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CSAC 82/6/81 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR EDWARD VICTOR APPLETON, G.B.E., K.C.B., F.R.S. (1892 - 1965) Deposited in the Library of the University of Edinburgh All rights reserved 198] Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Julia Latham- Jackson E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland The Biochemical Society The British Pharmacological Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics © The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Physiological Society The Royal Society of London E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A.94 SCIENTIFIC NOTEBOOKS B 1 -B.60 Introduction to Section B RESEARCH TOPICS Index to Section C Introduction to Section C LECTURES, SPEECHES, PUBLICATIONS Introduction to Section D C.1 - C,425 CORRESPONDENCE Ev Est) Introduction to Section E Index to Section F Introduction to Section F G H NON-~PRINT MATERIAL REPORTS AND PRINTED MATTER CHARTS, GRAPHS, DATA INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS Goh eae at Ho HS? E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE AND HISTORY OF THE COLLECTION The material was received in several instalments and from several — sources: from Lady Appleton, from Mr. W.R. Piggott, and from the Appleton Room and other locations in the Library of the University of Edinburgh where it had been transferred over a period of time after Appleton's death in 1965. period, some of the papers had been inspected by Appleton's colleagues and friends, and by historians of science, some of whom left notes of identification on a few of the In the intervening documents. the course of his work on the Project for the History of lonospheric Physics of Wesleyan In particular, Professor C.S. Gillmor consulted some of the material in University, Connecticut; Professor Gillmor's notes and identifications have been quoted with acknowledgement in some of the catalogue entries. Probably also during this period Appleton's correspondence with B. van der Pol was partly catalogued (see E.117 - E.144 and the accompanying explanatory note). Some of the other letters, mainly those dating from Appleton's arrangement of the material. There was however no attempt after Appleton's death to sort entirely the responsibility of the present compilers. ADDITIONAL MATERIAL or list the whole range of the papers, and the system adopted in this catalogue is time in Edinburgh, also bear numbers of unknown origin and not apparently forming point pen, these numbers remain on the documents but are not relevant to the present part of any chronological or topical sequence; since they are often in ink or ball- of such material in Section C with cross-references in the index and in the body of the working papers and correspondence, were located in Edinburgh University Library and received when the main sequence of item numbers had been allocated, and the catalogue The research notes are listed at the end of the main sequence « « The notebooks have been intercalated in Section B in their approxi + was already in typescript. mate chronological order. e t i A number of notebooks, and additional folders of research notes, E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 text to the topics to which they refer. As well as supplementing research topics already identified, the additions include fairly substantial material on ionospheric storms which had not previously appeared as a separate heading on Appleton's folders; this topic has accordingly been added to the index to Section C. A folder of notes relating to lectures given for the Diploma Course on the lonosphere at Edinburgh has been added to Section D and appears at D.69 - D.71. CAREER AND WORK OF E.V. APPLETON Born in Bradford in 1892 of modest origins, Appleton became one of the pioneers of ionospheric research and an important figure in scientific and public life in Britain. After education in primary and secondary schools in Bradford, Appleton won a scholarship to St. John's College, Cambridge, where he was awarded first-class honours and several prizes in both parts of the Tripos (1913, 1914). He began research at the Cavendish Laboratory with Lawrence Bragg, but during his service in with B. van der Pol, on non-linearity, and on atmospherics. In 1924, in collaboration in the atmosphere to be identified and measured; subsequent research indicated the ‘wireless' signals which informed his subsequent research career. He returned to Cambridge and the Cavendish Laboratory in 1919, continuing to work on valves and, the Army Signal Corps in the First World War he developed the interest in valves and for Physics in 1947 for his investigations into the ionosphere in the 1920s. From 1924 existence of more than one reflecting layer, and Appleton was awarded the Nobel Prize with M.F. Barnett, he performed a crucial experiment which enabled a reflecting layer collaborative research on many ionospheric problems, including solar and lunor tides directing research teams and, in 1932, heading an expedition to Troms in northern Norway as part of the programme of observations scheduled for the Second Polar Year. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1927, and was President of the Inter- Wilson in the Jacksonian Chair of Natural Philosophy at Cambridge, where he continued national Union of Scientific Radio (U.R.S.1.) 1934-52. In 1936 he succeeded C.T.R. to 1936 Appleton was Wheatstone Professor of Physics at King's College, London, E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 in the E layer; from September 1936 he served on the freshly re-constituted Committee for the Scientific Survey of Air Defence (the 'Tizard Committee'). accepted appointment as successor to Sir Frank Smith as Secretary to the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, where he remained throughout the Second World War (he was made K.C.B. in 1941) and until 1948 when he was appointed Principal of Edin- burgh University. He took up the appointment in May 1949 and remained in office In October 1938 he until his sudden death in 1965. He was twice married. Although Appleton's career from 1938 was passed primarily in administration, he never lost his interest in ionospheric research. During his tenure of the Secretaryship of the D.S.1.R., he kept up his contacts with the Radio Research Board and with individual colleagues such as R. Naismith and W.R. Piggott; his position in U.R.S.1. kept him in touch with data and research in progress at observatories through- out the world; and, though he had no laboratory or research department at Edinburgh as he had initially hoped might be the case, he worked with a succession of assistants and with the famous 'lonospheric Young Ladies' - mathematical students - to maintain a steady output of research papers right to the end. Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, p.217, mentions 87 papers produced from Edinburgh, and many biographical accounts of Appleton conferences and discussions. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION Appleton's scientific work. Fuller accounts of Appleton's life and work can be found in the The collection, though extensive, deals almost exclusively with 1936, 1 - 21) and R.W. Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, Pergamon Press, 1971. describe the ‘little black books' in which he jotted down his own ideas and made notes at Memoir by J.A. Ratcliffe (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Sociefy, dey There is very little personal or private correspondence and almost no surviving material, other than lectures, speeches and addresses, relating to is unfortunately not a complete The collection is presented in Sections as outlined in the List of his public life as scientific administrator or university principal. 7 Contents. Sections A - F are manuscript, mainly by Appleton himself but including collaborative work and correspondence from colleagues. Section A contains the sur- viving material relating to Appleton's career, though it a E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 record. There is, however, a good run of diaries and engagement books, and these, together with the scientific notebooks in Section B, comprise the legendary - not to say mythical - ‘little black books' which Appleton always carried with him to record his past, present and future activities. The main documentation of Appleton's scientific research is in Section C. The considerable time-lapse already alluded to between Appleton's death and the receipt of the papers, and the fact that they had had to be moved several times, added greatly to the problems of sorting. Very few of Appleton's own named folders survived, and they were so crammed with material that it was thought best to divide the papers into more manageable units while preserving the original folder and title or description. Most of the material, however, was received as loose papers. Appleton's handwriting was fine and showed little variation, at least until the arrival of the ballpoint pen; he very rarely dated his notes and although he would sometimes give them a heading he usually had several research projects in hand simultaneously and would refer to more than one phenomenon or theory in the course of each sequence of notes. Eventually, The further extensive background are preceded by an outline list of topics. after advice had been sought from scientists and historians of science, the material was assigned wherever possible to a specific theme, and the title 'General lonospheric Every Topics' was coined to cover papers which could not be more closely identified. effort was made to ascribe and date the papers, and any of Appleton's own descriptions Section C have been retained and appear in inverted commas in the catalogue entries. thus consists of Appleton's own notes, drafts and correspondence with colleagues, and background information specifically related to them. data of observations, charts, curves and analyses compiled under Appleton's direction Both these Sections (C and F) by assistants mainly at Edinburgh appears in Section F. and other journals. E-region anomaly' prepared for publication by L.M. Muggleton and published in Journal talks or writings; although it is not a complete record it includes several items not listed of radio reception contributed by Appleton in the 1930s to Wireless World, World Radio Section D contains manuscript or typescript drafts for shorter in the published bibliographies, the material for the paper 'Appleton's last note on the of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics, 1971, and a folder of articles on problems E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Section E contains a little personal correspondence, and all the scientific correspondence not included in Section C. Of interest are the exchanges with Van der Pol, 1921 ~- 24, on oscillations and non-linearity, the long and frequent correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon, R. Naismith and W.R. Piggott, as well as material relating to Ambrose Fleming, J. Larmor and C.T.R. Wilson. Section G consists of Appleton's extensive collection of reports and published papers by others, some being preprints or of limited circulation. LOCATIONS OF FURTHER MATERIAL Lady Appleton retains copies of Appleton's speeches and writings, which will be left to Edinburgh University Library on her death. Edinburgh University Library holds a substantial sequence of 396 letters by Appleton to J.A. Ratcliffe, 1925 - 36 (ref. Gen.1985), and various diplomas and scrolls of honorary degrees conferred on Appleton (ref. P.C. 61 - 62). There is a permanent display of medals and awards in the Appleton Tower of the University. housesa film inwhich. Appleton describes his ionospheric research, made for the The Institution of Electrical Engineers (Savoy Place, London) Sir Granville Beynon, Sir Bernard Lovell and Mr. W.R. Piggott Professor C.S. Gillmor holds a collection of photocopies of contacts with Appleton, and have given permission for this to be noted here. Sir Bernard Institution by British Movietone Ltd. in 1962, anda typescript text of the film. Lovell's papers are held at the John Rylands Library of the University of Manchester. retain among their personal papers correspondence and other material relating to their letters written by Anpleton, which he has assembled from many sources. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 ACKNOWLED GEMENTS We are grateful for help and information from many sources, and in particular to: Lady Appleton, for making the material available, for her unflagging encouragement, and for comments on the draft catalogue; Mr. W.R. Piggott, for making available the 1932 letter from J.A. Fleming included in E.39; from his biography of Appleton; Mr. R.W. Clark, for information and for allowing quotations Professor C.S. Gillmor, Wesleyan University, Connecticut, Professor W.T. Sullivan, University of Washington, Seattle, Dr. D.J. King, Mr. G. Gardner and Mr. Smith, all of the Appleton Laboratory, for help in identifying and assigning material; Professor W.E.J. Farvis, for information; Professor M.M. Gowing, for comments on the draft catalogue; Mrs. M. Edwards, for her usual accurate typing of the catalogue, and for her more than usual patience with additions and alterations to the draft. Julia Latham- Jackson J eannine Alt Alton E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A.94 Biographical and bibliographical Career, honours and awards A.60, A.61 Press cuttings A.62 - A.94 Diaries and notebooks See Section H for photographs, recordings and non-print material illustrating Appleton's life and work. Biographical and bibliographical Miscellaneous biographical information, articles on Appleton and his work, obituary tributes, etc. Bibliographical information. Typed lists of papers and addresses by Appleton, currently held by Lady Appleton and which will go to the Appleton Room, Edinburgh University, at her death. Bibliography of publications, 1918-33, 1934-48, 1949-65. Addresses and speeches, mainly scientific topics, 1931-65. as Assistant Demonstrator at the Cavendish Laboratory. 2 letters from Rutherford, 1922, recommending Appleton for 'The King's Professorship’ (N.B. Appleton became Wheatstone Professor at King's College, London, only in 1924), and 1925, accepting his resignation Letter from Appleton to 'Edward' in 1962 describing his award of The Wiltshire Prize for Geology and Mineralogy in his Cambridge Tripos, 1913. Addresses and speeches delivered as Principal, Edinburgh University, 1949-65. honours and awards Career, The material, which is presented chronologically, is sparse for many periods of Appleton's life. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Biographical and personal Letter from C.T.R. Wilson offering to propose Appleton for election to The Royal Society, 1926. Congratulations from Rutherford on award of prize by Radio Engineers of UZSVA., 1922, Letter of thanks from H.G. Lyons on work at Troms8 and contributions to Polar Year, 1934. Miscellaneous items of biographical interest. Includes postcard, 1928, re Appleton's golf handicap (24), photograph of his house, menu of dinner at Athenaeum, 1936, with signed sketch (? of J.J. Thomson) by Sir William Llewellyn P.R.A., humorous sketch of Halley Stewart Laboratory. Invitation to serve on the re-constituted Committee for the Scientific Survey of Air Defence (the 'Tizard Committee'), September 1936. Included here is a mock-heroic poem referring to the last meeting of the previous C.S.S.A.D. on 15 July 1936. Hon. D.Sc., Oxford, 1940. Presentation address by Public Orator. Hon. D.Sc., Leeds, 1945. Grant of Knight Commander, Order of the Bath, 1941. 2 pp. ms. draft of letter by Appleton to 'Dear Barlow' (Sir Alan Barlow) on relations between D.S.1.R. and other government departments especially the Treasury Establishment Section. n.d. but Appleton refers to his four years in the Civil Service, so 1943. Certificate and citation. Presentation address, Appleton's ms. notes for speech at ceremonial banquet. Hon. D.Sc., Cambridge, 1946. Presentation address. United States Medal for Merit, 1946. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Biographical and personal Visit to Norway, September 1946, Typescript accounts from newspapers of Appleton's visit, synopses of lectures and interviews, press~cuttings, etc. Photocopies of two ms. College, Cambridge (E.A. Benians) letters by Appleton to the Master, St John's re Appleton's visit to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, arrangements to meet St John's men there, etc., 1946. Society of Dyers and Colourists, March 1947. Dinner menu. Honorary Life Member, Institution of Radio Engineers, Australia. Certificate May 1947 Admission as Honorary Freeman, Bradford. Brochure of arrangements June 1947 Fellowship, Royal Society of Edinburgh. Diploma July 1947 Nobel Prize for Physics, November 1947. Cross of Freedom, Norway. Certificate June 1947 Tagged folder, with some loose material, of press releases and cuttings. given to him on his resignation, Album of signatures of Members of Advisory Council and Chairmen of the Research Boards of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, associated with Appleton in his work for D.S.1.R, 1939-49, Valdemar Poulsen Gold Medal, Academy of Technical Sciences, Copenhagen. Certificate of award. 1948 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Biographical and personal Material relating to Edinburgh University. Copy of Appleton's letter re Abden House (official residence of Principal), December 1948. Press-cutting g re re “App leton's appointment as Principal. PP I Correspondence and papers re Appleton's proposals for post-graduate research at Edinburgh. Includes: | Appleton's 'Proposal for the institution of a post-graduate radio-physics research group in Edinburgh University’. 4 pp. typescript, April 1949. Letter re proposal from N. Feather, April 1949. ‘Developments in electrical engineering’. 1 p. typescript, June 1949 (not signed). ‘Report on the development of a post-graduate school in electronics and communications in the University of Edinburgh', by W.E.J. Farvis, 3 pp. typescript and plans, June 1949. Letter from W. Jackson re similar work at Imperial College, June 1949. Report on Imperial College school, by W.E.J. Farvis, September 1949. Continuing correspondence, re possible setting up and financing of an ionospheric laboratory in conjunction with Edinburgh research, from Sir Gordon MacMillan, W.R. Piggott, R.L. Smith-Rose, October 1949. 1953), and other verses. Correspondence 1955-60 deals mainly with the expansion of the: University and the George Square development, and includes various briefings and submissions to the U.G.C. Correspondence re George Square development, with former graduates opposed to the scheme. Appleton's carbons only, not indexed. Correspondence with University Grants Committee (Appleton's carbons only), 1952-60. Humorous or mock-heroic poems about Appleton and his activities (1951, Miscellaneous items of biographical interest. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Biographical and personal Award of Emblem of Honour, Norwegian Polytechnic Society. Press~cutting only, 1952 Ms. letter from Appleton to his parents, describing his return sea-voyage from Australia, his daughter's engagement, etc. October 1952. (quoted in Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, p.199). Honorary D. Litt., Liverpool. Presentation address. 1953 Honorary Membership, Institution of Electrical Engineers. Typescript presentation address. 1956 Technical High Schooi, Hanover, 125th Anniversary. Letter and photograph. 1958 (Appleton had been unable to attend.) See also H.39. Icelandic Order of the Falcon. Certificate. 1963 Royal Society Tercentenary Programme. 1960 Ring-back plastic binder of press-cuttings, photographs and material relating to visit to Cincinnati, March 1957, to participate in Centennial Program of Academy of Medicine and Fiftieth Anniversary of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Cincinnati. etc. (not indexed) Edinburgh University societies, organisations, clubs, etc. (not indexed) Letters of condolence received on Appleton's death, 1965. Edinburgh and Scoitish organisations, schools, societies, A B C D-E E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Biographical and personal ; U-W and unidentified Letters from institutions, societies, firms, organisations, etc. (not indexed) Correspondence with Royal Society re establishing an Appleton Memorial Lecture to be given at the triennial assemblies of U.R.S.1. Various dates, 1966-75. Miscellaneous items of biographical interest. Includes information about the lectures, and programme for discussion meeting held at the Society 5-6 December 1974, to mark the 50th anniversary of radio investigations of the ionosphere. Appleton.) Photocopy of front pages of 'Field Telephones and Telegraphs', by E.J. Stevens, 1918. the Fifth Edition' acknowledges the help of ' Lieut. E.V. Appleton'. Includes: Letter re arrangements for change of name of Radio and Space Research Station, Slough, to the Appleton Laboratory, 1973. Photographs of the ‘Appleton Crater! on the moon. The 'Note to (The book was purchased by Mr. A. Gardner of the Appleton Laboratory who sent the photocopy to Lady E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Biographical and personal Two folders of press-cuttings relating to Appleton and his activities. See also A.22, A.37. A.62-A.94 Diaries and notebooks, 1936-65 These are small pocket diaries, containing notes of engagements, addresses and telephone numbers, personal and financial notes, titles of books read or to be read, epigrams, notes and anecdotes for speeches, etc. observations, experiments or formulae and a note is made of these cases in the list below. Generally speaking, however, these are personal diaries as distinct from the scientific notebooks in Section B. In addition, some contain jottings of scientific A. A. 1936 Includes some scientific notes 1938 Includes a little scientific material 1939 1940 194] 1942 1942 A, A. A. A. A. A. Includes scientific notes and observations Includes scientific notes and observations Canibridge University Diary, 1938-39 Mainly financial A. A, A, A. 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1947 1944 A. A, A, E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Biographical and personal 1948 1949 1949 1950 195] 1951 September-December only, loose pages removed from a larger diary. Mainly scientific notes 1952 Includes scientific notes, and engagements in Australia 1953 Edinburgh University Diary, 1953-54. and ideas Includes scientific notes Edinburgh University Diary, 1954-55. notes Includes a few scientific Edinburgh University Diary, 1955-56 1959-60 1960-61 Includes some scientific notes Edinburgh University Diary, 1960-61 Edinburgh University Diary, 1958-59 Edinburgh University Diary, 1956-57. Not used. Edinburgh University Diary, 1957-58 Not used. There are no surviving diaries for 1962 and 1963 Edinburgh University Diary, 1964-65. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 SECTION B SCIENTIFIC NOTEBOOKS _ B.1 - B.60 These books have a twofold origin. Some are laboratory notebooks in the usual sense, documenting experimental work with dates and descriptions, and sometimes kept partly by research assistants and collaborators as well as by Appleton himself. Others are more diverse, and belong to the category of ‘little black books'. Appleton's lifelong habit of keeping small notebooks in his pockets was well known and commented on by his biographers, who often quote from them. The description ‘little black books' is clearly no more than a generic term, since very few are black and some are quite large. Nevertheless they have many features in common; few are dated, and Appleton seems to have kept several of them in play at the same time so that each book might remain in sporadic use for years, entries being made at the front, back, or on odd blank pages in the middle. Conversely, certain books are hardly used at all. The content is heterogeneous and includes notes for experiments to be performed, theories to be tested or papers to be written, diagrams, calculations and 'thinking aloud', notes on the literature, of lectures or discussions at conferences, of points to be raised at speeches or writings - not all of them on scientific subjects. To a small extent, the material is similar to the diaries in Section A, end of the sequence (B.48 - B.57). or general topics with no details of engagements or chronology. Dated material, or that to which a date can be tentatively assigned on internal evidence, is presented as a sequence. Undated material is placed at the but the notebooks in Section B differ in containing only Appleton's ideas on scientific meetings, quotations, anecdotes, epigrams or longer paragraphs for inclusion in Appleton's Continued All the material is in Appleton's hand unless otherwise stated. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Further research material in the form of loose notes and narratives, graphs and data, and exchanges of correspondence, is in Section C. Additional note- books can be found at C.310, C.311 (Troms expedition), C.256 (radar), C.384-C. 388 (valves), D.67, D.68 (lecture material), H.1. Attention is drawn to B.58 - B.60, which comprise two bound volumes and one folder of press-cuttings recording developments in 'wireless', radio and television. Appleton began the first of these (B.58) during the First World War and continued some- what less methodically until about 1939. