‘Science and Education’ Scientific Workers, June 1945 Symposium on Shrinkage and Cracking of Cementive Material, London 1946 (invitation declined) British Institute of Radiology Conference, 1946 Vile Congrés de Chimie Biologique, 1946 (invitation declined) High Polymer Forum, 1948 (invitation declined) High Polymer Conference, 1948 (invitation declined) International Rheological Congress, 1948 C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 Correspondence re conferences and symposia: 28 1949-51 - Colloquium on ‘Nature et Réle des Virus dans le Cancer', during 5th International Cancer Congress, 1950 Electron Microscopy Congress, 1950 Congrés des Sciences Appliquées 4 I'Indusirie Textile, 1951 (invitation declined) Division 15, Plant Cell-Wall Constituents, XIIIth International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemisiry, 1951 (invitation declined) Discussion on the comparative biology of natural fibres, Royal Society of Medicine, 1950 1950-51 Astbury corresponded with the Rockefeller Foundation, Visit to USA to attend American Crystallographic Association meeting (21-25 Aug.), Gordon Research Conference (28 Aug.- "1 Sept.), International Congress for Cell Biology (4-8 Sept.), Connective Tissue Conference (6-7 Oct.) 1950, The correspondence includes orrangements for travel to US, discussion of Astbury's contribution to The Gordon Conference 'X-ray Diffraction Studies on Proteins and Nucleic Acids', programme of Crystallogrophic meeting, plans to visit various individuals and laboratories (RCA, A.L. Patterson, Ray Pepinsky, See also Item D.20 re Maurice Huggins, Milton Harris). the Harvey Lecture which Astbury delivered in New York on 29 Sept. F.O. Schmitt, A. Szent-Gyérgyi, R. Wyckoff, W. Sisson, and M., Heidelberger re his visit; Section E. Conference on 'Submicroscopic structure of protoplasm’, Naples Zoological Station, 22-25 May 1951. Correspondence with A. Monroy re conference arrangements, with P. and R. Dohrn re publication of conference proceedings, with Silvio Ranzi re Astbury's lecture in Milan, with H.G. Callan re. payment of travelling expenses. Typescript of Astbury's reconstruction of his remarks during discussion of papers by Wilkins, Chantrenne, and Buchthal with note 'I (Astbury) think these remarks correspond at least to the sense of what | said at the actual symposium, but with probably a little additional matter.' (See also correspondence with A. Bairati.) (See also R. Olby, The path to the double helix, Macmillan 1974, pp.338-340. ) Invitations and related correspondence re Astbury's proposed trip to the USA to attend the XIIth International Conference of Pure and Applied Chemistry (visit was cancelled). Detroit Institute of Cancer Research, American CyanamidCo., Chemistry Dept. McGill University, National Dairy Research Laboratory, Division of Cellulose Chemistry, American Chemical Society. 1951 Invitations from see the appropriate files in 1951-52 C.S.A.C. 33/10/75 Invitations to: | 29 1951-52 (invitation declined) British Plastics Convention, 1951 Jubilee Meeting of the Bunsengesselschaft from K. Bonhoeffer, 1951 (invitation declined) International Congress of Clinical Pathology, 1951 joint (Astbury did not attend, but R. Reed presented a poper on ‘Studies of the Collagen Diseases by Electron Microscopy and X-ray Analysis', abstract included) Northern Cancer Group Meeting, 1951 (declined) Anglo-German summer school, Berlin, 17-26 July 1952 (invitation declined) list Lecture in the Istituto Chimico della Universita di Torino, 21 March 1952 'Recent Progress in the Siructure of the Fibrous Proteins' Correspondence with A. Nasini re programme for visit, of lantern slides, summary of lecture (sent ahead for translation), notes on ‘use of reflecting microscope with an infra-red spectrometer’. Royal Society Discussion on the Structure of Protein, 1 May The correspondence includes 1952 (organised by Astbury). a copy of Sir Edward Salisbury's letter to A.C. Chibnall suggesting that such a discussion should be held in early 1952, Astbury's reply to the proposal, arrangements for a grant for travelling expenses for a visiting speaker, Astbury's corres~ pondence with Sir David Martin re the programme and the printing of the Mss of the Discussions, invitations to partici- pants. and institutions re the Protein Discussion will be found in the appropriate file in Sections E and G: A.C. Chibnall, J. Edsall, R. Corey, D. Hodgkin, E.N. Andrade, R. Bailey, L. Bragg, J.D. Bernal, J.T. Randall, D.P. Riley, Royal Institution, Courtaulds, Society for Visiting Scientists. Astbury's correspondence with the following individuals A. Haddow, L. Pauling, Conference of British Gelatine and Glue Research Association, 1953 'Radiations et Macromolecules', International Union of Chemisiry Colloquim, Strasbourg, 9-11 June 1953 (correspondence with V.E. Cossleti, programme) Indian Science Congress, 1954 (invitation declined) Industrial Welfare Society Conference, 1954 (invitation declined) Council for British Archaeology Conference, 1954 (invitation declined) International Conference on Electron Microscopy, 1954 International Biochemical Congress, 1953 (with programme) (invitation declined) Northern Cancer Research Workers Group, 1953 ~ Invitations to: WTA: So°CiS