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Hardback notebook, inscribed inside 'Victor Appleton St John's College, Cambridge. Magnetism and Electricity'. Both ends of book used. Notes and calculations, perhaps of undergraduate work (Appleton usually signed himself 'E.V. Appleton' after 1919). Some notes on negative ions, ionisation, etc. may be of later date. Army notebook, few pages only and front cover remaining. Notes on differential equations, perhaps for lectures as Instructor in R.E. Signals during First World War. Army notebook, inscribed on cover 'E.V. Appleton R.E. Electricity Notes'. ii Lieut Both ends of book used. At front of book, notes on electricity and magnetism, perhaps for lectures during First World War. Hardback notebook of graph paper, inscribed on cover and inside 'E.V. Appleton. Cavendish Laboratory 1919'. At rear of book, press-cuttings on valves, electricity, etc., mainly during First World War. In middle of book, sequence of pages (some numbered) of experiments on ‘Oscillator with Leaking Grid Condenser', at Cambridge, 1920-21 (not all in Appleton's hand). lectures by C.T.R. Wilson. Both ends of book used. Notes and calculations on electricity, perhaps from E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Red softbacked notebook, inscribed inside 'E.V. Appleton. St. John's College, Cambridge’. 1919 Both ends of book used. Notes (some dated 1919) of experiments on osciHating circuits. Notes on glassblowing. Notes of work planned, including 'Van der Pol's coils’. Narrative of experiments conducted. Hardback notebook. 1919-22 Notes of experiments and ideas on oscillators and circuits, some with various dates, December 1919-October 1922. Notes for 'Further Experiments on Atmospherics'. A few notes at rear of book. See also B.4. Both ends of book used. _ At front: At rear: graphs and calculations of valves and oscillators. 12 monthly graphs, labelled January~December. The work begins July Miscellaneous pages of notes and calculations, originally tucked into B.3. Black ring-bound notebook. Hardback drawing book of graph paper, n.d., ¢.1920. Notes and narratives of experiments on atmospherics and on Aperiodic Impulses. 12 £1920] and continues to April 17 £19217. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks The first is also dated 'April 2nd 1923' and the Sequence of three small hardbacked notebooks, numbered 1, by Appleton. third has an indistinct date 1925. and off for several years and contain similar material. well be the origin of the description 'little black books’. All three books were used on They may 2 and 3 Small notebook '1', dated 'April 2nd 1923' and inscribed inside 'E.V. Appleton, St. John's College, Cambridge. Please return’. Some entries dated 1924. Notes and ideas on research carried out or projected on triode, circuits, etc., notes on the literature, or of discussion with Van der Pol (‘Balth'). Back cover and page contain lists of papers ‘Published’, 'Possible' and 'Projected'. notebook '2', no inscription. Notes and ideas for research, 'Suggestions for articles’ (on oscillators), headings for discussion meeting, work on absorption, ‘Points for short wave paper', notes possibly of conference contributions by Bohr, Chapman and others. notebook '3', with an indistinct date 1925 on cover. ’ Includes some material on Tromsé (c.1931) and a note 'Good wave-traps in W.W.*(Watson-Watt) dated '16/9/32'. This book also contains a note (undated) 'Could an aeroplane get us direction of vector?' quoted in Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, p.48. Notes and ideas for research, notes ona paper by Watson-Watt notes for 'Progress Report RRB' (Radio Research Board) dated '2/6/27', notes on URSI meeting, note 'Try spark method of Breit and Tuve', other notes dated 1928, 1932, narrative on aurora referring to 'Tromsd last year' (c.1932), drawings of spectra, etc. n.d. Calculations and graphs of experiments with oscillators. Soft-backed notebook, front only used. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Notebook, inscribed 'E. V. Appleton' on cover. Notes on the literature, mainly on oscillators. n.d., but book was bought in Haarlem, where Appleton is known to have visited Van der Pol in 1924, Black notebook inscribed 'E.V. Appleton Atmospherics' on cover. Miscellaneous notes, tables, calculations, plan for paper 'On the Nature of Atmospherics' (Part | published with R.A. Watson- Watt Proc. Roy. Soc., 103, oscillations in discharges. At rear of book is draft for Appleton's farewell speech on leaving Cavendish, 1924. 1923), drafts for paper or note on Hardback notebook, inscribed inside 'E.V. Appleton. Wheatstone Laboratory, King's College, London. of Papers’. lonization of Gases. Digests Only a few pages used, at front of book. Thick notebook, inscribed on cover ‘Atmospheric Data' (not in Appleton's hand); hand, 'May 1925' in another hand. inside 'Wheatstone Laboratory’ in Appleton's Entries continue with dated experiments to 25/8/27, not in Appleton's hand but with occasional notes by him. Miscellaneous loose pages of notes and calculations originally tucked in B.13, some dated 1926. Early entries begin December 1924 in Appleton's hand headed ‘Tests of Constancy of 2LO intensity from fading experiments’. Work continues to July 1929, on Modulation Frequency Tests. Inside front cover is a detailed list of experiments numbered 1-77, dated March 1926 to November 1928, which form the contents of the book. Hardback notebook, inscribed 'Edward V. Appleton, Captain R.E.' presumably acquired during service in 1914-18 War. See also B.14. Detailed observations and comparison of various stations, almost all in Appleton's hand or with comments by him. Also includes some narratives and summaries of the experiments Pp by Appleton. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Thick notebook, inscribed inside ‘Simultaneous Measurements in Downcoming Rays’. Inside front cover is a dated December 1927 to August 1928 (not all were completed), of reception data received at Cambridge, Peterborough, King's College. list of experiments numbered 47-62, See also B.17. Miscellaneous loose pages of notes and calculations originally tucked into B.16, various dates 1928. Includes a letter re research from A.L. Green, 1928. (Appleton published a collaborative paper with Green in Proc. Roy. Soc., 128, 1930.) Thick notebook, inscribed 'E.V. Appleton' on page edges. Mainly notes on the literature, latest date 1927. Only a few pages used, at front of book. Hardback notebook, inscribed inside 'N.P.L. Transmissions on Short Waves'. The records are not in Appleton's hand but almost all have comments by him. Towards rear of book is a later test (numbered 92), July 1929, and a narrative 'Notes on Test' by Appleton. See also B.20. Inside front cover isa list of experiments, dated August- November 1928, recorded at King's College, Peterborough and Cambridge. 1951. Miscellaneous loose pages of notes on tests, and tabulated results, February 1928-April 1929, originally tucked into B.19. Also included is a sheet of records for Tromst, E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Hardback notebook, inscribed on cover 'Daily N.P.L. Transmissions 100 X' and inside (not in Appleton's hand) 'N.P.L. Transmissions on 100 Metres Daily, Commencing November 18 1929 from 12 to 12.30 p.Mi: Daily log of experiments and notes, all in Appleton's hand, for 33 days (to 20 December), with observations for January 16 1930, and earlier notes from 1928 and 1929, and a narrative summarising results. Inside rear cover is a log of the experiments numbered 1-35 (not all completed). Hardback notebook, inscribed inside ‘Month's Run. 1931 to March 21. Measurements of Critical Frequency’. February 23 Records all in Appleton's hand. to 3 June. Some shorter notes continue Hardback notebook. n.d., ¢.1931. Includes notes on 'Dielectric Constant of lonised Gas', polarization, work of Tonks, 'Notes for Discussion’. At rear of book, extended narrative on 'Probe Analysis’. Black ring-back notebook. Lectures on Fourier analysis and statistics, n.d. c.1932. n.d. Calculations, only a few pages used. pages. Includes a few loose Hardback 'Minute Book', pages numbered 1-197 (only 1-107 used). Large ledger-type notebook inscribed on cover 'E. V. Appleton. Magneto-lonic Theory’. in 1937). Includes notes on the literature, notes for experiments or of discussions, ideas on various aspects of ionospheric research. Notes of very heterogeneous nature, probably begun c.1930 and continuing to 1948. p.85 contains very brief notes for 'Bakerian Lecture' (given E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Hardback notebook, inscribed inside 'Notes on Atmospheric Electricity, pp.1-25. K.G.E. (K.G. Emeleus), 1934". Notes on the literature, on experiments and hypotheses, conclusions. All in the hand of K.G. Emeleus. Large ledger-type notebook. Notes on mathematics, some labelled 'Lecture II', etc., perhaps for lectures at Cambridge, ¢c.1936. See also B. 28. 11 pp. notes on integrals, sent with a covering note November 1935 by G. Cook, and originally tucked into B.27. Large ledger-type notebook, n.d. Mainly notes on atomic and particle physics, perhaps for lectures at Cambridge. Thick black notebook. n.d. Latest reference 1937. Only a few pages used, at front of book. Notes on the literature, many research ideas on a wide variety of topics in ionosphere, latest dated reference 1941. Hardback notebook of graph paper. Miscellaneous notes, calculations and references, on recombination, 'Correct magneto-ionic formulae’, critical frequencies. Small softcover notebook, inscribed inside 'E.V. Appleton, 16 Old Queen St. .2. SW. See also B.31B. Both ends of book used. Miscellaneous notes, narratives and calculations probably made over a considerable period (latest date 1940). Includes work on electron density (¢.1935-36), recombination, theories of Massey, Pekeris, Eckersley, Chapman, Booker, etc. At rear of book, ideas and questions for research. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Loose pages originally tucked into B.31A. Includes: Notes on 'Tides in the Upper Atmosphere’ and ‘Light of the Night Sky’. Notes on 'Lunar Tides in Region E', with analysis of experiments 1937-38. Correspondence from J.E. Best, 1936, J.A. Ratcliffe, n.d. Hardback notebook of graph paper. Diary eniries, and notes, 1938-41, describing aspects of work at D,S.1.R., fuel, food, glass, etc. Last entry, dated 25/12/41, sets down some of Appleton's views on the Civil Service. Only a few pages used, at front of book. Loose-leaf ring-back notebook. Begins with extensive sequence on Miscellaneous notes and calculations, probably made over a considerable period. 'Aerials', perhaps for a course of lectures, continues with notes on scattering, etc., typescript and ms. bibliography on waves (latest date 1942), 2 pp. ms. note on 'Effects of Bombing on Structures’. Large red 'Minute Book'. ¢.1942. Hardback notebook, inscribed inside 'E.V. Appleton, 39 Westleigh Avenue, London S.W.15.' Few pages used, widely scattered through the book. Notes, mainly on radar, very short waves, anomalous echoes, influence of water vapour, etc. See also B.35, C.248-C.274, Extensive notes, calculations and narratives on radar, and for a lecture or paper alternatively called 'The Technique of Radar (or Radiolocation)', 'The Principles of Radiolocation', 'The Elements of Radar or Radiolocation'. (Appleton's 36th Kelvin Lecture was entitled 'The scientific principles of radio location', J. Instn. Elect. Engrs., 93, 1946.) E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Loose papers originally tucked into B.34. Includes: 5 pp. ms. letter by Appleton to 'Mr. Piggott, Mr. Gorwyn', 21 January 1945, discussing research on energy flux. 3 pp. note 'The obliquity factor in diffraction problems', by P.M. Woodward, 1 June 1945. Note from R.L. Smith-Rose on 'radiolocation of the moon', 5 September 1945, Black notebook, first page headed 'Fo Layer anomalies’. Notes, tables and references, latest dated reference 1944 though work may continue later. Only a few pages used, at front of book. Hardback notebook, inscribed on cover 'Solor noise. noise'. Galactic Notes, observations, drafts, notes for discussion, comments on others' work or papers, etc. Related especially to work with J.S. Hey, 1946. C.323=C.357. See also 1 loose page graph of observations. Inside rear cover, brief notes of 'Points for investigation’. Black loose-leaf ring-back notebook. Hardbacked notebook . Monthly comparative charts of average noon critica! Fo layer frequency on 5 disturbed and 5 quiet days for 1948 (at Washington station). 1952. Includes Appleton's note of ‘Points requiring attention’, 28 December 195i, anda note to Mrs. Pritchard, 25 February Typed-up series of notes on the literature, data and graphs, research ideas, etc., with some ms. notes. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Small black notebook, inscribed inside 'E.V. Appleton’. Notes made on journey to Australia for URS! meeting and other engagements, 1952. Includes personal notes, list of articles and speeches required during trip, notes of papers read or contributions heard at conference, diagrams and research ideas. Both ends of book used. Hardback notebook, University of Western Australia, inscribed on cover 'E.V. Appleton (Univ. of Edinburgh) lonosphere’. Notes, research ideas, notes of discussion meetings, on various topics including recombination, sunspot cycle, etc. n.d., ¢.1952. Red loose-leaf ring-back notebook. Notes, diagrams, ideas, comments on papers and theories by others; p.1 has heading 'Il.G.Y.' (International Geophysical Year) and may refer to preparations for the 1957 meetings, or to earlier URS! meetings at which the idea was discussed. Includes notes, perhaps for reports, on E layer and F layer studies, and notes on rockets. Spiral-bound notebook. Small hardback notebook, inscribed inside 'E.V. Appleton ... Edinburgh’. Notes and diagrams of papers, contributions, etc. at URS! meeting, Boulder, Colorado, August-September 1957. meeting +some notes possibly in few years after '54', Included is a note from C.S. Gillmor 'These notes by EVA are mostly in 1954 prob. at Mixed Commission on lonosphere Notes for speeches and talks, several intended for a medical audience. Some scientific notes, and several references to 1.G.Y. Latest dated reference 1960. loose-leaf ring-back notebook. Various notes and diagrams. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Black notebook. Notes for speeches and lectures, on general and scientific topics. Includes headings for 'Granada Lecture’ (given in 1959), latest dated reference 1960. Small red notebook. Hardly used. Latest datable reference 1962. Small red spiral-bound notebook, n.d. Notes and drafts on electron density, Sq curves, etc. Notes and anecdotes for speeches. Soft-cover notebook, n.d. Mainly notes on linear equations. Only a few pages used, at front of book. Small black loose-leaf ring-back notebook, n.d. Includes sequence of 17 numbered pages relating to work on (fE)* values at Edinburgh. Black hardback notebook, n.d. Miscellaneous notes, diagrams, calculations and narratives, of various periods, and including work on solar noise, ‘relaxation time of the Fo layer', 'Points on Eand F', 'Distortion in the E layer', 'The Continuity Equation', etc. Work probably begins c.1940 and continues to c. 1953, Only a few pages used, at front of book. Spiral-bound New York University notebook, inscribed on cover, 'E.V. Appleton, Univ. of Edinburgh’. Notes and calculations, draft headed 'Paper on Anomalous Equatorial Belt', with 2 loose pages inserted. Green notebook, inscribed 'F9 Layer Theory’. Notes and calculations, with 2 loose pages inserted. Only a few pages used, at front of book. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Scientific notebooks Spiral-bound notebook, n.d. Notes and drafts on several topics. Includes 'Some Notes on Methods of Investigating E and Fy Layers', 'Formation of negative ions', notes for experiments, etc. Small hardback notebook, n.d. Miscellaneous notes, calculations, ideas; notes and anecdotes for lectures. Spiral-bound notebook, n.d. Miscellaneous scientific and university notes, last date 1950. Grey spiral-bound notebook. Miscellaneous notes and drafts, on ‘constant time error', 'A Study of the E Layer', 'A Possible Explanation of the «| phenomenon’, and other topics. n.d., but includes loose pages of photographs dated December 1957. B.58-B.60 B.58 1916-18. green ledger-type book, containing press-cuttings on Large developments in radio and television, approximately 1927-39. Press-cuttings. Large Army 'Register of Requisitions' book, containing press~ cuttings from technical journals, chiefly The Electrician, on meetings, research papers, discoveries and research. Some Idose cuttings are tucked into rear of book. Folder of similar material, mainly 1930s. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 SECTION C RESEARCH TOPICS C.1 - C.425 INDEX TO SECTION C ABSORPTION ATMOSPHERICS B - DETERMINATION see RECOMBINATION CRITICAL FREQUENCY E LAYER has ey FP . 389 - C.404 .8- C.28 at =~ CSe, -405 «30 = C.55, -406 - C.409 56 - C.105 .106 - C.165 166 - C.181 410 - C.421 Te2-.C,191 see U.R.S.1. F LAYER GENERAL IONOSPHERIC TOPICS INTERNATIONAL GEOPHYSICAL YEAR (I.G.Y.) IONISATION IONOSPHERIC STORMS LUNAR TIDES LUXEMBOURG EFFECT MAGNETIC STORMS MAGNETO-IONIC THEORY METEOR TRAILS NEGATIVE IONS OSCILLATORS RADAR RADIO RECEPTION including LUXEMBOURG EFFECT RADIO RECEPTION RECOMBINATION see see _ 192 C, 198 199 Caza) 229-.G 736 287 + Gee 248 - C.274 75> C.OB7 VALVES RECOMBINATION AND ATTACHMENT including B-DETERMINATION and NEGATIVE IONS SEASONA!. ANOMALY SECOND POLAR YEAR including TROMSO EXPEDITION SOLAR NOISE SUNSPOTS AND SOLAR CYCLE . 288 - C.300 .301 - C.303 304 - C, .323 - C .358- C.3 422 U.R.S.1, including I.G.Y. TROMSO EXPEDITION see SECOND POLAR YEAR - C.A25 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION C The material in this Section is very diverse. It includes notes and ideas by Appleton, comments and suggestions exchanged with research assistants, collaborators and colleagues, drafts for discussion meetings or for papers and talks, data (charts, graphs, diagrams) and correspondence. The alphabetical sequence in which the material is presented is intended as no more than a guide. Some of the titles, such as 'Absorption', 'Atmospheric Spectrum', 'lonized Air', 'Recombination and attachment', 'B - determinations', etc. correspond to Appleton's own file-headings, but others were adopted for the purpose of this catalogue on the advice of scientists and historians of science. cover brief exchanges only, while others describe extensive folders and a wide spread of material andtime. this is frequently tentative; undated papers come at the end of each sequence. Within each topic, the papers are in a chronological sequence, though In some cases, the headings A very substantial proportion of the material was received as loose papers, rarely dated by Appleton and showing little variation in his handwriting over the years which might have permitted closer dating. Although efforts have been made, and advice taken, to assign work to some identified field of study or period of time, it has not always been possible to do so with any certainty. Material of this kind has been grouped under the title 'General lonospheric Topics' (C.106 - C.165). collaborative work undertaken during Appleton's service as Principal of Edinburgh University 1949-65, when he pursued several lines of enquiry simultaneously with the help of a series of assistants and colleagues at Edinburgh (particularly Mrs. A.G. Pritchard, later Turnbull, A.J. lyon, C.P. Bell, and the 'lonospheric Young Ladies' from the Department of Mathe- matics) as well as postal discussion with his lifelong colleagues W.R. Piggott, and W.J.G. (later Sir Granville) Beynon. (E.71 - E.82), W.R. Piggott (E.87 - E.98), B. van der Pol (E.117 - E.144). It should be noted that the data and correspondence in this Section consist only of material either specifically related to the topic in hand, or kept in a named folder by Appleton himself. material; see especially correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon (E.9 - E.16), R. Naismith It includes especially the The correspondence folders in Section E contain similar E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Section F contains extensive additional data, prepared by or under the direction of Appleton in the furtherance of various research projects. Section G includes data and reports sent to him from observatories and ionospheric stations worldwide. These Sections should therefore be regarded as supplementary to Section C. In addition, the notebooks in Section B often provide the embryo of Appleton's research ideas. ADDITIONAL MATERIAL ltems C.389 - C.425 represent notes, working papers and corres- pondence which were received too late for inclusion in the main sequence. Many were in Appleton's original bulky folders or binders, which have been retained together with their titles, but the contents have been divided into more manageable units. of topics and cross-referenced fo the items which it supplements. | Appleton's work with The material is presented in the alphabetical order of the index W.R. Piggott on ionospheric storms was hardly represented in the collection as first received. It has now been listed as a separate topic in the index and the material appears at C.410 - C.421. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics ABSORPTION ~~ ¢.1935 - c.1948 Contents of a folder so described by Appleton. ‘Absorption of Wireless Waves in lonized Atmosphere’ 6 pp. ms. notes and calculations, no author or date. ‘Collisional frequency of electrons in the ionosphere’ Typescript and ms. draft paper by F.T. Farmer and J.A. Ratcliffe, n.d. ¢.1935 (These two items are in Appleton's original folder.) Two notes by A.R. Meetham, 1942 ‘Absorption and scattering of radio waves by electrons' ] p., 13 May. ‘Absorption of radio waves by thermal motion of electrons' 2 pp. 9 July, sent with a covering letter saying less intuitive than my note of May 13', ‘it is far 10 July Included here is paper', 4 August 1942. 1 p. note by W.R. Piggott on 'Dr. Meetham's Brief 1 p. note from Piggott, on absorption, December 1941. ‘Note on the Geophysical Effects of an ionospheric irruption' 2 pp. ms. note to Piggott by Appleton, on absorption formula, March 1944, CX/WP 54 papers, on behalf of Radio Research Board. These refer mainly to papers on 'lonospheric Absorption Measurements' and 'Suggestions for an Absorption Programme! received by the Combined Communications Board Wave Propagation Committee and discussed at its meeting on 16 May 1945. Included here are 4 pp. ms. comments by Piggott on the 4 pp. ms. note by Appleton, n.d. Papers relating to CX/WP 54. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Miscellaneous drafts for papers on absorption. Short sequences only, n.d. p. 'Measurements of Oblique-Incidence Absorption', by 1 G.McK. Allcock, 1948. Miscellaneous ms. graphs, mainly 1934-39. Ms. graph by Piggott of reflection coefficient. Included here is a integral', n.d. of G.F.C. Searle (d.1954). 5 pp. ms. note on ‘Evaluation of The note has the name and address See C.396. See C.389 - C.404 for additional material on absorption. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics ATMOSPHERICS = c¢.1921-45 Notes, drafts and correspondence. The early material was described by C.S. Gillmor as 'work on pulse characteristics of receivers, and problems of receiving atmospherics'. is mainly on the effects of thunderstorms. The later material (from c.1929) Notes and drafts 'On the energy spectra of atmospherics' 2 typescript drafts for a paper so titled, copy lacks p.1). n.d. 14 pp. (second Perhaps not by Appleton, but with ms. corrections in his hand. (In Appleton's original folder, inscribed Analyses', which also includes C.S. Gillmor's above.) 'X-Spectrum note quoted n.d., but one page | find it takes E.V.A.' (Addressee unknown). Appleton's ms. drafts for sections of a paper under the general title 'Effects of X's on Receivers'. n.d. See also C.10. Shorter ms. notes, graphs and calculations, many on verso of Cambridge undergraduates' exercises. Loose pages of notes and shorter narratives, originally found inside C.9 on energy spectra and atmospherics. is dated 1931, and one page ends 'To be Continued. time to elicit facts from my MSS and don't want to delay posting to you. Photographs. p. duplicated typescript prepared by Appleton for the 1 Atmospherics Committee, Radio Research Board, C.B. Paper no.76, n.d. 'Note on the difference between British and tropical fhunderstorms' Included here is a N.F. Mott, J.D. list of signatures (including A.J. Eley, Ewen) of those attending a class. Similar material, mainly on conductors, perhaps of later date. p.2 only of typescript draft paper on atmospherics, n.d. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Drafts, figures, graphs, etc. for paper on thunderstorms, no author or date, c.1930-31. (Not in Appleton's hand.) Folder of reports, offprints, etc., annotated or with intercalated notes by Appleton. ‘Atmospheric spectrum' Original folder so titled, including ms. translations of articles on atmospherics, D.S.1,.R. and U.R.S.1. reports, National Defense Research Committee report by Jansky and Bailey (1943), etc. C.17-C.28 Correspondence i127 C.18 C.R. Burch F.W. Chapman n.d. 1925 1933-34 Correspondence, notes and drafts, mainly re his collaborative paper with Appleton 'The lightning flash as a source of atmospheric’, Nature, 135, 1934. 1925 T.L. Eckersley _ A.N.R. Goldie ‘About the Spectrum of Atmospherics' 3 pp. ms. paper +graph, by A. Haubert Including a typescript research paper on 'Energy of Atmospherics'. Eckersley's letter is addressed to Admiral Jackson and bears a ms. note 'E.V.A. Pl. see & return RLA.W.W.' CWatson-Watt J. Enclosing notes comparing grating and oscillator. H. Narinder J.A. Ratcliffe J.T. Henderson A.G. Lee Post Office reception methods. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics F. Schindelhaver n.d. Correspondence, photographs, offprints, 1928-29, etc. of observations at Potsdam. B.J. Schonland With a copy of his lecture on lightning discharge. G.C. Simpson Critical comment on Appleton's and Naismith's paper 'Weekly measurements of upper atmospheric ionization’, Proc. Phys. Lond., 45 (see corres- pondence from Watson-Waitt below). M. Taylor H.A. Thomas 1934 1933 1931 1943 re Working Committee on Radio Noise. Includes 'Comments on proposed noise investigation', and a copy of the draft report of the working committee. R.A. Watson-Watt 1934 _ _ Very critical comment on Appleton's and Chapman's paper, ‘The lightning flash as source of an atmospheric', Nature, 134, and referring to previous work and publications by Appleton, Watson-Watt and Herd (‘On the nature of atmospherics', Proc. Roy. Soc., Ill). Includes press-cutting of an article by Watson-Watt on atmospherics, 1930. Unidentified ms. notes, sent from '282 Fulham Road’. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics CRITICAL FREQUENCY ¢.1932-c.1946 Ms. data, graphs and calculations of E and F layer critical frequencies, based on test runs at King's College, London, 1932. Almost all in Appleton's hand, but includes 2 pp. on 'F layer critical wavelength', by G. Builder, February 1932. h't measurements on six frequencies. Dated graphs, various dates 1932-33, sent to Appleton by J. Zenneck. Ms. notes and graphs by Appleton, with miscellaneous graphs of equivalent heights, etc., some in the hand of L.J. Ingram and dated 1934. Folder inscribed (not in Appleton's hand) 'Critical Frequencies for Fj and Fg, 1934. Slough Records'. Detailed ms. charts, almost all in the hand of L.J. Ingram. Includes: vertical incidence curves at Slough and Troms§, c.1936. graphs for 1944, 1945-46 (in Appleton's hand), etc. / Critical frequency values for January 1936 (no station given), with a letter to -. Gander from R. Naismith. Ms. charts and graphs of critical frequencies for E and F layers, no station given, various dates 1935-36. Miscellaneous ms. charts and graphs, mainly of critical frequencies for various stations and dates. See C.405 for additional material on critical frequency. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.36-C.55 E LAYER Research topics Drafts, notes, data, correspondence. Much of this material was originally crammed into a folder inscribed 'Abnormal E Paper', with a ms. note added later by Appleton 'Mr. Lyon to see. These are approx. 20 year- old notes! ' The bulk of the material refers to work in the 1930s, including Appleton's collaborative papers with R. Naismith and L. J. Ingram (C.36-C.45). The later folders (C.46-C.50) refer to his work in the 1950s with A.J. Lyon and A. G. Pritchard and to his last article on the subject, which was unfinished at his death (C.50). Additional data, notes, etc. dealing with various research projects on the 'E Layer' but not included with this specific material, can be found in 'General lonospheric Topics’ in Section F. Correspondence on E-layer research appears at C.51-C.55. Notes and drafts for Appleton's last paper on the E-layer, unfinished at his death, are at D.62-D. 64. "Note on E-persistance' "Variation of Abnormal E with solar activity’ Miscellaneous ms. drafts and notes for papers by Appleton, n.d. ‘On the seasonal and sunspot-cycle variation of abnormal Region-E fonization' "Scattering in the E Layer' (2 pp. note 'written to stimulate discussion in the lonosphere group', n.d., but refers to an article by T.L. Eckersley 1940 of which a copy is included). (These items are in Appleton's original folder described above.) Continued 8 pp. sequence, 1937, heavily: corrected and annotated, 'Some Notes on the Interpretation of P'f records’ ' Not all of these refer exclusively to E-layer but N.B. deal also with equivalent height, critical frequency, etc. Includes: 7 pp. sequence 'The Nature of Electric Wave Reflection' Miscellaneous longer drafts for papers, n.d., some accompanied by comments by R. Naismith and L.J. Ingram. pp. 5-6 of a sequence E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.37 (cont'd). Research topics p.9 only of a paper on abnormal E pp.11-18 of a sequence, with corrections and annotations by Appleton and Ingram, 'Critical Frequency Phenomena for Region Fa! 5 pp. ‘Further notes' C.38 C.39-C.43 Miscellaneous pages and figure for a paper on E-layer. Sequence of drafts, data and correspondence exchanged chiefly with R, Naismith, mainly on research, analyses of results and drafting of collaborative papers on E-layer. Naismith's material is usually dated and Appleton's notes, comments and suggestions have been tentatively assigned a place on internal evidence. 1936 1937 1938 1939 Includes copy of a telegram from Booker. Includes a letter from H.W. Newton, a copy of a report by Naismith on 'lonospheric conditions during the annular eclipse of 19 April 1939', and comments by W.R. Piggott, W.G. Beynon. 1940 Includes a note by A.R. Meetham. Tables and calculations by Appleton for 1935-47. C.45 C.46-C. 50 ‘Comparison of Slough and Washington E-layer critical frequencies' C.46 'An approximate theory of ionospheric layer formation' Drafts for papers and research notes, 1954-65, on collaborative work on E-layer with A.J. Lyon and A.G. Pritchard. Notes and communications on various problems in E-layer research, sent to Appleton by W.R. Piggott, most dated 1947. 3 pp. concluding summary of results, dated October 1955, Drafts for paper by Appleton, Lyon and Pritchard, 'Some anomalies in the E layer of the lonosphere'. Typescript. ‘The rate of electron disappearance in the E Layer of the lonosphere' 1] pp. typescript, n.d., with 1 ‘Possible causes of Phenomenon’. p. ms. note attached "Draft lay-out', 5 pp. Introduction and text, 5 pp. +40 pp. 5 pp. typescript, by A.J. Lyon, August 1954. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Appleton's 'National Report to Commission III' (U.R.S.1.) 2 pp. typescript with ms. note 'Dr. Lyon. whether you have seen this?' n.d., 1955-56. ! don't know "Note by Sir Edward Appleton' 3 pp. typescript with a ms. note (not in Appleton's hand) 'Copy to Mr. Ratcliffe 29/10/57'. 'The E Layer of the lonosphere' 5 pp. heavily corrected ms. draft of article for international Dictionary of Geophysics, unfinished at Appleton's death and subsequently completed and edited by W.J.G. Beynon. C. 51-C.55 Correspondence on E layer Mainly dating from 1930s and originally kept in folder C.36. Presented in alphabetical order. H.G. Booker G.M.B. Dobson 1936, 1938 1936 N.H. Frank D.R. Hartree M.V. Wilkes J.A. Ratcliffe 1937 1936 Includes charts and graphs, a typescript draft ‘Penetration of a parabolic maximum of electron density’, with a ms. note ‘(Lecture notes)', anda draft of a paper 'Notes on the propagation of electro- magnetic waves ina stratified medium' requesting Appleton's comments and suggestions for publication. See C.406-C .409 for additional material on E layer. Typescript and ms. 'Notes on the ionic structure of the E region’. Enclosing diagrams and draft paper on 'Theoretical ionization curves for the suggestions for publication. £ region', requesting A.C. Stickland 1936 1933 1938 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.56-C.105 F LAYER c.1936-60 Research topics Appleton's original labelled folders do not appear to have survived for the early research; those which are included here (C.94, C.97-C.99) are mainly from the Edinburgh period. Much of the material in this sequence has been assembled from loose papers. Appleton's own research ideas, dis~ cussion papers and drafts occupy C.56-C.81 followed by an approximately chronological sequence of data and corres- pondence (C.82-C.105). C.56-C.81 Drafts and ideas for researchon F-layer C.56 5 pp. sequence headed 'Results', listing nine points for comment and further investigation. With some annotations, probably by R. Naismith. n.d. ¢.1936-37, 4 pp. sequence headed 'Criticism of Martyn and Pulley' (1936 paper), listing twelve points of comment. With some annotations, probably by L.J. Ingram. - With an additional page of notes on the subject by 2 pp. typescript outline for two papers on F-layer, 'Paper | Regularities' and 'Paper II ¢.1937. - Irregularities’. n.d. 2 separate sheets of 'Further Notes', similar subject and date. 2 pp. sequence headed 'Further Points', listing twelve points for investigation (1-8 in Appleton's hand, 9-12 in that of R. Naismith). 5 pp. typescript paper on electron density, no author or date, with 2 pp. ms. note by Appleton attached, on electron production. c.1937. 2 pp. note, n.d. (written on wartime paper). 'A New Approach to the Elucidation of F2 Layer Phenomena! 1 p. typescript note, n.d. c.1940. 'Fo Region lonisation Anomalies' “Naismith. ned: ¢.1937. "Notes on F2 Anomaly' ] p. ms. note, n.d. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics ‘Outline of a Theory of the Fo Layer' 2 pp. note, n.d. "A Sketch of a general theory of Fy Layer ionisation' 3 pp. note, 1 p. graph, n.d. ‘Possible explanation of world variation of Fo ionisation’ p. typescript note, with a secretary's note 'Copies sent 1 to Mr. Naismith, Dr. Beynon and Mr. Piggott 13/9', no year given. Note on eclipse observations, September 1941. "Discussion of Goodall diagrams' 3 pp. typescript note, signed and dated 9 February 1941. I p. typescript note on solstice observations, signed and dated 3 July 1941. "Note on the Fo Layer "Kink"! p. note reporting W.R. Piggott's observation and 1 suggesting lines of investigation, typescript, signed and dated 22 January 1942. "Some Notes on Fo Layer Anomalies' 6 pp. ms. sequence listing eleven points for discussion. 8 pp. typescript version of above, with an additional twelfth point missing from ms. 1 p. typescript note to W.R. Piggott on F4 equinox values, signed and dated 11 January 1946. p. ms. note listing four points, n.d. Unfinished 2 pp. ms. notes to 'continue the discussion of F2 Layer morphology dealt with in the following communica- tions ...', listing Appleton's writings on the subject 1944-47 including C.73 above. ‘Further notes of Fo anomaly' 1 n.d., but circulated 17 November 1947 (see C.74 below). ‘Some Further Notes on Fo Layer Morphology' E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics 'Third Note on the Morphology of the Fo Layer of the lonosphere' 4 pp. ms. draft. (Appleton's first and second notes on the morphology of the F9 Layer were confidential D,S.1.R. documents 1943, 1944 respectively. No third note is listed in the bibliography of his writings.) 14 pp. ms. draft for paper on various aspects of Fo Layer, latest reference 1939. "Studies of the Fo Layer of the lonosphere Il. Variation of lonisation in the F9 Layer' The Sunspot-Cycle 16 pp. typescript draft with ms. notes by Appleton and Mrs. Pritchard, and 1 expressing caution. p. comments in another hand (Appleton published Part I of 'Studies of the F2 Layer' in J. Atmos. Terr. Phys., | in 1950 but no Part Ii in the bibliography of his writings.) is listed "Storm phenomena and the solar cycle variations of the noon F9 layer ionisation' C.81 C.82 C.82-C.105 Data and correspondence ‘Anomalous Diurnal Behaviour in Fo Layer lonisation' 4 pp. miscellaneous notes, drafts, ideas and calculations. n.d., perhaps c.1960. Shorter ideas, drafts and notes on F Layer, none dated but extending 1939-55. 10 pp. typescript draft, an early version of the paper by Appleton and Piggott (Physics of the lonosphere, 1954), with a ms. note by Piggott ‘original draft replaced by now’. 1932-40, Miscellaneous fF2 charts and tables, compiled at Slough, mainly seasonal variations, covering various years and stations. Correspondence, reports and data from R. Naismith on various Fo projects, 1940-42. Research notes from R. Naismith, L.J. Ingram, some annotated by Appleton. c.1936-37. Related graphs and data from Slough, 1938-39, sent by R. Naismith. C.83 2 pp. note on F2 values in storms. ¢.1939. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Notes and graphs, all by Appleton, on various F Layer phenomena, various dates 1935-42. Also included here are unidentified tables of observations of Ey Fy and Fo layers, December 1942- January 1943. Correspondence and data on Fo Layer from W.R. Piggott, 1947. Correspondence and data from R. Naismith, 1948. Correspondence on F2 from A.F. Wilkins, 1948, and an unsigned letter commenting on Appleton's Fo research. c.1948. Tables of noon fF values, plotted with geographic latitude, for September 1948 at various stations. Various data on ionospheric results on Fy and Fo Layers, at Troms, 1935-49. Sent to Appleton with covering letters, 1950, and some bearing Appleton's ms. note 'Mrs. Pritchard’. Data on monthly mean values at Slough, 1943-50. Monthly mean values for several stations, 1943. C.93 C.94-C.96 Appleton's notes, some dated 1951. (In the original folder.) Correspondence with A.G. Pritchard, September 1951. Data, notes, charts, calculations, by Appleton and others, mainly related to F Layer 'Jumps'. (Data run 1935-51.) Contents of Appleton's original folder labelled 'Fy Paper II', including Appleton's own notes, correspondence exchanged with Mrs. Pritchard, related data and graphs, mainly 1950-54. See also C.97 below. N.B. They span the period of Appleton's journey to Australia in 1952,some being written from the boat train, the boat, or Sydney, and they show his determination to maintain active research. With accompanying data and graphs compiled by Mrs. Pritchard, chiefly of fF2 noon values for June 1947 and June 1948, referred to in the correspondence. Appleton's letters, notes and instructions on research sent to Mrs. Pritchard, 1950-54. These are dated notes, presented chronologically. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Original folder inscribed, in Mrs. Pritchard's hand, 'EVA's Instructions', but mainly containing Appleton's own notes, ideas and calculations. Very miscellaneous, none dated. Appleton's letters, notes and instructions on research sent to Mrs. Pritchard. Similar material to C.97 but not dated and more fragmentary. Original folder inscribed, in Mrs. Pritchard's hand, ‘Midnight Heights Fo Layer’. Tables and charts prepared by Mrs. Pritchard for various dates and stations. Also included here isa letter from W.R. Piggott enclosing data, 1953. C.100-C. 102 Contents of folder labelled in the hand of A.G. Turnbull (formerly Pritchard) 'l.G.Y. fF2 Bartels Diagram’. The work relates to various projects based on an analysis of data assembled during the International Geophysical Year, and in particular to Appleton's paper presented at the U.R.S.1. meeting at Brussels, September 1959 on 'The Daily Variability of Fa Layer Maximum lonisation during the 1.G.Y.' Appleton's own notes and diagrams. Much of the material in 'General lonospheric Topics' also refers to these projects, and there is additional data in Section F. Appleton also presented at the Brussels meeting a paper on ‘Equatorial anomalies in the Fo layer of the lonosphere', published in the Proceedings. Appleton's chief collaborators in this work were A. G. Turnbull and C.P. Bell, and the 'lonospheric Young Ladies' who prepared data and tables. Brussels meeting and further research projects. Included here is a copy of the abstract of his paper 'The Daily Variability ...' on the coding system employed, with a ms. note 'For IYL to see, especially the coding system’. Correspondence with Mrs. Turnbull, forwarding and discussing results, charts, etc. Not all dated, but continues to 1959 and includes a letter from Appleton, September 1959, discussing the E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Data and charts, including samples of ‘Bartels diagrams’. (In original folder.) Later papers on Fo Layer, 1959-60. Includes: Duplicated copy of Appleton's paper 'The relation between hy, (Fo) and M(3000)F2 factors', given at U.R.S.1, meeting in Brussels, September 1959. Duplicated copy of Appleton's paper 'A New Use for N(h) Data, witha letter from J.O. Thomas, 1960. Duplicated copy of note 'A New Theory of Fo Layer Variation', n.d., ¢.1959-60, on Appleton's work on & (the attachment coefficient). See also C.298-C. 300. "Notes on the F-layer' 5 pp. typescript, with a few ms. annotations by Appleton. No author, dated September 1960. Folder of reports and papers on F of U.R.S.1. reports. Various dates 1939-58. layer, some drafts or early versions Folder of material on storms. Includes some copied by Mrs. Pritchard, some annotated by Appleton, etc. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.106-C.165 GENERAL IONOSPHERIC TOPICS c.1935-64 Research topics for Under this heading are grouped all data, notes and corres pondence which were not included in Appleton's named folders, but were received as loose and disordered papers. Most of them relate to his period at Edinburgh Un iversity, when he conducted collaborative research on a number of ionospheric projects simultaneously. His consistent collaborator was A.G. Pritchard (later Turnbull) whose data comprise many different topics; the period ¢.1949-54 he also worked closely with A.J. Lyon (see especially C.134-C.156) and c.1957-59 with C.P. Bell (see C.157-C.165) whose correspondence and accompany ing data have been left in sequence. other colleagues at Edinburgh as well as continuing his collaboration with former colleagues; this correspondence Appears in Section E. A. Aitken, W.J.G. Beynon, W.R. Piggott. lt will be seen that there is considerable overlap with other topics (notably 'E Layer' and 'F Layer'); material in this sequence must be regarded as essentially complementary. The only difference is in the provenance, and the absence of a specific folder designation by Appleton. Appleton's own ideas, drafts and notes appear at C.106- C.131, and the remainder of the material (data and corres- pondence) is presented in approximate chronological order at C.132-C.165. See, inter alia, correspondence with Appleton also consulted C.106-C.131 C.106 C.107-C.111 Drafts and ideas for research ‘Future ionospheric programme’ 3 pp. typescript, with a note to W.R. Piggott dated 31 December 1941 'I think the attached will interest you, as showing our ideas about future work in October 1935'. and may have been typed up as a sequence ata later date, The notes, which deal with several topics, are addressed to various collaborators at Edinburgh and Slough. are Appleton's own notes, but some copies or extracts of letters or information sent by others are included. Some of the notes are typed copies of ms. notes or letters elsewhere in the collection. Typescript sequence of notes, instructions, research ideas, comments on results or papers by others, etc. They run approximately 1948-54 The ma jority E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics 1948-50 1951 1952 1953 1954 "Memorandum on Edinburgh Work on the Fo Layer' 7 pp. typescript, January 1955. ‘Edinburgh Work on lonospheric Changes and Magnetic Bays', sent to 'Mr. Lyon for information’. 2 pp. ms. and typescript versions, March 1955. "Note by E.V.A.' 6 pp. typescript, January 1958. ‘Study of Recurrence Tendencies in lonospheric Storms' 5 pp. typescript, May 1958, 2 pp. typescript, November 1962. "lonospheric Work' 2 pp. typescript, December 1962. 'Sunspot-Cycle Study of Abinger Y Variations! ‘Summary of Edinburgh findings on the equatorial anomaly' Notes for paper on equatorial anomaly, ¢.1959-60. 8 pp. typescript, with a liitle accompanying data from Mrs. Turnbull. ‘Sunrise in the lonospheric F Layer. Summer 1963' Includes: List of 7 titles for papers on the E Layer. 2 pp. notes for paper on electron density. Undated drafts and ideas for papers. 1 p, typescript, January 1963. Brief summary of results E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Shorter undated notes and drafts; some may date from the 1930s. Includes: ‘The Structure of the Atmosphere’ ‘Thunderstorm Theory "Dispersion' 3 pp. note on radio experiments. List of eight points on E and F Layer problems. Shorter undated notes and drafts (continued). Includes: ‘Further Notes on Chapman's Theory' 'Note on Rechlin lonospheric Forecasts' (dated 1 April 1942). Note on magnetic storms. "Note on correlation between stations' (Slough and Johannesburg). C.12 Shorter undated notes and drafts (continued). Includes: Graphs and notes on F9 Layer. Note on seasonal variations. Note on methods of recording. 1963. Also includes later similar data for fE in another hand. C.124 g C.124-C.126 Appleton's instructions to collaborators and assistants at Edinburgh. Miscellaneous notes and instructions for '1.Y.L.' (lonospheric Young Ladies), some dated 1958, 1959, 1964. Tables of values at various heights, for International Quiet Days Y only, calculated for September 1953, with Appleton's notes on method of tabulation to be used. Appleton's hand or with annotations by him. Miscellaneous shorter exchanges with A.G. Turnbull, some dated 1952, 1962, Charts and graphs by Appleton of sunspot activity for Fo at Huancayo; data run 1938-44. Tabulated data on various values, almost all in Appleton's hand, for 1951-54, Folder inscribed 'Comparison of Huancayo and ‘Tananarive'. C.129-C, 131 3 folders of unidentified notes, data and jottings, almost all in E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.132-C.165 C.132-C.135 C.132 C.133 C.134 C435 Research topics Data and corres pondence Ms. and typescript notes on ionospheric winds. 'A digest of recent papers', no author, c.1953. "Notes on oscillations in the atmosphere’, by W.R. Piggott, 1952. Ms. notes and narrative on the subject by A.J. Lyon, n.d. Typescript draft for substantial paper, no author, but with ms. additions in A.J. Lyon's hand, 44 pp. +7 pp. Appendix, 2 pp. Corrigenda. Correspondence with A.J. Lyon, November-December 1953. Includes Lyon's 'research notes' and Appleton's comments. Appleton's notes and instructions to A. G. Pritchard, November- December 1953. Typescript. P g information ’ Includes: ng giving g or enclosing Material relating to circular letter sent by Appleton, February 1954, to ionospheric stations asking for information about equipment, timing and frequency of readings, in connection with ‘Edinburgh studies of the diurnal variations of the critical frequencies of the various layers of the atmosphere’. Draft letter requesting information. List of ionospheric stations throughout the world. Replies to letter, presented in order of stations above, some incorpora~ ting correspondence with Appleton. Tabulated summary of information compiled by A.J. Lyon. pages only used, at front of book). Research notes, summaries of results, notes on the literature, narratives, etc. 1 p. by Appleton, all the rest in the hand of A. J. Lyon. One piece only dated 1952, others undated, c.1952~54, ‘Exercise book of critical frequency curves, by A.J. Lyon (few E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Correspondence, data and research notes exchanged by Appleton and A.J. Lyon, 1954, some from Slough where Lyon worked during the summer. Some of Appleton's notes are addressed to A. G. Pritchard jointly with Lyon. Correspondence, data and drafts exchanged by Appleton and A.J. Lyon, 1955. Similar to above; includes references to W.J.G. Beynon's findings (see C.143, C.144 below) and some undated notes by Appleton. Correspondence and data, August-November 1955. From W.J.G. Beynon, on his research findings (mainly on E layer), discussed with A.J. Lyon in C.142 and C. 144. See also E.16. Data and notes from A.J. Lyon, referring to Beynon's research and results. Includes various narratives on 'The Beynon anomaly’. n.d., ¢.September 1955. ~ Accompanying data, some dated 1949-52. Notes and drafts for a paper or papers, on seasonal, diurnal and latitude variations. All the work is in the hand of A.J. Lyon, and takes the form of various sequences, some bearing dates in 1954 and 1955, some with annotations or amendments by Appleton. The sequences have been tentatively grouped where possible by pagination, paper size and type, etc. 1961 paper on E-Layer), ‘Envelope of data and Paper I! and odd figures | suggest omitting now' (perhaps refers to figures, inscribed by Lyon 'Old Draft of Further drafts and correspondence with Lyon, on research and publications. Includes 1 E-layer. on E-Layer 1957 and 1961. p. ms. 'Abstract' by Appleton, for paper on n.d. but perhaps refer to collaborative papers Later correspondence from A.J. Lyon 1956-58 and undated. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.150-C.156 Charts and data containing background information and research results, mainly by A. J. Lyon but also by Mrs. Pritchard and others, often referred to in the correspondence above. Charts by A. G. Pritchard, with a note by Lyon 'S2. fE and Latitude’. Miscellaneous curves and notes by Lyon. Folder initialled 'AJL' (Lyon) of miscellaneous data, graphs and tables for various projects on sunspots, diurnal and seasonal variations, etc. Data compare various stations, mainly 1947-53. Almost all by Lyon, but includes a little by Mrs. Pritchard. Folder labelled 'F layer' in Lyon's hand. Charts, graphs, calculations, all by Lyon. Charts, data and notes by Lyon, mainly dealing with E-Layer. Similar material to above, but received as loose papers. Folder inscribed 'fE and R' in Lyon's hand. Charts and graphs by Lyon and Mrs. Pritchard. Folder inscribed 'E Seasonal' in Lyon's hand. _ ©, i #165 Correspondence, data and research notes, 1957-59. Folder of notes and graphs, by Lyon, Mrs. Pritchard and others. Similar to above, but more miscellaneous material, received as loose papers. Extensive charts and graphs, almost all by Lyon, but some by Mrs. Pritchard and a few annotations by Appleton. Comments and notes by Farvis can be found in C.157, C.165. These are mainly exchanged between Appleton and C.P. Bell, at that time a research student working with W.E.J. Farvis in the Department of Electrical Engineers at Edinburgh. In early 1957, a serious road accident interrupted Bell's research, and during his convalescence and recovery he assisted Appleton with data analyses and mathematical calculations for various projects, and in particular with research on seasonal variations in critical frequencies in atmospheric layers. ‘Some of the correspondence refers to the progress of Bell's recovery. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Correspondence and data, October-December 1957. Includes Appleton's letter discussing arrangements for Bell to do 'a certain amount of computational work', and explaining research projects, and some notes by Farvis. C.158, C.159 Correspondence and data, 1958, Mainly on values modified to remove seasonal variation, and includes graphs and tables by Bell and Appleton. Also included are a 5 pp. note by Appleton on his sunspot research (27 January) and material on 'Bartels diagrams'. January-May June-December Appleton's own notes and calculations, mainly on seasonal variations in E Layer. n.d., but related and referring to work with C.P. Bell, c..1958, Correspondence and data, January-March 1959. Two drafts for a paper, and series of figures, on 'Rhombic and Delta Aerial Arrays', by C.P. Bell. Tables, graphs, etc., by Bell, Appleton, Mrs. Pritchard. Mainly on Fy research. Some annotated by Appleton. Tables, graphs, etc., by Bell, Appleton and others. Mainly on removal of seasonal variation. Folder inscribed 'Travelling Wave Aerials (Rhombic and Delia)! in Bell's hand. on work by Appleton and Bell. Graphs, notes, calculations, notes on the literature, on research methods by harmonic analysis, etc., all in the hand of W.E.J. Farvis. Includes copies of some of Appleton's letters to Bell, and 2 pp. ‘Substance of EVA lecture (1.G.Y.) with comments E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.166-C.181 IONISATION — ¢.1931-38, Research topics C.166 Folder inscribed 'F-region lonisation KCL [ King's College London7 December 1931-May 1932' (not in Appleton's hand). Data in various hands, with some loose pages inserted at front of folder. and others. Includes work by Appleton, Naismith, Builder Contents of bulky folder, inscribed by Appleton 'lonized Air'. Notes and research ideas, by Appleton or commenting on ca Iculations, etc. by others. n.d. (In Appleton's original folder.) ‘The effect of high frequency electric fields on ionised gases' Paginated 26-53, headed (4a). Perhaps a section of a major paper or report, describing the work of the King's College team. No author or date, latest reference 1930. 10 pp. ms. comments by Childs on 'Discussion'. n.d. Correspondence and research notes from D. Boohariwalla, 1931. Ms. 'Discussion of Results', 8 pp., sent to E.C. Childs, December 1931 and with some ms. comments by him. (Appleton published collaborative papers with Boohariwalla i752, 1935.) Ms. comments by F.W. Chapman with a note by Appleton 'The following notes were written by Mr. Chapman after reading my screed’. under the title 'The Dialectric Constant of lonised Air’. Includes various drafts for Goodier's thesis, and for report by Appleton and Goodier to the Radio Research Board, both n.d. Correspondence, notes, data from E.C. Childs, 1931-32, On various research projects; ‘Investigations of Collisional Friction. for future work', by Childs, July 1931. includes 2 pp. note Some suggestions Correspondence and drafts from J. Goodier, 1931-32. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics ‘Dielectric constant of ionised air’. 2 pp. typescript note, headed 'A.W. Russell’. C.176,'C.177 Correspondence 1931-32 (and one letter 1927). C.176 S. Benner F.W. Chapman K.K. Darrow Enclosing a letter from L. Tonks D. Dye K. Emeleus D.R. Hartree L. Tonks Correspondence from P.G. Gane Mainly about Gane's thesis on 'The frictional coefficient for electrons moving in ionised air', of which a copy is included. 1932 1931] 1932 1927 1931, 1932 1931 Wal, 1932 1936 'The Forced Vibration of Electrons in Gases' "Further Notes for the Discussion! 5 pp. typescript, by Appleton, n.d. c.1931. ‘Representative Character Figures of Upper Atmosphere lonisation' 8 pp. ms. draft for paper, no author or date, latest reference 1931. Miscellaneous notes, etc. on ionisation (not included in Appleton's original folder). C€.410- C.421. Progress reports on Appleton's research, prepared for Radio Research Board. 1933 (King's College, London) n.d., ¢.1934 (King's College, London) 2 pp. typescript, no author, ¢.1938. Photocopied material re Heaviside. n.d., ¢.1936 (Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge) IONOSPHERIC STORMS see E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.182-C.191 LUNAR TIDES ¢.1936-49 Drafts, data, correspondence. Most of the early material relates to the papers by Appleton and K. Weekes published in various journals, 1938, 1939, The correspondence continues to 1949, some of it relating to the paper by Appleton and W.J.G. Beynon, ‘Lunar oscillations in the D-layer of the ionosphere', Nature, 164, 1949, a Appleton's notes, drafts, and exchanges with his principal collaborator, K. Weekes, appear at C.182-C.186, corres- pondence with other colleagues follows at C.187-C.191. Ms. drafts for a paper or papers on tides, almost all by Appleton, but some in Weekes's hand, Ms. notes and narratives by Appleton on tides. ‘Lunar tides in the upper atmosphere’. Draft for slide lecture, n.d. C.187-C.191 Correspondence In alphabetical order. (Rutherford died on 19 October 1937.) Correspondence from Weekes, 1937, 1939. Ms. notes, narratives, data, lists of points to be included in papers, etc., by Weekes. Included here is a ms. report by Weekes for the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, on 'An Investigation of the E-region of the lonosphere', endorsed 'Approved Rutherford Oct. 12/1937’. Including a draft note. te paper for Nature, and including data. J. Bartels W.J.G. Beynon _L.J. Comrie J. Egedal E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics D.F. Martyn 1946 Mainly on paper by Martyn on Solar tides, submitted to Appleton for communication to Royal Society. Includes comments on Martyn's paper by W.J.G. Beynon 1947, and an enthusiastic letter by S. Chapman, 1946. Also included here are Appleton's notes on papers by Martyn (on atmospheric tides) given at meeting of Mixed Commission on the lonosphere, 1948. C.L. Pekeris 1938-39 Mainly re Appleton's and Weekes's note in Nature. Includes copy of Pekeris's paper on similar subject 1936, note of meetings and papers on tides, and corres- pondence from S. Chapman 1938 and G.1. Taylor (1939, on the Krakatoa wave). W.R. Piggott nds E.V. Appleston CSAC 82/6/81 C.192-C.198 MAGNETIC STORMS ¢.1920-47 Research topics Appleton's own notes and drafts appear at C,192-C.194. Data, correspondence with colleagues, etc. follow at C.195-C.198. C,192-C.194 Notes and drafts C.192 ‘Wilson's Theory of Thunderstorms' 5 pp. ms. notes, probably taken ¢.1920 and with annotations added later in blue pencil. Also included is a sequence of ms. notes by another, on same subject, anda reprint of C.T.R. Wilson's Phil. Trans. paper 'Investigations on lightning discharges and on the electric field of thunderstorms', 1920. "Some Conclusions by E.V.A.! Ms. notes and data, using Troms§ data, 1932, 1933. ‘Note on variation of magnetic storminess' 1 p. only, refers to Tromsd. 2 pp., n.d. (written on wartime paper). "Magnetic Storms and Magnetic Activity' l p., n.d., refers to Tromsd. lpi, wd. 2, ; cds "Note on Magnetic and lonospheric Phenomena' g P "Magnetic Storms and lonospheric Changes' ‘Remarks on Dr. Chapman's note on radio fade-outs and the associated magnetic disturbances' Miscellaneous shorter notes and drafts. ‘The Relation between Magnetic and lonospheric Storms' (note published in J. Geophys. Res., 43, 1938. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.195-C.198 Correspondence and data Research topics Cil95 Correspondence from E.H. Rayner (National Physical Laboratory) re forecasting magnetic storms, 1926. Data and reports on occurrence and prediction of magnetic storms, sent to Appleton by N.P.L. 1926-28. Also included here is a report on a magnetic storm in Japan, 1926. Correspondence, data, photographs, etc., exchanged by Appleton, R. Naismith and L.J. Ingram, 1936. Correspondence and reports from Naismith, 1937, 1940. Includes Naismith's report on 'Great Magnetic Storm 1940'. Correspondence with W.R. Piggott, 1947. Includes 11 pp. draft 'Note on the problem of the currents which flow during a sudden ionospheric disturbance’. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C. V99=C, 221 MAGNETO-IONIC THEORY 6. 1925-1943 Research topics With the exception of C.221 the material was crammed into a bulky folder inscribed 'Some observations on the polarization of downcoming wireless waves’. The folder also has a later note 'Magneto-lonic Theory' by C.S. Gillmor, to whom is also owed the identification of W. Altar (see C.214-C.216). Appleton's own notes and drafts, which are almost never dated, appear at C.199-C, 213. Correspondence and data exchanged with colleagues appear at C.214-C.220. ©. 7°. 213 Notes and drafts for papers by Appleton All ms., none dated. ‘Propagation of waves in an ionized gas under the influence of a magnetic field' 16 pp. (In original folder.) Section 2 of a paper, paginated 4-9. ‘Notes on magneto~ionic theory' 5 pp., much of it occupied with Lorentz's theory and the problem of negative and positive signs for the rays. "Propagation of electromagnetic waves through an ionized gas in a magnetic field' Variously paginated and annotated draft. ‘The propagation of wireless waves through an ionized gas in a magnetic field’ of the 3! See Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, p.59, for a reference to. this misunderstanding of Lorentz's postulation of the positive instead of the negative electron. 'Changes made in magneto-ionic theory by the introduction E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics ‘The magneto-ionic Theory' 6 pp., developing Lorentz's Theory. "Notes on application of Lorentz' tg ‘Results Lorentz notation' Lo, 'Note on Dispersion Problem' ‘The Influence of the Earth's magnetic field on Wireless Transmission! Both of these are ms. with a partial typed version attached. ‘The effect of the earth's magnetic field in the case of long-wave reflection’ ie. "Résumé of results' =p. "Notes on the Reflection Coefficient! "Special case' 2 pp. 2 Op: 1 p. lp. 3 pp. ‘Discussion of results! 'Note on Splitting of Echos' ‘Note on Magneto-ionic Theory' 3 pp., for section 6 of a paper, on downcoming waves. 1 p. ‘Calculation of Magneto-lonic Parameters' ‘Field Equations' E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.209°C 210 Drafts for two U.R.S.1, reports by Appleton. C.209 "Introduction to the Reports on the Propagation of Waves and on Directional Wireless Experiments! Zz pp.; 1926 With a letter from R.L. Smith-Rose. ‘The influence of the earth's magnetic field on wireless transmission’, presented at U.R.S.1, General Assembly, Washington, 1927. Typescript and published versions. The typescript draft has a ms. note by Appleton, who lent it to A.J. Lyon for work at Edinburgh, 1955. Loose pages of notes, calculations and narratives, one bearing date 26 April 1929, one with reference to detection of an aeroplane, 1936. C212 C.2i3 Shorter and more fragmentary notes and calculations. Miscellaneous data, graphs, photographs. some dated 1931. Not all by Appleton, C.214-C.220 Correspondence and data C.214-C.216 W. Altar 3 folders as follows: 5 bundles. C.214 i215 Ms. narrative and calculations, variously paginated. 'Wellenausbreitung in ionisierten Gasen unter dem Einfluss eines Magnet felds' 3 letters on research in progress, March-May 1926, after a visit by Altar to Appleton in London and his return to Vienna. 2 photographs. Professor C.S. Gillmor describes this document as ‘very important for the history of the ionosphere! and gives its date as 'late 1925 - early 1926'. 4 December 1978.) The document was registered for copyright by Dr. Altar, 1978. There are brief notes by Appleton on the title sheet, and 2 pp. ms. notes by him at the end. ~ Notes, narratives and calculations by Altar, n.d. (Private communication E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics E. Cunningham Letters on mathematical aspects of Appleton's work, and especially on the positive and negative signs; included is the last page of a letter from Appleton on the problem and asking for assistance. Only some of the letters are dated, May 1927. also D.R. Hartree H.A. Lorentz 1933 1925 12 pp. letter and calculations. 10 pp. ms. draft on 'Propagation of electromagnetic waves in ionized gas under the influence of a constant magnetic field H'. M. Taylor 1931-33 Includes a translation by M. Taylor of a Russian paper on the subject. Notes and calculations by Appleton, on or related to magneto- ionic research but not included in original folder. "Some Unsolved lonospheric Problems' 2 pp., n.d. (after 1943). N.d., 6.1934 6 pp. notes on vertical and oblique incidence. n.d. ‘Oblique Incidence' 1 p., ¢.1934. 4 pp. note 'To show that, assuming perfect reflection a tilted aerial can give no information of direction of reflected wave', Miscellaneous shorter calculations. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C ,222-C .236 METEOR TRAILS ¢.1946-c.1950 Research topics Appleton's chief publications on this topic were the collaborative papers with R. Naismith, 'Radar detection of meteor trails', Nature, 158, 28 December 1946, and 'The radio detection of meteor trails and allied phenomena', Proc. Phys. Soc., 59, 1947. Appleton's own notes and drafts appear at C,222-C. 226; correspondence and data from colleagues appear at C.227- C206. C.222-C .226 Drafts and notes C1222 'The Radar detection of meteor trails' 3 pp. typescript draft, and copy of published paper. ‘Meteor detection by radar! 3 pp. press release for press visit to A,O.R.G., Richmond Park, 9 October 1946. Sent with a covering letter from J.S. Hey. 1 p. account of Appleton's and Naismith's work on meteors from 1932 to 1946. List of slides for lecture. Notice of meeting to discuss observations of the Giacobinids, held at Royal Astronomical Society, 13 December 1946, with 6 pp. ms. and typescript account of papers and proceedings (by J.S. Hey). 3 pp. typescript and ms. notes for 'Lecture version’ of paper on ‘Radar detection of meteor trails and allied phenomena’, with letter from R. Naismith including comments and amendments for published version. by A.G. Pritchard. Miscellaneous ms. notes on meteors, by Appleton, some antedating 1946 work. Includes 1 with the Astronomer Royal's letter', n.d. p. 'Notes by EVA' headed 'To be returned Also included here are tables on 'Meteor Streams' 1947-50, E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.227-C. 236 Correspondence and data Research topics Mainly 1946-47 on observations during the Giacobinid showers, but including research reports and surveys covering earlier data, British Broadcasting Corporation Including graphs. | 1946, 1947 E. Eastwood T.L. Eckersley Including draft letter for publication in Nature. K.G. Emeleus J.S. Hey Correspondence and reports, mainly on Giacobinid Shower, and including photographs, and O.R.G, Report 342. Reports by Hey and others, on meteors, including O.R.G. Report 348 describing observations October 1944~April 1946. A.C.B. Lovell (an amateur observer) 1948 1945 1947-48 C. Hoffmeister H. Spencer Jones (perhaps the letter referred to in C.226 above) Includes reports on research by Lovell's team at Manchester, and a note by Lovell on the importance of studying meteor trails in the southern hemisphere. Arizona, October 1946, Including graphs, research data from Slough, photographs; some correspondence refers to other research projects in hand, and includes notes by Appleton, letters from others, etc. Includes statements by observers of the meteoritic fall and fragment recovered at Grand Canyon, C. Macleroy R. Naismith 1947 1945-47 1947 "L, Sehelieach E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.236 T.J. van Slooten F.L. Whipple Includes data. 1946 1946, 1947 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.237-C 247 OSCILLATORS ¢.1922-46 This was one of Appleton's earliest research interests, developed from his work on the thermionic valve during and after the First World War, and later pursued in collaboration with B. van der Pol (see E.117-E.144). Virtually none of this material is dated. notes and drafts, which appear at C.237-C.240 would seem to date from the 1920s. The correspondence and data which appear at C.241-C. 247 show the continuation of research on non-linear oscillations by Appleton's students at King's College, London, and include exchanges with M.L. Cartwright and J.E. Littlewood on mathematical aspects of similar problems in the 1940s. See C.384-C.388 for other material on valves. Appleton's own C.237-C. 240 Appleton's drafts and notes C237 "The triode oscillator’ 14 pp. typescript andms. n.d., ¢.1922. C.238 "Method of procedure' 2 pp. ms. notes. Shorter notes and drafts. 3 pp. ms. 5 pp. ms. C.241-C. 247 Correspondence and data ‘Note on a property of an oscillating circuit! ‘On a property of a certain oscillating circuit! All in original binders. 12 pp. draft paper, and accompanying calculations, probably by J.A. Ratcliffe (see Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, pp.33-34). Theses on non-linear oscillators, by Appleton's students at King's College, London, 1928 1932 1937 C.242 C.243 C,244 C.241 ‘Simple triode oscillator' by K.A. Macfadyen by F.M. Colebrook by J.H.H. Merriman C.242-C. 244 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.245 Shorter unidentified drafts and notes by others on oscillators, non-linear circuits, etc. C.246,C.247 Correspondence with M.L. Cartwright (not all dated). C.246 c. 1943 Letters and calculations; includes two letters from J.E. Littlewood (only one dated, 1943), and 1 p. calculations in another hand. Includes draft of M.L. Letters, graphs, etc. Cartwright's paper 'Forced oscillations in nearly sinusoidal systems', and miscellaneous offprints on the subject by Cartwright, Littlewood, Van der Pol, etc. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.248-C.274 RADAR 1935-52 Research topics Much of this consists of reports and information; some was sent to Appleton to document research in progress or for various wartime projects, and some was sent to or assembled by him as documentation for the historical development of radar, reports on wartime research in Britain and elsewhere, and also copies of patent applications before and during the war. The material consequently includes some interesting There is some related correspondence, and material referring to the hearings of the Royal Commission on Awards to Inventors (see especially C.272), The material is presented as a chronological sequence. 1935 'Rapport sur la détection électromagnétique par la télégraphie militaire’ Sent to Appleton with a covering letter 1945; a note at the end of the report describes it as the only surviving document on French prewar research of that type, all other records having been destroyed in 1940. ‘The detection of aircraft by radio-wave sounding! Ms. and typescript draft for paper, no author or date, latest reference 1938. Offprint, and English translation of an Italian article on wireless range-finding. Copy of typescript letter from R.A. Watson-Watt re British Patent Application No. 25770/35 (for radar) describing the circumstances of his invention, dated 23 May 1936. and echoes. 4 pp. only of report on German detection of English aircraft, September 1939. Correspondence and calculations on reflection from C.G. Darwin. 3 reports by N.F. Mott, on scattering power of aircraft, E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Correspondence, calculations and reports from F.M. Colebrook, J.M.C. Scott, on scattering. Includes copy of paper by Scott as submitted to R.D.F. Application Committee of Ministry of Supply, October 1940, ‘The power required in R.D.F. systems and the echoing properties of various targets' Report from H.M. Signal School, Portsmouth, February 1941. ‘Material for prediction' Report (p.1 and cover missing), ¢.March 1941, "A Note on the Optimum Wavelength for R.D.F. Performance’ Report from H.M. Signal School, Haslemere, May 1941. ‘lonization in the vicinity of an exploding shell' Report from Road Research Laboratory, July 1941. Optimum frequency tables. H.M. Signal School, Haslemere, October 1941. ‘Horizontal and vertical polarisation for R.D.F. work' Report from Baddow Reearch Laboratories, August 1941. ‘Experimental determination of the reflection coefficient of aircraft for horizontally polarised waves' Ms. note and diagrams, no author or date. ‘Report on the Use of Radiation of Wave-Length 5-10 cms. for the Detection and Automatic Following of Aircraft and Ships' Report from National Physical Laboratory, December 1941. (16 typescript, with photographs, re Klystron and magnetron, no author or date, ¢.1941), ‘Reception of R.D.F. by ships at sea' E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.256 c.1941-43 Ring-back notebook, with a few loose pages inserted. Research topics Miscellaneous typescript and ms. notes, mainly on radar, reflection coefficient and similar topics, including notes on the literature, summaries of wartime research reports and committee meetings, notes of discussions, visits to laboratories and research stations, ideas for research, etc. Material mainly runs 1941-43, but includes a few references 1939, and press-cuitings on 'Radar and the weather', 1946. 'The limiting ranges of R.D.F. sets over the sea’ Report ( by F. Hoyle and M.H.L. Pryce) for R.D.F. Application Committee, Ministry of Supply, January 1942. Press-cutting (with scoring by Appleton) from The Engineer, on history of radar, May 1942. ‘Reflection of 10 cm radiation by model aircraft! Report from A,D.R.D.E. Christchurch, September 1942. Mainly July 1943. 'R.D.F. Propagation at Centimetre Wavelengths' Report from Radiophysics Laboratory, Australia, April 1943. Correspondence from colleagues, mainly on history and inventors of radar. Correspondence and data, mainly on influence of water vapour density. Correspondence, papers and reports re supply and use of M.B.1. equipment at Slough. Electronics, 1935, on German research. re British and American contribution to radar and enclosing U.S. Senate document on 'Story of Radar’. In alphabetical order. W.T. Griffiths A. Hoyt Taylor A.G. Lee E.B. Moullin re events in 1932 and 1935 and enclosing press~cutting. re work in 1923, and enclosing copies of article in E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics ©, 262, C5943 1944 Continuing correspondence and data from colleagues on history of radar. In alphabetical order. W.A.S. Butement Enclosing a copy of his proposal for coastal defence radar, 1931. R.G. Lloyd E.T. Paris Enclosing request from F.E. Smith for official record of early radar development to be kept. R.L. Smith-Rose Including copies of patents, photographs, and some research calculations. R. Whiddington Enclosing note by C.S. Prince on his early 'squegger' circuit. Circulated by Radio Board, 1944, Letter on American U.S.W. research from W. Ross, September 1944. Report on 'Meteor Whistles ...', by H.V. Griffiths, received from B.B.C., with a the report was forwarded. September-October 1944. letter from A.P. Rowe to whom Miscellaneous abstracts of patent specifications relating to work on radar. 2 pp. typescript, n.d. Correspondence and reports on 'Angels', and on radar echoes from birds, including A.O.R.G, report by G.C. Varley and D.L. Lack, December 1944. Correspondence from W.S. Elliott (R.R.D.E.) also enclosing A.O.R.G. Report 257 on 'Radar Echoes from Birds', by ai. tack, See C.266 below. Continuing correspondence and reports on 'Angels' or echoes from unidentified objects. 'Note on echoes of unidentified origin', by Appleton E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C ..207 n.d. c.1945 "Work of R.D.F. Application Committee’ Research topics 5 pp. typescript for speech or report. but with ms. corrections by Appleton. No author, No date, but refers to study of 'angels'. Continuing correspondence and material on history of radar. C.E. Horton On work with Watson-Watt on Cathode Ray Direction- finding, 1924. C.J. Mackenzie On American Cathode Ray research, 1923. Press release on Vatican radio and radar. Offprint of article 'Radiolocation' by R.L. Smith-Rose. Also included here is of radar. by Appleton 'Not for publication’. 3 pp. typescript article 'The technique An offspring of pure science’ with a ms. note Report on 'Alexandra Palace Tests' by T.L. Eckersley, on tropospheric propagation, January 1945. 1 p. note on the importance of Appleton's Photographs taken 1944 by R.R.D.E. at Beachy Head. Miscellaneous items on wartime radar. Press-cuttings on radar. With a letter from Appleton and comments on the article by R.L. Smith-Rose. Chart of German North Sea stations and German report on radio technique, May 1940. commission ...' (no author, but probably by R. Naismith). Includes correspondence with E.G. Bowen, F.E. Smith, typescript copy of Appleton's statement to the Commission (? pp.), giving evidence (no author), 3 pp. typescript 'criticism' of 'evidence submitted by a radar syndicate to the Correspondence and papers relating to hearings of the Royal Commission on Awards to Inventors. ‘Programme of the Division of Radiophysics' Report by E.G. Bowen on Australian research, August 1946. 1951-52 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Researc h topics ‘Calculations of Echo Strength' Substantial typescript draft, 115 pp., with diagrams, beginning 'This report is a theoretical contribution to the Sea Research’. No author or date; above, in original binder inscribed as Typescript draft, legends for plates, diagrams and photo- graphs for 'Chapter XIX - Applications of radar to physical science’ for a 'Textbook of radar Second edition’. No author or date, latest reference 1951. (In original folder, with typed description as given.) E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.275-C .287 RADIO RECEPTION: ¢.1926-50 Including 'Luxembourg Effect'. ©. 275 C, 276 ? pp. ms. draft by Appleton, on loops, antennae, etc. n.d. "Summary of Reports on W.G.Y,' 14 pp. ms. account of reception at various wavelengths, August~December 1926. No author. Ms. graphs of reception at various sunset: times at 2LO for 6 March 1928, Charts of reception during magnetic storms, 1927. Chart of intensity curves, by Appleton, a 930. . Correspondence and daia on short wave translantic reception, 1930. Miscellaneous ms. notes on radio reception at various wavelengths and stations, covering 1931-34, by R. Naismith. Work on ‘Luxembourg Effect’, 1934. Letter on Luxembourg strength, from B.B.C. Related offprint. 36 pp. duplicated typescript account of electricity and radio circuits, bound into a hardback volume with initials E.V.A.' Some pages bear ms. annotations and underscorings by Appleton. Research proposal on 'The Interaction of Radio Waves', put by R. Naismith to the Superintendent, Radio Department (2 pp. ms. 14 December 1934) and comments by Committee Secretary 'J.F.H.' CHerd1, 3 pp. ms., 18 December, with a covering letter. legal cases arising from developments in radio.) The volume appears to have been ‘Exhibit P.1' in a High Court case in 1934, between B.T.H., Marconi's and E.M. |. and Guildford Radio Stores and another. (See Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, p.91, for reference to Appleton's frequent appearances as expert witness in various P q PI Pp E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics ‘Report on Short Wave Pulse Reception from Montreal - September 1934-October 1935' Radio Research Board, March 1936. "Short distance oblique incidence propagation tests' Report on transmission tests by Marconi's, May 1938. Comment on a Japanese. paper on-radio transmission, with diagrams, — sent with a covering lefter by W.G. Beynon, October 1940. Comments on another paper on transmission, by Beynon and Piggott, 1940. Miscellaneous data and notes. Includes: Graphs of B.B.B. reception at Gibraltar, 1944. Graphs of reception at Paxton, Massachusetts, 1943-45. etc. Report on oblique incidence propagation research at Harvard, by W.R. Piggott, sent with a covering letter on current U.S.A. projects, 1950. 3 pp. typescript ‘Report on reception of Alexandra Palace in South Africa', signed T.W. Bennington (B.B.C.), July 1950. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.288-C .300 RECOMBINATION AND ATTACHMENT c.1930-62. Including g '& -determinations', ’ 'negative ions'. g The earlier These folders are preserved at C.288 and This material spans a considerable period of time. work, ¢.1930-38, conducted at King's College, London, and at Cambridge, was originally contained in two folders labelled by Appleton 'Recombination and Attachment! and 'Radio Expt. Recombination'. C. 289 respectively, but the material has been reassigned as a sequence of smaller items. Appleton's folder labelled 'Recombination Theory' contained correspondence from the 1950s and is preserved at C.297. Items C.298-C.300 are Appleton's folders, all labelled $ -Determinations (A= coefficient of recombination), and Containing miscellaneous research material continuing to c.1962. leton's ms. notes and drafts on recombination (none dated). P Effective Electron Recombination Coefficient in the 'The lonosphere' 2 pp. 3 pp. 1 p. (numbered 3). 'Recombination' Regions E and F1' lp. py 1 p. "lonisation Gradient for intense E' ‘Test of Recombination versus attachment! ‘Can there be detachment of electrons by sunlight?! - 'The Process of Electron Disappearance in the Cases of "Recombination and Attachment’. These items are in Appleton's original folder labelled ‘Recombination in Lab.' E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Shorter notes and calculations by Appleton, some graphs dated 1934, Bibliographical notes on recombination (not all in Appleton's hand). These items are in Appleton's original folder labelled ‘Radio Expt. Recombination’. Correspondence, 1934-38. K.G. Emeleus 1934-36 Extensive correspondence on negative ions and other research problems; includes letter from O.S. Duffendack, 1935, and offprint on glow discharges in helium by Emeleus et al. W.G. Greenwood 1936-37 Includes research reports on recombination, comments by Appleton. D.R. Hartree H.R. Hulme 1937 1937 L.B. Loeb H.S.W. Massey H.H. Plaskett J. Sayers 1937 1937 1934-35 K.A. Macfadyen Two letters, sent to Hartree and J.A. Ratcliffe and passed on by them, and annotated by Appleton. Includes draft of Chapter V, and copy of completed book by Massey on 'Negative lons'. _(from Trinity College, Cambridge) Includes calculations, graphs, drafts of papers on recombination by F.L. Mohler. Unidentified (p.1 only) F.J.M. Stratton L.H. Thomas J.S. Townsend . 1936 1937 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Correspondence, 1952 and 1958, relating to Appleton's research at Edinburgh on recombination and negative ions, D.R. Bates Including research notes. K.G. Emeleus H.S.W. Massey W.R. Piggott J.A. Ratcliffe J. Sayers Includes a research communication. and one letter, 1958, from K, Bibl. These items are in Appleton's original folder labelled ‘Recombination. Theory’. Original folder labelled ' 4 Determinations' Data and graphs for various centres, mainly comparison of 1954 and 1958 observations by Appleton, Mrs. Turnbull and others, and some ms. notes by Appleton. Original folder labelled '& Determinations! (not in Appleton's hand) Original folder labelled 'A Determinations. Puerto Rico! Data and graphs, mainly for Puerto Rico for 1958-59, with forwarding letters (undated) from Mrs. Turnbull and a few ms. notes by Appleton. Data, charts and graphs, by Mrs. Turnbull and others, using observations to March 1962. Includes two sets of ms. notes by Appleton headed 'Case of vertical drift' and 'Note'. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.301-C.303 SEASONAL ANOMALY This material, little of which is dated, is scanty and refers mainly to work in the 1930s. further research on the subject of seasonal variation in the 1950s with the assistance of A. J.. Lyon and C.P. Bell, qqv. Appleton did Miscellaneous ms. notes and research ideas by Appleton. None dated, but data cover various years to 1945, and some notes refer to comparison of observations at Delhi and Baton Rouge (see Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, a. p.151). Included here is a letter from R. Naismith, April 1944 re comparative figures for Delhi and Sydney and including ms. charts of data for Delhi 1942-43. 2 pp. only typescript draft of paper (no author, but probably by Appleton's collaborators). 9 pp. ms. paper on Chapman's Theory and seasonal effects, no author or date. 1937 Correspondence and data on seasonal variations, enclosing graphs of Slough observations for 1936, from R. Naismith. Tp. notes by L.J. Ingram, annotated by Appleton, n.d. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.304-C.322 SECOND POLAR YEAR 1932-35 Research topics Including Troms’ expedition. Appleton led a British party to Troms in northern Norway as part of the Second Polar Year observations of the ionosphere. The other members were G. Builder, W.C. Brown and R. Naismith. The party left for Troms in July 1932, observations began in August, and Appleton and Naismith returned to Britain later in August with the first records. Brown remained in Norway for a year to continue observations, and Appleton paid a further visit in the summer of 1933. basic information for many research projects and publications, mainly in collaboration with Naismith and L.J. Ingram (see C.312 for her appointment as mathematical assistant). Almost all projects in Section C refer to or use Troms data in some way. The data thus obtained provided The material below contains Appleton's journals of the expedition, photographs and data, background corres- pondence, and some documents relating to the writing-up of the research. These were all kept as such by Appleton, mostly in folders labelled 'Troms8'. It should be repeated, however, that many other topics in Section C involve data derived from the expedition. See also A.6. 3 small envelopes as follows: Contents of an envelope labelled 'Tromst'. Miscellaneous press~cuttings from Norwegian papers. (Folder also includes the original envelope. ) Naismith, Ingram, 1931, 1933, 1936. Envelope addressed 'Proffessor Appleton Grand Hotel’, containing photographs of aurora, etc. Envelope, mainly containing observations made at King's College, London, 1929 (many identified on verso). Envelope of photographs of scenery (one with ms. note by Naismith). Photographs of scientific observations and equipment, some with dates and identifications on verso in the hands of Appleton, E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Photographs of Tromst town, the observatory, transmitter, aerials, members of expedition, equipment, etc., several identified on verso. General photographs of Norway. Other miscellaneous photographs and postcards. 3 cards from R. Naismith sent during his journey to Norway, 1933. Letter from R. Naismith re research, 1934. Postcard of Troms& (‘the Paris of the North') sent by R.A. Watson- Watt (date not legible). Ring-back loose-leaf notebook, labelled 'Tromsd'. Both ends of book used. by Appleton, 30 August-6 September by At front of book: sequence of runs at Tromsd, 23 July- 13 August G. Builder; continues with typescript data of critical frequencies at Slough October-November 1932, Appleton's ms. notes on the literature, Chapman, Larmor, etc. There is a separate entry in the middle of the book, headed ‘Abnormal E region' (2 pp.). Original folder labelled 'Tromsé' 1933 Visit'. ’ At rear of book: a journal by Appleton, beginning in train from London, 9 July, continuing to 6 August, then 21 and 27 August (last entry from Liverpool). Hardback notebook, with two photographs inserted on loose pages at rear of book. Contains Appleton's account, headed 'A Wireless Visit to Troms8', beginning 24 July 1932 (a week after landing at Troms¥) and continuing to 24 August. B. van der Pol, G.C. Simpson. Includes: Correspondence re customs facilities for equipment, installation of transmitters, call signs, etc., 1933. Appointment of L.J. Ingram to assist with Troms& data, 1934. Correspondence re publication or presentation of Second Polar Year data from J.H. Dellinger, E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 315 316 Research topics Correspondence from K. Kreielsheimer (Tromst observatory), including photographs, data and draft report. 1933-34 Correspondence from K.W. Wagner, 1933 (originally included in C.312 above) Sequence of charts of comparative magnetic activity at Slough and Troms’, compiled as part of Polar Year Programme. Data run August 1932-May 1933. Data from TromsSand Kjeller. 14 pp. ms. draft for a paper on ionisation at Tromsé. author or date, but written during Second Polar Year 1932-33. No .317-C.320 Drafts, data, correspondence relating to publication of Polar Year and Troms& work. C3317 1933 Appleton's own notes for papers. 2 pp. ‘Notes regarding the Troms& results'(not by Appleton). Correspondence and data from R. Naismith. Original folder labelled 'Tromst Interim Report'. Appleton's own notes and drafts. Including draft Correspondence and notes from Naismith. ‘Magnetic Section'; by R. Naismith. drafts so titled by L.J. Ingram and _ Correspondence from A.C. Stickland, L.J. Ingram. (originally included in C.319 above) Correspondence from J.M. Stagg. of a paper by Stagg on magnetic disturbance. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Correspondence and papers re U.R.S.I. programme of ionospheric research continuing Polar Year work. Includes: Copy of Appleton's paper to U.R.S.1. Com- mission Il on 'Measurement of ionosphere layer heights and correlation with other geophysical and cosmic data', August 1934. Ms. notes of U.R.S.1. research programme as decided, by Naismith, November 1934. Note on U.R.S.1. research, and calendar for 1935 observation days, by J.F. Herd, 1934. Comments on U.R.S.1. Congress, by J.F. Herd, sent to Appleton by R.A. Watson-Watt, October 1934. Copy of Journal of the Institution of Telecommunication Engineers, 12, April 1966. This was a 'Sir Edward V. Appleton commemorative issue’ and contains several articles referring to his work, including 'A Wireless Visit to Tromsé (1932)' by C.M. Minnis, which quotes from Appleton's journals. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.323-C.357 SOLAR NOISE This material focusses especially on the period 1945-47 of Appleton's collaborative work with J.S. Hey, and the favourable opportunity for observations in February 1946. Nevertheless, it extends considerably beyond these limits, and includes correspondence and observations from the 1930s noted by radio 'hams' (see especially correspondence with D.W. Heightman (C.337, and E.J. Williams C.353) and also continuing correspondence and reports from colleagues. See also B.37. Papers, lectures and notes by Appleton appear in chrono- logical order at C.323-C .328. Correspondence and data from others are presented in alphabetical order at C.329-C.353. Related reports and printed matter appear at C.354~C.357. C.323-C.328 Notes and drafts by Appleton Including comments by colleagues, background material, etc. ‘Notes on Meeting Saturday 12 January 1946' 2 pp. typescript account of research and papers in hand (not all concerned with ‘Solar Noise’). Notes and material, February 1946, related to increased 'Solar Noise! activity observed at that time. 2 pp. typescript, 19 September 1945. Note by Appleton, '" Non-black body" radiation from the sun’ 4 pp. typescript, 24 September 1945. ‘Comments by R.E. Burgess on note entitled "Calculation of Solar Noise Developed in Radio Systern", by Sir Edward Appleton’ ‘data for 7 and 9 February, printed matter and diagrams. Includes extract from minutes of meeting of Ultra Short Wave Propagation Committee, 11 February 1946, 3 pp. typescript document on 'Radio Noise from the Sun' giving an account of historical and current research on the phenomenon and of Appleton's contributions, 5 February, press release 7 February, | p. only of statement by Appleton (possibly for press release or broadcast), 2 pp. observational E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics ‘Solar radio noise' 10 pp. typescript draft of paper by Appleton and Hey published in Phil. Mag., 37, 1946. 'Extra-tropospheric influences in ultra-short-wave radar eee operation! Paper presented by Appleton at Institution of Electrical Engineers Radar convention, 27 March 1946, and published in Instn. Elect. Engrs., 93. J. Drafts, comments and correspondence. Includes: 12 pp. typescript draft. 10 pp. typescript 'Lecture version' of paper. Correspondence on the draft, with comments and revisions, from W.G. Beynon, R.E. Burgess, J.S. Hey, L.A. Moxon, March 1946. 1.C.S.U. Circular, March 1947, requesting contributions to Sixth Report on solar relationships, with a ms. note by Appleton (addressee not given) 'l suggest we do a noise’. joint article on solar radio ‘Solar Radio Noise' Radiation from the Quiet n.d., c.1948. This request for contributions is often referred to in the * correspondence at C.329-C.353 below. 'Solar Radiation in the Radio Spectrum. Sun' 3 pp. typescript draft for paper by Appleton and Hey, 8 April 1947. 8 pp. typescript notes for slide lecture by Appleton mainly on D.F. Martyn's research. and Piggott, perhaps taken at conference or discussion meeting. Ms. notes, on work of others (Hoyle, Ryle, Hey, etc.) by Appleton Ms. notes, probably for short talks, 2 pp. and 1 p. ‘The Sun as an Emitter of Radio Waves' Royal Institution Friday evening discourse, 25 November 1950. 3 pp. typescript draft (incomplete) and slide list. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.329-C.353 Correspondence Research topics With colleagues, amateur observers, institutions, etc., including commenis on research and publications (including. U.R.S.1. reports), data, observations, photographs. Many of the exchanges deal with the special activity observed in 1942 and 1946, but there is also earlier material relating to observations in the later 1930s and some correspondence on later research projects. "hissing phenomenon', as the earlier observations were called. Some of the letters refer to the The correspondence is presented alphabetically, with dates and a brief note of content and is followed by reports and papers on solar noise. L. d'Azambu ja Includes photograph taken July 1946. W.G. Beynon L.C.B. Blanchard Data on ‘hissing phenomenon' 1941, 1944. 1947 1946, 1945, E.G. Bowen H.M. Bristow Mainly on U.R.S.1. report. 1947, 1946 British Broadcasting Corporation 1942, 1945-46 Data from Admiralty Station, Nutbourne. Correspondence and data from B.B.C. radio engineers and stations on ‘hissing phenomenon’. Includes data 1937-41. N. Corry Includes drafts for publications, contributions to U.R.S.1. report, translations and comments on reports by others. Cable and Wireless A. Copisarow 1942-48 1947-50 Includes drafts for publications. C.E.R. Bruce R.E. Burgess Includes draft report. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics E. Eastwood 1945-46 Includes data and observations at various R.A.F. stations for 1942 and 1946. K.G. Emeleus 1948, 1950 Includes more general references to research topics. D.W. Heightman 1936-37, Pst Heightman was a radio 'ham' (G6DH) who observed the ‘hissing phenomenon’ in 1936 and corresponded with Appleton, and with Wireless World, on the subject. In 1945, further correspondence ensued and Heightman's letter of 6 July encloses observations noted 1936-39. Heightman's early observations in some of his later writings on solar noise. Appleton acknowledged See also C.352. C.338-C.342 J.S. Hey 1942-5] The folders include drafts and data, comments Mainly drafts, data, and comments (February-May). February 1946, drafts and suggestions for papers. Includes observational data for Includes copy of Hey's observations on solar radiation, February 1942 (A.O.R.G. report 275). Hey had observed the 'Solar Noise' phenomena in 1942, and was Appleton's collaborator in papers and articles after the renewed activity in February 1946. on research, etc. G. Lehmann Correspondence, comments on research, etc. Includes a survey of research and papers published on 'Galactic and Solar Noise' since 1931, prepared by Hey and others. (August-September). for various papers by Hey and others (not all on 'Solar Noise'). Includes photograph of equipment. 1948, 1951 (on Appleton's proposed research project at Edinburgh). F. Hoyle K.G. Lansky E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics . Marsden 1945-47 Including data and observations from New Zealand and correspondence on New Zealand research from J.E. Coép. -F. Martyn Mainly re U.R.S.1. reports. ~H. Menzel . Naismith .W. Newton 1948-49 1947 1946 1946 Includes photograph of giant sunspot, July 1946, and draft of Newton's report on ‘Solar Activity 1946'. .L. Pawsey 1946, 195] Includes reports on research in Australia, comments on U.R.S.1. report, and on Appleton's proposed research at Edinburgh. T. Penney G.H. Ramsden 1946-5] M. Ryle and others W.R. Piggott B.G. Pressey 'Hissing phenomenon’ observations in 1941. Includes drafts of papers, contributions to U.R.S.1. reports, etc. by Ryle, comments on publications by others, and on Appleton's proposed research at Edinburgh. H.C. van de Hulst M.N. Saha R.L. Smith-Rose F.J.M. Stratton E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics E.J. Williams 1938 Includes comments on early observations of ‘hissing phenomenon' by D. Heightman (see C.337). Also enclosed is a copy of Radio Society of Great Britain's T. and R. Bulletin, July 1939, with an analysis by Williams of Heightman's and others' observations; sent by the secretary in response to Appleton's request for information. R.v.d.R. Woolley Enclosing research report by C.W. Allen. C.354-C.357 Reports and printed matter C.354 Reports and data, mainly of early observations of phenomena 1936-41, sent to Appleton, name of sender missing or illegible. C i300 Reports and data. Includes: Report by H.G. Booker (T.R.E.), 1944 Report on eclipse observations in Canada, 1946 Comments on publication (no author), 1947 Charts and data for Australia, 1948-49 T.R.E. report and data, 1946 Draft papers and photographs by Piddington, Minnett and others. Miscellaneous U.R.S.1. Reports, mainly on solar noise, 1948-50. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.358-C .360 SUNSPOTS and SO LAR CYCLE Research topics Appleton published several papers on sunspots, and he and his collaborators accumulated much data on sunspot cycles, comparative results at various stations, etc., which will be found in Section F. The following folders contain his own notes and drafts, and a sample of some of the data. Original folder with typescript label 'Paper for the Royal Society ... "Sunspot Cycle Influences on the lonosphere 4 Inside, 2 pp. ms. notes and headings, with various suggested titles for the paper. No paper with this title is listed in Appleton's writings, but he published a paper on 'Sunspot-cycle control of ionospheric and geomagnetic variations' in Phys., 26, 1964. J. Atmos. Terr. Miscellaneous ms. notes, research ideas, graphs and calculations, all in Appleton's hand. No dates, but some refer to Polar Year Paper (1930s), some are on wartime paper, some relate to 1957 data. Includes some printed matter, by J. Bartels and others, on sunspot~cycle. See C.422-C.425 for additiona! material on sunspots and Graphs and data, mainly on 11-year sunspot cycle, by Appleton and others. solar cycle. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C 7361-C..383 U.R.S.1. (International Union of Scientific Radio) Appleton attended and contributed papers to the meetings of U.R.S.1. from 1927, when he announced his discovery of the F layer at the Second General Assembly in Washington (C.361). He was President of the Union 1934 - 52, and also Chairman of the Mixed Commission on the lonosphere (M.C.1.). The Fourth General Assembly of U.R.S.1. at Copenhagen, to which Appleton contributed a paper on ‘Some Observations on International Research on Atmospherics' (C.361), decided to organise a Sub-Committee to conduct radio observations during the Second Polar Year 1932 - 33. Appleton was Chairman of this Sub-Committee and the observations were made at Tromst in northern Norway. See C.304 - C.322 for his journals and photographs of the expedition and correspondence before and after the trip, with colleagues and collaborators on the interpretation and publication of the data. After the Second World War, Appleton, as President of U.R.S.1. and Chairman of M.C.1., helped to organise and attended many of the international finally held in 1957 - 58, and Appleton helped to foster the preparations. The material, which runs 1927 - 60, is presented chronologically and is of varied nature, correspondence, research reports and data, arrangements for is indexed, but reference should also be made to other letters from Appleton's principal colleagues (Ingram, Beynon, Naismith, Piggott) elsewhere in the collection which deal conferences and meetings of the Union. See A.83, C.369, H.20, H.36, H.37 for his meetings and publications, nominations and organisation, etc. The greater part of the correspondence is with the Secretary of M.C.I., W.J.G. Beynon; the correspondence journey to Australia in 1952 and B.40 - B.43 for notes made at that and other meetings. The M.C.1. adopted the proposal of L.V. Berkner for an International Geophysical Year, U.R.S.1, can be found in Section D. Appleton are included with related material in other sections of the collection. U.R.S.1. reports and papers on various topics of special interest to Drafts and speeches by Appleton at U.R.S.1. meetings or about with or refer to U.R.S.1. affairs. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics ‘The existence of more than one ionized layer in the upper atmosphere' Published version of Appleton's paper presented at U.R.S.1. General announcing his discovery of the F layer. Assembly, October 1927, ‘Some Observations on International Research on Atmospherics' Typescript of Appleton's paper presented at Copenhagen meeting, 1931. Program of meeting, Washington D.C. Duplicated report (on wave interaction) by Radio Research Board for U.S.R.1. 8th General Assembly, May 1947. Program of joint meeting, Washington, October 1947. Programme, resolutions and papers for meeting of Mixed Commission on the lonosphere (Appleton was Chairman), Brussels, July 1947. Includes 13 pp. typescript paper by Appleton and Beynon on 'Some unsolved problems of the ionosphere’, paper by Chapman and Kahn on solar flares, and other research reports. M.C.,1. affairs, publications, meetings, etc. Tagged folder, labelled 'Letters A', with list of papers 6-13 presented at Brussels stuck on inside front cover. Not all the papers remain in the folder. Also included is printed matter re British papers contributed to U.R.S.1. General Assembly, Stockholm, 1948. 1949-50 Correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon on U.R.S.1. and E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Shorter correspondence on U.R.S.1. affairs, from: S. Chapman D. Lepechinsky N. Smith p. only of Appleton's ‘Additional Statement’ as 1 President, U.R.S.I. U.R.S.1. report on 'Extra-terrestrial radio noise’, sent with a covering letter by D.F. Martyn. Correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon, on U.R.S.1. and M.C.|. affairs, including Third Polar Year proposed for 1957-58. Some research matters are also discussed. Also included here is an U.R.S.1. report on "Terminology and units' with a letter from D.F. Martyn. Correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon. ’ Correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon, mainly re meeting of M.C.1. at Canberra, August 1952, and also re membership and organisation of M.C.|1. Includes reports by Beynon on M.C.1. meeting at Canberra in August 1952, and on meeting re International Geophysical Year at Brussels, July 1953, information on next meeting of M.C.1., Brussels, 1954, etc. Eclipses' planned for August 1955. Correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon and others on U.R.S.1. and M.C.|. affairs, especially re meeting at Brussels, August, planned Symposium on Eclipse results, 1.G.Y. arrangements, etc. Includes: Paper by J. Paton on aurora 1952-54, pre- pared for Rome meeting. Paper by A.C.B. Lovell on radio echo research at Jodrell Bank, prepared for Brussels meeting. "Notes on the Theoretical Discussions', by Appleton, for report of the Brussels meeting. Advance programme for Symposium on ‘Solar E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Correspondence re papers and other matters relating to Brussels meeting. Includes papers by P. Lejay. List of participants, copies of papers read and reports presented on ionospheric research at Brussels meeting. Includes Beynon's report, papers by Appleton and Lyon, etc. Correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon on U.R.S.1. and M.C.1. affairs, organisation of 1.G.Y., arrangements for meeting in U.S.A, in 1957. Includes offprint of an article on |.G.Y. by Appleton, The Times, 17 January. Brief correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon, January- March only. Includes typescript copy of Appleton's ‘National Report to Commission III". Correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon and others re programme and arrangements for M.C.I. meeting in New York, September, on the general theme 'The global morphology of the ionosphere’, and also on suggestions for re-organisation of U.R.S.1, Joint Commissions. satellites and their analysis’. Duplicated material, committee papers, etc. circulated by the Royal Society (organising body in U.K. for International Geophysical Year). Mainly papers for British National Committee for 1,G.Y, and its Artificial Satellite Sub-Committee, and the Advisory Committee on Publications. Includes programme of Discussion Meeting, 2? November 1957, on ‘Observations of the Russian artificial earth E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics Photographs, press releases, reports, etc. on artificial satellites, with special reference to Russian 'Sputnik' and American earth satellite. Letters to Appleton, on the Russian satellite, October- November, from H.V. Griffiths (B.B.C.), W.J.G. Beynon, H.S.W. Massey, A.C.B. Lovell, M. Allan. Includes 1 lecture on subject. p. ms. notes by Appleton, perhaps for Correspondence, mainly re proposed absorption of M.C.|I. as a Sub-Committee of U.R.S.1. Commission III. considered this undesirable, sent a circular letter, and received letters of support which are included in the folder. Appleton Also included are versions of Appleton's contributions to New York meeting (for publication), and an undated draft paper 'Some notes on the Interpretation of 1L.G.Y. lonospheric Interpretations’. 1958-59 1960-61 Copy of nomination of the International Council of Scientific Unions (1.C.S.U.) for the Nobel Peace Prize, 1959, with carbons of Appleton's letters on the subject. Correspondence with W.J.G. Beynon and others, mainly te publication arrangements for M.C.1. Proceedings and changes in organisation of U.R.S.1. and future of the Mixed Commission. lonosphere' (successor of M.C.1.) Shorter correspondence on 'Inter-Union Committee on the E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.384-C .388 VALVES c.1918-31 Research topics This represents Appleton's earliest research interest, originating in his work as a wireless instructor during the First World War, and his study of thermionic valves. Hardback folder containing graphs of reception for various types of valves. dated 1918. Appleton. The French valves are initialled 'W.A.E.D.' and Some of the charts bear notes and calculations by Also included are 4 pp. typescript 'Details of oscillograms' . . Army Book, 129, inscribed 'Edward V. Appleton, Lieut. R.E.' Bibliographical notes, records of experiments, notes for investigation on valves, batteries, circuits, etc., during service in R.E. Signals. Most of the work is unidentified hand. Hill 12/9/18' (not in Appleton's hand). in Appleton's hand, some is in another Only one entry is dated ‘From Biggin . Army Book 130, inscribed 'E.V. Appleton, St. John's Coll.' Hardback notebook with some graphs glued in, and some loose pages of notes. 2 letters from F.A. Bannister, 1924, enclosing photographs. Notes on the literature, records of experiments on condensers, discharges, etc. Experiments run December 1922-June 1923 and are recorded in another hand, with comments, additions, etc. by Appleton. Graphs of electrical measurements, 1931. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 ADDITIONAL MATERIAL Research topics See note in Introduction to Section C. C.389-C .404 ABSORPTION C.389-C.391 ‘General Theory of Absorption' Contents of a folder so described by Appleton. C.389 Appleton's notes and drafts. Two extensive ms. sequences, in pencil and in ink, on absorption, perhaps for paper. in the hand of W.R. Piggott, n.d., ¢.1938-39. With marginal comments "Note on the results of oblique incidence transmission’ Typescript note, 1941. "A sketch of a general theory of ionospheric absorption' Ms. note, n.d., written on wartime paper. Miscellaneous shorter notes. All in original folder. Correspondence and data, 1939, from W.R. Piggott, with extensive ms. report on experiments. Correspondence, 1937, from F.W.G. White, and a note by him on absorption. Continued E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.392-C.404 ‘Absorption. R.R.B. Report' Research topics Contents of a binder so described by Appleton. The contents of this binder are diverse and there is N.B. considerable overlap with the material elsewhere inthe collection. C.392-C .397 Notes and drafts by Appleton. C.392 Titles for report to Radio Research Board, and for papers c.1936-37. 3 pp. notes by Appleton of research ideas. 3 pp. shorter notes on absorption. ] p. 'Outline of a comprehensive theory of absorption’. 1 p. introduction on 'lonospheric Absorption Measurements during a Sunspt Cycle' (after 1944), 1 p. draft on 'Solar Flares and lonospheric Catastrophe’. 4 pp. ms. draft on 'Irregularities', with 3 pp. ms. notes on same subject by R. Naismith. . Various sequences, some with comments by Piggott, n.d. (Not listed in bibliography. ) ‘Conductance Effects in lonospheric Circuits' 5 pp. draft paper by Appleton and Piggott, with a letter dated 1948. . (Appleton published a paper 'Regularities and irregularities in the ionosphere, Proc. Roy. Soc., 162, 1937.) Extensive draft for paper 'Normal and Abnormal Absorption of Radio Waves in the lonosphere' by Appleton and Piggoit. Miscellaneous shorter notes and calculations by Appleton. Includes miscellaneous tabulations of data, 1935, 1936, letter to G.F.C. Searle requesting advice (1937, see C.7) letter from R. Naismith (1939). ‘ (Not listed in bibliography .) Also included here is a draft paper 'Electric conductivity of the ionospheric D region', 1948, no author. Notes and calculations by Appleton. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.398-C.402 Correspondence (in alphabetical order). Research topics C.398 N. Ashridge B.B.C. data. S. Chapman T.L. Eckersley D.R. Hartree L. Harang D.H. Johnson A.G. Lee R.G. Lowe 1937 1937 1937 1937 1938 1937 1937 1937 Enclosing report on fading of television signals caused by aircraft. J.H.H. Merriman 1937 Post Office data. . Piggott . Poole . report. 1939-40 1937-38 T. Walmsley 1937 Includes mathematical calculations and draft J.A. Ratcliffe n.d. c.1936 Includes comments on paper by Martyn. . Enclosing miscellaneous data and reports on research. Similar material to C.391. coefficient, 1936, etc. Includes photographs, 1938, polarization during magnetic storm, graphs of reflection Includes a memorandum by Walmsley dated 1930. Miscellaneous data, etc. by others. 1939, photographs of E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.404 Miscellaneous reports. Research topics Report on absorption, ¢.1936 Research report for D.S.1.R. by J.W. Findlay, 1937-38 Draft paper by J.H. Piddington, ¢.1938 Report on differentiating circuit, c.1938 2 Reports from Marconi, 1938 Miscellaneous printed reports, 1932-40 (In original binder.) CRITICAL FREQUENCY Two ms. notes by Appleton, dated respectively 13 and 14 April 1942 and both marked ‘Please return. Only copy’. 'The influence of a deviating layer below the main reflecting layer'. 2pp. 63 versus cos x ff cos x 'E LAYER CORRELATIONS C.406-C .409 E LAYER ‘Further note on maximum usable frequency (limiting case)'. 2pp. Cycle! (Not listed in bibliography.) Includes a copy of the collaborative paper with R. Naismith 'The Variation of Solar Ultra-Violet Radiation during the Sunspot Cycle’ (Phil. Mag., 27, 1939) anda draft follow-up paper by Appleton and Naismith 'The Variation of Solar Ultra~Violet Light through the Sunspot Contents of a binder so described by Appleton. Notes and drafts by Appleton. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.407 C.408 Research topics Correspondence with R. Naismith, 1944-49, re publications and research and including data, diagrams, etc. Data, photographs, etc. from Slough, sent by Naismith (similar material to above). C.409 Correspondence. W.J.G. Beynon W.R. Piggott A.F. Wilkins 1947 1948 1949 All the above items are enclosed in the original binder. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.410-C.421 IONOSPHERIC STORMS Research topics Most of the material relates to Appleton's collaborative papers on ionospheric storms with W.R. Piggott (‘World morphology of ionospheric storms', Nature, 165, 1950, and 'The morphology Some statistical of storms in the F2 layer of the ionosphere: relationships', J. Atmos. Terr. Phys., 2, 1952 - referred to in the correspondence as 'the big paper’). papers were planned, but are not listed in the bibliography. Appleton continued research on storms at Edinburgh with the assistance of Mrs. Pritchard. It seems that follow-up |. C.410-C.418 Appleton's notes and drafts. C.410 'Some notes on the Theory of F9-layer Formation (Part I)’. 12 pp. typescript, n.d., ¢.1938. "Irregularities in the ionosphere associated with solar events', n.d., ¢.1949 (perhaps not by Appleton). Various typescript notes, narratives and ideas for research: "A note on ionospheric storms' (Perhaps prepared for 'The morphology of ionospheric storms’ "Further notes' 'The world morphology of. ionospheric storms' 'The general picture of ionospheric storms' Not dated, but with typescript comments by Piggott dated 1949. "A note on ionospheric storm phenomena’ and 'Appendix of supplementary notes', October 1952. U.R.S.1. meeting.) draft, 1951, 49 pp. typescript draft of a collaborative paper with W.R. Piggott. 'The Morphology of Storms in the Fo Layer of the lonosphere: Il. The Study of Individual lonospheric Storms' 38 pp.typescript draft, not identical with version published in 1952. Includes corrections by Piggott toa section of the + E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Research topics C.416 C.417 Miscellaneous drafts for papers, or sections of papers, on ionospheric storms, variously paginated. "Skeleton of Paper II1. lonospheric Absorption Measurements throughout a Sunspot Cycle’. C.418 Shorter notes and drafts. C.419 Correspondence with W.R. Piggott, 1948-49. re research and publications, and enclosing data, graphs, etc. Extensive data and graphs on storms, mainly by Piggott to C.419 above), but some by Mrs. Pritchard. (similar In original folder labelled 'Storms'. Correspondence from T.W. Bennington, 1946, and miscellaneous reports and notes on magnetic disturbances. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 C.422-C 425 SUNSPOTS AND SOLAR CYCLE Research topics ‘Solar Cycle Variation (E and Fy)' Contents of a folder so described by Appleton. Notes and research ideas by Appleton, mainly 1930s. Included here are collaborative papers by Appleton and Sayers 'Recombination in the ionosphere', 1938, and Appleton and Naismith, 'Solar radiation changes during the sunspot cycle', 1938. In original folder. C.423-C.425 Correspondence in alphabetical order. C.423 H.S.W. Massey C.424 R. Naismith 1939 1938-40, 1949 Enclosing data, correspondence with J.R. Ashworth, etc. H.W. Newton W.R. Piggott 1938 1938-39 nad, 6.1938 R.L. Smith-Rose E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 SECTION D LECTURES, SPEECHES, PUBLICATIONS D.1 -D.73 D.1 - D.64 below comprise manuscript or typescript drafts for shorter talks or writings by Appleton. Some are scientific papers in the usual sense, but many are directed at a more general public through less specialised journals or by radio and television; the majority are additional to the published bibliographies in biographies of Appleton. The material is presented as a chronological sequence so far as this is ascertainable. inclusion in the main sequence. D.69 - D.71 contain additional material received too late for Attention is drawn to D.72, a folder of press~cuttings of articles written by Appleton for World-Radio, Wireless World and other journals during the 1920s and 1930s. These are not recorded elsewhere. 3 pp. typescript. n.d., ¢.1924-25. 7 pp. typescript. n.d., latest reference 1925. "Some problems of wireless wave propagation' "Some wireless methods of investigating the upper atmosphere’. 11 pp. typescript, lacks pp.5 and 6, describes Appleton's and Barnett's experiments. ‘Some methods of investigating wireless signal variations', by Appleton and M.A.F. Barnett. n.d., ¢.1925-26. "Atmospheric Interference in Wireless Telegraphy' Ms. and typescript draft for a slide lecture. 'Fading and the Heaviside layer' 6 pp. typescript. g g pp Pp Ae) Baga, W.0.; Get tae. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications 'The Study of Wireless Signal Fading' 5 pp. ms., probably for Wireless World, c.1926. 'The Proof of the Existence of the Heaviside Layer' 6 pp. ms., probably for Wireless World, ¢.1926. 'Wireless Telegraphy' 3 pp. ms. draft of the first of three lectures, n.d. ‘Wireless Transmission and the Upper Atmosphere’ 4 pp. ms. draft, n.d. ‘Beam Wireless' 9 pp. heavily corrected draft for broadcast to inaugurate 'the last of a series of wireless links between Great Britain and the Dominions'. ‘Short Wave Wireless Transmission. Low Attenuation of Short Waves' The Discovery of the First of a series of articles. 4 pp., n.d. Incomplete. n.d., ¢.1930. Article for B.B.C. Handbook. Galley proof. n.d., ¢.1930. Draft for slide lecture on early television. "Atmospheric Electricity and Wireless Transmission’ Draft for slide lecture (perhaps Royal Institution discourse) on short-wave discoveries of Stérmer, Hals, etc. 10 pp. ms. draft for lecture. 16 pp. ms. draft for a slide lecture, with note at end ‘Unfinished, more possibly tomorrow’. Mainly given at King's College, London, as part of the Centenary Celebrations of Maxwell's birth. Incomplete. n.d. Lectures on Clerk Maxwell. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications p.] and pp.8-10 only of ms. draft for lecture. Draft for speech at school prize-giving using some of same material. Ms. draft for slide lecture, mainly on work of Wheatstone, at King's College, London. n.d., c.1931. "Electrical Communication and its Indebtedness to Physics' Two separate versions of a lecture with this title, 31 pp., and unpaginated ms. draft. Miscellaneous ms. and typescript drafts on E-layer, incomplete, perhaps for paper with R. Naismith and L.J. Ingram, Phil. Trans., 1937. "Solar radiation changes during the sunspot cycle', by Appleton and Naismith. 4 pp. typescript, July 1938. 'Solar activity' 3 pp. talk on similar subject, n.d. 'The Progress of Geomagnetism' Projected book on the lonosphere. 4 pp. ms. notes and 1 at Manchester, 1939. p. introduction for a lecture D.17, D.18 O47 Review article of 'Geomagnetism' by S$. Chapman and J.G. Bartels, n.d., c.1940. Black hardcover spring-back binder, containing draft of book to be called 'The lonosphere by Sir Edward Appleton FRS' and dedicated 'To my research students 1920-1940". probably written much earlier, 1920s. Original folder inscribed 'Methuens Monograph’ containing projected layout for eight chapters, draft chapters 1 and 3, Includes Preface, chapters 1 and 2 only. n.d., c.1941 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications ‘Scientific research and industrial progress! Typescript draft for article in Country Life Export Number, Autumn 1941, Notes for a broadcast on 'Science and Illumination’. n.d. "Seeing the invisible' 2 pp. note on the electron microscope (perhaps not by Appleton), n.d. 3 pp. only ms. notes for speech at school prize-giving, n.d., but during wartime. Speech at opening of laboratories, British Cast Iron Research Association. 3 pp., 1943. Speech at meeting of Architectural Institute. App., n.d. "Proposal for a Frequency~Modulation Navigation System' March 1944. ‘Ultra Short Wave Radio' and 'Television' 'Note on the morphology of the F2 layer of the ionosphere’ Draft for broadcast talk on science and industry. 6 pp., n.d. 1 p. notes for talk on ‘Science and Government’. 6 pp. typescript +2 pp. figs., with ms. annotations, and a letter from R.L. Smith-Rose offering comments and the suggestion that the work should be circulated as a Radio Research Board confidential paper. 2 pp. ‘Memorandum on ionospheric research and prediction of radio propagation' Miscellaneous proposals for postwar radio research (perhaps not by Appleton). 3 pp. ms., n.d. 4 pp. ms., n.d. 16 pp. +2 pp. and 6 pp. appendices. "Post war civil broadcasting' E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications "How radiolocation works' Draft and script of broadcast, August 1945. ‘Recent radio progress' prog 2 pp. talk on radiolocation. 2 pp. untitled talk on wartime advances in science, n.d., 1945. ‘British Science in war and peace' Draft, perhaps for broadcast, c.1945. 'Discours & radiodiffuser par Sir Edward Appleton' 2 pp. speech in French, October 1945. 'Sir Ambrose Fleming' 7 pp. memorial tribute, 1945. See also E.40. Press handout on Appleton's lecture on 'Tides in the Atmosphere’. 11 pp. ms. draft for a popular talk or broadcast, n.d:, ¢, 1946. 3 pp. typescript note on similar subject. 3 pp. note on mesons (probably not by Appleton). 1946. Offprint only. 'Radio Noise from the Stars' Appleton's contribution to discussion on civil engineering research and its future, ¢.1945. 2 pp. report on visit to America, c.1946. 1] pp. typescript of contribution to 'Science Survey' with Andrade and Watson-Watt, to commemorate first postwar television programme. 5 pp. ms. draft, and miscellaneous data for a paper provisionally titled ‘Radio Sounding of the Lower Atmosphere'. _ E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications ‘Organisation of government science in the United Kingdom' Appleton's contribution to Empire Scientific Conference, June 1946. 14 pp. typescript and ms. 4 pp. typescript note on technical information services. 5 pp. typescript lecture on ‘Practical Importance of Fundamental Research' 4 pp. speech to baking industry. Notes for talk on international control of atomic energy, ¢.1946 1 p. notes for talk on scientific collaboration, n.d. ‘Recent advances in radio research' 2 pp. note of talk to Royal Dublin Society, c.1947. "Research in the Midlands' Opening address at F.B.1. Conference, Birmingham, March 1947. 15 pp. typescript and ms. 'Peace-time applications of nuclear energy’ ‘Coal as a source of heat and power' 7 pp. typescript and a little correspondence arising. Opening remarks at British Association discussion, August 1947, Chairman's address at British Association meeting, September 1947, Continued Speech at Centenary Celebration, Chemical Society. ‘Science, Industry and Government' Typescript notes for speech, n.d. Speech at opening of Building Science Exhibition. 10 pp. ms. and typescript. 1] pp. typescript. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 D.33 (cont'd. ) Speech at opening of Coal Research laboratories. lectures, speeches, publications 5S pp. ms. and typescript. Speech at Tallow Chandlers Dinner. 3 pp. ms. and typescript. 'The Scientist in Industry' Ms. and typescript drafts, notes, etc., some dated February 1948. ‘British Science in War and Peace! 31 pp. typescript for slide lecture to Bradford Civic Society, May 1948. "Science and the public' 30 pp. typescript talk, n.d., ¢.1948. 'The electron in theory and practice’ The second Dunn Memorial Lecture, given to the Society of Chemical Industry, June 1948. 41 pp. ms. and typescript. ‘Reflections of a Scientific Civil Servant! Ms. notes for a speech on science and government. 'The application of ionospheric data to radio communication problems III' 3 pp. only ms. draft, headed 'Chapter I', perhaps for a projected longer work. Two versions of a paper with this title. names of Appleton, Beynon and Piggott, and consists of 'Part (1) Theoretical’. First version carries is listed in the bibliography of his writings. Second version has names of Appleton and Beynon and contains also 'Part (2) part (1) as above (with some ms. amendments) and Some experimental results and their application’. n.d. Appleton published Parts | and 1 of a paper with this title in collaboration with Beynon in 1940 and 1947 (Proc. Phys. Soc. Lond,) but no Part 22 pp. typescript, n.d. Ill E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications "Radio Waves of extra-terrestrial origin’ Presidential address to Science Masters' Association, Edinburgh, January 1949. 26 pp. typescript (incomplete). 'Radar development and scientific radio research' Recorded summary of address to Royal Society of Edinburgh, March 1949, broadcast in Science Review, Scottish Home Service. 7 pp. typescript and ms. 'The organization and work of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research' 39th May lecture to the Institute of Metals, 1949. Offprint only. Notes and information for a lecture on cable and wireless, August 1949. Speech to International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, October 1949. . 7 pp. typescript. 2 pp. typescript. 'Geomagnetism and the lonosphere' Introductory remarks at Gifford Lecture by Niels Bohr, October 1949. Address at Inaugural Meeting of Edinburgh University Physical Society, October 1949, and summary for press release. In original folder, inscribed 'Atomic Energy’. Drafts for a contribution to a book 'Aspects of Modern Science', with a little editorial correspondence. Offprint only. "Atomic energy and its applications' Address to General Council, University of Edinburgh, October 1949. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications Speech at Valedictory Dinner to Members of Parliament, Scottish Universities Constituency, January 1950. 6 pp. typescript. Toast to 'The City of Edinburgh', Walter Scott Club, January 1950. 4 pp. typescript. Chairman's remarks at University Industrial Liaison Committee Symposium, March 1950. 5S pp. typescript. Speech at Institute of Brewing Dinner, March 1950. 9 pp. typescript. Speech to Conference of Registrars, April 1950. 11 pp. typescript (some pages missing). Speech at lunch for André Siegfried, May 1950. 4 pp. typescript. Speech to P,.E.N. Club, August 1950. 8 pp. typescript and ms. . Address to General Council, University of Edinburgh, October 1950. Speech to $.S.C. (Solicitors before the Supreme Courts) Society, October 1950. Journal, Contribution to British Association meeting on 'World Communications', September 1951. Speech at reception for Overseas Students, November 1950. Dallas lecture delivered at Glasgow, November 1951. ‘ Printed version in Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Monthly Speech for Honorary Graduands, July 1951. 24 pp. typescript. 5 pp. typescript. 16 pp. typescript. 4 pp. typescript. 3 pp. typescript. "Science, Government and Industry' E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications 1 p. press-release on radar awards to Watson-Watt, January 1952. Address at Conference of School of Scottish Studies, May 1952. Notes for speeches in Australia, 1952. Background information for Appleton's Presidential Address to British Association, March 1953. ‘The scientific method' B.B.C. talk to schools, April 1953. 10 pp. typescript. Speech to Company of Merchants of Edinburgh, June 1953. 6 pp. typescript. Speech at Graduation of Earl and Countess Mountbatten, January 1954. 3 pp. typescript. 8 pp. typescript. Speech at Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, June 1955. 'The University and the Community' Speech for Honorary Graduands, July 1954. 13 pp. typescript. Speech to graduates, October 1954. 7 pp. typescript. Speech at opening of Symposium on 'The Upper Atmosphere’, July 1954. 13 pp. typescript. Opening Address, Section D, Conference of University Rectors and Vice-Chancellors, July 1955. Dinner Speech, May 1945. 7 pp. typescript. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications Speech at graduation ceremony, October 1955, 5 pp. typescript. Jubilee Appeal for Edinburgh University Settlement, broadcast November 1955. 3 pp. typescript. Dinner speech for Commerce Graduates, February 1956. 5 pp. typescript. Dinner speech at Pipe Band Contest, May 1956. 6 pp. typescript. "Some Developments in Radio Science’ Slide lecture to Royal Society of Engineers in Antwerp, September 1956. 14 pp. typescript. Speech for Soviet Cultural Delegation, October 1956. 3 pp. typescript. Speech at dinner for French Institute, December 1956. 5 pp. typescript. Speech for Graduation Ceremony, December 1956. 7 pp. typescript. ‘Science and Industry' Broadcast talk for schools, Scottish Home Service, April 1957. 3 pp. typescript. Speech at unveiling of Syme~Lister plaque, June 1957. 3 pp. typescript. 'The International Geophysical Year' Broadcast on B.B.C. Home Service, June 1957, 9 pp. typescript and ms. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications Speech at U.R.5S.1, meeting in America, August 1957. 7 pp. typescript. ‘Science and the Satellite’, October 1957. 6 pp. typescript and ms. 'The Significance of the Satellite' Article for Edinburgh Evening News, November 1957. 5 pp. typescript. "After the 1.G.Y,' Miscellaneous ms. notes and drafts, n.d., 1957-58. 'The International Geophysical Year 1957~58' The Ryland Lecture, May 1958. Speech at British Council Summer School for Russians, July 1959. ‘Science and the Humanities' Speech at Graduation Ceremony, October 1958. 4 pp. typescript. 5 pp. typescript. Address at Special Convocation, Dalhousie University, September 1958. Speech at Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders, Glasgow, October 1958. Transcripts of programme on the occasion of C.T.R. Wilson's 90th birthday, broadcast on Scottish Home Service, February 1959. 9 pp. typescript. Appleton contributed a tribute to Wilson on the programme (not included in folder). Contributions to Glasgow Herald, on nuc!ear explosions, August 1959. See also H.24. 5 pp. typescript. Speech to Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, November 1959. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications "Scotland and the Atomic Age' Article for The Scotsman, January 1960. 3 pp. typescript. Dinner speech at E.U. Schools Club, February 1960. 14 pp. typescript. Dinner speech for British Federation of University Women, May 1960. 15 pp. typescript. Address at Guildhall, U.R.S.1. General Assembly, September 1960. 9 pp. typescript. ’ Address at Conference on Natural Resources in Scotland, November 1960. 5 pp. typescript. Address to Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, January 1961. Lecture to Edinburgh Schools Scientific Society. 23 pp. typescript. 7 pp. typescript. "Science and Space" Foreword to handbook for Edinburgh University Industrial Liaison Committee. 3 pp. ms. notes on Artificial Aurorae, space exploration, etc., n.d. Ip. ms. notes for Graham Clark Lecture, n.d., ¢.1964. Speech at opening of Napier Technical College, February 1965. 7 pp. typescript. 10 pp. typescript. 7 pp. typescript. 3 pp. typescript and ms., n.d. Prize-giving speech at Usher Hall, July 1963. Speech at opening of Wind Tunnel, Edinburgh, March 1965. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications 'Appleton's last note on the E-region anomaly' Notes, data and graphs relating to work on the E layer left unfinished at Appleton's death. The material was later prepared for publication by L.M. Muggleton and published in Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics, 1971. Original folder of data and graphs, including corrected proof of article as presented by Muggleton in J.A.T.P. Original folder of notes and drafts, mainly ms. and typescript notes of instructions by Appleton to 'l.Y.L.', or to A.G. Turnbull. ¢. September 1964~January 1965. Papers and drafts by Appleton on the E layer. ‘On Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Anomalies in the E Layer' 7 pp. typescript draft for paper. 'A Further Note on the E Layer Seasonal Anomaly' 3 pp. ms. notes, March 1965. These notes are reproduced in facsimile in the J.A.T.P. article. "Some Radio Reflections' Appleton died in April 1965 and did not complete this work. 3 pp. ms. notes introducing the Gifford Lecture, April 1965. 2 drafts, 2 pp. and 3 pp. for Geilo Lecture, dated June 1965. Also included here are letters, 1966, to Lady Appleton from W.J.G. Beynon and W.E.J. Farvis about publication of the work. anecdotes. Undated or incomplete lectures and talks, on experimental proof of the existence of the ionosphere (c.1924), talk to Danish Natural Science Association, notes for talks on space exploration, scientific research, etc. D.66 Folder of drafts, notes, headings, references, anecdotes, etc. for speeches, on science, education, government, etc. D.67-D.68 Two hard-cover notebooks (few pages used) of quotations and E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Lectures, speeches, publications D.69-D.71 Notes and drafts for lectures and papers . (Contents of a folder with Appleton's name, but no title or description. ) D.69 Letter from W.E.J. Farvis asking Appleton to repeat a course of lectures for the Diploma Course on the lonosphere at University of Edinburgh, 1953. Two sequences of ms. notes by Appleton, both headed ' Lecture (1)'. "A note on some approximate ionospheric theorems' Typescript and ms. draft for paper. title is listed among Appleton's publications. No paper of that (All in original folder.) See Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, p.194 for a reference to these lectures, first given by Appleton in 1952. Various ms. sequences of notes by Appleton, on phase velocity, circuits, V.H.F., absorption, etc., some probably 1930s, some 1950s. Related publications by Appleton. Sequence of typescript and ms. drafts for slide lectures numbered 1-4, no date or author (perhaps not by Appleton). Notes for similar unnumbered lecture, on radio-communication. Miscellaneous offprints of Appleton's writings (not a complete set). Folder of press-cuttings, mainly articles written by Appleton on developments in radio research 1920s and 1930s for World-Radio, Wireless World and other journals. 1 box. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 SECTION E CORRESPONDENCE _ E.1 - E.151 pondence other than that kept in specific folders by Appleton as part of a research topic. This Section presents, in an alphabetical sequence, all corres- Because of the disordered state in which the papers were received, this criterion sometimes falls short of the desired validity. Several of the documents (letters, data, research reports, etc.) perforce included here could have found a place in Section C, but it was felt that such few of Appleton's files as had survived should be preserved as entities. W.J.G. Beynon (E.9 - E.16), R. Naismith (E.71 - E.82), W.R. Piggott (E.87 - E.98), and B. van der Pol (E.117 - E.144), to name only the most obvious examples, relate Nevertheless, the long exchanges of letters and data with closely to the research topics of Section C and should be considered as supplementary material to them. The correspondence is dated and indexed, and a brief indication is given of material of particular scientific or personal interest. Extensive correspondence with an individual appears in one or more personal folders; shorter exchanges are grouped in miscellaneous folders. A.C, Aitken 1949-60 but see E.60, Appleton's letters and cards to Ada Leach. There is very little surviving personal or family correspondence, Aitken was Professor of Mathematics at Edinburgh and often consulted by Appleton about the statistical aspects of research data; some of the correspondence is accompanied by data and calculations. offprint by P. Lejay on fading at Shanghai. On 'fading'. ‘Low power apparatus for ionospheric investigation’, data and graphs. Includes a draft paper by Andrews J.P. Andrews 1939-40 Also included are Ip. notes by Appleton and an E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence P. Angwin 1951 Includes note on Radio Astronomy in the South Bank exhibition, Festival of Britain. K. Bailey 1944 Comments on Appleton's 1944 papers on morphology of Fo layer. R. Bailey Falkland Islands observations. J. Bartels 1948 1949-58 Includes data, graphs, printed matter relating to various research problems. L.F. Bates J.W. Beagley 1946 1949 Enclosing data from New Zealand. T.W. Bennington 1958-59 B.B.C, Data sent by Bennington and referred to in correspondence. W.J.G. Beynon 1938-59 On various research projects, and to accompany data, 1957-61, sent by B.B.C, Research Department. Beynon was one of Appleton's principal collaborators, first at the National Physical Laboratory where Beynon was Senior Scientific Officer, 1938-46, and at University College, Swansea, 1946-58, and University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, where he became Professor and Head of Department in 1958. C.142-C.144 for further material on this subject. The material includes data and reports, and frequent references are made to U.R.S.1. during the 1950s when Beynon was Secretary and Appleton Chairman of the Mixed Commission on the lonosphere. for the main sequence of U.R.S.1. correspondence. letters for 1953-54 also refer to research which Appleton was conducting in collaboration with A.J. Lyon. See See C.365-C.383 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Corresp ondence 1938-39 Includes data, graphs, abstract for paper on ‘The reflexion of radio waves from the ionosphere at oblique incidence’. 1940 Includes two papers by Beynon 'Angle of Incidence’ (January) and 'The application of ionospheric data to radio-communication problems'. (January), etc. 17 pp. +15 figs. Included here is a letter, 9 October 1940, from G. Millington to R.L. Smith-Rose on a report by Beynon on maximum usable frequency calculations. 1941, 1944-45 Includes data, outline of research programme, comments on papers by others. 1947-49 Mainly on research and collaborative publications, but includes a little U.R.S.1. material. _ Also includes a letter and draft paper by D.F. Martyn. Correspondence relates to Appleton's and Beynon's note "Lunar oscillations in the D-layer' (Nature, 164, 1949), Beynon's 'Note on Focussing Effects in the horizontal plane in Oblique Incidence Transmission', ‘Atmospheric Effects in Short and Medium Radio Wave Propagation’, and includes two drafts 'The Reflection of Radio Waves from the lonosphere at Oblique Incidence’ (by Beynon), and 'Astigmatic Reflection by the lonosphere' (by Appleton and Beynon). 1952 (one letter only). 1950-51 Includes correspondence relating to Beynon's application for D.Sc. degree at University of Wales, and a paper by him on P',f measurements, June 1951. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 E.14 1953 Correspondence General research correspondence; includes letters and research notes from H. Bremmer, P.M. Davidson, draft of paper on ionospheric scattering by Beynon and Appleton, comments on paper by G. etc. McAllcock (enclosed), 1954 Similar material, including letters and research notes from H. Bremmer, P.M. Davidson, work on scattering, etc. 1955+5? Correspondence and data on various research problems. H.G. Booker 1948 Including draft papers by Booker on scattering. M. Born R.L. Borrow 1958 1934 On radio echoes. E.G. Bowen 1934, 1938 1953 1935 W.L. Bragg G. Breit Includes copy of Bowen's D.Phil. thesis for London University, on 'Penetrating Radiation’. Photocopy of letter sent by Breit to E.O. Hulbert, on history of F layer discovery, with a ms. note to Appleton 'I hope this makes my point of view clear. Continued On reflection; attached toa letter on similar subject, from W.G. Baker, 1952. _ On correlation between frequency of thunder- n.d. 1959 1933 B.H. Briggs C.E.P. Brooks storms and 11-year sunspot cycle. G. Breit'. H. Bremmer E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence E.21 (Cont'd. ) C.E.R. Bruce 1949 On Bruce's draft note on 'Solar Flares', witha letter from W.M.H. Greaves. D. Brunt On diurnal variation. H. Buckley R.E. Burgess Includes comments and reports on ionospheric research in U.S. O. Burkard 23; Carroll On history of radio, and Marconi. W.S. Chalmers Includes paper on ionospheric characteristics in Chungking. 1934 1950 1948-50 1947 1957 1947 1948, 1950 1932, 1943, 1948, F.W. Chapman S. Chapman Includes Chapman's note on 'Upper Atmospheric Nomenclature’, 1950. Comments on a draft paper by Appleton, with ms. notes by Appleton and Piggott. 1948, 1950 Two letters by Comrie, anda ms. draft by Appleton on conductivity; Comrie advised on mathematical calculation of integrals. One letter bears a ms. note 'Papers leading up to Bakerian Lectures J.A.R.' (Ratcliffe). = 1945 1930 1937 R. Clavel L.J. Comrie Cherwell (F.A. Lindemann) T.G. Cowling E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence C.G. Darwin 1942, n.d. Correspondence 1942 is discussion of research note by A.R. Meetham on scattering; attached is a research note on scattering by Appleton dated February 1944. The undated material is 4 pp. ms. notes on 'Group Velocity of Damped Waves'. F.T. Davies 1947 Also includes data and photographs. W. de Groot J.H. Dellinger O. Devik Including data and graphs from Kjeller. W. Dieminger H. Dingle 1957, 1958 1952 H. Dowden Note re German radio station. G.M.B. Dobson 1935 A.S. Eddington One letter only. One letter only, on temperatures at great heights. letter has p.1 only) On 'Solar Flares', including data, anda letter from Zirkler, 1950. 1950 1950, 1958 J. Egedal M.A. Ellison K.G. Emeleus 1934, 1937 (one E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence J.A. Fleming 1932, 1934, 1946 On research projects. The 1932 letter is a copy of a letter from Fleming to A.E. Kennelly on the history of research in the ionised layers of the atmosphere. This document has kindly been made available by W.R. Piggott. J.A. Fleming (Sir Ambrose Fleming) 1942 Includes an autograph letter from Fleming (then aged 92), 1942, with reminiscences of Clerk Maxwell, etc., press obituaries of Fleming, 1945, ms. notes by Appleton for an obituary he was asked to prepare for St. John's College, Cambridge, and correspondence arising, anda 36 pp. typescript ‘Recollections of Sir John Ambrose Fleming! by Arthur Blok, 22 May 1945, apparently not published elsewhere. See also D.25. J.S. Forrest 1950 J.C. Goodier n.d. _ A. Gray 1956, n.d. Enclosing references, information, etc. A.L. Green 1926, 1930, 1948 Enclosing graphs and data on sunspots for 1923-38, and Fo critical frequencies for 1944, 1945. Correspondence 1926 concerns experiments at King's College, London, and other stations, and includes data and results. Appleton, on radar. On research at Tromsé, including data, photo- graphs, reprint. H.J. Groenewold L. Harang Includes comments on a draft broadcast script by 1948 1935-38 1945 L.S. Harley E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence D.R. Hartree On various research problems and results. L.W. Hayes J.T. Henderson E. Herbays 1930 (2 letters) 1932 (3 letters) letter) 1934 (1 1936 (1 letter) 1946 193] 1950 On U.R.S.1., and enclosing a letter on Japanese co-operation. F.J. Hewitt Information from Johannesburg. J.S. Hey 1949 1947 Enclosing graphs, and a letter from A. Vrede. E.L. Hirst 1961 W.V.D. Hodge J. Hollingworth A. Holmes Comment on a ms. by Appleton. Es Sark soo L.J. Ingram Information for Appleton's Reith Lectures. 1936-37 The correspondence, often accompanied by data and calculations, deals with various ionospheric projects in hand during the period and should be consulted in conjunction with similar material in Section C, 3 folders as follows: Miss Ingram was appointed to assist in the preparation and writing-up of data from the Second Polar Year (see C.312). 1947, 1948 1934-37 F. Horner On research and meetings in U.S. 1934 1935 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics 1949 Correspondence with colleagues about the proposal to publish a new journal, its title, advisory board, range of contributions, etc. Includes photocopy of Appleton's circular letter to colleagues on the subject, and also correspondence with P. Rosbaud (publisher). N. Kemmer On M. Born's book on atomic bomb project. H.L. Kirke On angle of propagation of short waves (for a.b:C.). K. Kreielsheimer is ae 1955 1940 1947 1925-39 A. Leach 1910-14 Some of the letters remain in their original envelopes; many include research ideas and calculations which continue on accompanying sheets or on to the back of the envelope. very tiny hand with many afterthoughts, cancellations, marginalia, etc. All are ina These are typed copies of letters and postcards sent by Appleton to Ada Leach (later Gill) describing his undergraduate life in Cambridge. The copies are accompanied by an undated letter to Lady Appleton from Miss Dorothy Appleton (sister) explaining the origin of the material. Appleton, quotes from them in his Chapter I. 1952. Includes a photocopy of a letter from Appleton Clark, Sir Edward 1949 1948 193] 195] One letter only. UH lees P.H. Liang O. Lodge A.K. Longair E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence H.A. Lorentz A.C.B. Lovell 1922, 3923 1951, 1956, 1958 Includes some material re development of Jodrell Bank. G.G. Macfarlane On non-linearity. D.H. Mcintosh J.P.V. Madsen G. Marconi 1953-59 1949 n.d. Photocopy of a letter, n.d., offering to prepare receiving apparatus for a lecture demonstration. F. Mariani D.C. Martin 1958 1956 Appleton's carbon only, on Russian science and scientists. A.R. Meetham c. 1939-42 D.F. Martyn ; 1937, 1948-55 On various research problems, U.R.S.1., data exchange, and enclosing drafts or headlines for reports. Research notes on various problems in F layer research, including comments on a theory of accretion by R.A. Lyttelton and F. Hoyle, 1942. Includes draft copy of the submission. Correspondence re Appleton's proposed nomination of the Edinburgh Festival Society for the Nobel Peace Prize. J. Miller and others 1951-52 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence G. Millington (Photocopies. ) A.C. Mitchell 'Patchiness' in ionisation. S.K. Mitra T. Nagata On Japanese ionospheric research. E.7¥-E,82 R. Naismith 1934-58 Naismith worked at the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research's Radio Research Station at Slough, where he was largely responsible for the ionospheric work. and friend of Appleton, a member of the Tromsd expedition, and a co-author of many publications with Appleton and L. J. Ingram (q.v.). He became a close collaborator The correspondence, often accompanied by data, graphs, drafts, etc., is presented as a chronological _ sequence as far as this is ascertainable; it deals with a variety of ionospheric research topics and should be consulted in conjunction with similar material in Section C. Includes a sequence of notes, dated 5 April and identified A-P, of points arising from results on critical frequency. Appleton's remarks appear at the head of each note, with Naismith's answer or comment below. eclipse, from J.A. Pierce. Includes correspondence from Naismith re plans for observing the Solar Eclipse of 1940, bibliographies and tabulated _information on recent (1935, 1936) eclipses, printed reports of observations during 1936, 1937 eclipses (and one for 1955). Original folder inscribed 'Eclipse' with the date '1937' added in another hand. Includes data and drafts, some with additional notes by L.J. Ingram. 1934 1935-37 1938 Also included are a letter and photographs on the 1936 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence Includes data, comments on papers and discussion meetings, and also letters from F.W.G. White on ionospheric research in New Zealand. Includes data, graphs, comments on results, two short reports on magnetic storms (April), report on ‘ionospheric discussion’ (November), and also letter and data on sunspots from H.W. Newton. Correspondence and data (to July only). Includes draft report on 'Radio Communication over high latitudes' (February), anda letter and graphs on noon values (August). (1980) 'This letter shows that Appleton was aware in mid- 1943 that the foFg values around latitude 30°N were This has a note appended by Dr. J. King ‘ abnormally high. For more details see also letter from Naismith dated 11/X/1944! (in E.79). Includes letter of 11 October referred to above, to which is appended Ip. ms. notes by Appleton. Includes a letter from L.W. Hayes (1945) and a note by Naismith on 'Proposed Scheme to transfer British lonospheric Stations to D,S.1.R.' (1946). 1958 (One letter only) 1951 (Includes paper by K. Rawer) Includes letter from M. Waldmeier. ‘ 1945-46 1947 1950 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Corresp ondence J. Needham One letter only. 1953 H.W. Newton 1939, 1944, 1955 Correspondence 1944 is a letter (2 copies) from Newton commenting on a Russian memorandum on magnetic and ionospheric storms. J. Paton 1949-53 Mainly on aurorae and including a draft or transcript of a discussion on aurorae between Appleton, Paton and A.C.B. Lovell, n.d. P.O. Pedersens M.L. Phillips J.A. Pierce E.0/7E-98 W.R. Piggott 1931 n.d. 1947 1939-59 He was thus particularly close to Appleton . After the war Piggott had been a student at King's College, London, and later moved to Cambridge with Appleton. He ’ subsequently worked at the Radio Research Station, Slough, and, like R. Naismith (q.v.) became one of Appleton's chief collaborators, being seconded at the latter's request to D.S.1.R. headquarters on the outbreak of war. during the war years and their correspondence takes the form of notes on scraps of paper, headed (by Piggott) simply 'Secretary' and not always dated. Piggott returned to work at Slough, whence the later correspondence is addressed. Continued The material, which includes data, graphs, reports, etc., is presented as a chronological sequence as far as this is ascertainable; it deals with a variety of research topics and should be consulted in conjunction with similar material in Section C. Includes letter from L.W. Hayes on accuracy of Delhi ionosphere measurements (1943), and 'Note on the organisation of ionosphere recording stations after the war' (1944) prepared by Piggott for Royal Society. 1939-40 1941-44 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 E.88 (Cont'd. ) Correspondence The Delhi measurements drew Appleton's attention to the geomagnetic anomaly which became a focus for his later research. See Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, OSI. Hardcover springback folder containing 75 pp. +3 pp. appendix typescript account, with lists of references and contents, beginning 'The following appendix consists fundamentally of notes taken by myself at a series of lectures delivered by Mr. W.R. Piggott of D.S.I.R. in October 1944'. The account is not signed, and there are ms. corrections in more than one hand. Report on B.B.C. anti-fading aerial. Letters May~August during Piggott's visit to National Research Council, Ottawa, re projects and equipment in Canada. Undated notes and material, probably 1947. Includes data, photographs, etc. Not all dated. Correspondence and papers November~December, including material on Japanese and German ionospheric research. Includes data and graphs, and a letter from F. Ranzi. Reports by Piggott on ionospheric work at various U.S. centres: Harvard, Stanford, Carnegie Institute. 1951-53 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence H.D. Poole 1939-40 Includes correspondence on Poole's theories from W.J.G. Beynon, October 193°. B.G. Pressey O. Pulley E.101, E.102 J.A. Ratcliffe 1946 1935 1933-64 The early letters (E.101) are all ms. and include research ideas, discussion of theories, proposed publications, etc. is incomplete. Not all are dated, and one letier 2 folders as follows: 1933-35 1951, 1952, 1955, 1960, 1964 (Appleton's carbon only). 1952 correspondence includes memorandum re analysis of 1.G.Y. records, with comments by A.J. Lyon. letter of 1964 refers to Larmor, and to the discovery of the equatorial anomaly. Appleton's Rayleigh Rutherford M. Ryle 1937 1937 One letter only. One letter only, 22 August 1937 (Rutherford died in October), with a copy of the order of service at Rutherford's funeral anda note by Appleton 1957. On absorption. Enclosing information on research. M.N. Saha R. Samuel D.H. Sadler Sq _ values. 1956 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence J.C. Schelleng J.M.C. Scott Comments on paper. A.H. Shapley T. Shimazaki On Sq papers. . Smith . Smith-Rose 1957 1942, 1946-60 Includes a letter from Y. Rocard, 1949, ionospheric research, and a report by Smith-Rose on the solar eclipse 1952. on French . Stetson 1933, 1947 Letter of 1933 (with a phot ograph) has a note by Dr. J. King (1980) 'letter drawing attention to the decrease of radio reception during the years 1930-32 when the sunspot number was also decreasing’. 1946 . Stickland 1933, +942 E.C; Stoner C. Sturmer J.O. Thomas Includes graph, draft paper, etc. 1933 correspondence relates to Troms$ data on storms. Thomson. Letter of 1931 is on Clerk Maxwell; refers to the serious illness of G.P. (later Sir George) 1935, 1947 1954-62 #931, 1937 letter of 1937 L. Thomas Equatorial anomaly. J.J. Thomson E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence L. Tonks K.W. Tremellen M. Tuve Appleton's carbon only. E.117-E.144 B. Van der Pol 1920-54 Van der Pol was the first of Appleton's close colloborators, their friendship beginning at the Cavendish Laboratory in 1919. Later that year, Van der Pol returned to the Netherlands to work in Haarlem under H.A. Lorentz; of posts at Delft and (via Appleton) at Cambridge, he accepted (June 1922) a position in the Research Department of N.V. Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken, Eindhoven. in 1922, after exploring the possibilities . The correspondence tails off There was The correspondence is particularly intensive, 1921-24, and is primarily concerned with work on oscillations and non- linearity. From the surviving evidence, Appleton was the more assiduous correspondent, writing letters and postcards from his laboratory, his home and from various holiday addresses, sometimes more than once a day when a thought, or a second thought, struck him. Although the letters are almost wholly ‘ concerned with research problems, there are a few personal references to family matters, occasional visits, Cambridge affairs and personalities, etc. after about 1925 but resumes in a more desultory, though friendly, fashion after the Second World War. @ somewhat sharp exchange in 1927 (E.132, E.144) when Appleton thought that his proposed election to the Royal Society might be jeopardised by references to his work in an article published by Van der Pol, but all was well and the friendly tone of the correspondence resumed undiminished. Continued No doubt as a result of previous interest in the letters, some degree of sorting and numbering had already been carried out, which has imposed constraints on the present listing. Appleton's and Van der Pol's letters were kept in separate This close exchange is an interesting example of the develop- ment of a collaborative research project conducted by correspondence before telephone communication and air travel became sufficiently cheap to be the accepted mode. been referred to in several published works and was the subject of a paper by F.L.H.M. Stumpers, 'Some notes on the correspondence between Sir Edward Appleton and Balth, It has is included in E.144. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 E.117-E.144 (Cont'd.) Correspondence Appleton's Some letters also have words ringed in the sequences and this division has been preserved. letters down to October 1924 were numbered 1-110 in red pencil with additional documents sometimes added as, e.g., éa, 7A, 7B, and some numbers, e.g., 3, than once. same red pencil, presumably because they were thought uncertain or illegible. should be noted that Appleton often left -letters undated or with a simple note such as 'Sunday', and the red-pencil numbering must have had to rely on content alone; there are in consequence inaccuracies and omissions from the sequence. These have been noted where possible in the present listing. The numbering stops after 110 (1924). 8, are used more It — Van der Pol's letters are Jess numerous and only one undated set of notes occurs, included in E.144. Both sets are presented chronologically. E.117-E.138 from Appleton to Van der Pol, 1920-54 E.139-E.144 from Van der Pol to Appleton, 1920-48. E.1I7-E. 138 Appleton - Van der Pol. 1920. 1-7A. 1921. tae 1922. Enis Letters run 26 September to 28 December and are numbered The numbering 118 wW9 .120 121) 1921. 23 June-August, numbered 21-33. 8 January-30 April, numbered 7B-20. there are two documents for each number 44, 1 January-28 February, numbered 44-54. Gs September-20 December, numbered 34-44. 1922. is very capricious here; 45 and 46, no.47 is out of date order, there is no no.52, and several unnumbered items are included. 2 November~3 December, numbered 59-63. 1922. of chronological order and some are dated but unnumbered. 1922. 20 March-25 June. for the last three, June 10, and 44, 31 July-28 October, numbered 45-58. These letters are unnumbered, except 16, 25, which are numbered 42, 43 Several are out E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence 9 January-12 April, numbered 63a-73, not all in 1923. chronological order. no.68 is postmarked 6 December 1922). (no.64 is postmarked 15 December 1922, 1923. 3 May-20 September, numbered 75-90. N.B. Four letters numbered 79-82, dated 1924 and referring to Appleton's consultancy with Philips and to his appointment at King's College, London, have been transferred to E.129. 1923. 19 October-20 December, numbered 91-100. A letter numbered 92, addressed from King's College, N.B. London, 12 October [19247] has been transferred to E.129. 1924. 20 January-25 April, numbered 101-107. 6 June-12 October. 1924. Includes letters numbered 79-82 (transferred from E.126), letter numbered 92 (transferred from E.127), 108-110. N.B. This marks the end of the sequence numbered in red pencil. 1925. Letter of 27 December mentions W. Altar (q.v.). 1928. (Includes one letter lacking p.1). 1926. March-September. Includes correspondence in February referring to 1927. Van der Pol's article which Appleton considered to include damaging references to himself and his contribution to non-linearity problems. 1948. 1945 (two letters only). 1947 (two letters only). 1931 (one letter only). 1932 (one letter only). a7. 1930. 1946. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence 1950 (one letter only). 1951 (one letter only). 1952 (two letters only). 1954 (one letter only). E.139-E.144 Van der Pol to Appleton. E.139 E.140 E.141 E.142 1920 (one letter only). 1921. paper. Includes notes and calculations, offprint of published 1922. career plans). January-April (letter of 26 April discusses Van der Pol's 1922. decision to accept a post at Philips). May-c.October (letter of 20 May describes Van der Pol's E.143 1923. E.144 1948 (one letter only). F.W. Van Straten R.A, Watson-Watt 1927 (one letter only, in reply to Appleton's charge that Van der Pol had misrepresented his work in an article, see E.132). Included here are undated ms. notes by Van der Pol, ¢.1922-24, an offprint of a centenary article by Van der Pol on Lorentz, 1953, and an offprint of an article on the Appleton-Van der Pol corres- pondence by F.L.H.M. Stumpers, 1975. Including data; some ms. annotations by Appleton. 1939, 1947, 1950, 1958. Early Baird Television Ltd. reception. A.H. Waynick K. Weekes 1947 1920 1948. 1934 A.G.D. West F.W.G. White | i - 1936, 1938 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Correspondence D. Whitteridge On natural temperature regulation. M.V. Wilkes A.F. Wilkins J.W. Wright C. Zener Unidentified 1939 1949, 1950 1959 1934 1937 Shorter correspondence to accompany data or reports. Not indexed. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 SECTION F CHARTS, GRAPHS, DATA F.1 - F.69 INDEX F.1, F.2 ELECTRON DENSITY F.3 -F.8 EQUATORIAL ANOMALY F.9 -F.16 F.17 -F.21 .22 ~ F.33 fE fF fFo 34 - F.36 r (fF) .37 - F.43 (M3000)F 5 oa > F.60 44 - F.49 h'F Ole F469 SUNSPOTS MISCELLANEOUS E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION F Charts, graphs, data The material in this Section is entirely manuscript. It was prepared under Appleton's instructions by collaborators, students and assistants, mainly 1949 - 65, for various research projects on the ionosphere. Some of the charts are in identifiable hands such as those of A.J. Lyon and A.G. Pritchard (later Turnbull) but the majority seem to have been compiled by the 'lonospheric Young Ladies'. There is an occasional note in Appleton's own hand. Some of the material remains in its origina] folders or wrappers, but most was received as loose sheets. It constitutes the background information for the various projects in Section C, and which, because of its bulk and because it is not specifically referred to in correspondence or drafts, has been listed separately. The contents are very miscellaneous. The index covers only broad descriptive titles; any original groupings or headings have been preserved and are indicated by the use of inverted commas, but it has not been possible to furnish ELECTRON DENSITY "Electron density' detailed descriptions, especially for loose sheets or fragmentary notes. Original folder of graphs of electron density at various heights, compiled by Mrs. Turnbull and others, 1959-61. of the folder. Original folder of graphs and values, using data March 1959-March 1962, Includes a research report on the subject by J.O. Thomas, 1957. 'Work on Electron Density for Puerto Rico' A full list of contents is written on the front cover E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Charts, graphs, data EQUATORIAL ANOMALY ‘Graphs of N(h) for Talara, Panama, Huancayo ...' Original folder of graphs, with a typed note of instructions from Appleton to 'l.Y.L.', 1964. list of contents is written on the front cover A full of the folder. Studies of 1’ dN on for Talara. Includes some material in Appleton's hand. Miscellaneous charts for Talara, Panama, etc. Miscellaneous charts with geographic and magnetic latitude. Miscellaneous charts and graphs on equatorial anomaly. fE Charts and tables of noon values, mainly Slough data, 1932-58. "Slough Monthly Means of fE' Original wrapper of data. 'Washington Monthly Means of fE' Original wrapper of data. "Slough Monthly Means of fE and fF1' Includes a note from Mrs. Turnbull to Appleton on the data, and a brief reply by him. March 1962. Original wrapper of data for ionospheric stations worldwide. Charts of world values, March and September 1958, March 1959, FE 1957/1958" Similar data. 'E 1953/1954! Original wrapper of data. "Slough character figures’ Original wrapper of data. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Charts, graphs, data Peis. at fFy - fF) 1953/1954! Original wrapper of data for ionospheric stations worldwide. “Fy. 195771998" Similar data. "Min. 1953/1954! Original wrapper of data for ionospheric stations. N.B. data for only two stations survive. 'fMin. 1957/1958" Similar data. "(Fo Fy)* for each month 1949-59" Original wrapper of data for various stations. F, 22-F 33 fFo rs 'Fo Layer Distortion Diurnal Variation’ T, Oa Th Diurnal Sheets' Contents now include only (S.S. min.)/ Appleton's original folder. charts of June and December values fFi2 fF (S.S. max.) (not in his hand). Original wrapper of data for ionospheric stations worldwide. 1955! years, Miscellaneous data fF max./fFo min., mainly for equinoctial values. Miscellaneous fF data, comparative values for 1948 and 1953. Miscellaneous curves for fF in mc/s for various stations and "fF Original wrapper of data, similar to F.23 above. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Charts, graphs, data Miscellaneous curves for (foF5)* and sunspot numbers for various stations and years. Curves for foFy and December. S.S. max. 1958/S.S. min. 1954, for June Large hardcover spiral-bound folder of data, tabulating monthly medians of fF from several observetories over several years. Composite tables for 1953 and 1954 appear on the -front pages. Miscellaneous fF data and graphs for several stations and values, averaged over various periods. ro Data mainly cover 1954-58, but include some earlier 1943-44, In various hands, including Mrs. Turnbull's, anda few notes by Appleton. 1 box. Diurnal curves of fFo (S.S. min. and S.S. max.), for several stations, summer and winter values, at various dates, 1937-57. 2 boxes. (FF) 'r(fFo)'. ‘Christmas 1963. Work on r(fFo)'. Original wrapper of data. A full list of the contents is written on the folder cover. Original folder containing '1958-62 Values of fF, midnight equinox’, and later charts dated 'Easter 1964' for worldwide. Original wrapper of data for ionospheric stations Graphs of r(fFo) for various stations and hours of the day. F.37-F.43 (M3000)F data F; '(M3000)F5 1954! E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Charts, graphs, data '(M3000)Fy 1957-58 Similar material. Miscellaneous composite and average graphs for (M3000)F9, mainly 1953-58. Average curves of (M3000)F9 for various stations, March and September 1948-53. Miscellaneous (M3000)F plots S.S. min./S.S. max., related to work on equatorial anomaly. 'Fo ~ M3000 S.S. min./S.S. max.' Original wrapper of values for Slough, Washington, Huancayo, Tokyo, Watheroo. 'fF2 - R Midnight and noon' Original wrapper of values for five named stations as in F.42 above, and kept with it. th'F 1957/1958" Original wrapper of data for ionospheric stations worldwide. Includes 1 p. ms. chart by Appleton. h'F data 'H'F for Q days and D days 1932-56' Original folder of data and charts, by Mrs. Turnbull and others. Composite tables of h'F data for Slough 1949-59, by Mrs. Turnbull. Original folder so described. Diurnal and seasonal variations of h'F and its variation with latitude, various stations, mainly 1957-58. "Grand Average h'F for 1900 and 2000 hrs. of |.G.Y. with Magnetic and Geographic Latitude' for all months E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Charts, graphs, data Chart of midnight values of H'fa Naismith). 1939-41 (probably by Chart of h'Fy values at noon, various stations, n.d. h'F charts 1958, 1959. Miscellaneous other h'F curves and data. F.50-F.60 R SUNSPOTS 'D(fFo) Q(fF2) 1 Appleton's folder, so described, containing data and graphs by Mrs. Pritchard mainly 1951-52. Charts, etc. on sunspot cycle 1937-40, and 1936-38. Charts, etc. of sunspot numbers, various years 1954-58, some annotated by Appleton. "Storms and Oo w type curves' oP D(FFo) QUFo) Includes some work by C.P. Bell. cycle variation, by Piggott, 1935-48. _ and others, mainly 1945-52. Includes a graph of sunspot Appleton's original folder, so described, containing extensive data and graphs by Piggott, Mrs. Pritchard Data on sunspot numbers, mainly of sunspot cycles at various stations. Miscellaneous sunspot numbers and data, some dated 1949. Data on sunspot cycles 1931-53, graphs of quiet and disturbed days, etc. Original folder so described, containing data for Abinger and Slough 1942-52. "Effect of Sand K on noon fFo' E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Charts, graphs, data "Declination Sq (Y) 1948-62! Original folder so described, containing extensive data and curves for various sunspot periods, and including work on elimination of seasonal anomaly. Includes Ip. ms. note by Appleton. Miscellaneous notes, calculations, graphs, etc. by Mrs. Turnbull. Miscellaneous data, graphs and curves on sunspots. F.61-F.69 MISCELLANEOUS he Calculations of average noon values OS from Slough data, 1959-63. = £ Calculations of noon values, monthly means 1933-53, by A.J. Lyon. Miscellaneous data and graphs from Slough, 1931-48. With Appleton's typescript note to 'l.Y.L.' out problem and method, July 1964. setting Miscellaneous graphs and data, ¢.1956-58, mainly by Mrs. Turnbull, with a few ms. annotations by Appleton. Original folder of charts and graphs, some on Slough data 1931-51, in several hands. Calculations of equinox noon M values for sunspot rnaaximum and minimum. Miscellaneous graphs, curves, etc. Charts and graphs of geographical and geomagnetic latitude values for various stations and dates. (fF5)A Some sheets are headed in Appleton's hand. (fF5)B lonospheric storm calculations. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 SECTION G REPORTS AND PRINTED MATTER G.1- G.31 The material is presented as follows: ee a Preprints or reports of limited circulation, briefly described, in chronological order. O23 « G75 Data sent to Appleton from observatories and ionospheric stations, in alphabetical order. G.26 - G.31 Offprints of published papers by others. Preprints and limited circulation reports L.W. Austin: Solar and Radio Relationships Aerial Terminal Calculations (Marconi Co. Ltd. no. 10) 193] 1936 lonospheric observations at Spitzbergen Report on Australian lonospheric Services A.G. McNish: Geomagnetic co-ordinates for the whole earth P. Lejay: (trans. and comment by Beynon and Piggoit) Study of the ionosphere at Shanghai Reports on German Research Institutes, and related committee C1948) Department of Radio Research Board, Report of activity, 1933-48. World-wide distribution of Es Co. Ltd., RD729) List of ionospheric stations operating 1933-48(B.B.C.) 1948 Scientific and Industrial Research 1936 1940 1941 1945 1944 1946 1948 (and 1943) Charts of auroral data lonisation (Marconi E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 G, 12 G, 13 A 14 Reports and printed maiter A.L. Gardner: lonosphere work in New Zealand 1948 R. Naismith and R. Bailey: recorder (D.S.1.R. report) An automatic ionosphere Fluid Compensating Magnetometer (Elliott Bros. design for P.M.S. Blockeit) Two reports on work on ionospheric physics (D.S.1.R. Radio Research Board) U.S. Reports, from National Bureau of Standards and Bell Telephone Laboratories Three reports on rockets 1949 1949 1954 1931-49 1947-48 Miscellaneous translations from German and Russian of articles on ionosphere W.G. Baker: the Equator Anomalous magnetic variations near Draft paper on magnetic variations, no author or date 3 boxes as follows: Data and Reports from observatories and stations Miscellaneous addresses and writings on science and industry 1951-58 Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, Berne, Cape of Good Hope, Clyde, Delhi, France (Fribourg, Dakar), Freiburg, Geneva, Hamburg, Japan, Kerguelen Norway, Sao Paolo, Singapore, Slough, Sweden, U.S.A. Monthly charts of various values in 1948-56. Lindau F and E layers, E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Reports and printed matter G.26-G.3] Offprints of published papers by others 5 boxes as follows: R.D.F. and radar lonised air Recombination and negative ions Storms (in original folder) Solar Noise Meteors G.28-G,3] Miscellaneous reprints E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 SECTION H NON-PRINT MATERIAL H.1 - H.39 at = H.4 Scientific photographs H.7) = 71.36 Photographs of Appleton, colleagues and friends H.37, H.38 Records H.39 Tape recording Scientific photographs Photographs of equipment, results, etc. in approximate chronological order. Small red notebook, unused, but with typed list of points relating to Appleton's research pasted inside first page, and enclosing photographs of results, 1929 and 1931. Photograph of results, ¢.1931. One bears on verso a note The interference pattern on the lower E echo Small envelope of diagrams and figures, some described and dated, 1932 and 1933. 3 photographs of receiving apparatus (perhaps c.1942, Burghhead). lonograms, one dated 1946. in the hand of W.R. Piggott which begins 'From Mr. Naismith. is of great interest and has never been observed before’. 3 photographs, dated June 1916, on war service. ‘Bethesda Junior Gymnasium Class! (Bradford). (Appleton standing, left). Miscellaneous photographs, one dated 1939. Photographs of Appleton, colleagues and friends E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Non-print material Conference at Brussels, 1921. ms. note (not by Appleton) of 'People we know'. Group photograph with Two group photographs at King's College, London, one (H.12) signed by participants. Photograph of Appleton with Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) at King's College, London. (See Clark, Sir Edward Appleton, p.71.) Album (and some loose photographs) of conference, equipment, etc. in Italy, 1938. Photographs and press-cuttings of award of Nobel Prize for Physics, 1947. Group photograph at Fuel Research Station, April 1949 (with legend). Visit to Clydebank, 1951. Visit to Liverpool, 1952. Appleton lecturing at U.R.S.1, meeting, The Hague, 1954. Dinner, 1955. Dedication of Chaplaincy Centre, University of Edinburgh, 1957. Envelope of six photographs taken at celebration of 90th birthday of C.T.R. Wilson, 1959. Album of photographs of Tenth General Assembly of U.R.S.1., Sydney, 1952. Photographs of Appleton at various Honorary Degree ceremonies. Envelope of six photographs at Institute of Radio Engineers, New York, 1962. Edinburgh University ceremonies (including visits by H.R.H. Prince Philip and Pandit Nehru). Visit of Indian Editors to Edinburgh, 1964. Portrait studies and photographs of Appleton. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Non-~print material Photographs of J.J. Thomson and of the Old Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. Photographs of G. Marconi, W. Preece. Photographs at Mullard Radioastronomy Observatory, Cambridge (group includes O.R. Frisch, M. Ryle). Photographs at conferences (Frankfurt, Zurich). Miscellaneous photographs at dinners and conferences. Miscellaneous photographs of colleagues. Miscellaneous personal photographs (includes signed photograph of W. Rhodes). Records Two gramophone records, each inscribed 'A.B.C. Guest of Honour Sir Edward Appleton August, 1952' and 'Recorded at 78 r.p.m. from tape. Use lightweight pickup’. Parts 1 and 3. Parts 2 and 4. Tape recording (Tape made at U.R.S.1. conference, Sydney, 1952.) Magnetic tape, recorded 3.5.57., at the Centennial Exposition, Commemorating a Century of Medical Progress of the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati, Ohio. Convocation Address on 'Medicine: a Science and a Humanity’. See also A.37. Appleton gave the Centennial E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS AITKEN, Alexander Craig ALLAN, James B. ALLAN, Morris ALLCOCK, G.McK. ALTAR, Wilhelm ANDRADE, Edward Neville da Costa ANDREWS, J.P. ANGWIN, Penrose ARNOLD, Ronald N. ASHRIDGE, N. ASHWORTH, J. R. d'AZAMBUJA, L. Bt A.39 C.379 See C.6, E.14 C.214-C.216 See also E.130 A.39 2 E.3 A.26 C.398 C.424 C.329 BARLOW, Harold Everard Monteagle BAILEY, Dana K. BAILEY, Mary BAILEY, R. BAKER, W. G. BANKS, Sir John (Garnett) BARFOED, Fay BARNES, Winston Herbert Frederick BARTELS, Julius E.4 A.40 E.4 C.138, £.20 A.40 A.40 A.40 A.40 C.187, E.5, E.56 A.40 C.297 E.6 C. 138 ee: i267 C.991C.421, ey C.157-C.165 See also F.54 Sil/6 BATES, David R. BATES, Leslie Fleetwood BARTON, Frederick Sherbrooke BECKER, W. BELL, Colin P. BENNER, Sven BENNINGTON, TT. W. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Index of correspondents BERNER, Lo cV. ecot; 4. ©: BEYNON, Sir (William John) Granville BURGESS, Ronald E. BIBL, Klaus BISHOP, H. BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BLANCHARD, Leonard C. BLOK, Arthur B. A.40, C.376 B.31B A.40 C.42¢ C143, C187. C.189, C.284, C.326, der, C.900;G. ase ©.378,..C..a745C . 376; C.379-C.381, C.383 D.64 E.9SENG, &, 50, 2.99 See also C.67, C.107, C142, Cue 460 C,323, ©.326, (3333, Eeee Coes, C.331 A.40, A.58 C.329 See E.40 C.372 wanee Cute, bsp meee BOELLA, M. BORN, Max BORROW, RR. L. E.18 E.18 Rs ee cia BOOKER, Henry G. BOOHARIWALLA, D. BOWEN, Edward George BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence G41; Ca. €. 17 See also C.355 C, 272, C, 330; £19; Eib6 See also C. 271 H.L. Kirke BRITISH B ROADCASTING CORPORATION H.V. Griffiths L.W. Hayes BRISTOW, H. M. C.138 es C.330 See T.W. Bennington BREIT, G. BREMMER, H. BRIEM, G. BRIGGS, Be oH. E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Index of correspondents Seana Gas Seu, BROTHERSTON, Sir John (Howie Flint) BRUCE. Ghorles E.R; BRUCK, Hermann Alexander BRUNT, Sir David BUCKLEY, WH. BUILDER, Geoffrey BUKCH, Cy OR. BURKARD, O. BURTON, Stanley H. BUTEMENT, W. A. E.21 A.40 €; $9025.21 A.40 C.258, E.21, £.56 E.21 See C.29, C.166, 6.310 C.17 C.198, £.23 A.40 C262 CA8LE AND WIRELESS CALDER, Ritchie, later Baron Ritchie-Ca Ider CAMERON, John C.334 A.4] A.4] CARROLL, Thomas J. C.246, C.247 CHAPMAN, Sydney Viscount CHILDS," E «aot. E.23 E.24 cae CLARRICOATS, John CHAPMAN, F. W. CHERWELL, Frederick Alexander Lindemann, CARTWRIGHT, Dame Mary Lucy CHALMERS, William Scott Sao; Ae 171, Gel76, Eszo @ 199, -C.190, C:366, C.380, C.398, E.26, E.56 C.344 Sete, Gil73 See also C.169 C.352 E.28 C.234 C.252 C.188, E.29 B.28 COLEBROOK,. F. M. COOK, Gilbert COOP, a> e. CLAVEL, René CUA, COMRIE, Leslie John E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Index of correspondents COPISAROW, A. CORMACK, Helen CORRY, Nell COUSINS, Frank COWLING, Thomas George COX, J: 2a CROFTON, Sir John (Wenman) CRUICKSHANK, Robert CUNNINGHAM, E. DARISELAAR, Co DARROW, Karl K. a DARWIN, Sir Charles (Galton) DARWIN, W. DAVIDSON, P.M. R. C.334 A.4l C.334 A.4] Ew El A.4]l A.4l ee C.138 C176 Ay e207 pckaot A.A2 E14 £15 H. DAVIES, Frank T. E.32 DEVIK, Olaf DIEMINGER, W. DINGLE, Herbert DINWIDDIE, Melville DOWDEN, H. DRIVER, James E.34 e<30 E.35 A.42 DOBSON, Gordon Miller Bourne E.33 ao. £33 de GROOT, W. DELLINGER, J. E.36 ite. ©, 225, ©,ove See also C.36, C.269 EDDINGTON, Sir Arthur Stanley ECKERSLEY, Thomas Lydwell DUFFENDACK, O. : E36 A.42 C.290 C.176 BYE, D. EASTWOOD, E. moe, E.36 C278, C.a05 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Index of correspondents EGEDAL, J. EGERTON, Sir Alfred (Charles Glyn) ELCKSIT, WwW, Ss ELLISON, M.A: EMELEUS, Karl George ERSKINE, Jack FARVIS, William Ewart John FEATHER, Norman FUZCERALD, J. A. FLEMING, John A. FLEMING, Sir John Ambrose C.188, E.36 E.88 C.266 E.37 i477, C. 2206 -290, Niee?, Sasmao, £38 See also B.26 A.42 G.t57, C165, D.64,D-69 See also A.26, C.110 A.26 A.45 Ray E.40 See also D.25 C.138 FURRER, W. GANE,P. Ga, A.59 E.41 C22 rrarake Pe UA, FORREST, John Samuel GLADDEN, Sanford C. FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron GEGER, Sven GIESECKE, Albert A. Cie GREAVES, William Michael Herbert GREEN, A. GRAY, Sir Alexander 178 .138 .138 . 138 GORE, Avi. oe WOODIER, J. C GREENWOOD, W. Gilbert GRANT, Michael GRAY, Robert F. . 20 A.45 A.45 Be ' C.174, E.42 A.30, E.43 L. it? ,b 44 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Index of correspondents GREGORY, Sir Richard (Arman) GRIFFITHS, Hes Ma GRIFFITHS, Sir William Thomas GROENEWOLD, H. J. HAGIHARA, Yusuke HALEY, Sir William (John) HALIEY;.D. HARANG, Leiv HARDMAN, Lorna HARLEY, Cs 3. HARTLEY, Sir Harold (Brewis) HARTREE, Douglas Rayner HAUBERT, A. D.32 ore 245 Cost, ca C.261 E.45 E.49 A.46 C.138 C.91, C.398, E.46, E.56 A.46 E.47 A.46 C.53 C.177, €. 218, Geom C.398, E.48 C.138 See also C.20 MEISINESSEY > HERBAYS, E. HAYES, L. W.: HENDERSON, John T. HEIGHTMAN, David W. Ci2ze7,; C.S3l, £.49, E20, E.88 C377 C.20, E.49 A.46 C.138 €.338, €:833, C471. 6. WA: C.380, C.381 E.49 A.46 C.138, E.49 Grea GS 225; S20, C0, C254, G26, G,938-C.342, €.350, E.50, E.56 HERD, J. Fi HERRINCK, P. MeWITI; F. ged HEY, James Stanley C. 200, €.321 C.138 HENDERSON, Margaret HIRD, W. = Marshall E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Index of correspondents HIRST, Sir Edmund (Langley) HODGE, Sir William (Vallance Douglas) HOFFMEISTER, C. HOLLAND, Helen, Lady MiabLICK,- Fen. us HOLLINGWORTH, J. HOLMES, Arthur HOME, Alexander Frederick Douglas-, Baron Home HONEYMAN, Tom John HORNER, F. HGRTOR,-C. Ek. HOYLE, Sir Fred HOYT TAYLOR, A. HUDSON, Sir Edmund (Peder) E.3! E. 5! C231 A.46 E.40 c.or eco A.46 A.46 &.32 C.268 ha OAS C.261 A.46 INGRAM, L. J. HULME, Henry Rainsford MUM, o,° Re” JAMES, John Ivor Pulsford JACKSON, Willis, Baron Jackson of Burnley C16) C 3e oC, S.C. Oe: C782; €.196, C. 308, C4006, ©. dip eae &.0a-t. 50 See also C.312, E.72 PHYSICS JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC AND TERRESTRIAL JONES, Sir Harold Spencer C.343 See also C.16 JOLLIFFE, Christopher JONES, Reginald Victor JOHNSON, Douglas H. JOHNSON, N. © K. C .a9e B56 A.46 C,231 A.47 JAMES, M. JANSKY, Karl G. S292 C.265 A.26 A.47 A.47 See E.56 E.V. Appleton CSAC 82/6/81 Index of correspondents KEMMER, Nicholas MIRKE He ks KLINE, Morris KNOX, Sir (Thomas) Malcolm KREIELSHEIMER, K. LACK, David Lambert LARMOR, Sir Joseph LEACH, Ada LEVCKIE;..W. LE CORBEILLER-POSTHUMA LEE, Sir (Albert) George Ghee. cer Pe LEHMANN, Gérard LEJAY, Pierre £57 aol, E.58 C.376 A.48 hs0l2;'E.00 See C.265, C.266 eo See E.60 A.48 A.48 onl; C26, nore co! C.343 LEPECHINSKY, D. LIANG, P... Fi. LIVINGSTONE; fF... €. LITTLEWOOD, John Edensor LODGE, Sir Oliver (Joseph) C3438. 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